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  1. Squire Kath'lana The young squire had remained with Ambassador Ortilac and the other members of the Li delegation when the Terrans, the Praetorians and some of the Li had headed off to explore more of the Li homeworld. The F'terrix after all felt that as the representative for the Star Knight Order she needed to maintain a more formal demeanor. However, when delegate Leng began discussing the real reason for asking for a group of Terran exceptionals to be present at the ceremony she wished her helmet had been up, for she could not help but narrow her cat eyes slightly. "You have put me in a difficult position Ambassador," she responded to Ortilac when he came clean with her about the reason for her presence and that of the Praetorians as well. "You well know that it is the policy of the Star Knights not to become involved in situations that are purely an internal matter of a world. I believe the Praetorians follow a similar practice." The news that something had happened to one of the young Terrans was also disturbing to the squire, and she looked over to Leng as he made not so veiled threat to Ambassador Ortilac. "But I shall not sit back and allow the Terrans to potentially get themselves into any danger for which they are unaware." Activating her helmet, the last bit of armor covered her feline face. "If you will excuse me." She stated, her voice now more metallic, before she lifted up into the air and started flying forward. As she went, she activated the special communication node all Star Knight armor had with Mentor. "Mentor, this is Squire Kath'lana. Lor Ambassador Ortilac and the Li have not been honest with us in requesting a Star Knight at these proceedings. It appears there is a group of Li dissidents that are against the system joining the Coalition and the Li hope that the visiting Terrans, Praetorians and myself will be able to apprehend the remaining members when the attack the upcoming ceremony."
  2. So, I totally based the Horizon on the real world Hemisphere, the larges sailing catamaran in the world at just about 145 feet long. Here is another picture that gives an idea of its size compared to a more “normal” yacht. The Pendennis website linked above has some good pictures of the interiors, and here is an article that has some others as well. I figure that given the uses Danger International has for the vessel, the luxury is probably dialed down a few notches to make it a bit more utilitarian, but still a very nice boat!
  3. Veronica The shouts of encouragement from Lulu and Pan were more than enough for Veronica, as she opened up to full throttle and the small tender accelerated over the small waves of the channel. The waves really started to come over the front of the tender, but thankfully Adam, sitting toward the back, helped stabilize the vessel some. As the tender continued across the channel, the teens aboard could see a smaller island out ahead of them to the south. Veronica had them on a course to pass the wester end of the island, but as they drew closer several buildings could be seen on the eastern end. Soon enough, they passed the western end of the island, and while another, somewhat smaller island could be seen further to the south about two miles away, Veronica was steering them toward another, smaller island that was a bit closer and slightly to the southwest. As they drew closer to the small island, they passed a couple of sailboats some forty to fifty feet in length sailing back toward the eastern end of the British Virgin Islands. If any aboard were paying particular attention as they approached the island, they would have noticed what appeared to be the tip of a mast that rouse up somewhere on the other side of the island. Veronica once again steered the tender around the western side of the island, and as they began to move around it, the teens aboard could see a number of rocks jutting out of the water around which were gathered a handful of sailboats and small yachts. However, their attention was quickly drawn away from those rocks and the boats gathered around them, instead focusing on a massive catamaran that was moored past the rocks to the south. The huge sailing vessel dwarfed the other boats that were near the group of rocks, and as Veronica began to continue on that would swing west of those rocks, she decelerated to a more leisurely cruising speed. "There she is, the Horizon" the teenage Danger stated, indicating the catamaran.
  4. Veronica Veronica grinned slightly at her two friends' willingness to press on into the unknown of whatever might lie below the mystical trapdoor. "Well, there have been some research groups that have been provided access to the pyramid since the initial discovery. So it might be traces from their time in here.” The teenage Danger replied to Kam’s observation, her tone confirming that she understood it was equally likely that the disturbance had some other cause. Then, once again the teenager created a hole in air and once again removing an object from the extra-dimensional storage space. This time, it was smaller than the length of rope she had removed up near the entrance to the partially buried pyramid, and was wrapped in cloth. Untying the cord holding the cloth in place, Veronica lifted aside the folds to reveal the golden burial mask that had been the target of the Thule Society sorcerers back in Freedom City. Lifting the golden mask, she studied it for a moment before looking back down at the section of the floor that Kam had brushed off, the look on her face an indication she was working something out. After a short hesitation, Veronica held the mask up over the section of the floor as she spoke a few words that sounded like Ancient Egyptian. Liz could sense a surge of magic from the mask and from the section of the floor. There was a slight rumble and then the section of stone began to sink further down, dust dropping down along with it. After sinking down about half a foot, the slab the slide off to one side, reveling a set of stairs that led down into darkness below. "Well, this is rather unusual." Veronica stated as she looked over to her two friends with a mischievous grin.
