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  1. "Corinne's very nice," said Judy with a smile, "she just, um, likes to keep to herself sometimes." She studied Zenith for a moment, idly fidgeting with the cross around her neck, then went back to work. She knew that when her powers were active, Corinne wasn't the same person she usually was. "Empowerment alters the personality," grunted Ashley as she slid Gaian Knight's sword into place, saving Judy from having to continue a conversation she knew Judy found awkward. Judy didn't like to speak ill , especially of people who were right there in the room. "Happens sometimes." At least I don't have to give a damn, this time. "Hey, some people with powers aren't so bad," said Judy with a tolerant smile at her sister.
  2. "Okay." Watchdog closed her eyes behind her armor. Seventy-two hours before her mortality rate starts going up. And in a week, she'd be dead. "Here's what we need to do. Somewhere near here is a copy of the book. We need to find it and burn it. It's the only way to break the spell." And never mind how Watchdog knew how the book worked; she'd come up with something to explain before she let Judy's life be threatened. Team. You're part of a team. "If Pan and Dio take the statue, the rest of us can cover the land." She considered how to explain the situation to Leroy in particular, not wanting him to waste time with something she knew from personal experience wouldn't work. "Old book, old...everything." She made a little gesture all around, then to illustrate her point took off her helmet. Her face was set in a grimace that looked more serious than her usual dour look, her pink-tipped hair seeming wildly out of place. "That thing looked a hundred years old, maybe more. If it wasn't invented when the author wrote it, it's not going to work here. My gear is mostly junk." Nearby, the vessel drew up alongside the beach where the heroes were conferring - while the crew made busy furling sail and dropping anchor, a bearded man in a long purple robe (perhaps the captain?) shouted something towards the heroes in a language that (as it happened) only Leroy understood - Persian! "Greetings! From what land do you hail from?"
  3. Judy hummed Bon Jovi as Micah approached, then shook her head. She shot a tentative look at Ashley, who made a single cutting gesture with her hand - and with a nod, went back to work. "Ah must have overheard your name somewhere," she said to Astrid with a faint smile. "Hey, can Ah have that? I think it's the end of Fleur de Joie's hair...does she really have this much hair?" "Feels with it," grunted Ashley. "Doesn't like it cut." She'd taken in the new arrivals at a glance, weighing in the threat posted by a Zenith-active Corinne and an Oklahoma-connected Micah, then dismissed them. The surest way to be caught covering something was to be too quick to reach for a shovel. "Oh, my good Lord, really?" Judy's eyes widened as she tangled her fingers in her long brown hair obviously considering the strengths and weaknesses of such a power. "Well bless her heart. That poor woman." She glanced over at Micah and asked curiously, "What part is that?"
  4. "Hi Astrid," said Judy, smiling broadly at the other girl. She'd taken a while to warm up to the loud jock, but she wasn't so bad once you got to know her - even if she did have a crazy story about where she came from. But that was none of her business; after all, her story about how she'd gotten to Claremont was pretty crazy too - and that was whether or not you believed the lies or not. "Yeah, we've gotten pretty far, but there are still lots of pieces!" Judy had made tentative progress on her part of the puzzle, assembling parts of Fleur de Joie and the flower she'd rode in on. For her part, Ashley was doing a little better, gradually putting together the crowd of civilians watching the League show off their powers. She looked up at Astrid, grunted, and then went back to her work. Judy looked at Astrid, realized that she didn't know if the other girl had seen her embarrassing exit earlier that evening, then decided she didn't need to think about that until she knew she had to.
  5. Judy was crying and mortified by her crying - which of course didn't help the former at all. "I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared..." she was repeating, even as Ashley pulled her into a tight embrace. "We'll find a way out of this. We'll find a way out of this. I know you're scared but we have lots of time. We'll find a way out." Ashley helped Judy to her feet, then took something off her belt and turned it up. "Can you hear this?" "N-no," said Judy, her eyes wide. "It must have been broken when we landed," Ashley lied. "We'll get out of here." She took a moment to take stock of the situation, then belatedly turned to the others. "Wasn't your fault," Ashley made herself tell the worried Pan, "that damn book." She couldn't say more, not when it would mean discussing how Copycat had spent an agonizing weekend inside "Lament of A Soldier's Wife" before being rescued by the Raven ten years earlier. Meanwhile, the island, in the middle of a harbor by a ruined city, was rapidly being approached by a small, low-lying sailing ship that looked straight out of the 1001 Nights!
