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  1. Angrydurf Kensei: 1PP (Ref Point) ChrisClark13 Onyx: 2posts = 1PP Dr Archeville Protectron: 1PP (Ref post) Fox Eclipse: 1 (Rollover) = 1 post = 1PP Gaian Knight: 4 posts [Maxed] Gremlin: 1 (Rollover) = 1 post = 1PP Grim: 1 (Rollover) = 1 post = 1PP Masque: 1 (Rollover) = 1 post = 1PP Nocturne: 5 posts = 1PP + 1PP (Ref Point) = 2PP Knight Disciple Gabriel: 5 posts [Maxed] Raven III: 1 + 2 + 1 = 4 posts [Maxed] Thunderbird: 2 + 8 (Rollover) = 10 posts = 2PP Lone_Star Corsair: 2 + 8 (GM post) = 10 posts = 2PP Outrider: 1 + 3 = 4 posts = 1PP GM Posts: 5×2 = 10 posts Nerdzul Nightscale: 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 +2 = 11 posts = 2PP Rocket Lord Archer II: 2 + 8 (Rollover) = 10 posts = 2PP Freedom Eagle ∞: 3 + 7 (GM posts) = 10 posts = 2PP Ghost: 4 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 3 (GM posts) = 10 posts = 2PP Justice: 10 (GM posts) = 2PP Little Mermaid II: 2 + 23 (GM posts) = 25 posts = 3PP + 1PP (Guide) = 4PP Nevermore II: 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 4 (GM posts) = 10 posts = 2PP Rocket: 1 post = 1PP Space Ranger: 2 + 7 + 1 (GM posts) = 10 posts = 2PP Forever Boy 5 + 3 = 8 posts [Maxed] GM Posts: 1 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 10 = 26 x 2 posts = 52 posts Secondling Sable Raven: 3 + 2 (GM posts) = 5 posts = 2PP GM Post: 1×2 posts = 2 posts Spacefurry Chimera: 1 + 3 = 4 posts = 1PP Paper: 1 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 2 (GM posts) = 10 posts = 2PP GM Posts: 2×2 posts = 4 posts Thevshi Veronica Danger: 10 posts = 1PP Multi-Girl: 1 post (Rollover) = 1PP + 1PP (Ref point) = 2PP Synapse: 2 posts [Maxed] Sri Kath’lana: 2 posts = 1PP
  2. The Traveller Whilst Sitara had been a warrior for many millennia she’d also been an engineer for just as long. And she’d seen these kind of power lifters many times before, really her power armour was just a much fancier version. “Hmmm looks like a SKR-11L, Lor design, cheap and cheerful! I bet they didn’t even disable remote diagnosis.” As she spoke she used her suits computer to link with the control systems, accessing the code of the machine. “I think I wrote some of this code! Should be easy to put it into maintenance mode...” Thus done a half dozen safety systems, the Lor were nothing but cautious, shut everything down so the potentially fault suit couldn’t harm the user.
  3. Starshine “Being an only child is nice and all, but sometimes its nice to others around your old age. Once a year I’d stay with my Aunty and it was crazy at times but also a lot of fun.” She dropped the bag in the room with a large thump, wondering what she’d do with so many sweaters through the year. She looked up at the taller, thinner, woman it was a shame they couldn’t share clothes. Thinking of clothes made an obvious question come to mind. “I was going to ask about clothes and duplication but I guess you must already be fed up of such questions?”
  4. Callie will pull on her Gasmask, and if has a chance throw a Ravenrang at Red Death. Attack Roll:  1d20+10 17, on the off chance thats a DC 21 Toughness.
  5. Oh I forgot I have Skill Mastery on Electronics, Mechanical and Technology! So for whicheverone is appropriate I have 25.
