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  2. Yeah, I'll have Masque re-roll that. Melee Attack REROLL vs. Sorcerer (Power Attack -5/+5): 1d20+15-5 14 Since that roll was less than 11, reroll mechanics bump it by +10 to 24. Hopefully that hits, or we're in trouble! DC25 Toughness save vs. blunt damage, as before. That's another HP down, which by my count brings her down to 3 (5 at start, -1 for the illusion stunt, +1 for the complication, -1 for the daze, -1 for the reroll).
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  4. There is one change 3E made to Inventor/Artificer: it specifically mentions that you do not calculate in the discount from the Removable flaw -- in 2E, it being an Easy- or Hard-to-Lose Device -- when figuring out the power point cost (and thus the DCs for design & construction checks), because it "does not apply to inventions, as they are temporary by nature." Ex.: Doktor Archeville (early in his career, before becoming a cyborg) has been stripped of his gear. Fortunately, he's in a Circuit City, and so has access to lot of electronics. He kit-bashes a laser rifle (Blast 7, AP: Dazzle Visual 7, in an Easy to Lose Device 3). The pp cost -- and thus the DCs for the skills checks -- is 15 (the cost for Blast 7 with one AP), not 9 (the cost for an Easy to Lose Device 3). Whether or not that's adopted here, I do think a similar thing should be used with the Unreliable (5 uses) and Unreliable 2 (1 use) flaws, due to the "temporary by nature" aspect. Though Unreliable (50/50 chance of working) might be allowed?
  5. Right, Teleport uses a Movement action by default. Though I believe Ouroboros' Long Range Flaw brings it up to a Full Action for him. *** Sense Motive: 1d20+6 = 18. Failed. The Sorcerer is Flat-footed. However, that attack missed. You can roll spend HP, see what happens. *** @angrydurf, you're up! Note that you are still grappled (or wait, I still need to roll a Grapple Opposed check for the round, yes? Well, looks like Ouroboros has a slim chance to start his turn un-grappled.) Opposed Grapple Roll: 1d20+25 = 27 Combat Mechanics
  6. Teleport's typically a move action; it's full-round only if you want to teleport twice (two Move Actions) or do a much further-distance Full-Round Teleport, which generally propels one a distance measured in miles. For now she may be stuck fighting the sorcerer. So let's have her try what they were going to try last round. Masque Duplicate teleports over to the sorcerer and Feints at him as a standard action. She will Skill Mastery it to take 10, for a final Bluff check of 21, or 25 if Attractive applies. Bluff or Sense Motive to oppose or be flat-footed. She'll set up the real Masque, who will shake off the daze (-1 HP) and power attack the sorcerer. Melee Attack Roll vs. Sorcerer (Power Attack -5/+5): 1d20+15-5 12 ....uninspiring, though if the bluff worked and the Sorcerer's flat-footed defense is truly awful that'd be a DC25 Toughness save. I'll not try to reroll it without first knowing how the bluff went, though; she still has 3HP from her Luck Control, but it'd be her last HP from her non-powered pool, and she may be needing to Luck Control at people the way this has been going.
  7. "Ooh, yes please," Elizabeth agreed, falling in line behind the rest as they made their way toward shelter. She carried her bag at her side, swinging free from one hand while the other held her hat down. She probably didn't need to hold her hat down, but it's just what one did when exploring a new place, surely. "The history, yes, but the quarters part too. I love what I've seen of this country so far, but I am not built for the sun. It's worth it to see your pyramid, but I'm never going to turn down some shade." She had a brilliant smile to go with that, every inch the well-meaning enthusiast. "How has the dig been going? Found anything new and exciting?"
