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  1. Well robot man so don't use Fort saves. Maybe some kind of EMP? Magnets? Electricity?
  2. Does he have Precise Shot to avoid hitting Patriot II who's in melee with the guy? It's great if he doesn't, let me know!
  3. "That's my boy!" said Fast-Forward, beaming with pride. He'd already changed for battle, though of course in his case that didn't involve much of a change in his wardrobe other than unzipping his jacket and running his hands through his hair. He clapped his son on his back, glanced over at the second Archer to realize he wasn't being addressed as "old man", winked at his wife, then went into action. "Hey Talos!" he called as he ran below, sketching out an arcane pattern with his feet that looked like an X and a half as big around as a small house, then gave it a long tail that ran right up to where the giant robot was hovering. "Sorry buddy but we've already got enough star power here!" He had his mystic text out and was reading from it, sketching out the symbol of the star Sirius underneath the robot's feet faster than the robot could strike back. Richard didn't usually get a chance to use the more offensive mystic powers he'd been practicing over the last few years, not when most super-battles were in the midst of crowded cities, but the big parking lot here and Talos obligingly entering so high above gave him a golden chance. Sure enough, a moment after he cast the spell a flash of searing white light came tearing out of the clear blue sky and caught Talos right in the middle of it, melting the pavement beneath it from the intense heat! Richard smirked as the dust cleared and everyone's vision returned; then stopped smirking as he caught sight of Talos, looking only slightly the worse for wear, floating there in the sky above them. Well, $(#$, he thought over the family commlink.
  4. Everyone who got more than 25 on their Sense Motive: This seems - a little odd for Talos? Doesn't really fit his recent plans or his usual MO; but he's been around a long time and he's done a lot of different things, so maybe...?
  5. Fast-Forward: 33 Terrifica: 28 Archer II: 25 Thoughtspeed: 24 Hologram: 19 Talos: 12 Richard does not actually get to use his Theurgy against flying opponents much! Let's go with the burning light of Sirius here. The DC to hit his target is 22; said target's Tou is 18. Attack vs: 22: 14 https://orokos.com/roll/913888: 28 with the HP. Okay, he has spent the one HP he has by default (that's speedsters for you!). That's a DC 31 Tou save for Talos. https://orokos.com/roll/913889 = 19 well, that - seems anticlimactic! Let's say that's a bruise for Talos, and Richard gets his HP back. @EternalPhoenix, Terrifica will be up as soon as I post IC.
  6. Neko cocked her head as she looked at the posters, shifting where she sat on the floor. "I know that one!" she said after a moment, pointing at the Van Gogh picture. "That is...Van Gogh?" She nodded in satisfaction, pleased that there was something familiar about this most unfamiliar place. "They put me in, um, the third year, because of my age, but I might have to...um, go back to second year. I have to take special classes for English, and for technology. I don't know anything about that." She looked down at Magenta and commented <No offense, little robot friend, but you might as well be magic for all I understand you. No that's not right, if you were magic, then I could figure you out easily! You might as well just be from the Moon.> Looking back up at Danica, she said, "I spend weekends and American holidays at a dojo in the city. Where people fight. With Owain, my friend." Maybe the only one you'll have, little cat. She folded her hands on her lap and peered at Danica's shell specifically. "You keep things in there?"
  7. Neko listened intently, staring at Danica with her big yellow eyes while her ears swiveled on her head to point right at her. She appreciated the slow way the other girl spoke. "A woman scientist? That is very - brave. The tortoise god must have chosen her for that," she said with a satisfied nod. There are much stranger things than the daughter of a kami, she thought. It's a good thing she's so kind. The school was right to put me with her. "I am from Japan, from Iya Valley." She was glad, suddenly, that Danica hadn't asked her about the ears and tail that marked her ancestry. Those parts of her body had been something she'd taken for granted as a little girl, since everyone else in her village had them, but in the outside world she had quickly come to understand how they marked her as different. "It is very small, very small towns, with very many big mountains, and everyone like me in our town." Her ears twitched at that, having moved back up to stand straight on her head. "Not like here, no, not the same. So I do not see...other places until I am older." A look of frustration crossed her face, and she looked away, gathering her words, before she looked back at Danica. "I like...singing, and telling stories, and playing games, but that is hard because English is hard. In school, we never...not any of that, it was bad." She waved her hand and shook her head, tail lashing behind her. "I read it okay but speaking English is hard." She sat down on the floor, folding her legs underneath her, and reached over to skritch Magenta as she would a kitten. "I came here with Owain, my friend from Britain. He was, um, a knight for Arthur. He is on the first floor with the boys. He taught me some English." She hesitated a moment, then said, "I...have bad dreams, but they will not hurt you. See?" She demonstrated by making arcane, twisting gestures in the air with her hands, summoning a shadowy-black, paper-thin figure of an old-fashioned samurai about as tall as Magenta. The little samurai ran up to Danica, poked her with its tiny blade, and promptly vanished in a slight puff of smoke. She gave Danica a worried look as it did.
