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  1. Miss Grue I’m on it, just be careful please. As Casey she stood on the edge of the stage and spread her arms out wide as she spoke to the audience. “A big round of applause for Miracle Girl for agreeing to appear at our little gathering!” The crowd obvious appreciated the appearance and there was a round of applause from the crowd that lasted for a good minute, until Daphne again calmed the crowd. “But now on with the show!” With an almost perfect turn she strolled off of the stage to allow the other to resume the fashion show.
  2. GM Post The disguised Grue put up her hands and carefully raised herself from the chair, she was obviously not looking for trouble right now. “I don’t want any trouble Miracle Girl, I’ll follow you outside if you wish.” The disguised alien then started to make her way towards the exit of the area, waiting for a few seconds to see if the superhero would follow here. As this happened the general chat spiraled around them, this would definitely be the most talked about event for several days at least.
  3. Triakosia Sitting a short distance away Dancia watched as Casey took the direct approach, she’d picked this group as they were a little mostly harmless. She couldn’t quite buy into their beliefs, but she admired there dedication. She kept an ear on the conversation as she listened to the general hustle and bustle of the city, nothing major was going right now and besides there were enough heroes about to deal with most problems today. Maybe it was a good chance to work through a few things as well, it wasn’t like she could go to shrink about how complicated her, most heroes really, lives could get.
  4. GM Post The little group were a little surprised at Casey’s arrival and went into a huddle for a few seconds as they discussed things among themselves. After a few moments they’d obviously come to a discussion and one of there numbers stepped forward. The young South-Asian woman, barely younger than Casey herself, smiled as she put down the hood they’d all been wearing. “Hi there, I’m Vijaya Joshi. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!”
  5. The Traveller Sitara had never really liked the more rigid hierarchy that the Lor always seemed to add to gatherings like this, so whilst she could have stood nearer the top of the pile, she was the Praetorian representative after all, she’d chosen to stay down the bottom. In her jumpsuit she looked just like an average Lor naval technician, an image she was more than happy to foster. Of cause she nodded politely when her name was mentioned she did know when to be diplomatic after all. “The head is the second on the right, best avoid the methane breathers one though.” she whispered into Leroy’s ear in perfect English “Peace is always something to celebrate Ambassador.”
  6. The Traveller In her travels she had encountered many creatures and it took her a few moments to recall the Earth creature, not on she’d ever encountered but she’d seen similar on many worlds. She racked her brain for a few moments for a good analogue from her time back home. “More like a spider, they feel the vibrations of the ship entering subspace like a web. Luckily we’re indigestible to them, but we still want to get the Lor out of their nest.” They were close now according to her holomap, so soon they’d see what they faced.
  7. The Traveller Sitara chuckled, she wasn't that disappointed with missing the fight today had been one of discoveries. She wanted a chance to get 7’s back to her own workshop to see how they worked, and to catch up on what they’d found it must have seen some sights in its time. “Then I’m on my way! Ships already locked down against trouble anyway!” With a quick one last check she stepped into the ship's airlock to go and join the rest of the Praetorian's, with the suits flight it wouldn’t take her long at all.
  8. Ms Bright Agnes wasn’t intimidated by, anything really, and flew down to stand right in front of the strange man. He might be a good foot taller than her but that didn’t make a difference as she stared defiantly into his face. “I thought I’d start with the basics, I’m Ms Bright and I’m the protectors of these people here.” She glared at the man and bunched her fist ready if trouble started, in fact part of her wanted a chance to cut loose a little. “So I’ll give you one chance to tell me why you’ve been hanging around here, before we resort to the hard way!”
  9. Emerald Spider Without giving them much time to react Emerald Spider went straight into action. She rolled and twisted until she was facing the foe coming up in a crouched, with her hands she made the complicated hand movements that released two streams of tangled superstrings. The two streams of superstrings would when they hit would entangle around them, quantum entanglement she thought with a smile, hopefully holding him immobile whilst they planned their next move. “I’m not usually on for casual pickups, but for now I do hope you stick around!”
  10. Emerald Spider will try and snare them with her quantum fillaments Snare: 1d20+8 26, that's a DC 19 Reflex save.
  11. Doctor Rosa Thorne Magic was never quite the same from moment to moment but you got use to the ebbs and flows of magic around you. This time it was that strange feeling you get when someone was staring at you from behind, only a thousand times more powerful. She lent in to whisper into the ear of Judex. “Someone is watching us from somewhere else. This is something that takes a little more skill than common gangsters and thugs.” As dangerous as it might make things it also more than much more interesting.
  12. Emerald Spider It was almost impossible to describe the feeling, it was like a sense that something around her was fundamentally wrong or like something was plucking on the local super-string filaments producing a tune only for her brain. The one thing she did understand was that danger was approaching them from behind. “Don’t react yet but there someone coming up behind us and they mean us harm, move when I move!” As subtly as she could Peri glanced over her shoulder ready to react to the assailant behind them.
  13. Would her danger sense help her out in these circumstances?
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