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  2. One more arcane lore to see what I know about the fae? 1d20+20=39
  3. Ill swing for a notice check if it's still an option! 1d20+14=19
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  5. Dammit. Why was Robin the only one that ever packed non-lethal weapons here? The bodyguard was down, and he probably needed medical attention. She supposed that Kidd had done as his training told him, but still. If anything, the bodyguard had tried to help them by shooting at the Wall. Everything was happening so fast. The Wall was getting closer, Kidd was shooting now, the bodyguard was down, Blowfish had pulled some kind of weapon that she didn't really have the time to see what was. It didn't matter right now, they had to stop the Wall while they still had the chance. "Kidd, Blowfish. Back away. I'll take care of him." Of course Blowfish didn't care about his bodyguard. She didn't really have anything she could use here, no smart moves. He would probably be wise to having the floor shot out from under him again, so she had to buy some time. Pulling the trigger, Robin fired another kinetic blast at the Wall.
  6. Yet another shot at the Wall. Backing away to try and stay out of his reach. Power Attack Maneuver on Justice Shot: 1d20+9 = 27, DC22 Toughness if it hits.
  7. GM The King seemed to think about it. His expression was unreadable. Would Lament succeed? Or would he fail. Eventually, the King made his decision. "You." He pointed at the guard that had tried to hide Lament's card. "Fetch your children. They will do for this show." The guard looked shocked, but complied. While he was gone, the King smiled sweetly at Lament. "Yes, any child will do, will they not? Now, show me the tunes you can play on these children." And he gestured towards the guard as he returned, a bundle in each arms. Twins, from the looks of it. To a human, they were maybe a few months old. For an Elf? Who knew.
  8. Elf King sense motive: 1d20+20 = 32 And a -5 modifier for a convincing argument makes 27.
  9. Adventure, yes. But an adventure for cheese? Pan did not like that at all, no. The Fae realms were indeed vibrant, they were indeed an adventure, but he did not like the idea of this adventure on Lorenzo's terms. He had already proved to be strange, and quick to take hostile actions, after all. With a loud sigh, he flew away from Lorenzo, instead hovering by Penny. Fine, he was here, but he was not going to act like he liked it. Being pulled between worlds against his will was not something he cared to repeat. He frowned at the mention of the poison mushrooms. Sure, try to eat something you knew nothing about, and from a Fae realm. Absolutely brilliant idea. "Please, would anyone like to tell me a bit more about the Pixies and other Fae, or just about this realm? It is quite different from the Pixies back home." Some knowledge would do, yes. It would help, at least.
  10. Well, nothing I can think of right now, aside from Pan being occupied!
  11. GM The Dakana noble's strike hit the Shadow agent with full force, knocking him to the ground. Once Red Lynx had rolled back up to his feet, he realized the clone was no longer an immediate threat. With all the opponents that had been present in this section of the museum now down, all that left was those that had moved further in with the last remaining sorcerer, which Masque knew were in the center of the Egyptian exhibit. Back in the chaos that had erupted in the exhibit, the darkness that had been filling the room dropped, as the two Shadow agents with the sorcerer both stepped forward and sent blasts of dark energy flying at the pair of teenage heroines confronting them. Veronica brought up a hand deflecting away the blast aimed at her, a faint mystical barrier appearing as the blast impacted with it before being turned away. The other blast few just shy of Masque but missing none the less.
  12. The Shadow only gets a 7 with a Natural 1, so he is down hard! The two remaining shadows that are where Veronica and Masque are will attack the two heroines. The one attacking Veronica missed with a 17, the one going after Masque also misses with a 19. We are up to the Masques now! @Fox
  13. http://orokos.com/roll/704001 I got an 8 on the initiative roll.
  14. GM Tsunami seemed to get the basic meaning of Dust Devil’s message, holding a finger up to her mouth and gesturing with the hand in a motion that seemed to suggest waiting to see more. The Asian heroine then disappeared into some shadowy underbrush nearby and out of Dust Devil's vision. Down below, more than half a dozen more Nazis appeared from the jungle, following after the first two as they drew closer to the ruin in which Dust Devil and Tsunami had arrived. One of the men in front called out in German, turning back and signaling to the others. They all speed up to a jog, closing the distance to the base of a vine covered stone set of stairs that led up to the ledge where Dust Devil and Tsunami were located. As the gathered men looked up at the ruins above them, several started talking excitedly in German. Now that they were closer, Dust Devil was able to make a more details. Each were wearing uniforms similar to what he believed the Germans had worn in Northern Africa during World War II. The uniforms also appeared to have at least a few patches in them, although the same material, so they blended almost seamlessly from a distance. Several had holsters at their belts, but they also carried spears in their hands, or machetes. Each of the men wore a sturdy rucksack on their back, clearly filled with some sort of supplies. After a few moment, the Nazis began climbing the stairs towards the entrance to the chamber where Dust Devil and Tsunami had first appeared. So far, they appeared to have not caught sight of either of the heroes….
  15. GM As Girrok stopped and issued his demand for more explantion, the Boran with the large energy weapon in the lead stopped at turned back around, again stating something in a language the Andromedan did not understand. This time he began to raise his weapon slightly, but again Vannox held up a hand to stop him. Still holding his glaive in his other hand, Vannox stood up straight as he looked back at Girrok as well, a slight scowl on his face. "I respect your strength and your skill in the arena Andromedan," he finally stated, "but I am not one of your underlings to be commanded." "But still, I understand your wishing to know more. We do not have time to explain in full, but suffice to say, we follow a great warrior who is currently involved in a conflict with the Stellar Khanate." Just as Vannox finished, several Khanate soldiers appeared at the hole in the wall nearby. A group of others appeared around one corner of the hallway they were in, moving toward them. "The fool has already delayed us too long." Muttered the Boran with the large energy weapon, turning to aim at the group approaching from down the hall.
