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  1. GM The crowd began whispering in hushed tones as people actually stepped forward to tell the robbers to stop. Four muscular women all snapped their heads in surprise from inside the bank as they were being taunted. Despite the complete lack of care they took into hiding their presence. People weren't exactly lining up to step in and stop crimes in Bedlam. The police sure weren't getting paid enough for this level of response time. Tilting into view one woman stepped forward. Their faces were all obscured by Balaclava ski masks. Their matching leather jacket and pants was equally masking in the dead of night. Even their dark combat boots didn't scream flashy. If it wasn't for the fact that they each had a grey shirt that had the words 'Con Furia' emblazoned on it, it'd be hard to identify them as members of the Los Furies. But here they were with their identification plastered across their chests. "Didn't you see the ATM. It's twenty four hour service." One of the robbers called out. A hockey stick pointed at the pair who had initially spoken. She walked out in a rather threatening manner before continuing. "How about you both go back home and sleep off this hella day. Or I'll make sure to nap ya real good." The sound of her boot crushing glass as she stepped out to smack her hockey stick over glass. The bank that they had broken into had a front facing curtain walling. At least at one point. But the entire wall, and not just the window pane but brick paneling and all, had been smashed open. The door was in shambles. And the bank vault had been dragged into the lobby in the small interval since the sounds of glass smashing could be heard. Sure the back window wasn't the most secure structure to begin with. But, as the other three robbers were armed with a crowbar, a steel chain, and a baseball bat. There was something about the scale of the damage that didn't add up. That was for those not as fortunate as Liam and Dead Head to instead have their senses bombarded by the sheer might of the magical presence this improvised weaponry was giving off.
  2. Hellhound Hellhound had heard the commotion. He had been suggesting to a dealer working for the Davalos family find a spot less convenient than Hardwick to sell his wares. Quite convincingly one would say the whole affair was going rather smashingly. That was until he heard actual smashing nearby. The dealer practically relieved himself as the bipedal man wolf took off on all fours towards the sound. From Óscar's perspective he was arrive on the scene. Which is how he liked to make a threatening entrance. What would have been a growl turned into a series of sputtering coughs as he tried to stop himself from expressing his surprise. There was an odor wafting through the air. He wasn't sure if it was the two taunting the four women inside the bank. The female robbers. The crowd circling around. Or maybe it was just taking to big of an inhale of that natural Bedlam smell. But, it was foul. It wasn't that Óscar couldn't speak while in his manwolf form. Heck, he could speak in his lupine form if he wanted. It just being a growling mass of fang and fury tended to carry a lot of weight in the conversation. But all that consideration for appearances had gone slightly out the window.
  3. Alrighty, before I forget to roll for nightmares Fatigue (Nightmares) Results 1d20: 8 [1d20=8]
  4. GM The Chilliarch gave a bit of a harumph sound. It wasn't clear if he was reacting to the idea that once upon a time the Lor did not have the military might it carried now. Or the question as to whether the mission's purpose was to be rescue or research. But the gruff Lor officer did not give much time for open contemplation before speaking. "Three probes were sent ahead of the exploratory vessels. One came back. The lookie-loos in the drone bay have been combing over the hunk of metal. It doesn't even have any recording data. Lot of good that looking at water and mud will do. Official mandate that the ships and any research material that may have been acquired during this voyage. No one can say if it will continue to be as stable long enough for a new leg of research. I couldn't give two blue suns whether the shipyard is a little lighter or not. But I do need a full personnel for the next regiment roll call. Take that as you will." It wasn't directly said. But Chilliarch Dettinson had made his position clear that he wouldn't care if the Lor's research efforts were a wash. His personal priority being the missing members of the Star Navy.
  5. I'm still good to go if y'all are now that my PC and external hard drive situation is completely sorted. Just checking if interest is still there! @Electra @Avenger Assembled @RocketLord
  6. I'm still good to go if y'all are now that my PC and external hard drive situation is completely sorted. Just checking if interest is still there! @angrydurf @Tiffany Korta @Thevshi
  7. @Kaede Kimura @RocketLord I'm still good to go if y'all are now that my PC and external hard drive situation is completely sorted
  8. Belated answer but I'm still good to go if y'all are now that my PC and external hard drive situation is completely sorted @Tiffany Korta@Kaede Kimura@RocketLord
  9. @Dr Archeville @Nerdzul @Tiffany Korta I have two working PCs and am good to keep going if y'all are (Also how is this the most recent Bedlam thread).
