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  1. Ah, jeez, look at her go. "...the new place is nice," said Anna after a moment's hesitation. What did you think she was gonna do, just go for ya like a starving dog? "Yer always welcome there, y'know." She took a moment to refamiliarize herself with the foundry at top speed, the better to make sure there weren't any surprises (or sidekicks) lurking around. When she was back in the "living room" with Nicola, she ran her fingers through her hair and said, "I know things got awkward before, because Esperanza was around, and I didn't want no more untoward influences on my girl. She's got her GED now, you know? She's really gonna make something of herself once we take down you-know-who." She hesitated an instant, then decided she didn't want Hammer of Justice getting in the midst of all this. "...you been okay otherwise?"
  2. In retrospect, Riley remembered the next few minutes not in sequence but in a chain of impressions. He could link them together in his mind but if you asked, he'd have had a lot of trouble linking them together. Ripping off his shirt and tying off Robin's arm in the precious few seconds before Raina's spell stopped the bleeding. Raina's parents vanishing between one heartbeat and the next, his own keen senses the only reason he'd noticed anything at all. The eerie sound of a baby's wails as Matt approached. Putting his arm around Winifred Wei, because what else could you do but hold onto your friend when the world was falling apart? Lots of shouting from the corner where Woundmaker, Matt's dog, and Bowman were squaring off. Phantom in the air, sweating from the effort as she sealed off the barely-healed wound connecting this world with a dimension that never should have been. And his mother's voice, looking up at Phantom, recognizing her for what (if not who she was) like a ghost from the past - "You have to send me back." Riley jerked to his feet, hands still covered in blood, and for the first time since anyone had known him, declared, "What!?" "It has to be done," said his mother, looking up at Phantom. "If nobody goes back and tells them what happened, then those people Woundmaker was working for? The ones working on Ferals? They'll have the settlement. They'll have everything we...everything we built, all these years." She wiped her eyes with her hand, then said out loud, "None of you...you supers can do it! It's death for anybody else! And I...I don't belong here. I never did."
  3. "Mm," said Frost, keeping his eyes on the new Scarab and the young speedster both. "League is not too worried," he reassured them. "Am mostly here on own behalf." He slipped his hands into his pockets and commented, "Have met this group before, but that was forty-no, fifty years ago now, so whole new leadership these days." They had turned out to not be interested in Communist subversion at all, but instead in lots of sermonizing he had personally found rather tedious. Still, it didn't do to say that in front of so many nice people. "Generally harmless, after the arrests, of course."
  4. "Wait a minute!" Frost snapped his fingers. "That face! I know you, girl. Hah!" He raised his leg, slapped his thigh and said, "...we're going to need to revise our security protocols, but that is for later - what an afternoon this has been! All right, fellow, I was worried about you but after this you have my vote for emergency contact list." He beamed, looking a bit like a mother cat watching her kittens drink milk for the first time. "This is my new favorite of these things." He set down his cup, which was now solid coffee, and clapped Black Mamba on the shoulder.
  5. "Ah jeez, did I-" murmured Anna, before cutting herself off as she stepped inside. She made sure the door was firmly shut behind her, conscious of her heart beating rapidly in her chest as it closed. She wondered suddenly if Nicola could hear it. They hadn't spent a lot of time discussing their respective powers; back when they were still here. "Guess it is before ten. Hey listen, if this is a bad time, I can come back," she said, clutching a paper-wrapped package to her chest. "But I've been thinking about, uh, all the time you gave Espy'n me, letting us live in your place and all, and I wanted to give you something. You know, for yer trouble..." Inside the package was a book, a well-used hardback missing its dust jacket that said Babyloniaca of Iamblichus. "I read, uh, all the books in the library, and that was one of the better ones. Guy wrote about some interesting stuff." She squeezed Nicola's hand as she handed it over, maybe holding it a little longer than necessary. Inside the book was a bookmark, marking a section that read "And Berenice ruled as queen of Egypt, and took Mesopotamia for her bride." "Sooo," said Anna, having moved away while Nicola was looking inside the book. "You still...livin' here, huh? Saw what you did to those Yardie boys down by the shipyard; good work with that."
