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  2. I'm working on a PL9 180PP plant controller who gets their powers from a bond with an alien symbiote.
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  4. GM <With the hostages?> Officer Gi scoffed before turning his head towards the dark tower. <Our hands are tied.> Then you exchanged channels so that both of you could stay in touch before heading over to Mister Hwang. Mister Hwang looked to be somewhere in his fifties, hair thinning and a little round from luxury, but the recent attack made him look ten years older. When you approach and ask him questions, he stares at you for a few seconds to let your words sink in. He pulls the towel draped on his shoulders a little tighter over him. <Everything I saw?> He says, as if to ask you if he heard correctly. <Yes, yes. Gyungmi had put in the finishing touches just when the Nang and his wife arrived fifteen minutes before seven...> It takes a while as Hwang paints a detailed picture of what happened and you are left with several facts. The event was to be an intimate event of thirty listed guests and a plus one each. The three floors of Hwang's penthouse were open for all, save for his residential rooms and his basement, leaving the two-floor ballroom, balcony, and garden the main areas where guests could mingle. They were all filled with expensive artwork that would be used for Hwang's new museum. From millenia old sculptures to abstract paintings by up-and-coming artists, he had it all. Dinner was light meals and refreshments provided by a high-end caterer. All was going well within an hour, Hwang flitting from one group to another, when the windows overlooking the city exploded inward. Next thing he knew, there were people with guns and a large robot almost as wide as it was tall that scraped the first floor ceiling. The last he saw of the whole incident before he escaped through a secret panic elevator was one woman shouting orders as the soldiers herded the guests into his residential rooms, beating anyone stubborn into submission. <And here I am," Hwang said at last, sounding miserable, shoulders sagging. "Maybe they're looking to steal all that art if it's just hard cash they're after," Salvo said when you relayed everything Hwang said. The two of you stood just a little bit away from the Korean tycoon as you huddled together. "With every piece he described, it must total a few hundred million dollars at least, but they don't seem to have anything capable of transporting all those goods." She looked at the Korean tycoon. "Course, kidnapping all the guests and demanding a ransom is bound to give them something. But again no transportation." She shook her head. "Still, their motives are less important than what's going on. We've got a whole lot of bad guys who aren't scared to get dirty and a whole lot of hostages, meaning we've got to tiptoe on eggshells here until we get the hostages to safety. Then the kid gloves come off." "So," she said, looking back at Gauss. "Got a plan?"
  5. If there's any controversy on this in terms of game balance or other factors, I don't want to stir up any trouble; I thought it would be cool, but perhaps didn't think through all the ramifications of two Grims in combat. I didn't even think in those terms, to be honest.
  6. I am not sure what I need to roll while they in a grapple. I assume just regular attack roll?
  7. Jack felt the presence in the back of his already crowded mind. He felt the pure anger slip into him, and it found the memory of Jess being led away, and the sheer powerlessness he had felt. Wrath latched on to that memory and amplified it a thousand fold. Way beyond the point of being able to verbalize words anymore, Jack let out an ear splitting roar of pent up pain and rage right into the faces of the two brutes he held. His brow furrowed as what appeared to be flames danced around him. He felt no pain, so he paid them no attention, focusing on the Brutes instead. He let out a second roar as he brought the brutes in close and then violently slammed them into the nearby wall. The wall buckled and cracked under the sudden force.
  8. OOC for this @Moira Morley
  9. GM August 21st, 2019 5:45 PM Wharton State Forest It had sprung up seemingly over night. A labyrinth, in the middle of Wharton State Forest, with pathways made from bushes and trees, the kind that it would take years to grow into place. But well, this place? The entrance was a big, with a large arch made out of the same bushes and trees and interlocking leaves as the rest of the maze. Large letters in a cream white color, in a vaguely Greek font, spelled out "MAZES AND MINOTAURS" at the top of the arch. A lot of people had gathered, some had entered, a lot of people just standing around outside. It was a strange thing, sure, but this was Freedom City, so it wasn't that strange, was it now? On the other hand, one Moira Morley had received an invite. A letter that had arrived at Morley's Pub, adressed to her, with golden letters on the front. It read: "COME FOR ADVENTURE AND FUN, AT THE BRAND NEW MAZES AND MINOTAURS! SPECIAL EVENT, JUST FOR YOU!" Could she pass that up? Maybe, maybe not.
