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  1. Judy shifted uncomfortably for a moment, then excused herself to go to the powder room - Ashley following a moment or two later. There was a conversation in there that was muffled enough to be incomprehensible but clear enough to be audible; followed after a few moments by the sound of water running. When they were done, the two 'sisters' stepped out together and Judy made a beeline straight for Callie. She gave the other girl a big hug, her skin almost hot to the touch. "It's okay," she whispered almost inaudible, "Ah know how hard this must be for you," then stepped back to give
  2. But I know what I seek, Lost Boy! And then that voice gone again, seeming to slip away down the corridors as the lights kept flickering... "But they told us-" "Never mind!" said the leader of the small detachment, struggling to his feet. "Sgt. Axel Larsen, Royal Danish Army," he said by way of introduction. "You are Angelik," he said, looking at Eira, "and you others...come with me," he said. "We'll take the stairs," he told his men and the young heroes, "the elevators have been on the fritz for hours, so has everything electrical. It nearly killed that poor girl down
  3. Eira raised an eyebrow at Natalia, snapping her finger back into place with an audible click-click-click. She, Abby, and Davyd were the senior members of the team this year, but between one thing and another they had never actually met to discuss how they might work with the younger students. "As I do not eat except for pleasure," she said cooly, "it is of no matter to me."She hmmed, then added, "Though it must be vegan. We are not contributing to the animal slaughter industry for a school project." There was real disgust in her voice at the last point, even as she began staring off into spac
  4. Eira blinked a few times, studying Micah, sitting in that cool immobility that came from lacking a nervous system that would compel her to shift about unnecessarily. "There are psionic heroes who could empower your mind if you are interested," she offered. "The Blue Fox is one of my aunts. I could take you to her castle and she could help you improve your mind." That was Eira, the others knew - if there was a solution to the problem, one moved towards it. "In fact," she said suddenly, "we could perhaps go there now, if you are interested. It is heroic business after all."
  5. Looks pretty good! Do you have access to Worlds of Freedom, the book that talks a little bit about the semi-canonical future of the FC setting?
  6. Watchdog walked out from under the elephant just long enough to stick her hand out in the rain, drops falling on the uncovered stretch of wrist between her jacket and her glove. "That is warm," she growled, "I don't like it. Daystar, you should get inside." "Watchdog, it's just some rain," said Daystar, sounding a little tired as lightning flashed in the dark, dark clouds overhead towering impressively over the small city skyline of Margave City. "Ah don't think it's going to hurt me unless it's from Venus or something, and then Oh My Lord, look!" She pointed upwards at what at fi
  7. "At times. The headmistress is very observant but not even her eyes can be everywhere." Eira smirked, then added, "But escape must have its rewards. If we were going to take someone with us, it would have to be for quite the adventure." She looked over her fingernails at Leon, leaning against Pan, and asked "What did you have in mind?"
  8. "She says she is free this Saturday from 3-5," replied Eira immediately. "And she will have equipment standing by for your scans." With her dataspikes fully withdrawn, she gave the other robot a look of true human sympathy - and then suddenly, awkwardly, pulled Shift close into a hug. "It will be all right," she promised. "You will not have to live like that anymore. There is a whole world beyond the place where you were made."
  9. Fall 2020 The kitchens Between one thing and another, Orange Squad had not had many opportunities so far to get to know each other. But with the traditional American holiday season settling in, it was evidently time to change that. Professor Lynn has spread the home ec class throughout the big Claremont kitchens as best she can, trying to stay out of the way of the hardworking group of student professionals and community volunteers who actually make the meals Claremont students eat. "All right, everyone, I have your assignment. All of you represent different cul
  10. "W-what?" Eira made a horrified noise, but her hands didn't tremor as she removed her dataspikes from their connection to Shift. "That is terrible!" She sounded thoroughly appalled. "Surely the League must have evaluated your systems - what could Daedalus have been thinking? As soon as we have a free afternoon, I will take you to Archetech. Miss Americana's computers have the storage capacity to hold multiple fully sentient minds in passive storage, there will surely be room for you." It was a bit as if she had found out that Shift was homeless and living on the street. "Miss Americana is the
  11. Angelic paced the floor, her face set in a hard, staring frown. "It is a...Biblical reference, I think. To the story of the good thief and the bad thief." Eira had never talked much about religion with her friends, but as usual could never quite pass up the urge to supply a helpful fact. "We will go in and see them directly," she said. "Show them what we are." And with that, she spread her wings, bringing about a great thrum of barely suppressed magnetic energy - and flew through the floor with an enormous crunch of drywall and masonry. The hallway she'd picked was empty, briefly,
  12. "Hm. Shapeshifters will naturally have a fluctuating body image. My own has evolved considerably since my initial upload." She gave a throaty chuckle, then tilted her head, glowing white eyes behind Shift's back as she began withdrawing her dataspikes in a slow tik-tik-tik of carbon fibers disengaging from carbon fibers. "I will not be able to install the port today, but the procedure will be simple enough over the next few weeks. It will require another series of visits. What do you use for your offsite memory storage?"
  13. "That is hard," said Eira, her holographic hands folded in her lap, sympathy in her simulated voice. "You should see a therapist." She shot a glance at Pan. Eira did not dream and had not since she was a small child with an organic brain; something that had come up occasionally in their conversations. "Our memories of what we have done and what we have felt are what makes us a person. Understanding them and...coming to terms with them will make you feel safer." She smiled thinly and added, "Whatever it is that powers my..feelings, it is not the same as what powers yours. She would have as much
  14. "What is there to talk about?" asked Judy softly, legs folded up under herself as she sat on the bed. "Ah have made some of the best friends of mah life at Claremont; people Ah knew for sure cared about me for who Ah am, not for who my Daddy is. I almost..." But then she'd already told Lulu that story. "But Ah never should have come there. Not...not secretly, anyway. Maybe Daddy would have had to keep it secret from the country, but not from...not from everybody else. There was only one reason to do that, and that was his shame over what was hidin' in our family tree." Her eyes glowed slightly
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