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  1. It was best, Oz thought not to interfere in this case, Neil could do far more harm if he fled in a panic than he could hope to contain. "Easy does it my friend, he's just like a normal chicken, gotta get him to come in for a cuddle and a few strokes to the back of the neck and he'll fall right asleep." Oz said calmly, animals had a knack for picking up on panic and panicking themselves in empathic fear of phantom worries.
  2. Initiative: 30 Animal cruelty! Oz won't stand for it. Gonna try and turn them goons into scarecrows with winds of change! DC22 reflex and then Fort 22/16 against becoming scarecrows!
  3. Ah again? what were the odds of wandering into another cluster of chaos with a group of exemplars of this dimension he wondered at the astronomical probabilities for a moment. he smiled over his glasses of truesight at the "invisable" girl but delcined to say anything lest he give her away. "no need to be rude young lady." he huffed in annoyance "I didn't know you were a secret fish person, much as you don't know anything about me." he strained to keep his temper in check, it was hard, power in transmutation came from being immutable oneself, the fulcrum fro
  4. Oz had been too busy drinking greedily from the venti peppermint latte he'd purchased from a most delightful little coffee shop on his way to "The Never-ending Story" he'd heard so much about amongst his particular community that he hadn't seen the others approaching over his fogged up glasses not that the fog would've impeded them had he been looking through them. "ah thank you very much young lady, please excuse me for the bump i had my nose in this most delightful beverage and I...." his words stopped dead as the sounds of struggle reached his ears his grip instantl
  5. Doktor'd! Buying Oz a little Slice of heaven! ( a HQ!) "The Ranch" Toughness: +15 (2ep) Size: Huge (3ep) Features 5ep Living Space Personel Pool Power System Sealed (Pocket Dimension) Description "The ranch" is a demiplane that Oz created in a long ritual to serve as a home to his less...disguisable pets and an escape from the world for those wood clan cryptids and allies of his that need one a near 1:1 model of the farm he grew up on back in his home dimension it houses numerous whimsical pieces of
  6. I'll put forth Oz as a fellow story book character Thought it is Jovians first christmas too. I offer either one.
  7. "I admire ya fighting spirit!" facs called out to the kid who had thrown a lightning bolt right into thunder-wolf's face even as he stooped and grasped the tire of a nearby vehicle in his hand, slowly drawing its properties out and over his own flesh. He could of course have gone for silver from one of the coins in his pocket but if the legends and myths were true it would have proven fatal, he sure as hell wasn't going to make himself a involuntary mass murderer "Not as quick at this as i used to be!" he added with a grunt "You're Gonna have to take the lead Miracle gi
  8. Oz felt his cheeks puff with indignation but he held his peace, there were children present after all and opted to maintain focused on the task at hand finding the errant cockatrice. his frustration only grew when someone else found him first and without the benefit of the goggles to protect them. "Don't be scared, close your eyes! it can't turn you to stone if you don't make eye contact!" he cried out as he made his way to the stage and crouched down with a fistful of treats in his hand. "here chicky chicky chicky...come to oswald..."
  9. Posting now to prevent analysis paralysis Going all in from the get go! (on my turn that is!) Using extraordinary effort to boost my object mimicry by 4 ranks to 16 and using 2 Hp to cancel the exhaustion Rare Earth Magnet Mimicry!
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