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  2. Bloody Mess Now Bloody Mess was not da smartest of heroes, and he knew it. But... Red Cap? Treasures? It reminded him of old folk stories his parents told him. Back in eastern Europe. He shook his head. No way these crooks could be goblins... could they? Not that he was sure dey were goblins. Goblins, ogres, what was da difference? Could even be those short fellaz, like in da movies. "We ain't givin ya nothing, ya bozos!" he called back, slamming lefty and righty together. "You gotta earn treasure. By workin and stuff. Ya can't just steal treasures. Da'ts what theives do!" He thumped lefty and righty together once more, and let his supercharged blood swell his muscles...
  3. Reflex saves: Iris: 21 Daniel: 15
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  5. For when it comes up, 18 for Bloody Mess initiative
  6. Edited to reflect feedback
  7. Yes could you @MoonSimply @Poncho and @Dracostern all give a DC 15 Reflex to avoid the dazzle And then Round 1 24 Puma - 3 HP 20 - Daniel - 16 - Golden Star - OHP, Bruised 13 - Gen Sparks 13 - Iris - 4 HP, Staggered Giving G Sparks the edge on initiative (they have the same DEX but as Iris is just waking up...)
  8. With the arrival of the Goblins (which I'll say Blackstaff recognizes on sight) can I please have Initiative rolls. Feel free to do reaction posts prior to combat beginning though. Will get Initiative for Shooting Star and the NPCs soon.
  9. (GM Post) Hotshot was still pretty unconscious from being hurled through time by Lawrence, but there's a chirping on the battlesuit's radio as someone patched in. "The boss is the hunter guy." Spoke the voice. "I'm not getting paid enough to risk all this crap, I wasn't told anything about Superheroes, so you do what you want." Said a female voice before the line cut out. The remaining drone sizzled, then dropped to the ground, leaving the group alone except for the conquered Esquire. The rumbling grew louder and louder until a pair of T-Rexes burst into the area, roaring a terrible, horrifying roar. But the metal collars around their neck sparked, shorted, then fall apart into pieces, and upon being given free will and wandering into Neko's illusion of terrifying cat creatures, they were animalistic enough to know to follow their base instinct, which is to flee from an unwinnable battle against an infinite army of screaming, yelling cats, so they quickly turned tail and fled, stomping a path through the jungle away from the terrible army of cats. Suddenly, there was silence, other than the man currently holding his gun against people he couldn't see or hear, utterly unable to do anything.
  10. Man, now I need to figure out what a 28 and a 15 on History get. so I'll say at the least, 15 is enough to remember the Crimson Katana from History Class; Imperial Japan's most evil Super-Soldier in WW2 and beyond. Probably Lawrence is also aware of how there's been multiple Crimson Katanas and Katanarchists since, even to the present day. If AA wants to add anything since it's a roll about something relevant to his character that they would know, he should feel free to overwrite me here. We'll also drop out of combat time.
  11. Okay Jack, there are a few issues to discuss: Abilities: Strength 26 is +8, not +10. Saves: First, I only see you spending 18 PP on saves, not 22. (and based on the points spent, it should be Fort +8/10; Reflex +8; Will +8 But, the other issue, a PC should generally not have all exotic saves maxed (or better than their PL). Given Arctus’ nature, perhaps keeping Fort as is (with the +10 being in alt form) and maybe Will at +8, Reflex should drop to +6, maybe +5. So, you should free up a few PP here. Feats: Why does he have Dodge Focus 4? I don’t see that added into his defense (and will be a problem if it was as it would break your PL caps in Alt form), so that is 4 PP to free up. Combat: So, some issues here. First, Attack: 4 BAB (8 PP) is fine, and you show +4 Attack Focus: Melee, but should be +5 as you have five ranks of AF: Melee. So, it should be: Attack: +4. +9 melee, +8 melee in Alt form [+4 base, +5 Attack Focus, -1 Growth] Powers: For the cold control array, should list that there are 2 alt powers on the first line (like this): Cold Control Array 6 (Magic 12PP Array; 2 Alt powers) [14PP] Using the freed up PP from dropping the Dodge Focus, you could boost up the Cold Control Array, and/or add another alt power that gives him a ice/cold ranged attack (something offensive for when he is not in his alt form).
