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  2. Massage is an art to create with the human body, more information can be found here https://bezvuliak.com/en/massage/
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    Pan fully agreed. Flying was an amazing feeling. Back on Neverworld, he had never met anyone else but pixies that could, and the airships of course, but here on Earth, it didn't seem like a rare gift. Of course, it made him less unique, but he felt he had no reason to complain. After all, it could only be more fun to fly around with others than by himself. He grinned mischievously at Micah's laughter, then made a quick exaggerated bow. "That sounds like a brilliant idea! If the name 'Peter Pan' is so famous in this world that it even rival your heroes, then I should be able to put on quite a show for them!" Oh, it sounded like he would get along just fine with Micah. Then he would just have to find that book. Having few belongings, Pan simply sat on his bed while Micah unpacked. "I don't really know much about schools. I never went to one, being raised by Pixies and all. I'm excited to see what it will be all about."
  4. "Hmm," Salvo began ominously, purple visor turning towards Masque. "Let's just say that there are students who could be hit by an eighteen-wheeler at full speeds and not notice it.They need something extra hard to feel the risk when they fail here." Open-hatched thrusters began to snapped open as Salvo said this and she planted her boots on the ground, ready for takeoff. "Just, try not to get shot until we figure this out, okay?" She didn't wait for an answer, her thrusters flaring open with flame and a thunder-like BOOM. For a brief moment, electricity arced from her jets and frizzled into the ground and Masque could see naked strands of magic interwoven with the flame. Then the armored girl shot into the air like a rocket, smoke trailing her flight. She stopped suddenly in the air, the flame and smoke washing past her. She was high above everyone else, just a speck between the glass faces of buildings, and she slowly turned like a top. The glass reflected her armored form and the miniturized storm around her as she broadened her senses. "Scanning for hostiles now."
  5. Neil watches you gulp down your water with a blank expression and when you've finished your canteen, he offers his own. "Nothing at all?" He asks, brows furrowed. "You don't remember falling or whatever happened after?" He points to a place in the sky behind him and for a moment you are not sure what he is pointing at, but you blink and what was the sky and the top of the temple becomes a cavern within the ruins. Ancient masonry still jut out at angles, jagged edges turned towards the clearing where the two of you are, but the sky and stars have become a dark and dank ceiling, vines snaking through the artwork carved into stone and rainwater dripping down to the floor. The drips echo across the chamber. It is almost claustrophobic compared to where you thought you were before. You follow Neil's hand again to what used to be a hole in the ceiling, now clogged with debris, leading to a short drop to a pool of rainwater. "The floor collapsed on you, I don't know why, and you must have fell all the way from the rooms above down here. I had to find another way down and when I did you were sprawled over the altar." And sure enough there was an altar just a few meters away. A raised pedestal, a large rectangular table inlaid with rusted iron and rotted wood, a broken circular stone, what remained of its face depicting the face of a woman, smaller images carved on the edges. Etches of moonlight, dust filtering into the beams, shone softly through small cracks in the ceiling that opened to the sky. Then he pointed at the ring you were. "An, uh, you had that with you. Never seen that before and it looks to be made in a similar style as the other sample handicrafts we found. I tried taking it off but maybe your finger's swollen because I couldn't." "In any case, we're here now for the night. I've looked around a bit while you were dozing off and I found a few things that might interest you and anyone else." He waved his hand around the place. "Aside from the map coordinates to this temple." Then he moved to a large rucksack and produced a rolled leather case, unfurled it and moved to the side to give you a better look. "Religious tools. Attunements and ritual fetishes. This was how they pleased their gods."
  6. Electra

    Green Machine IC

    Danica drooped visibly upon seeing the playing field and hearing the assignment. "Sorry, guys," she murmured, literally shrinking a bit with embarrassment as she pulled down partway into her shell. "I was hoping we'd have a flag to guard or something, but it looks like I'm just gonna slow you down." She looked over at the nearest chain, which extended to a flag island. "Maybe if somebody can help me get to one of the flags, I can just pick it up when it's time?"
