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  1. As Danica spoke, the holographic project of Eira gestured like a conductor mastering a symphony, altering the three-dimensional Segway at Danica's command. By the time she was done it still looked very much like a Segway, with a few differences. "The polymer plastic composition will reduce the weight by one-half while ensuring structural stability. Too low and you run the risk of wind damage," she added. "A more powerful engine will give you more power over rough terrain, as will all-terrain wheels..." She hesitated, then said, "Indoor hovering, Ryder, what do you think, magnetic or gravitic?"
  2. With a nod, Steve rose to his feet and left the room, making his way to the front door where the felinoid superhero awaited. He was in his uniform, the proud colors of HAX that were the most honorable colors he could wear beyond the costume Gina had made for him, and so was a little surprised when Copycat looked up at him and said "It's you." Having long since learned to distinguish wariness from hostility, Steve gave the usual response to the former, looking down at those big masked eyes. "...yes. Thank you for coming. They are waiting for you on the second floor."
  3. I can't believe this thing still fits me. Copycat's costume was not too different from the Raven's; a short, dark cape slicked down to avoid being a target for grabbing, an armored black bodysuit, gauntlets curled like claws, and the mask. The white Chesire-cat mask had looked elegant and sophisticated when Ashley was sixteen and now; studying herself in her motorcycle rearview mirror, she made a small unpleasant noise. She hadn't worn it, save for that one very interesting interlude in Louisiana a couple of summers ago, since high school. But duty called and she headed for the fr
  4. "Hm," said Frost. He considered that a moment, then extended his hand to Ghost. "Demonstrate the latter, if you please." His grip was deathly cold; not dangerously so, but the effect was as if Ghost had stuck his hand out and grabbed a tractor left outside in a Siberian winter.
  5. Aquaria hopped back into her Sea Devil armor, the metal closing smoothly around her. Then she extended her trident towards Ghost. "Take the blade by the hand," she told him. "But do not bleed on it." Doing so, the grip cool and damp and somehow smelling of fish, let Ghost hear the song of the universe, a deep and resonant throb that echoed infrasonically in his chest, with whispers of what lay below if only he paid attention - "Do not listen to what they tell you," she added firmly, "it will do terrible things to you. Give it your power and the song will hear you. Then we will go there."
  6. Sea Devil had kept her armor on, and her distance from the soldiers, at least until the New Zealand officers started explaining to them what was happening. Concealed in green and black armor that had obviously been recently painted with the New Zealand Ensign, she crouched and moved with a posture that didn't seem quite human, and her voice was a booming mechanical buzz that sounded artificial. "We will help you with your big monster problem," she spoke in a firm croak, "things that come from the mountains above should not be." She wondered if it would be weird to ask if the giants were food,
  7. A faint fuzz of activating holo-emitters, and then - "Ryder!" Smirking a little too brightly, the projection of Eira had appeared next to him on the opposite side from her robot body, hands folded behind her back, her blonde hair pulled in a neat ponytail behind her head. She'd changed outfits too, and was wearing a casual Karkaos shirt and jeans that would probably not have been appropriate lab gear if she had actually been wearing them. "Here I am." Turning back to Danica, she smiled and said in a carefully enunciated voice, "I am sorry you did not like
  8. There are too many APs here. This character is great, but your power concept needs to be narrowed.
  9. Voltage can detect no problems with the partition...
  10. "..." Eira looked at Danica, then at Ryder, then stared at the swooping hologram as the cheerful pop-rock played in the background. She hesitated just an instant, then made a gesture in the air that cut off both music and hologram just as Magenta was about to make a final leap onto the swooping flying wing. "...v-very well." She pulled her goggles down over her eyes and said, "Voltage, will you activate the holo-programmers so that they may program? I need to - directly interface." As she spoke, her dataspikes snaked out from under her sleeves and buried themselves in the ports in
  11. "Okay," said Frost, taking out a checkbook from Hell knew where. "Here you go, I think this is standard rate, plus completion bonus, plus little tip for Talya's young friend." He winked, then carefully handed Raina a check for a thousand American dollars for 'fire-fighting'. "See it will not violate your secret identity," he added with a smile, pointing at a conspiciously blank spot for her name. "Frost thinks of everything." He hesitated a moment, then reached into his wallet, fumbling around for a business card he handed her. "If you ever want something more exciting than babysitting, call t
