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  2. Dirge Kanemu of Ku'unum had only rudimentary knowledge of what the Lor Republic considered "modern technology" or the underlying science which made it function. He knew enough that he could understand what he was reading if he had to look something up, just not enough to remember what he'd read later. But his understanding was sufficient for the sorts of menial labor he subsisted on when mercenary work wasn't available, and that included the broader industrial applications of Tepeyoite ore, and, more likely relevant for his purposes, the best ways to mine it. And mine it he would, unless a more exciting employment opportunity presented itself, perhaps even the opportunity to die like a true Fryxian, to die a death glorious enough that his people would live on in the tales told of his great doom. The passage he'd bought on the transport had drained the bulk of his credits, not that he'd ever had many to begin with. He'd lain on the bare plasteel of the not-really-converted cargo bay crammed in with other flotsam of the stars, mostly prospectors hoping that their fortunes would turn if they could catch some crumbs of the Tepeyoite boom before it ended. When the transport dumped them on Temuera II, one of its crew members repeatedly imitated the noise of a toilet flushing as the "discount" passengers filed out through the cargo bay doors. The massive blue-furred sheep-man turned around the second his feet touched the planet's soil, the moment he left the ship captain's legal jurisdiction, and head-butted the crewman hard enough to knock him out cold. There were two audible *CRACK*s, one when Kanemu's rack of curved horns and thick skull struck the man, and another when he fell and his head smacked against the inner hull of the cargo bay. Then Kanemu immediately turned back around and kept walking, oblivious to the reactions of his fellow passengers or the unconscious man's fellow shipmates. The last Fryxian checked the pouch hanging under his scarlet loin cloth as he moved through the settlement. A few credits left on his stick, and a handful of tiny gems and ingots. Enough for a meal or two, maybe a night's drink, but he'd be sleeping in a barn tonight if he were lucky, or out in the street if he weren't. He needed paying work, and he needed it fast. The Fryxus deserved a better end to their saga than for the last of their herd to starve to death in a back alley. He strode purposefully toward the nearest bar.
  3. Just starting this as a sort of an intellectual exercise, but what if anything would the people and heroes (aka the Also People) of Freedom do about the ruined state of Kingston? This came up in chat, and I agree with the sentiment that something as dramatic as a Terminus invasion shpuld have a lasting impact on the city and the world, but could some use be made out of at least some of the land? Like a memorial park, a government lab to study the Doomforge and all things Terminus, or a heroic HQ. Just tossing this out there!
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  5. Completed By Durf Dirge: 4PP to spend. Please increase his Strength by +4, from 18 (+4) to 22 (+6). This will change the "Heavy Load" listed next to his Strength score from "300 lbs." to "520 lbs.". This will also change his Grapple bonus and his Climb and Swim skill bonuses.
  6. If you need someone to make up the numbers I'll throw in someone, Triakosia is probably the most suitable but whoever works best for you.
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    Birthday Girl

    Lynn sighed and shook her head. "Look, you need to be willing to accept good things into your life, kiddo; you've gotta stop...mistrusting happiness and waiting for the other shoe to drop. You deserve to have good things happen to you. Stop punishing yourself!" Then the changeling abruptly stood up and put her hands on her hips. "Alright, get your ass up." She gestured, and a low wooden table with a padded surface appeared in the middle of the room. Lynn noisily pushed the coffee table and miscellaneous trash out of the way. "Face down, on the table. You're getting a f###ing massage, right now. Now!" She added the padded 'face hole' to one end of the table, then conjured up a table with several bottles of scented oils.
  8. Looking for 2-3 PL 10-12 characters to respond to explosions and/or some kind of attack near the Doomforge overlooking Kingston. Intro thread for the Unbreakable Kronk, so depending on reactions might be a bit of "Let's you and me fight!" but overall probably more character interaction/exposition than combat. Preference for Characters with ties to the terminus/warpwold but generally open recruitment.
