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    Veronica Veronica had given Corinne the option, but she was glad that the older teen had chosen to help, transforming in to Zenith and moving out to create a defensive dome over the facility. Astrid and Micah were moving out towards the surface as well, so the teenage Danger moved over to the security station as the female security guard began explaining their situation. The fact they were cut off from communications was not good, but they were far from helpless. "Keep trying the comms, perhaps we can figure out what is jamming them and disable it." She stated before focusing on the screens to see the unusual sight of the two flying sailing ships. "Pan, you might want to take a look at this." Veronica stated as the other teenager was talking with Nicole about the Horologium.
  2. Veronica Veronica just game Kam a small grin as he looked at bit confused about Elizabeth's question about whether he was to be part of an arranged marriage. She made no comment however, as it was at least a partially honest question given that a majority of the world knew very little about the inner workings of Dakana, and the fact that arrange marriages even among more modest social classes were still common enough in parts of the world. At Liz's question about the pyramids they were passing, Veronica took a quick glance over at the one currently nearby before focusing back on the road and answering. "I have been in all of them at one point or another. Although most of the time it was just for sightseeing, but in a few occasions I accompanied my mother on research projects inside some." As Veronica responded, she turned the Land Rover off the two lane paved road they were heading along and onto a dirt road that headed south past the Red Pyramid. The driving conditions were rather bumpier now, and it was not long before they got even rougher, as Veronica turned onto another, smaller dirt road to the west once more. The road twisted and turned some, as they moved down some hillsides and into a lower valley area. Down on the valley floor the occupants of the vehicle could see what looked like a small camp set up near what appeared to be a dig site that was uncovering some stone structure. Not far from the camp and active dig site was a half-buried pyramid, only the upper third fully visible above the sands along one of the valley walls. "There it is." Veronica stated as she began to slow down and approach the campsite near the dig. "The Pyramid of Sanakht." Looking over toward the dig she added, "they are working on further excavation of a temple complex that we found near the pyramid from around the same time period." As they approached the camp site, Kam and Liz saw a middle-aged Egpytian man dressed in dusty work clothes waiting for them. Veronica parked the Land Rover next to some other dusty off-road vehicles parked near the camp site as the waiting man moved close to greet them. "Veronica, so wonderful to see you again." He stated in accented English as he moved up the teenage Danger as she climbed out of the vehicle, giving her a kiss on one cheek. Veronica returned the gesture with a smile. "It is good to see you as well Dr. Nassry, thank you for all your help to get this trip arranged." "But of course, always glad to have your assistance when you have the time." Dr. Nassry stated with a warm smile. "Allow me to introduce my friends," Veronica stated, turning slightly to indicated Liz and Kam, "Elizabeth Grey and Kam Kingdom. They are both very excited to have the opportunity to help with the excavations and other projects." Dr. Nassry turned to each of the teenager, offering his hand and a warm smile. "So pleased to meet you both." "And I believe you have communicated with Prudence on the phone and by e-mail as she was coordinating this trip for us." Veronica added, gesturing to Prudence as the young woman made her way around the parked Land Rover. "Ah yes, a pleasure to finally meet you in person." Dr. Nassry stated as he shook Prudence’s hand as well. "A great honor Dr. Nassry." Prudence stated in response with a cordial smile. "Now, let's get you all to your quarters for your stay here and get out of this afternoon sun for a bit while we talk." Dr. Nassry stated, gesturing over toward the camp.
