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  2. Notice: 1d20+5 9 Ms. Thursday sees no evil.
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  4. GM The inside of the whale was dark, wet and gross. Even with the size of the great whale, it seemed larger than it should be, following few, if any, rules for how an organism should be. Long hall, large chambers... it was almost as if the whale itself didn't follow the rules of biology that one would expect it to do. Still, despite the labyrinthine appearance, the path ahead was rather simple to follow. Especially as voices rose in the distance, echoing through the halls. They were difficult to hear, but they were annoyed, talking about someone storming through.
  5. Forever Boy Pan seemed to give it a bit of thought, as he looked into the darkness. Unlike Selena, he was making a point out of not touching the ground. The falling Pixie Dust illuminated the floor just below his feet, and the rather fleshy appearance. "Do you want to let someone like Ahab run around on his own?" He grinned in the darkness. "That would be almost as irreponsible as leaving me alone inside a giant monster whale!" Oh, he didn't rush ahead, of course. They had to stay close. The inside of the whale was like a fleshy labyrinth, after all!
  6. Pan grin was split by him sticking his tongue out at Eira. <"Oh, I should give you credit now? We cannot all be one-trick ponies."> Of course he spoke with a wink and a smile, while he experimentally waved a foot through the water. <"Again, I have no idea what that is, but do you really think everyone here won't figure out it is you? Do you really want to be stuck cleaning things up? I mean, I am all for getting in trouble, so if we do it, then we run."> No more actually getting caught for the trouble that was caused. As for the second question, he gave it some thought. <"You know what? Let us find out!"> With that, he stepped out from the edge of the pool, taking a deep breath as he let himself fall deep into the water.
  7. Even Pan appeared a bit pale, as he flew out of the caves. From the darkness, and into the harsh sun, he held a hand above to shield his eyes, as he whistled as the sight. "The storm is gone." The air was clean, no sign of the storm that had driven them into the cave in the first place. He moved above the refugees and the young heroes, as they all moved from the caves, trying to get a count of everyone, finding anyone for Judy to help, helping with translating for those that didn't understand English, and, as he passed Ashley, he couldn't resist. "Relax, Watchpuppy. We saved the day, enjoy it for a bit. Let the grown ups deal with the paperwork."
  8. Santa Muerte's Magic/Supernatural awareness is picking up something on the shadow man. Its like there is something supernatural about him, but still not quite supernatural.
  9. GM The shadows were long, as Santa Muerte prowled the night, and yet, everything outside the party was silent. In a way, the party was a distraction. Noise, lights. A lone guard walked near a fence, turning as the fence rustled. A shadow moved on him, as Santa Muerte appeared on a building above. Even in the dark, she could see the glow of the white eyes within the shadows, under a blue hoodie. The shadow man stood above the guard, holding on his collar, holding him up, close to its featureless face.
  10. GM The older man looked up at Veronica, standing up and straightening himself. He was a portly gentleman with a well groomed beard, dressed in a slightly scuffed tweed jacket. He held out his horn rimmed glasses, sighing in frustration at the broken frames, before smiling at Veronica. "I'm quite alright now, my dear." He made a wry face, then placed his glasses back on his face. They were slightly crooked now. He reached for a chair, pulled it up and sat down. Then he looked at the small group and chuckled. "I suppose you tricked that man into leaving?" Reaching for his shoulder, he gently touched the point where he should have felt pain. "Not quite as ordinary as some of you look, are you now?" Looking at Pan, he shook his head. "Ah, you. I suppose you have some interesting friends, then." His tone was slightly annoyed at the you. Finally, he smiled at Veronica. "Well, he was after a book, of course." He chuckled at his joke. "A very special book, not just a first edition, but a true edition. The real book, the real thing that the book was supposed to be. Or, one of many, I suppose." He was obviously being cryptic, enjoying himself quite a bit, despite the previously serious situation. "You're all young, but even then, you must have heard about the fairy tales written by H. C. Andersen, right? Clumsy Hans, the Snow Queen, the Little Mermaid, the Tinderbox, the Princess and the Pea, all of those?"
  11. Horrorshow She's been a spy? Hunh, I wonder how she got into that. I wonder how I could get into that? Davyd chuckled at Benny's question. "Mister Erik said I'm to use my own muscles, so I'm guessing he means I am to stay in this form. Which I will try to do," he gave a small shrug, "though I'm sure you might prefer dancing with someone who looks more... feminine." He curtsied before the bouncing boxer, then offered his hand, "maybe they'll let me change a bit later. As for leading, I get the feeling you'd be more comfortable doing so, so let's go with that. For now, anyway."
  12. Sense motive: 9 Nope, redirected to Thug 2: 14 And missing his friend! Give me an IC.
  13. Artificer "WHAT?! DID ANYONE SEE WHERE HE WENT?," he called out, still with Astrid's headphones on blaring music at him. "BE-- OCTOMAN! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" He quickly surveyed the scenes, saw Fear-Master was out cold and his squadmates seemed unharmed. "IS EVERYONE ALRIGHT? IS-" a hand went up to his ears, "AH, YES. ONE MOMENT, PLEASE." He removed the headphones and let them dangle around his neck, "is everyone alright? Do you know who that great beast was, or," he gestured to the unconscious Fear-Master, "who he is? I do believe he is the one who set up that device," he pointed to the smashed remains, "some manner of akoustik device that instilled fear in all who heard it."
  14. Okay, Veronica gets a 25 for hers. She caught a glimpse of Goanna as he leapt away, as did Octoman, who also saw Goanna land somewhere much further into the zoo. Dok, Artificer did not see either. It is your action, so you can go while we wait for the other's notice checks.