  10. Notice: 1d20+4 = 14 Alas. Too bad she hasn't unlocked its ability to take independent actions.
  11. Justice It was kind of weird riding like this, with someone holding on to her. Sure, Gretchen was gentle enough, and didn't hold around her in any weird way, but, she was holding on, and Robin was really more used to just riding on her own. She grinned behind her helmet when Gretchen mentioned playing Dark Side of the Moon. "Sorry, no sound system yet! But, I'm working on it!" That, and a ton of other upgrades and extra things for both the bike, the AnneX and the armors... really, whew, so many things to do, it was a miracle she ever got any hero work done. The ride was rather boring, to tell the truth. The guy who had written this knockoff story clearly didn't understand that you actually had to put something in the stories! At least not until they reached the big, green, small-winged gorillas. With practiced ease, Robin brought the Law Rider to a halt some 30 feet away from the gorillas, putting a foot on the road. "Wow. Did this writer have any original ideas? Those things even got wings." Stepping down from the bike, she stretched her legs a bit. It didn't seem like the gorillas were about to make a move, so... "What do you say? Talk or just start fighting?" Gretched had more experience than her, right? She'd probably know what to do.
  12. GM For a long while, the ride was uneventful. Endless yellow fields, endless silver road, the Ruby Castle ever so slowly growing greater in the distance. So slowly, barely even visibly getting closer. At least Justice's Law Rider was making the journey faster. At least until something else came into view. Up ahead, blocking the path, was a pair of rather large, dark green gorillas. They stood side by side, shoulder touching shoulder. If one were to look closely, they could see small feathered wings at their shoulder blades, obviously way too small to be able to carry the beasts. As they saw Shrike and Justice approaching, the first raised a hand and pointed. The other gave a grunt in response, but neither seemed inclined to move.
  13. REBELLION Return the favor? Rebellion glanced over at the Meta-Naut, while she looked him over. What did she have in mind? He had the distinct impression that she was from a completely different world than his own, and it was a strange feeling, to be honest. To him, Emerald City was a dark place, run by shadowy powers. Cops probably on their payroll. To her? Who knew? He had no idea. A high tech metropolis, led by the greatest minds of the world? She seemed the type to think of it like that. He had to admit, he was not really used to team ups like this. If this could be called a team up. "What did you have in mind?" Elliot wanted to find that gun. Probably destroy it, if possible. Everything he had been taught at Elysium pointed to using the Meta-Naut for that, but, no. That wasn't what he was trying to be, was it?
  14. U.F.O. reaches out with Datalink 16 to try and find anything that can lead to where Leroy is.
  15. 777 remained motionless as the one called Nicole asked the one called Lulu to search for the missing student, and she reacted quite strongly. Something was indeed wrong. It seemed that 777 was right. The missing Terran was indeed in danger, and quite severe at that. The one called Lulu searched for answers, but so did 777. All power to the data communication system, 777 reached out for anything and everything that could be used to locate the Terran teacher, Dr. Chawla. Security cameras, data systems, anything within its power.
  16. GM Ahab snarled and struggled. He stared straight at Gauss, madness in his eyes. "Let me go, ya wench or I swear I will rip your arms from your sockets!" He snapped to the Forever Boy, the madness mixing with pure hate. "I know nothing of this world, Forever Boy! This world is madness! But I know that the Whale is out there!" Spit was flying from his mouth, as he struggled. Then his lips twisted into a wide grin. "And I shall find it!" With an almost supernatural show of force, he pulled free, somehow breaking through Gauss' hold on him. He landed heavily on the ground, then set off, leaping further towards the water, higher and faster than one would have expected given his frame. It seemed teh chase was on again.
