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  1. Rage and power boiled within dreadnought, the sound of his own burly heart pounding filled his ears his foe fallen before him was of little interest to him so he turned and covered in earth and dirt faced himself towards the next opponent again tensing his leg muscles for a moment before pushing off the ground with monsterous force and hurtling across the ground, letting his momentum carry him into the air and the gravity of the planet pull him down elbow first onto the downed giant.
  2. Another all out power attack charge on the downed giant! 24! DC37 save against a colossal elbow drop.
  3. "Sir Prize has fled!" Facsimile responded to the crowd behind him "quit the field rather than face me!" He roared in mock outrage as his engines revved "but he shall not escape! He will be made to face me!" And with that he was off again like a shot at full pace, metal sinew and roaring combustion powering his limbs as he surged forth like a spring heeled jack
  4. Perhaps it was an effect of the portal or mayhaps merely leaving the realm of the Fae depriving the fungal fluids of the rich reservoir of magic but for good or ill Oz felt his head begin to clear even as his face was filled with the undergrowth of the Forrest floor. "Oof!"
  5. Omen/Screech Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Psychic Shadow academy student with Rebellion on the brain. Catchphrase: "They call me Omen, Because when you see me, things are about to go badly for you." Theme: Alternate Identity: Morton "Mort" Oleander (Secret) Birthplace: Manchester, UK Residence: Emerald City; Shadow Academy Dorm Base of Operations: Emerald City Affiliations: Rebellion, Other Rebellious Students at the academy Family: None Description: Age: 18 (DoB: 2000) Gender: CIS Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6'3" Weight: 150lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Tall and slender young man, clean shaven with short well kept hair, there is nothing that makes mort stand out of the ordinary a fact he uses to his advantage, prefering to wear featureless black clothes. History: Adopted to serve as an unwitting decoy for the son of a family of petty gangsters it was on the night it seemed he was about to die for that very purpose that his powers manifested and after overwhelming his attackers and adoptive family both with telepathic assault fled into the night. Living amongst the homeless population and using his powers to take what he needed from people who wouldn't miss it it would be over a year before he was approached by the shadow academy and under coceration of the well-being of his new found friends and family he accepted Personality & Motivation: Morton carries himself with a fearsome mein when dealing with members of the shadow academy, relying on his terrifying reputation and position as one of the so called "Inquisitors' to dissuade other students from scrutinizing his actions and movements too closely. He is guided by his sense of empathy to help those in need without endangering them or others as he manuvers things into place for a perfect storm. Powers & Tactics: what the enemy doesn't know can certainly hurt them as much if not more than spontaneous combustion or telekinetically hurled tonnage Morton has learned that it is in his best interest to control the terms and location of engagement and will focus on wresting control if he doesn't already possess it. Secrecy is of paramount importance as well, his plans depend on him being in the good graces of the academy staff whilst he assists the rebellion with telepathic spendings and illusory messengers. He will take great pains to act quickly, quietly and reveal as little as possible about himself. Power Descriptions: Mortons psionics are for the most part visually undetectable save for his nascent pyrokinesis which burns in all the colours and intensity of regular fire and the ripples of transparent force that come with psychokinetic energy blasts. Complications: No-one can know: Mortons assistance of rebellious students cannot be brought to light lest his homeless friends are made to pay the price and the rebellion is quashed by the academy staff, this is his primary concern and there are very few lengths he is unwilling to go to to keep his secrets. Masks and Masquerades: due to the presence of other powerful psychics amongst the Inquisitors and faculty staff Morton has partioned his conciousness and sometimes partially erases information with programmed recalls, though he has stopped short of creating an entirely separate personality he is unable to access certain information when he is and is not wearing his mask. Abilities: 0+4+4+4+10+0 = 22pp STR: +0 (10) DEX: +2 (14) CON: +2 (14) INT: +2 (14) WIS: +5 (20) CHA: +0 (10) Combat: 6+10 = 16pp Attack +3 (+3 base) Melee:+3 Ranged:+3 Defense: +6 (+5 base +1 Dodge focus) Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex) Grapple:+3 (+3 attack) Saves: 3 + 3 + 5 = 11pp Toughness: +2/+14 (+2 Con +12 force field) Fortitude: +5 (+2 Con + 3) Reflex: +5 (+2 Dex +3) Will: +10/+15 (+5 Wis + 5 + 5 Enhanced Will) Skills: 14pp (54 ranks) Bluff 10 (+10) Concentration 8 (+13) Knowledge (life sciences) 3 (+5) Medicine 5 (+10) Notice 10 (+15) Sense Motive 10 (+15) Stealth 8 (+10) Feats: 4pp Dodge Focus Second Chance (Concentration Checks to maintain Powers) Trance Ultimate Effort (Will Save) Powers: 5 + 12 + 14 + 48 + 4 = 83pp All powers have the Mutation and psionic descriptors Enhanced Trait 5 ("Mind shield"; Traits: Will +5 (+15)) (5pp) Protection 12 ("Armoured Aura"; +12 Toughness; Force Field)(12pp) Psionic Attunements (Array 6; PFs: Alternate Power 2) (14pp) BE: Telepathic Link . . . . Communication 6 (Linked; sense type: mental; Rapid 3, Subtle (subtle)) . . . . Comprehend 1 (Linked; languages - speak all) AE: Concealment 10 (Array; all senses; Phantasm; Close Range, Selective) AE: Mind Reading 10 (Array; DC 20; Subtle (subtle)) Psionic Power House (Array 20; PFs: alternate power 8 )(48pp) BE: Blast 10 (Array; DC 25; Range (perception); Knockback 9, Variable Descriptor (Narrow group - Force/Fire)) AE: Emotion Control 10 (Array; DC 20; Mental, Secondary Effect; Mind Blank) AE: ESP 12 (Array; affects: 1 type - mental; Action (free), Duration (sustained); Custom 3 (Rapid (x1000) )) AE: ESP 5 (Array; affects: 2 types, inc. visual - auditory and visual; Action (free), Duration (sustained), No Conduit, Simultaneous; Custom 3 (Rapid (1000))) AE: Illusion 10 (Array; affects: all sense types, DC 20; Duration (sustained); Phantasm) AE: Mental Blast 10 (Default; DC 25; Mental) AE: Mind Control 10 (Array; DC 20; Conscious; Mental Link, Subtle (subtle)) AE: Stun 10 (Array; DC 20; Alternate Save (Will), Range 2 (perception); Action (full); Sedation, Subtle (subtle), Variable Descriptor (Narrow group - Pain/Sleep)) AE: Telekinesis 10 (Array; Strength: 50, Carry: 4.3 tons / 8.5 tons / 12.8 tons / 25.6 tons; Perception; Precise, Subtle (subtle)) Super-Senses 4 (danger sense: Mental, detect: Mental 2 (ranged), uncanny dodge: Mental) (4pp) Totals: Abilities 22 + Skills 14 (54 ranks) + Feats 4 + Powers 83 + Combat 16 + Saves 11 + Drawbacks 0 = 150
  6. Facsimile Fight them on the beaches Dreadnought Old gods anew Oz Puzzle box: the fun guy
  7. "then let us ride!" Facsimile roared as the engine in his chest sparked to life and the wheels in his heels revved and screeched against the tarmac in place. "Let's see what Sir prize has to say for himself when challenged!"
