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  1. Doctor Thorne Someone very much aware of personal sacrifice was out of her depth as she passed through security and into the estate, today’s sacrifice was a dress that cost more than they’d earned in there time as detectives and would have to go back tomorrow before the bank very rudely told the shop how much she couldn’t afford the thing. This is more your thing, I really wish I didn’t have to play this part, Rosa complained to her partner Not my fault I was disowned by my family, just follow my lead and you’ll do fine, replied Liam on floating consciousness duty tonight. Rosa would rather have spent the night doing anything else, even the dread paperwork, but she’d discovered something that might explain the Pennington’s success, a pretty nasty occult trick that she wanted to shut down sooner rather than later.
  2. The Pennington Estate, Stone Ridge, Bedlam Friday 10th April 2020, around 8 pm If you ever wanted to see a display of overindulgence and money in one place than the Good Friday parties thrown by Dahlia Pennington. Despite any claims to the contrary the party was an excuse for all the high society to get together and get drunk whilst showing off there ostentatious displays of wealth, and for the luck few there were after party activities that would make the most jaded socialite blush, along with some rumored much darker activities. For continued success it was said you always had to give up something, and whilst the Pennington’s were prepared to sacrifice to do so it wasn’t them taking all the risks…
  3. Madame Raven Callie watched her motorcycle hover gracefully in the air, the way that they generally didn’t tend to do, she’d seen some powers in the last few week’s but it was still impressive close too. “If you could be careful that bike was quite expensive…” she said mostly to herself as the conversation had moved on. And whilst she’d been catching up with popular culture it was surprising how much had been added in the last thirty odd years. “I might seem like I’m stuck a good few decades in the past, but right now I have no idea what any of you are talking about. Apart from the powers stuff, which is ironic as I don’t have any!”
  4. Zhenshchina-voin Thought the method might be suspect the beasts seemed calm enough so she continued to fuss the shadow dog until asked her question by Leroy. She turned but stayed on her knee’s, many being intimidated by her heigh, a gave a little chuckle at the question. “I do not recommend how I entered the World of Man, for I entered in a time of war. It helped that I spent time among the soldier in the field, those that believed in what they were fighting for. If I only knew what the leaders were really like when I met them the one time. They sent me to the border to protect the Night Witches, not real witches but all female pilots, there I found women who lived the life I’d had back home. Found love for the first time since I’d left home.” She shrugged and smiled at the teen. “Give me a chance and I will tell you long tales of joy and woe! I did it by living the life I wished, maybe giving a little here and there but not often or many. Is that what you wish to hear? Or does it only raises more questions?”
  5. Emerald Spider Finally having a look at all the new people that had slipped in Emerald Spider though to give them all a friendly wave, she’d never seen this place so packed really. “We do this we do this on the level, no stealing or con jobs. Besides the suits will be massed produced I can probably jam it with a simple inversion wave or even a jamming field for there telemetry they’ll most likely be using a singular frequency.” she smiled and gestured to her SPDR Rig “What you don’t just think I found this in the trash do you?” On the second part she had a though, though she was sure not everyone would like it. “If we needed backing there’s always ArcheTech, it a corporation yes but they’re not based in Emerald City proper and is run by a Superhero. They’re as clean as a corporation can be, even if they’re not from the real Emerald City.” she had nothing against North Emerald City, it was a very long friendly rivalry between the two parts.
  6. Madame Raven Callie had to think herself, it had been a while eve for her and a lot had happened in the intervening years. But she had a method of recalling information, apparently they called it a mind palace now, and she remembered the exact event. “It was a Simon, that game that you had to press the colored lights in order. And I took it apart to try and work out how it worked and maybe pre-program a sequence, didn’t work to well after that I’ve never been good at the electronics part!” she gave a little smile before adding “It was also a story in a tell all book from last year… sorry 1988 called the Fall of Summer, but an old servant of ours called Alf somebody or other. Pretty sure you can get a copy even in this far future of 2020.”
  7. Emerald Spider 10 posts = 2PP Calling All Heroes (4) Emerald Consequences (4) Monster of the Week (2) Madame Raven 6 posts + 4 posts (rollover) = 10 posts = 2PP Meanwhile at the stately Summers manor... (3) Fledgelings in the Fold (3) Ms Bright 2 posts = 1PP A Different Kind of Justice (2) The Immutable Betsy Brooks 2 posts = 1PP Transylvanian Mix Tape (2) The Traveller 1 post = 1PP + 2PP (Guide) = 3PP For a fistful of Tepeyoite (1) Valkyrja 6 posts + 4 posts = 10 posts = 2PP Föðursystir Sanngriðr (4) Not all Fun and Games (2) White Lioness 6 posts + 4 posts = 10 posts = 2PP Again (1) New to Freedom (3) The Lioness of Dakana (2) Zhenshchina-voin 10 post = 2PP Future Shock (4) Little Monsters (1) Phone a Friend (5) GMing posts (1 x 2 = 2) Transylvanian Mix Tape (1) Miss Grue 3 post [Maxed] #ReleaseTheRavenCut (3) Revenant 6 post [Maxed] Century for a Dame (6) Triakosia 1 post [Maxed] The Hunter (1) Beginners Guide to the Cities of FCPBP
  8. Emerald Spider Swinging over the scene Peri had a good feel for how things were turning out, so far it was looking good, but things could change at any minute. So having done enough to slow some of the others down she now focused on taking a few of them down. Stopping briefly on a light post she made the right fingers movements to send a quick series of quantum balls towards the thugs, with enough kinetic energy to make there day very difficult. Then she took back off swinging around, hopefully making her a more difficult target.
  9. Emerald Spider will goon sweep those guys in front of her, keeping moving as she does. DC 25 Toughness.
  10. Emerald Spider Peri quickly looked around seeing she had the option for more barriers but it meant more travel time, and a risk there villain could get out. Still the tactic appeared to be working so it was worth the risk if they subdued them. And besides if it didn’t she’d still have something to hit them with. “I’m going to get another container, if they do get out don’t take any risks, I’ll be right back!” With that she dashed across the warehouse to grab another container, here’s hoping there luck would last.
  11. Emerald Spider “No, no you really don’t get it. Networking and such is a really good thing, but to make a splash we need to be a symbols to people.” she waved her chopsticks around for emphasis “As a team working together we can counter whatever Mars and his ilk can throw at us, but we’ve got to be organised and all on track.” she though about something she’d read a few days ago in some magazine or other. “Some places are doing the whole civil defenders thing, we could do something similar. Those that want to act as the public front, but we look after each other either way.”
  12. Madame Raven Callie wasn’t concerned about not being recognised but one thing Alek’s said unnerved her to the point of outburst. “Dad’s here! I’d thought he’d be at the Penthouse downtown, do we still own the place because that could have been em brassing!” Most thing she could deal with, even an old decrepit her, but her own father having aged that much, it was something she was trying to avoid for as long as she could. She breathed out heavily to calm herself and deal with the problem at hand. “Your not going to believe me so what the heck! I’m Calliope Summers from 1989, I was kidnapped by some crazy lady and found myself in 2020. And apparently even then it wasn't going to be the most momentous of sixteenth birthdays for me!”
  13. Madame Raven People arrived and the mud people went away, it was very strange and not like she’d expect from this old place. “If I can just ask, is this the normal here? Or is this a quiet day?” she smiled at what she’d guess was the grounds keeper, she couldn’t be sure if he was same as when it St Thomas’s. She stepped off of her bike and hung her helmet on the handlebars before joining the others. “I’m Callie Sen, and you could say a bit of both! I’m join the school in the fall and the headmistress strongly suggested that I attend.”
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