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  1. Sea Devil took to the air, the song of the hostile water in her mind. Turning into water was something Atlanteans did; a reflection of their fell connection with the stuff of life itself. But this was no Atlantean thing, which made it - well, something that didn't bear too much thinking about it. She raised her trident and bellowed a Lemurian promise - "I will crack your bones and taste the marrow!" - an oath to the restless dead that they would not rest here, dry bones so far from the waters of home, but instead return to the body of the people. Her trident crackled with eldritch power as it formed a symbol in the air -a glorious golden sign that to a Surfacer's eyes resembled a flower made of two question marks and a single blade hanging below. The symbol's power flashed a brilliant color, reflecting in searing golden light as a version of it briefly flared to life on the dual body of the steam monster before flaring out.
  2. He's gonna go over and try and hit Madrigal! I don't think he has a prayer of actually making contact but he's so big I think this counts as an area attack by the Growth rules. https://orokos.com/roll/1013410 exactly 10!
  3. Aquaria will just eat her head if this doesn't work.
  4. Not being a psychopath, it doesn't actually matter to me, but you should probably go back and fill in her weight! =D
  5. Dalekos looked at Michael and smiled, a low chuckle going through his soldiers a few moments later. "Ah yes, the Surfacer academy. I'm very familiar with your school. You may know Artificer, the young man who would have been - oh a few years ahead of you? He was one of our people." Dalekos's accent was very good; his familiarity with English suggesting a long familiarity with the world above the surface. "We were planning to drop by and visit, ah, Ms. Innsmouth, but I'd hate to disturb her. How many of you are there?" he asked curiously. In his mind he reached out with his Atlantean strength and swatted Michael aside like an insect, and then slew the degenerate monsters crouching in the Surfacer steel tower, then returned to the Capital in triumph - - "Ohhhh," said Aquaria, "it might be difficult, with the war," she admitted frankly to the young man, "but not with so many of you here." She made a low sound in the back of her throat, and spoke with the air of one reciting something carefully learned. "Atlanteans and Surfacers are friends. We are friends to Surfacers! All are friends here!" That prompted a great to-and-fro of croaking among the watchful Deep Ones, and Aquaria added, mostly for Mrs. Harcourt's benefit. "I have tried very hard to make peace here. So we will have it." She bellowed something at the Deep Ones that perhaps meant the same thing. They quieted anyway, though there was a faint rumble of infrasonic sound echoing through the tower from these throats - and perhaps more.
  6. Neko A low whine still at the back of her throat, Neko rose to her feet and stalked over to the cowering, still-armed hunter, the only armed enemy still on his feet. The others seemed to have the situation well in hand. She snapped her fingers and the cats that tormented and tore at him vanished, leaving only her as she stood directly in front of his gun - well that wasn't true, but there was no reason for him to know that. "Your allies have fallen or surrendered," she told him in a sibilant, accented voice. She didn't call him 'limey dog' but the words were there on the back of her tongue, along with horrific images for him that would make him break even further. "Drop the gun and do not resist, and this is over." she went on, yellow eyes smoldering like coals. "Pull the trigger," she added, smiling with cat's teeth. "And it will be as it was before for you - forever."
  7. Sea Devil: Once @Dr Archevilleposts IC, Sea Devil will: fly directly above the monster, high enough that she won't affect anyone on the ground. then she'll hit with this! Damage 12 (The Golden Sign; Extra: Area [General, Burst], PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2, Indirect 2) {28/28}
  8. Sea Devil leaped again, a blur of motion that belied her gangly posture, and landed behind the abomination. With a bellow loud enough to stun a codfish, she used her trident not to stab but to grab, catching the monster by the throat with the side of the shaft and pulling it tight against her armored chest. This is for the dog! she thought defiantly before she called to the others a sentence that was both invitation and warning "I - can't - hold - it!" She hoped they would kill it. As much as she hated the thing for killing the dog, when she thought about a beast like this trapped in a cage above - well, there were things far more frightening than death.
  9. https://orokos.com/roll/1012454 15 on Initiative for Sea Devil
  10. Angelic: 6PP Additional Limbs 3 (5 total, retractable robotic arms, Extra: Duration [Sustained, +0], PFs: Ambidexterity, Precise) [5PP] + Elongation 2 (10 ft, Flaw: Limited [Additional Limbs]) [1PP] Make sure to update her Grapple as well!
  11. I don't recall, does she have an action still? If not she's just gonna hold it helpless, if she does she's gonna start pulling off its head.
  12. Neko Musume Wondering if she would ever be free of war, Neko made a declaration, holding her lunar necklace high. "<He comes! Gashi gashi HE COMES!>" That was the thing about war, you see. Wars make people dead, and the dead remember. Power crackled from her necklace and across her body, then into the air, taking an unholy form as the air around them rattled with the groans and cries of the unquiet dead - of which there were now a great many. Was Bernadette's soul among them? It was hard to tell. Still standing by the manhole cover she and Owain had pulled open for the benefit of any fleeing refugees, Neko laughed in a high kekekeke sound as a gigantic, building-sized skeleton formed above her, its bones dripping with rotting flesh, its teeth rattling in its gigantic head. "<Give me flesh!>" it bellowed in Japanese, towering as high as the nearby wrecked buildings, the biggest moving thing visible to anyone. Familiar with this plan, Owain went on the defense, running around and around Neko in an anxious circle.
  13. Neko stunts the following effect: Summon Minion 8 (gashadokuro, Extra: Duration [Continuous]) and spends a fatigue to cancel the effect. https://web.archive.org/web/20140722081614/http://www.atomicthinktank.com/viewtopic.php?p=376750#p376750 Here's a build for it if you like - if you don't like this, just say it's a PL 8 powerhouse with max tradeoffs for Damage and Toughness. (I have no strong feelings either way.) It goes on 10 = https://orokos.com/roll/1011944. Copper Knight prepares to interpose - or at least block, any effects the drones pull towards Neko.
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