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  2. Stesha made a sympathetic little "ohhh" noise at the sight of Teagan's damaged side. "Ow, that looks painful, even if it's superficial. I can't imagine trying to fly on that." Trying to heal without her seeds would've been very difficult, but some bright friend had included her spare work pouch in the bag of supplies. With just a moment of sorting, she had a handful of already-sprouting seedlings growing into medicinal herbs. "You'll still have to take it easy for a little while, but this will help." Crushing the leaves in her hands, she let her power flow into them, then spread the mushy leaf
  3. "I will mend," insisted Teagan, none-too-subtly drawing her wing forward to cover singed and ragged-looking scales. She'd cleaned the soot off of them, at least. "I'm fortunate that it drew forth one of my brothers and not my sister. She would have made a far more honest attempt to kill me." She seemed to find the thought amusing. "The worst is healed; the rest will correct itself with time. The new scales will itch coming in - perhaps I will trouble you for a dragon-sized aloe plant when the time comes." Several tons of dragon rose to its feet, stretching as much as the walls woul
  4. "Okay good, that's good." With her worries about her daughter and the students assuaged, Stesha was able to take a deep breath. It still felt strange, just a little alien and like she'd almost forgotten how. Her skin was a little bit greener now too. She remembered that from before. It had faded last time, eventually. Pushing herself carefully to her feet, she swayed for a moment on legs unused to her own weight, then began dressing with clumsy care. Nothing hurt, exactly, but everything felt a little strange and only mostly real. That would fade too, she hoped. The clothes were simple, a set
  5. Gabriel smiled at Stesha's not-quite-desperate question. "Clothes, brush, and a few other things in a couple bags someone packed in here. I'm mostly just a courier." He walked over and set the bag down near his friend. Then he turned his back and walked over to the entrance; he stopped just inside the door and spoke over his shoulder as Stesha started to dress. "Melanie and her family have been watching Ammy. We just had them stay at your place the last couple days. Seemed easier for Ammy, all things considered. Velocity and I talked with her the evening th
  6. Erin found a spot against the wall that was close by, but far enough back to be out of the way. She'd been empowered and disempowered and reempowered enough times herself to have a healthy respect for the process when performed on someone else. Mostly she just felt helpless, watching Ellie and Copycat turning their combined skills to this unusual and tricky operation, hoping that it would work, hoping that nobody would get hurt. She herself was nobody's miracle worker; all she could do was hope for the best. At least the baby was being cool about it so far, that was definitely better than if h
  7. Toughness Save: 2#1d20+5 9 14 Even wihout them being Minions both go down hard. Go do the cool stuff!
  8. "It can be at the prototype stage before you leave here today," Eira assured Danica grandly, "and finished before the end of the weekend." She stepped backwards and seemed ot merge into her body, the gynoid coming to life as her projected consciousness disappeared. She added with a snorting laugh to Ryder "Oh yes, I am sure you have no, heh heh, personal reasons for studying gravitics, I will say no more of it, yes? As for accidents, I am sure there is no risk of Danica doing that, especially not with the hover systems installed, yes>" She hmmed and fixed her gaze on the tortoise girl. "BTh
  9. Zhenschina-voin Klara had spent a little time in the States and came across a few things, most of which she still couldn’t officially talk about. “No Paul Buynan then? Though I guess he’s more for the forest than the mountains, nice guy… so I’ve heard.” After a quick friendly smile she returned to the problem at hand? “Do we know if there was a negotiated deal going on here? If some idiot broke something ti might explain why the giants are upset. And as fun as it is to go up against giants we should try at least to negotiate with them and see if we can
  10. Zhenschina-voin Klara had thought enough battles to know that sometime the battle didn’t go your way, the trick was to survive the blows to achieve the blows that's would leave to success. Not that it wasn’t frustrating, especially when filled with the adrenaline of combat full of job of the challenge of the fight. So it was as her blow missed the werewolf and then she had to dodge the blow from the transformed man. Yes it was frustrating but at least she was still in the fight, and that meant a chance for victory.
  11. Ashley tensed inside the costume. I don't care what Aggie says, I do not give off 'powerful bisexual energy'. That's not even a thing! Probably! Dammit is actual gaydar an actual superpower because that doesn't even make any sense. Wait, she didn't actually say anything outright; maybe she's just really flirty. And now they both caught me hesitating. Dammit! After a moment, she decided to play it the way she would have with one of Judy's friends. Well, assuming it wasn't one she felt allowed to curse out anyway. "That's...for off the clock," she finally said. "...and you're not m
  12. A time-traveler! How exciting! =D APPROVED
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  14. "Well, to be honest." Voltage chuckled. He dissolved into a silvery bolt of lightning that dissolved into nothing in the air. At almost the same moment, another bolt of electricity appeared elsewhere in the room, into which he reappeared. "I don't drive. I fly, I teleport, I can move metal with my mind, I can talk to machines. I have to remember to do basic exercise. My muscles atrophied pretty bad for a while there." He admitted. "As for repairs, no, I don't tend to let other people work on my projects. Most of my gear is self-designed."