  7. Green Machine OOC Going to be needing this. The crude map below gives a rough idea of the environment. The brown circles are all floating islands on roughly the same altitude. Blue circles are lower, green circles are higher. The letters on the large circle are our PCs. The small orange triangles are the four flags. The red lines connecting the islands are the chains. The two red lines leading to the top of the map head towards the cave in one of the canyon walls. The black line in the lower left hand corner is for scale and equals 100'
  8. Thevshi

    Green Machine IC

    GM Just as the group was discussing what they might face, a voice sounded out over the comm. system in the Doom Room, as the plexiglass windows of the control room were lit a couple dozen feet up above the floor of the room. "Good evening Green Squad." Came the voice of one of the schools teachers. "I do not believe we can continue to wait for Mr. Rhodes, as you only have a limited time scheduled for the room. So, shall we get started?" Clearly the question was a rhetorical one, as a moment later the room around the five teens began to shimmer and then suddenly instead of a large empty room, they were standing on a large rocky island floating in a wide canyon. A number of other rocky islands floated in the air around them, some about the same altitude, while others were higher or lower. Several thick chains a little under a foot wide stretched among some of the floating islands, two of the chains extending from the island the members of Green Squad stood on, one leading to an island about twenty feet lower than theirs, the other to an island about the same level. Further up the canyon, nearly three hundred feet ahead, was a large cave in the side of one of the canyon walls. Two of the large chains lead from floating islands up ahead and over to the entrance of the cave. "Okay, the objective is rather straight forward." Echoed voice of the teacher down the canyon, the windows of the control room were no longer visible. "You need to get the flags and take them to the entrance of the cave." As that was explained, four bright orange flags appeared on four of the other floating islands around the one the teens were on, two just on islands to either side of theirs, the other two on islands further up ahead. "Just one catch though." The teacher quickly added. "You need to collect all four flags at the same time. And, there will be hazards trying to stop you from getting them." "So, let's see how quickly you can do this in the first run. Go!:"
  9. Thevshi

    Green Machine IC

    Veronica Veronica looked over at Monica as she suggested programing any simulacra to represent members of the other teams. "Well, I am not sure there are any plans for us to be engaging in any sparing, light contact or not with the other teams. But I suppose we could do something like that for future sessions. I imagine it will take at least some programing to achieve the desired effect. Besides, to start out it likely makes a bit more sense to go a bit simpler until we get a feel for each other’s abilities and get used to working together." When Micah explained his abilities, the teenage Danger looked over and gave him a reassuring smile. "Well, mostly in control is considerably better than many other alternatives. In any event, I would imagine sessions like this will only help refine that control."
  10. Tsunami Giang gave a small nod as Murk clarified the Codus rule on not killing a fellow immortal, indicating that, at least by the Codus, the prohibition was only for other immortals that had signed the Codus. "A fair clarification. Certainly the prohibition is one I can abide by, for as we previously discussed, I do not use lethal force lightly and thus far have been able to avoid any need to do so." When he mentioned the possible futures, she gave a small smile. "I can understand the perspective, and appreciate that I may have little say in whether or not I am immortal and will be in this universe for countess ages to come. I shall have to put my efforts into ensuring that that balance of my time is indeed beneficial."
  11. Zenith didn't fly, rather she was kind of just moved in the air like it was a solid thing that she leaped from, spinning and responding to whatever she was listening. Alternating between swaying, and violent thrashing acrobatics. The song ended, as it was want to do, leaving her clutching at the head phones as she stopped, violently so, before she sank down to her knees. Her eyes opened, light pouring out as she slide the headphones off of her ears, and down around the back of her neck. Her head tilting like a dog puzzling something out, as she looked around at her surrounding, at the people. All of it. She had caught a little of what they said at the end, but she didn't seem terribly invested in responding to it. Where Corinne occasionally used her powers, Zenith was her powers, flush with them. "Mm?" She half grunted, half asked in her inhuman voice.
