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  1. Okay, Synapse will rinse and repeat, another psychic blast at little pig 3 (DC 27 will save!)
  2. Velocity "Lawrence and I can join you if you want." Velocity offered when Gabriel mentioned speaking with Stesha's daughter about what was going on. "He is at Nicholson with Amaryllis, if a couple grades ahead." When Luke asked his question about if Fleur had ever fought someone with gravity powers, the speedster Velocity glanced over at Gabriel and Gaian Knight a brief moment before looking back at the teen and responding. "Well, not really fought, but someone with gravity powers was part of a pretty low point for her." Then a warm smile came to her face as she focused on Luke and Muirne. "But you two made it through a pretty significant trial by fire, so to speak. As Gaian said, good job. You are both at Claremont correct?"
  3. Velocity Velocity took a deep sigh as she looked down on Stesha's battered body. But overall the speedster's demeanor did not look overly distraught or upset about her teammate’s apparent death. "This is Velocity, I have secured Fluer's body." She spoke into her communicator. "Lock onto my signal so we can get her transported back to Sanctuary." It was at that point she spotted Gaian Knight had arrived over by the two teenage heroes that had apparently been fighting against whatever that dragon like creature when the speedster first arrived. In a flash of yellow, Velocity was back over near her fellow Freedom League member and the two teens. "It is as bad as you think Knight." She stated as she looked over at the two teens with a small, but reassuring smile. "But Fluer has survived such injuries before, I believe it takes a couple of days before she is revived, but we should get her to Sanctuary as soon as possible to get things started."
  4. Velocity Just after Teriffica responded, Tiamat's communicator crackled to life once more. "I will be there in a moment." Almost as soon as the voice came over the communicator there was a faint *BOOM* that echoed across the park. A yellow blur came into view at the edge of the park a short distance from the combatants as Velocity skidded to a halt, her brunette ponytail swishing to one side. It took the Freedom League speedster only a fraction of a second to taken in the entire scene at the park. Focusing on the trail of destruction that pointed toward where Fluer lay face up near the remains of the park’s concrete sign. Velocity became a yellow blur once more and another streak of yellow snaked through the destruction and the speedster appeared beside Fluer.
  5. Tsunami gets a 28 on her Earth Sciences check
  6. I would thrown in Paradigm for Raiders.
  7. Thevshi

    Dakar Rally

    GM Liz focused in on keeping control over the large truck that had been put in her care while Davyd focused on guiding her along their path as closely as he could along the route to ensure there was no wasted time having to correct course. Micah was focused on two sets of data, that of the Mini containing Veronica and Lulu, and that of the truck itself. For the most part, the performance data for the truck was all in the green, no real issues, but perhaps not quite as optimal as would be preferred. The data from the Mini was much more encouraging. Despite the initial imbalance, once Veronica had gotten the smaller car up above 180 kph, the vehicle's experimental high-performance electrical engine was handling the speed with ease, even when Veronica went even faster at certain points of time. Although Davyd did a good job of keeping the truck on course, Liz found there were several points where it was getting a bit hard to control, and in the interest of safety she had to slow down below 80 mph. All said and done, when the group completed the first half of the stage, arriving at a collection of tents and vehicles out in the middle of the desert, their time for the leg was an hour and forty five minutes. Arriving at the waypoint, Liz slowed down considerably as she was directed around the outer edge to the south to where the Danger International team's area was waiting for them. It primarily consisted of a large cleared space (as cleared as was possible in the terrain) that was large enough for the truck and the Mini with the others arrived, a banner with the DI logo and a few fold up tables that had been set up, including one with several water coolers on top with cups long side. To either side of the space, other spaces for the other teams stretched out, some already occupied (some with just a truck, others with both the truck and car for the team), others were empty. Toward the middle were several tents and vehicles for the staff of the rally organizers and reporters, which was buzzing with activity. There were also several trailers with portable bathroom facilities scattered about. To the right of the DI space was the empty space for the team of Czech automobile manufacture Škoda. To the left was Mitsubishi, the large service truck still parked there, although the crew members seemed to be busy packing up various equipment to set off on their second leg of the stage. As Liz pulled into place, she could see several nearby people turn to look at the DI vehicle. Even with hundreds of participates in the rally, the appearance of the Danger International team had attracted some attention, not in small part resulting from the presence of a member of the Danger family on the team. It had also been rather clear during the last few days preparing for the race that among the top teams at the event, DI's entry of all electric vehicles into the competitive categories had generally been met with some amusement, if not outright disdain by a few. Despite Liz having to slow down at a few points, they had still managed to arrive a few minutes before Davyd had initially estimated. But the GPS tracking on the Mini showed that Veronica and Lulu were well ahead of schedule at the moment as well. They were not likely to have the full 45 minutes to get ready for the Mini's arrival if it kept its current pace...
  8. Synapse (1) Mirror Mirror (1) GM (1) Dakar Rally (1) (splitting/ref point)
  9. Synapse Dee braced herself as the winds from the wolf creature howled around her and Karla, the red telekentic energy of her forcefield flickering under the assault. Unfortunately the forcefield did not fully protect the Englishwoman, who felt the harsh sting of the wind. I certainly have not missed this. Dee thought to herself as she relaxed as the assault let up. Looking about, her analytical mind set upon another course of action. Okay everyone, we need focus here. She telepathically relayed over the mental network she had set up with the others. Karla, do you think you can tackle this dumb wolf and hold him down a bit? Muirne, Mette, lets focus on these little pigs first, especially as at least one of them seems able to heal the wolf. With those instructions, Dee turned her gaze toward pig creature that had healed the wolf earlier and then been injured by Murine. A blast of red psychic energy streaked out to assault the pig’s mind.
  10. So, will be working on IC posts today to reflect some of the results. Just so you all know, those rolls were all pretty good (Micah and Lulu did REALLY good for the car). Liz's initial drive roll was rather low, which would have translated into a lower time for the leg. For the first leg of Stage 1, Veronica gets a 34! This was boosted greatly by Micah and Lulu's amazing rolls.
  11. Okay, changing tactics, Synapse will hit Piggy 3 with her mental blast for a DC 27 Will save.
  12. Dee gets a 30 on her Reflex save, and then a 18 on her toughness, so another bruise.
  13. @KnightDisciple KD, can I get two checks (n: tech, Craft: Mech or Craft: Elec), one is for the Mini, one is for the Truck (identify which is which). Thanks.
  14. Thevshi

    Dakar Rally

    Veronica Danger Veronica smiled slightly at Lulu's enthusiasm as the pair's modified Mini speed across the desert terrain. There was not much so far that would cause the Mini to gain much air, but there were some occasional hops and an overall bumpy ride given their speed. "So far so good Elizabeth." The teenage Danger replied over the headset. "Good to get a easy opening stage before things really start to get challenging." Veronica then focused on Micha's comments about the readings he was getting from the Mini. It was not anything to cause significant concern, at least not yet. "Got it Micah, I will keep a steady speed. Keep an eye on things and we can decide what needs to be done at the stop. Would like to keep it as short as possible, but also do not want to take any unnecessary risks with the equipment, particularly this early on."
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