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  1. GM Turning back to the ruins, Heroditus started up the nearest partially crumbled stairway to the upper entrance to the Atlantean building. As the teen reached the top and started towards the column lined entrance that led into the towering rock spire in front of them, he spotted what appeared to be carvings on the columns, but with the approaching flying creature he passed them by for the moment and moved into the somewhat sunlit entry way. A damaged wall partially blocked the entrance, but Heroditus was easily able to make his way over some of the rubble and further into the tunnel beyond, which continued into darkness beyond the extent of the limited sunlight able to enter the hall. But as he stood at the edge of the darkness, Heroditus thought he could sense a trace of lingering magic, similar to what he sensed in the portal, but far more recent. Outside, Danica had found her binoculars and was studying the massive flying creature headed in her direction. Now that she had a good look at it, she was pretty sure this was not the same as what had been uncovered back at the archeological dig sponsored by Danger International. It was considerably larger and what she could recall of the bones did not seem in any way similar to the build of this live creature. It was not long before the Claremont student no longer had any need of her binoculars, as the creature continued to draw closer, eventually coming to land on the ground just beside her shell. Tucking its wings in, the creature walked on its two legs and the small hands of its wings, moving closer to the shell. Looking out from her shell, Danica saw the creature towering above her, taller than any giraffe, with a sharp looking beak that was longer than she was tall. The creature let out a loud shriek, then slammed its long beak down on Danica’s shell with tremendous force. Inside the shell, the teenage saw a few cracks appear, as the shell took a bit of damage from the attack….
  2. Sigh, I am tired, posted IC post here by mistake
  3. So, the Quetzacoatlus pecks at Chelone’s shell, Damaging it!
  4. @Cubismo @KnightDisciple Thanks for the posts. I am likely going to be offline for the next couple of days. Will try to get a post in for Veronica on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  5. I was hoping Cube would get a post in. If not, I will post tonight hopefully.
  6. Veronica Danger While Astrid took to the air, waving between the layers of jungle canopy along the way, and Micah began scanning the area for a sign of Ben and testing the air, Veronica retraced their steps slightly, crouching down to peer at the damp ground. When Astrid returned to the ground, the teenage Danger looked back to her two teammates. "There is no sign of Ben's footprints, so he was never here with us." She stated. "But I am certain he was with us in the portal. But something happened as we entered, it became unstable and I believe it began to close." She stood up and looked off down the natural path to the shadowy jungle along it. "I think he was brought to another location here when the portal began to close. But whether that was a few hundred meters away or half a continent away I cannot say." She stated as she began to move around the area some more, scanning the ground as she went. When Astrid offered her theory on where they could be, Veronica glanced over at the other girl for a moment, giving a small nod. "I have heard stories of the Lost World before, the Atoms have been here a number of times. From what I have heard there are a couple of relatively stable gateways from our world to there, as well as a few instances of random ones that have cropped up in various places around the world. So it certainly seems to fit that this could be the Lost World." Coming to a halt Veronica knelt down again, studying the ground. "“At least one of the missing scientists was here." She stated, her hand tracing a print in the soft ground. The teen then looked up and towards one of the directions along the semi-cleared area. "He appears to have headed in that direction." Looking back to Micha and Astrid, she added. "If this is indeed the Lost World, Doctors Schneider and Warren are in even more danger than just being lost in an unknown jungle." As Micha mentioned the likelihood of rain approaching, Veronica looked over to the other teen. "Do you think you might be able to hold that off for a bit? I would not want to risk losing any tracks to the weather." Standing back up, Veronica slipped off her backpack as she unzipped her heavy jacket to take it off. "I think we should continue to see if we can find the missing scientists, or at least some clearer indication if anything happened to them, then turn to trying to find Ben. With his ability to camouflage himself, Ben should be alright for at least a little while."
  7. Veronica's Rolls: Search Check 26 Notice Check 25 Survival Check 26 Kn: Arcane Lore 30 Kn: History (with +4 for Eidetic Memory) 27
  8. So, Astrid does not really have much additional insight into Ben not being there. While she still was unable to see the portal, after the experience of passing through it, she recalls accounts she read from some former Claremont students who described a similar experience when traveling to another dimension. Those students had been part of arranged trips to the Lost World, an Earth-like world in another dimension where they encountered not only dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, but also several archaic Earth cultures and primitive humans.
