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  1. White Lioness "In fact it is currently more likely that my access may be revoked, hopefully only for a little while." with a smile she took off her Elizabeth badge and handed it along with the White Lions Freedom League pass over to Comrade frost "My father doesn't know that I borrowed his pass, and one of our transports, to get here. I'm sure I'll be suitably chastised when I return to Dakana!" the deception now dropped she sounded sincere in her statement. Sit sat patiently waiting for what would happen next, though despite her young age seemed remarkable in control.
  2. Lucy Harker "Erica has been working for me for a couple of years, came to help out as a student and has stayed on since. She's a really good lawyer as well, despite working with someone so out of date." she grinned for a moment before becoming a little more serious "She's had some good offers from really reputable firms, like really ethical ones. Erica's nice to have around but I don't want to hold her back, and even with my own money, I can't pay her what she deserves." the smile came back, Lucy never really struggled to stay positive "I guess I can say that they grow up so fast!"
  3. Since the foundation of Dakana there has always been a protector of the people, the White Lion(ess). Until recently those who bore the mantle also ruled the kingdom completely and whilst those who take up the mantle become King or Queen, they are now just one voice among those who rule Dakana. When the current White Lion(ess) gives up the mantle, either voluntarily or through death, there is a competition open to all that are of the White Lion clan, by blood or marriage. After undergoing tests of strength, wisdom, courage and intelligence one is chosen to undergo the secret ritual to become the White Lion(ess). Empowered by the spirit of the White Lion receiving the strength, speed, senses, and courage. Whilst any of the spirit animals of any of the families could also perform the ritual it has happened rarely and it understood as a burden that the White Lion(ess) should bare alone. There have been many women and men that have taken up the mantle to defend their nation, but whilst their names are recorded and well know among the White Lion Clan there are not known to the rest of the world. Since the 1930's the White Lion(ess) and Dakana as a whole has become more known to the world at large. Those that have been known to have taken up the mantle are: Assatu: When the Nazi's tried to penetrate the borders of Dakana back in the 1930's and 40's to learn the secrets of Daka crystals it was the White Lioness that fought off their invasions. She was often aided by several Allied heroes, including Ace Danger, and these encounters sparked an interest in the outside world that she spread to her children. She lived a long and fruitful life and some tell tales that she still lives preserved by the Daka crystal that she guarded faithfully. M'Zale: The first White Lion to travel abroad to help the world at large. In the 1960's he joined the silver age Freedom League to keep Daka crystal safe from those who wished to misuse them. He died not long after his son took on the mantle. M'Balla: Educated in the finest schools around the world he was the first to experience the wider world before becoming the White Lion. He also served with the Freedom League for the early part of the millennium, eventually giving up the mantle to help usher his nation into the 21st century. Àjàṣorò: The sixteen-year-old daughter of M'Balla who has only recently become the White Lioness. She is going to attend Claremont Academy in Freedom City, and already know a lot about the wider world than many of her predecessors.
  4. Zhenshchina-voin Klara thought for a few moments before glancing up at the roof of the warehouse, an idea of a plan forming as she did. "How about be do this as a classic distraction? I can get up onto the roof and find a skylight or something to peek in as the two of you run the distraction." she sighed a little before adding "I guess no one thought to bring comms of any kind, and Mr Murk isn't exactly one for cutting-edge technology. We'll just have to wing it like we did back in the old days!" She managed a weak smile not looking forward to the prospect when dealing with someone as savvy as Doctor Zui.
  5. White Lioness Àjàṣorò smiled her little deception finally revealed, though she was kicking herself at how it happened with a simple slip of the tongue. Though talk of her Grandfather made her feel sadder than expected <"Grandfather M'Zale is with our ancestors, I never had the chance to know him. I only know him from his journal and talks with my father, which is part of the reason for this deception."> she paused before adding, now in a rich Dakani accent "It would be unfair to continue our conversation without Comrade Frost ."
  6. "The League has quite a few services it can offer for your family, they have decades of experience with such things. I believe there Christmas parties are always something amazing." She paused for a few moments to allow things to settle down before with a touch of trepidation added moving on the conversation to the next item that of this appraisal. "We also have to deal with what you did before you became a hero. The League has extensive records on such things, including your original contact with my gra.. the original White Lion."
  7. The Scarab III It was probably lucky that her goggles hid her raised eyebrow at the sudden arrival of Thoughspeed, it was lucky that her first thought was to see who it was rather than just blast them with her sonic blasts, though she did arm the device with an almost imperceivable whine just in case. And to be fair he was much nicer than some of the idiots she'd have to deal with in the past, and it was important to make contacts among her fellow heroes. "Pleased to meet you I'm The Scarab." she offered her gloved hand her forearm clad in a beautiful Egyptian vambrace, the one that wasn't a sonic projector "I assume this is all rather mundane to someone of your experience." she was always after new intel and flattery was always a good way to gather such things.
  8. Emerald Spider Emerald Spider had been pacing out the room, on the ceiling so not to get in anyone else's way, the engineer in her trying to work out the architecture of the room. She knew magic had laws of it one and whilst she'd never studied the mystical arts she suspected that it used the similar quantum weirdness that made her own powers work. "It's not high on my to-do list it's true, let's go for the get out of this room one instead!” She tended to make wisecracks when nervous or frustrated, which summed up this situation perfectly.
  9. The Scarab III The suit of cause had a voice changer, it was one of the most basic functions fitted to the suit, and she'd spent several hours tuning the voice so it sounded both pleasant and menacing as needed. She strolled toward the group with as much confidence as she could muster, very aware that despite the lifts in her boots she was still much shorter than most of the robbers. Hopefully, her yellow goggles gave her an advantage in such an attempt "Let's start with the basics, why are you here and who are you working for?"
  10. Zhenshchina-voin Hong Kong was a strange place a mix of East and West that reminded Klara of her own origins, and how she'd thrown herself into a world she didn't understand. All she had to go on was the many and extensive Ministry briefings that she'd read during her time working there. "If they're working with the local Snakeheads we could be in for a bit of a fight, there vicious buggers and they're bound to have local meta help." she looked at their various choices before adding "If we just charge in and try to strongarm them they're bound to hold us off whilst who we want sneaks away, I suggest we try something a little more delicate in nature."
  11. There was a brief pause as Elizabeth apparently gathered her thoughts, looking a little sad at his confessions, before finally speaking again. "One advantage of the League is that it has quite a solid support system, as it consists of many very different people including a shapeshifting brainsucker from space..." her tone suggested she wasn't keen on the term at all "I also believe that there's some sort of support group for those of a similar condition, maybe Mr Frost can provide more information about that?"
  12. Having determined that everything was okay Elizabeth adjusted her glasses and took up her stylus before getting down to the business of vetting Black Mamba. "According to our records you've been active for at least thirty years." her tone was very much suggesting what kind of activity that was, though apparently, that was a question for later. "Whilst there are a few who aren't affected by the flow of time..." she looked over at Comrade Frost "... the rest of us feel those years, well need to make sure your physically fit to keep up with the rigours of being a super. Unless of cause you've had the mantle passed on by someone else."
  13. Zhenshchina-voin "It's safe to assume that Zui will quickly know that we've arrived." she looked at the others before adding "And that would have happened however we had chosen to arrive." it hadn't been there best arrival, but it could have gone much, much worse. "We really need to get the drop on him, if we even can that is, so we need all the help that we can. The guy always think ten step ahead so lets if we can go for an option that he couldn't imagine." She had never met Dr Zui but had read everything she could over the years, one of the advantages of working for the Ministry was a very extensive library on such threats.
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