  8. Not sure what was happening, Aquaria backed up, watching the two Surfacers talk. "Aquaria, thank you for coming today," said Cassandra Vale seriously. "I promise that the next time we invite you to Freedom Hall, we won't lie to you about why we're doing it." She gave Aquaria a little bow, eyes cast down, and Aquaria did the same. She gave a little wave to Archeville on the way out - perhaps she had overtaxed the former hybrid with her song and her presence. Ah well she thought as she closed the armor over her face, hopping her way through Freedom Hall and then into the sky overhead as she went. I did not say the things to him that made me very angry. So that is good. Perhaps he just needs time to consider who he is. - "How are you, Viktor?" Cassandra had led Viktor Archeville into her office, an overstuffed academic's office full of paper-filled filing cabinets and boxes, a ruggedized laptop on her desk one of her few concessions to modernity. The walls were decorated with collections of Atlantean and Caribbean art, splashes of bright color and strongly-formed figures that reinforced the impression of this being an emeritus professor's office somewhere. There was coffee here, heavily mixed with cocoa, her favorite.
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  10. Archeville rose from his crouched position and smiled weakly at Aquaria. Glad to see things had ended on a non-bloody note. And then those inhuman notes issued forth from her throat, and his face froze, then his smile twisted into a grimace. His breaths came quick & shallow, his blood pressure climbed as his heart raced, his vision dimmed, his limbs felt like rubber. Just when he thought he'd gotten a handle on things, on being in the presence of a Deep One, the sight and the smell, her singing -- which reminded him so much of the ululations of the Deep Ones who had rallied under him, chanted war songs in his name, sang praises to the new age R'K'Vll would bring -- brought on another panic attack. Fortunately, Vale had placed a hand on his shoulder just as the worst hit, and the song was brief, so he didn't collapse completely. He stood hunched over, hands on his knees, taking slow, deep breaths. "I... I would be... interested... in seeing those... workups," he struggled, trying to remain calm and clinical.
  11. Up on the ceiling, Aquaria looked down at the cringing Surface-Man - and dropped back onto all fours, legs tucked up beneath and forelimbs out front, next to him. "I...I am sorry," she croaked softly, almost subsonic in her harmonizing. She shot a nervous glance back at Dr. Vale, glad she didn't seem to be in trouble. "They taught me those words too, when there is guilt." She looked up at Archeville and said, "It is fair. I asked you of your mating." She considered the conversation they were having, and the things that Surfacers feared and disliked, then added, "I am not homophobic. Many of my friends are females that mate with females." She wriggled her back leg loose so she could scratch behind the unarmored portion of her head. "Let me sing you a song." And so, she did, a low, throbbing tune that made her throat bulge and echoed in the bass. Dagon made the male Hydra birthed the female They are the pair She made a small noise, then rose again to her bipedal status. "The male would now sing of the great body of the female and the might of his seed, and the female would sing of how sharp were her teeth and wide was her mouth. But there are no males here who can sing like me." "I do have a full anthropological workup if you're interested, Viktor," said Cassandra Vale, a friendly hand on Archeville's shoulder. If she could feel the technorganic stuff within, she made no comment on it. "Aquaria knows many songs."
  12. OOC for this thread. A bright new day marred by an old shadow. @Avenger Assembled
  13. April 20th, 10.25PM, 2019 The paths around Lake Mackenzie The sun streamed down through the trees, its light glinted across the silver-blue surface of the lake. The air was fragrant with flowers, the rich scent of warm earth, and the far-off food carts. Birds sang in the trees, boats plying the lake roared or burbled or splashed, depending how they were being pushed, and the park was thick with barking dogs, yelling children and dancing cherry blossoms. On the far side of the lake and muffled by ancient trees, a fairground had sprung up like a pale echo of Port Regal's Ocean Heights Amusement Park. "Amazing," Leroy stared wide-eyed from his and Judy's vantage point up the hill, hugging her a little closer as he looked down at the scene, "playing on the surface like this...nobody without a dragon would risk it back home." He smiled at Judy "You are a brave people, Dee!" For the hike Leroy had worn the plainest clothes he had, a short olive-green tunic with black piping and the minutest little golden embroidered foxgloves at the neck, and short grey trousers with generous pockets. The thicker sandals laced up his calves looked like they had never once been used. For Pulse the air tingled with the shuddering waves of electromagnetic energy. Phones, satellite dishes, radio antennae, a raging sea of information and raw power blistered the air. ------------------------------------------------------------------- They had started the hike an hour or two ago, Leroy largely drawn by a performance his father's high-school orchestra was putting on that afternoon. "He will be absent and his pupils are magnificent," he had explained gleefully, reading from the pamphlet in the mail, "and walking to the lake would be lovely this time of year." He had turned over the pamphlet, regarding the elegant signature on the back. "Lavernius never sends me these. I wonder why he did this time. In any case, why not make a day of it? A little change of pace for us devoted scholars of heroism." -------------------------------------------------------------------- Leroy scanned the lake as they went further down. "Boats, the park, I believe that is a Carnivalé...so much to do! Where first?"
