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  1. As Judy starting running towards the ruin, Lulu got caught up in the competitive spirit. "Challenge accepted, girl!" She through herself into the chase, heedless of appearance as she flailed her arms around like Phoebe from Friends, yelling all the way. She also sent a mental message Adam's way. Come and check out the castle with us, hon!
  2. "Augh!" It had been a while since the changeling had tried to capture someone as powerful as Thesaurus Rex; she forgot just how much it hurt if somebody broke through one of her glamour creations, because they were linked to her. The massive tail shattering the bamboo cage felt like a piledriver slammed into her gut, knocking the wind out of her and dropping her to the ground. "I'm okay!" she gasped as she held up one hand while cradling her abdomen with the other. "My own damn fault for getting cocky. Just...gimme a minute."
  3. Toughness save (I think it's +6?): 1d20+6=9 Oh, that's going to hurt! Toughness save vs Feedback: 1d20+6=17 Better, but still very painful, I think. Edit: reroll via Extra Effort and spending an HP to buy off Fatigue: 1d20+6=9 Ugh, so 19, I think?
  4. Upon seeing the ridiculous yet still terrifying dinosaur advancing towards them, Grim decided to see if she could trap him or at least slow him down. Stillnflisting in the air, she twister her fingers around, shaping a massive cage of bamboo out of glamour around Ghost's foe, hoping it would hold him. "Welcome to Jurassic Park, bitch!"
  5. Crystal-Gazer () Dakar Rally () Eurotrip: The Rhythm Of The Rails () Grimalkin [MAXED] () Calling on the Aunties () During Your Lifetime And During Your Days () Ghosts and Grimalkins: The Wonders of the English Language () More Than One Way To To Skin A Cat () As far as the bonus PP go, 1PP for Crystal-Gazer and 1PP for Miracle Girl.
  6. Heritage

    Dakar Rally

    Once she has all her things squared away, Lulu glanced down at her tablet, scanning the info about tomorrow's start time. When he eyes landed on Team Danger's time for the day, she let out an audible whoop before sending out a mental message to the rest of her team. As always, her mental communication lacked any sort of discernible accent. Tied for third, hell yeah! Go Team Us!
  7. Grim blinked a few times before looking between the loquacious saurian and the deeply embarrassed hero. "Wait, wait, you've fought this guy before? Oh dude, I am so sorry." Deferring to the insubstantial crimefighter, she floated behind his right shoulder, just within his peripheral vision. She flicked her night-black talons out, more out of reflex than anything else.
  8. Lynn smiled at Davyd's youthful enthusiasm; he reminded her of her own younger self, always swinging from one mood to another like a crazy pendulum. "So what will you do once you've got your hot little hands on this Grue tech? Take it for a spin?"
  9. As had often been the case throughout her strange existence, Grimalkin's body and powers changed over time. Some abilities she let fall away, while others she discovered through experimentation. Currently she was able to fly when she changed the density of her glamour, but honestly it was more like a slow float. It took her a moment to catch up with Ghost, but when she finally got there, she stopped as though she'd been smacked with a large wooden plank, mouth slightly agape. "Now that's not something you see every day." Allowing gravity to have its way with her, she dropped out of the sky in front of the strange beast, stopping two feet above the ground with her arms crossed and looking annoyed. "Hey Monster Guy with the silly hat! What gives?"
  10. Urquhart Castle, on the shores of Loch Ness. Wednesday, June 8th, 2021. 12:45 pm No one had slept particularly well on the train, other than those who required no sleep, so the first day in Inverness was mostly spent checking into their rooms at the Royal Highland Hotel (the room arrangements were consistent with their sleeper berth accommodations), exploring the streets of the city and getting in a little light shopping at the Victorian Market. Much hearty food was consumed and beer drunk by those who felt comfortable doing so, and the conversation was lively. But eventually the fatigue of travel, combined with full stomachs and foggy heads, led most to their rooms for an excellent night's sleep. Wednesday morning after a late breakfast, the Claremont graduates caught a tour bus to historic Urquhart Castle for a day's sightseeing; the majestic ruin was impressive in its own right, but also offered excellent views of the loch. Lulu took in a deep breath of fresh air once she got off the rather cramped tour bus; she had to fight the urge to take to the sky for a better view of the area. "Nice to finally stretch our legs!" It was cooler up in the Highlands, so today she was wearing light hiking boots, loose cut jeans, and a pink and black windbreaker.
  11. Crystal-Gazer (2) Dakar Rally (1) Eurotrip: The Rhythm Of The Rails (1) Grimalkin [MAXED] (3) Calling on the Aunties (1) Ghosts and Grimalkins: The Wonders of the English Language (2)
  12. Suddenly Grim hopped up to her feet, a crazy grin on her face. "Hey, know what? Let's patrol together, right now! I haven't done it in forever, and I could stand to brush up my skills. Whaddya say?" She put her arms out in a sort of downward T-pose and began to float upward, feet together and back slightly arched.
  13. Grimalkin Grim wrinkled her nose and shrugged, which looked pretty adorable. "Eh, I've been part of two super teams in my time. Also tried two partnerships, and in another life on another world, I was a freedom fighter during a revolution." She shrugged again. "I dunno, right now I'm kinda happy to be my own boss, y'know? I'm not hurting for money, I own two businesses, and I've got some charities on the side; why complicate it by joining a team, am I right?" The changeling paused and looked thoughtful. "I mean, if I ever wanted to, I could probably talk to Velocity about it. We've known each other for years, she'd probably put in a good word for me."
  14. Lynn took in the hug for a nice long while before wriggling herself free, her cheeks a little pink. "Alright, alright, that's enough of that now!" As Davyd describe some of his future endeavors, his changeling auntie looked thoughtful. She wasn't a tech genius it, but as a veteran superhero, she'd encountered a lot of interesting things in her lifetime, which occasionally led to interesting ideas. "So are we talking about A/V equipment that shrinks or expands to match your body, or does it stay the same size, but you can still control it? Maybe like a camera that's also a drone that you ca.n control mentally, even if you don't have hands. Because it seems like that would be ideal."
  15. Doktor'd! Crystal-Gazer 18PP spent 4PP = raising Communication from 6 to 10, giving Lulu's telepathy a range of 200,000 miles! 12PP = raising ESP from 5 to 7, allowing Lulu to see and hear up to 200 miles away! Added two new Enhanced Feats! 1PP = Improved Initiative 1PP = Uncanny Dodge (mental) Added various features to APs! Create Object: added Affects Insubstantial 2 and another rank of Progression Damage: Removed Full Action flaw Illusion: Removed Full Action flaw, added 2 ranks of Progression Mind Control: added Sensory Link and a second rank of Subtle Move Object: added Damaging Stun: removed Full Action flaw Transform: added Affects Insubstantial Mind Reading: added a second rank of Subtle
  16. Heritage

