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  1. Steve nodded in understanding; part of growing for both of them had been learning to accept what the other could and could not do. "It can be private," he suggested. "Miss Americana will go into a retreat," which was not uncommon given the need to repair or replace the android, "and return with a husband." He had given this some thought. Considering the details of the ceremony had been a difficult question, but fortunately that was not his job to figure out. At least, not alone. "Few care who I marry. You will have a harder task than I will. Though my friends will approve." He had certainly asked enough of them for ideas. "We should discuss that," he said.
  2. Aquaria considered this conversation and where it was going. It was clear that this was a subject Trevor and Erin were uneasy discussing, which made sense. After all, she certainly didn't enjoy thinking about the bizarre realities of Surfacer mating, given what she'd learned from her videos and educational books. It was certainly easy to find information about it on the Internet, and for once the strange flat images Surfacers used to tell stories were completely adequate. "Yes! I should find a way to go there, and if your friend would help me, that would be good." Aquaria smiled in the Surface fashion, to show that everything was good now, which it was! "Thank you for your help. If the two of you want to do activities, the fish will be done by the time you have finished."
  3. There was no sign of Lady Horus's imminent arrival, not even to those in the group with particularly keen senses. Just, perhaps, the faint sensation of a wind - and then the rounded ends of two glowing ankhs came together to smash him on either side of the head! The blow seemed to act like a combined concussion and electric shock, making the cultist howl and flare brilliant gold before dropping to the ground at the feet of the Sunhawk. She glowed with a brilliant solar light that contrasted sharply with their shadowy foes and shadowy circumstances, and as she raised her ankhs again she cried in a voice that blazed like the fiery rays of dawn against eternal night, "Lo! The Sunhawk cometh! Thou wilt learn the price for your madness!" Anna had not forgotten the terror of thinking that she had just had a stroke and was about to die, old and forgotten, in a Bedlam City back alley. She was going to break these sons of bitches' jaws.
  4. Oh no, the Shadow Cultist thing was exactly right. Wadjet is going to enter and shoot Cultist 2. http://orokos.com/roll/713084 = 21! If that hits, that's a DC 23 Toughness save for the dude.
  5. I think we're ready for a GM post!
  6. She's going to backstab Cultist 1 by approaching with her Concealment up (so hopefully catching him flat-footed) - she'll have to lose her Concealment to hit him since it's passive, but that's OK! http://orokos.com/roll/712549 = 11 That's ridiculous! I'll spend her _last_ HP on this - you'd better be a good friend, Mr. Strix. =D http://orokos.com/roll/712550 = 24 with the HP! That triggers the crit, too, so that's DC 34!
  7. OK - Lady Horus will fly up to the hole she made in the roof, zipping around at Flight 5, until she stumbles across the fight Mr. Strix is having with the goons. Once there, I'll spend her last HP (though if you think she's triggered any Complications or done something heroic up to this point, let me know!) to buy off her Fatigue. If she can, she'll take 10 and get 16 to hit the cultists using her Takedown Attack and her Strike 14. If not, let me know and I'll do something else!
  8. In all the confusion over exactly where Corinne and Zenith were and what they were up to, the return of the Smith girls came almost by surprise - a faint flush of color in Judy's cheeks, a look of tight blankness on Ashley's face that made her look like she wanted to be anywhere else. Judy took the lead, walking right up to Tyler and looking at him squarely. "Hi Tyler." She shot a quick, nervous glance at the other girls before she said, "Ah am here to apologize to you for being rude just now. We should not have judged you because of how your powers work." She turned and looked at Ashley, who rolled her eyes before saying, "Sure, okay, you're not a bad guy." Judy frowned at her sister before she said to Tyler, "if you still don't want to be our friend, that's okay, but Ah'd like to be your friend." She smiled at him, then made a gesture towards the dorms. "Why don't we go inside? Ah know you got a tour first thing but they don't show you half the good stuff. Did you know they just put new X-Boxes in all the common rooms? Ah never even played video games before Ah got here but they're pretty nice."
  9. Hey @Grumblefloof, Lady Horus is probably going to fly upstairs with her super-speed and start laying into the shadow creatures with her light powers - or would you rather she do something else? I don't want to interrupt your scene.
