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  1. Tsunami <:Yes, unfortunately many that live on the surface have long taken a destructive approach to interacting with the environment of our planet. Attitudes are starting to shift, but there are still many that only see nature as something to be exploited for profit."> Giang replied somewhat solemnly. At Heroditus' excitement regarding her response to his question about Atlantean technology, Giang gave a small smile. <"Do not mistake recognizing the nature of your technology with true understanding of how it works."> She responded, her smile still in place. But regardless, the Asian young woman listened as the teenage Atlantean explained how he found himself trapped between the views of his people and the scientific community on the surface. <"That does seem to be something of conundrum."> She responded as she paused a moment, seemingly in thought before continuing, <"I am not sure I will be able to directly help you in finding a solution, but I am certainly happy to listen when you wish to discuss the conflicts between the two views. At the very least, being in the position you are allows you to at least consider how combined what you can learn from both, where those firmly rooted in their views might not even consider such a thing.">
  2. Squire Kath'lana Kath'lana turned at the sound of Sitara's voice, giving a slight bow of her head in greeting. "It is an honor to see you once more Praetor Sitara." The Squire stated as she considered what Praetorian had to say and looked about at the rather unusual gathering of individuals that had responded to the call. The young F'terrix did not hesitate to follow when Sitara lead them all to the local cantina, retracting her helmet as they made their way in. When Kanemu continued with his grandiose proclamations inside, she could not help but note he certainly could be inspiring, even if his words often showed a rather narrow -minded view of the galaxy. She managed not to laugh when he turned and showered praise on B'ka, though her emerald green eyes narrowed slightly at B'ka's response. When her fellow Squire whispered his concerns to her, she looked up at him with a quite response. "Just keep digging a hole for yourself. See how it turns out." With the F'terrix picked up the drink that had been poured for her. "Did you not pay attention during the lectures on respecting the customs of the species we encounter? Would not want to insult those we are here to protect by turning down a drink?" She then followed over towards the booth Sitara had indicated so they could learn what they would be facing.
  3. Squire Kath'lana At Jolan's comment about the arrival of two Squires on a planet in need of aid, Kath'lana was beginning to understand why B'ka had diverted his course to this world. But before she could press the Hapisian on the issue Kanemu made his very boisterous appearance. The young F'terrix looked up at the towering Kanemu as there was a hint of recognition in her mind at his appearance and mention of the Fryxus. It took a moment, but the Squire recalled a lesson from a few years ago on CITADEL about the Khanate’s genocide against the Fryxus. During that pause, B'ka took the opportunity to step forward and introduce himself and her to Kanemu, joining the Fryxus' enthusiasm to face what was apparently a pirate gang threatening the world. Kath'lana was thankful her helmet was still in place, as it concealed her snarl. Taking a breath, the F'terrix then responded, "it is not our place to question what assistance our mentor does or does not need B'ka." She paused only a moment before adding, "but we are here, and apparently this world is in need of assistance." Looking up to Kanemu, the Squire then continued, "Greetings Kanemu. I was unaware there were any Fryxus left in the galaxy. I am pleased to see that is not the case." "I am afraid we are just arrived here, so we have little information about what the exact threat is to these sentients, or where it might be found."
