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  1. "Aw, you think I'm extra spicy," Ryder teased with a bright laugh, rummaging around in his paper takeout bag as they walked rather than more sensibly waiting until they could find some sort of table. "Anyway, I'm sure it won't be a big deal. It's not like we were sneaking out after curfew or out patrolling and actually looking for trouble or anything. She'll understand that we couldn't just stand there and let people get trampled!" He shrugged and used his teeth to tear open the thing plastic wrap around his utensils. "Following the rules exactly isn't more important than doing the right thing
  2. Ryder planted his hands on his hips and let out a low raspberry. It was always tough when the people you showed a project you were working on weren't as excited about it as you were, worse when you'd been working on it specifically for them. He'd been there but he hadn't had a way to literally disassociate from his body in response to the disappointment and embarrassment. While Danica made polite smalltalk with Voltage, who seemed to be there as some sort of chaperone, Ryder walked over to their friend's motionless form. He considered the artificial body for a moment then reached o
  3. "How come you can talk about my glands but I can't ask about how your powers work!" Ryder objected rhetorically with a laugh as he led the way up the sort of narrow staircase common in buildings trying to make the most out of in-demand real estate. The door at the top of the stairs was a little awkward, flush with the last step up so that he had to reach up and lead forward to swing it open. It had a keyhole but evidently the family didn't keep it locked while there was someone manning the restaurant downstairs. "Genes are overrated," Jenny chimed in, brining up the rear. She was m
  4. Jack of all Blades (Maxed) Face the Music Vignette - w/ Write-Up, 2PP Jill O'Cure (Maxed) (10) (OMTB) Interview: Jill O'Cure (3) Arrows in the Hands of a Warrior (7) Midnight (Maxed) (4) Ticket to Anywhere (4) Reagent (Maxed) (1) Only Doing Good When I'm Having Fun (1) Chitin (20) Monkeys on Parade: Second Banana (6) Aren't You Tired of Being Nice? (2) The Keratin and the Chitinous (9) When We All Fall Asleep (3) Ref point and rollover can go to Chitin, thank you!
  5. Ryder had let out a burst of bright laughter when the holographic simulation began to swoop about in the air, then cut it off with an unconvincing cough when it became clear that Eira wasn't kidding. "Oh, uh...! I mean, I'm super into it, obviously." For her part Magenta inadvertently helped to defuse any awkwardness by racing back and forth across the lab floor, chasing the holographic Wing and occasionally hopping into the air in an attempt to catch it. "No, but really, it's rad! Just maybe there's some, y'know, feature creep going on, yeah? And maybe it's a little over engineered. And you s
  6. "Allocated resources? Why, how much do you charge?" Ryder asked Voltage with a broad grin and a snap of his fingers into a finger-gun point. "Hey, Eira, thanks!" He opened up his bag and retrieved the two sets of earplugs Magenta had fished out of its recesses for him. While the Robug hopped out and began scuttling around the laboratory looking for interesting things to poke Ryder handed Danica the second set of ear protection while putting his own in without any comment to acknowledge the volume of the music; he'd worked with Eira often enough to be prepared. "Haha, yeah, about the bus. Funny
  7. "I kinda just like stuff with my name on it," Ryder noted, taking the proffered badge and examining from every angle in undisguised fascination, trying to reverse engineer the thought process behind the scanable icon. He grabbed the one printed for Danica as well just in case and gave the receptionist a grateful grin and casual salute. "Thanks, Mx. Kiva! Nice to meet you!" Jogging off he quickly caught back up with his classmate in the indicated direction. "So really we'd be rescuing those poor abandoned projects, sure!" he said with an agreeable nod. "Oh, let me know if you see anything that
  8. "I wonder how much of the tech from before they shut down is still in storage somewhere?" Ryder gaped as he took advantage of the slower pace Danica set to spin about on his heels as he walked, trying to take in every detail of the building's interior. "I mean, if nobody's come to get it after this long, it'd probably fine to take a look, right? Take some notes, maybe repurpose a couple parts--" He stopped that train of thought and stood up straight as his slow spiral brought him around to face Kiva's friendly welcome. "Oh, ha! Hi! Sorry, got distracted. Thanks for the directions! Do you need
  9. "Catherine," Winifred admonished with mock severity. "That is not the solidarity I was promised." She began ticking off points on her fingers. "Yes to comically sexy trousers. Yes to workers' rights and self-care. We talk a lot about 'self-care' in meetings as well. Yes to awkward gossip from Smith about southern belles or however you refer to them in 'gator country and yes to another one of these." The alchemist slid her now empty glass toward the middle of the table then added as an aside, "I'm working on developing a more positive outlook, you know."
  10. "That is... very noble," Ellie said diplomatically, biting back on a more brusque reply. "But first off, I'm not a siphon. I could try to manage a transfusion between you but that's a whole additional layer of questions and risk. Second, I wasn't talking about dangerous for me." She directed that partly toward Erin with a weak smile to indicate appreciation for the concern, undercut by the grim tone of the larger conversation. "We don't know how quickly Lightbringer's system could metabolize that energy or how to slow down his rate of intake if it starts to go badly. There's not a delicate way
  11. "At first we were just gambling that the recreation was accurate enough to include something we could use in one of the other cities, communication equipment or something." Hoping that there would be a copy of some super-team's headquarters with a functional interplanetary ship that wouldn't immediately get them nabbed out of the sky the second they took off had been a long shot at the time and sounded worse in retrospect. "We found out later that a big part of why the Curator hadn't found us by then is his attention or processing power, however you want to think about it, was busy elsewhere,
  12. Ryder made an impolite noise as he ducked his head out around the edge of the alleyway to make sure the crowd was still sufficiently distracted enough that they wouldn't draw any attention or awkward questions. "Bruh. I'm second-generation, not thick. You got any menu items you want to try to convince me to get tattooed next?" He ran in long enough to retrieve their food and leave a tip on top of what Utsuwa had already paid before heading back outside. He handed his roommate his styrofoam container and jerked his head to the left, suggesting it might be less hassle if they weren't
  13. Ryder threw his hands up and his head back. "As much fun as getting roasted indefinitely sounds, at some point we should actually go upstairs, yeah?" "I could probably subsist off of you getting roasted for a while longer," Jenny supposed as she finished closing up the restaurant for the evening and put away her cleaning supplies with the enthusiastic help of Yellow and Cyan. "But as a dutiful daughter I shouldn't deny our father the opportunity to bask in the crackling warmth of this steady stream of savage burns, so sure." "So extra." Letting Magenta hitch a ride on h
  14. Ryder made an expression of wonderment. "That is some genuine tortoise spirit wisdom, woah. Like, what even is 'on-time', right? Who gets to decide?" Their lively conversation continued as the bus carried them toward the Lab and Danica's new scooter. Standing with one booted foot on the low railing surrounding the edges of a rooftop overlooking the largely destroyed bus stop, the mysterious guitarist adjusted the strap holding her guitar against her back and narrowed her eyes. "Again?" she muttered, the faint sound of aggressive drums swelling around her with no discernible source.
  15. Ellie's metamagi abilities didn't give her any special insight into diagnosis; that skill came entirely from her own rigorous medical training. Which did not specifically cover Furion paediatrics, weirdly enough. Fortunately she did have the benefit of experience treating a number of unique individuals and there were basics from which she could build. "Yes, that's my face you're poking, ninõ." She carefully went over everything she would have done while examining a human infant. After a pause she willing a pale blue light into being around one hand, dappled with faint shadows like sunlight str
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