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  1. Danica leaned forward abruptly, speeding into the rapidly decreasing space between the strange adults and the counter. She came perilously close to running over somebody's foot, but they had really good reflexes. "It's okay!" she told the man behind the counter in a loud whisper. "Whatever's going on, you can tell me. I can protect you!" She gave the pretend shoppers a narrow-eyed look, one that widened immediately when she realized that the man with binoculars also had the sort of bulge in his jacket that she'd been taught meant concealed weapon. "Get down," she told the employee urgently, "call the police. Don't worry about me, I'm invincible." As she turned back to her new enemies, she let her shell manifest around her, so big that two or three guys could've hidden behind it.
  2. Miss Americana nodded gravely, looking at Delta with eyes that were at once sympathetic and incisive. She was holding her body very deliberately relaxed, hands open and palms turned slightly out at her sides, unarmed, nonthreatening. She didn't seem afraid, it seemed more like she didn't want him to be afraid. "Understandable. Making sure you have full control over your body and mind is going to be our first priority, and we can start with an in-depth examination of your nervous system. I've gotten a lot of baseline data on the cybernetic engineering of Nihilor from Steve and a few other former Omegadrones I've been able to work with. It's not quite the same, but it'll give us a jumping-off point. If you like we can start easy, just a tour of the facility and whatever questions you'd like to ask today, or we can do all that and then start with some scans and noninvasive testing." The elevator door slid open behind her, revealing a clean white and blue interior softly lit by wall panels. She stepped aboard and waited patiently for the others to join her. "We'll be going into the main facility for some of this, but not for a little while yet. There'll be fewer people running around after the end of the workday."
  3. Danica stopped dead just inside the doors to the store, nearly putting herself into reverse on accident. She had never seen this many adults inside a Claire's store, certainly not this many adult men, and with no kids in sight. It was like being in the wrong store, except everything else looked right. Nobody was buying anything, nobody even had bags from other stores. And those binoculars... something was not right here. She considered turning around and going right out again, but that was logistically difficult with her wheels on, and wasn't she supposed to be a hero? "This is weird," she said instead, leaving herself planted firmly in the doorway. "Is this a robbery?" She looked to the guy behind the counter. "Are you in danger?"
  4. It wasn't a very long walk to the elevator bay, a nondescript lobby with a few chairs and vending machines arranged around a wall of four stainless steel elevator doors. There was a woman seated in one of the chairs, legs comfortably crossed and an open can of soda sitting on the table next to her. She was uncommonly beautiful for someone from Earth Prime, with perfectly flowing hair and flawless facial symmetry over an exquisitely proportioned body. The woman was reading from a tablet, but looked up with a smile as they came into the room. "Welcome to Archetech," she began, addressing herself to Delta. "I'm Miss Americana, I run this company and I also work hands-on with a lot of our metahuman science initiatives. Steve's told me a little bit about what you're looking to have done. Do you have any questions in particular about your modifications?"
  5. Danica looked a bit skeptical of Judy's taste in dresses, but the other girl was so obviously pleased that she kept her mouth closed. The dress was, well, modest was one word for it, but the old-fashioned lace and severe cut made Judy look like she was about twelve years old and going to Sunday School instead of a formal dance. It was lucky Judy was so pretty, Danica figured, because it meant she could still pull off a dress like that without looking ridiculous. Danica would never let any of her friends go to a dance looking ridiculous, even if it required a failure of diplomacy. She herself bought an extremely fuzzy pair of slipper socks and hung the bag off the handlebar of her Segway as they left the store. "Oh, hold up! Pretty earrings!" she exclaimed as they passed a teen jewelry boutique. "You guys go ahead, I'll catch up. You know, more or less." She grinned and waved them on.
  6. The building itself was hardly imposing, especially compared to the terrifying laboratories of Nihilor, just a squat building that looked like it was probably used for storing vehicles and loading trucks. It did have sturdy-looking security; the sliding doors were thick and set deep in their frames, and cameras and lights dotted the covered portico they'd pulled up under. As the two exited the car, a red light next to the door cycled to green and the doors slid silently open. "Welcome, Steve, Delta," a smooth and accentless female voice greeted them. "Miss Americana is waiting for you at Elevator Bay One." A series of LED arrows lit up in the surbase along the wall, pointing the way they were to go.
  7. "The blue," Danica advised immediately, with great confidence. "Unless you already have a lot of ties, or you only want to wear white dress shirts. Single-color ties are easier to match with a lot of different things. But if you get a nice dark red one, it could be a Christmas tie too," she pointed out, before considering Ashley's question. "I don't know," she began, "I guess it's more a question of what I'm going to do first. I have to go to school for a long time still, but that means when I'm done, I will know lots of things, from lots of classes. I'm not sure I'm cut out for hero work unless I get like a jet-pack or something," she admitted with a laugh, "but I've thought about maybe becoming a doctor and going to places where it's dangerous to be a doctor. I'm pretty hard to hurt!"
