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  2. Removing the equipment from facsimile to free up my silver reward. Adding An AP to enhanced Strength 12 as follows. Healing 5 ("Absorptive Replenishment"; Mutant, Matter; Extras: Total Flaws: Personal PFs: Persistent, Regrowth [12/12pp] Removing my 8 ranks of drive and analytical touch for +3pp Then buying Super senses 4 ("information Absorbtion"; Mutant, Information, Absorbtion; Ranged, radius, accurate mental sense)[4pp] With the 4pp left Updating power description section to reflect his shiny new powers. Power Descriptions:the transformations begin at the point of contact and quickly spread up his form from there in a ripple of light and heat released from the atomic changes as his body assumes the properties of the material touched, he is able to through absorbtion of ambient energies increase his physical strength and empower his physical condition he is also able to draw in matter to heal his injuries and replace lost body mass. recently his ability to absorb physical information has expanded to a mental awareness of his surroundings via absorption of "information" from the physical world around him. All powers have the mutation Descriptor Thanks in advance!
  3. The Traveller With a smile Sitara tossed a couple of credits on the bar, she’d carefully gathered some issued by the smaller less established (but still tenable) interstellar powers. Lor credits would suggest either someone of means, a dupe or possibly both, besides it paid not to give away to much about where she’d travelled from. “Give me some spirit that's strong and decent, if I had the good money I wouldn’t be here!” as she spoke she pulled back her hood to show a Lor, in fact a human face with her hair recently cut relatively short “Do I have to have the drink first of beat the local thugs before we begin the delicate process of gathering the local gossip?”
  4. GM Post The Cantina’s owner, a Dotrae of indeterminate gender, looked up and the wrapped up newcomer. Like most trying to figure out if they had the smell of credits around them, though unlike most it was to try and figure out if the newcomer would start or cause trouble. Any fancy clothes they owned was covered by suitable wraps for the wind swept conditions, and all that stood out was a rather fancy staff that looked like it could be a weapon in the right hands. “What you’d have stranger? The first is on the house if you want the cheap stuff.” he Galstandard have a Khanic lilt.
  5. The Immutable Betsy Brooks “That’s still unusual they souls normally ready to move on or bloody furious to be dead, unless I guess it the could be the pure soul without the personality. A gros bon ange if you will.” As to the other question Betsy thought about it for a minute before adding. “Hmmm, maybe the sexy guy, he seems to be keyed into similar ideas, but not the crazy survival guy that would just be messy. The peppy plant girl seems solid but I’m not sure that this is the kind of thing she’s use to handling. Same goes for the speedster, and the robot is just a robot y’know?”
  6. Ms Bright Agnes took a breath to steady her nerves, her hand bunched into fist as she tried to calm down. Since she’d woken up all those months ago she’d felt anger, but she wasn’t sure why she’d was. It was an almost daily struggle to keep her calm. But at heart she wasn’t a vindictive woman, and despite probably deserving it she stopped at pummelling her into unconsciousness. “No I’m not because whilst I could be vindictive and finish you off I’m not going to, I’m showing you mercy right now and I hope you appreciate it.” She tried to smile reassuringly, probably only half successfully, and picked on something the woman had just said. “Why don’t you tell me who he is exactly?”
  7. Emerald Spider In her day job she’d visited many warehouse, and a few in her superhero job, and after a while they all seemed to look more or less the same. And that didn’t really help in this situation, when they needed to look for evidence. They couldn’t have long before he escaped or was discovered so they couldn’t spend much time searching the place. “Don’t suppose you have some kind of x-ray vision in that thing do you?” As she spoke she quickly scanned around just in case she’d missed anything important.
