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  2. “‘Bout time you snapped outta it.” Leon said giving his head one last shake. “You tell him.” He looked down at Chewy. Suddenly the piles coins that was the ground under them began to shift again. “Shi-!“ Leon dodged aside, narrowly avoiding a toppling pile of treasure. “Don’t have to tell me twice.” The young thief was already moving. He scooped up their little companion and followed his roommate. The two ran as well as the shifting ground allowed until Luke suddenly stopped. Leon skidded a few feet on the unstable coins but recovered to look back. “What are you doing? We kinda short on options unless you can sud-“ Luke cried out in joy and the boy melted into the expanding mass of black scales that erupted into a full blow dragon. “-denly turn into a dragon again.” He looked down at Chewy and the creature chirp-snapped. “You said it, not me.” Leon smirked and ran for Luke, shifting Chewy to his right side. Grabbing hold, he swung himself up onto his friend’s back. “Kick it!”
  3. Leon was amused at the railyard’s fence, watching as Neko gracefully vaulted it. Admittedly, he didn’t have his girlfriend’s physical strengths, but he wasn’t going to be out done. He watched with a grin as the others followed her over. Bringing up the rear he leapt up, grabbing the top of the barbwire with his left hand he briefly balanced on it in a one-handed handstand before continuing to the other side with a flip. The rent-a-cops were doing the bare minimum to earn their paychecks, not that Leon blamed them. The railyard was only limping along commercially and everyone knew the after-hours visitors were ignored unless they started causing problems or property damage. The warehouse was perfect for what they were looking for, tucked away amongst several identical ones. The group easily gained entry and slipped inside. Once inside, Leon grabbed a bottle and twisted the cap off. “Cheers.” He smiled and tapped his bottle to the others with a small clink before taking a swig. He set the bottle down and started to dig into the interior of his jacket. “Party games, that sounds like fun.” He grinned mischievously as he produced a small wireless speaker and set it aside for the moment to look at the others.
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  5. "I wouldn't want to do it in New Orleans or Miami," said Ashley, "but the weather's mild enough to stick it out 90% of the time." She rapped on a wooden panel for luck. "Which is good, because Little Blue and I wouldn't even get out of the harbor if I tried to dodge a hurricane." She didn't sound terribly concerned about that prospect; after all, what superhero would leave before a hurricane got there, unless they were leaving inland to help refugees? She opened Ellie's presents and smiled, giving the cat-face pillow a rueful look. "Well well well, if it isn't my old friend." Tossing it neatly onto the couch, she opened the cookie bag, took a bite, and said "Nice! I can use the pillow when I'm on and and eat cookies when I'm off." Damn, she thought, these are really good? And what did I get them? Moon tourist crap! I should have planned harder! The statues turned out to be hand-sized, squat-bodied and big-eyed figures vaguely recognizable as humanoid women, one pure white, the other slate-grey. "I got those in Farside City, they call them Earthwomen. You know, because-" She made a gesture encompassing the height and slender build of Farsiders, an average one of those probably being unable to fit inside the cabin. She sat down in the bolted-down desk chair on the other side of the small 'living room'. "Just for the record, sports bars are great places to meet guys who are - definitely not your types," she snorted. "Speaking of...stuff I got on the Moon, look at this." She reached into her pocket and pulled out the box; clearly a ring box, and cracked it open, revealing a gold band with a single small gem that looked like something between an opal and a diamond. "I've decided that - the next time I see my girl - I'm going to ask her to marry me." And break it off if she says no. She wasn't ready to say that out loud, though, not yet.
