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  1. "Mister the Comte," Jack greeted the older gentleman with a lopsided smile and a deep nod. Talya could tell he was ever so slightly exaggerating his natural New Jersey accent and holding himself with a purposeful cant that both emphasized his physique through the layers of his costume and stood in contrast with the du Destin's aging stiffness. "Do a guy a favour and imagine I said something insightful about Caravaggio's use of colour, yeah?" He tossed him a broad wink and made a show of looking about the room, the distractible accessory. In truth he was scanning the crowd for any faces he might recognize; the guests were more likely to be the patrons of people he'd tangled with but you never knew.
  2. Make a note in the day planner you picked up from the registrar's office, it's time for a new school year! In preparation, each player with a new or returning student who will be attending Claremont this year should post below with appropriate survey for their character: RETURNING STUDENTS Name: Codename: Year: Sophomore, Junior or Senior Pronouns: Current Intramural Team: Current Roommate: If both roommates from last year are still active characters they'll most likely be paired together again! If you have an in-character or out-of-character reason to want to switch things up you can send a Ref a private message on the Discord server. Reflection: What goals does the character have after last year? What did they think they did well and what were they disappointed with? School Club: What club would they like to see and join at Claremont? Yearbook Committee? Drama Club? School Band? Extradimensional Birdwatching Club? Please, no roleplaying game club, that leads only to a meta spiral from which there is no return! NEW STUDENTS Name: Codename: Year: Sophomore, Junior or Senior Pronouns: Prospective Roommate: If two players want their characters to be rooming together in the dormitories let us know here! You can also say if you'd prefer an NPC roommate or if your character won't be staying in the dormitories during the school year. Otherwise we'll match up unassigned PCs! Goal: Where does your character see themselves upon graduating from Claremont? Do they have a role model they want to live up to or a situation they'd like to change for the better? Favourite YA Fiction Novel: That's Young Adult, donchano. This can be a real world novel or an in-universe title. Include what they love about it! Remember, this is the character's favourite, not necessarily what the player would pick themselves!
  3. 2018 - 2020 Claremont Academy School Year begins September 4th! Dear Parent, Guardian or Mentor Figure, Congratulations to your child or ward on being admitted to the upcoming school year at Claremont Academy! We couldn't be more excited to welcome them into our proud legacy of academic excellence, practical experience and community service. The semester will begin on Wednesday, September 4th. Dormitory move-in dates begin one week prior on Wednesday, August 28th. Below you will find a list of supplies each student will be expected to bring with them, along with a list of those provided by the Academy including toiletries, dormitory furniture and active wear to be used during our award winning physical fitness programs. Financial aid is of course available to students attending on scholarship and we offer meal plans to suit all needs. Our administrative offices will have been in touch by now regarding any dietary restrictions, allergies, atmospheric requirements, etc. See the enclosed contact information for any further inquiries. Claremont Academy has long been home to students of both exceptional ability and exceptional circumstances. While students should be prepared to work hard developing their talents and learning invaluable real world skills they can also look forward to a welcoming community of peers with their own unique perspectives and experiences. Orientation will cover movie nights, extracurricular clubs, our expanded intramural league and other activities. These are the friendships which will last a lifetime. Welcome to Claremont Academy! Beneath of the Headmistress' signature in a pen running out of ink someone has scrawled: WHO IS THE UNKNOWN STUDENT OF ROOM 404?!
  4. Jack's eyebrows rose incrementally higher as Octoman's stream of consciousness chatter continued to spool on and on. The swashbuckler certainly counted himself as belonging to the 'bantering' school of super heroics but there was something oddly impressive about the teen's seemingly bottomless well of vocalizations. "Remember to breathe, After Eight. Even if you don't breathe like that anymore." He certainly didn't know how octopuses worked. ...octopi? He nodded at Bombshell's suggestion. "Good call. She'll want to put some food on his skin and not-bones anyway. We could get 'Caradoc' to give him the 'your changing body' talk." He paused briefly as he imagined Octoman interacting with Steve, subtly moving his chin to avoid Mia's flurry of blows. "...maybe start him off talking to Fulcrum instead." He looked down to the little girl in his arms and adopted his dad-face. "And what do we know about hitting?"
  5. "Hey, how ya doing," Lou greeted the doorman once he could get a word in edgewise, completely ignoring Sofí bouncing off of him of one side and Alice practically climbing onto him on the other. He'd found it was best to just let there specific brand of physical familiarity happen without comment. "What they're trying to say is we're sorta contractors who specialize in dealing with unusual problems for unusual people, yeah? And like that one said, this is an unusual place you got here, which makes it our kinda place, as a rule. Figured we'd say hi. Professional courtesy and all." Maybe that was an extremely generous interpretation of their motivations but it wasn't entirely wrong. He made direct eye contact with the bloodshot eyes looking through the gap in the door, waiting to see if the doorman blinked first.
