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In order to make sure the Refs accurately count all your IC posts and award you the due amount of power points, please post with a list of all the threads in which your character, NPC or sidekick posted IC this month (including the News forum). This topic will automatically close on the seventh day of the following month at Midnight EST.  And if you are GMing something, list those threads, too. GM posts count as full posts, and can be assigned to whichever of your characters needs a 'push' to get up in post numbers.

Remember that we require that posts be a minimum of about 500 characters.  Posts shorter than 500 characters will not be counted.

1-14  IC posts = 1pp
15-24 IC posts = 2pp
25-49 IC posts = 3pp
50-99 IC posts = 4pp
100+  IC posts = 5pp

When you make your list, please post a link to the IC threads -- preferably to the top of the page where your first post for that month appears (or the post itself) -- so we can jump right to it.

When you start a thread, make sure IC is the first tag and topic prefix of the In Character thread, and OOC is in the first tag and topic prefix of the Out Of Character thread.  It's not required, but additional tags including the major players and locations are viewed as a courtesy.

  • Please list your threads in alphabetical order.
  • Please clearly note any threads in which you are both player and GM/running an NPC.
  • Please list your threads in a timely manner (1 week after the month is over is pushing it.)

If you've done any "extracurriculars" -- artwork, HellQ, 20 Questions, NPC, Vignette, Wiki work, etc. -- please be sure to list them along with your active threads.


Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in your post counts being postponed or skipped completely. If you missed the deadline, see this thread.

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Phalanx (5 + 20GM = 25) 

Where they have to take you in (5)


HellQ The Return!

Ouroboros (48 + 2GM = 50) 

Autumn in the Park (29)

Hard to be cool (in a Minivan) (4)

Hazard Pay (5)

New Shipments (9)

Silbermans Books - Reprise (1)


Sandman (19 + 6GM = 25) 

Nighttime Wanderings (1)

Seven is the Number (8)

Sweater Weather (10)


GM (21 x 2 = 42)  20 to Phalanx, 2 to Ouroboros, 6 to Sandman,  14 leftover

Hit the Plane Down (3)

Lets Get It Started (13)

Been Caught Stealing (5)

Active Player Census 

So it looks like at some point some of my Player Reward progress on Phalanx was not added to his sheet?  He's currently at 220 PP He is boosted to PL 10/150PP He had 31PP at his boost which would be 10PP Rollover at one third so 160PP then according to his progress to gold count has earned 56PP since which would put him at 216PP so it looks like 4PP didn't get added to his Player reward progress counts at some point but did get added to his PP totals.  The outline below is done with the progression to gold listed on his sheet currently, so would be 4pp Higher(91 not 87) I think (and have an extra earned reward unused)

Veteran Progress: 87 / 90 (Bronze and Silver Earned)

Basic Character Slots:

  • PL10 / 150PP: Sandman
  • PL10 / 150PP: Ouroboros
  •   PL7 / 105PP: Phalanx (boosted to PL 10/150PP 31 Earned PP Pre boost 56 after?)

Veteran Rewards: 1 / 2 Spent

  • Boost Phalanx From PL 7/105PP to PL10/150PP; 31PP earned Preboost so he gained 45PP from boosting to 150PP and lost 21 due to rollover reduction for a 24PP value on his boost
  • Unspent

Retired Characters:

Edited by angrydurf
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Rough post counts done in Pacific time

Bombshell (12) [1]
Back in Black (3)
Can't Change Their Stripes (5)
Stolen Valor, Part I (4)

Nighthawk (57) [4]
Let's Get It Started (10)
Moonshadow (14)
New Shipments (9)
No Place Like Home (5)
Unstill Life (20)

Phantom (39) [3]
A Picture of Sophisticated Grace (1)
All for the Applause (6)
Autumn in the Park (6)
Community Gatekeeper (6) 
Hard to Be Cool (In a Minivan) (3)
Hazard Pay (5)
Nighttime Wanderings (1)
Seven is the Number (10)
Silberman's Books: Reprise (1)

Psyche (19) [2]
Like Riding a Bike (10) 
Right Place Wrong... Everything (3)
Where They Have to Take You In (6)

Alder Does Art: Here [1] (Nighthawk)

Guidebook: Nighthawk [2]
HellQ: Nighthawk [2]
Rep Table: Nighthawk [1]

