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  1. Torque's crunch is mostly done, but I want to use some Rewards for a Sidekick and an HQ.
  2. Heritage


    Eel took the tightly rolled wad with just the slightest of nods, and made it disappear; based upon the size and weight, she had a rough idea of how much it was, and it was very generous. 'Thank you," she muttered softly before clearing her throat. "Right then! Thank you both your help. I certainly don't want to be any bother, so if either you have any plans for the day, please, don't let me keep you." Then she turned back to John. "By chance might you still have that address?" She was doing her best to hide it, but underneath that cool, unruffled exterior, the young woman known only as Eel was terribly frightened. But a voice in her head told her she'd been through worse and survived, even if she couldn't remember it, and she felt that maybe if she acted the part long enough, she'd wake up one morning and be a right badass.
  3. "Yeah, sure," Gretchen said as she climbed on back of the bike and put her arms around Justice's waist, careful not to be inappropriate. "Save my strength for when we have to fight Kaiju Tin Woodman. Let's go." Some people found the mystical heroine's monotone delivery irritating, but at times like this, when all the weirdness in the world hit you in the face, there was something comforting about having a partner who was so clearly over it all. "This is probably the part where we should start playing Dark Side of the Moon," she deadpanned.
  4. "Uh, well, you're in a sorority for starters," Casey began, looking around. Noticing the other girl under the bedding, she adjusted her glasses. "Oh, are you one of Lola's friends? She said some of them might be coming by." She sighed, looking down at her bathrobe. "Tell you what, give me ten minutes to shower and get ready, and I can make us all some breakfast, okay? And I'll make a pot of coffee." Now somewhat less concerned about noise, she softly padded off to wash up; this was a relatively fast procedure for the heroine, mostly limited by the speed at which the drops of water came out of the showerhead. In significantly less than ten minutes (there was a weird whoosh of air at some point; probably an issue with the air conditioning), the journalism major returned from the direction she'd gone, now wearing a grey sweatshirt and a pair of sleepy pants. "If you ladies wish to follow me, we can get started." Her tone was cheerful, like parody of a tour guide.
  5. Casey frowned at this line of questioning; certainly there were some sort of mind games going on? "Uh, yeah, like Fulcrum said, I certainly don't feel that I deserve to be on this team; I don't feel like I'm entitled to anything, really. I mean, if you all do your evals and like what you see, I'd be happy to sign up. But I've done work on my own, and with other heroes, and I'm sure I'll do it again, whether or not I make the cut." She shrugged. "Now all that being said, I would like to be on the team, just because I think it would be nice to have a steady set of working relationships that I know I can call upon when I need help, or who can call on me for the same. It's more a matter of time saving and convivence, really, and those two things can actually save lives sometimes, you know? So that's what this is all about, for me at least."
  6. Casey took another swig of her beer, feeling nothing, then moved on to the 9-1-1's, and had yet to tear up or break a sweat; she was handling these wings like a boss. "Mmm, spicy! So, have had a chance to do anything, like, heroic yet? I know sometimes it can be hard to take that first step and put yourself out there. I imagine even moreso since you can't hide behind a secret identity if you screw up." The mouth on this girl! Did she kiss her mother with that thing?
  7. At the sight of more baked goods, Miracle Girl utterly failed to hide her sheer delight. "Alright!" Then remembering her manners, she cleared her throat as she daintily fished out a single muffin. "Well as far as the powers go, we think it was sort of like a transfer. I was flying a single prop plane with my dad as a passenger, logging some supervised flying hours for my license, when we were struck by lighting. It passed through my dad into me." Carefully removing the muffin cup, she continued. "Although there's a theory that I may have had a limited form of my powers earlier; I survived a horrible skiing accident that probably should have killed me, but instead put me in the hospital for half a year. So." She shrugged as she took a big bite out of her muffin
  8. "Oh man, I knew it," Goth!Grim muttered with a sigh as she looked at the other dancers in the club. "I'm overdressed." She moved into a patch of shadow, and emerged from it in a sleeveless version of her pentagram tee, the top below it gone, and her black jeans now ragged cutoffs; otherwise, her look was unchanged. Now seemingly happy with her sartorial choices, she leaned over to the rest of her party. "So who wants to make first contact with the enemy first? It's going to be disgusting no matter what, so if we want to draw straws, I'm all for it." She held up a handful of straws, conjured up on the spot for the unpleasant task that lay ahead of them.
  9. "I'd be happy to," Lynn offered as she unwound herself from her buxom friend. Looking around, it was impossible to notice a few major changes to the décor. Most of the framed concert posters were off the walls, the large wire ferret enclosure no longer dominated the corner of the living room, and the smells of patchouli and sandalwood were much fainter than usual. Noticing Moira noticing all these things, the changeling sucked air in through her teeth as she popped open two beers with her talons, then plopped into a couch. "Yeah, Gretchen's gone; she moved out on a trial basis last summer, and we made it official this month." She closed her eyes and shook her head. "We're over, for now; I hope maybe one day we can try it again." Then she picked up one of the beers and took a long swig.
  10. Heritage