  12. "Yeah," said Frost seriously as he sat down an open box full of gold bars stamped with swastikas and pentagrams in a creepy checkerboard pattern, "is me. Well that or Tiamat," he admitted, "but cannot tell her about this now, she will be wrathful of missed opportunity." He put his hands on his lap and looked at Raina. "Do not worry, is not first time I have had to do this. Sometimes in infernal realms, sometimes I just disintegrate, sometimes I just send to maw of Lady Hel in Nifleheim, is all fine." He seemed to sober a little, and had the air of a stage performer who had moved backstage. "So
  13. "Oh he might be dead," said Frost, "but has resurrected every time I've killed him so far. That's Fritz for you, like damned cockroaches they are." He spat again, and climbed to his feet. "If I don't see him next year, I double what I pay you. Hey, speaking of paying, let us see what is in mausoleum! Hardest part was finding damn place, let me tell you..." He led the way inside, the ceiling low enough that he had to duck slightly on the way in. It wasn't exactly the tomb of an Egyptian Pharoah, but Heinrich Adams had obviously been buried with the loot he planned to use to escape
  14. "Hah!!" By the time Raina and Merlin landed to check out the scene, Frost had recovered from the attacks on him but Heinrich certainly hadn't. "Take that, you goddamned Fritz!" he declared, standing in the midst of the ashes with a triumphant look on his face. "Sparkler!" he called, spreading his arms. "I could embrace you but I will not." He gave the ashes a good kick and said, "Delightful! That will keep him dead a long time. Maybe I hire you again next time, eh?" He knelt down, brushed a few ashes out of the grass, and spat something bloody on the ground. "I hope you like fire because when
  15. Eira pulled up her goggles and gave Ryder and Danica a look. "You fought another heavy metal rage demon without me? Ridiculous! How do you keep drawing them to you?Perhaps you two attracted it as its opposites..." She pulled down her goggles and grumped loudly, right over the music, "I will show that thing heavy metal rage if I ever get a chance..." As her friends seemed more excited than shaken up by their battle, she moved on. "Come, here is what I have!" She made a little gesture in the air and the music shifted, this time to a hard rock triumphal beat. "Presenting - the Wing!"
  16. Exceeds his defense by 8, so +4 to damage Tou vs 29 13 oh he's dead, you set him on fire and he explodes to ash.
  17. Okay, give me a DC 20 Fort save to shake the Auditory Dazzle. You're up, @Electra!
  18. The fireball worked all-too-well, striking Heinrich on his billowing cape with a brilliant flash of red. Raina couldn't hear him curse but she could certainly imagine it as he began frantically slapping at his flaming outfit. The effort must have distracted him because he tilted and fell out of the sky entirely, disappearing from sight behind one of the nearby mausoleums. Nearby, Sparkler couldn't immediately spot the form of Comrade Frost, but the hovering cloud of icy white mist with two red eyes in the center of it certainly gave her an obvious clue. If said cloud was saying anything, she c
  19. "Hello Ryder, Danica," came an accented voice from the laboratory's second story just as a familiar song began to play from the building's speakers. Eira took the occasion of her friends' arrival and the song's bridge to leap straight down in front of them, making a perfect three-point landing before rising to her feet. As she talked she bobbed her shoulders along with the music. "Welcome to my laboratory!" In lab coat and glasses, with her Swedish accent, she looked the part of the European mad scientist very well. "I took the liberty of generating a design for you,
  20. Definitely, though she'll have to close if she wants to hit him adequately. Okay, that hits him! It exceeds his defense by 10, so that's +5 to the damage Tou vs 30 https://orokos.com/roll/883082 = okay, he fails by 10, so he's injured, staggered, and dazed Concentration checks for Flight: 12, he fails, so he falls! Concentration checks for Force Field: 18 Okay! Heinrich is dazed (have an HP for him acting); he'll throw a lightning bolt at Comrade Frost! https://orokos.com/roll/883090 and hit! Tou vs DC 29:
  21. Actually, you made a good point re:her taking cover behind a big opaque object, so that's a plausible reason she wouldn't be affected by a big Visual + Auditory Dazzle. So she can't hear anything (because that's funny!) but she can still see. You're up!
  22. The attack worked, leaving the demonic vampire sizzling at the edges, as if Sparkler had taken his image and held it over an open flame. Cursing loudly in languages Raina didn't speak but sounded truly gutter, he made a gesture at the sky. "I do not need to see you to strike at you!" he declared as a bolt of eldritch lightning came crashing down from the sky and struck his tomb! The lightning missed both Sparkler and Frost, but the brilliant blue glare and thundering noise was powerful enough to send them both reeling! Frost seemed hit particularly badly and began cursing loudly in Russian. He
  23. Heinrich: drops an area effect on everybody That's a DC 20 Reflex Save to avoid the effect, then a DC 20 Reflex save to avoid being blinded! https://orokos.com/roll/883046 Then he flies into the air. Comrade Frost: Frost fails the first save https://orokos.com/roll/883046 and the second! https://orokos.com/roll/883047 He flies up after Henrich, blind for one round. You're up as soon as I post IC.
  24. That hits him! It exceeds his Defense by 3, so it adds 2 to the damage Tou vs 26: 24 He's injured!
  25. Okay! Sparkler: 22 Heinrich: 20 Comrade Frost: 11
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