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  1. Edits made! The dimensional descriptor is meant to reflect (haha) that the matter and energy he summons is infact not truly what it looks and behaves as, it is the mirror dimensions copy of it made from its own strange make up and effects that mess with dimensions such as travel powers and immunities or nullifies will interact with it even if they wouldn't normally so you can be immune to fire or dimensional effects to nullify a dimensional firebolt or immune to your own powers to no sell a summoned duplicate of yourself using a power on you. So as long as it exists som
  2. Doktor'd! Facsimile Spending 8pp to increase object mimicry's ranks by two Object Mimicry 14 (70pp Pool of traits as a full round action; Flaws: Action 2 [full]) [56pp] Oz just nabbing the artificer feat on Oz with his 1pp
  3. Mirror knight Power Level: 10 (12) (180/180pp) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: -2 defense/+2 toughness In Brief: An actor with the power to access and manipulate the Mirror dimension. Catchphrase: (Optional): Theme: (Optional): Alternate Identity: Jonathan Rorrim (Secret) Birthplace: Manchester, England Residence: Downtown Freedom city; Theatre District Base of Operations: Earth Occupation: Aspiring Actor Affiliations: Family: Only child, Parents Deceased (Killed) Description Age: 39
  4. facs felt the familiarity of the distant distorted voices, though he couldn't make out what they were saying the cadence of the speach patterns tugged on his memories vaguely, taking a moment to touch shooting star on the shoulder to get her attention silently and holding up his hand to indicate a proposed stop to them both. touching his forefinger to his earlobe, pulling it away and extending his middle and ring fingers to join it, spread apart and seperate before joining them together and indicating the path straight ahead. he hoped he was being clear about what he me
  5. can i tell how many voices and what direction they're in? just for indication purposes.
  6. I'll take 10 for 24 on notice. I'm also attempting to move sneakily so taking 10 on stealth (also 24) if applicable.
  7. Facsimile for his part shrugged silently as he hopped into the hole after starlight, she seemed comfortable taking the lead and whilst he was pretty strong and tough even without absorbing anything he was just shy of being bullet proof. His powers had developed to trade speed for depth and they had never been subtle so for now he opted to wait to see if anything kicked off before making a litteral flash and bang about. Binding the cord of his meteor hammer around his armband tightly gripping the mass of morphic molecules on the end to stiffle any noise its rattling migh
  8. having returned to his flesh and blood form upon landing in the warehouse facsimile wasted no time in ignoring the structure for what he saw it to be, a cover operation and thanks to some pointers from archer about where to direct his focus he'd quickly picked up the trail of trace amounts of the blue drug, seems whatever they were transporting it in wasn't entirely sealed, small blessing, quite a stable chemical for what it was if it didn't react with the various atmospheric gasses. "Bit harsh don't you think archer?" he protested with a disarming chuckle. "we just pro
  9. facs guffawed a little, his concentration slipping just enough to bring him out of his focus. "yeah, yeah, I suck real good, too good some would say." witty comebacks would have to wait till his brain was back to its usual self. "definately something up with that warehouse, steel beneath the asphalt, buncha chemicals and take his how you will but something that my brain interprets only as "Blue", not blue coloured, but literally the colour blue ya dig?" he hummed "Not much of a science nerd myself so I couldn't tell you more than the composition of that other gunk, soun
  10. Facs had of course come as quickly as his obligations allowed, arriving as a whirling mass of silently twisting wind and returning to his human form "Pleasure to meet you, shooting star, I absorb properties from stuff i touch, like a sponge kinda, more reccently been sucking up litteral information, i just suddenly know stuff sometimes if i can pick it out of the flood of data." he summarized briefly before turning his attention to archer's briefing fully "Military stuff huh? at least we're not dealing with space lasers and plasma bolts." he diverted a little bit of his
  11. It was best, Oz thought not to interfere in this case, Neil could do far more harm if he fled in a panic than he could hope to contain. "Easy does it my friend, he's just like a normal chicken, gotta get him to come in for a cuddle and a few strokes to the back of the neck and he'll fall right asleep." Oz said calmly, animals had a knack for picking up on panic and panicking themselves in empathic fear of phantom worries.
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