  12. Fox

    Red Sky at Night

    Masque took a step back, thinking very briefly of what a pike through the chest felt like as she listened to the gunshots. "You, um, you do know how to work this thing, right?" One hand disappeared into her cloak and came back out pulling a semi-circle of wood, which in turn trailed more and more handle...until she had, improbably, conjured a full wooden crook-staff from a garment that could never hope to conceal any such thing. She spun it expertly enough, shifting her grip to the part wrapped in white cloth. "'cos I've seen a lot of old Star Trek re-runs," she said, "and I don't think this one usually ends very well. They wouldn't put real hurt-y bullets in a training simulation, I guess....right? Right. ....right?"
  13. "Yeah, flying's my favorite thing to do with my powers. It's the one thing that doesn't really scare me. I just...when I'm flying, I can concentrate on that, and I just know what I'm doing. There's no math or whatever, even though that's all got its place. When I'm up there flying on my own...it's like walking, but a thousand times better. It just happens." Micah tried not to laugh at the famous comment. He really did. But after a few moments, he just busted out a big belly laugh. He had to wipe his eyes. "Haha! Oh man I needed that! Yeah buddy, I guess you are kind of famous! Shoot, you're gonna be a hit with a bunch of kids! Just think about it, Peter Pan come to life right in front of them. Isn't that just the thing to kick-start the imagination?" He hops down off his bed and starts working on unpacking more, talking as he does so. "So, anyway, I guess we'll figure out our schedules over the next few days. School is school, but this place seems to really want to lean on 'cut above the rest' even outside of the superpowers thing."
  14. There's a quick GM post about the Tattered Man's postcognitive vision. No reason to screw myself out of an IC GM post.
  15. GM When the Tattered Man closed his eyes, his mind was flooded with a series of vague, semi-coherent images, like a waking dream. He sat in the driver seat of the yellow Camaro, where he saw the flashing lights of a police cruiser in the rear-view mirror. He pulled over. The uniform worn by the police officer didn't look right, not like any uniform John Smith had ever worn. It looked more like a Halloween costume or something out of an old movie. He couldn't get a good look at the officer's face. The brim of his cap cast a shadow the streetlights couldn't pierce. John heard the driver offer a bribe. "Is there a fine? Can we just take care of it right now?" He heard the cop's reply, detached but oddly upbeat. "Step out of the car, please." He heard the driver threaten the cop. "Do you know who I work for?" He saw the cop handcuff the driver. The passenger muttered an obscenity, then reached into his jacket for the 9MM semiautomatic pistol John somehow knew was in there. In the blink of an eye, the cop drew a massive revolver - magnum, it must be - and put a bullet between the passenger's eyes before the 9MM cleared its holster. Then John saw the cop go to work on the driver with his baton. The passenger died instantly, but with the driver, the cop made it last. The driver died, eventually, but first, he suffered. He pleaded with the cop, and the cop talked, but the cop didn't really reply to anything the man was saying. He talked past the man, rather than to him. The cop never raised his voice. He never even used profane language. He seemed almost cheerful as he beat the man to death. The last thing either the driver or the passenger of the Camaro saw before he died was the blurry image of an inhumanly pale white face. John couldn't tell whether the white man was the cop, or a second person. He couldn't make out any facial features, except for a big smile. Too big to be human. Almost too big to fit on his face...
  16. Micah had gone about playing with workmanlike effort and focus. He'd never be a star or Olympian, but for this game, he did a good job. He had missed a couple of the serves, but then again, he and Astrid had scored a few points as well. It was give and take, really; nothing unusual for friendly competition. He had smiled as Pan started up his cheering, just a touch more confidence coming out as he played. Having someone openly cheer him and believe in him really did boost his playing, even if just a bit. Now the ball was headed toward him once again. He narrowed his eyes and concentrated, keeping a lid on his powers. Instead, he took two hopping steps and reached one arm out. His hand smacked dead-center on the bottom of the ball. It didn't rise straight up; momentum kept it arcing. But its path had been changed, and it was, for the moment, gaining altitude. It ought to arc directly over to where Astrid could send it back over the net. Which was good, as Micah plowed shoulder-first into the sand, kicking up twin trails for a moment. He was on his feet a couple of seconds later, but time was precious in a game like this. Hopefully it wouldn't cost them another point.
