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  1. I would do anything for Jessie, Aquaria agreed to the voice from the trident, but she doesn't need my help right now. Indeed, even as she had the thought, Singularity smashed one of the drones completely to pieces just by striking it with her shield. The trident fell silent at those words, perhaps not sure what to make of its champion's attitude. Aquaria wasn't particularly concerned by the exchange - in her experience, powerful artifacts tried to tell her to do things all the time, and real willpower represented making a treasure, even a divinely empowered treasure, work for you rather than for its makers. The gods are testing my sense, she decided, and that was that. Of course, with that dilemma resolved, she had to settle the other dilemma - the hordes of murderous cybernetic fiends that were trying to murder all she loved! With Cobalt Templar committed to his opponent and Singularity engaged in battle, Sea Devil did move to help Jessie - dodging and leaping her way to her friend's side. The horde was coming fast and strong, but she fell into the rhythm of battle as if she'd been born there - striking again and again with her trident, impaling a torso here, slicing a head off there, the energy of her armor crackling along the black blade with a greenish lightning fury! "I have them!" she croaked loudly to Singularity, hoping to free her friend to rescue the prisoners she'd overheard.
  2. Sea Devil is going to target the omegadrones around Jessie, hopefully so Jessie can go help rescue those Surface-Men - Attack vs DC 15: 13 + 12 = 25 Omegadrone Horde Tou vs DC 27: http://orokos.com/roll/653248 = 16! Okay, they're dazed and injured! Singularity is up, @Electra!
  3. Might be a good place for you to post, @Tiffany Korta!
  4. Anna stared back at Merge, her eyes widening and her heart racing, and grabbed Nicola's hand for a moment the vampire could barely perceive. "I'm sorry," she said firmly but politely, never breaking eye contact with Merge, "you must have mistaken me for someone else." Ready to bolt if the point was pressed, she began the process of getting her way out of the car, not an easy task in a dress like this if she wanted to stay ladylike - and truthfully because she wasn't as fast or as flexible as she used to be.
  5. Though if they take Sin and the Duke into custody while Frost is getting beaten up, that wouldn't be so bad!
  6. Hmm, I assumed Comrade Frost's friends were going to help him with this one and that they were maybe going to take on the Duke and Sin rather than Morgen herself, hmm. What do you guys think?
  7. Round 2! Wadjet keeps sneaking. We're now in the dice side of things; go ahead and start rolling if you want to be punching baddies!
  8. Bullets ricocheted off Chromium's body as he made his way inside the building - and also passed through the walls and bounced off sidewalks as he entered. The Mara members were not trained soldiers like the AEGIS agents the teenager was familiar with; their accuracy seemed to be quite limited. They were showing some discipline, though, backing up and staying out of his immediate reach, shouting at him in vigorous Spanish that he didn't understand a bit. The inside of the house was cleaner and more orderly than you'd expect a gang headquarters to be but the signs of a Mara stronghold certainly were all there from what he'd heard; elaborate and gory Mesoamerican art on the walls, heavily-armed young men, and quite a bit of money and drugs visible in the room opposite where he'd just busted in, where three or four Mara members were hastily shoving both into bags. Meanwhile, Wadjet entered through the window she'd picked out and scanned the upper floor - good, the guys in charge of credit card fraud should be up here - away from the business of the gang, where they could do their work in peace. She frowned a little at the sounds of violence coming from downstairs; there were a lot more guns down there than she'd expected! Oh well, she was fine as long as no ricochets or stray shots came her way (and she was fearless enough not to care about that) - and Chromium would probably be fine too. Still, it was a mystery - what was everyone doing here? ""¡Idiota! ¿No sabes quién está aquí?!" declared one of the men who confronted Chromium downstairs, a big guy with a custom chrome Uzi, standing in the middle of the hallway while others of his gang fled past him.
  9. OK, Anna Cline is going to use her super-speed to search the building as much as possible before anyone unprotected can make it back in - she's going to try and find the giant robot again (just to make sure it hasn't moved) as well as anything else of interest relating to the case; i.e. more killer robots and killer robot-themed problems!
  10. By the entrance to the partially-burned building, Lady Horus cut off Wadjet's response - Anna knew perfectly well that her sidekick was about to give a vigorous and perhaps profane affirmative. "Nay, twas the owner of this foul place," she lied with alacrity that made the divine voice in her head twitch. Well maybe I wouldn't have to lie to these kids if you would be more helpful! she thought back. "She built a machine to turn on her neighbors, but we mayhap foiled her plans." Well maybe! In Anna's experience, where there was one killer robot, there was probably two. "She and her minions may yet be about. This is no place for the likes of thee." "But if you want to take a picture," said Wadjet challengingly, "go right ahead. Make sure everyone knows that this is what happens when you go up against Lady Horus and Wadjet." "Well if thou art a criminal!" said Lady Horus, annoyed. She didn't turn away from the kids taking pictures, though - those damn cell phones! 'OOr a fool. In any event, if thou wishes to be of use, young ones, perhaps call the authorities? They need know this is a true blaze - and that Lady Horus is on the hunt for its cause!" Which was arguably not a lie, since the cause of this was the robot. With a hand gesture to Wadjet, she signaled Fast search - stay on guard, and then disappeared into the building.
  11. Hello, @RocketLord! Welcome to the site. Let us know what we can do to help!
  12. That does hit! http://orokos.com/roll/652604 30 It makes the save, I am afraid! Go ahead and post IC, @KnightDisciple, and I'll post for Sea Devil.
  13. "Good," said Frost frankly. "I am a monster, woman. By my hands I have killed a great many, and traveled to worlds beyond this one and killed a great many there - and once I slew Famine itself, in vengeance for the suffering of my people." He was silent for a moment, considering his words carefully. "Enemies came to my land. I was taken, tortured, and my heart torn out while yet I lived. In those moments Death found me, and offered me revenge on all her enemies if I would take her hand. And so I did, and so I had, and here I am." He spread his hands like a maestro on the stage, but his voice did not match his words. "You should not trust me." He did not, from his tone, believe that anyone should. "Let me offer myself for trial by combat, in the style of the ancient gods." As he spoke, he began pulling his gloves off his hands, the room distinctly dropping in temperature as he did so. "If we are against you, then let us fall."
  14. The version I linked is going to be simpler, cleaner, and much more fun for you to play. That many points sunk into immunities is going to make your character not fun to play - he's not going to be competent enough at anything else.