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  2. Fade [PL 10] Attributes: Str: 16 Dex: 22 Con: 20 Int: 14 Wis: 12 Cha: 18 Combat/Saves: BAB +8; BDB: +8; Tough: +7/+9; Fort: 4 (+9); Reflex: 6 (+12); Will: 6 (+7) Skills: 28 (112 ranks) Acrobatics 14 (+20); Bluff 8 (+12/+16); Climb 7 (+10); Disable Device 14 (+16); Drive 4 (+10); Gather Info 8 (+12); Kn: Streetwise 8 (+10); Lang: Japanese (English native); Notice 12 (+13); Pilot 2 (+8); Sense Motive 10 (+11); Slight of Hand 7 (+13); Stealth 14 (+20); Swim 3 (+6) Feats: Acrobatic Bluff; Attack Focus: Melee 6; Attractive; Dodge Focus 3; Defensive Roll; Equipment 4; Evasion; Improved Initiative; Move-by Action; Power Attack Equipment: Lightweight Arsenal Body Armor (+2 toughness, Subtle) {3 EP} Utility Belt {16 EP} 1) Sleep Grenades (Fatigue 4, explosive) 2) Smoke Grenades (Obscure 2, explosive) 3) Cutting torch and multi-tool 4) Lock picks (+2 Disable Device) Powers: 1) Teleport 4 (Extra: Accurate; Feats: Change Direction; Change Velocity; Turn About; Progression 2 (up to 500 lbs) [17 PP] 2) Martial Arts Training (Strike 3, Mighty) [4 PP] Stats (42) + Combat (32) + Saves (16) + Skills (28) + Feats (20) + Powers (21) = 159 pp Notes: Fade is an American mercenary and thief from somewhere in the Midwest. She wears a blackbody suit with a lighter weight version of the standard Arsenal body armor. She had shoulder length brown hair and wears no mask. Bola [PL 7] Attributes Str: 14 Dex: 18 Con: 18 Int; 12 Wis: 14 Cha: 14 Combat/Saves BAB: +7; BDB: +5; Tough: +6; Fort 4 (+8); Reflex: 5 (+9); Will: 3 (+5) Skills: 16 (64 ranks) Acrobatic 8 (+12); Climb 8 (+10); Drive 4 (+8); Kn: Tactics 8 (+9); Notice 8 (+10); Stealth 8 (+12); Survival 8 (+10); Sense Motive 12 (+14) Feats: Acrobatic Bluff; Attack Spec: Throwing Knives; Dodge Focus 2; Equipment 1; Instant Up; Precise Shot; Quick Draw; Set Up; Teamwork 1 Equipment: Arsenal Body Armor (+3 toughness) {3 EP} Powers: 1) Archaic Weapons (Device 4 (20 DP), easy to lose; Feats: Mutli-Weapon 3) [15 PP] Archaic Weapons Array (17 PP Array; 3 Alt Powers) {20 DP} BP: Throwing Knives (Blast 5) (Extra: Autofire) AP: Hatchet (Strike 5) (Feat: Mighty) AP: Bolas (Snare 7) AP: Explosive Bolas (Blast 6) (Extra: Area Burst; Drawback: Limited Ammo (2 uses) Stats (30) + Combat (24) + Saves (12) + Skills (16) + Feats (10) + Powers (15) = 107 pp Notes: Bola is a female mercenary from South America who is well trained in a variety of archaic weapons. Like many on the team, she dresses in a black bodysuit, her black Arsenal bodyarmor worn over that. She has a belt and harness which carries her various throwing knives and bolas. Incendiary [PL 8] Attributes Str: 16 Dex: 16 Con: 18 Int; 12 Wis: 12 Cha: 14 Combat/Saves BAB: +6; BDB: +6; Tough: +8; Fort 4 (+8); Reflex: 5 (+7); Will: 5 (+6) Skills: 12 (48 ranks) Climb 8 (+11); Drive 7 (+10); Kn: Current Events 3 (+4); Kn: Streetwise 4 (+5); Kn: Tactics 10 (+11); Notice 10 (+11); ; Survival 6 (+7) Feats: Accurate Attack; Attack Focus: Ranged 2: Attack Spec: Unarmed 2; Defensive Roll; Dodge Focus 2; Equipment 1; Improved Aim; Power Attack; Precise Shot; Ranged Pin Equipment: Lightweight Arsenal Body Armor (+2 toughness; Subtle) {3 EP} Powers: 1) Fire Burst (Blast (Extras: General Area; Feats: 2 alt powers) [26 PP] AP: Fire Jet (Blast AP: Flame Fists (Strike 8; Accurate 2) Stats (28) + Combat (24) + Saves (14) + Skills (12) + Feats (13) + Powers (26) = 117 pp Notes: Incendiary is an American mercenary. If not participating in a mission in plain clothes (as he does not need to worry about trying to smuggle a weapon anywhere) Incendiary wears black cargo pants and a long sleeve shirt, over which he wears his lighter weight body armor.