  14. "Daily meals were usually greens, Foufou and a peanut sauce." he shrugged noncommittally, "For feast days there are usually traditions for the various holidays." he grinned a slightly, "And foreign cuisine when fete-ing diplomatic missions." He watched their progress through the hills toward their destination with interest nodding agreement with Elizabeth's observations. "And that in itself impressive." He rose easily from his seat to step out into the sun once more when they arrived and followed a few steps behind Veronica as introductions were made. He offered the doctor a shallow bow as he took his hand, "wa 'alaykum is salām" he intoned the phrase well practiced if accented. He readily followed as they were led to their quarters his bag slung easily over one shoulder as he observed the bustle of the camp as they passed through. "I am looking forward to learning more of your lands impressive history." he agreed readily.
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    "Afraid that leaves me out," Leroy said with a wry look that twisted the scars on his cheeks, "none of my powers are mine, or ever will be. And yes, a splendid idea O sunset star, to the library." Taking up the lead alongside Davyd, the other boy led the way along the winding stairs and through the hallways connecting the cafeteria to the other buildings making up the castle-like front of Claremont Academy. Almost alone among the group, he'd been politely interested in the display, though Judy's upset had made him take half a step in her direction...before her sister swooped in and took over. "That was a remarkable likeness of me, Mr. Palahniuk." Leroy casually hugged the wall to let a stream of other students jostle by. Waving back to some of them before they vanished around the corner, he went on brightly "I had never met a face-dancer before, Mother usually keeps them on the rings so they need not fear the call of the raging earth. But they are quite well-loved, according to my friends on Earth-2. How do people feel about your like on Prime?" "Oh," suddenly remembering something, his face fell "no, my dragon is several meters long and currently fighting in the hills. He is green, with a curved fan running from crown to tail-tip, you can spot him on campus with a tree limb crunching in his mouth." "But the library is wonderful! Well-stocked, in many languages, a carpet so soft and warm it puts life in your toes." He led the trot up another flight, spiraling around one of the mini-towers that jutted from the quad. "Not to mention a secret, forbidden room into which no student has ever stepped! Many have tried, but all fail!" At last, they reached the library's main door and stepped into the velvety hush created by long rows of books, desks and people crammed into alcoves reading as hard as they can.
  16. Clarification of Deathly Aura: Your touch is inimical to simple forms of life: small plants wither and die when you touch them, or even just walk over them, and small insects perish upon touching you. Although an inconvenience at times (and good for a Complication), this is a net Feature, good for, amongst other things, a circumstance bonus to Intimidate checks. -Power Profiles, 3E, page 36
  17. She looked to the side, watched Monica leave. "No. I control stuff. Physical stuff. Matter." Not myself. She turned her head back to Davyd, smiling, and showing genuine warmth. "I get not being able to control the powers. Visualization helps me." She caught Ash moving, and the protective sister thing. Well what she thought was the case. The smile didn't waver, but the eyes that looked at Ash for a moment didn't have that smile either. Perhaps a bit too much clarity her expression as she regarded the surly big sister. She had the performer mask, like Judy. She could get it to her eyes, she was better at hiding. But her intuition told her that Ash was flanking. Corinne put a hand on his shoulder, "Hey, how about I cover something to nosh on while we wander over towards the library?" The blonde smoothed over, "And everyone can talk about their powers. If they want."