  17. Yesterday
  18. John's whole body tensed up as the two of them fought. He closed his eyes as the vision flooded his mind. A strange, clear view of what had happened. He walked over to the driver and bent down to examine him. "Preliminary review of the body suggests that the driver was beaten to death by a blunt object. Not an axe, not a bow, not a fist. A club, a police baton." He had been completely unaware of the fight, unaware that Arrowhawk hit Mr. Strix as hard as she had. "The killer was not a cop, not a real cop, anyway. Perhaps not even human."
  19. Adam had no idea what language Leroy was speaking, but it sounded coherent enough. His new friends were somewhat strange. There was that, and the fact that Ashley seemed to know the solution to the current problem. He said nothing, though. He didn't know how she knew what she knew, but there could be any number of explanations. Ashley and Judy were somewhat strange. He was suspicious of how she knew what she knew. However, this was not the time to talk about that. With them lost and Judy's life in danger, now was not the time to throw conflict into their team. He'd keep his suspicions to himself unless there was a good reason to bring it up. Later, though. Now? A ship full of people and a strange place.
  20. John gets a series of vague, dreamlike images. The men in the car were pulled over by a cop. His uniform didn't look right, not like any uniform John had ever seen when he was a cop. It might've been a cop costume from Halloween or an old movie, or it might've been a real uniform, but anachronistically old. The brim of the cop's hat casts a shadow over his face that obscures it throughout the vision. The driver tried to bribe the cop, then threatened him. When the cop cuffed him, the man in the passenger seat went for the pistol in his jacket. The cop drew a magnum revolver and put a bullet between the passenger's eyes before the passenger could even pull his own gun free from its holster. Then the cop went to work on the driver, beating him with a baton. He didn't make it quick. He made it last. He never raised his voice. He never even used profane language. The man pleaded, and the cop spoke, but it didn't seem like anything the cop said was actually a reply to the man he was beating. The last thing either man saw before he died was an inhumanly pale white face. The image is blurry. It's not even clear whether the white man is the cop, or a second person. It doesn't seem like they could make out any facial features, other than the big smile. Too big to be human. Almost too big to fit on his face.
  21. John is going to use his postcognition power, figure he went into it while they were bickering. What information did he receive?
  22. Starshot The Ul-Mor! "Good idea" replied Shatshot, brightening. "Not easy" he added. "But it is worthwhile..." "In any case, we need to abandon this base. As you say, its only a matter of time before they notice it has fallen, and then try to retake it. Or worse, just bombard it. I don't think we can risk using it is our base. We need to strip what we can into the flyer, including the G-bikes, and relocate" he said. As far as he could see, there was no option here. True, it was not urgent, but it could be mere hours before a counter attack was launched, and it would not be one they would survive. Or, given it was in the middle of the desert, one they could flee. "I suggest we rebase in the forest, or at least next to it. With our victorious freinds. Then, we should see about making contact with our Ul-Mor freinds. See if they will help!"
  23. GM "According to the flight logs of the flyer outside and the scans you took before we crashed, the main pirate base is about 400 kilometers to the northeast." Soreen replied. "The grav bike could get you there, but will likely take a couple of days. We could always load it into the flyer and at least head to a point closer." "While we cannot rush into things, we also cannot take too long." Laark added. "At some point the pirates at the main base will be become concerned when they do not hear from this outpost, or the pirates that arrived in the flyer do not return. As for the Jaas, I am skeptical that we will be able to sway them from their current allegiance. Even if they claimed to do so, how would we know and trust what messages they sent to the minds of the Edestrekai?" Soreen seemed in thought for a moment and then spoke up once more. "Well…we happen to know a local species that has some telepathic abilities."
  24. GM When Arrowhawk kicked the man in white, it felt like kicking a stone statue. There didn't seem to be any give to his abdominal muscles, and the kick definitely didn't seem to throw him off-balance. Her words, however, momentarily stunned him. He stopped flailing at her, and opened his mouth to speak, but she didn't have time to consider his reaction before the bow-strike combination she'd spun her body into connected. Her palm didn't just shove the side of her bow against his face. She shoved the enchanted wood into his face, carving a gash diagonally across his skull, several centimeters deep. She had to pry her bow free, and when she did, he collapsed onto the pavement. His mask couldn't hide the fact that there was now a concave pit filled with shards of bone, teeth, and cartilage where his face used to be. He didn't move or make a sound, and he didn't bleed.