  6. Christ she can't be falling for that- "That sounds wonderful, Leroy," said Judy, blushing as she squeezed the boy's hand. "And Ah'm an excellent dancer," she told him confidently, which actually was true enough from what Ashley remembered. "We'll have a wonderful time." She was already thinking about the sadly contracted contents of her closet here at Claremont; all right, getting access to her fancy clothes from the White House was not going to work even if they had the time, but surely a run through Goodwill or some other place here could get them access to things she'd be caught dead in at an actual social occasion. Ashley didn't roll her eyes as Judy smiled at Leroy, she was too busy quietly cursing. Well all this had snuck up on her awfully fast! Leroy hadn't even been on her hazard list, which was probably why she hadn't minded Judy spending time with him. She'd played his desire for titles carefully, not wanting to support his ambitions but not wanting to alienate someone from Judy's peer group either - instead growling that she wasn't here "to make friends with a bunch of noobs" - but not actually turning down his proposals either. After all, if Leroy, Adam, and the rest were her friends, they'd be more likely to help her keep Judy safe. Momentarily at a loss for words, she just looked.
  7. And so it was that the evening found the three of them working on a big 1000 piece puzzle showing Fleur de Joie and the rest of the Freedom League Aux, right in the middle of the first floor common room. Judy was looking a little tired still from the hasty end to her evening meal (which she was pretty sure everyone had seen, as mortifying as that was to consider) but game for a game. "...ah thought dragons were bad when ah was a kid, but I guess between Leroy and Gaian Knight, there has to be some good ones out there. Ah don't really know much about strange creatures, but Ah guess some are good people." "Some," allowed Ashley, fitting another piece of Fleur's long green hair into place and thinking irrelevantly of being Copycat and watching Fleur from behind her goggles. "You can't be too careful with some people."
  8. "Judy needs to rest," Ashley started to say, but Judy piped up with, "Ah'll be around before lights out, ah just need to rest and turn on the radio." She smiled at Ashley, then at Danica, a confident smile that didn't quite match the beauty queen grin Danica had seen the girl flash at other people on campus. "Maybe we can, um, build a jigsaw puzzle or something." she said, blushing slightly as she fingered the cross she wore around her neck for a moment. She'd been about to suggest Mario Kart before she remembered people who didn't like jokes about themselves here.
  9. Eeeeeeeee Judy blushed when Leroy kissed her hand, a spontaneous smile appearing across her face. It wasn't like she'd never been kissed by a boy before, but something about this felt so perfect. And it's not like I'm missionary dating, she thought, since we talked about God before he kissed me. She blinked a few times, trying to think of what to say next - and then Ashley was sitting at the table with them. Her arms crossed across her chest, she scowled at Leroy, giving the dragon prince a thoroughly skeptical eye. "Um, well, Ah don't have it so bad," she allowed, "but thank you, Leroy, that means a lot." She took a moment to take a breath. "You'll know that voice when you know it. Not in the fire, not in the earthquake, but that still small voice you hear right here." She pointed to Leroy's chest, not quite touching. Ashley cleared her throat, but not too loudly.
  10. "Wow," said Judy, marveling a little at Danica's tale. "That is the craziest thing Ah've ever heard. You must have so many interesting stories!" Ashley tensed as she suddenly wondered if anyone had told this sweet, sheltered girl (which was clearly what she was, age or no) that Adrian Eldrich was dead and had been so for quite some time. Better ask about that later - and ask other people. "That's good," she said, her tone considerably softer than Ashley usually used with the Claremont students. "But now that she's up and around, I need to get Judy back to our room." They'd talk about the eating habits that had led to this afternoon's unfortunate events later - perhaps that was the running theme for the day. "Oh, Ah'll be fine," said Judy, "but, um, yeah, going back to bed does sound nice. Ah gotta fix my hair, and my makeup first, though," she said, taking advantage of the free space Danica had opened up to tend to herself in the nearby reflection. "You know, Danica, Ah heard there was a girl who graduated from here last year who has a special line of makeup for people with superpowers. Maybe we could order something from her." "We'd have to check it out first," said Ashley, gently but firmly with her sister. "You know the rules." Ashley and Judy bantered a little about how _Danica_ didn't have to follow the rules, so she could order anything she wanted to test it out.
  11. Affects Corporeal is an extra, not a PF - you'd need 6PP of that.
  12. APPROVED Apologies for the delay, @Tarrakhash Once @TheAbsurdist has a chance to look this over, you'll be good to go.
  13. "Oh, okay." Judy took a breath, then another. "Ah'm sorry, Danica, Ah didn't mean to embarrass you just now," she said apologetically, her voice a little shaky, "but all, um, this is just a little new to me. Ah'm still used to thinking about, you know, people who aren't like us." "Not nearly so many supers where we're from," said Ashley, which was true in and of itself. She was glad to see Jaycee up and around, and especially talking to another student. She said 'like us' - not 'like you.' That was good to hear too. "So how much do you remember about all that stuff?" Judy asked Danica, sounding more fascinated than alarmed now. "You're not in slow motion, so you must think as fast as anybody else..." "