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  1. I'm sorry to say I'm going to have to take my leave from this site for the time being. I'm sorry especially to the people I'm in threads with, because it's not fair to you, but I feel it would almost be more unfair to remain and have you all be constantly waiting on me for days on end. It's nothing anyone did, understand. I'm just not feeling very...creative these days, thanks in part to my general life situation and thanks in part to the state of affairs in general just taking the wind out of my sails. Hopefully I'll be back at some point, because you're all great, but I just don't think this is working out for me right now.
  2. The building that housed the Mercury Shipping corporate headquarters looked no different from any one of a hundred towering monoliths that littered Freedom City - an imposing fifty-story structure made of stone-like concrete, lined with window panes turned into black mirrors by the night. On a nearby rooftop that afforded a good view of the target building sat Echo, fidgeting slightly in her new attire. She had decided to take Miracle Girl's advice and ditch her blue-and-silvers for something slightly more subtle. She now wore sturdy navy jeans with heavy boots, a dark grey sweatshirt with the hood raised, gloves, and a black scarf she had wrapped around her face to serve as a mask. A ski mask might have been more practical, but she didn't want to lean too heavily on the "going to go knock over a Zippy Mart" look. Her utility belt remained buckled around her waist. She sat as she was accustomed to, with her legs dangling casually over the ledge, in a manner that belied her inner anxiety. Rolling up her sleeve, she checked her watch for what was probably the tenth time in as many minutes. As nonsensical as it may be, she was used to doing her Echo thing in her normal costume, not decked out like a crook. And damn it - I'm also going to need to think of a new name, aren't I.
  3. Oops, sorry, I missed that you had already posted their init roll. Echo doesn't really see that she has the luxury of running off to change, so she's just going to throw caution to the wind and start throwing knuckles. Move action: Move into melee range of the Robosaurs, getting as many into her reach as possible. Standard action: Superfast Fists vs. Robosaur: 1d20+14 30 That's +8 damage with Autofire, and Takedown Attack 2.
  4. Lena shook off Luthor's protective arm irritably. "Justicar," she said. She still didn't love the name, but she needed something to call herself, and "Lena" wouldn't exactly work. Looking down at where the mass of writhing snakes had vanished, she suppressed a grimace. So much for resolving everything quickly and cleanly - that...thing was still out there. The sound of the sirens penetrated her awareness, and she stepped back abruptly. Sticking around the scene of a crime wasn't a good idea in Bedlam. "Yeah, we're out of here. You two...whoever you are," she pointed to Lady Horus and Judex, "you'd better make yourselves scarce." She wanted to stick around to find out what they knew about the snake-man, but they didn't exactly have time for a conversation.
  5. Echo's initiative: 1d20+14 24 Hmm, being out-of-costume might make this a little interesting for us...
  6. Standard action: Unarmed strike vs. The Scion: 1d20+6 17 Damage is +8, though that probably doesn't hit.
  7. Buffy couldn't keep the sudden flash of frustration from showing on her face as she recoiled from Chris's strike. As much as she liked him, he was very good at getting under your skin when he wanted to. In the back of her mind, the more sensible part of her warned that that was exactly the point, but her mouth had already taken over. "Oh, you want to see me trying, huh?" She leaped forward. As she jumped, her form blurred, and she spun in midair, her feet lashing outwards in a series of impossibly rapid kicks. Most of them struck only empty air - to the left of Chris, to the right of him, above his head. But the very last one tapped him with surprising gentleness directly in the center of the forehead. Triumph filling her stomach, she landed, stumbling ever so slightly as she eased her hold on the laws of physics. "See, I'm trying now," she said as she raised her hands back into a boxer's pose, making no attempt to hide her smugness. "Want me to stop?"
  8. Bluff check to resist Taunt: 14. Yeah, that wasn't happening. (Cripes, Chris has a +21 Bluff? Why does he even bother hitting people, he could just convince them that he's actually their long-lost mother.) Move action: Fast Acrobatic Feint (again). With Skill Mastery, that's a 32 to beat. Standard action: Have at thee: 1d20+14-2 29 My, my my. Woulda look at that.
