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  1. As it became clear that Sofía wasn't going to stop on her own Lou reached down and firmly took her wrist in his calloused hand and carefully moved it from his stomach to the hacker's side. He otherwise made no indication that he'd noticed, not even looking down at her. "Getting even's a myth, big man," he told Xavier. "Somebody hurts you, sure you hurt 'em back, 'cause you're trying to, whaddaycall, discourage that behaviour in the future. That don't work on a mob unless you can hurt alla them bad enough that none of them think it's worth trying to get even with you. S'whole point of a mob." Glancing over to Alice the man in the rumpled suit allowed himself a smirk. "Landing of my face is a speciality. Hard head." He tapped a finger to one temple demonstratively. "But I stuck my neck out this far, I'll stick around 'til you all know what you're doing. I'd feel like an asshole if you get whacked the second I turn around."
  2. "Oh, sure, got a student who make a glaive like that," Erik nodded, taking the light show in stride. He extended his right hand and Janus' sword and buckler flared for a moment, the current of energy finding a new outlet as a ribbon of fuchsia light wound through the air to his waiting fingertips. It coalesced there into a mirror image of the teen's arming sword, albeit noticeably more ethereal. Wrapping his fingers around the one handed hilt Erik took a moment to close his eyes and inhale. "Smells like crinkling paper and orchestral brass. Reminds me of a unicorn I fought one time." The fencer rolled his shoulders and the sword reshaped itself into the narrow piercing blade of a rapier, the excess energy spiralling about into a filigree hand guard. As it assumed his preferred configuration the energy took on a subtly purplish tint and regained what intensity it had lost. His eyes snapped back open and he tilted his head approvingly. "Good sword. Now, stop messing around and hit me."
  3. "Hey, you know Star Wars," Erik noted with a grin as he batted away an offhand swing with his forearm before sliding back a pace out of the reach of Janus' sword. The swordsman had begun moving about the training area in long strides, leaps and a few largely gratuitous flips, curious to see if the teenager would chase after him or change up their close-quarters approach. "Don't worry about the wives; Talya would like anybody who can fight in those boots and Min would just want to play with your hair." He dropped low abruptly, bending backward from the knees so that the blade sliced through the air above his face, then sprang up. Grabbing the ribbons still anchored to the ceiling he hauled himself into the air and over Janus' head, landing spryly behind them. Cracking his knuckles in anticipation, Erik's grin broadened. "Now what was that about a 'magic sword'?"
  4. @Tarrakhash That definitely hits! Since this is effectively an improvised weapon we're looking at Black Mamba's Strength bonus (+10 in the armour) plus up to +2 for the amount the Toughness of the object (the Omegadrone) exceeds that Strength bonus (it has +12 Toughness so that's +2) which conveniently put the damage at +12 thereby meeting his PL 10 caps with a +8 attack bonus and this has been Math Fun with Gizmo. Terminus Crane Toughness Save vs DC 27: 1d20+15 26 It takes an injury; a little banged up but still functional. Omegadrone Toughness Save vs DC 27: 1d20+11 22 Bruised and dazed! Now, for @trollthumper: Omegadrone Toughness Save vs DC 26: 1d20+12 32 Man, the dice are really giving Joe a rough time of it. Opposed Grapple Check: 1d20+20 25 That's more like it! I need IC posts from each of you. 20 - Replica - Uninjured, 2HP 19 - Black Mamba - Uninjured, 2HP 17 - Cannonade - Bruised, 1HP 6 - Omegadrones x3, Uninjured 6 - Omegadrone, Grappled 6 - Omegadrone, Bruised x1, Grappled 6 - Omegadrone, Bruised x2, Dazed
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    “Despite what some of your upperclassmen may tell you however I’m not primarily here to crush dreams and ruin fun,” Summers continued dryly with a ghost of a smile. “I’m happy to say that in the process of restructuring the physical education department we’ve put together something students have been asking for for a long time: an intramural league.” The headmistress tapped something on her lectern and a dozen copies of the school’s crest appeared on the wall behind her, each in a different vivid colour: red, blue, green, orange and more. “Your squad will be your peers and mentors for academic, athletic and artistic challenges throughout the school year. Yes, there will be prizes. No, there is not a headwear-based categorization process.”
  6. EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT It's the time of year for pumpkin spice lattes and jokes about pumpkin spice lattes! The first big social even of the school year is approaching: the Fall Dance will be held on Friday, October 26th! Students have until then to work up the nerve to ask out their crushes, help their friends find something to wear or come up with a plan to switch out the faculty sanctioned playlist! Meanwhile group training exercises have started for the intramural squads! Get together with your squads for team building exercises, Doom Room simulations or bedazzling matching jackets. Just remember that you are definitely not permitted to sneak into the city at night to fight crime or to do powers-live combat training without a faculty member present! Don't even think about it! (Tag Fall Dance related threads with 'fall dance 2018'. Tag squad threads with 'red squad', 'blue squad', 'green squad' or 'orange squad' as appropriate.)
  7. With an impact louder than the silenced pistol shots, a boot connected with the jaw of the S.H.A.D.O.W. operative shouting into his walkie-talkie. The momentum took him off of his feet and his skull hammering into the device in his hand and then the pavement, hard enough to split the cheap plastic casing open and reducing the criminal to an unconscious heap before he or his cronies had even registered the counterattack. Greatcoat flaring out in a royal blue arc Jack let his momentum fuel an airborne scissor kick into the next gunman, catching him full in the chest. Simultaneously the crackling needle of electricity extending from his right hand sliced cleaning though the barrel of the man's pistol, leaving the smell of ozone lingering in the air as it clattered to the street in two smouldering pieces. A follow-up haymaker left his target dispatched and short one substandard filling. The swordsman rose up to a ready stance next to Bombshell, eyes narrowed behind his bandanna mask. "What happened?! They looked like they were totally buying it!"