  9. GM As the two Claremont teens adjusted to their current situation, each began to take in the area around them in rather different ways. Studying the architecture of the structure before them, Danica realized while it did resemble Greco/Roman architecture, it seemed slightly different as well. It also became clear that it was in a state of disrepair, with plants and vines growing over parts and even parts of some of the columns having crumbled down. She then turned her attention to the jungle that lay a short distance away, studying it for a few moments. It was not like any jungle she had seen, except perhaps in movies. There were towering trees with high canopies, with thick undergrowth beneath them. While there appeared to be some open spaces leading into the jungle, none of them appeared to be purposely cleared, so it was questionable how much the pair could rely upon those spaces to get them very far through the thick undergrowth, which meant it could be a difficult trek if they tried to traverse the jungle. The teenager was rather certain she would be able to find food and water for them if they set off. While she believed she could navigate well enough, it was harder to say how long that might be the case once they got into the jungle where it was no longer possible to see distant landmarks or even maintain a good view of the sky. Heroditus looked up at the clearly Atlantean structure as he mind continued to process what he had seen when they had been transported here. While he was certain it was Atlantean, there as little else the teen could tell about it, at least from the outside. It was clearly very old, given its dilapidated state, but just how old was harder to say. The Atlantean teen’s mind then turned to fully analyzing what he had seen of the magic that had transported the pair here. He was very certain they had been transported to the same dimension which their teammates had been, but the chaotic surge that had occurred had certainly deposited he and Danica in a different location in this dimension. Just how far apart the two groups of Claremonters might be was a much harder question to answer. Heroditus had been able to learn that the portal as they had been drawn through it. He was very certain that it had been the result of intentional attempts to create a path from here to Earth and had been done some time ago. But troublingly, he was certain that it had not been done by Atlantean magic, but something more tainted and dark. As Danica continued to take in their surroundings, she was looking back towards the rocky hills behind them and saw what at first appeared to be large birds flying around the high cliffs along those hills. But as the teen studied them a bit longer, she realized they were actually much further away than they had first appeared, meaning they were far larger than she had initially thought. Spotting one that was heading in their direction, Danica could see it appeared to have a long beak and neck, but also quickly realized, it was no bird. It was also about as large as a small airplane, and headed right toward the pair….
  10. I forgot to note, Heroditus and Danica get a Hero Point for this unexpected turn of events.
  11. @KnightDisciple Looking around Micha sees no sign of Ben. Now that he has had a moment to look around, he realizes they are not in a forest, but a jungle, with high, triple canopy trees above them. The three of them are standing in a mostly clear area that seems to run along a slight elevation to one side and a relatively flat area to the other, with lots of thick undergrowth along each side. While he cannot get a good view of the sky due to the thick jungle canopy above them, something about the humidity in the air makes Micha think there might be a rain shower on the way.
  12. Go ahead with some Notice checks. You can make any other check you might want to as well.
  13. OOC for this tread. Please give me some Notice checks, and any other checks you might want to make.
  14. Location Unknown Date and time unknown: Saturday March 7, 2020 at approximately 10:04 AM China Standard Time (CST) The rocky, cold terrain of the hillside had become a blur of color around Danica and Heroditus. Then the pair felt a slight jolt and everything returned to normal. Only, they were no longer in the cold foothills of a massive mountain range at the edge of a desert. Instead, the pair found themselves standing in a brightly lit open area, a hot sun bearing down on them, a fact not helped by the heavy humidity that hung in the air. Looking about, Heroditus could see no trace of the portal that had brought them here. Glancing ahead, Danica saw the edge of what appeared to be a very thick jungle that spread out to either side. But as the pair turned around to take in their surroundings they both were slightly taken aback by what lay behind them. The jungle wrapped around the clearing and to steep side of a rocky spire that towered over several hundred feet into the air, with rugged, jungle covered hills behind it. But perhaps even more surprising was the structure built into the base of the rocky spire. Three sloped sides rouse upward dozens of feet to a flat area, wide stone stairs going up the middle of each side. Atop the flat area was a small, columned building that was clearly built into the side of the cliff that appeared to Danica to be of a Greeco/Roman style. But Heroditus realized the structure was of an Atlantean design….
  15. Veronica Danger Veronica listened to her various teammates as they discussed different approaches to exploring beyond the portal. While a part of her felt it might be best to stick together, she also recognized the wisdom in at least a few staying behind to keep an eye on things on this side of the portal and that Heroditus was likely one of the best choices, given he was the only other one that could actually see the portal. "Alright, I agree it is a good plan to have some of us stay behind to keep an eye on things here, and Heroditus and Danica seem like good choices for that." The teenage Danger stated finally, turning to Danica to answer some of her questions. "We are not exactly sure anything is keeping the scientists on the other side of the portal by force. Given its nature, they would not have even seen it, and would be unlikely to be able to find their way back to it with much ease. It also appears to open and close at presently unknown intervals, so that could be part of it as well. As for being able to get back once we go through, Astrid has access to the Bifrost, and I should also be able to come up with something if I need to as well, so we should be covered on getting back when we want to." With the decision made, the teen moved forward in the direction of the portal. "Okay Ben, Astrid, Micha….how about we see what is on the other side?" She said with a small grin. Veronica then turned toward the portal and started forward as the other three Claremont students followed after her. As the group entered the portal, everything around them began to warp and shift, the rugged, rocky terrain ahead blurring into a collage of color. Then there was a slight jolt and they were no longer standing on a sunny (if cold) mountain side. Instead, they were in a shaded forest filled with heavy vegetation. Tall trees towered above them, vines hanging down from thick branches dozens of feet above them. It was also no longer cold, but hot and humid. Veronica turned around to look at her teammates, looking past them with a slight frown. "The portal has closed." She stated, just as a slightly puzzled look came to her face. "Umm, where is Ben?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Danica and Heroditus had been standing back and watching their teammates. To Danica, the four teens had just seemed to blur out of existence. For Heroditus the scene played out very differently. The Atlantean teen had seen the quartet enter into the portal, but even as they did, he saw the outer edges pulse as it became unstable. The teen could barely began to shout a warning when the portal began closing, even as it cascaded toward the pair and sweeping over them. Danica had just a sense of Heroditus tensing with alarm when everything seemed to Warp around them.......
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