  9. Just write "Constitution 22/12 (+6/+1)". Not gonna fly. You're technically sidestepping the house rules about a minimum of 1/3rd of your total attack bonus being from Base Attack by using Perception-range attacks, but no redname is going to let that slide by. It's not just a mechanical balance issue. It's also a genre convention. In the comics and movies, even "noncombatants" who are important characters to the story tend to do OK for themselves in a fight. Wrong. Half of your base Defense bonus (not including any Dodge Focus or Shield ranks, just the 2PP-per-+1 stuff), rounded down, is your dodge bonus. That's what you lose when you're caught flat-footed. The Dodge Focus feat and the Shield power (which is really just Enhanced Dodge Focus) add directly to your dodge bonus instead of to your base Defense, so when you get caught flat-footed, they go away too. You paid 10PP, so you got +5 ranks of base Defense. +2 of that is your dodge bonus, so when you get caught flat-footed, you lose it, and you're left with +3. So that should read "Defense: +5, +3 Flat-Footed". Also, with +6 Toughness from your Con and no other source, and +5 Defense, you're not even coming close to hitting PL10 defensive combat caps. That's a really bad idea. Really bad idea to have even your worst save be this low. Looks like you have +0 Cha and one rank of the Attractive feat (which is just Limited ranks of Bluff and Diplomacy, for 1PP per 8 total ranks instead of the usual 1PP per 4 ranks), this should actually read "Bluff 0 (+0, +4 Attractive)". Same with Diplomacy. Your math is wrong. If you're putting 1 rank into an Int skill, and you have an Int of +2, then it should read "1 (+3)". Also, with bonuses that low, why bother putting ranks there at all? Look at the DCs listed under each skill in the core book. What checks are you going to make with these bonuses? There's no check or bonus with Language. You speak the language or you don't. Craft is probably a better skill for this than Profession, since you're actually making something. "Craft (Artistic)" is the catch-all subskill for things like cooking that the others don't cover. Use Arabic numerals, not Roman numerals. If you only have one rank, don't put any number. Just write "Attractive". If you have multiple ranks, just write "Improved Initiative 2". Per the house rules, everyone gets this for free. Your PC literally can't die unless you consent to it OOC. If you took Immunity to Fatigue effects because you thought it would let you use Extra Effort for free, then be aware that it does not do that. It protects you from the Fatigue attack power. Why does it take him longer to recover from a Bruised condition (one minute by default) than an Injured condition? The rednames will probably not approve an action flaw on Super-Senses. Good GOD, Lemon. You don't have to take that many Alternate Powers. Take HALF that many. You don't need that many exotic attacks. Drain, Fatigue, Nauseate, Paralyze, AND Stun is excessive. I'd take maybe two of those. Remember power stunts! That's the main reason to take ranks of the Luck feat in the first place. Try before you buy! Selective is an EXTRA on attack powers, especially Area attack powers. If I were you, I'd stick to single-target attacks in the array, and I'd leave Area versions to power stunts. Just being able to spam Selective Area attacks every round is boring in play, for you and for everyone else. And certain character archetypes like Martial Artists, Weapon Masters, and Costumed Detectives tend to have tradeoffs in favor of Attack over Damage, and they tend to have Takedown Attack, so they're usually better at sweeping minion groups than they are at dealing with hard single targets, which the more "powerful" heroes tend to excel at. Spamming AoEs every round kinda invades their niche. A common cost-cutting trick with Perception-range powers is flawing the Action down to Full. You probably don't need to move to get within range or to line up the shot. Unlike extras, which always apply, power feats are optional. Each time you use a power, you can decide which of the power feats you have on the effect you will use and which ones you won't. Knowing that might make you take a second look at some of the power feat options. If you keep the Drain effect, then remember that Drained traits come back at 1PP per round unless you have the Slow Fade power feat and/or the Total Fade extra. By default, Healing takes a full action to use, so you can only use it on someone you're already within touch-range of, unless you either 1) move to them, take a standard action to START healing, and then have to wait until your next action to FINISH it, taking two rounds and hoping you're not interrupted, or 2) Use Extra Effort for an additional action in the same round, costing a level of Fatigue (or a Hero Point to buy it off). I would increase the action on Healing to Standard before I bought any other extras for it. Stabilizing is a DC10 check, you have 10 ranks, you can't fail, you don't need the Stabilize power feat. It might be more fun and dramatic to not take the Persistent or Regrowth power feats, and instead, if a chance to use either one comes up in play, use Extra Effort to grab the feat temporarily. Similarly, it might be more fun and dramatic to not take the Resurrection extra, and instead, if the chance comes up during play to resurrect someone, use Extra Effort to gain a temporary AP that's a version of Healing which does have it. Again, POWER STUNTS! I would consider an AP with Enhanced Strength (and maybe some Super-Strength if you have powers left over), so that, if he's up against foes resistant or immune to Fortitude saves, he can still do something. His fluff seems to suggest that beefing himself up would fall within his abilities. 30PP would give him Enhanced Strength 30, for a total of 40 (+15). If you give him +5 base Attack bonus, then when he's not slinging his Perception-range Fort attacks, he can Hulk up, punch people, and still hit PL10 offensive combat caps (5 + 15 = 20, 20 / 2 = 10). And +5 attack would still work with the "(relative) lack of combat training" you envisioned.
