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  1. Veronica Danger Veronica was enjoying the opportunity to spend a bit of time Christmas shopping with some of her friends. In fact, it was hard not to be influenced by the excitement and energy Pan tended to bring to so many endeavors. The teenage Danger was dressed in her rather typical attire, only slightly adjusted for the colder weather: khaki cargo pants, grey fleece, a rugged dark green winter parka, and her omnipresent hiking boots. When Pan returned and heled out the wrapped gift he had gotten for her, Veronica gave him a warm smile. "You really did not need to. But, I would have to guess some sort of jewelry." At Pan's follow up question regarding the group's next destination, Veronica gave a slight shake of her head. "No, I cannot say that I have, but it certainly sounds like an interesting place. I do enjoy old books."
  2. Thevshi

    Reptile Brain IC

    Veronica Danger Having gotten off the phone with Prudence, Veronica was free from distractions to be ready for Ben suddenly shooting to the front of the bus pulled by one of his tentacles. Thankfully her years of traveling the world with her parents and the related adventures had resulted in pretty quick reflexes, so she had little trouble making sure she was out of the other student’s path. With Micha given a mild verbal rebuke, Veronica simply gave a small shake of her head, though she could appreciate the enthusiasm shown by Ben and some of her other squad mates. Following closely after Ben, the teenage Danger stepped off the bus and looked around the front entrance of the zoo for a moment. As always, Veronica was dressed as if she were getting ready to hike off into the wilderness, grey cargo pants, a fleece top and well broken in hiking boots. Because of the colder weather, she had a rugged dark green winter parka. "Sure Danica, we can do that." Veronica said in agreement with Micha at the other girl's question about starting with the tortoises and their habitat first. "We just need to meet with our guide and get our badges first." Spotting a zoo employee heading their way the teen then added, "and it looks like they have found us." A women in her mid-thirties wearing a jacket with the zoo’s logo on the front was making her way over toward the group of Claremont students. "Miss Danger?" The woman asked as she approached the group. "Good morning, I am Molly Ellison, one of the assistant zoologists here. We are very pleased to have you and your classmates here today for a tour of the facilities your family's foundation has helped fund." "Here are your badges for our tour." Ms. Ellison continued as she passed out a badge for each student to wear around their necks and started leading the group towards the zoo entrance.
  3. Claremont Academy Freedom City, New Jersey Wednesday November 27, 2019, 11:00 AM "I appreciate your willingness to mentor another student Giang." Headmistress Summers stated as she and an Asian young woman walked down the path from the administrative building for Claremont Academy towards the Roberta Isley Gardens. "I believe Heroditus could benefit from being able to talk to someone who had a similar experience as something of the outsider among the other students. Your familiarity with Atlantean culture will be an added benefit." "As always, I am very happy to help Headmistress." Giang Trang replied as she walked alongside the older woman. Giang stood about five foot three, with a lithe build and moved with an easy, fluid grace. Despite the cold of the late November morning, she was not at all dressed for the cold, wearing a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt and a red windbreaker. However, the Asian young woman did not seem bothered at all by the cold. "Although I am curious why you thought of me and not Thetis or Thelia?" Callie Summers gave a small chuckled as she glanced over to Giang. "Well, certainly either has had a similar experience as Heroditus. However, both are also members of the Atlantean royal family, which could make it more difficult for him to fully feel comfortable expressing concerns to them." "I see." Giang replied simply with a small smile and a nod as the two continued toward where Heroditus would be waiting.
  4. Velocity Megan was very glad to hear that things were going more smoothly for Lulu academically this year. There had been a few rough patches last year, but it sounded like the teen was starting to develop some good study habits, with some help from Adam. The blonde woman had the faintest hint of a smile when Lulu’s correction that Adam truly was helping her study. A true smile came to her face as Lulu squared off with her and asked if Adam could join them for Thanksgiving. "Of course, he is more than welcome to join us." She replied. "Robert and I would enjoy having a chance to meet him." Before Lulu could respond the relatively quiet night air was broken by the increasing sound of police sirens. A few moments later a pair of police cars came wiping around a corner to speed down the street past the pair. Megan’s smile slipped away as a more serious expression came to her face and her gaze followed after the two police cars. As the police cars began to slow at an intersection a few blocks ahead, a bright beam of energy streaked from off to the right, striking the lead police car in the side and sending it spinning out of control across the intersection before it slammed sideways into a building. Before Lulu fully registered what had just happened, she found herself in a nearby alleyway, Megan right in front of her still holding both her hands. "Is your Claremont uniform back in your dorm room?" Megan asked, her tone as serious as Lulu had ever seen her. No sooner had Lulu nodded when Megan became a blur of movement and there was a loud WOOOSH and she was gone. A split second later there was another WOOOSH and a yellow blur and a figure Lulu had seen on the news or in magazines was standing in front of her holding out the teen's uniform. "I brought you a mask as well." Said Velocity, the yellow clad speedster of the Freedom League. "While you change I will get the police clear and be right back."
  5. They certainly have not met in a thread, so fine with them meeting for Thanksgiving.
  6. Thevshi

