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Atlas (PL14) - Geez3r (Silver)

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Players Name: Geez3r

Power Level: 14 (213/213PP)

Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness

Unspent PP: 0

Progress to Gold: 63/90 (Silver status earned with Tempest)

Characters Name: Atlas

Alternate Identity: Samael Nitorvich

Height: 6ft.

Weight: 190 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Age: 39; August 4, 1972

Description: Samael is a person of average height, and is quite stocky. He is just built solid. He's got that real "working man" look. There's nothing fancy about him, just jeans and a T-Shirt. He keeps his hair cut just a bit longer than a buzz cut. He has a rather prominent jaw line as well. His arms and hands have a few scars from a life of working with his hands. Although not often noticed, his hands are quite a bit bigger than they normally would be for a person of his size.

Using his shapeshifting, Atlas can assume a wide variety of forms and shapes. He however tends to always be a stockier version of whatever he happens to be transforming into. He has outfitted himself with a blue, gold and white costume, marking the first time he has every truly worn one. When on patrol, he tends to keep his red skin as a reminder of who he is, but he rarely takes the form people most commonly associate with him.

History: Samael is of Russian decent. His parents were part of the cultural enrichment program, meaning they were sent away and never seen again. With that sort of up bringing, he learned quickly to keep his head down, work hard, don't say anything and most importantly of all, volunteer for nothing. Although he disliked the regime, he was wise enough to keep his opinions to himself. When the government crumbled, Samael got out of Russia. He spent a few years bouncing around Europe doing odd jobs here and there and eventually scrounged up enough cash to journey to America.

While it wasn't everything he had hoped for, it was still a step up from where he had been. Unfortunately, all he had to his name was a single suitcase full worth of clothes and a few bills. So he settled in the Fens district in Freedom City, it being about the only place he could afford. He landed a job working at a local deli. It was boring work, but it paid the bills and kept him fed. But there was one thing that bothered him. From his upbringing, the idea that everyone works together to advance the whole was ingrained in his head. He couldn't tolerate people who would steal or try to cheat the system.

These criminals and thugs thought they had it tough; they didn't know the meaning of the word. No matter how bad it was, Samael had never considered turning against the law. If you worked real hard, things would get better. America was the land of opportunity, he just had to help these thugs get back on the straight and narrow. He dedicated himself to protecting his own little section of the street, and for a while, it worked. But then the local gangs decided to teach this guy a lesson. Samael could take on 2 or 3 guys, if he caught them by surprise, but when they caught him by surprise, well... it wasn't pretty. As the life left his body... something reached out to him. He rose from the ground, to face his assailants, now something entirely different.

With his new found gifts, Samael is expanding his territory, protecting more and more of the city.

Personality & Motivation: Although he looks a bit scary, Samael is a really good guy. He's dutiful, loyal and very determined. He favors the tough love approach. He loathes criminals and those that would cheat the system. He believes that they all have good in them and can succeed if only they had the chance. Samael intends to give them that chance. He's got a bit of a dry sense of humor, and is usually a man of few words. The tough guy exterior quickly melts when he's around animals, especially his cat Sprinkles.

Since the Invasion, Atlas has stayed out of the lime light, trying to get a handle on things from his own perspective first. But that is changing as Atlas continues his journey of self discovery and acceptance. He is slowly but surely trying to become more of a "face" in the public eye.

Powers & Tactics: As a Grue-human hybrid, Atlas is far more formidable than the average human. However, as he was created for a singular purpose, his Shapeshifting is more limited than that of a Grue warrior. In all forms, Atlas possess immense strength and durability. He can only use his Shapeshifting ability to increase his natural talents, he can't make himself worse in any regard. He also possess a small degree of mental prowess. The strength of his mental powers increases geometrically the closer he is to his target.


Responsibility: Upholding the law, protecting his stretch of the city, Sprinkles (his cat)

The Grue Invasion - It's been revealed that Atlas was a Grue/human hybrid created by the Grue as a bioweapon for the destruction of Earth. He got better. Public relations did not.

Have you been working out? - All of Atlas' forms tend to be stocky and well muscled versions of what he's copying, so when he tries to impersonate someone it looks like they've been hitting the gym recently, which can ruin the disguise to those that know the target.