  25. Emerald Spider Power Level: 10/12 (180/180PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Your friendly neighbourhood spider hero. Catchphrase: "It's the duty for those who can to protect the weak." Theme: Catch Me If You Can, Girls Generation Alternate Identity: Peri Pyeng (Secret) Birthplace: Emerald City Residence: Bethlehem Heights, Emerald City Occupation: Air Conditioner Repairs Affiliations: None Family: Mi-yeong Pyeng (mother, deceased), Jin-ho Pyeng (father), Myung-sook Pyeng (Grandmother), Jae Pyeng (Aunt) Description: Age: 27 (DoB: 25th February 1991) Gender: Female Ethnicity: Korean-American Height: 5'5" Weight: 125 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Peri has only recently begun to look more into her appearance, though she still gives it as little attention as she can manage. Her hair is usually kept relatively short and tied up to keep it out of the way. With a little more responsibility she's begun to dress appropriately in a pantsuit, though they are fairly cheap and often dirty from her hands-on way of working. When not working she dresses for comfort and utility not really worrying about how fashionable her choices appear to everyone else. The superhero costume she wears is based on the original hoodie she was wearing when she first appeared as Emerald Spider, though a dark green rather than the black of the original. Over the costume is a fine web-like silver pattern, that increases the efficiency of the Spdr Rig. The Spdr Rig itself has been improved over time and is now three distinct unit's the two gloves, now green with the silver thread like the rest of the costume, and a slim silver belt. The gloves have a series of capsules around the wrist, whilst the belt is mostly made up of them, then generated the quantum field and provides power. To hide her identity beneath the hood she wears a green hood and goggles. History: Peri still remembers well what her mother would always tell her before she went away on deployment, Mi-yeong serving in the armed forces, that it was her duty to protect those that couldn't protect themselves. To her shame, a young angry Peri told her mother that she didn't care about those stupid people, what she said wasn't important (though she can remember it in vivid detail) what matter was that she never came back from that flight. The young Peri didn't cry or show any emotion of her mothers death, instead, she made a promise of herself that she would do everything she could to make her mother proud. Already possessing a keen mind she applied herself to her studies, paying less attention to the science fields that she loved in favour of the more practical fields of engineering. Whilst she didn't have many friends or go on many dates she was content to follow this path and was rewarded with top grades at both High School and University. With such amazing grades there was a clamour of several top companies trying to recruit her to there company. At that point her future looked bright. After careful consideration she chose Nerio Concepts a small research firm that was working to create a device to project a force field to both protect the wearer and allowed limited flight function. The snappily named Spdr Rig was she was told to help emergency services to safely reach trapped and injured people for when they couldn't rely on superheroic help. Though she didn't originally develop the suit she quickly figured out its manufacture and made numerous improvement to the systems operations, indeed she already had numerous ideas for the second Rig once the first proved successful. The one fateful night she was doing final checks on the Spdr Rig's computers when she discovered there was a function to allow the suit to generate and expel a potentially dangerous burst of energy. Digging further she discovered more hidden functions that allowed the Spdr Rig to be weaponised, this went against the purpose she believed for the suit could and should be used for. Carefully she began to rooting through the companies computers she further discovered this was the actual aim of the project and that the Spdr Rig was to be sold off to the highest bidder. However, she wasn't careful enough and was confronted by a group of strangely armored guards, finally making her realised that the company was a front of a Super-Criminal organisation. With no other choice, she donned the Spdr Rig and used it to escape, without harming anyone in the process, escaping into the night. Thinking it was over she was shocked to be awoken the next morning by the police to