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  1. "2025 at most," Danica interjected, just a little waspishly. "I guess if he doesn't get reelected, you can just tell everybody who you are? That'll be pretty weird too, especially after Ashley goes home, or to her new assignment or wherever." She folded her arms, then unfolded her arms, then picked up a cookie and shoved the whole thing into her mouth. She didn't like being lied to, and she didn't like feeling stupid because she'd believed Judy and Ashley's so--sad story. It was worse because she'd been thinking about inviting them to her place for the holidays, for pity's sake, because she felt bad they might not have anyplace to go! The sad story had probably been helpful, Danica realized ruefully, because most people wouldn't want to pry into things that might be painful. Really made a lie easier to swallow. It hadn't been necessary for her, though; she believed dumb things her friends told her all the time. Sure, she was better about it now than she'd been in middle school, when her friends who'd gotten old and turned into teenagers would tell her all kinds of ridiculous stories just to see how far they could string her along, but she didn't exactly have a world-class BS detector inside the ol' shell. Part of her wanted to do what she'd used to do back then, slide down into her shell and pout till she stopped feeling so mad and embarrassed, but that wasn't the mature thing to do. She wasn't sure what the mature thing was to do right now, or that she wanted to do it, but still. "Why tell us now?"" she finally asked, swallowing. "Did somebody find out?"
  2. Danica is spending an HP to activate Ultimate Check: Diplomacy, which will give her a 40 to her check. She also has Combat Diplomacy.
  3. Danica obligingly grew her shell a few sizes larger, so it was the size of one of the tents and quite easy to huddle inside. She herself, though, gently nudged Ashley aside and took a few slow steps forward to pick up Mr. Jorgensen's discarded megaphone. So far on this trip they had mostly used it to call people in for meals or to bother one another with loud noises, but on a planet with no cell reception, it was better than nothing. It was useful right now. She lifted it to her mouth and thumbed it on. "Friends!" she called, even her assisted voice half-lost in the tumult. "Friend birds, you remember the Star Flock, but don't you remember us too? We came last leaf-falling season and saw you flying, and the year before that, and before that! We put out birdseed and watched you roosting near the water for the night! We did not hurt you, only helped while we appreciated your beauty and strength!" Even through the megaphone she was startlingly persuasive. "We love your world and your wonderful nests, but we know it is yours and we are only visitors! We do not want your world, we do not want to hurt you or steal from you! Our gifts are good!" She picked up a piece of bread from the ground and put it in her mouth in a broad, slow gesture. "We want to be friends!" she finished, slightly muffled.
  4. Electra

