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  1. "Let's see..." Danica grinned at the clerk, more than pleased by her friends' excitement. Movies were a lot more fun with people who were enjoying themselves! "Let's get an extra-large bucket of popcorn, with butter and salt, an order of churros, a large root beer, all these candies," she pointed at the impressive pile on the counter. "What do you guys want to drink? You'll need something cause the popcorn makes you thirsty. Plus with the extra large bucket, we can get a refill if we want! Just don't pass the bucket to Judy," she reminded them, dropping her voice confidentially. "She can't eat it and I don't want her to feel bad."
  2. "Thanks, Aja, that's rad!" Danica agreed enthusiastically. She used her phone to pay and tip the driver when they arrived, then climbed onto her Segway so she could keep up with the others as they went into the theater. "We can get your ticket for you and meet you at the ticket-taker guy, if you want." Even if Judy would rather play games, Danica delighted in showing her friends the wide variety of candies and treats available. "...and there's gummy bears, which are sweet, and gummy worms, they're super sour, and Junior Mints are squishy mint with chocolate around them, and Skittles are Skittles, plus they have nachos with the fake cheese like in the cafeteria, and the really, really big soda pop..."
  3. "Nooooooo!" Danica insisted, sounding scandalized. "I was talking to some of the other girls about that one and it was like if The Fault in Our Stars and Love Story had a sad angst-baby. Let's see something fun, like How to Train Your Dragon or Wonder Park!" She considered the other two passengers in the car. "You guys probably haven't had a chance to see the first two dragon movies, so maybe you'd get lost in the third one, but I hear Wonder Park is good. Do you guys like popcorn? Movie popcorn is the best. It's so buttery it makes your hands slippery. And you can get candy too, and big drinks. Food at the movie theater is expensive, but if you don't have any money we can share," she offered magnanimously.
  4. "We can take the train some other time," Danica promised, buckling herself into the back seat while the driver stored her Segway in the back. "It's fun, I take it to get home on weekends sometimes, but the trains don't run as often at night. We're better off getting a ride this time, and my parents gave me an Uber gift card for exactly this sort of thing." She bounced cheerfully in her seat and pulled out her phone to look at the movie times. "Man, there's a bunch of stuff showing tonight. I remember when I was little, we had like three movies at a time at the movie theater."
  5. "Being invisible is a great idea!" Danica assured Pan with blithe good cheer. "Spontaneous hooky using powers is totally acceptable as long as you're not hurting anybody or causing serious property damage." She looked up at the wall, then at her companions. "So in that spirit, if somebody can help me and my machine here over the wall, that would be awesome. I've got an Uber picking us up in ten minutes, but unfortunately this bad boy can't scale walls." She gave her Segway an affectionate pat. "Otherwise, we'll see if we can sneak out the back gate while they've got it unlocked for the garbage trucks."
  6. Gina rubbed her face. "What if we just... like, had a reception with your team?" she offered, trying to make her voice a little more confident than she actually was. "We don't have to publicize the wedding at all if the people you want to celebrate with already know. And we could come just as ourselves." She smiled a little. "The actual ceremony we can maybe have in private, just in case I completely flake out in the presence of more than one new person at a time. I'll just have to get my therapist ordained or something, kill two birds with one stone."
  7. Gina shook her head. "No," she told him, "not just the wedding. I don't..." She pursed her lips and looked away, trying to organize her thoughts into something that could be articulated. "She doesn't get to have you. She doesn't get to be married to you, even just for the sake of public relations." She tugged the ends of her own hair, smiling ruefully. "It's already going to be bad enough when I come out, people being sorry for you and how you've traded down. It'd be even worse if I had to compete with your imaginary wife. Maybe we can just, just keep it all private until I get my head on straight?" Even as she spoke, Gina's face said she was arguing against herself. "I know it sucks because you have friends and you want to tell them stuff and that's totally reasonable, but you know me and being reasonable!" she concluded with a laugh that was a bit brittle.
