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  2. With a violent and climactic end to their fight, it was not fully over yet as the werecat would suddenly jump off and away as she saw the defeated Spider Queen fell apart into barrage of spiders that now swarmed away. On all fours like a large cat, she felt she still had to be weary, not wanting more of those things to get on her again. However, it appeared like these spiders wouldn't be coming back, nor reinforcements by more armed ice men. Even then, she was still on guard as she crept back together with her fellow compatriots, her heightened hearing picking up what sounded like music after Paper had struck the Spider Queen with his paper guitar. "¿Está hablando de Navidad? ¿Es verano? (Is he talking about Christmas? It's Summer?)" Puma would question, feeling still the tinge of pain that the shard of ice that had struck her in the leg had caused. She hadn't expected to meet Saint Nicholas, quickly doing a sign of the cross at meeting the saint person, though was confused why Angelic would have experience with such a person. Puma could only assume that they had somehow met before or even helped. The young hero wouldn't pay it too much attention, the cold air stinging where she had been hit from before. Thankfully, her superhuman biology was helping heal somewhat quicker than the normal person would.
  3. Undine's not running, she's here to kick your ass. So, from under the water it's a Hydro Snare. https://orokos.com/roll/979684 Nat 20, believe it or not. So a hit. DC 25 Reflex to avoid.
  4. Whiteouts as a group vs a DC24 Bluff check: 22, failed! They run for it and just manage to avoid staying with their target.
  5. I'll gladly take the pain Thursday for a Hero Point today. By which I mean I'll let the Obscure get Countered. On his next turn Rainshadow uses his Standard Action to activate Environmental Control to enact Hamper Movement (2PP version, 1/4 speed if applicable) via causing multiple waterspouts to form, churning the water body for a mile around. No Move Action.
  6. With Rainshadow concealed, Undine slips under the water where she can activate her own Concealment. And attempt to use her Water Control to disburse the fog. Key word being attempt. https://orokos.com/roll/979609 Rolled a 3 for a total of 13. Not a difficult check for Rainshadow's power check to beat. You may roll for it or accept a Hero Point for it automatically working.
  7. Last week
  8. Alrighty, to start off Rainshadow will lay down an Obscure effect (a dense, freezing fog) with a diameter of 1 mile, activate his Force Field and fly into the resulting cloud.
  9. Ashley smirked a little. "I'll have you know I already met the government doctor who'd be extracting my eggs and he was a perfectly nice man...and yes it was weird!" she added, with a faint blush in her bronze cheeks, remembering the conversation where she'd met the Lor military physician who handled 'frontier medicine' out here in the Sol System. Technically they hadn't directly brought up fertility issues between two women, but Fa'Rua had been ready to talk about it on the way back. "Landing a big family is nice. She's a lucky kid; even if she doesn't always tell you that." She remembered being that age - and being around people that age not too long ago. - Cold Jersey weather or not, Ashley felt good on the walk home. Ellie and Mara were proof that it was possible to make a relationship work long-term when you were a superhero; something that nobody, not even her friends in the Freedom League, had been able to do - and they were more evidence to the case that superheroes actually could be good parents despite how weird their lives were. She listened to Ellie and Mara talk with one ear open and hands in her hoodie pockets, letting herself think about the future. Now all I need is a yes...and maybe things are actually going to start to get better. Back at her house, she hesitated just a fraction before she said, "Okay, uh...this has been a really great evening," she said, reaching out to squeeze Mara and Ellie's arms, "and I'm so glad you took me up on this. I really want to do this again, and...if everything goes good, you'll both have an invitation to my wedding. But there is one more thing I wanted to talk about. Here, I've just got it inside..." Inside, she headed for the duffel bag she'd left along one side of her couch and started fiddling around with it. "Now, before I do this, I..." She stopped, flipped on the overhead light, a yellow LED bulb, and went on, "Ellie, I know you're a civil libertarian with your hero work, and that's fine," it wasn't that fine but plenty of her friends had different lifestyles than she did and she didn't judge too much, "because you and your team have made that work. So we may have some differences here, but..." She hesitated, hands in the bag, and said, "Lately I've realized that this super-woman of mystery bullshit might be fine for my job, but it's no way to live. Not with friends, not with family. So, without further ado," she reached into the bag and pulled out a blue and white helmet, then a matching dark blue bomber jacket with a white star over the chest, adorned with a series of metal pins. "You know I said I work for the government, right? Well - I am the Patriot."