  18. Davyd took half a step back as Corrine advanced, but her soothing tone convinced him it was okay. His body tingled as her energies washed over him, restoring -- forcing -- him to his original form. He was as shocked as everyone else appeared to be at his powers, "Wow! So I guess I know what your thing is -- you help others, yes? Some sort of empath, a healer?" He looked to the rest, "What about the rest of you? I sort-of know what Lady Liberty can do." He looked sheepishly at Ashley, "ah, sorry. I will remember to give you all warning next time." He turned to Judy and nodded enthusiastically, "I think so, yes! I can do more -- do you want to see?," he asked, eying a basket of fruit on a counter several dozen feet away. He turned back to Ashley -- or, rather, his head did a 180 to face Ashley while his body remained still. "See, I asked this ti- uh oh..." He turned his head back around, and turned his eyes down, "sorry."
  19. @Tarrakhash Apologies, up and running again. Go.
  20. The Red Death just lifted her gas gun at Aja, and pulled the trigger. "You rich little b####! Her father is a evil, upper class scum who has you all fooled!" It missed Aja, and it was clear that things were turning very, very badly for her, and her team and it was getting to her, as she sprayed the noxious fumes wildly, her expression wild, even as she is clawed across one of her arms. While this happened the inert partner rolled onto her back and then kicked up and lunged with a kick at Ms. Thursday, only to miss her as well. As this happened the villain with the multiple gun arms was blasting at the bonds that had formed on him intent on getting out of what was holding him.
  21. "Oh yeah, I heard 'bout them dolphins," he replied to Aquaria, nodding solemnly. "Helped a few divers an' marine biologists along the East coast, they told me stories." An' some of those stories involved critters what looked like you, Miss Froggy. A Mutt approached Aquaria, looked back to Dead Head one more time, then back to her, and allowed her to pet him. Dead Head shrugged, but kept an eye on her for a bit. It took a moment for Revenant's words to register, and to see the bullethole-shaped scar she was showing. "Pardon? Ooh, wow, that's a keeper! Least you can hide it, if'n yer so inclined." He nodded, "an' that's a damn fine mindset! Yes, focus on the present, an' the future!" He walked up to Aquaria, keeping one eye on her, and patted his dog -- which appeared to be mix of Mastiff, Newfoundland, and Saint Bernard -- on the rump, "A Mutt's here one'a Legba's Hounds. Ain't sure what breed he is, 'xactly, or if'n that even applies to 'im. 'E ain't a ghost, if'n yer wonderin', since 'e was never alive, never flesh an' blood like we was -- 'e's always been a spirit."
  22. Archeville took a step back, eyes wide in near-panic. Steady, steady, stay calm, she's not going to attack you... probably. Not the reaction I was expecting. Looks like I touched a nerve, there -- I'll keep that in mind. He re-composed himself, and crouched a bit, holding up his hands defensively, in supplication. "I am sorry, Aquaria, truly. Clearly my question has upset you, and that was not my intent. I should not have asked such personal questions so soon after meeting you, and that question, I see now that I should not have asked at all. I had only asked because," he shook his head, "no, no, it does not matter why. All that matters is that I offended you, and again, I apologize. If there is anything I can do to make up for this, please, let me know, and I shall try my best to make amends." What a strange, strange day this has been.