  3. Synapse Dee gave a warm smile as Lulu talked about Southerners and their self-depreciating humor. "Do not be so hard on yourself." She stated as Lulu referred to herself as "white trash." "Because if you can tell jokes about yourself in good humor, then you are well ahead of many of the 'upper class' here or in the States that are often lacking in a sense of humor about themselves, let alone willing to make jokes about themselves." As the mental conversation continued, Dee felt a cold rage come over her as Lulu talked about gaining her powers at a young age and her father finding ways to abuse those powers. It felt somewhat all too familiar to the Englishwoman and she could tell the teenager was still feeling considerable guilt about what her family had done with her abilities. <What your family chose to do with your abilities is on them, not you.> She replied mentally. <I can understand what you have been through. In my case, my family did not hurt others, just my sister and I, and all for Queen and Country.> When the teenager verbally forced a laugh and mentioned needing a drink Dee smirked slightly. "Sorry, the drinking age here is eighteen. However…someone under eighteen can drink in a social setting like this with their parent or guardian’s permission." The Englishwoman reached out and grabbed a glass of champagne off a tray of a passing waiter. "But, I think we can bend that rule slightly. If Megan or Robert find out and are upset, just blame me, and I can always remind them of their own politely overlooked scandal." She said as she held out the drink for Lulu.
  4. Robert's mother gave a gave a warm smile as Lulu talked about working with tutors to get herself caught up in school, glancing over to her daughter-in-law briefly before focusing back on Lulu. When Lulu finished with her comment about her difficulty with math, the Dowager Harrow gave her a slightly stern look but then spoke in a soft tone. "Do not be so hard on yourself dear, it sounds as if you have had some disadvantages from a young age that were not your fault. I am certain with a bit of hard work you will be able to get to a point where you will be able to do sufficiently well in math." It was then Lawrence's turn to talk some about his schooling, at least filling his grandmother in from the last time he had spoken with her on the phone or by skype. But Dowager Harrow made sure to alternate between speaking with Lawrence and Lulu, asking the teenage girl questions about her home and growing up. Eventually lunch was over, and as a servant came in to start clearing the table, Robert glanced at his mother and Megan a moment before looking to Lawrence and Lulu. "Lawrence, why don’t you show Lulu around the estate to help her get familiar with it." Lawrence tensed ever so slightly, but then gave a nod. "Of course." He replied, standing up and looking over at the older gril.
  5. Veronica Danger (4) New Arrival (1) Lair of the Mummy (2) Sky Pirates (1) Tsunami (MAXED) (1) Hong Kong Go (1) Synapse (MAXED) (1) Reflection of the Minds Eye (1) GM (2) Crash on Volturnus (1) Praetorians Shards of Time (1)
  6. Veronica Veronica continued to focus on the road as they began to travel south on the highway along the west bank of the Nile. Soon the Great Pyramids of Giza began to recede into the distance behind them as they continued south. The crowded city gave way to smaller collections of buildings and many cultivated fields all along about a mile wide strip of land along the Nile before the desert began further to the west. They had not gone very far south when another group of pyramids rose up above the desert sands. Though smaller than the Giza Pyramids, these seemed much older, their outer shapes crumbling some. Veronica glanced over to the west as she spoked once more. "That is the Abusir Necropolis, with the pyramids of Shaure, Niuserre and Khentkaus II." She stated before focusing on the road ahead once more. It was only a few more miles before a large step pyramid came into view to the west, surrounded by a number of other smaller structures. "There is the Pyramid of Djoser." Veronica stated, pointing quickly toward the step pyramid. "That is the start of the Saqqara Necropolis, but Sanakht's Pyramid is toward the southern end, just southwest of the Red Pyramid." Veronica turned off the highway that had been following the Nile, passing through the cultivated fields that lay along its bank before reaching the edge of the town of Saqqara and turning south once more. Along the way she pointed out a number of other pyramids dotting the desert sands around the town, the pyramids of Pepi I, Pepi II, and Senusret III. It was as they passed the latter that Veronica turned onto a road headed west, about half a mile south of the Pyramid of Sunusret III. A little over a mile ahead of them on just to the south was the Red Pyramid.
  7. GM The four heroes began moving forward into the abandoned station to see about restoring full power to the facility in order to help in trying to access the station’s sensor logs. However, they had only moved toward the central core of the station, from which the various wings of the facility branched off, when the found a robbed figure floating in the middle of the room facing them. The figure was tall, but completely concealed within its tattered hooded black robe. No face was visible within the hood of the robe, only a shadowy darkness. "It would appear you Praetorians again interfere in matters that do not concern you." It stated in a cold, hollow voice. As it spoke, Flux and Quennie heard English, while for Galvanic its words were Tempestan, and the Traveller heard Sanskrit. "Depart this sector and do not return. This will be your only warning."
