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  1. Oh thank you Jesus he didn't ask about my mom! thought Judy, who hadn't been looking forward to yet another lie. Maybe I shouldn't try to be his girlfriend, just his friend. This is just too stressful - and not very Christian! "Well I know the little library needs some Frank Peretti books," she said confidently "and maybe some history, like those books they based Hacksaw Ridge and Unbroken on. Ooh, you know," she said, taking a few steps so that she could actually look at Micah, "maybe we could buy those movies and watch 'em! Bring the whole gang!" There was a soft curse. Behind Judy, Micah could see Ashley looking out the window of the store, her face gone bone-white and hand resting on what looked like an over-stuffed equipment belt. ...and at the hour of death, amen, Ashley finished thinking because it was more satisfying than screaming inside her head. Do not engage! Do not engage! Do not engage the girl you know goddamned well is goddamned bulletproof! Okay, maybe swearing inside her head was helpful after all. Meanwhile, in the store, things were getting frosty. At the sudden display of superpowers, the man with binoculars had slid his hand in her jacket and stepped back, only to get a hard elbow in the side from one of the joggers. "It's okay!" called the blonde woman, "we're not robbing the place, Turtle Girl! Listen, this is just one big misunderstanding!" "I'm gonna be fired!" The clerk suddenly seemed to crumple before Danica's eyes, tears welling up on his face. "Because I failed my test! This was a secret shopping day and I failed, and now there's gonna be a superbattle and wreck the store, and I just..." He buried his face in his hands. "I just wanted to get an employee discount for my baby sister!" Binoculars guy had taken his hand out of his jacket but he didn't look happy about it. "You need to put the force field down, miss."
  2. Steve hung back as the duo left the elevator, aware that Miss Americana was in her element and that distractions were not called for. He was aware of Delta's reaction to Miss Americana (not an uncommon one) and found himself more wryly sympathetic than anything else. Miss Americana was indeed an attractive robot, and Delta was hardly the first man, or woman for that matter, to have quite that body language and tone of voice around her. Still, knowing that Miss Americana was just a robot, he found himself no more jealous than of the men who complimented Gina on her avatar in World of Warcraft. Having already discussed what he knew of Delta's case with Miss Americana, he opted not to speak about that."Good hands," he commented out loud, words that might have been directed to either of them as he headed after them into the complex.
  3. "...if thou speaks so plainly of violating ma'at, thou should be ready to pay the penalty for it," said Lady Horus frostily, Anna thinking of her father going on strike and the families eating thin afterwards. "With the speed of Shu, the offices of the petty scribes and clerics can be mine in a day, or less," she said, her words no brag but bold promise. Of course, that didn't solve the problem of who was going to go to the factory, did it? "I-ah, Ronin! Fairly met!" called the goddess, waving her ankh at that worthy's approach. "We plot the destruction of our foes and victory for our tongues." She pointed at the map, considering matters carefully, and said, "If Ronin and Dr. Thorne take the factory, and I and, ah, this fellow take the scribes, we can meet where trouble be found. My allies may aid us as necessary but I think this best dealt with among each other first."
  4. "Yeah," said Anna, setting down her cup and giving the boy a serious look. "About that. I been to a lot of places where the so-called heroes don't give a damn about the little people who get crushed under their feet. If yer gonna be with us, you can't do that. Now yer just a kid so I ain't mad, but we need to get you fixed up. When I get the chance, training drills with Lady Horus are going on your agenda." It was a bit more formal than he'd heard her speak, an echo of the stylings of the goddess. "Sounds like she's the only one strong as you around here, them that isn't a villain, anyway." She smirked at the last word.
  5. "Esperanza don't like anybody, honey," said Anna with the amused affection of the old for the young. "It's part of her charm." Up close she didn't sound like the Bedlam natives Chromium had heard; her accent was like something out of a Forties gangster film. "And you shouldn't go pryin' into people's backstories," she added gently. "People around here got a lotta stories, and they may not wanna share 'em with any joe off the street." She swirled a candy cane in her hot chocolate for a moment, then said, "You just make sure nobody tracks us down in here, and we'll call you square." She sipped the hot chocolate, looking out as grey skies began to disgorge yet another layer of snow. This far north, it snowed a lot. "This reminds me of when I was a girl, and it snowed all the time in towns like this. Kids used to go ice-skatin' on the river half the time."
