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  1. The blood on Winifred's ear sizzled quietly in the aftermath of Raina's magic, leaving three thin slices missing from the helix but closed. She sat up roughly, settling heavily into a kneel. She accepted the remains of Matt's shirt with a glassy look, eyes gradually focusing after a few blinks. She noted dimly that her own outfit was in tatters but a good sight more wearable than what she usually found herself draped in after an episode. The rag was left forgotten in her hand as though she couldn't quite work out what to do with it, head craning about to try to spot all of her friends. There was a shirtless Mathew and thank God the infant still alive. Raina for once was too worried to bother feigning indifference and part of her regretted not being in a position to appreciate either of those visuals. She caught Phaedra's distinctive outline off to one side with Cathy. The arm around her shoulders belonged to Riley she realized eventually and the the hand she'd taken in her own almost without realizing it was Robin's. Robin's only hand now. Awareness returned enough that she was able to actually parse what was being said. She squeezed Robin's fingers tightly and let out a series of hacking coughs that resolved into a shaky laugh. "What a time --hnh-- for a 'pep talk', hah." She wiped at her face with the piece of shirt, mainly succeeding in smearing the blood about. The knot her new alter-ego had tied in her top had come undone, leaving it hanging open like a vest but she was entirely too tired to give a damn over modesty. "Still foggy... Oh, oh the baby! And were Raina's parents here? I feel as though I ought to punch them." She was distracted from that line of questioning as Riley jolted upward next to her and she released Robin's hand to rise unsteadily to her feet, placing a hand on his shoulder to return the gesture of support.
  2. "Wendigo, yes. Very dramatic," Trevor interrupted as he shouldered his way though the tense knot of Erins, hands full of equipment and tone dry enough to dehydrate the Deep One hybrid as he passed. "Have recommendation for herbs to aid in meditation, before you go." He paused and gestured toward the workbench where the Curator replica was being treated. "Attacked making sure rest of you were safe. Can at least be civil with each other. Talk about cats." He set down the tool box he was carrying and handed the Erin in goggles the epoxy applicator she'd request before sharing a look with the Midnight Erin and his wife. "Need to find common enemy before 'sisters' do its work for it."
  3. Trevor stiffened with a barely audible intake of breath. On most days being reminded of the Curator's deception would have sent him reeling with lingering shame and undirected frustration but just then he'd walked among too many what-ifs to succumb to one more opportunity for second guessing himself. "Redbird, prep everything we have on Preserver tech, specifically the Curator," he called tersely, voice somehow flatter than usual. He gestured for his wife to pick up her damaged doppelgänger before jogging ahead to ready the equipment down below. Bringing an inconspicuous cufflink to his mouth he spoke over the manor's sound system. "Anyone with knowledge of robotics, technopathic, ferrokinetic or similar abilities downstairs. Now." There was a brief pause before the etiquette ingrained into him for hosting required he add, "Please."
  4. The blood that splattered across the Solution's face as the portal closed was dark and too thick like sap from a diseased tree. She collapsed to her knees overtop the decapitated body, loudly taking in shuddering breaths. The corpse spasmed in its death throes and began to wither, shrinking back down to its original frail proportions in a spreading puddle of too much blood and viscera. The Solution screwed her eyes shut against a wave of nausea and disassociation, trying to ignore the sensation of looking down at herself. She opened her eyes and tried to focus on the ringing in her ears, the throbbing from the side of her head, the bones in her clenched fists popping themselves back into place. There was more blood on her right hand but it was red, the wrong colour. She stared at it blankly for a long moment, uncurling her fingers experimentally. Finally she looked up and saw Robin. For the first time since she'd been created horror spilled over the Solution's expression. "Wha...? N-no, that-- that ain't fair..." she mumbled, voice sounding distant. "Freddie finally got it right, I was supposed to-- I was gonna-- That ain't FAIR!" Her voice dropped an octave, becoming a bellow before she pitched forward. She tried to catch herself with the hand not splattered with Robin's blood but slipped in the remains of her feral counterpart. She gave a dry heave, scrambling back from the body and feeling the strength leeching out of her limbs. Within moments she too had returned to being just Winifred Wei, smeared in terrible fluids and dressed in tatters, emptying the contents of her stomach on the floor. The ear the cannibal had torn off hadn't quite grown back, the top edge marred with deep wounds and dripping all-too human blood.
