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  1. "Not much of a people person." He confessed to red rat unbidden, still a little sore about the fart comment but trying his best to not let it bother him too much, there was work to do after all. "You handle that ok?" He inquired "Don't like our employer one bit...dunno why."
  2. Facsimile felt somewhere in his minds the events of the day were being pulled away from his brain, what he'd been thinking about as he'd been hefting power cores and the conversations he'd had all falling away. His first instinct was to struggle against it but being quantumly uncertain he had the benefit of hind and foresight both, this worked to help him return to normal in the majority of timelines so he relaxed himselves as much as he could and allowed his brain to be flossed.
  3. "Uh thanks!" He said a little shocked at the promise he wouldn't be peeked at whilst changing but largely unperturbed. Quickly stripping and changing into the sleek spacesuit he takes a moment to chuck his clothes bundle back into the cabin he was using.
  4. Ah things could never go smoothly could they? He'd accepted it of course, when he'd first put on his mask and turned a street of goons into babbling idiots that he was stepping into a world where coincidences and strangeness reigned supreme. "There is clearly something going on here." He spoke at last after careful consideration stepping forward towards the two nebulous beings and between mr sting, big mama and potential danger. "How bout we speak our pieces before this turns into a mexican standoff?" He offered as his tanks began to slowly fill with his chemicals. "Im venomax...im a toxicologist, i heard about the scorpions around these parts and came to study them." He explained as he turned to look at the mass of smoke called abdul. "You're here for some kind of leaf? Why?"
  5. "My my...what a specimine!" He said slightly awed, he'd heard from doctor whitefish and others that they were big but even so actually seeing one in person was another matter entirely. "I imagine she must have some pretty impressive molts!"
  6. "Would've been disappointed if something like this didn't happen." He sighed sarcastically. "Oh well! Getting our regular kinda adrenalin rush again ain't too bad." He resolved with a grin as he leaned out the side of the buggy and taking a deep breath pulled in the air and all its properties. Spun the wind to wind around the man in the road to hoist him out of harms way "Prevention isss better than cure after all." He hissed, voice now air escaping from air.
  7. "Wonderful!" Venomax concurred as he followed Mr. Sting into his residence "an exchange then! I will give you a sample of my venom for a small ammount of one of your scorpions." He offers openly. "My most potent concoction can reduce a boulder to putrified sand." A brag but one he could back up, a poison that could affect molecular cohesion and seal off atoms from weak force had proved vital in destroying dangerous devices and destroying automatons, in small doses and rare occasions it could also halt cellular regeneration.
  8. "Very well." Venomax consented after a brief moment of consideration, he had no reason to not believe them and some small, arrogant part of him felt that he could take them both if the need arose. With a flick of his finger he sent a globule of enzyme shimmering through the air and into the envenomed webbing big mama was ensared by, swiftly breaking it down. "Take it easy, you're probably going to be a little dizzy for a few seconds." He advised before turning to mr sting. "I am called venomax because i am the most poisonous thing on the earth...i came here to investigate the scorpions and learn from nature if you will."
  9. "I am venomax and you, mr sting, have one chance to tell me what is going on here." He stated simply and cleanly, stoic as a steel pillar. "I have been shot at and threatend with being eaten, which is by the way an exceptionally bad idea." He said as chemicals began to drip from him, hissing and smouldering in the sand. "This had better be exceptionally good."
  10. Vernon bilker could be accused of much but being slow or uncoordinated was not one of them, though he had never dodged the spray from a shotgun before he likely would be called on to do so a day. "Feeling tired?" He teased as a quick spin of his gauntlets moduals changed the nozzle and mixture and a viscous cloud of aerosolized adhesive, based on the spitting cobra's own natural weapon filled the air in a whispy cloud. "Let me tuck you in!"
  11. Yikes! Gonna try my cobra spit snare with the cloud area extra! DC20 reflex for half DC20/15 reflex against bein entangled/snared!
  12. 1d20+10=13 DC20 fort save vs dex drain 10!
  13. "Now, now....no need to be upset." He said calmly and cooly as he walked a little bit sidewards casually clicking his gauntlets into the correct settings. This being had threatened to eat him, it was clearly too dangerous to be left alone It worked for han solo...! And with that he swung his arm up, trusting in his arm, his aim and his balistic armour fired a jet of extremely concentrated concoction of anesthetic!
  14. Venomax's brow furrowed in displeasure but he held his tongue as he followed along with the plans presented. He knew it was an ego thing so he'd save his displeasure for these crooks when they turned up. It was always cathartic. "Sounds good to me." He answered plainly "probably a third story job right? No point in using the front door for a pro-team."