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  1. "It can be at the prototype stage before you leave here today," Eira assured Danica grandly, "and finished before the end of the weekend." She stepped backwards and seemed ot merge into her body, the gynoid coming to life as her projected consciousness disappeared. She added with a snorting laugh to Ryder "Oh yes, I am sure you have no, heh heh, personal reasons for studying gravitics, I will say no more of it, yes? As for accidents, I am sure there is no risk of Danica doing that, especially not with the hover systems installed, yes>" She hmmed and fixed her gaze on the tortoise girl. "BTh
  2. Ashley tensed inside the costume. I don't care what Aggie says, I do not give off 'powerful bisexual energy'. That's not even a thing! Probably! Dammit is actual gaydar an actual superpower because that doesn't even make any sense. Wait, she didn't actually say anything outright; maybe she's just really flirty. And now they both caught me hesitating. Dammit! After a moment, she decided to play it the way she would have with one of Judy's friends. Well, assuming it wasn't one she felt allowed to curse out anyway. "That's...for off the clock," she finally said. "...and you're not m
  3. A time-traveler! How exciting! =D APPROVED
  4. "Putting on the costume doesn't put you above the law," said Ashley coldly. She lowered her stun spray but didn't put it away. Her eyes narrowed behind the helmet as she studied the card, and she decided to keep her own helmet on. She did not respond to the taunt about bodyguards, but she did find herself interposing between Luke and the new guy. "Okay. So you're a fed. Do you have a warrant to arrest this child?" She reached into her pocket and pulled out a phone. "Why don't I just call the assistant director and we can check your story, hm?" She pressed a button on her phone that would call
  5. Primitive. Weak. But so too have many places been. Eira walked into the middle of the room and raised her hands dramatically. "You may have this one for free, Doctor. After this, I have a price." She paced into the room until she found a promising-looking automaton, then claimed it as her own She smiled and powered her hands into the automaton before her, fingers disappearing into its metallic guts. As she made eye-contact with Frankenstein, music seemed to swell in her mind. "Now. Shall we begin?"
  6. "If they go in the water, Singularity and I will have surprises for them," Sea Devil predicted confidently. "We are very good in the water. And we are very good at getting big things to chase us." She rapped the butt end of her trident against the ground for emphasis, then added, "Do they live in the mountains all the time?" She looked around, doing a distinctly odd movement with her head and shoulders that suggested she wasn't actually swiveling her neck while doing so. "We do not know your land!" she added firmly. "We came here from a land called America! There was nothing about giants in th
  7. Suddenly the robot's head spun 240 degrees and glared at Ryder, its eyes glowing red, opening its mouth to give a distinct and eldritch hiss! Smirking, the holo-Eira added as she unfolded a simulation of her magnetic wings, "Hah!, yes, magnetics are the best. I can...scale down the engines I had designed for the Wing," she admitted, "to be more suitable for hovering." She demonstrated how they could be made to fit into the 'hubcaps' on the Segway, allowing it to hover a few inches off the ground and even travel over water. "Sooo," she added with a wink at Ryder, "you have been st
  8. Her name is Dethroner now? Bold choice. The truth was Ashley hadn't really followed much of the adventures of Young Freedom, having been a little busy with her own stuff senior year and then being far away from Freedom City when whatever weird crap had gone down at next year's graduation had happened. Geez, thank God I sat through Cosmology 202 again last year, or I'd have no idea what O'Cure was talking about at all. Ashley had been more focused on the important things back then, like bringing her father's killer to justice. O'Cure's not on the Liberty League, though, she's on th
  9. As Danica spoke, the holographic project of Eira gestured like a conductor mastering a symphony, altering the three-dimensional Segway at Danica's command. By the time she was done it still looked very much like a Segway, with a few differences. "The polymer plastic composition will reduce the weight by one-half while ensuring structural stability. Too low and you run the risk of wind damage," she added. "A more powerful engine will give you more power over rough terrain, as will all-terrain wheels..." She hesitated, then said, "Indoor hovering, Ryder, what do you think, magnetic or gravitic?"
  10. With a nod, Steve rose to his feet and left the room, making his way to the front door where the felinoid superhero awaited. He was in his uniform, the proud colors of HAX that were the most honorable colors he could wear beyond the costume Gina had made for him, and so was a little surprised when Copycat looked up at him and said "It's you." Having long since learned to distinguish wariness from hostility, Steve gave the usual response to the former, looking down at those big masked eyes. "...yes. Thank you for coming. They are waiting for you on the second floor."
  11. I can't believe this thing still fits me. Copycat's costume was not too different from the Raven's; a short, dark cape slicked down to avoid being a target for grabbing, an armored black bodysuit, gauntlets curled like claws, and the mask. The white Chesire-cat mask had looked elegant and sophisticated when Ashley was sixteen and now; studying herself in her motorcycle rearview mirror, she made a small unpleasant noise. She hadn't worn it, save for that one very interesting interlude in Louisiana a couple of summers ago, since high school. But duty called and she headed for the fr
  12. "Hm," said Frost. He considered that a moment, then extended his hand to Ghost. "Demonstrate the latter, if you please." His grip was deathly cold; not dangerously so, but the effect was as if Ghost had stuck his hand out and grabbed a tractor left outside in a Siberian winter.
  13. Aquaria hopped back into her Sea Devil armor, the metal closing smoothly around her. Then she extended her trident towards Ghost. "Take the blade by the hand," she told him. "But do not bleed on it." Doing so, the grip cool and damp and somehow smelling of fish, let Ghost hear the song of the universe, a deep and resonant throb that echoed infrasonically in his chest, with whispers of what lay below if only he paid attention - "Do not listen to what they tell you," she added firmly, "it will do terrible things to you. Give it your power and the song will hear you. Then we will go there."
  14. Sea Devil had kept her armor on, and her distance from the soldiers, at least until the New Zealand officers started explaining to them what was happening. Concealed in green and black armor that had obviously been recently painted with the New Zealand Ensign, she crouched and moved with a posture that didn't seem quite human, and her voice was a booming mechanical buzz that sounded artificial. "We will help you with your big monster problem," she spoke in a firm croak, "things that come from the mountains above should not be." She wondered if it would be weird to ask if the giants were food,
  15. A faint fuzz of activating holo-emitters, and then - "Ryder!" Smirking a little too brightly, the projection of Eira had appeared next to him on the opposite side from her robot body, hands folded behind her back, her blonde hair pulled in a neat ponytail behind her head. She'd changed outfits too, and was wearing a casual Karkaos shirt and jeans that would probably not have been appropriate lab gear if she had actually been wearing them. "Here I am." Turning back to Danica, she smiled and said in a carefully enunciated voice, "I am sorry you did not like
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