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  1. "Oh my Lord, it looks amazin'! You look so cute!" Lulu ran her fingers through her coppery locks. "Ah don't know if ah could ever be that brave. And you doin' it in the...Pale Building, no less!" She clutched her hands to her heart dramatically. "Oh Miss Judy, you are mah hero! When ah grow up, ah want to be just like you!"
  2. Lulu was up in her room, sitting in her reading chair and sipping herbal tea with honey. She was scribbling down notes in a blue leather-bound journal for her first D&D campaign, occasionally visualizing a character, scene or location in the air before her. She was wearing green sleepy pants, a Skyrim T-shirt and wrapped in a bathrobe. While she pondered the proper battle dress for Evanangeline, Princess of the Elves, her phone buzzed next to her teacup. Picking it, she grinned and rapidly texted back. OMG, yes!!!! How r u? Eagerly setting aside her notebook and pen, she dismissed the elven monarch with a wave of her hand and signed into FaceTime. "Hey there, sunshine! Where ya been? Ah haven't seen you in forever!" Her delight in seeing her friend was quite apparent.
  3. Crystal-Gazer () A Quirk In Time () Dead Men Tell No Tales () Everything Is Temporary () Fairy Talers () Fledglings In The Fold () Marquee Lights ()  Grimalkin () [Maxed] Miracle Girl () Campus Calamity () The Eel () A good heart these days is hard to find... ()
  4. Once it became clear that the group was not rushing headlong into danger, and in fact considerable prep was necessary, Lulu headed back to her room to take a proper shower before suiting up again. During the waiting period, Lulu did the exact opposite of Pan, and in fact sought out the elder Nott och Tags for conversation. Eira would probably give her heat about it later, but she really didn't care right now. Using her effortless Southern charm, she did her best to draw them out, with some success; clearly Scandinavian reticence was very much a thing. She found it worked better if she was helping them do something, like making coffee or bringing food to Mia. However, she also made herself available to talk to Pan and Micah, as her fellow schoolmates needed someone to talk to as well. When all things were in readiness and Forever Boy did his Forever Boy thing, she looked at Mia and shrugged. "Bangarang, Ruffio." Then she looked at the others. "Hey, anyone want to be invisible?"
  5. Hi, y'all! So right now, Lulu is only in one thread that is even remotely active, and I really want to use her more. Is anyone looking for a sassy Southern telepath, either in a Claremont-related thread or pretty much anything else? She's willing to travel
  6. The young telepath shook her head. "Well, some of us still get dressed the ol' fashioned way; just gimme a few minutes." And with that she took to the air, bathrobe flapping as she flew back to her room to splash water on her face and get dressed as fast as she could. A short time later, she retuned, floating along awkwardly as she finished pulling on the left boot of her Claremont uniform. "Alright, ah'm suited up."
  7. So this is what Lulu brings to the table: If she has the time, she'll take 20.
  8. "Ah don't think...any of us can understand what your parents went through, Eira," Lulu began; there were sympathetic tears in her eyes. "No human experience could...prepare them for what they went through." She gestured towards the pictures filling the room. "If this sick little girl never existed...there would be no you; they didn't make you up out of whole cloth, girl. You weren't born when they had this body constructed; you were reborn when all your experinces and feelins were, I don't know, uploaded into a new vessel." Then she winced, and the tears were flowing freely. "But they still saw your body die, Eira; that little baby bundle they brought home from the hospital, that livin' breathin' thing, was gone. And that's traumatic." She shrugged and shook her head. "Can't you see how that would be hard to process? For any parent?"
  9. Lulu was in her robe, Critical Role t-shirt and a pair of sleepy pants when she discovered the source of the yelling. Padding up to the host family in her bare feet as the rubbed the sleep from her eyes, she look from mother to father to daughter with bleary eyes. "Was goin' on, folks? Somethin' stolen?" And then a sickening thought hit her. Please, don't let it be the urn...
  10. Did any text get clipped out of your post, AA? The second paragraph ends abruptly.
  11. - Yeah, I'd stay out of that minefield if I were you. - Lulu's mental chuckle sounded a bit like gurgling water. - And don't worry, I'm almost there! - "Ah'll have a Carlsberg Elephant, sir, if you have it in stock," the telepath confidently declared as she entered the billiard room. She gave Micah a playfully defiantly look. "Look, ah turned eighteen in February. Plus, ah been drinkin' since ah was thirteen; we do things different down in the swamp!" She took the cold beer with an appreciate nod. "Thank you, sir." The top flipped off on its own, arced through the air over her head, and dropped into her open left hand. She reflexively tucked it into her back pocket as she assessed the billiard table. "So are we playin' or what," she asked as she took took a swing without wincing.
  12. Lulu winced and just took it, letting the robotic teen storm off. She was right to be upset; Lulu really shouldn't be the person who is trying to 'fix' her, though of course the only person who could fix Eira would be herself. But, like most people who are helpers by nature, she couldn't resist trying to do her part. Ah well. As she started to navigate her way back to the group by scanning for mental activity, she picked up Micah's query. -Hi Micah, I hear you. Be careful, Eira is probably on the warpath; I couldn't resist the urge to talk to her about her parents, which shockingly lead to her spitting poison in my face. How are you?- It was always a bit weird to her Lulu's mental voice with no accent.
  13. Lulu let her breath out in a long, slow whoosh as she leaned against the door jam; this...this was complicated, and deep and sad, on both sides of the situation. In all her years of touching minds, she'd never walked into a minefield like this before. Of course, her first instinct was to help, because that's who she was: the girl who helped her friends with their problems. But some things her beyond even her impressive insight into the human condition. "What exactly did they say when you confronted them about this? And maybe more importantly, what did you say first?"
  14. Lulu held up her hands. "Alright, alright, mah mistake; ah don't have everybody's life story memorized, ah'm sorry." Then she passed as the implications of what Eira just said sunk in. "What do you mean when you say 'ah found it'? Did you find like a journal or diary tucked away somewheres?" More and more she suspected her roommate's parents were from Arendelle, home of the 'Conceal, Don't Feel' school of child-rearing, which always turned out well.
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