  10. http://orokos.com/roll/711866 = 24 Alas! Let me know if Aquaria's many super-senses give her a bonus on that roll, RL. Super-Senses 12 (Darkvision, Radius Sight, Detect Magic 3 [auditory], Hearing [Extended], Sonar [Accurate Ultrasonic Hearing], Scent [Acute], Tremorsense) [12PP]
  11. St. Maurice's House is located about an hour north of Bedlam on the state roads, not far from Sturgeon Bay. St. Maurice's House was founded by Father Michael Fenstermacher, a German Lutheran who came to the United States to do "ecumenical work" in the years after World War II. An Afrodeutsche man whose mother had emigrated to Germany in 1930 from her native Southwest Africa, Fenstermacher clashed repeatedly with congregations in Bedlam (who had perhaps made some assumptions about a German-born priest eager to leave the town where he'd grown up) before beginning the construction of his monastery (something of a rarity among Lutherans) in 1956. After a fire destroyed his original building (and also his parsonage), Fenstermacher won permission to relocate his project outside the city limits. The main house has five family rooms for guests, a large living/dining room with a balcony that looks out across the lawn towards the towering nearby pine trees. There are bird feeders, and if they're empty, the local bird population will let you know. The buildings are down a long gravel road off the state road and rarely get accidental visitors. The chapel, still visibly the Quonset hut that was its original frame back when Fenstermacher built it himself in 1957, has been a scene of decades of prayer and is decorated somewhat eclectically. Services are held there by the small Lutheran contingent at the site, seven times a day as per the liturgical calendar, from 5:10AM to 8:30PM. Time spent in daily prayer takes about three hours, done slowly. Time between services is spent in reading and meditation, usually physical. St. Maurice's follows a rule of silence from about 9PM to about 9AM, with a shorter span of silence after the noon meal. While there's room for flexibility in emergencies, they value the mechanism for turning inward and achieving the full benefits of prayer. There's a comfortable lounge and porch, meals are taken with the community. As with many religious communities in remote areas, St. Maurice's tends to be a home for various Lutheran priests (St. Maurice's is jointly supported by all the major US Lutheran denominations) who are considered unsuitable by their parent denominations for various reasons, thus creating something of a rogues gallery among residents at the House. The current head of the institution, Father Richard Samuels, was assigned his post after uncovering a major financial scandal in the Lutheran denomination that is still technically his spiritual home, and is thoroughly disgusted by the quality of men working under him. It's time to shake things up around here...
  12. The 76 acres of this remote retreat are on Wisdom Island just off the coast of Washington, at the end of a long dirt road along a mile of undeveloped shorefront. The heavily wooded site has a three-acre meadow and orchard inhabited by families of wild rabbits. Facing the meadow is the community center, a large inviting structure built of unfinished wood whose kitchen/dining area and meeting room with stone fireplace makes it the hub of activity. Painted along one side of the community center is an image of the Freedom League circa 1976, carefully maintained by the now-elderly original artist with the help of her grand-daughter who occasionally drives in from Emerald City, Oregon. Meals are served buffet-style, taken to long tables or outside in good weather, and each person is responsible for cleanup. Hot drinks are available throughout the day. The large windows at the back of the building look out to the woods and water below. Around the meadow, tucked between tall cedars and firs, are rustic cabins. They're furnished with bed, table, and chair, and heated with a woodburning stove (the woodpiles are around the back). Though the cabins have their own plumbing, many of the longtime residents prefer to use one of the two bath-houses. A puckish interior decorator gave each cabin a 'theme' during its reconstruction in the 1970s, and visitors may be amused to find themselves staying in the Centurion (with its faux-marble countertops and books of Latin poetry on the walls), the Lady Liberty (with its slightly faded red white and blue bunting), and the like. The facility has the largest spiritual library in the region and a substantial collection of books on CD, much to the pride of the elderly librarian, who has been here since before the arrival of the Super-Freaks, and indeed since he left his fellow Lor to seek Terran spiritual enlightenment. Built by Theosophists in the late 1920s, the encampment was acquired by the Super-Freaks in the mid-1970s when the regional chapter was at the height of its influence. Even today much of the Theosophical influence remains in the Super Freak community; in particular they practice lacto-vegetarianism, pacifism, and respect for all living creatures. The head of the community, Doris Kahn, teaches meditation during the summer camp and also offers a therapeutic touch program. There is a summer camp in July and August aimed at families, with both morning lectures and warm evening campfires. There are work weekends in other parts of the year where visitors can help with groundskeeping and building maintenance. There are other weekends for seminars and workshops on topics relating to the metaphysical interests of the Super Freaks. Private visitors who share the values of the Super-Freaks are welcome to stay provided they are willing to work. A trail winds above and along the shoreline leading to benches and grassy slopes that afford secluded outlooks across the bay. Attracted by the isolation and quiet of the island, bald eagles nest in the tall trees and otters have been frequently spotted along the shoreline. Though there have been many reported sightings of cryptids in the area since the 1920s, no reliable signs of cryptid settlement of any of the region's communities have ever been found on the island.
