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  1. Boom. Jumping on this bandwagon 😀🙄
  2. Somehow or other, Lynn had gotten through the holidays on her own. Yes, she had loving family and many friends, but the separation between herself and Gretchen was painfully acute. They exchanged gifts through the mirrors, hugged and even kissed (quick, bird-like pecks), but it was still stiff and awkward. Anyways! As part of her attempt to move forward, she'd started taking a more active interest in her social media presence, which used to be more Gretch's department. This led to her curling up tonight in her big oversized leather chair in her office, a cup of chamomile tea and a sticky bun on her desk as she began to type on her computer keyboard.
  3. Crystal-Gazer () Christmas with the Harrows () Fright Night At Claremont () Monsters In The Night () Reflections Of The Mind's Eye ()  Grimalkin () [Maxed] Dance Away The Heartache () I'm Idaho () Siren Song of the Void ()  Miracle Girl () Hero Worship () Ooooh Fashion (turn to the Left) ()  Shrike () A Place For Everything ()  All points for Grimalkin go to Shrike
  4. Hi guys. So it's my first week back at grad school, and lo and behold, I'm already a bit behind on my reading. I can easily catch up as long as I dedicate myself to it for the rest of the week, but this has brought a stark realization to me: school has to be my top priority for the next year and a half, and I can't let anything else get in the way of that, so I think it's smartest if I take a short break. I do feel that I should be able to come back hopefully in a week or so once I have things better under my control and have returned to some sense of self discipline, but in past semesters, I have let things slide to a dangerous degree, and I need to nip this in the bud now. I sincerely apologize to any GMs or players who's threads I'm in; feel free to knock my characters out, mind control them, NPC them, basically anything short of killing them outright. I wouldn't do this if I didn't think it was super important. I'll try and pop into chat from time to time to say hi, but otherwise I bid you all a fond but very temporary adieu 😚 😔
  5. Initiative: 1d20+12=22 Will save vs Fear: 1d20+10=12 Will save vs Confusion: 1d20+10=17 Eek.
  6. Might just be be best to move things forward.
  7. Lulu felt her heart flutter a bit as the young man took her hand and helped her out of the Land Rover; she knew it meant nothing, as he was just a servant doing his job, but it evoked an age of chivalry and gentlemanly behavior, and she couldn't help but be moved. "Thank you," she murmured with a shy smile as her cheeks went a bit pink. She fought the urge to grab her own bags, which was a constant battle; the Harrows lived in a world where people took care of your baggage. Shouldering up her Pink backpack, she dutifully followed the rest of the group into the great old house, doing her best not to stare at literally everything.
  8. Crystal-Gazer (1) Christmas with the Harrows (1)  Grimalkin (0) [Maxed]  Miracle Girl (0)  Shrike (0)
  9. Mind Reading is the AP of Communication, so I'm pretty sure I can't use them at the same time. Mind Reading to learn as much as possible about the 'coven' and what they summoned.
  10. Not that she liked to brag, but Lulu Beaumont knew she was killing it tonight; she wore an emerald green evening gown that perfectly accented her pale skin and red hair, which she was currently wearing up. It took all her effort not to giggle like, well, a high school girl as she followed Robert and Megan (who both looked amazing!) toward the entrance. Giving in to temptation, she lightly swept her mind across the thoughts of those inside the walls, like a giant hand petting a cat, and it filled her with the dizzy buzz of music, dancing, alcohol and flirtation. Not too different from most of the get-togethers she'd attended back home in Alabama, though the overall sense of refinement was a touch more elevated. Oh Lord, this is gonna be fun! Wait, can I drink here? I think I can get drunk! But not too drunk; it would be wrong to make my foster parents look bad, even overseas. Best to just get a sweet buzz on, and ride that out for the night.
  11. Lynn's graceful eyebrows elevated just a hair as her eyes lit up in recognition. "Ah! Miss Witchblood, I presume? As I stated on the phone, while that is in fact an item we currently have in stock, for certain items we require..." And here, the changeling clucked her head from side to side. "A private consultation. I can assure you, such a consultation would be required for any customer interested in such a purchase, and is in no way reflection on you." She gestured towards a door marked 'Manager'. "Would you join me? if you'd like a complimentary beverage from the espresso bar, I can happily have something sent in."
  12. Ah, gotcha I need to do some kind of roll on Lulu's Telepathy, right?
  13. The redheaded psychic finally managed to sit up, looking around blearily, her sweat-soaked hair all in disarray. "Did ah get the sumbitch? Ah sure hope so, 'cause that took a lot out of me." She allowed herself to be lead back to the table, where the sight of piles of candy and bottles of soda suddenly made her ravenous. "Oh my Lord; where's a Snickers? Momma needs a bit of protein!" She quickly tore open the wrapper of a Fun Sized treat and wolfed it down with a swig of Coke, giving herself a massive sugar rush. Staring over at the unconscious Sam as she munched on peanuts and nougat, she shrugged. "Probably safe to go back in now, right? Now that we kicked out the noisy neighbors?" And with that, she did a deep dive into the boy's memory, prepared to bat aside whatever ridiculous sexual fantasies awaited her as she tried to gather as much intel on the stupid little cabal and its disastrous ritual as she could.
  14. Random question, who is the Sophie Salvo is referring to?
  15. The blonde heroine couldn't help but shake her head and grin at the sight of her duplicate; no doubt about it, Daphne was a pretty awesome friend to have! "Alright, here we go; wish me luck!" Casey leaned in to give Casey2 a quick peck on the cheek, then disappeared in a rush of air. Seconds later, Miracle Girl flew into the hall from outside, hair blowing slightly in an unseen wind as she glowed like the Sun. She floated in the air with her arms crossed, glaring at Daphne's doppelganger. Her stern expression brooked no argument. "Excuse me, miss. Can we step outside and talk?"