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  1. Midnight's dark silhouette plummeted from beneath the cloud of mist still rolling over the top of the bridge, silently maneuvering against nearly sheer surfaces before disappearing below the water with barely a splash, only just behind those who could manage the drop in a single dive. Air supply and goggles in place he made a beeline for the closest of the extradimensional dynamos, guided by the blinking LEDs woven across the back of his glove. Rather than immediately moving to disarm it he attached the most precise sensor he was carrying that could function at that depth, looking for some clue as to from whence the power was being gathered and to what end. Data spooling down his gadget's small screen he paused long enough to peer through the water to see how the Erin's he'd followed were faring.
  2. Midnight had spent most of the brawl focused everywhere other than the whirlwind of reverberating blows and sickening impacts and coordinated Aquaria to do much the same. A version of Wander with abilities enhanced beyond what could generously be considered 'normal' had been the absolute minimum of what they were expecting and he waited tensely for the larger plan to be revealed, whether it be a secret weapon or additional opponent. Instead the fight ended if not easily than at least unusually cleanly and his jaw tightened behind his mask. "Spread out," he called insistently, escrima sticks raised and head on a swivel as he let a blanket if midnight mist deepen the shadows around him.
  3. Midnight glanced up at the sleek form heading toward them and placed a hand on Psyche's shoulder while making a curt gesture to Wander and Edge. "Not here for this. Down." He guided the telepath in the direction of the roof's edge before stygian smoke darker even than the shadows of that forsaken place poured from the cuffs of his costume and enveloped them, billowing outward like like a photonegative of dry ice. Striding under its cover Midnight quickly reached the lip of the building and without preamble stepped into the empty air and plummeted out of sight.
  4. Still need an IC post for Pinnacle from @Jander-Prime and then Glamazon's action here in the OOC, @HG Morrison
  5. Omegadrones Opposed Grapple Check: 2#1d20+20 27 30 I'll need grapple checks from @Cubismo and @Tarrakhash against 27 and 30 respectively. Combined Attack vs Cannonade: 4#1d20+10 16 22 14 16 Only one manages to hit so that's a DC 25 Toughness Save for @trollthumper
  6. Trevor's face was a particular shade of impassively blank that a few of the Erins in the room could recognize as marshalling his considerable capacity for patience. "Too many would get in each other's way against one Annihilist," he offered with enough volume to regain the attention directed at Megan. "Small group attacks directly as distraction, stealthier group disables likely trap? Remainder stay here, reinforcements if needed." He looked to his wife, making it clear he was deferring to her judgement on the matter. They couldn't make too many assumptions about their foe but he trusted her insight, both regarding the plan and how to convince the assembled versions of herself to fall in line.
  7. Midnight oriented himself quickly and pulled the group toward the deepest shadows the rooftop afforded. "Do what you can to deflect attention," he asked Psyche in barely more than a whisper. Thinking about Nilhor in terms of police state with unknown technology it was less a question of whether they would be detected before they completed their objective than how long they could remain concealed before that happened. If Alex could give any prying eyes a nudge to look elsewhere that gave them a chance. One of his forearms was circled by a small OLED screen and other computer elements, devices he would have normally tucked away or hidden under his jacket's sleeves. There was no time to try to bridge the divide between his own systems and whatever passed for an operating system in the Terminus but he could generate brief, irregular bursts on the relevant wavelengths that would hopefully be mistaken for harmless interference. "Get ready to move."
  8. Gizmo

    Shepherd the Flock

    Dreadnaught's punch crashed into the sculpted head of the ram with the same resounding volume the war machine had made while demolishing buildings. Improbably, impossibly the tremendous thing was forced to pause, its treads push back a tooth on whatever massive gears whirred inside its metal hide. Settling back down on the crushed rubble beneath it the ram's mechanisms began working once again and standing before it Dreadnought could feel a scorching heat beginning to rise from behind it's 'mouth'. The quartet of Omegadrones descended in pairs upon the heroes who had made their presences know, two of them sending beams of screaming power at Dreadnought from the tips of their pikes while the others rocketed toward Pinnacle. The climactic champion avoided the first thrusting pike but the second raked across his side, burning with entropic rot. Their spiked faceplates looked back at him emotionlessly as the drones flanked and prepared to attack again from each side.
