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  1. Sounds pretty good to me.
  2. GM With the situation between the two groups of minors dealt with for the moment and the crowd mostly dispersed, Security Chief Lo-Rid began to lead the three Praetorians across the massive underground chamber they were in and towards one of the walls along the side. As they went he responded to Cavalier's questions. "No, I cannot really think of anyone that seems to have been acting particularly out of character since these incidents have begun to occur. I mean, everyone has been on edge, but it has generally been what you expect given the situation. But I cannot think of anyone that seems particular keen on taking advantage of the situation." He replied. The walk took some time, given how wide the chamber was, and they passed by several more groups of miners and a number of enormous mining machines. Despite the tensions that were present, there still seemed to be a great deal of work that was being down in other parts of the mining operations. Eventually the group made their way into a wide cavern that led out of the massive chamber they had first arrived in. The air started to get heavier with soot and smoke, making the Praetorians grateful for the breath mask they had accepted. After travelling some distance down the cavern, passing a number of smaller passages along the way, the group came to a large mining machine that was set off to one side of the cavern. "This is the draining machine that was damaged most recently." The security chief stated. "It was pulled back up here after the incident. The actual chamber it was damaged in is quite a further distance down."
  3. Kath'lana The young F'terrix squire felt a surge of anticipation and excitement start to build up as she waited to receive her assignment. As other squires received their assignments she added her congratulations to those of others before quieting once more to hear the next assignment. Finally her name was called, along with B'ka's. The large Hapisian quickly moved to greet their mentor, causing a minor disturbance as he collided with Squire S'rroth, sending both into a tangled pile. Kath'lana stayed slightly back from the scene, not wanting to make the situation any more embarrassing for either of the two squires. Once B'ka was disengaged, she moved over to their mentor along with him. "Squire Kath'lana reporting as ordered Sri Darvo." She stated.
  4. GM Sitara's directions were all Moon-Moth needed, and a few moments later the gathered Praetorians vanished in the Lanturians' spell. A few moments later the four reappeared inside a large well appointed room. The floor was a smooth surface similar to marble and the furniture appeared to be made from some fine local wood with a dark color, offset by brightly colored cushions. The sudden appearance of the four Praetorians caused several of the beings gathered in the room to call out in surprise. Several individuals along the outer edge of the room began to draw weapons. But before they could completely draw then a commanding voice caused them to halt. "Calm yourselves. Do you not recognize a Star Knight or members of the Praetorians?" The speaker was an elderly Zultasian, who was seated at a large table along with several other individuals of various races. Now that their initial surprise was beginning to subside, the gathered members of the planetary council were studying the new arrivals closely. "Greetings Star Knight, Praetorians." The Zultasian added, bowing his head slightly to the group. "I imagine you are here to determine our intentions and offer what assistance and advice you might have?"
  5. Paradgim Amara gave a small smile as Sitara suggested Skirris help with maintenance. While it likely would not hurt for the serpentine Praetorian to learn to do so, Amara was not certain she would be able to do much to help currently. When Sitara suggested sending some Praetorians out to update star charts and possibly reconnect with any remnants of the empire, she also gave a slightly sad smile. "We know that some species that were part of the empire are still out there, there could be many more. It would be nice to get a chance to just travel the stars without some urgent objective. Just so long as any such groups are not so far that they could not return should the need arise."
  6. Tsunami (1) Do You Have To Be An Ocean Away?[/b] (1) GM (1) Crash on Volturnus (1)
  7. GM Starshot's kick connects solidly in the pirate’s stomach, sending him flying to the side where he struck the electrified fence, jerking as the electrical current coursed through him. He then collapsed in a slightly smoking heap at the foot of the fence, out cold at least, if not worse. Outside the fence, Soreen shouted over to Laark and the Kurabanda. "Get down!" As she tossed a grenade toward the corner of the fence. She then dropped down behind a nearby sand rise, ducking down as she waited for the explosion. Laark and the Kuraband followed suit, diving to the ground near where they were. The combat robot continued forward, firing its built in blaster at Starshot once again. But once again the canny hunter managed to roll to one side just before it shot, coming back quickly to his feet to face off with it once more. A loud explosion echoed to the south of him, as Soreen's grenade blasted a large hole in the corner of the fence. The electricity of the fence flickered and sputtered, and then ceased its crackling as the circuit was broken, taking down the entire electrical current.
  8. The pirate misses his save, so is knocked out and sent flying into the fence. Soreen shouts a warning to Laark and the Kurabanda and tosses a grenade at the corner of the fence near her and dives for cover. The combat robot continues to move forward, firing at Starshot again and misses again. Laark and the Kurabanda also dive down for cover as the grenade goes off and blows apart the corner of the fence, providing a means into the compound for them. Round Six 26 Starshot (unharmed, 2 HP) 26 Soreen (unharmed) 14 Combat Robot 2 (unharmed) 8 Laark (unharmed) 5 Kurabanda (all unharmed) Back to Starshot!
  9. Okay, with Blaze busy, I will say that SFX spends this round maintaining the barrier she put up around the heavier firearms and otherwise stays out of the way. So.... Round Three 24 Crimson Tiger (bruised, 2 HP) 19 Tsunami (unharmed, 3 HP) 17 Ye Quan (bruised 2) 16 Gang Member (multiple) 9 Jessica (unharmed, 4 HP) 8 SFX (unharmed, 2 HP) @Thunder King Crimson is up!
  10. Tsunami As Tsunami walked back toward the party with her aunt, she gave a small nod as Monsoon asked if she seemed pleased with what her mother had said. "It is as favorable a meeting as I might expect after so many years." She replied with a small nod. She then remained quiet, her face impassive as she considered Monsoon’s other comment, wondering why Murjana would have reason to bother "her" students. When the pair returned to the party, Tsunami remained beside her aunt, bowing in greeting to the various gusts the mingled with. When Prince Kamau addressed Monsoon, Tusnami remained off to one side, not interjecting herself into the conversation given the question was made to Monsoon.
  11. Well, I have been letting you all have some interaction time. So up to you.
  12. Well, there is also the Conundrum plot, which I was going to work on an opening thread for. I had a few adventure ideas where the Dangers take some friends along for some adventures (likely some during school breaks that would be outside the city/country)