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  1. Before we get to that let me get an initiative roll from everyone to hammer out posting order now that we're into the meat of things.
  2. 20 - Replica - Uninjured, 2HP 19 - Black Mamba - Uninjured, 2HP 17 - Cannonade - Uninjured, 4HP 6 - Omegadrones Go ahead and let me know what Replica is doing, Cubismo.
  3. The communicator thing is fine, Tarrakhash. Omegadrones Initiative: 1d20+4 6
  4. Trevor's hand latched over Erin's as it landed on his shoulder, the gesture anticipated without looking up from what he was doing. Rather than a distraction, she could feel a bit of tension leave the muscle under her fingers at the physical reassurance that she was there beside him. He'd been almost nonverbal since the attacks had begun, blaming himself for not having anticipated the invasion, not having been better prepared. The civil war amongst the Annihilists seemed to have been keeping them busy and there were always more pressing threats closer to home. Now the city was on fire, Eve and her people were still missing and he was about to his wife and friends on what should by all right be a one-way trip into hell. The railgun he'd hastily assembled while the others risked their lives to buy each second sat undisturbed in its display case. There was no point bringing it along; the cosmic lightning rods it had fired were long since spent. What would it cost if they couldn't find a similar advantage this time? If he was just a little bit slower to find a solution? Those churning doubts he locked beneath a layer of steely resolve; he would find a way to succeed because the alternative was unacceptable.
  5. Gizmo

    Shepherd the Flock

    It didn't take Pinnacle long to find the source of the destruction. He could best think of it terms of a tank with a half dozen spiked treads on each side and heavy armour plating. The scale of the thing balked against the analogy however, wide as city street and half a block long, crimson energy dotted with black spots pouring from portholes along its length. The front of the thing was sculpted into the likeness of a broad reptilian skull with great curving horns and as the airborne hero watched it abruptly shot forward, the tip of a battering ram the size of a fire engine. The two-story building it struck was instantly pulverized, reduced to loose brick and dust. THOOOOM With the sound of some great mechanism resetting the battering ram retracted back into the body of the tank, the war machine never slowing in its progress toward the camp. The horrifying thing was enough to take in that Pinnacle almost failed to notice the four pike wielding Omegadrones accompanying it. They on the other hand had no trouble noticing him and were already accelerating through the skies to intercept!
  6. Gizmo

    Shepherd the Flock

    As Dreadnaught turned to walk away a resounding impact sounded in the distance, like a wreaking ball crashing into a building. The entire camp went silent, collectively holding a breath and turning toward the sound. Over the tops of the surrounding buildings a plume of smoke and dislodged debris rose into the air, the angle from the ground making it difficult to tell how far away it was. The pregnant pause stretched out for another moment before the ragged group began to calm their jangled nerves... then another great crash rattled the ground, unmistakably closer than the first. THOOOOM The second plume was easier to make out, joining the first to begin a trail heading straight toward them.
  7. Gizmo