  9. 20 - Replica - Uninjured, 2HP 19 - Black Mamba - Uninjured, 2HP 17 - Cannonade - Uninjured, 4HP 6 - Omegadrones x4, Uninjured 6 - Omegadrone, Bruised x1, Grappled 6 - Omegadrone, Bruised x1, Grappled
  10. That works Jander. I also just realized I misread your post Exaccus; I thought Dreadnought was attacking an Omegadrone rather than the ram! Adjusting for that: Dragon Ram Toughness Save vs DC 37: 1d20+20 28 That's enough to daze the Ram, effectively slowing it down so it remains 4 Turns From Camp. I also need a DC 20 Toughness save from Dreadnought, @Exaccus since with his lowered defence that energy blast would hit. Omegadrone Opposed Grapple Check: 1d20+20 38 A mighty effort but not enough to beat Pinnacle's 43. That drone is grappled. I'm posting IC for the Terminus forces now. Once that's up you can post in character, @Jander-Prime and after that Glamazon is up, @HG Morrison 15 - Dreadnought - Uninjured, 2HP, 10 Defence 12 - Omegadrones x3, Uninjured 12 - Omegadrone x1, Grappled 10 - Dragon Ram, Bruised x1 8 - Pinnacle - Bruised x1, 3HP 8 - Glamazon - Uninjured, 2HP
  11. Omegadrones Energy Blast vs Dreadnaught: 1d20+10 14 Pike Attack vs Pinnacle: 2#1d20+10 28 13 That'll be a DC 25 Toughness Save for Pinnacle, @Jander-Prime Dragon Ram 3 Turns From Camp Pinnacle is up next.
  12. "Cops ain't the worry," Lou spoke up, giving Alice's glass a frown as he mentally weighed whether he cared enough try to stop her from going overboard. He decided that anybody as paranoid as the thief purported to be probably wouldn't let herself pass out in an unfamiliar location. He turned his head to regard Sodía's hand patting him absently and did a similar mental arithmetic before falling back on a default stoicism. "Can't go back to my place either which ain't a big loss on its own but it's a pain in my ass. Right now all I've got is a crappy suit, crappier sunglasses, half a pack of matches and no bridges left to use them on."
  13. With a rumble that could be interpreted as agreement Midnight pulled a locking lever down into place, completing a circuit with a shower of sparks. The the thrumming machinery around them took on an odd sort of echo as sound waves were distorted along with the space through which they travelled. Arcing electricity hung frozen in the air before widening impossibly into crack in reality itself, a toothy maw filled with deep crimson light dotted with floating black spheres. In the space of a heartbeat the portal had widened enough for two of them to walk through at a time - any larger and he couldn't guarantee it wouldn't continue to grow without end. Tightening the straps of the armour panelled vest that had taken the place of his usual jacket the masked man exhaled silently. Nodding to Wander he dropped into a sprinter's stance and charged through the hole in the world.
  14. Kimber's expressive features were having a difficult time deciding on what they were expressing. On one hand she was feeling a knee-jerk reaction to jump in as the rebukes directed at Tarva added up but on the other hand she wasn't much happier about the situation herself, not to mention her side still hurt and there was something about wherever they'd ended up that her scythe definitely didn't like. The poltergeist opened her mouth to rebut Bluebird's accusations - it would have been much simpler for Tarva to escape on her own or even with just the castle if self-preservation was her only concern after all - when she looked over and saw Eve, silent. She'd gotten used to smelling the fears of those around her, from barely detectable whiffs of anxiety to genuine, all consuming terror but she almost never felt anything from the Frenchwoman. Part of that might have been her psionic abilities but Kimber suspected it had more to do with Eve being able to recognize her own fears and her steely resolve to act in spite of them. Now though then was distinct note and a glance at her friend's hands explained the cause. Kimber closed her mouth and wrapped her arms around herself for a moment before giving herself a little shake and volunteering, "I can try using my scythe to open a portal but we'd need to know more about where we are first. I know you weren't being choosey, hun but you weren't exactly dealing with the most trustworthy travel agents."
  15. Lou hadn't been any chattier than Xavier on the way over. His life had rapidly gone from 'pretty shit' to 'absolutely shit' over the course of the day and getting dragged to a sit-down with some slick looking blond didn't seem likely to remedy the situation. He didn't exactly regret beating down some assholes he actively disliked instead of killing some folks he was at worst indifferent toward but he felt entitled to a bad mood before his imminent murder at the hands of his former employers. Arms crossed and close enough to the bar to either jump behind it or in front of Alice depending on how stupid he was feeling the bearded man divided his attention between the entrance to the kitchen, the club's front doors and their 'host'. He tried to place whether Xavier's friend looked familiar or if he just had sort of generic pretty boy appeal that seemed like it must have been on the last movie poster he'd walked past. Clearing his throat Lou caught the private eye's attention and raised an eyebrow.