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  1. Valkyrja Bobbi sighed, it seemed these kind of things just tended to find here now. She remembered an old roommate talking about how everything was interconnected, but she held a lot of weird opinions. “Okay the Poly Bill or whatever I know nothing about, I’m sure you can babble on about, if you willing to chat to random Canadian!” get the first bit out of the way first before dealing with the important stuff “It may not look like it but I have some experience with those Conan cosplay wannabe’s, if you could tell me more about it I know this local hero who might help!”
  2. Try and take down as many as I can!Attack Roll: 1d20+14 25, has takedown 2 if the thugs are willing.
  3. Merge Trois Merge sat there nursing her drink as listened to the other bravely volunteering for this or the other. There was a time when her common sense would have told her to run and not get involved in this potentially suicide mission, but luckily she was trying to be a better person than she had been back in the early days. “Whilst it probably not that helpful I can go wherever I’m needed.” she shrugged and added as a way to soften the blow somewhat “I do have a few resources that could help out as needed, I’ve been frugally tucking away the pennies for a rainy day for a while now!”
  4. Tiffany Korta


    White Lioness Àjàṣorò picked at her salad as she listened to her brother tell his tale, even though she’d been there and he was definitely elborating profoundly. It reminded her of the tall tales her mother used to tell them both at bedtime, unlike herself he’d obviously pick up the skill at storytelling. “Don’t forget to tell how embarrassed you were, I can always tell when your hiding something little brother!” He’d been hiding something for ages, and she was dying to find out just what, but for now she was happy to wait until her was ready to tell her what.
  5. Emerald Spider Peri had one last visit to make and running late she’d decided it wouldn’t hurt to take a shortcut and swing through the city. But as is usual the city had other ideas, as this was the very moment that trouble starts. For a moment she was tempted to just swing on by and let someone else deal with it, but she knew she couldn’t ever do that. Her mother's lessons were just to strong in her. She lowered herself down on a strand of quantum filament until she was inline with the two villains. “Hi there, if your in charge I’d like to register a complaint about someone leaving around super villains who are creating a ruckus!”
  6. Valkyrja Bobbi didn’t like it but she had to come to the “Big City” for essential supplies. At least she didn’t have to drive or fly, what with having a magical teleporting horse. It wasn’t just something you turn up in the middle of Halifax however so they’d turned up, so the easiest way was to act like she’d flow in from the airport. Frárvængr hadn’t liked it but for now she insisted that the Pegasus stay hidden until it was time to go home. After all that she was delayed by some bloody reporter, someone or other she wasn’t sure or cared t was just frustrating to be delayed like this. So she couldn’t help but pass up the chance to give the person who held her up a piece of her mind. “I don’t suppose you want to explain what is going on here?”
  7. Miss Grue Daphne frowned, she was happy that Davyd had found some comfort and control of his powers. But this current dilemma was something that was a little beyond her experience, apart from what she’d learned for television and movies. Still she had to be honest here. “My family wasn’t exactly the perfect nuclear family, except I guess in the other sense of the word!” she grinned before continuing “I will help you however you need it, but I think you’ll need other help here. The good thing about this school is that they’ve got lots of experience of helping in situations just like this.”
  8. Miss Grue Daphne delved into the mind of the man getting a series of images of what had happened up to this event, even if the man was more than open with what had happened. Still by probing his mind she could provide useful information. He really believe thats what happened and I don’t detect any falsehoods. As far as I can tell he really believe this is what happened. She paused to think for a few seconds before adding. Should we tell Team B what we found out? Or I guess maybe we’re Team B. I guess we should have figured that out in advance!
  9. Triakosia Dancia hadn’t doubted the response from the two that she knew as friends, and if the other - who she figured was probably a Lor equivalent, was most likely to go the same way. For all the time he was gone Centurion tended to have that kind of effect on people. “It probably doesn’t need to be said, but like the other I won’t play in your little games. And especially not in his name!” She crossed her arms and looked sternly at the Gamemaster, she wasn’t sure what would happen next but she’d stand side by side with other gathered Paragons.
  10. Triakosia Conversation and snacks above the city skyline, what could be a better way to spend a few hours? The funk she’d been feeling was more or less lifted, though the thought of her original home gave her a slight pang of lost. But she was more than happy to live on this Earth, it was really her home now what with the addition of Katie. “Apparently I traveled through the Zero Zone, though I only have the vaguest memories of the journey. I think I might have dropped out of the Zone a few times, at some point I’ll probably go back and fill in the blanks.” She’d seen enough weirdness with alternative version of herself, let alone looking at that weird gap in her history.
  11. Triakosia There was a contagious joy about someone seeing the world for the first time, she kind of regretted that she wasn’t able to remember the early days on this Earth. They had a little time why not enjoy it a little, she smiled at the owner of the cart. “Five please... everyone want one?” she offered some money before passing them around the little group of heroes. “It’s a snack food, apparently you have all the normal internal organs so you should be able to eat it.” She demonstrated just how to eat it, she and Katie would definitely have ice cream tonight as a treat. “Careful it’ll be cold! So take things easy to start with, the sweetness might be a bit of a shock to start with, but for most it’s really worth it!”
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