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  1. Multi-Girl Bernadette returned Vik's smile with one of her own. "Busy." She replied to the other’s question. "As if finishin' up the term an’ getting’ ready ta graduate wasn’'enough, you know how busy Charlie has been keepin' us," the redhead glanced over towards her boyfriend a moment before looking back at Vik with a small grin, "an' if all that wasn' enough, things have really started movin' fer the band." The Irish teen turned as Luke arrived and Murine made her way down from her room given the two a smile. "Well everyone is here, might as well start making ourselves comfortable an’ pick out a movie ta start with." She said as she took a seat on one of the couches, saving a spot for Charlie. She listened as Vik suggested Alien and Neko expressed approval. "Well, that is two votes fer Alien, anyone else?"
  2. GM Neko and Owain disappeared as they started to move away from the center of the battle. The skeletal giant swung its arm through the air, swatting four of the Omegadrones away, sending them flying backward to slam into a building across the street. Two smashed through windows and landed inside, the other two slammed into the wall before falling to the sidewalk. Bringing its arm down, it tried to smash the Annihilist on the ground nearby. Even though she was on the ground, the raven haired woman was able to roll away and avoid the attack. Carmen also dover aside, dodging the attack. Network sparked through the air, sending a bolt of lighting out that arced through two of the black armored Omegadrones. The first went ridged from the blast and was knocked off it feet, injured and dazed. The second was struck by the bolt, but withstood the electrical blast with minimal effect. Meanwhile the eight remaining Omegadrones in red armor swarmed around the skeletal giant, all flying in to stab at the giant. Working in two groups, they managed to land two powerful attacks on the giant. Meanwhile, in a quick motion, Archer kipped himself back up to his feet, pulling an arrow out of his quiver. Leving the arrow at the remaining black clad Omegadrone and fired the weaker armor at the neck. The arrow struck, causing the Omegadrone to stagger slightly backward. "You okay kid?" He asked to the nearby Daniel who was still dazed from being struck earlier.
  3. Okay, Network will send a blast of electricity at the two Elite Omegadrones still on their feet at the moment. Hitting with a 22. DC 25 toughness saves: 18, so bruised and dazed; the other gets a 27, so is fine. The eight remaining normal Omegadrones will all focus on the giant. They will attack in groups of four, combined attacking: First group: three hit, so DC 26 toughness save @Avenger Assembled Second group: also have three hit, so another DC 26 toughness save @Avenger Assembled Archer gets back to his feet and full power attacks as he shoots at the remaining elite Omegadrone that is not dazed: hitting with a 23; DC 25 toughness save: 21, so it picks up another bruise.
  4. Will say that catches four of the normal Omegadrones attacking the giant in the sweeping attack. They cannot make the toughness save, so go down. That unfortunately still misses Martinet, and luckily also misses La Puma, who was standing right next to her after attacking her.
  5. Okay, then he will open up his cosmic senses again and try to pin-point and study the time anomaly. He will use his Quickness 7 to take 20 on any Notice/Search check.
  6. Multi-Girl Spending Multi-Girl’s 16 PP and updating her to PL11 (and making some updates in the fluff): 3 PP to add 1 rank to Duplication (up to 11 ranks): Duplication 11 (PL 11 duplicate with 151PP/165PP; Extras: Heroic; Power Feats: Mental Link, Sacrifice) [35 PP] 2 PP to increase Dexterity by +2 1 PP to increase Strength by +2 (the extra PP will be taken by reducing her Strike by 1 PP (down to rank 2) Adding the following feats: 2 PP Attack Focus: Melee 2 PP Dodge Focus 1 PP Benefit: Wealth 1 PP Ultimate Save: Perform [Singing] Going to take 2 PP and combined it with the 3 PP in the Container and 1 PP from her Fort save to get +6 to Con (4 PP will be moved out of the container, the other 2 PP will stay in the container) Will take the last 2 PP, taking another PP from her Fort save to add Superstrength 1 (feat: subtle) to her Container
  7. @RocketLord Need the two toughness saves above and then it is Parker's turn.
  8. That will hit the elite Omegadrone that shot at Starshine. Unfortunately, it tanks the hit with a 29 on its toughness save.
  9. @Avenger Assembled Also AA, you might as well have Neko's giant act as well, as it is up next after Jotunn
  10. Multi-Girl Bernadette frowned slightly as Maestro suggested she retrieve the object he was looking for and bring it to him. "Well," the redheaded duplicator began, "while that at least stops you from destroyin' the place, I'm not about ta help you take an item you claim ta have ownership over. You will forgive me if I take that claim with some skepticism." "But unfortunately that doesn' really resolve the situation we find ourselves in." She then continued. "An' I would note, you're currently lackin' your backup band." The Irish teen gestured around the area where all of the punk band was no unconscious. "So, I would say yer odds have significantly worsened."
  11. Yes, that his, but....he just makes the save.
  12. GM As Vueriz continued to work on reconfiguring the Meson Driver to try to breech the barrier of the robed figure, the time shades it had summoned continued to move into action. A tall, thin reptilian humanoid rushed forward, moving rather quickly but not as fast as the insectoid had. As it drew close to Lawrence, it aimed an energy weapon at the teen. But the blast just went wide, as Lawrence just sidestepped with a faint ripple of temporal energy. Back over near the robed figure, two of the female time shades were next to act. The first was a beautiful woman that appeared human, though with green hair and lavender eyes. Those eyes fixed their gazed on Spaceman, as a blast of golden telekinetic energy rippled out, the powerful shock wave tearing up the grass between them before slamming into the teen. The other was a female humanoid with short white hair and dull black skin, pointed ears and glowing white eyes. A pair of black, hawklike wings spread out and quickly carried her into the air as she flew up over toward Spaceman. Stopping a couple dozen feet away, she extended her hands to unleash a powerful sonic shockwave at Spaceman. Once again, the powerful attack slammed hard into the blond teen…
  13. Okay, Varlis will run up and try to shoot Lawrence with a blaster, but misses. X'madi will try to hit Spaceman with a telekinetic blast, hitting with an 18. @RocketLord that is a DC 27 toughness save. Sai'x will fly into the air and attack Spaceman with a sonic blast, hitting with a 28! (a critical hit). @RocketLord that is a DC 33 toughness save for that attack! Then @Poncho it is Golden Star's turn!
  14. Velocity Megan glanced in the mirror to look back at Mattie as the teen talked about some of the things she wanted to do this trip. "We will see how much of that we can arrange for this trip." The blonde woman said. "There will be other opportunities once you are here for school as well." She added with a smile before focusing fully on the road once again. Their route had merged with a freeway as they started north. It was not long before they were crossing the Century Bridge over towards Kingston and North Bay. While the bridge was fairly busy, the slower traffic also affords a longer opportunity for Mattie to look out towards downtown freedom city, the massive Sentry Statute facing in her direction from the edge of the skyline. "Well…I am good with just getting a chance to know you better and take you to as many of the sites as we can." Lynn responded to Mattie's question, although she seemed a bit distracted by something, as well as a bit hesitant. After a few moments pause, the blonde teen continued. "Mattie….there is something you should know, something that was not something I could talk about on the phone or in email or texts." Lynn paused again, seeming as if she was trying to collect herself. "I…am not from this timeline."
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