  8. CHEVAL Marcus kept steady. He had to keep steady. His eyes open, he glared at the sight that the spirits showed him, unholy symbols on the walls, pale guests in some old timey clothes, dancing to sinister music. Then it was gone, the sight the spirits granted him replaced by the carnage in front of him. A severed head, chopped off with an axe, from the looks of it. A chef, killed by a bolt through the body. It seemed familiar. He could only come to one conclusion. "The Woodsman killed these men." Of course, they didn't exactly look like men, did they? Bat-like features. Weird teeth. Maybe Persephone missed it, maybe not. As she stormed by, he grabbed her by the wrist. Not roughly, not hard. As gently as this form allowed. "I don't think these are men. The spirits showed me something, pale men and women dancing, wearing old clothes. And those bat-like features... do you believe in vampires?" He paused slightly, hesitating before he continued. Maybe she would take offense to his next words, but it didn't matter. He was not about to her go first. "I go first, cheri. If anything is lurking, I will stop it." Then he stormed up the staircase.
  9. CHEVAL The punching bag shook with each blow. For once, Marcus was alone. No events on the schedule for the evening. No adoring fans wanting autographs. No muggers or monsters to punch. No Francis going over his plans for the next big push, for the next way of making money off Marcus' fame. Just him, the punching bag and his thoughts. He circled it slowly, kept moving, delivering deliberate and powerful blows. His knuckles were stinging by now, but he kept going. Better than having to spend time thinking on his own. Too many thoughts. Like her. He punched the bag again, his knuckles stinging. It didn't work. His thoughts kept returning to her, to Persephone. She had made her attraction more than clear already. He could be dense, he knew that, but he wasn't that dense. So why didn't he act on it? Francis had made his thoughts on the matter more than clear. It'd be good for his image, a super power couple. What could be better? He punched again. The punching bag's chain rattled and creaked. Marcus felt like he should maybe discuss some things with Francis, but should he stop himself from seeing how things would work between himself and Persephone just because Francis' thoughts on the matter? No. That felt wrong too. His phone made a sound and vibrated. Stopping the swinging punching bag, Marcus breathed out, catching his breath before picking it up from the nearby table. A message from the Eros Unlimited app? Right, he had a profile there. He had honestly forgotten about it. That had been Francis' idea, too. "Let the world know you're just like them, looking for love." Marcus shook his head and brought up the message. He'd gotten some messages on the app so far. Not his type, too far away. Camellia. Wasn't that some kind of flower? He brought up her profile and read through it before replying. There was something familiar about the woman in the pictures. He couldn't quite place her, but he was sure he had seen her before. Vibora Bay resident, enjoyed rescuing puppies and kittens more than fighting villains, though she would do it. So what whould he do? He wasn't exactly a ladies man, and lately, everyone seemed that had hit on him had only been after his fame. And then, of course, there was Persephone. Marcus scratched the back of his head. He still wasn't sure what to do about Persephone, but it felt wrong to date someone else while figuring that out. He could at least let Camellia down politely. Still, there was something really familiar about those pictures. Marcus sent a message: Bonjour, Rapunzel. What kind of rescue were you hoping for? He frowned after sending it. He was not good with words, he knew that, but still, just shooting her down immediately felt wrong.
  10. Since everyone noticed the warning, its a Reflex 17 save to get out of the way of the ball, which will otherwise be a DC22 TOU save. If you want to try to stop the ball with an effect with an appropriate descriptor, then let me know for an opposed check, but it will be moving fast and it is heavy, so it won't be easy. Everyone should be able to clear around the corner to get out of the way, where, if they move to the side, the ball will pass them harmlessly. Description of that area, if you go there, coming in next GM post.
  11. GM With the group progressing ahead, Spectre noticed something where she had appeared. On the ground level, a pressure plate had sunk down under her. In fact, there were several of them scattered all around, being all but impossible to not step on. The edge of the round pressure plate under her foot lit up in the same spectacular neon as the arrows on the walls. They all noticed the rumbling, and the vibrations in the floor. Behind them, the dark wall right next to the entrance slowly slid to the left, revealing a giant silver ball. It easily took up the entire space of the corridor they were in, with only a little bit of room at the corners where the ball didn't reach, far less than the room any of them took up. The ball slowly pulled back, away from the group, with the sound of a spring being tightened. The hole they had exited the first room through was gone, having been covered up while the ball was revealed. In moments, it would be fired towards them. The heroes didn't exactly have long to react.
