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  1. GM Post The barkeeper smiled and was about to help out the stranger when disaster struck, two of the local hoodlums decided they were going to cause trouble. Wrap up similarly to the stranger no on actually knew what species they werebut they’d definitely been in some military or gang, having enough skill with a blaster that few would challenge them in the town. The took a place either side of the stranger towering over them by a good half meter. “Welcome to Fennic, lets talk about your citizen tax!” said the smartest of the two, and not by much...
  2. The Traveller With a smile Sitara tossed a couple of credits on the bar, she’d carefully gathered some issued by the smaller less established (but still tenable) interstellar powers. Lor credits would suggest either someone of means, a dupe or possibly both, besides it paid not to give away to much about where she’d travelled from. “Give me some spirit that's strong and decent, if I had the good money I wouldn’t be here!” as she spoke she pulled back her hood to show a Lor, in fact a human face with her hair recently cut relatively short “Do I have to have the drink first of beat the local thugs before we begin the delicate process of gathering the local gossip?”
  3. GM Post The Cantina’s owner, a Dotrae of indeterminate gender, looked up and the wrapped up newcomer. Like most trying to figure out if they had the smell of credits around them, though unlike most it was to try and figure out if the newcomer would start or cause trouble. Any fancy clothes they owned was covered by suitable wraps for the wind swept conditions, and all that stood out was a rather fancy staff that looked like it could be a weapon in the right hands. “What you’d have stranger? The first is on the house if you want the cheap stuff.” he Galstandard have a Khanic lilt.
  4. The Immutable Betsy Brooks “That’s still unusual they souls normally ready to move on or bloody furious to be dead, unless I guess it the could be the pure soul without the personality. A gros bon ange if you will.” As to the other question Betsy thought about it for a minute before adding. “Hmmm, maybe the sexy guy, he seems to be keyed into similar ideas, but not the crazy survival guy that would just be messy. The peppy plant girl seems solid but I’m not sure that this is the kind of thing she’s use to handling. Same goes for the speedster, and the robot is just a robot y’know?”
  5. Ms Bright Agnes took a breath to steady her nerves, her hand bunched into fist as she tried to calm down. Since she’d woken up all those months ago she’d felt anger, but she wasn’t sure why she’d was. It was an almost daily struggle to keep her calm. But at heart she wasn’t a vindictive woman, and despite probably deserving it she stopped at pummelling her into unconsciousness. “No I’m not because whilst I could be vindictive and finish you off I’m not going to, I’m showing you mercy right now and I hope you appreciate it.” She tried to smile reassuringly, probably only half successfully, and picked on something the woman had just said. “Why don’t you tell me who he is exactly?”
  6. Emerald Spider In her day job she’d visited many warehouse, and a few in her superhero job, and after a while they all seemed to look more or less the same. And that didn’t really help in this situation, when they needed to look for evidence. They couldn’t have long before he escaped or was discovered so they couldn’t spend much time searching the place. “Don’t suppose you have some kind of x-ray vision in that thing do you?” As she spoke she quickly scanned around just in case she’d missed anything important.
  7. The Traveller Things had been quiet and as was often the case Sitara had got the wanderlust again. She’d been feeling that desire to look into those parts of her past long lost and forgotten so borrowing a little ship, she would have felt guilty using a Praetorian ship, she set off for the edges of the Republic were there were rumors of ruins of the mArttik Avara, the race that made her who and what she was. So after a few days in jump space she’d landed on the windswept planet and made her way to the place she always went to find information, the local bar.
  8. Fennic Town, Temuera II, Lor Exlcusion Zone The planet Temuera sat on the edge of the Lor Republic, a blasted rock that was barely able to support life. It would probably have been of no interest to anyone but the Science core if it wasn’t for the deposits of Tepeyoite a glassy mineral with numerous uses in high tech equipment. Hence places like Fennic Town had popped up around the more generous veins of the mineral. With so many credits changing hands the worst scum of the Republic, and surrounding interstellar nations had congratulated to fleece the miners of the hard worn Tepeyoite. One place was Fennic’s best, or at least cheapest Cantina’s where someone arrived that wasn’t here for such things in the slightest.
  9. Peri's Reflex Save: 1d20+12 19, she has Evasion 2 so no harm.
  10. The Immutable Betsy Brooks Betsy might mess around when appropriate but this was something else so she quietly listened to Cheval’s admissions with suitable nods when needed. “There are things that can strip the soul from a body drain it just like a juice box, but they also tend to be a big deal. I’ve got some contacts in the supernatural community, and I suspect that they’d heard of a beast like that.” She thought for a few minutes before adding. “Looks like this bugger needs looking into, and as I’m not officially on the team I can have a poke around and see what I’ve found.”
  11. Emerald Spider Finally satisfied that she’d secured Metamind for now Emerald Spider decided to swap targets, swinging around a little to get the feel for the who or what she could reach. It was a little obvious as to who to attack next I mean who didn’t want to fight a dinosaur man, and besides they were the closest target. At the top of her swing she banished her quantum line and instead made the hand movements to release a series of quantum bolts towards her foe, before engaging her quantum line again. She’d done it so many time she didn’t appreciate the skill which it took. Or to a point, she must have misjudged things just a smidgen as the bolt went wide.
  12. Ms Bright Agnes was having fun, fighting like this was always satisfying and it helped that the opponent was a bit of a dick. “Bit weird that I’m complete trash but can kick your skinny white arse. Maybe when the bruises finally go down you’ll reconsider your whole stance on this, though I’m going to have to keep pummelling you right now on principle.” She lined up another punch, she was aware that it was a limited palette but it seemed to work so well in these kind of situations.
  13. Sorry about that, will get the baby AI to life soon. In the mean time if you want to post assume the machine is still compiling for a bit.
  14. Reflex Save Reflex Save: 1d20+7 16, scrapped by! And lets punch back Attack Roll: 1d20+7 14, lets use one of those HP finally Attack Roll: 1d20+7 16.
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