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  1. Okay, Shift is going to use her Variable Power to activate Elongation, shooting up a pair of arms to wrap around the Centurion directly overhead hoping that her weight will provide a surprising amount of drag for the villain. 1d20+6=20 Hopefully enough to hit?
  2. It's a level 10 Create Object effect so I think that's a DC 20 Reflex save? And she'd be making like an invisible hamster wheel with air holes. EDIT: so sorry for my horribly love bug posting break!
  3. "Judy!" A beautiful redhead in pink and black flew over Charlie's head, swooping upward to drop down next to the young couple. Lulu was wearing pink Hi-Tops, black jeans, and a black puffy jacket with pink fake fur trim around the hood. She turned and smiled at the boy. "Hi Micah!" Then she threw her arms around Judy in a hug that was both physical and emotional, as her love for her best friend washed over the former president's daughter. "Mmmm, it's so good to see you!"
  4. Shift was more than happy to change targets, and rolled to his feet. His IR vision quickly picked out the whip wielder, and his right arm stretched into a long lash of his own! He brought it up over his head and swung it towards Stinger, but she must have heard it coming, as she nimbly stepped out of it's path.
  5. Attempting to disarm Stinger via Elongation. 1d20+6=7 Wow! Let's use Luck to reroll that! 1d20+6=9. +10 via Luck equals 19 Is that enough to hit Stinger?
  6. I'm very sorry for the hold up! I was waiting to type on my laptop when I was 'feeling it's, but I think the best thing is just to post anything on my phone to get past this writer's block.
  7. Crystal-Gazer () Dreaming Of Falling () Fairytalers: Never-Ending Story () Meet The Parents () Pirates Over Midtown () Miracle Girl () Shift () Capers And Casanovas () Dr. Midas Returns () Lessons to Learn () The Shrike () The Mars Connection ()
  8. Starting with her Toughness save: 1d20+10=28. Hah-hah! Not quite sure how to do this rules-wise, but basically she wants to pick up one of the pirates and slam him into the other, ideally disarming both via the impact.
  9. Lulu smiled. "Yeah, me, too. Despite all the sh## you had to go through here, ah think it made you a stronger person. And like you said, we got to meet each other; no way that would happen if we both didn't end up here. So there's that." The telepath took a deep breath and leaned against her friend, sending out pleasant vibes to match Judy's warmth. Beneath all the weirdnesses, they were just two girls who liked to hang out together, and that was fine.
  10. Similar to what Oz did, Lulu wants to use her Create Object AP to wrap the lady in invisible chains of force. I don't think I need to roll anything for that?
  11. Okay, Lulu's plan right now is to use her Selective Concealment to give herself Partial Concealment, essentially making her form somewhat blurry, and then pick the cannonball up with her Move Object and slam it in the ground in an attempt to destroy it. Not sure what to roll to do that, if anything.
  12. Christmas shopping! It was one of Lulu's favorite things to do, so she tried to stretch it out as long as possible, setting aside one day for each person on her list so she could do it as casually as possible, with plenty of breaks got window shopping and coffee breaks. She had saved the best for last: Adam. This typically involved a nice mix of clothes (Lulu knew all the good Big & Tall shops in Freedom), books and games, as well as silly stuff to fill out a stocking. She'd heard good things about this store in Riverside, one of her favorite neighborhoods, so after dropping of
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