  5. Trevor said nothing, following the Midnight-Erin's gaze out into the unusually crowded cavern. He knew better than to ask what had happened to his counterpart; even ignoring how easily such knowledge could backfire he suspected this version of his wife blamed herself for his death. Instead he watched the proceedings with her in companionable silence for a minute or two before speaking up. "Leave you to organize sleeping arrangements? Know the layout." It also gave her something to do other than drown in self recriminations. A transparent gesture but hopefully better than nothing. "Need to help with that." He gestured with his chin to where Mark was doing an admirable job of dancing around another thorny situation and his Erin was doing her best not to stare at a version of her sister, hale and hearty. Aquaria's situation was going to need attention soon as well but he hoped he could at least leave her for at least a little while without risking an explosive fallout.
  6. The Feral Alkahest's charge slowed to a crawl as Frostbyte's ice encased it, a new layer appearing as soon as the previous one was shattered by twisted grey muscle. Slowed but not stopped as it pushed forward, bulging arms crossed in front of its own manic grin. Whether the accident of science or dark curse powering the monster's insatiable hunger would run dry before the Scot's determination was rendered moot as the Solution caught up to her doppelgänger and threw her momentum into a football tackle that sent them both crashing through a wall of ice toward the glowing hole in space. "Got yer licks in, cuz but it's time to show you the door!" shouted over the din of the chaos around them, gritting her teeth as the Feral Alkahest slammed its fists into her back. She was outclassed in size and strength but in this form she had the wits to use her opponent's own mass against it, doggedly rushing onward even when she felt something pop out of place in her left shoulder and something else snap in her right arm. "Can't say Freddie didn't warn you! I'd feel a bit bad if you hadn't eaten my @#$% ear, loony &$@*!" With one last effort she shoved the Alkahest into the rift up the shoulders and grimly held it there the way she might have held its head underwater while it thrashed.
  7. A sharp inhalation could be heard faintly from behind Midnight's mask as a recognizable version of Erin's sister made her presence known. In the beat he waited to gauge his wife's reaction another emotional crisis presented itself. It wasn't difficult to infer why that alternate Erin was wearing his costume -- or what had been his costume, in the same way it had once belonged to his grandfather. Neither situation was going to be easy and with tremendous reluctance but no outward hesitation he prioritized and delegated. Trevor placed a hand on Mark's shoulder. "Her sister. Buy a few minutes," he requested quietly, using his other hand to undo his mask so that it hung about his neck. "Don't be weird about the little girl." He took a half step closed to his Erin and still softly promised, "Will be right back." Walking over to the black clad Erin he exhaled slowly. "I'm sorry, he consoled without preamble, corners of his eyes crinkling in a pained look. He took in her uniform with a small gesture. "He would have been honoured."
  8. Midnight took in the anthropomorphic swan for a long, unblinking moment before straightening from his defensive stance and concealing his escrima sticks with a flick of his wrists. "Swan Wander," he observed, pointing to the unexpected visitor's familiar weapon. After a beat he added, "...Swander." He pinched the bridge of his nose, pained by his own portmanteau. "Redbird?" he called to the walls. "Ah, it's the usual you this time! Excellent!" the autonomic machine intelligence greeted, a harried note of strain cutting into her characteristic enthusiasm. "We're going to need additional pear slices and miniature croissants without delay! And you have another one with you! I shall consult my databases for information on avian nutrition!"
  9. "Hail Survivor and well met if you share your dimensional-sheathe sisters' talent for battle! It seems Singularity was mistaken for one of your less altruistic iteration and blamed for her crimes! An injustice to be rectified, indeed," Redbird corrected the white haired Erin's more optimistic assumption. "The noble beast resides here with his mistress, naturally." A bit belatedly the Furion intelligence considered the framing of the question then glanced to the colour of Clara's hair and the staff wielding Erin's wary stance. "Which none of you... do... ah. The Terminus! Aha, yes!" She not-so-subtly attempted to change gears. "Are the Annihilists targeting you?! On my honour we shall beat them back again this day as we have before, with such fury the skalds shall compose epics! Would anyone like coffee? Tea? Wine?"
  10. "I approve of the red one's aestheic!" Redbird mused aloud taking stock of the initial wave of arrivals. "Another biological offspring, that was eventful last time. And a version of Megan White, extrapolating for frame and fibre enhancements! ...oh dear." Her avatar grimaced slightly and placed a hand to the side of her face. "That shall be emotionally fraught. Starswimmer, I'm going to give you directions to a pantry with fructose rich produce and frozen confectionary in ample supply. There should be preserved crustaceans, should you like!" She turned her attention back to the monitors, instructing garden lights to blink in a pattern that would lead their guests toward one of the hidden headquarters' back entrances. "Best to retrieve the baked goods as well, I think..."
