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  1. Arrowhawk took a quick glance at the large hole in the glass. Something of formidable size must have made this, and a sick feeling twisted in her stomach as she realised the short list of things that size, and the likelihood of just what had made it. "Then the guards are in grave danger too. We should have arrived sooner." Osla grasped Orheidr firmly in one hand as she strode into the house. "Stay behind me." She let her boots clatter on the floor as she drew in a deep breath. "SHOW YOURSELF!" she suddenly yelled, voice booming through the house. "AND PERHAPS I WILL GO EASIER ON YOU IF YOU DO!"
  2. Arrowhawk tilted her head as she looked at the other woman's strange weapon, before tutting. Her voice carried a note of exasperation as she turned and began to stride out of the room and the building, not waiting to see if Wadjet was following behind. "Would it not have made sense to have sent one of those who can fly on each team?" She reached up, adjusting her hood, reaching beneath it to ensure it was still clipped to her braids. "We're going to have to make double time. I hope you can keep up." Despite her annoyance at Lady Horus, Arrowhawk had not encountered this newcomer yet, and given what appeared to be a similar modus operandi to hers, didn't harbour any immediate entity to the other half of the Sunhawk's strange double act.
  3. I feel like no one else has addressed this; but it is an important point. This site uses the 2nd edition version of Mutants & Masterminds (albeit with several house rules), not the 3rd edition book, so you'll need to make your build using the 2nd edition book.
  4. Arrowhawk snatched up the photo of Bedlam's Ladies Academy, lightly tossing it up and down in her hand as she paced over to the kneeling woman. As usual, Lady Horus had just barged in and ignored the photograph with the exact name they were specifically here to look for. She held it up as she crouched down, most of her face shadowed by her cowl. "A woman was magically compelled not to say this name. Bedlam Ladies Academy." She leaned closer, smiling widely. It was like the grin of an alligator, utterly lacking in any form of humour whatsoever. "Who are they really?"
  5. Arrowhawk sighed and rolled her eyes. Lady Horus did not have any measure of patience or hesitance in simply storming buildings. She let out a deep sigh, shouldering her bow and she strode through the open door confidently, staring straight ahead, eyes taking in the rooms ahead of her without looking quite directly at anything or anyone. She kept her eyes and ears out, alert to anything Lady Horus may have missed in her great haste.
  6. Arrowhawk knelt down besides the fallen woman. "Tyr's fell hand, I should have known. Someone has laid a geas on her. I am unsure if it will be fatal, but well..." She shrugged, glancing over at Wadjet. "She is compelled to conceal the source from us, or else death will claim her. Or at least agony enough to make death preferable." She tilted her head to glare at the Sunhawk from beneath her cowl, one piercing blue eyes fixed on her. "I do not know what power you have, discount Álfröðull, but only magic or the gods can intervene here." She gestured with one metal-gauntleted hand. "Do you have the skill to?"
  7. Arcane lore: 1d20+5 20 Give me the skinny. Is she cursed; under a geas, under a goose... ?
  8. Arrowhawk broke off from her glaring to look at the woman in the bedraggled clothing. "Chick who wrestles?" she asked, a mix of disbelief and wry amusement in her voice. A smile briefly crossed her lips before turning back to the old woman, baring her teeth once more. In all this, she hadn't once let her grip on the woman waver, supernaturally strong grip clasped on her shoulder. "I was born to death," hissed Osla. "I grew up in a realm of death. And I walked straight out. I do not have the patience left for riddles and enigmas, for gods and for monsters." This was true, she did not have the patience to deal with the Sunhawk's mannerisms today. Her nerves were fried. "I want this done with. Now."
  9. Arrowhawk looked at the man compassionately. She knew he'd try to fight them. He'd maybe get a few. But he was one man with a gun. "Steve, I don't think this place is secure enough. There's too many of them. Too well armed." She glanced back at the detective and the homeless woman, before leaning in closer, speaking in a quiet voice. "You must have somewhere else you know, somewhere more secure."
  10. Intimidate!!!: 1d20+10 23 Scary Batman is scary
  11. Arrowhawk lunged for the fleeing Omegadrone, but only succeeded in staggering forward, missing it by inches as it flew away. A feral growl escaped her throat as she could only frustratedly watch it flying away. Perhaps her father could have shot it down, but she knew she wouldn't be able to. She turned, and saw the old woman with the dagger. She clearly knew what was going on. Arrowhawk whirled on her heel, striding over to her, and grabbed the old woman by the shoulder firmly, yanking her around to face her. "Tell me what is happening," snarled Arrowhawk, in a tone brooking no disobedience.
  12. Arrowhawk recoiled a little as the Sunhawk slammed the angel so hard the veil dropped from it and the cybernetic monstrosity beneath was visible to her. Osla's eyes widened as she realised what the creatures of nightmare her father had been so keen to keep away from her were. "Omegadrone," she breathed. Her hesitation was only brief. She came in hard to the left, Orheidr coming down with a whipcrack to rebound off some kind of energy field. No matter, she'd keep up the momentum, pivoting round to let her ax visibly and audible spark off the field. "Do not think you can escape further injury today," hissed Arrowhawk, bringing one boot up in a brutal kick to the thing's knee. In the split second of momentum, in the tiny gap where it was off balance, she slammed her bow into the Omegadrone's 'clavicle' and began pushing backwards. Her axe slammed into the thing's forehead, exerting as much effort as she could, struggling even with the supernatural might in her gauntlets. At some point she realised a scream of exertion was coming from her mouth, teeth bared, as she managed to bend the fiend from another dimension into a twisted parody of a limbo dance.
  13. Unless the Omegadrone busts out, Osla's going to try and keep the thing pinned. If it does bust out, she's going to switch to using her ice arrow (Snare 7) to try and freeze the damn thing where it stands/flies.
  14. Arrowhawk was baffled. This looked like no angel of death she had ever encountered and yet, here it was, assaulting people. Her hesitation was her undoing, it giving a crucial second for it to attack the woman. Surging forward, she saw a smear of acid dissipate harmlessly against the angel. Finding out where it had came from was down her list of priorities right now, as she pulled out her axe from beneath her cloak. In a quick, violent motion, she leapt up, kicking the angel hard in the face, just long enough for her to spin in the air, bringing the axe down in a vicious downward stroke. It didn't bring the angel down, but did clearly do something to it. "By Tyr's blood, you will not harm these people. Try it, and I will stand against you. Trust me. You do not want that."
  15. OK, let's kick some goddamn ass. Osla is going to prioritize taking the thing down over rescuing people, because she's got no ability to mass move people out of here. Roll will to disbelieve: 1d20+9 16 Arrowhawk doesn't actually know what an Omegadrone is. Arrownitiative: 1d20+8 10 Arrowhawk did not do well for initiative. Right, her primary move in this fight is to just beat the living hell out of the angel of death. If it keeps distant, she's going to shoot it in the face with incendiary arrows (+11 to hit, DC 22 Damage, with Secondary Effect). If it closes, she's going to Quick Draw her axe and start wailing on it with that (+10 to hit, DC23 Damage, no secondary effect, but it has Improved Critical). If it really comes down to protecting civilians, she'll try to grapple the Omegadrone to keep it from attacking people. I'll just throw you a load of dice: 10#1d20 15 15 2 7 4 19 17 3 15 7 Hit me up if it's going to KO her.