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  1. Veronica One of Veronica's eyebrow’s arched ever so slightly at Judy's further explanations, but did not comment, instead turning toward Ashley. "Ew." Veronica replied. "Which was also my reaction when my female other self that was also here began making some suggestive comments about our male counterpart. So, boys hardly hold a monopoly in being sexually adventurous. I mean, there are certainly examples from my family from both genders." Veronica paused a moment, and then asked. "How about you Ashley, anything shocking or surprising from any of your duplicates?"
  2. Okay, here is the initiative order: 22 Barrox (unharmed) 21 Sovereign agents (many) 12 Vannox (unharmed) 11 Khanate soldiers (many) 8 General Giirok (bruised, 2 HP) Barrox aims his large weapon at one of the Khanate soldiers that appeared and hits him with a 21, the Khanate solider almost makes his toughness save and goes down. Several of the others with the two Borrans open fire, but only four of them manage to hit, and all four of those Khanate soldiers go down. Vannox moves to one of the nearby Khanate and takes 10 to hit him, taking that him down. That is about half the Khanate soldiers down, the remaining ones open fire. One targets General Giirok, but he misses. Another fires at Vannox, also missing. The remaining three shoot at some of the other beings helping the breakout, two hitting their targets, both going down stunned unconscious. The general's turn.
  3. GM The Boran with the large energy weapon was the quickest to react, turning his weapon and firing at one of the approaching Khanate soldiers. A wide beam of energy struck the soldier squarely in his chest, causing him to cry out in pain as the blast knocked him off his feet and back to the ground a short distance behind. The various other beings that had been involved in helping the breakout all reacted next, turning their weapons towards either of the directions the Khanate soldiers were approaching and opening fire a volley of energy blasts. Amid the hail of fire, another four Khanate soldiers went down. Vannox reacted next, rushing over toward a Khanate soldier coming from the arena. The Boran's glaive stabbed out, piercing the soldier's chest and killing him instantly. Vannox then pulled his weapon free, backing up slightly to give himself some space for any counter attack. Though their numbers were depleted, the Khanate soldiers did not hesitate to return fire, one firing at Giirok, but the blast going wide even of such a wide target. Vannox likewise managed to duck underneath a blast aimed at him, but two of the other individuals assisting in the breakout were not as fortunate, as they were struck by beams of energy that stunned their nervous systems, causing them to fall to the ground unconscious.
  4. Veronica Veronica gave a small smile as Pan used some of his pixie dust. "Well, it should help, but there may be security systems that this will not fool." She stated as she checked a monitor for the state of the atmosphere outside before taking a look herself. "Well, according to this there is a breathable atmosphere out there, but the oxygen content is well below normal Earth conditions, so we will need to use the excursion suits when we go out to compensate." With that, the teenage Danger went over and picked up the helmet for her suit and began getting it attached.
  5. She will do both, getting a 19 on Kn: Physical Science and a 26 for Notice.
  6. GM There were a lot of strange things going on here from Sitara's point of view, as she tried to adjust the sensors to deal with whatever was causing the interference with contacting the station’s systems. The Devotion's sensors were picking up the physical presence of the station, sitting on a large asteroid where it had been for years. But the interior was like a void, as if something was in there, causing the interference and she was not seeing any way of countering that from here. As Flux reached out with his considerable senses, he found something more of an answer. There was a massive quantum signal within the station, as if a rift in space-time had been formed within it. While that might have been expected given its proximity to the singularity, Flux knew that whatever was causing this was something else entirely.
  7. Thevshi

