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  2. All her bullshit is still running, so it's still +36, so 1d20+36 = 51, she's holding on.
  3. Lynn took in the hug for a nice long while before wriggling herself free, her cheeks a little pink. "Alright, alright, that's enough of that now!" As Davyd describe some of his future endeavors, his changeling auntie looked thoughtful. She wasn't a tech genius it, but as a veteran superhero, she'd encountered a lot of interesting things in her lifetime, which occasionally led to interesting ideas. "So are we talking about A/V equipment that shrinks or expands to match your body, or does it stay the same size, but you can still control it? Maybe like a camera that's also a drone that you ca.n control mentally, even if you don't have hands. Because it seems like that would be ideal."
  4. A paralyzed target has a Defense of 5 (so you need a 5 or better to hit them)
  5. Notice for Chimera: 13 Because, of course Second Notice check: 13... Seriously
  6. Horrorshow gets a... 22 for his Notice check!
  7. Everyone give me a notice check. You can see the outcome under the spoilers. Everyone DC: 20\Chimera DC: 15: Chimera DC: 15: Owain\Neko DC: 20 (Knowledge: Arcane Lore): Horrorshow DC 15:
  8. "A man who certainly has bone to pick..." The voice of the Mistress of Mayhem boomed in the arena as one of the fighters stepped in from behind the makeshift stage. Barrel chested, dressed only in a pair of tattered shorts and military dog-tags around his neck, the wolfman jumped past the roaring bonfires, careless of the flames, he landed in the middle of the arena, bared his claws and howled powerfully toward the sky. "And I ensure you... the guy is definitely not all bark... Fangs ready and claws bared, say welcome to Ripjaw! Our first fighter!" She raised waved her arm toward the fighter and grinned widely at chorus of cheers coming up from the crowd. --- While unfortunately Neko's cats could not locate the Tyger on the scene, several details did not escape her senses. A powerful unnatural scent of the jungle weirdly saturated the arena, one that she could recognize as a sign of spellwork at hand. Owain, himself, with his own awareness of the supernatural, could see vines of dark emerald power crowding the abandoned warehouse. The manifestations were stronger around the masked individuals, who strangely enough maybe, Owain realized all lacked any distinctive scent. All, but one, a woman that had just recently joined the crowd and was wearing an bear mask to conceal her features, it almost felt like the unnatural effect was ignoring her. --- "I promise you're all going to be shocked!" The voice echoed again as a woman waltzed in the arena, clad in a biker's attire, her eyes concealed by a pair of oversized black googles, she stepped very deliberately on the grounds while swirling a metallic chain over her head, electrical sparks danced around its links and a thunder soon echoed in the arena, strong enough to fully drown the chaos of the crowd. Playfully, she teased the wolf-man with her chain. "Hey doggie doggie doggie..." "Can you all feel the tension in the air the way I do? Please say hello to Chain Lightning!" She grinned mischievously again as the crowd cheered. --- As the two fighters showed off in front of the crowd, many of the patrons swarmed toward the bookie and his assistants, a couple of the gorilla masked goons and began to shout their bets. Among t them, there was Davyd's uncle. Although, one could infer that he wasn't paying much attention to the two contestants, but his mind had been drifting somewhere else during the introductions. When he got to the man with the fox masks, the time for betting was pretty much over and much money had traded hands traded with paper slips with the details of individual bets, Sasha's eyes kept shifting from place to place when the bookkeeper saluted him with a grin. They shook hands and apparently the bookie took his bet, but perhaps there was something more going on than what met the eye. --- While Jennifer walked through the room, she could feel the confusion beginning to ramp up. The crowd growing more restless about the fight to come. She could swear however that from time to time, one of the masked individuals have given her a sideway look, like they could somehow feel that there was something out place. None of them though, seemed to bother or pay too much attention to her, for now.
  9. As he witnessed the scene Luke burst into laughter. "You got him alright." He grinned when he recovered a modicum of composure. "Sorry man..." He gave Owain a playful pat on the shoulder. "Do you always 'hunt' each other?" He tossed playfully. "Btw that's a freakin' fun way to pick who does the chores..." The young man gave Leon a mischievous smile, although, to be perfectly honest, their rock-paper-scissors system had worked well for him so far. It was almost too easy in fact to play with a guy whose battle name was 'Paper'. "In my case though, there wouldn't be game at all..." Indeed, his track record on the matter of stealth at the school wasn't exactly stellar. Still, Luke shook his head and grinned when Leon nudged his shoulder. We need to find you a date man... "I also have to side with Neko abou that..." He chuckled. "That's cool... Always wanted to learn somethin' about hunting..." He added as Owain explained that he was a trained hunter. "I mean... a dragon should know right?" Not that he has ever had the need to hunt for his own food, thankfully, besides he wasn't sure if there was any quarry he could find in Freedom that could satiate his monstrous form. "So how is it han- I mean, how are you doing, you two?" He added shortly thereafter. "I mean, looks like Claremont suits you..."
