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  1. Paige paused in the middle of the front sidewalk for a moment, taking a deep breath and extending her senses. She was careful; it wouldn't do to go broadcasting when she knew there was a psychic mixed up in all this, but she wanted an idea of what they were getting into. The world around her body faded away as her consciousness spread out into the house before them, images and impressions blooming like fast-motion flowers as she paid attention to them. She found Rachel Morgan in her kitchen, still in her pajamas and making coffee. It was a simple domestic scene, one that didn't hint of any danger or coercion at the moment. It was good enough. Still keeping a light touch on her psychic impression, Paige walked up to the door. "Hello, Garvey," she told the machine with careful politeness. "My name is Paige Cline. We were hoping to speak with Ms. Morgan if she's available. It's very important."
  2. Can Paige detect anything of interest inside the house with her clairvoyance? She'd like to know if Rachel is home and what she might be doing, if possible. She will also be using her concealment to try and make her psychic visit invisible to other psychics. Also, anything pinging on the old Danger Sense?
  3. Stesha gets a 25 notice with Skill Mastery Initiative: 19
  4. RETURNING STUDENTS Name: Danica Holmes Codename: Chelone Year: Sophmore, Part Deux! Current Intramural Team: Green Team Current Roommate: None yet, her roommate graduated! They better like it warm, though! Reflection: Danica wants to do a better job being part of a superhero teamup! She did okay in her actual encounters with "villains," but her training usually ended up with her being more like luggage. She wants to figure out how to use a hoverboard! School Club: Extradimensional birdwatching club sounds like fun! She's in!
  5. Mara's comment actually drew a real smile from Gina, faint and sardonic though it was. "Better step the hell up, Hallomen," she advised, her voice barely more than an undertone, but still amused. "It's not like we rushed to the altar." Something about breaking the ice with an interaction seemed to help, she took a deeper breath and uncurled her shoulders a little bit. She took the flute Talya offered and had a judicious sip, despite the temptation for some social lubricant. All the food and drink was excellent, top-tier catering from staff who'd been and gone before the party even started, but Gina knew her stomach was in too many knots to even consider eating. "Thank you for coming. Steve's been looking forward to this for weeks."
  6. Nope, hvnt heard anything, Danica typed back, sitting up and brushing sand off her shell. But i haven't been keeping in touch. did u dump him? She studied the picture for a minute. Nice alien! she added with heart eyes, two teddy bears and a wow face. Invite 1 to Claremont, i need it for hugging reasons. Standing, she stretched her back, grimacing at the way her body had stiffened during hours of immobility, then began picking her way slowly back to the house. The Segway did not like the sand.
  7. Electra

