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  1. So here's the big one. I'm going to be leaving Freedom City Play by Post. It might not be forever, but it's going to be for awhile. I've had a lot of fun here, but I feel like I'm not getting what I need to from the stories here. I'm grateful for my time spent here and the people I met, but I don't think I can stay. So goodbye.
  2. Instead of making her hacking happen while she's away, you could add ranks of Quickness with the Flaw Limited (Only when using Computers skill) or (Only when hacking). That'll make her very, very fast at it.
  3. You could do both. T sneaks into the morgue while M talks to the cops. I'm sure there won't be any embarrassing situations that come about because of that. This is also an excellent scene to talk out in the thread. Start posting.
  4. Is the plan to hit the morgue next or talk to police officers? Either way I'm going to need either some social rolls or some Stealth to get in.
  5. Brigandine's big fingers wrapped around the mercenary, pinning his arms to his sides and stopping him in place. She frowned as she saw Toes running for the new doorway, though. Most people who saw a mysterious door open in a ship wouldn't run into it. Which logically meant that this door wasn't mysterious to him. Which meant he was the one who hired the ninja. Which meant he probably knew what was happening here. All those thoughts went through the girl's head in a moment as she continued to pull herself into the room. She just yelled out "Vous ne pouvez pas m'arrêter! Revenez ici!" and reached out for Toes. She almost missed him, her fingers wrapping around some piping for a moment before they dematerialized and her arm kept reaching. In another moment he was captured, held fast as she did her best to pull herself in by her elbows. "Allo mon capitan," she said, smiling laser beams. "Do you do refunds on tickets?"
  6. Okay, Brig makes a melee attack on Toes. 1 + 7 = 8, that sucks. Spending a HP to reroll that, 2 + 7 = 9. Well at least I get to add 10 to that to make 19. That should hit, grapple check is 19+21 = 40. If that doesn't nab him I'll hat my hat. New numbers! More science! Results 10#1d20: 10 # 10 [1d20=10] 19 [1d20=19] 13 [1d20=13] 16 [1d20=16] 18 [1d20=18] 2 [1d20=2] 9 [1d20=9] 12 [1d20=12] 18 [1d20=18] 3 [1d20=3]
  7. If Toes is out and Brig grabbed the ninja, does she have to roll to grab Toes?
  8. Brigandine continued to shuffled awkwardly down the closed-in space, the eyes and body glowing with psychic energy that filled the entire space. She pulled herself around a corner just in time to see some spec ops ninja appear and throw something to the ground. The grenade bounced once on the metal decking before exploding; the tiny girl clenched her eyes she by instinct when she saw the explosive and so she just had spots in front of her eyes for a moment. Her ears were left ringing and useless, but she could see the now-silent ninja moving to do something else. With a kiai that she couldn't hear she surged forward, thick fingers wrapping around the figure. She grinned inside the armor, feeling confident and powerful even if she was temporarily deaf.
  9. By the board's house rules he's now Bound & Helpless. Guess it's time to start yelling at him.
  10. Her action this round, then? Brig's going to try and grapple this bozo. Melee attack check and then grapple check. 17 + 7 = 24 melee attack check, Grapple check is 9 + 21 = 30.
  11. Brig's first save is 5 + 3 = 8, so fail on that. Her second save is 19 + 3 = 22, so a success on that one!
  12. Ami heard a scream and the pounding of many booted feet towards her. She looked around the stark white corridor and swore at the inconvenient lack of hiding spots. She took a deep breath and began summoning her power, psionic energy leaking from her chakra points and beginning to wrap around her body like a shroud. Orange and white and green mist layered over her limbs and torso, creating a thick suit of force that began to lift her short body off the floor. Her eyes glowed with psychic power and when she bared her teeth more leaked out from her core. When the crowd of men rounded the corner, they were confronted with the sight of a womanly shape glowing and blocking the hallway, thick arms and legs starting to deform the ship around her. She let out a slowly building wail, feeling the power thrumming through her and almost sparking off her hair. Her voice reached a crescendo and she screamed "GET OFF MY SHIP!" at the crowd, her voice reverberating and echoing off the walls as the suit of armor began to shuffle forward.
  13. Oh-kay. Brig's gonna turn her armor on and go Large. Taking her full round action to try and get the gangsters to run away from her. Initiative is 2 + 12 = 14. Intimidate is 19 + 6 = 25, against the entire group.
  14. Fffff-- She can't Hide in Plain Sight because she doesn't have that. What happens if she goes Large size in the corridor? Is there room for that?
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