  10. "Exaggerated I'm sure." Phalanx replied with a gentle smile aimed to put the young heroes at ease. "You carry a storied name yourself." he added with a nod to Freedom Eagle. Looking down at Heroditus he shook his head slightly and nodded to Geckoman, "I'm sure my friend here and myself are happy to offer whatever advice we can on your wonderous devices." he assured the young Atlantean confidently. "But we hope to offer primarily the benefits of experience with the responsibilities you both bear." he paused with glance to Geckoman, "This path is not always an easy one to tread, and doubt will creep in, doubt that unchecked could make you hesitate when you must act, or act too soon merely for the sake of taking action." He looked down solemnly at the last and let his words linger for a long moment to sink in.
  11. Okay, Aoife is gonna switch back to Shadow Claws in the Shadow Power array (I'm on my phone so I won't bother trying to input it) and attack! She'll be doing the non-feat power attack tradeoff for +2/-2 damage/attack and the non-feat alll-out-attack for +2/-2 attack/defense (I assume you can later them, lemme know if you can't.) going at it, 1d20+8-2+2 = 11! I rolled a three! He's helpless do I'm pretty sure that his even if I'm not allowed to All-out-Attack, but still! DC25 Toughness to resist.
  12. In the elevator up, after complimenting Fa'Rua on her fashion choices, it occurred to Ashley that this wasn't a bad dry run for introducing Fa'Rua to her mother and sisters...oh yeah, she thought, just imagine the same situation but infinitely worse right before you walk into it, great tactical sense right there, Patriot. Now introducing Fa'Rua to the rest of the people around Callie Summers - well that was a thought that didn't quite bear thinking about yet either. So instead she prepared herself as they rose up, thinking about how surely someone as famous as Bombshell couldn't make a regular habit of living in a place as high-profile as this without being a subject of considerably more attention than she already was. So it's a front. All right, that's sensible - it's not like you're inviting her over to the boat. Or New Orleans, for that matter. Unconsciously, she ran the tip of one finger over her left ear, a ghost of a recent connection with Fa'Rua. "Okay, here's the floor," she said, leading the way outside. "All right. All right, we've got this. Ready to beard the wild Terrans in their den..." she joked before knocking on the door.
  13. When a cat-girl suddenly pounced on bird-Owain, the two tumbling several feet before she tossed the shapeshifted bird back into the air. Leon blinked in surprised before laughing out loud at poor Owian's apparent loss at their game. Leon stifled his laughter into a chuckle as he returned Neko's greeting. "Hey Neko. Nice job, I didn't even notice you hiding there." He gave her a friendly smile as he complimented her stealthiness. "She could give us a run for our money." Leon gave Luke a friendly arm punch and chuckled. His roommate could tell Leon was already in 'talking to cute girl' mode. "Ya, but everyone knows cats are better hunters." Leon shameless sided with Neko.
  14. Jennifer was uncomfortable behind the half bear mask covering her face from the nose up as she entered the Tyger's Den. It had taken awhile to get the symbiote to shape it properly enough, of course if one looked closely it still had the rough texture of the techno-organic nature. Her dress was a sleeveless, knee length number of dark maroon that Jamie had helped her pick out last year. Her best friend, and college roommate, Jamie had mentioned her latest boyfriend had been acting strange the last few weeks. It hadn't taken a lot of effort for the two to track his visit to the den and link them to his odd behavior. They agreed that they couldn't jump to conclusions, so Jennifer had agreed to enter the lion's den..., or rather, the Tyger's Den. Few spectators stood out as she tried to move casually through the room. A large man in camouflage pants looked to be built like one of the gorilla masked goons, but he wasn't exactly dressed like them. On one of the benches a girl in a white kimono sat with a large dog beside her. She must me someone rich or important Jennifer thought as she took a drink from a tray to hold as a prop in her deception when a woman's voice boomed through the building. Suddenly people moved like a tidal wave, clamoring for a view of the pit below the lasciviously dressed woman in the golden cat mask. She glanced around but couldn't spot Jamie's boyfriend. As started to move around the perimeter of the gathered patrons she just noticed an unusual number of cats wandering around. She chalked the sight up to strays searching for food and ignored them as she continued her search. Of course, knowing her luck, he chose not to even come this time.
