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  1. White Lioness Àjàṣorò followed along with the conversation and confession, not quite sure if she had much to add. Still she guessed she had a story to tell and now was as a good a time as any. “When the spirit that imbues me with power moves on it take with it an echo of the previous owners, I need to sort out if these feeling are mine or from those that came before. Was I attracted to both boys and girl before, I’m not sure and I guess here as good a place to find out as any.” She pause before adding to the other part of the discussion. “I do have some experience of organizing things, it was drummed into us from an early age. But I’m not sure if I’m best to lead, I often have responsibilities that take me away from time to time.”
  2. Sorry for the lack of post recently I've been having a few 'net problem that made it all a little hinky. Should hopefully be sorted by the weekend so I can try and catch up.
  3. Emerald Spider Peri was smart, very smart, but she was also very observant, it wasn’t something that she’d gained from the suit she’d always been that way. At a glance she picked up blood on the man, but that really didn’t mean much for someone that was stalking and killing people at least not for now. However she could spot something that might help. “Did you see this?” she pointed out the label she spotted “I know this area pretty well and that's from a warehouse pretty close to here. Couldn’t hurt to check it out, if your up for it obviously?”
  4. Peri will do a Sherlock scan to spot any clues and such Investigate: 1d20+10 15 and Notice Roll: 1d20+15 26
  5. Merge will flood the area with her's and try and take down as many as she can with a Targeted area Attack Roll: 1d20+12 23, DC 23 Toughness if it works.
  6. Merge Trois The explosion had done it job reducing the Merge’s to one, and she was slightly shaken at that, but it didn’t stop her from causing trouble. After all trouble was what she the best. Quickly she recovered and with a mere concentration flooded the area with more of here punching kicking and generally being a pain to the baddies in her area. Along with that was a cacophony of insults and teases to those that she was attacking, something else that she was very good at. It might not be more than an irritant to some of them, but it would at least help the other heroes.
  7. White Lioness Àjàṣorò went around and gave everyone that wanted a big friendly hug and a smile, she might have been a little distracted but she was still a gregarious and friendly person. “I hope they’ll come for more than the cakes, as excellent as I’m sure they are! Maybe we should use some to raise some money to donate to a cause? Some keep talking about that show about the bakers, I assume such things are popular?” Cakes she was pretty sure about, attitudes on LGBT+ here she was less sure about. Whilst a few clan had some weird ideas her homeland was fairly open to such things, though like most place there was room to improve. So she wasn’t quite sure what to say in support, she was here to learn as much as anyone here.
  8. Emerald Spider will attack Metamind Attack Roll: 1d20+10 14, well obviously he's effecting her mind!
  9. Emerald Spider Whilst it wasn’t always a good idea to only focus on one enemy, but it was pretty obvious that the other heroes had everything well in hand. And as much as taking down a dinosaur would be cool she though it best to focus on this Metamind fellow. She manoeuvred around to get a good shot, maybe she was a little to focused on everything else as the shots of tangled quantum she sent towards him wasn’t her best shot by any means. “Guess this isn’t my best day so far, if you want to stick around I’m sure it’ll get better.” If he was focused on her then it gave the other times to take down the other, including alas the dinosaur.
  10. Doctor Rosa Thorne Rosa leant at the edge of the skylight and looked down into the warehouse, watching the vampire and whatever Judex was show off there abilities. She had to admit that they did show some impressive abilities, though she’d never admit as much beyond academic interest. Even whilst she was thinking this the fight was already over. With the problem over she didn’t have to worry much about how she was going to get down. “I’ll just go find a way down that doesn’t cause me any broken bones, I’m sure you’ll be fine without me for a few minutes.” She then looked around to a stairway or fire escape down to the ground, or at least a little closer than right now.
  11. White Lioness Àjàṣorò enjoyed much of American culture but some of there social idea confused her no end, it had been something she’d want to investigate but last years was a blur of responsibility. Luckily things right now was a little more balanced so she’d found time to attend a few club and socialise a little bit more. ”Thank you for the welcome, I hope I’m not too early.” Though she wasn’t hiding her identity as much she still kept the American accent. This should be fascinating, and hopefully not as drama filled as Claremont tended to be.
  12. It may be a little like trying to herd cats but let's try and give a little structure here, let me know who's sitting where so we can have a rough seating plan.
  13. The Immutable Betsy Brooks Betsy sat with her feet on the table, boots off to let her poor feet breath a little, sipping on a strong black coffee. She was listening to the other explain there powers and reasons to be official or not, it was rare that she was in a group like this so she was enjoying the moment. And the coffee, this place provided some f*** good coffee. “Due to my ancestry, and it not just good breeding and that as far as I go, I can detect supernatural and are generally immune to there influence. As you know this town is rife with such creatures so I act as a neutral third party. If I join this group of super friends it may effect my standing with the supernatural community, being seen to be working for the Man and all.” She sipped the coffee and thought about it for a moment before adding. “Seems to me sweeties that the best solutions to play both side here, our fantastical three over here play the official team and get all the help that Vibora’s finest can offer. Whilst the rest of us are a reserves that can pop in as needed but stay independent.”
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