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  2. Eira snapped her fingers. "Danica could do that," she said, with rather more sincerity than the last time she had suggested Danica was capable of something. "She is very persuasive. I can engineer something tonight. We could do it at the communes," she suggested. "That way we can kill two birds with one stone. And after that," she added firmly, "we tell her we know her secret. We should not - use her because I was able to get an advantage over her. I think it is likely she is aware of her own nature. There are not so many synthetic intelligences that she came to this place by accident." She was silent for a moment, then added, about the time they pulled up to the hotel."I will make a holographic copy of the crocodile. She has considerable interest in the crocodile," she added, "it features more than any other robotic creature in her recordings."
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  4. Angrydurf Ace Danger: 1 post = 1PP [Is now maxed] Empyrion: 1 post (GM post) = 1PP Kanunu: 1 post = 1PP Ouroboros: 1 post (GM post) = 1PP Red Lynx: 1 post = 1PP + 1PP (Ref Point) = 2PP GM Posts: 1 post x 2 = 2 posts Cubismo Ms. Thursday: 2 posts = 1PP Ultra Girl: 1 post = 1PP Dr Archeville Artificer: 2 posts + 1 post = 3 posts = 1PP Horrorshow: 1 post = 1PP Protectron: 2 posts = 1PP + 1PP (Ref Point) = 2PP Fox Dragonfly: 1 post + 2 posts = 3 posts [Maxed] Eclipse: 1 post (Rollover post) = 1PP Grim: 1 post (Rollover point) = 1PP Masque: 1 post = 1PP Nocturne : 1 post (Rollover post) = 1PP + 1PP (Ref Point) = 2PP Heritage Crystal-Gazer: 1 post + 3 posts + 1 post = 5 posts = 1PP KnightDisciple Raven III: 3 posts = 1PP + 1PP (Guide point) = 2PP Thunderbird: 2 posts + 2 posts + 5 posts + 1 posts = 10 posts = 2PP + 1PP (Guide Post) = 3PP RocketLord Archer II: 1 post (GM post) = 1PP Cheval: 3 posts = 1PP Forever Boy: 1 post + 7 posts + 5 posts + 1 post = 14 posts [Maxed] Justice: 8 posts + 1 post + 1 post + 1 post = 11 posts + 14 posts (Rollover) = 3PP + 2PP (Vignette) = 5PP Little Mermaid: 3 posts + 7 posts (GM posts) = 10 posts = 2PP Nevermore II: 3 posts + 22 posts (GM posts) = 3PP + 1PP (20Q) + 2PP (HellQ) + 2PP (Guidebook) + 1PP (Reputation) + 2PP (Origin Vignette) + 2PP (Vignette) + 1PP (Guide point) = 14PP Rebellion: 5 posts + 9 posts + 11 GM posts = 25 posts = 3PP Spaceman: 2 posts = 1PP GM Posts: 8 posts + 1 post + 3 posts + 3 posts + 1 post + 1 post + 1 post + 1 post + 2 posts = 22 x 2 posts = 44 posts Tiffany Korta Dr Thorne: 1 post (GM post) = 1PP Emerald Spider: 1 post + 1 post = 2 posts = 1PP Madame Raven: 1 post = 1PP Ms Bright: 1 post = 1PP The Immutable Betsy Brooks: 3 posts = 1PP The Traveller: 1 post (GM post) = 1PP + 1PP (Ref Point) + 2PP (Vignette) + 2PP (Wiki) + 2PP (HellQ) + 2PP (Guidebook) = 10PP (and is now maxed) Valkyrja: 1 post (GM post) = 1PP White Lioness: 2 posts = 1PP Zhenshchina-voin: 1 post = 1PP GM Posts: 1 post + 1 post = 2 posts x 2 = 4 posts Zeitgeist Blue Salvo: 8 posts + 32 posts (GM posts) = 40 posts = 3PP GM Post: 2 posts + 7 posts + 8 posts = 17 x 2 posts = 34 posts
  5. As Gimmick took a slash from the lions claws, tearing into his colorful costume, he stumbles back... "Geez, tough crowd" And he pulled a aeresol can from his bag and fired off another round of Silly String, this time it functions as intended and hardens a few seconds after hitting the lion. "Hah. There we go. Last batch must have been expired. That's non-toxic by the way, it should be fine. You see what happened by any chance?
