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  1. "some light it is then, bright but not harsh." he said as he held his hands parrellel to each other and appearing in a swirl of colours between his palm a orb of bright white light akin to that given off by a SAD lamp formed, casting uncoloured radiance into the darkness of the server room, mute and intense as it surged to fill the shadowy crevices between the racks upon racks of servers. "it would cast shadows no matter what i did So keep an eye out for movement in them."
  2. in a moment of pure instinct and adrenalin mirror knight loosed the energy in his hands towards the sudden movement and sounds, the dense pulsating sphere of silvery opalescent quasi-matter ploughing through the seats and into the crowd of shrouded humanoid figures, flattening on impact with the floor with a gelatinous fluidity before bouncing upwards and detonating in a wave of light that shreaded and battered the surroundings, turning furniture to splinters and the flooring to scorched charcoal "SHOW YOURSELF!" he raged on, barely aware of the two teenagers arrival at all as he raised his hands to form another attack, this one considerably larger than the previous. "MURDERER! MURDERER!" he screamed, voice now dry and hoarse before he settled on the two youngsters. "get out of here you two, theres a mass murderer hiding!" he said, his extreme distress subsiding for a moment as his whole body shook with sheer adrenalin, deep pain and directionless anger at the voice of his tormentor
  3. "Looks like whatever it is has doubled back and is heading that way." Mirror knight states with a rising panic "towards the restroom, HR office and server room." "Rocket do you think you could relocate me with you? i think we'd best go for speed in this circumstance, and whilst I am limited to human speeds i think the light will shine fast enough to reveal the the beast a head of your arrival."
  4. Mirror Knight Jonathan was all to familiar with the scene before him, it was burned into the back of his eyelids by the searing memories that blazed in the front of his brain when triggered like white hot iron spikes that penetrated his forehead and temples, a dull but penetrating ache that filled his heart and mind with flashes of blinding, terrifying light, the dry heat of fire and the revolting smell of burning flesh that turned an audience of over a hundred people into a scattering of ash and glassed flakes blown around by the flames of the burning theatre. his fear and unease deepened and intensified as he made his way through the rows of chairs, some of the faces he knew, they'd been at the very front rows of his debut after all and he hadn't become so callous as to forget them. "I see you know who i am." he said his voice an icy deadpan as he made his way to the centre of the stage. "but in turn now i know who you are....murderer." he seethed, the dense lump of negative emotions gathered in his stomach igniting into an intense almost primal rage. "show yourself...." he hissed, his bile building in his throat. "SHOW YOURSELF!" he boomed, his rage erupting like a volcano, his shimmering prismatic shield becoming less of a serene aurora and a jagged collection of impossibly thin and sharp rainbow shards that swirled chaotically around him, balls of dense dimensional energy coalescing in his hands, all the power he could muster at once ready to be loosed onto his tormentor.
  5. "ah it can't ever just be a grumpy rabbit can it? its always a toothed octopus or a inverted humanoid or something rubbery and disgusting.." he sighed as he moved his left pointer finger in a perfect circle tracing a line of thrumming purple light that span itself into an orb and cast its strange glow out across the room its low frequency hitting on colours otherwise unseen by human eyes amidst the chaos of the crash sight, revealing splotches of the creatures...blood adjacent fluids to the unassisted eye as white puddles beneath the glare of the orb. "Time to follow the yellow drip road."
  6. "Aqquaintences, we've met on the job before now." He spoke calmly as he manuvered to be better situated and not just hovering outside the impact hole like a fly around a open jar of honey. "I am Mirror knight and my compatriot here goes by rocket if memory serves." His gaze wandering beneath the featureless mirror mask to look for signs of disturbed matter and dust. "Pleasure to be working with you again my friend." He added adressing rocket directly. "I Caught most of your exchange. I can do UV. Just give me the signal."