  16. Veronica Danger Veronica had been distracted by the sight of something grabbing Abby and pulling her into a mirror when the same thing happened to the teenage Danger. The hands that grabbed her were as strong as a vice, so after a brief struggle Veronica realized there was little chance she was going to free herself by struggling. However, and hope that she would be freed by Liz faded quickly when Veronica herself was pulled into the mirror. Focusing to keep her breath held, Veronica let herself go limp, waiting to see where she might be taken, and by whom.
  17. If not for the by-now familiar scent of black coffee it might have been a long while before Aquaria realized that Trevor had entered the kitchen at some point and was leaning against the counter to her opposite side, silently sipping from a steaming mug and listening to her explanation. She sometimes felt as though the dark haired surfacer had more in common with an octopus than the humans she with whom she interacted the most: readily camouflaged, getting into places one didn't expect, leaving inky clouds behind. Even other surfacers seemed to find him inscrutable which made him an especially tough clam to crack open for her! Today he was wearing a shallow lake blue dress shirt and dark pants, with a dirty cloth tossed over one should that she took to mean he'd been working in the garage where there were many, many such cloths. He regarded her with what she took to be a serious expression - or possibly amused, he didn't really seem to do the lip movements she'd been taught to look for - then looked to Erin to await her response.
  18. Of course! Ill suggest, for starters, that the faint and fear - or even the revival - means Echohead loses the copy in his head. I dont think thats worth an HP, but just for fun! He can copy someone else of course.
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  20. Rocket, Cape, either of you want some unintended consequence from this?
  21. "doesn't suprise me really, we're still finding cold war villain lairs today on earth, there's a whole lot of empty space to hide stuff in and plenty of chaos if what I heard first time I was out here is true." He mused as echohead fainted and pan rushed to provide aid. "Heh! I like this guy." He mentioned as he helped pan get echohead into a sitting position "he's funny! Those two looses in leotards getting the drop on me and knocking me out really put a damper on my mood but I feel much better already." He was of course not aware that it has been the stress of his out of control powers and echoheads autohypnotic influence that had made him loose his memories and that it had been platypus and eagle who had clobbered him out cold so hard he had short term memory loss. "You still with us sleepyhead?" He asked the now roused psychic "things are about to get real, real fast too."
  22. Echohead "What...where...who....no! Miss Violet! The pretzels!" started Echohead as he woke up. Why Miss Violet? Why pretzels? Nobody shall ever know, for 'twas a dream. Maybe Freud could speculate. But most likely we would not want him to. After all. Violet. Pretzels. Best say no more. It seemed that a brief passing out had somewhat stabilised his blood pressure and his vagus nerve had somewhat normalised. Whilst his eyes briefly pointed in opposite directions, they did converge on Pan and Echohead started to get his act together. "Why...I was j-j-just resting my eyes!" he said, pulling up his turtleneck and readjusting his sunglasses. After all, he always wore sunglasses. Even when he didn't need to. Arguably he would wear them in a cave. He had an unconsious reasoning that he would be safer if he didn't see all the things that could kill him. "Where are we? What do we do?" he jammered, looking for direction from somebody. Anybody.
  23. GM "The Knights of Anarchy are a motorcycle club. AN-AR-CHY! AN-AR-CHY! AN-AR-CHY!" he yelled. He had a curious mix of superficial linguistic fluency and lack of any real depth of intellect. "We are the brothers of our founder, SIR PRIZE!" he said, proudly. His belt did indeed have a "KNIGHTS OF ANARCHY" engraving on it. "And tonight we have a celebration! A festival of engines and beer and jousting by the beach!" he said, still proud. "Now, you look like a cool guy. With a motorcycle! Why don't you come along at midnight, see if you like it?" he asked.
  24. "thats how Jousts works dummy." Facsimile deadpanned "don't go throwing your toys off ya rocking horse cause you lost and don't like it." He huffed as he set the bike aside "no one made you pick a fight with a literal ton of bricks." "Now then, you don't seem to have a concussion or any major trauma...so let's have a talk whilst we wait for the police to arrive about why you talk like that...and who these knights of anarchy are...." Facsimile rumbled as he stomped over, more of a dull Thoom to his steps than the twang of steel as he carried his immense weight towards the man.
  25. Forever Boy "Amazing..." Pan murmured, looking up at the crystalline castle that they were to infiltrate. It was unlike anything he had ever seen, unlike anything on either Neverworld or the Earth, as far as he knew. And it was the home of a villain? No, that could not stand, could it? "Maybe the structure or the materials make it difficult to find, without the information that the dear Porpoise and Eagle shared?" he responded to Veronica's question, while shrugging. He was not sure, it was a shot in the dark, but it was his best idea, at least. And it was something that was interesting to contemplate. Even Pan fell silent as Veronica guided them in. He had moved to stand behind her, a hand on the top of her seat as he watched everything unfolding. This was amazing, he didn't want to miss anything that might happen. "Wonderful work, my friend." he congratulated her, just before he heard Echohead gasping for air, his head spinning, him feeling lighter... and then he fell over. With a trail of Pixie Dust behind him, Pan was by his side, kneeling and reaching out to try and help him up. "Mr. Echohead? Wake up, this is really not the time for a nap of any kind. We will be there in but a moment." He tried doing what he could to wake him up, but it was really not his forte.
  26. Trying for a medicine check to get Echohead up and going again, using it unranked with Jack of All Trades. I think its Revive, so DC15, unless you want something different? Medicine Roll: 1d20+1 = 17
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