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  2. Blast it! I was sure I was right when I rounded down, because I thought the dodge bonus was rounded up! I knew it was weird, but I forgot which direction was weird. Anyways, that's fixed. -7 has been adjusted - not sure where I got the -6 from. Might've been from before I made his toughness 15. As for the powers: I've recalculated the Strike bit, and gotten 6 + 1 + 16 = 23 for the total, from Strike 6, Mighty, and Enhanced Strength, respectively. I've also added the points I got from that adjustment to Datalink, Communication, and Flight, for 5 ranks in each (which also ups the Swi
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  4. The Immutable Betsy Brooks Betsy drove in silence for a few minutes, making sure to remember to drive on the wrong (or right) side of the road. Once she was sure she wasn’t going to panic some other drivers, or her teen passengers. “I guess we should start with the basics. I’m doing a favour for a friend of mine, who lost a bracelets in a card game. What they forgot to mention is that it was magical, which was a real surprise when the recently deceased man got up at his own funeral.” She paused for a few minutes to suggests some very unladylike activities to a driv
  5. Ms Grue Daphne floated back down still looking worried, she knew how squishy humans could be and didn’t want anyone, especially her friends, getting harmed in anyway. She watched enough medical drama’s and documentaries to know the potential risks “There still a chance something still not right, there’s always a chance potential harm.” she gestured around “It couldn’t hurt to let Blue bird give you a quick scan, you know just in case.” she shuffled a little embarrassed, luckily the others couldn’t feel her discomfort like she could sense that of the others.
  6. Frostbyte “Aye well it a little complicate, but I guess now is a good a time as any to tell you all.” she downed another drink for some Dutch courage “We’re getting married! Well not till the winter, seems appropriate really, and obviously you’re all invited.” she paused to allow her friends to take it all in “My parents are happy about it all, they’re just happy I’m getting married in the church back in Unst. Apparently it more complicated for Phae’s family she had to go do some kind of ritual or something, we figured best to do it now so it doesn’t get in the way
  7. Madame Raven Callie was a disappointed that she had been allowed to come along. Make no mistake the moment that she’d discovered that this was happening she was going to attend with or without permission. With a smile she considered how well the other two knew her to just allow her to come along. Still it would have been nice to have tried and sneak into this place, the challenge alone would have made it worth it alone. To play this part she’d decided to go for the classy look a well cut skirt suit, hair pulled back in an extreme ponytail and a pair of sunglasses. For now she
  8. That is a hit, feinted or not, so... I'll just consider him feinted! TOU: 34 Chain TOU: 22, another Injury. Give me an IC! 31 - Forever Boy - 6HP - Unharmed 24 - The Hooked Man - Unharmed - The Crocodile - Unharmed, Hooked - Chain: Injury (x3) 12 - Thunderbird - 2HP - Fatigued next round 10 - Pirate Armada - (40% blinded and deafened, 10% somewhat damaged [bruise x2], 10% badly damaged [bruise x5]), 50% fine, 10% defeated 7 - Angelic - 2HP - Unharmed - Angelic's Automatons: 80% fine, 20% destroyed
  9. Feint resist: 25, he makes it! TOU vs. DC25: 34 NOPE! @Avenger Assembled give me an IC, then @Nerdzul is up! 27 - U.S.Archer - KO 16 - Watchdog - 5HP - Bruise (x1) 10 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed, -2 Def 9 - Matt - Unharmed
  10. Well, you recover, but you're still seeing Holly's brother getting beat up!
  11. Lady Horus Drunk Dialing "Hey Set honey, baby, sugar-doll. I know, I know, I'm a little old to be drinking but it's my half-birthday and a girl's allowed to live a little on her half-birthday. I'm celebrating this one because on my actual birthday I am gonna be eighty-seven years old and that is just too goddamn old! It's fine, Nikki, honey, I'm just on the phone with Set! Yeah, I'll tell her you said hello. Nikki says hello, honey. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I was calling to talk to you because I am maybe a little plastered right now and I figured why not call up your be
  12. Stealth is a Skill Mastered 25. For the record, the Chameleonic Field Projector is from her Gadgets. Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses; Power Feat: Close Range; Flaw: Blending). Notice is a Skill Mastered 25 or a Quickness boosted 35, dealer's choice.
