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  1. Stormcrow Why Can't I Breathe? Head of State
  2. Stormcrow Why Can't I Breathe? Head of State
  3. Stormcrow is going to use Extra Effort to Power Stunt the following off of his Spiri-Tech array: Heal 10 [Extras: Total (+1/r) ; Power Feats: Persistent (+1 pp), Subtle (+1 pp) ; Flaws: Self Only (-1/r)] [Heal] Recovery Check: 1d20+12 20 ... then use a HP to counter the Fatigue before heading out. He'll then attempt to approach the demon's location Stealthily. [Stealth] Sneak up on Demon: 1d20+8 25
  4. Once Frost was on his way Isaac climb into the driver's seat and started up the truck. He drove a short ways away, then pulled into a little knook that would conceal his vehicle, and turned the engine off. Wincing, he turned at the hip and reached his arms into the space behind the front seats. There he opened a hidden compartment in the floor board and retrieved an unremarkable black suitcase. Unremarkable, that is, except for the locking mechanism. Isaac pressed his thumbs to the clasps that would trigger the unlock, and as he did so his biometrics and spiritual aura were scanned by the techno-magical scanner imbedded in the case. Had anyone else opened the suitcase they would have found it empty. Mundane and empty. When Isaac opened it the dimensional displacers built into the suitcase synced, and revealed a space bigger than the exterior would suggest. A mobile storehouse of supplies for the traveling techno-spiritualist. Including his armor and weapon. But instead of suiting up immediately Isaac took reached into the suitcase and retrieved something that looked like a hypospray from Star Trek, and inserted a cylindrical vial into it's base, which contained a metallic silver liquid. With the vial clicked into place Isaac pressed the hyospray to his neck and pressed a button on it's side. Rapidly the silver liquid drained into his neck. The vial contained tiny machines, smaller than the eye could perceive. The machines were physical constructs, guided by a spirit associated with healing, and temporarily bound to a single task. Spirit guided machines worked rapidly to repair the damage done to Isaac's physical form. Then, after using their limited energy supply, the machines went dormant and the spirit returned to the ether. His wounds tended to as best as time would allow, Isaac placed the hypospray back where he had taken it from. Then he dawned his armor and wear, making the transmission to the Stormcrow persona. After the suitcase was stored away once more, and with Sky's Fury in hand, Stormcrow advanced on the demon's den using cover to his advantage when possible.
  5. Isaac stopped as he noted the location of magical source. Naturally someone would have been drawn to it. It was fortunate that that whatever it was hadn't already been removed from the premises. Even so, he'd nearly missed it. Lowering the hand holding his tablet to his side Isaac walked towards the departing skull-cat bag totting woman. As he carried himself forward Isaac mentally ran through scenarios for the social situation, and contingencies in the event of less than optimal results. Hopefully the worst that happened is he would need to track her to her residence, observe from a distance, and confirm that the source of magic wasn't a threat to her or the people around her. Heavy black hiking boots thumped along the floor signaling his presence as he drew near until Isaac maneuvered to walk alongside the pink and black haired woman, making sure to position himself so that her pink bag was on the side opposite him. His free hand rose, fingers loosely apart in a gesture of greetings. As he greeted her Isaac studied the woman from his new angle, measuring her demeanor as he did so. Not everyone was comfortable with random strangers coming up to them, after all. "Hello. Did you find any treasures today?"
  6. Isaac didn't argue when Frost offered to drive. Normally he was territorial about his belongings. Yes, he was the sort of guy who generally said 'no one drives my truck except me'. But he had just been hit by a fireball and was in more pain than would be safe for drinking. One bad spite of searing agony and he might steer them into a tree. So he settled for providing directions, his attention shifting between his tablet and their surroundings. Once parked Isaac began devising a strategy. Not just for dealing with the demon, but dealing with Frost. He wasn't going to sit this out, but there was no way he could go in unmasked and in his current condition. Noticing the silence he looked over at the icy vampire. "You're a vampire, right? Can you turn into a cloud of mist and blend in with the water until you get close enough to the demon to launch a surprise attack? There has to be a steam not to far off that leads into the ocean." After making his suggestion Isaac pulled up a map of the area on his tablet and looked for the answer to his own question about a steam. If he sound one near enough, he'd hold up the map and show it to Frost so he could make use of the idea or not at his discretion. "The rest is up to you. I'm heading to the hospital once you are on your way."
  7. Isaac studied the readings NX-Infinite was getting. Magic. Given the hierarchy of spirits, it seemed reasonable that something imbued with powerful mystical energies might garner considerable prestige and respect. As he thought through social dynamics of the resident spirit population he began t notice a patterned in the items that were registering an arcane signature. Mostly bed linens and clothes. Things that would reside in a private room. Deciding to prioritize his search for the source of mystical energy over quick low priced purchases at the sale, Isaac ventured away from the main room. It was time to break away from the herd and explore. Mindful that such free mindedness might be frowned upon by those organizing the sale, Isaac kept and eye out for watchers and he casually slipped off to search the house's bedrooms. The young man had such an ease about him that you might think he belonged ... where ever it was that he might be. With a leisurely stride, and an analytical eye he inspected the rooms accompanied the mechanical spider spirit that lurked in his tablet.
