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  1. Utsawa slumped in his seat and soon let his armored form bleed away into the ether dissipating around him like smoke on the wind after the took off. He visibly winced at the selection of movie and closed his eyes leaning back in his seat and focused on the thrumming hum of the engines letting himself relax into the shake and roll of the plane as it weathered the turbulent winds of the storm. While he was aware of the Patriots nervous pacing and conversations with the pilots he paid little attention to them or the other movement about the cabin. Only as the film reached it's inevitable denouement did he murmur a curse in Japanese under his breath hissing, "Nobody cares you relic." in his native tongue barely audible above the sound of hte engines and storm outside. When the alarms blared and Patriot issued her orders to assume crash positions the young mans eyes snapped open and took in the chaos. His armor raced in blued flames to cover his body once more and he was halfway out of his seat heading for the emergency exit when Patrioteen arrived to extend the nanometal shield. He glanced to the fellow teen and then to the exit row once more and gritted his teeth, "Your toys best be up to the challenge." he growled as he strapped back in and assumed a crash position. The plants filling the compartment soon cut off any hope of egress to the dubious safety of the exterior of the plane regardless and he listened to the dueling voices of Sharafs prayers and his grandfathers ranting about ruining his vessel as eh waited for the inevitable impact.
  2. Empyrean 1 post = 1PP The Light of Better Days (IC): 1 Posts Kensei 3 posts = 1PP + 1Ref PP = 2PP National Anthem (IC): 1 Posts Out of the Bag: 1 Posts Swim Out Past The Breakers (IC): 1 Posts Savant 1 rollover = 1 PP Titanium 1 rollover to Savant Ace Danger Friend like me: 1 Posts
  3. Utsawa nodded curt agreement with Jessie as she seemed to have gotten through to Ryder on a level he had failed to. Quickening his pace as well he stood tensely as they observed the displays of the squadron supreme and some of their foes, "He was more sorcerer than shinobi." he corrected almost automatically and quickly shrugged and moved on to the next room hoping no one asked for elaboration of his knowledge of ancient villains. The young man examined the exhibits in much the same way as Ryder, they were only slightly more familiar to him and certainly never presented in such a context in his learning prior to his arrival in the states. "Yes I too was unaware." he murmured distractedly as he eyed a familiar figure in one of the images before shaking his head at the sheer improbability if not impossibility of the resemblance being anything of meaning. The display had at least managed to distract him from the inevitability of a much more personal story likely to be included further into the exhibit.
  4. "Glad to hear Copycat is talking me up to the locals." Infinity replied patting her girlfriends hand comfortingly. "A pleasure to meet you as well Jill." she continued and stared blankly at Jacks assurance that the opulent penthouse wasn't in use for anything so debased as shelter. "So it is more a second home then?" she smiled to Talya having picked up at least some of the comfort with the location, "You must be quite successful in your endeavor's." she complimented politely. She took in the tales of the terrans exploits in and around Lor space with some recognition of the players if not the events themselves as Jack and Jill told their tales of valor. By the time they had finished Jolan had passed relevant if redacted data to her from the orbiting ship and she had a fuller comprehension of the interplays here. "Well I certainly understand now why Copycat suggested we meet that is quite august company to keep." She was a bit guarded, those were potent enough names that if these Terrans were owed favors and chose to her cushy assignment in her girlfriends sector could vanish in an instant. She paused a moment to consider how her own exploits might match up and what she was at liberty to share. "Well I'm new in the sector, working with the Star rangers, basically frontier law enforcement." she offered carefully. "Previously commissioned in the star navy and scout corps" she explained clearly expecting the connected individuals would understand the groups mentioned. "I've helped Copycat out with a situation or two locally but strictly off the books." she added with a laugh but did not elaborate.
