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  1. @RocketLord, give me a DC 27 Tou save vs what's about to happen. Everyone, roll for Initiative.
  2. Aquaria was expecting the lying song that came next but that made it no less unpleasant to hear. They followed the bloody trail through dark corridors lined with hideous statues of beings torn apart by a great clenching maw, until at last they came to a vast cavern where an obscene thing crouched atop a vast cyclopean throne, about it and echoing from the deep darkness the sounds and hooting of Deep Ones like a gigantic chorus, the thing itself the size of a small skyscraper when it stood, a monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face is a mass
  3. Angelik "That actress playing Wendy was obviously costumed to target steampunk fetishists," muttered Eira, who had enjoyed Pan's company and perhaps also that of her friends but had not seemed to enjoy the movie very much at all - though it was hard to feel too bad in Pan's company for too long when he was so thoroughly enjoying himself. "Deplorable people lusting after a past where they would be thoroughly lost," she added, before smirking at Pan and saying, "You must be glad you live in a place with computers and proper sanitation now, yes?" She looked up at the pirate ship and
  4. Paper: 28 Knieval: 13 Forever Boy: 13 Angelic: 10 Nightscale: 6 Okay, @Spacefurryis up first!
  5. Okay - Lady Horus is going to hold her action until Wadjet can Aid her; i.e., she'll hold her action until after Wadjet goes.
  6. Ashley made a long, rattling noise in the back of her throat that sounded like she was gargling salt water. "This is not a good time for the two of you to talk. I am sure there was a good reason why you are here and why your shirt disappeared just now," she added, "but we can talk about that another time." She shot Judy a look, the latter glancing somewhere past Micah's shoulder. "...all right, Ah guess that makes sense," she told Micah. "We'll talk tomorrow. Once you're...out of trouble?" she hazarded. He hadn't mentioned he would be. It wasn't hard to guess he was going to be.
  7. "You two are real sweet together. Ah'm happy for you. And Ah am sure a boy that sweet must have good parents, too, so Ah'm sure it'll go well. Look for a Bible when you're in their house," she said, "Ah bet you'll find one even though they're scientists." Judy bit her lip, shifted in her seat, and for a moment it looked like she was going to bring up Leroy before she said, "Ah really want Micah to ask me out," she said, her voice coming all in a rush. She blushed again and looked away, curling her finger in her hair.
  8. Knieval looked down at the shadowy hands grabbing for his ankles, dodging and weaving on his board but finding himself all tangled up in himself. "Woah-hoh! We've got ourselves some real party animals here!" He reached behind himself and pulled out a collapsible metal tube that blossomed into something that bore a striking resemblance to a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. He grinned and declared, "But if we're going to have a party, we'd better dance!" "Yes, I... will get the tourists! I can see them all well enough," Eira hissed, looking briefly annyoed that she hadn't been the
  9. The computer beeped, flashed, and began playing a tinny version of a theme song before the schoolteacher scuttled over and quickly turned off the sound with a gesture from a long, segmented finger. She shot the human-and-demihuman students a glare, then went back to tapping away at her own screen with at least a dozen of those long, segmented digits. Even with patchy English subtitles the Claremont students got the story of the brave Admiral Kraken - the hero who fought the Lor, the Grue, and the Communion all in the name of Freedom! and Adventure! Ashley looked deeply skeptical of the whole t
  10. Let's try! That hits! He actually rolled a 1 on his Reflex save, so take an HP and I'll just say he's entangled. IC post coming!
  11. Judy looked Micah in the eye, her hands tight on the windowsill before she asked softly, "Is that all you want, Micah Roebuck? Just to be friends?" She reached out to take his hand, her own grip almost fiery hot in his, and was pulling him closer to her window when - "The hell are you doing in our window?" demanded Ashley Smith from her position behind her sister, having awakened at some point in the fracas. Her bright pink hair was askew and her full-length plaid flannel pajamas were a far cry from the biker chick look she projected most of the time. "Good Lord!" sai
  12. It was at this moment that a new figure swung onto the scene - a fit, muscular-looking man riding an flying skateboard, his blond hair up in frosted tips, a tightly-fitting tanktop and jeans on with heavy shades covering his face. His skateboard roaring with fiery jets from its rear, the figure landed among them and declared, "What's up, duderinos!? This here's Captain Knievel and I'm here to par-tay!" Despite the man's appearance the crowd seemed alarmed, some fleeing, others backing off far off - with a few of those Pan had spotted looking thoroughly confused. "Luckily for me th
  13. "Ah think Ah tell you mah problems enough," said Judy thickly, scrubbing her hand over her eyes. "So how are you and Adam?" she asked. "Are the two of you...you know?" she asked, coloring slightly under her tan skin. "Do you think it's gonna get serious?"
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