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  1. Troubleshooter [PL 10] Attributes Str: 12 Dex: 26 Con: 20 Int; 18 Wis: 14 Cha: 20 Combat/Saves BAB: +4; BDB: +6; Tough: +9/+7 Flat; Fort 4 (+9); Reflex: 3 (+11); Will: 5 (+7) Skills: 13 (52 ranks) Bluff 10 (+15); Diplomacy 10 (+15); Drive 4 (+12); Kn: Tactics 8 (+12); Notice 8 (+10); ; Sense Motive 12 (+14) Feats: Accurate Attack; Attack Focus: Ranged 6: Defensive Roll; Dodge Focus 5; Equipment 1; Evasion; Improved Aim; Power Attack; Precise Shot 2; Quick Draw; Ranged Pin Equipment: Lightweight Arsenal Body Armor (+2 toughness; Subtle) {3 EP} Powers: 1) Energy Pistols (Device 6 (30 DP); Easy-to-Lose; Feat: Multi-weapon) [25 PP] Two Guns (Blast 10; Extra: Penetrating 4; Feats: Split Attack; Improved Crit (19-20); 2 Alt Powers) Alt) Rapid Fire (Blast 8; Extra: Autofire; Feats: Accurate; Improved Crit (19-20)) Alt) Single Shot (Blast 5; Extra: Penetrating 2; Feats; Accurate 2; Improved Crit 2 (18-20)) 2) Luck Control 3 [9 PP] Stats (50) + Combat (20) + Saves (12) + Skills (13) + Feats (21) + Powers (34) = 117 pp Notes: Troubleshooter is an American mercenary. He is skilled with firearms, preferring to use a pair of specialized energy pistols. When in the field, he dresses in black cargo pants, with a black T-shirt, over which he wears a black duster. Widowmaker [PL 9] Attributes Str: 32 Dex: 12 Con: 34 Int; 10 Wis: 12 Cha: 12 Combat/Saves BAB: +5; BDB: +4; Tough: +12 Flat; Fort (+12); Reflex: 5 (+6); Will: 4 (+5) Skills: 9 (36 ranks) Climb 3 (+15); Drive 2 (+3); Intimidate 12 (+13); Kn: Current Events 4 (+4); Kn: Tactics 4 (+4); Notice 5 (+6); ; Survival 3 (+4); Swim 2 (+13) Feats: Attack Specialization (Unarmed); Attack Specialization (Shotgun) 2; Dodge Focus 2; Equipment 3; Improved Grab; Improved Grapple; Improved Trip; Improved Pin; Interpose; Teamwork 2 Equipment: Combat Shotgun (Blast 6; Accurate; Knockback) Powers: 1) Super Strength 4 [8 PP] 2) Impervious Toughness 6 [6 PP] Stats (52) + Combat (18) + Saves (9) + Skills (9) + Feats (15) + Powers (14) = 117 pp Notes: Widowmaker is an American mercenary. He stands close to six and a half feet tall with a powerful build. While he dresses in black cargo pants and a black long sleeve shirt, he does not wear any armor, not actually needing any. While he prefers to get in close to use his superhuman strength, he also carries a combat shotgun to provide him a ranged option as well. Firefight [PL 7] Attributes Str: 14 Dex: 16 Con: 18 Int; 12 Wis: 12 Cha: 12 Combat/Saves BAB: +9; BDB: +6; Tough: +4/+7; Fort 3 (+7); Reflex: 4 (+7); Will: 3 (+4) Skills: 14 (56 ranks) Climb 8 (+10); Drive 4 (+7); Intimidate 6 (+7); Kn: Current Events 4 (+5); Kn: Tactics 8 (+9); Notice 6 (+7); Search 6 (+7); Survival 6 (+7); Swim 8 (+10) Feats: Dodge Focus; Equipment 3; Improved Aim; Improved Initiative; Power Attack; Precise Shot; Teamwork 2 Equipment: Arsenal Body Armor (+3 toughness) {3 EP} Heavy Pistol (+4 Dam) {8 EP} Powers: 1) Combined Rifle (Device 5 (25 DP); Easy-to-lose) [15 PP] Energy Rifle (Blast 5; Extra; Autorfire; Penetrating 5; Feats; Improved Crit (19-20); 2 Alt Powers) Alt) Grenade Launcher (Blast 7; Extra: General Area Burst) Alt) Butt Stock (Strike 3; Mighty) Stats (24) + Combat (30) + Saves (10) + Skills (14) + Feats (10) + Powers (15) = 103 pp Notes: Firefight is an Israeli mercenary. Like many of The Arsenal, she wears black cargo pants and a long sleeve shirt over which she wears the black Arsenal body armor. A skilled combatant, she makes use of a combined energy rifle with under-mounted grenade launcher as her primary weapon. She carries a heavy pistol as a backup. Barrage [PL 7] Attributes Str: 18 Dex: 14 Con: 18 Int; 12 Wis: 12 Cha: 12 Combat/Saves BAB: +7; BDB: +6; Tough: +4/+7; Fort 5 (+9); Reflex: 4 (+6); Will: 3 (+4) Skills: 14 (56 ranks) Climb 8 (+12); Drive 4 (+7); Intimidate 10 (+11); Kn: Tactics 8 (+9); Notice 6 (+7); Search 6 (+7); Survival 6 (+7); Swim 8 (+12) Feats: Attack Focus: Ranged 2; Dodge Focus; Equipment 1; Improved Aim; Improved Initiative; Power Attack; Precise Shot; Teamwork 2 Equipment: Arsenal Body Armor (+3 toughness) {3 EP} Heavy Pistol (+4 Dam) {8 EP} Powers: 1) Combined Rifle (Device 5 (25 DP); Easy-to-lose) [15 PP] Energy Rifle (Blast 5; Extra; Autorfire; Penetrating 5; Feats; Improved Crit (19-20); 2 Alt Powers) Alt) Grenade Launcher (Blast 7; Extra: General Area Burst) Alt) Butt Stock (Strike 3; Mighty) Stats (26) + Combat (26) + Saves (12) + Skills (14) + Feats (10) + Powers (15) = 103 pp Notes: Barrage is a Ukrainian mercenary. He wears the typical Arsenal black body armor over a pair of black cargo pants and long sleeved shirt. Like Firefight, his main weapon is a combined energy rifle with under-mounted grenade launcher.
  2. Hey Sim, welcome to the site. You might find it helpful to join our Discord channel to chat with many of us real time. While a good number of us are in the States (or North America), we have members from all over the world, so there are likely to be at least some people on during convenient times for you. As for what you have so far (crunch wise), I am not so sure about the ZERO for Base Attack Bonus. I understand you are trying to save points and have no real need for it given any power that normally requires an attack roll is bought as perception ranged. I personally am not the biggest fan of lots of Perception ranged powers as I sort of feel that if someone spends a lot of points making their character super agile and hard to his (like Spiderman or the Flash), having someone with nothing but auto-hit powers is annoying. But I am more in the minority on this so don't worry about that. I do see one big problem though, that is your total defense of only +2. We would require Jake to meet PL caps for defense and toughness, so he would need 10 Defense (at lest +4 of which would have to be base defense bonus) and 10 Toughness (which you do have). If you wanted to use trade-offs, you could go as low as 5 Defense (only 2 of which would need to be BDB) and 15 Toughness (you would still be limited to only 10 ranks of Impervious). It would also be helpful if you gave us the point costs for all the alt powers in the array.
  3. @RocketLord Yeah Rocket, unfortunately, that will be a big fail. So UFO might need to Take 10 for a longer time spent searching.
