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  1. Claremont Academy Early January It wasn’t unusual for new students to arrive at the academy, powers didn’t exactly keep to school schedules, but the latest student had certainly made an impact. The young African American woman, Dana Devons, always dressed in a strange throwback style, leather jacket over a t-shirt and a skirt normally very short and a pair of solid platform boots. Her hair was shaved on one side with the mass of her hair swept over the over side covering the eye. With her deliberately punky clothes came an attitude she was surly and argumentive suggesting that she really didn’t want to be friends with anyone. Not that it didn’t stop some seeing that as a challenge...
  2. When you submit an edit request, please do not just submit a new code-blocked sheet for us to copy & paste. You must tell us specifically what you're adding/editing. A code-blocked sheet is not required but does make it easier on us. So not to clutter things up too much if you do include the sheet please stick it within spoiler tags. When submitting edits for multiple characters, please make one post per character - it helps with the bookkeeping and make sure that an issue with one character edit doesn't affect another's. Whilst we endeavor to do these as quickly as possible we're only human, so don't be afraid to contact us if we've not gotten to your edit's in a while. Though please go easy on use and if you can limit your edits to only one or two characters at a time.
  3. Lakeside, Emerald City 9:10 pm, 4th July 2018 The air glowed red towards Mount Stanley but not the glorious sunset that was happening over the sparkling Pacific rather Lakeside was burning. At the edge of the area, a rather eccentric mansion was blazing merrily, with everyone out it would be no danger to anyone rather a loss of property if not for the chance of the Elysian forest also catching. Already at another fire in the area, a strange coincidence in itself, someone would be able to respond soon enough, but it could be too late for the more valuable forest that surrounded the area.
  4. White Lioness Reflex Save: 1d20+12 24, so Toughness Save: 1d20+8 9 yeah lets spend a HP for a reroll Toughness Save: 1d20+8 11 so 18 Against the snare Reflex Save: 1d20+12 25. So could be worse....
  5. 23:00, 5th November 2018 Southside, Freedom City Humanity had a great capacity to recover from almost anything, and that included their capacity to hate. Only a few months after the city had almost been obliterated by an invasion force already the various gangs of the Southside had already started fighting amongst each other. Even worse a few of the devices from the invasion had leaked onto the black market, including once such device that according to good intelligence was going to be sold this very night in a warehouse in more run down part of the area.
  6. Deep Space, Lor Border Zone 14th Jyeshtha 2075 "I did not know that Terrans still had a nudity taboo!" A bemused Sitara walked back into the cabin of the Kavaca zipping up her freshly donned jumpsuit, the ships proximity alarm providing a well-timed distraction. The voice of Akazavani spoke as soon as Sitara entered the cabin, she could speak where she wanted in the ship and even had a holographic image for just such occasions. But she was being well behaved today, obviously, she understood Terran behaviour better than Sitara did. "We're picking up a distress call from a Lor Navy ship, the Glorious Exploration of the Unknown."
  7. GM Post Whilst the heroes were introducing themselves there was an almost imperceptible change to the craft. Then without any noticeable mechanically means a door opened up on the side of the craft and a silvery ramp formed touching the ground not that far from the gathered heroes. Brightly lit there was no way that they could see inside, but apparently it was an invitation of some kind. Soundless as it was it took a few moments before someone noticed that the ship had provided an entrance in the hidden depths of the alien ship.
  8. ... All be aware that a special transdimensional craft, the Seeker of Perpetual Harmony [Image Enclosed] is active in the Sol system. A reward is offered for any data people can collect on the vehicle, especially if it can be convinced to return to the station. The vehicle isn’t dangerous but is single-minded in its mission across the dimensions... Praetorian Bulletin, CoVic Station Liberty Park, Freedom City, United States, Sol III System 09:00 EST 3rd January 2019 To those on the planet itself knew nothing of this craft, for all they knew it was a strange silver craft shaped vaguely like a Horseshoe Crab. Even though it was a new year it was more or less business as usual with the craft hovering just above the ground in Liberty Park. Apparently, it was waiting patiently for people to turn up to investigate its sudden arrival in this local. Not that it had to wait long in a city of heroes...
  9. GM Post As Dana’s turned to reply the bell for the next period rang, she paused for a few minutes and weighed up her options before answering with a wicked looking smile as something occurred to her. “Well in that case I’ll show you what’s going on, but we need to go right now!” She took a few steps before looking back at her fellow Claremont students. “Well are you all coming along or not?” Not waiting for a response she strode off down the grounds towards the back of the Claremont grounds.
  10. Doctor Thorne Bedlam had many area like this nondescript area that were a little run down, that few appart dare visit afterdark. Rosa would be oblivious to such threats if it wasn’t for Liam keeping an eye out for potential danger, especially if she was following an occult lead. Knowing the situation meant she was quite comfortable waiting for her “date” for the evening. Whilst she’d always followed fashion, it could be very useful in her investigations sometime,she tended not to follow the trends going for what was comfortable on a day to day basis. So for tonight she’d fallen back on her Little Black Dress, that gave a her a simple but classy look that suited a night like this.
  11. Around Sunset, Bedlam City Very few who live in a blighted urban landscape like Bedlam wouldn't suspect that it had much in the way of magic. The founders of the city had made sure that several convergences of ley lines meant the city was brimming with the stuff. Like the city, the magic was icky and blighted, though many still argued which caused the other. Away from the prying eyes of many a superteams and powerful mystics, Bedlam made a perfect place for those who practiced the less savory styles of magic to meet up and exchange, or more often sell, rituals and artifacts that were unpleasant if not outright evil...
