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  1. Regarding reiko with mild interest for all of a second he turned his gaze to the other woman. "Hey now, I announced myself and offered you a chance to surrender and then again after you shot me." He said with a chortle as he leaned forward his hand against the side of his mouth in a faux whisper. "I think you might be projecting on me."
  2. For her part jovial speeded over towards the nearest crumbling pillar and wrapped her arms around it, lifting with her legs and attentpting to support the falling cement by realigning what little hadn't yet succumbed and crumbled. It was however only a temporary fix, that much was clear to her. Space man called out that he had it under control and perhaps he did, or maybe he was being a typical man and taking on too much at once. "Don't split your attention, if that thing gets free we'll loose it down here....I got something I can do...though it's gonna be weird and gross so don't judge." and with that she opened her fanged mouth wide and in a single motion crunched a falling piece of reinforced cement into pulpy mass and combined it with her own genetically modified and evolved saliva enzymes to expelled it as a mist of black adhesive carried by her super human lung capacity to fill the cracks and bind the broken building back together. "Blerrgh I hate doing that... "she complained "gonna be scrubbing my tongue with steel wool for hours."
  3. Time to be a gross alien and hock up some super flex glue reinforced by a high iron intake diet.
  4. Facsimile refrained from grimmacing as the electricity danced through his watery form and dispersed through his spout into the sea bellow dakana diamonds and the white lioness, seems like this is slightly more serious than he'd originally anticipated....not that someone selling laser bazooka things to street thugs wasn't serious enough. "you know, its the resistance that hurts when you get electricuted, like how the fillament in a lightbulb glows and eventually blows because its a resistor, super conductors, like dakana crystals are great in electronics because they don't impede the flow of electrons at all so they never get damaged by them building up inside them." he stated, a this much at least was a fact, perhaps if she believed her favorite weapon was ineffective it would change her perspective on the matter. "One time special offer for a brainy lady and her friends, ill ask you to surrender a second time before i get to the asskicking." and with that he drew up even more mass from the ocean bellow, causing his arms to bulge and unwind into no less than 8 thick octopus like tentacles, each about as thick as his own body. "and let me warn you, i've never lost a slapfight." he teased as he wiggled the tip of one of his tentacles in the womans face.
  5. "oh ho, quite a fascinating creature! I studied them in my home dimension for their powers to transmute flesh to stone!" he began excitedly "uh...is that what they do here?" he added after some thought "there is a lot of things in this world ive yet to compare notes with." he explained sheepishly. "they're prey animals back home, predated by creatures their gaze doesn't effect, those that are already largely composed of stone like gargoyles or resistant to the effects due to their own petrification powers, such as basillisks"
  6. sorry for my long absence. if its ok i would like to try and go all in to super strength to try and hold the place up too. or help anyway. At full and all out strength her Heavy load is 183.5k tons, maximum load is 395k tons
  7. taking a Standard action to retrive a magic microphone from his reliquary! Awareness (Lies)-Auditory, Accurate (type auditory), Analytical (type Auditory) 7/10pp intent is he can detect spoken lies and improves his hearing in general.
  8. Oz remained quiet and ponderous, watching the aeriel confrontation quietly even as his hands went to his breast pocket in search of something, anyone paying overly close attention may have been suprised to see his arm go elbow deep into his jacket before emerging with an rod of brass with a red arm and a green arm on opposite sides and what looked suspiciously like a microphone on the end, he kept it angled up at the second flying woman he'd seen today, curious about what she might say in response as his gaze locked on his device. Best to be scientific about this after all.
  9. lets roll it! 1d20+10=12 biiig oof. gonna use that HP to reroll dat me thinks. 1d20+10=16 + 10 for being under 11 for a total of 26! no effect! Initiative 1d20+2=17
  10. Facs had his ears to the ground on these kinds of things, the docks, whilst not a part of southside proper was one of his regular patrol grounds, though since he'd somewhat regretfully given up his bike after moving out on his own he'd been forced to take to the streets, skies and seas by assimilating himself into them and traveling on "muscle power". He'd danced invisably on the wind for a while watching the illicit arms deal (completely unaware of his former class mate.) until he'd confirmed the act, guns were shown, money was exchanged and that was all he needed to act. he wasn't as fast to change as he once had been, but with his decreased speed came increased depth, quite literally in this case, sinking his immaterial hands into the water and drawing on the strength of the ever in motion ocean he transformed again, this time from air to water, in the past he would've struggled to keep himself in even a vaguely humanoid form but now his outline was crisp and clean, even as transparent as it was and he rose into the air on a twisting spout of water, rising over the meeting before him with menacing mien. "Good evening folks, Lovely night for an illegal arms deal i must say, now if you don't mind surrendering to the due course of justice and so on...." he rolled his hand on his wrist with a slight sloshing sound. He didn't honestly expect them to go for it but it was always worth a shot right? "Ill put in a good word for you." he offered as an after thought.
  11. From ze ocean he rises! Salt-water/sea mimicry!
  12. roll to see if you hit first, then if you do. roll a D20 and decide which of 1-10 and 11-20 is a hit or miss unless its a critical i think?
  13. "Oh if you only knew the half of it." Oz said with a smirk and a wink he allowed himself a moment to regard the changed entryway with amazement before turning to adress charlemagne. "And you as well my friend, it is welcome news to find you in good health and high spirits!" he stated as he made his way over. "I must say i am a fan of what you've done with the place...such colour and vibrancy as only life can have." he said offering his hand to charlemagne for the customary handshake. "though I fear our new friends profession bolds ill news, please my friends you must allow me to aid you in anyway I can." he said looking from charlemaign to Mr Day with enthusiasm
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