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  1. Lulu nearly spat up her milk with excitement as she vigorously nodded hear head. "Yeah, yeah, absolutely! Ah mean, ah can make us invisible, but we'd still show up camera, so maybe add a change of clothes and some sunglasses. Ah got more than enough liftin' power with my TK to fly us out of here, and ah fly quiet as a church mouse." She made a low swooping gesture with her hand,
  2. Shift smiled and smoothly sat up and swung their legs over the edge of the table, and returned to their earlier 'party girl' appearance to allow for more expression. "Thank you, both. I appreciate everything you're doing for me." Then she turned to Miss A. "Earlier you asked about any documents I might have on Integrated Dynamics and their designs?" She pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows. "I might have held onto something my parents didn't know about." She held out her right hand, and a small flash drive slid neatly out from under her thumbnail. "Copies of all the contracts, e
  3. On the first day of school, Sebastian made quite an impression on Shift, and it was not a good one. Subsequent rumors and the showy appearance of his hand-picked team had done nothing to improve their opinion of the boy. So when word reached the robot that hinted at some sort of comeuppance for the arrogant mind control, Shift was eager to join in. Wearing a darker version of a Claremont uniform and a more intimidating take on their blond male form, the shapeshifter arrived at the library with a determined look on his face. "I am here."
  4. Shift frowned slightly as she gave quick, uncertain looks at Luke and Mr. Powers as her school uniform returned. "Well, Claremont is still a school, so we still have to do homework. But it's true, that's not all we do. We practice using our powers, both on our own and working together." She swallowed, a truly unnecessary gesture she'd picked up living among humans. "Do you not like doing your homework?"
  5. - Hey, watch where you shoot that lightning! Some of us are flying up here! - Lulu's voice, minus her accent for some reason, suddenly appeared inside Tremayne's head. The tone was good-natured, but with just a hint of fear and annoyance. The boys still seemed to be just goofing around while the two girls were already getting to work; typical. Hopefully they'd start taking this more seriously soon.
  6. "People never want to ask for stuff," Lulu muttered as she shook her head. "They just go ahead and take." She understood fear and desperation; they had a way of blinding people to simple truths. Or was it shame? Still, who goes right to essentially grave robbing? The telepath stood ready in case anyone was dumb enough to choose violence, but she hoped the time for fighting had passed.
  7. Pol didn't consume human food, but they still liked lunch time for socializing. It was a great time to catch up with friends or just talk about random fun stuff. This morning they'd been using their default mechanical form, since it required minimal thought. When Zach called Pol and Luke over, the robot paused for a moment, then assumed their common female form wearing a simple T-shirt and torn jeans. She wasn't sure why, but she preferred to be female around Luke. Running her fingers through her hair, Pol came she came over to Zach's table and carefully sat next to Luk
  8. I think you want to add the IC tag in your first post, Red. It makes it easier for thread counting.
  9. Doktor'd! My first edit for Shift! There are a few minor changes in fluff (such as changing references to the Labyrinth to the Foundry), but several in the crunch. Basically I removed two ranks of Super-Senses and all three ranks of Features to combine with my five earned PP to created the 5 PP Variable Power, which has several sample powers listed.
  10. I'm going to submit this to the edit thread.
  11. Okay, I think this is a decent version of Shift with the VP; we'll see what others think.
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