  12. GM The quartet of villains stopped quickly as Bloody Mess made his appearance, tilting his head as he looks the shorter man over, sizing him up for a fight when the other two arrive. He takes a step forward and seems about to speak when suddenly a small green man with a wicked grin and crusty red hat appears behind him in a puff of smoke, an obsidian tipped spear at the ready. His shield flares for a moment again, but the spear pushes through with a sound like a mixture of glass breaking and radio static, puncturing the man's side before vanishing once more with a cackle. As if on queue, dozens of similar individuals, although without the hat burst from the gutters and holes in the warehouses around the heroes and villains, with axes and blades made of stone, which they wave and point at everyone in their vicinity. Another red capped fellow looks down at the people below, crowing "Give us the treasures and die!"
  13. Vanya "Jack” Davydov Power Level: 8 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Jack is an extremely laid back guy with a love for nature and protecting others. Jack was born with latent Shaman powers that have been augmented by a soul bond with a polar bear spirit, allowing him to tap into primal ice magic. Alternate Identity: Arctus Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia Residence: Southside Occupation: Student/Hero Family: Ivan Davydov (Father), Rada Davydov (Mother) Description: Age: 16 (DoB: September 21, 2009) Apparent Age: 18 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Russian, Siberian Ket Height: 6’6” Weight: 300 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: White Jack is a giant among teens, and even among adults and he sometimes gets mistaken for an adult at first glance. Jack has strong Siberian Ket features, softened only slightly by his Russian heritage. He has tan skin, white hair, and is extremely well built prompting anyone who saw him to immediately wonder if he is on steroids (he isn't, but having a giant polar bear spirit bonded to you has some good side effects.) Jack is a soft spoken person by nature, but has always carried a big stick, as is the expression. Despite this calm demeanor, the chaotic nature of his beast bond can often make him quick to show emotions like anger and it is a constant battle to keep his temper in check when he feels himself or perceived territory is threatened, or friends are in danger. All of his life Jack has lived with nature and taken care of it. He would often spend the entire summer in a tent in some remote location with his grandparents in Siberia, living off the land and enjoying the unspoiled natural beauty around them. Other kids his age would often make fun of him for always talking about nature and different adventures he had had, but this only served to toughen his skin. Jack is quick to blame himself for everything, even if it is not his fault, and as a result he has a hard time saying no to anyone, always feeling he has to save everyone. Jack has quite a number of large scars across his torso, arms and legs, sustained during the polar bear attack. These scars emit a soft glow from the magic energy stitching them to the bear spirit. His connection to his Bear Spirit grants him immunity to the cold, but In most warmer climates his body overheats, so Jack typically wears very little, just enough to be modest in most cultures. This typically consists of either basketball or cargo shorts and a hoodie with the sleeves torn off, which is often left unzipped. so the lack of clothing helps to some extent. Jack rarely wears shoes, as he finds them uncomfortable, preferring the feel of nature beneath his feet. He will, however, wear flip flops or sandals when needed in urban settings. When he changes, he will typically remove the hoodie so it doesn’t get destroyed. In his Alternate Form, Jack becomes a giant Werebear covered in frost and ice. Depending on the climate, he typically has vapor coming off him, as he is much colder than the surrounding air. History: Growing up Jack had a fairly comfortable childhood. His father, Ivan, is a respected artist in St. Petersburg and was on vacation in a remote part of Siberia, painting scenes for a new collection, when he met Rada. The two courted for several months while Ivan painted. When it was time for Ivan to return home, he asked Rada to come with him and they were soon married. It was his mother who encouraged his love of