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  1. Danica cocked her head to check that there was sufficient clearance away from any bones, artifacts or people, then stepped off the edge of the pit and dropped in like a duckling falling from a tree. It was a bit of a fall, but she landed unhurt and unruffled. "Wicked," she declared with great excitement, leaning over to get a better look at the bones. "Those aren't fossils, are they. Those are recent. Well, maybe not recent-recent, but those aren't from dinosaur times, right?" she asked aloud. "And whatever it was, it was super big for a bird!" She looked up towards the sky above the pit edge. "Do you think there are any alive ones still around?"
  2. "We just got here today!" Danica told the waiter excitedly. "Who's been livestreaming herself? Was it cool?" She ordered the chiliaquiles and extra spicy salsa for the tortilla chips, along with a glass of horchata. "Mexican food in Freedom City is not always very good," she confided to Pablo. "Some of it tastes more like Taco Bell. Did you see one of the robots? I thought most of them turned up outside of town?"
  3. Electra

    Reptile Brain IC

    Chelone was nearly bowled over when the giant reptilian charged towards Octoman, but she kept her feet and turned her body to follow the villain's movements. "You are giving reptiles a bad reputation!" she scolded him. "And in a zoo? Really? There are endangered species here!" With Thunderbird up and fully back in the fight, she let his protective shell dissolve and gathered her power back to herself. Extending her clasped hands, she opened them to release a spectral tortoise, which moved improbably fast towards Goanna and gave him a fierce bite in the back of the leg.
  4. Chelone will let her created shell on Micah lapse since he's doing okay now, she's going to switch her array to Damage and try the ol' spectral tortoise bite on Goanna. She rolls a 23.
  5. https://orokos.com/roll/795735 = 25
  6. "I like Denny's!" Danica protested as she shrunk her shell until it appeared like more of a whimsical backpack, her skin turning pinker and more human at the same time. "Their Tumblr is amazing. But other restaurants are good too." She hopped back onto her scooter and steered herself out the door after Yves. "Do you think they have good Mexican food here? I know South Texas does, but I've never been to this part of Texas. Maybe there's a barbecue place? Barbecue is pretty good too."
  7. Danica had felt kind of weird about being left behind, but she perked up a little after spending a few minutes warming up inside her shell and receiving a cup of tea from the workers. Learning about the artifacts was interesting, and she filed away everything she learned in case it might come in handy later. She was very interested in the new development. Making her way over to Kamal and the workers, she kept her own radio at the ready. "What did they find?" she asked. "Is it anything to do with the missing scientists?"
  8. Danica spread out the maps and studied them, her brow furrowed. "If they were concentrating in these areas, that should simplify the search, and if not, it at least gives us a place to start." She looked over at Veronica as the older teen spoke, then glanced towards her scooter parked by the door. "You might be right," she agreed reluctantly, her cheeks flushing slightly olive, "but then I'd better stay back at base camp. I'll slow everyone down." She rolled up the maps and slid them into the nearby case, then gave them to Heroditus. "I'm not much of a climber, and the cold will make it worse. Just stay in touch by radio so we know what's going on."
  9. Using Eidetic Memory as well, memory buddies high five! She gets a 22.
  10. "Oh, good!" Danica agreed happily, immediately pulling out her phone. "I've got so many pictures to send!" Since Eira seemed willing, she let her teammate manage her suitcase on the way up to their room, which shortened the trip considerably. In the hotel room, she pulled the coverlet off the bed and put it in the corner where it would not get anything germy, then sat on the bed to test it. "Not bad," she decided. "Do you know what we're supposed to do for supper? I packed some food, but it's just like Lunchables and stuff."
  11. "Thanks, Micah," Danica said with a smile for her teammate as she got off her scooter. "I may take you up on that, even if it makes me feel guilty about global warming later. She breathed a sigh of relief at the change in temperature as she entered the shelter and pulled her mittens off. Not wanting to disrupt any scent trail for Octoman, she began looking at the documents and maps without touching them any more than necessary.
  12. Danica had been mostly silent thus far, her bright blue bobble hat barely protruding above the rim of her shell. The shell itself was covered by a thick wool poncho that hung nearly to the ground, almost concealing the insulating snowpants and puffy boots she was wearing and the wheels of her scooter. She looked kind of like a mobile circus tent, if circus tents could project an air of extreme discomfort. A mobile circus tent that occasionally slid backwards and let out a high pitched whine as the scooter lost traction in the sand, in fact. It wasn't until they arrived in camp that she caught up to the group and began to look around a little. "Oh good, inside work!" she finally said, poking her nose out of the shell at the instruction to search the tent. "Let's definitely go inside." She rolled in the direction of the tent, her Segway's wheels making sad motor noises as they went.
  13. "Whoever did it must have some kind of superpower," Danica decided, studying the slowly unfolding pattern. "Every single one of these was placed in an incredibly precise location, but some of them are in places that your average hiker is not going to get at." She pointed at a few, far from roads, in extremely difficult terrain. "Even if they could, there's not enough time between sightings to account for normal travel, see?" She pursed her lips. "I don't know what the deal is with the crocodile though. It's... it seems sloppy. Like, why go to all the trouble of making everything else fit so well? If they were going to use a crocodile, they may as well have used a monkey or a three-toed sloth or a panda bear. It doesn't make any sense."
  14. I rolled a one, because life is just like that sometimes, much less life science. That makes an 11.
  15. Electra

    Reptile Brain IC

    With the rhino pacified for the moment, Chelone turned back to the rest of the fighting. She winced as Thunderbird hit the ground, looking terribly vulnerable there at Goanna's feet. Pushing her Segway as fast as it would go, she raced up and crouched next to her teammate, touching him on the back and mumbling a few words under her breath. Instantly a shell formed over him, black and gold patterned just like Chelone's own, only large enough to cover him completely. With the way Goanna hit, a shell like that wouldn't last long, but it was better that the villain hit a shell instead of hitting Thunderbird! She tucked her own head down into her shell to protect herself as much as she could as well.
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