  6. That got her a surprised look from the man behind the counter, as well as a distinct flicker from the 'customers' who had been standing by the window. "N-no," the man said truthfully, "but the store is, uh, about to close down for lunch," he lied, making a show of glancing down at the computerized counter he was standing behind. "I know it stinks," he said sympathetically, "but it's company policy to take breaks at, uh, 11. I have to take care of these people first," he offered as he reached behind the counter, "but I can give you a $25 gift card you can redeem online." As he spoke, the other 'customers' in the store were scooping up mismatched items from the counter in front of them and heading to the counter, shooting quick smiles Danica's way like it was perfectly normal for a Claire's to be full of customers who looked about twice Danica's apparent age.
  7. "Nay, tis but me this day. Nightingale lady is away on a matter of her own kind." Lady Horus studied the map, frowning. "I can cover all these points before Ra sleeps, but I am no detectioner." Sheesh that was not even real Old English! Anna thought, a thought that was hastily interrupted by Mr. Strix's sudden appearance by the refrigerator. She said a word that her helm helpfully translated for her as an Egyptian oath about incest, light flashing in her hands and her cheeks flushing as she declared, "Lo, is this entire dung-brained city overrun with the hungry dead!?" She looked around the office, following Strix's comments, and took in the situation fast. This was a friend of Thorne's and Thorne had always had good judgement in her eyes, and she certainly wasn't in any position to judge people taking in vampires and the like - not for any reasons. "...not that I judge the heroic dead." Which was actually a lie, given the number of dead heroes she despised, but that was a discussion for another time. "I was stricken in the air over the park, and it doth reach as far as Belcher...be there a center to this?"
  8. If I have time, Anna will use Quickness to take 20 (reflected by staring annoyedly off into space) - if not, I'll roll... " Random Integer Generator Here are your random numbers: 19 Timestamp: 2018-12-05 22:04:51 UTC " and get a 19 on the roll anyway! So that's either a 27 or a 28. Anna didn't make the Will save vs. the concealment, though!
  9. Chromium had his own way in the headquarters after that, leaving him free to explore the upper floors of the old college building despite the creaks and groans his heavy stride caused in some places. Several of the doors were locked and others held empty rooms filled with debris haphazardly swept into the corners, but in others he found a small camp kitchen, library, laboratory, and other resources that would at least make this a homey place to live. Circling back around, he found Anna Cline sitting reflectively by one of several boarded-up windows in the library, looking out reflectively at the snowed-over campus below. "Hey, sport," she said with a smile as she raised a cup of hot chocolate. "You like the place?" She was in a red and green Christmas sweater, and looking quite pleased with herself.
  10. "Both. They hide from what they do not understand - but they keep the people safe," she admitted begrudgingly. "I cannot bring this there," said Sea Devil unhappily. She explained what she meant by driving her trident into the ground, hard, its tines disappearing into the pavement with a faint crunch and pop of electric energy from her suit. "But they cannot keep me out," she said with great absurdness before leaping up into the air and over the top of the gate. She gave a short, quick bellow as she went, singing the counterpoint to the song of the wards so she could make her way through unscathed. On the other side, she ducked her head to the ground, then croaked triumphantly, "I can smell them! They have been here, with meat! A pig! Oh it is alive..." With Sea Devil on the other side for comparison, it could be clearly seen that the grass inside the compound was distinctly the wrong shade of color, a shade of lime green that was no natural grass's shade. - Reaching out his senses, Nick had the sensation of a wooden barrier beset by termites - the wards around this place did indeed still stand but they had been worried at and worried at over the course of some time, until a strong enough blow would send them tearing down. Even now something not far away was worrying away at those barriers, a slow, gradual pinprick of a ritual that for all its weak power was another chink in the complex's armor. He judged it to be near the center of the place, or what had been its center before all this began leaking out.
  11. With a soft sigh, Judy stepped into inspirational fiction where Micah couldn't see her face. I don't know most of what he was talking about! Ugh, I'm so stupid! She looked at the books before her, not quite seeing them, and then looked beyond - luckily the place was small enough that she could call out to him without making a scene. "Ah like Star Wars too," she said out loud, which certainly was true. "My mom..." she swallowed. "um, mah momma used to say it was a great way to show the redeeming power of good even for a secular audience."
  12. Steve looked levelly at Erik for a moment, then smiled slightly in return. "The words are as hard to hear as they are to say," he said with a nod. "But I have said them." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a jewelry box; snapping it open to reveal a band inlaid with diamonds. "The gems are buried in the metal so they will not catch while she works, and they are the gems of science, not raw earth and suffering." The ring certainly wasn't cheap, but Miss Americana could probably afford quite a bit more. "I also know," he added, "that privacy is key. There will be no public embarrassments. But beyond that...you are the friend I have who knows of these things - as a man does them." "Ladies can do them too," said Yolanda, an echo of a conversation that he knew had been had around his sister and her partner. "Right, tio?"