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  1. Below are the post counts for last month. Let me know about any issues! 3personal5me Steel Spider 3 posts: x2 new player bonus = 6 posts = 1 PP angrydurf Ouroboros 5 posts = 1 PP + 1 PP (Ref point) = 2 PP Avenger Assembled Watchdog 6 + 1 = 7 posts = 1 PP Angelic 2 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 8 = 20 posts = 2 PP + 1 PP (Ref point) = 3 PP Sea-Devil 7 = 7 posts = 1 PP Lady Horus 4 = 4 posts = 1 PP Brown Dynamite Shock & Awe 2 + 3 = 5 posts = 1 PP Cubismo Arrow IV 2 + 2 = 4
  2. Veronica Danger Veronica gave Natalia a small smile as the younger teen apologized to the group. "Travel can do that sometimes." The teenage Danger replied to the other teen’s offered excuse. Turning to Eira as the other teen demanded everyone’s attention, Veronica gave a small laugh. "Probably one of your better ones Eira." The teen offered, still completely nonplussed by the Swedish teen's hostility. Veronica had just been about to continue on to her room when her new roommate arrived, causing the teenage Danger to remain where she was, though she turned t
  3. New survival check for Veronica 26 and a Kn: History check of 29.
  4. Veronica Danger "Well, to be honest dinosaurs are a new experience for me." Veronica replied to Micah's question with a small grin. "So, without any clear idea how it might be best to go, I think we should lean towards trying to avoid and not draw attention to ourselves and give the plant eaters space." The teenage Danger waited for the Stegosaurus to move out of their path before she started along again, leading the other two Claremonters along the natural path through the jungle. Every once and awhile, Veronica had to stop and search a bit to relocate the tracks of th
  5. Thevshi

    Rally Me This

    Veronica Danger Veronica smiled as she watched her friends' reactions to the contents of the warehouse, the smile widening at Liz's enthusiasm. "That can certainly be arranged Elizabeth." At Lulu's guess at what the she had planned the teenage Danger moved over near the Mini as well a she responded. "That is the general idea Louise, but with a slight twist." "This is actually a Mini All4 Racing Micah, specifically designed for off-road rally competition." She stated as she moved over to the vehicle and put one hand on its roof for a moment before looking over to Micah a
  6. @Electra So Theology/Philosophy is not the most on point skill, but looking at the ruins, Danica sees a lot of similarity to Greco/Roman architecture. It seems a lot more like Greek or Roman temples, not exactly a fortification that would protect or contain something. But, it is possible things could be different in the under ground portions.
  7. Thevshi

    Rally Me This

    Veronica Danger "Oh, ye of little faith Micah." Veronica said with a good-natured grin, which only widened as Davyd spoke up with conspiracy theories intended to be both exceedingly wild, yet also entirely possible given the unusual situations Claremont students sometimes found themselves in, with Lulu joining in on the ideas. Looking over to Liz, the teenage Danger gave her friend a wide smile. "I will take you up on that offer Elizabeth." Stepping up to the door, Veronica swiped her Danger International ID card on a reader off to the right side and the lock clicked op
  8. Veronica If Eira had been expecting some sort of rise out of Veronica with her inflection and widened smirk there was no noticeable trace of one. Unlike many of the other students the robotic teen had turned her spite on last year, if there was one thing the teenage Danger had in abundance it was self confidence. What the Swedish teenager might think of her was not important. "Good to see you Eira." Veronica replied with a friendly tone and a slight smile. She had just been about to make her way to see if Danica was already in the room they would be sharing when a new s
  9. Thevshi

    Rally Me This

    Bayview, Freedom City, New Jersey Sunday September 6, 2020 1:34 PM During the slightly controlled chaos of the day before, Veronica had reached out to several of her friends from the Senior class at Claremont about wanting to talk with them about a new project she had in the works. So the teenage Danger (well, really Prudence) had arranged for a van to pick up Lulu Beaumont, Micah Roebuck, Davyd Palahniuk and Elizabeth Grey at Campus and bring them down to a small warehouse building a few blocks from Bayview Mall. The parking lot around the warehouse was fence
  10. Synapse If Dee was surprised by the sudden appearance of the teenager beside her she did not show it, instead she turned to regard Maggie with a small smile. Normally the Englishwoman might have rebuffed any offer to help, but at present, she was more than willing to accept. "Well thank you." She replied in her refined English accent. "I probably could have gotten well enough along, but happy to accept some help when offered." Dee held out the handle of the suitcase to Maggie, letting go when then teen had it in hand. "I believe I am looking for room 403."
  11. Synapse The chime for the elevator sounded as the doors slide open. Out of the elevator stepped Dee Farrington, who was moving slower than normal being seven months pregnant. The Englishwoman was in a pair of jeans with an elastic waist, which was covered by red long-sleeve shirt which went down to just below her hips. She had a rolling suitcase which she was pulling behind her as she spotted Murine further down the hall and started over towards her teenage charge. "Bloody brilliant of them to put her on the top floor." She muttered to herself as she took in the scene o
  12. Veronica Danger Veronica turned to the sound of her friend's voice, a wide smile coming to her face at the sight of the Southern teen. "Hi Louise!" She said in greeting, her slight French accent deepening as it always did when she pronounced Lulu's full name. "Yes, just arrived. You as well?" She asked, noting the suitcases floating along behind the redheaded teen. "Good to see you again Miss Beaumont." Prudence replied with a small nod as she briefly looked up from her tablet before going back to studying Veronica's calendar for the next week on the screen.
  13. Kord Dormitories, Third Floor Claremont Academy, Freedom City, New Jersey Saturday, September 5th, 2020 As was typically the case on move-in day at Claremont Academy, the hallway on the third floor of the Kord Dormitories was a rather chaotic scene. Parents and students made their way along the hallway, usually with boxes, suitcases or duffle bags in hand. But one pair moved through the slightly crowded hallway with casual easy, neither laden down with any large bags or boxes. In the lead was Veronica Danger, who was dressed in her typical attire, a tight T-sh
  14. GM The pair of teens made their way up the crumbling stairway to the upper level of the ruins' exterior, this time the trip being a bit slower due to Danica's slower pace. As they reached the column lined entrance to the side of the towering rock spire that rouse above them, Heroditus was this time able to more closely study the columns, seeing that they did indeed have writing carved onto them. The writing was recognizable as Atlantean, but very old. Heroditus has seen similar before, from artifacts that dated back to before the sinking. Between the slight unfamiliarit
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