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  1. "Pretty straight forward plan this time eh? Can't say I Object...been itching to knock some heads together since that whole ambush." Slamming his fists together in enthusiasm. "If you gimme a few seconds I can probably whip up some cover after I grab some MOON POWERS"
  2. Same again for Mr heavy weight! 1d20+10=11! dang it!
  3. Doktor'd Facsimile 2 points to spend Looking to add Acute and Analytical to the information absorbtion super sense 1pp each. Thanks!
  4. Facsimile Contending the contenders Kingmaker: checkmate Techneaux Emerald city showdown
  5. "Time to show you has-beens just what Im made of!" Facsimile roared with thunderous strength as his metal shoulders and hips twisted to add the full power of his body into the blow he was about to deliver. This was no simple jab, straight or hook but a haymaker, one bearing every ounce of power he could muster and one that would leave him off balance and vulnerable to counter Attack but in exchange could probably demolish the heaviest of fortifications. Squaring up to bear knuckle in unspoken challenge he let his steel fist fly straight towards the enraged mutants face. No matter what happened this was going to be quite a spectacular impact.
  6. Gonna take an a standard action to throw the biggest punch possible at bear knuckle. All-out Power Attack for full. 19 I'm gonna reroll that with the HP ya gave me. 1d20+10=20 +10 for reroll makes a total of 30. DC36 Toughness save please!
  7. Alex took a moment to just relax and let the feeling of the rattling hull and sounds if conversation fade away leaving nothing but the feeling of speed and inertia as the ship hurtled through space towards the moon. It would take a few hours for the most advanced of nasa's space shuttles to get to the moon, perhaps slightly under an hour for one of the Freedom leagues pegasus transports. Either way it was time available to him to prepare for what he was sure would be a knock down drag out brawl at the heart of Wu's darkness. Once he felt somewhat centered he returned to the here and now. "So chief what's the plan of attack?"
  8. Techneaux laughed heartily as his flying pod was engulfed in flames, his unshakable faith in the fruits of his genius proving well founded in this instance as the polycarbonate and metal hull withstood the temperatures easily. Leaving only small smouldering fires on the less important outer layers. A rapid spin was all it took to blow them out and with that he was ready to engage once more in battle with the infuriatingly unwilling to be hit sunburn only to discover her lying on the floor in a puddle of water ranting at the top of her lungs. "Well....this is disappointing...I thought you were a big time villain; I flew all the way out here for this you know?" He complained as he rubbed his chin. "Please stop barking like a chihuahua and get up so I can knock you down."
  9. I'mma try and demoralise her! Spend a HP to get the taunt feat so I can use bluff! 1d20+15=25
  10. Facsimile Contending the Contenders Techneux Emerald city showdown
  11. Power Level: 12 (180/180PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness In Brief: Post-Human Colonist from the Moons of jupiter stranded in the modern day following a relativistic field collapse finds herself imbued with incredible powers beneath the light of the young sun thanks to her practically Alien bio-chemical make up and molecular density. Catchphrase: None Theme: Alternate Identity:Aliza Zhara (assumed name) (Secret) Alhizhara (Birth name)(Secret) Birthplace: Jovian Colonies (Europa) Residence: Freedom City Base of Operations: Occupation: Deep Sea Farm Maintenance Staff (3rd class) (Former), Journalist and blogger/Vlogger.(currently) Affiliations: Staff of the Freedom City Herald Newspaper. Family: N/A. Description: Age: 29 (DoB: 1.5 billion Years in the future. ) Apparent Age: Young Adult Gender: Female Ethnicity: Jovian (Europa Colony) Height: 6'4" Weight: 189lbs Eyes: Purple cyclopean eye (True form), Dark brown (Hologuise) Hair: Black In her true form Aliza bears passing resemblance to a judeo-christian demon in part thanks to her thick, resilient skin and prominently large hollow horns, her singular central eye and pointed teeth do little to make her appear less threatening, due to her Cellular Carapace her skin has a pigmentless white colour and her finger end in seemlessly smooth claws. Wild but well maintained black hair reaches down to the Base of her spine only publicly seen in this form when acting as a super hero Aliza favors more rugged and utilitarian clothes, primarily those composed