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  1. "oh yeah? Interesting proposal..." Facsimile lied through his teeth as he leaned against the brick wall he had mimiced. "Tell me more, I'm not quite sold...cool guys like me can't be seen loitering around any old dive or bar you know? You guys got a sweet hangout?"
  2. "the fair folk are very emotional beings...they change like the sea and the seasons with such rapidness and ease that it catches many off guard." Oz began "Playful and curious beings but they have a grasp of morality and philosophy that we mere mortals tend to struggle with." He rubbed his chin as he pondered how to get his point across without offending any of the Fae who might be overhearing him. "They have difficulty empathizing with humans as they are whimsically detached from notions that tend to bog us down; like time, entropy, death." He added "causality, logic, reasoning." purely emotional beings." He again emphasized his next words "they do not suffer rudeness or trespass it is considered prudent to come bearing a gift and a means of defending one's self...though their powers are bound into narratives they themselves concoct; the origin of the term fairy tales if I recall."
  3. One more arcane lore to see what I know about the fae? 1d20+20=39
  4. Ill swing for a notice check if it's still an option! 1d20+14=19
  5. "doesn't suprise me really, we're still finding cold war villain lairs today on earth, there's a whole lot of empty space to hide stuff in and plenty of chaos if what I heard first time I was out here is true." He mused as echohead fainted and pan rushed to provide aid. "Heh! I like this guy." He mentioned as he helped pan get echohead into a sitting position "he's funny! Those two looses in leotards getting the drop on me and knocking me out really put a damper on my mood but I feel much better already." He was of course not aware that it has been the stress of his out of control powers and echoheads autohypnotic influence that had made him loose his memories and that it had been platypus and eagle who had clobbered him out cold so hard he had short term memory loss. "You still with us sleepyhead?" He asked the now roused psychic "things are about to get real, real fast too."
  6. "thats how Jousts works dummy." Facsimile deadpanned "don't go throwing your toys off ya rocking horse cause you lost and don't like it." He huffed as he set the bike aside "no one made you pick a fight with a literal ton of bricks." "Now then, you don't seem to have a concussion or any major trauma...so let's have a talk whilst we wait for the police to arrive about why you talk like that...and who these knights of anarchy are...." Facsimile rumbled as he stomped over, more of a dull Thoom to his steps than the twang of steel as he carried his immense weight towards the man.
  7. "ya fought with Valor an' reckless abandon, I salute ya courage and worry about your selfworth, wanting to smash headlong into a brick man." He commented as he he thudded over, a quick kick sending the Lance even further away from its owner as he turned the turned the key with a free hand and set the now stopped bike back on the ground. "You'd have made yourself into modern art on me if I hadn't stopped you." He commented as he stowed the man's Keys away in a pocket on the back of his trousers. "Let's have a little chat now that's all said and done with."
  8. "I would rather like to hear more about this Cerberus creature you were telling me about, you do not perchance have one?" Oz asked humbley as he waddled along after Charlemagne "If not I have quite an affection for equine, porcine or bovine creatures…grew up on a farm you see."
  9. "well I guess I don't wanna explode or mow the lawn anymore than I already do...besides there'll be other neat sci-fi space junk In that album art castle right?" Facsimile asked aloud as his hand slipped to his belt buckle and his form changed "I can last on real steel till then....but when we get in here....hoo boy watch out buzz light-year." Needless to say he was feeling a little giddy, maybe it was nerves? They were literally made of steel at the moment.
  10. Right you are my friend! Reflex save! 1d20+8=23 And attack roll! 1d20+10=26 Whee! Look ma' no heropoints!
  11. "well technically I'm a mutant." Alex responded calmly as he leaned forward and prepared to intercept the bike. "Mine genetic cocktail has got a bit more kick than blonde hair and the ability to digest lactose though." He added, an after thought as he pondered his situation..he'd have thought the man wouldn't dash himself against either the wall of bricks or himself but he fancied his chances better with the metahuman it seemed. He would need to sidestep the vehicle, grab it by the unused handlebar on the Lance's side and the wheel guard, pray, wish, dig in his heels and tip the guy off. This was not going to be easy, though it would certainly be impressive if it worked! Kind of a shame i don't have more of an audience really.
  12. "eh...I really wouldn't if I were you sir knight..." He said bemusedly by the man's turn of phrase but unshaken by his announced intention. "I'm a Bit of a brick wall." He explained as he removed his helmet to reveal his now chunkier and more...cuboid features "though you may prefer to think of my as an anvil." He added "Strike and find your weapon reshaped." That game with the other kids had made him such a nerd. "Heaven help you should I fall from on high."
  13. Ok! Gonna try and out manuver this motormouth moron. Skill and style with perhapse a greater understanding of the local area against sheer speed and fearlessness. Driving again?
  14. Alex felt his inner racer twitch but his cooler head prevailed, this guy was reckless beyond anything that someone with some level of self preservation could be. Trying to catch up to him had only provoked him into going faster still, he would need to be a bit more cunning than he usually liked to cut the loon off before someone got hurt or worse. "Knights of anarchy huh? Can't say im familiar." He called back as he did his best to keep pace even as he began to slip behind the chainmail wearing lance weilding biker. "You guys like playing in traffic?" Witness banter it was but that gives brain time to plan, even the reckless knight had to slow down to take a corner if he wished to remain wreckless! Corralling him into one and quickly over taking him was the hard part, one it turned out had a simple solution! Alex had one more advantage over the man, he had been his bike, he knew more about it than even the people who designed or constructed it. Keeping his balance almost perfectly he extended one of his legs from the foot rest and gave the other bikes front wheel a gentle shunt, sending the speeding driver turning onto a long, narrow avenue with a dead end, one that he parked across the entrance way of with a sharp hairpin turn. "Let's chat somemore bucko!" He taunted as he got off his bike and removed one of his gloves, tracing his barehand over the brickwork as he strolled towards the now (he hoped) trapped anarchist knight taking on a Bulkier blockier form as he went.