  7. There were many perks to working in the theatre industry, one of which was a reasonable amount of free drinks and snacks from the concessions stands in the theatre in which one worked, being an actor meant generally he had the lions share of daylight hours to himself, outside of rehearsals and recitals. costume fittings and the like, a perfect set of coincidences that lead him to where he was now, sat on a local roof top in his costume with a latte in hand and a bagged muffin at his side overviewing the streets below. it was really the first time he'd used his powers "selfishly." finding himself a quiet place to sit and not obsess over the events and revelations of the last few days, needless to say he was still ready to spring into action, combat with crooks or just being able to intervene positively in someone's life in a small way, catching a escaping balloon, helping someone cross the street or even just signing the very infrequent autographs from whatever small niche of fans he had won himself. he was of course taken completely off guard by the sound of a powerful energy weapon discharging over his head and saw nothing more than shadowy blurs crash into the office building across from him a few floors above him. "Duty calls Mr. muffin, ill be back for you later." he sighed as he stood himself up and focused his attentions on the mirrored glass of the building, his body rippling momentarily before he rose into the air and began to approach, arms raised and ready to evacuate civilians from the struggle if need be.
  8. Just to summarize mechanically whats happening, using refraction storm to blast the cameras so they can't see into the room. using Looking glass knight to create a tangible duplicate to open the door incase theres an ambush to spring on him whilst he stands with his back against the wall next to the door. im also gonna say he changed his little array to be reflective 2 (all) on his forcefield.
  9. This....this was all too similar...Jonathan Felt the panic building in his mind and the bile rising in his throat, his stomach painfully cramping and clenching and his limbs starting to stiffen and lock in place. Freezing like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming truck here would be a deadly mistake. he closed his eyes for a moment and focused on his breathing, then opening them again he examined the room, there were doors he could pass through without disturbing, there were decrepit walls he could probably blast his way through even if they were in good repair, he could escape if he needed too. the concrete that had filled his body and begun to harden ebbed away, not entirely but enough for him to have command of himself again. First things first, those cameras had to go, any information he volunteered was an advantage he offered freely to whoever was doing this. raising his arm over his head and extending his pointer finger he moved it in a wide slow circle, after images form of various colours of light, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and the original shining silver arm still attached to his socket, on the second circle they'd all fallen into place and so he unleashed a similtanious attack from all 8 at once, tiny flecks of dimensional matter and energy racing from the extended fingers towards the cameras, passing through the glass lenses harmlessly and shredding their way though the delicate electronics within as they pierced through and out the back of the surveilance devices casing. now for the door before him with the ominous welcome sign. he was clearly expected and whomever it was clearly had fairly intimate knowledge of him....how could he approach that? hoping that they were now blinded to his actions in this room he opted to summon his own reflection as a tangible but invulnerable force to act upon the world, virtually indistinguishable from himself, he would send it through the door first to absorb whatever kind of trap may have laid in wait. a sliver sheen spreading from his feet as mirror dimension matter coated the floor before him he looked down at his reflection, so serene in the dim lights and dusty environs and called it forth causing it to climb from the surface like it was clambering from its own tomb, whilst he took up position against the wall next to the door, he willed the mass of mirror energy given shape and purpose to open the door and pass beyond the threshold into whatever awaited beyond.
  10. Unable to hear the approaching drone over the sounds of battle as he struggled to keep his calm and focus he had just barely noticed the shadow of the looming robot bee hovering over him and turned to look at it when the bolt of energy strikes him, being fairly new to the whole hero thing Jonathan was largely unaccustomed to the pain of such injuries and though he managed to keep from crying out his vision swam as his flesh writhed against its own molecular bonds under the scouring bolt, his legs shaking for the briefest of moments he span around and clumsily launched a glob of silvery semi-solid matter towards his assailant, though the shot went wide. gritting his teeth and forcibly focusing his attention he shifted his attention to the field of energy around his body, through it had saved him from the worst of the attack at its resting level it could be pushed further to aid his defense, his duplicates shattering or shimmering away into nothingness like light on the surface of water as his shield flared with renewed strength. "Those good folk won't stay bound forever, my grip on their reflections weakens with every second!" he grunted out, best not to let that last part be a suprise he figured, should the next attack lay him out.
