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  1. Fleur gave the student a friendly smile and a nod in response to the greeting. She was wearing her typical costume/work outfit of brown trousers, green blouse, and a belt with many pockets, all topped with a sturdy brown cowl that came up short in front like a jacket. Her long green hair was plaited and pinned close to her head and crowned with a garland of sunny yellow dandelions. "Good evening," she said in return. "You must be Shadowborne, it's lovely to meet you! I'm Fleur, and this is Tiamat." She tucked her phone away in a belt holster. "We've got a few moments, why don't you tell us a l
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    Danica's shell popped back into place when she stepped back, complete with all its festive decorations. She rummaged inside it for a moment, then withdrew a box of tissues for Elena. The question was enough to set her back on her heels for a moment. "Back... to your home dimension?" she hazarded. "Um, I guess the first person I would talk to would be Headmaster Summers. She's not magical herself, far as I know, but she knows a lot of people, plus she probably has your guardianship, maybe?" She drummed her fingers against her lips, thinking. "But for like, dimensional travel, I gues
  3. It took another minute before Raina was finished privately gloating over her victory over the motorcycles, if nothing else. She dropped her invisibility and put herself in the actual costume she used, black leggings under a short black dress covered in sprays of rhinestone sparkles, with a black domino mask and pointed witch's hat. She spiraled down on her broom and looked contemptuously at the fallen villains. "Looks like he had a weakness to being a moron," she countered, using disdain for Cueball to cover the embarrassment over her own performance in the fight. She hadn't realized how rusty
  4. "Yoo-hoo, up here," Raina called, still invisible. The moment that Cueball looked up, she used a long whip of fire to fling Angel's motorcycle high overhead and bring it crashing down, right on the sole remaining villain! It did... nothing. "This is by far the stupidest thing that has ever happened," Raina muttered. Merlin chittered agreement and informed her that the STAR Squad was en route. "Great, they'll probably hurt themselves laughing and then we'll have that to deal with." Annoyed, she ignored her fellow hero's attempts to deal with the apparently invincible villain and began dropping
  5. Raina is going to start dropping the motorcycles in the ocean. Is the STAR Squad on the way yet?
  6. "It doesn't sound like he was born with it," Erin told her as they stepped into the elevator. "Apparently the dad got killed a few months ago by Omegadrones, and the mom and kid both got hurt in the same attack. The mom's got a scar that a human probably wouldn't have survived getting." She shook her head and sent the elevator to the first floor. "I don't read them as violent types, but you never know. They were definitely disappointed when I told them I couldn't help them. I gave them the line about how human heroes work in groups, I couldn't have killed Omega without my team, etcetera, and t
  7. Catching Ryder's look, Danica gave him a half-shrug and a rueful grin. They didn't have a lot of departure options at this point, and none of them were graceful. She brushed a hand over her front to suggest that he might want to lose the armor at some point. Returning her attention to the dazed civilian, she dug a water bottle out of her backpack and gave it to him. "Here, drink this, it should help some. Anybody can get upset, and it's great that you're working to manage your emotions so nobody gets hurt by them! That's really going to make your life better and help the people aro
  8. Erin raked her fingers through her hair uncomfortably. "Okay, you know that time back in high school when I was on Young Freedom and we killed Omega after he tried to suck the entire multiverse into the Doom Coil on graduation day?" she began, leading the way towards the elevators. "Nobody really wanted to believe it happened here on Earth, but it's kind of a big deal in some parts of the multiverse, especially in places near the Terminus, like where the Furions live. They call us the Dethroners of Omega and gave us titles and stuff. I'm the Brave, Trevor's the Marksman, stuff like that."
  9. ughhhhhhh raina drops the motorcycle on him feint dc 27 she gets a 24 on the move object roll
  10. Erin hmmed. "It's not a "time is of the essence," situation so much as it is a "the faster we deal with this, the fewer intergalactic incidents can possibly crop up," she offered. "It's a group of Furions, those folks who live in the Terminus and pretty much spend all their time fighting it. Silver Tree, the world Redbird comes from, you know? One of their babies has some kind of entropy poisoning and isn't growing right. They came to ask me if I could do a miracle for them because their healers can't fix it. I know you've dealt with that kind of thing before, so maybe you can do something for
  11. "Just click on the other videos," Erin advised, "there's a whole bunch on that page about Earth heroes." Trusting Steve to help the kid if needed, she took her phone into the lobby security booth for privacy's sake. Maybe this wouldn't take very long, she thought hopefully, and Ellie and Mara would be cozied up again in a few hours. Maybe this would take a short enough time that she herself could finish the security schedule today, she thought not quite as hopefully, and she could get home before Trevor finished work on the latest car in the shop. She sighed and pressed the button
  12. Paige nodded and leaned in towards Jill. "I know it's a complicated situation, just from things I've learned as an offscreen personality," she murmured. "You must have been beside yourself with worry." In public, Jill o Cure and the Interceptors in general had solid secret identities, with the exception of Harrier, who'd allowed his to become public when his wife had made her startling revelations two years ago. But as someone who was plugged into the school community and who had interviewed a lot of people surrounding the infiltration already, Paige was pretty sure she had a handle on the maj
  13. "Ooooh," Danica said sympathetically, slowly approaching the bald guy. He looked much less scary now, and more like just a guy laying in some slush. "Yeah, that was really weird. You had a whole big monster come right out of you and fight some superheroes, but I think you're better now." She crouched down and looked him over. "Did you get hurt anywhere? Do you have a headache? I think I have an icepack and some aspirin in here someplace." She scooched her backpack down off her shoulders so she could dig around inside. "Man, Freedom City, right?"
  14. Erin stared at him blankly for a long moment. "Oh," she finally said, trying to wrap her brain around that. "I guess... I never really thought of it like that? I know that the Furions call us Dethroners, and Tona knew special names for all of us, but not that it had, um, gotten that far?" She shook her head. "Here on Earth, hardly anybody even knows about what happened, and most of the ones who do aren't sure they believe it. Makes it kind of weird. Or even weirder than the weird it already was." She pressed thumb and finger against her eyes and tried to refocus. "Okay, healer time
  15. Erin looked up from scrolling through her contacts list. "We don't think of ourselves as gods," she told the kid carefully. "But there are some very powerful people who live on Earth, who can do a lot of different things. I'm going to try and get in touch with one who can help your little brother." She looked around the lobby and spotted one of the educational tablets left there for school groups or the occasional visitor. "Here," she said, picking it up and queuing up a child-friendly promotional video about the Freedom League, then passing it over. "This will tell you about some of them."
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