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  2. "A helvete," Astrid swore in Norwegian under her breath. The teen cringed even as she put a palm to her face. If Benico was on the scene he probably would have commented on just how perfectly Astrid was mirroring a facepalm meme. After a few seconds of blessed darkness, Astrid removed her hand and gave Micah a very apologetic look. "So, right, I'm just gonna apologize on Eira's behave here because she's bloody awful at making first impressions." She rounded back to the girl in question, staring her down even as she started pacing near the bleachers. "We aren't going to get people to join our rock band if we act like big-headed drittsekker!" Regardless of what Eira says in return, Astrid made sure to at least give Micah another apology and offer to join their perhaps doomed band. "Seriously, sorry about that, Micah. Eira has to work on her delivery because she can really be such a-" Astrid caught her herself before she said another curse, remembering whose company she was in, "Spazz at times. But she's also kind of cool when she chills out. Anyways, we're still figuring out what kind of band we want to be. I'm thinking heavy metal with folk infusions but nothing's been really set in stone yet. You still interested?"
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    The Hunter

    "That there's a less elite group than you're thinking." The big amphibian scoffed at Triakosia. "Those things aren't any less dangerous intact though, just take longer." he pointed out with a shrug. He let out a laugh of his own and shook with mirth, "Sure sure you all are on the level. If you weren't yer boss would be sending the big guns in by now." he smiled too wide with his oversize mouth and took a few steps toward his bike to pull a device off and toss it at archers feet where it clattered to a stop emitting a faint whine and stench of ozone. "Something like that kid." he answered in turn and pointed at the device, "That there hones in on the big T and punches a hole through the walls so I can bring the fight ot the drones yea?" he offered and frowned, "Well it did, something bout punching in here blew it out." He looked down at Terrifica as she broke out in laughter and shrugged, "That ain't all that elite a group neither." he pointed out with a croaking laugh of his own. "KRONK" he boomed, standing proud at the name, "CALLED THE UNBREAKABLE." he added the title bouncing off the walls and windows lining the street. "An of course I'd prefer to hit an unarmed person that don't want a fight rather than an armed one that does." he scoffed, "Startin to think you might not be the brains of this operation you think you are."
  4. Mia's eye twitched. "N... Eira, I am creating things from the atomic level! I am literally rearranging the charge of atoms, I am capable of inverting the charge and turning it into anti-matter! And I am doing it all consciously! I am better than nano-scale manufacture. And more than that, you know what? I can do it precisely. I could make something more advanced... Dyoohhhh" Mia said furiously. How dare she? It was one thing to crap on her, but to crap on the actual miracle of her powers? This overgrown toaster had been learn to show some respect! Didn't see her able to create weapons-grade plutonium with a twitch of her fingers. No, she was just a flying brick running on Windows 95! No! Millenium Edition. Mia fumed, and it was clear for anyone to see that she was fuming, despite her efforts to hide it. She didn't know how, but Eira always managed to get exactly under her skin in the worst way possible.
  5. Ashley was already thinking ahead to her plans for the evening - so she let Judy greet Micah and his friend. "Hey Micah!" she said cheerfully. "We're just doing a little winter gardening." Hands on her hips, she looked at her word with a prideful smile. "Who's your friend?" Despite herself, Ashley looked over that way - and frowned. "That you, Davyd?" she hazarded.
  6. Goddamit Ashley wanted nothing more than to tune it all out and enjoy her day off. But she had things to do...she took her camera back from Mali, smiling, and thanked her. "Nice." She gave her date a look so sharp Davyd thought for a moment she'd made him, then she looked in the direction Fa'Rua was looking and muttered another curse. "I see him," she muttered softly, thinking ahead of time. "Thanks," she said to Mali, "I'm Ash, this is my date Farua." It was a perfectly sound East Indian name if you slurred it a bit, even if it wasn't exactly what the Lor looked like. "you want to visit the lady's room?" she suggested, nodding her head that way. "See if you can get her to follow me," she said to Fa'Rua, nodding in the direction of the guy who didn't have a reflection and his date.
