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  1. I'm so sorry, Bourbon. I'm taking a brief hiatus from the site for personal reasons. Unfortunately this obviously impacts all my threads, like this one. I don't think it will be a long break, possibly as short as a month. Again, my apologies
  2. Lulu furrowed her brow in thought. "Ah don't think we have any other shapeshifters right now, but there may be some underclassmen ah don't know. It actually is a fairly big school." Noticing the way Leon changed his name sticker, she pointed at it. "Can change things, like rearrangin' molecules or somethin'?"
  3. Eel decided it would probably be best to talk to someone at this party so she wouldn't stand out do much, but it definitely appeared to be one of those affairs where everyone knew everyone else. Not too surprising among the small world of the rich and famous. At length, she noticed someone else who seemed a bit out of place, so she sidled over to an African-American woman and initiated small talk. "Hullo there! I'm afraid it's my first time at one of these affairs, and I'm not sure how rude I'm supposed to be to the help. Perhaps you could assist me?" The twinkle in her eye was quite obvious as raised the champagne to her lips.
  4. Lulu happily dipped a satay skewer into some peanut sauce as she pondered the question. "Ah mean sure, we can do that! Poor little Pluto, off on its own with none of the cool planets to play with." She hungrily bit off some chicken, getting peanut sauce all over herself. "So, if we do a Solar System model, how accurate can we do scale? Aren't all the Outer Planets way farther out than the Inner ones?" She waved her half-eaten satay like a wand, and an illusionary representation of the Solar System appeared, though not super accurate since astronomy was not Lulu's forte; she'd definitely compressed things to get all the planet's together within a six foot circle. Still, it was visually impressive to see the various planets slowly revolve around a Sun roughly the size of a golf ball.
  5. Crystal-Gazer () A Quirk In Time () Dead Men Tell No Tales () Fairy Talers () Fledglings In The Fold () Intergalactic Sightseeing () Marquee Lights () One By One () Phone A Friend () Spring Break 1: To Remove is to Improve (IC) () You Hate Me to Say ()  Grimalkin () [Maxed] Miracle Girl () Broken Mirror () Campus Calamity () The Eel () A good heart these days is hard to find... ()
  6. Oh no, not right now! I'm in the middle of a thing! Ugh, why'd it have to be evil speedsters? Realizing that crime waited for no man or woman, Casey sighed as she radically sped herself up, while doing her best to keep perfectly still, though even for her, it was damn near impossible. There was a slight humming noise and a disturbance in the air, almost as though a hummingbird was floating right in the middle of Casey and Nick's impromptu picnic. Please don't notice please don't notice please don't notice...
  7. Oh s###... Casey didn't curse very often, or at least not out loud, but she had been corrupted a bit by her sorority sisters. If there was anything that warranted a four-letter word, it was a AU Terrifica who'd 'fixed the whole human problem'. What was it about her friend and mentor that led her down this path if unchecked? Human connection, she supposed, or the lack of same. "Look, we're happy to help; we help people all the time. I'm okay on the tech stuff, but I will happily yield to the experts in the room." She sighed and crossed her arms across her chest; more than likely, her main usefulness in this scenario would probably be her compassion and insight into `Mom's' brain. "Speed, strength and flight are kind of my big three. My senses are sharp, too, and I shoot heat rays out of my eyes." She shrugged and smiled. "That's me in a nutshell. Well, that and I'm a wiz at tying knots."
  8. When Eira first proposed her bizarre 'Olympic' color scheme to Lulu and Mia, the Southern redhead was distinctly not happy; how come she had to be third place? But then she thought about it and did some research, and found out that bronze was an excellent shade for redheads, and then she was all in! After a seeming eternity of waiting, Lulu finally came out to join her boyfriend, grinning like the Cheshire cat. "Hey, handsome! Miss me?" Her dress was a beautiful Art Deco-inspired affair that shimmered and danced as she moved, with a playful frilled fringe about the hem. A circlet with a feather plume on the side highlighted her...short bobbed hair?! Had the telepath actually cut off her signature tresses? "Don't worry, it's just an illusion; ah couldn't figure out how to pin it up right, so ah finally gave up and cheated!" She floated up to his height, draped her arms over his shoulders and gave him an apologetic kiss. "Sorry to keep you waitin' so long, hon!"
  9. An all-Southerners thread is definitely appealing, but my posting rate's been atrocious of late
  10. Lulu gestured towards Davyd. "Sure, feel free to tag along." Then she focused her attention back on the newcomers. "Powers or no powers, you can learn a lot at Claremont!" She pinched her lower lip thoughtfully. "Maybe we should head to the gym first; that's a good place to show off a little bit. We got weights, punchin' bags and balance beams. And feel free to ask me or Davyd any questions you have. Oh, ah nearly forgot!" She handed Leon and Callie each a small piece of adhesive paper with their names printed on them, as well as the word 'VISITOR'. "Here you go!"
  11. Initiative roll: 1d20+9=19
  12. Sorry for the lack of posts; I think I'm finally digging out of my semi-final, and should be more productive moving forward.
  13. Skill Mastery for a 25.
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