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  1. Kanunu 1 post = 1PP Emerald Consequences: 1 Posts Ref Point to Ouroboros
  2. Kanunu had just managed to free himself from the grasp of the brutish fiend when it plucked Justice up and began to squeeze. Leaping into action he launched himself at the enormous powerhouse. He came in close and reached out to grasp at the foes arms and try to pry Justice loose before the plates of her suit gave way, "You let her go you punk." he growled as he strained for purchase or advantage.
  3. Alright. Lets see if we can get Justice free. Initiate a grapple 1d20 + 6 = 14 (well I power attacked on the roll then remembered power attack has no effect on grapples so if I can withdraw that it's a 17) If that connects Grapple is 1d20+33=38 thanks orokos this is fun...
  4. Ace Danger 1 post = 1PP Swinging on a Star: 1 Posts Empyrion 1 GM post = 1 PP Kanunu 1 post = 1PP Emerald Consequences: 1 Posts Ouroboros 1 GM post = 1 PP Red Lynx 1 post = 1PP + 1 Ref PP = 2PP Hero Prom (IC, open): 1 Posts GM 1 post = 2 GM posts (1 to Ouroboros, 1 to Empyrion) Keep Their Heads Ringing: 1 Posts
  5. Kanunu managed to regain his breath taking stock of his less than enviable position in the crushing embrace of the poster child for skipping leg day. Emerald spiders 'web' seemed to slow him only momentarily and his grip never slacked even as he ripped free. "Sucker punching moke." he grumbled as he flexed against the big mans grip and with a final strain broke the hold dropping back for only a moment before launching an attack of his own. Bringing his foot up Kanunu made a wild kick stomping down toward the villain that had grabbed him. His foe swung back out of range of the blow and Kanunu's foot hit the concrete spidering the surface with cracks form the impact but at least it bought him some space and he wasn't going to be caught by surprise this time. "Watch where're you shooting!" he bellowed as the laser scorched the limited restraints remaining on the muscled hulk. "Don't matter how fancy a car your daddy buy ya if you can't drive it."
  6. That'll stabilize the structure long enough for a real repair to get done off camera. @RocketLord go ahead and post for spaceman getting the baddy and maybe scavengers, out when you have the time.
  7. @Kaede Kimura go ahead and get your IC up when you have a chance.
  8. You certainly together have the might to hold up the chamber long enough for the scavengers to get clear. But unless you're both going to sit here holding it up till construction crews show up to build supports it'll go once you stop holding it up. Some options off the top of my head for semi permanent solutions. Heal(objects only): stunted off SS or laser eyes [think superman elding things in place with heat vision or tieing dangling girders together with super strength/speed Transform: Kinda a catch all but good for more descriptors than heal. Probably something like hyper compressed materials off super strength, or some novel use of space control/alien physiology (Martian spit makes concrete when mixed with high iron rubble?) Create Object: either a temporary space loop reinforceing things or a more permanent import of mater from z-space? All those would shore it up long enough for crews or doc metropolis to come clear it up. Alternately one could hold it up while hte other goes and makes sure civilains are clear then when it does collapse the damage/risk of injury is minimal. Some people will probably loose parts of yards maybe an outbuilding/shed/fence and the streets will be closed for a while but no one hurt and no loss of more valuable property.
  9. Doktor'd! Quick one for Kensei Alternate Identity: Kuroda Ranaga (Secret) should read Alternate Identity: Utsuwa Ranaga (Secret) Because I am dumb and very white and gave him two surnames from lack of diligence in my googling.
  10. Diplomacy check is enough to improve the cops overall reactions so they're not going to open up on dispersing the crowd but are demanding the crowd disperse. You can probably personally get past the line without being seen as a threat and if you can find a commander might be able to convince them personally to order the police to stand down. If the crowd doesn't charge the police line or get aggressive before you manage too. So not going to go bad this round and you have a shot at resolving this on your next round or if someone else can step in to help.
  11. The high speed metal spheres found their mark pelting the bestial form with crushing force. He staggered under th assault stunned by volly of projectiles and disoriented by the unusual angle of attack as well as his recent transformation. Crouching favoring his uninjured shoulder as he faced off against the gangsters and heroes with mad fury in his inhuman eyes. The gangsters were already scrambling back from him but terrified as they were they were making little progress on escape. Those still afoot did much better vanishing into the crowd or side streets as they fled the battle at a full run.
  12. For his own part Ace spent most of the ride with one hand holding his trademark hat to his head as they whipped around the corners and dips of the speeding coasters track. His focus was on his companion noticing not only that the wind barely touched her but so to the force of inertia as they were flung up and around the twists and turns of the track. "I may regret that Churro before the end of the day but certainly as many times as it takes." he agreed and led her back around and into line. He was quiet a moment, pensive, "You say this body experiances speed differently, perhaps not differently enough?" he suggested trying ot hint that the inertial forces were part of the thrill. "Perhaps rather than emulating the others you just relax and experiance the ride." he shrugged not really wanting to test what her powers might do if she felt the ride needed to be 'enhanced'.