  5. Empyrean 4 posts = 1 PP The Light of Better Days (IC): 4 Posts Kanunu 1 Rollover = 1PP Kensei 1 + 2 + 2 = 5 posts + 5 Rollover = 10 posts = 2 PP + 1 Ref PP = 3 PP National Anthem (IC): 1 Posts Out of the Bag: 2 Posts Swim Out Past The Breakers (IC): 2 Posts Red Lynx 0PP Sagrado Corazon 1 Rollover = 1PP Sandman 0PP Savant 1 Rollover = 1 PP The Unbreakable Kronk 0PP Titanium 2+4+2=8 Rollover Posts (5 to Kensei, 1 to Kanunu, 1 to Sagrado Corazon, 1 to Savant) Ace Danger 2 Posts Friend like me: 2 Posts Oruoboros 1+3=4 Posts A Gathering of Mages: 1 Posts Draw The Circle: 3 Posts Phalanx 2 posts The Kids are Alright: 2 Posts
  6. Kensei rolled his eyes barely visible between phantom helmet and mask but nodded at the instruction and silently and efficiently strapped himself in adjusting the harness to his frame with more experience with the military style rigging than any sixteen year old had right to know. "Not my first time." he said flatly as the Patriot approached to check his work. He glanced around at the others as they strapped in as well and glanced back at their cargo with a frown. "With the weight and distance a truck or convoy would make more sense." he surmised dryly, "Only reason to fly is because planes are harder to hijack, unless the pilots are compromised." he glanced toward the cockpit pensively but shook his head. "Probably just paranoia." he murmured somewhat tiredly leaning his head back against the side of hte plane as they taxied toward the runway, "Gonna get real loud when they gun it for take off." he warned the others and settled in for what would surely be an uneventful flight.
  7. "If you have an associate in ArcheTech I'm sure you can find a tailor as it were." he paused with a vague shrug glancing to Andromeda and Victoria for a moment, "If you were working with Danger Industries there likely would be budget for such as well." he posited noncommitally. He did not manage such contracts but it would hopefully stop Andromeda from fabricating the requested device from trace elements in the air. He smiled slightly at Davyds question as to Andi's origins and nodded, "She's a celestial body given humanoid form to explore and experience all the delights of earth." he answered fondly with a truth that certainly sounded like it must be a lie or at least polite exaggeration. "We'll send over any necessary paperwork for you and Saul to go over." Ace promised and even set a task in his wrist communicator to remind him to actually do so, or at least delegate the responsibility of doing so to some poor underling. "Glad we could offer some clarity to your pursuits and glad to meet one of Veronicas friends."
  8. "As you wish." Utsawa replied evenly his eyes locked on Owains every movement from the moment the challenge was issued. He held the weighted practice blade at his side straight along his leg and bowed slightly feet together gaze still fixed on is opponent, tradition without trust. He had faced boys of his age many times in similar circumstance, though with much higher stakes. As Erick spoke calling the bout to commence he took the hilt in hand and held the wooden sword as if sheathed at his belt, weight shifting to the balls of his feet his left foot drew a slow half circle in the mat as it glided along the surface coming to rest behind him in a balanced ready position. He remained their still and watching his opponent in an Iado stance familiar to those who knew the fighting style of the most infamous of those to bear the name Crimson Katana.
  9. "I thought I did that last night?" Fa'Rua replied to Ashley with a teasing smile as the door opened. She turned and offered a bright smile to Jack and Talya, "That one." she pointed Ash with a flat affect as if she'd missed the jest entirely though the façade quickly crumbled. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Jack, Talya." she replied readily, "Fa-erm Infinity." she stumbled slightly at the introductions it wasn't entirely clear if the locals were using their callsigns or not but settled on the less revelatory to be on the safe side. She took Ashleys hand as she followed the scintillating pair deeper into the apartment giving it a little squeeze as she looked around at the decor and view clearly a bit shocked at the opulence of it all.
  10. "Exaggerated I'm sure." Phalanx replied with a gentle smile aimed to put the young heroes at ease. "You carry a storied name yourself." he added with a nod to Freedom Eagle. Looking down at Heroditus he shook his head slightly and nodded to Geckoman, "I'm sure my friend here and myself are happy to offer whatever advice we can on your wonderous devices." he assured the young Atlantean confidently. "But we hope to offer primarily the benefits of experience with the responsibilities you both bear." he paused with glance to Geckoman, "This path is not always an easy one to tread, and doubt will creep in, doubt that unchecked could make you hesitate when you must act, or act too soon merely for the sake of taking action." He looked down solemnly at the last and let his words linger for a long moment to sink in.