  17. Give me a Notice check, DC25, read spoiler if passing.
  18. GM "Quick." The voice repeated from down the hall. The area of the hall between Nicole and Rita's laboratory was rather bare, except for the occassional hallways leading left or right to other laboratories. Not much to use as a weapon. But, of course, Nicole had other options. The darkness didn't bother Nicole anymore, though the short flashes of light might. There was nothing to see. Nothing to hear, aside from the voice down the hall. As Nicole moved forward, past a hallway leading down to some laboratories on the right, now about halfway to the room where the man called out, she noticed it. The Belios armor, great and imposing, ready for use. Appearing from out of nowhere, casting a shadow for the bright seconds where the lights flickered. Surely, nothing could go wrong, as long as Nicole had Belios.
  19. Archer "Yeah." Connor was honestly at a loss of words here. The entire trip... it had just gone so fast. Thank god that the lenses on his mask had at least protected his eyes from the wind somewhat. He was shaking slightly, but really tried not to show. How could Cline even live at that speed? And now they were in freaking Belgium. He'd never even left the damn state before. Super people were insane. Shaking his head and trying to steel himself a bit, he nodded at Corona. "Sounds good. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. I'll get up high. Stay out of sight. Catch him if he tries to slip out. Sounds like a plan?" No quips, he'll throw a trantrum? That was useful to know. "What was it about weird spelling in the 90'es, anyway?" he muttered, mostly to himself as he reached for his bow and arrow, shooting a line up to the roof of a building, then pulled himself up and started making his way to the back of the place.
  20. "Enough with my age," Salvo growled, her voice low, even for the program that brought made her sound like a woman more mature than she really was. She towered over most women and could make most grown men cower in fear, yet when she folded her arms and faced away from Terrifica a hint of the lanky teenager inside could be seen. Miffed but mostly mollified by Terrifica's comments, Salvo looked at Frost. "Terrifica's correct. I'm almost nineteen but that doesn't matter when I'm wearing my armor and so I don't broadcast it to the world." Her arms still folded, one hand made a vague gesture at herself and the battlesuit that covered her from head to toe. "And I'd appreciate it if none of you do going forward." "Fine. We both made mistakes. I own up to mine and maybe Terrifica owns up to hers," though from the tone of her voice it was obvious that she really doubted Terrifica had even registered them when she had pointed them out. "But like Terrifica said, you know what we've both done and are capable of." Her visor rested on Frost. Unblinking, faceless. "Do your worst."
  21. It was so I could femember what each one did but ok. In my own defence I don't have a computer and am doing everything on my phone.
  22. She no longer has a partner for missions, but she's figured out how to create a glamoured duplicate to use on stealthy jobs.
  23. The gentleman ruefully shook his head, "Not your lucky day Ms. Browning." he replied with a shrug. He rolled his eyes in a moment of honest distress, "oui I should be so lucky as to have someone of your talents liberate it before they sell it to some tech mogul to hang in his office." he shuddered at the thought. "You'll have longer to wait yet my dear but you are nothing if not a patient woman no?" he teased back lightly. The old thief frowned ever so slightly at Jacks reply and glanced with a raised brow to Talya, "I certainly see the appeal though ..." he shrugged and leaned in conspiratorially toward Jack to stage whisper, "A gentleman does well to share his ladies interests." he advised with a wink, "Lest she become enamoured of another young man..." he suggested with a lingering gaze towards the displays at the far side of the room. Flashing the once dazzling smile once more, "This old man won't keep you any longer do enjoy your evening." and with that the comte disappeared into the crowd showing he hadn't entirely lost his touch.
  24. Not yet! Please remove the descriptions of the feats and the misplaced lines of text, such as those over your Combat section.
  25. "Mister the Comte," Jack greeted the older gentleman with a lopsided smile and a deep nod. Talya could tell he was ever so slightly exaggerating his natural New Jersey accent and holding himself with a purposeful cant that both emphasized his physique through the layers of his costume and stood in contrast with the du Destin's aging stiffness. "Do a guy a favour and imagine I said something insightful about Caravaggio's use of colour, yeah?" He tossed him a broad wink and made a show of looking about the room, the distractible accessory. In truth he was scanning the crowd for any faces he might recognize; the guests were more likely to be the patrons of people he'd tangled with but you never knew.
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