nature, herself coming from a long line of the Ket peoples in Siberia. Because of this encouragement, Jack has always been at home in the wilds, far from civilization and the comforts of town and technology. While he was raised in the city, his heart always belonged to nature, the solitude of being the only talking creature for miles in any direction, which is why he spent almost every summer with his Grandparents. It was on his visits to his grandparents that Jack learned about his family’s connection to Magic and his Grandfather, a Ket Shaman of some renown, began teaching him the secrets of the Shaman heritage that had been passed down to him. Jack learned about the various nature magics that his family had perfected over the years, making things grow even in the rough Siberian soil, empathic healing, and even some combat magic. Over several years, Jack developed a modest talent with nature magic. During one such visit to his grandparents, Jack and his grandfather went on a rite of passage for Ket males, embarking on a wilderness survival journey. During this Journey, Jack was gravely injured by a Polar Bear. His grandfather managed to kill the bear, but Jack was near death and a very long way from a hospital. Unwilling to lose his only grandson, his Grandfather, used magic to bond the bear spirit with Jack's, so that with the spirit's strength, Jack might have a chance to survive. This would inevitably change Jack's life forever and leave him permanently scarred. Jack spent the next several months in a coma, awakening with little memory of the incident. Doctors couldn't explain how Jack had survived, and at the time, Jack did not question his good fortune. But about a month after his release from the hospital, Jack began to notice changes. His body had wasted away during the coma, and he had begun therapy to recover his muscle strength, but his progress was described as nothing short of miraculous. He regained all the muscle he had lost in about a week and as his body healed it grew, gaining several hundred pounds of muscle and almost a foot of height in the span of a month. It was becoming clear that Jack was changing into something different. His parents, fearing for his safety and wanting him to have something of a life without scrutiny, sent him to live with his grandparents, away from the prying eyes of the city. After his coma, it wasnt long before Jack discovered his ability to control magic was gone, he would spend his days trying to repeat feats he had done many times before, to no avail. This would repeatedly leave Jack frustrated with himself and often he would take long walks to be alone with nature. After one particularly disappointing day, Jack went on a long walk and came face to face with another polar bear. This was the first time Jack had felt the Spirit within him stir, and the polar bear seemed to respond in kind, acknowledging Jack as one of its own. An internal flood gate was opened at that moment and Jack truly felt the presence of his Spirit Bear for the first time. Jack began to see the world through different eyes as the Spirit granted Jack both incredible powers, as well as the incredible burden of its animalistic nature. Over the next year Jack worked hard on learning to coexist with the beast inside, and developing his Shaman Magic, which he discovered had become intertwined with the Bear Spirit. Because of this, he realized he had no skill in most of the magic he had previously been taught, but that the bear spirit had increased his talent with Cold, Ice and even water to a limited degree. It was about this time that his parents sent word to him to come home for a visit. He did so eagerly, ready to see his family again after such a long absence. His Father worked long hours as curator of a museum in their hometown, making visits difficult, on top of inclement weather and long travel times. When he returned home he was warmly welcomed by his parents and told of something wonderful. His father had been offered a job in America, and they wanted him to come with them and attend a special school. While part of him longed to stay in the countryside with his grandparents, the adventure of a new country and attending an actual school and meeting others like him was too great an opportunity to pass up. It wasn't long after they arrived in Freedom City that Jack was enrolled at the Clairemont Academy and Jack now prepares for his first semester of school in America. Personality & Motivation: Jack is the Epitome of “Don't provoke a sleeping bear”. He is very laid back, until you provoke him, then he can often be scary. Beneath the calm surface he has the spirit of a beast fighting to get out. He can be quick to anger when certain buttons are pushed, but he tries to keep control of himself. Jack is motivated by a love for all things. He understands that there is a cycle of life, and he seeks to preserve freedom in its various forms. He seeks to protect everyone he meets, and doesn't take kindly to anyone messing with someone he deems under his protection. Powers & Tactics: Jack is a brawler by nature, his bear spirit always seeking to prove itself dominant in any situation. He is a Tank and enjoys being the center of attention in a fight, as he sees it as protecting everyone if they are busy with him. He makes use of his heightened senses and ice magic, but he is still in the early stages of implementing them in ways besides smashing. Power Descriptions: His attacks are Bludgeoning or Slashing damage with his fists and claws (possibly with cold damage later), and piercing with his teeth. His abilities come from the Bear spirit within him, so his power descriptors would be Magic. He has Soul Tattoos as part of his shaman magic. These appear as glowing scars on his skin in base form. (Think Last Airbender) Complications: Predator: Jack’s connection to the Bear spirit bonded to him tends to give off an aura that screams 'predator'. This can affect both people and animals to varying degrees. Nature of the Beast: Jack is reluctant to hurt or kill anyone, but he will always put himself in danger to protect others. This reluctance usually conflicts with his inner spirit as it often wants to prove its dominance and Jack often finds it difficult to back out of a fight, due to his inner beast wanting to prove its dominance. Colorblind: Jack can't distinguish colors; everything looks grayscale. Soul Bound Scars: The soul binding twisted his spirit with the polar bear, and the scars from that desperate action were imperfect, leaving his Magic changed and the scars emit an icy glow, especially in low lighting, as the spirit magic overflows and spills out. This also makes him light up like a beacon to those sensitive to magic. Snowy Paws: In his base and alternate forms his skin is very cold to the touch and can sometimes cause frost to form on things he touches. Additionally in Alternate Form his giant paws make it hard to handle small objects or perform dexterous tasks. Empathic Healing: Jack’s Shaman Magic allows hi to heal damage, but to do so he has to take their damage into himself and that can become quite taxing for him. The bigger the Damage, the more likely it is to leave him fatigued. (Most of the mechanics are from the original sheet, so they may be set to PL10, need help with the limits and math, but i’ve done my best) Trade offs, Defense for Toughness Abilities: 8 + 0 + 6 + 0 + 6 + 10 = 30PP Strength 26/18 (+8/+4) Dexterity 10 (+0) Constitution 20/16 (+5/+3) Intelligence 10 (+0) Wisdom 16 (+3) Charisma 20 (+5) Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +4, +9 melee, +8 melee AF [+4 base, +5 Attack Focus, -1 Growth] Grapple: +13/+23 Defense: +4, +3 (+4 Base, -1 Growth), +2 Flat-Footed Knockback: -1, -6 including size Saving Throws: 5 + 5 + 5 = 15PP Toughness: +6, +13 (+3 base +3 Protection +5 protection +2 Growth) Fortitude: +8/+10 (+3/+5 Con, +5) Reflex: +5 (+0 Dex, +5) Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5) Skills: 68R = 17PP Climb 4 (+8/+12) Concentration 6 (+9) Craft [Artistic] 8 (+8) Handle Animal 8 (+11) Intimidate 5 (+10, +20 from AF) Knowledge(Art) 4 (+4) Knowledge [Arcane Lore] 5 (+5, Skill Mastery) Knowledge [Theology and Philosophy] 5 (+5, Skill Mastery) Language 2 (English, Russian, Base; Ket) Notice 8 (+11 Skill Mastery) Sense Motive 7 (+10) Survival 8 (+11, Skill Mastery) Feats: 12PP All-Out Attack Attack Focus [melee] 5 Animal Empathy Improved Grab Improved Grapple Power Attack Skill Mastery (Survival, Notice, Knowledge Arcane Lore, Knowledge Theology and Philosophy) Takedown Attack Powers: 4+ 19 + 43 = 66PP Shaman Soul Scars (Linked Powers): Immunity 1 (Polar Spirit; Environmental Condition[Cold]) 1PP (Magic) Protection 3 (Thick Skin) 3PP (Magic) Polar Shaman (Magic): Cold Control Array 8 (Magic 16PP Array, 3 Alt Powers) [19PP] Base: Cold Control 8 (Cold Hands, Magic, Range: 80ft Radius: 1000ft DC18) [16PP] Alt: Create