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  1. Scarab's Initiative: 1d20+2 15 and the Thugs Initiative: 1d20+1 10
  2. Klara's Reflex Save: 1d20+9 25, she has Evasion 2 so she should be alright.
  3. Madame Raven Callie kept her moving as she’d been trained, noting with some pride how Charlie took down the larger thug and almost took down the faster of the two. It didn’t quite work but it gave Callie an opening, striking from the shadows she managed to give the still distracted foe and quick but effective chop to the side of the head. It was powerful but she’d learned how to strike pressure point to stun her foe and she caught the faster thug in a particular nerve cluster that caused the man to collapse to the floor. “Hmm, guess they are better in Freedom City!
  4. Madame Raven will counter by trying to punch the Fast Thug Attack Roll: 1d20+12 29 so another Toughness Save vs DC 23 Toughness Save: 1d20+8 10 Staggered & Dazed We'll drop out of combat here, but more shenanigans on there way!
  5. Fast Thugs Counter Bluff: 1d20+10 28, he's not that slow apparently! Will get hit though, so Toughness Save: 1d20+6 24 Bruised
  6. Out of character stuff for this.
  7. Zhenshchina-voin Despite Klara’s apparently gun-ho attitude she was still aware that an innocent was inside this werewolf shaped foe, she was doing her best to pull her blows aiming to make them unconscious rather than cause any real harm. Maybe she was trying too hard not to hurt the beast as her blow didn’t contact anything but fur. “I don’t suppose you’d have the decency to play dead would you? Might save us the bacon, if you’ll excuse the pun!” It was a little on the lame side, but despite the potentially seriousness she was enjoying herself.
  8. Blodeuwedd “The one thing that finally convinced us that this wasn’t our Blue Jay. I don’t know how well know it is, but Kit and Blue Jay were an item at the time…” she paused, thinking for a moment before adding “I not sure if Kit is still active right now, but if it’ll hurt her image if you could edit that out please.” She might have never got to admit her true feelings to Blue Jay but she wasn’t going to score cheap point against a woman she still thought of as a, right now distant, friend. “So when Blue Jay grabbed Kit and threw her off the building I just have
  9. Just like many people, Superheroes enjoy their music to keep them going through the day. Whether its just for their workout routine, or fight music for facing down foes, music keeps them going! So for the next few months we want to hear about your hero's playlist, and maybe more importantly, why they choose the tracks they do. Being music, we’re doing things a little differently. For 1PP, provide us with ten or more tracks that are either the character's favourites or best define them. With the track and singer you should (if possible) share the love and provide a link to the song.
  10. Blodeuwedd - 5 posts + 5 Posts (Guest posts) = 10 posts = 2PP + 1PP (Ref point) = 3PP (OMTB) Interview: Blodeuwedd (5) Frostbyte Only Doing Good When I'm Having Fun (5) Madame Raven - 7 posts + 3 posts = 10 posts = 2PP How a Young Heart Really Feels (3) Rough cut diamonds (2) Survival Class: Silver Lining (2) Merge Trois - 1 post Original Gangster (Remix) (1) Ms Bright - 3 post + 7 posts (GM Posts) = 10 posts = 2PP A Different Kind of Justice (3) Scarab III - 1 posts Family Takeover () Whe
  11. The Immutable Betsy Brooks When you’re between the Moon and Vibora Bay Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but there’s this guy called Jacob that sweet on this girl called Bella. I know right and the crazy thing is that he’s a werewolf, and right now she’s not taking it well. And guess what idiot is trying to talk her out of the shack to talk to her sudden wolfman boyfriend. Even worse thank to some wanker messing around with time, or some similar superhero shenanigans, I end up back in the bloody shack as well. Luckily, I’d passed out from a few hours celebrating so
  12. GM Post The four building surrounded an open square, three tenements looking upon a warehouse the loading dock apparently being used for a makeshift stage. The area was filled with a large number of local crooks and villains. Ranging from the local gangs, clusters together to avoided each other, to the minor league super villains that called this area home. Nothing more powerful than a D-list at best, including the one that the other Merge was standing beside apparently looking bored. Individually one of two might be a slight effort to defeat, but as a whole they would be a ch
  13. Ms Bright “I’m not sure it took that much mind control…” Agnes mused quietly to herself “Those down there were, are, people they have friends and family that miss them. And those that don’t deserve to be treated respectfully.” She looked down at the man that had caused at all this and she couldn’t help but feel anger at what he’d done. She didn’t feel the desire to hurt him, beyond what she’d done, for what he’d done “And this isn’t about revenge its about justice, otherwise we’re no better than the man lying there.”
