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  1. Danica shook sand out of her hair as she entered the cave, then ran the little fan-cycle that would blow any stray particles out of her scooter's inside parts. "Blah, now I know what a sandblasting cabinet feels like." She looked around, her all-black eyes wide and shining a little in the low light. It was bright enough for her to see quite a way, but she pulled out a headlamp anyway, just in case, and another little light to mount to her handlebars. "Here, Heroditus, stay close to me," she offered, "and you won't be so hot or thirsty. It's just a little power, and I can't even turn it off," she added a little stubbornly for the benefit of anyone who might quibble. "If we're going to make this our camp for a little bit, we probably need to get the lay of the land. Do you think the magic is dangerous, or can we go back and take a look?"
  2. Mentors: Fleur de Joie: A powerful plant controller and member of the Freedom League, Fleur's maternal attitude will make her a good match for some students, but possibly too cloying for some. She's also very pregnant right now, so will be busy soon! Wander: A Claremont alum, Wander had a tough time at school as a dimensional refugee and not-great student, but she managed to save the multiverse, graduate, and get a job and a life afterwards. Has been known to mentor students having a difficult time adjusting to a new world or to greatly enhanced dangerousness. Singularity: Wander's dimensional double from an even more unfortunate universe, she will show up to mentor day as a drag-along with Aquaria and would probably only be a suitable mentor for purposes of character shenanigans. Soft-spoken, shy, a graduate student in fine arts at FCU, and incredibly violent if sufficiently provoked. She's been working on it.
  3. "Tattoos are fine," Danica promised as they walked, "they're used to the kids from Claremont being a little different, plus it's a generally cool neighborhood. They just still have to follow the health codes, and we can't advertise the school too much, you know?" Slipping out of her shell was an easy, if slow, process for Danica and soon they were all seated comfortably in a booth. "I'm not sure Utsawa likes anyone," she offered to Neko, picking up her menu. "But lots of boys are like that at his age, just downright crabby. They usually grow out of it. Let's see... what do you like? The sushi is good, the curry is good, they have a very nice spicy coconut soup. I'm just going to get the pad thai though, because it's my favorite."
  4. "Look at you!" Danica sing-songed to the little snake, cupping him in her hands with ease that spoke of practice. The snake seemed to like Danica's slightly-warmer-than-human skin, unbunching a bit to maximize surface area contact. "You're just a little bitty bit!" Baby-talking the snake took most of her attention for a little bit, but she smiled in response to Neko's joy at finding someone to talk to. "That's great!" she enthused. "I didn't know anybody on campus this year who speaks cat, that's lucky!" Winding the snake around her neck like a scarf, she gave Tori a smile as well. "We were just heading out to dinner off-campus, do you want to come with? Your friends probably can't come, but maybe they'd like to get settled in anyway? And I'll be happy to give my mom a call tonight about Fang or Monty or whatever name he comes up with, and he's welcome to hang out on the warm rock in my room."
  5. "I know it's hard to believe right now, but these folks are about the nicest people you'll find anywhere," Raina added to Neko, leaning against the wall in a way that was sure to leave a Raina-shaped print of dust behind. They joke and tease, but they want you both to feel safe here. It's okay if you don't, but just let them know what feels bad so they can back off or change stuff or leave you alone or whatever. Or if you just want to wash dishes because you really like it." She shrugged, leaving a smear on the wall, and switched back to English. "Anyway, Merlin and I are hitting the shower and the sink, but let him know when you want a lesson. Don't put the food away, okay?" she asked Erik and Talya. "I'm starving."
  6. Danica cooed over each of the animals as they were introduced, but her interest was definitely with the snake. "Can I hold him?" she asked eagerly. "He's so cute, it's so mean if somebody dumped him on purpose! My parents are reptile specialists at the Freedom City Zoo, I'm sure they'd be able to help find a good home for him, if you want. Are you going to do rehab out of your dorm room? That's really neat, do you need an incubator? We have one at my house that we don't really use, it's from when I was little and used to hibernate if I got cold at night. Do you have any other pets? Have you been doing this for a long time?" Her torrent of words cut off when she noticed Neko. "Um, you're not going to try and eat that bird, are you?"
  7. "See, the romantic part is great, it's the bloody part I'm having a hard time buying into- oh!" Neko's sudden stop had her braking hard, the compensators in the scooter itself enough to make up for her own slow reflexes and avert an accident. "Sorry about that!" she said, almost over the stranger's own apology. "Guess there's just a lot of traffic today!" She smiled at the new person. "Hey, I'm Danica and this is Neko! I love your bird! Is he a familiar, or is he just your friend?" Danica had seen some of both with animals on campus over the years, and the bird had a canny look in their eye. "Oh!" she said again, getting a better look. "You have lots of friends! Look at that cutie," she cooed, smiling down at the snake. "Poor sleepy thing."
  8. Danica's first impulse had been to simply enlarge her shell and offer to let everybody inside to ride out the storm and maybe watch a movie or something, the way she had on a few Nicholson field trips when they'd gotten rained out. But this was a minimal-powers survival exercise, according to the instructions, and that meant only using powers if they were inherent or if somebody might actually get hurt badly or die. Leon's masks were a good idea, but she suspected that "magical tortoise shell house" was a bridge too far. It was okay though, because desert sand and heat had never bothered her, and her new scooter was soooo much better than the old one about operating in bad conditions! Even now it was trundling along like a champ, chewing up the uneven ground under its thick treads and keeping sand out of its intake with a series of solid-light baffles. "The cave looks good!" she agreed, shouting over the storm. "Stick close together, if we get spread out, somebody could get lost!" She kept to the back of the group herself, ready to pick up anybody who started floundering. Heroditus looked pretty rugged already, but he was still walking so she let him be.
  9. "Nah, I'm an upperclassman this year," Danica explained, looking extremely proud of this fact. "I don't have to be in until ten on school nights, and if you're with me you'll be fine. They just don't want us out and getting into trouble. Patrolling is different, there's all sorts of different rules for that, but you don't have to worry about any of that yet." Danica concentrated and suddenly the shell on her back was shrinking, forming itself into a large black and gold backpack that looked almost too big for her short frame. "Let's do Thai," she decided. "It's got some noodles, but it's also got rice and vegetables, and amazing sauces with spices and coconut milk and good things. You'll like it," she promised. "And I'll buy this time, my folks paid me to work at the zoo this summer so I'm good for awhile." Climbing onto her scooter, she touched the controls that covered some of its more fantastic accessories with plain white panels and hung a blue handicap placard on the front. It seemed much plainer that way, and Danica had explained that the blue card let her take the scooter to places it would otherwise not be allowed. "You ready?"
  10. "That book is creepy," Danica complained, rolling out of the beanbag nest she'd assembled under her loft bed and climbing to her feet. "If you love somebody, run away and find a way to be with them! And don't let anybody pick who you're going to marry!" She stretched, her movements fluid but slow as always. "I was thinking about just going to the caf, but we can maybe get something else if you want. There's a pretty good pizza place around here that delivers, and a Thai place that has good curry. If we're gonna go out-out, we probably have to wear disguises."
  11. Electra

