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  1. "You are a penguin and you will tell me what is going on here or i will loose my temper quite dramatically." Oz seethed as he slammed his umbrella tip into the ground and with a whisper set a powerful illusion spell into swing, twisting the worlds verticies and axises into a nightmareish escher-like landscaped "now, three things for you to consider, I have no intrest in your worthless trinkets, i do not brook insults and I will not ask you again." His voice too was warped into a disonant bassy tone, clocks ticking with frantic intensity as their faces melted down their bodies. "What is happening here or shall i rip your secrets from the foundations?"
  2. "Time is a rather merticulous thing you know?" He answered sethos question with his own as he opened up a particularly concentrated blast of paralytic venom that shot through the gaps in the sandstorm. "They've already paid for what they did from where we stand...but you've been lurking here in the mesa...in a time loop if i had to guess..dodging karma and sowing seeds...but thats where we come in...your trans temporal herb just needs to die at the point of its origins and then it will never have existed and since its outside of normal time...no paradox."
  3. Im going to shoot paralytic venom at him 1d20+10=24 DC20 fort save vs paralysis
  4. Oz might've been offended if it were not so comical to see a penguin waddle with such ferocity as this one did instead he merely looked down at the diminutive fowl with intrigue. "Well ill be, a penguin masquerading as a human of all things." Unperturbed he stepped forwards and with and effortless twirl of his wrist pointed the blunt steel point of his umbrella at the penguin. "Something is clearly amiss here, start talking."
  5. Alex had no memories of the entire affair beyond the duo of extra terrestials appearing and in what felt like a blink of his eyes being held in forever boys lap. The events as relayed to him sounded about right for what he would do and what tended to happen when things got weird around him (as they were want to do quite often) So here he stood with a blank space in his mind but otherwise unperturbed. "Wait, those two co-operated with us?" He piped up when the floor was opened to questions. "Whats our angle on making them talk and can we rely on what they say?"
  6. Oswald stepped inside the precipice but walked no further than that as was polite until he'd met and spoken with the master of the menagerie at least. There was no need to make things any less pleasent than his short temper and impatience with haughty beings had already made them. He glanced around the premesis as he waited taking notes of the creatures slow change into...or was it...back into a penguin, most intriguing.
  7. He could see revs lips moving as she talked but only a low ringing filled his ears. Slapping his metal cheeks shaking his head firmly brought him back into the here and now. Rev mentioning midas sharpend his frazzled wits and he gave a firm nod of agreement to the half heard plan. Sailing through the air like a lightweight silver javalin towards midas he used the slightly burned jets in his legs to bring himself to a controlled landing at the end of his impromptu flight. Quickly switching his body back to plain and simple steel he swung his heavy arms with every ounce of strength he could muster, he would either slam them together on midas's cracked helmet or release quite a shockwave, it was hard to tell with his vision swimming.
  8. Facs will land with grace and ease, turn back into steel and either clobber midas with his metal fists or shockwave him if he's too far away!
  9. "I could give you many reasons, but you are a servant and not one i need to speak with, so please go and fetch your "master" like a good dog." He waved his hand dismissively at the man. "Hop to it, we don't want for you to be a tardy and insolent whelk now do we?"
  10. "Good evening." Oz stated politely as he leaned on his umbrella lightly as he in turn appraised the man before him. "I have heard there is a most... Magical menagerie at this locale through some friends of mine in the local community." He explained with a smile. "Im rather new in town but i have quite an interest in the wonderous world of animals and wonder if i might be permitted to view it?"
  11. Oz had taken a short time to prepare himself, creating himself a snappy suit from the the Thaumatons abdundant in the air before opening a swirling portal to the location and stepping through. He regarded the peculiar door with cautious intrigue, checking with his glasses for any sort of trickery or concealment or in general any trickery of mages. Knocking resolubtely on the door once he was sure nothing...unfortunate would befall him
  12. Facs tumbled through the air uncontrollably, metal head reverberating and ringing like a bell that had been struck with trememdous force. It was all he could do to grasp instinctively to his transformed state and its more resilient matter as he raced towards ground spinning head over tailbone like a flipped coin.