  6. While Goggles Erin went to work, occasionally sending Jessie outside to retrieve something from the large mech-suit she'd arrived in, other Erins arrived on the scene - after all, they all knew a distress call when they heard it. There was some muttering from the group as it became clear exactly who, or what, Erin was working on. It was, of all of them, the cowboy Wander who spoke up about this. "Wait a minute...you had this happen here too, didn't you? And in all of your other worlds?", she asked, seeming to be demanding something of the others. "Those blasted space robots came and they turned good people into those infernal machines! If she's one of them, maybe she's the one behind this! I bet they'd love a lot of robots like us across the cot-danged multiverse!" "That doesn't seem likely," opined the white-haired Erin. "Even on my world, the Curator's never had a particular grudge against me - and this was never his style anyway." "Still, we should at least come out with any other secrets," opined the Erin in blue and white. "Anyone else holding something back they'd like to share with the rest of the class?" A few chimed in at that, though most were confirming guesses Trevor and Erin had already made. The Erin in red ruled as queen of the 72nd Realm of Asmodai "but we'll have elections any day now, really,", the Erin in blue and white was part of Typhoon's personal bodyguard on Socotra, Aaron was "uh, definitely a guy," the Erin with the big eyes and greenish skin had been partially transformed during the Archevil attack (she spat on the ground at his name), Swander was just "trying to make some sense out of all this nonsense!" When the group fell silent, the Erin in red stopped and stared at the Erin who'd spoken first. " I think it's a little hypocritical of you to stay silent now, don't you think? Trust me - confession is good for the soul." "What in the goddamned hell are you talking about?" Everyone was getting tense now, with the partial exception of Goggles Erin, who was doing her best to stay focused on her work despite whatever intimate revelation she was about to make. "It's not mah fault!" she finally growled. "And it don't got nothin' to do with rippin' out hearts - not like this, anyway!" As Socotra-Erin snapped open her scimitar-tipped bat, the cowboy Erin finally said, "I ain't exactly a human being no more. But you ain't gonna stand there and judge me, cause you don't know what I goddamned went through on that trail." Her voice was a low growl; with a tone like Erin's when she was angry, but with a deeper rumble behind it. "I ain't never killed nobody that didn't deserve it, and if you girls wanna scrap about that, we'll scrap."
  7. Don't forget Defensive Roll is +2 Toughness per rank by our house rules. Immunity 1 (Elven Meditation; Immunity (Aging, Sleep, Thirst/Starvation) Flaws: Limited: Must meditate for an hour each day for it to work) 1 PP (Racial Skill) - this...doesn't seem right, mechanically? I'd say dig up 2 PP to boost that, or just put half rank on some of them.
  8. Ah, what changes did you make, @Avorez?
  9. Good luck, KD. So sorry to hear that.
  10. Summer 2018 Outside the foundry. Anna hesitated a moment before knocking, picked up her commlink, and spoke into it all of a sudden - "You ain't back there watchin' me go about my business, are ya?" After a moment's pause, her sidekick's voice came back, sounding amused. "Business?" "Ah...damn kids!" Anna muttered before she tucked the commlink back into the pocket of her black skirt and knocked on Nicola's front door. It had been a couple of months since Anna and Esperanza had permanently moved out of Nicola's headquarters, out to the facility at Belcher College that the two of them had renovated into a headquarters for Lady Horus and her sidekick Wadjet. They hadn't seen much of each other since. Anna shifted where she stood, running her hand up through her short blonde hair, and then knocked again.
  11. Frost froze for a moment, then turned back to his coffeemaker. The cup he turned around with was already gone lukewarm, its steaming heat having faded in his icy grip even as he turned around. He put the drink to his lips and felt it begin to chill, curious about Black Mamba's reaction. A deep game this American plays! But that must be a lie...mustn't it?
  12. "An excellent idea," said Frost. He looked at his two companions, doing the math in his head. "Well if we're doing огромный монстр, I am the smallest one of us which I suppose makes me the damsel in distress. So I run at the gates, shrieking like a woman about how the gigantic monsters have come for our souls, and while they are dealing with the madness I slip behind them and strike from the rear - but that may be too involved. What was your plan, Voin Zhenschina?"
  13. "Hm." Frost made no particular comment in response to Black Mamba's words at first, simply looking from him to the League staffer and back again to check mutual reactions. "I can provide some information along those lines." Immortality was not a condition he could personally recommend, but then no one ever really asked. "And your wife and children, they know your work?"