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  1. With great effort, Casey manged to keep the smile on her face; something about the cheerful way Katie referred to 'massive evil' and the look on Dancia's face gave her a chill. Kids could take things in stride that would cripple an adult. "Well I'm glad you have a nice place to stay for now." The blonde heroine winked and tapped her lightly across the chin with her knuckles before rising to greet her mentor for the summer. "No worries! I remember how my mom struggled to get me and my brother fed and on the bus every morning." She pulled a bottled water out of her bag and took a long sip. "So, what are we doing today, boss?"
  2. "It's really you!" As firm and warm as Estelle's hug was, it was nothing compared to the one her hair gave to the former goddess; the shimmering golden locks wrapped them both together from head to toe, and squeezed like an affectionate python. "Mmmm; it's so good to see you again!" At last the mass of sentient silkiness relented, and Moira was able to breathe again. Her hair floating around her languid cloud, the organic chemist took a step back into the loft and gestured expansively. "Please, make yourself at home! Can I get you a drink?" It was a lovely space, with exposed red brick walls, exposed pipes painted in cheerful muted yellows and modern furnishings in ivory and champagne. The center of the home was a gorgeous combined wood and gas burning brick oven, surrounded by a wraparound counter ringed with several stools. There was also a more formal dining area and living area marked out with a pair of sectional sofas,. and in the back corner a small home recording studio. A raised sleeping loft offered the promise of warmth and happiness, and above it all hung a fascinating metal sculpture of bars, rods and brackets, which served as both decoration and elevated workout space. Still wearing her bathrobe, Estelle called over her shoulder as she went to the fridge. "So, do you like it?"
  3. Pi Epsilon Delta had a small assembly hall that was typically used for talent shows, pledging ceremonies and other events; behind the stage was a small room used for changing into clothes and storing props, with a small bathroom attached, and it was in one these stalls that the bulletproof young heroine was close to having a panic attack. Casey had done a few scary things in her time; helping to rescue an airplane full of passengers, evacuating people from a Caribbean resort caught in the middle of not one but two hurricanes, and all other sorts of frightening situations. But all of those paled compared to the thought of standing in front of a room of strangers wearing a sultry dress. It wasn't that she had low self-esteem or felt unattractive, at least not beyond the normal level of insecurity that most women in America constantly and unfortunately live under. No, it was more due to a sort of internalized fear of sexual expression that she knew came from her father. Like a lot of dads, especially the more conservative ones, Colonel Steve Blankenship liked to pretend that his little girl was never going to have a relationship with men of any kind; all those grandchildren he was always vocally hoping for would more or less spontaneously occur, probably courtesy of a stork. It didn't matter to him that Casey could more than take care of herself, even before she got her superpowers; it was all a lot of BS about purity, marriage and wanting to keep his little girl safe, and all those messages about 'good girls' and 'bad girls' had been drilled into her head for years. There is nothing wrong with wearing an outfit that accentuates your body. It's not a sin, it doesn't make you a slut or make you look cheap; it makes you you look like the confident young woman you are. Plus it's for a good cause. You can do this, Case; this is nothing. Taking a deep breath, Casey stepped out of the stall and into the backstage room; she was wearing a powder blue evening dress, three inch white pumps and a pair of borrowed diamond earrings. She'd found an amazing pair of vintage cat's eye glasses frames, and her long blonde hair was piled majestically on her head, showing off her lovely and graceful neck. Smoothing down the dress and adjusting her bust, she looked at her sorority sisters sheepishly. "Okay, be honest; how goofy do I look in this?" Her three favorite Pi sisters, Darlene, Steph and Lola, were too stunned for words for several seconds, until it began to get uncomfortable, and she cringed. "Oh God...is it that bad?" Finally Lola broke the silence, her usual NYC swagger reduced to a near whisper. "Marry me, Colorado." "Dear Lord; you are vision, Casey Blankenship!" Darlene shook her head in pure admiration. "You clean up good, Head Case; no doubt about it," said Steph with a nod and a slight grin. "Aww, thanks, guys," the eternal Girl Scout said with an embarrassed smile as her cheeks went quite pink. Then she turned to Daphne and gave her a somewhat manic grin and a thumbs up. "Let's do this!"
  4. Gossamer () Clearing Out The Cobwebs ()  Grimalkin/Shrike () [Maxed]  Miracle Girl () Hero Worship () Ooooh Fashion (turn to the Left) ()
  5. Oh God, Cape. So sorry you hear that. Take care.
  6. Not that I've been super posty of late, but currently at GenCon thru tomorrow. Hope to feel posty tomorrow night/Monday morning.
