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  1. If you need someone to make up the numbers I'll throw in someone, Triakosia is probably the most suitable but whoever works best for you.
  2. Merge Trois Merge listened to the plots and plan being made as she though about herself, well not Merge but Nicki who might be the smartest person in the room right now. Besides even Merge knew a frontal assault was a pretty risky, best to be a little on the sneaky side. “If I could suggest something?” she didn’t pause to check anyway just ploughing on “Why don’t some of use more squishy ones get dropped off some distance and try and sneak out way in. Y’know whilst the tough ones create a distraction out front.”
  3. Miss Grue Watching the Deep One interacts made her think of one those show about primitive humans, normally with a title about the culture they were from. Though at least she could more or less understand, and appreciate the drama of the whole thing. Though as interesting it would be to watch it all play out like the ultimate interactive play they had people to help rescue right now. “So how do you want to play this? Should be do a stealth mission or try and shapeshift and bluff out way in?” She knew Wraith had more experience than her in these kind of circumstances, maybe she should have gone to superhero school rather than current studies in film and media.
  4. Emerald Spider With her sense of the impending danger Peri was quick to react jumping up onto a nearby support as she looked around for the villain, quickly spotting the quite obvious bone armored man. Her first instinct was to make sure the teens got away safely and to do that she needed to make sure he couldn’t chase her down. So she with another leap she twisted in the air and with a series of hand movement fired off a series of quantum filaments to bind his feet to the floor of the warehouse. “Quickly get out of here and get help, we’ll hold him off for as long as possible.”
  5. Ms Bright Agnes just wanted to punch all there smug face right here and now, but she knew that for now she needed to show a little cunning. Besides she was sure they’d be time for punching later. She stood patiently for a few moment as the preacher finished his prayers, calmly looking for potential ways she could quickly escape when necessary. When the priest was finished she threw herself to her knees and raised up her hand in supplication. “Please oh father show me your way.” It was a might over dramatic, but she figured it was something he’d really appreciate.
  6. Emerald Spider will start by trying to snare him Attack Roll (Snare): 1d20+10 28, DC 19 Ref save for him!
  7. Seem like a good number to me, I'm not mad enough for the full seven! Thread is here For a fistful of Tepeyoite
  8. Fennic Town, Temuera II, Lor Exlcusion Zone, The planet Temuera sat on the edge of the Lor Republic, a blasted rock that was barely able to support life. It would probably have been of no interest to anyone but the Science core if it wasn’t for the deposits of Tepeyoite a glassy mineral with numerous uses in high tech equipment. Hence places like Fennic Town had popped up around the more generous veins of the mineral. Beneath the blasted surface of the planet however there was secrets long buried bought to light but the miners that didn’t know what they had discovered. Other did however and raiders had arrived to try and claim these sites, and the precious minerals, to try and profit with those that would purchase such things. The raiders needed to be stopped so through all the subtle channels a call had gone out for heroes, as rough and ready as needed, to help defend the people of this nowhere planet.
  9. Look's like you have the numbers but if not Betsy looks great in scuba gear!
  10. Emerald Spider “Awww, I wanted to beat the dinosaur.” Not that she was really bothered, keeping herself moving on her quantum filaments. As she did Peri quickly scanned, the thankfully dwindling, the foes. Of the two Sunburn seemed the most useful to take down right now, so she swung around and fired off a round of Spdr Blasts towards the foe. “Oh well I’ve lost the dinosaur, but we’ll always have the sun!” Luckily being quantum filaments they were, more of less, fire proof which should make it helpful if needed to restrain them later.
  11. Miss Grue Whilst that wasn’t her own culture, and programs on Deep Ones were pretty rare, it wasn’t difficult to figure out how this all worked. It was High School cliches just with more gills and marginally more blood and guts. “I don’t recall seeing him in the Leagues files but I’m guessing he’s not exactly the hug everything out kind of person!” It didn’t really matter if he was hurting people, and that always included everyone including Deep Ones, then she wanted to do her best to protect them. “So it’s your call how do you want us to handle this Aquaria?”
  12. Emerald Spider will try and strike Sunburn with her webs Attack ROll: 1d20+10 17
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