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    As if on cue Abby's rambling was interrupted by the appearance of a translucent blue woman floating through the adjoining wall their dormitory room shared with its neighbour. She wore a cowl necked sweater dress and held a wicked looking scythe with a blade that Liz could see was somehow simultaneously pitch black and polished to a mirror sheen as it cut through the air a handspan from her nose. "Abby! Ohmigoodness, there you are!" the spectre gushed, bouncing slightly in the air as her weapon vanished with a flick of her wrist. She grabbed the teen by the shoulders and looked her over with apparent concern. "Are you okay? You didn't get hurt?" She placed the back of one hand against Abby's forehead and frowned. "Did you catch something? You're all red!" Before a response could be given she broke away and sped to the closed window, sticking her head through the solid glass to call down to the ground. "Dan! You can stop scaring the jams out of that boy! I found her!" There was a muffled response from below and she threw up her hands in exasperation. "You're interrogating a literal baby! Becky, make him be nice!" Another brief pause, then, "Oh no, sweetie, I'm sure you're a totally rad tough dude!" She quickly pulled her head back into the room and spun about the face the two girls with an emphatic wince. "Whoops! Boys can be so sensitive! I'm sure he'll be fine, probably."
  2. LaMarr considered Kendrick to be a levelheaded enough young man to have been out the door after the first text message but he picked up his pace after the follow-up call. There were a few competing narratives floating around about what had happened with that group of students from Claremont Academy and the Murder League at the end of 2017 but it had been enough to stir up fears of abduction in the metahuman community that hadn't completely settled down. He'd been around when kids with powers and no support system seemed to drop off the face of the Earth any time you turned around. Besides, he trusted a creep in a suit about as far as... well, as far as someone else could thrown them. He arrived at the theatre in a mustard coloured sweater vest over a tailored aubergine shirt and gave the youth in the mascot costume a reassuring clap on the shoulder before striding up to the ticket booth. "How you doing? Keith LaMarr." he nodded to the employee behind the desk before leaning forward very slightly, conscious of his own imposing silhouette. "I'm told a joker in a suit followed a bunch of high school kids into a cartoon show a little bit ago and I'm betting that didn't sit any better with you than it did with me. Not here to start any drama on your shift but I'd like to keep an eye on that, just in case. Cool?"
  3. Keith LaMarr squinted down at the hefty brick of plastic in his palm and frowned. The aging high school teacher's eyesight was thankfully sharp as ever but the last decade or so of cellphone trends hadn't been designed with a man of his size in mind, let alone one with superdense musculature. Wafer thin slabs of glass and aluminum were completely out of the question and the more rugged alternatives featured foldout keyboards with buttons apparently sized for infants so far as he could tell. All of which was fine by him; the phone in his hand had numbers, a microphone and a speaker because it was a damn phone and if anyone still knew how to make a damn phone call it wouldn't have been a problem. The third time he accidentally pressed the '7' too many times and skipped past the 'S' he made a low rumbling noise that rattled the empty coffee cups on his desk. Finally he jabbed the little green receiver button and brought the phone up to his ear. "If it'd been text 1-800-JUSTICE we wouldn't have gotten a single fool thing done. Who's in trouble?"
  4. The answer, as always, is asking social media. Set Gather Information check: 1d20+16 36 With Contacts and Well Informed for the sake of time. What's a more heroic synonym for 'doxxing'..?
  5. Without any particular fanfare Set had adopted her female form in the morning, kohl eye makeup helping a bit to hide the signs that she'd gotten little sleep the night before. The godling tucked her phone away in a manner that improbably failed to ruin the lines of her bandeau and hopped out of the room's armchair to her feet. "Storming!" she voted, reaching one arm across her torso and using the other as a lockbar to deepen the stretch. She turned her head quizzically toward Sekhmet, brick red dreadlocks bouncing with the movement. "Storming?" The taller goddess responded with a preternaturally deep rumble from the back of her throat and a fist thrown into her own palm. Set turned back to the deliberating group and nodded decisively, switching to stretch her other arm. "Storming."
  6. Set had bodily collapsed into the room’s armchair, looking generally sorry for himself. He glanced up as Strix stepped out of the bathroom and made a small sound of inspiration. “Ah, a wise strategy.” The godling snapped his fingers and in a brief flash of divine power the sodden remenents of everyone’s outfits had been replaced with heavy white bathrobes, each monogrammed with a hyroglph. Even Strix’s robe had become noticeably more plush and bore a little stitched bird over the left breast. Sekhmet didn’t bat an eye at the costume change but did frown at Lynn’s shot glasses, clearly finding their diminutive size insufficient.