    A New Era

    "The Freedom League does not consider there to be any threat from "Terminus Children" or "T-Babies" or any other name you want to call them," Fleur said firmly, giving the asker a quelling glare. "Metahuman powers can arise from many different sources, and we have found it is the person themselves that determines whether those powers are used for good or evil. There are heroes and villains whose powers came from exposure to Terminus energy, and we don't treat them any differently as any other heroes or villains. To treat them differently is nothing but baseless fearmongering." She turned her attention to the Tattler with a dry smile. "And honestly, Vanessa, you've been asking that question for years. Do you really expect us to start dishing on our personal lives now?"
  8. Jessie hesitated, scrunching down into her chair as she studied her phone. She was twenty-six years old, she reminded herself. She was a completely adult woman, even if she didn't always feel that way, and it wasn't weird to have friends or to go to the museum with a friend or to just... to just go out and do things. She was tired of always being so cautious and so scared. Just because Aquaria tended to get them both into trouble didn't mean she was doomed to meet monsters or villains every time she left the house. yeah that sounds fun let me give you my actual phone number though aquaria doesn't understand human relationships she watches a lot of tv i don't want her getting weird ideas She typed in her contact information and sent it. i'm free after three on Monday and Wednesday and all morning Friday whatever's good i can meet you wherever
  9. Danica passed around the clementines, which seemed entirely normal for food stored inside a fridge in a giant tortoise shell. "So far all tortoise-ish," she agreed with Micah, peeling one for herself with careful fingers. "I might develop more powers when I get older, lots of superheroes do, but having a shell and being hard to hurt are not too bad. I like being able to keep people safe." She grinned at Lulu. "I was never allowed to have sleepovers in here at Nicholson because of no adult supervision, but nobody at Claremont has told me not to..."
  10. i don't actually do art at school Jessie admitted, tapping the words in with great concentration. Aquaria's phone was often a little hard to use; even though it was water resistant, it was often kind of... sticky. But she could make do. i took some classes the first couple of years but they were not very understanding about missing class even for kidnapped to space reasons and like you say it's kind of hard to make a living so i majored in accounting because i like math too and a lot of the classes are online and it means erin won't have to support me forever i am thinking about getting my dog to be a therapy dog let him visit kids in the library and stuff he's a good dog do you have pets?
  11. i don't really work Jessie admitted, typing even as she curled into the very comfortable recliner next to her bed. It had been the first piece of furniture she'd ever purchased for herself, and it had been crazy expensive, but it was worth it. On nights when the bed was too flat and too cold and her mind kept turning in on itself, searching through sense memories that no longer connected anywhere, she could snuggle into the safe embrace of the chair's overstuffed arms and actually sleep. It was her favorite. i'm finishing my college degree this year it took a long time because of reasons like getting kidnapped to space and anxiety and stuff but i'll graduate in the spring. my sister's footing the bill so she's probably happier than i am : ) i go out and play with my dog do some drawing and painting therapy's kind of like a full time job jk sometimes just walk around the city or to philly or nyc and watch the people it's nice that there are so many people kind of makes the hero stuff worth it you know?
  12. As Steve paused in the doorway and held it open, a woman slipped through, her head down and her entire body tense as electrical wire. She looked very little like Miss Americana, maybe like a middling-close relative, with some similarity in the features but none of the height or willowy curves or poise. This woman was at least six inches shorter, with far more brown in her blonde hair, far less willow to her curves, and an attitude that suggested imminent flight. She was pretty in the way every woman is pretty on her wedding day, nice updo and makeup, wearing a lace-trimmed white dress that covered her from collarbones to wrists to nearly the floor. Next to what Steve usually had on his arm, though, nobody would ever have looked twice at her. She held Steve's hand in a grip that would've been painful if he were anyone else, but raised her head long enough to give the room a quick, tight, embarrassed smile. It was strange to walk into a room and know everyone there, when they were all meeting you for the first time.
  13. Paige glanced at Richard, a small smile bending her lips. So does the fact that none of these kids know my family mean they're too young, or we're too old? she thought at him. Either way, my father would be absolutely livid to be forgotten so easily. Warms the cockles of my little heart. "Richard, you should go to Belgium," Paige said out loud after listening to the others. "You can get there in what, twenty-odd minutes, including stopping to let the GPS catch up? I'll stay here and see if I can help suss out the psychic influence situation, and since the two of us can communicate instantly from anywhere, it'll let us all stay in touch."
  14. Danica loved summers in New Mexico, getting to go home to her real home, not the place where Mom and Dad stayed in Freedom City, but to their actual house in the actual desert where it was actually warm, so beautifully warm. She loved her bedroom in the house, a close match to the one inside her shell, but she also loved days like this one, where she could make a little hollow in the big sandbox in the yard and just bake until all the heat had soaked out of the sand. She was dozing, just thinking about going inside before it got too cold, when her phone pinged. "Aw, mom..." she muttered as she pulled it from her shell, then brightened when she saw it was from a friend. No way! she texted back with a string of laughing emojis and a few red thermometers. Give me hot weather forever! Miss u guys tho. Cry face, cry face, cry face. Danica grinned and sent the text.
  15. Electra

    A New Era

    Fleur chuckled at the question about locality, glancing at her teammates before fielding that one. "For most of us, local is really a very relative question. Everywhere is local when you can cross the country in less time than it takes to get from Downtown to North Bay by cab, which is something I've seen Velocity do more than once. And I may have my headquarters in a neighboring dimension, but I still do my grocery shopping at Key Foods and spent all last weekend at the Freedom City Mall to buy my daughter's school supplies. Freedom City is our home, and it's been the home base of the League for decades. That isn't going to change." She took a sip of her water. "Expanding the Auxiliary team is an important move for us, one that's going to improve our responsiveness and prepare us for the future. Many of the heroes we are considering for the Aux team have already had years of training and experience on other hero teams. They are highly skilled individuals who are willing to dedicate their lives to public service and I'm very excited to be working with all of them." She gave the assembled crowd a beautiful smile. "The Auxiliary team is not only a vital part of our strategic plan for emergencies, but it's the way every single one of us got to be the heroes we are today. Bringing new people on board today ensures that we are developing new talent for tomorrow."
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