    Dakar Rally

    After enjoying the view from several hundred feet in the air, Lulu shifted her sensory focus back to down to Earth, as she took her travel gear to her ecopod. She found it to be both surprisingly cool and roomy, and as she so often did she marveled at the path her life had taken since leaving rural Alabama. She was so moved that she actually sat on her bed and took a moment to pray. Dear Lord, I want to thank you for the opportunities you've given me to make amends for all the hurt I did with my family. I know I was just a kid, but I should have known better. Oh, and watch over my brother Bobby back in Atlanta. I miss him so much, and I just want the best for him. Amen. Feeling a bit better about her place in the grand scheme of things, Lulu began to unpack.
  17. The whole time Davyd was talking, Lynn struggled to keep an idiotic grin off her face; my how there kid had grown! When he finished, she looked between him and Daphne a few times before finding her words. "Look, I think it should go without saying that as your surrogate, shape-shifting aunties, we will be proud of you and root for you in any path you choose for yourself. The important thing as that you choose what's right for you, not to please someone else. You need to be true to yourself." The changeling came around the desk, sat on the edge of it, and sighed. "As someone who's actually had kids...and grandkids and great-grandkids...I've been in this situation before. And, it never gets any easier or less wonderful. You have your whole adult life ahead of you; that means you don't have to have the answer right away. Give yourself the time and opportunity to try lots of different things; explore, experiment, make mistakes and fall down. And listen to your heart as you do it all. It might take a while, but you'll know what you're looking for when you find it." She smiled and laughed, with tears in her eyes. "It's a bit like falling in love; you just know."
  18. "Oh, I can't even imagine! We are definitely lucky to be living in a golden age of cooking." Grim looked between Simon and then food he's been eyeing. "Are you worried about the food? It's all real, I cooked it myself. Here, I'll serve us both some." The heroine served up a hearty helping of everything present on two plates, then poured the m both a cup of apple cider. "Here you go, dig in! Well, wait, let me say a quick prayer first." The changeling bowed her head in prayer. "Barukh ata Adonai Eoheinu melekh ha'olam hamotzi lehem min ha'aretz. Blessed are You, Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, who brings forth bread from the earth. Amen." Then she looked up and rubbed her hands together. "Okay, now you can go for it."
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