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  1. Veronica gets a 19 on her initiative. Not sure why you only asked for Hurang to make a Supersenses check, seeing as that is one of Veronica’s key powers (with 17 pp spent on her magical awareness). So, here is a check for her: she only gets a 21
  2. Okay, Syl, it does mean that you will be -2 to defense (but also will gain a +2 to attack if you shrug off any counter). Still want to charge?
  3. Sadly it does not succeed in fooling him, as Vannox gets a natural 20 on his sense motive check. So, your Startle/Feint does not work, do you want to still charge? (he would still have to hit and then hurt you bad enough to prevent you from getting the charge attack against him)
  4. Well, Stunning Attack just turns your normal melee attacks into an attack that can cause stun instead of damage, so that will not help. Normally you would use Startle to make him lose his dodge bonus so he is easier to hit, but I will allow you to use it to prevent him from making a counterattack instead if you want. You need to make an Intimidation check.
  5. Okay, we have moved on to like round 4 or so, Vannox is close enough that the General could charge if he wanted to, but he can tell that Vannox is prepared to possibly counter.
  6. GM With neither opponent making any sudden movement toward each other, both began moving forward at a bit quicker pace, trying to close the distance to engage, yet still ensuring they were not rushing headlong into a disadvantageous position. For several moments both combatants started to run toward each other, the crowd's anticipation starting to build as they closed. Then, once they had closed with a couple hundred feet of each other, Vannox slowed his pace down once more, taking a more defensive stance as he focused on Giirok, griping his weapon tightly. Giirok could tell that his opponent was once again moving cautiously, ready to counter if the Andromedan quickly closed….
  7. GM Chief Auramada gave a nod of agreement as they finished their private council meeting, and they then made their way back out to the festivities outside. The rest of the evening seemed to burr away as Starshot and his crew joined the Kurabanda in their celebrations. The next morning, everyone was a bit slower getting up than they might normally be, but soon enough they were starting to gather their supplies for the reconnaissance trip. Once again Ermorada and a couple of Kurabanda were present to accompany Starshot and his crew. The Kurabanda had agreed to guard the pirates that had been captured during the raid on the outpost (including a promise not to just execute them). Now the only question was what to do with Phalen…..
  8. Veronica Danger Veronica could not help but smile at Pan's excitement about their upcoming trip into space. She certainly had similar feelings herself. "I can field a few of those questions." She replied with a small nod to Colonel Austin. Looking back to Pan, she continued, "in the atmosphere, the Pegasus can achieve about Mach 1.3, which is around a thousand miles per hour. Once we get out into space, we can use its FTL drives, and achieve much, much higher speeds." "And, yes, there are restrooms aboard the Pegasus, and no, other than our own sun, we would have to go a loooong way off course to get anywhere near any of the other stars. And I have no intention of letting that happen."
  9. ZB, you should claim credit for that last IC post. Both it and the post before are sufficiently long to warrant credit for post counts individually.
