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Jester PL 12 Hero - Platinum

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NOTE: Upon hitting Platinum with Tempest, he will be archived at which point Jester will take his place. Jester starts at PL 12 - 180pp because that is what I'm selecting as the Platinum reward. Also, fluff is being worked and will be posted as soon as I am satisfied with it, as I keep switching between 2 or 3 alternatives.


Players Name: Geez3r

Power Level: PL 12 (180/184)

Trade-Offs: +2 Attack, -2 DC; +2 Def, - 2 Tough

Unspent PP: 4

Characters Name: Jester

Alternate Identity:

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 145 pounds

Hair: Light blue, varies

Eyes: Yellow sclera, red iris, white pupil

Description: Jester's appearance varies wildly from day to day if not from minute to minute. There are however certain constants. His body is lithe and compact, like that of a runner or gymnast. Jester's face, and possibly all of his skin has been bleached white. Jester also has a near permanent and overly large smile plastered across his face. Whether this is the cause of some physical or mental defect is not known. Also, Jester's odd eye and hair color mentioned above tend to remain constant, but the style of his hair is subject to erratic change. His fingernails and toenails also tend to have a dark purple coloration to them as well, the cause is unknown.

He also has 2 different outfits that he is seen in most regularly. The first is where Jester wears a straight jacket, and a pair of lose black jeans. That's it. Not even shoes or socks. While like this, Jester tends to be at his most animated, energetic and nearly, insane. He's less talkative and a bit more active than he is in other attire, but he is still quite verbose.

The second is when Jester wears a full, violently bright orange suit and vest, with a light blue undershirt that matches his hair. He often couples the outfit with orange gloves, but not all the time. This version tends to be more interested in talking, and telling jokes, all the while sneaking in puns here and there. He tends to be more suave and sophisticated in this outfit, but he is still very much the Clown Prince of Chaos.

History: Jester’s life is a matter of some debate. Much like his appearance, there are some constants that are known, but quite a bit more that changes frequently, and is up to a matter of wild speculation. This is due to the fact that Jester seems to love making up a completely different story for his life each and every time he is asked the question, even if he’s already given them a different answer.

What if definitely known is as follows. Roughly 5 years ago, Jester made his criminal debut. He zipped around town on a tricycle, and stole the gumballs out of every gumball machine he came across. With it, he planned on blowing the world’s largest bubble , so he could pop it and gum up Freedom City. This ploy was thankfully stopped, and Jester was carted off to jail. However, he was released in short order as “giant bubble making†is not technically a crime, so he was only charged with stealing the gum balls.

And Jester's life fell into a bit of a patter after that. All of his schemes ended in failure and were usually far more annoying than they were illegal. He's get caught and be thrown in jail or fined, but soon enough he'd be back on the street and do something stupid like fill the Liberty Dome with cotton candy, or something else of that nature. Unknown to the public, it became the worst thing Jester could ever fathom. It became routine.

It drove Jester nuts, even more so than usual. He racked his brain for something, anything to break him out of his rut. But it was to no avail. His next two schemes landed in back in prison, and right back to square one. He was at wits end, thinking that this was going to finally drive him insane (this being the guy who tried to have a stuffed teddy bear be his attorney in his last court date), but fate it seemed, had other plans. Jester bounced around town on his pogo stick, trying to clear his head and come up with a brilliant scheme. His travels were interrupted however when he stumbled upon a robbery in progress by Toy Boy.

Jester veered off course to vent some steam on Toy Boy's armada of action figures. As Jester ran over the last of the army men with a steam roller, which was stuffed back into Jester's pants when he was done with it, Jester finally took note of the crowd that had gathered. But Jester's eyes widened in shock as the crowd actually cheered for him. This was exactly what Jester had been seeking all along. It was new, it was unique, and it was absolutely exhilarating!

Personality & Motivation: For the longest while, Jester was guided by sheer giddy impulse. If it would get a laugh out of someone he needed to do it and do it now. But with his turn to more heroic deeds, Jester has tempered that drive with a degree of restraint. He still acts mostly out of trills and wanting to avoid being sent back to prison, but a part of him is really starting to enjoy this hero stuff.

