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The Year 20101 Earth ????

"We don't have much time, get it working!" The sounds of explosions and energy pulses were getting nearer. However, Dr, Greenwald they seemed far away as he was in and out of consciousness due to the drugs. "Doom-Bringer squads have breached the perimeter" a second voice, he could barely see it was a masked man wielding facing a huge door wielding some sort of yellow energy from his hands. "Two minutes until  Transfer..." a third voice came from a man wearing a lab coat and bi-focal glasses said. there were more explosions and soon cries of anguish and battle, though muffled, were herd from the behind the reinforced door. Thoom! the door had a dent in it "you've got one" the first voice said with came from another masked man wielding a transparent shield and glowing sword who took position at the steel door. Dr. Greenwald could feel him self continue in and out of consciousness, each time awoken by a loud ground-shaking noise followed by another dent in the door. "20 seconds!" the Bi-focal-ed man yelled. a few seconds later a humming noise began to drown out the sounds of battle, but not the continued banging noises against the door. Soon a bright light ignited around the room. THOOM! At that moment the door flew of it's hinges followed by a wall of fire as an explosion filled the room. Before Dr. Greenwald disappeared from his realm he had just enough time to see a dark figure standing among the flames before he lost consciousness completely 

The Year 2015 Earth Prime

Ashton Mall 10:30Pm

The dark silence of the food court lot of the Ashton mall accentuated its lack of life. The sea of chairs and tables had long since been abandoned by patrons heading home for the night. The stillness was suddenly and violently obliterated as electricity crackled through through the air. It soon was followed by a blast of force created a wave of chairs and tables flying everywhere shattering windows overlooking the outside. In the center was a small crater; occupied with a single figure clutching a large metallic briefcase. His clothing was nowhere to be seen and his skln had smoke coming off it as if it had been singed. He opened his eyes wide and let out a deafening yell that ricocheted down the corridors of the mall and into the darkness of this new world.  

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"And I called them on the phone and asked how much it would probably be for just a bunch of flowers that we could put around ourselves, tie to the chairs and hang on the garden trellises and stuff, but she wouldn't even tell me. She said they only sold them in arrangements and they'd need to see the space first." Erin hopped over a row of houses on the edge of one of Ashton's residential neighborhoods, making no noise except for the conversation she was keeping up. "So then I said why shouldn't I go to the grocery store and just buy all their flowers, and she hung up on me. It was really bad." She gave Alex a look that demanded empathy. "It was just an idea! Do you know what they want to charge for one bunch of flowers in a vase? It's crazy!" 

Before Alex could respond, Erin's ears caught a strange noise from nearby, breaking glass and an unearthly scream. "What the hell was that?" 

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Alex had been floating along next to Erin, this time far more dressed for their antics than she had been in jeans and a sweater last time, although she found she missed the pockets of her jeans. It was harder to find a good place to put her hands as she drifted alongside Erin lazily, nodding and looking empathetic. Before she could continue her quest to coax Erin to let her deal with the vendors, the conversation was interrupted. 

"It's coming from the mall," Alex replied, pausing briefly in her flight as her gaze went blank. Shifting her senses outward, she sifted through the area in question rapidly, "In the food court."

Shaking her head, Alex's posture shifted from lazy floating to speed up and catch up to Erin's direct path towards the mall and the disturbance. "Do you want me to tap the others just in case or wait until we know more?"

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"Let's hold off till we know what's going on. It's not like they can't get here in a hurry if needs be." Wander lengthened her leaps to cover more ground faster, and as a result nearly fell into the large new hole in the roof of the Ashton Mall upon landing. A last-minute correction brought her down just next to what had recently been a skylight, affording her a good view into the crater. "There's somebody in there," she reported, "one humanoid... and I think he's naked. Lots of broken glass, lots of debris. I don't see any security yet, but Ashton Mall's got a half-assed security detail anyway." Ever since becoming a security guard herself, Erin had become far more critical of the security efforts of other businesses. "We'd better take a look." 

Leaving her bat in its holster, Wander dropped through the missing skylight to land a few yards from the crater. "Are you all right?" she called to the man in the crater. "Can you tell us your name?" 

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Psyche followed Wander once she'd dropped through, floating silently through the broken skylight. It was generally better when the threat potential was unknown for one of her teammates to go first. Psyche wasn't as fragile as she had been years ago, but she'd never be in Phalanx's or Wander's league for taking a hit. Besides, she had other skills, after all!

"It's easy enough to fix," Psyche promised, reaching out to touch the twisted metal as she passed through them, curious to see if it would be hot to the touch through her gloves. She continued down, more slowly than Wander's drop to land behind her on booted feet. "I'll put everything back together when we're done with this. Shouldn't take long."

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*cough* What? who...who are you? where am I? The man said clutching his briefcase. His body ached all over. Evidence of first and second degree burns cover his skin in several areas. He vision barely clear enough to see the two heroines. To them he seems disoriented. 

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"My name is Wander," the taller heroine said, walking to the edge of the crater. "You're in the Ashton Mall, in Freedom City. New Jersey, Earth Prime, 2015," she added after a moment's thought. Wander had been a heroine long enough that pretty much anything seemed possible when it came to disoriented people walking out of impact craters. The guy looked human, which narrowed things down a bit, but not really all that much. "From the look of that crater you made, you arrived with a bang about three minutes ago, but I don't think you came down through the ceiling. Do you remember anything?" 

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The Figure pauses and catches his breath, the searing pain over his skin keeps him from talking for a second. He then speaks "N-No I don't remember...anything" He opened his eyes wide "I've never heard of this place...or for any place for that matter. I...don't remember my name" Suddenly a few feet away from the first crater a flash of lightning occurs soon it becomes more visible has a second sphere of energy appears surrounded by lightning. Then a loud Thundering boom sends more chairs scattering as a second crater appears. however this one is devoid of life. Instead a silver object appears, it is perfectly spherical with no creases or indents. It sits their with smoke wafting off of it as if it were cooling down.

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Psyche caught up to wander, tossing one arm up over her eyes automatically at the second flash of light and sound. "Well, that's an interesting and likely related phenomena," she commented to Wander as she glanced over the sphere that had been deposited. "Dimensional? Temporal? Translocation?" That was likely more Psyche thinking aloud as she peered down into the twin craters, bending to touch her gloved fingertips to the side of the crater. Crumbling up the dust between her fingertips, she let it sift through.

"It's alright," Psyche offered, "Amnesia isn't uncommon and it clearly isn't total as you're talking just fine. Just take it easy and try to breathe. Is the egg-thing over there familiar at all to you?"

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The man coughs at some of the smoke as he answers "No...but it feels....wrong....feels like..." There suddenly lights up with several blinking red lights on it's silver texture. The lights suddenly all match up in a circumference and a beam fills a section of the room then sweeps around scanning every inch of the room including the two heroines, "trouble" the man says as the red lights stop and then a beam of energy shoots out at Psyche "Pewwwwww!" (Blast DC 13) (Init, after resolve)

(OOC: this is my first time GMing a 2.0 Game)

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