  8. Synapse Dee gave a small smile at Lulu’s comment about feeling like she is related to half of Alabama. "That statement is just asking for a sarcastic quip about the stereotypes of the American South, but you seem like a lovely young lady, so I will resist the temptation." The English woman then gave a small nod as Lulu explained more about her connection with the Harrows. "Ah, well, that does sound rather like Robert and Megan. Though not sure they have been put upon to 'put up with you.' Unless you are doing a very good job of hiding a rebellious wild streak, I imagine they have not had too difficult a time." At Lulu's mental statement Dee's smile faded somewhat. <Consider yourself lucky.> The English woman replied at first, her mental tone somewhat hardened. She then considered the American teenager a moment before responding to the question. <I obtained my powers when I was about eleven.>
  9. Okay, ZB, Veronica will take advantage of everyone being busy with the others to make a break toward where we have to deliver the helmet, double moving if necessary. She still has the air-walking spell available and has Speed 1, so she can cover some distance if necessary.
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    Hong Kong Go

    Tsunami Tsunami was a bit disappointed when she had missed the Hornet with her initial attack, but she did not comment further, nor rise to the bait about his comment about her identity. The Asian young woman did not know what Hornet might, or might not, know about her, but there had been a number of Dr. Sin's lieutenants looking for her when she had initially fled her father, perhaps he had been one of them. Instead she focused back on Hornet a she brought both hands back up in front of her, sending a twisting coil of water flying at the crime boss. But once again the armored opponent proved too agile to be an easy target and dodged away from the blast of water. But Tsunami was patient, as the jet of water shot off through the warehouse, twisting around to start back towards Hornet…
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    Veronica Danger Veronica had been moving slowly forward with the other students, making sure everyone had been able to get through security before picking up her pace slightly. Thus she was a little ways behind when the alarms started sounding off in the facility. This caused the teenage Danger to jog forward, catching up with the front of the group as they were talking about the Horologium, which Pan apparently recognized as being from his dimension. Vegas seemed a bit out of sorts as the confusion and uncertainty of the situation seemed to mount. While Veronica could understand his immediate reaction, which was to order the group to seek shelter, she also realized he did not fully appreciate the resources he had at his disposal. Luckily she did, and there was something she could do about it. "Actually Mr. Vegas, I am the senior member of the Danger family present at the facility at this time." She stated in an even tone. "We can be far more useful helping than hiding in a safe room." "Astrid, Micha," she continued, looking over to the two teens, "how about you two head over to the security detachment and see if they have any information about what is going on. If they don’t then maybe head up topside to take a look." Veronica than glanced over toward Àjàṣorò, She asked a bit more diplomatically. She then glanced back to the rest of the group. "Pan, Nicole, can you two figure out what is going on with this thing?" She asked, then finally she looked to Corinne. "Your choice Corinne, stay with us or head to a safe room with the other staff." The teenage Danger then looked back to Vegas. “I want everything else into containment and all support staff to safe areas.”
