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  1. I doubt Chitin needs it but Melissa is assisting as needed Bee More Charming (Diplomacy): 1d20+5 20
  2. Bee Melissa wasn’t as charming or as good with words as some here, but she (almost) always told the truth of things. “We want to try and solve this peacefully, and we’re willing to discuss options. If it’s about the Daka crystal we’re more than happy to make sure that its to returned to Dakana.” it was weird to be the adult in the hive, but she was happy to step up as needed. “Besides this is there home and I don’t think it’s fair to damage the place for a fight that's nothing to do with them.” true to her name she was concerned about the bee’s, a family legacy after all.
  3. Bee - 9 post + 1 post (Rollover) = 10 posts = 2PP Meanwhile, at the Atomic Tower! (2) There Will Be Bees (7) Dr Thorne - 1 post (Rollover) = 1PP Emerald Spider - 1 post = 1PP Little Spider in the Big City (1) Madame Raven - 4 post + 6 posts (GM Posts) = 10 posts = 2PP Rough cut diamonds (1) Survival Class: Silver Lining (1) We Ain't Going Down Like This (2) Merge Trois - 1 post = 1PP Original Gangster (Remix) (1) The Immutable Betsy Brooks - 1 post = 1PP Old School Spirit (1) The Scarab III - 1 post = 1PP + 1PP (Ref Point) = 2PP Family Takeover (1) Zhenshchina-voin - 2 post = 1PP Te Whakaekenga mai i te Tonga (2) GMing (3 x 2) = 6 posts Family Takeover (1) Original Gangster (Remix) (1) Rough cut diamonds (1) Frostbyte - 1 post Only Doing Good When I'm Having Fun (1) Miss Grue - 1 posts [Maxed] Tales of the Castle Crowd (1)
  4. Well 50%, but it's a bad place discussion for another time. Though my fault for the terrible joke, so mia culpa. Vanguard is however Eurofriendly so I'm sure we can work some visit into the trip.
  5. Looks like you have all you need but if needed I have many suitable characters to hand!
  6. Bee's Initiative: 1d20+8 24
  7. Emerald Spider Downtown Freedom City Around dawn, 1st July 2021 Peri hadn’t expected to explore Freedom quite so quickly, she blamed jetlag that meant she was full of energy at this ungodly hour. Not knowing where to get good Kimchi in this city she’d instead decides to swing arounf the city and get her bearing. She’d alraey found the place where the Air Conditioning conference was going to happen, the reason she was in the city for the rest of the week, and had tried a New Jersey hotdog. It was amazing how excited and yet blasé the local were about superheroes. Sitting on the roof finishing her hotdog she wondered how long it would be until she ran across any, if you watched the news you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting onw and by now she sure sighting of Emerald Spider had already started to make there way to social media.
  8. Bee Melissa did consider taking it apart but was distracted by the elevator and its fancy design, she’d never been that big on architecture but this was a whole different level. “Yes this is very impressive, and I’ll imagine things are going to get even more impressive from this point on!” And indeed she was blown away by the scene as the door open but it wasn’t what she expected in the slightest. “We should help, can we help, we want to help?”she looked over at Rocket Thats right, right? Can we help?”
  9. Madame Raven Callie had been raised a Summers and as such had been taught to be suspicious of anyone that seemed to good to be true. As such she couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the gee sucks attitude of this new guy, luckily the shades help hide the eye roll she was doing right now. Looking over at Charlie she smiled and mouthed “Is this guy for real?” She made sure that none of the others could see her doing this, as a cowl it was just force of habit to be aware of various eyelines. Useful in combat and espcially useful in social encounters like this.
  10. No worries, we'll see if we can get this up and running. We're kinda of between combat beats so either of you can post now @KnightDisciple & @RocketLord
  11. The Scarab III Kamala didn’t have time to celebrate her impressive shot as the grenade went off right after. Bemoaning that she didn’t have her goggles with her she decides to duck behind the desk as the opportunity allows. She wasn’t doing it just to gain some kind of cover, it didn’t really come to mind really, instead she threw open the desk drawers looking for something, anything, that could be used as a weapon or means of defence. As she did Kamala couldn’t help but plan out some way to summon her power armour to in an emergency, it seemed that it would be a good things to consider for the future.
  12. GM Post Boardroom The other board-members were surprised by the sudden change in circumstances and were still starting to regain there bearing when there was a clatter of gunfire from further on down the hall. This didn’t matter to the board-members who decided that taking cover was the best action right now. Less obvious to them, not that they’d care right now, was a less noisy whomp of was most probably a gas grenade of some kind. Office With his companion going down and the sudden cloud of smoke the second mercenary decided to pull back into the corridor, right in time to see the other two making there way down the corridor towards them. Luckily from the shadows Charlie could see the three meeting up to get up to speed on what had been happening.
  13. Merge Trois It was difficult to stand out and look like you were being stealthy at the same time bout Merge managed to pull it off, with boots that no sane person would wear at the best of time let alone when being stealthy. Yet that was Merge’s style and she managed just fine without any real thought, she was use to such things after all. “Well this is your show bow boy, I’ll follow your lead in all this.” she whispered apparently not sure where Archer was hiding out completely. It wasn’t a bad guess but she was slightly off, which would be handy if this was all a scam on her part.
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