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  1. "Close enough," Danica assured Pan, staring around in awe. "And nice job on the cultural reference anyway. I'm thinking maybe 'we're gonna need a bigger boat' for a followup." She reached into her shell and pulled out a fluffy blue towel, quickly scrubbed off her face and arms, then held it out for anybody else who'd gotten too wet for comfort. "At least they were nice enough to bring my wheels with us. Anybody want to lay odds on us having at least one running chase coming up?" She was grinning, trying to project confidence despite the nerves of yet another field trip gone awry. It wasn't as
  2. "Oh, it's not so bad," Danica said cheerfully, finishing off her last elephant toenail with an oversized toothbrush. "Usually the rain that comes in off the ocean is cold and nasty, but this is nice." She tipped her head back to feel the rain on her green-tinted face, then frowned a bit. "Really nice, actually. It's like bathwater. Does that seem weird to anybody else?"
  3. "Welcome to the club, Utsuwa," Raina said briskly, actually picking up a handful of the papers Erik had pretended to send her after. "School typically foots the bill for students," she told him, sending a quick look Erik's way for confirmation, "but you've got to fill out a buttload of waiver forms so nobody can sue us if you or somebody else gets hurt. It's a whole American thing, you'll get used to it." She snapped the papers into a clipboard, attached one of the cheap pens with the dojo's name and phone number, and passed it to the kid. "You'll need a session for el viejo to place your trai
  4. "Oh my god!" Danica literally squealed with delight when she saw the little robot, even before Eira began reeling off the specs. "It's so cute!" she exclaimed, hugging the thing to her chest and beaming. "Oh Eira, I love it!" She laughed when it played its song, along with her mom who clearly caught the reference even if Danica herself did not. "Thank you so much!" Ducking into her shell for a moment, she emerged with a USB stick, presenting it to Eira. "Here," she said, "this is about ten thousand hours of zoo camera footage, from all over our home zoo and also Freedom City Zoo. I thought it
  5. "Oh good," Danica said to Veronica. "I mean I like you, Prudence," she hastened to add, "but it might be a little hard to get used to having a three person, even if I sleep in my shell. But I'm sure it'll be nice to have you visit!" She turned to Natalia and positively beamed. "It's natural," she assured the new girl, craning around a bit to give the shell a pat. "It's very similar to the pattern on an Indian Star Tortoise, if you put that pattern on a shell ten times the size. When I was little I went through a few different shell variations, but this is the one that seemed to stick. And I kn
  6. As if summoned, the elevator doors at the end of the hall dinged and slid open to reveal a tortoise on a Segway. Or rather, a tortoise girl on a Segway, a rather improbable combination of petite human with skin tanned a dusky green and a massive black and gold tortoise shell covered in bold geometric designs. She was accompanied by two adults, similar in features but without the tortoise overtones, and no luggage at all for any of them. "I love back to school!" Danica crowed as she pushed her handlebars forward and sped down the hall. "Lulu, Eira! Hi!" She stopped a couple of feet short of act
  7. "Yeah," Danica agreed, "it seems like if there's anything in better shape, it's probably going to be underground. I don't know a whole lot about Atlanteans," she admitted, "but if this were like a Greek or Roman structure, I'd say it was a lot more temple-y than 'none shall pass'-y. If they're containing something, it would have to be down in the earth. The question's gonna be, do we want to poke our noses in? It could be a lot more dangerous than just waiting for a ride home, and there's no guarantee that anything down there might help us." The words were sensible, but the tone of her voice s
  8. "What is it, anyway?" Raina asked, not bothering to dance around the topic. "I mean, what do your powers do that makes you feel that way? Are you like a fencer but also a necromancer or something?" Up close the sensation was even odder, strange enough that she deliberately blunted her magical senses rather than feel it grating against her psyche. She could afford to, knowing that Erik wouldn't stop paying attention despite the discomfort. Pulling out her phone, she sent Merlin a quick text to let him know that everything seemed okay for the moment. He'd still keep an eye out, too.
  9. Raina moved to flank the newcomer, careful as she picked up the forms to avoid setting them on fire. She still had no idea what the kid's deal was... right up until he mentioned his school. "Oh, you're from Claremont?" she asked, visibly relaxing and waving her hand to let the flame in her palm go out. "Well, that explains why your energy feels like some kind of magic nightmare disaster, I guess." Dropping the forms back on the desk, she gave the kid an assessing look. "Definitely don't join anything you don't have to there, they're pretty much a bunch of losers and the clubs are boring."
  10. Raina rolled her eyes at Erik's protests and pulled out the dry mop to sweep soot off the mats. It was a pain in the ass to clean up once it got set in. She stopped abruptly the instant Erik's cheerful greeting cut off. Something was wrong. She took a deep breath and opened her senses. Strange magic, dead magic, the smell of coffin dirt and a strange red haze creeping in from the doorway. It didn't seem actively malevolent, at least not yet, but that didn't necessarily mean anything. Magic like that could cause a lot of harm with no ill intent at all. She looked over at Merlin, wh
  11. Danica sighed a little at the amount of ground they'd have to cover, but took his hand gamely enough to make her way over the uneven terrain. It was slow going, of course, but she didn't actually have any trouble walking or climbing, it just took an extra long time. "We should probably try to remember exactly where we landed," she suggested as they went, "in case we have to leave from the exact same place. It shouldn't be too hard, there's a foot-deep divot in the shape of my shell there now," she added with a chuckle. "But maybe marking our path wouldn't hurt." She pulled a piece of white cha
  12. After a few quiet moments, the shell expanded to its original size and Danica popped back into it, carefully checking to make sure the creature was gone before pushing herself back to her feet. "I was sort of hoping for friendly dinosaurs," she admitted with a sigh. "Did you ever see Land of the Lost?" she asked Heroditus. "It was about a family who fell into an alternate world full of dinosaurs. They built an awesome treehouse and made friends with dinosaurs. It was radical." She looked around. "This seems... different. What do you think we should do?"
  13. "Come on, I don't want to break your brittle old man hip when we're not even sparring," Raina protested, picking up her water bottle and taking a long drink. "You could have a sword cane now," she pointed out, "if you just got one of those stupid little straw hats too and learned to tap dance." She did a quick shuffle ball change combination that was all she remembered of the dance lessons her mother had insisted upon. Merlin looked up from his tablet long enough to applaud politely. This hilarious byplay was interrupted by the sound of the bell from the outer lobby. Raina looked
  14. "Yeah, next time I'll make sure it drops you on your ass instead of holding you up," Raina agreed. She gave the reddened patch of skin a spritz of first aid spray just to be on the safe side. "But you've sparred with Talia for like a bazillion years, so you already know everything she's taught me. And I can't just undo a couple buttons to make you stop thinking like she does, because gross." Raina tilted her head thoughtfully. "What I need is like... oh yeah, that'd probably work." She grinned as a new strategy popped into her brain, but didn't elaborate. "You okay to walk?" The broom floated
  15. "It is MADE OF FIRE!" Raina yelled, leaping up and waving her own arms around some as Erik went reeling off. The sword and Erik's pant leg both extinguished themselves instantly, leaving behind a smell of scorched cotton. "If you step on a fire, it is going to make you be on fire! Merlin!" She turned toward the spectator area in time for Merlin to toss her a spray can of Dermoplast. She pulled off the lid and shook it up, advancing on Erik. "Come on, did it get you? Let me see." Years of sparring had her burn care down to a science, except when the victim was hopping around the room and out of
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