  15. Artificer's Notice check: 9. And now he's got 1 HP. And is still fatigued, but undamaged.
  16. Octoman's Notice check: 34.
  17. @Electra @KnightDisciple @Grumblefloof @Dr Archeville @Cubismo Okay, everyone gets a HP. Also, given me a Notice check (normal visual sense).
  18. Thevshi

    Reptile Brain IC

    GM Although Goanna had managed to shrug off Veronica's attack, the hulking lizardman quickly found himself under a continuing onslaught of attacks from the other superpowered teens. In a moment he was partially trapped in the ice summoned by Ms. Thursday. And although he again managed to avoid the ink from Octoman, Chelone used the distraction to move up and conjure the spectral tortoise that bit him in the leg, causing another roar of pain. And then Thunderbird flew down to touch Goanna's face as lightning arched from the teen's fingertips and across the villain’s body. Goanna instinctively pulled away from Thunderbrid's touch, and though smoke again rose from this scaly hide, he seemed mostly no worse for wear. The lizardman took a moment to glance about at each of the teenage heroes that were now all gathered around him, as well as towards his now downed ally. "RRRAAAAGGHHH" Goanna screamed as he strained against the ice that had partially trapped him. Suddenly the ice exploded, sending pieces flying in every direction, causing the assembled teens to momentarily shield their eyes. When they looked back up, Goanna was no longer standing where he had been trapped by the ice…..
  19. Artificer When Heroditus noticed the ambient mystical energies, he lowered his goggles over his eyes so he could get a better look. "Oh. Oh, yes, I see," he nodded at Veronica. "There appears," he took a few steps to the left, then the right, trying to look at it from various angles, "to be some sort of dimensional gateway. Wait, no, not gateway," he shook his head, "that would imply intentional creation, whereas this appears to be a natural phenomenon. Or maybe it was artificially generated, but has degraded over the millennia. It is a dimensional... fissure, or tear. Ben," he looked over to his squadmate, "be careful, please, I cannot quite make out where the edge of this is -- it would not do to have you fall in, as Doctors Schneider and Warren must have." He began rummaging through the pouches on his bandolier and belt, "I have been studying such fissures for some time -- there are several in what you call the Bermuda Triangle, and several Atlantean outposts were studying them -- and I may have something that can tell us more about it."
  20. Depending on how "Century For A Dame" progresses, Strix might be Raven-adjacent soon, in a Huntress black sheep who only gets called in when things are good and truly pear-shaped sort of way.
  21. Octoman "Man, I dunno why she didn't just lemme carry her. I LITERALLY got like TEN extra arms, and each ONE of 'em can lift TEN Turtle-Girls, AND her Turtlecycle." Octoman raised an eyebrow and stared silently for a few moments. Then he grinned, nodded, and pointed twin finger-guns at Thunderbird. "I LIKE IT!" If Octoman was even slightly tired from the hike, he didn't show it. He wasn't visibly sweating, or even breathing hard. His powers clearly included superhuman stamina in addition to superhuman olfactory sensation. "We're DEFINITELY goin' the right way. STRONG scent trail. Dude needs to upgrade from that dollar-store deodorant." "What's up?" He pointed at his own white eyes. "I got built-in binoculars in these things. What're YOU seein' that I'M no-OHHH, right, spooky stuff!" He shouted over his shoulder to the other teens. "HEADS UP PEEPS, IT'S ABOUT TA GET FREAKY!"
  22. Horrorshow "Hrm, plaza means people-watching," he clapped his hands sharply. "I'm in!" Hey, Lulu -- stay alert, yeah? I've got a feeling there's some stuff about this place that Leroy isn't cluing us in on, though whether it's to put up a nice face or because he himself doesn't know, I can't decide. He glanced at Dio, back to Spethia & Gideon, then back to Dio. "Ah, sure, I think a ride'll be nice. Why fly when you can be flown, yeah?" And maybe I don't want them knowing just how much of a shapeshifter I am. He hopped onto Dio's back -- with a bit more grace than Leroy but considerably less force -- and settled down behind the prince. "Onward!"
  23. Well, depending on how you define "Raven adjacent" Tsunami could qualify, as her family is part of the criminal organization of Dr. Sin, which brings her in very closely with both Duncan and Callie Summers.
  24. Knowledge (Arcane) check to see what Heroditus can figure out about what he sees 1d20+10: 23 [1d20=13] Not bad, not bad
  25. Got Nevermore II in progress, should be able to get him with the PP gains from April, or May at the latest.
  26. Thunderbird's eyes widened in shock and surprise as Goanna charged at Octoman. The villain wasn't just trying to attack the young hero, he was trying to take him! This seemed to spark a well of anger inside of the weather-controlling teenager. His lips pulled back in a snarl, and his voice rang out clearly in the sky. "NO!" In the blink of an eye and a clap of thunder, he was suddenly on top of Goanna. His hands reached down and his wings flexed up toward the cloudy sky. A bolt of lightning struck each wingtip, crackled along his body, and flowed over his hands directly into Goanna's skin, his face. "YIELD!"
  27. So it seems that I've inadvertently created a little Raven Family with the introduction of Madame Raven, so lets lean into it as create an extended Raven family to rival the Bat equivalent. So if you have a Raven or Raven adjacent character let me know before and we'll try and keep track of everyone and maybe arrange some family related threads. The Raven family so far: Raven III (Aleksander Nakani) Madame Raven (Callie Summers) Watchdog (Ashley Tran)
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