of morphic molecules or other smart materials capable of self repairing through some means such as full body suits and boots. Her morphic disguise is designed to both be less stressful for her ancestors to look upon with Rich golden brown skin, Dark brown eyes and shorter more stylized hair, as this form is largely a fashion statement in itself she tends to opt for nicer (If quaint in her opinion) wardrobe options, Smart casual for the most part with mainly comfort in mind; dresses are saved for special occasions. History: Born in an artifical birthing pod some 1.5 billion Years in the future ahlizhara was brought into a world that was struggling to hold onto it's place in the universe, with the death of earth following Sols expansion into a red giant much of earths historic relics and records were lost along with the Mercury and Venus Colonies and their valuable energy production facilities as well as the knowledge of how to construct the most advanced of post-humanities technologies, far more important it was that they were able to repair and maintain what was left than it was to learn those lost secrets anew that Alhizhara was quickly inducted into work as maintainace staff on several of the Colonies most important facilities, such as the artifical gravity generators that made functioning on the small moon easier than it would've otherwise been, the great fusion reactors that provides power to the Colonies homes and perhaps the most important of all, the deep sea farms where the majority of the Jovian Colonies food was grown and reared. though she lacked the raw aptitude some of her peers held for the technological innovations of the ancient past she proved diligent and dedicated to her task over the years to the point she was largely trusted with day to day operations such as monitoring the isopod and crustacean pens, Krill paddocks and Plankton Bays without too much intreferable, though it was hardly a glamorous career it afforded her perhaps some of the rarest commodities available, time to herself and privacy. It was a day like anyother after a long shift of plugging leaks and replacing fuses and contact plates at the deep sea Farm that the alert went out, one of the gravity generators was giving off anomalous readings and causing strange phenomena for a good kilometer or two around it, making the air ripple and sounds and sights garbled by twisting space time, perhaps more perculiar still were the reports of water flowing backwards against all known laws of fluid and thermodynamics, all available maintained workers of classes 3rd through 1st were to attend and attempt to stablize the monolithicly important machine. Arriving amidst the chaos of confused repair staff and terrified bystanders ahlizhara was quickly put to work by her superiors on ensuring that the structural integrity of the device's main conduit held against its own rampant fluctuations as others scrambled to stablize the machines graviton pulses. Perhaps it was due to interference from the distorted gravity or maybe she just wasn't important enough to be warned but having decided to do a controlled Surge to reset the capacitors ahlizhara found herself caught in a wave of space warping energy. To the onlooking Jovians it must've seemed as if the sheer intesity of the gravitonium pulse anihillated her down to the very corners of her atoms as she vanished without a sound or any trace in an instant. The truth is as always stranger than whatever fictions they might've held, instead of being torn asunder or crushed into a singularity by the wave of gravity she had instead been flung away at speeds in which physics as we understand it stopped working tossing her millions of miles across space and over a billion years into the past. Personality & Motivation: Aliza is in part due to her life in the post collapse solar system something of a selfless individual who took a menial job on a graveyard shift for the good of her Colony over chasing personal aspirations and whilst she is genetically diverged enough from modern humanity to practically be another species she is culturally and mentally similar enough to empathise fully with her distant ancestor species and is motivated to help where she can even if she has to temper herself against altering what she believes to be the ancient past. though she finds current earth to be technology primative compared to her own time she rather enjoys the greater cultural richness and oppertunities available to her in the 20th century and has indulged herself in fashion and pop culture to an extent in which she has made a profession writing and vlogging about it. Powers & Tactics: Aliza makes use of fairly simple techniques such as simple palm strikes, punches, relying on her incredible strength and speed rather than training or skill. Preferring to incapacitate weaker opponents by encasing them in thick ice with her freeze breath, remove or reduce the number of opponents with more forceful super breath and utilise her heat vision against constructs and objects. Power Descriptions: As a Jovian aliza is the product of post human directed evolution to thrive in the harsh enviroment of post collapse Colony on the moon of Europa these include a hardened Phisiology Consisting of a Cellular carapace that renders her skin tougher than most modern day metals but as flexible as human skin, as well as significantly denser muscules and bones as well as a layer of thick fat built to withstand the scouring ice storms of the frozen moon. the ability to respire with miniscule amounts of oxygen and a hyper efficient metabolism to combat the poor nutritional value of plankton and Krill to resist the heat and radiation of unfiltered red sunlight Posessing large hollow horns in place of ears that allow her to accurately locate sounds in her immediate surroundings thanks to the resilience of her cells and the hardness of her bones these are also functional if largely unused natural weapons Aliza's super powers come from her ability to absorb and metabolize sunlight into metabolic energies, as a side effect this gives her a particularly powerful bioelectric aura that acts as a hardend skin tight forcefield as well and further reinforcing her Phisiology and biochemistry. She can use this energies to vastly increase her strength by supercharging her muscular tissues to such a fine degree she is able to exercise it fully with the subtlest and smallest of motions (represented by the subtle and precise power Feats on Enhanced strength) and give her the ability to leap incredible distances She can further use this strength to compress vast volumes of air within her lungs to project as explosive blasts of air or freezing gusts that can quickly engulf a creature in thick ice by freezing the ambient moisture in the air around them Focusing the energy into her nervous tissues she can increase her Speed and Quickness moving at close to mach 13 and able to accomplish tasks that would take 3 months within mere seconds. Focusing this energy into the photoreceptors of her eye to channel vast amounts of absorbed light into beams of heat so intense that they create visable beams of violet or red light (though with sufficient focus these be rendered purely ultra-violet or infrared) On top of these powers she has access to the advanced technology of her time (which survived the collapse at least.) Inn particular a personal computing device that functions similarly to a smart device, after being stranded in the past by the relativistic field collapse this devices has been completely put into creating the morphic field that she uses to maintain her human appearance via the overclocking of a cosmetic application. Complications: Solar powered: The more fantastic of Aliza's powers derive from her ability to absorb and store solar radiation in her cells (specifically the "Solar Energy Battery", "Solar Powered Phisiology.", "Solar charged biochemistry" and "Bio-Electric aura" powers) a gm might award Aliza a Hero point if her stores deplete to the point that those powers cease to function or if exposure to the energies that make up solar radiation in different forms (such as infrared or ultraviolet light, ) cause her powers to function in unexpected ways or she becomes overcharged and forced to uncontrollably Expell the excess energies. Eye of jupiter: Due to having only one eye Aliza is particularly vulnerable to effects that work off or affect her visual senses such as dazzles and sense dependant effects that operate through eye contact, the GM might award Aliza a Hero point by making her automatically fail her saves against such effects or increasing the effects of failures beyond the regular scope of the power in question. Trapped in the stone age: Aliza is from the extremely distant future from a time in which humanity has left the earth and colonised the solar system and as such is from as very different technological and cultural than mosy of modern day earth. The GM might award Aliza a Heropoint for having her misinterpreting certain social cues and interactions or being confounded by and unable to make use of the technology more advanced than simple mechanical devices like door knobs and ballpoint pens. Assuming she doesn't destroy them with her unfamiliar new strength. Morphaguise: Originally a cosmetic holographic overlay device Aliza has repurposed it into a rudimentary disguise both so that she can minimize the distress her true appearance may cause and so that she can live a relatively noral life and maintain social relationships. The GM might award Aliza a Hero point if her disguise should malfunction in some way at such a time that would make social interactions fail or impossible to undertake or it is stolen and used for malicious purposes. Abilities: 10+0+10+0+4+0 = 24pp STR: +17 (20/44) DEX: +0 (10) CON: +10 (20/30) INT: +0 (10) WIS: +2 (14) CHA: +0 (10) Combat : 6 + 6 =12pp Attack: +3 Melee: +7 Ranged: +3 Defense: +7 -Flatfooted: +1 Initiative: +0 Grapple: +12 without powers/ +22 With amazing might/ +32 with amazing might + Energy reserves dedicated to SS Saves: 0+6+8 = 14pp Toughness: +17 (+10 Con +7 Protection) -Impervious 12 Fortitude: +10 (+10 Con +0) Reflex: +6 (+0 Dex +6) Will: +10 (+2 wisdom +8) Skills: 10pp (40 ranks) Knowledge (physical sciences) 8 (+8) Knowledge (technology) 8 (+8) Language 4 (Base: Jovian, English, Latin, Lor, Galstandard) Medicine 4 (+6) Notice 8 (+10) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Feats: 13pp All-Out Attack Attack Focus (melee) 4 Dodge Focus 4 Interpose Move-by Action Power Attack Takedown Attack Powers: 12 + 7 + 2 + 15 + 1 + 7 + 43 + 10 = 106pp Impervious Toughness 12("Bio-electric Aura"; Alien, Bio-Electricity) [12pp] Protection 7 ("Cellular Carapace";Alien Biology, Cellular +7 Toughness) [7pp] Super-Senses 2("Echolocation Horns"; Alien Biology; accurate: Hearing)[2pp] Array 10(""Solar Energy Battery"; Alien biology; PFS: Dynamic Base Power, Dynamic Alternate Powers: 2) [15pp] DBE: Enhanced Speed and Reflexes (Linked) Quickness 10 (Linked; Perform routine tasks at 2500x speed) Speed 10 (Linked; Speed: 10000 mph, 88000 ft./rnd) DAE: Full Power (Super-Strength 10) +50 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 183.5k tons; +10 STR to some checks) DAE: Leaping 10 (Jumping distance: x2500) Morph 1 ("Morphoguise Device"; Technology, Hologram; single appearance - human disguise, +5 Disguise; Extra: Duration (continuous); Flaws: Action (move))[1pp] Immunity 7("Enviromental Adaptions"; Alien Biology; enviromental conditions (all), suffocation (all))[7pp] Array 19("Solar powered Phisiology"; Alien biology; 38pp array; PFs: Alternate Power 4)[43pp] BE: Amazing Might (Linked; Alien Biology)[38/38pp] Enhanced Strength 24 (Linked; +24 STR; PFs: Precise, Subtle (subtle)) Enhanced Trait 2 (Linked; Feats: Second Chance (Strength checks to break objects), Ultimate Effort (Strength Check)) Super-Strength 5 (Linked; +25 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 179.2 tons; +5 STR to some checks) AE: Freeze Breath (Snare 12; Alien biology; Cold) ( Extras: Cone Area (120 ft. cone - General), Selective Attack Flaws: Range (touch) PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2 (full power))[38/38pp] AE: Heat Vision (Blast 17; Alien Biology; Heat) (PFs:Accurate 2 (+4), Precise, Subtle (subtle))[38/38pp] AE: Precision Heat Vision (Blast 12; Alien Biology; Heat) (Array; DC 27; Range (perception); Precise, Subtle (subtle))[38/38pp] AE: Super-breath (Trip 12; Alien Biology, Air) (Extras: Cone Area (120 ft. cone - General), Knockback, Selective Attack; Flaws: Range (touch); PFs: Improved Throw, Precise)[38/38pp] Enhanced Constitution 10 ("Solar charged Bio-Chemistry"; Alien Biology (+10 CON))[10pp] Totals: Abilities 24 + Skills 10 (40 ranks) + Feats 13 + Powers 106 + Combat 12 + Saves 14 + Drawbacks 0 = 180
  12. Facsimile smiled broadly as archer made his appearance and his announcement, it was time to bring this show to an end at last. "Now see, that's how you fight smart...and well, old man." He chortled as his hands settled on his shining steel belt buckle. "Rope-a-Dope I believe it's called, keeping you lot busy and distracted whilst we cleaned up your cowardly little insurance policy....you only got two good hits in between the lot of you!" The silver beginning to spread up from his fingers along his arm and head as he spoke. "But now it's time for me to bring this to an end and show you just how powerful I actually am."
  13. Taking a full round action to assume PL13 steel mimicry and smack talk of course!
  14. "Bah, forget you then I shall go find someone who can truly appreciate my genius in action!" He huffed as he sailed away towards the bound and helpless metamind. "Guten tag, mein freund!" He announced himself as a wicked grin split his face as the main weapon of his combat pod whirred to life. "And goodnight!"
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