Abilities: 14+0+14+0+0+4=32PP

Str: 24/42 (+7/+16)

Dex: 10 (+0)

Con: 24/42 (+7/+16)

Int: 10 (+0)

Wis: 10 (+0)

Cha: 14 (+2)

Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP

Attack: +4 Base, +9 Melee

Grapple: +16, +25 w/powers

Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -3, -13 w/ powers

Initiative: +0

Saves: 0 + 5 + 8 = 13PP

Toughness: +16/+7 (+16/+7 Con, +0) (Impervious 10)

Fortitude: +16/+7 (+16/+7 Con, +0)

Reflex: +5 (+0 Dex, +5)

Will: +8 (+0 Wis, +8)

Skills: 80r = 20PP

Diplomacy 8 (+10)

Gather Info 8 (+10)

Handle Animal 8 (+10)

Intimidate 16 (+18)

Knowledge: Galactic Lore 10 (+10)

Knowledge: Streetwise 8 (+8)

Language 1 (English, Russian [Native])

Notice 11 (+11)

Sense Motive 10 (+10)

Feats: 21PP

Accurate Attack

All-Out Attack

Attack Focus Melee 5

Challenge: Fast Startle

Dodge Focus 4

Improved Grab


Last Stand

Luck 3

Power Attack


Ultimate Toughness

Powers: 15 + 18 + 18 + 10 + 50 = 111PP

Comprehend 2 (Languages; Speak/Understand Any) [4pp] LINKED Communication 5 (Mental, 5 miles, Extras: Two-Way) [10pp]

* AP: Mind Reading 16 Flaws: Range 2 [Touch], Requires Grab [4pp] LINKED Drain Wisdom 16 Extras: Alternate Save (Will) Flaws: Requires Grab [8pp]

Enhanced Strength 18 [18pp]

Enhanced Constitution 18 [18pp]

Impervious Toughness 10 [10pp]

Shapeshift 6 (30pp pool) Extras: Continuous Duration; Drawback: Limitation - Cannot reduce the target's base traits (-4pp) [50pp]

Drawbacks: 0pp

DC Block:

Unarmed (unpowered)  ------------- 22/Toughness ------------------------- Bludgeoning

Unarmed (powered)------------ 31/Toughness--------------------------- Bludgeoning

Costs: Abilities (32) + Combat (16) + Saves (13) + Skills (20) + Feats (21) + Powers (111) - Drawbacks (00) = 213/213 Power Points

Note: The Drawback on the Shapeshifting power not only prevents Atlas from decreasing his traits such as his Strength and Constitution scores (in addition to the rest of his Ability scores, Feats and Skills), but it also prevents him from taking drawbacks in his new form such as Mute and No Hands that limit his innate utility.

Sample Shapeshifting Allocations


  • Additional Limbs 2 (2 extra arms) [2pp]
    Enhanced Strength 6 [6pp]
    Enhanced Constitution 6 [6pp]
    Super-Strength 5 PF: Dynamic, Strike of Valor, Haymaker, Shockwave [16pp]
    * DAP: Leaping 10


  • Immunity 2 (critical hits) [2pp]
    Elongation 5 (+100ft reach) [5pp]
    Insubstantial 1 [5pp]
    Strike 2 PF: Mighty, Variable Descriptor (Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing) [4pp]
    Protection 2 [2pp]
    Morph 4 (any form) [12pp]

Space Explorer

  • Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9pp]
    Flight 6 PF: Dynamic, Move by Action [16pp]
    * DAP: Space Travel 12
    Super-Senses 5 (Ultravision, Acute, Analytical, Extended 2) [5pp]


  • Regeneration 28 PF: Persistent, Regrowth [30pp]
    * Bruised 3 (no action)
    * Injured 6 (no action)
    * Staggered 6 (no action)
    * Disabled 8 (no action)
    * Resurrection 5 (20 minutes)


  • Swimming 7 [7pp] (250 mph)
    Immunity 8 (Drowning, cold environments, pressure, fatigue) [8pp]
    Super-Senses 6 (Extended Tremorsense, Extended x2 Scent) [6pp]
    Enhanced Skills 6 (Acrobatics 12, Stealth 12) Limited: Only in the Water [3pp]
    Enhanced Skill 1 (Notice 4) [1pp]
    Strike 2 PF: Mighty, Improved Critical [4pp]
    Protection 1 [1pp]


  • Concealment 6 (all auditory, all visual) Flaws: Blending; PF: Close Range [7pp]
    Super-Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2) [4pp]
    Additional Limbs 1 PF: Subtle (long tongue) [2pp]
    Elongation 3 Limited: Tongue only [2pp]
    Enhanced Skills 5 (Acrobatics 10, Stealth 10) [5pp]
    Enhanced Dexterity 10 [10pp]

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A brick, we needed one :D

Most of everything is real straight forward.

