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  1. Thevshi

    A New Era

    Velocity Velocity had been speeding around the perimeter of the area where she and the other League members had been able to concentrate the fight, picking off a few of the zombies that had continued to try to make their way out the city beyond. But despite this she had kept an eye on the fight with the source of all this, a feat made easy by the technology in her visor. When Frost and Gain Knight managed to immobilize Cyprus, allowing Fluer and Gabriel to land solid attacks on the creature, Velocity veered back towards the center of the fight, crossing the distance in a flash of yellow. "Looks like you all have all but finished this off." She called out as she closed in. "Let's just make sure it is over for now." She stated, as she pulled back with her right hand before launching it forward at a speed faster than most eyes could follow, resulting in a large CRACK as it broke the sound barrier. The supersonic punch hit Cyprus square in the chest full force, and Velocity skidded to a halt a short distance away after delivering her powerful attack.
  2. Veronica Dr. Durant seemed initially surprised when Pan came flying up to where the group was standing after flying underneath the central hull of the massive catamaran. She barely could be being to try to respond to his questions before he was flying up higher and away from the group, soon to be followed by Davyd, who had transformed into a macaw. "I believe you can see why Danger International felt that Ms. Danger and her friends would be able to help with the exploration of the wreck." Prudence offered calmly to help the scientist get over her shock. The Frenchwoman recovered and gave an understanding nod. "Oh, of course Louise, sorry about that." Veronica replied when Lulu mentioned being a bit cold due to having gotten so wet. "Prudence, have someone show Adam, and the others if they come back down soon, to their cabin." The teenage Danger stated to her assistant before turning back to Lulu. "We are this way." Veronica then led the redhead up to the main deck of the vessel, where there was a large open area, partially covered by the large fly bridge above, where several cushioned seats were arranged. They continued on through one of two open sliding doors into a large interior salon, again set up with several seating areas and tables, including a curved bar with several seats to the right. On either side of the salon were stairwells that led down to the lower section of the main hulls on either side, but Veronica led Lulu straight forward toward another set of stairs towards the front of the vessel that led down into the front section of the middle hull. To either side of that stairwell was a slightly raised area, the one of the left consisting of a large curved sofa that wrapped around the area, a pair of leather chairs set across from the sofa. To the right was what was clearly the interior bridge of the vessel, with multiple screens showing various maps, radar images and the like, as well as a wheel and other controls. The middle stairwell led down to a small hallway that connected the two main hulls. Veronica moved through a doorway just to the right and led Lulu into a large bedroom with a king sized bed just against the inner wall. Windows ran along the far wall, giving a view towards the front of the vessel and the water beyond. "You can have the bed, I will just hang a hammock over in this corner." Veronica stated, gesturing to the bed. "We have our own bathroom through there." She added, pointing towards a door along the right hand wall. Lulu found her bag was waiting in the cabin near what appeared to be a closet. Meanwhile, shortly after Veronica had led Lulu toward their cabin, a crew member had come over to lead Adam, as well as Pan and Davyd if they had come back down yet, to where they would be staying. From the exterior deck, they took a stairwell down into the left hull, where they came to a small landing with doors on either side. Their room was the door on the left, towards the aft of the vessel, and was a fairly spacious cabin with a pair of bunkbeds, a closet and desk. Their luggage had already been placed in the room at the foot of the bunkbeds, and the crew member identified the door on the opposite wall (between the bunkbeds) as leading toward a bathroom before excusing himself and heading back up the stairs to the main deck.
  3. Thevshi

