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  1. Janus Red Sky at Night = 2 Posts Last Gasp of Summer (IC) (Open) = 2 Posts And Carnal Forbearance (IC) = 1 Posts Flash of the Blade = 1 Posts Bombshell S.H.A.D.O.W. of Doubt = 1 Posts Guide PP to Bombshell please
  2. Janus hesitated for just a moment once Erik switched it up. Both Ace and Erik were skilled enough to clock the moment's pause for what it was although a layperson probably wouldn't have recognized the heartbeat of a hiccup before Janus adjusted. Rather than chase after Erik or fall back on trying something ranged, Janus slipped into a strike and run sort of tactic. With the sort of lean and limber athleticism, Janus probably could have thrown in acrobatics but the dojo was not familiar stomping grounds to Janus and they really had no desire to fall on that trim butt in front of the first promising teacher Janus had seen on Prime. Whirling, Janus blinked those pale violet eyes once at the request and gave a little bow of their head. "I shan't aim for Master... for Erik's jewels, Grandfather." Janus promised with wry amusement. Quickly wiping down the training sword before setting it back on the equipment roll, Janus unbuckled the leather buckler as well. "I've spent most of this summer watching all of the classics," Janus explained, "I may have visited this earth a few times a year but I didn't want to be woefully unprepared for popular culture references going into high school. Of course, it IS Claremont so..." Janus gave a little wiggle of one hand as if to say 'everyone's a little weird'. With their practice weapons safely away, Janus flexed one hand and then reached those elegant fingers up towards their sternum. The dimensional barrier rippled a little, like disturbed water, as Janus' fingers closed around the raw magic of Fortuna that pulsed around their heart and drew the crackling power from deep within, shaping it into physical form. The magic hidden under Janus' skin surged and sang - not audibly - but to mystic senses as it was tapped by Fortuna's native son. Touching their opposite hand to the blade, Janus drew off enough humming magic to surround their off hand with a buckler made of glowing light that pulsed in pink to rose hues. "It's something my father brought to Aruivia," Janus said softly, their gaze downcast on the weapons made of light and magic as if they could feel their home just a little bit closer with Fortuna's magic humming in their hands. It was a bittersweet feeling and the flicker of homesickness flashed across Janus' fineboned features once more. "I don't, entirely, know how it works other than the obvious - I mean - I can use it but the metaphysics of it never mattered at home. I do know that my story shapes the magic.. Grandfather?" Janus glanced over their shoulder towards the immortal adventurer as Ace probably knew more about that aspect of Fortuna than Janus happened to. It had never mattered to Janus before leaving for Prime.
  3. Its me! I'll be getting a post up tonight.
  4. Janus nodded their head politely to Masque, committing the codename to memory. "My family doesn't typically take part in secret identities or code names and I'm no exception. Just Janus remains perfectly fine," the teenage swordsman agreed although they'd neglected to volunteer much in the way of their abilities. Janus grinned at Kam, amusement lacing their tone as they added a polite nod of their head to the royal Dakanan teenagers, "Does that mean that we are foregoing the farce of having not met each other while in squad activities? That's a relief. Espionage is not my forte, personally." Pushing away from the wall, Janus absently stretched one arm over their head, pulling it slightly to work out the kinks, "So what's the exercise that you had in mind as an ice breaker, Gauss?"
  5. Janus padded down to the Danger Room, looking around with interest but a distinct lack of awe. The downside of growing up Danger, Janus' experience tended towards being used to, if not expecting, this sort of thing when doing super-hero things on Prime. They weren't wearing anything much different from normal, well, normal for Janus. Which meant, poets shirt, leather pants that might have been painted on, boots that laced up over the knee, and a very bejewelled jacket that caught the light. "It's a good idea," Janus agreed with Gauss as the long limbed Danger teen followed Elizabeth into the room. "And we really don't need to turn anything into a bragging match. I'm sure we all bring something special to the table. The point of working as a team is to help each other refine what those skills are. The whole greater than the sum of its parts and all that." Reaching up, Janus caught their long hair and with deft fingers began to braid it back into a thick rope so it would stay out of their face. "Elizabeth, do you have a code name you prefer?"
  6. Janus simply nodded companionably, leading the new Lady Liberty to a comfortable distance away from the crowd, letting part of the hill provide a visual break from them and the other teenagers. There wasn't that much there that was actually needed, other lawn games that were less likely to be played by the cluster of teens. Janus waved one elegant hand towards a seat that Monica could take if she wanted. "I understand, at least, in some ways." Janus smiled, a wry, weary smile that kicked up one corner of their mouth into a cynical smile that sharpened the resemblance between Janus and Ace. They gestured vaguely towards the sleeveless swimshirt, "I don't usually wear this to swim in. I debated wearing it. I'm still debating wearing it." Janus shrugged then, crouching down to collect enough things to bring back something when Monica decided she was ready to walk back, "Just take your time and if you need another break, you can flag me down. I'll make up an excuse and you can take little breaks. Sometimes just knowing you can take breaks is enough." Having collected a small mesh bags of balls and bats for the beach that no one would probably even look at, Janus leaned one hip against the bench. They were clearly willing to sit there and wait - talking or not - until Monica felt up to facing the knot of students. "I don't know if it helps, or not, but you know that everyone out on that beach has something they're self conscious about, or that they're working through. Even Corrine." Janus' mouth kicked up in that little half smile, "Maybe even especially Corinne. From what I have gathered, it appears to be the natural teenage state to be a little out of sorts in a world that's not quite shaped for you."