  8. The Supercrime! crew moved fast; of course it helped that Richard could lend his speed to the others as they bolted out for freedom, the alarm ringing lustily as the rest of the building began to evacuate too. And just in time. Outside, there was a supersonic crack in the sky as something appeared above them so fast it had broken the sound barrier arriving. Hovering above the parking lot of the small office park was a giant figure cast in copper, a man-shaped machine as large as a small car, his eyes glowing a brilliant red. And indeed he was a he, an instantly-recognizable figure to heroes and civilians alike as people ran for cover. TALOS - the metal master of Rurland - had broken his long exile to his own nation, but for what purpose? "FOOLISH FLESHLINGS!" Talos declared, laughing wickedly as power crackled around his hands, black energy terribly dark against a brilliant red around his gigantic hands. "YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ME? MY SECRETS ARE NOT FOR THE MINDS OF PUNY FLESHY ONES! ALL WILL DIE - IN THE NAME OF TALOS!" And then he fired a blast of energy over their heads, directly at the office building they'd all just recently abandoned. There was the noise of impact, and suddenly the building erupted in a nearly silent, glowing fireball that transformed it in an instant into a blazing inferno! The battle, it seemed, was on. "Oh for $(($'s sake," Richard was heard to distinctly say out loud. "I _hate crazy robots_."
  9. "Okay," said Neko after a moment's pause to take in this new information. So she is not the gadgeteer. At least I didn't ask her to show me her tools, or whatever it is she keeps inside her shell. "I do not know about - machines," she said as they headed inside their room. "Where I am from is very different. The machines were not like that. But Magenta is very cute." She smiled at the little bug as she sat her bag down on her side of the room. She hadn't yet admitted to being an enemy from decades in the past, and so far that omission was just fine by her. Neko's side of the room was noticeably bare of anything save the desk and chair where she'd be working, and she took a moment to remove some things from her duffel - The Tale of Heike in Japanese and English, a few small porcelain statues that she set on the desk, and some spare clothes that she went to hang up on the closet in her side of the room. I will put the tortoise here too; why not? That closet was full with a carefully-wrapped futon, which she obviously expected as she hung up her clothes. Occasionally she seemed to pause and look somewhere into space as she went about her work, occasionally singing softly to herself in Japanese as her tail twitched behind her. Ah, so that boy is Ryder! And that girl upstairs, did she speak Japanese? She actually smiled at that thought before she turned back to Danica. "How did you get mino, um, tortoise spirit?" she asked, making a gesture behind her that roughly mimicked a shell. "Your parents?"
  10. The cat seemed to settle down when Naomi became visible, looking at her curiously and sniffing the air in her direction. When a crowd of faces formed, it settled back on its haunches and began grooming its front paws with feline insolence. It shifted around, looking for a space between the people, and then abruptly vanished from view. There was no sound and hardly anything to the transition, save for the faint curl of fishy smoke that arose from where it had been.
  11. Meanwhile, something else entirely was happening up near the castle roof. The figure that swooped down low over the castle rooftops came in slowly, crackling with invisible energies that were familiar to the castle's sensors - magnetic, powered by a powerful internal battery. When Eira landed in the upper courtyard flying visitors to the DuTemps Castle sometimes used, she put her hands on her hips and smiled. She looked older than when anyone had last seen her by a solid decade, a woman in her mid-twenties rather than a girl of sixteen. Her short blonde hair and her blue eyes were perfect, if she did say so herself (and she did), a careful balance between her own preferences and perfectly calculated aesthetics. Her muscular form was hugged tightly by a blue and yellow outfit with a large S across the chest and a flowing golden cape behind her. Her skirt reached her knees, the shorts she wore underneath quite a bit shorter. "Tantes!" she called with cheerful anticipation as she carried out a conversation with Bluebird that was invisible to any human senses. "I am here early!"
  12. Neko looked down at Magenta, her yellow eyes open and pupils narrowed. Her ears forward, she bent down and peered curiously at the little robot. "It is - a machine?" she asked, sniffing her small, upturned noise. After a moment, she smiled and tilted her head, showing slightly pointed front teeth. "Ohayo! It is very small!" She looked up at Danica and asked, "Is he yours, like the scooter?" Ah well, she thought, if the future must be full of mechanical wonders I do not understand, at least some of them are pretty to look at. She kept the glowing turtle in her other hand as she spoke, carefully holding with thumb on top and fingers underneath, keeping her twitching tail away from its mouth.
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