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  1. I have also requested the appropriate edit. Survival check: 1d20+9=29
  2. Doktor'd! Minor edit for Crystal-Gazer: 1pp to add 4 ranks of Survival. Survival: 4 (+9) Many thanks!
  3. Her timing couldn't have been better: wearing a shimmering dress and looking like a vision, redheaded Lulu approached Adam just as Pan was finishing his rendition of a very appropriate Disney classic. "Hey there, hon!" She smiled, and it was both silly and utterly sincere; after a long day of grueling work, she finally got to see her guy. She did a little twirl and curtsy to go with the overall princess theme. "Miss me?"
  4. Lulu smiled and shook her head. "You're right; we need to enjoy these moments when we get 'em" She offered Veronica the crook of her arm, amused by the juxtaposition their entrance would provide. "Shall we?" Normally she would extend her mental presence outwards to Adam, to let her him know of her arrival; it was a bit like a gentle touch on the shoulder to say 'hey'. But tonight was a surprise, and she wanted to see the look on her boyfriend's face when she strode into the room, dressed to the nines.
  5. Heritage

    Dakar Rally

    "Giiiirl, you said a mouthful!" Unlike her friend Davyd, Lulu had grown up around fast cars and irresponsible drivers. She'd learned how to steer and change gears on her daddy's lap, and NASCAR posters where frequently on the walls of the Beaumonts' crappy, flood-prone home. Though she was very capable of handling her navigator duties, she was definitely prone to fits of giggles as the speed or a particularly exciting hop forced the glee out of her body. In addition to her standard DI team gear, Lulu also wore oversized polarized sunglasses that obscured half her face.
  6. Our car is probably a lot quieter than this, but there's some good footage here of a mini Cooper in the desert.
  7. Is it cheating to use ESP to navigate?
  8. Inside one of the stalls, Lulu clucked her tongue as her her jumpsuit was casually draped over door. "It's more about senior year in general, know what ah mean? Everythin's goin' so darn fast, it's hard to keep up! College applications, entrance exams, sendin' out letters. Mah whole is *spinnin'* most of the time." In no time at all, the redhead stepped out in a pink and silver sheath dress that looked like pure magic. She stepped over to the mirror to touch up her hair and makeup, shaking her head and sighing. "Ah just wonder if we can make it work after graduation."
  9. Lulu climbed out of the passenger door, wearing an identical jumpsuit; however, she was also toting a garment bag over one shoulder. "Well, ah'm goin' to make a quick stop in the ladies' room; ah'm surprisin' Adam, and she'd like to somethin' a little special for him." The telepath sighed and shook her head. "Ah've been so busy lately, ah ain't hardly seen him! Ah'll only take a minute, ah swear!"
  10. Just popping in to say I'm onboard
  11. Assuming Lulu ever joined, her main body would be pink with the black arm, and pink visor.
  12. I think this definitely has potential! I've always enjoyed the Atoms, and like the idea of seeing them have even an indirect presence in FC:PbP.
  13. Okay, Shift is going to use her Variable Power to activate Elongation, shooting up a pair of arms to wrap around the Centurion directly overhead hoping that her weight will provide a surprising amount of drag for the villain. 1d20+6=20 Hopefully enough to hit?
  14. It's a level 10 Create Object effect so I think that's a DC 20 Reflex save? And she'd be making like an invisible hamster wheel with air holes. EDIT: so sorry for my horribly love bug posting break!
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