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  1. Actually the duplicate Grim is outside, while the real Grim is inside! The dupe is expendible, and not super happy about it.
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    It was nice to see Abby out and about; she rarely socialized with the rest of the squad. But the stairs suddenly turning into a ramp seriously freaked Lulu out; of course, this was Freedom, where you had to expect the unexpected, but thst degree of thoughtfulness seemed too good to true. Once inside, however, things seemed a bit more mundane; maybe they just opted to splurge on some high tech stairs? It would explain the cheapness of the rest of the decorations. "We have been warned," Lulu intoned mock-ominously. "Dare we venture forward?"
  3. Lulu was cutting and serving pie as the discussion started, and the ideological differences between Judy and Mia (Lawful vs Chaotic) quickly became clear. Maybe she could help find a middle path? "Maybe not a leader, but people assigned or choosin' specific tasks? Because sometimes you need accountability; some folks won't move their ass unless you switch it." She paused and cleared her throat. "Ah, uh...ah can go next, ah suppose. As some of you may know, ah grew up in a small town in Alabama; three churches, three fireworks stands. It was not a safe place to be out, or think differently at all, for that matter." She winced slightly. "Ah'm straight myself, and ah didn't have any queer friends or family." Then she stopped and raised a finger. "Nope, that ain't right; ah had two cousins, Maybelene and Joseph, but they weren't out to anyone. And that's the thing." She took a deep breath before continuing. "Ah been a telepath since ah was ten, and when your that small, you ain't...you ain't fully formed yet, morally, 'specially if you grow up in a den of thieves. The point is, ah knew everybody's secrets back in Columbia; who they was cheatin' on who, who was hittin' who. And ah knew who was gay...and who was sufferin'...and who was terrified to tell their daddy, 'cause their daddy would disown `em. " And now tears of shame rolled down her cheeks. "And ah never helped...ah was never an ally to any of them. Ah just watched them die inside, because ah was scared; scared to be seen with 'em, scared to help. And ah hate myself for it. But ah'm not scared anymore; ah want to help now, and for the rest of mah life. Ah want to be an ally"
  4. "Hey, this is good," nodded Lulu as she started up the SUV. "Kind of like a Ukrainian Shakira." She jacked up the music and rolled down the windows as they hit the road in earnest. The young Alabaman proved to be a surprisingly good driver; a little bit of a lead foot, but she always checked her mirrors and signaled properly. They took turns picking music to play through the stereo to keep things lively. Lulu favored the Southern rock of her ancestors (Lynryd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, the Allman Brothers, Mason Proffit), as well as classic country acts like Johnny Cash, Willi Nelson, Hank Williams and k.d. laing. But she also had a pop-y, eclectic side. selecting tracks by Kelly Clarkson, Prince and Beck. In general, if it was up tempo and guitar-driven, she was there for it. In terms of conversation, she apparently didn't want to talk about her own family very much, but was curious to hear all about Davyd's, especially anything related to food or family gatherings. The one thing she was very eager to talk about was Adam's Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and the adventures the Claremont party had been on to date. This led to some wonderful stories, occasionally accompanied by miniature versions of the battles being played out across the dashboard. "So by now, Leroy is down, again, because that boy don't know the meanin' of the word 'fear', and Judy is haulin' ass over to him to lay on hands. Now, ah can see the plant monster thing sneakin' up on Pan from mah position, but he's still deafened, which ah forgot, so he can't hear me shoutin' at him to watch out. So ah'm like 'f### it, Sacred Flame right in its ass', and it goes down, because it's vulnerable to fire! And ah was like, 'take that, you sumbitch!' Lord, it was fun! Judy healed Leroy, and then we mopped up the rest of the swamp men pretty fast after that." She took a deep breath and sighed, her face flushed from the vicarious excitement. "You should totally play, Davyd; we could really use an arcane caster."
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    "Oh, is that what ah think it is," asked Lulu with a mischevious glint in her eye, after she recognized the smell and facial expression. "Gimme some of that 'party punch'!" She took a decent-sized swig, then shivered and fanned herself as she laughed and handed it back to Mia. "Oh, that is vile, but bless your heart for brinigin' it, darlin'! Brrr!" She used her illusion powers to make her patchwork head spin a round a few times. Now fortified against the powers of darkness, Lulu pumped her fist into the October sky. "Who else we waitin' on? Ah am ready to take this mother on! Woo!"