His core is mostly unchanged. Jester is pretty much one of the most hyper people known to man. He flits from one task or idea to the next as frequently as most people use a vowel. He's always looking for a laugh, and pulling pranks and tricks at any and all opportunities. He loves being over the top and the center of attention. He can also be a bit crass at times, but never out of malice. He also has a special place in his heart for messing with any people who try their utmost to be as serious as possible.

Powers & Tactics: Jester uses his Gadgets to create a wide array of comedic effects to defeat his opponents, cause chaos and generally be a screw ball. He absolutely loves messing with the serious stoic types and will target them first in combat. He loves to taunt, be a distraction and a general nuisance. And above all, if an opportunity presents itself to do something incredibly funny but ultimately useless in the fight, it must be done.

Jester's suit is magical in nature. Jester wields powerful chaos magic, however he does so through intuition. His magic is done unintentionally and unconsciously. Jester is in fact entirely unaware of the fact that he knows magic, let alone how to perform it consciously. His suit is basically nothing more than an elaborate prop that lets him subconsciously tap into his magic. That's why no one else can use it; it doesn't actually do anything. It would be like trying to use a computer monitor with no computer tower.


Let’s put a smile on that face! – No seriously. Jester wants to make people laugh, but for some reason, clown-themed individuals seem to really creep people out. His own history may have something to do with it though.

Rule of Funny – Jester cannot use his Gadgets to make an unfunny effect. As a necessarily corollary, any effect he makes has to be funny. Punny and campy work too.

Now that’s funny! – If someone other than Jester does something funny, Jester has the option of having a fit of laughter that stuns him for 1 round. He can’t hero point that stun away.

Hijinx – Jester previously had a life of crime, and although he never did anything terrible according to the law, he really, really got under the skin of some people.

Ability Scores: 36pp

Str: 12 (+1)

Dex: 22 (+6)

Con: 18 (+4)

Int: 10 (+0)

Wis: 10 (+0)

Cha: 24 (+7)

Saves: 22pp

Tough: +8/+4 (+4 Con, +4 Protection w/ suit)

Fort: +8 (+4 Con, +4)

Ref: +14 (+6 Dex, +8)

Will: +10 (+0 Wis, +10)

Combat: 40pp

Attack: +10, +14 w/ comical weaponry

Defense: +14 (+5 flat-footed)

Grapple: +11

Initiative: +6

Knockback: -4, -2 without suit

Skills: 84r, 21pp

Acrobatics 10 (+16)

Bluff 7 (+14)

Diplomacy 7 (+14)

Disguise 7 (+14)

Gather Info 7 (+14)

Intimidate 7 (+14)

Notice 8 (+8)

Perform (Comedy) 7 (+14)

Perform (Dance) 7 (+14)

Perform (Singing) 7 (+14)

Sleight of Hand 10 (+16)

Feats: 21pp

Attack Specialization 2 (comical weaponry)

Benefit 3 (Bottomless Pockets, Cartoon Damage, Off the Grid)

Defensive Attack

Distract (Bluff)

Dodge Focus 4

Evasion 2


Luck 3

Move-by Action

Power Attack

Set Up

Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Bluff, Perform (comedy), Sleight of Hand)

Powers: 41pp

Jester's Stylin' Threads (Descriptor: Chaos Magic)

Gadgets 5 (Hard to Lose, 25 spendable pp) PFs: Restricted 2 [37pp]


Device 1 (Hard to Lose) [4pp]

Protection 4 [4pp]

Enhanced Feats 2 (Quick change 2) Flaws: Limited: Ridiculous costumes only - WARDROBE![1pp]


Weakness: For the purposes of mind control, no action is considered strongly against his character other than obviously self destructive actions. [-1pp]

Costs: Abilities (36) + Combat (40) + Saves (22) + Skills (21) + Feats (21) + Powers (41) - Drawbacks (01) = 180/184pp


:arrow: Jester’s Suit can only make comedic effects. Joy buzzers, very long rainbow scarves, throwing pies and other such oddities are common effects. His suit is broken up into 2 parts, the Gadgets and the Device. If anyone else should get the suit, they will find that they cannot get any of the normal effects they see Jester use to work. Due to the material it is made of however, they do receive moderate protection from harm and can change clothes very quickly, though they might not like their options. Effectively, only Jester can access the Gadgets, but anyone can access the Device portion of the suit.