  4. Tsunami Giang smiled slightly at Heroditus' question about the Atlantean resort town. <"It was certainly a place designed for luxury and relaxation, but no more so than similar destinations here on the surface. Truth be told, I much preferred visiting the areas outside of the town, the coral reefs and kelp forests. I would say that and my other visits to Atlantis led me to study Oceanography in college, such as those on the surface truly have been able to learn about the world's oceans."> The Asian young woman then noticed that the Atlantean teen seemed to be studying her as he went silent for a few moments. Just as she was about to ask if he was alright, he seemed to regain focus and asked about the Summers’ family and their control over Claremont. <"Not that I have extensive experience, but it is my general understand that no, normally a single family does not have such control over an educational facility, even a private one. However, I am sure you would agree that Claremont is something of an unusual institution."> When Heroditus turned to responding to her question about how he was doing in interacting with peers, Giang could sympathize with his view that he did not quite fit in, as she certainly had felt rather out of place when she had first arrived. But then the Atlantean teen asked about what she knew of Atlantean technology. <"Well, I would likely say only a little. I certainly have been around and observed it."> She replied. <"As I know it is very different than what is used here on the surface, being something of a combination of actual mechanics and magic.">
  5. Veronica Danger As the voice from the back commented about the sound of the bell on the door, Veronica began to raise one of her hands that glowed with eldritch energy, ready to act if Lulu's illusion were to fail or Pan's image did not work. However, the illusion held as the figure appeared and looked out to see the image Pan had projected to show an empty shop. Veronica had still been about to unleash a blast of mystical energy at the figure when it became clear he was threatening the shop's proprietor with violence. However, Lulu made a shift to her illusion, allowing the group to communicate freely once more and then indicated she wanted to try something. Lowering her hand, which continued to glow with the mystical energy, Veronica gave a small nod.
  6. Thevshi

    Reptile Brain IC

    Veronica Danger While Dr. Ellison was likely accustomed to dealing with energetic students, but did not seem quite prepared for one with quite the level of energy as Ben. But before she could even gather herself to respond to him, Ben attention was already off on the next thing. "Umm, yes, right..shall we get started then?" She asked the group as Ben began talking with Heroditus about his encounter with several mutated animals prior to gaining his powers. "Thank you Doctor. There was a general consensus of starting with the tortious habitat." Veronica replied, giving Danica a small smile. So the group of Claremont students were making their way through the zoo. As they went, Veronica fell into place alongside Micah.
  7. Tsunami <"I have visited the capital and some of the surrounding towns several times."> Giang began in response to Heroditus' question about what parts of Atlantis she had visited. <"We also made a trip to Crantorium during my first visit to the underwater kingdom."> As the young Atlantean suggested continuing their talk at one of the benches or while walking, Giang gave a small nod and moved over to the bench, smoothly sitting down to regard Heroditus with her clam even gaze. <"The Headmistress follows after her father."> She stated in response to the teen’s comment about her skill as a matchmaker of sorts. <"He was headmaster when I was here and was the one who felt Thaelia and I would benefit from being roommates, and as was often the case was entirely correct. We may not see each other as often as we like these days, but Thaelia is still one of my closest friends, and likely knows me better than anyone."> With that thought in mind, the Asian young woman focused things back on Heroditus. <"Have you found any classmates with whom you seem to share any common interests?">
  8. Well, Kath'lana is young (equivalent to 19 or so on Earth), so not likely to know of them from growing up. She might have learned about the genocide while training at the CITADEL, something that might make sense for Star Knights to learn about. She got a 24 on her Kn: Galactic Lore check, not how you think that might fare.
  9. Squire Kath'lana Another brightly colored "shooting star" began to approach the atmosphere of Themuera II, this one a bright green. At the center of the bright green anomaly, Squire Kath'lana snarled slightly inside her helmet, somewhat annoyed at having been sent back to look for the wayward B'ka. Her armor picked up the telemetry from the Hapisian's entry into the planet's atmosphere and she followed the path down, quickly seeing that it led towards one of the major population centers, or major for this world at least. A short while later, another armored form dropped down along the street near the scout and seer were conversing with Squire B'ka, this one smaller and in emerald green Star Knight armor. Unlike the first arrival, this newcomer landed with an easy grace befitting the catlike appearance of its armor. "B'ka, what do you think you are doing altering your course like that?" The newcomer hissed, the feminine nature of her voice clear, even with the metallic filter of the armor's helmet. Yet even at the F'terrix scolded the much taller B'ka, she turned to regard the two siblings, giving them a small bow of her head. "Greetings representatives of the Republic. I am Squire Kath'lana. I apologize for any interruption my fellow squire has caused."