  15. Ryder was distracted for a moment trying to figure out the best angle from which to continue to poke Eria's forehead without getting bitten but turned to give her holographic projection a quizzical look when her tone changed. He reflexively looked over his shoulder when she winked, confirming it hadn't been directed any someone behind him. "Yes? Why wouldn't I study gravimetrics? Why are we winking?" He gave Eira a sidelong look while responding to Voltage, "C'mon, you're not the kinda guy who only takes his car to the dealership for service, right?" He gave the older man a dimpled grin, makin
  16. "It's fine, you're allowed to think about how cute I am Ceecee," Ellie breezed while they headed to the infirmary, rolling her shoulders and stretching her neck from side to side to try to relax muscles threatening to knot up from anxious tension. "Just remember I'm a married woman." She still wasn't thrilled with attempting an experimental and technically nonessential procedure on an infant but it was a obviously a very weird situation. She didn't see any way to test their plan without putting it into practice; how did one go about simulating a Furion child with entropic damage? She hoped she
  17. Chitin - CMYKaraoke Anything Goes - Maki Ohguro High Hopes - Panic! At The Disco New Shoes - Paolo Nutini I'm Gonna DJ - R.E.M. Science and Honor - The Phenomenenauts Congratulations - Fitz and the Tantrums feat. Bryce Vine I Love You - Said The Whale Dream in Color - Rick Springfield Walk On Water - 30 Seconds to Mars Almighty - Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
  18. Using one of my free veteran rewards for a PL12 character slot, built as PL8.
  19. Freedom Eagle ∞ Power Level: 12 Effective Power Level: 8 Power Points: 180/180PP Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: Defense +2 / Toughness -2. No offensive trade-offs. In Brief: Future Freedom Eagle stranded in the present. Theme: Next In Line - Divide Music Alternate Identity: James Gabriel Guthrie Birthplace: Freedom City, Earth-∞ Residence: Claremont Academy Dorms Base of Operations: Freedom City, Earth-Prime Occupation: Adventurer, Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: Samuel Guthrie (Father), Taylor Guthrie (Mother
  20. Teagan took a moment to crane her neck around, peering at Gabriel long enough to be satisfied that he did, in fact, have his eyes closed. Then, and only then, did her tail coil back around her body to let him - anyone - approach unthreatened. "The children are fine," she assured Stesha, settling back against the wall to provide room to everyone. She rather liked the size of this garden; she might have to bother Tarrant for one of her own, later, or hide away here for the sun and quiet. She crossed her forelimbs at the wrist, more at ease than she'd been in a while. "They did well,
  21. "Putting on the costume doesn't put you above the law," said Ashley coldly. She lowered her stun spray but didn't put it away. Her eyes narrowed behind the helmet as she studied the card, and she decided to keep her own helmet on. She did not respond to the taunt about bodyguards, but she did find herself interposing between Luke and the new guy. "Okay. So you're a fed. Do you have a warrant to arrest this child?" She reached into her pocket and pulled out a phone. "Why don't I just call the assistant director and we can check your story, hm?" She pressed a button on her phone that would call
  22. "Oh wow, yes, that looks so much better!" Danica looked considerably closer to her gleeful simulated counterpart now, slowly circling the holographic scooter. "It's like what I already have, except it's not going to get bogged down in sand or mud or stairs. I might actually be able to keep up on missions with something like this instead of being the radio contact or watching our gear!" This idea obviously pleased her immensely. "Man, between this and the Chelonemobile, I'll be able to go just about anywhere I need to!" In Danica's mind, the places she needed to go obviously did not include the
  23. Reflex save for Brute: 17 Just barely made it, stumbled but didn't fall.
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  25. "Well, myself, I'm sure we hadn't met already, no way I'd have forgotten about it, if it was the case..." He smirked playfully. "And I seriously hope that you haven't seen us on the news, I mean, would have meant that they caught up to us." He laughed with her, taking a few steps closer himself, so that they could dance together a bit if they wanted to. The fight with the robots, yeah he was there and with no costume, so there was a chance that she had actually seen him on the news, it would have definitely been a good occasion to show off, but... well, he would have b
  26. 17 Stealth... Meh, but knowing Luke could be worse hehe 19 Search, could be better, however Luke has this: Super-Senses 5 (Valuable Object Awareness; Descriptor Frequency: Very Common; Sense Type: Olfactory, Default: Radius, Ranged; Extras: Acute, Tracking) [5PP] Maybe it can help with finding the gem? I really need to find PP for 1 more skill mastery feat with stealth in it when I start spending Nightscale's XP
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