  3. Pan drifted along as they went through the streets, flitting back and forth between various sights and shops that caught his attention as they went along, pointing out anything he found particularly interesting to the others. So much to see, and they hadn't even started the actual adventure yet. "What a wonderful place," Pan mused, looking up towards the top of the restaurant. There was just something cozy about it, despite the size, and if it promised great food, different from back in Freedom? Even better. It seemed that Veronica had studied up before their trip, if she already knew about a place like this. Honestly, preparation was not quite Pan's way of doing things, but he could still appreciate his friend's work. "Yes, the food just seem to have so much more soul in places like these, do they not?" he agreed with Davyd. And wasn't Davyd a bit taller before? Curious, but oh well!
  4. Forever Boy Updating Forever Boy's complications and spending his current PP. Please replace what Forever Boy's current complications with these: Never is an awfully long time: While usually fearless, Pan has just one fear: That he will never be able to return to Neverworld. If Pan is affected by a Fear effect targeting his fear of never returning to Neverworld, his Fearless feat will not apply. Alternatively, if faced with a situation where he might be able to return home, it might cause him to hesitate or otherwise make the current situation worse.  Oh, the cleverness of me: Pan is a trickster, and he has trouble not taunting and otherwise aggravating his enemies. This can lead to escalation of conflict if Pan manages to aggravate the enemy enough, or Pan being attacked where he was previously ignored, making the situation worse for him. To live will be an awfully big adventure: To Pan, a life without adventure would be worse than death. He searches for adventure in any form, always having trouble sitting still, be it during classes, stakeouts or strategy meetings. This can apply in many ways, such as picking up a strange idol, pressing the tempting button with "Do not press" or flying after something the glowing light in the sky, having trouble staying focused during planning on learning, which can cause problems later on, if Pan forgets crucial information or just didn't pay attention in the first place. I'll hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in my arms: Pan is quick to find friends, and quick to trust them. He is willing to do just about anything for his friends, even if he shouldn't. Hurt his friends, and his revenge will be swift, even if it shouldn't be. If Pan's friends are hurt or in situations where they will be seriously hurt or worse if Pan or someone else doesn't help them, Pan will be spurred into action, even if the situation places Pan himself in great danger. All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust: Pan has to actually believe in himself and his abilities for his powers to work effectively. If his faith in himself is shaken, for instance by being met with an overwhelming foe or otherwise being worn down, any of his powers with the Pixie Dust descriptor might fail when he try to use them. All children, except one, grow up: Pan has a soft spot for children, and they tend to like him in turn. While he might not outright believe everything a child will say or do, knowing all too well how mischievous a child can be, he will always believe in children, prioritizing their protection and well being. It may have been quixotic, but it was magnificent: Pan's uncanny luck tends to have strange consequences. If probability is pushed far enough in one direction, it might just decide to push back, causing improbable things to happen, like the password to a computer suddenly changing, or a piano suddenly falling from the sky. --- Pan has 13PP to spend, and I'll be using those to boost his Illusion array a bit, and changing its name, so to summarize changes: - Rename the power Illusion Array to Trickster Array - Increase Alternate Power 1 to Alternate Power 3 [2PP], adding Enhanced Charisma as the new BP and another Illusion power - Increase rank from 3.5 to 9 [11PP] New array below: Trickster Array 9 (18 PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [21PP] (Pixie Dust, Training) BP: Enhanced Charisma 18 ("Allure of Forever") {18/18} AP: Illusion 8 ("Endless Forms"; Affects: Visual; Feats: Progression [Area] 2) (Area: 25 ft.) {18/18} AP: Illusion 4 ("Endless Forms Most Beautiful"; Affects: All Senses; Extras: Duration 1 [Sustained]; Flaws: Action [Full Round]; Feats: Progression [Area] 2) (Duration: Sustained, Area: 25 ft.) {18/18} AP: Obscure 5 ("Hide & Seek"; Affects: Auditory, Visual Senses; Extras: Independent [+0]; Feats: Progression [Area] 2, Selective) (Duration: Independent [18 rounds], Radius: 500 ft.) {18/18} Updated Ability score and Skills blocks to go with the above: Abilities: 4 + 10 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 10 = 36PP Strength: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 20 (+5) / 38 (+14) w. Allure of Forever Skills: 40R = 10PP Acrobatics 2 (+7) Bluff 17Skill Mastery (+22) / (+31 w. Allure of Forever) Notice 13Skill Mastery (+14) Sense Motive 3Skill Mastery (+4) Sleight of Hand 2 (+7) Stealth 3Skill Mastery (+8)