  6. "You can call me Torque, for now, said the shapeshifter as she stepped inside. "And thank you for the invitation." When the subject of food was broached, she looked slightly uncomfortable. "I...regret that I must decline your offer of food. Despite my appearance, I am no longer human, and therefore cannot enjoy it. However, on the off-chance you have any scrap metal or even recycling on hand, I would happily partake." It seemed like Cheval and Persephone were getting on well. Good; they made a lovely couple. Torque took a seat by Niro, and gave him a polite nod and smile in greeting.
  7. Lulu shook her head and waved a dismissive hand. "Oh, Judy said 'yes' right away! She gobbles up that romantic nonsense! Then Ashley flipped out, and there you go!" The redheaded telepath paused as she grew more thoughtful. "But you have to figure, Judy doesn't know what the future holds. And she's an old-fashioned girl; she wants a family and house full of kids and dogs, with a big yard with a tire swing out back. And she's afraid she'll never get that. So ah sometimes think she's trying to cram all of that in now." She sighed, and felt a great deal of compassion for her friend.
  8. "We may have drugs," Casey called out aa lifted up the baggie. "Probably need to have a lab analyze it, though." The papers were interesting; had Mohinder been struggling with his homework before his mind was effected? She took out her phone and took pictures of the melted lock, and also gouged out a small sample with her fingernails, and put it into a small baggie from her belt, which along with the green substance went back into a belt pouch. Then the blonde heroine had a thought, and started to check the dates on the homework to see how they synced up with the timeline they knew so far.
  9. Lulu took a cookie with a smile and a sotto voce 'thank you', then took a bite of it as she pondered Aquaria's question. After a few moments chewing, she shrugged. "Mmm, I don't know; if the Good Lord comes back to this Earth, ah think a lot of the folks who claim they serve him will be quakin' in their boots. Ah think a lot of wickedness and hurt is done in His name, which is a shame, because the Bible is full of such beautiful things; it really is 'the Good Book' if you read it right. But ah think a lot of folk, at least where ah come from, use it to justify their own worst behaviour." Then she turned to Nick as she popped the rest of her cookie in her mouth. "What about you, Mister Nick? Any questions for our distinguished guest?"
  10. Lynn pursed her lips in thought. "The hero thing? Yeah, we can give it a try. We'd have to figure out what works for us; I don't really patrol anymore. We, uh...Gretch and I tended to rely on tips and research to find our cases, and focused primarily on the supernatural stuff, y'know? We found our niche." She was quiet for a little bit, perhaps lost in memories. "It'll be nice to handle things differently; love her to death, but Gretch sucked at undercover work. Anything dealing with people, basically..." And just like that, Lynn was snoring in a light doze; she was adorable in her sleep.
  11. "Nope!" She reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a set of keys, which she spun around her finger in sheer delight. "Ah have been given the keys to the Kingdom! C'mon, let's hit the road!" Lulu led Davyd outside to the student parking lot, and to a waiting blue BMW SUV that chirped and flashed it lights in greeting when she pressed the key. "Mah foster mom is amazin', and somehow trusts me enough to drive. Ah mean, it's a just a loaner, but still!" She stopped for a second and ran her hand along a fender. "Sometimes it's like mah old life is just a bad dream..." Rousing herself from her reverie, the telepath got behind the wheel, checked her mirrors, and pulled a pair of sunglasses out of the glove compartment before handing her phone over to Davyd. "Okay, you're our DJ; you are what you play." She'd opened her iTunes account, and her phone was synced to the stereo.
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    Like many 'gingers', Lulu took a great deal of pride in her red hair; she'd vowed never to dye it, and she really enjoyed coming up with looks to enhance her natural vibrance. This extended to Halloween costumes as well; growing up, she'd adored Disney's Kim Possible, which was an easy and inexpensive favorite, and she'd gone as Ginny Weasely a few times, including last least. But this year, she wanted to try something different, and after a little Googling, she found a look she instantly fell in love with, and with a little help from her awesome foster mom, should be able to pull off. "Hey y'all," Lulu called out as she clacked towards the group in a pair of black party shoes; she was drssed as Sally fom The Nightmare Before Christmas, but how she might look at a Southern cotillion. The blue makeup had taken hours to put on, but the final effect was worth it! "So, we ready to have our spines tingled? Ooh, Mars bars!"
  13. There was a dull rumble as a sleek black sports car glided up the street. It looked to be of perhaps Italian design, though in fact it was the product of its creator's imagination. It finally pulled to a stop, the interior hidden behind smoked glass as the engine continued to throb. Suddenly, and in this crowd perhaps predictably, the shiny glass and steel began to collapse inward, as door panels folded like butterfly wings in reverse. Vibora's own 'Machine Maiden', as the newspapers called her, was tucking away her extra mass to resume her humanoid form. As she did so, it appeared Taye had also dressed a bit more thoughtfully, her casual coveralls replaced by a stylish black jumpsuit and low-heeled boots. A fine silver chain was coiled into her braids, and a pair of diamond earrings flashed just below her magnificent updo, all of which made her appear taller and more statuesqe. "Hello, she said with a simple wave of her hand as she joined the other two near the front entrance; her expression was mild yet friendly.
