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  1. Riley recognized the tightness of the hug Winifred gave him in return, the tightness of someone reassuring themselves that the person in front of them was really there. He stepped back before she did but her expression remained typically composed, a faint smile as she pressed against his chest with two fingers and made an approving sound. "Smith. You look suspiciously as though you've actually been taking care of yourself." The alchemist wasn't subtle about giving her friend an analytical once-over, looking for any new visible scars or signs of injury. She slung her saddlebag over the back of her own chair and leaned her cane against the table before taking a seat, as straight-backed as ever. "It's good to see you."
  2. The nostalgia being evoked by the shop's decor was lost on Winifred but the clearly deliberate aesthetic was not. It was odd to see mass produced items yellowed and weathered with age. She was examining the slogan on a box of 'instant' pancake mix when the proprietor spoke up and she straightened immediately, clasping her hands behind the small of her back. "Ah, hullo! I'm a touch early to be meeting a friend who has a cabin in the area." She briefly considered asking after Smith directly but unless he'd had time to work on his rough hewn social skills during his self-imposed exile there seemed a non-zero chance of a negative reaction. "My driver recommended the 'house special' in the meantime...?"
  3. Winifred reflexively reached for the money clip tucked inside her light grey blazer before remembering herself and retrieving her smartphone instead. "Fortuitously my friend is the sort to arrive early to minimize any risk of ambush." The petite Englishwoman gave her driver a faint smile to assure her she hadn't meant that literally, perhaps a beat later than would have been best. An exemplary rating and generous tip hopefully smoothed over any eccentricities. She lifted her satchel off of her lap as she exited the van, brown leather riding boot crunching into the gravel. "Thank you again for your timely service and dining recommendations." With a final cordial nod she squared her shoulders against the stiffness from the bumpy ride and strode purposefully toward the grocer.
  4. Happy 2020, ya goofs. As always if you didn't get your threads up you still have a chance to put them in late thread counting, and if it looks like something's off with your sheet or tracker updates give the ref team a shout and we'll look into it. angrydurf Ace: 1 GM post = 1PP Empyrean: 5 posts = 1PP + 1 Ref Point + 8 Other = 10PP Kanunu: 1 post = 1PP Ouroboros 1 GM post = 1PP Sagrado Corazon 1 GM post = 1PP Savant 1 GM post = 1PP GM: 2 posts x 2 = 4 Ari Mag-Might: 2 posts = 1PP Salmon: 2 GM posts = 1PP + 1 Guide Point = 2PP Sun Dragon: 15 posts = 2PP GM: 1 post x 2 = 2 Avenger Assembled Sea Devil: 1 Admin Point = 1PP Azuth65 Gauss: 1 post = 1PP Dariusprime Vox: 3 posts = 1PP Darksider42 Spectre: 3 posts = 1PP Dr. Archeville Artificer: 12 posts = 2PP Dead Head: 2 posts [Maxed] Horrorshow: 1 post = 1PP Exaccus Facsimile: 3 posts = 1PP Techneux: 1 post = 1PP Fox Wraith: 5 posts [Maxed] Grumblefloof Dirge: 1 GM post = 1PP Mister Strix: 1 GM post = 1PP Octoman: 13 posts + 2 GM posts = 15 = 2PP Persephone: 11 posts = 2PP + 1 Guide Point = 3PP GM: 2 posts x 2 = 4 Heritage Crystal-Gazer: 4 posts = 1PP Grimalkin: 3 posts [Maxed] Torque: 1 post = 1PP KnightDisciple Raven III: 1 Guide Point = 1PP Thunderbird: 3 posts = 1PP RocketLord Archer II: 9 posts + 1 GM post = 10 = 2PP Cheval: 12 posts + 13 GM posts = 25 = 3PP Forever Boy: 6 posts + 44 GM posts = 4PP + 1 Guide Point + 2 Other = 7PP Justice: 7 posts + 3 GM posts = 10 = 2PP Rebellion: 2 posts + 8 GM posts = 10 = 2PP GM: 36 posts x 2 = 72 Sailor Torpedo Lass: 2 posts = 1PP Semi-Autogyro Gnomon: 3 posts = 1PP Shofet Corona: 2 posts = 1PP Soliton: 8 posts + 2 GM posts = 10 = 2PP The Meta-Naut: 6 posts + 4 GM posts = 10 = 2PP GM: 3 posts x 2 = 6 Tarrakhash Black Mamba: 2 posts = 1PP Chromium: 4 posts = 1PP Tiffany Korta The Immutable Betsy Brooks: 2 posts = 1PP Ms. Bright: 5 posts = 1PP Emerald Spider: 5 posts = 1PP Miss Grue: 5 posts [Maxed] Merge Trois: 1 post = 1PP Dr. Thorne: 1 post = 1PP The Traveler: 6 posts + 4 Rollover = 10 = 2PP + 1 Ref Point = 3PP Valkyrja: 1 post = 1PP White Lioness: 1 Rollover = 1PP