    Green Thumb

    "Hey, someday she might be able to save someone with them long legs; reach ain't nothin' to sneeze at," Lynn said in Mia's defense as she buckled into the backseat. "And once she learns how to work 'em? The boys and girls are going to notice; I have this on good authority from educational videos of ZZ Top." Now strapped in and feeling a bit like a toddler, the changeling sighed. "Y'know what, I think might add a few inches at the beach; Mia and I can be height buddies." They she conjured herself another gelato and dug in.
  11. The changeling nodded and rose to her feet, extending a hand in friendship. "Then we're in agreement. Where's the club location here in Freedom? I can drop by sometime this week." There wasn't much more to say; she didn't trust the organization one hundred percent, but she felt that Murk was at least on the level. And it wouldn't hurt to get some investment advice (or even a phone number or two) from her fellow immortals; it would be nice to make a few more friends in her 'age group'. Plus all those sweet, sweet Club Immortus deals on hotels and car rentals! One way or another, she felt her life was now fundamentally changed. And that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.
  12. Heritage

    Body Doubles

    "You can never tell how people are going to react to this kind of thing," offered Lynn as she once again rested a hand on Davyd's shoulder. "Sure, some people flip out, but a lot take it better than you might think. I will say that Claremont has been doing this for several years, and no doubt will offer all kinds of help in smoothing things over with your family. And yeah, maybe don't show your folks you can turn into a chitinous nightmare dripping slime; practice a few popular impressions, like Schwarzenegger or Tom Cruise, something they can wrap their head around. And let them know that you're learning how to use your powers for good; let them be proud of the boy they brought up." And then she reached up and tussled his hair. "You'll do fine, kid; I promise."
  13. For maybe the one thousandth time since she'd come to Freedom and fallen into this new amazing life, Lulu thanked God that she had so many cool friends. Never in her wildest dreams could little Lulu back in podunk Columbia have imagined the sights she was lucky enough to see nowadays, seemingly on a daily basis! Every once in a while, good things happened to good people. Happily accepting an oversized towel from Veronica, which she wrapped around herself, Lulu's jaw dropped at the sheer size of the vessel in question. "Holy s###, y'all! That sumbitch is huge!" She turned to look back at Adam, spreading her arms wide, which made her look like she was playing a bat. "Huge!"
  14. "Oh, sure, ah'll take one," said Lulu with a nod as she did the math in her head. No way a kid born in '96 would be into Heath Ledger, which meant she'd been a tween at least back then, if not a full-on teenager. Add into that Micah's comment about tortoise powers... You know what, forget about it; it's her life and her information to share. Accept the sweet girl as she is, and thank the Lord she was given two parents who clearly love her and had the patience of saints. As the telepath placed delicious juicy wedges into her mouth, she tried to imagine living a life in slow motion, surrounded by kids who ran past you at normal speed; a lonely life indeed. "So can we do sleepovers in here? Because that's obviously the next logical step."
  15. Lulu's going for full-on Mind Reading at this point, politeness be damned! Mind Reading check: 1d20+10=23 Rajesh opposes with his Will save!
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