  12. Here are the post counts for March. Let me know if you see any issues with your counts. Angrydurf Red Lynx 7 posts + 3 GM = 10 posts = 2 PP + 1 PP Ref point = 3 PP Ouroboros 2 posts = 1 PP Ace Danger 1 GM post = 1 PP Empyrean 1 GM post = 1 PP Kanunu 1 GM post = 1 PP Sandman 1 GM post = 1 PP Savant 1 GM post = 1 PP GM 4 posts x 2 = 8 posts (1 to Ace Danger; 1 to Empyrean; 1 to Kanunu; 3 to Red Lynx; 1 to Sandman; 1 to Savant) Ari Hyperslice 1 post = 1 PP Sun Dragon 4 + 2 = 6 posts + 4 GM rollover = 10 posts = 2 PP + 1 PP (Guide point) = 3 PP GM 3 posts x 2 = 6 posts Avenger Assembled Sea Devil 1 + 2 = 3 posts = 1 PP + 1 PP (Ref Point) = 2 PP Watchdog 5 + 1 + 1 + 5 = 12 posts = 2 PP Lady Horus 3 posts = 1 PP Comrade Frost 3 + 1 = 4 posts = 1 PP Harrier (MAXED) 2 posts GM 1 post x 2 = 2 posts Bingobong Seeker 3 posts x 3 (new player) = 6 posts = 1 PP Cubismo Ms. Thursday 2 + 3 + 1 = 6 posts + 4 GM = 10 posts = 2PP Replica 2 GM = 2 posts = 1 PP GM 3 posts x 2 = 6 posts Dr Archeville Dr Archeville (MAXED) 7 posts + 4 PP (guidebook posts) Deadhead 6 posts (rollover from Dr. A) = 1 PP + 1 PP (guidebook post) + 4 PP (guidebook rollover from Dr. A) = 6 PP Horrowshow 1 post (rollover from Dr. A) = 1 PP + 2 PP (HellQ) = 3 PP Ecalsneerg Arrowhawk II 2 posts = 1 PP Electra Chelone 2 posts = 1 PP Wander (MAXED) 1 post Miss Americana (MAXED) 3 posts Eternalphoenix Terrifica 1 post = 1 PP Queenie 1 post = 1 PP JETTE 1 PP (Guide point) Exaccus Moon-Moth (Guest Star) 1 post Facsimile 1 + 13 + 3 = 17 posts = 2 PP Dreadnought 3 posts = 1 PP Oz 2 posts = 1 PP (Can now be up to PL 13!) Fox Masque 6 + 3 + 2 = 11 posts = 2 PP Wraith 1 PP (Ref Point) Gizmo Midnight II (MAXED) 1 post GM 3 posts x 2 = 6 posts Set (MAXED) 3 posts Griffalo Darkling 7 posts x 2 (new player) = 14 posts = 2 PP Grumblefloof Hex 2 + 8 (GM rollover) = 10 posts = 2 PP Mr. Strix 3 + 4 + 2 + 4 = 13 posts = 2 PP Dirge 2 (GM rollover) = 2 posts = 1 PP GM 3 + 2 = 5 posts x 2 = 10 posts Heritage Grimalkin (MAXED) 3 + 7 + 3 = 13 posts Crystal Gazer 2 + 2 = 4 posts = 1 PP Miracle Girl 1 + 1 = 2 posts = 1 PP Shrike 13 posts (Grim Rollover) = 13 posts = 2 PP Knightdisciple Thunderbird 2 + 4 = 6 posts = 1 PP Judex 2 posts = 1 PP Raven 1 PP (Guide point) Nick Arcana 3 + 1 = 4 posts = 1 PP + 1 PP (Ref point) = 2 PP Olopi GM 1 x 2 = 2 posts Lady Liberty 1 post = 1 PP (Can now be up to PL 13!) Rocketlord Forever Boy 2 + 2 + 4 + 3 +13 + 1 + 3 = 28 posts + 22 GM posts = 50 posts= 4 PP + 2 PP Origin Vignette (1000+ words) = 6 PP (Can Now be up to PL 13!) UFO 4 posts + 21 GM posts = 25 posts = 3 PP Justice 2 + 19 + 2 + 1 = 24 posts + 26 GM posts = 50 posts = 4 PP Dust Devil 1 post + 24 GM posts = 25 posts = 3 PP GM 3 + 3 + 4 +20 + 2 + 10 + 5 + 3 + 3 = 53 posts x 2 = 106 posts Secondling Talon 6 + 9 = 15 posts x 2 New Player = 30 posts = 3 PP Supercape Captain Cosmos 20 posts + 5 GM posts = 25 posts = 3PP + rep + Hell Q (2) + 20Q + Origin Vignette(2) + Guidebook = 10PP Sgt Shark 4 + 21 GM = 25 posts = 3PP Ronin 1 + 9 GM = 10 posts = 2PP Lament 2 + 23 GM = 25 posts = 3PP Snakebite 2(Starshot) + 23 GM = 25 posts = 3PP Rev 2(Flux) + 8 GM = 10 posts = 2PP Curveball 1(Murk) + 24 GM = 25 posts = 3PP Echohead 25 GM = 3PP + 1 Guide PP = 4PP Diamondlight 10 GM = 2PP Starshot(Maxed) 2 to snakebite Flux(Maxed) Mr. Murk(Maxed) GM 74 posts = 148 GM posts (5 to Cap Cosmos, 21 to shark, 9 to ronin, 23 to lament, 23 to snakbite, 8 to rev, 24 to curveball, 