  5. As King's sputterings went on Sekhmet looked increasingly displeased to be making physical contact with him. "This one could not lead his way through river reeds," the leonine goddess rumbled from deep in her chest, more growl than words. Recognizing that her chokehold was impairing their efforts to get a straight answer from their quarry she lifted King higher into the air for a moment and in an impressive show of dexterity spun him about lengthwise, gripping his ankle rather than his throat and dangling him over the alley concrete where he could stare at stonewashed jeans and scuffed combat boots. A vigorous shake served to refocus him on responding to Grimalkin's questions. A soft slurp sounded from Strix's right where he lurked hidden from mortal eyes and defying the notice of mundane understanding. Set had returned from the bar with a tall thin glass of something carbonated that smelled to the vampire of artificial fruit flavours, which she was enjoying through a neon green looping novelty straw. The godling raised a highball glass toward Strix without looking toward him, filled with a bright red mixture that would have smelled of too much tabasco sauce even if he'd been able to stomach normal beverages. Three of the other four arms she'd nonchalantly sprouted since her detour also held drinks, two cocktails and a dark green bottle, while the one occupied hand rested on her hip. "Miss anything good?"
  6. Set Super-Senses counted Strix's Concealment. Notice check: 1d20+15 33 Sekhmet Intimidation Check: 1d20+18 28 (For good measure.)
  7. Roommate Assignments First Floor Room 102: Nicolas Brown AKA Vox and C.J. Jergens AKA Gnomon Room 107: Adam Lanchester AKA Specimen and Felix Century AKA Legatus Room 114: Kameron Kingdom AKA Red Lynx and Leroy Ransome-Conte AKA Sundragon Second Floor Room 203: Pan Barrie AKA Forever Boy and Micah Roebuck AKA Thunderbird Room 213: Davyd Palahniuk AKA Horrowshow and Benicio Wang AKA Octoman Room 214: Benjamin d’Amato AKA Rebound and Heroditus Stylianos AKA Artificer Third Floor Room 301: Elizabeth Grey AKA Masque and Abigail Storm AKA Arcana Room 302: Danica Holmes AKA Chelone and Mia Mustafic-Markov AKA Soliton Room 309: Lulu Beaumont AKA Crystal-Gazer and Eira Katastroff, AKA Angelic Room 312: Janus Danger and Veronica Danger Fourth Floor Room 405: Monica Gutiérrez AKA Lady Liberty and Àjàṣorò Tafari AKA White Lioness Room 410: Ashley Smith AKA Watchdog and Judy Smith AKA Daystar Intramural Squad Assignments Red Squad - Nicholas Brown - Janus Danger - Elizabeth Grey - C.J. Jergens - Kameron Kingdom - Àjàṣorò Tafari Blue Squad - Pan Barrie - Felix Century - Benjamin d’Amato - Adam Lanchester - Ashley Smith - Judy Smith Green Squad - Veronica Danger - Monica Gutiérrez - Danica Holmes - Micah Roebuck - Heroditus Stylianos - Benicio Wang Orange Squad - Lulu Beaumont - Mia Mustafic-Markov - Davyd Palahniuk - Leroy Ransom-Conte - Abigail Storm - Eira Katastroff
  8. Set and Sekhmet looked at the straws then to each other. "Gross," the shorter goddess opined flatly while the taller shorted and rolled her eyes with a shake of her head. With long, purposeful strides Sekhmet stalked toward King, shouldering distracted dancers and dazed party-goers out of the way with all the subtlety of bulldozer. As soon as the ostentatiously dressed man noticed her approach she made direct, unblinking eye contact, the stoney glower of a predator letting her prey know that flight was futile. While the bookseller grappled with uncertainty she closed the distance and seized his throat in preternaturally strong fingers, hauling him off of his feet and choking off his protestations. Without losing momentum the leonine warrior dragged him toward the nearest exit to the warehouse, not far from where King had been licking his proverbial, alcohol soaked wounds. "'Babe in the woods'. Blech," Set reiterated with a shudder. "Anyone desire something from the bar?"