    Reptile Brain IC

    Hanover Zoo Hanover, Freedom City, New Jersey Wednesday, November 6, 2019 9:42 AM A small yellow school bus pulled into the parking lot of the Hanover Zoo, continuing along toward the drop off area located near the zoo entrance. Inside the bus were several students from Claremont Academy, in particular members of Green Squad. The outing to the zoo had been arranged by Veronica Danger, one of the returning members of the squad from last year. The Danger Institute had been partnering with the zoo on several conservation programs for a number of endangered species under the zoo’s care. Veronica had brought the other members of her squad along to get a backstage tour of the facilities for the program and a chance to get a close look at several of the animals, which included a pair of rare giant tortoise. "We are almost there Prudence." Veronica said into her cellphone as she looked out one of the buses windows. Those that had been on Green Squad the previous year were well familiar with the personal assistant to both Veronica and her cousin Janus. As so often was the case, Prudence had handled the vast majority of the logistics for the visit. "No, I still think it is fine that you are not going to be here for the visit." Veronica continued. "I am sure there is plenty of other matters that need your attention at the office."
  7. Thevshi

    Reptile Brain IC

    Kingston, Freedom City New Jersey Late Fall 2019, 10:30 PM Since the Terminus Invasion of 2018, much of Kingston had consisted of ruined buildings and empty streets. Only the most minimal efforts to start to rebuild had begun, and mainly along the boarder sections with other North Freedom neighborhoods, leaving the majority of the center of the formerly historic neighborhood still largely abandoned and in shambles. Now, those that frequented the Kingston area were those that wished to be unobserved or otherwise isolated from the more crowded and active sections of Freedom City, while still maintaining a close proximity to the rest of the city. A small figure in a trench coat made its way through one of the empty streets in the heart of Kingston, moving among the shadows with a seeming confidence that there was nothing to fear among the dark ruins. The figured walked for several blocks along the cracked and broken sidewalks, stopping a few times to peer around towards the dark recesses of the nearby buildings. Eventually the figure turned into a dark alleyway and was seemingly swallowed by the darkness within. If anyone had been following the figure, it would have seemed they had vanished into thin air in the alley. However, the figure continued on its journey dozens of feet beneath the cluttered streets, moving along a path through the partially flooded sewer tunnels that ran under Kingston. The figure still moved at a steady pace, perfectly at home in the dark, damp confines of the sewers. After passing through several city blocks of tunnels, the figure came to a bend in a tunnel where a section of wall had collapsed, beyond was a larger open area that appeared to be a half buried subway station. Several tables of various shapes and sizes had been set up along one of the platforms and were covered with a variety of scientific equipment. Another section of the platform had been turned into a makeshift living area, with a bed and some other furniture set up. The entire area was partially lit by several emergency lights that had been placed around the platforms. The result of the makeshift lighting was that there were sections of the platforms that where relatively well lit, while the rest of the station was cast in shadows of various depths. The figure moved onto the platform containing the collection of tables, stopping briefly to look at some of the equipment as it went by, before coming to a mostly empty table. The figure sat a large duffle bag onto this table and began carefully removing various objects from within it. As the figure was focused on its task the almost oppressive silence of the chamber was interrupted by a cold voice from somewhere among the shadows. "Good evening Dr. Seidel." The figure quickly turned away from the table, scanning the illuminated section of the platforms, even as he edged towards some of the nearby shadows. "Who are you?" The man asked, his tone a bit surprise but not necessarily concerned or frightened. "Someone who has spent some time trying to locate you." The voice from the shadows simply replied. The trench coat clad figure identified as Dr. Seidel moved into one of the deep shadows near the collection of tables. "You will soon wish you had not done so." Dr. Seidel responded, his voice deepening and straining slightly as he did so. This was followed by a few pained grunts and groans before the shadows went silent. Then, a large figure could faintly be seen climbing among some of the shadows above the platforms lit by the emergency lights. "So, you can now change your shape at will." Stated the cold voice that again seemed to come from multiple directions at once. "All the more reason you will regret coming down here." Replied a deep, partially hissing voice from the large shape crawling along one of the uppers walls of abandoned station. "Perhaps." Replied the cold voice. "But I believe there is a way we may help one another with mutual goals." The large figures stopped, peering out to scan the darkest areas of around station with yellow reptilian eyes. "I suspect there is little you can offer which I will be interested in." It replied in almost a growl. "I believe we may help one another in striking out against the Second Raven." The cold voice replied from the darkness. There was a long pause as the yellow eyes of the large figure peered out at the shadows around the station platforms. "Go on, you have my interest."
  8. Velocity Through the show's performance, Megan could not help but feel Lulu’s enthusiasm and enjoyment. There were still so many things that were a new experience to the teenager, and Megan was glad she was able to provide Lulu with these sorts of opportunities. The blonde woman smiled as Lulu used her illusions to copy one of the costumes used in the musical. "I am glad you enjoyed it. We will have to keep an eye out for any others that are coming that you might want to see. Perhaps one you might want to see with Adam." Now that the show was over, there was a bit more of a chance to talk than there had been as they made their way to the car. "So, how is the new year going so far?"