  10. Yeah sorry about that, bring something up for peeps will @ you soon.
  11. With a distant sound that distinctly echoed like the opening bars of It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas, Paper brought the giant guitar down on the Spider Queen's head - with fantastic results. "Noo! Noo!" she cried in a chorus, "not the beats of that infernal music! Aieee!" And then suddenly, the Spider Queen fell apart! What had appeared to be an exoskeleton and skin turned out to be an outer casing holding in a truly vast horde of black spiders that spilled out and onto the ground everywhere in a vast, scuttling wave of arachnid life, fleeing the heroes up the walls and towards the opening in the ceiling like a tide going upstairs. Eira wasn't upset to see them go; and neither was anyone else. Well, except for one. Santa Claus had escaped his bonds and stood, holding a single black spider in his work-roughened hand, a sad look on his bearded face. "Oh Spider Queen," he said, making an unhappy noise at the back of his throat, "you just couldn't let anyone else be jolly when you were so miserable yourself." He set the spider down, letting it scuttle away to join its peers. "And now, my friends!" he said, waving his arms at Leon and his crew. "Look at you! The hero children who saved Christmas." For her part, Angelic approached Percy, the man-sized elf who'd been captured alongside Santa Claus. "You look well, yes?" she asked tentatively. "You see I told you she couldn't stop me, whatever spell she used." "Ah, Angelic," said the elf playfully. "So serious now!" He stroked her pale cheek and smiled. "I knew you'd come for us. For me." Eira sucked cold air through her teeth and shot a glance at the teens. "Well. It has been a day."
  12. All right, she fails that save and goes down! Let me get an IC GM post in.
  13. Razor sharp paper easily sliced through the giant webbing, letting the two out-of-seasonally festive hostages wiggle free. He didn’t need to tell them to run. The duo slipped and slid as they scrambled away towards safety. The ground shook as the giant spider queen stomped to her own beat. Paper managed to keep his footing but a large chunk of icy rock fell on him. A wave of pain smashed through his shoulder, causing him to stagger a moment before recovering his balance. “That’s gonna leave a bruise.” He thought as he turned to face ‘her majesty’. “Working on it!” He yelled back at Eira. He grit his teeth and paper swarmed around him; some gathering to his outstretched hand, the rest gathering under his feet. Paper crouched and a paper pillar exploded upwards under him, carrying him above the spider-queen. A long slender handle began to form in his hand, growing out into a comically large, oversized guitar. “You may have some rhythm, but it time to drop the bass.” Holding it by the neck with both hands he easily swung it over his head, then into a downward swing aimed directly at the giant arachnid.
  14. So I was thinking Paper uses Create to make a pillar to get get above SQ and use extra effort to attack from above. I’ll take the take the Fatigue. Alternate Power: [23PP] (Additional Descriptors: Paper Weapons) Damage 9 (Extras: Penetrating [5 ranks, Effective Damage 14]; Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Indirect 3, Precise, Variable Descriptor [Bludgeoning, Piercing, and/or Slashing Damage]) [23/32] Bludgeoning Melee Attack: 20 I should have 1 HP left. If that doesn’t hit I can reroll.
