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  1. Jessie did not like being in front of the cameras. Even in her costume, even with her hair different and her posture not at all the same, she was always waiting for someone to misrecognize her, to wonder what an important hero like Wander could be doing here, and then to have the horrible task of trying to explain. She did not like being around Miss Wainwright, who was a nice person but who multiplied the ambient sensation of being judged by approximately 5000%. She very, very much did not like being so close to the Doomforge, which was supposedly quiescent but looked like the embodiment of en
  2. "Thanks, but don't worry," Raina told her breezily. "I'm not so much of a hero that I don't have a firm grasp on my priorities. I'll try and help out, but your nudes aren't worth getting myself hurt. No offense." With that she was out of the car and suddenly gone, Merlin along with her. "Forty five minutes, then call backup," her voice floated out of the empty air, then the door shut on its own. Invisible, Raina pulled her telescoping broom from her bag and mounted up, Merlin firmly clinging to her shoulder as she took flight. "We'll go once around the house to check the security
  3. "That would be great!" Danica enthused. "It's so nice of you guys to do this for me, even if it wasn't quite what you were hoping to make," she added with a half-apologetic look at Eira. "It's going to be so great to have wheels that work again!" She made her slow way over to the 3-D printing rig, which was still warming up but showed many exploded diagrams of what it was going to be building. "So Ryder and I were wondering what else you guys are working on here. I probably won't get most of it, but he totally would. How do you get internships here or whatever?"
  4. "Oh, yes," Danica agreed, softly but with great feeling. "I mean, most tortoises don't swim at all but that's okay, I still want it to go underwater. And if you can put a winch on it, can it have a tow package? I guess you'd have to soup up the engine a little, I know most minivans can't haul much, but it might be useful! And thematic," she added with a grin, "I carry my house with me. Or whatever else needs pulling." She was bouncing up and down on her heels a bit now, slowly but with clear excitement. "Where would you put it together? Do you do the work here? All your cars here are amazing."
  5. Erin accepted the hugs awkwardly, the way she accepted most hugs, but patted Aarden on the shoulder and ruffled Teledar's hair and smiled down at the baby, who was already looking a lot more lively. She had been steadfastly ignoring the fact that there were people in the multiverse who thought of her and her friends as gods for a decade now, and that strategy seemed to work okay most of the time. (She much preferred her reputation in space, because being the Terror of Garron 9 was kind of cool and had actually made her some friends out there.) "You're welcome on Earth whenever time permits," s
  6. Raina looked briefly startled at Riley's description, then like she wasn't sure whether to be pleased or affronted, and then glanced at Fred and apparently swallowed whatever she'd been going to say. It was a whole face journey in the face of a few seconds, after which she swallowed the rest of her drink. "I have not had nearly enough to drink to start dissecting the love life of anyone here," she decided, "and I'd rather not get alcohol poisoning on my birthday before I even have a chance to go dancing. Except," she turned her attention to Cathy, "what's Phae up to these days? I sent her an i
  7. "There's a park about a quarter-mile down the road," Raina told her, "go ahead and park in the lot there. Nobody street parks in a neighborhood like this at this hour." Raina spoke with the perfect confidence of someone who'd grown up in a neighborhood very much like this. "Somebody will definitely either call the cops or come out and see what you're doing. Just pull into the parking lot and pretend to be playing with your phone or calling somebody. You're fast, right? Quarter mile is nothing, and Merlin and I will fly. We should be back in forty-five minutes or less."
  8. At the bottom of the swimming pool Jessie sat crosslegged, her eyes closed and her lap full of diving weights. It was very peaceful there, warm and buoyant, with noises of Baxter and Aquaria far away but still audible from the other side of the pool. She'd been down there for a little while already but was still okay; she could hold her breath for a very long time when she wasn't doing anything to use up the oxygen in her blood. The weights just kept her from popping back to the surface like a cork. When she was little she'd liked doing this but hadn't been nearly as good at it, plus it had ma
  9. Raina leaned in very close to Merlin and whispered "I have no idea how this stuff is making money. I mean, she's not bad, but just get an old dirty magazine, right? She's not famous, and the authentication is basically zero. Do you think this is, like, bitcoin money laundering or something?" Merlin was of the opinion that the setup was not right for money laundering, but it was kind of weird. It was possible that there were people who knew Anna personally bidding; a known hazard of spending time as a supervillain was that you got to know a lot of assholes. "Point," Raina conceded,
  10. "For a monkey, yes," Raina said dryly. "He's about a strong as a normal human, when he really wants to be, but he likes to pretend he isn't so I have to carry things. Plus leverage can be a problem." Merlin gave her a glare for that one. "And I'm mostly thinking you'll have your cell phone and a laptop unless you've got some top-secret spy gear stashed away somewhere. It's going to be dark in another hour or so, we can go over then. Might as well do it quick before he manages to line up a buyer." She turned to Merlin,suddenly thoughtful. "Hey, can you dig up whatever's out there about the auct
  11. "Good," Erin said to Copycat, "not puking is always a good sign." When it looked like she could sit steady on her own, Erin grabbed another bottle of water from the fridge and gave it to Ellie. "Drink that, and I'll have somebody get some sandwiches in here. Maybe it's like giving blood, you get your juice and your snack and you feel better afterwards, and nobody has to tell Mara how risky it all was." She finally took the time to look over at the celebrating Furions and relaxed her shoulders. "Thanks for doing that. I just... I didn't want to turn them away." The tension ratchete
  12. Danica, who'd lost the thread of the conversation around the time they started talking about plug and play parts transfer and wireless diagnostics, did at least understand the part about the colors. "That would be cool," she agreed, "having it change colors would be neat! I could have it be part of my costume!" She dug out her phone, a two-year-old ArchePhone in a sparkling purple case, and handed it to Voltage. "And having it be able to tell me what's wrong with it would be really good, too. I didn't know what was happening with the rental Segway til literal smoke started coming out of the mo
  13. Raina gave Anna another look that suggested nothing she was saying was really answering the question, while Merlin opined, very quietly, that that was what had started all the trouble in the first place. That got him a very gentle elbowing from Raina, who stifled a snort as she tried to come up with some kind of response to all that. "Okay, you can run really fast and you can hit people, that's not bad, but not exactly what we're looking for. We can always beat him up and take his toys later if we have to, but I'd rather not go into this guy's parents house swinging, especially since he might
  14. Raina studied the information Merlin dug up, trying to slot the pieces together into anything that fit. It made her feel a little better to know that Merlin was doing the same thing next to her and also coming up empty, since he was usually the better one at logic puzzles. "He never doxxed you," she mused aloud, "always said basically nice things about you online, even in the places where saying nice things is very rare. From the way he talks, I would think having you for a penpal would pretty much be the highlight of his sad little life. He's blown that to smithereens, put himself at risk of
  15. Stesha's smile was a little worn, but game. "Don't bother," she told Carson, "I'll listen every bit as well as you did." She pushed herself very carefully to her feet, not too proud to take an offered hand or claw as she did so. "But I think I will take the day tomorrow, if you insist," she added with a teasing look Teagan's way. "I probably do need the rest. Hopefully that thing isn't in any big hurry." "Thank you both for staying with me," Stesha added, turning to them both. "It... God, it feels weird to wake up like that," she admitted. "I'm not sure people are meant to do it at
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