  9. Stars swam before Lena's eyes as she fought her way back to consciousness. The hell hit me? Prying her eyes open, she saw she was lying on her side in a filthy alleyway, her cheek pressed against the cold pavement. Was that a...snake guy? Pushing herself up on one elbow, wincing with pain, she looked up to see her brother standing over her. Belatedly, she remembered what had happened, and realized her must have dragged her here to get her out of harm's way. "I'm fine," she said, waving him off as she got to her feet, fixing her mask back in place. "Just got the wind knocked out of me is all." Poking her head out of the alleyway, she saw what appeared to be Grizzly Adams fighting a giant snake-man. I hate this city. "Hey!" she shouted, charging out of the alley, red energy crackling over her body as she gained speed. "I dare you to try that again, snakehead!"
  10. (Sorry for going MIA and holding things up like that.) Move action: Get up from her prone position. Additional move action: Get into melee range with the Scion. Tempted to burn a hero point to get in an attack on this round, but I'll hold onto it.
  11. Echo blinked. "Weeell, I had been just planning to show up and assume it would work out, but come to think of it maybe we should work out some kind of plan first. Planning isn't my usual MO, but it's just wild enough to work this time." I usually just go there, hit things, and run away if they hit back too hard. Which is probably not a great long-term strategy. She sank back down into a crouch. "Right. Plan. Bear with me here, I'm new to this whole 'thinking ahead' thing." Tapping her chin thoughtfully with her finger, she said, "Getting inside without breaking anything won't be a problem, at least. I can teleport us past any barrier we run into, so long as I have a good sense of where I'm going. So we won't need to be smashing down any doors today. "So I guess if we know which floor we're headed to, we could just go right up the side of the building and 'port in through the window. I can walk on walls, kinda, so I can carry you if you'd rather not fly. It would save us having to work our way down or up from the ground or rooftop entrances." She looked at Casey. "Any more thoughts?"
  12. "Don't be ridiculous. We'd use you for...whatever people use geckos for." Shifting into a sprint, Buffy took about three running steps towards Chris before suddenly vanishing with a whumph. Reappearing directly behind him, she lashed out towards his back with the edge of her hand. He must have heard her, because at the last second, he twisted aside, striking out at her with a blow of his own. She ducked, but her attack was ruined, and she danced backwards. "Hey, you're quicker than you look, old man."
  13. Move action: Teleport behind Chris. Standard action: Unarmed attack. 1d20+14 16
  14. Echo cocked her head to the side thoughtfully. "Hmm. Not a half bad idea, come to think of it." All the time she had been doing somewhat-less-than-legal missions, that had never occurred to her, but it might save her a world of trouble under the right circumstances. "Although sounding different might be a tall order. I don't know if you've noticed, but I kinda have trouble shutting up." Still, it couldn't hurt to have a layer of insulation between her Echo persona and her imminent misdeeds. "I think I should be able to get something together, though." Standing, she pulled her mask back down and looked out over the city. "You ready to head out and do this thing?"
  15. Gah, sorry for the delay in posting there. Was feeling kinda under the weather. Hopefully it won't happen again.
  16. Buffy could tell that the other woman wasn't any more eager to touch that thing than she was. Times like this, she wished she was bulletproof - or at least, in some way more resilient than any other squishy mortal. But she wasn't, and she had a feeling that coming into contact with the 'window' would really, really suck. Well, running into things that sucked was kinda part of the job description. And it was something the other woman hadn't signed up for, which meant it was up to her. "Okay," she said, grimacing. "Let's do this quick." Shrugging out of her coat, she wrapped it around her hands, in the hopes that it might provide some sort of protection. Then, stepping forward, she stretched out her wrapped hands to accept the silver object.
  17. Well, I never liked science either, Sam was about to say, but she was cut short by Gretchen suddenly kissing the comatose man. Right on the mouth. Sam trailed off, her mouth hanging half open as she stared. "Uh...Gretchen?" She looked at her for another moment, then said, "Gretchen, what the @#$% are you doing?" Belatedly, Sam's brain started working to catch up to her mouth. Rules. Logic. Stories. Sleeping dude. Magic. Her head wasn't build for this, but even she could start to piece things together if she was given enough time. "Oh," she said. "This is another magic thing, isn't it? Going for a Sleeping Beauty?"