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  6. Yep, both are about 200 feet above ground, Ship A being 50 feet away and Ship B being 500 feet away.
  7. That is a hit, you will take one down. Go ahead and post IC.
  8. @Tiffany Korta Tiff, give me a computers roll for the trick Sitara is trying to do to link her suit to her past self's suit.
  9. Er...yes! Of course! Which also means you are up, @Avenger Assembled
  10. GM Laark had joined the pair up on the bridge as Soreen began focusing the scans on the villages in the nearby mountains. After a few moments she had focused on one in particular. "This one seems to be the largest." She said. "Although that is not really saying much. I am not reading any sort of energy signatures that would suggest much in the way of technology. Like pretty much everything else we have come across that is native to this world, it seems a primitive settlement. I am getting somewhere around a few hundred life forms." Laark studied the read-outs a few moments and then spoke up. "While striking at where an enemy is weakest is usually the best strategy, it may not be as successful in this instance." He stated. "Even if we are able to turn any of these settlements to our side, that is not likely to weaken the pirates position as much as it might in other situations. The pirates have support from their spacecraft, something we are unable to counter with our current resources. It is very possible they could still obtain supplies and even reinforcements from off-world if given the time." "Or even worse for us," Soreen chimed in, "we could make this operation so costly they just decide to leave for easier pickings, taking with them anything that might provide us with the parts we need to repair the Xeno to get us off world." "We certainly want to investigate what the situation is in these settlements." Laark continued. "From what we have been told, the beings residing there have been tricked into being willing allies. At the very least we will want to cut the pirates off from that support. But I fear that a prolonged campaign will not serve us well."
  11. You mean a hit on the Hornet?
  12. Nicole "I guess it wasn't that bad if nobody got hurt," Nicole said, turning to her friend. "Or died." She sighed then turned her attention to the waiting assembly. A thought niggled at the back of her mind, waiting for an answer, and she raised her hand for all to see, her eyes on Ambassador Ortilac. "Besides the obvious benefits of intergrating a new system state into your galactic-wide organization, what does the Coalition hope to gain from the Lia civilization? I imagine there was something about the Lia state which had caught the eye of the Coalition heads and allowed it to pass the prerequisite conditions so it could be accepted." Her question seemed to end there but after a moment's pause she spoke up again, voice cutting through the room. "And why hasn't there been an offer been extended Terra considering its proliferation of extra-normal citizens, which could allow it to offer the Coalition both military and scientific contributions disproportionate to its size? Given the record of past Praetorian and Terran superhuman operations wouldn't a more extensive cooperation be in both parties' best interests?
  13. Yesterday
  14. "It's why I go out on patrols, keep in touch with whats going on." He explained as he set his motorcycle up out of the way. He neglected to mention the rift his powers had caused between himself and his brother, but that was really more of a personal issue he had. "Sweet space plane...deluxe edition skin on it too!" He joked as he removed his leather jacket and draped it over the bike along with his gloves. "Suppose that depends on you dok, what do ya need to know?" He asked as he loosed himself up by hoping from one foot to another and shaking out his limbs and joints in a slight warm up. "You need help with anything?"
