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    Green Machine IC

    Danica drooped visibly upon seeing the playing field and hearing the assignment. "Sorry, guys," she murmured, literally shrinking a bit with embarrassment as she pulled down partway into her shell. "I was hoping we'd have a flag to guard or something, but it looks like I'm just gonna slow you down." She looked over at the nearest chain, which extended to a flag island. "Maybe if somebody can help me get to one of the flags, I can just pick it up when it's time?"
  2. "Really?" Danica got up and moved to the other table, a process that took some time, then began looking over the pieces with great interest. "Like heely shoes, but with motors? Cool!" She was careful not to touch, even as she leaned in to get a better look. "I'm not very good at roller skating," she admitted cheerfully. "My center of gravity is, like, behind me most of the time, and it throws me off. But the good thing is I never hurt myself when I fall. And I can turn myself over just fine!" she insisted, looking ready to argue with anybody who wanted to perpetuate a species stereotype. "Could you put a stabilizer in them to help me keep balanced while I use them?"
  3. "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce-cheese-pickles-onions on a sesame seed BUN!" Danica sang as she sped along the sidewalk, her wheels seeming to hum along. "Don't put ice cream on it though, it'll make the bun all soggy. Ice cream goes on a crunchy cone with sprinkles on it, and if you're feeling really adventurous, you can stick your french fries in it. Last year some of my friends and I tried to get everything from the sandwich bar into one sandwich and grill it on the panini press. It was awful!" she told them enthusiastically. "It wouldn't even cook in the middle, so we had to get this one senior girl who could set things on fire to cook the middle for us and she told us we were all dumb but she did it anyway!" Their journey now was taking them around a little vine-covered building, half-lost amidst a little copse of trees. "Oh, and there's the chapel," she said, waving a hand in its direction as they passed. "It's mostly from when this was a private school for regular kids, but sometimes there's weddings or funerals or other special occasions in it."
  4. Danica looked up as Micah came in and gave him a smile. "Hey Micah! No, you should definitely stay, there's plenty of room. It's not much fun to just spend the whole evening in a dorm room, right? Just don't set anything on fire, the RAs hate that. Are you doing homework?" She returned her attention to the puzzle, biting her lip as she worked on a particularly tricky piece that was either part of Gabriel's coat or the arched ceiling of Freedom Hall. She glanced up again as Zenith came in, but that notable was obviously busy doing her own thing, so Danica left her to it.
  5. "Sure!" Danica called with a cheerful wave of her hand to invite the new arrival over. She'd changed into soft blue pajama pants and a tank top and was enjoying the unshelled life for the moment as she sorted a handful of puzzle pieces. "We found this thousand piece Freedom League puzzle and are just hoping it's not missing any pieces. If you find any night sky pieces just shove them to the side, we're doing that last." She'd already accumulated a small patch of starry sky pieces, undifferentiated but for shape. It looked like it would be a real pain to figure out their positions. "I don't think I've met you yet. I'm Danica! What team are you assigned to?"
  6. Electra

