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  1. Green Machine OOC Going to be needing this. The crude map below gives a rough idea of the environment. The brown circles are all floating islands on roughly the same altitude. Blue circles are lower, green circles are higher. The letters on the large circle are our PCs. The small orange triangles are the four flags. The red lines connecting the islands are the chains. The two red lines leading to the top of the map head towards the cave in one of the canyon walls. The black line in the lower left hand corner is for scale and equals 100'
  2. Thevshi

    Green Machine IC

    GM Just as the group was discussing what they might face, a voice sounded out over the comm. system in the Doom Room, as the plexiglass windows of the control room were lit a couple dozen feet up above the floor of the room. "Good evening Green Squad." Came the voice of one of the schools teachers. "I do not believe we can continue to wait for Mr. Rhodes, as you only have a limited time scheduled for the room. So, shall we get started?" Clearly the question was a rhetorical one, as a moment later the room around the five teens began to shimmer and then suddenly instead of a large empty room, they were standing on a large rocky island floating in a wide canyon. A number of other rocky islands floated in the air around them, some about the same altitude, while others were higher or lower. Several thick chains a little under a foot wide stretched among some of the floating islands, two of the chains extending from the island the members of Green Squad stood on, one leading to an island about twenty feet lower than theirs, the other to an island about the same level. Further up the canyon, nearly three hundred feet ahead, was a large cave in the side of one of the canyon walls. Two of the large chains lead from floating islands up ahead and over to the entrance of the cave. "Okay, the objective is rather straight forward." Echoed voice of the teacher down the canyon, the windows of the control room were no longer visible. "You need to get the flags and take them to the entrance of the cave." As that was explained, four bright orange flags appeared on four of the other floating islands around the one the teens were on, two just on islands to either side of theirs, the other two on islands further up ahead. "Just one catch though." The teacher quickly added. "You need to collect all four flags at the same time. And, there will be hazards trying to stop you from getting them." "So, let's see how quickly you can do this in the first run. Go!:"
  3. Thevshi

    Green Machine IC

    Veronica Veronica looked over at Monica as she suggested programing any simulacra to represent members of the other teams. "Well, I am not sure there are any plans for us to be engaging in any sparing, light contact or not with the other teams. But I suppose we could do something like that for future sessions. I imagine it will take at least some programing to achieve the desired effect. Besides, to start out it likely makes a bit more sense to go a bit simpler until we get a feel for each other’s abilities and get used to working together." When Micah explained his abilities, the teenage Danger looked over and gave him a reassuring smile. "Well, mostly in control is considerably better than many other alternatives. In any event, I would imagine sessions like this will only help refine that control."
  4. Tsunami Giang gave a small nod as Murk clarified the Codus rule on not killing a fellow immortal, indicating that, at least by the Codus, the prohibition was only for other immortals that had signed the Codus. "A fair clarification. Certainly the prohibition is one I can abide by, for as we previously discussed, I do not use lethal force lightly and thus far have been able to avoid any need to do so." When he mentioned the possible futures, she gave a small smile. "I can understand the perspective, and appreciate that I may have little say in whether or not I am immortal and will be in this universe for countess ages to come. I shall have to put my efforts into ensuring that that balance of my time is indeed beneficial."
  5. GM "According to the flight logs of the flyer outside and the scans you took before we crashed, the main pirate base is about 400 kilometers to the northeast." Soreen replied. "The grav bike could get you there, but will likely take a couple of days. We could always load it into the flyer and at least head to a point closer." "While we cannot rush into things, we also cannot take too long." Laark added. "At some point the pirates at the main base will be become concerned when they do not hear from this outpost, or the pirates that arrived in the flyer do not return. As for the Jaas, I am skeptical that we will be able to sway them from their current allegiance. Even if they claimed to do so, how would we know and trust what messages they sent to the minds of the Edestrekai?" Soreen seemed in thought for a moment and then spoke up once more. "Well…we happen to know a local species that has some telepathic abilities."
  6. GM The gang leader turned to regard Crimson Tiger, trying to put on a defiant look. But this time he just did not seem as convincing as normal, there was a hint of concern or even fear in his eyes now. He continued to try to put up the tough front as he responded. "If you are who you say you are, then there would be no shame in losing to you, particular when you required help to stop me." He paused for a moment, but when he seemed to realize his words were failing with the three young women before him, his expression relaxed a little and he looked down toward the ground. "We delivered the people we kidnapped to where we were told to deliver them. One of the On At-Zhang’s primary fronts, the Jade Lotus in West End."
  7. This time he only gets a 20, so is a bit more willing to talk now.
  8. Thevshi

    True Sight

    Veronica Veronica noted as Abigail's pendant caught some of the light, but she was not quite ready to discuss the symbol on the pendant just yet. Instead, she collected her drink when delivered and made her way over to one of the seats toward the back as Abigail asked her question. "Wow, that is a tough question." The teenage Danger replied with a small smile. "I have been so many places and they all had something special or exciting about them so it is hard to really pick just one." She took a sip of her drink as she thought a moment, then continued, "but, if I had to pick one, I would say it is probably Egypt. Whenever we went there it was always to some archeological dig or another. The amount of ancient structures that fill parts of the country is just astounding and I have had the opportunity to go through a number of them."
  9. Thevshi

