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Phantom (PL15) - Alderwitch (Silver)

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Power Level: 14 (15) (232/250PP)
Trade-Offs: -5 Defense / +5 Toughness, + 2 Damage / -2 Attack
Unspent PP: 18

In Brief: Interdimensional Guardian, chosen to keep the balance

Residence: The Lair: A Haunted House in North Bay
Base of Operations: In Freedom City, their haunted manor. Interdimensionally, the Void

Alternate Identity: Taylor Xiao Chun Faretti
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Freedom City
Occupation: Freelance Translator
Affiliations: Knights of Freedom (Former), Midnighters (Inactive)
Family: Immediate: Jack Faretti (husband), Jack Huang Faretti Jr/ JJ (son), Jack Huang Faretti Jr / Huang (son)
             Extended, still living: Parents, Four brothers, three sisters in law, several nieces and nephews - All Freedom local, Great Uncle Huang Chun


Age: 26 in this timeline, chronologically, 30ish
Apparent Age: 19
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Chinese American (biracial: Chinese and Caucasian)
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Thick and very straight black hair that falls to the middle of her back.
Eyes: Brown

Between Taylor's height, her reserved body language, and her dimpled cheeks, she still gets mistaken for a freshman at the University more often than not. Experience and increased comfort with herself have at least given her enough poise to generally correct that assumption. Having taken up jogging and working out with a sparring bag, Taylor has added some muscle to her curves. She is sturdily built and relatively fit. She still tends to dress like she's watched Indiana Jones just a few too many times, with rescued bomber jackets from the Salvation Army and fedoras that have seen better days but she's added some class to her wardrobe. Whether its her own preference or the fact that Ace has become her usual shopping buddy, most of her clothing has a 40s retro flair.

As Phantom, Taylor is anything but average. In the cloak and cowl of her alter ego, Phantom is downright otherworldly. Her eyes glow white behind the three quarters black face mask. The folds of the inside of her ragged cloak crackle with eldritch energy and she flickers between solid and ephemeral states without conscious thought. Unlike most of the magically oriented, Phantom uses no arcane gestures or words of power but rather directs her fel energies with her eerie baleful glare.

A creature of all dimensions and none, Phantom flickers through reality with disquieting ease. It's easy to mistake her cloak for her source of power as when she vanishes from sight, her cloak folds in first on her, and then on itself. Even stripped of the glittering Eye of Heshem at her throat, Phantom's powers are unhindered.



Taylor was born to your average middle class Americans. Her mother was a typical wasp and her father was a Chinese American, both of whom were born and raised inside Freedom City. Taylor's childhood was a normal one. She was a studious, if shy, child that spent much of her time focused on schooling although she had her share of childhood friends. The only oddity in her normal life was her great-uncle on her father's side. The elderly gentleman was always filling her head with stories of his youth helping Johnny Danger on all those daring quests. This is undoubtably where Taylor picked up her tendency to dress like a bad pulp era character although with jeans and baseball t-shirts under her reclaimed, beaten jackets.

When Taylor went into college, she was tempted to study archeology but had a natural flair for languages and instead went into the linguistics program. About this time, Taylor's beloved grandfather took ill and she received a package from him containing the Eye of Heshem, a glittering amulet with its gem larger than her thumb, and instructing her to keep it safe. For a time, the Eye travelled about in the pocket of her beaten leather jacket before, bored one night working the midnight shift at the library, she began to work on the translation of the inscription. The first time Taylor recited the ancient script aloud, she was knocked near senseless as the voice of Heshem herself thundered through her head, charging her with the defense of the pact.

It’s been almost ten years now since Phantom appeared on the costumed crimefighter scene. She’s seen a lot and done more than most and still looks like she’s a college student outside of her cape. That’s especially frustrating when she’s got a dhampir offspring about to start kindergarten and his perpetually-sixteen dimensional doppelganger going to Claremont and immortal ex-vigilante vampire for a spouse. Well, things never get BORING.


Personality & Motivation: Taylor is responsible in either persona. She really is the sort of person that her Great Uncle could trust to take care of that relic simply because she was asked to. She's still too young to see the world in shades of grey and that outlook is what makes her really quite good as an interdimensional police agent.

As Phantom, she's the bouncer to Gateway's doorkeeper. She spends her costumed time finding and returning things that don't belong in their dimension. That's not to say that she's blindly devoted to the duties of her work. She's a bright young lady and can tell the difference between an Olympian that's setting up their own cozy little cult and a poor refugee but in either case she's going to find them a more appropriate local for their life.


Powers & Tactics: The Eye has pulled Taylor Chun out of synch with this dimension. As a creature of all worlds and none, she is as likely to be ephemeral as solid and moves between the dimensions like a child would run through the rooms of the house. Her very body is the gateway to the holding dimension that she uses to transport creatures and objects back to where they once belonged and riding within the Phantom is an odd and distressing experience for even the most jaded. 