  11. Redbird had little trouble taking in the steady stream of exposition or reconciling it with what she'd been able to observe via the Manor's monitoring network but responding to the distraught Deep One's emotional distress was less in her wheelhouse. Her avatar lowered a hand awkwardly and patted the air over Aquaria's head with a massless palm. "Ah. There there? We shall liberate your soultwin soon enough, on my honour!" She pumped her fist in what she hoped was a reassuring manner and turned back to the monitors. "From past experience such a confluence from across time and space heralds a killer bent on the eradication of all interactions of Mistress Hunter-White. Which would include Jessie. Worrisome." She glanced guiltily over her shoulder as she mused aloud, quickly clearing her throat in a social maneuver which involved several layers of artifice on her part. The autonomic machine intelligence began broadcasting on the frequency Erin's communicator had used since her Young Freedom days. "Attention myriad shieldmaidens! If you seek aid in your plight make haste to the following coordinates! Here you shall find mighty allies and fresh, seasonal produce! Should you see a shieldmaiden unable to receive this missive, you would do well to relate it. Perhaps establish some manner of 'buddy system'." Redbird paused for a moment in thought before adding, "Should you possess a villainous disposition, come regardless! There will almost certainly be a tremendous amount of violence at some point, speaking frankly."
  12. "Focus your fervour, starswimmer!" Redbird's terse voice came from a speaker concealed in some unseen corner. The autonomic machine intelligence felt a sort of materteral responsibility toward Bluebird's charges but Aquaria's attention seemed to bounce about as much as the amphibian herself. "Get below and we shall speak!" The grandfather clock slid away from the secret entrance with a soft click, revealing the descending staircase. In the chamber below monitors flipped between scenes faster than an organic eye could parse the information while Redbird's holographic avatar stood with her muscular arms folded before them. While most of her attention remained on scouring the feeds for better views of 'the bad Erins' she had the avatar's head turn to acknowledge the Deep One's arrival. "Now, tell your tale from the first and leave nothing unsaid!"
  13. The Solution let out a roar of pain as she was tossed away and landed badly against the floor, a bellow too deep and too loud for even her enlarged chest cavity to have reasonably produced. Glowing green seeped through her fingers where she clutched the side of her head, the ruined stump of an ear throbbing with pain. THREAT! a terrible, guttural voice reverberated in her skull while her vision swam. CRUSH! RIP! END! That isn't working, a clipped voice rebutted, darting through the Solution's mind like a needle forced through leather. We need to stay in control and get it through that portal. "Nngh. Yer awake for this, are you both?" the Solution slurred as she gave her head a shake, sending phosphorescent blood splattering in every direction. No but we seem to be experiencing audio hallucinations from the acute pain. The quieter voice hummed thoughtfully. We're not terribly stable in this form to begin with. "Yer face ain't terrible stable," the Solution coughed out loud, spitting out a mouthful of blood and staggering to her feet. She could feel her body knitting itself back together but it was going to be too slow to make much difference in this fight. Too slow to make a difference against the Feral Alkahest. THREAT! DESTROY! Her vision cleared enough to make out Smith and his mother making a beeline toward the Sandersons, leading the monster. "Gugh. Right, just gotta keep it together long enough to make sure the ugly cuz don't eat Legs 'fore we send her home. You two can shut it til then." Who...? The Solution liked to think she could hear the colour drain from the second voice. We are not calling her that. The Solution grinned and forced her legs to propel her forward, ignoring the urge to lie down and die or fly into a blind rage. "I'm gonna!"
  14. The Solution Toughness Save vs DC 30: 1d20+16 20 Uh. How is she doing on HP, AA?
  15. The towering woman with something like Fred's face snarled as she looked between the rampaging feral and @#$% who'd shot Matt, her left bicep spasming briefly in a worryingly familiar manner. Robin's shout seemed to get through, however and the grimace turned into a toothy grin. "Ha, yeh, Freddie figured we needed something new to deal with a problem like a meaner Alkahest." She pointed a thumb at herself as she took off at a thunderous sprint toward her monstrous counterpart. "I'm the Solution!" A vault over the sticky remains of the unfortunate guard took her around and in front of the cannibal Alkahest, getting right up into its misshapen face. "Chemistry joke, innit, yeh dumb sack!" With that she cracked her forehead into the beast's, sending them both reeling back a step. Shaking it off with a short laugh, phosphorescent green dripping from her nose, the Solution made a grab for the distracted Alkahest. She got a hand on each of its forearms and held them in place for a moment before the larger creature's greater strength threw her off. This time the Solution made sure that wherever it looked, scanning for easier victims, she bounced back in front, forcing it to deal with her first. "Hullo, Missus Smith!" she called over her opponent's shoulder when their dance lined her up with her survivalist friend and his mother. "Nice to meet yeh, hopefully! The Sandersons look to be even bigger @#$%s than Freddie thought and most of the rest of the folks're in the ground so the bar ain't high!"