  15. "Something like that," he said as the lights came up. The first thing Facsimile noticed was the large aircraft in the middle of the hangar, of a make similar to the Freedom League's own spaceplanes. This one was black with gold trim and numerous red lights all over, and the rear cargo door/ramp was open, though from the doorway he could not see inside it. Strewn about were numerous boxes, crates, and containers, as well as a few tool cabinets. "Though this area isn't that quiet or secluded," he said, just as a low roar rumbled overhead, like distant thunder, "since this is part of the Jameson Airport. I did put in some sound dampeners here, though, so it's quieter than it would otherwise be." "I have had a few truly secluded homes, though," he continued as he walked behind one crate, opened it, and began pulling out some clothes. "ArcheTech had a space station, in orbit over South America, and I spent a lot of time up there looking out, my view unobstructed by clouds or atmosphere." Though the crate's opened lid obscured almost all but his head and shoulders, Facsimile could tell he was changing outfits. "Then there was my submarine, which explored the depths of many oceans. And my castle, though that was also the European headquarters for ArcheTech, so that place was always busy. Oh, and of course the asteroid," he added with something between a grin and a grimace, "but they're all gone now." He lowered the lid and stepped out from behind the crate, shifting his holodisguise as he did, and was now looking more like himself. Navy blue pants and purple shirt under a white labcoat, blonde hair, and a youthful face. "Having somewhere to get away to, a place you can call your own, is important, yes. But it's also important not to cut yourself off from friends and loved ones. Trust me on this. So, what would you like to do first?"
  16. "Well that could be cute or horrifying." Facsimile mumbled as he touched his fingers to his belt and transformed from an engine to a solid steel figure "hope they're more jumping spider and less nightmare nope spider." He shifted his stance slightly as they drew closer, less of a relaxed and upright walk and more of a battle ready coil as he kept his eyes on as much around him as he could. "I'm guessing these things are pure instinct if they're just attacking whatever sets them off? "
  17. Facsimile was quite impressed all in all from what rambling he'd caught about it from one of his more talkative tech head friends they were extremely complicated mathematically and hand all kinda variables for what they did. He didnt let it trouble him however and simply rolled his bike and himself through and into the hanger. "It's nice, quiet and secluded, I'd be lying if I said I didn't occasionally look for somewhere like this to just...exist you know? Nevada desert at night, Artic circle, top of everrest and the upper stratosphere, even went to deep space by accident once, caught a photon instead of a oxygen atom and shot myself through that wormhole the praetorians are sat on." He recounted his trip to the planet of the tiny equine beings quite fondly even if he had spent most of it fighting a killer robot. "You looking to find some peace among the stars?"
  18. Everybody was using all their fancy tricks, while Monica just stood there wondering. Neither Ashley (who seemed to get ever more upset) nor Lulu managed to get any results. The others did have a point though – this was the shell that Danica was carrying around usually, after all. Probably. Monica walked up to the shell's opening. "It is a turtle shell after all, yeah. " Once she was in front of it, she turned around to address her teammate for just a second. "Come on Micah, don't just talk, act!" Monica had caught some stuff about her teammate's issues with his powers and what they meant for him, but sometimes, a bit of pushing probably was a good idea. She hadn't learned all of her powers by just sitting in a corner crying, after all. (Although a lot of that had been involved). She knocked on the shell with some force (it could take it, hopefully), before getting onto her knees and trying to move her head into the shell. "Hello? Anybody in there?"
  19. Selena sat in her chair next to Nicole, quietly fidgeting with her dress. She would much rather be attending in her grey and purple costume but today's calendar had called for diplomacy, not manipulating electromagnetic fields. The fact her friend and team-mate had chosen to also arrive in formal wear instead of her armor at least made her more comfortable with her decision. 'Besides,' she mused to herself, 'walking around in a magical WMD is bound to make our hosts regret inviting us aboard.' The longer the speeches went on however, the harder it became for the teen to sit still. She was in freaking space, she wanted to see what a lack of gravity allowed her to do with her magnetokinesis. Leroy's... exuberance on the ship being brought up brought the heroine back to the moment, "Dr. Chawla, it wasn't that bad. I was able to seal the breach before anyone went the way of a Xenomorph Queen," she said, hoping to defuse that situation before it got any worse.