    The Third Act

    "You mean World War Two?" Danica guessed. "Sure, that was a long time ago. My grandpa fought in the war, but he went to Europe, not to the Pacific. But it's okay now, the US and Japan have been friends for a really long time now." She opened the door of her closet and pulled out a sturdy cardboard box full of more posters and pictures in lightweight plastic frames. "Oh, here's the rest of my decorations. Want to help me hang them up in the room?"
  12. "Well that sounds terrible," Raina decided, incinerating the used wipes with a brief puff of smokeless flame. "But call if you need a distraction or something." Turning her attention back to the new boarder, she cocked her head thoughtfully for a moment before choosing her tack. "Not hurt you, not most of them anyway," she explained, "just think of you as something to want instead of as a person, and behave like assholes because of it. There's a whole sex-fetish thing with catgirls that you're going to have to deal with if you go around without the illusions. Knowing how to tell a guy that-" Raina paused, visibly remembering the age and experience of the person she was talking to, and rethought her sentence before going on. "-that you wouldn't date him if he were the last guy on earth is useful, especially if you can follow it up with a kick to the balls if he won't take a hint." She shrugged. "And if you really want to learn the internet, Merlin will teach you."
  13. Electra

    The Third Act

    Danica grinned at Magenta's reaction to the present, then turned her attention back to her other guest. "No, I don't have any servants. Hardly anybody with super-powers gets servants," she explained, trying to guess at what Neko might know or think. "You have to be very rich to afford to pay servants. But I've got this cool pocket in space where I can hide if I need to, or just keep my stuff. It even has power outlets, but please don't ask me how they work." She laughed and went to the mini fridge. "Do you want a drink or a snack? I've got water, Dr. Pepper, Capri Sun, and Yoo-hoo, but... hmm. I ate most of the snacks," she admitted. "Do you like pretzel sticks?"
  14. "Big ears, little ears, whatever works for you," Raina offered to Neko with a shrug, then reconsidered. "Erik's told you what kind of conventions to stay away from, right? Or at least given you a can of mace or something? Cause there are some people who might like that whole deal way too much. You want to make sure you can lay them out if you need to." She considered the question about the spell for a moment. "The version I've always used is just for me. I could maybe rig something up in a pinch that would work on several people but it's a spell that works on your brain and that gets weird in groups." "If you're offering me shoes, I'm not going to say no," she told Talya, switching seamlessly back to English. "And there's not really much to report. I met this guy in my Western Political Theory, hot as hell, and he doesn't act like a complete douchenozzle so he's head and shoulders above most guys in that class. I did a scrying bowl that says he's probably not evil, so we're gonna hit some clubs and see how it goes. You need some help tonight?" she asked, switching topics suddenly. "If you give me fifteen I could be in something less incriminating." Merlin, apparently having had enough of language exchange time, informed Owain in his usual manner that he was not an ape, that apes lacked tails and possessed appendixes, both of which were traits he was pleased not to share. He went on to offer that his name was Merlin and that the dust he and Raina were covered with contained too much plaster to probably work for a spell.
  15. Merlin gave Owain a quizzical look and then glanced at Raina, who shrugged. "Hello," Merlin chirped back, sounding tentative. "Nice to meet you. I'm going to eat when we aren't covered in ancient corpse dirt." He gave himself a disgusted all-over shake, which just put more dust onto Raina. Erik's punning earned him a single death glare from Raina before she turned her attention elsewhere. "Your friends are all crazy old people at heart," she maintained stubbornly as Talya walked by. "It's like a state of mind. But if you owe me," she added, brightening, "can I borrow the green Louboutins on Saturday night? I've got a date." A shower was definitely in order, but she made do for the moment with a couple of baby wipes from one of the omnipresent tubs. Wiping her hands, she touched one finger to her own throat, then spoke to Neko in flawless Japanese. "That's a good trick, are the ears the illusion or does the illusion cover them?"
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