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  1. Old punchy punch time! Attack Roll: 1d20+10 19
  2. The White Lioness Àjàṣorò wasn’t bored at all this quite the opposite, she’d been fascinated with all the American heroes since she could remember but those that predated the Internet fascinated her most of all. Mainly it was because whilst there was film and pictures of such things it was difficult to know the entire truth of such things, not like now when you could see and read about almost every aspect of a battle right after it had happened. She’d read about her own encounters with some interest in just how much people knew. Whilst she enjoyed the tales of the Freedom League the most, her father had been a member, after all, the teen heroes were a close second especially Next-Gen. She stepped through to stand next to Jhett. “Actually I find Mz Summer to be quite pleasant, would it possible to look at those notes you’ve been using throughout the tour?”
  3. The Scarab III When the Hornet began to leave Scarab was more or less ready for him, her field generator going to maximum as it began to project her through the air. Her gravitic driving her through the air and out of the warehouse, she’d wish she’d had time to gather the others but that might have given him an opportunity to get away. Clearing the building she scanned the area her eye, enhanced by the googles systems, looking for the fleeing Hornet to be able to try and grab him out of the air. After that she’d worry about how to properly subdue him.
  4. Throw on the the jet's and try and grab him out of the air! Attack Roll: 1d20+6 15
  5. Lucy “Revenant” Harker “I know who it was I got to look them straight in the eyes as they did the deal!” She pulled back her hair so show a small scar on her forehead, the only visible scare she possessed. “Best not to dwell on thing past, I’m here and they’ve moved on.” she gave a little shrug. “And yeah it was quite a shock to wake up in the 21st Century, let alone the chaos of what was going on on that day! I’m amazed at how quickly I adapted to the whole thing, though I was living down and out for a little while. I still go help out the Sister down on Broadway for the help they gave.” She stopped and gave a little frown “Sorry I guess I’m getting a little morbid, let’s more one shall we? What breed is you dog?”
  6. White Lioness Back home Àjàṣorò would never had been allowed to go out on her own to a place like this, so it was a totally new experience. Honestly she was a little lost about how to handle a situation like this so was more than happy to follow Danica’s instruction. “This much grander than the little cinema I’m used to, it’s quite exciting really!” It was technically true the cinema at the palace had nothing like this lobby...
  7. Lucy “Revenant” Harker “I slept the whole time of my death with only a vague notion of the passage of time until there was that whole debacle with that Dok broke down the building I happened to be buried within. So I alas have no answers to share...” she sounded genuinely sad that she couldn’t provide the answer “And after becoming a lawyer in the very male-dominated 1920s and facing down gangsters who literally wanted to kill and bury me, few things are quite as big a challenge!” At Dead Heads comments Lucy gave a little laugh “I never said it was perfect! To be honest I just wanted to be able to practice again.”
  8. Lucy “Revenant” Harker Even after all her years of experience it was still difficult to believe in some of the things she’d experienced with gods and monster, but she also didn’t ever feel phased by ‘em. Even this entire encounter didn’t seem that odd to her, just day really. “It really helps that I don’t sleep, plenty of time to work on things and explore everything I missed over the last century or so.” With a touch of pride she added. “After catching up I help push through law to get undead legally recognized in the City, it means taxes but you can’t have everything!”
  9. GM post The head mistress serious demeanor cracked just slightly with a wry smile, as they caught just some of the chaos that was going on just outside the door. “Ah it seems the other students have arrived to show you around, I think you’ll find they’re a diverse group of people.” Obviously as Headmistress she’d had a pretty good idea of what each of the students she’d invited to show him round. “Would you be so kind as to get the door Mr. Palahniuk?”
  10. White Lioness Àjàṣorò was excited to discover the fullness of the American experience, as she explored back at her home in Dakana. She’d spotted a Nigerian movies she’d love to watch, but the American films would be just as interesting. “I’m not sure why but my family gives me a very generous allowance, I’d be happy to treat you all to the cinema. Maybe even something to eat afterward, if we’re not full of that excellent Cinema Popcorn!” She hoped she’d that her offer would come off as too keen, she just wanted to share her luck with her friends.
  11. Tiffany Korta

    Mud Pack

    Headmistresses Office, Claremont The office of Headmistress Summers was quite a stark and bare affair, just a simple desk and a monitor, with no really nicks nacks to suggest the owner of the offices. The only real decoration in the room was a portrait of Duncan Summers, which had survived several destructions of the office. Rumour had it was that the picture was as indestructible as the former headmaster himself. Even with the starkness, it wasn’t a place you’d want to be summoned to without good reason. So for those of you summoned it was good to know that it was to meet the newest arrival to Claremont Academy...
  12. Zhenshchina-voin Klara was glad that the giants could be felled, but even with a couple down the other weren’t about to just give up and give them free rein. You hired people like these Giants when you wanted single-minded devotion. Still, it never hurt to try... “There would be nothing wrong with surrendering now you know? We can go see you King with not loss of status for either of use.” She followed this up with a blow, though she didn’t put that much effort in it, because this was what the Giants would expect really.
  13. Lucy “Revenant” Harker “I have enough trouble catching up on the last hundred years of popular culture, let alone trying to expand my mind! Not that I those kinds of things generally work on me anymore...” Lucy replied with a note of humor in her voice “And apart from helping out with the odd case here and there I’ve not had much dealing the big heroes like Frost. After all, I’m just a simple undead lawyer, one that admittedly can press a truck without a sweat...”
  14. Klara's Attack Roll: 1d20+10 16, hmmm lets see how that works...
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