    Red Net

    Synapse <"Excellent."> Synapse replied with a smile as the soldiers agreed to let her help them. <"Hopefully we will soon have the answers each of us is looking for."> Soon enough they were in the infirmary with the three soldiers, who were hooked up to machines to monitor them, not that those would help or hinder what Synapse had to do. When Replica asked if she had everything she needed, the Englishwoman gave a small nod and a smile. "Yes, have everything I need up here." She replied, tapping the side of her temple with a couple of fingers. Moving over to one of the three men, Synapse stood at the end of the bed where the man's head was located as he lay back waiting for her to begin. <"Just relax and clear your mind."> She said in Russian as she took a deep breath and placed both hands on either side of his head. Closing her eyes, she reached into the man’s mind, easily gaining access to his thoughts as he cooperated in letting her psychic abilities enter his thoughts. It did not take Synapse long to detect the psychic signature of the Sleeper, who had indeed altered the man's thoughts. Focusing on that part of the memories, Synapse was able to unlock repressed memories of the man and his comrades being diverted from normal special forces and to a secret facility in Moscow. "Yes, the Sleeper is behind this." She said out loud as she continued to push through the repressed memories. "They are all Spetsnaz, but diverted from legitimate Russian units by the Sleeper's influence to a secret facility in Moscow." She paused a moment as she pulled up the memory of the man's trip to the facility. "I believe I have found enough memories to led us there." Synapse was pushing her abilities already, but she continued to press into the parts of the memories altered by the Sleeper. "There were a total of about two dozen Spetsnaz that were taken to the facility to be conditioned by the Sleeper. Doctor Zero was there as well, ensuring the physical health of the men." She paused once more, focusing on another memory from the time. "I appears they have run out of any samples of Darwin-X, which would appear to explain why they sent these three to seal some." Finally the effort was too much and Synapse broke contact, sinking down into a chair as she took a deep breath, feeling rather fatigued. "I can get us to the facility in Moscow. But whether they are there still or not I cannot tell."
  10. Thevshi

    Red Net (OOC)

    Synapse is going to use Extra Effort to give her +2 on her Telepathy (for +16 total to her roll). She gets a 26, so close. Still pretty good.
  11. GM Starshot had gone with Laark and Soreen to the communications room to discuss what he had learned from the pirates. Laark nodded in grim agreement with Starshot’s comments about what lay ahead of them. "If we can get those they have enslaved to rise up against them, the pirates’ numbers are not likely to be enough." He stated. While Soreen did not appear disturbed by the discussion of killing the Jaas pirates, she did have a bit of a frown on her face, but one appearing to be connected to being deep in thought. After a few moments she then spoke up. "While I do not have any real issue with spacing some psychic pirates, I am a bit worried that might not be the easy way to free these Edestrekai. If the Jaas have convinced the Edestrekai priests that they have been hearing the word of their deities, I am not sure killing the Jaas will be enough to change the status quo. How will we be able to prove to the Edestrekai priests that what they have been hearing in their head was psychic interference from the Jaas? If we cannot do that, why would the Edestrekai priests not just continue along what their last messages from their deities told them, which was to serve the pirates."
  12. Thevshi

    Red Net

    Synapse The doubt and resistance was something Synapse had expected, understanding that these well trained soldiers would be rather strong willed and not prone to trust easily. But despite their training and conditioning, even they were susceptible to the abilities of one such as the Sleeper, or even Synapse's own power. However, things would be much easier if they were to accept her help willingly. <"Dah, I understand that you have no memory of how you came to be here or why you did what the Americans say you did."> Synapse replied. <"I have seen similar conditions before, resulting from the influence of a powerful Soviet-era psychic known as the Sleeper."> <"I am a psychic as well, and I should be able to help detect any tampering with you memories and perhaps even restore some of what has been lost. If I can demonstrate that you have been controlled and duped by the Sleeper, or some other psychic, then the Americans will have little reason to continue holding you.">
  13. Okay, Veronica gets a decent roll of 25 for her Nullify check. Would be nice if you were to edit the bits with Prudence we talked about before Ari.
  14. Sorry I have taken to long on this Ari. Veronica will use her magical gadgets to make a Nullify spell to cancel Fac's Mimic power (10 ranks with accuracy if needed). Let me know if we are going to make rolls, or if Ex will have a choice to voluntarily fail the save vs the Nullify.
  15. Thevshi

    Red Net

    Synapse During the flight back to the United States, Synapse spent part of the time reviewing the data regarding the Russian soldiers. What she found confirmed her suspicion that the soldiers were victims of a mind wipe. Whether it was caused by the Sleeper or something else, she could not tell from this raw data. When they arrived at the holding facility, Synapse let Dr. North take the lead in getting them access. The armed escort was slightly amusing to her, but she said nothing as they were lead to the room where the three soldiers were waiting. Moving over toward where the three were sitting, Synapse spoke up, speaking in Russian. <"Good afternoon gentlemen. I am Synapse of Vanguard. I am here to help determine what has happened to you.">