  6. Paper - 8 (+2/ GM = 10) An FC Rascal in a Southern Queens Court - 3 The Hoard of the Beast - 1 A Joker - 2 Party Crashing (IC) - 0 Radio Edit - 2 Blackstaff - 0 Chimera - 1 Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright - 1 Predator - 0 GM - 1 (x2 = 2) (2 for Paper) Party Crashing (IC) - 1
  7. La Puma Dogs and Cats - 2 Posts Radio Edit - 2 Posts A Joker- 2 Posts
  8. Ari: Rainshadow: 1PP Avenger Assembled Angelic - 1PP Doctor Archeville: Artificer 1 post = 1pp Horrorshow 1 post = 1pp, +1 [Mod] = +2pp EternalPhoenix: Effigy: 1 PP Fox: Nocturne: 2PP Gizmo: Chitin: 1PP KnightDisciple: Thunderbird: 1PP Nerdzul: Nightscale: 1PP Nick: Ardent: 1PP RocketLord: Nocturne: 1PP Spacefurry: Paper - 9 (+1/GM = 10) = 2PP Blackstaff - 1PP Chimera - 1PP TheAbsurdist: Jotunn: 1PP Thevshi: Multi-Girl: 1PP Tiffany Korta: War Woman: 1PP trollthumper Cavalier: 1PP
  9. "Mara," said Mara, by way of introduction as she accepted the box, following in Ellie's wake and letting the far more social partner break the ice. "Please take cookies. You'll save lives. Yolanda is very proud, which makes it very difficult to not eat...all of the cookies." "I will not judge you for thinking you passed as straight," she...reassured?...their host, turning her head away from her open inspection of the boat. She wanted to see the engine, even if she could guess what it was - was that weird? Did people normally want to see engines? Probably not. Mara spent too much time around engineers. "I don't have the cultural background. My childhood was nonsense. They are nice throw pillows, though; helps make it more house than boat." For lack of additional boat-related things to pry into without tools, Mara carefully opened their gift box and took one of the little statues out to inspect. "These are nice," she said, gently pulling one out of the box to show her wife. Was she supposed to know what space dust felt like? She would not comment on the space dust. She needed to look into having normal friends, this was becoming a problem. "We're reorganizing some of our shelves, these would look nice on the little middle shelves, left of the couch, Ellie? Thank you, Ashley."
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  11. "Got it... I mean, it's not like I have to eat like an actual bus-sized lizard either..." It was pretty much supernatural stuff, magic or otherwise. "Well... almost..." He chuckled. "It's a pretty cool gift though." He smiled. The abadoned rail yard fence had never really been an obstacle for Luke even before getting superpowers and certainly it wasn't one now that he could easily jump over it without breaking a sweat. He snatched a bottle for himself, thanking Neko with a bow of the head and a mischivious smile. "Cheers people!" He clinked his drinl with whoever wanted to. "Now what to do... what to do..." He looked around. "I mean it's not like we can just drink out the night... and we do have an empty bottle or two... I mean... we are gonna to in a moment..." He added, not before chugging through his own bottle pretty much in one go (the perks of having the stamina of the aforementioned bus-sized lizards). "Spin the bottle?" He suggested. (OOC hehe I dunno if the game is called like that in English, or it's just something like "truth or dare")
  12. Leonard Fox Auditorium, Claremont Academy Rosalind Sommaripa, reluctant director Roselind mused she had a special kind of luck, the ability to be at the right place at the wrong time. An offhanded comment that they put on a play this year for the parents, had fallen on the ears of an enthusiastic teacher. It ended up with her even meeting with the Headmistress with promises of extra credits for the idiot that would run the whole show, that idiot being her! So sitting in the auditorium, waiting for both whoever had been roped into helping and those who wanted to audition, she wondered what play they should pick. Worrying that she should have already decided this, if not the whole thing had been a little bit of a whirl since she’d mentioned the idea. Currently, she was flip-flopping between One with the Night and Centurion (if she only had a few shows up), at least they should have an advantage with the special effects...
  13. "Ahoy, Captain," Ellie deadpanned as she stepped aboard, giving a flourish that vaguely implied a salute. She overcorrected for the gentle rocking of the boat for a moment before years of gymnastic training and real world experience saved her balance and her pride. "This is great," she assured Ashley once they'd entered the main interior space of the vessel. "It's honestly wild that we don't know more people with houseboats. We're around a lot of people with big 'lives on a boat' energy." She handed off the cookie tin and gift bag so she could walk in an admittedly small circle to take in the living room, leaving Mara to accept the box Ashely presented in return. "This is how I know we're getting old, because I unironically love those throw pillows. I have throw pillow opinions now, Ashley. Hot throw pillow takes." The gift bag was surprisingly heavy and nestled in bright red and green tissue paper Ashely found a soft plush cat with cartoony smiling eyes, about the size of a dinner plate and almost as flat. It's weight shifted with the telltale sound of dried grains pouring as it was lifted and an attached tag explained that the pancake-esque calico was a saffron-scented reusable heating and cooling pad for soothing aches and pains. The cookie tin was also densely packed, a wild variety of homemade cookies grouped into several sandwich sized resealable bags for easy refrigeration and piled atop each other so that the lid barely stayed attached. "Yoyo and her cousins had a baking day with mi mama so if you like those for the love of all that's holy let me know so we can foist more of them off on you. I cannot overstate how many cookies we've been working though. Just an unconscionable number." Ellie picked up one of the mugs and noted the sports bar's logo while blowing gently across the steaming liquid. "Tell me again how you thought you were passing for straight...?"