  13. Okay, @RocketLord and @EternalPhoenix, give me opposed Stealth vs. Notice checks
  14. Terrifica, meanwhile, was doing more or less the same thing as Archer. She was even skulking over various rooftops on the way there. The difference was her Chameleonic Field Projector rendering her effectively invisible. It could not have been any more obviously a trap with a flashing neon sign that said so. Still, it was somewhat rare to have her investigations so thoroughly stymied. What was interesting is that this informant knew about her poking around. She’d been quite subtle, as usual. She’d already discarded that email address. Her contacts had others to use if necessary. She was clos
  15. "Oh no," said Frost baldly, "My childhood home was in penguin's nest and my mother was polar bear, very different than this..." He raised the fireplace poker to Ghost in salute. "But yes, you have solved mystery. Here is test for you." He set the tip of the poker, point down, against the wooden floor. "Trolley problem. A man with great power has gone mad and threatens to kill two thousand, five hundred and thirty people. It is a terrible thing; a man who has once defended the people has become their enemy. You have all the necessary means to stop him but said means will certainly kill him. Wha
  16. Mostly just some math stuff, here.... Combat With a +5 base Defense, Sable Raven would have a +3 Flat-Footed Defense. It's a common error, since everything else in the game rounds down and not up. With +14 (costumed) toughness, Sable Raven would have a -7 Knockback modifier. Powers You're over-paying for that Strike; on melee attacks, a single rank of Mighty lets you apply your full strength bonus to the attack. Double-check the cost on that array slot, too; you've listed it at 26pp, but even if you did have to buy Mighty 4 it wouldn't cost that mu
  17. Tou vs 25: 18 That's too much of a fail, so I'll let the automatons take that - it's what they're there for! Angelic: Switches to her Enhanced Flight + Damage array and tries to cut the Hooked Man so bad, he'll wish she didn't cut him so bad. She'll use her Move-By Action to stay out of his reach once she hits him. Moving Feint check: 28 Well assuming that leaves him flat-footed, let's get interesting Eira attacks! https://orokos.com/roll/898194 = 30, a crit! OK, that's a DC 30 Tou save for the Hooked Man. Eira will not stay in mele
  18. I think I'm about done here. Figured everything out, more or less. Just let me put the songs in because whoops, forgot.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Watchdog will Interpose for Matt: I'll have her spend an HP on Ultimate Toughness, so she's bruised but otherwise unhurt. Watchdog Bluffs this joker too - DC 25 check vs being flat-footed. Then she shoots him! I'm just going to use her new sheet for ease of reference if I can. https://orokos.com/roll/898153 = 11 Gonna re roll that! https://orokos.com/roll/898154 = 25! Okay, that's a DC 27 Tou save for him if she got her Sneak Attack Bonus.
  21. Ok, Luke will make an illusion to cover up Jamie escaping and make a copy of her to keep in outrider's hands so hopefully the Brute won't know that she is gone, he will have to keep his concentration up however or else the copy won't move.
  22. Fort save: 29 Shoot was kinda hoping to drag it out a little longer.
  23. GM The blow sent U.S.Archer flying back, hitting a wall hard. But at least the contact with his face put out the fire. A small mercy, maybe? Matt had stopped moving. He was standing when Luke turned towards him, a vacant expression in his eyes. In a flash, he moved forward, punching Luke's in the face with enough force to send even the dragon reeling.
  24. Alright, so, the online cloud thing where I save my notes so I can access them anywhere? Its been acting up lately and its very annoying, and it has, for some reason, decided to delete my notes for this thread. So, if the NPCs' stats turn out to be inconsistent, I apologize. TOU from U.S.Archer: 12 He's down And with that, Matt gets up and punches Nightscale: 22 That's a hit. Give me a DC29 TOU save. Then @Avenger Assembled is up! 27 - U.S.Archer - Bruise (x1), Staggered, Dazed 16 - Watchdog - 5HP - Unharmed 10 - Nightscale -
  25. This? This was huge. Being here, in the Iceberg, in, well, not exactly plain clothes but not his working suit? That wasn't something he had expected to happen any time soon. Charles Arthur Pratten had passed all the security checks, but he had to leave all his gadgets behind, which wasn't really to his preference, but he'd make do anyway. Somehow, at least. Honestly, he didn't know that much about how to dress up for something like this, so he had let Alek help him. A dark grey business suit with a white dress shirt and matching dark grey tie underneath. His red hair was slicked ba
  26. RocketLord

    Heavy Mettle

    Pan's smile was sly. He watched Natalia work, the way her face shifted immediately from one extreme to the other. "Oh, I got a look inside. If they figure out about us I am sure that they will start causing trouble sooner rather than later. They were here to do violence. I do not think they care particularly if they will have to redirect that to someone else." He moved up to Natalia to catch up, his feet gliding across the ground with just a slight tingling golden trail left behind his feet. Once caught up, he motioned discretely with his head towards the man.
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