  8. "This is boring," Danica agreed, flipping her book shut. "I've already done the comparative religion unit twice." She'd celebrated the holiday by braiding a little crown of some early wood sorrel she'd found, the shamrock-like leaves looking very seasonal indeed in her dark hair. The rest of the handful of leaves she'd brought as a snack, popping one occasionally into her mouth with every sign of relish. "We could hop the wall and take the train downtown, go to the mall and see a movie," she suggested. "A real mall-mall, not a strip mall. They're great for hanging out in, I've seen so many movies about it."
  9. Gina scanned the flowchart, one eyebrow raised as her eidetic memory absorbed the fairly significant amount of data. "Yeah, I'd say it's just as well," she agreed dryly. "As romantic as it sounds to be argued into accepting a proposal, this was probably better all around." She hesitated for a moment then looked up at him, pursing her lips with sudden nerves. "It's going to be complicated," she told him. "I've... I've been working on it, but I'm not ready to go public yet. I don't know when I'm going to be. And I don't want to marry you as Miss Americana. That would just be messed up. I'm not sure how we're going to make it all work out in front of the public."
  10. Erin stared back at Trevor and didn't complete the sentence, instead moving her shoulders in a way that indicated mild discomfort. "You could try and get a temporary assignment in Europe," she offered instead. "We have a friend working for the UN, he might know some places that need coastal defense, or underwater cleanup,, or, I dunno, fish diplomacy?" She plucked two cocoa packets from the box and began shaking them to distribute their contents to the bottom. "If you're going to be over there for a little while, you can get to know him before you do anything, and maybe if things are good you can make it a recurring thing, or something." Her normally pale cheeks were suffusing with additional blood flow, which might mean that she was about to go and hide in her bedroom.
  11. "Saving him from aliens and telling him you like the way he looks are good first steps," Erin told Aquaria, and now she was grinning for some reason. She might have just been happy to hear that the courtship was proceeding apace. "Does he do any hero work? If you can team up with him a few more times, that would probably be good. He'll get a chance to see you in action.. It might be worth finding your way across the ocean to visit, even. How fast do you swim?"
  12. "Oh, is that what that was?" Erin asked Trevor, raising one eyebrow and giving him a look that Aquaria had never seen Jessie make. "I guess if it's effective..." She turned back to Aquaria to listen to the description of Sergeant Shark's courtship behaviors. "You bit... his face? And that was... good, I take it?" Her voice was hesitant, but she was still not poised to flee, so that was a good sign. "If he likes how you smell, that's probably good. Where exactly does he live?"
  13. "Sergeant... Shark? Like, he's a shark?" Erin asked, then seemed to struggle for words for a moment before becoming aware of her mate's presence. She gave Trevor a look that on Jessie would've meant that whatever fun thing Aquaria was doing was probably going to have to stop. "You could jump in here anytime," she invited him, her voice a slightly more pointed pitch than it had been. "I mean," she added, her lips curving, "I'm assuming not every guy electrocutes himself to show a girl he's serious, but you could add a valuable male perspective on this question."
  14. Erin's forehead became wrinkled as she flared her nostrils and narrowed her eyes. This was Jessie's thinking face, and in Aquaria's experience it could go on for some time. After a few moments, Erin moved her shoulders up and down. "I guess it's pretty much the same as it is between two women," she ventured. "You meet each other, you date for awhile and see if you have chemistry... um, see if that person gives you feelings like maybe you want to, ah, mate with them. And you have to decide if you're ready to do that sort of thing, and if it's a good idea, and if they want to mate with you. It's, you know, a process." She shifted from foot to foot, another indicator of Jessie being ready for a walk, but didn't leave.
  15. Erin stilled abruptly, a box of hot cocoa mix hanging limply in her hand. She did not say anything at all for a few moments, but her eyes had gone wider. If Jessie's eyes had done that, it would mean that she was probably going to go for a walk around the tower soon. Erin did not, though. She carefully set the box on the counter and laced her fingers together in front of her. "That's very personal," she observed, her voice slow and precise. "I might not want to answer your questions about that. What did you want to know?"
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