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  1. "A hack!" Set answered immediately, pointing an accusatory finger into the air for emphasis. "Self-aggrandizing, artistically void, appropriative little--" "She seems as though familiar but I have no firsthand knowledge of the apparent thief," Sekhmet spoke over the tirade, putting one hand tipped by sharp, manicured nails to the side of the godling's head and pushing him to the side so she could better address Neko. "Though I remain unclear what offence 'Faster Pussycat' has made her ill manner bears address." Looking down at the girl her golden eyes glowed with an ember of internal flame while her lips parted in a thin, predatory smile. "Tell me what thee have seen, little sister and I will show thee how lionesses hunt."
  2. "Probably should have gone self-employed, then," LaMarr remarked mildly, folding his arms and leaning back against the counter in the posture Ashley had come to recognize as his 'real talk guidance councillor' body language. "If being the Patriot is just a job title then damn right better than half the turkeys out there don't think you deserve it and charitably, half of those, you're never going to change their minds. 'Cause you are the damn queer Patriot. And you're the lady Patriot. And the Vietnamese Patriot - alright, Vietnamese American, Louisianan, you know what I mean - and the meta Patriot and the short Patriot and whatever else and there's always going to be some joker who couldn't do the job for ten seconds who thinks one of those is the only reason you got the nod." He raised both hands in a broad shrug. "@#$% that guy. Which you already know. You're just hung up on the queer thing for the same reason you don't like using your powers where people can see: you got real good for a long time at ignoring those parts of you and passing 'cause you had enough visible stuff to deal with and that taught you to be ashamed. Not judging, that doesn't go away overnight, from experience. Just don't give me this 'less than' bull."
  3. "Of course one should announce a successful heist, tis a 'calling card', a staple of the form!" It didn't take long for Neko's sensitive hearing to pick up a familiar raised voice in the hubbub of the crowds. "But if the audience knows not what was stolen, what reason have they to care? Tis about panache not... cheap mystery box engagement!" The streaming teenager caught sight of Sekhmet first, the tall woman scanning the crowd over most of their heads while flatly ignoring the incensed ranting of the animated figure beside her. "And another thing! Who dons a salacious cat burglar motif and randomly tosses in a sex-shaming throwaway line as sendoff? Where be the internal consistency?! Anna would never." Set somehow extended the last word over several extra syllables while Sekhmet spotted Neko and made meaningful eye contact, dragging the offended godling along in her direction.
  4. "Haven't even been able to connect to my printer in months," LaMarr replied as he held the invitation at arms length where his aging eyes could better focus on it and waved in the direction of a bulky, light grey appliance at the end of a console desk. "Always been more for a 'march' than a 'parade' but I've done the marshal thing a time or two. Means a lot to a lot of people and I didn't hate being in a spot to tell cops to lose the uniform or @#$% off." He set the invitation down and looked over the the chair to gauge Ashely's reaction. The younger woman wasn't here to have someone pussyfoot around with her feelings and he was happy to show her that respect. "That what you're worried about?"
  5. Set made a strangled noise of distress in the back of their throat as Copycat skipped off to speak directly with Persephone, keeping a practiced smile in place rather than wincing as the disingenuous debutante presented their host with a suspicious souvenir. In fairness I would have given the pin a scarab design to be a literal 'bug' so glass houses, mayhaps, the godling silently admitted to themselves, studiously looking elsewhere into the milling crowds while keeping the interaction in the periphery of their vision. Skillfully using the selfie they'd just taken to backtrack to Copycat's social media account - mentally noting how they would optimize it for search engine results - Set tapped out a quick direct message before secreting their phone away once again: of course 'repayment' here may mean transmogrification into a thematically ironic pest species or that WAS a pass in which case mayhaps discuss a hall pass system with your absent partner??? endeavour not to die!! Feeling that should have fulfilled any moral obligation to warn their new friend away from dangers of espionage which she seemed to be familiar with already anyway, Set sashayed toward the catering to see if there was anything accommodating their dietary restrictions.
  6. Set arrived at the panel to which he'd been invited early enough to spend a bit of time taking photos and signing autographs for the attendees waiting in line then head backstage in the small theatre participate in the tech check. He may have been a deity of chaos and the unexpected but he was also a Ra-damned professional. Today that meant sitting in on a live table read for an episode of a comedy web series that reedited and dubbed over a popular anime from the early aughts. The show had a very liberally interpreted ancient Egyptian theme but was mostly about children competing in card game tournaments under increasingly dramatic and unlikely conditions; Set was primarily interested because it was a veritable goldmine of catchphrases and reaction images. For her part Sekhmet had made her disinterest in watching Set perform explicitly clear and said she would find a more palatable way to pass the time, such as staring unblinkingly at a blank wall. The lioness had not volunteered that one of the numerous television shows which she had consumed in its entirety thanks to a bounty of streaming service subscriptions was premiering the first episode of its upcoming season at the conventions and she determined to be in the audience. Certainly being a head or two taller than most of those in the crowds between rooms helped as she strode imperiously toward her goal, other attendees understandably hastening to get out of her way.