  7. Gossamer might be a good fit as well.
  8. She must have dozed off for a few minutes, because Estelle finally became aware that her cellphone was vibrating in her purse. By the time she'd fetched it from the kitchen counter, it was already going to voicemail. She didn't recognize the number, so she waited for the notification and checked her messages. The breathy notes of Moira's voice were only slightly less fascinating on a digital recording, and a ripple spread out from the blonde's roots all the way out to the ends of her hair as she suddenly sat bolt upright, fully awake. It seemed like a lifetime ago that she had an exquisite dalliance with a goddess made flesh, and to be honest it had taken several years for Estelle to convince herself that it was little more than a dream, a delightful interlude that flared and went dim, fading into hazy memories of flying too close to the sun. But now, this phone call, that voice...! The sophisticated organic chemist, normally so poised and refined, eagerly hit redial like a giddy teenager who'd just been asked to her first prom, breathlessly waiting for Moira to answer the phone. "Pick up, pick up, pick up..."
  9. Gossamer (2) Clearing Out The Cobwebs (2)  Grimalkin/Shrike () [Maxed]  Miracle Girl (2) Hero Worship (1) Ooooh Fashion (turn to the Left) (1)
  10. Dr. Estelle de Havilland's Loft. July 21st, 2018. 10:30 am So strange to be back after all these years; the maid service expertly maintained the property, so the dust motes hanging in the air were entirely of her own invention, yet Estelle saw them nonetheless. Seven years away teaching and researching abroad in Berlin, Lisbon and Tokyo had done much to scour away the distressing memories of the Gorgon's first visit to Earth, but still her heart never left this sacred space, this feeling of belonging, of home. Her hair unfurled like a silk parachute, several fine tendrils depositing her bags upstairs in the sleeping loft, while countless others stretched out to gently stroke the walls, ceiling and furnishings with the caress of a long-lost love. A strong solid pair reached up and wrapped themselves around the arms of the combination metal sculpture/'jungle gym' that hung over the loft, and effortlessly drew her upward. Estelle closed her eyes and sighed as she stripped off her dusty traveling clothes while she floated in midair, and then carried herself into the master bathroom for a long, hot and entirely wasteful shower, an indulgence, true, but one that she earned after being trapped in an international flight for nine hours, her living hair forced into a confining French braid for far too long. Depositing herself onto the sectional sofa, wrapped in her favorite fluffy bathrobe with her damp hair majestically draped over the leather upholstery, Estelle finally allowed herself a long contented sigh. "Home..."
  11. It had taken a lot of convincing to get Casey's parents to agree to a summer sublet so she could stay in Freedom for this internship; despite the fact that she was essentially bulletproof and could lift several tons, no parent is ever 100% onboard with their only daughter spending their summer away from home. But the young heroine made a strong case by talking up how good it would look on a resume, especially since freshmen almost never get internships. At long last, her infectious enthusiasm wore them down, and her parents relented with a sigh, earning bone-creaking hugs in the process. On the first day of her internship, Miracle Girl flew across the river to the Southside, her big, funky hemp bag over one shoulder. Of course, Casey had a student bus pass; every FCU freshman got one, and it was included in your tuition. But unless she was hanging out with her sorority sisters, she pretty much flew everywhere; to be honest, it was a hard habit to break. But at least she was never late!. Landing a few blocks away behind an abandoned gas stationed, Casey switched into civilian identity in a swirl of wind, now sporting a photographer's vest over a short-sleeved FCU jersey, as well as a pair of cargo shorts and light hiking boots. Trotting over to Conway, she found a well-maintained house on a quiet street. She was just about to ring the bell when the door was flung open by the prettiest little girl! Interesting how she'd detected her presence; possibly another super in the family? The young journalism student flashed a pretty amazing smile of her own as she dropped down into a crouch. "Hi there, Katie! My name's Casey. Is your mommy home?"
  12. Once again, Casey was rather amused by the workings of her friend's alien mind. As a Grue, she might not fully understand human standards of attractiveness; she probably just flipped through a few fashion magazines for inspiration, and went from there. "Well, whatever makes you most comfortable; frankly, I think 'Daphne' has a nice, 'girl next door' quality to her, but if you want to try on someone else, be my guest." Just then, the blonde heroine's phone began to play Ray Charles' 'Georgia On My Mind', and she winked at Daphne and picked it up. "Hi Darlene!...yes, I did...well, let's say that, a friend talked me into it." She grinned at the young Grue and wiggled her eyebrows. "Yep! And actually, she might be interested in modeling, too...or maybe, like, a friend of hers...I'm not sure yet. Do we need, like, any specific types?" She shrugged. "Like, I don't know, taller or shorter girls, or...redheads or something? Yeah, she has lots of cute friends."
  13. Miracle Girl Spending 6P to bring her Charisma up to 20. Also changed Age to just Date of Birth, and updated some info to reflect her college student status. EDIT: 1PP spent on skill points (Bluff +1, Intimidate +2, one rank of Perform: Dance added.