  6. https://orokos.com/roll/824337 Well would you look at that. 10. Bound good and tight. We're done with this one. You may post IC, you lucky fellow.
  7. I'll take a ten and Snare again, DC 17
  8. Rolled that in case I need it later. She's not present now.
  9. Is queenie not there? She got higher init than me
  10. Or my brain could have that spark now, I guess. You're up, but I'm going to sleep.
  11. GM The lion was quite distracted by this new threat, which allowed Lisa time to back away slowly. She kept her eyes on the lion the entire time. She winced when it took a nasty swipe at Gimmick. She realized immediately that he’d need a hand with this. So she slid over at an angle and started waving her arms and yelling at the lion. He became hesitant, with the obvious aggression ebbing. Lisa wasn’t yelling anything in particular, but she was loud. Top of her lungs loud.
  12. So you get a Bruise. Bummer. Lisa (she's not really in the init order but bear with me) is gonna do a thing and leave the Lion Demoralized. -2 to all checks. I'll get an IC in tomorrow.
  13. Congratulations, you've now made the lion want to eat you instead. Lisa scrambles out of danger thanks to you. Heroic! https://orokos.com/roll/824228 14 with those claws, so that is a hit. The Toughness DC is only 20, tho.
  14. Well the nearest one was right behind the poor Zookeeper. Or rather right above her as Gimmick bounded over her and fired off some of his "Silly String." Which...does nothing as lions have sharp claws and can rip through things. Like...chemical strings that are supposed to harden on contact with air but picked TODAY to fizzle slowly. "Miss you need to run. I got this. Trust me I aint...Lion" Gimmick does a corny pose with that one, sort of like a clown would on delivery.
  15. https://orokos.com/roll/824218 Throwing in Queenie's Init with a 15.
  16. Don't worry about it. You've got one thread under your belt. We were all new once. And to my surprise, the book lion has +7 Reflex. So...let's see how this goes, I guess? https://orokos.com/roll/824214 And that's a 18, so it isn't Snared. Well...I did not expect that either. But what the heck, let's go for this. We'll call that a surprise round. You may post IC, and then gimme some initiative. https://orokos.com/roll/824215 Lion gets a 19!! What are you doing, dice gods?
  17. I know the DC, but you should tell me anyway.
  18. Working on minion rules, too, so you can just take 10 if you want.
  19. "You did what-" There was a distinct whump sound from the magnet behind them - and suddenly the two teens went flying across the room like they'd been shot from a cannon! The solidly-built HAX walls didn't break when they hit but there was definitely a hard, breath-stealing whump at the moment of impact across the room, a vibration hard enough to knock plastic boxes off the shelves and send their contents spilling out onto the floor. (All in all, it was a very good thing Ryder had been wearing his armor; where he had indeed taken the impact along his left arm.) Behind Ryder, Eira was slower to recover, pulling herself into a sitting position, then cocking her head back and forth as if resetting internal components. Her hair was a wild mess, at least until she exhaled upwards to blow it out of her eyes and ran her fingers through it, casually sculpting her original do back into place. Slowly, methodically, she pulled herself back to her feet, looking a little battered but not much the worse for wear. "My internal fluids are magnetohydrodynamic," she offered as she dabbed at her face with a rag from her pocket. "I hate magnets." She spat into the rag and looked at a dark blue fluid within, looking more annoyed than alarmed.
  20. "It's rude to ask people about things that don't make sense in their backstories," Danica agreed complacently. "I feel like that might be setting us up for trouble in our professional lives later, but it does prevent some backbiting and bullying in the metahuman school system. I kind of feel like we should at least get a weekend seminar in senior year about what to do if your boyfriend or new teammate or world leader has a backstory that doesn't make any sense but calling them on it feels awkward. Cause I would definitely not know what to do."
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