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  1. On second thought, this might be a bad idea given my classload; I don't want to leave you guys hanging as you wait on me. Might be best if I just do a vignette.
  2. Is it too late to put Miracle Girl in the Early Evacuation thread?
  3. Casey laughed as she warmly returned Daphne's hug; based on her enthusiasm and big heart, she would probably fit right in among her sorority sisters. "Yep, it looks we're finally going to see 'Miracle Girl Barbie' in action!" Then she paused as a thought finally hit her. "Oh, and I'm guessing you want to model, too, right?" The blonde heroine indicated her friend's physique with a wave of her hand. "I'm pretty sure they'd love to have you, seeing as you could probably make a burlap sack look fabulous. Then we'd have two heroes in the show to watch out for trouble."
  4. But then is she prohibited from appearing in threads with Gretchen? I'm thinking more social ones, not active combat/investigation ones.
  5. Is it best to archive her, or make her an NPC?
  6. So I've recently been considering turning Grimalkin into an NPC, and having her Sidekick the Shrike take my remaining PL10 spot; that way, they can still be a couple and appear together in vignettes and the like. I've come to the conclusion that while I still love Grim, her PL and ridiculous array of powers really make it hard to find good threads, and as she's maxed out, she has no room to grow. Are there any serious repercussions to me as a player if I retire my Titanium PC?
  7. Gossamer ()  Grimalkin/Shrike () [Maxed] A Little Bit Of You, A Little Bit Of Me ()  Miracle Girl () Crimebusting Monthly: Pillage and Plunder () Ooooh Fashion (turn to the Left) ()  Grim's points and any vignettes go to Gossamer
  8. Casey laughed and shook her head. "While I appreciate your willingness to hack into someone's laptop for me, I actually don't think that will be necessary." The blonde heroine sighed. "You see, my sorority sisters have been begging me to model for them, but up until now, I've always said 'no'. They've been saying things like, 'Come on, Case! You're blonde, tanned and have legs for days; can we pleeease put you in girly clothes?' In fact, I bet I can just send a text..." She pulled out her iPhone and rapidly sent a text with one thumb, then held up one finger and smiled, raising her eyebrows. A few seconds later, several high pitched squeals of delight could be heard from one of the rooms down the hall, and she chuckled as she nodded in satisfaction. "That seems to have taken care of it."
  9. Lynn stared at her friend for several seconds, nostrils flaring with every breath; finally, she nodded tersely and looked around the room, hands practically clamped to her hips. "Okay, so this is some kind of Greek god abduction s###? That makes sense; didn't Zeus, like, practically -" She was about to use a very harsh word, but then had to stop herself; recently mortal or not, the Olympians were still Moira's family, and it would be cruel and tasteless to say such things. Also how did she know if Homer and Bullfinch had all their facts straight? Plus the Torah was full of all kinds of stuff she didn't necessarily agree with, but she still treated the Jewish holy book with great respect. Taking a moment to calm down, she nodded to herself and looked at her roommate sheepishly. "Sorry." Taking a deep breath, Lynn once again took in the room. "Okay, I'm not sure what all powers you still have without your magic armband, but I at least have an amazing sense of smell; let's see if I can come up with anything." And with that, the changeling dropped into a rather animalistic crouch and began to prowl about the room, turning her head this way and that as she began to sniff for clues.
  10. Casey was struggling a bit here; she could tell by Daphne's concerned expression that there was a serious potential threat on the horizon, but on the other hand she'd never taken fashion all that seriously. Perhaps growing up in an outdoorsy, military family failed to instill the proper regard for couture that so many of her friends seemed to share. "Well, huh; the one time you really wish there were 'fashion police', right?" She felt her feeble attempt at humor dying on her lips even as she spoke it, which led to her awkwardly clearing her throat. "Okay, to be honest, I've never been much of a clothes horse." The blonde heroine indicated her very casual, comfy clothes. "But, you know, people tell me that I'm, uh, cute." Her cheeks went an adorable shade of pink. "So maybe the best way to protect the show is to, um...be part of the show? Like, actually modeling outfits?" Casey shrugged, clearly feeling way out of her depth.
  11. Casey breathed in sharply through her teeth; Fantoni was of course right about the poor mauled cop and how it would affect the police. She had a great deal of respect for the FCPD, but like all police forces, they could be clannish and strike out when one of their own was attacked. And God forbid Reagan died... "Okay, we need to figure out where theyre going to strike next," said the blonde heroine as she slowly rolled her coffee mug between her palms. "So far, they've only targeted jewelry stores in the West End, right? Have they ever hit the same store twice? If not, we come up with a list of any other stores in the neighborhood they haven't hit, and put eyes on them. Cops and capes at each location maintaining radio contact with each other." She shrugged. "Unless someone smarter than me can see a pattern to predict the next target."
  12. I should be able to post here late tonight/early tomorrow, after Mother's Day dinner and homework.