  6. If I spend a HP for a quick and dirty datalink can I roll to just shut the lifter down?
  7. Madame Raven Callie was fairly chill, with things being quieter than the previous year but was still keeping an eye on what was going on around her. Even so it was somewhat of a surprise to see the floating snacks, even in a superhero school. “It’s okay, I remember how scary first day can be. If you like feel free to just help yourself, but I’d also like the company right now!” The sudden cat bought back a memory of her mothers like of breed, with a slightly whistful smile she found something suitable among the snack a gently offered it to the beast. “Well hello kitty! Or are you more a māomī or kiti?” remembering her mom testing her Mandarin and Japanese back in the day.
  8. Klara's Reflex Save: 1d20+9 20, Evasion 2 so she'd okay.
  9. Starshine Rosalind carefully manoeuvred the bag, making sure not knock into anyone or anything. The fact that she could carry such a large bag easily wasn’t that impressive when someone could make multiple copies of herself. At home she’d managed to lift a car with relative easy, but again that probably wasn’t that impressive. “Erm in that case lets go!” she finally said as her brain caught up “Not to be rude but are they’re always multiple version of you around? Because that would get pretty crowded in our little room! I’m an only child so getting use to one person going to be new, let alone a dozen!” At the edge of the room she was just close enough the arrival of Danica, it was a quite an entrance as well and another weird event in a weird day. “Does all this ever get to be just normal?”
  10. Ms Grue Daphne was trying to follow along with whole thing, she wasn’t total sure about using animal for entrainment. As a telepath and empath she could feel creatures confusion and pain, and it was never a pleasant experience. Luckily these crustaceans seemed relatively calm, and they weren’t exactly the most expressive or smartest of creatures. “Remind me again what's going to happen to them after the race? We’re going to let the winner go right?” She knew that most creatures needed food for survival, but that didn’t mean you had to be mean about it all.
  11. GM Post In the middle of the hustle was Dama Maravilla surrounded mostly by well dressed staff, a mix of bodyguards and advisors of various types. It seemed she was going for a theme with all of them being female appearing, and also very capable of handling themselves. More worryingly from one of the van came a figure in head to toe red and black leather, whether she’d always been in here or had just changed. Obviously a super of some type though is was unclear exactly what her power set was yet. Right now she was looking around as if she was sensing that something was amiss, maybe she could with her power set?
  12. The Traveller Sitara had been tracking down a rumour of a lost and ancient site, a bust as it happened, when she decided to check out an old watering hole she’d remembered in this neck of the universe. Good dive were hard to find and it was always a shame when the went legitimate. Thankfully this place seemed not only to be still rough, or rough again, but there seemed to be a bar-room brawl in progress. “Nice of them to put on a floor show! Be a shame to refuse such a generous offer.” As she moved into the room she quickly worked out who were the bad guys, recognising a face or two from previous encounters. As she move she split her pike into two and set them for a neurological paralysing shock, enemies or no you didn’t hurt anyone in a brawl!
  13. The Traveller Sitara was on the other hand enjoying the chance to stretch her combat legs a little. Over the last year or so she’d been wandering space more than normal, trying to make sense of what she’d learned about the species that had made her all those millennia ago. However whenever the Praetorians need her help she was there as quickly as she could. Seeing that Queenie had this group under control she took to the air looking if any other groups were out to cause them trouble. “Another group of them coming out way, let me see if I can thin there numbers.” Quickly adjusting her power pikes setting she slung the pike over her shoulder to provide some bracing before firing a neural stunning field. “Okay that could have gone better, still a few down for now. How many do we figure are here right now?”
  14. Madame Raven Callie might be focused on her social media, but her senses still provided her with an awareness of what was going on around her. Enough that she could tell that something had changed, now it was a reach but she was sure someone had just ended up on the floor. There were so many different ways they could do it, it would be interested to find out how and why. “Welcome to Claremont!” she waved an arm lazily in welcome “Feel free to pop in and say hi when you’re settled in, I have snacks!” She didn’t make them but they had been carefully picked out to cover as many different tastes as possible, attention to detail was a Summers tradition.
