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  1. Countering the fire with my Air Control, if it's OK. Do I have to roll?
  2. It had been a tough fight, but in the end, the heroes were triumphant. Disgusting, Aníbal thought as the pair of would-be assassins fled the scene, leaving two of their comrades behind on the battlefield. It seemed Chapter Zero didn't put too much stock in loyalty to one's own. Maybe that was another "false ideology" to overcome? The ape and the mentalist remained in custody, and the fact their team-mates left them for dead would surely help during the ensuing interrogation. There was, however, no time for patting oneself on the back just yet. They still had to deal with the aftermath of the b
  3. Hey, sorry for the hold-up. I was gonna post today. So, should I, or do we just wrap it up? I'm okay with wrapping up.
  4. El Huracán's taunting appeared to have no effect on the lightning slinger. Still, the guy seemed easily rattled, probably the weakest link of the team in terms of mental fortitude. He'd get to him, eventually. Aníbal quickly scanned the battlefield, feeling the adrenaline pumping through his veins. His eyes fixed on the psychic, who was sitting behind, using her powers to threaten from a distance. She was, he felt, the most dangerous of the super-terrorists. Raw physical strength and bursts of energy could easily be matched, but how do you beat an enemy who attacked you from within, wormed its
  5. Moving Aníbal to the wing where the Psychic is. EDIT: O-kay, I misread the thread and for some reason thought Mind Knight was standing on the wing, as opposed to on the ground below the airplane. Will edit the IC post accordingly. Attacking with El Huracán's Blow Away (Trip) power. 1d20+10=26 If it hits, the damage bonus for knockback calculation is 10.
  6. Chapter Zero... Aníbal cringed as he heard the pyrokinetic shout the name of the group. He had heard of them, vaguely - a strange cult who fancied themselves rational, objective thinkers, beyond all ideology. Their sympathisers would often derail online discussions with walls of text pompously denouncing all other participants, written in that insufferably sesquipedalian, self-important register so beloved by neckbeard shut-ins. They were an almost universally loathed fringe group peddling self-contradictory nonsense, and apart from those bombings a few years back it they seemed to pose no ser
  7. My thoughts are exactly opposite - I think a fictional city is way more fun. For one, it ties in with the rest of our cities, all of which are fictional. Two, you get to customise it to your own liking, and have fun creating a new place with demographics, history and ties to the FreedomVerse canon of your choice. Since Ex had the idea to make it Magic-focused, I think working from a clean slate would be better than grafting that theme to an existing city. Building a setting, even just a rough outline enough for play (a Visitors Guide, some metaplots, a couple of villains) takes work, and the a
  8. Like I mentioned in chat, I wouldn't be comfortable replacing a city of Basel's size and importance. Somewhere near Basel, perhaps, but not the city itself. I think the list of triple borders in my previous post can suggest some alternatives. Also, keep in mind that, if it's going to be a fictional duchy, it ought to be at minimum a few hundred square miles in size, to accommodate a proper city. There's other options as well: a fictional city in a real country, a real city (I'm opposed to that one), or an island nation in the Mediterranean, though that'd be too far from what Ex was going for.
  9. Being a Yurpean I feel like I should comment on this. A city in Europe with its own flavor would be neat. I do have concerns about adding a third extra city while Bedlam and EC are still such fledgling places, a few archived characters away from being ghost towns. But, still, it could work if enough people show interest. Now, the two things: thematic elements to be accentuated and location. 1. Themes: I gather you mean to make it more of a Magic and Myth focused place, as opposed to the others, which is fine. However, I do think that if you're going to do a European c
  10. Aníbal winced as he glanced towards the firebreathing girl, and felt a tingling sensation in his right shoulder. Oh no. Not again. This was a different one, of course, but once again he was going up against a pyrokinetic and, once again, an airplane was involved. Her three companions looked no less menacing, each in their own way. Four attackers and, it seemed, only two defenders with powers to match theirs. This was going to be a rough one. "El Huracán, from... ", he quickly introduced himself to the other metahuman, but his words were cut off by the explosion of a warehouse behin
  11. Aníbal tapped out a message on his cellphone and attached a photo before sending it to Raina. It was a pity she couldn't join him, but he had called her every day and sent her at least three dozen photos of stunning vistas (day and night), interesting wildlife and the odd unexploded shell from the nearby missile testing site he took during his camping trip in the White Sands National Monument. Perhaps it was overkill, but the place was genuinely interesting. He sat on a blanket in front of his tent, his bare feet half-buried in the cool sands. School was out for summer, and it felt good to get
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