  12. Orokos isn't working for me right now, so rolled a real die instead, I hope that's alright with you. Archer: 12+12 = 24 All succeed the DC15, effects in IC.
  13. That's a hit! TOU vs DC32: 13 Ow, he's out. @angrydurf give me an IC, then @Exaccus is up 35 - Technaux - 1HP - Uninjured 19 - Metamind - Bruise (x1), Entangled (-2 ATK/DEF, -4 Dex) 19 -- 10x Mind Controlled Civilians - 3 Uninjured, 3 entangled, 4 bound and helpless 18 - Shrike - 1HP - KO 16 - Emerald Spider - 0HP - Bruise (x1) 15 - Sunburn - Uninjured 11 - Dinostroyer - Unconscious 4 - Kanunu - 1HP - Bruise (x2)
  14. You'll have to give me a heads up the next time they let you off the leash for weekend then. It sounded exotic and even better clearly meant alot Ashley. I'm just a moment away Reading the addendum Fa'Rua bit her lip with uncertainty, she's learned much of the social norms on Earth in her recent studies. And knew this likely was not just because of the newness of the relationship. Lucky for you neither does mine, she'd be all up in your business about grandbabies. She paused a moment hoping the elvity would help cut the tension some at least, Uhm? Do you want her to know? Should I write her a letter requesting to court her daughter She'd picked up on enough of the southern culture in her studies to at least find the image funny.
  15. Move action: close with Dinostroyer Standard Action: Power attack +2 1d20+7=20
  16. Persephone Persephone, having entered close behind Cheval, raised her hand to shield her eyes as she turned away from the carnage inside the house. That hand fell to cover her mouth, while her other hand reached up to grab Cheval's shoulder, steadying herself against him. "Oh my stars in Heaven, it's more of the same in here. I don't think I'll eat for a week. This house could scare the beard off of Jesus." The green woman's violet eyes darted around the room for a few moments. When she found the nearest plastic sheet with the least secure anchoring, she tore it free, dragged it back to the greater-than-one-but-less-than-two corpses on the ground, and laid it over them. It was the same effort as the one she'd made outside, a tiny gesture toward both preserving whatever shreds of dignity remained for the deceased, and sparing the living from the worst of the sight. Persephone scowled, raised her hands into the air, and clenched her fists. Her eyes and hair glowed with a soft purple light, and bark sprouted from her skin, covering every inch of it in small overlapping plates like a snake's scales. "I don't care who they were or what they did, nobody deserves to die like this. And I'm gonna make sure nobody else does, even if I hafta jerk a knot in somebody's tail to do it." Glaring up at the ceiling, she stormed off toward the nearest staircase.
  17. "2025 at most," Danica interjected, just a little waspishly. "I guess if he doesn't get reelected, you can just tell everybody who you are? That'll be pretty weird too, especially after Ashley goes home, or to her new assignment or wherever." She folded her arms, then unfolded her arms, then picked up a cookie and shoved the whole thing into her mouth. She didn't like being lied to, and she didn't like feeling stupid because she'd believed Judy and Ashley's so--sad story. It was worse because she'd been thinking about inviting them to her place for the holidays, for pity's sake, because she felt bad they might not have anyplace to go! The sad story had probably been helpful, Danica realized ruefully, because most people wouldn't want to pry into things that might be painful. Really made a lie easier to swallow. It hadn't been necessary for her, though; she believed dumb things her friends told her all the time. Sure, she was better about it now than she'd been in middle school, when her friends who'd gotten old and turned into teenagers would tell her all kinds of ridiculous stories just to see how far they could string her along, but she didn't exactly have a world-class BS detector inside the ol' shell. Part of her wanted to do what she'd used to do back then, slide down into her shell and pout till she stopped feeling so mad and embarrassed, but that wasn't the mature thing to do. She wasn't sure what the mature thing was to do right now, or that she wanted to do it, but still. "Why tell us now?"" she finally asked, swallowing. "Did somebody find out?"