  10. The below information covers just some of the various alien races that exist in the wider universe of the Freedom City PbP campaign setting: Alien Races from the Sourcebooks Humans/Humanoids As a result of the actions of the Preservers, humans and offshoots of the human genotype are among the most common "alien races" in the galaxy. As the Lor began to spread among the stars, they noted the genetic similarities between themselves and the various humanoid races they encountered. This led to the Lor adopting the term vellorvan ("Children of Lor-Van"). The Lor believed that these genetic similarities were a result of the intervention of their "Star Gods." There are those among the Lor that believe their civilization had previously ascended to the stars, leaving behind "lost colonies" of this "First Age." Others believe that the Star Gods took some of their chosen away from Lor-Van, leaving behind the bulk of the race to follow the path to the start laid out for them by the Prophets. The Lor reject Daedalus' theory that they originated from Earth. In addition to the Lor and the Zultasians, human genotype species are found inhabiting Aljor, Wynn, Xol, Karath, Giaus and dozens of other worlds. Due to the widely varying environments of some of these worlds, these humanoids can possess a wide range of phenotypes when comparted with humans from Earth, resulting in skin tones ranging from almost completely black to dusky grey and various shades of brown (tan, golden, pinkish tones) and even to pure white. The toughness and durability of their skin can vary just as much, and the hair and eye colors come in far greater variety than found on Earth. Some of the humanoid races possess extreme genetic adaptations related to the environments in which they live, either as a result of Preserver experimentation (which sometimes included splicing human genotype with native species), evolutionary adaption or other specific genetic engineering. Some examples of such adaptations are the Dotrae (which possess antennae and smooth, hairless skin) and the Ealas (humanoids possessing feathered wings and the ability to fly). There are also many humanoid species which developed independently of humanity, although sometimes they were also the subjects of Preserver "guidance." One such example are the Cholaxans, a race of furred humanoids largely responsible for the sasquatch and "bigfoot" legends on Earth. Templates: Ealas: 8 PP total Stats: +4 Dex [4 PP] Feats: Favored Environment: Aerial [1 PP] Powers: Flight 3 (Limitation: Wings, must be able to move them) [3 PP] Kovald: humanoids from a high-gravity world, possessing only three thick fingers and a thumb on each hand. 20 PP total Stats: +14 Str; +4 Con [18 PP] Feats: Environmental Adaption (Heavy Gravity) [1 PP] Powers: Immunity (Pressure) [1 PP] Piscean: Humans adapted to aquatic environments and members of the Lor Republic. 27 PP total Stats: +10 Str; +4 Dex; +4 Con [18 PP] Powers: Immunity 2 (drowning, pressure); Enhanced Feat: Environmental Adaption (aquatic); Super Sense 1 (low-light vision); Swimming 5 [9 PP] Shoon: four-armed humanoids. 5 PP total Stats: +2 Str [2 PP] Feats: Ambidexterity [1 PP] Powers; Extra Limbs 2 (two additional arms) [2 PP] Cholaxian: huge hairy humanoids: 47 PP total Stats: +12 Str; +16 [28 PP] Powers: Growth 4 (Permanent, Innate); Immunity 1 (cold); Leaping 5 [19 PP] Reptoids Jereids, a race of humanoid alligators that evolved from reptilian hunters on their homeworld. Control a cluster of star systems known as the Jereid Hegemony on the border of the Lor Republic and located close to the Sol system. The Alien Gator was a Jereid explorer maroond on Earth for several years in the mid-20th century. Jereid Template 43 PP total Stats +6 Str; +6 Con; +10 Dex [22 PP] Powers: Growth 4 (+8 Str; +4 Con; Permanent); Strike (claws) 1 (Power Feat: Mighty); Protection 2 (Impervious); Super Senses (low-light vision); Regeneration 1; Swimming 1 [21 PP] Ruluans: red-skinned inhabitants of Rulu IV possessing both reptilian and amphibian traits, being smooth skin with large eyes. Suffered under a cruel Grue occupation until some were able to use their considerable strength and energy projection abilities to fight the Grue. Ruluan Template 48 PP total Stats: +16 Str; +16 Con [32 PP] Powers: Eye Beams (Blast) 8 [16 PP] The Haasaan are a race of reptilians with snake-like lower bodies, humanoid torsos and scaly skin (often mottled or patterned according to their clan lineage). Their culture is matriarchal, with females often having multiple male mates. Hassaan Template 11 PP total Stats: +4 Str; +2 Dex [6 PP] Powers: Super Movement 1 (slithering); Super Sneses 2 (acute olfactory; infravision); Elongation 1 (5’ tail) [5 PP] Aquans Intelligent water-breathing species have