    Crack the Anvil

    Ducked behind an overturned car with a price tag that didn't bear thinking about the trio was able to count around two dozen people in the marching column, though the uniform brown and grey of the dirt and debris smeared over them made it harder to differentiate faces at a distance. The Omegadrones themselves were far harder to mistake despite their identical armour; one at the rear of the column, one following alongside and jabbing its pike at anyone making too much noise and a third hovering overhead and keeping watch. There was no good way to say whether the lumbering construction equipment was a vehicle with operators inside or a single robot of some kind. Either way its long arms and their attachments looked to be designed for destruction in equal measure. Remotely Akhona was able to provide slightly more details. As an affluent neighbourhood Kingston had had more privately owned security cameras and smart home technology than most anywhere else in the city and the high speed infrastructure to support them. Most of that was now useless; no amount of technological acumen could access a video feed from a twisted heap of rubble, after all. Even so she was able to confirm a headcount of twenty-five civilians, all adults. WiFi enabled thermostats and air quality sensors told her that whatever was being built was giving off tremendous amounts of heat and leaving a palpable static charge in the air.
  8. Midnight gave Harrier a grunt of affirmation while going over the cobbled together hardware in front of him. He considered himself a mechanic and an engineer far more than a theoretical physicist but there was no denying that he had considerably more practical experience with dimensional travel than most anyone who could explain the principles in better detail, particularly where the Terminus was concerned. That didn't make him any more pleased to be using leftover pieces from their recent misadventure with Wander's numerous duplicates along with the jury-rigging he'd reverse engineered with Redbird and Harrier's assistance for a trip into the belly of the beast. The power levels were at least holding steady and the readings were within what could generously be described as an acceptable range. "Won't hold long."
  9. The shriek the echoed through the castle halls was equal measures terrified and indignant. "Oh don't you dare!" Kimber cried out as she rushed forward. The bloodied knife flew from Tarva's grasp with a flick of her wrist and embedded itself in the far wall with a metallic twang. As the phantom placed her hands over the gut wound shadows swirled about until translucent blue fingers had been stained a light-devowering black the crept up her wrists. "I swear, you get back here or I'll kill you mys-- gnnh!" As the witch's flesh knit itself together a matching slash opened on Kimber, chill mist rising from it in lieu of blood like someone exhaling on a winter day. Kimber took a few sharp, steadying breaths, gritting her teeth. Pulling her hands away from Tarva she examined the empathic injury she'd taken on. "Hsss, smarts... Oh, for pete's sake, that's not even fatal. Do you have any idea how worried I was just now?! You are so in the doghouse, lady. Ow, ow, ow."
  10. Kimber is using Healing 8 (Extras: Restoration, Total; Flaws: Empathic, Limited 2 [Others, Touched by der Schattenwelt]) [8PP]
  11. Gizmo

    Shepherd the Flock

    "Best news I've had all day," Hernandez told Pinnacle, letting out a long breath that almost seemed to deflate his broad frame for a moment. Even for someone used to long hours and high stress the paramedic had obviously been pushing his limits. With an audible crack of his neck he squared up again, running largely on pure stubbornness. He helped a skinny young woman with a side shave out of the ambulance, acting as a crutch and indicating with his chin for the caped man to follow. "Got a tent set up over here. Is Emerald safe? We're getting all kinds of mixed messages from outside the city." The oldest of the three children was about eleven by Dreadnought's best guess, the other two not likely older than six or seven. The shortest, with an unfortunate looking bowl cut and a Blades jersey that was too big gave the hulking metahuman a wary look while perched in the rear compartment's doorway. "You talk funny," he accused sullenly. "Liam! He's helping, be nice," the older child chided, a heavyset brunette girl with a pair of backpacks slung haphazardly over her shoulders. She kept a hand protectively on the shoulder of the third, a quiet girl in a dress printed with cartoon cats, who had the watery, trembling look of a child who desperately needed a nap. The ambulance's driver stepped out of the vehicle and took a moment to adjust the bandages wrapped around her left forearm. Braugher's frizzy black hair was pulled back more tightly than usual, exposing worry lines between her brows. She watched Hernandez walk off then looked back to the battered ambulance, doing mental calculations on how many trips they had in them. Shaking her head she headed up the hill toward the 'practicing' children. She gave Glamazon a wave as she approached. "How we looking, princess?"
  12. Pinnacle is confident he would have noticed if he'd picked up a tail after leaving Trinity Hospital but he was also focused more on getting the supplies quickly than on not attracting attention. Seems like a good idea to keep an eye out for unwelcome guests!
  13. That's definitely enough distance but given the circumstances I'm going to say that a lot of the cameras in the city are destroyed or offline. Akhona may be able to tap into a home security camera or two in Kingston but it's going to be hit and miss. Have her make a Computers check followed by a Gather Information check for me in this case. If you want to make that Notice check, Cubismo, I'll let you guys know what you spot!
  14. "Need to speak to your Midnights about handing off found gadgets," Trevor muttered largely to himself as he pulled three different utility belts down from their mounting points on a wall of equipment. He deftly wrapped one about his waist and the other two across each shoulder like bandoliers. Pulling devices from pouches without looking he began assembling something from the modular components. "Practically signed invitations. Wanted all of you here. Ready access to dimensional translocation technology, motivated to destroy any and all Erin Whites." The vaguely diving rod shaped sensor array he'd put together hummed to life with the flip of a switch, its utilitarian display lighting up with clusters of dots. "Short list."
  15. That's totally fine but give me a Stealth roll to see if you were able to gather those medical supplies without drawing attention to yourself or leading anything back to the camp! Also a Notice check. For reasons.