  10. Tsunami Giang waited for Heroditus to finish his circle around her before fixing her gaze back on the young Atlantean with a small nod as he spoke about being able to get around on land better now. <"That should continue to improve with time."> She replied. <"There are a few exercises that could help with becoming more acclimated to the surface if you are interested."> As he turned to mentioning her knowledge of his language, she gave a small nod, <"I had the good fortune of having Thelia as my roommate shortly after I arrived here. This provided me opportunities to visit Atlantis and other parts of its realm, as well as learn your language. I would be honored to learn more about your culture and history."> <"As for why the Headmistress asked me to work with you, that is a bit more nuanced that simply helping you learn more about surface culture, although I am certainly happy to share what I do know in that regard."> The Asian young woman then continued. <"But perhaps more importantly, when I came to Claremont I was in a relatively similar situation to you. While I grew up on the surface, I did so on the far side of the world, in a remote village in Southeast Asia. I also had very little interaction with peers my own age until I came here.">
  11. Veronica Danger Veronica had not gone particularly far when Pan caught up with her and slowed down to match her pace as he flew across the surface of the water. The teenage Danger gave him grin. "Your on." She called out, over the sound of the wind as she guided her board towards a wave ahead of them. Just as she went over the wave, Veronica pulled down on the control bar for the sail, the result was the wind pulled her up into air over a dozen feet. She let the bar pull forward again, as she wind carried her through the air for a good distance, before again pulling back on the bar as she started to come back down, slowing her descent to allow her to smoothly land back on the waves and continue along once more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shortly after the Horizon reached the rock covered shoreline of one of the larger islands, the crew set about launching one of the vessel’s tenders to get any of the three remaining teens ashore that wanted (or needed) a lift. Mentally scanning the shore and rocky terrain, Lulu picked up a few dozen tourists, most just enjoying the unusual scenery and the shallows created by the rocks that jutted out into the water. A number had turned their attention to the Horizon, the massive vessel certainly one to draw attention.
  12. OOC So, going into this Veronica will use her Variable Array in her amulet set to: +8 ranks of Notice (2 pp); +8 ranks of Acrobatics (2 pp); and Precise Shot (1pp) She will set her magic gadgets variable pool to Blast 10 (Feat: Accurate).
  13. Veronica Danger Veronica had followed Pan into the quaint bookstore when her attention had quickly been drawn to the sight of what appeared to have been a struggle in the middle of the floor. Then the voices and what sounded like someone striking another was heard from the backroom and the teenager tensed in anticipation of trouble. But before she could say anything, Lulu used her mental illusions to mask their movements, as well as their voices. Of course, Veronica knew this was an illusion, and something that could be overcome with the right mental focus, but she decided against it for the moment, so as not to do anything that might break the illusion for whomever was in the backroom. She just wished Lulu had done something like establishing a mental link before preventing any communication. Luckily Pan had a way of communicating some at least, as he also acted to help mask their presence. The teenage Danger only hoped that whoever was in the backroom had been so focused on what they were doing that they had not heard the bell of the door when the group had entered. As Pan and Lulu began to move forward to get a view of the back room, Veronica deposited the packages she had been carrying into a small hole in space that closed back once she was done. The teen then removed a couple of small symbols from a bracelet around her wrist, attaching them together on a small silver chain that she slipped onto her other wrist as she felt the magic within the symbols merging together and forming into an offensive spell she could use if needed.
  14. Tsunami Giang regarded the young Atlantean with a small smile as she gave a small bow of her own before shaking his extended hand. "Yes, I am Giang Trang. I am very pleased to meet you." The Headmistress gave a small nod to the Atlantean student before adding, "Miss Trang graduated a few years ago. While she was here at Claremont she was roommates with Princess Thelia and has visited Atlantis a number of times." She glanced between the two before focusing back on Heroditus. "So, I will leave you in her capable hands." She stated with another nod before turning to make her way back towards the administrative building. Giang gave a small bow to Headmistress Summers before she turned to leave and then focused back on Heroditus. <"So, how have you been adjusting to life on the surface so far?"> She asked in Atlanetan.
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