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  2. The Dutemps building was built for emergencies in mind, with a reserve of water, significant backup power and with the markets housed inside the building, sufficient food. It was also hardened against outside attack, like a super villain rampage through Freedom City that might come too close to the castle crested tower. But that supposed that it would only need to remain in reinforced mode for a few days, that the outside situation would normalize and whatever rebuilding efforts would be run out of the tower. A interdimensional jaunt wasn't designed for, and that worried Eve. Still, she smiled at the sound of Bluebird's calming voice as she reassured the residents. --Ladies,-- Blue Fox thought, casting her mind out to her friends. --Meet me in the conference room, when you're able.-- Her mental voice was cool and calm, even if she was anything but.
  3. The situation was going from bad to worse to remember when it was only bad? this he thought is gonna require some thinking letsee. there was another threat, several badly injured civilians and a stampede of panicked concert goers, an invisable girl who despite not having any trouble making herself heard was competing with a din of terror and confusion. It behooved him to solve these problems as quickly as possible and for the self proclaimed calcium queen that ment catch and release. "Ah so we meet in the flesh....relatively speaking anyway...the police are on their way as we speak, if i were you id get running." He began he knew i she wanted to do that she'd have slipped out unnoticed and not appeared but the art of haggling was going for an absurd offer and finding an advantageous middle ground, time was against them both however.
  4. Gonna leap into the air and shockwave downwards to maximize the impact area! DC20 reflex and 25/20 toughness if i hit it.
  5. GM Dispatch may have been on its way, but this was pandemonium. Everybody was stampeding to get out of the panic, and in doing so the panic fungated and multiplied. Felix Mossau had been knocked sideways and, with impressive strength, was rightening his chair against the wall, teeth gritted. He understood the panic, and rightly feared it. It would be the devil of a job for dispatch to arrive. And besides, they had another problem. Onto the stage strode a tall, thin woman with antique garb and a long bone staff. her eyes blue, her hair dark, her demeanour eagour. "I!" she declared theatrically. "I am the mistress of bones!" This only increased the panic.
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  7. As per the title, I'm itching to do some threads with Gauss but, well, I'm crap at running things. I'm looking for some rather straight forward things to do with Claremont's resident Polaris knockoff. Anyone able to help?
  8. GM The Hornet gave a cunning smile. "The woman you speak of, the sleeping icy woman, is immortal, or something close to it. You are aware that Sin has extended his life many times over, and yet I believe he requires rejuvination. I would not swear to it, for Sin is ever obscure. Yet, this I would gamble on! He desires her alchemy, that frozen blood, that icy juice, of her body!" "I extracted it for him. And now, he wishes to...clone it, I think. I am not sure if one can clone such magic. I am not sure it is magic, or it is cloning. But he has gone to Holland to seek an expert on the matter" he said, mulling the words over carefully. "Now, perhaps you could intercept him, or merely foil his plans. If you were feeling bold, you could contaminate the extract with a subtle poison..."
  9. Emerald Spider Whilst she had done this kind of fall before, it had been in the suit and she couldn't help but feel how slow and sluggish she was without its assistance. She'd wasn't concerned with the actual fall yet, the landing was the last thing on her mind. And she hoped it wasn't the literal last thought. Luckily Pinnacle came in at the last minute and caught her before things got really serious. "Never apologise, lives are more important than justice, that's why we do this after all." She checked the belt and swore loudly in Korean. "I'm not going to be able to use this for a bit... and oh thanks for the catch."
  10. GM Post Even with the little time they had, it was relatively easy to match speed to cushion the landing, helped by Emerald Spider herself who even without the belt was a relatively skilled acrobat. They'd touched down gentle on the sidewalk of Emerald City. The one thing missing from this scene was, as Pinnacle had suspected, was Electron who had taken the opportunity to flee the scene, with only a few stray sparks of electricity. At least, apart from the window, the shop was more or less intact and still in possession of all its property.
  11. Maybe I'm a little touchy on this one, but I'm not going to insist of a save Besides I figure we're getting towards the end here, with a pretty big plot hook built in!
  12. The Traveller It might be invisible but the highly advanced targeting system of her suit tried it best to target the Android and to help just a little she fired the two parts of her blasters filling the area with energies bolts. She was sure that they'd needed a more solid solution unless they got lucky. "I think I can jam the droids stealth field, but I'll need you to keep it busy for a little while." The interactions of the various energies going on around it right now gave her a rich seam of data to which work out the frequency to jam the device, she hoped it'd been a while since she'd pulled such a stunt.
  13. The Traveller Attack Roll: 1d20+10 18 1d20 18, it's Toughness Save: 1d20+12 19. Dazed and Injured a solid start!
  14. If there's room anywhere for Gauss in this, I'd love to get in. If not, I understand.
  15. Welp. Shuffling the utility belt stuff around again. The +4s are to Craft Elec and Mech and KN Phys Sci, Tech, and...yeah, let's stick with Cosmology. Adding Skill Mastery means all of those except Cosmology get that sweet auto 30. But alas, Cosmology and Art must be rolled for. http://orokos.com/roll/634304 28 for Cosmology. http://orokos.com/roll/634305 29 for Art.