  7. "Pfft!" Eira snorted through her pierced nose. "We are making a band that rocks hard; the only kind that matters. Vocals," she said, pointing to Astrid, "keyboards," she said herself, "and guitar. If you think you can keep up with us." She turned and paced casually, walking to the edge of the bleachers.
  8. Terrifica did something unexpected. She threw back her head and laughed. Playing the heavy wasn’t her style anyway. “Threaten you with a good time? Hardly.” Her staff powered down. She collapsed it and put it back on her belt. “How’s this for a trick? I’ve put my weapon away.” She spread her arms wide. “Now I’m unarmed and not offering you violence of any kind. No, I think the time for diplomacy has arrived.” She smirked. Well, there were many ways to be the bad guy in a conversation. “Now, if we’re going to establish a fair dialogue, the first thing is to know each other’s names. The second thing is to describe yourself just a little. To that end, I am Terrifica. I am most likely far more intelligent than you are, and I adore talking. Violence is just so…uncivilized.” Hmm. A touch hammy. Well, so was he. “Your turn.” She continued to smugly smirk. “Or would you prefer to hit an unarmed person who doesn’t want to fight you?”
  9. I think I still have a counter check at 31 readied for her next fire based attack? Or maybe that got used and not recorded here. Lemme know. if it's still active she needs to beat a 31 with her own power check (or her malfunctioning device does) or you know setbacks and what not.
  10. Starting Conditions: Undamaged, 1 HP Free Action: Activate Force Field! Free Action: Call out to team re: device in tree. Standard Action: Set off Emotion Control/Calm again (third time's the charm?) Countering check -- 1d20+8: 10 [1d20=2] Nope, re-rolling that, using last HP. 1d20+8: 24 [1d20=16] Better Move Action: ??? Ending Conditions: Undamaged, 0 HP
  11. Artificer The sight of the charging rhino made Heroditus painfully aware that he was unprotected. A quick thought caused a small surge of arcane energy to go through and surround his body in a softly glowing protective field. Probably not enough to fully protect me if that thing charges me, but hopefully enough to keep me from dying. He then pointed at one of the trees, "UP THERE, IN THAT BRANCH! I SEE A DEVICE! I THINK IT IS THE CAUSE OF THIS PANIC! SOMEONE TAKE IT OUT!" He set to work on his tuning fork-cone again, altering runes and moving gemstones. He sent another pulse of arcane energy into it, and another wave of calm washed out over the park. But would it be enough this time?
  12. Dok's switching to Enhanced Intelligence. Investigate at +20. Take 10, that's 30. +2 bonus from doing so well at collecting evidence, that's 32. And if Starlok and Ea'Po can get a DC 10 Investigate check, they can Aid him, adding +2 each. So that could be 34 or 36. DCs for Investigate checks to analyze clue are on pg. 50 of the M&M 2E Core Rulebook.
