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  1. Ms Grue Daphne was busy bustling about at her day job, it was only as a runner for a TV studio but she was at least involved in making the stuff she loved. She didn’t need the money but it was nice to spend time among humans and there surface thoughts, good and bad, were a nice wallpaper for her day. So it was a little weird to get a sense of Déjà entendu as she was going about her tasks. She reached out to Mother Unit, sitting in a slight huff (as normal) in her locker, and made her direct a quick text to Casey Weird question I know but were you thinking of me just now? If so
  2. Ms Bright Agnes bent down to pick up the packet, still be careful to keeping her eyes on the other villains. She didn’t do more than give it a quick glance, she could worry about what it was in a moment. “Its obvious that he’s holding something back from you, if not flat out lying to you right now!” she couldn’t help but give a bit of a sly smile “We don’t need to keep fighting and this man owes you an explanation as much me.” It might now work, but she might as well try for the peaceful option.
  3. Madame Raven “Thanks, I know the older me retired a while ago but its a really good fit. Respect to me but she’s been keeping herself in good shape.” she ran her arm don one side to illustrate the point “A few ideas that even I wouldn’t have thought of, though I guess I know about them now. Time travel antics get weird pretty quickly y’know?” She’d already been thinking about what to do about the costume, even before they discussed it she doubted that she’d bee allowed to keep the costume. “I’m getting together a few bits a pieces to make myself a new c
  4. Madame Raven Callie noticed that something had happened more or less at the point it had all blown over, it was always a little paranoid to assume it was about yourself but Calliopes body language screamed that something was definitely up. Though as she caught her younger selves gaze she managed a warm smile, Obviously for now the issue was settled. “Cookies seems like a good idea right now, Winnie is all kind of amazing but cooking is not one of her talents. Though she’s been trying, oh how she’s been trying!”
  5. Madame Raven Callie gave a cheeky grin, obviously having given this a lot of thought, or maybe not. “I have no idea, I’m making this all up as we go along.” she gestured around “She is me after all so anything I can think off so can she. So massively improvising. That doesn’t include like music though, I think our tastes diverged thirty odd years ago. So I trust you all to pick something suitable.” She looked at the costume wondering when she should open the final lock, if she needed to anyway there was a chance that Calliope was already on her way here, she might
  6. Maggie Què “Yeah one of the Boroughs of New York, one of the less prosperos ones as well. I wasn’t lucky to have some of the advantages it seems many of those on this floor.” despite her efforts to behave a touch of bitterness had snuck into her voice, she quickly recovered though and was all smile and charm again “But sure go say hi and I’ll get these to your room, I have you room details here.” she gestured to the tablet tucked under her arm. “Don’t worry I’ll make sure everything will stay exactly where it should be.” She wasn’t sure if the rumors about her past
  7. VALKYRJA Valkyrja bought her flying horse gently to the grounds around the time Thrude arrive in her normally flashy style. She was disappointed for a moment that the other Asgardian didn’t recognize her until remembering that much had changed during her Valkyrja sefur. “YOU WERE ALWAYS VERBOSE EVEN WHEN YOU RODE WITH OUR SISTER!” as she spoke she strolled confidently towards Thrude “MUCH HAS CHANGED SINCE LAST WE MET INCLUDING MY VISAGE, A TALE FOR A LATER TIME PERHAPS, BUT I HOPE YOU HAVE NOT FORGOT YOUR FELLOW VALKYRIE SANNGRDR?” she grinned and offer her
  8. If people are down for it I have an idea for an adventure involving the company, I'm ready to start when people are good. Though we can still work out some of the details as we go.
  9. VALKYRJA AT LAST! Bobbi felt the call deep down in her, or there, very soul a yearning call drawing her home. Just like them to pick the worse time to call out to her, she guessed Asgard didn’t know about Time Zones. “Are you okay dear?” her patient looked at her kindly, Bobbi must have zoned out for a few seconds. “Sorry I was just checking something important.” she smiled to reassure them “You’re fitter than me, nothing to worry about!” She gently shuffled her out of the room, letting the woman tell her about her son, or daughter, that she
  10. Emerald Spider will use her area snare on as much of the crowd she can get without trapping any of the heroes.
  11. Emerald Spider The lizards might be down, and that felt good to say (maybe she should get herself more animal themed villains?), they had to deal with the controlled crowd. Keeping on the post she made a quick calculation before making the hand gestures to release a cloud of quantum web that would hopefully bound a large portion of the crowd, she couldn’t get everyone or else getting the other heroes stuck on the quantum webbing. “How about y’all just stick around and chill out? Whilst we figure out how to sort this all out.” she looked down at the others “One of you has a pla
  12. Zhenshchina-voin Klara didn’t really like to admit it, but as the most experience one here right now (Dee was probably using the distraction to poke around herself) it really feel on her to take charge. “Okay lets go see what’s going on here shall we?” she again offered a hand for Muirne “You okay now to help out? We’re a team but that doesn’t mean we have to act if its unsafe, I believe in you whatever you think is best.” She smiled reassuringly, Klara had three daughters worth of experience dealing with multiple situations and crisis's.
  13. Madame Raven Knowing what to expect Callie put on a pair of shades before putting on a sun-hat, you dressed for the weather however much she’d like a comfortable hoodie right now. Every year since she was little the family had gone out camping in the wild, so she had a pretty good idea of what to do in most environments. But she was happy to let the old man, even if chances were she knew more than him. Her father couldn’t help but try and prepared her for anything. “A little sun is good for you, just make sure you use plenty of sunscreen.” As she stepped out of the
  14. Rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen, several hours earlier Callie was going to missed this city, having spent much longer here than Freedom City, but she’d promised elder her (for her sanity she always though of her other self as Calliope) to go back to school. But she’d decided to spend one final night enjoying the city in the real Raven suit. She was sure that Calliope was already working on improving the security on the suit for the next time she returned to the city. She didn’t plan to enjoy this night alone, she’d invited someone she enjoyed from the rather eventful party from ear
  15. Interrogation Room, NYPD Midtown North Precinct 28th August 2020, well after Midnight The young teen thief sat in the room glaring at the mirrored glass, even so she didn’t realize that there was somewhere else in the room until she stepped from the shadows. The older woman walked like a cop even if she reminded Maggie of a Schoolmarm, though she didn’t think the woman would be a pushover in a fight. And she’d fought enough tonight. “So it’s Maggie right? Maggie Què? I’m Ms Summers. How about you tell me what happened tonight?” Maggie sighed she was tempted to
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