  20. Two and a half months. Ten weeks. 74 days. That's how long it had been since his life had changed in so thoroughly and unexpected a manner. Before that, he was a mild-mannered high school student, comfortable working behind the scenes of Franklin D. Roosevelt's theatrical productions. After that, after the lab accident at FCU which had granted him extensive shapeshifting abilities -- an accident involving Grue biomaterials -- he'd been thrust into the whirlwind world of Claremont Academy, and its many teen metahumans. In that time he'd met a dragon, traveled back in time, met a faerie and a Grue, and helped explore a sunken ship. And now, after a trip on the Radiance Unveiled, he was on an honest-to-gods space station. Even for someone who'd grown up in Freedom, and was frequently exposed to that city's weirdness, this was all getting to be a bit much. But he had friends with him, which helped. And Ambassador Ortilac was so positive and uplifting, it was easy to feel welcome. "Davyd Palahniuk," the round-faced, long-limbed Ukrainian-American boy said, extending a hand to Sitara, "pleased to meet you. This is my first time in space!," he exclaimed.
  21. He smirked, "yes, I know a thing or three about unsecured networks and GPS trackers." He withdrew his hand and tapped his temple, "one perk of my new condition, though one that took me a while to get a handle on." He began to rise from his seat, "so many signals out there, all coming in at once -- it was quite overwhelming at times! But I learned to filter it out, focus on what I needed to and let the rest just become background noise." He went up to the counter and paid for their meal (using a prepaid debit card), then headed out. He looked over at Facsimile's motorcycle, "if you don't mind, I'd like to handle transportation this time." He turned and walked behind the diner, motioning for Facsimile to follow with his bike. He looked around to see if there were any bystanders, then pointed to an empty spot next to the dumpster behind the diner. "Just a moment, please," he said, closing his eyes and concentrating. A pinpoint of blue-grey light appeared in the air before them, and slowly expanded. The point become a ring, through which Facsimile could see a single metal door. As the portal widened, he could see more of the other side: the door was set into a large building, surrounded by asphalt. A large parking lot, most likely. After a few seconds, the portal was easily big enough for Facsimile and the Doktor to walk through side by side, with his motorcycle in between them. "It's not as luxurious as my former home," he apologized, "but it should be more than sufficient." [Continues in The Strongest Link.]
  22. 2019 May 17th (Friday). Evening. Cloudy, temps in high 60s/low 70s. [Continued from Upgrading the Supply Chain.] At the doorway to a small private hangar on Jameson Airport, a hole in space appeared. It was a very brief thing, and tightly controlled -- the creator knew a wormhole's varying gravimetric fluctuations could play havoc with the delicate sensors used by the aircraft in the area, so he kept things tight and focused to minimize that. Out of the portal stepped two figured, with a motorcylce between them. One was a young man, who appeared to be the vehicle's owner as he was dressed not unlike a biker. The other appeared to be an older man, middle aged, with long brown hair, in blue overalls and an orange long-sleeved shirt, with a large leather tool belt. As soon as they were through, the portal snapped shut with a soft 'boof' of displaced air. "Here we are, hangar 4P," the older man said as he walked towards the single side door, "home sweet home. Well, for now, at least." He opened the door and entered the darkened structure, beckoning for the younger man to follow.
  23. Sandman Seems a pretty natural fit if it'd work for your plans.
  24. There is something strange going on at FCU. Previously bright students have showed up suddenly barely able to tie their own shoes, and nobody knows why. The only clues are reports of strange nocturnal attacks. Panic is starting to spread among the students, and some grad students are simply refusing to show up for class! Clearly, some heroes are needed to find the cause of this dastardly brain drain and put a stop to it! I am looking for 2-3 heroes of any type willing to do some investigation and knock some heads together. I will be contributing my own PC Corona (link in my signature) to help.
