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  1. This is the time! Sea Devil vs 22 22 Avatar vs 27 29 vs 22 30 We should perhaps combined attack the thing? Still bruised and staggered. Anyway, @RocketLord, it's you!
  2. Okay: You have time to take 10 but not 20 on these checks: All your characters know what the Foundry is (or was - that slippery Talos), what AEGIS is, etc. The agents are all armed with standard AEGIS hand weapons, not really a threat to most supers unless they took them by surprise. A DC 20 Knowledge (Technology) check will get you (Agent Irons does indeed look to be an older model of robot; more of a robot in a human 'skin' than an android like Angelic. The damage to his head is quite severe) A DC 20 Civics/Streetwise check will get you (the golde
  3. The scene was a difficult one. Agent Irons had the build of a muscular man in his late forties, his AEGIS uniform stained with a red-dyed blood substitute that didn't look quite right to skeptical eyes. His skin was cold to the touch and his body was heavy, enough that Voltage had had to exert himself to bring him here on time in the first place. The most obvious thing wrong with Irons was a bullet hole in the face, a small entryway over the left eye matched by a big, gaping hole in the back of his head. This wasn't simply a mechanical injury; processors crackled and sparked insid
  4. Anna was pleased by Holly's praise, having always had an excellent relationship with her only granddaughter. She was a little less pleased at Bryant's delighted "Fank you Nana" and the big hug he scampered over to give her, but she kept what she was feeling off her face as she hugged the boy back and said "Anything for my little boy." The mood was - well, not quite tense around the table, but Richard and Paige both obviously had something on their mind. Anna tried to keep the mood light, and the girl distracted, by asking about her school, but Holly's answers came in the short sen
  5. Anna had learned how to cook casseroles during her sidekick's recuperation from the events that had turned her into a sidekick in the first place - not that she was keeping those thoughts uppermost in her mind right now. "Just seemed the right thing to bring a hot dish," she said hesitantly. She took a step, fast as Richard in short bursts, looked through the kitchen door at her son, granddaughter, and - well, at Bryant - before stepping back to her daughter-in-law's side. "I've been taking care of myself up there." She worked her thumb against an obsidian ring on her left hand, then whispered
  6. There we go - not like he is lying about who has been shot, but he has been profoundly emotionally affected.
  7. January 2021 The same message had gone out both electronically and mentally to the whole family - Hi, everybody. We need everyone who can make it home tonight for a family announcement. This is important; not a drill, 616. In other words, by words and the numeric code at the end, this wasn't a life-or-death immediate emergency -but it was certainly something serious. Downstairs in the living room, Holly Cline focused on the act of psionic creation while watching her stepbrother watch Daniel Tiger while sending a message out to her brother. I don't know what it is eith
  8. "Yes!" Aquaria croaked, sounding very unhappy at all this unpleasantness, listening to Jessie's movements as much as she was watching the scene about them. "They should not be, so we should make them not!" The seperated zombie parts were not created equal. Those belonging to the 'crew' of the small boat seemed quiescent in their deliquescence, but those belonging to the lieutenant Singularity had beheaded were still visibly twitching. Aquaria impaled one of the former with her trident and twisted, reducing it to a smear of puddling ash against the sand. "We have come through obsta
  9. "The situation is - grave," said Bonham, hesitating just a moment as he looked behind him again. "Experts on cybernetics, human-machine relations, and international diplomacy are welcome. We believe Agent Irons may not survive. We are inbound and will be touching down momentarily." And with that, he was gone, leaving the heroes to their work. Speaking aloud for the benefit of people not Miss Americana, Eira said, staring ahead at something invisible - "Helipad 3 is clear; routing them now. Laboratory 3-A is the most immediately accessible, security locks have been deactivated. One
  10. the ooc, @Electra, @Thunder King, @Fox, @Tiffany Korta A DC 20 Bluff or Sense Motive check will give you that Bonham looks less like a man taking an injured comrade in for treatment and more like a man taking his dying father to the hospital.