  13. Doktor Archeville The Terran met Dirge's gaze with his own intense blue stare. "Oh, no, I'm well acquainted with the signs of madness," he replied with a grin. "This was something else." "And I would be honored," he called out to Starlok and Ea'Po as he turned and headed back into the Pale Rider, "to have the assistance of both of you. I have collected ample evidence for us all to work on some part of this mystery." He entered Starlok's ship and headed to the cargo bay, where his own ship was still docked. He stood at the back of the craft and waited for the others to arrive before lowering the entry ramp. "Welcome to my humble ship and home away from home, the Synthia Bower. I should warn you, what you're about to see may be a bit... unusual." The back of the craft opened and lowered, forming a ramp leading into an awesome sight. While the exterior dimensions of the craft indicated it could hold maybe six or eight well-equipped Terrans, what they saw inside stretched on and on -- an immense cargo hold, with a dozen doors opening to wide corridors! "Labs are this way," he called out, continuing on down one of the corridors without breaking stride, "do stay close, don't want anyone getting lost." Archeville lead the three past a series of laboratories, workshops, and even a surgical center, all far more advanced that what Ea'Po or Starlok had heard Terrans possessed. "Ah, this should do," he finally said. They were in a large multi-purpose laboratory, with several display monitors on one wall, a few tables with assorted equipment, and one large empty table with a tray of dissection tools laid on it. He withdrew his wand and pointed it at the monitors, and a moment later they flickered on, showing the blood-scrawled runes he had seen earlier, with the large circle in the middle. "Dr. Ea'Po, you can study the markings there. And Countess, I would value your insight," he gestured towards one of the tables while withdrawing some of the remains-filled evidence bags, "into these remains. Anything bacterial, viral, or otherwise... bloodborne. And I," he gestured to another table, "will be examining the high-resolution scans I did of the bodies, to see if there is anything in the remains of their nervous systems, or other organs. Perhaps something they ate, which still lingers in their gastrointestinal tract." And with that, he sat down and began work, becoming oddly silent and hyper-focused.
  14. Micah narrowed his eyes a bit. He seemed to be a mixture of confused, cautious, and even suspicious. "What...kind...of band? My folks told me to always read the fine print before signin' up for anything." He crossed his arms over his chest and regarded the young women in front of him. "Not sayin' I ain't gonna do it. Just...trying to make sure we're on the same page." He seemed to be fighting to keep his Oklahoman accent in check. Perhaps he'd heard rumors about Eira's...intensity.
  15. GM The monster growled, slashing at the space that Justice had occupied the moment before. Then everything went dark from above. "Wha?" The monster managed to say before the container slammed down top of it, trapping it within. All the Emerald Spider and Justice could hear was roaring and the sound of the monster smashing against the insides of the container, trying to break free.
  16. Justice "Got it!" Not exactly what she had planned, but alright, working together was better than facing this big and ugly alone. Rocket boots activated, she jumped back, out of the way and landed on top of one of the other nearby containers. Putting some distance between herself and the guy and whatever Emerald Spider was gonna do would be best, right? And then the container came flying down on top of him. Robin just stared for a moment, then broke into a short laugh. "Ha! That was awesome!"
  17. Justice backs off, landing on a nearby container. Prepares an action to shoot at the bad guy if he breaks out. Now trapped, the monster hits the container to try and break out. The container gets a +10 TOU vs. DC27: 30 Alright, that was awesome, he's trapped for the moment. @Tiffany Korta, you're up. 16 - Emerald Spider - 2HP - Unharmed 13 - Justice - 1HP - Unharmed 9 - Enemy - Bruise (x1), Trapped in Container (TOU+10)
  18. GM "I thought your powers didn't work when you were bound." Jonathan was clearly more suspicious than the others, but he seemed to let it go. Crimson Cross, for her part, seemed fascinated by the golden glow, hesitating to reach forward towards the light, before pulling her hand back. The old preacher frowned in the light. "Well, if you must, but I like to think of this as a sacred darkness." They continued down in silence for another moment, befoe coming out of the rock, into a large underground cave. How it could even be there was anyone's guess. It probably shouldn't fit here, under Southside. A long path stretched ahead, to a steep drop. Of course, Agnes would probably first notice the powerful stench. Dirt, blood, rot. Coming from the direction of the drop ahead.
  19. GM That fun stood before them. They were on an all but empty city street, about a third of a block from the nearest crossroads. The building before them was like most of the buildings in Bayview, but on the ground floor, a single shop stood out. It seemed almost sandwiched in between a pair of apartment entrances, like it wasn't really supposed to be there. The door was old and wooden, rather out of place on the otherwise modern builing. The door had a small sign at eye height that said "Antiques" in a somewhat gothic font, golden letters on black background.