  25. GM "The risk is always going to be massive" countered Diamondlight. And he didn't mind. Risk was a like a drug, and he was hooked. But one had to play risk, like a maestro played a violin. "But lets be clear. We aren't here to fight, or even grind horns. This is bait, to find out whats going on. Pure and simple. Its...intelligence gathering...." he summised. He wasn't exactly a spy, but he wasn't far from it either. "If you cant fit in the suit, then you will either have to wait outside, or come up with some appropriate black tie attire" he said, wondering, with some amusement, what she would choose...
  26. As ever, if you believe something went awry with your post counts, please do reply here or reach out to the ref team directly, and we'll look into it. angrydurf Ace Danger: 1 post = 1pp Ouroboros: 1 post = 1pp Red Lynx: 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp Savant: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1 post = 1pp GM: 1 post * 2 = 2 Azuth65 Gauss: 7 posts = 1pp Hazmat: 1 post = 1pp Cubismo Ms Thursday: 2 posts = 1pp Replica: 8 posts + 6 (GM) = 14 posts = 2pp GM: 3 posts * 2 = 6 posts Dr Archeville Dead Head: 5 posts + 5 (Doktor Archeville) = 10 posts = 2pp Doktor Archeville: 16 posts = 2pp Horrorshow: 14 posts + 11 (Doktor Archeville) = 25 posts = 3pp Exaccus Dreadnought: 0 posts Oz: 8 posts = 1pp Omen/Screech: 5 posts = 1pp Fox Masque: 5 posts = 1 PP Wraith: 1 PP (ref point) [Now TITANIUM!] Grumblefloof Dirge: 0 posts + 2 (GM) = 2 posts = 1pp Hex: 1 post = 1pp Mister Strix: 2 posts = 1pp GM: 1 post * 2 = 2 Heritage Crystal-Gazer: 27 posts = 3pp Grimalkin: 9 posts = 1pp Miracle Girl: 7 posts + 3 (Grimalkin) = 10 posts = 2pp Shrike: 6 posts + 4 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp The Eel: 4 posts + 6 (Grimalkin) = 10 posts = 2pp + 1 (20Q) = 3pp GM: 2 posts * 2 = 4 KnightDisciple Thunderbird: 1 post = 1pp Judex: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (guide) = 1pp Nick Arcana: 3 posts = 1pp + 1 (admin) = 2pp NineOfSpades Meridian: 1 post * 2 (new player) = 2 posts = 1pp olopi Barrier: 0 posts + 13 (GM) = 13 posts = 2pp + 1 (ref) = 3pp Bird of Arms: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1 post = 1pp Sha'ir the Spellsmith: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1 post = 1pp Lady Liberty: 14 posts + 11 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp GM: 13 posts * 2 = 26 RocketLord Dust Devil II: 1 post = 1pp Forever Boy: 12 posts + 38 (GM) = 50 posts = 4pp Justice: 13 posts + 37 (GM) = 50 posts = 4pp Rebellion: 5 posts + 20 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp U.F.O.: 0 posts + 9 (GM) = 9 posts = 1pp GM: 52 posts * 2 = 104 Supercape Lord Steam: 2 posts = 1pp Starshot: 1 post = 1pp Cap Cosmos: 5 posts + 5 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp + 1 (guide) = 3pp Diamondlight: 5 posts = 1pp Mr Murk: 2 posts = 1pp Sgt Shark: 7 posts + 6 (GM) = 13 posts = 2pp Ronin: 1 post = 1pp Lament: 0 posts + 2 (Lord Steam) = 2 posts = 1pp Snakebite: 0 posts + 1 (Starshot) + 9 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp Echohead: 0 posts + 10 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp Curveball: 0 posts + 10 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp Nightlife: 0 posts + 10 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp GM: 25 posts * 2 = 50 Tarrakhash Black Mamba: 0 posts Chromium: 3 posts = 1pp Delta: 5 posts = 1pp Tiffany Korta Emerald Spider: 2 posts = 1pp Miss Grue: 7 posts + 3 (GM) + 1 (Triakosia) = 11 posts = 2pp + 1 (ref) = 3pp Ms Bright: 1 post = 1pp White Lioness: 7 posts + 3 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp Zhenschina-voin: 1 post = 1pp Triakosia: 1 post = 1pp GM: 3 posts * 2 = 6 Zeitgeist Blue Salvo: 12 posts + 2 (GM) = 14 posts = 2pp GM: 1 post * 2 = 2
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