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  1. The superheated energy weapon sunk into the part of Rock’s shoulder that would have been shaped by a clavicle in a being with a conventional skeleton, immediately liquifying stone and turning moss into acrid smoke. The mercenary glanced at the seemingly grievous wound from the corners of his eyes and let out a gravelly scoff. Rearing back he let loose a haymaker toward the articulated joints of the Hunter’s nearest leg… and nearly tripped over his own feet as he was snagged by the plasma blade still lodged in his shoulder. Flailing to regain his balance, he jerked his arm to try to free himself but with the blade embedded several centimetres into already cooling stone he found himself jerking about in an awkward tug of war.
  2. Rock Toughness Save vs DC 25: 1d20+17 34 Move Action: Startle vs Hunter: 1d20+15-5 25 Standard Action: Unarmed Attack vs Hunter; All-Out Attack 2: 1d20+9 10 He's having a time.
  3. Rock jogged across the uneven landscape at about the highest speed he could manage without doing a passable impression of seismic activity. Once he'd closed the distance he dropped his shoulder and threw himself into a somersault, tucking his blocky knees to his chest and becoming a massive, self-propelled boulder headed for the closer Hunter mech's legs. Unfortunately the highly telegraphed attack gave the suit's pilot ample time to simply step over Rock as he rolled by, the Hunter's massive gait clearing the stoney mercenary with surprising agility. Springing back up to his feet on the other side of his target Rock ground the flat edges of his jaws against each other in annoyance, exhaling a little puff of dust.
  4. I think there’s a good argument for the established benefits of Temporal Inertia being covered under immunity to Temporal Effects so paying the difference would be a totally reasonable upgrade edit down the line, sure!
  5. The only other potential issue I'm seeing is Immunity 1 (Temporal Manipulation) {1PP}. What you probably want to swap that for one-for-one is Feature 1 (Temporal Inertia) {1PP} which has been established on other characters who aren't affected by changes to the local timeline, generally folks who are already from alternate timelines. Functionally this is a narrative contrivance rather than interacting directly with direct attacks or opposed checks. Alternatively, Immunity 5 (Temporal Effects) {5PP} would actually be immunity to Powers with the 'Temporal' Descriptor, which our House Rules places at Uncommon rarity. For example, someone with this Immunity would be unaffected by Rewind's own Paralyze power.
  6. Very fun concept! We've had a proud history of temporal and dimensional refugees but a 'broken day' is a great angle. A few quick bits of accounting and formatting: Toughness: +10 (+1 Con, +9 Protection) Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6 base)Second Chance Bluff 2 (+5)Second Chance Computers 2 (+5) Craft [Artistic] 4 (+7) Diplomacy 0 (+3)Second Chance Gather Information 1 (+4) Handle Animal 1 (+4) Intimidate 0 (+3)Second Chance Knowledge [Art] 3 (+6) Knowledge [Theology and Philosophy] 2 (+5) Medicine 2 (+4) Notice 1 (+3) Perform [Singing] 2 (+5) Sense Motive 2 (+4) Powers: 8 + 21 + 26 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 2 = 71 Eclipse - [...] Craft (Mechanical) +12, [...] Healing 4 (Extras: Range [Perception +2], Restoration, Total; Feats: Stabilize, Persistent, Regrowth) {23/23} Protection 9 (Descriptors: Temporal) {9PP} Aside for the save and skill bonuses this is mostly just quick changes for legibility, particularly for down the road when edits are requested. I appreciate the clarity in her Powers and Tactics section where you explain the internal logic of her abilities and how her Powers section is built to represent them! The main point I think is worth raising isn't a question of accounting but more about transparency. A Variable Power is definitely the way to model her 'iterative experience' instead of an Array given how inexpensive Skills are in the first place and I like the explanation of her switching mental 'gears'. That said, specifically because Skills are so cheap we're unlikely to ever approve that Variable Power increasing above 3 Ranks, as a matter of game balance between other skill-focused characters. I doubt that's a deal breaker for you, since any new/improved Skills learned in the 'real world' would exist outside the flavour of her lived experience in the 'broken day' anyway but it bears mentioning up front in case it changes how you want to approach things! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns surrounding that and we'll get going on the approval process!
