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  1. I think she's going to try and use Stun, on the Sleep setting. DC 20 Will save.
  2. Does Lulu know through her Arcane Lore if mental effects work on demons? Her fear is that her powers may be useless against the infernal.
  3. Lulu positively beamed. "Why ah'd love to." Astrid and her friends had opted to play something a bit more uptempo than she would have prefered, but maybe it was good they didn't start with a slow dance. The young redhead had no formal dance training, so she just sort of bopped along to the music, making random punching moves and throwing in the occasional spin because it did fun things to her dress; it was rather silly and utterly endearing. Then despite her best efforts, she snuck a quick peek into her date's mind; she furrowed her brow for a second, then shook her head and smiled as she continued her semi-awkward dancing. "Adam, you worry too much. Ah like you; you don't need to try and be somethin' you're not." She shrugged. "Boys...have thoughts; hell, we all do. Ah've been a telepath since ah was ten years old; there ain't too much that can shock me anymore. Ah know you've got your secrets, and those are yours to share if and when you want; ah know not to open any doors your keepin' locked." Then she paused in her dancing, reached up and placed a soft hand on his faintly scarred cheek. She shook her head; there were hints of tears in her eyes, but she was smiling. "But you don't need to be perfect; you just need to be you. So let lose...be yourself. No one's watchin' but me." And with that, she let out a whoop and returned to her energetic flailing.
  4. "Here's hoping there's no silent alarm...," Lynn muttered to herself as she looked up and down the street for any witnesses. Seeing none, she quickly changed into Grimalkin, whom then faded from view as she approached the wall. Flicking out her ebon claws, she effortlessly scaled the wall. Once she got to the open window, she climbed in, returning to the world of the visible as she got her bearings inside, dreading what she might find.
  5. Notice check: 1d20+15=18 Will save: 1d20+10=19 Search check: 1d20+15=34
  6. Lulu enjoyed Halloween; back home in Columbia, there was an annual haunted house called 'Columbia Manor' which, though small, packed a lot of spooky fun into its tiny lot. Maybe some day if she became a famous hero, she could could go back home and use her powers to add a few scares. But for now, she was content to dangle her legs over the arm of a sofa as she savored another mouthful of Reese's Pieces, her all-time favorite candy. She was dressed as Ginny Weasley, complete with Hogwarts robe, Gryffindor tie and an ash wand, which she used to trace glowing 'magical symbols' in the air. Then Sam Thorm burst into the room, and she nearly choked on her peanut butter candy as she suddenly sat up to see what waa going on. "Everythin' okay there, Sam?"
  7. Lynn did not enjoy commercial air travel; it was boring, claustrophobic and expensive. She missed her powers of flight and teleportation, which she had to sacrifice to help Gretchen escape from a black pit of despair over the summer, though admittedly neither would have helped her today. To pass the time, she started Googling the requirements for getting a pilot's license in the States and the costs for small aircraft, because she was not going through this BS again. Yet somehow, as horrible as the series of flights to get to Bedlam were, the cab ride to the bookstore was even worse; it was clear it was a city without hope, like the worst parts of Detroit, East St. Louis and Gary, Indiana combined. Halfway though the ride, she mutely held up a conjured sign that read 'Please Kill Me', an apparently sincere request judging from her crestfallen expression. At last, the four heroes found themselves in front of the building, irritable and tired at their final destination. Stretching to get a kink out of her back, the changeling then shrugged. "Okay, I'll give it a shot." She strode foward and firmly rapped her knuckles on the door, her faerie ears straining to hear any sort of reaction from within.
  8. Crystal-Gazer () Adventuring Time! () Checking In () Fright Night At Claremont () Let's Fall In Like () Monsters In The Night () Take The Orange Squad Bowling ()  Grimalkin () [Maxed] Dance Away The Heartache () Siren Song of the Void ()  Miracle Girl () Hero Worship () Ooooh Fashion (turn to the Left) ()  Shrike () A Place For Everything ()  All points for Grimalkin go to Shrike
  9. In the past, HS was run by criminal/vampire management, corrrect? Maybe we're scoping out the new owners to see if they're legit? Also, gambling is fun! Edit: forgot Lynn has actually been there twice before; I'll reread both threads.
  10. So am I correct in understanding that all three PCs are travelling seperately? If so, Grim will just purchase a single business class ticket like a normal person.