  15. "Nay, 'tis I who is the quarry in this hunt, fellows - awp!" All of a sudden, what had appeared to be a pile of fallen leaves nearby revealed itself to be a catgirl in a bright gold and yellow kimono - who promptly leaped upon the landed bird and caught it between her hands. "Watashi no kachi!" she called excitedly, rolling over on her back as she tossed the raven into the air. "I got you!" Brushing the leaves out of her white brown-spotted hair, Neko sat up on a nearby stone wall and laughed as Owain transformed back to himself with a murmur of Welsh. "And a fair touch it was," Owain admitted, his dignity only slightly tattered by the experience. "Dishes tonight are mine to perform." Neko nodded at that, then looked over at Luke and Leon. "Ah, hello," she said, looking at them with big yellow eyes. Her sleek white tail was curled up behind her where it poked out of the bottom of her kimono, her long pointed ears straight up atop her head. There were no visible human ears underneath her fluffy white and brown hair at all. "We were hunting. Owain was not watch well." "I will have you know that I have hunted since I was a mere lad!" declared Owain as he sat down among his companions. He said something to Neko in Japanese that made her laugh, and said aloud, "Birds, wild dogs, wild pigs - all are things a young man must learn how to hunt in Logres!" "Yes but you did not watch well," said Neko, grinning, showing her slightly pointy front teeth. "And now, dishes!"
  16. Shadowborne Muirne was dressed in a knee length burgundy tunic with some charcoal grey leggings and some short leather boots that were good for walking for a long time in. She had thought about dressing more formally, but between a desire to not make Luke feel underdressed (She knew he couldn't afford to buy fancier clothes) and the simple fact that she gave them even odds of making it to the embassies without getting attacked by monsters or villains (It happened every other time they went out) she had elected to go more casual. She still had her gear inside of her Schattenwelt portal to allow her to be in costume at a moment's notice, but didn't want to be stuck in a dress or the like while running for her life. She could tell that Luke was nervous, but decided against bringing it up. She wouldn't want him doing so if she went to visit his family, and trusted that if it got too much he would bring it up himself. Instead she returned his hug tightly, attempting to reassure him through the physical contact alone. She was quietly glad that the ride was uneventful, as she had been worried they she would have to message Dee that they would be delayed because they were stopping a time traveling robot from assassinating someone or some other thing that would probably sound like an excuse. Instead they were quickly whisked through the Consulate's Portal, something she still hadn't gotten used to, and were now (probably safely) on the English side. She smiled as Luke thanked the voice, offering her own thanks in her native tongue before leading her boyfriend off to meet Dee. She wasn't sure why but this just made it feel more official. More real. Luke was HERS and this would help prove it. Hey step stuttered at that thought. It was almost certainly Aoife, but it felt like it had come from her. She quickly regained her momentum, quickly moving past her shock. She'd think about it at a later date. Today was theirs.
  17. Last week
  18. "Both Veronica and Davyd were students there until recently yes Andi." Ace replied slinging an arm across her shoulders and pulling her into a quick side hug, "But always best to be sure with such secrets yes." he reinforced with a nod, "Saul has been in the business long enough to know when to ask questions and more importantly when not to." He answered Davyd with a nod, "He can be eccentric but he is genuinely one of the good ones, last of a breed." Ace added almost solemnly. The display had Ace lean back appraisingly at the shapeshifting display and tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Hypercompression and morphic molecule design likely could manage." he posited with a shrug, "Of course I image when a creature of sufficient size you could mount it internally." he shrugged noncommittally, "Working with one of our subsidiaries I'm sure we could find suitable arrangements if you don't already have a tailor as it were."