  9. Jack's brow furrowed very slightly as Octoman rambled about his parents blowing off plans. Maybe it was just a bit of teenage sullenness but the kid seemed like such an earnest people-pleaser. He silently reminded himself that not every youth who came through their doors had the Sandersons for parents and he didn't necessarily have to be worried and immediately proceeded to worry anyway. "Hey, 'doesn't like superheroes' nothing. Everybody likes me. I'm very likeable. Ask my wives, children or wacky chum who lives in the television, totally unbiased." He gave Octoman a broad wink and stuck out his tongue at Mia with a grin. "And this is maybe easy to say when I don't have tentacles coming out of me but I think you're going to figure out pretty quickly that 'normal' is pretty much made up. 'A-list' is a lot less about what you are than what you do. And don't rip off your limbs in here, you just stopped bleeding all over the place, huh?"
  10. Jack of all Blades Notice Check: 25 with Skill Mastery Sense Motive Check: 1d20+4 13 Knowledge (Streetwise) Check: 1d20+15 30
  11. Jack raised an eyebrow but otherwise kept his own pokerface and relaxed posture. He didn't like to think about it too much but he really was an accomplished liar in his own right, albeit not classically trained or as refined by half as Talya. "Damn. I hope it's not that Destin guy; he seemed fun and I'd feel weird about punching an old man in the face repeatedly." He kept his voice low and feigned the look of an easily distracted dilettante to glance about the crowd. He wasn't sure what he was looking for exactly, besides anyone who looked like hired muscle. Most Nazis he'd encountered were at least smart enough to have a bodyguard before walking around Freedom City, for all the good it ever did them.
  12. Ellie turned to give Mara the same guilty look as if they'd practiced performing in synchronicity, looking like she'd been caught not doing her chores around the house. "W-well, I mean. Y'know." She gestured vaguely but emphatically with one hand. "...stuff." She busied herself fetching a tissue out of her vest pocket for Yolanda with an awkward cough. Erik straightened abruptly at Talya's musing, looking very much his sister's brother in his alarm. "Did you want to do a wedding?" He turned to Min and tried to smooth the creases in his dress shirt with his hands. "We just went to city hall and signed the thing. Before anybody could try to stab anybody." At the time an attack by one faction of the House of Swords or another had seemed a very real concern, perhaps the Katanarchists or some freshly awakened Preserver shenanigans. "We could do a wedding. Right? Wait, that didn't sound romantic. Florecita, ayuadame...?"
  13. Lou Notice check: 1d20+15 23 Will Savs: 3#1d20+12 19 30 21 Lou's fear is that he'll end up on his own again, either by failing to protect his teammates or being betrayed, and that he'll deserve it. (No spoiler tag because that's honestly pretty obvious.)
  14. "Mister the Comte," Jack greeted the older gentleman with a lopsided smile and a deep nod. Talya could tell he was ever so slightly exaggerating his natural New Jersey accent and holding himself with a purposeful cant that both emphasized his physique through the layers of his costume and stood in contrast with the du Destin's aging stiffness. "Do a guy a favour and imagine I said something insightful about Caravaggio's use of colour, yeah?" He tossed him a broad wink and made a show of looking about the room, the distractible accessory. In truth he was scanning the crowd for any faces he might recognize; the guests were more likely to be the patrons of people he'd tangled with but you never knew.
  15. Make a note in the day planner you picked up from the registrar's office, it's time for a new school year! In preparation, each player with a new or returning student who will be attending Claremont this year should post below with appropriate survey for their character: RETURNING STUDENTS Name: Codename: Year: Sophomore, Junior or Senior Pronouns: Current Intramural Team: Current Roommate: If both roommates from last year are still active characters they'll most likely be paired together again! If you have an in-character or out-of-character reason to want to switch things up you can send a Ref a private message on the Discord server. Reflection: What goals does the character have after last year? What did they think they did well and what were they disappointed with? School Club: What club would they like to see and join at Claremont? Yearbook Committee? Drama Club? School Band? Extradimensional Birdwatching Club? Please, no roleplaying game club, that leads only to a meta spiral from which there is no return! NEW STUDENTS Name: Codename: Year: Sophomore, Junior or Senior Pronouns: Prospective Roommate: If two players want their characters to be rooming together in the dormitories let us know here! You can also say if you'd prefer an NPC roommate or if your character won't be staying in the dormitories during the school year. Otherwise we'll match up unassigned PCs! Goal: Where does your character see themselves upon graduating from Claremont? Do they have a role model they want to live up to or a situation they'd like to change for the better? Favourite YA Fiction Novel: That's Young Adult, donchano. This can be a real world novel or an in-universe title. Include what they love about it! Remember, this is the character's favourite, not necessarily what the player would pick themselves!
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