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  1. Doktor'd! Some edits for Oz! Adding This power. Gadgets 2 ("Arcane Reliquary" Magic, Dimensional; Flaws: Easy to loose; assign 10pp Pool of traits as a standard action) [12pp] And 1 rank of the luck feat please!
  2. Exaccus

    Future Shock IC

    "Glad to 'ear it." Dreadnought boomed boisterously at muirne "you can just call me Joe if you like...or anything but not late to dinner!" He chortled with a flex of his muscles "these are built on Ale, spinach and meat pies don't ya know." He winked and clicked his tongue in response to Ericks "don't lump me in with that guy, I'm all for saving the rainforest from clearcutting and cattle farming, not much of a fan of bonemeal Bread either." He responsed mirthfuly before settling down and focusing on the task at hand. "Stake out eh? Sounds fun! More of a breach and raid type myself but a bit o' discretion and finesse can't go amiss eh, klara?"
  3. Oh cool, it was supposed to be one at a time so it's cheaper and I don't need it then. Edited now. Ah dang I did a bad maths. I'm making up the action to a full.
  4. Aliza tilted her horned head as she regarded the guard and his shivering and stuttering. Humans were so hard to get a bead on with this stuff, their body language was so different from what she was used too. Ah well maybe the other hero had some idea of what all this meant. "Are you OK dude? You're shaking like a leaf...you need medical attention?"
  5. 1d20+10=13 He's cool I believe him.
  6. And so she arrived, a blur of black and white streaked with purple as she examined the scene, her singular eye flickering around assessing her surroundings, they briefly settled on the teetering car before settling on the broken pipe. It's familiar but foul stench filled her nose and turned her stomach. Natural gases, highly flammable. she looked back at the car suspended over the crater. I'm probably fast enough. She reasoned as she took in a deep breath and unleashed a blast of artic cold down into the pipe, freezing the moisture in the air over the break in the pipe.
  7. Sorry to keep you waiting I was waiting on RL and didn't see he was taking a Lil break. I'm gonna have Jovian's dynamic set to speed 5 (250mph/2500ft) Quickness 5 (x50 speed) Super strength 5 (+25 str for 45 total) And her main array to freeze breath. With that can I come ice over the pipe and seal it and move by action over to the car and at least try to keep it from toppling inwards?
  8. Fixed flat footed defense and added innate to growth. The option for drain was "any trait" rather than single trait which is 3pp! (It also has the requires grapple flaw to bring it down into array size!)
  9. Ah now that made things more complicated he took a few moments to begin his meal as he turned over his thoughts in his head,. "We were all civilians once, let's not forget that." He piped up at salvos comment "the difference is our paths were long and hard, they have tested our patience, dedication and perhaps most importantly our temperaments." He reasoned as he put down his chopsticks and leaned back into his seat a little more to get comfortable. "These people have walked Into a store and bought something considerably more powerful than even than an assault rifle with even less regulatons. " He sighed as he rubbed his cheek with the back of his hands "I am not a genius." He stated flatly perhaps it went without saying "so id assume whatever occurs to me about this has occurred to Mars." "Not only are we facing whatever mess these Utilos are going to make and get themselves into but they're going to affect legislation as Marstech legal and R&D dances around attempts to regulate them." He leaned forwards and steepled his fingers "at best this will sour our relationship with the general public....and at worse we get another Moore act."
  10. Vernon was not what one would call and overly expressive or emotional person but even his calm stony face cracked with concern at the mention of the utilo suits. "I've been out of town for a while on...business." he piped up "so forgive me if I'm a bit out of touch with the goings on." His morphic molecule gloves creaking as he clenched his fists. "Maximillion Mars is selling super powers as a subscription service...to whoever can afford them....and is incentivising their actions with some ludicrous objective based points system...effectively meaning he can put open bounties on anyone paid with fake game points." His teeth clenched a little before he took a deep breath and ran his hand over his hair as if smothering down flames that might have errupted from his head in anger. "Well I know what I'm going to be doing for the next few months."
  11. "Smart kid." Facsimile remarked to archer with a wry grin "you're probably the better answer getter of the two of us, you mind taking care of our guy whilst I try and get the crowd to disperse, maybe ring the cops to scoop these has beens up?" He remarked as he wound the chain of his wrecking ball around his arm.
  12. Exaccus

    Future Shock IC

    "Ey it's me VERA! Can I come in?" Boomed a dull but doughty voice from behind the metal doors that sealed off the haven before they cracked open revealing the hulking armour clad figure that was dreadnought in his Sunday best "Ta' love." He called over to the AI''s main interface as he thudded in "hey folks, sorry I'm late, had some ironclad stuff to do." He explained as he made his way over. "Holding up OK, kid?" He asked Muirne directly as he arrived amid their conversation.
  13. Venomax Calling all heroes Facsimile contending the contenders Dreadnought (guest star posts to the jovian) Phone a friend The Jovian Two suns in the sunset
  14. Venomax the social scene had never really been Vernons thing, even in his civilian life. Though he would go out for coffee or on lunch break with his co-workers he would usually find himself tuning out and in turn being tuned out. In his heroic endeavours however this would leave him cut off from both information and support, it would be a critical weakness to let himself carry on in total isolation from the now much larger and more active community of powered individuals. So here he stood just outside the noodle place mentioned in the herohouse post in his costume, freshly cleaned and chemically neutralized of any residue left over from his previous engagements. Hesitating for but a moment he pushed the door open and walked in, quickly scanning restraunt for signs of colourful costumes he opted to place his order and wander over to join them. "Names Venomax, saw the post; curious to what you have in mind." Short and succinct as always.
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