:arrow: The Rule of Funny complication exists as a complication rather than a drawback because it will be very, very rare for Jester to not be able to devise a comedic rational for a given effect. But if it comes up, hero point.

:arrow: Off the Grid - Jester's DNA and finger prints do not match up to any known individual. They are in the system as "Jester", no one knows his real identity.

:arrow: Bottomless Pockets – Jester has an unlimited number of things in his pockets at any given time, with the special restriction that none of them are useful at the given time. If Jester was trying to make it past a high security lock for instance, he wouldn’t have lock picking tools, but he could however have a small mouth bass.

:arrow: Cartoon Damage – Jester’s injuries seem to manifest themselves as if they were being showcased on an episode of Looney Toons. Ie: one giant lump on his head, the famous accordion walk, being covered in soot if he was hit by an explosion.

:arrow: WARDROBE! - Jester can only use this effect to change between clothing that is clearly out of place and wouldn't be seen in the day to day setting ie: astronaut, flamingo dancer, 1920's mafia type, bull fighter, etc.


Pie to the Face [16pp]

Dazzle 8 (visual) Flaws: Touch Range, LINKED Stun 8 Flaws: Daze

The really big horn [18pp]

Dazzle 12 (Auditory) Extras: General Cone Area Flaws: Touch Range, Full Round Action [6pp]


Damage 12 Extras: General Area Cone Flaws: Full Round Action [12pp]

Big seltzer bottle [18pp]

Trip 8 Extras: Knockback PF: Improved Trip, Knockback 1

Oversized squeaky hammer [16pp]

Damage 8 PF: Penetrating 4 [12pp]


Confuse 8 Flaws: Touch Range [4pp]

Confuse Table

1-2 Attack Jester

3-5 Act Normally

6-10 Do nothing but recite a series of knock-knock jokes

11-14 Get into argument with own hand which looks like a sock puppet

15-20 Double over in laughter

Cuban Pete [12pp]

Enhanced Skills 5 (Perform (Dance) 10, Perform (Signing) 10) [5pp]

Enhanced Charisma 10 Flaws: Perform Checks only – Stage Presence [5pp]

Enhanced Feats 2 (Fascinate Perform (singing & dancing)) [2pp]

Spring Shoes/ Pogo Stick [5pp]

Leaping 5 (x50 distance)

The Acrobat 14pp

Enhanced Skills 3 (Acrobatics 6, Sleight of Hand 6) [3pp]

Leaping 3 [3pp]

Speed 3 [3pp]

Immunity 5 (Falling Damage) [5pp]

Did you miss me? Guess not! [10pp]

Immunity 10 (Bullets)

How ‘bout a Magic Trick? [20pp]

Enhanced Skills 7 (Bluff 10, Intimidate 10, Sleight of Hand 7) [7pp]

Strike 2 PF: Mighty, Improved Crit x2, Penetrating 4 [9pp]

Enhanced Feat 4 (Sneak Attack 4) [4pp]

Joy Buzzer [12pp]

Strike 10 PF: Improved Crit x2, Subtle; Flaws: Flat-footed opponents only [8pp]

Enhanced Skills 3 (Bluff 11) [3pp]

Improved Feint

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Someone else had once asked if they could make a char who had 4th wall knowledge. (I don't remember who it was; I think it was Warmonger.)

I said no then, and I'm still leaning that way now. In part b/c we don't have the things he'd need to interact with (like speech bubbles or comic art panels), and in part b/c that sort of character should be beyond-playably-insane/regarded as severely insane by everyone else.

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