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  1. Emerald Spider For a few seconds Peri watched Justice takes to the skies, she guessed that was the end of there planning stage. Team ups were always so much more frustrating than solo work, but everything considered she knew she couldn’t handle all this along. Still she could at least enjoy a moment of being irked before getting on with getting the job done. She raised her hand to prepare to release a cord of quantum web, before she fired off the line she looked over at her other team mates. “Lets move out then! Anyone needs a lift?”
  2. Doctor Rosa Thorne Rosa wasn’t the greatest driver of the two but she was fascinated enough by the lycrathrope she kept control to learn what she could about the beast, besides with the sudden appearance of the werewolf another person appearing in the drivers seat may not go down well. She’d pick up enough however to release what they were going to do next, that and Liam screaming in her mind. “I suggest people buckle up things are probably going to get a little uncomfortable.” With that she threw the wheel to avoid a potentially collision, the old car complaining
  3. GM Post There was five guys plus a leader all dressed in tactically aromor with there faces covered. They were holding rifles and looked very much like they knew what they were doing. Normally not a problem for The Raven, but the whole setup added complications. “Your our now hostages, as soon as the FCPD arrive e’ll let them and you know our demands.” he had a slight unidentifiable accent “But just so you know we mean business.” He drew his pistol and picked one of the other businessmen, ironically the arms dealer. Calmly walking over to the man he put a single ro
  4. The Scarab III Now sat on the desk with the guts of several PSU’s Kamala gave a little sight and gestured with the screwdriver towards a large storage cupboard. “Fine before trouble starts hide in there, I suggest you stay low in case there are any stray shots. Or you can go a join the other hostages, hopefully they don’t have any real malicious intentions towards then.” She would after all be try to release the hostages as soon as she could, even if at least one of the was a scum bag, it was the heroic thing to do and she was most definitely the hero. But more peo
  5. I'm still getting back into posting, but if you'll put up with me I'll happily join in.
  6. Miss Grue “I know a few heroes here and there, I can put the word out and see if we get any interesting. I have to keep this separate from my League business obviously.” She also considered Casey’s words about longer term solutions, something she really appreciated as an idea. After all she’d chosen this identity to show that not all of her race were as bad as imagined, though her circumstances were unique to say the least. “Spend time helping people in ways that don’t just involved punching bad guys, I’m all for that!”
  7. Madame Raven Someone weird was going on, though to be fair something weird was always going on. Not that she wasn’t going to help, but she was a Summers and that meant being prepaired for trouble. “We should probably be a little careful if we’re going in there…” She quickly found and got out her small, but powerful torch and flipped on the red filter before turning it one. She made sure to hide the light so not bring any attention from the others or anyone in the cave, as before she wander if she could take something like this back with her to the 80s when she even
  8. Rosa's [url=https://orokos.com/roll/858361]Initiative[/url]: [u]1d20+2[/u] [b]12[/b]
  9. Thorne' [url=https://orokos.com/roll/858029]Drive Roll[/url]: [u]1d20+5[/u] [b]24[/b] , she's really focused right now!
  10. Blodeuwedd - 1 post (GM Post) = 1PP + 1PP (Ref Point) = 2PP Dr Thorne - 3 posts = 1PP The Fast and the Furriest (3) Emerald Spider - 1 post = 1PP League of Their Own (1) Madame Raven - 4 post = 1PP Rough cut diamonds (3) Survival Class: Silver Lining (1) Merge Trois - 4 post + 6 posts (GM Posts) = 10 posts = 2PP Original Gangster (Remix) (4) Ms Bright - 2 post = 1PP A Different Kind of Justice (2) Scarab III - 3 post + 7 posts (GM Posts) = 10 posts = 2PP Family Takeover (3) Va
  11. GM Post Below them was three thieves dressed in dark clothing and hiding there faces under mask, whilst the fourth was dressed in dark but less practical clothing. Her face wasn’t hidden either, though she was faced away from the to heroes. She seemed to be arguing with the other three, they couldn’t make it out over the sound of the blaring alarms. It was hard to tell for sure but they were obviously not expect the alarms, or that they thought that maybe someone was going to deal with the alarms. With there training it was obvious that things were quickly going to devolve int
  12. Madame Raven Callie had spent a lot of time and energy getting to know the various villains of New York, but even if it didn’t have the numbers of Freedom City it was difficult to keep up with all the new villains crawling out of the woodwork almost everyday. “A few but none that would be quite so blatant. I guess we’re going to go take a look right?” Boht knew ever way they were going to take a look either way, Callie picking a location above the area where she could scout the area before determining a plan of attack. After all it might be a false alarm of some t
  13. GM Post There was silence from a few minutes before the Headmistress reappeared with what looked liked a utility belt, gesturing to it she added as an explanation. “We have to keep confiscating these from certain students, young Ms Sen seems keen on such things. Though for now it seems appropriate.” She walked to the door and touched the frame bringing a panel to apparently release the door. “This is part of the building defences, we had a few incidents in the past so more security seems appropriate. The fire barrier however is not part of out defences
  14. Doctor Rosa Thorne “Yes I have just a solution for that's, its called the internal combustion engine.” she floored the accelerator to make the rather ancient battered car pick up speed “Magic should always be used sparingly and at important things, like curing someone of this form of Lycanthropy.” The other vehicles that seems to join the chase were a problem, this poor automobile wasn’t exactly at the best for this kind of encounter. “If you could maybe do something about those other vehicles that would be very helpful, whilst I will endeavour to keep
  15. VALKYRIA “IT IS GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN OLD FRIEND, ONCE THIS OVER WE SHOULD CATCH UP ON TIMES OLD AND NEW.” With trouble apparently on its way she made a discussion as to what to do whilst the other decided on the correct course of action. She strolled confidently over to Frárvængr and stroked her companions nose. Looking at the newcomer, whilst male he seemed capable and obviously knew more about what was going on right now. “COME LET US SCOUT THE BEAST WHILST THE OTHERS GATHER THERE STRENGTH FOR THE FIGHT AHEAD. YOU CAN TELL ME ABOUT YOUR HISTORY WHILST MY STEED
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