  13. This retreat community is perched on a forested hilltop about forty miles west of Freedom City, overlooking the nearby Maurice River. Visitors stay in single hermitages that cling to the sides of the hill, cozy and small with a toilet, heater, and air conditioning. The only way to reach the hermitage is by holding onto ropes which are slung between the trees. Each cabin as its own special place a short distance from the next. The ground slopes down like a barn roof, rendering the hill often impassable in muddy or icy weather. A community of Franciscan Catholic sisters, primarily from Nigeria, lives on the hilltop, each in her own hermitage in a cloistered area of the grounds. They convene in the chapel for community prayer four times a day, followed by mass. Visitors are welcome at all services. Meals may be collected in baskets from the dining room and taken to one's hermitage. The nuns make very good bread, but their jollof rice isn't bad either. Visitors never mingle with the community, but spiritual advisers are available upon request. Individuals generally plan their own programs of solitude and silence. The head of the community is Sister Mary Veronica, an even-tempered administrator who speaks with a definitive accent, and who at 47 is relatively young for a nun in the United States. There is a library with books and tapes for use while here. There are three separate shrines to Mary on the property. Visitors should bring sturdy walking shoes to hike the 100 acres of monastery land, seasonal clothing, alarm clock, immersion heater for hot drinks, and flashlight. Sheets are provided. Visitors are advised that St. Perpetua is at the heart of the largest digital dead zone in southwestern New Jersey, and indeed their most common visitors in the 21st century are those in search of a digital detox. "We do not look upon the hermitage as a place simply for privacy or space to breathe, but a place which exemplifies and nourishes the starkness of the desert: not its harshness, but its uncompromising refusal to provide distractions." Visitors are expected to donate as their means allow. Lacking means, they can work on the Retreat's property if they like.
  14. Frost is going to continue his delaying tactics as long as possible - once that breaks down and the shots start, though, he'll act on 12
  15. Looks promising! His disability helps explain why he's not working as a police officer anymore. You might think about a complication that explains that he's technically illiterate in normal human society unless he's using Braille.
  16. Sea Devil tossed her trident from limb to limb, considering the situation, then agreed, making the signs to Sgt. Shark and Asad to do as she indicated. We follow. If they could retrieve the Surface-Men and send the squid-things on their way, then the seas could be protected and the Surfacers might learn that not all creatures that dwelled Below were their enemies. A good lesson for them to learn, she thought contentedly. Still, it wasn't hard to imagine how this would be if she was going into the belly of a strange group of her own people. She kept a grip on her trident. So many things could go wrong, so easily, and then there would be blood in the water that would never be washed away. At least it would make Sgt. Shark look manly, though. She made big eyes at him as they went, and rumbled low in her throat, "Keep eyes open."
  17. I think it is @Tiffwho is up now! =D
  18. A look passed between Judy and Ashley, and the former smiled thinly before adjusting her skirt where it lay past her knees. "It's all right, Corinne, she was more worried about you than me. If Ah got surprised and flashed over in here, Ah'd hurt you and your little hedgie." She smiled down at the little guy, obviously looking for permission to skritch his belly, then looked up at Corinne, reaching over to take the other girl's hand. Judy, as always, was just a little warm to the touch, her average temperature being somewhere around 100 degrees. "Ah'm not bothered you kissed a girl," she went on. "Ah was just surprised because everyone else here who does that, uh, sort of thing, they talk about it a lot." She shrugged a little, still chewing in her head over the confirmation that her friend had had sex. Well Ah guess Ah'm not easy after all! she thought. She reached down and removed the cross from her neck, twisting the chain around her fingers almost like brass knuckles. "Ah want to do a lot of things Ah don't get to do," she admitted. "But just because Ah want it now doesn't mean it's the right thing. Ah know Ah'll be prouder if Ah stay strong now than if Ah give in just because Ah'm away from home."
  19. "What would you pay me with?" Frost asked, his voice curious as he made a great show of studying the board. "I do not eat, I do not sleep, and I have no need for the luxuries of other men." He moved a piece. "I have occasionally indulged in flesh, but I do not think you have women fiery enough for my tastes." He turned his attention to the Hornet and said, "Oh, my dear fellow, you misunderstand me." He removed his jacket, then began unbuttoning the heavy fabric of his uniform top. It was an odd enough gesture that no one was actually shooting at him; until Frost sat stripped to the waist, the scars of the cardiectomy he'd endured at the hands of the Thule Society as clear and rugged as they had ever been, a ragged-edged crater in the center of his chest that smoked with faint, persistent cold. "Frost has no heart. He never did." He smiled, his eyes a glittering red. "But they forget that, you know. The little children playing at Freedom League, because it pleases them to redeem a devil. But you and I both know the secret, do we not?" He rose from his position at the table, but kept the board between himself and the Hornet. "When one has leaped beyond the veil, one finds there is nothing beyond it."