Objects 8 (Ice Sculptures, Magic, Range: 80ft, Max Size: 8x 5’ cubes DC18) [16PP] Alt: Healing 8 (Ebb and Flow, Magic, +8 Recovery check) [16PP] Alt: Blast 8 (Boulders/Spikes, Magic, Range: 80ft, DC23) [16PP] Frost Bear (Magic): Alternate Form 8.6 (Werebear Form; 43PP Container) [43PP] (Magic) Enhanced Skill (Intimidation [2PP] Enhanced Feat (Improved Pin) [1PP] Enhanced Feat (Takedown Attack) [1PP] Protection 5 (Frost Armor) [5PP] Damage 0 (Claw Strike; Extras: Penetrating 5; Feat: Mighty 1, Imporved Critical 18-20) [8PP] Muscle Mass [Linked Powers]: Growth 4 (Bear Size; Flaw: Permanent) [12PP] (Linked with Morph) Growth effects: Strength +8, Constitution +4, Attack -1, Defence -1, Grapple +4, Intimidate +2, Stealth -4, +5' speed, +5' reach, +5 Strength for carrying capacity only [heavy load: 3.7 tons] Morph 3 (Werebear Form) [3PP] (Linked with Growth) Super Senses 4 (Bear Senses; Danger Sense [Olfactory], Darkvision, Tracking 1 [Olfactory]) [4PP] Super Strength 2 (Bear Strength) [4PP] Speed 1 (10 MPH, or 105' per round; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [3PP] Alt: Leaping 1 (x2 distance: 32' running long jump/16' standing long jump/8' high jump) Alt: Swimming 1 (2.5 MPH or 25' per round) Drawbacks: -3 -3 = -6PP Involuntarily Change (uncommon, Major DC 15 to avoid, Anger) [-3PP] Vulnerability: Fire Magic (common, Moderate x1.5 save DC) [-3PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed, Base Touch DC 19 Toughness Damage Claws Touch DC 24 Toughness Damage Unarmed Touch DC 23 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (30) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (17) + Feats (12) + Powers (66) - Drawbacks (6) = 150/150 Power Points
  14. With his Well-informed feat Steel Shade makes Gather Information checks against Bloody Mess and Blackstaff and rolls terrifically my goodness. Safe to say he knows who you two are.
  15. 24 For Initiative as Puma is dragged into a conflict she is just now learning about. Want me to roll Reflex as well
  16. "Uh...y..yeah." He mumbled, watching the creature go flying. "...Well. Thanks." he said, offering a smile to the Alien. "We uh...we don't have people like you around anymore. I mean there's some. But the Centurion's dead, Captain Thunder's retired...Obviously the Freedom League is supreme, like Miss Fleur, but uh...I've never seen someone whose got powers like I've got up close before. That was...really impressive, M'am." He finally said before looking around and floating over to Carmen. "Er...excuse me, one moment." he said, bending his head in an apologetic gesture before turning to float over to the Catgirl "...Are you okay? I'm sorry...I got us all tangled up in something and this was supposed to be our first date." he said to her, rubbing his arm. "...Kind of a bad first showing for me as a boyfriend."
  17. The Galloping Ghost disappeared! He was at a single moment running towards the fireworks truck, then he completely disappeared! Where could he possibly have gone?! It's impossible to know! Well, unless you knew what the whispering, whipping wind beneath the metal man, what the sound of the ghostly, howling wail, what the clattering hooves that seemed to come from nowhere meant! Because those were the signs of the Galloping Ghost, the Equine Ectoplasmic Entity! The Metal Man was about to find this out first hand, as suddenly, as the little metal man was rushing down the tracks, the howling, clattering and whinnying was coming straight for him! As the Ghost emerged from nothingness in front of the Metal Man and was charging directly at him, intent to run him down under his mighty hooves!
  18. Iris gets a 24! Though she is untrained so that's just 15.
  19. Cerebral and Cerebellum Iris narrowed her eyes for a moment when Lawrence mentioned that Lynn's home timeline was gone. However she would not ask questions as she might have an idea of what happened...at least the broad stuff, if what Lawrence had told them at Fiji applied there. "I see, well I shall be here for her as well. Daniel also. She'll be in good hands." She confirmed with a nod. Daniel, would blink as he didn't notice anyone new come into the arcade. His eyes swept over to the Ace Combat game and he blinked. Was...was that Mizuki? When did she get here? She seemed to be busy however and so he would not bother her. Instead he moved back to Street Fighter and just watched the girls. "You know you're doing pretty well umm...Lynn was it?"