  20. Forever Boy "Let us agree to disagree." Pan did not seem entirely pleased with the effect of being in two places at once, however brief it might have been. He shook his head to regain his wits, then made another quick shake in response to Mia's statement. "No, I do not believe that magic is the issue. It has more to do with the ones that use it." He shook his left hand, some Pixie Dust spinning around it. "Of course, some would probably have issues with the way I use mine." His lips split into a wide smile as he closed his hand, dispelling the swirling dust. "Now then, on to some fun!"
  21. GM "No, no, no!" Sunburn was practically raving by now. All alone, her friends down, Kanunu with his water, Technaux flying around, Emerald Spider just going all around her. Heat was starting to rise off her body, the air shimmering around her. "Gonna get you, water boy! Gonna boil you!" Flames started to gather in her hands, then the qunatum webbing covered her eyes. For a moment, she was completely silent. Then she screamed. "#$@%! What the #$@%!" Flames exploded out from her, spreading out in a dome of fire that would catch both Emerald Spider and Kanunu within, at least unless they moved fast.
  22. Guessing its on Sunburn, since Technaux is a good guy helping you out! That's a hit, and confirmed crit, so DC25 Ref save: 23 She's blinded and pissed, but no longer demoralized! She more or less explodes, so @Tiffany Korta and @angrydurf, give me a DC18 Reflex Save vs Area attack, then DC 23/19 vs the damage effect. And @angrydurf is up 35 - Technaux - 0HP - Uninjured 19 - Metamind - Unconscious 19 -- 10x Mind Controlled Civilians - 3 Uninjured, 3 entangled, 4 bound and helpless 18 - Shrike - 1HP - KO 16 - Emerald Spider - 0HP - Bruise (x1) 15 - Sunburn - Bruise (x1), Blinded 11 - Dinostroyer - Unconscious 4 - Kanunu - 1HP - Bruise (x2)
  23. GM With the duo proceeding further into the ruins, it soon became clear that they were an almost labyrinthine maze, a fusion of materials, time periods and maybe even worlds. One wall seemed like it might be made of obsidian rock, another was flawless steel. One seemed advanced, much beyond what could be found on Earth-Prime, while another were made from wooden planks. All in all, it was confusing, but at least it made it easier to make sure they weren't going in circles or anything like that. It wouldn't be long before they heard noise. Voices speaking up ahead. An older male voice, talking perhaps to himself, or perhaps to someone else. "Yes, and this one, pick that up. We can use that." A gruff voice in the Imp's language replied that it would.
  24. Rebellion Spending 3 of his 8 PP to buy him Luck 3, leaving him with 5 unspent PP.
  25. Justice The Master, Mind Control and small imps messing things up in Z-Space. Wonderful. "Yeah, I think I'm gonna have to vote on going into the ruins and finding that master guy." Robin responded, raising her hammer to point further into the ruins. "Whoever that guy is, he made these guys hostile, right? I don't want someone like that messing things up so close to the AnneX. That's just inviting trouble, y'know." This really wasn't how she had hoped the day would turn out, but what could you do? "I'll take point, if you wanna back me up, right? But maybe leave the little Imps tied up till we get that mind control business sorted?" She did feel kinda bad about fighting them, sure, but they had attacked, and they didn't really seem all that friendly. So, Justice shifted to her blaster and turned to the ruins, starting to move in. No need to rush or run, better to take the time. Who knew what might be waiting?
  26. Things had escalated quickly and Astrid was absolutely ecstatic about it. It had been a while since she seriously thought about being part of a band and the old feelings of pending collaboration was coming back. Arriving at the athletic field, Astrid waled up to a predictably self-deprecating Micah and gave the Johnny Cash-enthusiast an amused rueful look. "Won't say I'm an expert," she repeated, shaking her head at the boy's words. "Come on Micah! I've heard you play. You're sound is great. Superb! And you'd be a awesome part of our band. So what do you say? We can all be part of something great and really learn from each other."
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