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  1. Set Notice Check: 1d20+15 22 Will Save vs DC 20: 1d20+8 20 Search Check: 1d20+4 7 Sekhmet Notice Check: 1d20+15 22 Will Save: 1d20+5 8 Search Check: 1d20 12
  2. Fingers laced behind his head, Set rocked idly back and forth on his heels until it became clear that no-one was coming to answer the knock. "Shall we stand about for another few hours, then?" he asked the three women with exaggerated cheer. "Nay?" The godling made a show of placing a thumb alongside his chin and audibly cracking his neck then shaking out his hands from the wrists. When they stopped shaking he'd grown a set of vaguely avian talons at the end of each finger, black at the tips with a faint ombré to deep cardinal red. The claws sunk into the brick of the townhouse-style building with satisfying ease and in moments Set had hauled himself up to a second storey window. Balancing there he spayed the fingers of one hand rested them against the glass, pushing carefully while rotating them in a perfect circle and etching a deep groove. He plucked the disk free, held delicately between his talons until he tossed it aside to shatter against the open lid of a dumpster in the adjacent alleyway. Reaching through the new opening Set flipped the interior latch and shoved the window open. Looking over his shoulder down to the street he sweetly called, "Coming?"
  3. Erik placed the remainder of the gingerbread man into his mouth and chewed while matching Steve's stoic expression while Yolanda voiced her approval. After swallowing he cleared his throat into the back of his hand and deadpanned, "Well gosh, big guy, that's super flattering and all but honestly I'm kinda full-up on spouses right now." He managed to hold back any laugh apart from a brief quirk at the corner of his mouth. Catching his niece's eye he mused, "Unless you think he meant he was going to propose to somebody else?"
  4. "Uh." Erik glanced in Yolanda's direction and briefly considered asking her to leave the room but he supposed she'd actually been present for a lot of what Steve was making about anyway. "I mean, I don't know if I'm necessarily the best one to ask, big guy. I kinda did things pretty backwards. Like, Talya and I flirted some then Min and I started living together, then had a kid, then got married, had another kid, then we started dating Talya, more kids..." He shrugged, sending gingerbread crumbs falling to the floor. "It's not like it was a single thing, more like one big, long, continuous 'transition'."
  5. "Chris somehow got Talya going on the American butter thing again and Min is still convinced Raina's not eating enough but I figure having too many cookies to choose from is a pretty good problem to have," Erik updated him, gesturing with a gingerbread man with an icing domino mask and a bite mark where one arm should have been. In broken in jeans and a knit sweater the cost of which Talya had certainly failed to mention he looked much more the contented young father as he looked over the pile of children than the piano wire-taut bundle of training and instinct that Steve knew was only ever the first sign of danger away. "Looks like the troops wore themselves out, sergeant."
  6. For a split second Set looked as though he'd been slapped across the face but in the span of a blink the gosling had schooled his features back into an easy grin. "Selfless as ever, oh strong-willed spiritualist but I could never forgive myself should you be relegated to airborne amenities less than you have rightfully earned. And so needlessly! Sekhmet delights in jesting over the daily trials of mortal existence but obviously Heliopolis' finest need not rely on mundane conveyance for a mere hop, skip and jump across the earthly plane." He wagged a finger at the statuesque goddess with a bright chuckle. Sekhmet for her part furrowed her brow. "Eh? Nay--" "Right indeed, of Lady of Slaughter! There I go again about hashtag just god things, ha! Temperance can certainly tell you, Ms. Epstein, I am positively insufferable at times. We shall leave you to make your arrangements and rendezvous in Bedlam, aye? Adventure and failed city planning await!" Taking Sekhmet by the elbow he hurried them both out the shop's front door with a cheery wave. His taller companion let herself be led away more out of bemused curiosity than anything else. "Liesmith, unless our previous leg-cramping, stomach-churning journeys have been an admittedly characteristically distasteful farce..." "I know! I know! I'm texting Huang," Set muttered irritably, taking out his phone as soon as they were out of direct eyeliner of the storefront. "Thy plan be to beseech thy consort to transport us by mystic means so thee may not loose face before a woman who once spurned thy advances?" Neither her flat tone nor her lidded stare suggested she was impressed. "Mayhap I shan't phrase the situation thusly!"
  7. "Fate? Or the heady-hot winds of chaos?!" Set proposed dramatically, teeth gleaming in a broad grin and one hand held outward with splayed fingers while a single peal of thunder rumbled overhead. The godling relaxed his pose just as suddenly and leaned casually against a shelf of books. "Truly, though, the text in question has a... layered history, so much so that tis no great twist to be found under watch of a seelie - or unseelie, my apologies, thoughtless to assume - guardian or to be spirited away to a city where the spirits be largely away, so to speak" He tilted his head and looked the wax sculpture over head to toe, blasé about Lynn's ability to will it into existence. "Our Mr. Hawthorne has made some terribly naughty bargains and would you believe no one checked with me first? Rude." Sekhmet idly poked the statue in the temple with a finger tipped with an extended feline claw, expression ever more dour. "Rrrrhh. Bedlam. I would have no more to do with the pallid hound's odorous barges, deceiver." It said something of their evolving relationship that she placed more derision on the smell of mass transit than she did on the dubious honorific, if only just.