Guidebook: Phantom [2]

Guidebook: Psyche [2]

Guidebook: Bombshell [2] 
Rep Table: Bombshell [1]

Rough PP Awards
Bombshell [4]
Nighthawk [10]
Phantom [5]
Psyche [4]

Veteran Progress: 81 / 90

Basic Character Slots:

Veteran Rewards: 2 / 2 Spent

  • PL10 Boost for Psyche
  • PL 12 / 180PP: Bombshell

Retired Characters:

  • None


Edited by alderwitch
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Grimalkin/Shrike (16)
Back In Black (2)
Flying Into The Storm (4)
Ounce of Prevention (4)
Silberman's Books: Reprise (2)
The Little Shop Around The Corner (2)
Two Duplicators and Grim, Too! (2)

Miracle Girl (23)
A Community Service (3)
Beautiful People Doing Bad Things (4)
Hit The Plane Down (2)
New Shipments (6)
No Place Like Home (4)
Patriotic Gore (4)

All points go to MG.

Veteran Progress: 276 / ∞

Basic Character Slots:

Veteran Rewards: 3 / 5 Spent

  • Bronze: Raising Miracle Girl to PL8
  • Silver: Equipment 3, Sidekick 12 for Grimalkin
  • Gold: Sidekick 15 for Grimalkin
  • Platinum: Unspent
  • Impervium: Unspent

Retired Characters:

Deep Freeze
Red Queen (Villain)
White Bishop

Edited by Heritage
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Tsunami (2)
What the Kraken Released (1) 
Shark Week: Terror Beneath (1)

Synapse (1)
Trade Show (1)

GM (1)
Trade Show (1)


(So, lets give the GM posts to Paradigm)

Veteran Progress: 168/180   

Basic Character Slots: 

Veteran Rewards: 5/6 Spent 

  • Bump PL 7 to PL 10/ 150 PP
  • Ranked Feats for Velocity: Equipment 6; Paradigm: Equipment 9
  • PL 12/ 180 PP: Paradigm
  • Ranked Feats for Paradigm: Equipment 15
  • Ranked Feats for Paradigm: Equipment 15
  • Unspent

 Retired Characters: 

  • None
Edited by Thevshi
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Blodeuwedd (2 posts)

Graduation Proclamation: Honor Society (1)

Punk Princess (1)


Frostbyte (26 posts)

Hazard Pay (3)                    

New Shipments (9)

Unstill Life (14)                    

Merge Trois ( post)

Two Duplicators and Grim too! ()

Miss Grue (5 posts)

Beautiful People Doing Bad Things (2)

Diary of a Teenage Grue (3)


Revenant (3 posts)


How to Build a Better Scythe (3)


Voin Zhenshchina (3 posts)

Stolen Valor (3)

Young Britannia (2 posts)

Sometime Never? ()

Trade Show (1)

Flight of the Osprey (1)

GMing (9 posts (18))
Beautiful People Doing Bad Things (2)
Envious Eyes (2)
Graduation Proclamation: Sound and Fury (3)
Two Duplicators and Grim too! (2)

Rollover from Revenant, Guest Star from Merge and all GM posts to Miss Grue. Ref point to Frostbyte.


Veteran Progress: 126 / 150

Basic Character Slots:

Veteran Rewards: 5 / 5 Spent

Retired Characters:

Edited by Tiffany Korta
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Gaian Knight / Tiamat

Mystery at Bedside Manor (3)
Seven is the Number (3)

How to Build a Better Scythe (2)
A Picture of Sophisticated Grace (5)


Who Let the Dogs Out? (13)

Rollover and ref point to Grim, please.

Veteran Progress: 147/150

Basic Character Slots:

Veteran Rewards: 4 / 5 Spent

Retired Characters:

  • none
Edited by Fox
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Jack of all Blades / Jill O'Cure (11)
Mystery at Bedside Manor (2)
Freedom's Finest #3: Corrupt to No Good (1)
So Great A Cause (2)
Seven is the Number (3)
Back in Black (3)

Midnight II (8)
That's Rough, Buddy (4)
Where They Have to Take You In (4)

Ghost Girl (17)
A Picture of Sophisticated Grace (4)
How to Build a Better Scythe (2)
Family Planning (11)

Set / Sekhmet (37)
Community Gatekeeper (8)
No Fortress is So Strong (4)
Autumn in the Park (25)

Reagent / Alkahest (15)
Unstill Life (11)
Hazard Pay (4)

GM (16)
How to Build a Better Scythe (8)
Leave a Mark (4)
Unstill Life (4)

Rollover and Ref Point can go to Reagent to get her up to 100, with the rest to Rock.