  5. GM It was easy enough for Kam and Veronica to blend into the crowd as they followed along after Janus and Àjàṣorò, with Veronica easily chatting with some of the street vendors she and Kam stopped near in Turkish. The pair acting as the distraction attracted some attention as they moved confidently through the narrow streets of the city, but it was once they came to the open square where there as a group of musicians and began to dance that they truly drew the attention of the crowds. As several people stopped to watch the impromptu dance, at least momentarily, Kam and Veronica took the time to move around the periphery, watching for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. As they did so, Kam spotted a group of individuals that seemed quite uninterested in watching the scene in the square. A man in a light grey suit had turned away from the scene, moving back down a narrow sidestreet, flanked by two larger men in dark suits and sunglasses. The latter two routinely scanned the area around them as they moved.
  6. Yeah, the bike cannot beat that grapple check and the attack roll hits. So, toughness saves: Pirate hit by hoverbike: 7, is out. Hoverbike: 13, so it is pretty much destroyed as well. I will also make a toughness save for the pirate that was riding the hoverbike and has now been flung to the ground after his bike was thrown (I will call this a DC 20 save), 24, he is actually okay. Several of the pirates open fire on Dirge, with two managing to hit with a 20 and 25 (the second not a critical hit because they are just minions). Two DC 20 toughness saves for Dirge.
  7. Veronica Veronica gave Pan a small smile at his reaction to Davyd's statement that he might be able to manage turning into a "sharktopus." Pan never lacked for enthusiasm and it was certainly a bit contagious. The teenage Danger looked back to Davyd and gave him a smile as well. "I am sure you will eventually get better at mimicking a single animal with practice. But now you are going to have to try to become a sharktopus, or Pan will be disappointed." The group of teens continued with their meal, with a bit more discussion about the upcoming investigation of the wreck. Once finished, they made their way back out into the streets of Road Town, Veronica leading them back toward where the small tender from the Horizon was waiting. But she did not take a direct route, instead, taking her friends along a route that would allow them a chance to visit some of the many shops that filled the section of the town closest to the harbor. Eventually, the group was back at the docks and where climbing onto the tender, the boat rocking slightly as they did, but still remaining stable. Once the others had gotten aboard, Veronica took the seat behind the wheel and prepared to set off. If any of her friends opted for the seats toward the front, she gave them fair warning those were where you were most likely to get a bit wet. She then had whomever was closest untie the two moorings and push them off from the dock as she started up the motor. To start Veronica kept the power level low, so as not to kick up a wake as they moved through the tight harbor and the numerous moored boats. By the time they began approaching where the cruise ship was tied up at the main pier, she began to increase the tender’s speed as they moved into more open water. As they passed by, the massive vessel towered over them. Now that they were out over the open water, the wind was blowing stronger, carrying the salt water smell of the ocean. A wide smile came to the teenager's face as she continued to steer the small boat towards the mouth of the harbor. It was not long before the boat was passing out of the harbor and out to the open water of the channel. The wind had picked up even more and the water had rougher as a result. The water stretched out in all directions, with a number of islands visible in the distance as well. "You might want to hold on a bit tighter." Veronica stated with a slight grin as the wind whipped her long brown hair around more. The teenage Danger then began accelerating to full throttle, the boat greatly increasing in speed as it began skimming over the waves, water splashing up over the front as it went. She then made a wide turn slightly to the west, as the boat sped off across the open water of the channel between the islands.