  8. What kind of items have the "magical residue"? I'm asking, because if they fit a theme or are similar it might hint at what or where the magical source might be or what it is.
  9. "You let it go..." Came Isaac's determined voice from outside. Determined, but strained from the pain he was in. He was looking skywards as he scolded Frost. His head tilted back to see the demon flying off, fleeing the scene of conflict where he was out numbered. Pushing his palms against the forest floor he grit his teeth and rose to one knee. Then with both hands and one foot he pushed himself up onto two legs, still looking skywards. His eyes following his target. "... and made things more difficult." Isaac gauged the distance between himself and the demon. It was flying too fast. In a matter of seconds Lew would be out of range of what he had planned to unleash on it. The young man's head leveled out and he looked to the truck in front of him. Isaac wasn't the best driver, and given his physical strain his performance wouldn't be improved. But there weren't many other options if they were going to catch the demon. Stiffly he stalked towards the truck, heading for the driver side door. "Get in. Use the cigarette lighter to do your heat-sucking-healing-thing. We might be able to salvage this by following his cell signal from a distance. But I'm only going to do it if you intend to stay focused this time around and finish the fight."
  10. The estate was one big story and a piece of it disappeared with each sale. Like a page torn from a book and carried away from the other pages. That was one reason he liked to get to these things early. While his old rust bucket of a truck waited outside like a grumpy old man rest in the shade Isaac was inside with his held close to his ear as if listening to a an audio only call. Who wanted strangers listening in on a Skype session anyway? The black clad young man didn't seem shy about handling other people's property as he moved around talking up a storm to some unseen other party. Only he wasn't talking to someone on the other end of a phone call. Isaac was talking to Leland's shoes, his pictures, a knife here, a well used mug there. A mirror over there. The house itself ... and so on. Appearing to talk to a person over an electronic device was a lot easier for people to accept than someone talking to a dead man's she about a soccer game he once played. Ever so often to aim the back of his tablet at some item as one might while taking a picture. Or he'd poke at the tablet , as though researching one of the more exotic items on display. He did those things, yes. But he also used the device's ability to check his surroundings for mystical phenomena. People stumbled onto them without even realizing it sometimes. While the wiry limbed, messy haired youth seemed to be in his own world most of the time he didn't ignore the people around him. Ever so often he noticed someone had dealt with in one fashion or another and he'd take the time to pause in his practice absorption of the spirit and history of his environment to greet them. But those engagements tended to be on the brief side.
  11. *Appears with a ninja poof!* "Tag." *Disappears with a ninja poof!*
  12. Heritage/Raveled: Looking through estate sales for deals is part of how Isaac makes a living (and keeps some dangerous items away from the public), yes. Supernatural affairs draw Stormcrow's attention as well.
  13. I'm in the same position. Stormcrow needs more stories. I'll offer some ideas, but bear in mind I'm not comfortable GMing. 1.) A nature themed antagonist is amassing an army! Either animals or plants are being assembled for a strike against [insert city/town] under their malicious new master. This could take place in the park, or in a suitably nature rich environment outside the city. Drawn to the unnatural disturbance in nature, or simply out camping/hiking, our characters must find a way to disband the "dark druid's army". 2.) An old vigilante/anti-hero type character has recently died. During their long career this person amassed a trove of trophies from defeated foes, and a sizable arsenal of their own. The idea branches off from here, and can be used a few different ways including: A.) Someone found it and is now auctioning off dangerous items and information. A possible twist is, our characters get invited to the auction, or transported to it as bonus items! B.) A message was sent out on this person's death letting a large number of people know about the location of "the trove" and now those people, along with our characters, are on race to get there first. If neither of those appeal, I could suggest other possible story ideas.
  14. Isaac had made a point of taking cover, putting a wall between himself and Lew, on his turn. That's why I asked. But if the wall exploded along with the rest of the building I can see how that wouldn't help at all. Would Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent stunt something or pull out a ritual? I think it'd be in character for them to run from a demon now that it is obviously a scary super powered being, as it would be for Isaac. This entire scenario, from the beginning, stuck me playing the Isaac persona rather than the Stormcrow one. Which I didn't want, but in staying true to the character I couldn't just toss his secret identity aside. Been frustrated by that. Fortunately I can think of something that may help, yet won't obviously shatter his secret identity. But I want to make sure it actually sticks, so I'm going to save that HP and not act this turn.
  15. Isaac thought he'd have a moment's reprieve with Frost keeping the demon distracted and a wall between himself and the fight. But it was a wooden wall that separated them and wood wasn't the most resilient material. An explosion of fire erupted at his back sending him into the air. Hitting the ground with a thud several meters away the young man was dazed and disorientated. Splinters from the wall behind him lodged in his back, the skyward pointing tips of a few still held a flame like some kind of twisted candle in a human birthday cake. The back of his clothes were damaged from the heat and explosive force. Under them his skin was badly burned. Immobile, no response came when Frost called out. Isaac was too busy fighting to remain conscious.
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