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  1. As the kids went about their work, Ashley categorized them mentally. Okay, talks a lot - man, he'd like Alek's kids. Better arrange a playdate. She's got hippie powers but she's not talking my ear off about the 'carceral state' so that's nice. He's figured out how to keep his opinions to himself even when he's standing right next to me and his girlfriend's not around, so that's good - he can be taught. And those two are either fresh off the farm or they know how to act like it...poor damn kids. When Starshine and Freedom Eagle had the box secured in the rear of the plane, she let herself relax - slightly. When the plane was loaded and everyone was on board, Ashley went around making sure everyone was strapped in, whether they were in the jump seats of the cockpit behind the two pilots or the seats in the body of the plane proper. "Even if you're bulletproof, a crash turns you into a missile that can do even more damage. Trust me, I've seen it for myself." Even with her gloves, she was careful not to touch any of the kids; the last thing she needed was any accidents with her own powers surrounded by so many wild young talents. Once everyone was in place, she signaled the pilots, who with professional chatter soon had them first taxiing, then off the runway in the air for what promised to be a 45 minute flight. At least in theory. The Patriot peered out the window at the thick cloudbank that had followed them up above the regular cloudline, a thick, dark mass that thunked and ticked with hail and ice. Well that was predicted but still sucks. "Hang on, shouldn't have too much turbulence," she said, twisting in her seat near the front to look back at the students, "You doing okay back there, Freedom Eagle and Starshine?"
  2. "Hey! Domovy!" Comrade Frost rose with a barely audible sigh from behind the FREEDOM LEAGUE AUXILIARY desk where he'd been sitting, leaving the civilian staff who had actually done most of the work that morning behind. Crowds were heavy on Christmas Eve, but most people had been too busy with their shopping to sign up for the League's charity fundraising drive even with the chance 'to get a picture with a League member.' The truth was, he wasn't sure why he bothered with the League much these days. His difficulties with the government in Moscow hadn't really changed now that Putin was taking a more hostile line with the United States, but as he was no traitor, that mostly meant he was shut out of many of the Freedom League's most high-level meetings. He had - perhaps not made all the friends in Freedom City that he could have, though at least he'd kept his old ones. Sometimes he wasn't sure what he was doing here. But now...well, this was something he could do. Calling out to their mothers in Russian, he reached into his parka and pulled out what looked to the untrained eye like the business end of a large butterfly net, which he went about assembling by screwing a telescopic handle onto the back. "They are trying to celebrate American Christmas!" he added for the benefit of the locals about.
  3. "The mall? Oh yes, with the stores," said Neko hesitantly. "Danica and Tori took me to Hot Topic. They had some nice clothes, and Japanese movies. I never used to watch, um, movies very much, but it is very nice." Owain considered a moment, then with barely a pause walked over and looked Luke in the eye. "Luke, I...if I have judged you false, I ask for your pardon." He reached out and clasped the other boy on the arm. "Your curse must be a great burden for you, and I do not judge you for it. I meant only those with a weak nature, not those with bodies unlike my own. It is the quality of a man's soul that matters," he said with great feeling. "Owain needs clothes," said Neko suddenly, giving Leon a conspiratorial look. "He wear what he gets. Not like other boys." "Neko I am having a moment with our dragon friend," said Owain, defensively but not actually angrily. "And I...wear what I wear! I have no need for sartorial extravagance." In what was clearly a second-hand jacket and slacks, Owain's words did not seem to live up to his appearance.
  4. Ashley was in the middle of rolling her eyes behind her mask when Fa'Rua took her hand - and then she squeezed it and said nothing, warming a little behind her mask. Hot damn! she thought cheerfully, casting a professional look around the opulent apartment. She couldn't immediately see the security she was sure Bombshell would have in a place like this, which meant it was pretty high-end. Not that that's any real surprise. She didn't see any sign of kids around, which given what she'd figured out about Jill's family meant that they were definitely not in the real spot. "Talya, Jill, Jack," she finally said, picking the second of the three to address. "You have a lovely home," she said diplomatically, "thank you for inviting us. I'm sorry I can't eat or drink anything in this stupid thing, I never did any more than put a hole in it for a straw back in the day." She made a dismissive wave towards the mask, then said, "...anyway, I told Infinity you were the best people to know around Freedom City," she said, adding, "And I gather you've worked with people from the Republic before?"
