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  1. Eira said something in fact several somethings in Swedish Ryder didn't quite follow but that didn't sound very happy. One thing he could tell is that he was being pulled back with some force, hard enough that he'd been pulled off his feet - but the pressure didn't seem to be doing anymore than annoying Eira, nor did being stuck up against the wall upside down. "I made that child cry." Her voice was shaking, no, staticky - like a radio operating through interference. "...I have little experience with small children." She was doing something down there, clicking her teeth?, that Ryder couldn't quite make out, and after a long hesitation said in that same staticky voice - "This may injure you - but it will get us free from this jävla magnet that should not have been stored near its power supply anyway. Would you rather wait for the adult, or would you rather get free on our own so we can save that child?" The security chief had not actually mentioned coming to their rescue - teenagers should have been able to get out of that, anyway. The security system seemed to be flickering again, probably from the interference Charlie was causing running through the walls - but Erin was reasonably sure he was in one of several offices on the opposite side of the hallway from where the teens were.
  2. Eira looked at Pan and made a noise like an bubbling teakettle. "Pfft!" She looked at him, looked away, then looked back, smiling with a shy look on her face. "You like me!" She said it the way she might describe the discovery of some hard-to-believe-but-thoroughly-welcomed scientific secret. Her body was very warm, much warmer than the fifteen-degree (in the local measurement) evening chill. "Good. Stay here with me for a while," she said, "and I will distract you." Inside the house, shortly after her teleport to the second story, Mia encountered Eira's mother. "Oh, ah, hello, Mia," she said distractedly, shooting a glance over the girl's shoulder at the room whose door Lulu had recently vacated. "Are you...having a good time?" Eira's father proved to be an equally good host downstairs. He was in the billiards room, pouring himself a glass of wine, when Micah and the others started drifting in. "Ah, hello," he said, a little distracted himself, "may I pour you a glass, or would you prefer soft drinks?" he asked with a nod towards the refrigerator. "You're in a civilized country now."
  3. Eira was shifting back and forth in her seat as Danica talked, a look of unusual unease on her pale face. "I would not have revealed her," she finally said, sounding uncomfortable. "It is not anyone's business if she lives as an organic." She said that last, looking at the other two, with some force. "But there is the mystery of the animals." She looked out the window, then said, "I think we should make the meeting, and we should tell her that we know." She began cracking the knuckles on her hands as she talked, clunk-clunk-clunk. "No more secrets."
  4. Outside, the aftermath of the storm meant that it was objectively rather chilly - and everything was still wet. Once they were past the hedges, though, Eira didn't seem to mind, insinuating her arm around Pan's as they walked through what turned out to be an actual hedge maze, her body warm where she leaned against him. "...I would say we cut our way through," she said, switching to Swedish as they went, "but they would just make the gardener fix it anyway." She smirked at Pan, then stepped back to pose next to a flowering bush of uncertain provenance, her pale blue eyes wide in the dark. They weren't in total darkness out here even with the sun setting, the sky was still purple and only a few stars out. And there were security lights too, enough that no one would actually faceplant into the leafy walls around them. "Do you like the sights?" She spread her arms wide. Just as she had told him months earlier, she was indeed wonderfully made. "You can find all sorts of things in the hedge if you look closely enough."
  5. Eira gave the hologram a mistrustful look, then seemed to decide that Ryder's engagement with Erin was the better part of valor. "We almost have him." And indeed, they almost did. Charles reappeared, half-obscured by the shelves on the rear wall. "I sorry," he said worriedly, small hands with still visible pink fingernails under his mouth. "I wanna be good. I like choc'olate." He stepped forward, his body partially phasing through the equipment nearby. And then the lights flickered on and off in the shelving he was passing, and Eira's eyes went wide with alarm. "Argh!" she called in surprise as lights lit up around a big metal disc mounted to the far wall, pulling her off her feet before she could react, across the room, and pinning her to the wall upside-down like a stuck fly, equipment crashing from her sudden fall. "Jag hatar magneter!" she declared loudly, pinioned with her head against the ground and her legs in the air. Upside-down, her labcoat flopped down over her torso and her hair went wild, suddenly limp as it dangled below her. With all the loud noise and sudden movement, Charlie's eyes popped big and he declared on the verge of tears, "Oh I'm in bad trouble now!" before turning and running away through the far wall!
  6. The blast blew Doc Otaku back against the wall - and with a sudden sound of rivets clanking, the armor fell away from a thoroughly confused Solo Takashi, who coughed and spluttered as the water soaked and bruised him like a firehose - despite the fact that this was a hologram of the real man. "That's not-that's not fair!" he cried when he managed to stagger to his feet, pointing a holographic accusing finger at Mette. "You cheated! You made my armor fall apart!" "Maybe that was just your shoddy design," said the announcer, reappearing with a smile on her face. The crowd was cheering now, money changing hands and Mette's name being chanted, Miurne seemingly fully ignored by the cyborgs and humans in the audience despite her superpowered transformation. "What do you think, citizens of Rurland, are we finished with the Main Event today?" The crowd cheered that they were, and Takashi put his hand to his forehead. "Wait, this...this happened before..." "I think our champion's attention has turned elsewhere," said the announcer, "so I'll handle this one myself." And then she turned to Takashi, her face changing, fading from a tall, angular woman of African descent to a slim, pretty Asian girl in a sailor suit, her eyes wide and teeth pulled back in a smile. "You remember me now, don't you, Otaku-san?" "No!" Takashi was panicking now, running for the edge of the ampitheater, but with a gesture the announcer pulled him back to the center of the room. "Not again!" "Yes. Again." And then she pulled him apart. There was no other word for it; with a final shout, the holographic projection came apart as if he'd been turned suddenly into an exploded, high-resolution anatomical drawing; his eyes still wide - and then he vanished, twitching. With a smirk, the announcer resumed her original appearance, turning back to the heroes with her hands folded behind her back.
