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  1. Remember when I said in chat that I was feeling overextended? That was before somebody finally did a thread set at FCU! Put Miracle Girl's name on this.
  2. "Coming, coming, coming," a pleasant voice called out from the depths of the store; it's owner was a woman who looked to be in her early thirties, about Serena's height but much lighter build. Shoulder-length curly brown hair, big brown eyes, very cute and elfin. She was wearing a vintage Disney T-shirt showing Princess Jasmine, loose jeans and a pair of pink Nikes, all under a brown Silberman's Books apron. As she got closer, the delivery woman noticed two things about the bookstore owner: the woman was very light on her feet, and much more attractive up close. Flashing a breathy smile, she brushed a lock of hair out her eyes and pulled a pen out of her apron pocket. "Hi, I'm Lynn; welcome to Silbermans! Whadda we got today?" Her accent was pure South Jersey, which was somewhat at odds with her appearance; one could almost picture her singing to a bluebird perched on her finger.
  3. "Ah could definitely eat," Lulu admitted as she scrolled through her phone. "Somethin' spicy, with lots of fresh fruit! And can we drink here?" It was all still a bit overwhelming; her current life bore almost no relation to her old one, and if she stopped to think about it too much, it made her head spin. "Also shoppin' might be fun; I'm sure there's local markets and stuff." She tucked her phone back in her purse, then sidled up next to Adam, her fingers intertwining with his. She peered up it him from under the brim of her hat and smiled, so happy to be sharing all this with him. "How 'bout you, darlin'; what do you want to do?"
  4. According to Thev, this will not overlap with Dead Men Tell No Tales, so I'll put up Lulu. As a telepathic universal translator, she could be very useful in space.
  5. Lulu was delighted when Veronica invited her and Adam to accompany her to the Caribbean. If this had been a year ago, she'd have been overwhelmed by the experince, but living with the Harrows was almost as jet set-y as being a Danger, for she'd visited both the UK and Fiji over the winter break. Still, the trip was still thrilling, made even moreso by the presence of her boyfriend. The pale redhead had learned her lesson during the 'Great Burning' on Fiji, and this trip she was much better prepared for the UV rays. Today she wore wearing a green diaphanous beach shrug with floral designs over her blue tank top, loose white beach pants and a pair of Top Siders. She also wore a wide straw sunhat and big round sunglasses whenever she was outside. Finally, every day she liberally slathered herself with a high-SPF sunscreen that left her smelling like some sort of delicious tropical dessert. During the flight over, the telepath naturally spent a lot of time cuddling with Adam, but also eagerly chatted with everyone else. At a few points she provided riveting play-by-play retellings from Adam's tabletop game, using her mental projections to supplement her storytelling. Currently she was glued to the window, eagerly pointing out various points of interest to Adam as they approached the harbor.
  6. Lulu stepped into the room, and then proceeded to walk around the circumference of the shell, stopping to reach out and gently rap it with her knuckles. "Well, that's a hell of a thing! Let me have a peek inside right quick" The redheaded psychic closed her eyes for several seconds, occasionaly turning her head this way and that way. She then abruptly opened her eyes. "Huh!" She put her hands on her hips, shook her head and shrugged at Ashley. "Well, ah don't know where Judy is, but she ain't in there; there ain't nothin' in there! It's like a, what do you call it, a void." Finally noticing Adam's arrival, she stepped over to his side and put her arm around his waist. "Hey, darlin'. You see this?"
  7. Crystal-Gazer () Afternoon Matinee () Dead Men Tell No Tales () Nostalgia Trip () Shell Game () Stellar School ()  Grimalkin () [Maxed] Body Doubles () Codus Immortus: Grimalkin () Special Delivery ()  Miracle Girl () Brain Drain! () Dance Macabre () Hero Worship () Ooooh Fashion (turn to the Left) ()  Shrike () Choose Your Own Adventure () The Eel () Adrift ()
  8. For a moment ot two, Casey's thoughts became clouded, and she felt another's will directing her actions. But then something deep inside her rose up and broke the link. I am no one's puppet! Did the host sense her resistance? Was the connection two way? Hoping their would-be manipulator was none the wiser, Casey attempted to play along, unsure of the best course of action. She was worried about Darlene, who'd obviously not resisted the vampire's influence. The very millisecond her friend was in danger, she would snap into action, but for now she'd wait... "I love these boots," she said breathlessly as she sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed a pair of thigh highs. "Do you have anything in a US women's nine?"
  9. Lulu was still looking for her boyfriend when she poked her head into the common room. "Oh hi, Ash! Have you seen Adam? He wasn't-" At this point the redhead noted the large shell in the middle of the room; it was very large and very pretty, but seemed at odds with the rest of the room's decor. "Well that's new! Wonder how that got in here?" It was only then that she saw Ashley's stricken expression; she could think of only one thing in tje world that could make her look like that. She rapidly crossed the room to Watchdog's side. "What's wrong, where's Judy?"
  10. Will save: 1d20+10=30 Eat it, Dracky baby!
  11. What's the descriptor? Sadly Casey is Vulnerable to Psionic attacks
  12. Lulu sighed and nodded, feeling a bit better about the whole conversation. -Yeah, it's pretty late; I'll let you get to bed. Thanks for talking.- The redhead reached over and turned out the light, then settled into her bed. -You're a good person, Judy, and you deserve to be happy. I hope we can be friends; you know, in the 'real world'.- And then, just before she drifted off- -Good night...-
  13. "Absolutely" Gretchen rose up smoothly out of the ground and then floated over towards the portal, arms crossed over her chest. She seemed to be appraising Robin's handiwork likena connoisseur, unfazed but appreciative. "Well, then. Nice portal. I've got one, too, but it's a little different. More like a storage locker. Kind of small. Please tell me you have changing rooms in here. I have armor, but it takes a little time to put on." She shrugged. "If you don't, its fine. I'm not bashful."
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