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  1. Ms Grue On the way to the pool Daphne shifted her clothes, those she’d had since she’d came out of the birthing pod, into a natty silver one piece with a cut-out of the three pointed star that was her symbol. She was in her human form, one she’d be refining over the last few years. So use was she to taking human form, even among her friends her Grue form made some of them nervous, she tended to adopt it even without trying. Though she’d originally wanted to use the sauna Daphne always enjoyed the pool, it reminded her of floating in zero-G. So she climbed into the pool and beg
  2. Speaking off whilst not a genius Triakosia has a long complicated relationship with the Terminus, and has been involved keeping an eye on the Doomforge.
  3. Ms Grue Daphne was having one of those good days, both her human job and League commitments meant she could work from home. A fruitful morning had provided enough completed work that she could relax and enjoy herself a little. She was padding through the hall on her way to the pool, floating in the water reminded her zero-G, when she came upon Eve. “It doesn’t take an empath to tell you’re a bundle of stress!” she smiled sweetly She approached Avro so as to not surprise him and gave the little manticore a skritch behind the ear. “I was going to the pool
  4. Origin Story Caer Arianrhod, Gwynedd, Wales The Witching Hour, 1st March 2012 The moon shone down bright on the ocean, though at places of high magic it was difficult to tell what was real and what was symbolic writ large. Only at such times could the real entrance be found to the home of Arianrhod, for her home wasn’t a palace but a prison for the goddess that did wrong by the founder of their order. Ever since when agents of the Amddiffynnwr o Lleu Llaw Gyffes first formed when they came to age they would go meet the captured goddess. Both to see wha
  5. Bee - 1 posts = 1PP Meanwhile, at Atomic Tower! (1) Blodeuwedd - 1 post = 1PP + 1PP (Ref Point) + 2PP (Vignette) = 4PP (OMTB) Interview: Blodeuwedd (1) Face the Music Vignette Frostbyte Only Doing Good When I'm Having Fun (1) Madame Raven - 2 posts = 1PP Rough cut diamonds (1) Survival Class: Silver Lining (1) Merge Trois - 1 post = 1 PP Original Gangster (Remix) (1) Scarab III - 1 post (Rollover) = 1PP The Immutable Betsy Brooks - 1 post = 1PP Old School Spirit (1)
  6. Blodeuwedd International Velvet – Catatonia “Every day I thank the Lord I’m Welsh.” - Blodeuwedd is to put it lightly very proud of her Welsh heritage. She’s sworn to protect it after all. Mercy – Duffy Blodeuwedd is a skilled sword fighter, but she also chooses not to kill. Even with a burning magical sword she relies no the flat of her blade. History Repeating - Propellerheads feat: Miss Shirley Bassey Blodeuwedd is her name but also a title passed down through generations. Undercover Lover - Kids in Glass Houses (Feat. Frankie
  7. Zhenschina-voin Klara was about to say more about the possibilities of negotiation but the others two has already left. “Kid today huh? My daughters were always tearing off after something or other, though generally I was the tallest one in the situation.” She went over and took hold of Tracy’s hand, giving her a kiss “Afraid you’re going to have to stay here, we’ll make it up later I promise.” She then floated up a into the air, the smiling she offered her hand out to Mermaid. “You need a lift? Pretty sure I can catch up with them in no time!”
  8. Madame Raven Her head now totally clear from the villains effect Callie began to pay attention to his movements. She’d watched lots of previous encounters of all her fathers, a future selfs, villains (and a few other) on youtube and other superhero sites. She’d not expect to go against a foe at a different level of skill, ironically the idea of time travel hadn’t occurred to her. It was good enough that she was beginning to get a feeling for how this Fearmaster moved and best time to strike them. “I’m afraid this isn’t going to end well for you!” she figured now was as good a
  9. The Immutable Betsy Brooks “Your to be my bridge to some of the supernatural figures of the city, you’ve been here long enough to smell right. Going to have to deal with some of the big guns, y’know those that exist up on… Lantern vale or something like that?” she sounded incredibly confident even if slightly wrong As she spoke Betsy bought them down thorough the corridors to the entrance of the school, where she’d parked there transport for this journey a ‘68 Dodge Charger, obviously in black. “Had to borrow this from a friends, another offered his bike but I didn
  10. Merge Trois (His) Merge looked a little thoughtful for a few second, those outside weren’t a problem she could after all become a one woman army, but they didn’t know what support she had going on. “We should do some digging around to see if anyone else is held in reserve.” she looked over at Archer and added “You thing you can get inside without being noticed?” It was actually a genuine question and not her normal challenge to someone else's abilities, not was the time to show at least a little professionalism.
  11. Carry on punchin' Fearmaster Attack Roll: 1d20+12 26, if thats a hit DC 23 Toughness
  12. Madame Raven Sitting brooding was obviously something that was genetic what with how Callie was crouched watching the police arrive. She’d expected some push back from some legacy villains, it must be easy for them to assume that she was just the last Raven returned. She didn’t encourage it, her older self wouldn’t approve, but she didn’t discourage it either. She hadn’t expected a legacy villain of her own quite so soon though. “Should have known really, he was a teleporter as well. That's going to be a real pain to pin her down.” she looked over at Nevermore and smiled, it w
  13. Frostbyte Cathy had been momentary distracted by the thought of Phae in chaps, something she’d have to discuss when she got back, but her alcohol addled brain still picked up on Riley talking about a girlfriend. “Oh do you have a pictures of her? Obviously purely out of interest, I’m obviously already spoken for!” She really was interested in seeing her friends find happiness, whatever and whoever that ended up being.
  14. Bee Melissa couldn’t help but give a little squee and do a little dance, she was so excited to both be here and meet a fellow hero going to the academy. “Yes, yes I am! Isn’t it amazing? I’ve heard they got facilities for all the sciences, I’m hoping that they have a source of Dyne particles. I’m a chemists doing research into such things, hence why I can shrink. I’m hoping to study the electrical discharge problems, thing of all the things we could transport easily if I can solve that issue?” It was most probably that only speedsters could follow as she rolled he
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