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  2. “You shouldn’t underestimate paper tigers.” Leon said with a smirk. Looking over at Luke he grinned and nodded his head after Pan and Eira. “Let’s show the old hats that there are new kids in town.” Then followed the pair towards the ride.
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  4. Alek took Jerome's hand with a beaming smile, eyes sparkling in delight. "Good to meet you, Jerome! The pleasure's all mine! Hey, nice to meet you, you too. Nice tie!" He quickly made the rounds of the table, shaking the hand of each person present. In the back of his mind, Alek made a note to scrub his hands with the strongest safe soap he could after they got out of here... "It seems something held up my assistant. My apologies; he's serving as a part-time intern. Paid of course, don't want the journalists coming down on us about unpaid labor or whatever,
  5. Couple random thoughts... -Currently I'm inclined (partly on a whim) to make Gawain be good at cooking. I've got a couple musical PCs and a couple artistic PCs, don't have one that cooks yet. -My mental image for the castle has it sitting on an asteroid sort of like the Watchtower from Young Justice; the castle being kind of tucked into the asteroid a bit, protected on 3 sides by it. But it would also have big, golden solar sails/panels, less as a means of propulsion (I imagine it just teleporting around), and moreso to capture solar power (Gawain's big on solar energy!).
  6. I'll gladly volunteer Nightscale, not sure how a claremonter might fit though
  7. Archer II: 0 posts + 0 GM posts = 0 posts = 0PP None Holger Danske: 0 posts + 0 GM posts = 0 posts = 0PP Valhalla Calling (Posts marked Holger Danske) (0) Justice: 0 posts + 0 GM posts = 0 posts = 0PP League of Their Own (Posts marked Justice) (0) The Mars Connection (Posts marked Justice) (0) Little Mermaid II: 0 posts + 0 GM posts = 0 posts = 0PP Bubblegum Heart (0) Nevermore II: 0 posts + 0 GM posts = 0 posts = 0PP Family Takeover (1) It's My Party (0) Playdate (Posts marked Nevermore II) (1) Rough
  8. Archer II It took him a second to recognize the waitress. Connor looked at the Merge, back to the waitress and the way she was holding up her hand in front of his face, trying to paint him with a mask on. Yeah, alright. This was Merge. Two of her, at least. Yeah, she was up to something. He couldn't say that he knew her all that well, but she had helped out Corona, and what was the point if she had already figured it out? "Maybe." He grinned at her. "Something with some annoying kids and being over the moon?"
  9. Nevermore II "Sure, you're the boss. I'll take notes, no funny business." Charlie quickly adjusted his tie. He liked wearing ties, he liked dress shirts and all that, but the jacket that Alek had made him wear? That was a bit much, to be honest. It was a bit tight over his shoulders, he didn't feel like he could move properly in it. He only just got a quick look inside and heard the man greeting Alek, while he shifted his suitcase with his laptop back from his wrist and to his hand, when the woman that had almost hit him came storming back and stabbed at him with a fin
  10. Nevermore II Guy didn't go down, but at least he was distracted for a moment. While Charlie reached for his staff he noticed a flurry of movement behind him, and the Raven had already taken out the other guy. Alek was just that good, but Charlie? He still had ways to go, didn't he? An arrow flew past his head, hitting the guy and sending another shock through him. How was he even standing at this point? Two shocks like that, and he just took them? Didn't matter, then. Unfolding his staff, he rushed forward, cape trailing behind him. He had to hit just right,
  11. GM The arrow hit true, sending another shock through the man. He shook, trying and failing to get through the shock from the arrow, like he tried to get some kind of word out, to say anything. Shout a warning or something, probably, but it didn't really help while the electric shock kept him rooted to the spot.
  12. Artificer 0 posts = 0pp An Unexpected Journey (0) Horrorshow 0 posts = 0pp Rally Me This (0) Second Coming (0) Weird Flex (0) Protectron 0 post = 0pp League of Their Own (0) --Titanium Characters-- Dead Head 0 posts, to ??? ??? Doktor Archeville 0 posts, to ??? ??? --Other-- Mod point, to ???