  20. Per chat, Lawrence gets a 28 on his history check!
  21. Timeout Lawrence gave his friends a faint smile as they offered to help Lynn with adjusting to being in a new timeline. The blond teen focused on Iris as he responded, continuing to use a low voice so Lynn would not hear. "It's gone." He didn’t add any detail, trusting that what he had reveled on the beach during the Fiji trip would explain well enough. His expression softened slightly as he continued. "Right now, the main thing we've been told is just giving her time and be understanding and supportive. Beyond just the trauma of it all, there is a lot to adjust to. While her timeline was very similar, there are differences in events and people. And if that was not enough, she left her timeline in the early half of 2030, so what is similar here is like reliving her past." Over at the video game, Lynn seemed to have gotten the hang of the controls and at least the basic moves of the character she was playing. "Thanks, I guess." She replied to Sam, giving the faintest trace of a smile that quickly faded. She paused a moment and then looked back over to Sam. "Sorry, I was never much of a gamer, and the last few weeks have been….difficult."
  22. "Ah, I see. Well, I hope we can be welcoming to her. And if she needs anything you can't manage, don't be afraid to ask me or Sam for help, we want to give a hand." "Don't sign me up for stuff I didn't agree to!" Sam yelled over her shoulder as she played with Lynn. She was clearly impressed with the younger girl's speed and reflexes. "Ah, you're really good Lynn!" She said, apparently deciding seemingly on a whim she was fond of the younger speedster. She could be a bit mercurial after all. "Don't worry about Michael, he's the world's most perfect square. If you ever need anything, trust me to help you out." She grinned as she helped her learn. She could respect her skills, at the very least. Micahel looked at Iris and Lawrence after that outburst and offered a vague gesture of acceptance at this. "You don't have to say anything if you don't want to, any friend or sibling of yours is someone I'll look out for, no questions asked." He said with sincerity. He knew abiut Collapse now, he'd seen the monsters that dogged Lawrence first hand, but his voice was just as confident that if this was related, he'd not even need an explanation if he needed help.
  23. Cerebral and Cerebellum Iris shook her head. "The Headmistress is alright. She has helped us a lot." The young woman would have said more about how she enjoyed her time at the Academy and how she had made more friends then she had ever. But it seems like Michael wanted to leave. They probably weren't supposed to be backstage so it made sense. "Oh! Umm...a-are we allowed to be here or...?" Daniel, meanwhile, was not feeling any awkwardness despite all the looks he was getting. The young man was on the dance floor now, letting loose and finally relaxing for the first time in a while.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Initiative Roll (Iris) - 13 Initiative Roll (Daniel) - 20
  26. Neko Musume Neko closed her eyes against the grenade's flare and weaved her way through the British patrol's hail of bullets - no, she blinked away the flash of light from Esquire and dodged the blasts of the drones, unhurt by either but growing tired, so very tired. Abandoning Esquire with a sneer of contempt, she rose to her feet and walked towards Hotshot's fallen form, dodging the shots that came her way from the hovering robots even as the twins destroyed them. Lawrence was doing very well, the twins were doing very well - but if more allies came, they were going to die here in the jungle, and meet an unspeakable fate at the hands of the - of the supervillains. She asked a question in Japanese, her voice a growl that seemed deeper than her small frame should have been capable of, then shook her head and went on in English. "Once I crouched at Crimson Katana's left hand." She walked right up to Hotshot, studied him briefly, and then hit a big red button she spotted under his armpit. She'd guessed right with her knowledge of the technology of this era and the man's armor partially retracted, showing an all-too-human face. She reached up behind her head and pulled out a long metal chopstick, her white and brown hair falling loose behind her. She put it directly over his face, right above his eye, her palm ready to push. "I want to talk diplomacy. I want to talk to the one in charge. Ten." As loudly as she could, she thought at the twins: "Find mission control! Find the one controlling the drones!"
  27. Initiative Results 1d20: 16 [1d20=16]
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