    Hong Kong Go

    Tsunami Tsunami waited up on a stack of crates in a shadowy corner of the warehouse where she could keep at least a partial eye on what was taking place around Comrade Frost. She had already surrounded herself with her watery forcefield, but otherwise was working to stay hidden. So far, Frost had the Hornet talking, so there was no need to revel herself just yet. Perhaps the villain would revel more of what he had planned, if so, the last thing she wanted to do was interfere when there was no need. But she was prepared to quickly move into action if the need arised.
  8. Tsunami Tsunami moved up next to the entrance to the chamber inside, listening to the Nazis as they began to move further in for a moment. "I have never been told anything about Nazis here, but Lord Zandar has mentioned there were representatives of a number of other civilizations other than the Romans and Incans who tended to be more reclusive." The Asian young woman shook her head when Dust Devil mentioned his discomfort with allowing Nazis to just roam around the ruins. "No, from my experience, Atlantean ruins located here are places best left undisturbed. For the moment we follow them, just outside the edges of their light, see what they might be doing."
  9. GM "Sounds good to me." Laark stated with a nod. Soreen gave a small nod as well as she activated a screen near her seat. "Yeah, I have a few ideas. I have been studying the flyer's sensor longs since it has been here and have a pretty good idea where these Edestekai villages are located around the mining base the pirates have set up." She said as she pulled up a map of the mountains to the northeast. "There are a number of villages within a few kilometers of the base, here in this section of the mountains around it. I was thinking we could look to the mountains to the west, try to find some place to set down an hide the flyer."
  10. Ari, Veronica is going to want to check the area outside the ship (for any atmosphere or the like). Should I make a roll?
  11. Thevshi

    True Sight

    Veronica "I am so sorry." Veronica said softly when Abigail mentioned her father had passed. "If you would rather not talk about it right now I would understand." The teenage Danger offered, but when Abigail indicated she was okay talking about it, Veronica continued. "Well, mainly I wanted to let you know I recognized the symbol, although that may not be that unusual at a place like Claremont." Veronica stated, pulling out a small silver chain out of one of her pockets from which hung several small charms of various symbols from around the world, including a Abbridon, Ios and a Modrossus as well. "I have one I have picked up in my travels myself."
  12. Veronica "Ah." Veronica stated as Judy explained she had been seeking conformation of a conclusion she had already reached. What was a bit more interesting about the conversation was Ashley’s reactions to what Judy was saying, though Veronica did not focus too much on that, keeping her attention on Judy. "Well, I for one have never encountered anyone from Anti-Earth personally, duplicate or not, but I certainly have heard a bit about it from Uncle Ace." She then stated. "But your right, it does not matter and I would not be too concerned that it means anything about you. It is possible there could be alternate dimensions that exist that are nearly identical to ours. Not that I have particularly extensive experience, but in the case of my two duplicates I encountered that day, we each had a considerable number of similarities, but also significant differences. And yes, one of mine was male, Vincent." She then added with a small grin.
  13. Veronica Veronica's hand instinctively reached up to the silver necklace around her neck from which several small symbols hung, including a labrys. Rubbing her fingers on the labrys, the teenage Danger gave a small smile, "well, the answer to that question depends a lot on context." "I purchased mine on Crete, where it was believed to be a sacred symbol of the ancient Minoan religion, although always associated with female goddesses." Veronica paused a moment before continuing. "That association has likely influenced many of its more modern meanings. For some it is now a symbol of Hellenic Polytheism or for the neopagan Goddess movement. It also has come to be associated with feminism as a symbol of the matriarchy and more recently it has been adopted as a LGBT symbol for lesbian feminism to represent women's strength and self-sufficiency. There have been a few other uses by very different movements, but most of those have been defunct for decades."
  14. Veronica Danger Veronica had just open a book off to one side of her tray, one written in a language that very much looked like it might be Greek. Although somewhat surprised to have been approached by Judy, the teenage Danger gave the Smith sisters a smile. "Hello Judy, Ashely, yes, please take a seat." She stated, indicating the seats across from her. Glancing down at the book again, she gave a small grin as she closed it once more. "Mr. Kuzkin asked me to review a few lines of the Iliad in the original Ancient Greek for him." She explained with a small shrug. "So, what can I help you with?"
  15. @Fox @angrydurf We are out of combat now. In case it was not clear, the last Thule Sorcerer activated the self-destruct protocol for the clones.