  19. Subject A: Subject A will attack Chimera: 20 That's a hit. Fort save for Chimera vs Con Drain: 8 Ouch, and Chimera just lost 8 Con. Knocking her down to 8. Subject B: Toughness save for the burning man: 12 And that's a bruise for him as he continues to burn. He also tries attack Outrider or Nightscale: 1 Outrider it is, ranged attack: 15 That's a miss. Subject C: Subject C stumbles towards one of the heroes: 1 Outrider again Melee attack to attempt grapple: 9 I'm rolling a lot of ones lately... Brute: Bute attempts to break free of Shooting Star's gravity hold. Grapple check: 35 @Kaede Kimura gonna need an opposed Grapple check Creepshow: Creepshow does something that does not require a roll or have a visual effect. Creepshow Bruised, Staggered Outrider Unhurt 2HP Shooting Star Unhurt 2HP Nightscale Unhurt 3HP Chimera Unhurt, Con drained Subject A Bruised Subject B Bruised x3 Subject C Bruised Brute Staggered
  20. Through an act she categorized as a heroic level of will power Fa'Rua managed to avoid making them late by any significant margin. After some rummaging about her duffel she decided on the flight suit normally worn under her armor the Black and Purple geometry of the form fitting suit not unlike the standard spandex clad heroes of Freedom city and the mount points for the armored plates she'd left in her bag added high tech feel accentuated by the lavender visor band she added to keep in coms with her ship should it become necessary. Accessorizing with a basic survival belt more for aesthetic than utility though it did bear her badge as an official Star Ranger across the buckle. Finally adding a black synthetic leather longcoat it certainly took the look from space opera to sleek if campy cyberpunk aesthetic. "How'd I do?" she asked performing a little twirl for Ashley and leaning in for a quick kiss, "This is the place right?" She asked holding up a holomap of the city highlighting the place they were to meet. With confirmation there was a twisting sensation as space folded in on itself around them before they found themselves in a small alley down the block form the agreed meeting place, She may have been counting on the short commute making up for the slow start.
  21. It was a crisp Fall afternoon as Leon sat with Luke, eating lunch. His grey hoodie was enough to stave off what little chill there was and let him enjoy the clear sky. He tilted his head in amusement while chewing as Luke mentioned meeting Muirne's guardians. The bit about going to London to meet them hadn't registered as Leon was already about to rib his roomie about 'meeting the parents'. Swallowing, he opened his mouth to do just that, when a raven landed between them. He was use to shapshifters at Claremont, so it wasn't surprised by Owain's voice coming out of the bird. He gave the avian a lopsided smirk. "Not yet today, I'd remember if I had." He took another bite as Luke spoke. "Ya, we're always up to help a friend. Especially if its to find a cute girl." Leon grinned jokingly.
  22. Way. Too. Fast. What were those people up to anyway? Random smash and grabs or something like that? Robin paused, bending over and breathing heavily. Why was she carrying this belt, anyway? She snapped it on, around her waist. The belt felt kinda of heavy, but not, like, heavy? Like, not a physical weight, a kind of responsibility, maybe? It was hard to describe. Up ahead, they had gone into a bank or something and a bunch of kids had followed? Had to be heroes, right? They should be fine, but... Robin couldn't help it. Taking a deep breath, she started running again.
  23. As most days at lunch, Luke was devouring his meal with glee and had used his best puppy dogs eyes to get a little bit of extra to fill up his plate not long before. After all, while in truth his parents had always done their best to keep him and his little 'bro from going hungry despite their chronic lack of money, even after a year, he had yet to get fully accustomed to the abundance of stuff they could get at the school cafeteria and definitely indulged whenever he had the chance. Plus, he did train a lot and kinda had a dragon appetite anyway... The weather was nice that day and although perhaps a sweater would have been needed, Luke was wearing just a red sleeveless t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, seemingly minding little of the cold. Although he was actually feeling it deep inside his pride prevented him from showing it. ".... and so Muirne invited me to see her guardians in a couple of days..." He had shared with his roomie between bites, with at least a vague hint of dread in his voice. Now, getting to know the people that acted pretty much as his girl's parents was perhaps a good sign, but then again, as a teenage boy, Luke would have to admit that he was at least a tiny bit nervous. "...in London and-" His eyes drifted toward the raven that had just joined them at the table. Now, perhaps a year ago he would have been surprised if a Raven began to talk to him, but now, well... he had seen much weirder stuff in the past. "Sup man?" He saluted Owain. "And nope..." He shook his head. "Haven't seen her anywhere. Need some help?" He tossed.