  10. She does indeed have the time! I'll even play with the rules a little. Instead of stunting for the low low price of that HP Rocket Lord, Ghost can essentially do the Aid on the task and I'll give the +5 circumstance bonus instead of the +3 that would've come from allowing a Power Check/taking 20 to be the basis of the Aid bringing that Arcane Lore total to 35!
  11. GM Foreshadow took a step back before the live water show occured in Gilles glass. Staying silent as both members of Vanguard and the 'former' criminal engaged. Before finally letting out a small chuckle. "Okay that's enough. As much as I would like to see how long it would take a one legged man to go down in a butt kicking contest. I assume being humiliated isn't why you asked for help" Gilles for his part was lividly patting his clothes. Mumbling to himself in French as he tried to dry himself. Before finally tossing his arms up in the air declaring a common French expression about pushing grandma into nettles. <"Tell those two not to exaggerate, Oui> I do need help"> The man returned to his stool this time keeping his attention plastered on the three. Ocassionally making childish faces as he spoke. "I come from the 93. Opportunities are limited and many fall into shall we say alternate means of employment. Parisians turn their nose at our problems and blame us for theirs. But lately the children..." As he pause and visibly began to think of how to continue, the older French man made no attempts to agitate either Mermaid or Shadowborne. But his eyes definitely lingered on them. "The youths are engaging in dangerous fights nowadays. They want to protect their banlieus from those who wish them harm. And have started a movement. But I worry they have become the enemy of the people. Violence has increased. And at the center is some miscreant who bats no eyes when someone is hurt or arrested in his name. Sevran alone had 3 fires caused by your fancy computer weapons." By fancy computer weapons, it was obvious that he meant Computronium weapons. An illegal arms market that has existed since the Communion attack still festers in Europe. And it was one of the known issues that often pulled Vanguard in to investigate.
  12. Jessie notices bits of a white powdery substance. Not a substantial amount. And it looks like Baking Soda or Salt, of which there is neither in the supply closet.
  13. Yes. Nothing that a roll will improve upon. But there is a mention of Kāmohoaliʻi in the Atlantean that the runes were inscribed with. The Runes are used as a sort of teleportation circle. Anchored from one location to another. While used by certain Atlantean nomadic sorcerers, this specific configuration has also been ascribed to common use by three groups known in magic circles. There's the deep a fanatic group of called "The Deep". They are a human cult dedicated to actually trying and flood the world and provide various human offerings to dark gods in the hopes of achieving their goal to "start anew." There's the Samebito, the Atlantean Sharkmen colony. And lastly, The Maw. A group created and inspired by Megalodon! Their ultimate goal is to become shark human hybrids like the famed villain and have learned various magicks with that goal. Even appealing to various Shark Gods! To date, none of their attempts have been successful.
  14. From the angle they're standing in both Ghost's X-Ray Vision and Sea Devil's Sonar are able to find runes inscribed in between the walls of the closet. Not visible if looking straight on the walls as they seemed to have been drawn or carved into the insulation itself. In fact they're so thinly made it had to have been done with precision as Ghost's X-Ray Vision will only catch any one rune when looking at it head on at any other angle from the walls they fit right in with the rest of the wall cavity. Knowledge Arcane Lore Roll DC15 to identify what the runes are meant to do DC20 to identify known magical associations who use such means DC25 to identify a means to activate the runes again (Not Safely) DC30 to identify a means to activate the runes again (Safely)
  15. Rebellion While watching the intermittent flow of traffic in and out of the parking garage, you notice that a large number of black SUVs have been coming in and out. They will park for a few minutes, and occasionally people will even leave the vehicle enter the main building. But like clockwork they are out in a set time frame. On close inspection you notice that they seem to be armored vehicles. The Dreamer You are within the line of sight of a lower rooftop and are able to spot three people with a pair of binoculars looking at the MarsTech building. They're too far out to get any clear details with that check. But, you can at least see them occasionally gesturing to the building.
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