In addition to her odd and innate abilities, Phantom is an accomplished mage. She uses a dark crackling magic without either word or gesture to knock the more combatant individuals low before wrapping them in the ragged edges of her eldritch cape. 



Secret Identity: Although she's now out to her parents and siblings, Taylor still does her best to keep 'Taylor Chun' and 'Phantom' as disparate as possible. And although Taylor's life has certainly gotten complicated, that doesn't change the fact that Phantom is not 'out' but to a select few.

Married to the Enemy: No matter how you slice it, marrying a vampire has consequences. Marrying a vampire who is not just any vampire, but the current king of the Freedom City vampires who moonlights as a masked vigilante is a whole 'nother level. Then you add starting a family to the mix, and things really start to ramp up. And Taylor's always been such a smart girl.

Responsibilities: (Interdimensional Guardian, Family, Husband, Children) Taylor has a mandated responsibility to do her duties and while Heshem is not one to micromanage, the failure to use her gifts as required by the entity would likely have dire consequences. In addition, she's got multiple forces that demand a certain level of loyalty. Unfortunately, they're not always on the same side of any given issue

Lost Time: Sometimes the fact that Taylor works across multiple dimensions makes trying to keep on top of  things in this dimension difficult. Even the best mystics can end up with time differences across the dimensions. It also means contacting her in an emergency can be tricky if she's out of Prime


Abilities: (0+0+10+8+10+4=32pp)
Str: 10 (+0)
Dex: 10 (+0)
Con: 20 (+5)
Int: 18 (+4)
Wis: 20 (+5)
Cha: 14 (+2)


Combat: (12+10=22 pp)
Attack: +6, +12 Blast/Stun, +12 Telekinesis
Grapple: +6, +34 Telekinesis
Defense: +5/+9, +3 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -0, -16 Force Field
Initiative: +0


Saving Throws: (5+0+11=16pp)
Toughness: +19 (Impervious 12), +5 w/o Force Field
Fort: +10 (+5 Con, +5)
Reflex: +0 (+0 Dex, +0)
Will: +16 (+5 Wis, +11)


Skills: (76r = 19pp)
Concentration 10 (+15)
Intimidate 0 (+2)
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 20 (+24)
Knowledge (Cosmology) 20 (+24)
Knowledge (History) 0 (+4)
Notice 10 (+15)
Search 11 (+15)
Sense Motive 5 (+10)


Feats: (13pp)
Benefit (Wealth)
Dodge Focus x4
Equipment 4 
Quick Change 2


Equipment: (20ep)


Haunted Manor (HQ)

Size: Large [2 ep], Toughness: 16 [5 ep], Features: Concealed, Combat Simulator, Computer System, Defense System, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Library, Living Space, Personnel (Ghosts), Pool, Security System, Power 2 (Super Movement)

Power: Super Movement 1 (Dimensional: Void), Extra: Portal


Powers: (3+29+12+68+7+3+1+1+9=133pp)

Comprehend 3 (Training; Languages 3 [speak Any One/Understand All/Read & Write]; Power Feat: Innate; Drawback: Only Earth Languages) [3]

Defensive Magics 14 (28 points; PF: Alternate Power) [29PP]

  • BEForce Field 14 (Extra: Impervious 12; PF: Selective, Subtle) {28/28}

    APInsubstantial 4 (Affected by Fire; Extra: Action [Reactive], Affect Others) {28/28}

Immunity 12 (Aging, Life Support, Starvation/Thirst, Sleep) [12 pp]

Magic Array 21 (Magic; 56 pp; PF: Alternate Power x 12) [68 pp]

  • BEBlast 16 (Eldritch Blast; Extra: Affects Corporeal; PFs: Accurate 6, Affect Insubstantial x 2) {56}

    APComprehend 8 (Animals 2, Codes 1, Electronics 2, Languages 4, Spirits 1; Extra: Affects Others, Area, Selective [40-ft. Burst]) {48}

    APConcealment 10 (Extra: Affects Others, Area, Duration: Concentration [50-ft. Burst]; PFs: Selective, Close Range) {52}

    APDamage 14 (Cataclysm; Extra: Affects Corporeal, Area [80-miles. Burst, General], Selective Attack; Flaw: Action [Full]; PFs: Affect Insubstantial 2, Progression x12) {56}

    APDimensional Pocket 7 (50 billion lbs; Extra: Duration [Continuous]; PFs: Progression x 20) {56}

    APESP 11 (2,000,000 miles, All Senses; Extra: Duration [sustained]; Flaw: Action [standard]; PFs: Dimensional, Rapid x10, Subtle) {56}

    APHeal 13 (Extras: Total, Affects Objects; PFs: Regrowth, Persistent) {54}

    APNullify Field 14 (40 Feet) (All Powers; Extras: Area [50-ft. Burst, General], Duration [Concentration]; Flaw: Range [Touch]; Drawbacks: Only Magical and Dimensional Descriptors -1) {55}