  18. Buffy had gone through unease and out the other side, straight into full-blown apprehension. "Look, buddy, we'd like to help you, but..." she fumbled for the right science-y words, "this thing isn't really a portal. It's just a viewing device. Like she says, nothing can come through." She was doing her best not to react to the creature's bizarre, disturbing appearance, because doing so would probably seem pretty rude. It wasn't like they were the strangest person she'd ever met in her brief career. Top three, easy, but not gold-medal material. At the very least, the dinosaur thing looked too pitiful to be truly dangerous.
  19. If Buffy was paying attention to the conversation happening in the wings, she didn't show it. "Yeah, you keep telling yourself that," she said to Chris, stepping back out of the way of his blow. "Maybe it'll make you feel better when you lose." Darting in once more, she feinted with a jab at his shoulder, then switched halfway through the motion and turned it into a spinning kick instead. The blow found its mark as her foot glanced off the side of his hip, Buffy once again being careful not to accidentally shatter his leg. "Two-nothing. Better step it up."
  20. Well, that can't be normal. Buffy could feel her shoulders tensing, as if they hadn't been tense enough already. "Who's there?" she asked. "Do you need help? I'm...not really sure what the heck's going on here!" As the strange voice gave its chilling plea, she was starting to get the feeling that she was in over her head. Her one previous tangle with extradimensional shenanigans had come to an inauspicious end - and on top of that, the various Buffys of the multiverse had good reason to fear out-of-universe threats. She looked at Dr. Spencer slightly helplessly. "Has this ever happened before?"
  21. Lena was jolted from her half-asleep state by a deafening boom and a flash of eye-searing light. The other passengers of the bus cried out, the driver nearly swerving them into the oncoming lane out of shock. She was fully awake in an instant, ignoring the commotion of the frightened passengers as she reached up to rip the "stop" cord. "I think this where I get off," she called out. A few moments later, she was out in the cold, boots splashing through grey slush as she ran in the direction of the explosion. Running faster than any ordinary person should be able to, in fact, though the panicked citizenry around her took little notice. Ducking into an alley, she quickly shrugged out of her heavy overcoat, revealing the white hoodie beneath, a pair of justice scales emblazoned on the back. She was sure to freeze her ass off, sure, but it was better than endangering her identity. Pulling her mask over her face, she stepped out of the alley, threads of crimson energy beginning to dance around her arms as she took in the situation. The first thing she saw was Luthor. Figures he'd be right in the middle of it. The explosion didn't seem to have come from him, though - the ten-foot snake man was a more likely candidate. Either him, or the blonde chick dressed like an extra from The Mummy. Whichever one of them had done it, they were now going at it like there was no tomorrow. "Hey," she said by way of greeting, running over to where her brother was standing. "What in the hell is going on here? Which one of them started it?"
  22. Ugh, sorry for the delay. Again. I have no excuse beyond my own general-purpose awfulness.
  23. "Sounds easy," mused Echo. Which, in her experience, meant it would probably be anything but, but hope sprung eternal. "Pop in, plug in thing, get proof they're bad guys, pop out. Back in time for dinner. What could go wrong?" Taking a contemplative drink of soda, she said, "Not being noticed will probably be the hardest part. We would want to keep this one, uh, under the radar, if you catch my drift. Wouldn't look good if footage of us committing corporate espionage blew up on the evening news, y'know? We've got reputations to maintain. It's a dirty business," she waved a hand airily, "but somebody's gotta do it. Stuff is at stake. Apparently."
  24. Buffy blinked at the display. "Kaiju invasion? Cool. I mean," she looked at the devastation surrounding them, "not cool, but...quite something." Something about the scene sent a shiver down her spine. This could easily be us. Everything we have, just...gone. She shook her head, suddenly woozy. Yeah, her senses were really kicking into overdrive now - probably from being in such close proximity to the device. Although there was also a vaguely menacing edge to it, one that put her ill at ease. "Yeah, let's get out of here. This place is bad." Hastily, she tweaked the control again.
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