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  1. Emerald Spider Whilst she had done this kind of fall before, it had been in the suit and she couldn't help but feel how slow and sluggish she was without its assistance. She'd wasn't concerned with the actual fall yet, the landing was the last thing on her mind. And she hoped it wasn't the literal last thought. Luckily Pinnacle came in at the last minute and caught her before things got really serious. "Never apologise, lives are more important than justice, that's why we do this after all." She checked the belt and swore loudly in Korean. "I'm not going to be able to use this for a bit... and oh thanks for the catch."
  2. GM Post Even with the little time they had, it was relatively easy to match speed to cushion the landing, helped by Emerald Spider herself who even without the belt was a relatively skilled acrobat. They'd touched down gentle on the sidewalk of Emerald City. The one thing missing from this scene was, as Pinnacle had suspected, was Electron who had taken the opportunity to flee the scene, with only a few stray sparks of electricity. At least, apart from the window, the shop was more or less intact and still in possession of all its property.
  3. Maybe I'm a little touchy on this one, but I'm not going to insist of a save Besides I figure we're getting towards the end here, with a pretty big plot hook built in!
  4. The Traveller It might be invisible but the highly advanced targeting system of her suit tried it best to target the Android and to help just a little she fired the two parts of her blasters filling the area with energies bolts. She was sure that they'd needed a more solid solution unless they got lucky. "I think I can jam the droids stealth field, but I'll need you to keep it busy for a little while." The interactions of the various energies going on around it right now gave her a rich seam of data to which work out the frequency to jam the device, she hoped it'd been a while since she'd pulled such a stunt.
  5. The Traveller Attack Roll: 1d20+10 18 1d20 18, it's Toughness Save: 1d20+12 19. Dazed and Injured a solid start!
  6. White Lioness Whilst she knew that as the protector of Dakana she'd have to fight for the nation's safety, she hadn't expected it to come so soon or on such a massive scale. She was sure that they could succeed, but it didn't make her any less nervous. But she tried to put on a brave face on things. "I remember that you always did better on those challenges than me my brother!" she managed a smile "Let's hope that we do that well today." They didn't have much longer to wait until the Americans arrived in his jet when it stopped and the ladder deployed she was ready to greet them. "Hello and welcome to Dakana, I'm sorry that is in such dire circumstances. Please follow us to our transport and we'll get going immediately."
  7. Miss Grue "Who me? I'm nothing special why would anyone want to see me on the stage?" Raised, more or less literally, by television Daphne had a very strange idea on the subject of such things. What most would consider to be a beauty to Daphne's eyes was just average. Despite the years she'd spent on Earth she hadn't quite shaken the idea that she wasn't anything but an average teenage woman. "I guess I can come up with something more suitable if you want me to be there with you. We'll have to come up with something suitable obviously."
  8. Emerald Spider Before Emerald Spider had time for even a quip she was very much aware that something was wrong. Sparks arched across the belt, the very important belt that gave her the powers to manipulate the very fabric of space-time. the very important thing right now was that said quantum force was keeping her up in the air, a good distance above the sidewalk, one that was quite rapidly coming towards her. "You have a choice hero, keep me held or save your friend!" Peri hadn't the time to answer either way as she was very much focused on trying to land without damaging anything too serious.
  9. GM Post Against the superhuman strength of Pinnacle very few could have withstood, especially someone like Electron and after a few seconds of struggling she went limp not fighting the hold. However she must have had something up her sleeves as electricity crackled around her, though not enough to harm Pinnacle, and there was quite a wicked looking smile on her face. Then the electricity sparked suddenly and was gone, but where had it gone exactly? Very quickly it was apparent exactly what she had done...
  10. There's no way Electron is going to be able to beat that! I'm going to cheat a tiny bit a say she's not immobile yet, so that's a HP for you! 20 Emerald Spider Unharmed 1hp 19 Electron Unharmed GM 02 Pinnacle Unharmed 4hp
  11. GM Post The android obviously sensed that they were trouble as apparently from nowhere there was a smoke and flame and a number of small missiles whirled through the air. With unerring accuracy, those tiny projectiles streaked towards Fascmile. At the last moment, all of the projectiles exploded sending a burst of energy and projectiles towards the Terran hero. They couldn't be sure obviously, the thing was still invisible, but a slight movement in the grass suggested that the android had moved.
  12. IGT-X fires off a range of missiles at Facsimile Attack Roll: 1d20+10 22, DC 25 Toughness roll please.
  13. So we have 25 IGT-X Unharmed GM 10 Traveller Unharmed 1 hp 05 Facsimile Unharmed 1 hp As IGT is invisible right now don't forget to roll for the 50% miss chance
  14. Ms Britannia Agnus knew how frustrating it had been for Vanguard to be told to stay put, even if she understood the Ministry's logic. In fact, she'd convinced VERA to conveniently lose any logs if people just happened to teleport themselves to Freedom City, she, however, had a different path to walk to be able to help save that city and hopefully the whole world. Canteen, Holby Hospital, Bristol Despite working a full shift at the hospital Doctor Collins still looked remarkably energetic, a side effect of embodying the spirit of Britannia and if Dame Pennington was anything to go by they could both live a long life. If they survived the next couple of day of course. "I feel so helpless, I should be over there fighting, but I can't leave in case..." unlike her features she did sound completely tired "I think I can help, but I need to borrow the power of Britannia for a little while." "If it'll help then I'll gladly give you the power." Grabbing hold of each other's hand there was a small flash of light as the power was transferred. The Noosphere Agnus didn't normal concern herself much with the mystical side of her legacy, but some had in the past and she understood that this was the space that some, if not all, of the Personifications, resided. And if the world was in that much danger then all of the deserved a chance to speak on their behalf. So with a brief moment of hesitation, it was possible she could get lost in the jumble of identities, but this was worth the risk. Opening her mind she invited them all to use her as a conduit to say there piece. Some refuse, some already had become involved, but many, many more agreed to the terms offered. Parkhurst Hotel, Freedom City With a burst of white light, Agnus appeared literally glowing with the power she held within, dressed in a white suit instead of the costume she normally wore, as today it wasn't just one nation she spoke for. She floated down beside the other, but her feet remained a few centimeters above the ground. "We are here as requested." her voice sounded strange as if she was speaking with many voices at once.
  15. Just a heads up Zui is actually Mandarin for Sin, Zeoi is the Cantonese equivalent.