  6. "You couldn't iron a shirt?" Ellie grumbled under her breath as she tugged her brother's collar into a semblance of order as they entered. Her own burgundy collared shirt was immaculate, paired with a slate grey vest and slacks that matched Mara's ensemble and a pair of heels that had found their way into her wardrobe after an off-hand remark in Talya's presence. She'd cut her dusty brown hair short again, a little longer than a pixie cut and artfully ruffled. "I did!" Erik protested, shooing her away before reaching down to take his daughter's hands. "There was just a... thing." He wouldn't have been able to explain the differences between the anchor grey, subtly hatched suit he was wearing and the one he'd owned since a little after graduating from high school but it was certainly a better fit. Lighter, too, in the summer heat and striking with the jet black dress shirt he wore with the first few buttons undone. His sister gave him a sharp look. "On the way here?" He shrugged defensively. "It was quick! Just a purse snatcher. But I did a flip off a newspaper stand, right and it got kinda rumbled." "'Did a flip', Dios. Well at least you look very beautiful, Edie."
  7. "Huh. That'd explain why he sounds like saltwater taffy," Jack hummed, tilting his head a little as he worked through what the synthasia his metamagi senses was telling him about the chattering teen. There wasn't enough radiation there for him to do much 'tugging' but he'd have been able to pick 'Octoman' out of a crowd with his eyes closed. He took Mia from Talya and hefted her up in his arms, attempting a stern look that melted in the face of her good cheer and conviction. Instead he turned his attention back to their guest, who evidently wasn't any slouch in the good cheer department, either. "Goggles has fans? Dios, we can never tell him, his head'd get too big to fit in the Pitchoo." He reflexively looked the kid up and down one more time as thought that would give him a better sense of his injuries, despite what Vince had said. "The secret identity things a tough go, especially when you're still living at home. You need help with that, you let us know." He made eye contact through the unusually expressive mask and gave Octoman a serious nod. The last thing any baby cape was going to listen to was anybody telling them not to run into danger, especially not if they were made of not-bones and a couple gallons of sugar high. Best thing was to make sure he didn't try to run into danger without backup. "Claremont's a good call.They can always use more students who know the city, aren't princes or kid billionaires or whatever. What do you think?" He directed the question to Mia while keeping an eye on Talya's response. "Can he throw a punch?"
  8. Sekhmet straightened at Grimalkin's call, tensing as her body readied to pounce despite sitting in the backseat of the car and swivelling her head back and forth looking for the implied thread. "Peace, Sekhmet. Tis merely an outdated reference to the popular culture." Raising a hand to do a comically poor job of covering a stage whisper to Temperance the godling added, "There be immortal, then there be old." She tossed Grim a cheeky wink before opening the car door and sliding outside in a single fluid movement. Checking the nails of one hand and producing and e-cigarette from somewhere to hold in the other she radiated a palpable aura of boredom and disdain that caught the armed bouncers in its splash zone, all the while calling upon the power of the desert sun to gradually, subtly raise the temperature in front of the secret club five degrees, then another ten.
  9. The Talya could tell Erik was rushing by how far away she was able to hear his light footfalls coming, a dancer’s grace losing out to a sprinter’s efficiency. He slid into the infirmary a split second later, the eyes behind his royal blue bandana mask darting back and forth to quickly take in the scene. Seeing no immediate cause for alarm the swordsman let out a long sigh and ran a hand through the raven black of his shoulder length wig. Even hastily donned the hairpiece was considerably more convincing than the one he’d used before Talya had replaced it with barely concealed disdain. ”You’re killing me her, niña,” he directed to Mia. He hadn’t taken the time to fully change into his costume as Jack of all Blades, settling for his black tights and matching sleeveless top, barefoot and greatcoat slung over one shoulder. He tossed the coat over the back of an empty chair and gave their injured guest a critical once over. Catching Talya’s eye he silently mouthed - What the hell? -
  10. "Shit!" Lou started to bolt after Sofí only to have to abruptly change his momentum to catch the hacker's gadgets instead, nearly tripping over his own scuffed oxfords. He held the equipment awkwardly in his big hands, unclear which parts were delicate or not. "Why would any of us lick it? I've gotta very short list of things I am ever willing to lick and none of that qualifies." He did his best to gesture at the house as a whole but was largely thwarted by having his hands full. "Where d'you even keep all this? Look, fine. Just control your pixy stix high and take your whatever-this-is and I'll go knock on the door like the closest thing to a #$%@ normal person standing here. Then Alice can tell Xavier why everything went to hell later."
