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  1. Don't list the feats from your suit under your regular feats - that makes the math confusing. Looks like math needs adjusted on your skills. Formatting wise should look like this. https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/start/sample-characters/sample-character-4-battlesuit-r18/
  2. Judy stared at Leroy, her eyes wide - it didn't seem like she'd heard most of what he'd said. It wasn't the first time he'd gotten that impression from his girlfriend. "They...killed your brothers? Who killed your brothers?"
  3. Sing a song of Mother Hydra. (Hydra is worshiped in various names in various places across the galaxy and the multiverse - it is entirely likely you might find Her cults among Lor refugees, turning to the power of great and terrible Change to try and restore all they have lost) Hesiod, Theogony [corrected] "And in a hollow cave she bore another monster, irresistible, in no wise like either to mortal men or to the undying gods, even the goddess fierce [Hydra] who is half a nymph with glancing eyes and fair cheeks, and half again a huge snake, great and awful, with speckled skin, eating raw flesh beneath the secret parts of the holy earth. And there she has a cave deep down under a hollow rock far from the deathless gods and mortal men. There, then, did the gods appoint her a glorious house to dwell in: and she keeps guard in Arima beneath the earth, grim [Hydra], [305] a nymph who dies not nor grows old all her days." Mother Hydra, the mother of all monsters, isn't hostile to humanity. In a sense. Is the ocean hostile? Is a hungry shark? Is a tsunami? Is eminent domain hostile to landholding? She is Progress - not hate. And She is old - much older than her consort Father Dagon, ancient even when the Serpent-Men of Lemuria and their Deep One spawn ululated Her name and gyrated unwholesomely beneath the blood-red Moon. She Was, She Is, She Will Be. When Creation happened, fragments of other Things from the chaos Before survived - some have names most Unspeakable, others have names given to them by other beings in the uncountable eons that followed, all are in some ways aspects of that unspeakably primordial Chaos. If the Unspeakable One is chaos in its ultimate, destructive aspect, Mother Hydra is simply the power of chaos to change - of waves to reshape mountains into beaches, of a fire to burn away a dead forest to let a new one grow, of a plague to sweep away a civilization and let a new people thrive in its place. HAIL HYDRA! ETERNAL HYDRA! CUT OFF ONE HEAD AND TWO MORE RISE TO TAKE ITS PLACE! It's hard to summon Hydra - that's why Dagon is usually the one that shows up when the cultists have made the sacrifices and performed the unholy rituals. When She does deign to show herself, it's usually during a great crisis - as when Her champion the Deep One Aquaria Innsmouth summoned Her during the recent invasion of the Terminus. Hydra's summonings in this plane generally take the forms of wet, slithering limbs reaching out from the darkness to grab and crush - or to drag away to the dark places where beaked mouths await to feast. You can cut off those limbs, you can patch the weakened patches in the universe that let her come through, but you can't strike at the Mother herself. Halogen: You know where She lives, and no one's ever tried to take Her out? Eldrich: People have tried. One becomes the Mother of All Monsters by mothering - by spawning and by making more. If Hydra is chaos she is also fecundity, the power to grow and grow, to spread and change, in all its infinite and terrible glory. (If Her scion Apep were to eat the Sun She would neither be angry or pleased - what She cares about is whether or not he's making lots of little snakes. After all, Heqet is Her scion too.) It is this more than anything else that makes her an antagonist of the Unspeakable One (and what made Her answer a summons when the world was threatened) - how can there be growth, how can there be change, if all is destroyed? "The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." When the stars are right and Dagon and Hydra rise, the Earth will be filled with the glory of Their coming and the waters of the ocean will cover the land. The first will be last and the last will be first, and the old order and all it represents will be swept away in the great day of Jubilee. (Hydra is one of the major reasons why there is a Pact - and specifically why many of the deities attuned to humanity signed off on it.) The testimony of Zadok Allen [corrected] "Mother Hydra an'Father Dagon what we all come from onct” There is some confusion about traditional images of the Dark Mother and Dark Father. What some have seen as a picture of a singular entity is actually two - Dagon is the "scaly, rubbery-looking body [with] prodigious claws on hind and fore feet," of the tales, but it is Hydra who is the "octopus-like head with a mass of feelers, [with] long, narrow wings behind." The traditional statues show they sit on Their throne together. As They might. When the stars are right.
  4. Richard glanced over at the woman across the way and blinked. It took him a few minutes to figure out exactly what, or rather, who he was looking at - but it helped that time had been kind to the former teen villain. Geez. Guess she got the good super-genes too. That was...Christ, I have no idea. It had been a long time since 1993, and he lacked his wife's encyclopedic memory for faces. "She''s Revolt," whispered Holly, still looking smug. "Don't you ever go on Wikipedia?" Richard shot his daughter a look and whispered, "Young lady we will talk about that at home," tapping the side of his head. "And you know the rules. We give people privacy if they want privacy."
  5. Over in the corner, a tanned guy of what looked like early middle age was drinking coffee while his tween-age daughter played with her phone. In new jeans and a denim shirt with the name RICHARD over his breast pocket, Richard frowned paternally at Holly and said out loud, "Honey, do you actually need to text anything to those people?" She looked up at him and gave him what looked like an eloquent glare., then went back to her texting. With a loud sigh, he peered at his daughter over his big mirrorshades. "Very eloquent, honeylamb." She glared at him again, he gave her a challenging look, and with a great and elaborate sigh she set her phone down. "You're so old, Dad." She wasn't too old to take a drink of the whipped cream topped hot chocolate sitting by her elbow, though, which made Richard smile. Holly really was blossoming into a beautiful young woman, with blonde hair that reminded him of his own mother and big dark eyes that came right from Paige. "It's not polite to talk to people without asking-" "Hey, Richard Cline!" A young guy, god, how young? Twenty, maybe? had walked up to Richard and Holly with a big smile on his face. "Can I take a selfie with you?" he asked, holding up his phone. Richard frowned - but then the guy looked at him and said, "...oh, sorry, must have mistaken you for somebody else. My bad, man." The guy clapped Richard on the arm, walked away, and Holly sipped her drink, looking very pleased with herself.