  8. Gonna try and persuade the crowd to follow me to witness my challenging sir prize for leadership! 17 Hmm I'll reroll that, this is important to me! 18! Plus 10 for 28!
  9. "bah you puny giants haven't so much as bloodied my lip yet!" Dreadnought responded to the towering figures "I've already felt your stone bones crumbling beneath my fists! Here have a reminder!" And with that he hurtled away in the blink of an eye, skidding to a stop in his deepening furrow In the soil and flinging himself back towards the staggering giant with fists clenched and head lowered lashing out with a powerful twisting punch as he passed under the colossus, traveling again for another hundred feet before rounding and once again charging, though this time more head on, planting his heavy metal helmet and the harder still head beneath it into the back of a towering leg. "We'll just get what we need from them once they're beaten, won't we Klara?"
  10. Time to cut loose and go crazy! Gonna zoom 100ft away, zoom 100ft in to clobber the staggered giant with my big stupid punch +9 to hit DC37 defense of +0/10 1d20+9=26 one short of threatening a crit! Surge to do it again (hp to beat fatigue) targeting another giant if the staggered one is down. 1d20+9=20 Then last 100ft of movement to get out of Dodge.
  11. "indeed!" Oz bellowed as if he were addressing an entire classroom of (obviously enraptured students) translocation spells are very difficult due to the nature of Transmundane metaphysics!" he explained as the ground roiled beneath him but he managed to keep his sea legs, perhaps due to his limberness born of inebriation. "Just remember to account for the curvature of the plane for distance of location but to ignore it in distance for travel as teleportation magic work as a straight line between points! Wouldn't want to get ourselves splittered or embedded halfway into something now would we." And with that he gestured and incanted and a swirling violet portal span itself into existance, sparking mildly with lightning of almost every colour imaginable. "Next we'll discuss..." He began before a particularly violent fungal ripple sent him tumbling into his portal.
  12. Oh right these folks were hard heads, he'd all but forgotten the man who had been willing to dash himself on a living brick wall. Let's try something else then "I speak out of turn in my indignation! I humbly apologize, for I am disgusted by what I have witnessed!" He began slipping back into his knightly persona a little less deeply than earlier. "Sir prize set you folks up, you're his distraction whilst he takes a prize for himself!" Facsimile blurted out plainly and heavily leaning on his contempt "a man like that is no knight! It is a brigand and a blackguard, nay a thuggish nere do well, who sells his men's freedom and well being for greater personal gain! Do not fall on your swords for such a cur! I emplore thee!" Before turning back to the red headed cop "pretty sure that's where my back up is headed, I'll follow suit after this mob breaks up."
  13. "now now pappius no need to fret, teacher is here!" Oz chimed merrily as he bounded in an odd mix of a dance, dignified waddle and drunken stumble into the midst of the mushroom men and spinning himself into a clumsy pirouette cast another mighty spell that echoed out from him in a wave of emerald light. It was not advisable to practise transmutation magic under the influence of consciousness altering substances but he was the great and powerful Oz and thus was exempt from things like common sense.
  14. Hum! I think Oz will continue to be slightly helpful and wobble drunkly as he bounds amidst the mushroom men and with a pirouette attempt to use his winds of change power to turn them to stone. DC22 reflex for half DC22/16 fort to resist, if they are immune due to being an object they must make a reflex save again by house rules.
  15. "from what I can piece together, these guys are a distraction." Facsimile responded as he gestured towards the remaining anarchists. "Their boss set this whole thing up to keep his tracks covered, zoomed off in that direction." He pointed towards the way chromium and Sir Prize had headed off in. "Riots, chaos and all that, one of my co-workers headed off after the guy, I stuck around to help out here and touch base with you, I'll follow up after." He explained before addressing the crowd. "You losers had best buzz off! It's been a long night and I don't need much of an excuse!" He roared, gasoline fueled flames pouring from his angular metallic mouth as if to accent his displeasure as he tore the remains of the chain mail still clinging to his form free like tatters of tissue.
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