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  1. "vas...oh, yes..." The zombie's head seemed to be losing focus on the conversation. "die Hexe...promised to bring us to these shores...if we pledged all for the Fatherland. All..." The head began at this point to sing "...Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze...Brüderlich zusammenhält....Von der Maas bis an die Memel...Von der Etsch bis an den Belt..." And it went on like that. Aquaria made a deep, disgusted noise at the back of her throat. Her eyes flicked around until she found a large plastic bucket that had been used in the fish processing earlier, which she then scooped up and placed dir
  2. Richard looked very interested in this bit of news, folding his hands and looking across the table at his son. "A girlfriend, eh? How does she feel about-" "Dad!" said Holly, giving her father a scandalized look. "Dickie!" said Anna firmly, a look of unaccountable relief on her face for a half-second. "Hah-hah!" said Bryant, waving cheerfully with his finger, "Daddy in trouble!" Richard gave an elaborate, long-suffering sigh, beset at every turn. "You see what it's like with you gone! This is why we need you and your ladyfriend to come visit
  3. Eira stared at the reflection of herself, reaching up to tug at the collar of her labcoat in a gesture that spoke more to the unconscious reflections of a body in a stored consciousness than any impulses of a mechanical mind. "...that is very effective," she said after a noticeable pause, a faint quaver in her voice. "I have committed it to my internal memory. I am...very flattered." She shifted uncomfortably for another moment, then abruptly turned, hiding the blush spreading on her pale cheeks. "Thank you for your assistance, Davyd," she said quickly, "your work was invaluable to this experi
  4. "I want to talk to them." Ashley looked in the rearview mirror, met Judy's eyes, and sighed softly. "Okay. Okay, give me a minute." She found a place to park the Dawg, neatly sliding it into a gas station's parking lot, and said, "Okay, here's the plan. Luke, you get out and try and find your friend." Watchdog was already getting dressed, putting her red helmet on and buttoning up her leather and denim outfit. "I'll hang back out of sight. Judy, come in under that awning if you can. Nobody can see us from above there. Everybody got it?" When they were ready, they let Luke out first
  5. "He did not flip him," said Sadler, sounding genuinely incensed. "He is-" He pointed to Irons, caught a look from Bonham, and said, "This man is one of the greatest heroes in the world, and the greatest hero in the history of AEGIS. He wouldn't be turned because Keres pushed a few buttons in his head. It must have been something mechanical." "That's enough, Barry!" said Bonham firmly, making a cutting motion in the air. "We did exchange fire with an assassin droid carrying a heavy handcannon. As for your reconstruction work, Keres is a shapeshifter with more blood on his hands tha
  6. Eira spoke with the intensity of a scientist relating her masterstroke - or a teenager with deep emotions as she looked Davyd in the eye. "Change yourself into your perception of me. Not this form standing before you but what you perceive as my identity. It will be useful in assessing my outward presentation." She folded her hands behind her back and watched him expectantly.
  7. Once they were in the car, Ashley took the opportunity to make a few phone calls, reaching out to Judy's detail and making sure they were in position to move out to the protest site. They kept a close eye on Cahill-related stuff in Freedom City anyway, so odds were good they had eyes on it anyway. Once they were on the road, she took the usual indirect route to get out there, the better to make sure nobody could follow them one way or another from Claremont to their destination. "Thank you for being so nice," Judy had told Luke in the car. "Ah know we don't really know each other,
  8. Watchdog and Daystar January 20, 2021 Inauguration Day Corinne's apartment New York City In stories, standing up to people who are hurting you always works. Maybe they turn out to be a big baby and run away crying, maybe you beat them up and that's the end of that chapter, or maybe you just win them over with your sweet words. But that's not always how it works in real life. And that's not how it worked when I told my parents I wasn't going to be their tool anymore. Judy wasn't entirely sure how it was Corinne was altering the nature of
  9. Tou vs 30 https://orokos.com/roll/870575 = 16 well okay it's unconscious!
  10. Eira made a dismissive noise that suggested a low opinion of that situation. "Micah is still in love with her, that poor fool," she opined. Moving to collect her tools, she said, "Pan says I am harsh but if someone will lie to you once, they will lie to you twice, and so on, and so on. She and that sister of hers made us look stupid." She put her hands on her hips and added, "Davyd, there is...one more thing you can do for me, yes? It will be difficult, but I will not be angry if you fail."
  11. Pan should go see what's causing the trouble - it sounds like it's the hanger deck back where you came! Bring Danica with you! =D
  12. It was, of course, a first-person perspective - Irons standing over Keres and pulling a cord out of his own arm which he then attached to the other robot's head. There was sounds of gunfire and small explosions not far away, but the dominant sound was the sound of a voice. Keres' voice. "Aren't you tired of this, Simmons? The same struggles year after year after year, and for what? A nation that thinks all cops are bastards, a greatest generation in its grave, superheroes who think you betrayed them, and an agency that put you in that decrepit old body because they fear what you could actually
  13. "You'll be fine, Ma," said Richard to his mother, giving her a reassuring shrug when he saw she was tense about it. He didn't know exactly what she was up to in Wisconsin these days, but he knew she did not want to go back to being on a fixed income. Especially since she might go back to the old line of work otherwise. "We all will. It's just a bum deal is all. And you're darn right about those lousy kids with their cellphones," he added, "just because it's cheaper they think that's all that matters." "Well...okay," said Holly, shifting in her seat. "As long as we'll be okay, tha
  14. They are definitely hiding something. Both men are under heavy emotional stress, and they are not telling you everything they know.
  15. Angelic joined Voltage upstairs with Agent Gonzalez, though she maintained an active radio link to Miss Americana's consciousness in the building. Her eyebrows were furrowed and her hands shoved firmly in her pockets when she wasn't needed to carry something. She looked every inch the teen intern rattled by the difficult events of the day. Upstairs she looked around at the wrecked gear - the fragments of Charibdrones, the burnt-out remnants of an automatic helicopter, and even as she powered up her internal workings to assist in loading what couldn't be teleported into freight carts, she sent
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