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  1. Wraith: 27 Sea Devil: 27 Octoman: 26 Artificer: 19 Miss Grue: 17 Harbringer: 17, bruised x3 Theodora: 17 Dalekos: 15, bruised, staggered Okay, @Fox, Wraith is up - coming out just to see the fight between Dalekos and the Harbringer, downed Atlantean and Deep Ones floating about, and Aquaria opening up a portal for the Atlantean kid and his semi-unconscious sister? Hard to tell with all the bits.
  2. "Are you all right?" asked Ashley once they were in there, looking the other woman over. Mali certainly _looked_ like she could take care of herself, but she'd seen enough in Freedom City to know that being strong and ready only got you so far around superpowers. "Did he do something to you?" Her gaze was professional as she studied the martial artist.
  3. Eira led the way back to the band room, a slight distance from her organic classmates, her head down and cheeks flushed slightly. Once they were back there, she took a step back and let Micah do his thing with the music and the instruments there, leaning against the wall and studying Astrid and Micah, her arms crossed across her chest and hair hanging low over her eyes. Finally, she offered a question - "Ideas, Micah?"
  4. "<A pleasure, Citizen Val-Ren>," said Eira, her Galstandard as always flawless as a machine's. She was taller and looked more mature than the last time Paradigm had seen her; the blue hair color was new as well. "<These are my colleagues, Soliton, Sun Dragon, Horrorshow, Arcana, and Crystal-Gazer - they will tell you their birthnames if they wish. Thank you for agreeing to host our field trip.>" Folding her arms over her chest, she looked out the window at the naked stars with an expression of hunger on her face, absently telling her fellow students, "I told her who you are and that we are grateful to be here." She considered a moment about where they were, then seemed to come to a decision. She raised her hand, pressed a few spaces on the back of her hand, and her skin seemed to fade away into nothingness, her body changing inside her clothes into something that looked smooth and cybernetic, a synthetic lifeform polished so bright that her friends' faces were reflected like a chrome bumper. The next time she spoke, her voice was throaty and slightly deeper, as if she'd stopped pretending somewhere in her voicebox too. "You will love the inside of the station," she promised, making a little gesture in the air and summoning her own holographic panel. "It's like nowhere on Earth."
  5. "I...have a fiance!" yelled Daystar from behind Ashley's shoulder, glowing like a pocket star. "I..." She took a step back as she stared at Alice and said, "Oh Jesus! You're -" She put a hand on her chest and swallowed hard. "-you're from space!" "I don't know how you found her," snarled Ashley, "but this is not your planet, and this is not your boyfriend." She jinked to the left, trying to keep Alice in view and keep a gun pointed at the girl. She hesitated just a moment, then said, "Micah, remember what you said at youth group? About how you weren't ready for a girlfriend until God showed you the way? Do you really think this is what He'd want?"
  6. The Smith sisters stayed flat on the ground at least at first. But it's the Devil's work! It's not right! Judy squeezed her eyes shut and folded her hands tight. But I know Pan, and I know he's a good boy! It can't be wrong! I'm happy about a lot of things! I love Ashley, and my family, and Leroy, and Jesus! Jesus take the wheel, fill me with your Holy Spirit and let me fly! She said the last few words aloud and leaped into the air, taking off as gossamer wings of light surrounded her. Ashley stood flat on the ground, trying to think of a happy thought and realizing that looking for happiness was the surest way to make sure it didn't happen. I'm going to leave, she thought. I'm going to make sure Judy is safe, and then I am going to get out of here, and go back to my real life, and maybe...and maybe I'm going to ask Fa'Rua to take me into space, and I'm never going to have to pretend to be someone else ever again! She did not say a word at the last, but leaped into the air and took off and away towards their ride home.
  7. "And as for you," Eira hissed at Aja in a voice like molten quicksilver, "you see what happened! The moment you stepped out of line, they kicked you like a disobedient cat." She jabbed the finger of her free hand in the White Lioness's direction as they walked towards the headmistress's office, her voice a low whisper as she glared at her with flat blue eyes. "Or will you tell me you deserve to be punished for defending their system too loudly?"