Last Stand and Battle Form are both from Mecha and Manga.

Yes, his base Constitution is above human maximum. This is due to the fact that I intend to buy off the battle form eventually, or most of it anyways.

Freeze Breath is something of my own creation. It's a touch range Cone Snare effect. Modeled after this.

Survival's in there because he grew up in Cold War era Russia, therefore he knows how to scrounge for food. Handle Animal is in there because he's always had a knack at connecting with animals, and it's a trait he's honed with his cat Sprinkles (not a name he chose).

Also, the IC reason for why he's called Atlas instead of some Russian diety is that nobody except all the nerdy people got the reference and he got tired of trying to explain it. The OOC reason is that Russian uses funny letters that I can't find on my keyboard and I failed that particular knowledge check :D

:arrow: Fun Super-Strength facts: Atlas can throw a baseball 250,000,000ft, a car 100,000ft, and a tank 2,500 feet.

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Most of everything is real straight forward.

Last Stand and Battle Form are both from Mecha and Manga.

Those two things do not mean the same thing as each other, as well you know. ;)

Yes, his base Constitution is above human maximum. This is due to the fact that I intend to buy off the battle form eventually, or most of it anyways.

So you're not planning on doing that goofy multiple-stage stuff with Battle-Form? That's certainly a relief. :D I don't really buy him having above human max constitution as his base (Russian or not), but you could just give him Enhanced Constitution in his regular form if you can come up with a good reason for it.

Why not just buy his powers as Alternate Form with the Fades flaw?

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Why not just buy his powers as Alternate Form with the Fades flaw?

That's pretty much what I've done. Battle Form is the middle ground of Alternate Form and Boost.

Why say:

Drain Toughness X Extras: Affects Objects (+1), Range - Ranged (+1) LINKED Damage x Extras: Range - Ranged

When you can just say Disintegration X? It just saved me a bit of writing is all.

So you're not planning on doing that goofy multiple-stage stuff with Battle-Form? That's certainly a relief. :D I don't really buy him having above human max constitution as his base (Russian or not), but you could just give him Enhanced Constitution in his regular form if you can come up with a good reason for it.

Multiple stages doesn't fit the character concept, and I'll move some points over to Enhanced Con.

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After Doc mentioned a glaring issue with Battle Forum in the Ref Cave, I have made a substaintial edit to the character, and shaved quite a few points off the build. Pretty much the same over all, but now buying off the Form will be done much more easily and at my own leisure, so it evens out.

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Not so much no. I'm thinking some mystical entity granted him some powers, but as to who, I'm not entirely sure.

My thoughts is that whoever it is, is attempting to turn him into a weapon of sorts. As such, his heroic nature is certainly going to irk them. At some point down the line they'll most likely try to force him down the path of destruction, but hopefully by that time, he has made enough powerful friends in the hero community to drive off the influence of this mysterious 3rd party.

I was thinking that Mr. Infamy would be the obvious pick, but not entirely sure how that would play out.

Secondly, there would be the Grue. Perhaps its the latest in their schemes to take over Earth, empower a few ordinary people and then bring them into the fold of the group mind, using them as expendable shock troops to weaken Earth's defenses. Omega would have a similar shtick.

Lastly, I was thinking that there was some early testing of the DNAscent process done by Labyrinth in Russia back in the Cold War, and Samael was a test subject. The project was thought a failure, but in truth the results have only just begun to surface.

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I'm going to go with the Grue. They want to destabilize the super hero community, that have shapeshifting powers, and some have formitable mental powers.

Atlas is a hero to be turned weapon, he changes form, and originally had Mind Shield (which I intend to give him again when I have the points).

So lets say that there's a Grue posting as a doctor somewhere in Freedom, last time Samael visited the doctor's office, they did something to him, and then being near-death in the alley kick started the metamorphosis.

Sound good?

Let me just change a few points around to reflect this. I'll post again when I'm done.

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