  13. Alright that'll buy some time and Exacus can hit this when eh's in the right headspace.
  14. Poke @Cubismo @RocketLord Out of rounds so either of you can post your actions.
  15. Ms. Bright and Gauss pass the save and are fine. Shooting star fails by 9 which means she's fleeing from the wolfman along with the crowd. Shooting star will get another save at the top of next round at +1 to the save and can use extra Effort to get a new save on her action (also with the +1). Superbeast Toughness save is 1d20+8=14 Fail by nine he is bruised and dazed. The 88 Shooting star grappled is oing to run as well when Shooting star drops them both he and the one already with the bystanders are now lost in the crowd. ROUND 3 30 Superbeast (Bruised X1, Dazed) 26 Gauss 3HP (Uninjured, Will be fatigued next round) 22 88's Minions (2 escaped into the crowd, 2 bleeding out, 1 unconcious) 21 Shooting Star 3HP (Uninjured) 15 Ms. Bright 3HP (Uninjured) 10 Royals Minions (4 fleeing, 2 in crowd (DC 25 notice to track them in the crowd), 3 cowering in terror) 1 Crowd Bystanders (Panicked) Need IC from Gauss.
  16. Ace Danger 2 posts + 8 GM posts = 2PP + Ref PP = 3PP Swinging on a Star: 2 Posts Empyrean 1 Gm post = 1PP Kanunu 1 post = 1PP Emerald Consequences: 1 Posts Ouroboros 1 GM post = 1PP Red Lynx 3 + 1 = 4 Posts + 6 GM posts = 10 posts = 2PP Hero Prom (IC, open): 3 Posts Strange Like Me (IC): 1 Posts Sandman 1 Gm post = 1PP Savant 1 GM post = 1PP GM 3 + 6 = 9 posts = 18 GM posts (8 to Ace, 6 to Red Lynx, 1 to Empyrean, 1 to Ouroboros, 1 to Sandman, and 1 to Savant) Keep Their Heads Ringing: 3 Posts Two Suns in the Sunset: 6 Posts
  17. Still need the Will save from Gauss as well @Azuth65
  18. "Just a flawed bit of code after all then." Kam sounded almost disappointed. He had hoped the outcome could be otherwise though at least now he could act conscience clear. The sudden burst of holographic foes did catch him off guard and while able to avoid the bulk of the false Hyena's attack but the claws scored a hit to his bicep rending the fabric of his coat and biting the flesh beneath. "Whatever Eira managed seems to have left it physically vulnerable." he said quickly ignoring the pain, there were more urgent matters to attend to. Glancing to Robin with a quick nod he let her know his nascent plan, "I'll try to keep him distracted, see if you can find an opening." Then he was gone shrugging out of his ruined coat to throw it toward the holoprojection to blind it if only for a moment as he dove and rolled to the right. A telegraphed maneuver certainly, but that was the point. Keep the AI's focus on him as he rolled and flipped hopefully leaving an opening Robin could exploit to put the thing down.
  19. Move action: close to melee range with the big bad standard action: Feint via acrobatic bluff 1d20+14=20 Reaction if successful: Burn an HP to gain setup and pass the feint bonus on to Nighthawk
  20. Alright that burns my move action. So standard will be the good ol fistpunching. Attack Roll is 1d20+9=17 If that's enough to hit it'l be a DC 30 Toughness Check.
  21. Looks good Approved!
  22. Trip base cost is 1PP/rank so the Gravitics Array trip would come in at 26 not 34 PP leaving room for another extra if one suited. Other than that everything looks good.
  23. Move Action: Attempt Escape 1d20+33=34 uuuuhhhhg HP I guess for a reroll 1d20+33=38 Rolling under 10 pops that up to a 48 due to reroll. Lemme know if that gets him free and I'll figure out his standard if he has one.
  24. Disclaimer: I've added a content warning to this thread in light of recent events. Please check the OOC for details. The crowd parted scattering around the sudden arrival of one of the heroes in their midst snatching a fleeing gangster off his feet in a fierce takedown. Those nearest didn't slow however continuing to surge west down Baltimore toward Grenville and the police barricades confining the recently celebratory crowds to the fens. Already the leading edge of the panicked crowd was in sight of the police barricade and barked orders over loudspeakers could be faintly heard ordering the crowd to stand down and disperse. Where Ms. Bright charged the Royals they started to scatter in the face of her onslaught. One was too slow and caught her wicked jab to the shortribs collapsing in a wheezing heap on the ground. The rest scattered in all directions some lost to the crowd others running full speed up the now largely empty north south run of 82'd street. Three charged at the figure on the fringes making his way carefully deeper into the Fens grabbing at one one managing to strike the operator apparently recognizing him from some past conflict. They seemed to blame him for either the injury or incarceration of one of their number some time back. In response to the assault the better trained man shoved his assailants back and grimaced as he loomed over them, "You should have just let me leave you.... RrraRRARGGGHH!" he cursed as his body went rigid and he threw his head back in apparent agony. Short black bristly fur sprung up along his body as he grew nearly half a foot and contorted his shoulders and arms growing broader and longer, hands curled into cruel grasping claws. His head elongated as he let out a guttural howl to the sky the transformation into some kind of bestial wolfman complete. The blood curdling howl reverberated off the high walls of the surrounding appartements and sent his attackers into fits of gibbering terror at his feet as bloodshot eyes full of inhuman rage gazed down at them.
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