  7. Sekhmet carried Lynn up the stairs and through the first floor of the building without comment, having no objection to the proposed destination nor desire to remain in the ichor tainted puddles. She paused as she stepped out onto the sidewalk, glancing down at Set's burnt form slumped against the brick wall and wrinkling her nose. "Aaaay..." the godling greeted in a raspy crackle, robbed of his usual melodiousness. He raised a fist toward Sekhmet, shaking it weakly for a moment until the index finger popped back into place with a crack and the gesture became recognizable as a finger-gun. She did not quite manage to suppress a wince, though her expression schooled itself back into stoicism quickly enough. "Need I carry thee, also?" Set blew out a short breath that turned into a cough, frowned and tried again, successfully making a dismissive huff. "Phaw, look I not --hhk, ghn-- unto the very picture of health?" A bald patch on his scalp visibly filled in with red hair as he spoke. "Thy own congealed lifeblood pools about thy ass." He looked down as the sticky stains on the concrete, obscured somewhat by the blackened scorch marks of lightning strikes. "Tis but a scratch." With a grunt of effort Set lurched upward, less like an injured man standing up and more like a marionette being yanked unceremoniously off of a shelf. Stumbling back and forth unsteadily he rolled his shoulders loudly and did a very poor job of leaning nonchalantly against the nearest utility pole. "Again I say: aaaay."
  8. Summers weathered the cacophony of teenagers shouting over each other with a carefully neutral expression. When there was finally a pause for her to speak she hadn't raised her voice at all. "I've spent the last twenty minutes attempting a brute force teleport so forgive me if I am... terse." The students close enough and observant enough noticed a trickle of blood dripping from one of the Headmistress' nostrils and another from the opposite corner of her mouth, camouflaged somewhat by her dark lip colour. "The rest of faculty will be arriving by more reliable methods shortly." She gestured with her chin to the dark elf under her shoe. "This, Mr. Ransom-Conte, is what remains of a child taken by Giant Krampus, likely some centuries ago. Which should answer your question as well, Ms. Tafari." Too quiet for anyone without enhanced hearing to pick up she added to herself. "I need to speak to the Master Mage..." Turning her attention back to Leroy she continued. "See to your friend. Let me know what you need. We'll use Mr. Barrie's... 'Santa' and Ms. Grey's illusions to allay concerns. A kaiju attracted by the electrical output of an overambitious holiday light show should be believable enough, once I agree to pay the city an appropriate fine. "Mr. Roebuck I appreciate your enthusiasm but don't provoke Ms. Conrad; she isn't incorrect. You and Mr. Lloydd, take this one down to a containment room, please." Summers gestured with her chin toward the dark elf, then delicately wiped a bit of blood from her face as the gesture send the trickle rolling across her upper lip. She looked at her stained fingertips with more irritation than she'd shown for anything else since appearing. "Take a moment," she told Corrine levelly, perhaps even with a touch of softness, the 'to right your brain chemistry' going unsaid. "Then I need the two of you," she continued, nodding to Nicole beside her, "to identify and patch anything that looks likely to collapse on top of someone. For the sake of safety. Don't worry about the... craters in the grounds for the time being. Planned to invite Gaian Knight for another guest lecture regardless." Finally she looked Astrid directly in the eyes. "Good job, Ms. Torsten."
  9. "Tis a reasonable response," Sekhmet agreed with Lynn, unfazed by the shallow dents the smaller woman was leaving in her arm with her fingertips. Without preamble she stooped slightly and scooped Grimalkin up in a bridal carry, one arm under her knees and the other supporting her back. With a faint golden corona still surrounding her hands the goddess gave Set a muted look of inquiry. Set shook his head while counting downward from ten in his head to keep from shouting in frustration. "Ra's pert nipples," he swore under his breath, paying little mind to the other conversations occurring in the basement. "Need sky." The godling stomped past Sekhmet and Grimalkin back up the stairs, distractedly peeling off extraneous eyelids like dead skin from chapped lips. He left a trail of messy footprints in a straight line to the front door and threw it open while thunder rumbled ominously overhead. The moment he stepped out of the building crimson lightning streaked down from the clouds and struck him squarely in the chest, followed by another bolt, then another until the scent of ozone and burning flesh drowned out the tainted water dripping from his dreadlocks. The staggering figure the lightning left behind was scorched and raw, barely recognizable until the flesh began to knit back together second by agonizing second. Where it grew back however there was no sign of the twitching, blasphemous eyes.