    APStun 16 (Extras: Affects Corporeal, Range [Ranged]; Flaw: Action [Full]; PFs: Accurate x 6, Affect Insubstantial x 2) {56}

    APSuper Movement 3 (Dimensional 3 [any]; Extras: Portal (+2); PF: Progression x 5 [250-ft. Portal]) {18}

    APSuper Senses [All Mental Senses: Accurate(4), Acute(2), Anlytical(2), Counters Concealment(2), Counters Illusion(2), Counters Obscure(5), Extended {Five Mile Increments}(5), Penetrates Concealment(4), Radius(2), Rapidx12{Search full area in normal time}(24), Tracking all-out(3)] {55}

    APTelekinesis 22 (Str 110; PFs: Accurate x6, Precise, Indirect, Subtle, Affects Insubstantial x2) {55}

    APTeleport 16 (nearby star systems; Extra: Accurate; PFs: Change Velocity, Easy, Progression x 4 [2,500 lbs] {54}

    APTeleport 13 (Extra: Portal (+2); PF: Progression x2 [25-ft. Portal]) {54}


Regeneration 12 (Bruised 1/round, Injured 1/round, Staggered 1/20 Minutes, Disabled 1/5 Hours, Resurrection 1/week [unless burned]) (PFs: Regrowth) [9 pp]

Super Movement 3 (Dimensional 3 [any]; PF: Alternate Power) [7 pp]

APFlight 3 (50 MPH / 500 feet per Move action) [6pp]

Super Senses [Magic Awareness(mental)] [3]
Super Senses [Dimensional Awareness(mental)] [1]
Super Senses [Mental; Ranged] [1]


Drawbacks: (-3pp)

Vulnerable (moderate/uncommon: fire) (-3pp)


DC Block:

Unarmed                           Melee               DC15/Toughness (Staged)    Bruise/Injury
(Magic) Blast 13                  Ranged              28/Toughness (Staged)      Bruise/Injury
Dimensional Pocket 6              Melee               16/Reflex                  Special
Nullify (Dimensional) 10          Melee/Area Burst    20/Will                    Special
Stun 13                           Ranged              23/Will (Staged)           Daze/Stun/Unconscious
Telekinesis (Thrown Object) 18    Ranged              33/Toughness (Staged)      Bruise/Injury


Costs: Abilities (32) + Combat (22) + Saves (16) + Skills (19) + Feats (13) + Powers (133) - Drawbacks (+3) = 232/250 Power Points


Edited by Fox
+5pp for June 2016
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Well, I wasn't planning on restricting her powers to the forced transformation. I more wanted the forced transformation to 'costume her up against her will which is why I waffled on the points for it for the last few days. The intent was to have her powers available in either form but have her go all cosmic avatar whenever dimensional awareness went off and play havok with her regular life.

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Well, I wasn't planning on restricting her powers to the forced transformation. I more wanted the forced transformation to 'costume her up against her will which is why I waffled on the points for it for the last few days. The intent was to have her powers available in either form but have her go all cosmic avatar whenever dimensional awareness went off and play havok with her regular life.

.... hunh? You mean, you have Involuntary Transformation to reflect that her costume automatically appearing on her whenever her Dimensional Awareness is triggered?

If that's all it is, that's a Complication, not a point-worthy Drawback.

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Well, I wasn't planning on restricting her powers to the forced transformation. I more wanted the forced transformation to 'costume her up against her will which is why I waffled on the points for it for the last few days. The intent was to have her powers available in either form but have her go all cosmic avatar whenever dimensional awareness went off and play havok with her regular life.

Well, that's not really separate forms then, as Doc A notes. I was more envisioning that when her senses went off she went intangible against her will or something like that.

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Well, I was more reading it as the personality aspect of the flaw as I didn't take Normal Identity. Here's the text of the drawback as I have it in my book:

"Involuntary Transformation

You have two or more forms or identities you sometimes change between against your will. The value of the drawback is based on how often you change (frequency) and how difficult it is for you to resist the change

(intensity). If you cannot resist the change, no matter what, the intensity value is 3 points. If you involuntarily switch between super-powered and normal human forms, you also have the Normal Identity drawback."

Within the rule, it didn't describe anything more than the forms and identity so I hadn't given it much thought about ascribing a different powerset to Phantom than Taylor as I was more utilzing the flaw to describe the difference between the woman who would really prefer to be a linguistics student at a university to a being that is no longer entirely human. I set the point cost to three because of her inability to resist the change although the cost seemed high for what I wanted from it. From my reading of the rules this is the flaw you would use to describe MPD as well so the thought of tying powers didn't really enter my mind. As there's the 'Normal Identity' flaw and its the fact that its seperate from Involuntary Transformation.

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what related dimension group can you use your supermovement for? Just clarifying for if it later comes up.

Also, um, how can I put this non awkwardly.. by Heshem, you mean some sort of supernatural entity you've cobbled together, not Jewish God? The spelling's fairly close is all.

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