be informed that the place had been burnt down in a fire, one that they had evidence that she'd started, and had claimed several lives. They didn't quite arrest her but did take her into custody, where a company lawyer explained that this could all go away if she told them where the Spdr Rig was now. She didn't even hesitate and instead told them that the Rig was destroyed, ready to accept whatever they had in store for her. To her surprise instead of arresting her or worse, they released her though in the cruellest thing they could do they had her blacklisted meaning she could never work in the field she had dedicated her life. Never being a quieter she picked herself up and rebuilt her life the best she could, having no plans to do anything with the Spdr Rig she wasn't as far as she was concerned a hero. Collecting the Spdr Rig to finally destroy it, better than it falling into the wrong hands, she spotted a mother and daughter about to be hit by a runaway bus. Without thinking she leapt into action snatching the two up and away from the danger, by scaling a nearby building with them. Having been caught on many cameras overnight she became a local hero, dubbed the Emerald Spider. Finally, she had a way to do good and help others in memory of what her mother had done. With Emerald Cities having few superheroes Emerald Spider was quickly adopted by the populous as there hero, an honor that Peri has taken very seriously. Keeping fiercely independent Emerald Spider hasn't only saved lives and fought villains she's also spoken out about the ills that befallen even a city as lucky as Emerald Cities. Whilst some have criticised her being so vocal most love her for standing up for her home, some snidely pointing out that most of those Freedom City heroes never even set foot in Emerald Cities. Away from the cowl being such a vocal hero has bought Peri out of her shell and bought out the communicator that had been inside her all along. This has allowed her to move up in her job, to a better-paying position, and a new apartment away from her father, though she has to share with her only slightly older Aunt Jae. But being a hero as well known as Emerald Spider can't help but bring out powerful enemies... Personality & Motivation: Peri's entire life has been focused in many ways to helping others, feeling that in this way she honors the memory of her mother. Even though she knows it's not her fault she's never been able to shake the guilt of the last things she said before her mother died. Though she's still very serious her time as Emerald Spider has affected her greatly, allowing her an outlet to enjoy herself has made her less stern. She's even been known to tell a joke now and again! Whilst she's Emerald Spider she's much more relaxed, having little time to overthink things she tends to rely on her instincts to deal with challenges. What started as a way to deal with her nerves, quips and joke at the expense of her enemies, has turned into something she now does naturally. Powers & Tactics: Peri's relies on her enhanced agility to keep constantly moving, making herself a difficult target to hit as can. She will do hit and run tactics, especially on ground base targets, hopefully keeping out of the way of potential danger. Mainly she chooses to make herself the main target of any attack, so others can take advantage of this fact. She's been doing this long enough to be a competent fighter, though she still prefers to use other means before fighting itself. Power Descriptions: The Spatial Distortion Resonance Rig (Spdr Rig) generates a field that works on strong and weak atomic forces to either attract or repel the operator from objects around them. The various way that this can be used is done with a series of complicated finger movements, despite several alterations to the design of the Rig she's kept the hand gestures her main thought is that this makes it's difficult for other to try an operate. The rig itself consists of a pair of gloves and belt and boots that all work together to generate the field, this had been enhanced by the fine silver mesh she's inlaid throughout her costume, the web pattern it forms was just a bonus. Because of the way the three interact lose of any of them will disrupt the function of the device. The Spdr Rig when active generates a shimmer in the air of a twisting of cords in the air, a visualization of multidimensional superstrings or quantum filaments, the solidity of these cords depends on how concentrated that part of the field is currently, from almost hidden by the