  8. "That's true," Danica mused, examining the blue dress before nodding approval. "My parents have stayed young for a long long time now, but when I'm a grown-up, they will start living the rest of their lives, so someday they'll get old and retire. I'm going to have to get a good job!" This idea seemed to preoccupy her a bit more than the idea of finding a dress, though she did enthusiastically encourage Judy to try on the one she'd found. With Micah off browsing, she found herself standing quietly next to Ashley. "What are you going to do when you're done with Claremont?" she asked curiously. Ashley looked like she was maybe a little bit older than the other students in her class, like maybe in the rush to escape their world she'd missed enough school to need to repeat, but that wasn't really polite to inquire about.
  9. Danica edged closer to Judy as they shopped, pitching her voice low so as not to be overheard. "It's all right," she murmured, "I mean, if you haven't got enough money for your dress and things. I know your situation's got to be pretty tough, even if Claremont gives you a place to stay. My folks give me an allowance and I hardly ever spend it," she went on, telling just a bit of a white lie. She hardly ever spent it on anything really important, that was closer to the truth,, but not exactly what she wanted to say. "If you need a little extra to get the dress and shoes you want, just let me know." Glancing around, she pinched the sleeve of a plain black dress and pitched her voice back to normal volume. "Oh, this is a pretty one, but I'd probably have to hem it."
  10. Danica gave the dress a look that was frankly skeptical before schooling her face to something more diplomatic for Judy's benefit. "I do like black and gold," she enthused, "but I usually wear solids of one or the other so I don't get the crazy contrasting patterns look with my shell, you know?" She hadn't been nearly so discriminating when she was little, but back then everybody had liked crazy patterns and it hadn't been weird. It was now, though! "Anyway, I thought we were gonna be looking for a dress for you for the dance?" she reminded Judy, then shot Micah the briefest of commiserating glances. "And then maybe we can visit the bookstore?"
  11. Danica sort of wanted to visit the leathercraft store too, but it didn't seem nice to leave Judy all by herself when she was the one who'd invited them in the first place. "Sounds like fun," she told the other girl as they drove around the back of what was apparently a mall these days, even though it wasn't enclosed and didn't have a movie theater or anything. Danica wasn't sure why Ashley chose to park in the back of the mall, in place she wasn't 100% certain was legal, but it did get them close to the big stores. With some help, she was able to unstoke her Segway and settle her backpack into place, ready to face the wonders and rigors of the mall. "And after we finish our shopping, we can hang out at the food court and have Orange Julius!" She gave the mall a slightly skeptical look. "Do strip malls have food courts?"
  12. Danica bounced a little in her seat, then leaned forward to study the TV. "Totally sweet!" she decided, poking at it enough to change the channel once. "It must have been really scary for you guys to have to run away from your world like that." She wasn't sure of a lot of the details, but word got around in such a small school. "It's a good thing you had this car to protect you. Does it have any, you know, powers?" she asked guilelessly. "Is it how you got here?"
  13. "Wow!" Danica exclaimed, peering out the window as she climbed into the car. "Are these windows bulletproof? Is the whole car bulletproof?" She buckled her seatbelt conscientiously. "I watched a documentary on the presidential limousine once, and they said that those cars are so armored that they weigh as much as three or four cars, but they still have to be able to go as fast as a police car in case of an emergency! And I saw a show one time about a really rich musician who got a limousine with a hot tub inside of it! Hey, have you got wifi in the car?" she asked excitedly. "You can use a laptop in the car if you have wifi in it, and watch TV and everything!"
  14. Electra

    Green Machine IC

    Danica brightened a little as a new thought occurred to her. "Oh, I can make it easier," she offered. "I can go into my shell, and then it's like I'm not even there anymore. You'll just have to carry the shell to where I need to go, and then I'll pop back out of it. The shell only weighs about twenty pounds when I'm not in it." Her shell, for anyone who'd been paying attention, was not always the exact same size from day to day, but today it was in one of its medium configurations, around four feet in diameter and three feet deep at its most convex. "And it's okay if you drop me, you won't hurt me," she added almost cheerfully as she started to retreat into the shell.
  15. "Can I help?" Danica asked curiously. "I mean, I don't know very much about engineering, but I can hold a flashlight or something, maybe?" She had her nose almost level with the table as she studied the partially-assembled project as though proximity would reveal its secrets. She grinned. "Hey, maybe I could get four of these and paint a racing stripe on my shell, then go enter some races." It was much easier to joke about that than recall why Micah probably had gotten the idea to help her. Danica preferred not to think about the frustrating times when her lack of speed and dexterity held her back any more than absolutely necessary.