  7. Guidepoint to Bombshell please! Bombshell S.H.A.D.O.W. of Doubt = 2 Posts Janus Danger And Carnal Forbearance (IC) = 7 Posts First Day Jitters = 8 Posts Flash of the Blade = 6 Posts Assemble! = 5 Posts (IC) School Daze = 14 Posts Nighthawk Knight Errant, LTD. = 3 Posts Lovelace The Black Luck Job = 1 Posts Phantom And the Moon Is In Shock [IC] = 1 Posts Stay Local(IC) = 1 Posts
  8. The 20 will hit and you will KO him, TK, go ahead and get your IC post up.
  9. Janus' laugh was warm and easy at Nicole's banter and they winked the one eye surrounded by the starburst scar. Janus held up their hands, elegant as they spread their fingers wide, palms turned outward in a gesture of innocence. "I'm not trying to peel you off from the pack, I assure you. I endeavor to be more of a gentleman than my reputation might purport. Dangers, I know, the reputation proceeds us." Shaking back their ponytail back over one shoulder, Janus pointed one muscular arm towards an inlet, "We do have the ships and either Veronica or I can pilot most any craft that we have access to, but no. There are a few individuals who have less experience in the water than others so we've created a smaller section of shore that's a bit more cordoned off with temporary bluffs to keep the water smoother than the rest of the shoreline. I have no doubt that we can get you whatever tech you might need to feel safe in the water with what all is laying about the manor. Just... ask if there's anything you need." Janus offered Nicole a friendly smile, glancing over at those that seemed discomfited in some way while Janus had been focused on checking in with the other teen and then nodded their agreement to Kam's suggestion, wincing a little at the crash from Adam and laughed, "It's alright, Adam. The 'Danger Beach' has survived rougher antics. Several invasions of one sort or another if I don't misunderstand Grandfather's tall tales. Make yourself at home. I'll be right over there, Kam. Give me two minutes." Their careful scan had marked Monica's discomfort and that, Janus understood, all too well. "Hey, Monica... right? I'm Janus." The Danger offered before cocking their head towards the manor in subtle invitation for the escape that Monica had been looking for. "Want to help me fetch the sports equipment?"
  10. I'm sorry, H, I rolled really well for once. He'll shake off her efforts with a 27
  11. Bombshell will clear her dazed and heal her bruised so Crystal Gazer is up!
  12. Bombshell twisted, letting Jack of All Blades put himself between her and the angry SHADOW agents with automatic weapons. Without the dark wig, Bombshell's blonde hair caught the lamplight and she shook off the outer layers she'd worn over her costume. The fitted costume she wore underneath was still dark. "They were buying it." Talya replied, the pain of having been shot warring with her annoyance at having BEEN shot in her tone. "On your nine o'clock. Teenagers. Do keep the guns aimed at us, my love. I'd rather not wager that they're as hearty as the adults." She moved automatically with Jack, keeping his body between her and the thugs. One hand went to the bullet hole and with a grimace she pulled out the bullet that had lodged against her hipbone and and then flicked it on the ground with a soft 'ping' of metal. She hated being shot but she hated having to dig a bullet out after her body healed even more. Without the bullet, the wound sealed closed almost immediately, "And I liked that sweater too. I may have missed the bulk of the conversation, what with the bullets and all, but I'm fairly certain we have reinforcements on the way. Thoughts? Plans?... I'll also even take poorly thought out impulses at this point."
  13. He's not going to save from that so I'm not going to bother rolling. Plus it works dramatically. How about you can take down one more mook rather than all the ones you should get to take down and I'll give you another HP to bank later for the daring plane escape! You can go ahead and post an IC taking out the leader and a gunman of your choice! There are reinforcements likely coming despite taking the radio guy out because dramatic timing!
  14. Initiative Order: Jack of all Blades: 27 Bombshell: 19 Leader: 13 Crystal-Gazer: 10 Specimen: 6 Gunmen x 5: 5 Jack of All Blades is up.
  15. Janus' had only just been relaxing at what seemed like reasonableness from the sisters when Leroy began to suggest testing weapons on a sentient creature, "That is horrifying." Janus said, their aristocratic features twisting with distaste, "Treating an enemy like that makes you no better. You can't use a creature to test weapons against their kind. Well you CAN but you SHOULDN'T." Janus was very firm. Their gaze slanted to the last member of their group in the vague hope that Adam hadn't joined in on the train to crazy town, dark pink brows arching up in a blatant request for some back up. That Janus was starting to have some serious reservations about some of their classmates traveled across their features before it smoothed out to studiously blank politeness. "As to the local dominant faith, you can't go a few blocks without tripping over it." Janus said, their words enunciated and bland enough that it was clear that the teen Danger had experienced at least a few run-ins on social media with the less pleasant elements of it. "I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding it if you have a passing interest."
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