  8. Set had his phone back in hand after barely a glance at the business card. "Ugh, Tan-Aktor, what a plumb bob. Let us see, 'Hawthorne'..." A few skillful searches began to fill in some blanks. "Elderly fellow operating a bookstore in Bedlam City? Bold choice given the overall literacy of his townsfolk. We've been meaning to pay a visit to some friends in the city good taste forgot anyway. What say you, Lady of Slaughter?" "Tis spit," Sekhmet snarled back, stomping back into view. Her lips were pulled back enough to reveal pronounced canines and her shoulder blades were drawn together as if to minimize her contact with the air around her. Set blinked once, looking to Temperance's expression reflexively. "An apt description of Bedlam, albeit brusque even by your standards...?" "The shop reeks of octopus, brine and mastication." The explanation was a growl while Sekhmet's exposed muscles rippled, shaking off fur she didn't currently have. She met Lynn's eyes gravely. "Thy thief rent thy pumping asunder then placed their mouth on..." Her grimace deepened. "...everything." There was a palpable pause before Set opined, "Well, ick."
  9. THREAD PROMPT November 22 is America's incorrect Thanksgiving, traditionally the first time in the school year that students head back home to spend time with their families and have awkward conversations with their long distance sweethearts! Also turkey, I guess? I'm not really the right person to ask about any of this. Not everyone at Claremont can make it home for the weekend; some don't even have a home to which to return. Partner up to have more fortunate students invite a friend, roommate or squad member to Thanksgiving dinner with their family! That may just mean having a nice meal in the Freedom City suburbs or it may mean heading out of the city for a look at their hometown! It's a great opportunity for some one-on-one character development, introducing supporting characters or revealing backstory! Also turkey, I guess?
  10. Set gave Lynn a dazzling grin of perfect teeth accompanied by a flourish of his hand, delighted as ever to be recognized. "Set be the storm crow on the tumultuous winds of the ever-unknown, oh much mistreated merchant! Set heeds not 'bad days', rather those foreboding events but answer to Set! Now smile." Without further instruction the godling turned on his heel, phone appearing in an outstretched hand while his other draped across Lynn's shoulders. One artificial shutter sound effect he had already removed himself from her personal space and was tapping away with both thumbs. "'Same book, new chapter. Hashtag freedomcitystrong," he read aloud as he typed, not looking up. "Have you a store account I might 'at'...? Aha, found! Bee-ee-ar, no second eye--" The stream of rapid speech was interrupted as the bookstore's door opened again and Set glanced up. Expressive eyebrows lifted high above kohl-outlined eyes in recognition for an instant before the godling casually tucked his phone away and crossed his arms over his sweater, standing a little straighter. "Do you know I was so close to wearing my own peacoat today? Thank benevolent Ra's suggestively large hands we avoid any awkwardness, eh?" Grin still in place he turned back to Lynn. "May I present the spectacular spiritualist, contessa of condensation and cold shoulders: the ever lovely Temperance." Having stalked past Lynn and further into the store, sniffing as she went, Sekhmet poked her head around the side of a bookshelf to size up the situation for a moment before continuing her inspection with an audible grumble.
  11. Jack of all Blades SHADOW of Doubt (1) Flash of the Blade (2) Lou Lubrano The Black Luck Job (1) GM / NPC Assemble! (1) Let's Fall in Like (1) Rollover and Ref Point can go to Reagent, thanks!
  12. Set 1 = Heads, 2 = Tails: 1d2 1
  13. A lean young man stepped in Silberman's, swinging the door open with a little more force and considerably more flair than was strictly necessary. Brick red dreadlocks were pulled up into an artfully messy bun while an off-white knitted sweater with a plunging v-neck atop zebra print slacks seemed an almost sarcastic concession to the colder weather. He removed a pair of round sunglasses as he entered and looked about the shop, hanging them from his sweater's hem. "A brick and mortar purveyor of ink and papyrus," the youth observed with a smirk and twinkle in his grey eyes. "And some would call us mythical creatures, eh oh Mistress of Dread?" Taller by a full head his statuesque companion only narrowed the one smouldering golden eye visible behind her asymmetrical black bob in response, sniffing the bookstore's air cautiously. She didn't seem to like whatever scent she caught, pronounced canines revealed in a silent snarl. She wore a goldenrod shag jacket, hanging low to reveal bare, muscular shoulders and a canary yellow bandeau. The white denim of her pants practically rippled as she walked past the redhead further into the shop with feline grace and a click of open-toed wedges. "I like this not."
  14. Set Knowledge (Arcane Lore) Check: 1d20+15 24 Knowledge (History ) Check: 1d20+10 29 Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) Check: 1d20+10 29 Intelligence Check: 1d20+4 17 Gather Information check: 2#1d20+16 24 36
  15. Put on your dancing shoes in Let's Fall in Like!