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  2. It proved easy enough to open the hatch of the submarine - though it was rusted enough that it nearly came off in Singularity's hands as she did so. The group exchanged looks as they peered down into the utter gloomy blackness within, the dark skies overhead providing them with hardly any illumination. After much concentration, Aquaria described what she could hear below for the benefit of those with the limited senses of Surfacemen. "There is no sound of machines at all. I hear movement inside, like the shuffling of feet. There is someone speaking that way, and someone singing spells the othe
  3. Blodeuwedd Blodeuwedd had been there the whole time tucked away invisibility thanks to the abilities of her ring. Mostly it was to make sure that this was all on the level, though the request had been through Summer’s one of the few that knew about the existence of there hidden town. It amused her how much that “Bloody Summers woman” annoyed some of the Elder, she’d had the gall to visit the one time, she’d always been impressed by they’re keen skills in such matters. Figuring the time was right to make her appearance she dropped down silently behind the crew slowly standing u
  4. Eira already seemed a little rattled, and so she gave Davyd a sharp glare instead of the joke she might have given him otherwise. "I am going to show this to Lulu. Thank you for your help." With that she put her hands in her labcoat pockets and headed off - though come to think of it, that was probably not the direction her room was in...
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  6. I forgot to call for rolls. Advay got a good roll. You could still try rolling against it @Spacefurry. But just saying, it's nothing crazy like, "I killed a dude and laughed while doing it." Advay Bluff: 1d20+10=30
  7. The bizarre demonic centaur didn't crane its neck to look down at Kensei so much as the portion of its form above its pectorals rippled, abruptly refocusing in downward leaning position like frames of animation played out of order. Even standing at the ready atop the car it loomed over the young swordsman. Where he should have been able to feel its hot breath snorting from the nostrils at the end of its snout and around huge, curving teeth he instead felt an electric tingle blow across the front of his spectral armour. It seemed to consider him briefly with the gouts of yellow flame that serve
  8. "'If I'm going to follow the rules', serious-- oh you're gone. That was pretty cool." Abruptly left talking to himself Ryder turned and gave the cashier a winning grin. "Could you set those bowls aside for minute? I need to find where my friend ran off to." Half crouched behind the counter she gave an uncertain nod. The strawberry blond teenager dashed down the 'employees only' hallway to the left and out the side door to the narrow alleyway between buildings. When a cursory look back and forth seemed to confirm he was alone he reached down to the printer ink cartridge styled buckle on his bel
  9. Yesterday
  10. Chitin Initiative: 1d20+10 18 Giraffe Ragin Initiative: 1d20+2 16 I'm going to get an IC post up then we'll get into the initiative order.
  11. 15 Dice rolls keep not being Nightscale forte it seems. That said he also has SM on Notice (20) if useful to check any detail in the crowd that catches his attention.
  12. Based on Durf's Street Sorcerer, raised to PL8 on 150PP budget Street Sorcerer PL8 / 150PP Abilities: 0 + 0 + 4 + 4 + 8 + 4 = 20PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 14 (+2) Notes: He's not a physical powerhouse but is clever and perceptive, alternatives could go for higher in and less charisma or Wisdom for a more classic wizard. Combat: 8 + 6 = 14PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +4 Melee, +4 Ranged Defense: +8 (+3 Base, +5 enhanced Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed
  13. Lone_Star