  12. GM Post Compared to the almost sereneness of the ship now Facsimile was filled with memories of a ship in chaos, alarms blaring and various Lor running down the corridor. It looked like a typical scene from one of the many Earth Sci-fi shows and movies. Suddenly there was a wall of electricity running down the corridor, sweeping away everything as it did, until it passed the point they were and no more Lor in the area anymore. Though for a moment he thought he’d seen a form of a humanoid made out of the streaming electricity...
  13. Lucy Harker “You’ve obviously not listened to the good stuff, raised the roof back in my day. And not so much of the old!” she replies with a laugh of her own. Something must have touched a nerve as after a few seconds of though, as they began to cruise down the Freeway, she added “Though it’s crazy to think that it was almost hundred years soon. I’m two hundred and also thirty-seven, that would have almost made me an old maid now it’s just the beginning of it all!” with a smile she added “Don’t worry I’m not going all melancholic on you, I guess it something that all immortals figure out at some point.”
  14. Wading Station, North End, Freedom City 7:30 pm 4th September 2018 It had taken a year to arrange everyone schedules, mostly it's was true Lucy's schedule, but finally, they were free to take there road trip across the country. The place that she'd chosen to meet up with Nicole was Wadling station and old Art Deco station that she remembered from her breathing life, the contrast between that and the modern building just reminded her how her life was now. With her standard sunglasses, she lent on the body of the car that they'd be using for this road trip, a '63 soft top Corvette in black, obvious her assistances idea of a joke. It was probably lucky that she couldn't find a Model T-Ford car or this trip would have taken so much longer.
  15. Ms Bright Agnes was quite for a few moments as she apparently considered the option at hand. “I’ve never tried to teleport with someone other than myself, I should be able to do it with the shorter distances to cover for the increase in weight.” it sounded that she at least understood how her powers worked, which was a surprise to her to discover out this fact. “There’s still some risk obviously!” she still looked confident despite the risks “Other than that I’m all good to go!” she managed a reassuring smile.
  16. Doctor Thorne Upon spying the oozing blackness from the book her reaction were almost instantaneous. “I need to see that straight away, catch me up when you can.” She sprinted up the stair and threw open the door to where the ooze was, just in time to see Mr Strix and Lady Horus disappear through a sudden hole in the floor. “Huh that can’t be good!” not bothering to check if they’d followed Rosa called back to the other “You probably should go check to see if they’re both okay.” As she spoke her senses both mundane and magical scanned the ooze to try and determine what she could about this stuff.
  17. Doctor Thorne Complication: Twin Shows: The transformation between Rosa and Liam is for most people completely unnoticed, they don't see the change happen just that one had left and other has taken their place. Supernatural creatures and extraordinary people, including but not restricted to supers, will notice the transition between the two.  Skills: Escape Artist +6, Notice +2, Sleight of Hand +8 [4PP] Feats: Eidetic Memory, Luck +2, Second Chance (Concentration) [4PP] Powers: Add Innate and Subtle 2 to Morph so it's as follows: [+3PP] Morph 4 (Twin Souls, single appearance (Liam Conner), Feats: Metamorph, Innate, Subtle 2) [8PP] Liam Conner Skills: Stealth +4 [1PP] Powers: Add +1 to Super Strength [+1PP] and add the following Morph 4 (Twin Souls, single appearance Feat: Metamorph, Innate, Subtle 2) [8PP]
  18. Zhenshchina-voin Klara had lived long enough that she understood people pretty well, even though Morgan was ancient the same tells still applied down all these years. And something was definitely off with Morgan, more so than her normal grumpiness. “Be careful something off about this,” she whispered to Dreadnaught, though they’d already knew that something weird was going on “We wanted to make sure that you were okay, and you know that in matters like this is something to be done as a tribe, and Dreadnaught here is one of your tribe.” She hoped that they shared some traditions that her own ancient culture followed even now.
  19. The Traveller “Luckily you have one of the best Engineers in the Praetorians!” Sitara wasn’t one to have false modesty about her abilities. After all, she’d spent most of the trip so far getting the ship humming along at the most efficient she could get it “As good as the ship is I don’t suggest getting any closer to the anomaly, something like this will do any kinds of things to subspace. I mean I assume we’re going to take a look inside, rather than sit here and look at the pretty thing?”
  20. Doctor Thorne Rosa understood why they needed to do these things, she had an expert on such things in her head after all, but it didn’t mean she was wasn’t impatient to look into the heart of this mystery. Especially when she could see the books behind Lady Horus on the monitor screen, it said something that when presented with a glowing hero her first instinct was a few books in the background. She wanted to say a few words to “encourage” things along, but she knew he’d need silence to work so she just glared at the guard
  21. Doctor Thorne Rosa generally didn’t generally get directly involved with conflict, she had Liam or other allies to do that for her, but walking out onto the landing and seeing the fighting going on down below she couldn’t help but feel the need to help out a little. “Could we hurry this up please people? We have places to be after all!” Partially in frustration, she recalled a spell causing swirling damaging energies to rise up and form around the thugs just below. She’d not had time to call down more powerful forces but for now, it would help a little.
  22. Another HP to throw an area attack on as many of the minions attacking Judex Damage 5 (25ft Burst Radius, Extra: Area (General Burst), Range) [15PP]
  23. White Lioness Àjàṣorò had been already been preparing to attempt to reach the giant man, she’d gone to the other side of the roof and was ready for a running leap. She saw no reason to stop so she began her run, hoping that either the suit’s properties or more likely Zenith would help her. As she soared through the air she put out her claws, ready to strike the Krampus when she landed. The claws struck a solid blow and as they did she planted her feet on the shoulder of the monstrous human, the suits molecular cohesion plus her own natural balance helped her get a firm footing on the beast.
  24. White Lioness will go all stabby, stabby Attack Roll: 1d20+14 22, if that hits it's DC 21 Toughness Save.