  23. "That is what Deep Ones are in your stories," Aquaria croaked flatly. "Things that want to mate with Surface-Men, or who trick them into mating with them. I have read what your writers say. Surface-Men with rot in their brains, who think everything must be as rotten as them!" She was kinetic now, briefly bounding up the side of the wall, then clinging to the ceiling. Archeville could feel Cassandra Vale's readiness behind him, not so much a tenseness but a watchfulness. "I am not yelling because of what happened to your ancestor, and I know I must be nice to Surfacers hurt by Deep Ones" she informed Archeville from her upside-down position above his head, but he could hear the seething in the Deep One's voice. "but Deep Ones do not want to mate with you. Or with any other Surfacer. You are mammals with hairy bodies and...and gonads, and your females hatch your young from their bellies, it is..." She made another noise, then shook herself like a seal fresh from the water. "It is perversity."
  24. Archeville nodded along, not expecting to learn that much about Deep One young, but fascinated nonetheless. Makes sense for a predatory species. But sharks eat their young -- do they do the same? What are the survival rates? And their rate or, and susceptibility to, mutations? Could Aquaria herself be a mutant, with a brain and neurochemistry just slightly different enough to get her to think differently from her fellows? Ah, no, that can be dangerous, thinking revolutionaries are mutants who were born different. And yet, if the Deep Ones do have a quasi-hive mind, then a mutation to one's brain might be necessary for her to hav- And then her question threw him. "Well, I... that is, I have not attempted to since my change into this form. Before my change, I had, many times. Well, performed the act, that is, with women and men and other, but never produced any offspring." He sensed a moment to examine another aspect of Deep One society. "Have you and Singularity, or you and Jessie...?," he asked, while raising one hand and crossing his index & middle fingers over each other.
  25. Lucy “Revenant” Harker “I know who it was I got to look them straight in the eyes as they did the deal!” She pulled back her hair so show a small scar on her forehead, the only visible scare she possessed. “Best not to dwell on thing past, I’m here and they’ve moved on.” she gave a little shrug. “And yeah it was quite a shock to wake up in the 21st Century, let alone the chaos of what was going on on that day! I’m amazed at how quickly I adapted to the whole thing, though I was living down and out for a little while. I still go help out the Sister down on Broadway for the help they gave.” She stopped and gave a little frown “Sorry I guess I’m getting a little morbid, let’s more one shall we? What breed is you dog?”
  26. "The strong do help the weak," Aquaria croaked firmly. "That is why I am here, because I want to help. We help them grow so they can be strong." Moving onto the happier subject of children and spawning, she said, "There is the mating time, and then all the females lay eggs together, and then we all tend them until the young wriggle free. Our young are much...faster than yours," she added. "They already have their teeth, and they can eat meat, and they can swim very fast. My friend says they are like if kittens and sharks had babies, but they are not mammals. We raise them all together, so that they all can grow strong for our people. I have spawn of my own, and they too have spawn, but it is...it is not like it would be if I was a Surfacer." Again, that attempt at a shrug. "Can you mate?" she asked him curiously. "Not all of your parts smell like a Surface-Man's."
  27. "Fascinating," he replied, both in response to the armor's origin and Aquaria's society. I was not expecting to learn so much about spacefaring organizations today, especially not from what - er, who I'm talking with! "Have any of these Spectrum Knights made it to Earth? And your friend, Bliss, does she come here, or is she only ever in space?" He wanted to talk more, learn more, about these topics, in part because of his future plans, and in part to get away from discussing Deep One society. And yet, he knew he must face those issues. After all, isn't learning the best way to dispel fear? "So... Dagon and Hydra teach that the weak must make themselves strong. That only the strong are fit to survive? That the strong do not help the weak? How are your children raised? Do they just fend for themselves, or does someone watch over them?"
  28. "Sounds like a plan. Most stores don't carry my sizes." He smiled at her as they walked into the mall. "I'd like to get some lunch too. I feel like I'm always hungry lately." He hoped he wasn't growing again. He was already very tall, any taller and it would be impossible to find clothes if he got much bigger. Then again, he could always pick up sewing or something. He took a deep breath and sighed. He was actually pretty happy for once. He wasn't too worried about homework. He was ahead in all his classes, anyway. Best to enjoy the moment.
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