  5. "The path before you is to eat good food on the government dime," said Ashley with a faint smile. "Deciding where your life is going to go when you're sixteen isn't always the smartest play." When the food came, they fell silent as plates and cups were placed by the server, a smiling woman who was generously pleasingly plump, and Ashley took a moment to drink her Coke and study her Vietnamese po'boy. "You don't have to sell yourself to me. I'm not your teacher or your boss." With that, she dug into her sandwich, watching the Socotran-American boy carefully.
  6. "Your pardon, sir," she said, wide-eyed innocence. "My English is not good." She looked Ghost up and down, wondering what sort of truths he knew. She knew Freedom City had seen its share of battles in the last few years but she still had to wonder. What were even the worst of them like, when you came right down to it? "I have no place," she added, all big eyes as she looked up at him, still holding her cat. "I am here."
  7. Neko came back to herself and made a disconsolate noise. "Nothing," she murmured in English, and then in Japanese added "<Did you see anything?>" "<Nay,>" Owain growled, "<Some here are hidden by spells so powerful that they leave behind no scent.>" His Japanese had always been better than her English, perhaps a reflection of the mystic realm from which he came. "<At least there is the show,>" said Neko, shrugging. "Maybe we see him later." While the sheer size of the crowd had her on edge, she had no particular fear of bloodsport - and she doubted very, very much that the soft people of the future had anything to show her that she hadn't already seen when it came to carnage. Owain butted her leg with his massive wolf's head, then turned his head significantly towards the press happening around the woman in the bear-mask. "<There are other problems.>" Neko studied the scene, glancing over from where she sat, not sure what was happening, and not sure she was supposed to do about it. It wasn't as if she and Owain had actually paid for their tickets either! After a moment's consideration, she decided to rise from her seat and head for Chimera as if she owned the place. Projecting a confidence she didn't feel, she walked right up to the bear-face woman and asked, "Excuse me! Can you show me the water closet?!...the bathroom! For ladies?"
  8. https://orokos.com/roll/923493 = 15 for Neko, 20 for Owain on Notice https://orokos.com/roll/923494 = 22 for Neko, 17 for Owain on Arcane Lore
  9. "Hm." Owain gave Luke a suspicious look. The timelost knight had eventually been persuaded by James that yes, the other boy definitely was a dragon that could take the shape of a man - but that didn't mean he had to be thrilled at the idea. "We are...well. There are fine warriors here - and wise sages as well. In Logres," he said, "education was only for the wealthy or those who gave themselves to service to the church or a great lord." He put his hand to his chin and said, "But I suppose that _is_ a place like this, is it not? Where even the worst among us train that they might give themselves in service to others." For her part, Neko met Leon's gaze and cocked her head, smiling with her eyes shut and mouth closed, before she folded her hands in her lap and said, "It is very big. And there is so many - things." She made a little gesture with her hands, obviously trying to describe a great many things at once, as her tail thumped behind her. "I don't know anything about that."
  10. Copying Ghost's body language automatically, Neko followed the older hero at a respectful distance. It took her a moment to translate his question in her head - and then even longer to answer it in her own mind. What do I tell him? That there is no demand for peasant girls with no schooling, here or in Japan? That if I do not make friends here, I may starve when I am too old to live on charity? But such talk was not the sort of talk she heard among the American students at Claremont, so instead she said "Ohh...to fight for great justice," she said as seriously as possible. "And to right wrongs." There, that was the sort of thing she'd heard some of the other girls say among themselves; the sort of softly whispered prayers to a higher power that belonged more to the provenance of a shrine maiden than a super-agent in her opinion. She gave Ghost an innocent look.