  15. Starshine All the cool powers and weird stuff that everyone was talking about, that she’d have check out when she had a point later. Homework here was going to get very werid going forwards! Still one thing she did understand was small town life, hopefully something to bond over. “Now small town living is something I understand, the great thing is nothing happens, the worse that is that nothing ever happens!” Feeling a little self conscious she hefted the large bag and looked around to get her bearing. “I guess I better take this to my new room, I’m in…” she glanced at her phone “...erm 308!”
  16. GM Post The car had made its way up Lantern Hill, the oldest part of Freedom City. Up here you could see the city sprawling below them. Nestled up here was a small colonial church, St. Stephen’s Church, a tall narrow building kept lovingly order since the 90s. It overlooked Lantern Hill Cementary, where the oldest inhabitants of of Freedom City were buried. Indeed it was rumoured that one of the oldest, and most elusive of Freedom Cities superhero dwelt here. They were probably also one of the most powerful supernatural being, which generally meant they were unlikely to help without some coercion.
  17. The Immutable Betsy Brooks “There are old vengeful creatures, from when the universe ran differently, that wish no more than to tear everything down and recreate there old worlds. They’re always looking for a way into this universe to wreck havoc on things. Luckily things don’t seem to be that far along, yet.” Betsy spoke matter of fact as she parked the car, putting it in park and gathering her supplies. “As it happens we’re here. Take in the view a moment I need to get my bearings.” On the bonnet, hood she guessed, she laid out a large map and began to study it intensely.
  18. Traveller will gain some height, say roof level, and drop an area stun on a group of thug. Thats a general burst area, DC 16 Reflex save or DC 15 Fort or Stun.
  19. Let's say Sitara is just entering the place so Move towards the nearest space thug and do a Strike & Paralyse with her Power Pike. Attack Roll: 1d20+10 27, thats a DC 22 Toughness save and a DC 16 Fort save for Paralyze.
  20. Starshine Rosalind also took the opportunity to help herself with to a muffin, making sure to thank Muire as she did so. She considered a dainty bite before dismissing the idea and enjoying a healthy mouthful of muffin. “Oh I’m relatively local, from a place called Shamong, about an hour from Freedom City.” she replied after finishing her bite “My family are originally from Greece though, my grandparents move here in the late ‘50s. From the tales granny tells the place was a bit of a mess back then!”
  21. The Scarab III Kamala had taken this pause to duck down behind the desk to quickly check her device was still functioning, for a bodge job she was proud how well it was holding up even if the battery wouldn’t last for a few minutes. As she worked she wondered what to do next, the sensible thing would be to just sit here and wait things out. After all it looked like a superhero was already on the scene, which was more or less a given in a place like Freedom City. But she couldn’t just sit here and do nothing when people were in trouble, even if all she had right now was her force field. So she tied her scarf around her face, smelling smoke on the air (and to somewhat hide her identity) before grabbing the largest book to hand to venture out and see what she could do to help.
  22. Yes they are minions and have fallen for the ruse. You can both get to them to beat up some terrorists!
  23. GM Post The three terrorist were moving down the corridor fairly cautiously, what with what they’d previously heard, weapons ready for whatever potential trouble was ahead of them. When they heard that one them was in trouble all caution was thrown to the wind and they rushed towards the voice. Not trying to be stealthy both of the Raven could hear them making there way towards the sound, as well as in the office.
  24. Bee Melissa sat on the edge of the mech and transferred back to her full size, making sure not to catch any of the Robugs. Indeed the first thing she did was give the nearest bug a playful little pat, much how you treat a puppy or kitten. “I’m afraid I only know a few word of Dakanai, I’ve been trying to learned but it’s hard to find good sources outside of the country!” Looking a little guilty at her lack of knowledge she glanced around at the mostly peaceful scene. “We should probably work this all out outside, I think the bee’s are still a little edgy after all thats happened here.”
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