  7. Tou vs 27 https://orokos.com/roll/823296 = 16! Okay, staggered again, so he is knocked out and Mette is the winner.
  8. Eira flinched visibly - and closed the door loudly enough that the sound echoed through the house, withdrawing her dataspike from the lock with a faintly audible click. She stared at Lulu and said frostily, "Fixing my family will not give you yours." She looked at Lulu - then couldn't hold it, looking away as her own face fell. When that was done, she turned on one heel and stalked down the hallway to the stairs. Her boots went clomp-clomp on the steps as she walked down to the first level, Mia's teleport echoing behind her as she appeared on the second floor. When she was downstairs Eira's face was set in a scowl, her hands shoved in her pockets as she walked past her father outside his study with a growl of "Not now!" before she found Pan and Micah outside in the back. Once there she walked right up to Pan without bothering to pose in her new outfit and stood on tiptoe just long enough to pull him down for a long, firm kiss right in front of Micah. She definitely still had her tongue-stud in as she released Pan. "Come along," she told him with a smile, "I have not shown you all the sights yet." She smirked at Micah as she started to lead Pan towards the hedgerow. "Maybe Mia and Lulu will be up for a game of pool, yes?"
  9. After a moment's consideration, Eira led the way inside the room's front entrance, looking skeptically at the flickering lights, some of which were inside the shelving units themselves (and had no visible source) rather than the overhead lights themselves. There were several 'corridors' inside the big storage room, each of them indifferently lit. "His passage must have disrupted the electromagnetic frequencies inside the equipment," she said, the prospect seeming to fill her with real unease. "Be wary of discharge. And no, do not touch anything. Chaaarlie," she called uncertainly, "come out and we will give you chocolate." She sounded as if she was making it up as she went along. If Charlie was out there in the storage corridors somewhere, he did not seem impressed.
  10. https://orokos.com/roll/822437 = he fails the save Tou vs 27 https://orokos.com/roll/822438 = 29! Ooh he's a tricky one though! Go ahead and make that IC post.
  11. "Oh, you'd like to see, would you?! Well I'll show you." Eira led the way down the hall to a small door by the window at the end of the hall, an entrance that looked more fit for a closet than anything else. She didn't even bother trying the knob, instead she thrust her hand forward and her dataspike buried itself in the old-fashioned keyhole. With a single loud click, the door slid open. Eira muttered a curse as it did so, revealing a room full of something Lulu realized she had never seen before. It was a room adorned with pictures of Eira's parents with a baby, a toddler, a little girl with a bright smile and big blue eyes as pale as the sea. Some of them were of Eira at play, but many of them were smiles in hospital rooms with a little girl who looked sicker and more bandaged in every one. In the middle of the uncarpeted room was a single ornate couch and a wooden table, topped with a black, utilitarian urn polished to a mirror image. Glaring at Lulu with what she took as triumph before her, Eira hissed, "This is the room where they come to mourn their dead daughter."
  12. "They are not inventors," said Eira disgustedly. "They barely know anything about science. They have MBAs. They would not have the first idea how to injure me - and if they tried, I have friends who would stop them." She hit the wall, producing a distinct thump from the room next door, then said, frowning, "They preferred the sick little girl they could control, not a woman who could think and act for herself. They tried to hide this from me, but I found it. When I told them what I thought of that, they sent me to Claremont." She advanced on Lulu, then suddenly jabbed the mattress. "I have not slept in almost ten years, and yet they put this in here, because it is what a normal girl would have." She straightened up, and added confidently, "I will show them what a normal girl can do. I am eighteen now, yes? I can do what I want."
  13. Eira's smile curdled like sour milk. "...why did they send me away to Claremont? They did it because the girl they made is dead and they fear the changeling machine left in her place." She held up her hand, where nail polish glittered iridescently in the dark, and hissed in a low whisper. "They pretend they do not think so, because it is not mannered to admit that you fear and are disgusted by your own child. But I am not stupid. I know the truth." She closed her hand and slid it too casually into her pockets, meeting Lulu's eyes levelly as she asked, "Just as you know the truth about yours, yes?"
  14. "Yes. I need your advice." Eira was inside her room with most of the lights off, eyeing herself critically in front of a full-length mirror. When she turned back to Lulu, she was dressed - well, somewhat differently than she had been before. Eira was still wearing her leather jacket and jeans (though they seemed to be riding lower than Lulu remembered) but she'd pulled up her black t-shirt and tied it off above her navel, turning it into something closer to a halter-top. It wasn't exactly summer at Ibizia wear but it was certainly considerably more flirtatious than Eira typically wore around the room at Claremont. Lulu had never actually seen that Eira's navel was pierced too. "What do you think?" she asked, a faint smirk on her face. Her lipstick glowed faintly in the semi-darkness of her unlit room, a shade of blue and gold that shimmered like it was under a blacklight. "I am going to walk downstairs and show Pan the garden."
  15. The occupants of the bar will let her run! What do the rest of you do about it?
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