  15. "Don't forget that if you wanted to make a couple calls and skim a power set or three you could pretty much make your biology work however you want," Ellie pointed out as they retrieved their coats and headed back out in the December weather. "It'd take some careful experimenting and frank discussion of bodily functions which I know are your favourite, but..." With a shrug she leaned into Mara's shoulder, ostensibly against the chill. "Dios, Yoyo is just the most special kid. I mean, she's a teenager now, don't know when that happened, and I know everybody thinks their kids are perfect but I think about what we were like at that age and I just can't get over how she knows exactly who she is and doesn't budge an inch if someone has a problem with it. I'm serious!" She laughed, a broad if lopsided grin splitting her face. "Forget honour student, our daughter could go ten rounds with a bulldozer and not blink. Also she's an honour student. In case you were wondering."
  16. https://orokos.com/roll/979209 14 on Init. You're up first, Ari.
  17. Angelic whipped another rock at the Spider Queen's head, not surprised somehow when she missed again. Why not, since everything else was going wrong today. At least the distraction seemed to be helping the hostages escape. Both Percy and Jultomten were wiggling their way free from their bonds now that the spider's web had been so damaged, Jultomten with a look of uncharacteristic seriousness behind his jolly white beard, Percy with a look on his face like - well, there was no reason to dwell on that! Maybe he hadn't pushed the button after all. "If anyone is going to do something," she called once the two hostages were finally free and running away from the spider, slip-sliding on the ice and snowy ground as they went, "better to do it now!"
  18. Earlier
  19. Angelic throws another rock at the spider queen. https://orokos.com/roll/979028 another miss! Paper is up as soon as I post for that and for his attack vs the web.
  20. He's gonna try and Bluff the duplicates into getting out of the area - and then he's gonna do this Teleport 12 (1200 ft/20 million miles) (hasty light of the Pleiades; Extras: Affects Others, Area [burst]) {48/48} He is going to teleport back to Melissa's parents house - taking her with! The duplicator guy might come too, depending on if they get fooled.
  21. Despite all the tough talk, Fast-Forward had to admit he was running out of ideas. That was the problem with super-speed, you had all the time in the world to think up battle strategies but you could run through most of them faster than the speed of sound. He could just run away, he supposed, but that would just leave poor crazy Melissa stuck here to deal with who-knows-what. Maybe she was paralyzed in time but there was no reason they couldn't just put her over their shoulder and do - God knew what. Not the thinking part of the group here! Then an idea came to him; maybe there were ways to run away without leaving the world behind. "Hey dumb-dumbs!" he called as he ran through the group of duplicates, dodging their blasts by the skin of his teeth. "I'm about to drop the mystic power of the star Sirius on your heads!" He flipped through the pages of the Tome of Theurgy as he went, chanting under his breath with a sound like the unzipping of the sky itself. As he ran, light lit up under his feet, tracing the mystic patterns of the Behenian stars. "Now I'm no science jockey, but I think that's gonna really fry your cannolis! So you'd better get out of here while you still can!" He ran all the way to Melissa, frozen in place like a statue, and touched her. "As for me, I'm gone." And then they were.
  22. This won't have gone anywhere by June/July, fellas. I'm just saying.
  23. Terrifica nodded, not that Rainshadow could see it. “You needn’t worry about a ‘robot virus’. The AI Exquisita is on defense against any intruders. Since you’re ready, I’m activating the helmet. Remember, while this may feel completely real, it isn’t. Any injuries may feel real, but they are not. So please remain as calm as you can. When you’re finished, say my name and I’ll disconnect. Good? Good. Diving in five…four…three…two…” For Rainshadow, it wasn’t so much as a fall as a sudden translocation. One moment, he’s reclining in a chair, the next he’s standing dockside in a city that did not resemble Freedom very much. It was Toronto, for the record. The water was Lake Ontario. And the angry looking woman standing on the water was his opponent for this exercise. Her open hostility and water gathering around her upraised arms made the point extra clear.
  24. Don't forget you can spend an HP if you like, @Nerdzul!
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