silver web of her costume for her force field to almost solid for her Spdr Blast. Continued exposure to these fields has subtly altered her own quantum signature allowing her to do some of the Spdr Rig's abilities without wearing the apparatus. It's only recently that she's discovered this and she's still exploring the range of these powers and what possible harm they could cause to her. Complications: Don't run on Triple A's: Manipulating the fundamentals of the universe is a little power draining, to say the least, at the most inopportune moments her Spdr Rig can sometimes run out of juice making things difficult, to say the least. With Great Power: Peri is driver by the memory of her mother to always try and do the right things. She will push herself to her very limits, and sometimes beyond, to try and stop the villains. Can't fool Nana: Whilst Peri has managed to hide her identity in Emerald City from everyone except one, Nana Myung-sook. Nana had seen through her disguise almost immediately and got Peri to confess to the fact. Whilst it's mostly a bonus, giving Peri someone to talk to about her problems, Nana Myung-sook can't help but try to get involved in her granddaughter business putting herself in danger. Superheroin' don't pay the bills: Whilst she's managed to earn herself a better job, though she still spends lots of time on skyscraper roofs, the continuous improvement and power needs of the Spdr Rig still take up a substantial portion of her wages. Abilities: 0 + 6 + 0 + 12 + 6 + 6 = 30PP Strength: 10/18 (+0/+4) Dexterity: 16/24 (+3/+7) Constitution: 10/22 (+0/+6) Intelligence: 22 (+6) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 16 (+3) Combat: 16 + 12 = 28PP Initiative: +3/+7 Attack: +10 Spdr Blast +8 Base Defense: +10 (+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +8/+16 Knockback: -5 Saving Throws: 5 + 5 + 5 = 15PP Toughness: +6/+10 (+0/+6 Con, +4 Force Field) Fortitude: +5/+11 (+0/+6 Con, +5) Reflex: +8/12 (+3/+7 Dex, +5) Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5) Skills: 132R = 33PP Acrobatics 8 (+11/+15) Bluff 7 (+10) Climb 6 (+6/+10) Computers 9 (+15) Craft (Electronics) 9 (+15) Craft (Mechanical) 9 (+15) Diplomacy 7 (+10) Escape Artist 3 (+6/+10) Gather Information 7 (+10) Intimidate 7 (+10) Investigate 4 (+10) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 9 (+15) Knowledge (Technology) 9 (+15) Language 1 (English [Native], Korean) Notice 12 (+15) Perform (Percussion) 1 (+4) Search 9 (+15) Sense Motive 7 (+10) Stealth 8 (+11/15) Feats: 11PP Acrobatic Bluff Attack Specialization (Spdr Blast) 1 Dodge Focus 4 Evasion 2 Move-by Action Takedown Attack 1 Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) 1 Powers: 12 + 8 + 8 + 2 + 24 + 1 + 8 = 63PP Enhanced Constitution 12 Quantum Enhancement [12PP] Enhanced Dexterity 8 Quantum Enhancement [8PP] Enhanced Strength 8 Quantum Enhancement [8PP] Leaping 2 Quantum Enhancement [2PP] Spdr Rig 8 (40PP Device, Easy to Lose) Quantum Manipulator [21PP] Damage 10 (Spdr Blast, 80ft range, Extra: Range Feat: Alternative Powers 4) [24PP] Dazzle 10 (Blinding Filaments, Visual Sense, 100ft range) [20PP] Snare 9 (Snaring Filament, 90 ft range Feats: Slow Fade (1 minute), Tether) [20PP] Snare 6 (Snaring Filaments, 60 ft range, 30ft area Extra: Area Burst (General) Feat: Slow Fade (1 minute), Tether) [20PP] Trip 9 (Trippin' Filament, 90 ft range, 45ft area Extra: Area Burst (General) Feat: Slow Fade (1 minute), Improved Throw) [20PP] Flight 4 (Swinging Filament, 100 mph / 880 ft/rnd Flaw: Gliding, Forward Only) [3PP] Force Field 4 [4PP] Impervious Toughness 1 [1PP] Super-Movement 2 (Quantum Cohesion, Slow-Fall, Wall-Crawling 3) [8PP] Super-Senses 1 (Field Distortion, Danger Sense) [1PP] Super-Strength 4 (+20 Str, Heavy Load 4,800 lbs) [8PP] DC Block Attack Range Save Effect Spdr Blast Ranged DC Toughness Damage Dazzle Ranged DC 20 Fort/Ref Blinded Snare Ranged Area DC 16 Ref Snare Snare Ranged DC 19 Ref Snare Trip Ranged DC 19 Trip Unarmed Ranged DC 19 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (30) + Combat (28) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (33) + Feats (11) + Powers (63) = 180/180 Power Points
  26. He gets a 10 on his Toughness save. That's a fail by 13, so he's Injured, Dazed, and Disabled (no Con means all damage is lethal). I think we can step out of combat rounds now. The damage isn't from one of his weaknesses, so assuming someone doesn't keep hitting him, he'll be back up after a round of rest and a recovery check.
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