    A New Era

    Velocity Velocity had felt a slight grip of panic as one of the mass of plants had managed to grab ahold of her and drag her down. She had just been about to start trying to vibrate her molecules to free herself from the plant thing's grasp when Fluer provided assistance in dealing with the thing and loosening its grip on her. With a quick kip, the speedster was back up on her feet, though her yellow costume was now smeared with mud splotches. The speedster did not even have to turn her head thanks to her goggles, which gave her a three hundred and sixty degree view of the area around her. While she had stopped the plant zombies for the moment, they now started crawling back up from the ground, reforming. "Well, guess I will just have to keep them down." She muttered to herself before once again launching into motion, the yellow blur again streaking all around where the League was battling Cyprus. Once again Velocity's flurry of blows beat back the reforming zombies, but this time she was unable to land a solid hit on Cyprus himself, nor could she connect with the two vine creatures.
  4. Yeah, thought so. IC post incoming.
  5. So, was going to get to that in an IC post, but Veronica and Lulu are sharing one of the main cabins in the center area. The three boys are in the left hull with three bed/bunks.
  6. So, first Velocity will use Acrobatics to get back to her feet as a free action. only gets a 26, but still good enough. So, then she will rinse and repeate, Power Attack -4/+4 for +15 attack and +14 damage for her selective area attack. Oof, this time she only gets a 19 on the attack roll.
  7. Veronica Now that the boat had slowed down to a more leisurely speed it was easier to hear one another as the wind was not as heavy and the motor was much quieter. Veronica gave a small nod to Davyd's question. "Yes, the Danger Institute, one of the companies under the Danger International umbrella owns the Horizon and the researchers currently working on her are institute employees." As they continued to approach the massive catamaran, the teens could see people moving about on the main deck toward the rear of the vessel. A platform was extended out from the rear of the left hull, creating a pier of sorts at the back of the vessel. A mean in the khaki short and white polo shirt they had seen the crew wearing back in Road Town was standing out of the platform, apparently waiting for them. As Veronica guided the tender up alongside the platform, the crewman helped guide it in, taking the front line and pulling the tender to a stop as Veronica killed the engine. The group of teens was then able to climb off the tender and onto the platform. Now up close, the Horizon was no less amazing than it had been at a distance. Veronica led the way over towards the stairs leading up the aft of the left hull, Prudence standing on the landing halfway up the stairs with another woman who appeared to be in her late thirties and was wearing a wetsuit. "Veronica, may I introduce Dr. Durant." Prudence stated, indicating the woman beside her. "A pleasure to meet you Ms. Danger." Dr. Durant stated as she shook the teenage Danger's hand with a French accent that was far more pronounced than the hint of an accent Veronica had. "An honor Doctor Durant." Veronica replied before she again introduced her classmates. "We are looking forward to talking with you and your team and planning out the investigation of this wreck you found. But first let us just stop by our cabins and get situated."
  8. Thevshi

    A New Era

    Velocity Having helped guide the reports and other attendees clear of the grounds, Velocity came zipping back near her teammates in time to see the zombies begin to tunnel up from the ground, followed by the large form of Tom Cyprus. The speedster glanced over toward Gabriel. "You had to bring up zombies earlier." She lightly teased. Then she was a blur of motion, as sped forward, darting from zombie to zombie and even towards Cyprus himself. As the speedster went, her fists shot out at each enemy she passed, the sound of multiple cracks from the mini-sonic booms. All around the law of Freedom Hall, the zombies that had just pulled themselves up from the ground were knocked down, at least for the moment,, although a number had already moved out away from the main law and were still moving toward the sidewalk beyond. The masses of roots and vines that were near Cyprus managed to avoid the speedster's attacks, but Cyprus himself was unable to, as Velocity delivered a supersonic punch into his gut before speeding away and ending up back near where she had started.
  9. So, Velocity will start by using her Area Rapid Attack (it is a burst targeted selective area with a 250 foot radius. It is normally 10 damage with +19 attack, but she will Power Attack for -4/+4, so +15 attack, +14 damage. She will hit all the bad guys in the radius, Tom, the Writhing Masses and the zombies. She gets a 22 on her attack roll.
  10. Thevshi

    A New Era

    Velocity Velocity had been mainly hanging back allowing some of the others to respond to questions for much of the announcement, but figured it was only a matter of time before some were directed her way. But then something seemed to be happening that brought the proceeding to a close. As Gaian Knight, Tiamat and Gabriel began calling out instructions to the gathered reporters, Velocity became a blur of yellow among the gathered reporters and others, directing them away from the area. “This way please.” “Please move quickly and safely.” Moments later she was back over next to Gaian Knight. “Any idea what it is?”
  11. Thevshi


    Veronica Danger Veronica watched from her Danger Cycle as the pirate ship she had just dropped Àjàṣorò onto pulled sharply away and tried to ram into the other vessel. The teenage Danger was not sure what had caused the sudden change in the direction of the first pirate ship, but it certainly served to throw them both into more chaos. Engaging the engine once more, the Veronica sped after the pirate ship. Once she had caught up with the vessel, she landed the cycle behind Àjàṣorò to be better able to support her friend and classmate as they tried to neutralize the pirates on the vessel.
  12. RETURNING STUDENT Name: Veronica Danger Codename: None! Year: Junior Pronouns: She/Her Current Intermural Team: Green Squad Current Roommate: Janus Danger Reflection: I enjoyed having the experience for more formal schooling with my peers and went on some great adventures with several of my classmates. I want to continue focusing on my schooling and training, having adventures and start to learn more about magic and my powers. School Club: Outdoor Club, Science Club, second for an Adventure Club!
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