Veteran Progress: 226 / ∞

Basic Character Slots:

Veteran Rewards: 6 / 7 Spent

  • Ranked Feats for Jack of all Blades: Equipment 4, Sidekick 11
  • Ranked Feats for Midnight II: Equipment 4, Sidekick 11
  • PL 12 / 180PP: Wail [Maxed]
  • PL 10 / 150PP: Ghost Girl [Maxed]
  • PL 12 / 180PP: Set [Maxed]
  • PL 10 / 150PP: Reagent / Alkahest
  • Unspent

Retired Characters:

  • None
Edited by Gizmo
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This might be a Few Threads, Many Posts time. And now I have a solid 3 hero stable.

Veteran Awards Addendum:
Veteran Progress: 24 / 30

Basic Character Slots:

Veteran Rewards: 0 / 0 Spent

Retired Characters:

  • None

One note: Endeavor's sheet has the incorrect progress.

GM (14 Posts, 28 value)) - Note the opening posts on each thread are GM posts
A Community Service - 2 GM Posts
Flying Into The Storm - 9 GM Posts
Ounce of Prevention - 3 GM Posts

Endeavor - 19 Posts - (26 with 7 GM posts)
New Shipments - 13 Posts
Sound and Fury - 4 Posts
The Little Shop Around the Corner - 2 Posts

Seahawk - 11 Posts - (20 with 9 GM posts)
A Community Service - 3 Posts
Bloody Sunday - 1 Post
Flying Into The Storm - 2 Posts
Hit the Plane Down - 5 Posts

Torpedo Lass - 12 Posts - (24 with 12 GM posts)
Ounce of Prevention - 4 Posts
Stolen Valor, Part I - 8 Posts

Edited by Sailor
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Basic Character Slots

  • PL10 Graft
  • PL10 Prism
  • PL7 Crimson Tiger

Veteran Rewards: 1 of 2 spent

  • PL8 Solar Sentinel

Well, it would appear, I'm back, :D

Crimson Tiger 3 posts

Back in Black 3 posts

Prism 28 posts

Preparations and Concerns 5 posts

New Shipments 6 posts

Unstill Life 13 posts

No Place Like Home 4 posts

Solar Sentinel 5 posts

Stolen Valor Part 1 5 posts

Edited by Thunder King
Adding Player Census
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How to Build A Better Scythe (2)


So Great A Cause (3)

Galvanic = Ref pp, plus Geckoman's posts


And census tiiiime

Veteran Progress: 156/180

Basic Character Slots:

Veteran Rewards Used: 0/5 Spent

  • PL10/150PP: Equinox
  • PL12/180PP: Galvanic
  • Geckoman promoted from PL7/105PP to PL10/150PP
  • Unused
  • Unused

Retired Characters:


Edited by Ecalsneerg
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Argonaut (8)

A Problem Like 
Patriotic Gore 

Foreshadow (7)

A Community Service 
Bloody Sunday 
The Circus is in Town 
Trade Show  

Glamazon (15)

Don't Go Into the Water 
Graduation Proclamation: Honor Society 
Graduation Proclamation: Sound and Fury 
Shark Week: Terror Beneath
Shark Week: Uncharted Waters 
What the Kraken Released 



GM (14 x 2 = 28)

A World Lost 
Flight of the Osprey 
Graduation Proclamation: Honor Society 
Grim Demeanor 
Mysterious Circumstances 
Shark Week:Terror Beneath 
Shark Week: Uncharted Waters
The Circus is in Town
What the Kraken Released 

GM Posts divided as follows, 18 to Foreshadow, 7 to Argonaut, 1 to Roulette, and the rest can just float around.  Refpoint goes to Foreshadow


Veteran Progress: 81 / 90 (Silver Earned)

Basic Character Slots:

Veteran Rewards: 2 / 2 Spent

  • Ranked Feats for Foreshadow: Equipment 10, Shared HQ (Vanguard) Equipment 5
  • PL12/ 180PP: Argonaut

Retired Characters:

Edited by HG Morrison
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