developed on a number of worlds. Most water-breathers (unless they are amphibious) tend to rely on water-filled life support suits or vehicles when operating away from their home environment, but they tend to adapt well to microgravity, living in water-filled ships or space habitats. One such race are the Hexxim, six-limbed intelligent, telepathic cephalopods. Hexxim Template 12 PP total Stats: +4 Dex [4 PP] Feats: Environmental Adaption 1 (Zero Gravity) [1 PP] Powers: Communications 2 (mental); Extra Limbs 4; Swimming 1 [7 PP] Complications: Disability: immobilized on land; Disability: mute Insectoids Insectoid species thrive on countless worlds within the known galaxy. Some insectoid species possess hive-mind societies, while others have developed where each individual is independent and autonomous. Among the insectoids are four-limbed arthropods, the Skr'ee are spider-like creatures from an arboreal world. Although they are not heavily tool-using, they are highly intelligent. Skr'ee Tempate 15 PP total Stats: +4 Dex; +2 Int; +2 Wis [8 PP] Powers: Leaping 1; Super Movement 3 (slithering, Wall Crawling 2) [7 PP] Complications: Disability: Skr’ee have limited manipulative appendages
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    Synapse Synapse was pleased that the first vehicle that came across them had been willing to stop. As the door opened and the driver began asking his questions, the Englishwoman moved over into view, making her best impression of being cold (which was not too hard, as even with the excellent survival gear, she could still feel the cold of the night). <"Yes, we where with a ski group and got separated from the back on the other side of the mountain. We could see the highway down here so ditched our gear and made our way down here."> She replied in the same language Sari had spoken. <"I am Dee, could you give us a lift to the nearest town?">
  12. GM Auramada listened carefully to Starshot, and then was in quite thought for a moment before looking over to his son before focusing back on the human. "Kurabanda do not look for war either." He stated in heavily accented GalStandard. "Kurabanda prefer to hunt and live in peace." "But….Kurabanda cannot ignore what demons from sky have done since arriving. Already some Kurabanda clans have been devastated, in time demons from sky may do same to all." "My clan is prepared to aid Starshot in war against demons from sky." The chief finally stated, sitting up straighter, a determined look upon his face. Beside the old chief, Ermorada had a fierce expression as he nodded in agreement with his father.
  13. So, here is some information Sonny would know about Tsunami’s family. Her father, Kong Zi Khan appears to the world as a prominent business man, operating a number of legitimate business in Hong Kong and other parts of eastern Asia. He is also one of Dr. Sin's primary lieutenants, operating many of the criminal enterprises of Dr. Sin's organization in those same areas. He is the head of a number of regional Triads/Tongs and has a small army of "soldiers" at his disposal. Tsunami's four half-siblings have started to become more known in the Asian criminal underworld over the last few years. Each of them possesses powers representing the other four elements or phases of the Wu Xing: Earth, Metal, Wood and Fire. Each of them operates under the name for the Chinese constellations associated with each element: Qing Long (Azure Dragon, Wood); Zhu Que (Vermilion Bird, Fire); Huang Long (Yellow Dragon, Earth); and Bai Hu (White Tiger, Metal). Each is rather powerful, on par with Tsunami and a skilled melee combatant. Let me know if you need more.
  14. GM With the beginning formalities of the match completed, the crowds quieted some, as they focused on the two combatants, anticipating the first moves in the contest. Vannox let out a heavy breath from his slit nostrils, a small cloud of mist forming in the cold air. Gripping his glaive with both hands, he moved forward at a cautious pace, moving slightly to one side as he did, waiting to see what the Andromedan's first move would be. Over a hundred meters of open space still separated the two fighters, the rocky floor of the arena covered in patches of ice and frost. It might take some time for the two combatants to close within range of each other, unless one of them did something to move forward quickly…
  15. Okay, Vannox gets a 14 on his initiative, so… ROUND ONE 14 Vannox (unharmed) 8 General Giirok (unharmed, 3 HP) So for his first round action, Vannox is just going to move forward slightly while starting to circle to one side and otherwise hold any remaining action. So it is the General's turn, but Vannox is still too far away for him to close with in one round, even with his limited flight.