  14. "Maybe." He was rocking, and wriggling in his seat not so much agitated as clearly just not able to sit still. While he was not frowning, his condor-esque wingspan was folded across his chest. "Sure. I guess. Lot of stuff depending on the good graces of someone who'd think that deal was something to offer. I mean, they probably got contingencies for someone like us. Right?" He snorted enough to jostle his body. "I mean, like, they might be nuts to enough to go back on their word. Which, ok, dumbest thing even. Because I will totally just go gaga over an alien overlord who lied to me and the nuked my family from orbit."
  15. Multi-Girl "That might be tha case, but ah'm not so sure. I mean, if one o' me duplicates does a lot o' physical exertion an' merges back with me, I don' get more tired." Bernadette commented when Luke asked whether merging with an intoxicated duplicate might compound the alcohol in her system. "They typically aren' around long enough ta get hungry, but when I have practiced lacrosse with some duplicates, they certainly get thirsty an' drink water." The Irish teen then added. When the group reached the railyards, Bernadette easily leapt over the rear fence, landing gracefully on the other side, if a bit louder than Neko. Following along with the group, the redheaded teen took one of the bottles of beer and popped off the cap with her hands before clinking it against Neko's offered cheer and taking a drink herself.
  16. One of the ambulance members had given her water to drink, the cool refreshing beverage rousing her in the late evening, especially after speaking with the Claremont faculty worried over the events that had transpired. She'd look over towards Ashley, the lady that had saved the day this evening as she felt the reassuring hand on her arm. The other arm still had a tinge of pain to it, but she was recovering quick enough, nothing broken, just bruised by the wolfman and their fight against them. There was another water bottle, handing it over to Ashley as the two spoke to each other. "Maybe one day we can just go out to lunch or something. I don't know, it ain't bad busting bad guys... wolves with you," she says taking a deep breath, "You do? I was thinking maybe going to college or something, I never thought I would."
  17. Chimera’s blow landed and she felt the rush of the charge as it gave the swordswoman a moment pause. Feeling confident she quickly tried to follow it up with a second zap. Unfortunately Fury seemed to shrug off both the effect of her first strike and the second one before it even finished connecting. ”Crap.” There was a moment of dread at the thought of being the focus of the woman’s ire when Chimera got the sudden feeling of something behind her. She instinctively ducked aside as a swarm of tendrils lashed out and grabbed Fury. Chimera blinked in surprise even as the young girl she had seen earlier stepped forward to demand the fighter’s surrender. ”O..kay…” Chimera muttered to herself as she straightened up and glanced around. The giant wolf seemed to have the Gentleman pinned and no one else seemed willing to approach them yet, but she knew better than to let her guard down. Still it was a little embarrassing that yet another teenager seemed more effective than she was. If this kept up, she might develop a complex, she thought with dark humor.
  18. No need to roll, I think they are beaten. Will post IC soon
  19. "I can see you..." Luke whispered, his stare still vacant, his mind overwhelmed as internally he struggled to recover his bearings. Leon's words couldn't reach him, although he was barely aware of them, like if they echoed from worlds apart. He did however, feel the slap, or at least, the gesture was strong enough to divert his attention from the golden disk. "Hey..." He lamented, his smile however,s uggesting that he was grateful that his friend had managed to free him from the spell. Chewy clacked excitedly, and gave "What the hell..." He had little time to assess the situation however, as the ground stirred again underneath their feet. There was no doubt that the creature below was awakening now while Luke was no longer in sync with its tought, he could swear that it was pissed. "F..." The boy jumped backward, barely avoiding a pile of treasure from one of the collapsing structures. "Run!" They dashed away blindly for a few feet, but it was like trying to outrun the ocean, while standing on it. It was a struggle just to stand up. Luke's heart raced madly and with it, the rhytm of the cave did the same. His eyes had began to glow of a golden glow. Strangely enough, the young man found himself invigorated by the experience. "Maybe..." He stopped on his tracks. "There is no way we can make it on foot..." He added, as he dug as deep as he could for his power, the one that had eluded him for now. There! "Yeah!" He half shouted, half roared triumphantly as he managed to grasp enough of his essence to change. Molten obsidian seemed to melt on his skin as he grew into his draconic form. Tiny, perhaps, compared to the creature below, but with his bat-like wings unfolded.... Maybe, it would give them a chance. "Jump up, man..."