  14. I think UDK is still inside watching tv, guys. I think he was pacing in front of the front door inside the foyer, as it were.
  15. "Ah brought pie!" Lulu Beaumont entered the room with her gramma's famous key lime pie, with a circle of rainbow toothpick flags stuck in the top. She was wearing black jeans and Hi-Tops, and a pink shirt with a rainbow flag on it. Technically, it was an illusion of a rainbow flag, which explained why it appeared to be flapping in an invisible breeze. The young Alabaman wasn't sure if she was much of an ally to the LGBT+ community; back home, she'd done very little publicly to further their cause. Growing up in a very conservative small Southern town, she'd had no real contact with any 'alternative' sexualities or orientations, and wouldn't have known what to say to them if she did. But she'd been a telepath be since she was ten, long before she had any concept of respect for privacy. She knew every secret Columbia, Alabama had, and there were more than a few people living in the closet, terrified of the judgement they'd face if their secrets were revealed. At first she found it silly, then increasingly sad and finally tragic; lives spent half-lived in shadows. She didn't know what to do for them, so she'd merely watched and witnessed their suffering, and felt awful inside. So now she was here, in the hope that she could do better; she hoped the pie was a good start.
  16. Torque's not worried about her secret identity being discovered through the mayor's office, which is why she was the first to agree to sign! She's more worried about slipping up herself somehow, and leading bad guys back to her people. Hence her desire to move off her uncle's property.
  17. It saddened Taye somewhat that there weren't more takers of the mayor's offer, but she supposed she understood; perhaps if she felt more connected to her family, she'd be more fearful for them. But her father paid a great deal for security, so she wasn't too worried about that side of her family. As for her uncle, though... "I am currently residing on my uncle's property, an auto wreck yard. If possible, I'd like to take him out of harm's way by relocating." She shrugged. "I do not eat or sleep, so my needs are minimal; just a place to store my clothes and books, and access to tools and a garage for routine maintenance.'
  18. I love all of this, but thank you so much for going for consent!
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    Witchy Woman

    Claremont Academy Infirmary. Sunday, September 8th, 2019. 10:08 am Little by little, Lulu woke up, feeling a slight crick in her neck. She was in a hospital gown in a hospital-style bed, but there was also something padded and rather bulky around her neck. She reached up and her fingers grazed a strange collar she was wearing for some- "Oh s###." It all came back to her: her powers going crazy, Adam showing up, throwing the new girl halfway across the room, Ashley doing something impossible. And now this; she'd worn an inhibitor collar once before, and though not a fan, it was still better than drugs. She lay back in bed and sighed. "Adam," she called out softly. "You around, hon?"
  20. Heritage

    Witchy Woman

    Lulu looked up at Ashley, heard the new tone in her voice, and knew she was about to get a peek behind the curtain. On some level, she knew Judy's sister wasn't doing this out of the goodness of her heart; she made a vow to someone to protect her little sister from anyone who might harm her. In fact, she'd probably kill to protect her, maybe even had. And surely that was love of some kind. So really, she was here out of love. And Lulu was fine with that. "Just do it," she said flatly; she was so tired. "Just make it end."
  21. Lulu pursed her lips and shook her head nonchalantly. "Uh, no, no Adam today; it'll just be you and me. Adam's got a science thing goin' on." Then she slapped her thighs and hopped to her feet. "So let's head on out! Unless you need to shower, brush your teeth or anythin'. Ah'll wait out in the hall." Lulu stepped out into the hall, stuck her hands in the pockets of her jacket, and casually leaned against the wall with her legs crossed. And just like that, they were spending the day alone together.
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    Witchy Woman

    It appeared that Lulu was hyperventilating, but trying to get her breathing under control; her hair was damp with sweat, her pale face slick. She was holding onto Adam's arm for dear life, but even with her nails digging in so hard, she did no damage, just like he said. Her breathing was shallow and rapid, and her boyfriend could see her pulse on her neck. "It's okay... we're okay...just as long as...no meds... breathe, Lulu... breathe, baby girl...breathe..." The ring of debris continued to spin around the two of them, fast enough to cut the unwary who might try and approach.
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