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  1. "I sort of annihilated my mother's hedge maze. My magic manifests as a connection to the earth; plants and animals mainly," Tori told Utsuwa cheerfully. Her grin widened at Ryder and she headed over to the window, stepping over Magenta and Tango's antics with ease. Mochi leaned forward huffing and scenting the hesitant bug before she curled up on her side to look a little less intimidating. She started chuckling at the yellow robug in what seemed to be encouragement. Tori, for her part, was leaning out the window to peer down at the side of the building. "That's why you have to be a little bit
  2. "Oh, I dunno if mine really count as tattoos since they just appeared when my powers did," Tori glanced down at the blue swirls decorating her hands and arms. Since she was in shorts and a tank top, it was easy to tell that they ran all the way up to the line of her clothing and probably continued. Honestly, they even ran under her hair. She'd halfway been considering an undercut on one side. Might as well embrace it if you couldn't change it after all. "But nothing nifty ever pops out of them or anything. They're just the way my body manifests the the power. Mine's a family thing too. My code
  3. One of the doors down the hall banged open and Tori burst out, chasing pel mel after a small fox. "Give that back, Tango. That's MY breakfast." The fox darted between the legs of the ladies gathered about on the floor. For a moment, it seemed like Tori might just crash into the knot of girls but her tattoos flashed as behind her flared the ghostly animus of a fox. The redhead was suddenly much more quick and nimble as she slid through the other teenagers and scooped up the misbehaving fox in her arms. "Give it. Giiiiiive, Tango. It's not going to be good on your tummy, you idiot."
  4. Mochi and Tango woke up the rest of the way, leaping down from the bed to bounce excitedly around Magenta and started squeaking and laughing with the weird happy fox noises. "Aw, Tango told Mochi all about Magenta when we got home. She says hello." Tori translated. Her tattoos briefly flickered with an inner glow when she tapped her magic to understand the fox's chattering before she turned back to the humans. Mochi was a little more shy than her brother, crouching down and snuffling at Magenta while Tango bounced happily with clear invitation to play. "Hi, Utsuwa! Come on in. Make yourself co
  5. "Is it Ryder?!" Tori had been quiet, for once, but mostly because she had been dealing with the plants and her two half grown foxes had been both blessedly asleep once. She bounced up from her bed, waking the foxes snuggled there and the bird that had been perched on a window sill. Living with Tori was like living with an especially tatty Disney Princess. The fox pair woke up and started making their weird keening noises and Tori absently patted both Mochi and Tango before she bounced to her bare feet on the floor. Like Natalia, she was dressed in lounge wear, which in her case was a pair of r
  6. "When you come to school, I can show you what it looks like!" Tori offered with unbridled enthusiasm, "I'm much better now at getting the plants to do what I ask rather than just taking it as open invitation to go all 'reclaim the earth'. That is one of the AWESOME things about school. You get to practice without people freaking out." Tori paused for a long moment, tipping her head to the side before she amended, "Well, most of the time, at least." She glanced around the room, as if deciding to suddenly be a bit more discrete than loud enthusiasm over the ability to mov
  7. "Well, it's not the BEST, but, I mean, I was at a boarding school before so it's not really different. New country, though, for sure," Tori shrugged, a little uncomfortable but she probably didn't look exactly okay. It was pretty sucky. She fidgeted a bit before lowering her voice and whispering, "More like I turned our hedge maze back into a chunk of forest and it won't let them manicure it back into the grounds. I mean, there's something of a metaphor there, if you think about it. It's okay, though. I have Tango and I have Mochi and there's lots of little critters always coming around to po
  8. Name: Victoria 'Tori' Griffen Codename: Kid Celtic Year: Sophomore Pronouns: she/her Prospective Roommate: Nocturne Goal: Saving the Planet and making some friends along the way First Impression: Vapor Ware Hippie Disaster Bisexual
  9. Tori's eyes crossed a little as she tried to follow that explanation but a big smile blossomed on her face at having found another student. She offered him a calloused hand, though not from fighting, just from being gnawed on by animals and digging in the garden; hard work callouses that didn't go at all with the posh accent. "Oh, that's just fantastic. I don't know anyone else in our class. I mean, sophomore, right? Campus is dead empty right now. If I didn't have Tango and Mochi to talk to, I'd be going right bonkers. My friends call me Tori. S'short for Victoria but only my mum calls me tha
  10. Tori had shifted forward to try and contain the fruit with her body before it ended up on the floor. Bringing one hand down, she cornered some of the berries on the counter top with a curved palm as Ryder asked about Claremont. She glanced up and offered a small, uncomfortable smile as she realized she was about to blurt out details of getting dropped off by Vanguard. It was cool, sure, but Tori knew there were things like secret identities and the true nature of the school that one didn't share with every cute smoothie clerk, no matter how nice they might be. "Oh, uh, yeah. Yes,"
  11. "You make robots?" Tori asked, instantly enthralled. She turned to confer with Tango before setting the fox kit down on the countertop to engage in sniffing with the bug-robot. She stepped closer, her hands easily down on either side of the kit as she provided both a physical barrier to crawl back to as well as emotional support. While Ryder's back was turned, her tattoos pulsed softly with light as she tapped her magic to communicate with her charge before switching back to verbal reassurance. "Hey, Tango, it's okay. Why don't you see if you can make a friend too. You know there's going to be
  12. "Hullo!" Tori replied cheerfully. She reached up absently to touch one of the blue lines decorating her cheek, her smile bright. "Yeah, stand out a bit, don't they? It is. We just moved here to Freedom City. The jet lag was brutal but I think I'm finally back to sorts." Her accent was crisp and clear. Despite Tori's conscious effort to down play it, it probably made it clear that the move had been a long one. "Do you have anything you recommend? I-" She was cut off by the chattering from her companion as small black muzzle stuck its way through her curls to snuffle and
  13. June 2020 - Riverside Joining the Claremont campus at the start of the summer meant Tori had plenty of free time to get to know her new neighborhood. She was enjoying the mixed bag of reduced parental oversight. It had been a relief to her mother to find a private boarding school that was better suited to her eldest new 'talents'. Shipping a problem child off to an elite institution was perfectly within her idiom but where her mother had been horrified, assessment at Claremont had deemed her new abilities well within Tori's control. She wasn't a danger to herself or others so there
  14. alderwitch Nighthawk (4 posts) Hero Prom (IC, open): 4 Posts Kid Celtic (1 post) Mistletoe and the Fallen Moon (IC): 1 Posts Janus Danger (1 post) Shadows of the Sapphire Moons IC: 1 Posts Star Child (2 posts) Swinging on a Star: 2 Post
  15. "Not anymore and it isn't the same, anyhow. This body experiences speeds differently. I want to go see space again with new eyes but not yet. There's so much here and it took me so very long to get here. I have time," Andromeda said simply and that was likely true. Whatever forces powered her seemed unlikely to constrain themselves to a mortal lifespan. Her hands fluttered before resting on the coaster bar as the ride started. She continued to look around, taking in the riders who started to put their hands up. Hesitantly, Andromeda copied them, although - much as Ace surmised - the mild force
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