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  1. "Appreciate you noticing," Lou drawled in response to Lady Horus affirming his gender in a manner he chose to interpret as a compliment. He produced a brick of a phone with a screen shattered just shy of becoming unreadable from his jacket while giving Alice a short, "No cadaverine, Jesus," without looking up. By the time he'd fumbled around the touchscreen menus to dial the provided number Thorne was already whistling for their attention. The officers with their guns drawn looked back and forth in distress as a wild man charged past like a galloping horse on one side and Lady Horus shot off l
  2. "Or I'll convince you not everything needs to be a weapon first!" Ryder replied to Natalia with a cheerful laugh and a wink which was in fact worryingly disarming. "Biology and robotics are both great! Porque no los dos, right?" He extended an open hand and accepted a high five from one of Magenta's curved forelegs. "I respect Davyd's commitment to the aesthetic anyway. Like, you don't need to colour coordinate with your powers or have big shiny wings but that sounds like a deeply boring way to go through life." Paint splattered overalls with the straps hanging about his waist paired with a ti
  3. Having him face plant in his first direct interaction with most of these characters would be - checks notes - totally bogus for real though, so no. Go ahead!
  4. "I did, yeah!" Ryder confirmed enthusiastically, taking the opportunity to give Yellow a reassuring pat on the head with fruit juice stained fingers. "Magenta's the youngest but they've all been online for almost a year now! Of course we're always trying out different upgrades so I don't know if they'll ever really be 'done', ha!" Cyan hopped up to take his customary place on Ryder's shoulder as though supervising the arranging of the various fruits into colourful piles. "Sometimes I feel like it's more like they made themselves though, y'know? They all started with the same basic behaviour pr
  5. "No, I can't turn into a friggin' werewolf. Probably. That was Meza," Lou grumbled to Alice through his earpiece as he stepped out through the hole left where the metal door in the station's wall had been torn from its hinges and taken chunks of brick along with it. "And don't try to touch wolves. Christ." He looked to the brightly lit figure of Lady Horus and and paused for a moment, expression stoic. He paused to rummage in his pants pocket for a lighter and lit the cigarette still held in his mouth. He took a long drag then gave the heroine a small wave. "Hey, how you doin'. Lou
  6. Go ahead and establish where your characters are as werewolves are suddenly appearing across the city!
  7. Bedlam City October 31, 2020 - Sundown "H-hey, how long is this gonna take already?" Robert Meza asked for the dozenth time, fiddling with the expensive looking watch on his wrist and looking about the interrogation room as though he was going to spot something new inside the four dour walls. His chair creaked as he shifted his weight about and his flop sweat made his dark hair fall limply against his forehead. "You got somewhere you'd rather be, Meza? There's the door," Detective Montgomery snapped irritably. Heavyset and red faced he'd left his jacket draped over
  8. Chitin (10) Kids Table (1) Mantis and the Fox (1) Body Art and Lots of Heart (6) Weird Flex (2)
  9. A startled Ryder managed to launch of trio of plums in three different trajectories as he abruptly straightened up. A streak of light blue bounded through the air as Cyan intercepted one of the fruits while Yellow caught another against her underside, clamping her legs around it and tumbling in tight circles to absorb its momentum. They returned the plums to their creator while Magenta smugly presented a pile of neatly sliced plum cubes. "Whoops! Thanks, guys." He turned to give Eira his attention, tilting his head to one side like a confused golden retriever. "I did? Sorry, wasn'
  10. Ryder gave Dayvd a cheerful thumbs up, impressed by the well handled apology. He turned the gesture into finger guns in Abby's direction. "Cake is valid, extremely valid! I feel like the other groups are going to go for desserts, though. It's sort of easy mode, like, 'hey we all like sugar, wild!'" Ryder's imitation of someone being overly enthusiastic achieved a level of irony that may have been lost on him. "And this is supposed to be thematically substantial, yeah? So savoury but we can also go rich." He motioned with both hands as though holding something with metaphorical weight. "I'm am
  11. Ryder looked absolutely delighted by Natalia's brief slip in accent but then he seemed delighted by most things. He raised his eyebrows at her as if to say he wanted to return to that topic later then placed a reassuring hand on Davyd's shoulder and kindly but firmly said, "Nobody's being a plate. That's kinda super messed up." One of the little robotic insects that accompanied him everywhere, the glossy black kabuto beetle, crawled up and over the edge of Davyd's desk and somehow managed to deliver a very flat look with its little optic sensors. Ryder clapped his hands together enthusiastical
  12. Ryder straightened up at the sound of the sirens, craning his neck to see out the shop's front windows in the direction from which the crowd was hurrying away. "Hey, Mariel? Can you keep an eye on things for a minute? I better make sure everything is locked up out back." An older woman in a tracksuit with her hair dyed bright purple gave him a thumbs up without looking up from the card game she was playing at a table full of retirees. Ryder grabbed Tori's hand in his own and pulled her around the counter and through the swinging door to the kitchen area. Magenta made a series of impressive ho
  13. "Do we have to give an actual report? Feel like 'this guy appeared and started throwing knives' is gonna lead to some follow up questions I can't answer super well." Ryder rolled his shoulder a few times experimentally then offered his hand for Yellow to sit atop. The robotic wasp made a huffy little buzz and planted herself more firmly on Eira's head, earning a cheerful laugh from her creator. "You'll totally see us around! I mean, I think I'm sort of on probation while Dragonfly decides if I'm gonna embarrass her or accidentally turn myself into meat origami with spatial warping tech but I'v
  14. Jack of all Blades (9) [Maxed] Crimson, Lose Some (9) Chitin (36) Mantis and the Fox (1) Kids Table (9) Field Test (23) Second Coming (3) Ref Point can go to Chitin, rollover from Jack and go to Lou.
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