  20. Greenbank's railyards were just busy enough that there was no profit in shutting them down - but not busy enough to be very populated this late at night. It was easy enough for the teens to make it over the rear fence, Neko climbing up the side nimbly before vaulting over the barbed wire at the top, landing silently and on her feet on the other side. There were a few security guards but it was easy enough, between the four of them, to give them all cover as they made their way out to an old wooden-walled warehouse that had seen better days. "Perfect," said Neko as she hopped up under shelter of an overhanging metal awning. She perched there for a moment, then said "We need...kanpai." Not terribly interested in American beer, which was by all accounts terrible, she had taken something for herself, and so produced a small bottle of what Raina had called 'airplane sake'. She pulled the lid off the bottle with her teeth, then raised it high to clink against the other bottles as the others allowed before tossing her head back for a drink.
  21. Ashley was very tired and probably - no, definitely needed a bath. She put a reassuring hand on her sidekick's arm and said, "You did great tonight." She hesitated, thinking back to her youth and her time sidekicking for the Raven, a lifetime ago it felt like. "I know every time we go somewhere it turns to total crap. Next time, no super-stuff, just...I don't know," she admitted. "We'll think of something." She sat down next to the catgirl and watched the agents work. "You know," she said, "I bet I can find a place for you after graduation if you want it..."
  22. Leon grinned down at Neko, admiring her bright lit eyes. “I love the way you think.” He glanced up and snickered at Bernadette’s comment before outright laughing at Luke’s. “Well then, let’s enjoy it while we can.” At the question of alcohol and her dupes Leon smirked at Bernadette.. “Now that sounds like something I’d like to see.” He laughed and glanced at Carmen. She was a girl of few words, but she was trustworthy. She just needed to loosen up a bit. “To the rail yard then.”
  23. Carmen would catch the pack easily enough out of the air, hiding them away in one of the interior pockets of her varsity jacket. She had grown a habit while she still lived in Puerto Rico, hiding it away from prying eyes. It was sneaking them off of crooks or other hoodlums that tried to mess around back home. Of course, now with so many super powered beings, some of which that could read minds meant that dipping back behind the school could be a difficult task all for a lazy smoke. "Thanks," she spoke without much fanfare for receiving it. She'd scrummage through her pockets for where she kept a small wallet. A small clip of cash was tossed back towards Neko, already having prepped to pay for it. She was more interested in drinking, something that was a bit harder for her to do considering her age. More so given her rather iconic looking look. She didn't feel the talkative type when it came to going anywhere, she didn't know the area still enough to know the best places.
  24. Multigirl A Joker (3 posts) Ref point to Multigirl as well
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  26. "Or by the end of the night..." Luke chuckled. "Chaz has a way of knowing things." Luke shrugged. "Maybe the alcohol will compound?" Luke chuckled at the thought, when Bernadette mentioned the risk of getting her duplicate some drink. "Do they need to drink or eat by the way?" He asked "Railyard it is then. Are we ready to get Wasted!" He continue enthusiastically, a big grin on his lips as he lead the way toward their destination. Now of course, getting a dragon properly wasted was no easy quest, but he was confident that by the end of the night they will succeed.
  27. As the tentacles lashed their way around Fiery Fury, a smile crossed Neko's face, showing teeth more pointed than a human girl's could be. She sauntered towards the captive villain, tail lashing behind her, ears twitching, her fingers before her big, bright yellow eyes as a low kekekeke came from her throat. Below Fiery Fiery, where Horrorshow held him tight, there was a distinct rumbling noise before the ground seemed to open beneath him. The gateway below was to a dark and dismal place that stank of rotting flesh and sounded of crawling, wriggling things and a moaning despair that seemed to last for eternity. Beside her, giving an encouraging nod to Horrorshow, Owain held his blade against the Fiery Fury's throat. "Purgatory here, or that below. Will you yield?" he asked, his tone surprisingly mild.
  28. Let me know if you want rolls here!
  29. No need to be sorry - rule one of games like this is that real life always comes first. I'll go ahead and pull this character out of the Character Bank and into Character Building for you. When or if you return, we'll still be here!
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