  13. That is a hit, no need to burn the HP. Fort save: 6, fail by 9 He's stunned for a round, but still standing. The criminal uses his round to clear the Daze, and Nevermore is up. He moves in close and grabs his staff, going for a Stunning Attack: 6+2 since his attack bonus is off in the table This hits, since he is currently stunned. Thug rolls vs. DC18 Stun: 9, fail by 9, so stunned again, meaning KO. Raven is up. 20 - Raven - 3HP - Unharmed 19 - Arrow IV - 3HP - Unharmed 16 - Criminals - 3x
  14. In order to make sure the Refs accurately count all your IC posts and award you the due amount of power points, please post with a list of all the threads in which your player character, NPC or sidekick posted IC this month (including the News forum). Also list any threads which you are GMing. GM posts count as double and can be assigned to whichever of your characters needs a 'push'. This topic will automatically close on the seventh day of the following month (i.e., November 7th, 2020) at Midnight EST. When you make your list, post a link to your first post for the mon
  15. Camera Obscura II Arrow wasn’t the only one to be hiding in plain sight as his keen eye notice his waitress, something it was weird that he’d not noticed before. Though it was easy to miss without any makeup and wearing normal clothes, but she was a Merge even so far from the flamboyant version discussing terms with Para LX. Her name tag said she was Nickii with hearts over the three I’s and suitable touch and very un-Merge like. She smiled upon catching Connor’s eye whilst blowing her bubble gum, maybe a touch too much considering. “Heya! You look familiar do I know you from
  16. Scarab III Corridor Kamala was going to let them go and just get out of here, bubt something the oldest of the two had touched her final nerve and she turned back to give them a piece of her mind. She’d missed Alex by second but managed to catch Charlie, the little firebrand stabbing at him with a finger. “You tell your boss that I’ve never been so insulted as to be invited here to even consider using my technology In such way, I will take my battery and shove it so far…” Maybe it was her extra senses but something seemed off and looking around she spotted som
  17. GM Post Boardroom The meeting room was an extravagant thing dominated by a massive ebony wood table with inlaid panels and a cutting edge (civilian) holosystem. The room was cold with no touches of beauty, even the original logo had been taken down to be replaced with pictures of the current board. The board was only five other and the glasses provided a wealth of information about the seven men on the board, ironic considering who had founded the company. The text scrolled in Alex’s vision was extensive taken from the investigations of both Duncan and Calliope, indeed it
  18. "Or maybe they are just paper tigers, after all." Pan's eyes had grown hard for the briefest of seconds at Leon's joke, but it passed quickly. Instead of retorting, he instead moved along to the ride. "Time to fly, I think. Keep up if you can, little sidekicks."
  19. OoC for this one here. Going to take an oppertunity to split us up for the time being, not to long though I promise! Nevermore and Scarab need to do Notice rolls please For Scarab [url=https://orokos.com/roll/851446]Notice[/url]: [u]1d20+10[/u] [b]17[/b]
  20. Archer II Connor King sat by the bar, a heavy backpack by his side, a beer in his hand. No uniform right now, a simple pair of jeans, a blue shirt open at the neck. Not his usual style, but he could make do. He needed to be incognito, here. Sitting here in the red and white wouldn't work, not when he wanted to get some information. Para LX had been making some waves, at least enough to get Connor's attention. He wasn't anything special, from the sound of it, but he was causing trouble. Connor emptied his glass. Time to get to work, then, and... He paused be
  21. Blodeuwedd 1 post (Rollover) = 1PP + 1PP (Ref Point) = 2PP Dr Thorne 1 posts (Rollover) = 1PP Emerald Spider 1 post = 1PP League of Their Own (1) Madame Raven 12 post = 2PP Four Stories - Què & A (3) It's my Party... (2) Meanwhile at the stately Summers Manor... (3) Rough cut diamonds (3) Survival Class: Silver Lining (1) Merge Trois 1 post = 1PP Original Gangster (Remix) (1) Ms Bright 2 posts = 1PP A Different Kind of Justice (2) Scarab III 1 post = 1PP Family Takeover (1)
  22. Eira looked down at the ghost, who seemed to be paying very little regard to her at all, and her pale blue eyes went wide and staring as her hands clenched into fists so tight the metal inside her grip audibly clacked. "...var aldrig..." She muttered softly before she slammed her eyes shut tight, frozen in tension for a long moment. When she opened them, she said in a voice like crystal glass. "W-what. Is. Your. Daughter's. Illness?" "The...the same as you had," said Hvarlick, protecting his daughter and staring with horrified fascination at the ghostly little girl before him. "Ma
  23. Some stories happen in common across a great many universes. Kenji Ledger was fourteen and looking for adventure when they crept their way into the cave. A voice seemed to be calling to them from inside, but they weren't afraid - only intrigued. The hovering multicolored jewel inside glowed with an eerie light as they approached, introducing itself as the Cosmic Prism, a fragment of the Cosmic Coil cast down to this dimension, telling them that after almost three hundred years, it had finally found its next destined wielder. And so they reached for it but suddenly the Prism gave a
  24. "Of course it is a challenge - if you are brave enough." Eira rolled her eyes and made a dismissive snort. "You are just afraid that you will vomit in front of us. Hah!" She smirked and slipped her arm through Pan's. "But if you want to ride on the little rides for children, feel free - we will meet you when we are done." By her grin, she didn't quite mean it the way she sounded - but it could be hard to tell with the robot sometimes.
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  26. Ms. Thursday Valhalla Calling (3 post) = 1 IC posts = 1PP to Ms. Thursday Arrow IV Playdate (3 posts) = 3 IC posts = 1PP to Arrow IV
  27. Stepping into the bar on her platform boots every steps was made to get peoples attention, and there attention she demanded. She was wearing a cut off Hero’s shirt and a pair of hotpants all set off with a long coat that billowed out dramatically, all calculated to look suitably dramatic. Her hair was pulled up to add some height, on top of the heels to make her look more impressive. If he was impressed he didn’t show it, though that was the style he emulated, looking up and giving a smile full of grillz. “Heard you switch sides.” she was from this part of Freedom and even her acce
  28. Almánzar’s Bar, Lincoln, Freedom City 2nd October 2020 It wasn’t much of a bar, it wasn’t even a particularly cool bar where the kind of people he modelled himself, it was just a blue collar bar where people just had a few drinks after a hard days work. It was just a place that he could be the big man and even if they didn’t like him, and she already knew that he wasn’t particularly popular no more than a bully of the block. Still he had an ego and that was something she could work with. He in this case was a low level hood with powers, calling himself Para LX, who
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