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  2. Multi-Girl Bernadette had focused on Neko when she had fidgeted after the Irish teen had mentioned Owain. When the Japanese cat-girl finally stated what she suspected about Owain’s sexual orientation, the redheaded nodded slightly. "Aye, that would make sense." She said quietly. The teen then nodded in agreement to Leon's comments. "But your right, it is okay." Bernadette stated. "It may be it is somethin' he needs ta work out, but like Leon said, we are here ta help, however we can."
  3. Multi-Girl Bernadette ginned at Leon as he lamented not getting copies of some of what they had found on Luke's phone. After spinning the bottle and selecting Carmen to go next, the redheaded teen had a few moments to sit back and finish her beer while Leon choose truth and answered the cat-girl’s question. Neko was selected to go next, and the Japanese teen choose Bernadette. The Irish girl thought a brief moment before answering. "Truth." "I 'like' plenty o' boys." Bernadette initially responded with a grin. But then she became a bit more serious. "But I expect ye are meanin' somethin' more than just boys I'm friends with." "As far as boys I might be interested in….Charlie is one. He's in great shape, very focused an' confident. On the downside, his focus boarders a bit on obsession, so, he seems ta have little time fer much outside his focus." The teen finally stated with a somewhat resigned look. She then looked back up at Neko. "Owain is pretty cute as well. Though, like Charlie, he seems ta have a rather single minded focus."
  4. Multi-Girl Bernadette was not in a rush to down the beer she had, although she was pretty certain it would take more than a few before she might really start feeling anything. When Luke made a suggestion on playing a party game, the redheaded Irish girl chuckled slightly before moving slightly so that the group was more or less in a circle. As the group more or less agreed to the suggested game, Neko wasted little time in emptying a bottle to start them off. As the bottle came to a rest pointing at her, Bernadette looked around the group for a moment before settling on Luke. "Truth or Dare Luke?" The Irish teen asked. Truth Dare
  5. Multi-Girl "That might be tha case, but ah'm not so sure. I mean, if one o' me duplicates does a lot o' physical exertion an' merges back with me, I don' get more tired." Bernadette commented when Luke asked whether merging with an intoxicated duplicate might compound the alcohol in her system. "They typically aren' around long enough ta get hungry, but when I have practiced lacrosse with some duplicates, they certainly get thirsty an' drink water." The Irish teen then added. When the group reached the railyards, Bernadette easily leapt over the rear fence, landing gracefully on the other side, if a bit louder than Neko. Following along with the group, the redheaded teen took one of the bottles of beer and popped off the cap with her hands before clinking it against Neko's offered cheer and taking a drink herself.
  6. Multigirl A Joker (3 posts) Ref point to Multigirl as well
  7. Multi-Girl Bernadette gave a small smile in return to Leon’s comment about Charlie likely being disappointed at the petty delinquency the group was engaging in. "What do ye mean 'would?' He will probably know before tha end o' the week." The Irish redhead did not comment as the fifth member of the group spoke up, asking for the cigarettes Neko had acquired. While Bernadette had seen Carmen around campus, the two had not had much interaction. The teen's bright green eyes focused back on Neko when she asked about whether any of her duplicates needed any of the alcohol the Japanese teen had brought along with the cigarettes. "Thanks, but they should be fine." Bernadette replied with a smile. "Besides, ah'm not completely shoore what might happen if some o' me duplicates drink an' then merge back with me."
  8. Multi-Girl Bernadette O’Connell was standing to one side of the group, her hands tucked in the pockets of the black New England Revolution hoodie she was wearing. The redheaded Irish teen was wearing a pair of dark jeans along with grey cross-trainers. Over the last year Bernadette had learned a lot about controlling her abilities and become more comfortable with using them and the entire “superhero” thing, even if she still felt slightly out of place. The redhead gave a nod to Neko as the Japanese teen rejoined them. "Ah have a pair o' copies a few blocks out. They haven' seen much either." Bernadette stated with her slight Irish accent.