  11. "Nobody's touching it! Chrissakes." Lou had spent the last few minutes distractedly taking his sunglasses off then putting them back on, trying to find which state would make the mansion less obnoxious to look at. It didn't help that he had to keep his head on a swivel, watching out for the sort of threats the two hyper-focused women tended to miss once something caught their interest. "You think I'm gonna copy weirdo haunted house bricks? That sounds like it ends somewhere fun to you? Turn myself into a dracula or whatever, %$#& off." He settled on shoving the sunglasses into the jacket pocket of his rumbled slate grey suit and pointed an accusatory finger at the offending building. "You don't invest in whatever the hell that is 'cause you're worried about thieves. That's what you get when you don't want visitors and you get tired of the hassle disposing the bodies."
  12. "An inhuman monster, aye, yet as well a gift to modern comedy," Set snorted, turning her phone around to reveal a scrolling timeline of the same slightly pixelated photo of their foe repeated over and over, each time superimposed with different text in white block letters. 'Ombre Shadowdark'. 'Mr. Bad Baddington McBadBad.' 'Lacey Blackundewear, Esq.' Evidently the jokes practically wrote themselves and her followers were more than happy to put in the remaining work. "Obviously yesterday was... challenging but I'm decreeing from this moment: today shall be a good day." A snap of the godling's fingers turned her bandeau a matte black with crimson trim while adding a conspicuous level of support. Her shendyt was replaced by a red plaid miniskirt and torn fishnets while sandals became footwear that was more belt and buckle than actual boot. Kohl became a full-on smokey eye, lip colour darkened another few shades and a sleeve tattoo of stylized hieroglyphics traced its way down her right arm. Sekhmet's outfit resolved into a pair of stonewashed black jeans that maintained their hip-hugging shape despite the numerous holes torn in them and an off-shoulder zebra pattern top with a ripped, ab-revealing bottom edge. She cleared her throat meaningfully and a leather jacket with a roaring lion head embroidered in gold was added to the ensemble. Satisfied, the goddess proceed to roll the sleeve up past her elbows. Removing the clasp from her dreadlocks and shaking them out to full volume, Set considered Temperance. "May I...?" Another snap of her fingers transfigured the elementalist's navy pea coat. Jet black now, it draped down to ankle length with an attached hood shrouded the top half of Eliza's face in shadow. Black ribbon laced through silver rings across the small of her back, cinching the coat like a corset. White and ice blue blended across her lips in a striking imitation of rime, contrasting with the light-devouring folds of the coat. "I present... black ice! Shall we?"
  13. Erik raised both hands, black shirt only halfway on. "Woah, hey, I'm sorry. I thought I was talking to my wife, the unparalleled badass super spy fascist fighting master thief world travelling ex-con real estate baroness move-making name-taking hip-shaking absolute MILF superhero." Stepping closer he folded his arms around Talya's waist and pressed his forehead against her own. "Did you happen to see which way she went? I swear she was just here." He tilted his chin to kiss her, long enough and hard enough to test the staying power of her lip colour. When he broke apart her remained close enough that his voice was a warm whisper against her cheek. "You, not unlike a certain milkshake they talk about, bring plenty. I was just worried you were going to be bored, cielo."
  14. Erik slipped into the pants easily enough, theatrically raising one knee at a time to work some additional movement into the stiff material. "Shade too tight, she says. I get it, I'm just the arm candy tonight. So tragically put-upon!" The swordsman continued to dress while heaving dramatic sighs and periodically striking poses. Master of body language that she was, Talya didn't miss that he was also watching her expression. "So... probably a dumb question but if there's nobody we like going to this thing and nobody you think is interesting and nobody I'm supposed to punch, you're still sure you want to go? 'Cause you've kinda been talking about it like the sort of holiday staff party you lie about a visiting aunt to avoid."
  15. "Hey, fraternizing is a young man's game," Erik objected over her shoulder as he pulled up the zipper, a little more slowly than was really necessary. "If anything this is canoodling. Or possibly being in cahoots. Canoodloots. Oodles of cadoodles. I'm not great at conjugation." Gracefully sidestepping around to Talya's front before she could turn around herself he gave her a lopsided grin that was equal parts reassuring and pleased with his own ridiculous joke. "People are already jealous of my phenomenal ass, they can be jealous when I'm spotted on the arm of history's greatest cat burglar, too." He glanced over at the clothes laid out on the bed and rubbed the back of his head. "I'm a little less sure about the outfit..."
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