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Ouroboros was born Jack Huang Faretti jr. in 2010.  That he is now a sixteen year old student at the Claremont Academy is one of the many mysteries of his existence.  Born of a vampire and the mystically empowered chosen of Heshem Ouroboros is a native of the void, the realm between worlds that is Heshems domain as well as a dhampir with the powers of a vampire and none of their weaknesses.  By whit of his upbringing and tutelage by one of the finest practitioners of the Arcane arts Ouroboros is already a skilled Magus with deep knowledge of the mysteries of both the cosmic coil and the strange world of the arcane.  Despite this power however he is still young, a teen that is as yet untested and given to overconfidence.

Strictly speaking Huang is impossible.  Really impossible several times over.  It should have been impossible for Jack to father a child in the first place, and like as not impossible for Taylor to conceive or at the least carry a child to term.  And yet they bore a dhampir child none the less, a dhampir native of the formless void which ought have no native residents in fact.  This of course makes Huang a singular entity across the multiverse, at least he ought be.  However meddling in time magic flung him years back in time to a time where his infant self already existed.  Of course being a singular entity this should have been impossible, his time line could not branch and spawn an alternate world.  And yet he does exist.

His upbringing was as unusual as his parentage would indicate.  Neither parent is particularly in touch with their humanity and young JJ is not, was not, human at all.  Add in a haunted mansion with ghostly servants and family working vacations to the far realms and one grows with a different view of the world at large.  While his socialization may have been trying his education in matters arcane and the mysteries of the occult and dark places was without peer.  Magic was a part of his life from a young age as were his fathers lessons in stealth and misdirection.  This was of course tempered with the knowledge that he was very special and that there were those who would wish to use him or abduct him or worse.  This however bred more of a supreme confidence in his own worth than the paranoia about his well being that his parents might have preferred.  

This of course led to less than optimal outcomes when Huang snuck into the forbidden sections of his mothers library to delve into temporal magics.  The ritual he attempted should have been simple divination, however he was not a simple creature and the ritual reacted violently with his unique existence and sent him hurtling back in time to his own infancy.  Plunged back in time with no certain way to return he quickly adopted a disguise to avoid detection for what he was lest he damage the time line or bring down the wrath of the time keepers.  Disguised as an approximation of his father he tried unsuccessfully to regain access to the books of temporal magics.  He was thwarted by the hero set to babysit his younger self and escaped with little beyond an old mask of his fathers to further obfuscate his true identity after all what could give him away all he had to do was crouch on roofs and talk in a gravely voice.  

As one would expect he was discovered by his parents in short order.  Deciding to stick with a form of the truth and perhaps manage to find a way home again he spent the next four years feigning being in his twenties as he tried unsuccessfully to access either the texts he had before or something similar.  Unfortunately even when able to access his mothers library she either did not have the works yet or had them in a different enough place they could not be easily found.  It of course was doomed to come apart eventually and for Huang it was an impromptu attack by a magic eater that broke his enchantment.  Revealed as a boy of merely sixteen years of age his parents were suitably displeased.  He was barred from the library without supervision and grounded from ritual magic, and when ones mother was The Phantom such rules were backed by spells of binding.  That was not even the worst of it.  His freedoms were curtailed of course and worse yet he was to attend Claremont academy, which many may find super hogwarts exciting to Huang it was a step back form his education in the arcane and a large amount of effort to be spent on meaningless details like algebra or modern English literature, or worse early american history! 

He is devoted to make the best of it and has studied up on popular teen culture in the best sources he knows, teen movies and sitcoms.  He approaches school devoted to a perhaps skewed view of social hierarchy and a very skewed view of how to climb it backed by years of training at the hands of the masters at aping some semblance of humanity that hte wolf my tread among the sheep unseen.

Costume and Appearance

Huang is tall for his age though not of a height yet with his father with a relatively slim build but well toned.  Thanks to his mothers ancestry he has a light golden tone to his pale skin leaving him looking fair rather than sickly or corpsen.  He's an attractive young man and knows it posing casually to accentuate his features and quick to flash his dimples at the attractive passerby.  Raven dark hair in the perpetual bedhead that looks good while screaming I don't care tops his head and offsets his pale blue eyes.  Just visible when he smiles and sometimes when he speaks are the elongated canines of his birthright though unlike a true vampire he is as yet unable to retract for further extend them.  He enjoys the attention they draw at this point having mastered with some difficulty speaking around them and is happy to flash a glimpse of fang to make a point or unsettle a rival.  His toned body is finer boned than his father but long of limb and gracefully athletic with the lines of a swimmer or gymnast.

