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  1. "Did he say what he wants you to do?" Danica asked nervously. She was still keeping one eye on Lon and the kids, all of whom would be very vulnerable if things started getting shaken. "And are you sure he's talking to you? Could you maybe be overhearing somebody else's radio conversation? Or, like, maybe a space TV show?" She poked the picture on the computer. "Computer, can you tell me more about this person?"
  2. Danica touched a button that showed a person with sound lines coming out of his mouth, not too dissimilar from a symbol that might be on a human computer. "Can you show me a list of all the things you can do?" she asked politely, then watched as her words turned to symbols on the screen. "It does seem to know at least simple English," she agreed. "That's helpful, I don't know any Lor at all. How come you know how to use this?" she asked Ashley. Noticing Pan over by the minder, she tried to get his attention by jerking her head in a "come here" sort of way.
  3. "We sit tight," Danica said firmly, keeping her voice low. "We don't know the layout of this ship, we don't know how to work their transporter or whatever, or how to pilot their ships. Even if we got loose, we don't have a way to get out of space, right? As far as they're concerned, we're civilian noncombatants and they've put us in what's probably the safest place on their ship. I mean, situations like this are why we _have_ the Freedom League, right?" She turned to Lon and gave him a smile that showed no teeth. "We don't want to cause any trouble," she promised. "But I don't nee
  4. "Go ahead," Miss A told her, busying herself with the tablet again. "I need to do some quick design work before I can do anything else. I'm not going to bag on your parents for poor design choices if they were doing the best they could, but you deserve a body that works well all over. Getting upgrades doesn't mean you don't love them," she pointed out, her voice gentling a bit. "And it's all still your choice, what you want or don't. But I do strongly recommend at least letting me come up with an easier way to do backups for you." She glanced over to where Eira was working her way
  5. "I think he means syndicate," Danica offered helpfully. "These guys are trying to get into some space criminal organization and have to steal enough of Earth's gold to impress the leaders so they can get into the gang. I saw a plot like this on Miami Vice once." She took another bite of giant strawberry and flipped open the phone. "I used to have a phone like this! I wonder if this gets signal all the way to Earth." She tapped in the country code and area code, then her mom's phone number. "Hi, Mom? Yeah, I'm still on the field trip but we kind of got stuck on a detour and I can't
  6. Miss A's eyes widened slightly as Shift described their backup process, but her voice was smooth and confident. "Definitely something we can fix," she agreed, "if that's something you want. Integrated Dynamics' designs tend to use a lot of reverse-engineered ArcheTech designs, so it shouldn't be difficult to find compatible hardware even with your integrated nanotechnology. Which is very interesting, by the way, and if you have docs on that I'd love to see them." The blue light finished its journey up and down Shift's head and shoulders and the machine lifted away, back towards the ceiling. Mi
  7. Danica was happy enough to roll along with the group, looking around curiously as they traveled through the ship. She'd been on lots of strange field trips but she'd never actually been to space before! It was kind of too bad that there was enough gravity to keep anything from floating around, but if she wanted to feel a zero-g environment she could always just ask Pan. She was more amused than annoyed at being escorted to the daycare, and a little relieved as well. A room full of the ship's own children was not a room where the pirates would come if they had violence on their minds. And there
  8. "That's exactly how it happened!" Danica agreed. "One minute we were cleaning the old elephant statue, the next minute it was pouring rain from a clear blue sky! We ran to get out of the rain, and suddenly 'zoop!'" She enthusiastically mimed an elephant statue and a team of young superheroes being teleported into space. "I'm not sure why you wanted the elephant; I mean it's definitely cool and it's an historic landmark, but I'm not sure it's, um, actually _worth_ very much." She made an extremely winsome apologetic face. "But like I said, if you can put us back before anybody notices and gets
  9. The scanner apparatus descended smoothly from the ceiling, stopping just a foot or two above Shift's prone body. "Just hold still," Miss A instructed as she walked over to a wall of screens and tapped in a few commands. "You can talk but don't move." The scanner came to life with a quiet whirr, beaming a blue bar of light onto Shift's forehead. "Do you have a dataport or do you back up wirelessly, or both?" She tapped out adjustments on the screen. "Also, not for nothing, but have you thought about telling the school about your problem? The faculty is full of literal superheroes, isn't it? I a
  10. "Let's not overload Shift on the first day," Miss A suggested to Eira. "If there are beneficial upgrades that we can make, the scan will turn them up, but the backups are the most urgent thing." She turned back to Shift. "I won't do anything to you that hasn't been fully explained to you and that you haven't agreed to first," she promised. "The autonomy of artificial life forms is very important to everyone at ArcheTech." She looked interested but not startled at the nanobot transformation, making a few quick notes on her tablet. "Go ahead and climb up on the table and just relax. You may feel
  11. Miss Americana's demeanor visibly shifted when she saw how nervous her new visitor was. "It's nice to meet you, Shift," she said with a smile, coming around the table. "I'm Miss Americana, or Miss A if you prefer. I don't mean to be short with you, I've just been in the lab for a lot of hours in a row." She laughed, an amazing laugh that invited others to laugh along, and slid off her lab coat to set it aside. "Eira did mention that you don't have any backups right now. I know Claremont's staff does their best to take care of their students, but things can get awfully rough and tum
  12. "Well, hopefully that wasn't one of the crew," Danica said dubiously, observing the very deceased remains of the robot. "Probably not, right? I mean, do robots go to space? I don't think we're supposed to kill kidnappers unless it's like... really important." She looked relieved to hear voices and see humanoid shapes in the doorway. "Okay, nevermind, we're probably good." Climbing onto her Segway, she rolled towards the trio of newcomers. "Hi!" She called, keeping her hands in view on the handlebars. "I think you picked us up by mistake when you grabbed our tourist attraction. It'
  13. The laboratory was obviously on the bleeding edge of technology, brilliantly lit and stuffed with fabrication units and large 3-D printers in every corner. The center was open except for a pair of metal lab tables under a baffling array of ceiling-mounted sensors. One of the tables was occupied by a partially assembled robot form, anonymous and unskinned, with one arm partially disassembled and a half-dozen holographic schematics in the air around it. Working on the robot was a woman of startling physical beauty, even with her blonde hair pulled back in a messy bun and a white lab coat tossed
  14. "It's awfully humid for a spaceship," Danica remarked, "and pretty hot, too. So they might be from a planet where atmospheric conditions are like that, maybe?" She shrugged. "All we really know is that they're capable of some kind of stealthing and they're like, super dumb. Who comes to a planet without even doing their homework and steals an elephant statue because they think it's a god? And if they wanted gold, why didn't they just ask a matter creator for it? Mark Lucas came to my class one time at Nicholson and turned a desk to gold so we could use it for a science experiment. It's not eve
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