  9. REPLICATED by Fox (also updated: grapple check, age, PL notation; added flat-footed defense) Multi-Girl has 14 unspent PP and now that she is a Junior going to bump her up to PL 9. 2 PP for +1 BAB (up to +5) 1 PP for +1 Dodge Focus 4 PP to her Container, 2 going to Enhanced Str, the other 2 to Enhanced Con All of that puts her at PL 9 combat caps. So that her duplicate matches, adding 3 PP to Duplication to raise it on rank. This will leave her with 4 unspent PP. All of these changes result in the following: Abilities 2 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 6 = 24 Strength: 12/28 (+1/+9) Dexterity: 14/22 (+2/+6) Constitution: 14/28 (+2/+9) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 16 (+3) Combat: 10 + 8 = 18 PP Initiative: +3/+6 Attack: +5 BAB, +7 Ranged Defense: +4 BDB, +5 Def (with +1 Dodge Bonus) Grapple: +12 Knockback: -6 Saving Throws: 2 + 2 + 3 = 7 PP Toughness: +2/+13 Fortitude: +2 (+2/+9 Con, +4/+11) Reflex: +2 (+2/+6 Dex, +4/+8) Will: +3 (+2 Wis, +5) Feats: 5 Attack Focus: Ranges 2 Attractive Dodge Focus Skill Master (Acrobatics, Climb, Notice, Perform [Singing]) Container 9.1 (T-Baby physiology) [46 PP] Enhanced Str + 16 (feat: subtle) {17 PP} Enhanced Dex +8 {8 PP} Enhanced Con +14 {14 PP} Speed 2 (1 alt power) {3 PP} Alt: Leaping 2 Protection 4 {4 PP} Duplication 8 (PL 9 duplicate with 109PP/120PP; Extras: Heroic; Power Feats: Mental Link, Sacrifice) [26 PP]
  10. Hey TA, I would be up for adding Multi-girl to either.
  11. Velocity Megan gave a small smile as Lulu mentioned that people often did not seem overly frightened of speedsters, particular one that might seem as harmless and wholesome as a young woman speedster. "Being underestimated has been something I have capitalized on for some time. Taking on a rather flighty, somewhat airheaded demeanor certainly helps sell that." The blonde woman's expression quickly become more serious as Lulu once again turned to her own abilities and her past. "Telepathy and other mental powers can be very dangerous if abused, but there are a great number of abilities that can, even if mental powers can be more insidious and unnerving to most. But you need to stop letting your past and your family define you or hold you back. You have grown and changed in so many ways in the years since you came to live with us." Megan paused a moment before another small smile came to her face. "You know who you might benefit from talking with? Paige Cline, also known as Hologram. Not only does she have abilities similar to yours, but she has a public identity, and comes from a family with a much more significant criminal history than yours. I think she can help provide you some valuable insight into the pros and cons of what you are considering, as well as help you see how you can chart your own path forward."