  14. Frostbyte Cathy of old would have been a little embrassed about something as square as knitting, but they weren’t teenagers any more and the only cool she ever tried to be was with her powers. “I’ve been teaching myself to knit over the last few years, help filled those cold night when I was on my own.” she leaned in to whisper in Matts ear slightly conspiratorially “I knitted one for everyone, except Fang I’m afraid as I didn’t think they’d wear a little doggie vest however cute it was.”
  15. Madame Raven Caught a little off guard Callie replied without considering a mouthful of cookie, after a stream of incomprehensible cookie mumbles she raised her hand as she carefully chewed and swallowed the delicious embarrassment confectionery. At least she wasn’t bother about looking cool to the other teen. “Well I’m enjoying these delicious cookies at the very least!” she added weakly at Judy “And I’m not not enjoying the day, though I feel more like the martyr than the cherub.” She shrugged and took a, littler this time, bite of the cookie. “It’s k
  16. GM Post The fast thug was torn for a few moments as what to do, literally vibrating between also running away and attacking the cowls. The moments hesitation was probably enough because when he finally decided to stay and fight, zipping up the line to try and find Nevermore, his flurry of punched weren’t particularly well thrown, even without the darkness that was home of any well prepared cowl. It was probably at this point he realised right now that he was fighting on his own, but for now it was far to late to flee to safety.
  17. Maggie is away for now, HP for her sudden successful teleportation. 29 Fast Thug, unharmed 23 Nevermore II, 3HP, unharmed 22 Madame Raven, 3HP, unharmed 8 Tough Thug, Bound, Stunned Fast Thug will try and punch Charlie, Attack Roll: 1d20+10 15 Nevermore is uneffected and is now up!
  18. Madame Raven Callie was pleased with how she’d time her stun grenade to go off at almost the same moment as Charlie caught the big guy. They fought well together and she always looked forward to chances to work with him. Sometime she wondered how she’d feel if there wasn’t the whole time travel / age difference thing going on. There victory was a little undercut when the woman blinked away suddenly with a flash of light, she frowned at how wrong they’d called the situation. Still there was still the two left here to sort out first, then they’d worry about the fleeing teleporte
  19. GM Post Later at the Station Maggie sat apparently unnerved as the woman read out from the report. “So the two cowls hit you out of no where suddenly, Tough Thug… Tough Thug really?” Maggie shrugged apparently unconcerned with this whole thing “Guys were idiots, hadn’t even bothered to come up with stupid code names yet. Tough went down wrapped in some sort of cable and caught in some kind of cable and stunned at the same time, I guess the other was okay as I did the sensible thing…”
  20. Callie going to use a Stun Grenade on the three, will assume that the two cowls are staying out of each others reach right now! Fort Save vs Stun 4 for our thugs Tough Thug Fort Save: 1d20+8 13 Fast Thug Fort Save: 1d20+6 17. Maggie Fort Save: 1d20+8 24 Our poor Tough is having a really bad day!
  21. He's easy to hit, so let's see how this goes Reflex Save: 1d20+6 7. So he's snared, feel free to tweak your post as needed.
  22. Blodeuwedd “At first she tried to recruit us to fight by her side, for personal reason she wanted to destroy any traces of Terminus. Even then I tried to talk her down at point she’d not seriously hurt anyone.” She still felt pride about how her friends had worked together to try and help who they’d thought was her friends. It hadn’t gone well, but they’d tried at least. “Between us we managed to disarm her of her weapons. And I know I’m being a bit of stuck record at this point, but we didn’t expect what she did next.”
  23. Ms Bright Agnes quickly made sure that the Priest was alright, before looking for something to restrain the man. She might have gotten a grim satisfaction from beating the man, but she didn’t want his blood on her hands. “We make this right!” she waved her hand at the scene below “You need to contact the police and tell them, and show them, just what's happened here.” She wasn’t sure that with her lack of status she could even convince the cops exactly what had happened here.
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