  4. Veronica Danger Once she and her friends were up by the entrance to the pyramid, Veronica reached into a pocket and pulled out a key she used to unlock the gate over the entrance. Putting the key away, she carefully opened the first side of the gate, keeping a firm grip on it to keep it from swinging wildly and making noise. "Grab some rocks to put at the bottom to keep it in place once open." She said softly to Kam and Liz. Veronica held the open door in place while her friends put some rocks there to keep it from moving, then repeated the process with the other half off the door. Once that was done, the teenage Danger proceeded to create a hole in the air, from which she pulled a long coil or rope. As one of the other magic focused students at Claremont, Liz had been aware Veronica had been working on duplicating the extra-dimensional space that Danica somehow had access to through her shell. "Kam, please tie this off on the anchor over there." She stated to the Dakana prince as she handed him the rope and indicated what almost looked like a small metal railing that had been affixed into the ground across from the gate. Upon inspection, Kam found the rail to be solidly in place, likely capable of supporting all of their weight at once if necessary. As Kam was tying off the rope, Veronica produced three repelling harnesses. "You will need this." She said. "The shaft goes down about sixty feet, but then it is a twenty foot drop down from there, so you will not be able to see the bottom to teleport even once there is light down there." The teenage Danger then helped her friend get the harness on correctly before handing Liz a pair of gloves as well. She then put on one of the other harnesses and handed the last to Kam along with another pair of gloves as he came over with the coil of rope, not attached to the railing. As Kam began to put on his harness, Veronica tossed the coil of rope down into the darkness of the sloped shaft. There was a faint echo of the rope hitting stone and then sliding down into the darkness. Veronica then handed out several chem light sticks to each of the other two. "Not a primary light source, but a good enough one to start and in an emergency." She stated before positing herself with her back to the camp and bending one of the sticks to release the chemicals inside and giving it a shake before tossing it down into the shaft as well. The faint glow of the chem light illuminated the narrow shaft as it flew down, bouncing a couple of times before it continued to roll down the steep slope before finally, after about sixty feet, it went over an edge and dropped down out of sight. Now there was the faintest bit of light visible far down the shaft, but darkness between the entrance and the edge of the drop off. "I will go down first. Kam you make sure Liz gets hooked up right and knowns how to control her dissent. I will be down there to belay her once she gets to the drop off." Veronica stated as she slipped on a pair of gloves herself and then moved over to wrap the rope twice around the carabineer attached to a loop at the front of her harness. Once that was done, she positioned herself at the entrance to the shaft, her left hand loosely holding the part of the rope that led back to the rail where Kam had secured it. Her right hand had the other end of the rope, wrapped around her right side and held behind her. "See you down there." She said to her friends with a small smile before she brought her right hand partially around from behind her back and began stepping backwards into the darkness. The rope slide slowly around the carabineer as Veronica began descending, quicking becoming just a shadowy mass in the darkness against the faint light from below. After a short few moments, she became a bit more visible as she reached the edge of the shaft and was more strongly silhouetted against the light from below. She had stopped at the edge, and though it was had to make out completely, seemed to be preparing for the last twenty foot drop. Then she seemed to kick off and quickly fell out of sight, the rope pulling taunt as it took her full weight. Then, a few moments later, the rope went slack, a sign she was now down.
  5. GM For the rest of dinner, the three teenagers focused on other topics of conversation, particularly when Dr. Nassry came over to engage them once more. After dinner, there was some time spent gathered around a small fire pit in the center area between the pods as the night sky grew dark and the air began to cool. After about an hour after sunset, the three teens stood up to excuse themselves, informing Dr. Nassry they wanted to move a bit further out from camp for some star gazing before turning in for the night. After a stop in their respective quarters to gather a few items, the three set off away from the camp, moving through the necropolis towards the desert to the west. Although Veronica was only wearing her backpack, which did not seem nearly full enough to be carrying much in the way of rope, her confident demeanor suggested everything was under control. Veronica knew her way around the necropolis well enough to take a path that seemed to lead most directly toward the desert, only to turn away after they were out of sight of the camp and lead her friends over towards hillside where the uncovered upper portion of a pyramid was faintly visible in the darkness. The teenage Danger insisted on not using any light, both to prevent them from messing up their eyes adjustment to the semi-darkness and to prevent the light from being seen from the camp or the area security. It was a bit of a climb up the uncovered portion of the pyramid, the primary difficulty being the darkness more than anything else. Soon enough the three were up on a small flat area right beside the lower portion of the uncovered pyramid. Down below they could faintly make out the camp, the fire near the pods providing enough light to make out the shapes of some of the structures. Up against the pyramid, a small metal gate had been put in place, closing in an opening in the side of the pyramid that led to a shaft that sloped downward at more than a forty five degree angle, quickly disappearing into pitch darkness. The wind blowing through the gate caused a faint, eerier echo that could be heard from the darkness of the shaft.