    Fury Road

    Elena barely noticed as she crossed a portal into Freedom City. Her focus on survival ruled out all else at that moment, but her sister's fate started to crowd out her mind. Is Stella dead?? Did I leave her behind? Where am I? Is Stella dead?? These thoughts echoed through her mind, and she forced herself to shut it out. No. Not now. I'll circle back and get her after I take care of these 'Drones. She'll be fine, she will - As her sports car, painted a flaming red and adorned with armor, exited the tunnel, she realized there was no turning back. It was cold, something she hadn't e
  14. There was a brief kerfuffle with people scrambling out of the way of the hero rising from the earth, but the crew of SuperCrime! were nothing if not used to dealing with dramatic entrances. In a split second, Dave had redirected the camera to catch their guest's arrival and Paige had on her best professional smile. "Thank you so much! That's great to hear. If you like, we can give you one of our swag bags after the interview." Her smile became a grin. "This is our last season, so they automatically become vintage next year, I'm pretty sure." Right on time, a young person in an extr
  15. Outrider rolled a 23. I will make a post in an hour!
  16. Blackstaff nodded thoughtfully as Advay spoke. He listened as the professor told them about the argument, about how it quickly turned deadly. As he did so, Blackstaff tried to get a sense of the man. He liked to think that anyone sensible would realize they were past the point of lying. But as an investigator he maintained a tiny bit of healthy skepticism. When the man paused to ask for a refill, Blackstaff spoke. “Death is hardly ever pretty. I can’t fault you for running, I’ve seen it plenty of times in cases. An accident turns deadly, and out of some primal fear of death people just ru
  17. Chimera eyes the woman and manages a small smirk. “I guess quiet surrender is off the table. You can run, but I think I can catch you.” She added, some confidence in her running abilities. ”First things, first though.” She thought and lunged for the computer’s power cord, hoping to pull it and stop whatever the girl was attempting.
  18. Intiative 12... Let’s try that again. HP for... and 23
  19. “Oh my go-“ Leon muttered greedily around a mouth full of hot, delicious grease... I mean burger. “Mmm... ‘is es ‘eabeny.”* (*translation: “Mmm... This is heavily.”) The group for youngsters weren’t even out the door before Leon couldn’t resist the warmth of the burger seeping through the paper into his fingers any more. The paper bag, with its treasury of salt and peppered fries, in his other hand as he followed Muirne out onto the sidewalk. Swallowing the first bite Leon grinned back at Danica. “Okay, point to you, these are really good. Either that or the ones at the cafeteria are ju
  20. Initiative 12... And HP to reroll... Booya... 27
  21. In a shockingly off-brand development, Danica rolled a nat 20 on her initiative. Given her modifier, she goes on 19.
  22. Electra

    Fury Road

    It had been a pretty good day, right up to the point where it was suddenly a very, very bad day. In her fifth year at Claremont, Danica was used to leading tours of new students around the grounds and the neighborhood. It was important to pin down landmarks like "best place to get junk food" and "greasiest french fries" early if you wanted to have a really good high school experience. Not that the caf at Claremont was bad, it was just... healthy. Nobody should have to be healthy all the time. She was guiding her Segway with one hand while attempting to unwrap a Fruit Rollup with th
  23. William Cline sighed the sigh of the doomed. He set his utensils down, wiped his mouth with his napkin, and took a sip of water before he started talking. All at slower-than-even-normal speeds. His parents didn't need their telepathic bond to know he was stalling, and Holly could pick it up over their sibling bond. Will's eyes flicked over his family for a moment, before he started to speak. "We've only been dating a couple of months. I really like her, and she seems to like me, but after the last breakup, I'm not in a hurry." Paige and Richard remembered how things wen
  24. Give me a Search roll later, and I'll do an IC then.
  25. GM "No, obviously not, but I kind of needed this one." The woman's grin only grew as she looked at Chimera. She moved a bit, stretched her legs, then her arms above her head. "Alright, I think that's enough foreplay. So, how do you wanna do this? Get the room all messed up and ruin the tech? Fight my way out past you? Rooftop chase? I mean, if you just wanna let me go, I'm good, but I'm kind of one a schedule here."
  26. Alright, give me an Initiative roll.
  27. I didn't notice AA reply to the IC thread for some reason... Luke is gonna use his telelocation power to look for his friend. I can't use the dice-roller from work, but I'm gonna add a search roll and edit if needed once I'm back home later and I'll edit it in
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