  24. Luke winced as he listened to the supervillains talking about miniatures and trading cards. What the? "Neeeerds!" He grinned playfully. It did look though like there wasn't much money to be saved at the building. A shame if you asked him, given that the chance of getting a reward was way slimmer now (not that he would not do his duty as a superhero for free of course, but well...). "Oh, it's you two, who's your friend?" "Hey!" The young man smiled. "It's a freakin' small world ain't it?" "This is Paper..." Luke introduced Leon. "Paper... this is Shooting Star... we have kicked some asses together." He grinned, in truth, the fight with creepshow and his monsters hadn't exactly been a walk in the park, but then again, Leon didn't need to know that. Now of course, he would have loved to spend some time to catch up with what she has been doing since the last time they saw each other. But then again, even if they didn't look exactly serious, there were supervillains to catch. He nodded as Paper spelled out a plan. Fine. He will go for the big one. "Well, I guess if I'm not getting payed I can at least get a good fight! Do y'all wanna go one at a time or all at once?" "Dunno, what about you guys?" Luke clenched his fists, as his eyes revealed the supernatural gold underneath.
  25. As Luke felt his friend's breath normalize, his own racing heart began to calm as well. He gently squeezed Leon shoulder. "I'm here man... we are in this together..." He whispered. “Damn right we’re badasses.” "Damn yes we are!" He chuckled when he realized that Leon has managed to recover some of his spirit, besides, if he had to be totally honest, some encouragement was sorely needed on his side as well. They kept scuttling into the dark, squeezing and pulling themselves deeper in the passage. Quietly Luke prayed that it would not suddenly stop and force them to go back to the room where the monsters still awaited. He could still hear the twisted clacking noise from behind them. They felt angrier than before. "This freakin' darkness..." He protested, while on the way. "I mean, you should have seen that thing when I kicked it square in the face..." He commented, playfully, trying to ease the tension a little. In truth, he was far from eager to do that again, but well, a bit of bravado couldn't hurt right? "That definitely taught it a lesson." He chuckled. "Hey... your paper trick before was also kinda cool..." He conceded sometime later. His heart skipped a beat when suddenly Leon fell down ahead of him, while his hand was still firmly on his roomie's shoulder, he still could not react in time. Luke's mind was already racing to the possibility that his friend would have been swallowed by the treacherous ground when Leon grabbed him. "'nks..." He muttered, before giving his friend a nudge on a shoulder. "Don't give me any more heart attacks though... Ok?" He teased. “Careful, there’s a ledge. Don’t know how deep.” "Awesome." He remarked drily. With monsters behind their back and a drop ahead. They were trapped weren't they? "We can't-" He ruffled the hair on the back of his nekc and uneasily shifted the balance on his feet. "We need to keep movin'..." How though? "We can try to go... down?" He suggested, there was little confidence in his voice though. "I can go first." He offered, although he didn't like the idea of climbing the wall in complete darkness, Luke was a good climber, perhaps, with a bit of luck he would have a chance. Trading place with Leon was a bit awkward perhaps, given their cramped conditions, but eventually, the boys managed to do so. Luke knelt on their side of the ledge, testing the ground with his hands and then shifting so that he could keep his chest and more importantly his hands against the rocky wall as he descended. Then, gathering all that was left of his courage, he scampered down into the dark...
  26. She could not find the Tyger there, although, I imagine that lacking much familiarity with a person might make ESP unreliable, however, something else do catch her attention, with her ability to sense magic by scent, Neko could feel that there is al almost overpowering smell in the area that evoke the sense of being deep in a jungle or in a rainforest, no one around seems to notice and she gets the impression that there is some kind of supernatural effect at work. (I dunno if she can also figure out what the magic she senses do, in that case let me know). Edit: just noticed that Gwain also can detect magic, for him, the effect appear as vines of supernatural power that grow everywhere on the scene. At the same time anyone who checks the masked people (including the Tiger's Den gorilla masked goons and the ringleaders) with their own enhanced senses (Gwain as a wolf for example or Horrorshow) would notice that there is something off about them, as none have any discernable scent.
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    Dakar Rally

    Liz nodded as she disembarked the truck, but didn't respond immediately; instead she stood still for a moment, stretched, and bent her back in a way that probably should have hurt. "Mmhh," she said. "Sorry. I don't know about you, but I kept hitting little bumps and I think my spine's about an inch shorter now. I don't have a lot of inches to lose!" She flashed a grin, turning her attention back to the tents and a worrying expression on Davyd that she wasn't going to think about for too long. "Camping in style!" she said, turning back to the truck long enough to pull out her personal bag and lock up. "Lemme stash my stuff and I'll help out wherever I can."
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