  8. Paradigm Amara smiled slight at Sitara's comments about how much better the UFO was than current Lor technology. While the Naram did not exactly disagree with her friend, she also knew that there as a certain bit of good natured fun in Sitara's common dismissal of any Lor tech. "I think we should pay the Spectrum Knights a visit." She replied to Sitara's question. She then activated her communicator and responded to UFO 777. "Subdue the sentry as quietly as possible. We are on the way to join in direct assault." She stated before she began to accelerate slightly as she turned in the direction of the cave.
  9. Veronica Danger (2) Dakana Summer: Islands in the Sun (1) Lair of the Mummy (1) Velocity (MAXED] (1) A New Era (1) GM (2) Contest of Centurions (1) Lair of the Mummy (1)
  10. Veronica Veronica moved over to her two friends as Kam was busy dusting off the section and trying to make some initial determination of what it might be they were dealing with. Like Liz, the teenage Danger now could see the magic that was coming from the stone. Focusing her gaze more intently on the magic, Veronica studied it for a few moments in silence as Liz discussed possibly checking around them for any possible traps that might be connected to it. "This is it." Veronica said at last, kneeling down near the section and looking over at Kam and Liz. "This is the lock the mask is intended to open." She paused a moment, and then continued, "So, are you two ready to see what happens when it is and where it might lead?"
  11. GM Dusting along the edges of a section of the floor, Kam found that there was a rectangular section about three feet by four feet that was only a slightly offset from the rest of the floor. As he felt along the edge, it seemed no less solid than the other sections of floor, his light examination not giving him any indication of how it might be triggered. Some of the dust on the section had been disturbed in the past, suggesting that at some point since the pyramid had been rediscovered someone had walked over the section. As Liz moved over to where Kam was examining the section of the floor and discussed possible means of getting it open, she noted a fait trace of magic emanating from the stone. It was so subtle that she had overlooked it when they had first entered the room, possibly because her attention had been focused higher, such as the walls of the chamber.
  12. For now I will say that Gamesmaster is able to interfere with the psychic connection. That could change as the thread progresses. And the Mist is a PL X fiat, so it does block supersenses penetrating it, so have a HP for this!
  13. Veronica Veronica looked down at the map that Kam had laid out on the ground, although it was hardly necessary, as she had already memorized it previously. There were a number of entrances to the old facility, but as Kam stated, each came with its own considerations and potential pros and cons. Ideally, they would be able to get into the facility and recover the stolen Daka crystals without the members of Arsenal that were present even knowing that they had been there. But she was not so sure that some of those present would be content with things to go so easy for them. Veronica had seen her cousin grown more withdrawn over the school year, and knew her cousin was missing their home. Janus would certainly be one to welcome another fight with the mercenaries, and Veronica could not exactly blame them. "Tunnel sounds fine with me." The teenage Danger finally replied, looking over to Kam and then over toward Àjàṣorò.
  14. Okay, here is the initiative order, though, with Dirge having the initiative you can decided how you want to start the encounter. Round One 14 Dirge (unharmed, 1 HP) 11 Pirates (several)
  15. GM Unknown Location For each of the four paragons, the transportation from where they were was instantaneous. One moment they were no longer where they had just been, but instead found themselves each standing on a large rock floating in the air, like floating rock islands. There were more than a dozen of these floating rock islands, but each of the four paragons could see the others from where they currently were located. Beyond the rock islands there was a fuzzy grey mist that extended in all directions, like a massive sphere well over a mile in diameter. In addition to being transported from wherever they had been, those that had been in other clothing found themselves also in their costumes. Before any of the four could do much more than take in their sudden new surroundings than a large imaged appeared in the air above them all. The figure was dressed in a yellow hooded robe, a bright golden mask covering its fact. "Welcome mighty heroes, I am the Gamemaster. I have gathered you here for a grand contest." A voice boomed from the figure. "For eons I have held contests and games across the cosmos and have seen many great contestants. One of the greatest of those was the man known to many of you as Centurion. It was a tragic day when he sacrificed himself to save his adopted world. Powerful, noble and possessing a steely determination, he was seemingly without equal." "Searching this galaxy, I have identified the four of you as being of potentially equal caliber. So, I have gathered you four here for a battle to determine which of you is the most worthy of being the next Centurion!"
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