  10. Giant Krampus snarled and thrashed its head as Salvo rammed into its snout, a beast trying to dislodge a distracting gnat while its focus was already split between the smiling Santa simulacrum and the blinding lights exploding in front of its eyes. It took another moment for the monster to register the armoured student as a more immediate concern than the earth itself rising up to restrain it. As it began to burn it twisted and snapped its tremendous fangs to no avail, unable to get enough leverage to fight back. As its form grew brighter and brighter it settled on letting loose a boneshaking roar that sent loose ground and the broken pieces of the courtyard stones tumbling away. Then all at once the titans form disappeared in a shower of deep red and smouldering black motes like a soap bubble popping! White Lioness landed gracefully between the two pits left from the absence of giant hooves while Sun Dragon hit the ground a little more heavily but in one piece all the same. Zenith's marble pillar fell apart back into thin air and the bundle of birch trees lay where it had fallen, propped up on one end by the nearest building. Overhead the strange dome over the surrounding area shimmered and gradually dissolved. One of the handful of remaining dark elves left behind skittered backward away from Facsimile only the be struck across the back of the head by a swift kick of a smart, business casual pump as Headmistress Summers appeared with the telltale vertical flares of geosynchronous orbital teleportation. "Ms. Conrad, Ms. Whitfield-Hall, to me," she called in a tone that brooked no debate, particularly while crushing an obviously terrified mess of claws and fangs under her heel. To the rest of the haggard looking student body she instructed, "I want a list of injuries and structural damage now, ladies and gentlemen."
  11. @Zeitgeist Blue The reroll isn't an automatic miss after the +10 makes the roll effectively an 11. Which is good because you can't spend a HP on any given effect more than once in a single turn! GIANT KRAMPUS Will Save vs Damage: 1d20+10 19 That'll do it! I'll get an IC post up and then we're officially out of rounds.
  12. Set Extra Effort: Opposed Power Check: 1d20+7 15 Also lousy. If that manages to succeed switching to Environmental Control for Heat. Otherwise going to keep taking fatigue until succeeding or passing out again.
  13. Set Opposed Power Check: 1d20+7 12 Deeply mediocre! Sekhmet Opposed Power Check: 1d20+7 10 Improbably worse!
  14. GIANT KRAMPUS Reflex Save vs Snare: 1d20+6 24 So adding up all of those conditions, Giant Krampus' Defence is currently... 2. Not +2, just... 2. Which is to say you can keep the HP, @Cubismo. Toughness Save vs Damage: 1d20+17 30 @Zeitgeist Blue, @Ari you're up! 32 - White Lioness - Bruised x2, 0HP 25 - Zenith - Bruised x1, Entangled, 3HP 23 - Forever Boy - Bruised x1, Entangled, Extra Effort, 1HP 14 - Thunderbird - Bruised x1, 2HP 14 - GIANT KRAMPUS - Bruised x4, -2 Fortitude, Blinded, Entangled, Grappled 14 - Dark Elves Uninjured x6 [Ground] 14 - Masque - Uninjured, Extra Effort, 4HP 14 - Arcana, Bruised x1, Extra Effort, 4HP 11 - Ms. Thursday - Bruised x1, Entangled, 2HP > 11 - Salvo - Uninjured, Defense 10, 3HP 10 - Dio - Unconscious > 07 - Sun Dragon - Bruised x1, 0HP 07 - Facsimile - Bruised x1, 2HP
  15. GIANT KRAMPUS Reflex Save vs Dazzle: 1d20+6 12 @Nick, @Cubismo you're up. 32 - White Lioness - Bruised x2, 0HP 25 - Zenith - Bruised x1, Entangled, 3HP 23 - Forever Boy - Bruised x1, Entangled, Extra Effort, 1HP 14 - Thunderbird - Bruised x1, 2HP 14 - GIANT KRAMPUS - Bruised x3, -2 Fortitude, Blinded, Grappled 14 - Dark Elves Uninjured x6 [Ground] 14 - Masque - Uninjured, Extra Effort, 4HP > 14 - Arcana, Bruised x1, 4HP > 11 - Ms. Thursday - Bruised x1, Entangled, 2HP 11 - Salvo - Uninjured, Defense 10, 3HP 10 - Dio - Unconscious 07 - Sun Dragon - Bruised x1, 0HP 07 - Facsimile - Bruised x1, 2HP
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