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  1. Casey breathed in sharply through her teeth; Fantoni was of course right about the poor mauled cop and how it would affect the police. She had a great deal of respect for the FCPD, but like all police forces, they could be clannish and strike out when one of their own was attacked. And God forbid Reagan died... "Okay, we need to figure out where theyre going to strike next," said the blonde heroine as she slowly rolled her coffee mug between her palms. "So far, they've only targeted jewelry stores in the West End, right? Have they ever hit the same store twice? If not, we come up with a list of any other stores in the neighborhood they haven't hit, and put eyes on them. Cops and capes at each location maintaining radio contact with each other." She shrugged. "Unless someone smarter than me can see a pattern to predict the next target."
  2. I should be able to post here late tonight/early tomorrow, after Mother's Day dinner and homework.
  3. Casey...needs more detective-y skills. Must work on that in my next update. TT, can Temperance see Terrifica when she's cloaked? MG can, but she always allows her boss her little 'Batman entrances'. 🙄 😁
  4. Casey was overthinking this; she spent a ridiculous ten minutes trying on different wigs, makeup and outfits trying to come up with some sort of new persona for 'Cookie', from 'art school chick' to 'genki girl' and everything in between. But in the end, she decided Cookie was just Casey Blankenship, and she prayed to God and the universe that her secret identity stayed intact. So it was plain old Casey who walked into Sid's Cafe; the major change from her normal everyday wear was the lack of any FCU or Pi logos on her rather generic sweats. Dressed down with her hair up, glasses on and a lack of any sort of golden glow, she looked pretty normal as she got in line to place her order. A quick x-ray scan of the second floor indicated that pretty much everyone was already there, but most didn't have anything to drink, so the Girl Scout thoughtfully ordered a pot of coffee, several danishes and a breakfast sandwich (the last one was for her), and borrowed a tray to bring everything upstairs. "Hey!" Her super-strength allowed her to hold the heavily-laden tray with one hand as she waved, a radient smile on her lips. "Cookie here! Got us some coffee and snacks, plus cups and sugar and cream and stuff." Placing the tray on the middle table, she reached into the hemp bag over her shoulder, and then there was a blur of motion and a rush of wind that ruffled a few of the paper napkins, and just like that Casey had switched to her heroic persona. "I'm also Miracle Girl. Nice to meet you all!" Then she turned to Daphne and smiled. "Except you; I know you!" She gave Miss Grue a quick hug before fixing herself a cup of coffee and tearing into her bacon, egg and cheese bagelwich.
  5. Gossamer () Grimalkin/Shrike () [Maxed] A Little Bit Of You, A Little Bit Of Me () Good Company and Good Cheer () There's Always Room For One More () You Never Get A Second Change For First Impressions () Miracle Girl () Ooooh Fashion (turn to the Left) () The End Of The World Job () Under Cove-r () Welcome To Crimebusting Monthly! ()  Grim's points and any vignettes go to Gossamer
  6. We certainly don't have to roleplay all three 'onscreen'; if it's easier to assume case 2 gets resolved without a thread, I'm fine with that if it makes the GMs' job less challenging.
  7. Suddenly Lynn appeared in the room with a puff of air, her eyes wide and in a state of extreme anxiety; her hair was somewhat disheveled, with one pointed ear visible, and it looked like there was a coffee stain on her Silberman's apron. Her big brown eyes darted around the room in a panic "Where is she, where's Gretch?" She slapped her ear repeatedly, as though trying to get better reception. "I can't hear her, she's not in my head! Gretch, baby? Honey? Where are you?" Noticing Moira at last, her face went first ashen, then bright pink as the emotions switled inside of her. She grabbed the former Olympian with a surprisingly strong grip. "Where is she! What the f### did you do to her?"
  8. Fai enough. At least we got to Tristan!
  9. "Oh, tell her I said hi, too," Casey replied almost reflexively; both her parents and the Scouts instilled politeness into her as a core value. The blonde heroine furrowed her brow in thought as she pondered the various aspects of the case; at this point, not a lot of it made sense, but perhaps it was a mistake to ascribe human motivations to a possibly alien suspect. "So, do we have any idea as to our perp's M.O.? You say they've been going to similar events; similar in what way? And do we know what they did at these other events? Is anyone in any sort of physical danger?"
  10. Are we still keeping this one alive?
  11. Casey methodically went through the steps of preparing her French press as she listened to Blod describe the basics of the situation; it sounded like a simple smash-and-grab, but she assumed there was much more to it than that. It was strange thinking of this 'job' from two angles at the same time, both as Miracle Girl the crimefighter and Hardcase the criminal; each wanted more information, but for entirely different reasons. "Define 'apocalyptic," she finally asked as she slowly stired some raw sugar into her black coffee. "And 'private hands'."
  12. Decided to make it an Intimidation check! 1d20+10=13 Which it turns out was a huge mistake; well, if you have to yell to be heard, you're probably not at your best
  13. Let me know if you consider Casey's words to be Persuasion or Intimidation, and I will roll.
  14. Miracle Girl smiled with a bit of wry humor. "Hi Joan, nice to meet you." There was a swirl of wind, and then the criminal found herself sitting on the deck with her sleeves ripped off and used to hogtie her, feet and hands in front of her. "I need you to sit tight for a few minutes while we deal with the rest of your operation." Then the girl from below decks appeared and did her thing, which was pretty darn impressive; the sound was so loud Casey had to cover her ears! She finally managed to float towards the girl with the purple hair lock, glowing brightly and yelling to be heard over the din. "Look, we don't have to fight! If you come along quietly, it'll go better for you!"