    Green Machine IC

    "Thanks, Micah," Danica said with a smile. "It's with the maintenance guys right now, but if they can't fix it, maybe you could take a look? If I have to wait for a technician from the company, I might be walking for a week." She made a face. "In any case, I'm not going to be very mobile for whatever exercises we're doing, but you all can use me as a human shield. I'm super good at that!" It was the sort of saying that should've been sardonic or self-pitying, but was apparently completely sincere. She started heading for the open door very, very slowly.
  7. "Sounds like fun! I hope you feel better soon!" Danica's smile was bright and genuine for both girls as they headed out of the bathroom, leaving her to do what she'd come in for in the first place. As Ashley and Judy walked back into the hallway they found the Segway sitting next to the door, waiting for her to come back. That was pretty typical, Danica rarely took her transportation into normal-sized rooms and usually left it outside the door and out of the way.
  8. "I don't wear much makeup yet," Danica admitted, "but it might be fun! I wouldn't be good to test on though," she added, "because my skin is pretty much impervious to damage, even without my shell. I can't even get shots!" She was obviously cheerful about this fact. "My mom says they tried to do it when I was a newborn, blood tests and stuff, and they broke the syringes on my feet! It''s okay because I don't get human sicknesses, but I also wouldn't be able to tell you if the makeup is good or not. Maybe some of the teachers would know, if she was working on it while she was in school. Will you guys be around later?"
  9. "It's okay," Danica told her, "I'm not embarrassed about it or anything, it's mostly that I got used to hiding it before my parents sent me to Nicholson. I don't say anything about it a lot of the time. I guess I remember a lot of the nineties, but it's fuzzy because I was pretty little. Things are a lot clearer in the two-thousands and 2010s." She grinned a little, shrugged. "Think about how well you remember being five or so, and that's about how well I remember 1996 and 1997. Lots of cartoons, the music my parents liked, a few important life events." With three people in the little bathroom, there was definitely no room for Danica's shell. She let it dematerialize so she could perch on the edge of the counter. "It's mostly a matter of brain development, emotional maturity, stuff like that more than how much algebra I can learn in one year. I've already gotten most of the classes I'll need to graduate, but I'm not actually ready, you know? Just like how my mom put her foot down and wouldn't let me drive in 2002 when I was four foot nothing and still thought my rock collection would be worth millions someday." She laughed. "But it's better now that it used to be. Mr. Eldritch said that by the time I'm thirty-six or so, the differences from year to year won't be so dramatic and I'll start having friends who don't outgrow me, which is going to be awesome!"
  10. Danica smiled distractedly at Ashley, but just shrugged at Judy. "Some of my powers manifested basically immediately, and one of them was that I age at half the speed of regular humans. I was born in 1986, after my mom was pregnant for a year and a half." She cracked a more genuine smile. "And if you think I don't hear about that every time we have an argument, you definitely don't know my mom," she quipped. "But it's like... everything about me ages at half speed. I'm not a grownup in a little kid body or something like that. I'm just... my years are longer, you know? Everybody else is just faster at everything."
  11. "Well, not exactly," Danica admitted, producing a toothbrush in a cellophane wrapper and handing it to Judy. "Tortoises don't reach sexual maturity until relatively late. Some of them can be in their fourth or fifth decade before they're ready to lay eggs, you know? They don't know when I'll start, but I'm only thirty-two, so I've got lots of time." She smiled a little, shrugged. "This was more like... well, the doctor called it magical puberty. I've had my powers since I was born, but they tend to evolve some as I grow older. Last year they grew a lot and it took awhile for me to control them. I kept falling into my shell, or being green all over when I didn't want to be, and a couple times I actually turned into a tortoise and had to figure out how to change back. It was kind of crazy!"
  12. "Oh, that sucks," Danica said sympathetically. "Not having to eat food is cool, but not being able to eat it is a drag. But maybe when your body finishes recalibrating, you'll be able to taste the radiation and stuff? One of my teachers told me that humans can taste stuff because it helps us know what's good for us and what isn't. So maybe you'll start to like the kinds of radiation that are good for you, or learn to, like, mix different kinds together in a recipe?" She rummaged around a little more in her shell. "I think I might have a toothbrush in here if you want one."
  13. "Oh, yeah," Danica said, automatically glancing down at the little that must be visible under the door. "I don't usually wear it around in the buildings because I bump into things, but I keep all my stuff there! Did you develop an allergy?" she asked sympathetically, crouching to rest on the tripod of her feet and shell. "That happened to my roommate before she went into the chrysalis, all she could eat was milkweed and she said it tasted super-terrible. The doctor thinks she'll grow out of it when she finishes pupating though!" she added, obviously hoping to cheer Judy with this news. "Sometimes powers do weird things. I couldn't go to class for like half of last year because of-" She unconsciously dropped her voice a little. "Puberty."
  14. "Oh, yeah, sure!" Danica quickly manifested her shell, which hit the floor with a soft thud as she disappeared inside it. A moment later she was back with a full-size box of Kleenex and a little bottle of water. She passed both of them carefully under the door, moving cautiously to avoid running into anything in the narrow room. "Is that you, Judy? It's Danica," she added belatedly, as though the enormous shell hadn't given her away. "Do you need the nurse? There's one on call even at night, in case anybody gets sick."
  15. It wasn't more than a minute later when the outer door to the bathroom creaked open again and soft, slow footsteps pattered in. The new arrival was singing softly under her breath, obviously not aware she wasn't alone in the bathroom. "Hold it now and watch the hoodwink, as I make you stop think, you think you're looking at apple-man! Summon fish to the dish- hello?" she asked suddenly, pausing outside the closed stall door. "Sorry, didn't know somebody was in here." She hesitated a second longer, maybe smelling vomit, or sensing distress, or having a precognitive episode, so many possibilities in a school like this! "Um, are you okay in there?"