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  1. "I have no idea," Danica admitted immediately. "This is way outside my area of expertise. I thought she was just stringing us along and had maybe made some or all of those robots herself, but I never would've twigged her as actually _being_ a robot. That's serious coo-coo bananas stuff right there. But I guess it doesn't really seem like she's being controlled? I mean, she seems to want something that's normal for a person in her apparent situation to want, lots of attention and social media views and stuff. If she happens to be a robot, then maybe making robots is the best way to get those hits and likes? Eira says she's blinking the same in all her videos, so I don't think we need to worry about the real Katie being kidnapped by a robot doppelganger or something."
  2. The hologram sighed very deeply before pressing a button on an offscreen console. "Maintenance team to Level One, Non-Hazardous Impound Lab." She toggled a different button and suddenly her voice was coming over the room's loudspeaker as well as the one in the hallway. "Charlie Protocol is now in place on Level One. Please secure any dangerous equipment and back up all data. Repeat, Charlie protocol is now in place on Level One." She looked over to Ryder and Eira, apparently unfazed by the fact that Eira was upside down and stuck to the wall. "He rarely goes in the elevators or on the stairs when he's running around. See if you can track him down in the rooms near you."
  3. The lights in the lab dimmed briefly, a moment of darkness passing from row to row of lights overhead as though the room were going under a scanner bar or copy machine before returning to normal. A hologram flickered to life in the center of the room, a sturdily built brunette woman wearing a HAX security uniform and a no-nonsense expression. "Charles, you know you're not allowed to be in rooms that are not unlocked for you. If you make me have to come down and get you, I'm going to have to tell your parents what happened. I'd rather not do that, since I know you like visiting here." Her voice was cajoling, but there was no doubt she meant what she said. She paused a moment and cocked an eye at the teenagers. "I guess you're babysitting today?" she asked dryly.
  4. Danica yelped as she was hoisted into the air and grabbed fistfuls of paper mane to hold on. "God, warn a girl, would you?" she snapped at Leon. "I may get treated like luggage, but I'm actually a real person." She debated sliding off the wolf as a matter of principle, but allowed it to carry her down the hallway to the stairs. "Anyway, Eira and the weird giant me had it mostly taken care of already. We just came in for the last-minute assist."
  5. Danica hugged Judy back. "You don't have to worry about us, we're not going to tell anybody. I didn't even tell my parents, and I tell them just about everything!" She grinned over at Pan. "Ashley's like, almost as old as I am in real years, but she has to work hard to make herself look young. But she makes sure Judy doesn't get into any more trouble than anybody else around here gets into, or get into trouble because of who her dad is." That brought her attention back to Judy. "So you're going to have to go out campaigning and stuff this summer, right?"
  6. "Oh, he's cute!" Danica's phone trilled like a bird with the incoming text, distracting her from the little robot. "One second," she told Katie, and pulled out her phone. It took all her diplomatic ability to keep her eyes from widening like saucers at Eira's text. "Ugh, we need to meet up with our handler before we can go anywhere," she told Katie, which was technically true, though it had nothing to do with the text. "But it would definitely be good to work together on that desert base. When can you meet up?"
  7. "Cool idea!" Danica agreed enthusiastically, giving the camera a game smile and a peace sign. "How long have you been in town for? We only just got here yesterday, but I know you've been here longer than that. What was the first thing you heard? Have you actually seen any of the robot things close-up? They seemed kind of small and simple to me, mostly, but Angelic is the real expert on that." She nodded to Eira in the background.
  8. "Wow, I went to the dance even though I didn't go to the dance! Weird," Danica decided as she examined the now normal-looking computer screens. "And efficient, I guess. Though that dress..." She grimaced. "Woof. If I ever do go to the prom, it'll be in something less..." She waved a hand in the air, "everything. I'm sure everybody noticed right away that it wasn't me." She caught Leon grinning and shot him a quick wink, then began making her way to the door at her usual leisurely pace. "You think there are any snacks down there that didn't get fried or crushed or zapped?"
  9. "Sure, I'll hang out" Danica replied agreeably. The spectral turtle nibbled at Pan's fingers, then began trundling through the air as though swimming in syrup. "It's good that you're telling people," she encouraged, "you have to be able to trust your teammates, even with important stuff. Plus it makes Ashley make sooooo much more sense!" The turtle nibbled Judy's fingers as well, then floated away and disappeared.
  10. "Well, I really try not to test the falling thing," Danica admitted. "It's still pretty dangerous, but I've never gotten hurt falling down the stairs or anything like that. Maybe it's slower than usual?" She shrugged, sending herself gently tumbling again. "The slowness is magic too," she explained to Pan. "The Master Mage said that most magic has a cost, and that I'm lucky because I'm paying the cost right away by giving up my speed, rather than having to pay something I wasn't expecting, somewhere down the line. Slow's not so bad, most of the time. Kind of sucks in combat, though." She cupped her hands and opened them to release a spectral tortoise the size of a teacup, laughing when it floated, too. "This is great!" she told Pan. "Why do you ever walk anywhere?"
  11. Predictably, Danica is completely unhelpful with computers.
  12. "I do!" Danica replied cheerfully, plopping herself down onto the edge of the hotel bed. "You can buy a Chelone plushie or sticker set from the Albuquerque BioPark website, and all proceeds go straight to the zoo! But I know you're being too modest, Katie," she cajoled teasingly. "You wouldn't be out here unless you knew something to start with, and I'm sure that once you started looking, you found stuff! It's content, right?" She laughed. "How about we trade? You give us the scoop, and I'll send you some really wild pictures of robots I got on my phone!"
  13. Danica gave him a Look as he ran away from the shelter she'd created, but did not move to go after him. "If you think that's a good idea!" she called after him, "I'll catch up! Maybe tomorrow!" She rummaged around in the shadowy part of the shell and found her binoculars, training them on the rapidly approaching dinosaur creature. "I'd say try not to look like food, but if there used to be people here, they probably already know if we're edible!"
  14. "If it had a live connection to the Communion hive mind, I wouldn't be carrying it around in a jumped-up Mason jar," Miss A assured her protege, her lovely face tight with concentration as she made absolutely sure not to jostle the container one whit more than necessary. "We are going to work very hard to ensure that it does not develop a connection to the hive mind too, because that would be Very Bad, even in deep space." She let out a little sigh of relief as she touched down on the landing pad that had been marked out in lights by Dragonfly's robotic assistant. "Thank you, Puppy. Could you tell Dragonfly we're here, please?" She turned to Angelic. "I'm going to be busy with this for awhile, possibly the rest of the day. There's another student from Claremont in the building today, and some Nicholson students too, so you can hang out with them. I'm sure you'll find some fun things to do. I'll come and get you when I'm finished."
  15. "I do everything slow," Danica told Pan with cheerful matter-of-factness. She bobbed like a balloon when he pushed her, but didn't go appreciably faster. "The master mage told my parents it was the tradeoff I would have to pay for being a totem for a tortoise spirit. There's nothing wrong with my body that would make me slow, it's just what happens whenever I try to do anything that makes me go places. I'm just glad that I don't think slow or talk slow, and I can type mostly okay. I can get by with not being able to move very fast, but those other things would be pretty rough." She turned her attention to Judy, happy at this new idea. "That would be great! I could show you where I grew up, and my favorite shopping mall, and all the animals at the zoo! We'll have to compare our schedules and see if they overlap." She ignored Ashley's attempt to be a buzzkill, familiar with that tendency already. "You could come stay at our house!"
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