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  1. The Scarab III Beneath the hood Kamala frowned she should have expected trouble, everything had been going pretty smooth so far. Still, she was the type that always looked for an option when things went south. "In that case Doctor I need them to distract them for as long as you can, it's something that you seem intimately skilled at. Whilst you do I'll try an alternative entry into the warehouse." The one good thing about these robes was that she'd been able to hide her entire suit under it, with the antigrav unit it should be easy to get on top of the warehouse to be able to look about getting into the warehouse. She assumed that even here most warehouses had skylights that were a superheroes boon.
  2. The Traveller "It has been a whilst since I played twenty questions, but I guess now's as good time as any to start. My name is, as you know, Sitara Shashikala and I was born oh about five thousand years ago in a place I believe you now know as the Indus Valley. I was around sixteen when the aliens came to recruit people to help in there struggle against another more violent culture." Sitara gave a little laugh as she sipped her alcoholic drink. "It's not as impressive as it sounds, I napped a few centuries along the way I'm only about 3,500 active years though it's difficult to keep track sometimes. So what about you, I'm sure you have a just as fascinating story to tell?"
  3. Nicki Dee In a special room in the bar sat surrounding by screens was the brains behind the entire operation directing the various Merges as they went about their business. The screens were just for effect as Nicki was in mental contact with all of her duplicates, well except for her laptop that she used to look up the names, though some people she didn't need to look up. Merge Trois One of the Merge's opened the door to the yellow cab only to look at Anne with a brief look of surprise. "Ms. Cline it's an honor to meet you, and your lovely companion. I used to follow your career with some interest before going straight! Tonight everyone is welcome to our little event." she gestured out of the car into the nightclub.
  4. Sister Blisters Grapple Roll: 1d20+12 27, she has a heat aura so you'll need a Toughness save. Only DC 20 because of you immunity. She's pinned but we might as well do initiatives! Initiative: 1d20+4 5
  5. GM Post As Mag-Might got closer to the villains he could feel waves of heat coming off of the body, like the place itself it seemed she was burning up! She didn't rely on that alone however and at the last moment, she tried to move away from the Sub-Terran, a last-minute move that almost but not quite succeeded in dodging the embrace. "This is only a temporary setback, I suggest you let me go before the trouble really starts." there was a real burning anger in her voice, that somehow sounded so young. As she spoke flames began to lick around her body, rapidly gaining in intensity.
  6. The Scarab III Coming back to Egypt was always a weird experience, despite living all her life in Freedom City it still felt like somewhere she'd lived all her life. Several lifetimes it seemed sometimes, a legacy of the vambrace she figured. Not trusting the doctor with her identity, especially as he'd been prepared to sell the crystal, she'd chosen to wear the Niqāb. "I know the city well Doctor, I still have family here. Though they live more to the south of Cairo." cutting off any more questions about who she might be she added, "The Scarab, after all, is an ancient Egyptian symbol!" He was an irritation, but for now, he was useful to her so she tried to ignore most of his irritating chatter. "Let me worry about that, let's go see how things are now. Lead on Doctor."
  7. Triakosia "You'd think it'd be so much easier with powers, but it just seems to make things more complicated!" Dancia gave a smile "She's spending a day with a friend, speaking of you better go get your stuff." "Yes mom. Nice you meet you Ms Casey." Katie rushed off at super speed "I'm just glad she knows not to use her powers in public! It helps I think that she has the same power set as myself, no flying yet thankfully. Talking of give me a sec." In a flash, she was back with a cup of steaming coffee. "We've got enough time if you want one?" she gestured to the coffee "We're starting you off with a fluff piece for the website, I'll fill you in once we get there and then you can call the shots. If the story good you can even get the byline!"
  8. The Scarab III "I am carrying a multi-frequency sonic device, a powerful antigravity generator powered by a highly advanced power source and monitored with by a cutting-edge artificial intelligence. These are not something that you buy off the shelf!" her tone was mostly matter of fact with an edge of frustration at his attempted shakedown "And Daka crystal have a unique energy signature, damage or not, I can have a repurposed satellite scanning for that before the police even start interviewing you!" she paused to let that sink in before adding "I suggest you take the deal as is, before I let the FCPD deal with this matter."
  9. GM Post The nearby city was like any modern metropolis, complete with flying cars, but everything scaled to the aliens diminutive height. Luckily the bar they'd be recommended had an outside area where the two humans could sit and enjoy and talk and a drink. The natives gave them a few glances on their way pass but they gave them some respectful privacy. The local drink was a fermented apple-like concoction that was pleasant and pretty light, the little aliens probably couldn't hold their alcohol like Sitara. Though to be fair few could. "So you must have a million questions right now, so where do you want to start?"
  10. Zhenshchina-voin Klara frowned a little, she'd wished that they'd be more time before speaking of such heavy matters. It seemed sometimes that all immortals had was the time to talk about such things. "If it was possible I wish that all could enjoy immortality, I have a personal stake in such things. But alas the world is not yet ready for such things, there is too much in the world that needs to be put right. I assure you that the world is much better than it was, but there is still more to be done before it is ready." This might be it and she was prepared for when the two acted, they wouldn't let this debate go on for much longer. "Immortality is a precious gift and it should not be decided based on greed or power, which alas is how these two wish to do such things."
  11. The Scarab III Kamala considered her options, aware that there was a chance that the police could be here at any moment. She had to consider what would happen if someone else got their hand on the crystal. "Appart from picking some very questionable friends you've not done anything truly wrong." With a few gestures, she bought up a hologram of a three-dimensional map of that region of Egypt, something she'd created when she was younger. "Give me the coordinate of this crystal and not only I'll let you leave tonight if the information is good I'll arrange for suitable compensation." Greed was something that she could deal with, even if it was something she was opposed to on so many levels.
  12. Hopefully Klara's natural charm will make up for things a little bit! For when needed Iniative: 1d20+11 12
  13. Zhenshchina-voin "The choice is, of course, yours, but I must make you aware that you could choose a poison chalice. This man has done terrible things in the name of power and profit." Klara was well aware that herself and Dimitri hands weren't exactly clean but what they'd done was to protect their homes from aggressors, mostly during wartime. "If you truly desire to live forever I know a place where they can gift you such a thing without any cost to you or others." She desperately wanted to ask her to take her wife with her, but that was a conversation for another time.
  14. Zhenshchina-voin The Duke infuriated her in ways Klara couldn't quite explain, but for now, she held her peace as the villans helpfully explained there plot. With the woman now revealed she felt it was time to try moving things to there advantage. <"Unlike the Duke it is obvious you are no fool Doctor Sin!"> her Mandarin was near flawless <"You know how much trouble you've had with family, I've had the pleasure to meet your daughter in London. And we know no one commands you, not even yourself, all it would bring it trouble and strife."> It wasn't the only things she felt the need to say, adding to everyone. "If she is immortal then she should be allowed to decide if she wishes to join the Codus. If she's happy to help you both, then well we'll just leave you alone to carry out you science!"
  15. The Scarab III It would have been very easy to explain it excruciating details how her sonic device function, she was an engineer at heart a proud of her achievements. But she knew that it wouldn't help in the image she was trying to project, and an image was very important to a superhero. "And your first instinct was to come here, Doctor? With such a potentially dangerous item?” From what she'd read on the subject a normal Daka crystal was potentially catastrophic if not handled correctly, what harm could a corrupted one do? "You better start telling me what you know Doctor, it won't be long before the authorities arrive..."