  12. Velocity Megan walked back around to her chair to sit down as Lulu asked her follow up questions. The blonde woman gave Lulu a smile as she began he reply. "Well, the short answer is far more than knew my secret identity when I was your age." "As you know, my parents and siblings all know, as does Robert's mother and sister. Many of the members of the Freedom League know, as do some of my old teammates on the Interceptors, in particular Grimalkin, my oldest and closest friend and one of the first people to know. A few of the parents from the Nicholson school, ones that are also active heroes. There have been a few others here and there, namely Headmistress Summers, another teenage hero I dated briefly around the end of my Senior year in high school and a UNISON agent." "As for my decision to tell various people about my secret identity, well that is no real easy answer and varies from person to person, but all are generally tied to initial, at times misguided, decision to create the identify of Velocity and to zealously guard it. When I gained my powers early in high school, I was already something of a ball of energy and my new powers just seemed to dial that up to a hundred. Just using my powers to get my homework and chores done in moments was just not enough of an outlet, so it was not long before I had my first Velocity costume and was zipping around doing good in North Bay in Kingston. That was incredibly freeing, both in allowing me to operate at my full potential and not force myself to operate at 'normal' speeds and also just get away from my self-inflicted overachieving routine. So, I originally decided to keep my identity and power secret from my parents for selfish reasons, I did not want them to do anything to stop me from being Velocity." "Later, as I ended up dealing with more serious and dangerous events, I convinced myself that keeping my secret was necessary to protect my family and friends. But as I never went to Claremont, it was not easy to constantly keep a double life and regularly lie to everyone I cared about. I can tell you that double life was a significant factor in the chain of failed relationships I had through high school. So, when I meet Grimalkin, despite the fact we butted heads at first it was not long before I shared the secret with her as it was such a relief to have someone to openly talk about things with, particularly someone my own age. Around that time I also shared it with some of my new teammates on the Freedom League." "But I continued to keep the secret from my family and friends, in part continuing to hold to the idea that it was somehow protecting them and also as it was just sort of second nature to keep that going at that point. The double life continued to be something of an issue through college, and very nearly ended Robert and I's relationship. It was only due to the machinations Collapse and the Stopwatch that Robert learned I was Velocity and we got back together." "I finally made the decision to tell my parents and siblings after Robert and I brought Lawrence back to the timeline. At that point was sort of necessary to explain why they suddenly had a six year old grandson or nephew, but I had also had plenty of time to think it all over and discuss it with Robert during Lawrence's first six years in the Null Time. My parents generally had the strongest reaction, feeling rather disappointed I had not trusted them enough with something so important much, much earlier (like when I was sneaking out at night as a teenager to fight crime in the city)." Megan then gave a small smile as she added. "But those feelings were certainly blunted by Lawrence." Megan then stopped a moment as her smiled widened. "Well, that was probably a bit too long winded, but as I said, my Velocity identity has something of a complicated history."
  13. Velocity Megan gave a small nod as Lulu mentioned Veronica Danger. "Her family has an entire media subsidiary at their disposal, I imagine they can help point you to some good resources to help with any PR we might need. If not provide a little help with that as well." When Lulu shifted the discussion to her still having uneasiness with good things happening in her life, Megan gave the young woman a sympathetic smile. The blonde woman stood up and walked over to Lulu, giving her a tight hug. "You are always welcome to any help we can provide to you. As we told you when you were finishing up at Claremont, our legal responsibility for you might have been ending, but you are still part of our family." Stepping back slightly, Megan focused back on Lulu as she gave her a warm smile. "As far as having to pay for the good things that have happened to you, well, I think that if you continue helping people, either as a costumed crime fighter or as a therapist, or both, I think that is more than a fair trade in return."
  14. Velocity Megan waved her hand dismissively as Lulu apologized about bothering her. "You know you are always welcome to talk to Robert or I about anything your concerned about." The blonde woman replied before going quite to listen to Lulu's issues. When Lulu finished, Megan gave her supportive smile. "That is certainly a significant decision you are grappling with. Robert and I are happy to help you consider all the pros and cons of the decision and provide whatever other support you need to help you make it, but it is ultimately your decision. I do appreciate your concern about the impact it might have on us, and Lawrence, but we are probably in a far better position to weather any of that than many, so I do not think you need to worry too much about us." "As to your academic interests and using your abilities in conjunction with that, I am afraid I do not know the full legal and ethical issues with using mental abilities in psychology. But it is certainly something we can help you research, and, if it came to it, get you legal assistance in navigating those issues." Megan leaned back in her ergonomic chair as she turned slightly from side to side as she seemed momentarily deep in thought. "If you are wanting to be public with your abilities, we will probably want to engage a PR firm to help with managing that, possibly even getting out ahead of any possible negative press." She said. "Luckily, you also have some other connections which should be helpful on that front besides just us."
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