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  1. Lady Horus Drunk Dialing "Hey Set honey, baby, sugar-doll. I know, I know, I'm a little old to be drinking but it's my half-birthday and a girl's allowed to live a little on her half-birthday. I'm celebrating this one because on my actual birthday I am gonna be eighty-seven years old and that is just too goddamn old! It's fine, Nikki, honey, I'm just on the phone with Set! Yeah, I'll tell her you said hello. Nikki says hello, honey. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I was calling to talk to you because I am maybe a little plastered right now and I figured why not call up your be
  2. Okay, @RocketLord and @EternalPhoenix, give me opposed Stealth vs. Notice checks
  3. "Oh no," said Frost baldly, "My childhood home was in penguin's nest and my mother was polar bear, very different than this..." He raised the fireplace poker to Ghost in salute. "But yes, you have solved mystery. Here is test for you." He set the tip of the poker, point down, against the wooden floor. "Trolley problem. A man with great power has gone mad and threatens to kill two thousand, five hundred and thirty people. It is a terrible thing; a man who has once defended the people has become their enemy. You have all the necessary means to stop him but said means will certainly kill him. Wha
  4. Tou vs 25: 18 That's too much of a fail, so I'll let the automatons take that - it's what they're there for! Angelic: Switches to her Enhanced Flight + Damage array and tries to cut the Hooked Man so bad, he'll wish she didn't cut him so bad. She'll use her Move-By Action to stay out of his reach once she hits him. Moving Feint check: 28 Well assuming that leaves him flat-footed, let's get interesting Eira attacks! https://orokos.com/roll/898194 = 30, a crit! OK, that's a DC 30 Tou save for the Hooked Man. Eira will not stay in mele
  5. Watchdog will Interpose for Matt: I'll have her spend an HP on Ultimate Toughness, so she's bruised but otherwise unhurt. Watchdog Bluffs this joker too - DC 25 check vs being flat-footed. Then she shoots him! I'm just going to use her new sheet for ease of reference if I can. https://orokos.com/roll/898153 = 11 Gonna re roll that! https://orokos.com/roll/898154 = 25! Okay, that's a DC 27 Tou save for him if she got her Sneak Attack Bonus.
  6. May want to throw in a feature like Temporal Inertia to reflect being from another dimension. Or just Feature 1 (From Another Dimension) if that doesn't fit the concept. You should indicate what his skills look like outside of the armor, since they're enhanced so much by the Device.
  7. Robo-Anna: comes running out, mad as hell, and throws a punch at Sparkler! https://orokos.com/roll/897669 = 24 Okay, that hits! It has Autofire on the punch, so that hits at DC 27! Go ahead and roll, as you like.
  8. It is hanging open, as if a speedy robot just ran out without bothering to close it, blasting it open will blast it open all the way!
  9. Late June 2021 The Iceberg A dark, sleek dynamo at five foot three, Kalinda Kaur had moved through the AEGIS base with a bright smile and firm handshake. The Vice-President was known as a critic of law enforcement outside but inside she'd been nothing but professional, even friendly, as she'd met with everyone from Director Bonham to the lowest office drones. She was the sort of protectee that liked to bull ahead of her bodyguards without so much as a backwards look. Luckily they'd spent most of today down in one of the most secure sites in Freedom City. Special Agent Ashley T
  10. Terrifica and the second hero to bear the name of Archer had been investigating the leads given them by Richard and Paige Cline for months. It hadn't been an easy investigation; they'd been stonewalled at every turn, especially by the Swedish company that had taken all that Curator tech then supposedly lost it all in a major industrial accident that had also seriously wounded the company's founder. They'd been able to find some interesting information; while almost all of that technology had indeed been destroyed in Sweden, a small but significant portion had been taken back to Freedom City wh
  11. The robot went straight for Anna, moving with a blur of speed that moved almost faster than Raina could see. Her fist went straight for the old woman's face - but Anna jerked her head backwards, suddenly impossibly fast herself, and the blow hit nothing but air. "Better girls than you have tried, sweetie," taunted Anna before she zipped past the robot and grabbed Raina by the wrist. What happened next was hard to describe. It was as if suddenly the house went away for a moment or two and they were running together through a verdant spring meadow with no other signs of civilization; and then su
  12. Robo-Anna: 41 Regular Anna: 39 Winning initiative, Robo-Anna runs right up to her and hits her. 13 And misses! Anna grabs Raina by the wrist and uses Teleport 3 (300 ft) (Extra: Accurate, Affects Others, Flaw: Short-Range Only, PF: Turnabout) {10/10} to get them out on the lawn! Raina is up as soon as I post IC
  13. ""I tested with small clockwork machines. I found I could send into the future and then return. When I found I could not send them into the observed past, I took it as a sign the test should be run only into the future, I never imagined anything...so bizarre." Marcus made a small, frightened noise, running his hands through his shaggy red hair. "Aliens...timelines...multiverses..." He shook his head. "I used to imagine what a fine thing it would be to bring Socrates to the future and show him the wonders of the industrial age. Now I think he would simply be terrified at a world beyond his ken.
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