25 to echohead, 10 to diamondlight, ) Sylinator General Giirok 1 post = 1 PP Tarrakhash Chromium 13 posts = 2 PP Black Mamba 1 post = 1 PP Theabsurdist Zenith 1 +3 + 3 + 3 + 1 = 11 posts = 2 PP Asad 3 posts = 1 PP Bliss 1 PP (Ref point)https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/player-progress/active-players/ Thevshi Veronica Danger 16 posts + 10 GM posts = 26 posts = 3PP + 1 ref PP = 4PP Squire Kath'Lana 4 GM posts + 1(tsunami) + 2 (Paradigm) + 2(synapse) + 1(Velocity) = 10 posts = 2 PP Tsunami (Maxed) 1 to Squire Kath'Lana Paradigm (Maxed) 2 to Squire Kath'Lana Synapse(Maxed) 2 to Squire Kath'Lana Velocity(Maxed) 1 to Squire Kath'Lana GM 7 posts = 14 GM posts (10 to Veronica Danger, 4 to Squire Kath'Lana) Thunder King Tattered Man 2 posts = 1 PP Tiffany Korta Miss Grue 2 posts = 1 PP + 1 PP (Ref Point) = 2 PP White Lioness 1 + 3 + 1 = 5 posts = 1 PP The Traveller 3 posts = 1 PP Zhenschina-voin 3 posts = 1 PP Emerald Spider 2 posts = 1 PP Dr. Thorne 1 + 3 = 4 posts = 1 PP Trollthumper Temperance 4 posts = 1 PP Cavalier 1 PP (Ref Point) Zeitgeist Blue Salvo 2 + 4 + 1 + 4 + 1 = 12 posts + 4 GM posts = 16 posts = 2 PP GM 2 x 2 = 4 posts Veteran Awards: Rocketlord is now SILVER! Trolltumper is now IMPERVIUM!
  13. Veronica Veronica gave a small grin as Kam lightly teased her about her admittedly simple plans. As he turned back to Elizabeth to officially revel his identity to her, the teenage Danger stayed quite, focusing on the busy Cairo traffic as she made her way along the highway and to the bridge that would carry them across the Nile. Prudence turned to look out the window beside her so as not to intrude on the conversation either. Of course Veronica and Janus had known the true identity of Kam and his sister from the start, having known them for years after visits to Dakana to visit cousins living there. At Kam's request the Danger cousins had not revealed this familiarity. Soon the Land Rover was crossing over the bridge, the waters of the famous Nile flowing beneath them, dotted with a number of small craft making their way along those waters, including at least one tour boat taking passengers down the Nile to view the ancient wonders that stretched along the banks of the great river. The pyramids of Giza now towered over the highway, despite still being some distance further west, rising up above the sands that stretched out beyond them.
  14. Well, seeing as there is lots of water nearby, she will pull some to her and activate her flight and fly up above the gas. Then she will shoot her regular water blast at Hornet, but misses with a 17.
  15. GM Just as Starshot called to ask Soreen's status, he heard the familiar hum of the Xeno's power core going back online. Just as it did, more of the internal lighting flickered on, brightly illuminating the interior of the cargo bay where Starshot and Laark currently were. "Got power back on and am starting to run diagnostics on the sensors." Came Soreen's response. "We should be good to go in a few minutes." She added. "But even without the sensors, just based on the scans you performed as we crashed, driving the ATV will be much further than flying directly toward the pirates. There are all sorts of terrain hazards it will have to deal with or go around, not the least of which is the large lake in the center of the forest between here and the mountains."
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