  10. "Oh, we need to watch it sometime! It's got everythin': naval battles, drinkin' songs, superstitious sailors! It's a real cat 'n' mouse game between the two cap'ns; if you like Wrath of Khan, you'll probably like it." Olivia's compliments made Lulu a little bashful, but she was quick to point out the shapeshifter's expertise. "You look amazin', too, did you make that one? That's right, you always have the perfect fit if you make your own clothes. That's a neat trick! Why don't we try on a few more things then grab some lunch, okay?"
  11. Lulu changes the nature of her Selective Illusion, and then weaponizes Communication
  12. Lulu's first thought was to send a piercing psychic spike right into the bastard's skull, but that would require her to drop her silent field. Speaking of which... She turned to the others and whispered (more out of habit than anything else). "Y'all can talk now; ah made it so only we can hear us. Let me try somethin' out real quick..." She then turned her attention to Mr. Chair Leg as she sent a sinister message straight into his mind. - I wouldn't do that if I were you. The Council is watching. The Council is always watching. -
  13. Zombie. Vampire? Cyborg. Robot. Nothing. Not even a ripple. It took all of Lulu's considerable willpower not to shudder at Eira's touch, but she was definitely very quick to let it go. She was relived to find both of her parent's handshakes to be warmer. "Very nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Katastroff, ah'm sure we'll be fine." She tucked the card in her back pocket, then gestured towards her small dorm fridge. "Can ah offer you anythin'? Bottled water, or a Coke...?" Her voice trailed off a bit as she watched the metal spread across the wall. Ohhhh dear Lord.
  14. Persephone's now got her Impervious Toughness and Light effects up, but not her Flight effect. She uses Extra Effort to power stunt a temporary Alternate Power feat on her Plant Control array: Damage 10 (Extras: Autofire, Range [Ranged, 10 100ft Increments, 1,000ft Max]; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Accurate 3, Improved Critical 2, Indirect 3, Subtle, Variable Descriptor [Bludgeoning, Piercing, and/or Slashing Damage]) [30PP] She'll use it to attack the face on the wall. If she needs an attack roll, then she'll All-Out Attack for +2 Attack / -2 Defense and Power Attack for -2 Attack / +2 Damage, getting a 12 and then burning a Hero Point to re-roll and get a 29, and if that hits, provoking a DC27 Toughness save (plus any applicable Autofire bonuses). If she didn't need an attack roll to hit the wall, then the tradeoff feats don't apply, the Toughness save is DC25, and she didn't need to spend the HP. All of that is free actions except for the full action to use the Damage effect.
  15. Persephone At first, the green woman gave only a subtle roll of her eyes in response to her doppelganger's taunts. But then it mentioned a "daddy," and a "baby," and "murder," and suddenly she was twenty-one years old again. Staring down at test results, and then a nice, handsome young man kneeling in front of her with a ring. The sight of either one should have made her feel happy, excited, but instead they filled her with anxiety to the point of nausea. She saw her entire life drawn on a giant map spread out beneath her, a well-trodden path carved out and paved over by her mother and her grandmothers before her, and she knew it wasn't her path, it wasn't the life she wanted. She saw the angry, screaming faces of the protesters at the clinic, and the determined grimace of the volunteers locked arm-in-arm to create a tunnel for her, a different path for her to walk. She saw the quiet and still handsome but no less angry face of that same nice young man, only not so nice anymore once she told him what she'd decided, what she'd done. She heard the spectre hurl barbs about "voodoo witch doctors," about "having a taste for that sort of thing," and she remembered the next time she saw that not very nice young man, years later, the subtle, smug disdain on his face when he saw the new man on her arm, a fellow student at her new school, a man of the wrong color. Her former lover's expression said so much that his mouth didn't have to say anything. I never thought you'd sink so low. But after what you did, I should've known. I can't believe I wanted to marry you. I dodged a bullet. The word "murder" kept echoing in her skull, and her thoughts slid forward in time, to less than a year ago, the looks of sadistic hunger on the faces of the vampire pack shifting in their final moments to anguished screams of pain and fear as the roots and branches around her responded to her newfound symbiote's psychic commands and impaled those bloodsuckers like shish kabobs and they crumbled into ash. Persephone clenched her fists. The overlapping layers of hardened bark as strong as steel once more sprouted from her skin and covered her like the scales of a dragon. The engorged vines which had conveyed her down into the whole sprang to life once again, whipping furiously. The purple glow from her eyes gained a slight glisten as she glared and screamed at her own face in the wall. "It wasn't murder! You can't murder something that isn't alive in the first place! Now GET OUT OF MY HEAD AND GO BACK TO HELL!" Gigantic thorns burst forth along their lengths as the massive vine-tentacles flailed and smashed into the wall with enough force to pulverize it.
