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  1. Veronica Danger Veronica just gave a small smile at J'onn's comments about the Danger International apartment they were currently at. When he asked if she had heard of the first Space Ranger, the teenager sat up slightly with a look of surprise. "Chuck Shepard? Yes, I have heard of him." She responded with a smile. "My great uncle Ace ran into him once during one of his adventures." She added, glancing over at Prudence a moment before focusing back on J'onn. "So your from Korus? What brought you here?"
  2. Multi-Girl Duplicates The two redheaded duplicates smirked slightly as Ryder mentioned his Robugs not going into anyone's room without permission. "Well, that’s a good thing. Still, they are pretty amazin'," The two turned at the sound of a new arrival, giving Utsawa identical smiles in greeting. "'ello Utsawa, not surprisin' that we haven' met, we are new this year." Stated one of the duplicates. "We," The other Irish teen gestured to herself and the other duplicate, "are Bernadette, that is, duplicates o' her." The duplicates listened as Charlie explained the differences between his RVD and Ryder's Robugs and the group discussed each of the teen's dedication to their particular aesthetic. It was becoming very apparent that all of the older teens were rather experienced in the superhuman community. It was then that Heroditus asked his question to the two duplicates about mentors. "Umm…unless you count me lacrosse coach, no." Replied one of the duplicates. "Powers an' all o' this is totally new ta us." Stated the other.
  3. Thevshi

    The Third Act

    Multi-Girl Bernadette walked over to where her suitcase and box were placed off to one side of the dorm room. She smiled slightly at Rosalind’s questions about clothes and duplication. "It's alright, I would probably be askin' the same questions meself." "But yes, luckily I do somehow duplicate whatever I’m wearin' when I create me duplicates. Would be bloody embrassin' to have a duplicate appear just starkers." The Irish teen glanced around the room and looked back over towards Rosalind. "Any preference on which side?"
  4. The programing on the load lifter was only a 24, so it is hacked!
  5. Multi-Girl Duplicates The two redheaded duplicates watched as the robotic bugs followed shortly behind Ryder bring a box for him before starting to spread around between the gathered teens. The two looked at Black as the robotic beetle as it moved over toward them and seemed to be taking a second look at the pair. One of the two looked over to Ryder. "Did you make these?" She asked with an impressed expression on her face. As both Ryder and Heroditus explained that the school would be a good place for her to learn more about her powers, both of Bernadette’s duplicates looked over toward the pair. When Ryder asked his question about duplicating things she was carrying, the two seemed in though a moment before one respond. "Well, again not really shoor about that. Guess it is something ta test out." When cat appeared near Ryder, one of the duplicates looked down at it as Ryder began talking to the Robugs about the cat. "I think it is connected ta one o' the girls up on the third floor, Neko." The redhead stated. When Charlie’s RVD came out to where the group was gathered and hovered in the air, the two duplicates looked up at the black drone. "I don' know, looks pretty slick ta me." One offered with a small smirk.
  6. It would be a computers check Tiff, so you need to roll.
  7. @Tiffany Korta Okay Tiff, Traveller is up.
  8. Multi-Girl Duplicates The duplicate that had lifted up the sofa blushed slightly at the various comments. "I think ye might be oversellin' it a bit." The other offered in response to Charlie’s statement of her being a "powerhouse." "Stronger than normal, but probably not what yer callin' a 'powerhouse." "Nice ta meet ye Ryder." The first one responded with a small wave in return. "I'm," She gestured to both herself and the other duplicate, "Bernadette. An' yes, we are duplicates. The original is still upstairs doin’ some unpackin'." The two duplicates then considered Heroditus' questions about their strength, looking at each other a moment before looking back to the Atlantean teen. "Ta be honest, I'm not quite sure." "We haven' really tested out the limits o' our strength, either just the original or what happens when she creates more duplicates." The other finished. The two duplicates then glanced over toward the sound from the cat that had appeared behind Ryder, not particularly surprised by its appearance, having already encountered a few so far on the stairway and third floor.
  9. Yeah, got a 16, so will use that new HP to reroll getting a 15. which is 25 with the reroll, so bruised and dazed.
  10. Veronica Danger "Very nice to meet you J'onn." Prudence stated with a small nod in return before focusing back on Veronica. "So, I take it things got a bit more exciting than simply dealing with dust and avoiding the occasional trap?" Veronica gave a small nod as she poured a glass of water that she offered to J'onn. "Yes, I got the tablet no problem, but just as I made my way out a bunch of guys on bikes and jeeps came speeding up taking shots at me. J'onn here appeared in the middle of the chase to help me out." The teenage Danger focused back on J'onn as she took one of the seats at the table with her glass of water. "Oh, this place," she replied with a dismissive gesture to the balcony around them, "it belongs to one of my family's companies. We do pretty well for ourselves, but also fund a lot of humanitarian, environmental and scientific research projects around the world." "Which brings up the question, what brings you to Earth in general, and Egypt in particular, J'onn?" She asked.
  11. So, if you are planning to rebuild as a PL 8 with 150 PP, I can wait till you get that together to add any comments beyond what Rocket might have been suggesting to you.
  12. That is probably true. Might depend on if you had other plans for that character slot or not. It would help you feel a little less behind her peers at Claremont, as most are built that way.
  13. Moving to character building so some issues can be addressed.
  14. Thevshi

    The Third Act

    Multi-Girl Bernadette had started walking back towards room 308 with Rosalind as the other girl asked her about how crowded the room might be. The Irish teen gave a small laugh. "Bein' an only child must be nice. I have two older brothers an' they can be a right pain in the arse." The redhead then gave a small, slightly apologetic smile as she answered the question. "Well, there are not always some o' me duplicates about. But…I'm still tryin' ta learn to control me powers, so there will sometimes be some o' them about. But I can merge back with them, so, should only be temporary." The pair were at the door to their room when Danica arrived further down the hall on her modified Segway. Bernadette watched the scene with a bit of wonder similar to what Rosalind appeared to feeling. "If it ever starts feelin' normal ta me I'll let you know." She replied to her roommate.
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