  9. Some more pictures of the Baths. The giant rocks are full of all sorts of caves that can be explored. From the air One of the cave areas Another cave Same cave with a person for a sense of the scale
  10. Veronica Veronica gave a small smile at Pan’s comment. "It is always good to be ready for a little danger, makes life interesting." She replied, her smile widening as she began strapping some sort of harness around her waist. "I was telling Lulu that we will get underway tonight, so the rest of the afternoon can be for some more sightseeing." "The Horizon will move over near a national park on the eastern most island." She added as she picked up what looked like a snowboard. "I will meet you all over there." The teenage Danger then gave her friends a smile as she walked back down to the extended platform at the end of one of the massive catamaran's hulls. One of the crew members was waiting for Veronica, with what looked like a large, brightly colored U shaped paraglider. After sitting down at the edge of the platform and securing her feet into her board which rested on the water, the teenager hooked the cables from the U shaped gilder to her harness. Once it was secure, the crew member released the gilder and Veronica stood up as the wing caught the guilder and was then being pulled quickly away from the Horizon on her board in a generally northeaster direction. Once Veronica had left, the crew member made his way back up to the main deck of the Horizon and the platform began to retract back into the hull. "We should be underway momentarily." Prudence stated to the other teens. "Unless any of you are planning to follow after Veronica under your own power," Prudence glanced slightly at Pan, "you are welcome to come up to the flydeck, where the views are better." She indicated the upper deck above where the group was standing. Sure enough, it was not long before the Horizon was underway as well, although by motor for the moment, moving back out into the channel and turning east. Those that followed Prudence up to the upper deck did find the extra high did provide for some great views of the nearby islands and the channel. The brightly colored parasail made it rather easy to spot Veronica in the distance as she appeared to follow a zig-zag pattern across a large part of the channel, gradually working her way east. It was not quite an hour later that the Horizon started to slow down as it drew near the south end of a large island that sat at the eastern end of the channel. Several boats of various kinds were moored just off the shore of the island, and the massive catamaran took up a position a little further out than the other vessels. But what quickly drew the attention of the Claremonters still aboard was the beach along this section of the shoreline. While it had the bright sandy beaches they had seen on other islands they had passed on the relatively short trip, it also was covered with massive boulders that stretched out into the water. "That is the Baths National Park." Prudence stated as she looked over towards the shore. "We will get the launch ready to take you ashore. There are masks, snorkels and flippers for anyone that may be interested as well."
  11. Theater District, Freedom City, New Jersey Tuesday, November 11, 2019 10:16 PM A cold mist hung in the air of the Theater District in downtown Freedom City as moon rose up into the night sky. Despite the cold, there were still a number of people out on the streets, making their way to some local or another. But the scene quickly changed, as people began to exit the grand Beaudrie Opera House. A few at first, then small groups, and finally a large crowd, as an evening show of Hamilton had come to an end. Megan Howell-Harrow and Lulu Beaumont were part of the crowd of people exiting the show, stepping out onto the sidewalk and into the cold air. It did not take too long for the crowd to disperse, as people began to scatter in all directions. As they walked in the direction of where they had parked, Megan looked over at the teenager with a small smile. "So, did you enjoy the show?"
  12. Veronica Danger Veronica gave a small smile as Lulu suggested sharing the massive bed. "It is a big bed, but you know in the years I have spent traveling to distant corners of the world I have never really gotten used to sleeping on soft matrasses. I find my simple hammock much more comfortable." She replied before Lulu made her way into the shower to clean up after the rather wet trip across the channel. When Lulu came out of the shower, she found that Veronica had already put up her hammock. The teenage Danger had also changed into a half-wet suit that only covered half her legs and had short sleeves, leaving her tone and tan arms almost completely bare. She gave a broad smile at Lulu’s comment about feeling pretty. "I would say you look it as well." She added. "Now, shall we go see what the boys are up to as we get underway? We have one more stop for a bit more sight-seeing before we set sail for to the location of the wreck. We should reach the site by the morning."
  13. Thevshi

    A New Era

    Velocity Velocity had been speeding around the perimeter of the area where she and the other League members had been able to concentrate the fight, picking off a few of the zombies that had continued to try to make their way out the city beyond. But despite this she had kept an eye on the fight with the source of all this, a feat made easy by the technology in her visor. When Frost and Gain Knight managed to immobilize Cyprus, allowing Fluer and Gabriel to land solid attacks on the creature, Velocity veered back towards the center of the fight, crossing the distance in a flash of yellow. "Looks like you all have all but finished this off." She called out as she closed in. "Let's just make sure it is over for now." She stated, as she pulled back with her right hand before launching it forward at a speed faster than most eyes could follow, resulting in a large CRACK as it broke the sound barrier. The supersonic punch hit Cyprus square in the chest full force, and Velocity skidded to a halt a short distance away after delivering her powerful attack.
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