  11. In the elevator up, after complimenting Fa'Rua on her fashion choices, it occurred to Ashley that this wasn't a bad dry run for introducing Fa'Rua to her mother and sisters...oh yeah, she thought, just imagine the same situation but infinitely worse right before you walk into it, great tactical sense right there, Patriot. Now introducing Fa'Rua to the rest of the people around Callie Summers - well that was a thought that didn't quite bear thinking about yet either. So instead she prepared herself as they rose up, thinking about how surely someone as famous as Bombshell couldn't make a regular habit of living in a place as high-profile as this without being a subject of considerably more attention than she already was. So it's a front. All right, that's sensible - it's not like you're inviting her over to the boat. Or New Orleans, for that matter. Unconsciously, she ran the tip of one finger over her left ear, a ghost of a recent connection with Fa'Rua. "Okay, here's the floor," she said, leading the way outside. "All right. All right, we've got this. Ready to beard the wild Terrans in their den..." she joked before knocking on the door.
  12. "Nay, 'tis I who is the quarry in this hunt, fellows - awp!" All of a sudden, what had appeared to be a pile of fallen leaves nearby revealed itself to be a catgirl in a bright gold and yellow kimono - who promptly leaped upon the landed bird and caught it between her hands. "Watashi no kachi!" she called excitedly, rolling over on her back as she tossed the raven into the air. "I got you!" Brushing the leaves out of her white brown-spotted hair, Neko sat up on a nearby stone wall and laughed as Owain transformed back to himself with a murmur of Welsh. "And a fair touch it was," Owain admitted, his dignity only slightly tattered by the experience. "Dishes tonight are mine to perform." Neko nodded at that, then looked over at Luke and Leon. "Ah, hello," she said, looking at them with big yellow eyes. Her sleek white tail was curled up behind her where it poked out of the bottom of her kimono, her long pointed ears straight up atop her head. There were no visible human ears underneath her fluffy white and brown hair at all. "We were hunting. Owain was not watch well." "I will have you know that I have hunted since I was a mere lad!" declared Owain as he sat down among his companions. He said something to Neko in Japanese that made her laugh, and said aloud, "Birds, wild dogs, wild pigs - all are things a young man must learn how to hunt in Logres!" "Yes but you did not watch well," said Neko, grinning, showing her slightly pointy front teeth. "And now, dishes!"
  13. Aquaria hopped over to join the others as they headed inside the museum. With her trident slung over her back, she was free to hold her three-fingered hands together in front of her as she considered what to say. She was dubious indeed of the idea that most Surfacers truly had free will, but she knew from long experience that was not the sort of thing they enjoyed discussing. Besides, she and Jessie were here to mentor these young males, not debate philosophy with them. Softly she croaked "There are many terrible things in the world. When I think about them, I remember that we are stronger, together. All of us." Bobbing in satisfaction, she hopped ahead to the opening display of the exhibit of Japanese super-history, depicting the brightly-colored members of a super-team in battle against a large snake creature. "Here we begin with the members of Squadron Supreme fighting Yashagorō on August 2, 1975," said Gary, shooting a glance at Sea Devil before he went on. "As the first post-war metahuman team in Japan, Squadron Supreme played much the same role in Japan that the Freedom League did, and to this day are honored in their homeland as its greatest defenders." "What about him?" croaked Aquaria, pointing at the skyscraper-sized snake, depicted coiled around an entire rocky island. "Oh, ah well, he was 'an ancient ninja who mastered serpent magic' and attacked the town of Seinarumori after being freed from captivity. He..." Gary hmmed, then said, "Well, as the exhibit explains in more detail, this was not the last time he would tangle with the Squadron Supreme! But before we talk about the Squadron, we need to go back further in Japanese history..." he went on as they walked into a room full of fantastic images of Japanese gods and monsters engaged in fierce battle, some of them contemporary holograms, others a mix of paintings and statuary. "This exhibit is on loan to us from the Super-Museum in Tokyo," he added. "Some of the artifacts here date back over a thousand years, to the days of Heian Japan..."
  14. Fall 2021 It was a nice fall day, cool and crisp, the sort of day where you can still go outside but you should wear sweaters to do it. Leon and Luke had taken their lunch period outside under the fiercely blue sky of a cool autumn day when suddenly a large black raven descended from the sky and landed between them. "Fellows!" it declared in what was clearly Owain's voice, booming out as clearly as if he was with them in human flesh. "Have you see my friend Neko?" (There had been no sign of Claremont's cat girl that morning, not that the boys had spotted anyway.)
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