  16. Heroditus nodded, "<I had heard you were Princess Thaelia's roommate, but was not told of the extent with which she had shared our culture with you. Which parts of Atlantis did you visit? Was it just the primary city, or did she take you to some of the other colonies?>" He scratched his chin, thinking for a moment of the full beard he would one day have, and being able to stroke it while in thought. "<I myself have only been to a few of them, though do hope to visit more someday.>" This one projects a calm and thoughtfulness I have not seen in most other students here. More... Atlantean than most. A welcome difference! Is that her own persona, and why she was paired with Thaelia? Or was that something she picked up from her trips to our homeland? He smiled warmly at her personal revelation, "<so, we are both fingerlings far from our spawning grounds, and isolated from our peers. Summers is quite the matchmaker, I will grant her that. So, shall we get to know one another better?>" He pointed to the bench he'd been sitting in with one hand, and gestured towards the paths with the other, "<and would you prefer to do so while seated here, or while walking among the flora?>"
  17. Eira fixed cold blue eyes on Lulu's hand, then shook it with a grip like a wet noodle. Her fingers were long and thin, her hand a little bony in Lulu's grip, her skin about room temperature. "Charmed." She turned back to her valise and snapped open the old-fashioned lock. The case snapped open, and a remarkable thing happened. The contents seemed to unfold as Lulu watched, spreading over the surface of the desk as if some very complicated internal mechanism had been set into motion. Glowing instruments and a set of tools here, a monitor screen attached to a laptop there, as if everything she could have wanted really had been neatly compacted down into that suitcase. Her father asked her something and Eira responded in English without turning around. "Why?" Eira's parents shot Lulu a look that was almost apologetic. After a moment's hesitation, her mother said, "I am Magda Katastroff, and this is my husband Bernhard. I'm so glad the school was able to find Eira a roommate this year. If you need anything," she said, handing a glossy, embossed card to Lulu, "don't hesitate to call us. We're far away, but that doesn't mean we don't care." The last was said with a look at her daughter's back. Eira made a dismissive noise on her side of the room as a mirrored screen rose above her desk, casting her into a mirrored triplicate. It was now clear that the contents of her valise were not just unfolding but actually spreading across her side of the room, the walls beginning to turn a distinct shade of silver.
  18. Lulu ambled down the familiar hallway, waving and calling out greetings to various classmates; break had been great, as usual, but she was eager to get back to her classes. She was fairly bundled up today, as winter was finally rearing its ugly head, wearing a dark blue parka with a faux fur trimmed hood, jeans and black snow boots. Her luggage was all strapped together and floating behind her, held aloft by her TK. As she approached the doorway, she cringed slightly; she hoped this argument wasn't a taste of things to come! She poked her head in the door and smiled. "Yes, that's right; how do you do? Watch out for my luggage, it's comin' through!" The large bundle of suitcases floated effortlessly into the room towards Lulu's side...until the telepath registered the girl with no thoughts. WHUMP! The loud noise of the cases hitting the floor startled Lulu, which rattled her even further. She nervously ran her fingers through her hair as she attempted to regain her composure. "Ah'm...sorry! Clumsy of me! Where's mah manners, you must be Eira?" She abruptly stuck out her hand, fully expecting the new student's skin to be cold to the touch.
  19. Aquaria's nat-20 was too good to pass up. She's got big nostrils!
  20. Okay, finally caught up on my reading in this thread! Is it okay if I just have Torque drop down next to Cheval and Persephone?