Huang usually dresses like a normal teen or at least what he imagines a normal teen would dress like based on his steady diet of eighties teen movies, assorted sitcoms, and advertisements.  This means a rather esoteric take on fashion heavy on the somewhat loose jeans and oversize t-shirts but managing to come off as an intentional kind of vague rebellion rather than just odd.  While he doesn't have a traditional costume at this point Huang does favor a large black trench coat for a flare of the dramatic and to conceal some of his workings when in public.

Ouroboros' primary powers are his potent skills at sorcery.  He is able to conjure a wide array of effects as the situation requires both in combat and to investigate mysteries of the arcane.  He casts his magic in the style of the hermetic wizards upon which he has based the bulk of his studies channeling the energies of the cosmos through will, gesture, and word.  He has also worked sorcery to specifically interact with his dhampir physiology allowing him to access some of his vampiric nature through spells.  

As a child of the Void he is immune to it's chill embrace or that of any similar realm be it the empty vastness of deep space or the crushing depths of the seas.  Toxins and disease likewise can not seize his unique physiology.  He is also able to return to the void at will, as a native of that transitive realm its door is never closed to him.

Finally and least developed are the abilities wrought of his vampiric heritage.  As a Dhampir Huang may access many of the powers of the vampire while suffering few of the banes of the undead.  These lack potency due to youth and inexperience as well as reliance upon magic for much of his life.  Though of course Huang suspects it may be a dietary issue as without blood vampires are weakened.  He has yet to put his theory to the test though who is to say if it works if it is the act or his belief in it that unlocks his power.

Taylor Chun and Jack Faretti are his parents one assumes that should he get in too far over his head he can call upon the aid of at least two of the mightiest heros of the age.  Of course who want's to call in mom and dad for help right?  In addition to Phantom and Avenger and less problematic other than the possibility of getting back to his parents he can call upon some of their allies though given the duo's somewhat notoriously private lives Huang knows more of their allies than they know of him in most cases.  He works part time off and on at Silbermans books due to his parents association with the owner, mostly aiding in the cataloging and safe storage of magical texts and artifacts.  Erin White, the hero Wander, in her youth babysat Huang/Jack Jr. and while he remembers and trusts her, she barely knows his older self.

As a student at Claremont academy he of course has a sort of ally in the faculty and staff though of course such support is as if not more fraught with hazards than his parents.  His greatest Allies would be his fellow students though as they are all new it has yet to be determined who among them will be allies and who acquaintances.  As a mystic he can call upon the Master Mage and due to the circumstances of his birth and parentage is privileged enough to know how to do so.  Of course one does not become a supreme sorcerous power asking the Master Mage to solve ones problems.  

Finally after a rousing battle against cultist of the gods former incarnation the Godling Set may owe a boon to the young Magus and he certainly has attracted the chaotic deities attention for all the good or ill that may come of it.

Most of these allies are equally likely to call upon his aid as well and with Phantom being often busy it is not unlikely some of the more minor mystical affairs of the underworld may come to him rather than her one way or another.

Headquarters - The Unbound Oubliette
As the only native son of hte Void that empty realm is somewhat less empty to him.  A portion of the shapeless void has been shaped by his nascent will to a pleasing form.  An escheresque domain where he stores texts and tools he's acquired and may retreat to for study, recuperation or to avoid his parents if only briefly.  It is staffed by extra dimensional entities bound to his service and has a well stocked library of occult works as well as comfortable living space.  Being constructed of the chaos of the void shaped by Ouroboros' will the sanctum is unreachable and largely undiscoverable if one is not able to travel the dimensions.  Even then those without expansive knowledge of the void may have difficulty finding the hidden retreat.

Ouroboros arrives breaks into the Midnighters manor and is chased off by Erin White.

Ouroboros is uncovered by his Father lurking on a roof and unmasked as the the time lost scion of the Faretti line.

Ouroboros is uncovered as a youth and gets such a talking too!

Back to School shopping!

An after school job opportunity!

Playing hooky and meeting a god/ess!

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