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  1. Rolling Initiative just to have it here: 1d20+19 If Casey gets a good read off of the cowboy team, she will prioritize getting civilians clear.
  2. "Well, that's kinda why ah wanted to talk to you, to be honest," she said with a touch of anxiety in her voice. "But before we get to that, gimme a chance to check out the eats here." After she figured out what she wanted, she set the menu aside and took a sip of water; unusually, her hand was shaking when she put the glass down. "Um, ah've been doin' a lot of thinkin' this year, and now ah'm lookin' for a little help from mah friends, to quote a popular song." She smiled self-conciously as she ran her fingers through her hair. "Ah'm actually, ah'm lookin' to start at FCU this fall, in the psych department. Ah'm thinkin' about pursuin' mah doctorate. In psychology, that is." Suddenly her tone was dead serious as she locked eyes with Davyd. "But ah want to do it...as a public telepath."
  3. Lulu looked between the inside and outside tables; both were incredibly charming in their own way. But after a moment's consideration, she sighed and shook her head. "Well, you can take the girl outta the South, but you can't take the South outta the girl. Alabama springs are a bit warmer than up North; let's head inside." She let him hold the door for her as she stepped in and eagerly took in the ambiance; the sights, smells and even snippets of spoken Ukrainian were quite delightful. "Oh, ah love it! Look at all the colors!"
  4. A few minutes later, a familiar voice with a warm Southern twang called out to the young shapeshifter. "Davyd, hi!" Lulu was wearing a much-loved fisherman's sweater, black jeans and matching boots with a decent heel, and had a tasteful black purse over one shoulder. She looked fresh, beautiful and confident as she strode up to greet her former classmate, still very much the lovely redhead he first met years ago, but now much more comfortable in her own skin. "Oh, it's so good to see you!" She gave him a warm hug, then took a step back to take him all in. "Son, you look amazin'! Ah love the hair!"
  5. Casey's eyebrows raised a bit at her mentor's statement; she knew from past experience that Terrifica's brain operated considerably faster than the average, but she never expected her to acknowledge the fact publicly. She was still considering the ramifications of this information when the sadly all-too-familiar sounds of violence reached her ears. "Nuts," she stated emphatically as her head drooped for a moment before popping back up again. "Okay, see you both outside." There was a rush of wind that sent napkins and drinking straws whirling through the air, and then Miracle Girl was out in the street, arms crossed over her chest. It spoke to her impressive bodily control that she didn't rip the door of its hinges or shatter any glass on the way out.
  6. MIRACLE GIRL "He's probably trying to see if they can fly, like the real thing," Casey joked after receiving her hug, expertly balancing her plate of food the whole time. "I don't blame him for being disappointed." "Yeah, this stinks to high heaven," muttered the blonde heroine under her breath in response to Dancia's question. "I've been tempted to give it an x-ray scan, but I was nervous that might trigger some sort of automated response."
  7. Crystal-Gazer () As it was. Will Bee. () Make No Small Plans () Grimalkin [MAXED] () Harsh Words () Miracle Girl () One In A Million () The Return of Ku Tu! ()
  8. Lulu nodded, looking thoughtful. "So, if you don't mind me askin', how many people know about your secret identity? How did you decide to tell 'em, and how did they react?" As of right now, not too many people knew about Lulu's powers, outside of the Harrows, people she knew from Claremont, and some of the residents of Columbia, Alabama (including her family).
  9. While Casey pulled her Tascam digital recorder and directional mic out of her bag, her amazing eyes happened to fall upon a familiar pair of figures. Oh my God, is that...she got so big! The blonde student expertly worked her way through the crowd toward Dancia and her adorable daughter, who she met when she did a summer internship with the reporter a few years ago. "Hey there! Fancy meeting you two here!" Casey was looking downright professional, with her hair pinned up and elegant glasses on. She wore a smart cardigan vest over a blue blouse, with grey slacks and sensible black leather shoes. Her big smile was quite infectious.
  10. Crystal-Gazer "Oh, you mean like Veronica? Yeah, she would be a big help with this, wouldn't she? Ah'll have to give her a call later." Lulu ran her fingers through her hair and looked down at her feet. "Thank you, for helpin' me with this. Ah'm still not used to good things happenin' in mah life." She looks up at Megan and smiles, though there are tears in her eyes. "Ah'm still always waitin' for the other shoe to drop, y'know? To have to pay for all the good things that've happened to me." She shakes her head and places her hands over her stomach. "Ah still feel that knot of fear."
  11. Miracle Girl There was no way Casey Blankenship was going to miss this circus, for a number of reasons. To a journalism student interested in the sciences, Max Mars was certainly newsworthy, even though Casey found his personal style to be a little crass. The mention of the alien spacecraft in the fliers stapled to announcement boards all over campus set off a number of alarm bells as the type of high profile target some villains can't resist. And lastly no student can afford to pass up the promise of free food, especially one who had an appetite like Miracle Girl! So Wednesday morning found her at the Guthrie Center, tote bag holding her textbooks and supersuit over one shoulder and plate piled high with pizza and fried chicken in hand as she prepared for Mr. Mars to inflict his discovery upon the gathered throng. Jeez, this guy is obnoxious.
  12. Lulu stepped into the room and had a seat, tuck her legs underneath her. "Ah'm sorry to bother you, but there's a few things ah could really need your help with, is all." The young redhead took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Ah'm thinkin'...that ah would like to go to school as, uh, an open telepath. Not necessarily havin' a press conference about it, but, well, ah might not have a choice in that, ah guess." Lulu got up and started to pace around Megan's office. "Ah know ah want to study psychology, maybe even get mah doctorate, but ah don't want to hide my abilities. In fact, ah might want to use 'em. Like, therapeutically, if that's legal." And then she stopped directly in front of her foster mother and sighed. "But ah know that could cause a lot of problems, maybe even be dangerous. And that could put you and your family at risk. So...that's kind of everythin'."
  13. The Harrow Estate, North Bay. Thursday, April 14th, 2022. Noon. Lulu Beaumont sat cross-legged on her bed, staring down at all her acceptance letters and program materials from various colleges and universities spread out before her. Her eyes darted from letter to letter, to glossy brochure and then to pamphlet, her right leg pumping nervously the whole time. At length, she sighed, through up her hands, and rolled off the bed onto her stocking feet, and began padding towards her foster mother's home office. Once she got there, she gently knocked on the open door; it was indicative of her state of mind that she was still wearing her oversized Alabama State jersey and pink sleeping pants this late in the day. "Hey Megan, you got a second?" She hung on the door frame as though afraid to step inside.
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