  18. Reflex: 1d20+10=29 Success which drops the Damage mod below his impervious.
  19. Danica is spending an HP to activate Ultimate Check: Diplomacy, which will give her a 40 to her check. She also has Combat Diplomacy.
  20. Danica obligingly grew her shell a few sizes larger, so it was the size of one of the tents and quite easy to huddle inside. She herself, though, gently nudged Ashley aside and took a few slow steps forward to pick up Mr. Jorgensen's discarded megaphone. So far on this trip they had mostly used it to call people in for meals or to bother one another with loud noises, but on a planet with no cell reception, it was better than nothing. It was useful right now. She lifted it to her mouth and thumbed it on. "Friends!" she called, even her assisted voice half-lost in the tumult. "Friend birds, you remember the Star Flock, but don't you remember us too? We came last leaf-falling season and saw you flying, and the year before that, and before that! We put out birdseed and watched you roosting near the water for the night! We did not hurt you, only helped while we appreciated your beauty and strength!" Even through the megaphone she was startlingly persuasive. "We love your world and your wonderful nests, but we know it is yours and we are only visitors! We do not want your world, we do not want to hurt you or steal from you! Our gifts are good!" She picked up a piece of bread from the ground and put it in her mouth in a broad, slow gesture. "We want to be friends!" she finished, slightly muffled.
  21. Cheval broke down the door - and immediately discovered a body. The corpse was male, this one dressed in a chef's whites, and stabbed through the back. No, _shot_ - the jagged-tipped bolt that protruded from the center of the man's chest had gone so far through his back that the bulk of it was coming out the front. Turning around, there was an extra body part here. The body part that Cheval had nearly stumbled over coming in was a head - a man's head, that had been placed directly in front of the door when he entered. It looked as if the head had been chopped free with a hatchet. Of course, now that he was spending so much time looking at the heads, Cheval could spot there was something peculiar here. Both the dead chef and the bodiless head had decidedly inhuman features - long bat ears and rat-like teeth, and bulging, staring eyes frozen in an instant of pain. He was standing in the foyer of the half-reconstructed house, plastic sheets and stripped paneling everywhere - and the spirits for a moment showed him the house alive, unholy symbols on the walls as pale, decadent guests in the fashion of decades long past danced as sinisterly off-key music played - and then it was gone, and all was still again. Except for somewhere in the house, the distant sounds of wet, slippery movement (which seemed to come from above) and a slow, methodical chink-chink of metal from somewhere lower down in the body of the house.
  22. There's lots of Earth I'd like to show you. Food that's better than bar snacks, music that's better than Old Town Road. Places where you can actually enjoy the scenery and not worry somebody's gonna blow it up. She talked more - telling her about the Vietnamese neighborhoods in New Orleans East, where the food was always good and the streets were familiar, and dragon parades and fireworks for Tet. Ashley had loved her home neighborhood intensely, and had been bitterly disappointed when her mother and sisters had moved away when she was about Ju'Deth's age. I haven't been back there in ages. More fun with a date. She thought about that for a minute, reaching down to absently scratch behind the ears of a passing German Shepard, who responded by whumfing down next to the couch. My mom doesn't know I have a girlfriend.
  23. Gnomon - 14 Posts = 2 PP Park Time Job = 1 Post Punching Up = 7 Posts Tech Compliance (Open) = 1 Post Here & Now & Then = 5 Posts
  24. @HGM Did you want to pick this one back up?
  25. Yesterday
  26. GM "N-no! Get away!" The woman weakly tried to beat her wings at Agnes, but it was clear that the fight was all but out of her, especially as the next punch from Agnes sent her reeling, tumbling through the sky until she managed to flap her wings once more, stopping her fall. More of her red costume had been torn, revealing the porcelain white skin underneath. It was an unnatural color, even more white than the skin of an albino. It might have looked pure, flawless even, if he not from bruises and blood caused by Ms. Bright's repeated blows. "D-don't touch me." Her voice was quivering, the fear more than clear. "You're j-just like he said y-you would be! All scum, all violent! Evil!"
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