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  1. She does indeed have the time! I'll even play with the rules a little. Instead of stunting for the low low price of that HP Rocket Lord, Ghost can essentially do the Aid on the task and I'll give the +5 circumstance bonus instead of the +3 that would've come from allowing a Power Check/taking 20 to be the basis of the Aid bringing that Arcane Lore total to 35!
  2. GM Foreshadow took a step back before the live water show occured in Gilles glass. Staying silent as both members of Vanguard and the 'former' criminal engaged. Before finally letting out a small chuckle. "Okay that's enough. As much as I would like to see how long it would take a one legged man to go down in a butt kicking contest. I assume being humiliated isn't why you asked for help" Gilles for his part was lividly patting his clothes. Mumbling to himself in French as he tried to dry himself. Before finally tossing his arms up in the air declaring a common French expr
  3. Jessie notices bits of a white powdery substance. Not a substantial amount. And it looks like Baking Soda or Salt, of which there is neither in the supply closet.
  4. Yes. Nothing that a roll will improve upon. But there is a mention of Kāmohoaliʻi in the Atlantean that the runes were inscribed with. The Runes are used as a sort of teleportation circle. Anchored from one location to another. While used by certain Atlantean nomadic sorcerers, this specific configuration has also been ascribed to common use by three groups known in magic circles. There's the deep a fanatic group of called "The Deep". They are a human cult dedicated to actually trying and flood the world and provide various human offerings to dark gods in the hopes of achieving thei
  5. From the angle they're standing in both Ghost's X-Ray Vision and Sea Devil's Sonar are able to find runes inscribed in between the walls of the closet. Not visible if looking straight on the walls as they seemed to have been drawn or carved into the insulation itself. In fact they're so thinly made it had to have been done with precision as Ghost's X-Ray Vision will only catch any one rune when looking at it head on at any other angle from the walls they fit right in with the rest of the wall cavity. Knowledge Arcane Lore Roll DC15 to identify what the runes are meant to do DC20 to i
  6. Rebellion While watching the intermittent flow of traffic in and out of the parking garage, you notice that a large number of black SUVs have been coming in and out. They will park for a few minutes, and occasionally people will even leave the vehicle enter the main building. But like clockwork they are out in a set time frame. On close inspection you notice that they seem to be armored vehicles. The Dreamer You are within the line of sight of a lower rooftop and are able to spot three people with a pair of binoculars looking at the MarsTech building. They're too far
  7. Alrighty, started all five threads. I do have more ideas to recruit for. But, want to give these threads some breathing room first to build momentum before my next pitches.
  8. OOC for this thread. @Dr Archeville @Nerdzul @Tiffany Korta
  9. GM Robbing banks is not the profitable business it once was. In the daytime you're more likely to leave with a bullet than leave with cash. And even if you did leave with cash, the banks in Bedlam aren't large enough to hold enough money to retire on. It just wasn't good money. What it was however was noisy. Especially in the dead of night, Hardwick Park was filled with the sound of an alarm blaring through the streets. Coupled with the unmistakable sound of glass shattering. A crowd slowly forming outside of the bank and actively egging on the crime being committe
  10. Foreshadow II Gilles rolled his broad shoulders forward as he reached for his pint and turned around. "Oh ho monsters. Your children are past the bedtime. Careful wouldn't want to get caught in all this grime. This is not a place for your government sponsors." The French man apparently deciding to p play along with a rhyme scheme of his own. Though he wasn't versed in flitting, he clearly enjoyed talking smack. Foreshadow didn't engage in the exchanged barbs. Instead, he focused on the reactions of the patrons. Especially noting that Gilles had yet to answer his
  11. Everyone can also give me a Notice Roll! Since everyone's taking their own perched look on sight, at presumably different angles you'll get different results even if getting the same DC.
  12. He's able to find an intermittent flow of people arriving into the multi floor parking garage on various levels. It's possible to isolate a couple people who didn't have early start times.
  13. Foreshadow II I guess not everyone's good at following instructions. Erick mused as he took a sip from his glass. Ideally he knew he should use the crowd to find somewhere to sneak off to and change to his work clothes. But, if someone was potentially in trouble. He's never had any reservations about fighting out of costume. As long as he stuck to traditional boxing it was enough to fool most eyes. Hm, I'm tempted to just jump down to the floor below and follow them. But, I'm not exactly dressed to impress. As he telepathically messaged his fiancé, Erick reached
  14. Foreshadow will roll Gather Info for Well-Informed (17). Identifying the portentous blinged out man as Mihalis Dimitriadis a second generation Greek immigrant and heir to the Dimitriadis media group. But, nothing much past that.
  15. GM Most of the hectic crowd stopped in their tracks. There were still a few people who were too caught in their flight response to listen to reason. But, most were reassured by hearing the voice of one of UK's premier superheroes in their head. Some people began looking around for where she was but mostly they began falling in line with the given instructions. But the club had attracted quite the crowd beforehand. It would take some time for everyone to file out in anything resembling an orderly matter. It only took a few seconds for the Erick's signature foresight to hit.
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