  7. I'll do that! Rock Charge Hunter Mech: 1d20+7+2 11 I won't do that!
  8. Rock looked down the length of his extended arm to gauge Gor'an's reaction to Eclipse's advice before given a mighty shrug that bounced the restrained Justicar from his captive cranium. "Rock." Planting one foot forward and rotating at the waist he wound up before launching the military man in an overhand fastball pitch, sending nearly three hundred pounds of armoured soldier rocketing away with the speed and force of a ballistic shell. Gor'an's silhouette rapidly diminished into the distance, forcing Rock to squint and shield his eyes from the sun to watch before the dropship in the distance shook in the air from the thunderous impact of its commanding officer colliding with its hull. "Rock," he mused aloud to Eclipse before beginning to amble toward the young Star Khan and the ambulatory war machines.
  9. Rock Justicar Gor'an weighs ~275 lbs, making his a heavy load for a character with Strength 18. Rock has an effective Strength of 69, surpassing that requirement by 51 points. That means a potential throwing distance of 51 / 5 = 10 increments up the progression table from 5' to 10 000' or ~1.9 miles. The dropship is less than 10 000' away. So! Standard Action: Throw Justicar vs Dropship; All-Out Attack 2: 1d20+7+2 13 Hero Point: Throw Justicar vs Dropship; All-Out Attack 2, HP Reroll: 1d20+7+2 18 > 28 Move Action: Start walking toward the remaining enemy forces!
  10. Winifred paused in her writing and gave Consuelo a serious look. "The popularity of conventional hair removal processes owe very little to their pleasant nature. More to the point, Ms. Nunez, have I given you any reason to believe that I have repeat clientele because of my easygoing and immediately ingratiating disposition?" She raised an ached eyebrow to emphasize the rhetorical question. "Even the most personable will inevitably encounter those who find them off-putting 'just cause'." The alchemist affected a reasonable imitation of the local New Jersey accent along with finger quotes. "You at least have a tangible excuse which you can take steps to mitigate. Giving up is not a luxury those with conditions like ours can exercise." Setting aside the notebook for the moment she returned to the palette of pigmented powders. "Now. Don't bite your nails, dear, you're very nearly a grown woman. Wrist." She waited until Consuelo extended one of her hand again before brushing a small amount of the colour closest to the teenager's natural complexion on the exposed skin. "We can start with a heavy metal based foundation to see if that can act as an ablative layer for other cosmetics. Normally I would have long term health concerns but your aura should reduce the bioavailability faster than your body can absorb anything detrimental. How does that feel? Any immediate irritation?"
  11. Amidst the hail of curving tracer rounds from Eclipse, shouts of surprise and yelps of pain sounding in chorus, Rock looked down impassively at where the the Justicar had struck him. "Rock?" he offered simply, hoping Gor’an might be convinced to skip what seemed like the inevitable next steps and get around to surrendering. The career soldier's ready fighting stance made it clear that a peaceful resolution was not n the cards. With a sigh like tectonic plates shifting Rock thrust one hand forward with surprising speed and palmed the Justicar's entire head, broad fingers wrapping around the back of the helmet. Raising his arm he lifted Gor'an off of his feet and into the air and began to squeeze with enough power to audibly crack the combat armour.
  12. Rock Toughness Save vs DC 25: 1d20+17 31 Move Action: Startle Justicar: 1d20+15-5 15 Standard Action: Unarmed Attack vs Justicar: 1d20+7 25 Improved Grab: Opposed Grapple Check: 1d20+32 39 Assuming that hits it’s a DC 32 Toughness Save followed by the opposed Grapple check.
  13. As usual it took Rock a little longer to react than Eclipse, as he did his best to parse the rapidly changing and escalating situation. He wasn't entirely sure who the different sides of the erupting conflict actually were but only one group had immediately started shooting and in his experience that was a pretty good indicator of who needed to spend some time on the ground. Lowering his shoulder he charged toward the Justicar who had struck Kinarr, his heavy footfalls picking up speed and momentum until his considerable mass was barreling forward like a sentient avalanche. "Rrrrock!" All of that force was transferred to a punch that dented in a portion of his target's chest armour, setting Gor’an back half a step. Rock straightened up to his full height before the Justicar and his troopers and cracked his knuckles with a sound like a rock tumbler.
  14. Rock Assuming that Rock needs to use his move action and Charge to close the distance (no yay Speed here) but he'll take a swing at the Justicar! Unarmed Attack vs Justicar; Charge: 1d20+9 27 That's a DC 32 Toughness Save if it hits and Rock is a -2 Defence from the Charge.
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