  6. Fade [PL 10] Attributes: Str: 16 Dex: 22 Con: 20 Int: 14 Wis: 12 Cha: 18 Combat/Saves: BAB +8; BDB: +8; Tough: +7/+9; Fort: 4 (+9); Reflex: 6 (+12); Will: 6 (+7) Skills: 28 (112 ranks) Acrobatics 14 (+20); Bluff 8 (+12/+16); Climb 7 (+10); Disable Device 14 (+16); Drive 4 (+10); Gather Info 8 (+12); Kn: Streetwise 8 (+10); Lang: Japanese (English native); Notice 12 (+13); Pilot 2 (+8); Sense Motive 10 (+11); Slight of Hand 7 (+13); Stealth 14 (+20); Swim 3 (+6) Feats: Acrobatic Bluff; Attack Focus: Melee 6; Attractive; Dodge Focus 3; Defensive Roll; Equipment 4; Evasion; Improved Initiative; Move-by Action; Power Attack Equipment: Lightweight Arsenal Body Armor (+2 toughness, Subtle) {3 EP} Utility Belt {16 EP} 1) Sleep Grenades (Fatigue 4, explosive) 2) Smoke Grenades (Obscure 2, explosive) 3) Cutting torch and multi-tool 4) Lock picks (+2 Disable Device) Powers: 1) Teleport 4 (Extra: Accurate; Feats: Change Direction; Change Velocity; Turn About; Progression 2 (up to 500 lbs) [17 PP] 2) Martial Arts Training (Strike 3, Mighty) [4 PP] Stats (42) + Combat (32) + Saves (16) + Skills (28) + Feats (20) + Powers (21) = 159 pp Notes: Fade is an American mercenary and thief from somewhere in the Midwest. She wears a blackbody suit with a lighter weight version of the standard Arsenal body armor. She had shoulder length brown hair and wears no mask. Bola [PL 7] Attributes Str: 14 Dex: 18 Con: 18 Int; 12 Wis: 14 Cha: 14 Combat/Saves BAB: +7; BDB: +5; Tough: +6; Fort 4 (+8); Reflex: 5 (+9); Will: 3 (+5) Skills: 16 (64 ranks) Acrobatic 8 (+12); Climb 8 (+10); Drive 4 (+8); Kn: Tactics 8 (+9); Notice 8 (+10); Stealth 8 (+12); Survival 8 (+10); Sense Motive 12 (+14) Feats: Acrobatic Bluff; Attack Spec: Throwing Knives; Dodge Focus 2; Equipment 1; Instant Up; Precise Shot; Quick Draw; Set Up; Teamwork 1 Equipment: Arsenal Body Armor (+3 toughness) {3 EP} Powers: 1) Archaic Weapons (Device 4 (20 DP), easy to lose; Feats: Mutli-Weapon 3) [15 PP] Archaic Weapons Array (17 PP Array; 3 Alt Powers) {20 DP} BP: Throwing Knives (Blast 5) (Extra: Autofire) AP: Hatchet (Strike 5) (Feat: Mighty) AP: Bolas (Snare 7) AP: Explosive Bolas (Blast 6) (Extra: Area Burst; Drawback: Limited Ammo (2 uses) Stats (30) + Combat (24) + Saves (12) + Skills (16) + Feats (10) + Powers (15) = 107 pp Notes: Bola is a female mercenary from South America who is well trained in a variety of archaic weapons. Like many on the team, she dresses in a black bodysuit, her black Arsenal bodyarmor worn over that. She has a belt and harness which carries her various throwing knives and bolas. Incendiary [PL 8] Attributes Str: 16 Dex: 16 Con: 18 Int; 12 Wis: 12 Cha: 14 Combat/Saves BAB: +6; BDB: +6; Tough: +8; Fort 4 (+8); Reflex: 5 (+7); Will: 5 (+6) Skills: 12 (48 ranks) Climb 8 (+11); Drive 7 (+10); Kn: Current Events 3 (+4); Kn: Streetwise 4 (+5); Kn: Tactics 10 (+11); Notice 10 (+11); ; Survival 6 (+7) Feats: Accurate Attack; Attack Focus: Ranged 2: Attack Spec: Unarmed 2; Defensive Roll; Dodge Focus 2; Equipment 1; Improved Aim; Power Attack; Precise Shot; Ranged Pin Equipment: Lightweight Arsenal Body Armor (+2 toughness; Subtle) {3 EP} Powers: 1) Fire Burst (Blast 8 ) (Extras: General Area; Feats: 2 alt powers) [26 PP] AP: Fire Jet (Blast 8 ) AP: Flame Fists (Strike 8; Accurate 2) Stats (28) + Combat (24) + Saves (14) + Skills (12) + Feats (13) + Powers (26) = 117 pp Notes: Incendiary is an American mercenary. If not participating in a mission in plain clothes (as he does not need to worry about trying to smuggle a weapon anywhere) Incendiary wears black cargo pants and a long sleeve shirt, over which he wears his lighter weight body armor.
  7. That is a hit, you will take one down. Go ahead and post IC.
  8. @Tiffany Korta Tiff, give me a computers roll for the trick Sitara is trying to do to link her suit to her past self's suit.
