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  1. "there are tracks here." oz murmured as he gestured with a gloved hand, briefly illuminating the imprints on the surface with a mild violet mage light "looks like our cockatrice has entered one of the screens...the darkness makes it dangerous enough but with everyone in the room's gaze fixed on a certain point it may stone them all instantly." he huffed as he hauled himself back up to standing position, taking a moment to gently grasp the petrified mouse and putting it in his pocket. "I am primarily a transmuter so i can reverse the process of petrification if it comes to that but
  2. "mmm, certainly more plentiful than mirrors and reflective surfaces but i find it has limited angles on situations far to often." Oz huffed as he hastened along behind Blackstaff, his second breakfast still fresh in his stomach was slowing him down...though it was the elevensies that was threatening to make itself heeded most. "It would appear that the venue is having some kind of chicken themed event so our exotic pet has a veritable field of decoys to hide amongst and no shortage of young children to accidentally turn his gaze against..." he gasped "do not let me slow you down i
  3. Doktor'd! Oz feeling lucky! using 3pp to increase Oz's luck from 1 to 4
  4. ok! using my arcane reliquary to whip up a quick little ESP! 10pp to spend. ESP 5("magic mirror!"; Magic, Light, Mirrors: Visual senses (5 miles); Flaw: Medium (Reflective surfaces) PFs: Rapid 5 (x100,000 Speed))[10pp] taking 20 on search for 24 looking for cockatrice or signs thereof!
  5. "I feel like either would be a good bet, all things considered though if i had to pick one i think i would favour the more open enviroment of the emerald palace, lots of places to run around in and things to hide under if i needed too." oz reasoned as he placed his mind in the form of a cockatrice, even as he tightend the fixings on his petrification protection lense. "I am able to open portals with a great degree of finesse if you desire to split up and try both however, or i could attempt to use one of my trinkets....he pondered as he reached into his inside pocket and felt arou
  6. the pain was astounding, his head was pounding and his limbs ached and shook with the strain they were now under due to the damage he had sustained and the strain of using his powers to explosively over such a short period of time, he was not going to win this fight, but that didn't mean he had to lose it either for now he remained quiet within the safety of his blinding cloud waiting and listening quietly so as not to give his location away to those who needed naught else to find him.
  7. "indeed my friend indeed!" Oz trumpeted in his ever enthusiastic way as he pocketed his glasses and affixed the goggles to his face. "let us away to the chase whilst the day is young and the tracks are fresh!" clasping his hands together and incanting breifly he then flung a small purple disc of energy that swelled into a portal, through which a relatively clean and quiet back alley lay. "my usual transport point when i visit the yellow brick row." he explained to the two other men. "best i dont get seen teleporting again lest the power seeking c
  8. initiative! 1d20+2=5 He may love it when they run but he loves it more when they fight him.
  9. for his part Oz remained calm and collected, quietly tweaking with his instrument as it parsed the parapsychological waves carried in the voices before them, fortunately for his callibration they had largely stuck to spitting facts at one another and thus it was attuned to the subharmonic frequencies of intentional or knowing lies. "mhmm..." Oz answered dreamily to any who might inquire things of him as he worked, sparing a moment to click his fingers and bring his emerald forcefield to life in the face of seemingly imminent combat. he was after all a prodigiously power
  10. I was gonna hold and listen! want an IC to that effect?
  11. "they're generally rather docile if memory recalls, like a farm animal essentially chickens, little bit oppertunistic when they come across a mouse or something similar, i don't think they eat creatures they petrify though if memory serves thats the basilisk's preferance." "magizoology isn't my strongest suit though, i imagine corn or something similar would suffice though, or some manner of grains, our main worry will be if any of the mystic animals from the border woods have been drawn out to hunt it, or if those poachers are still somehow active."
  12. Regarding reiko with mild interest for all of a second he turned his gaze to the other woman. "Hey now, I announced myself and offered you a chance to surrender and then again after you shot me." He said with a chortle as he leaned forward his hand against the side of his mouth in a faux whisper. "I think you might be projecting on me."
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