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  1. Sureshock Sureshock heard Terrifica's direction. It was one hundred percent the correct call to make. He knew better than most that even if he was to put as much voltage as he could muster into a lightning strike it would not take down Captain Thunder. And perhaps he would have heeded her instruction. If not for the fact that his legs had already propelled him forward. The Claremont teen wasn't thinking. Still caught up in his own emotions he simply sprung into action and extended his arm out releasing a high voltage but low amperage stream of electricity towards the lupine Captain
  2. Shock and Awe Sorry. I didn't mean to make the sparks fly between us. A real shocking turn of events. Tremayne responded. Although, the apology portion of his statement was meant to be genuine. It had all the lack of self-reflection one could expect from a teenage boy. He then pondered Leon's question. "No idea. Maybe. She's never tried. The same thing that makes her her, makes me me. So there's probably some weird stuff, she always turns me down when I want to practice though." The Spectacle didn't pay much mind to Chronia's assuredness at kicking her brother's butt
  3. Alrighty so Sureshock's gonna do the totally smart and not at all ill advised thing and try and taser Captain Wolfthunder in the face getting a 15 on his roll with a DC19 Fort (Stun) effect.
  4. Shock and Awe Sureshock and the Spectacle ran up on the scene.. The terrifying sight of what could only be described as a maelstrom of lightning personified in human form now armed with fangs and claw. Sureshock began muttering under his breath "Oh man. That's really him. I hoped y'know that maybe I was wrong. Oh man. Oh man." The normally overly confident teen couldn't even bear to keep a straight face. The Spectacle instead looked over the heroes that were already on the scene and the bleeding man. She had caught the tail end of Terrifica's instructions as they came on
  5. Lockdown, they had broken a lockdown order by the school. Tabitha was still fuming at her brother having dragged her out of Claremont. Because, if or inevitably when it got back to their parents. The blame would inevitably fall on the girl of metal. After all, who would believe anyone could make The Spectacle do anything. But, even as stubborn as the Texan native could be. She couldn't help relent when Tremayne showed her the signal on the screenshot that was shared on social media. That emblem belonged to the man that saved them. And gave them a cursory schooling. And above all Sur
  6. Let's see Shock and Awe for thread 1. Instead of the Claremont thread that seems the most fitting for Sureshock to be in! I'd also offer Dalir in 3, but will not take up a slot if enough EC folks want in there!
  7. Shock & Awe Tremayne looked at Leon with wry grin before pulling out his phone and shaking it. "I only know sis is made of some sort of weird metal. She can take a hit with a car head on. As for me." Tremayne, no Sureshock responded without a second's hesitation pointing his hand at the sky and letting a surge of electricity spike upwards. It was flashy and ostentatious and in no way wholly necessary for answering Leon's question. In regard's to Tabitha's powers, Tremayne knew she could probably lift a car too. But, Tabitha's lack of apparent enthusiasm at the whole s
  8. "I'll pass on interviewing the police. If we go in boom, zap, ruffle ruffle it'll be no muss and no fuss." Tremayne replied. Obviously he couldn't speak for Leon, if the other teenage boy wanted to speak to the police he wouldn't stop him. But, Tremayne had already decided for himself that Miss Fujimori's evasiveness was as good as an admission that the faster they went the better they scored. With the sort of logic only a teenage boy could muster up. He's nuttier than squirrel turd. Tabitha decided to make the conscious decision to think. Outwardly she stayed silent and simply began w
  9. "Woo! That sounds like a complete blast" Tremayne enthusiastically replied. At no point had he even consider the potential risk openly posed by either teen. Of course high school football practice came with plenty of hard knocks too. His finger moved along the air a spark of electricity tracing after as he pointed to his sister. "Just don't tell ma I was bullying you after we beat y'all. Do we get bonus points the faster we win?" Tabitha for her part rolled her eyes at her brother's enthusiasm and gave a noncommittal shrug. If she had any reservations with the way her former roomma
  10. Glamazon Thaelia squared her feet forward and pulled her index finger back. Her tone more steady and subdued than usual. "Truthfully. I do not have and an answer to your query most appropriate. She did not share such details. And the surfacer archives at Claremont only covered that his final battle with the Wolf of the seas took pace during the time frame before he left the Americas back to Atlantis. However, she did inform me of its importance as a staging ground before the great siege." The siege in question being when the forces loyal to King Thallor retook the throne o
  11. Tremayne grinned as he pointed a finger up in the air as a spark of electricity crackled out confirming Charlie's earlier guess as to how he moved his clothing about. "That was definitely static. Wouldn't do me any good to burn my clothes to a crisp with anything heavier. " He then tilted his head towards Luke, "I''m down to shoot some hoops . But, I guess I could give Soccer a try. Any game's pretty much an excuse to show of the powers around here. Or fancy footwork. Anyways as much of a hoot as your suggestion for talking bout hero worship, I'd much rather talk Football any day."
  12. The Spectacle Tabitha Hannigan's pair of duffel bags made an appearance at the stairwell well before she did. The steel skinned teen had made a habit of not stepping on an elevator if she could during her time in Claremont. And she was going to continue to avoid being surrounded by even more metal as she could. A gray hoodie that definitely did not match the weather outside covered her face as she made her way up the stairs. The loud thud of her boots echoing with the half step runs she took. "I reckon I should be as happy as a dead pig in sunshine that there's only four floors. Kno
  13. @Thevshi and @Dr Archeville I'm willing to continue this today if y'all are up for it. Sorry for the super long delay!
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