  11. toughness save! https://orokos.com/roll/934458 an 18! so imma reroll that. https://orokos.com/roll/934484 oof a natural 1! but thanks to reroll it becomes an 11 and thus a total of 23, leaving me bruised/injured but able to act normally so time for some sweet revenge. lets try to put that rascally drone 4 in a Mirror Prison (snare) https://orokos.com/roll/934485 auto miss on a nat 1! wow i cannot catcha break tonight! gonna switch my mirror matrix from self-reflection to Energy Defraction (Immunity 20: electromagnetic energy and radiation))
  12. The ghost of rattling reels ringing in his ears Jonathan makes haste to follow the dust to the theatre, the pit in his stomach growing more and more as he disturbs the dust with a second set of foot prints moving in parallel to those before him, hairs standing up on the back of his neck as he went, something about this was wrong, extremely and excessively wrong, his halted breath feeling uncomfortable on his face as his featureless silver armor glinted in the rays of moonlight pouring through whatever gaps it could find.
  13. Mirror knight Gunsmoke and Mirrors 3 posts As It was Will bee 1 posts
  14. Mirror Knight A glint of light darted through the dark streets of southside, bounding between the planes of glass and scattering along the surface of stagnant puddles pooled in the road as mirror knight made his way silently through the city like a silver knife cutting through the darkness, making its way to the Smoke and mirrors Casino. Something just wasn't right about that place, dimensional ripples aside, perhaps it was his deeply superstitious nature but he could feel the pit in his stomach being drawn back and away, like some kind of tether trying to pull him back elastically away from the site however, now he was a superhero he didn't have the luxury of passing the buck on these things anymore, certainly not when the fearsome aura of this dark place repelled him so personally. coalescing back into humanoid form from the scattering of a large puddle in the parking lot he took a moment to look over the front of the place and gather his nerve, his cape, made up of dozens of segmented mirror pieces clattering quietly in the low chill wind like chimes. "no time like the present." he mumbled to himself at last as he made his way over towards the front of the building, turning himself into a living reflection as he went and stepping through the front doors as if they weren't even there.
  15. Mirror Knight "My my, there are a lot of you! but Mirror knight is never outnumbered!" he cries as he grasps the hem of his segmented mirror cape and with a flourish and a spin begins manifesting dozens of reflections from the individual mirrors that shift into the area around him like a maelstrom of silvery forms. "Nor outgunned!" with a wave of his hand a thin silvery substance spreads along the ground like a pool of mercury, seeping beneath the feet of the officers and dwelling in wait beneath the hovering drones and their robotic counterparts "be bound in silver! for as above so must be bellow!" several of his numerous duplicates moving on some unspoken impulse diving into the silvery surface unhindered and grasping and grappling their targets reflections to restrain their bodies, for the two must always match, though usually it is the body that informed the mirror, today was the reflections revolution! theatrics done, now was the time to focus on maintaining his grip on what he had grasped in his manifold reflected grasp. "Strike my friends, strike whilst i stem the tide!" he called out, unable to tear his gaze away from his focus, lest his grip slip and release what he had managed to catch.
  16. Ok! first Mirror knight is going to switch his Mirror matrix array to Self-reflection then his mirror dimension nexus array to Reflection binding (paralysis 10) 100 contigous 5x5x5 cubes to snare the police and as many other obviously hostile entities as possible. DC20 Reflex save for half, DC20/15 fortitude save, failure by less than 5 is slowed and by 5 or more or against the same effect again is paralysi
  17. Mirror Knights initiative! 1d20+10=26
  18. Mirror Knight What was, Will Bee - 2 posts please give both the bonus PP to Mirror Knight too.
  19. Mirror Knight It had been a quiet day up until that point for Jonathan, he'd made his rounds and attended to his day to day tasks, he'd just settled down to an early lunch when he'd flipped onto the news for something to listen into the background when everything had gone predictably crazy and robot bees had burst from a wax encrusted building. "what was, will bee." the robotic voices said in a droning, chorus "Well, thats ominous; better give it a looking into." taking only so long as slipping into his black morphic molecule undersuit and clipping the various pieces of bright reflective silver armour into place he turned his attention to the body length mirror he kept in his home and with a brief moment of concentration opened the roads between reflections and stepped through, silver and glass rippling like water to accommodate his passage. emerging from the mirror within the disrupted camera, pouring out of the front lense like a semi-solid, cape of clattering mirror segments flowing behind him. it was time for his big debut!
  20. Im good with the four day grace period mirror knight won't be making any investigation checks because he's just not got any. dramatic entrance incoming.
  21. GIven the current offerings i will put forth mirror knight
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