  9. GM Laark had joined the pair up on the bridge as Soreen began focusing the scans on the villages in the nearby mountains. After a few moments she had focused on one in particular. "This one seems to be the largest." She said. "Although that is not really saying much. I am not reading any sort of energy signatures that would suggest much in the way of technology. Like pretty much everything else we have come across that is native to this world, it seems a primitive settlement. I am getting somewhere around a few hundred life forms." Laark studied the read-outs a few moments and then spoke up. "While striking at where an enemy is weakest is usually the best strategy, it may not be as successful in this instance." He stated. "Even if we are able to turn any of these settlements to our side, that is not likely to weaken the pirates position as much as it might in other situations. The pirates have support from their spacecraft, something we are unable to counter with our current resources. It is very possible they could still obtain supplies and even reinforcements from off-world if given the time." "Or even worse for us," Soreen chimed in, "we could make this operation so costly they just decide to leave for easier pickings, taking with them anything that might provide us with the parts we need to repair the Xeno to get us off world." "We certainly want to investigate what the situation is in these settlements." Laark continued. "From what we have been told, the beings residing there have been tricked into being willing allies. At the very least we will want to cut the pirates off from that support. But I fear that a prolonged campaign will not serve us well."
  10. You mean a hit on the Hornet?
  11. @RocketLord Need a Search check for UFO.
  12. GM After engaging its stealth suite, 777 began pursuit after the fleeing armored figures. With the stealth field engaged, 777 could not commit full power to its propulsion systems, meaning its targets were greatly out pacing it. However, it was able to lock its long range sensors on the figures as they continued to move further away as it followed at its best possible speed. Fortunately, 777 only had to try to keep the fleeing figures in sight for a short time before they descended down out of the air and out of visual sight. But it still took 777 a much longer time to follow after at its current slower speed, only being able to hope that the armored figures had come to ground somewhere nearby where it had lost sight of them. Once it reached the area where it had lost visual contact with its targets, 777 found itself in a section of the expansive city that butted up right to high hills to the west. A section of the hillsides had been cutaway as part of expansion to this area to allow for buildings to fit into the area, resulting in numerous high cliff faces along this edge of the city. Somewhere in this area were the beings 777 had been ordered to follow.
  13. Paradigm <"We will be awaiting your report unit 777."> Amara replied as she settled back down on the ground near where she and the others had been fighting with the Spectrum Knights. With her enhanced senses, the Naram was able to see when the U.F.O. unit had engaged its stealth field, vanishing from sight as it presumably began to follow the departing Spectrum Knights. At Sitara's question, Amara could not help but smile slightly. "Until we allowed them to escape, there were still some Spectrum Knights for you." She replied at first in a jovial tone, before becoming serious once more to answer the actual question. "No, leave the Kavaca where it is. We can follow after under our own power. I would rather not risk using something that would more easily alert them to our approach."
  14. Veronica Veronica smiled slightly at Kam's joke about a ten foot pole. "Well, a ten foot pole is really only going to be necessary if we find a new section of the tomb." She replied before glancing over to Liz. "I would say be sure to have your mask handy, but I know that goes without saying." "But yeah, we are going to need plenty of light in there. I have brought several light sources, but having extra for each of us certainly would not hurt." The teenage Danger then replied more seriously. "I also have rope and other climbing gear. At the very least we are going to need some to get down into the tomb. And again, if we do find some new section, we could end up needing more." "I am going to have a few other things handy, first aid kit, some survival gear, including food and water." She then added. "For this trip, we may not need much more."
  15. Squire Kath'lana Although seated during Ambassador Ortilac's speech, Kath'lana was straight backed and formal, almost as if she were at attention while seated. The Star Knight armor worn by the young F'terrix was emerald green, matching her catlike eyes. However, she had her helmet retracted, reveling her feline head, covered in a light brown fur. The Star Squire tried not to show any embarrassment as the ambassador described the reason for her fellow squire’s absence from the ceremonies. While she knew the Hapisian meant well, his behaviors at times did not reflect particularly well on himself or the Order. Kath'lana was grateful as the ambassador quickly moved on to discussing the coming proceedings, giving a small nod to those gathered as she was introduced. The young F'terrix felt a distinct honor at being chose as the Order’s representative for this occasion. When the ambassador had finished, Kath’'ana spoke up, speaking in Gal Standard, but using her armor's translator to translate her words to English, a language she understood the gathered Terrans would understand. "Thank for the greeting Ambassador Ortilac. I am honored to attend these proceedings as the representative of the Order of the Star Knights."
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