  7. Teagan was the only one close enough to hear the low rumble of approval deep in Sekhmet's chest that her flirting earned her. Even behind the dragon's cloak the downward wandering on her hand was perhaps less subtle. "Tis my pleasure to introduce the Lady Teagan Delphyne, Incendiary Majesty of the Great Wyrms and a deft hand with a mace." If the goddess had prepared those honourifics ahead of time she hadn't mentioned them to her pridemate. "The Arrowhawk is of a lineage of mortal warriors such than even the Aesir were unable to avert their eyes far enough up their own rears to avoid acknowledging her prowess and deeds," she provided to Teagan with a roll of her eyes for Osla's benefit. Sekhmet's experiences with the Asgardian pantheon over the eons had admittedly been a mixed bag but between Set's rumourmongering and Anna's tales of going-ons in Bedlam City she'd kept informed enough about the archer's circumstances to feel uncharitable. "And beside her stands Princess-Ambassador Thalia of the Atlantean Royal Family, wielder of the dire trident Undertow." She gave the weapon itself a skeptical once over. "In truth I thought thee best suited to honest grappling and blows but tis a handsome enough weapon."
  8. "Though I may not have a reputation for honesty, a reputation for subtlety would be even less deserved. Were I 'making a pass' you would not have to ask," Set clarified dryly, tapping the lacquered, talon-like nails of one hand together. The answer seemed largely for Jean's benefit, the angle of Set's eyebrow expressing clearly to Ashley that the godling was fully aware she hadn't misinterpreted them in the first place but was willing to leave her to whatever game she was playing rather than pushing the issue. Certainly they didn't let it distract them from upholding immaculate selfie etiquette. "Plenty of vulpine deities, spirits, avatars, so on, so forth." With a snap of their fingers Set's humanoid head was replaced with one with a long snout and tall, thin ears pointing straight up, with night sky black fur shifting in an ombre into their brick red dreadlocks. Certainly there were elements of fox in their appearance, though not enough to put to it the name of specific animal. "But then I know a visitor from beyond the proverbial city walls when I see one, aye?" They resumed their human appearance with another snap. "One expects you'd have your own pantheon of gods, oh pulchritudinous plus-one. We do tend to get just everywhere given the chance."
  9. Set's expression froze in a polite if strained smile at Copycat's explosion of enthusiasm, eyes darting across the masked woman's face as though trying to determine if this was some surreptitious cry for help. Perhaps that distraction explained why the godling wasn't fully able to keep the grimace from their own face at Rainshadow's interruption, hands pulled back with wrists tilted up and fingers curled. As the large fellow floated away they shook their head, briefly raising their eyebrows expressively. "What a thoroughly unpleasant individual. Who walks up to strangers at a party and announces his outfit was 'off-the-rack'? Ra's shapely buttock." They reached back to shake out their five foot long dreadlocks, golden ornaments clicking softly. "Now! Absolutely we're going to take a selfie because obviously. But mayhaps tis not the ideal setting to make an affectation of fawning devotion, oh feline fangirl. Too many of the guests have seen too much of the real thing, aye?" Set positioned themselves between Ashley and Jean to pose for the photo, leaning in and speaking around a perfect, practiced grin. "Be shenanigans afoot? You can tell me, I've been know to pull a fast-one or two myself."
  10. "You aren't wrong but mayhaps you shall find something new to experience on the other side of the window pane, oh serval skeptic," an amused voice opined from over Copycat and Predator's shoulders. The speaker was only a little taller than Ashley but all slim, runway model proportions to her more solid, athletic frame. Thick, brick red dreadlocks reached all the way down to their ankles, combining with a wild, feathery mane of light red to frame angular features topped with a filigree-thin golden tiara that curved upward into a pair of points a bit reminiscent of Jean's ears. A knowing smile of too-white teeth was bracketed by silver lips but attention was inexorably draw to eye shadow that seemed to shift and roil in the light, cut through by two pencil-thin lines of blood red and leading to piercing storm grey eyes. Delicate chains leading from rings on their fingers to golden armlets and finally disappearing into that mane tinkled quietly as they bowed with a flourish, dipping one long, bare leg out at the same time. A trail of sand skated across the floor to follow their foot as it arced, solidifying into a crystalline stiletto heel the moment the movement ended. "Apologies for interrupting; gauche, I know!" As they straightened it was easier to see the sleeveless leather romper that made up the core of their outfit, cut through with diamond-shaped openings like a more robust fishnet that revealed the darker flesh beneath. This close both women could see that the fine, sparkling body glitter catching the light from their new acquaintance's skin was in fact tiny scales in a mix of ruby red, gleaming gold and light-devouring black. "But tis so heartening to see such a cute couple celebrating their, well, bestial inclinations on a grand stage!" Their new friend made a little gesture with one hand, fanning out fingers tipped with talons with an ombre from black to red and running them through their mane. "Tis the place, certainly. These be the people of Chiron and Asterion, aye? The point being I love everything about your whole vibe, truly." It likely wouldn't have been lost on either of them that the redheaded individual hadn't bothered to introduce themselves, nor had they heard the operatic singer at the entrance announce them.
