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  1. With liteshow wrapped up facsimile set his steely gaze on the panick and lept with all his might towards her, steel arms spread wide to wrap around her in a crushing grasp. The moment he made contact however he felt his metal flesh searing with the heat bearing the distinct tang of atomic fury. "Gamma..!" He cried out in agony before his strength failed and he tumbled to the ground a heavy heap of sizzling, slightly melted steel.
  2. Ok! Toughness save 1d20+10=16
  3. Hmm I guess I'll jump up and try to Grapple godlike! 1d20+10=11 oops! Let's Reroll that. 1d20+10=28 And opposed Grapple check roll! 1d20+28=45
  4. "Hoho! Tough crowd I see...let's see if we can't crack your shells~" He chortled as he hammered away at his console his pods configurations changing as panels slid into and out of place to expose the four firing rods of his crafts main weapon. In his eagerness however his aim suffered and the searing bolt of green energy shrieked past sunburn and reduced an abandoned car to molten slag that oozed over the sidewalk. "Blast, I missed."
  5. Techneaux will huff about being ignored and open fire on sunburn with the heavy ion cannon. All out power attacking for that. 1d20+5=11 Alas!
  6. Facsimile Contending with the contenders Kingmaker: Queen's Defense
  7. Ok! 1d20+10=19 Close but no cigar for you fly boy! Time to hit the oh no button me thinks.... Put myself into exhausted to use extraordinary effort to boost object mimicry by 4 ranks (total 16) (spending one HP to lower it to fatigued now) Then a full round action to draw on the power of the atmosphere itself! A mighty wind is about to blow. Stats coming soon tm.
  8. Facsimiles world span as he was struck, he bobbed In the air as he tried to steady himself and keep from falling into the mosh pit bellow him. He wouldnt be able to handle three of them at once "feeling brave with all your back up dancers bear cankle?" He teased even as he sparked and struggled. "Think I'll catch my breath for a moment before continue to embarrass you." He said with a smirk as he shakily rose into the air another two thousand or so feet.
  9. Let's rock! 1d20+10=16 My good luck runs out it seems But fortunately I make my own luck! HP Reroll! 1d20+10=15 +10 for 25! It may be time to play defensively however.
  10. When I leap over the house I see him? Near a bunch of my friends who are dazed?
  11. "Oh ho?" Facsimile croaked with the metallic twang of his voice as he squatted down and with a might hop launched himself over the house like a bullfrog over a log, landing on the front lawn with a kra-koom! Another lurching leap carried him past and over the other combatants on the lawn to the blustering liteshow. "You've got a dirty mouth on you." He stated unimpressed for the most part as he hopped around the back of the teenager with a wicked grin of glee. "I'll Soon sort that." And with a mighty stretch of his arms he slammed his hands together as hard and as fast as he could loosing a rippling wave of force from the impact. Carefully angling his impact upwards towards the other robots.
  12. Guess I'll go sit on liteshow! I'll hop over the house and over towards lites how and have a bit of fun with Shockwave super strength feat! Since its a close attack (with an area) it works with Takedown Attack I'll give the wu troopers a round of applause and layer as many as I can on lite show! DC20 reflex save for half! DC25/20 toughness against kinetic damage.
  13. "Too slow and obvious you old fogey!" Facsimile roared in response as he rocketed away from the mat too quick for its slow encroaching to reach him. "Next time you try to sneak up on someone try not being such an obnoxious rock head that you shutting up suddenly tips em off; Idiot." He laughed uproariously as he soares further into the air over head. Angling himself down. "Invisibility won't help you either when I can blast the whole ring at once." And making good on his threat he began to build up the low am page, high voltage charge that would thunder down onto the arena with stunning power!
  14. Reflex vs area! 1d20+10=24 Reflex save vs Snare (DC15) 1d20+10=18 Facs is nimble, Facs is quick Far to smart for TKO's tricks. Gonna fly up and cone Stun down onto the entire Area. Poor flyboy. 1d20+10=24
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