    Reptile Brain IC

    Danica had been to the zoo many times since she'd moved to Freedom City, including several previous field trips. That didn't even make her a tiny bit less excited to be going to the zoo today, however! She'd filled any moment of silence the others had left during the van ride with facts about the zoo in general and about tortoises in specific, and by the time the driver had gotten her Segway unstoked and off the bus, she was all but vibrating with excited impatience. "Can we see the tortoises first?" she asked, climbing onto the scooter and steering it in a tight circle. "I want to see the new habitat! My parents helped consult on it, but I haven't seen it since they finished!"
  5. Paige double-checked her gear with cool efficiency, not exactly a fan of the red color but able to appreciate the engineering under the fire-engine aesthetic. "We've been to space a few times, but not particularly recently. Richard's not a huge fan." I've got Drammamine for you and I've downloaded the entire run of I Love the Eighties to play at 3x speed, she sent Richard. You'll be fine. "I assume our ship is outfitted with some sort of technology that will give us a shot at landing undetected?" Paige asked Rachel. "Otherwise we may not make it as far as the moon."
  6. "Well you can't be engaged to him if you're undercover, can you?" Danica asked, furrowing her brow as she considered the problem, momentarily forgetting that she was mad. She was not at all good with matters of love, romance and sex, but she'd watched a lot of her friends develop crushes and have relationships over the years. She'd also watched a massive amount of television, which provided lots of educational opportunities. "I mean, you don't have a real legal identity as Judy Smith, so you can't get married, and you can't get marred as Judy Cahill without revealing pretty much everything. Not just, like, your powers, but his powers, his background, the school, all of us... Did you watch the royal weddings in England? People get very, very into state weddings. You'd have to run away and get fake papers and elope or something like that."
  7. Danica spent a few moments searching for words to say, probably anything other than "Well, that's about what I would guess JT Cahill would do if any of his kids stepped out of line," because that was more unkind than even her current level of anger called for. Lulu's comment was enough to divert her momentarily from her own overwhelmingly mixed feelings about Judy and Ashley's deception. "Oh wow," she said, her eyes rounding, "that must've been crazy when Leroy found out. I mean, what did he say? When did you tell him?"
  8. "They're just birds, you guys!" Danica tried to yell above the noise. "Just get where they can't poop on you, come on!" Even so, she expanded her shell into something the size of a small tent and stepped out of it so Judy or anyone else could race to cover inside. "Whatever you did to them, just say you're sorry!" she advised at the top of her lungs. The noise was deafening but there was no damage yet, certainly not to Danica (which often did not mean anything) but also not to anybody she could still see. "They've got really short memories, they'll go awa-" She cut off as the massive deep voice seemed to come from everywhere all at once, reverberating in her sternum and sloshing through her stomach as it went. And then... everything just went crazy. Danica screamed and dropped to the ground, covering her head as debris rained everywhere.
  9. Danica looked at the picture again, then back at Judy and Ashley, furrowing her brow. "You're the president's kid?" she repeated. "But he's such a-" She broke off from that thought and came at it from a different angle. "Why would you lie about who you are?" she asked instead. "The President doesn't put his family in hiding while he's in office, they get like, secret service protection and stuff. Like in First Kid! You're acting like you're in witness protection or something." She turned to Ashley. "You're not Judy's sister, are you." Her voice was suddenly flat. "You're some kind of ringer." She looked closer, straight into Ashley's face. "You're some kind of grownup ringer." It was a clear accusation.
  10. Danica stared at Lulu, but couldn't seem to make whatever connection was blowing the other girl's mind. "I don't understand," she admitted. "This is the President's family... are you trying to impersonate Jaycee Cahill?" She studied Judy, then the picture. "I mean, there's a strong resemblance, especially in that dress, but why?" She shook her head. "And what about Ashley, she doesn't look anything like Jaybee!" She set down the picture and looked at them both. "If you guys are in some kind of trouble, we can definitely help you, but I'm not sure this is the answer. I think it might be pretty illegal, actually."
  11. Danica took a cookie and sat down in one of the desk chairs, looking curious but not alarmed. "Um, you've told us some of this story," she ventured gamely. "About your bad world and how you had to leave everything behind. I just figured it probably hurt too much to talk about." She nibbled the edge of the cookie. "But anything you want to tell us, you know we're here for you. Is it something dangerous? Are we going to need to keep it secret from the teachers too?" Her tone suggested she had no real problems with the idea.
  12. "Hi guys!" Danica said cheerfully from the doorway, parking her Segway and climbing off with her usual slow deliberation. She was bundled up extremely well against the cold, even indoors she wore a fuzzy blue sweater with a turtleneck beneath, sturdy corduroy pants and fingerless gloves. "My mom baked me cookies, I brought some... oh, and you've all got Bibles out. Is this Bible study?" She looked to be momentarily on the back foot. "Um, it's really nice of you to invite me, but I'm sort of happily agnostic right now, with the whole tortoise deity thing..."
  13. Electra


    Danica surreptitiously motioned to Astrid, trying to encourage her back into the shell before she, too, got caught in the mind control web. Honestly Danica wasn't sure if being in a pocket dimension would provide protection against mental powers (and how did she know Mrs. Johansen was a psychic when she felt like she hadn't a few minutes ago? That was strange...) but it was the best idea she had. She absolutely needed to get Mia, but not while the teacher's attention was on her. Instead, she focused on Leroy. "Hey buddy, I see you squirming," she told him with quiet cheer, "let's hit the potty." Tugging him to his feet, she pulled him a little ways from the circle, out of the teacher's direct line of sight. "You guys need to get in my shell, all right?" she whispered. "Go all the way in, through the door, and close it behind you. The others will come soon."
  14. Danica, who had slept through the whole nighttime adventure, was delighted to finally get an up close look at some birds who wouldn't fly away no matter how long it took her to walk over to them. She restrained the urge to feed them anything, knowing that would only end in swarms and tears and general poopiness all over the campsite that was already well-festooned. "So what are we doing today?" she asked the group in general. "Did you guys find any more trash or treasures on the beach?"
  15. Paige is going to use her Mind Reading to try and follow Heather home. She gets a 27 on the power check. If that is not enough I will spend HP to roll again. I'm going to ask for an HP for Paige's "Den Mother" complication, since Heather has threatened her family.
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