  6. "All right. Okay." Ashley rocked back on her heels, scrubbing her hand over her eyes for a moment. "Okay, well, they can't have gone far." She took out something off her belt and pressed a few buttons on it; the device (which looked a bit like a garage door opener) made an ominous-sounding blunk noise. "So, out of range, back in time, or in another #($Ing dimension again." Rising smartly to her feet, Ashley took a moment to look at the super-teens to growl, "Well?" If she was going to either keep these from Summers or bring Summers in on it, she had to see if her erstwhile allies had any ideas.
  7. Good luck, @Supercape and everyone else who's currently busy! We'll be sending good thoughts your way.
  8. Ashley took a breath, then another one. When had her laser pistol appeared in her hand? She carefully hit the safety, then hung it up on her belt, behind her leather jacket. "Okay. Okay." Slowly, she circled the shell, casting mistrustful eyes on it. She dropped down on one knee and peered inside the solid black hole that was the shell's "neck", mindful of black portals to foul destinations. After some consideration, she reached into her belt and came out with a set of goggles - peering through them into the shell didn't seem to produce any results, though. When she spoke her voice was considerably more level than her usual harsh, sneering growl. "This is something you've seen Danica do before?"
  9. Oh, Jesus, kid, gray hairs? Sleepless nights? The feeling that I'm going to destroy the superheroic community because I didn't speak up when I should have? "Good rep - with the people that matter," growled Ashley. "Fought the Raven, didn't I?" Everybody had heard that little story. "Once Judy and I are out of here, we'll go somewhere nice and discreet where she can be safe and I can ply my trade - kicking ass." She grinned fiercely, then said, "Bet you'd rather see Judy, huh? Let me-" She opened the door to the common room, looked inside, and said a bad word. There was no one in the common room, save what looked like an empty black and gold turtle shell the size of a small car, parked in the middle of the floor with the furniture around it arranged in such a way that it looked like the shell had grown up there and shoved everything out of the way.
  10. Judy had covered her mouth during Danica's display, which somehow managed to sit perfectly on the line between "adorable" and "horrifying." She glanced behind her, saw no sign of Ashley, then with a shrug ducked down and peered inside the shell. "Danica? Are you in here-wait, that was stupid!" she added, laughing nervously as she swallowed her fear and began crawling inside the shell. Oh this is really weird! she thought to herself; but didn't turn away, either, not even when both sneakered feet had disappeared inside the black and gold shell before her.
  11. It's okay, Judy reassured her, it's not like she can tan my hide for getting out of line. But it is getting pretty late, and we should both probably get to bed. Fumbling around in her nightstand for a moment, Judy found both her book and her booklight. Using those made her feel old, but it beat falling asleep with her phone in her hand and burning it out - again. She ran her fingers over the cover of the book, thinking about the author who'd died recently, and wishing her parents had done something about it. Shaking off the mood, she thought, Thanks for talking to me, Lulu. But seriously, you can't peek in here again without it just being in my head, because Ashley will for real track you down, ha-ha.
  12. "Claremont has a variety of students from unusual backgrounds, which is naturally going to attract unusual amounts of attention," replied Summers. She looked up at LaMarr, once they were in the shadow of the brown van. "I appreciate your discretion, as a professional educator - and a Freedom City resident." She looked at LaMarr, then said, "This year several heads of state have sent their children to our school, and so naturally security has been....unusually high."
  13. Submitted re:early admission Name: Eira Katastroff Natt och Dag Codename: Änglalik Year: Sophomore ("Unbelievable! I have a bachelor's degree from Stockholm University!") Pronouns: She/Her Roommate: "If they are willing to be compatible with my needs." Goal: Higher. Further. Faster. Favorite High School Movie: We Are The Best!
  14. When the teens left the mall to find the Claremont van waiting for them, and Ms. Collier the English teacher with a judgmental look on her face waiting for them, Judy was all smiles. Everything was going okay, and even if her detail had to get bailed out of jail again, she'd had a fun time out with her friends without her sister's escort. "Hi, Mrs. Collier!" she exclaimed brightly as she headed for the van. "Sorry we forgot to sign out, but there was a really good sale!" She held up the bags she was carrying, one in each hand, Pan having gallantly agreed to shoulder most of the rest. "You know how it is." "Inside, you four," said Collier, giving the teens a sharp look. "We'll talk about this when we get back to campus. I'm honestly a little surprised to see some of you out here," she said, giving Danica and Àjàṣorò searching looks as everyone climbed inside, stopping only to give Danica a hand with her Segway. "It was mah idea," said Judy firmly, cheeks paling at the thought of her friends in trouble. "Not anybody else's. That Wail fella didn't need to call any of you up about it either!" It was the first time anybody inside the mall had mentioned the 70s sonic powerhouse. - Outside, Keith had about finished giving his statement to the STAR Squad officer on scene when he realized he wasn't alone. "Thanks for your timely call, LaMarr," commented Callie Summers, who had been a child in Wail's glory days which put her in her mid-fifties now if he remembered right. She looked up at Keith and asked, "When you're done?" making a gesture to a discreet spot nearby, on the far side of a discreet-looking brown sedan - not the white van currently being fitted for a tow.
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