  11. "Both Veronica and Davyd were students there until recently yes Andi." Ace replied slinging an arm across her shoulders and pulling her into a quick side hug, "But always best to be sure with such secrets yes." he reinforced with a nod, "Saul has been in the business long enough to know when to ask questions and more importantly when not to." He answered Davyd with a nod, "He can be eccentric but he is genuinely one of the good ones, last of a breed." Ace added almost solemnly. The display had Ace lean back appraisingly at the shapeshifting display and tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Hypercompression and morphic molecule design likely could manage." he posited with a shrug, "Of course I image when a creature of sufficient size you could mount it internally." he shrugged noncommittally, "Working with one of our subsidiaries I'm sure we could find suitable arrangements if you don't already have a tailor as it were."
  12. Through an act she categorized as a heroic level of will power Fa'Rua managed to avoid making them late by any significant margin. After some rummaging about her duffel she decided on the flight suit normally worn under her armor the Black and Purple geometry of the form fitting suit not unlike the standard spandex clad heroes of Freedom city and the mount points for the armored plates she'd left in her bag added high tech feel accentuated by the lavender visor band she added to keep in coms with her ship should it become necessary. Accessorizing with a basic survival belt more for aesthetic than utility though it did bear her badge as an official Star Ranger across the buckle. Finally adding a black synthetic leather longcoat it certainly took the look from space opera to sleek if campy cyberpunk aesthetic. "How'd I do?" she asked performing a little twirl for Ashley and leaning in for a quick kiss, "This is the place right?" She asked holding up a holomap of the city highlighting the place they were to meet. With confirmation there was a twisting sensation as space folded in on itself around them before they found themselves in a small alley down the block form the agreed meeting place, She may have been counting on the short commute making up for the slow start.
  13. Once the supers museum was mentioned Utsawa clenched his jaw slightly as he leaned back in his seat focusing more on tuning out the unhinged ranting the institution brought from his least favorite relative. He followed a few paces behind as they approached the famed edifice and grimaced at the headlining subject. With a pause of concentration he silenced his grandfather at least for the moment and tuned back into his surrounding in time to catch the trailing parts of Jessie and Ryders conversation. "Free will makes you unique." He replied flatly, "Regardless of what destiny or future some one puts on you, or how matched to another you are you still get to choose, even if it is the same choices it's you making the choice." the dour and usually taciturn teen expounded passionately. He let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd held and shrugged awkwardly, "We live in a world of clones, dimensional doubles, time travelers, and who knows how many brands of copycats and shapeshifters," Utsawa continued more sedately, "Even if some spirit or psychic robs you of that you can fight it and in the fight know you are you no matter what else."
  14. Ace flashed a bemused smile at Andromeda at the revelation certainly more amused than concerned. "I do recall the conversation." Ace acknowledged though he was internally relieved that Davyd seemed to have moved on. "I'll put word out to some old friends I imagine there are more than a few that would be interested in your talents." "You'll probably want to start with getting an agent." he suggested with a small shrug, "I would be remiss to suggest you negotiate on your own particularly with our own productions." he produced a dingy yellowed business card seemingly from nowhere that read, Saul Humberto, Starmaker with a phone and fax number as well as a local address in the parkside district. "Saul's one of the best." He assured Davyd with an easy grin. He was also enough of a talker that news would flow far and wide that the kid had the Danger families attention. Not the kind of thing that most alphabet soup agencies were interested in courting disaster with. He glanced at Veronica and his eyes lit up as an idea occurred to him, "Ah! I have it." he exclaimed excitedly. "You attended Claremont until recently." he verified but didn't wait on confirmation. "I'll have to speak to Rachel but there is a tricky interview that you may be singularly qualified for."
  15. Following the others off the bus he kept a wary eye on the perimeter apparently taking the potential of a threat seriously despite his early verbal sparing. He dropped an intense stare on the pilots but kept his distance knowing how disquieting his presence could be when fully armored. Standing alert apart form the others he waited on the Patriots further commands. He waited for the others to move into position drawing up the rear before joining the Patriot staring out from above the spectral mempo as he tried to judge if he was being held in reserve for combat or merely being babysat lest he snap and fall to his families familiar path of destruction. Deciding finally it didn't matter the reason he'd put in due diligence and watched from his perch as the others hefted the box and approached.
