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  1. "That information is in the public school record," Eira told her seriously when pressed about the coins. "It was not difficult to find." When Astrid turned the conversation to her, she gave the other girl a flat stare. "Something, yes." An unblinking look, and then "My group will be fine without me. Come?" She led the way outside, heading out away from the common room and out onto the quad, away from prying eyes and ears. Once there, she said quietly, "That may work with Americans, but we are both Nordic and I am a Katastroff. If Thor had returned, or even made regular visits, I would have heard about it." She said the last with steel-hard certainty in her voice. "I don't care what your origins are, but you should tell me the truth. I am not stupid."
  2. Eira focused her attention on Astrid, her big blue eyes briefly unfocusing - and when she concentrated again, she seemed to be annoyed by something. Her Swedish was decidedly posh - the sort Astrid might have expected to hear from somebody attending an elite boarding school. It didn't exactly match the outfit, anyway. "Eira Katastroff Natt och Dag," she said automatically, her face lighting up a little at the sight of someone else speaking her language. "Yes, it is nonsense," she agreed. "Everyone not from their country is from some sort of theme park. Every Nordic person must have Viking blood, every Asian must be a martial artist, and so on.." She looked Astrid up and down, eyes unfocusing again, and then an eyebrow raised as she asked bluntly. "You don't mind them thinking it, though, do you? Where did your family get the gold to pay for your admission?"
  3. Ash shot a glance at Micah, who for the moment still seemed occupied by the movie, or maybe by the way Judy was running her fingers through Leroy's hair, and who would have no reason to know why Mia was apologizing to her. "That's...fine," she said after a moment. "You were mad, you had a right to be mad." She looked Mia in the eye and said in a soft whisper, "Don't feel like you have to apologize when somebody hurts you and you feel bad about it, okay?" She put her hand on the girl's shoulder and said, "But thank. I'm glad you're okay."
  4. Eira looked at Abby, blinking in what looked like surprise. "Oh! Abigail. I am sorry," she said apologetically, a smile crossing her typically dour expression. "Kimber described you to me but I didn't make the connection. Yes, this is my new body," she added with a glance down at herself. "I am going to take it to the castle this weekend. " She looked at where the three flames crown burned on the witch-girl's head and asked cautiously, "So do they know..?" She caught herself before she could finish, looking from Abby to the rest of the group with a slight color in her cheeks.
  5. Sensitive to her boyfriend's needs, Judy put her hands on the back of Leroy's neck and began firmly massaging it, squeezing at the places where she knew tension built up. Her hands were very warm, she knew, and Leroy usually liked that about her. "Oh Ah don't know," she said easily, "some of the stories from Greek and Roman legend are based on the truth, so they were sort of like heroes. And you've got the Apostles and the first evangelists, doing justice by dark to save a world that feared and hated them. That's kind of like being a superhero." She smiled at Leroy, her eyes shining in the dark like a cat's. Her arms folded where she leaned against a pillar, Ashley shot a questioning look down at Mia.
  6. January 2020 History Study Group "This text is nonsense," said Eira flatly, setting down their European history book and looking at the other students she'd been assigned to work with bored contempt reflected in her wide blue eyes. "Two thousand years of Scandanavian history and they are obsessed with three hundred years of Vikings. Dum," she pronounced in Swedish with authority. "If you actually want to learn about Nordic history, you should do your own research."
  7. Eventually the machine was done and had processed its first batch of nut milk - a vanilla flavor of a few ounces that their teacher approved and that Eira nodded as she ate, looking to Elizabeth for her approval. "If you come to my room tonight," she whispered once she'd tried the ice cream, "I can give you the receiver." She pulled back her blue hair to point to a spot on her skull behind her pierced ears. "If I put it there, you will be able to hear the music - but no one else."
  8. "Yes, the Danger heirs. I am familiar with them." Eira turned away from her work and fixed her gaze on Lulu. "What is there to do here?" she asked. "That is not sitting in ridiculous classes."
  9. Eira's eyes briefly unfocused before she zeroed them in on Davyd again, this time looking him in the eye. "Aerial reconnaissance during the initial phase. Evacuation coordination in the second. Engagement during the third." She looked down and studied her green-painted nails, adding, "Who else can fly?"
  10. Eira smiled sourly and popped her neck, the movement reactivating her exterior disguise. It was a bit like watching a sand table being constructed all at once, the way her metallic exterior shifted at the surface, first turning the color of her skin and hair, then extending outward to fill the clothing she'd been wearing that had hung so loosely on her robotic body. "...all right then." She shot a look at Mia, her eyes blue again, that suggested their particular difference wasn't over, before she said, "Who leads the team?"
  11. "I have a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Stockholm. I graduated last year," said Eira cooly, without turning her head from the silvered screen where it looked like she was staring blankly. She hesitated, then spoke in a softer tone. "I have not decided yet where I want my career to go, but I plan to work in cybernetics like Miss Americana." She paused again, then said softly, "You probably wanted a normal high school girl to be in your room this year. I am sorry about this."
  12. Computers DC 30 (DC 20 with access to Archetech records): Eira is not simply a full-body cyborg or an AI - she represents one of the first known examples of a full-on human mind placed into a robot body. Gather Info DC 10 (for Claremont characters): Eira is that cyborg? robot? with the attitude problem. Wicked smart, though! DC 25 (DC 15 for Scandanavian characters): The robotic heroine Angelik has been active on and off for the last year and a half or so across Europe. She doesn't seem to actually have angel powers - but who's asking. DC 25 (DC 15 for Scandanavian characters): Eira Katastroff is the daughter of a very old Swedish noble family. She is widely known to have recovered from chronic illness as a child, and speaks often at events on behalf of cybernetic life. Knowledge (Cosmology) DC 30: Angelic has been known to operate in Lor space - at least on CoVic Station and points immediately around it. Knowledge (Physical Sciences) DC 25 (DC 20 with access to Freedom League records): those spikes that Angelic uses for digital interface are computronium - the super-complex matter used by, among other things, the Communion. Medicine DC 30 (DC 20 with access to Archetech records): Eira is not simply a full-body cyborg or an AI - she represents one of the first known examples of a full-on human mind placed into a robot body.
  13. Her blue eyes wide, Eira stared unblinkingly at Mia as Leroy and Davyd spoke, finally turning to address not his patriotic face but his fingers. "Don't you know, it's not polite to point?" she asked sharply. She looked from one face to the other among her squad, running her left thumb along a scar at the top of her right knuckles. "The last time I told someone what I wanted, they sent me here to learn how to be normal.'" she said acidly, spitting out the last few words like so much venom, "But if I was a normal girl, I would not be here." With that, she began a remarkable metamorphosis of her own. First her skin seemed to compact, collapsing against her body and turning a distinct shade of silver. Then her hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes seemed to dissolve to dust, just before her clothes did the same. As her blue eyes shifted from blue to a brilliant, featureless white, the robotic teenager folded her jointed fingers before her and watched the others, their faces reflected in her smooth, silvery skin.
  14. Surprise to Dalekos! Okay, it's initiative time for those of us on the roof! Dok, take an HP. Go ahead and post - people inside the temple, you can't really hear what's going on thanks to the noise inside and the temple's thick, sound-proof walls (Deep Ones hear so well they have to build it that way!) but you can roll DC 25 to tell there's a ruckus out there.
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