  8. "It's Ragnarok!" said Watchdog with a smirk before she cut the wire, watching as Donar whizzed past Judy's head and buried himself in the far wall. Son of a bitch! she thought shakily as she and Judy staggered out of the church together, the latter still glowing like the sun before she suddenly dropped to her knees and started retching, though with nothing in her system there was nothing to bring up. "That was awful!" she said. "All those people!" She looked up at the others, Ashley's arms around her, and the blood on her face was like rainbow fire against her glowing skin. "Did we even help them?"
  9. Running Ben's rep table: Computers: 16 Online Research: 17
  10. Ms. Hancock moved efficiently and directed all of her trouble-making students out of the classroom and towards the headmistress's office - which meant that soon Eira, Leroy, Àjàṣorò, Ben, and Mia were out the doors and on their way towards their fateful meeting with Callie Summers. Eira had looked at Leroy with her eyes narrowed and her cheeks flushed red, rolled her eyes at Aja, and kept the company of her fellow travelers Ben and Mia as they walked through the halls. "It was trivially easy," she said dismissively. "A matter of replacing the program that ran the auxiliary systems with one of my own craftsmanship." She smiled, showing those pure white teeth. "What's your rig?" she asked Ben. While they talked, she shot a look at Mia - and extended a hand her way. Her grip was as warm as a human being's.
  11. I spend my brand-new HP on Ultimate Toughness and take no damage!
  12. Church Watchdog spat blood inside her helmet, knowing without looking that Judy behind her was still struggling to her feet. She did look then, back to see Judy still pushing debris off her legs. She was bleeding from the nose and a cut along one cheek, and to Ashley's surprise it glowed with the colors of the rainbow, a searing, burning soul-light even brighter than her skin. She's going to do fine. she thought to herself before she spoke for the last time. "When he hits me, RUN." She didn't look back as she turned and ran for Donar. Just as she'd hoped, changing her strategy took him by surprise - not shooting him or throwing another grenade, but slapping a cuff on his wrist, binding him tightly to her with impervium-laced restraints designed to hold back - well, to hold back a raging god. She looked up at Donar, who was still trying to understand exactly what was happening, and fastened the other cuff on her own wrist. She slapped the side of her helmet with her free hand, collapsing the matrix and letting her smell the air of this place for the first time, letting him see not the red fishbowl of Watchdog, but her own face - bleeding and bruised but still unbowed. A Eurasian woman, racial trash, facing down against a Nazi paragon. "Come on, you Nazi son of a bitch!" she taunted, "let's see what you can do!"
  13. Judy's eyes lit up - literally. "What do you want from me?" she asked uncertainly as rainbow light spilled from her eyes and across her skin, her voice growing echoey and distant. "What's the matter with you?" Behind her, Ashley pulled a gun out of her jacket pocket - or maybe it was her belt? The movement was too fast but in a moment it was aimed at Alice's torso as the 'big sister' interposed herself between Judy and Alice. She slapped her collar and her red collapsible helmet erupted over her face, the internal capacitor in her sidearm whining as it revved up to full power. When she spoke it wasn't Ashley's normal voice at all. "Power down! Right now!"
  14. "Disgusting," Eira opined, having joined them again just in time to miss whatever it was Astrid had been talking about behind her back. "This is not some sex thing, this is music." She poked him in the chest for emphasis, giving him a hard look. "Now come, let us see what you are made of. We have equipment back in the band room. Or do you need time to catch your breath?"
  15. Okay: Watchdog spends her HP to shake her daze. {Free Action} She tells Judy to run (Free Action) She runs straight at Donar (Move Action) The use of the Charge gives her +2 melee and drops her Defense by 1 She uses her Snare effect https://orokos.com/roll/789634 = 29 That definitely hits! That's a DC 19 Reflex save for Donar. Daystar is dazed, and cannot take free actions right now.