  16. "MmmmHmmm," Fau'Rua hummed in response, "I assure you I have tried the real hot stuff and found it most satisfying." She flirted shamelessly and took a the bottle and taking a long pull herself. "Is that a thing?" The lor asked with some concern. Where earthlings were concerned it was difficult at times to draw a firm line between truth and hyperbole. She padded reluctantly back into the cabin glancing back over her shoulder at Ashley, "I suppose we ought get ready then." she suggested with a smile, "Might take a bit to find everything." "So these are friends from work or?" she inquired trying to weigh what suitable dress for this meeting might be as she hunted about the small sleeping area looking for her discarded garments and bags. "You going with full stars and stripes or are we more incognito this time around?"
  17. It didn't take long for the absence and chill on her back to roust the Lor from her slumber. Sitting up with a long stretch and yawn she marveled at the space afforded Ashley by her work with her government, civil service apparently was well rewarded on earth. Shrugging into an oversize hoodie that draped just far enough down for modesty she padded out after Ashley. Draping her arms over her girlfriends shoulders to offer a gentle peck on the cheek she stole a morsel from Ashley's container and popped it in her mouth gasping a bit at the heat. "Well that'll wake you up I guess." she acknowledged with a light lilt of laughter. "But it's no coffee drink." she pointed out with a grin, "And coffee is the second best reason to come to Earth." The star ranger teased as she stood to look out over the water, "Maybe third." she admitted as the golden hues of the sunrise broke over the low swells.
  18. Kensei clocked the cats with some curiosity, they were new, though the Dojo had enough unusual patrons and residents that he mostly marked it up to that. He dropped into a few warm-up stretches as he tried to hide the slight frown at the nickname, he didn't know how but he knew Tori was responsible for that. "Well enough, there are, holes, in my prior education but I manage." he admitted with a small sigh he rarely saw the point in small talk and wasn't a big fan of things he did not excel at. Unfortunately academics was one of those things. He popped to his feet nimbly and assumed the unusually light stance Erik had been advising last. "I have and I do." he answered succinctly. As soon as his training was the topic of conversation he avoided eye contact and his speech dropped to even more clipped tones. He played it off as respect to an honored sensei. But to those more perceptive it was probably more clear than he liked that he expected to do otherwise would result in physical punishment. His eyes snapped to Owain as he entered and his stance fell almost automatically into a more familiar and grounded defensive stance. He looked between the fellow student and Erik with a rapid blink as he tried to ignore the reaction of his grandfather to the turn of events. "It is not play but I would welcome a sparing partner with experience similar to my own." There was only so much to do against Erik even when the older swordsman slowed down intentionally.
  19. The Hunter's eyes narrowed at Owains defiance and he shifted rising from his haunches as if he might cuff the boy for his insolence. Instead however he let out a low quiet rumble of laughter. "I need no one to fight my battles for me boy." he growled through his thick beard and mustache. "We hunt the same quarry," he repeated with a sneer, "If you think you can get the Hart first be my guest." he snickered with a shake of his head, "Or be a clever runt and work with me to claim your masters prize and let me claim mine." It was a simple offer, though threatening in it's own right. "I am no fair folk nor demon," he rumbled darkly, "Merely your better giving you a chance to prove yourself to your master lest you disappoint him." He turned and drew back the arrow, "Now roust the Hart to give me my shot boy."
  20. In case it matters Skill mastery for a 30 stealth 1d20+8=10 and the HP to reroll 1d20+8=20 which hopefully is enough with her denied dodge bonus.