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    Shepherd the Flock

    As Dreadnaught turned to walk away a resounding impact sounded in the distance, like a wreaking ball crashing into a building. The entire camp went silent, collectively holding a breath and turning toward the sound. Over the tops of the surrounding buildings a plume of smoke and dislodged debris rose into the air, the angle from the ground making it difficult to tell how far away it was. The pregnant pause stretched out for another moment before the ragged group began to calm their jangled nerves... then another great crash rattled the ground, unmistakably closer than the first. THOOOOM The second plume was easier to make out, joining the first to begin a trail heading straight toward them.
  17. Asad exuded confidence, even dressed like someone who had their business meeting interrupted, which was true. Even if the information placed him as a rich twit who seemed to be able to take hits better than most Freedom Leaguers, and that was it. Pulling out a hip flask, he twisted it open and took a knock back, before he offered it up to the others, while walking to transport. "It's some of the best in the world, I recommend a swallow. It's no as if we're facing the end of the world, or anything." His expression blithe, as if the possibility of his failure here didn''t occur. Which, really, it all boiled down to either they succeeded, or it would be suddenly not their problem.
  18. Okay, so assuming we can roll all we want, I'll start with the Omegadrone neutralizer. Knowledge (Physical Sciences): 1d20 + 12 = 30 Knowledge (Arts): 1d20 + 7 = 20 As for the sheath destabilizer, can I just use my previous aid rolls if I have them? Knowledge (Cosmology): 24 (+3) Knowledge (Physical Sciences): 1d20 + 12 = 14 (+2) Knowledge (Technology): 22 (+3) Knowledge (Art): 1d20 + 7 = 27 (+3) Craft (Mechanics): 18 (+2) Craft (Electronics): 24 (+3)
  19. Perhaps it was the memory of bones but he felt himself wince a bit when Marcus skulll kissed the concrete. "Oof wipe-out....well thats a wrap for you, mike, you're gonna sing the blues from now on cuz you're a jailbird." It didn't take long for him to gather up the various band members and fashion some restraints from rigging his next instinct was to check on pixie, but first he he had to call this in on his smartphone. Still he scanned the crowd for signs of her. "Hey dispatch, its facs again, nother meta incident at the neat beat, ive tied it up but we got injured, lots of broken bones so if you could send a few ambulances too, that'd be great, thanks."
  20. Off to work this morning, but let me know if you need a check from Pinnacle to catch Spider, or if we can say he blow's one of those earned HP's to successfully make the save!
  21. Time slowed as Electron shorted out Spider's gear and he watched his ally & mentor plummet towards the pavement. He considered shifting his grip into a one armed carry, he had more than enough strength to do so, but the sudden acceleration and deceleration needed to get him to Spider could very likely injure the criminal's neck and spine. There wasn't an option, even still it frustrated him, he released his grip on Electron. "Your powers, abilities are a gift, but you abuse them out of greed. I'll tell you this, if you get away keep your head down. If I ever hear of you using them for personal gain, I'll be there. That's a promise." With that he blew through the door, flying up to Spider's falling form, matching her downward velocity before bringing his arms out to slow her fall, allowing her to avoid a sudden stop on the street below. "I've got you Spider," he paused, "sorry, she's gone. I let you down." His first outing into the world of super hero'ing, an actual villain, and he'd let her rob not one, but two different locations and make her escape, clean.
  22. The old woman had a glint of steel in her eyes the second Arrowhawk spun her around - but between the explosion and the carnage in the room upstairs, there was clear reason for her resolve to snap. She turned away, trying not to meet anyone's eyes. "There are things I cannot say," she said, "for my tongue is bound and my soul may be forfeit. We all swore to follow from the examples of our mothers, who were bled for this city and decided to make it bleed in turn. In time, however, they decided we were more important. But there are those who still believe that death must be grasped with both hands... and whatever they extended a hand towards, it is horrible beyond the telling." Lady Horus, meanwhile, was closing on the Omegadrone. It was still staggered from the assault it had taken, and while it seemed to be righting itself, its flight pack was no match for the Ankh of Horus. He was 1000 feet out... 500... 200... And then there was a grand swirling tide of black in the air, north-north-west from the Omegadrone's current course. The Omegadrone banked hard, driving into the portal and vanishing into its inky folds. Lady Horus was no expert in magic, but the thing seemed to be collapsing fairly rapidly. She might have a few seconds to get through... but what would be on the other side?
  23. Pausing only long enough to run a tired hand back through his hair, Tarrant pulled his hood back up. "Right," he said, gathering stones together into a small platform, "the direct approach it is." Outside, his companion had already disappeared in crimson fire, emerging in all her terrible scaled glory. They set off with all due haste, bee-lining toward the greater conflict and trying to ignore the...everything, all around them, as hard as that was. "We'll punch you the best hole we can," he was saying; behind him, he was trailing a jet stream of rubble - a growing cloud of stone and cement and even some asphalt, as unresponsive as that usually was. Maybe the city itself was angry. "They are many, and nearly feral things," rumbled the dragon. "We may not hold the attention of all of them, if they are too many or too well-commanded. We must all keep one eye on each other, and our backs."
  24. She's tough, but not that tough, so she's happy to talk.
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