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  1. Doctor Thorne She examined the message for a little while, allowing the other to speculate for a few moments. She didn’t even register the arrival of someone new so deep in thought she was, though luckily Liam was eventually able to draw him to there attention. “It seems that we’re being opposed by a sentient force, hopefully, it’s not the principle of writing itself, the Akasha gives me a headache! Normally I’d support splitting up but we have the problem of communicating over the distance, plus if it’s hiding we’ll need someone with extensive occult knowledge. And being modest I’m probably the most knowledgeable person in the city if not the entire state.” actually it was probably the whole west coast but she didn’t want to sound too boastful “Hello there I’m Doctor Thorne, I’m sure you’ll me Liam latter it’s complicated. Unless you have other business, in which case I’m afraid we’re closed, I’m happy to have you aboard.” she explained to Ronin
  2. The Scarab III Kamala paused for on a second to make sure the others had left before quickly pocketing one of the slithers of Daka crystal and destroying the rest. She felt a twinge of guilt at concealing the slither but everything she’d experienced told her that no one could really be trusted to hold onto any of the crystal. Beside her if she could she owned it to try and recover the man she’d watched disintegrated, and that would require further study. “The crystal became unstable and disintegrated, take him as well I believe it was because he’d been somehow bounded to the crystal. Unfortunately, all the crystal become unstable and disintegrated once the main crystal had gone.” she explained once she’d stepped out.
  3. The Traveller Before he could touch the walls Sitara gently grabbed his hand. “Let’s not wake the system up, just in case there are still defences active. The Lor share your capacity for quite nasty and inventive defences.” With a few simple manipulations on her wrist panel, she bought up a hologram of the ship's layout. “Luckily these ships tend to use the same layout, the bridge should be this way.” she gestured down one of the almost identical looking corridors “From there we should be able to shut down the defences and get a feel for what happened here.”
  4. White Lioness Àjàṣorò was far to far away to react everything, though her advanced sensed allowed her to watch everything in detail. But whilst she moved quickly by the time she arrived the situation was well in hand. She trusted John to treat Connie well, after admittedly underhanded methods on her part, so instead focused her attention on the woman who she was sure she recognised. “I think we should leave them to do their job right now.” she offered a hand to the woman “I’m Àjàṣorò a friend of Connie’s, I wouldn’t worry she’s much tougher than she looks.” Whilst she might not be as skilled as the rest of her family she was pretty good at putting others at ease, something she hoped she was doing now. Whilst trying to solve the mystery of what was happening here.
  5. Sorry my bad, I miss read him as having already arrivedl. Let's follow through though Willpower Save: 1d20+12 31. Well what were the odds!
  6. The Scarab III With what had just happened she was more than happy that she didn’t have to fight any of them. Instead, she was able to remain stoic as part of the Scarab persona. “In case there's any residual energies I strongly suggest that you all exit this building as quickly as possible, I have people out there that will be able to help you with any potential problems.” She was pretty sure that at least one person out there was interested in the people, rather than the once powerful Daka crystal which no part was safe to fall into anyone hands. Except maybe her own...
  7. Rosa's Notice: 1d20+15 35, I guess she really is hyperfocused!
  8. Doctor Thorne It was unusual that Rosa noticed anything when she was focused on solving a problem, maybe it took a godlin and a vampire to even slightly draw her attention. “There’s a flask of blood, just O I’m afraid, and a bottle of wine in the fridge. I use both for business purposes, all above board obviously.” She vaguely waved at the small fridge in the room, still really focused on the map. “The effect seems to be focused on Bedlam, but focused on several nodes of activity...”, she watched the pin’s moved with a mix of irritation and fascination “Do either of you by any chance had a connection to these locations? As one of you seems to have some influence on my map!”
  9. The Scarab III No, no, no, no! Realising what was happening Kamala tried her hardest to halt what was happening, despite everything he’d done she didn’t want to kill the man. Despite however the last minute adjustments, it was all in vain and he apparently evaporated. It might be that he was still somehow alive, these things worked in strange ways, but for now, it was little comfort. She’d wanted a little time to process what had happened, but his followers did give her the time. Standing up, and quickly setting her backpack to its default setting, before turning around to view them. “The Daka crystals are unstable if put under any kind of stress, I tried to stabilise his structure but I could manage the task.” it was more or less the truth “I suggest you drop the weapons before they begin to act similarly.” She didn’t need to worry to them because of her jammer, but she didn’t want to fight any longer then she needed. There had in her mind been enough fighting today.
  10. Dr Thorne It’d taken a little more time than normal, double checking her work to make sure the effect wasn’t skewing her results, but eventually Rosa had managed to get the desired effect. Standing back she examined the board musing out loud at another potential problem. “So it looks like we have several potential sources of this affliction, but how are we going to be able to check all these sites. We don’t have the resources to visit all these sites so rapidly, and i doubt we’ll get paid for this one.” Concentrating on the problem at hand she’d missed the subtle signs that her magical sense had been trying to tell her about other about to arrive at the building.
  11. Merge Trois Her natural instinct would be to make a witty retort and turn on her heel, and damn the circumstances, but she was still trying to grow as a person. She wasn’t perfect but she was getting better. “Ms. McDaniels has been informed of my previous behavior and me being here is to just to earn an honest wage. I’m not here to try and embezzle or con anything from anyone.” she sounded genuine in her intent “And I’m sorry if you feel that anything I’ve done was to you detriment, at the time I genuinely try to help.
  12. The Scarab III Working quickly Kamala took off the backpack that contained the power sources and generator for her force field, setting it down and began to adjust the setting. With another quick calculation she set the field to start just above the skin of the man, containing the energy within for the potential explosion. With a smaller area she reduced the field size to increase the strength of the bubble, hopeful enough to save them all. With no time to flee with a quick prayer she waited to see if her calculation were spot on or not.
  13. White Lioness Gather Information: 1d20+5 20
  14. Doctor Thorne Part of the skill as a magic wielder of any stripe was the ability to spot potential patterns, not that it was hard seeing how obvious thing bloody were. And two sets of eye, they tested thing quite thoroughly in the early days quickly ruled out some form of Aphasia. And a quick search of the internet and local news showed that this was something apparently tied to Bedlam. “I really hope this is isn’t some sort of Glossalinga, a glossograptós if you will!” Rosa mused to herself, there was no doubt that right now this was a magical problem needing all her skills and knowledge. Rather than anything complicate or magical she started with the basics, a large map of Bedlam and a pile of push pins. The first thing was to see if there was a pattern in all this madness.