  21. Ouroboros stood resolute as the very building was raised in defense his focus growing more intense as the hungry energies in his palm roiled yearning to be loosed. His mirrored forms reflected in upon themselves in the glinting wall of whirling glass and crystal unmoving and waiting. "Wait for your moment." he murmured to himself as one of the images seemed to fade between flashed of fire and eldritch power being loosed by his allies. He'd been trained after all in more than the arts arcane his mother was known for. He knew how to seize advantage and how to be patient on the hunt. As the Carrion Queen wove her sickly spells deflecting attacks and lashing out at the other magi he crept ever closer. Only when she was pressed to her limit did he strike. As she redoubled her efforts and rent the fire and the flame with a wave of chill death he moved almost too fast for the eye to see. In a flash he stood before the fetid monstrosity resolute as he struck the heel of his hand slamming into her midsection the tendrils of void energies coruscating over her form and pulling her back to her realm with a vertigo twisting of time and space as she was cast out of this realm back to her pit.
  22. He nearly lost his quarry many times in the wild chase across the formless void. Both Hart and Hunter making seemingly impossible leaps from one island of firmament to the next. Twisted and strange trees from a thousand realities grabbed at fir and feather alike as Owain pursued them through the forest. When he finally caught up with the dark hunter the Hart had come to rest and drink from a pool below. A waterfall flowed from the island Owain stood upon and down to till the rocky pool before tumbling off into emptiness. The Hart was barely visible behind a large boulder and the Hunter stood atop the waterfall on a rocky outcropping peering below. He was a hulking primal form, clad in dark leathers and furs from myriad creatures. A great bearskin cloak hung from his shoulders and atop his head stood an antlered helm that hid his features from the nose up. Only red pin pricks of light visible in the depths of the visor. A large black beard flowed down his chest and clutched in his hand an ebon bow taller than Owain with sinister barbed arrow nocked at the ready. The Antlered helm swung to look down on the boy in wolfs clothing and a low voice intoned patronizingly, "Finally caught up boy." Below in the clearing by the pool two fauns of the same brilliant coat as their father emerged from the underbrush and hesitantly approached the pool to drink. The Hunter looked down with a satisfied smile, "We both hunt the same quarry." the dark one spoke his tone hollow and inhuman. "Your master bade you fetch it's pelt." a low laugh emanated deep from the hunters chest, "I have no need of it." as he shifted the cloak revealed a quiver clad in a pure white matching the quarry below. "Be a good lad and flush the stag from it's cover and I'll grant you the pelt your lord master requires." he stared down at the Hart and it's children, "I will take the other trophies for my hall."
  23. Utsawa as usual was punctual in his arrival. With the school year starting he'd not had much opportunity to continue the training there he'd been undergoing over the summer and was eager to put thoughts of Claremont and the assorted social pitfalls it contained to instead focus on the simplicity of the blade. He entered with his bundle of weighted practice blades slung in a bundle over one shoulder, the light weight athletic wear in blacks and greys moved easily with his athletic form. He waited listening for a moment to ensure that the dojo was unoccupied before he entered the spacious room where classes and lessons were normally given. "Afternoon Erik." he greeted with a small nod, he saved Mr. Espadas for when he needed to nettle the older swordsman. "Thank you for clearing time for me again I'm looking forward to more regular sessions now that school has hopefully settled into the routine." that seemed as unlikely as ever given the school he attended. He carefully set his bundle to the side and kicked off his shoes in the corner before stepping out onto the mats to begin his usual warm ups.
  24. Deep One not alien. And yet still the other woman struck him as the more dangerous of hte pair. Perhaps the jovial frog woman's demeanor hid something more sinister, but none the less there was an all too familiar darkness to her companion. Utsawa watched the interactions however with some interest, despite her lack of social grace Aquaria did seem to have wrought a friendship with Jesse. He still wasn't entirely certain nor trusting of the administrations purposes in assigning them to this pair in particular, that was until jail was mentioned. "Got it jail is bad." He agreed taciturnly with Ryder frowning only slightly as his friend trailed off on his own reasons to perhaps be assigned to the scared straight mentorship, "There is family history that concerns some." he explained quickly clearly disinterested in going in to further detail and changing the subject quickly. "Off campus would be a welcome change of scenery."
  25. Because illusion the Hart will remain just out of reach regardless of how fast Owain tries to move. If he slows it will be easily trackable. DC 20 Notice check to take note that there is something else just out of sight but dark and ominous also chasing the Hart.
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