  20. "Many men have reputations," Frost scoffed gently. "But none here have a reputation beyond our mutual friend." He placed his pieces carefully, aware that he probably lacked the Hornet's experience with this particular game but intimately aware that there were other games they could play. "If you want to make a challenge against _him_, then you must play for bigger game than this." He made a little gesture around the warehouse, then settled back to watch his counterpart. All too human underneath all his protection. "As for me, no, you obviously should not trust me at all," he said frankly. "So many people do and it is terribly distracting. You know, in Freedom City, I am actually trusted with education of some young people." He considered the past, considered the present, and released them from his grasp like a child freeing their balloons to the wind. "I have killed more people than you," he said. "And done worse things to those who lived. And yet there I am their friend. Do you never wonder why that is? Why yesterday's devil is today's saint?"
  21. Bluff: 20 Well here I was debating whether or not to use that Skill Mastery!
  22. "You did what!?" said Judy, jumping a bit at the dual confessions, pulling away slightly from her proximity to Corinne. Ohmigod! She took a moment to compose herself, pressing her hand to her chest. "Ah'm sorry, Corinne, that's just...you really kissed a girl?!" she asked again, her accent especially thick. "Imagine that," commented Watchdog, giving her sister a distinct look. She'd come off the wall slightly when Judy jumped and pulled away from Corinne, but seemed to settle as Judy stayed on the couch with her. "Well, all right, Ah mean, Ah did go to the GSA meetings with Ashley," Judy said. "Ah just...Ah just didn't expect you to say that," she went on. "Ah mean, Ah don't think I met any gay people until I even came to Claremont, except for Ashley of course," she lied glibly. "Ah sort of assumed a lot of people here were having sex, or at least had a boyfriend, Ah mean, they gave us those very...uh, detailed descriptions in sex ed class." She made a little gesture with her hands that Corinne remembered from the infamous banana lecture. "But then Ah realized Ah was the only one with a steady boyfriend, and that was..." She reached up and touched the cross around her neck before saying, "Ah'm not even supposed to be doing that!" "
  23. Lady Horus Tick. Lady Horus moved through the building like lightning, all too aware of the damage done by fire, all too aware of the super-battle that was about to break out inside the factory. And all too aware of other things. She grabbed beaten-down security guards and pulled them out of the building, all too aware of Clock Queen's smirk as she smashed her way through broken museum glass, the guests at the grand opening gala fleeing in terror as she laughed. She yanked a few cowering workers outside and away from danger, all too aware of the way the Centurion's voice deepened when he was really angry, like shouting at you about making your son your number one sidekick. And she grabbed a few guys she was pretty sure were low-level cultists and dragged them away from the scene, all too aware of one fact she knew she couldn't outrun. When you got right down to it, she'd probably do all those things again. Because that was who she was. When she was done, she ran for the upstairs. Wadjet Esperanza had belatedly remembered the melee between the striking workers and the police, and so had still been taking shelter outside when the fire inside the building had abruptly gone out. She'd considered her options, sniped a police officer in the back with a paintball that blew up hard enough to knock him into the ground, then headed back into the building with a heart cold as long-abandoned ink. She had a job to do in there, and she found it much easier to do that job numb. When you feel like you can't do it, stop feeling.
  24. March 17, 2019 Claremont Academy It was St. Patrick's Day, so naturally Judy had dressed for it; a green dress with white flowers that went below her knee, and a nervous, almost hesitant smile as she made her way to join her World Religions study group in the library. She greeted Danica, Pan Ayjay, hugging her book to herself before she said, "Um, Ashley said she can't make it today, so it's just us." She looked around at her study buddies and commented, "...so, Ah was thinking, that since we already know about Buddhism and stuff, and this is just review anyway, we could mostly just...you know, maybe do other stuff?" she asked hopefully. Judy struggled in some classes, and occasionally turned a bright, mortified red when particular subjects came up, but she'd always done quite well in World Religions.
  25. "No!" said Judy firmly. "All Ah have let Leroy do is kiss me, and that was very nice, but that is all any boy is going to get to do until Ah am married," she declared. Smoothly, she tossed the chocolate bar to Ashley, the moment breaking her concentration. She paused for a moment, actually listening to Corinne's words, and some of the fire seemed to go out of her. "...oh, Ah'm sorry, Corinne, maybe Ah shouldn't have asked." She ran her fingers through her hair and looked away. "You're just so pretty, and athletic, Ah assumed you had a boyfriend back in California." Ashley cleared her throat, and Judy shook her head. "Er, that sounded weird. Ah've just never really had a boyfriend before, not like this, and Ah don't really know how it works."
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