  11. Kimber laughed cheerfully at Legatus' question, rotating backward from her floating position. Avro added several brassy meows of his own, not necessarily following the conversation but wanting to be included. "Oh, bud, you're so sweet to be worried! Truly truly, that's so thoughtful." The phantom righted herself fully while the star field portions of her dress seemed to twinkle a little brighter. For a moment the curving silhouette of her torso behind those semiopaque layers looked like the outline of a skeleton instead but maybe that was just a trick of the diffused light. "Like I said, I know when to cheat. Anybody who wants to tell me where I can or can't go is going to have a tough night, but thank you."
  12. "Thank you!" Kimber returned the compliment with a broad wink and an extended index finger pressed into her cheek. "I'm not too worried about Hades, honestly. Rules of hospitality are a whole thing for Olympians, they're sort of like fae that way. Don't outstay your welcome, don't take what isn't offered and you're probably fine. Like, eighty-twenty. Well, seventy-thirty at least." She shrugged expressively and tapped her scythe pendant. "That's the fun thing about being mortal or mortal-ish! Way easier for us to break rules when we feel like it!" The poltergeist waved a hand to Legatus. "You're a teenager, eh? Think of it like a house party, you don't just invite your friends when your parents are out of town, you invite everybody and then you're the kid who throws the radical parties for the rest of the school year!" Kimber pointed her thumbs horizontally outward and shimmied in the air with a light laugh. "Hades has had a pretty embarrassing, like, century or two. If I had to guess I'd bet this whole thing was his wife's idea, just to give everybody something else to talk about, y'know? Olympians and fae, also a lot like high schoolers, come to think of it!"
  13. Sekhmet gave Thaelia a respectful nod of acknowledgement, nudging Teagan behind the dragon's cloak, then returned Osla's smile, as warm and nonthreatening as her pronounced canines allowed. "Aye, Jónsdóttir. The mantle of the Arrowhawk has suited thee well, I see, and thee the mantle," she observed with an appreciative tilt of her head, golden eyes of a connoisseur tracing the archer's litany of scars. "Thy father be well?" Well over their heads Argus snorted audibly and she looked up just long enough to give him a withering albeit not entirely unamused glare. "Set will be about, for better or ill, I expect. Thy uncle's extremely public..." she turned her attention to the Atlantean princess and gestured broadly at the festivities, "...going-ons was taken as a challenge. My intent was to ignore them as best able."
  14. "The princess be of Olympian stock." Sekhmet leaned in to answer Teagan in a polite murmur. "Expect her to take thee up on the offer." The warrior goddess made no move to step away, allowing her hip to bump lightly into the corseted dragon as the younger guests arrived, absently slipping a hand under the cloak to rest on the small of her back. She sniffed the air lightly as Eira spoke and her eyes narrowed slightly but she left any questions unspoken, instead nodding deeply at the young woman's appropriate show of deference. She didn't bother to produce her own invitation for the giant. "Guardian Argus." "Lady Eye," the towering maître d' greeted in a gravelly rumble, bobbing in acknowledgement. "A pleasure after so many eons. Your sister is well?" Skehmet snorted and gave Teagan a sidelong glance as though Argus had just proven an earlier point. "As ever. I shall impart to Hathor that thee asked after her health." He adjusted his proportionally massive bowtie with surprising dexterity and allowed one corner of his mouth to twitch upward for a brief moment. "Obliged. And Dragon Delphyne, welcome," Argus continued, returning Teagan's invitation. The many-eyed giant paused as he looked between the two women before asking with a note of resignation, "What chance that I am not called to break up a brawl afore the festivities' end?" He spotted Thaelia approaching from the water's edge and squeezed two of his eyes shut with a sigh like an earthquake.
  15. Avro's feline front paws appeared on the edge of Kimber's handbag as he leveraged himself upward to get a better look at Grimalkin as she introduced herself, making a brassy trumpet sound of curiosity and leaning forward to sniff the air. Fortunately the poltergeist had a very casual relationship with gravity and momentum so the manticore kitten's shifting weight did nothing to upset her gently floating repose. "Hi! That's me but you can just call me Kimber; I'm experimenting with like a 'just going by my regular name' phase." She gave Lynn a little wave with translucent blue fingers. The North Ontario in her own chipper tone was no less subtle than the changeling's own accent. "Nice to meet you! I love your dress, your boobs look amazing." Kimber paused for a moment with a small frown, glanced to Aquaria then seemed to realize she wasn't going to get the second opinion she wanted from that direction. "Jams, is that weird to say? I may be spending too much time in the castle."
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