  11. At that moment, a red light flashed overhead in the room - and an emergency signal interrupted the hologram. The blurry image that replaced the half-built holo-lab (which Angelic busied herself with backing up between eyeblinks) was of a man most of those recognized; bald, dark-skinned with a short beard, this was Luke Bonham, the head of the AEGIS field office in Freedom City. "Archtech, this is Luke Bonham at AEGIS. I'm on your way with a technological emergency. Agent Irons has suffered a -" he seemed to look behind him, and the others realized he was sitting in the front seat
  12. "That's...need-to-know, kid," said Ashley softly. "As for me - Judy is going to graduate from high school and then she's going to college. There's this place down in Tennessee that has a ministry program she likes, and she'll be as far away from her parents as she wants." She smiled thinly and murmured, "And after that, she's a teleporting energy being who can disintegrate things just by looking at them. She doesn't need a babysitter anymore." Her tone was suffused with a quiet, almost maternal pride.
  13. Ashley blinked a moment and said "Judy, Luke, if you'll wait outside the door, I'll meet you in just a moment. We'll take our car." She folded her hands behind her back, watched as Judy and Luke exited the room, then turned and walked up to Armstrong. Outside, Judy looked unaccountably nervous as the door closed behind them, glancing back in and seeming to peer right through the metal - her eyes glowing a faint but obvious shade of rainbow. Inside, Ashley chose her words with great care, her tone not actually rising above a conversational tone as she said, "That was a
  14. At an almost undetectable look from Miss Americana, Eira blinked at the holographic display, which resolved itself into a fairly good rendition of the Lab that had once been the home-away-from-home for many of Freedom City's greatest scientists. Eira herself had visited there several times when she was younger, and indeed had been uploaded into her second body there. The panning 'image', a combination of wire-frame and 3-D digitized recreations, showed individual laboratories, vehicle hangers and parking lots, spartan living space, and other systems that would allow for superheroing living tha
  15. cw: difficult stuff January 2021 Angelic sat in the conference room in a student intern's chair and watched as the super-geniuses talked. With a clear disciplinary record at Claremont going back past the Thanksgiving holiday, she had finally won a full-on evening internship for her senior year at Claremont that she had long coveted. That she was in a conference room shadowing Miss Americana rather than her laboratory working on her internal upgrades had not produced any complaints - "I understand," she had told Miss Americana before everyone had arrived, "that human i
  16. "Ah know all the things they say," said Judy, crossing her arms over her chest. "All the time." She looked away for a moment, listening to Luke's argument with the teacher, then said, "Ah need to go." "I really don't think that's such a good idea, honey," said Ashley, eyes widening as she considered the prospects. "We'd have to get your whole team out there, and you know how hard that is logistically." "They're just normal people," said Judy, and as she spoke colors bled over her skin, an almost dazzling rainbow brightness that seemed to fill the room. When she spoke, it
  17. "Thank you," said Judy to Luke, seeming to radiate warmth in more ways than one with a soft smile. "Y'all are very kind." She was in person a far cry from the glowing angel of righteousness that had reshaped American politics with a few well-placed words. The daughter of the former President looked faintly sick for just a moment, then looked away and closed her eyes. "This isn't anything new," said Ashley softly, putting a hand sympathetically on Judy's shoulder. "We've seen demonstrations like this before." "Ah know that," said Judy, biting her lip for a
  18. That's two down, all in pieces! One left for Wraith.
  19. "My three hundred million bosses informed President Cahill that his services were no longer required," commented Ashley dryly, who despite herself looked considerably more relaxed than the last time Charlie had seen her. She was staying close to her ward, though with just enough distance to give the teens an illusion of privacy. She tensed briefly as Crystal-Gazer went in for the glomph, then nodded in satisfaction. In a murmur, she added, "All of Election Night was Judy. It was about time." Judy didn't blush - she actually glowed a gentle red, like the setting sun - and then gave
  20. The landing party went for Singularity, striking with fists and clubs to pin her down, but they weren't even able to strike a solid blow against the fast-moving powerhouse, much less seriously impede her attack. As Singularity went into action against the zombies, Sea Devil gave a bellow of outrage that must have been audible a half-mile away. All this work to celebrate an auspicious day and these horrible stupid creatures who made no sense were ruining it, ruining it! As if the oceans didn't have enough Surfacers in its depths, now the dead ones were causing trouble Above - and m
  21. The zombies attack Singularity, trying to grapple her with their hideous hands! https://orokos.com/roll/868586 they do not even manage a hit A thoroughly scandalized Sea Devil Leaps into the fray! She stabs one of the monsters as hard as she can! She takes 10 and hits it. Tou vs 27 = 13 This one also gets impaled and is out. @Nerdzul, you're up!
  22. They both fail spectacularly - go ahead and post!
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