  8. Move Action: Swing into the fight. Standard Action: Attack Mook with Radio; Power Attack 5: 1d20+15 35 Haha, yikes, that's a DC 26 Fort Save vs Drain Toughness and a DC 31 Toughness Save vs Damage. Assuming that knocks him out, how would you like to handle Takedown Attack 2?
  9. Jack of all Blades Initiative: 1d20+9 27
  10. "Just supply your own rude hand gesture, old man," Erik drawled as he snapped back a pace from his seemingly relaxed stance, a little quicker off the mark than he'd honestly been expecting. Janus was skilled enough to add their strength to their speed, letting the heavy blade add momentum. It was enough that instead of doing the old 'barely twist out of the way so the blade whisked by his nose to impress the new kid' move he actually had to move his feet. Still looked pretty cool, though; he knew what he was about. "Alright, I like that, pretty good." Erik wove his feet like he was dancing so that he came back in front of the teenager, hands clasped behind his back. "Get the buckler in there. You use that for attacking, too, yeah?"
  11. Crouched down at the edge of the rooftop two doors down from the would-be arms deal, Jack of all Blade's silhouette was obscured by the folds of his greatcoat pooling around him, the royal blue blending in with the night sky. He'd have even claimed that that practical application was the reason he wore the piratical garment if he thought anyone would have believed him. Fortunately it was tough to spend time with Bombshell without picking up a thing or two about going from distracting to unnoticed at a moment's notice. He wasn't much fonder of the plan than Min had been even after Talya had taken their... constructive feedback into account but he was at least less likely to turn a block worth of pavement into jungle if someone looked at their wife the wrong way. Not that he was the patient one among them by a long shot - Min and Talya both had a lot more practice waiting - but he was more of a precision instrument. Easier on the city infrastructure. He flexed the fingers of his right hand, stopping just short pulling power form the quietly buzzing streetlamp a few feet away, and watched.
  12. "I actually have it on good authority that being an ass on purpose isn't actually better," Erik drawled in Ace's direction without actually looking at the immortal adventurer. To Janus he began holding up fingers to count off a list. "One: don't let him take credit for you being good. Two: I expect you to be able to train and sass at the same time. Three: I appreciate the clarification but if I still manage to put my foot in my mouth - and I probably will - and make you feel crappy about something, tell me. I don't like my students distracted because they're brooding." Sauntering over the middle of the room and its training mats scratched ideally behind one ear and eyed Janus' roll of equipment. "Anyway, don't worry about forms for now. Why don't you just try to hit me?" The fencer pointed to his chin, his stance loose and relaxed.
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    Headmistress Summers did no more than flick her gaze across the auditorium but each student who had mad a whispered comment felt unmistakably that she had glared pointedly in their exact direction. The bleachers creaked audibly as several spines straightened reflexively all at once. Mercifully she chose not to notice anyone who might have needed to excuse themselves. "We have students joining us from across the globe and elsewhere this year, even more so than usual. I know you'll all make each other feel welcome and I hope you'll take to opportunity to learn from each other," she continued, folding her hands atop the lectern. "I want to be clear, however, that while you are here you are subject to Academy's rules, irrespective of whatever status or privileges you might enjoy elsewhere." There was an edge to the way she articulated 'privileges' that caused more than one teen to shift uncomfortably on the benches. She lifted one hand as though presenting an item for inspection. "For example, in the past some of our student body has been under the impression that the curfew and restrictions on visiting the city core were guidelines or would perhaps be easily overlooked given sufficiently good intentions." Summers lowered the hand and leaned forward very slightly. "This is not the case."
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    “Welcome everyone,” Summers began crisply, “to a new year at Claremont Academy. Those of you joining us again know that I like to keep these things brief and to-the-point. Those of you who are new should know that I’m also more than happy to make you sit on those benches indefinitely if I don’t think I have your full attention.” The Headmistress paused and there were a few scattered, awkward laughs from the crowd as students tried to guess whether that had been a joke or an ultimatum. “Here are Claremont we pride ourselves in giving exceptional individuals the opportunity to grow into exceptional leaders. In many cases - and I don’t use this word lightly - exceptional heroes.” There was a subtle note of warm approval as she looked out over the assembled students. Her voice hardened as she continued, “In the wake of an invasion which claimed so many lives however we felt it necessary to remind you that you are also all of you still children. Our priority, as always, is your safety. In keeping with that there will be some changes this year.”
  15. "Ha, I hope you're talking about Buckie, Korfanty's like seventy," Erik laughed. He had a lot of professional respect for the national team and their staff but trying to translate the forms of a refereed match to a knockdown brawl against super villains was going to be a bad time for everyone involved. "I'm assuming you get the manners from the other side of the family. I appreciate it, we just don't really stand on ceremony here." The instructor gave Janus another look and paused. He was pretty sure Ace had said 'she' but now he wasn't second guessing himself; the whole leather pants look could have gone either way and giving the kid body image issues seemed like a bad way to kick things off. Which reminded him that he probably needed to find a shirt at some point. "On the other hand I know what it's like to get dropped in a whole different dimension. Do you need to be called like prince or princess or...?"