  16. There was quite a commotion in the classroom. A few students seemed to agree that this was some sort of new strategy to 'reach the kids' on behalf of the Headmistress, but the general consensus was that the school had been hacked - and by a supervillain! Names like the Tranquility Tyrant, Silver Banshee, and the Maestro were thrown around, along with Doc Otaku and the Freebooter (though most people thought the latter had retired.) In her seat, Eira squirmed like there were spiders in her jeans, looking around at everyone with her face increasingly set in a frown. Finally, she stood up just as Ms. Hancock was trying to bring the room to order and declared - "It was me." Eira's voice, perhaps a trifle amplified out her pale throat, cut through the noise. "_I_ hacked the system, and _I_ uploaded the altered files." She looked around at everyone, her eyes wide, and said, her accent thickening a touch, "It is no more than our right! They cannot silence us any longer!" The hubbub got louder at this, some students out of their desks and staring at her, others looking on in what might have been admiration. "We are the best!" "Miss Katastroff!" said Ms. Hancock, cutting through the noise as she appeared in front of Eira's desk - and yes, by God, the guesses were right because she had clearly teleported from behind her desk to in front of Eira's. "Report to the headmistress's office immediately." Eira glared up at Ms. Hancock before rising to her feet and striding her way towards the door. As she opened the door, she turned and raised her hands in the "horns" symbol, sticking her newly-pierced tongue through them and called "An-arch-y!"
  17. Judy shot Alice a hard look and said, "Well bless your heart, you must be new around here." She smiled munificently, as if she was going to take her pearly white teeth to Alice's throat. "And just how long have you two known each other, exactly?" she asked Micah, still smiling as she approached the two of them. "Ah don't think Ah've ever heard you mention an Alice." Hanging back and off to one side, Ashley leaned on her rake and gave Alice a hard stare, paging through the Rolodex in her mind, thinking about the danger signal Elizabeth had flashed them all earlier. She slipped one hand negligently into her right pocket, producing an audible click. "Boy has a new girl, that's all, Judy. Nothing you need to worry about." She looked at Judy, Judy looked at her, and Judy stepped back - but didn't stop fixing her gaze on Alice. "Elizabeth, can you stay here and help Judy?"
  18. That's a miss! I'm gonna pause our combat till the group inside actually comes out with an IC post. Once you guys do, roll initiative.
  19. "Just meant on the radio," said Woodsman softly. "You can talk so he'll hear you, I bet." He sighed, then sat back up, looking at the others. "I can block the signal so he can't _see_ the mines, but it won't last forever." He didn't worry about getting the crew to evacuate; short of getting up there and telling them to get the hell off the ship before he punched them in the dicks, that wasn't really his role on the team. "Hm. Can get one of the mines," he suggested. "Make it look like mechanical failure."
  20. Eira shot a look at Mia, blue brows jammed together for a moment, but then looked back at Davyd. "It occurred before the unification of their homeworld. An event shrouded in myth and legend as much as history." She snorted at that, then said, more softly, "Many of their technological advances were driven by the long cold war with the Grue Unity. The focus on biological countermeasures left them in a difficult position during the Incursion." She ran her thumb thoughtfully over her knuckles, not quite looking at anyone else as they headed up to the bridge.
  21. Riley responded by doing something that would have left any of Woodsman's Vibora Bay allies astounded. He laughed so hard Coke came out his nose. "Ha! Ha, Jesus Christ, Fred..." He had a napkin in his hand and was wiping his shirtfront off before he'd finished swallowing. "Oh my god..." He snorted, wiped his eyes, and blew his nose. "You are something else." He smiled. "Guess some of us have come further than others." His smile tightened, but didn't quite fade. "I don't know if you know this, but most girls don't go for guys who live in the woods with their hatchet collection."
  22. We'll work on the formatting, but the complications seem good
  23. It is a DC 14 Will save to penetrate the Illusion and realize that it wasn't the Headmistress singing there, though honestly y'all could probably figure that out!
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