  21. Davyd had considered joining Victoria and Pan up in the air, but the recent troubles he'd had with turning into a bird (and back) discouraged him. Why do I have so much trouble with avians? Is it the hollow bones? The feathers? The aerodynamics? No, probably not that last one. I really should practice more. His eyes wandered from the two airborne comrades to Lulu, and Adam, lingered there a moment, then looked towards the approaching shoreline. He politely declined a ride in a tender, instead diving off the Horizon and swimming ashore, starting as a moon jellyfish, then a sting ray, and finally coming ashore as a large crab. He scuttled up to Lulu and Adam and resumed his human form, "so, how much time do you think we've got until we head down to the wreck? Think we'll have time to entertain some of the locals?"
  22. Yesterday
  23. Tsunami Giang waited for Heroditus to finish his circle around her before fixing her gaze back on the young Atlantean with a small nod as he spoke about being able to get around on land better now. <"That should continue to improve with time."> She replied. <"There are a few exercises that could help with becoming more acclimated to the surface if you are interested."> As he turned to mentioning her knowledge of his language, she gave a small nod, <"I had the good fortune of having Thelia as my roommate shortly after I arrived here. This provided me opportunities to visit Atlantis and other parts of its realm, as well as learn your language. I would be honored to learn more about your culture and history."> <"As for why the Headmistress asked me to work with you, that is a bit more nuanced that simply helping you learn more about surface culture, although I am certainly happy to share what I do know in that regard."> The Asian young woman then continued. <"But perhaps more importantly, when I came to Claremont I was in a relatively similar situation to you. While I grew up on the surface, I did so on the far side of the world, in a remote village in Southeast Asia. I also had very little interaction with peers my own age until I came here.">
  24. January 2020 Claremont Academy Amid all the hubbub and bub of learning the secrets of various friends, and going on cosmic adventures with other friends, Crystal-Gazer had almost (but not quite) missed the fact that she'd technically been without a room-mate for the entire fall semester. There'd been a conversation before break about how she was going to have a new room-mate after the Christmas holiday, a girl from Sweden named Eira, but that was about all she'd heard. Now it was move-back-in day after the break, and she was set to meet her new room-mate for the first time. She was on her way down the hall to her room, the hallways full of students, parents, and even the occasional friend, when she overheard an argument coming from her open door - an argument that she couldn't understand. First came a man's voice, an older one. Someone not quite yelling but certainly speaking with authority, in a language that she couldn't immediately understand, a feminine voice about her own age. Then another voice, a woman's, as upset as the man's. It wasn't quite loud enough that people were coming to investigate but they were certainly listening. Turning the corner and stepping into her room, she was confronted with two people, no - three? The first two were easy enough to understand. A man in a shirt and slacks that were too expensive to be as casual as he wanted to look, the sort of middle-aged that's beginning to turn into a paunch, a blonde mustache turning to grey on his face. The woman next to him looked much the same, her blonde hair cut short in a pageboy, jewelry on her neck and hands, looking more like a college president than anything else. At Lulu's arrival, they turned to her and smiled politely. "Hello," said the father, "you must be...Lulu?" his accent in English was distinct, but his command of the language fluent. The third occupant of the room stared at Lulu, her pale cheeks flushed from anger. She looked like a punk, hair dyed blue and face pierced, and the only piece of furniture she'd brought with her was a single valise she'd left on the vacant desk on the other side of the room. She said nothing...and thought nothing. As far as Lulu could tell, there was nothing there at all. "Aren't you going to say hello, Eira?" asked her mother. Eira rolled her eyes and fired something off that made her parents glare at her. With a sigh, she turned her attention to Lulu. "Hello. What are you in for?"
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    Birthday Girl

    "The Knights, the Interceptors. Don't even have a name for our group. We're just the Group That Bails Serena Out of Her Mess," Serena said. "I guess you're right, they're not perfect, but... Ionno. I still feel like a screw up in comparison. I've never managed to do anything right. I messed up my whole life by being young, dumb and angry, and then I messed up my daughter's life by being too afraid of the consequences of what I did, and now... I just don't feel very heroic." "I'm sorry, I am being a huge downer. Like I said, I know I did well for myself, but you spend most of your childhood with people who tell you you're not good enough or you're not their REAL kid so you better remember to behave yourself oand you end up with... Self esteem issues, I guess. MAN. The 80s foster care system sucked. Especially in Jersey." Serena poured herself a double shot and downed. "I'm trying. I really am."
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