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  1. Fox

    Red Sky at Night

    Masque took a step back, thinking very briefly of what a pike through the chest felt like as she listened to the gunshots. "You, um, you do know how to work this thing, right?" One hand disappeared into her cloak and came back out pulling a semi-circle of wood, which in turn trailed more and more handle...until she had, improbably, conjured a full wooden crook-staff from a garment that could never hope to conceal any such thing. She spun it expertly enough, shifting her grip to the part wrapped in white cloth. "'cos I've seen a lot of old Star Trek re-runs," she said, "and I don't think this one usually ends very well. They wouldn't put real hurt-y bullets in a training simulation, I guess....right? Right. ....right?"
  2. "If that's how the food works here I'm definitely going to need to use that gym," Elizabeth laughed - though she was only half-joking. She didn't actually know how her metabolism worked anymore, but the mention of good food in good company had her just this side of salivating. "I'm pretty sure that's how it works, anyway," she added, rolling her hands up in an easy shrug. "That's what my brothers always said. Aha - but you can do so much with a burger! Cheese is good, condiments, pickles, bacon. Peppers, mayonnaise, special sauces....so many things to try. I kind of envy you! You get to try them all for the first time." She'd been staring up at nothing as she spoke, and had to take a moment to pull her brain back up out of her stomach. "But, um. Starting simple is probably good, you never know what you might like."
  3. Combat With +5 base attack and +0/+7 strength, Agnes would have a Grapple bonus of +5/+12. Powers You're over-paying for the teleport, I believe - Teleport 5 without modifiers is 10pp, so only 11pp after the power feat.
  4. Fox

    Red Sky at Night

    "I know a lot less than I'd like," Elizabeth admitted, turning the mask to face her, and frowning at it as if she could compel it to speak. "And not just illusions, but mostly, and I guess that'll come up with practice?" She shrugged, and with a half a glance at everyone else's more colorful gear, placed the artifact over her face; some small force rippled out from where it made contact, clothing stretching and bleaching into a hooded white cloak over an approximation of the school spandex in white and blue. Even the mask was brighter, somehow more alive and new, for all that it hadn't changed much. "Which is to say, I'm with them, I guess! What've you got, teach?"
  5. Fox

    Red Sky at Night

    Blinking, Elizabeth looked suitably chagrined at having missed that bit. "Oh! Yes, sorry," she said. "With the whole 'no leaving campus and doing things!' thing, I hadn't thought-- right." She reached down to her waist and detached the little charm; she pressed it between her palms, and when she pulled her hands apart it grew between them, a full-size face covering in white. It was almost unadorned, bearing only its two eyes and a pair of faded stripes that ran from forehead, through the eyes, and down along the cheeks; there was a small indentation in the forehead, but the whole thing looked simple and faded - almost asleep, if a mask could sleep. "Masque," she said, smiling. "M-a-s-q-u-e, for the mystique, I suppose."
  6. Wraith Another Castle (1) Alice/Gremlin The Black Luck Job (1) Masque Assemble! (6) Out for a Spin (6) School Daze (4) Ref point to Masque, please.
  7. Fox

    Red Sky at Night

    "That's good, because I...really can't," Elizabeth laughed, stepping into the dojo herself. She was dressed casually, in a loose white blouse and matching white pants - a little charm, some kind of half-inch mask, was dangling on a cord tied to her belt. She was looking around with open curiosity, and a touch of wonder - she'd been told about the Doom Room, but she hadn't really believed it. Clearly she should have. Which, somehow, reminded her that she was supposed to be having a conversation. "Um! I do...tricks," she said, spinning around on her heel to face the rest; she held one hand up, palm raised, and light spun itself into a softly-glowing rose. "Illusions, and some...other stuff like that. I'm still figuring out the 'battlefield' bit, got a kind of crash course in the recent...events. I'm pretty sure I'm tougher than I'm supposed to be but I would definitely rather dodge a hit than take it."
  8. Fox


    Elizabeth wasn't sure what to think about all this; she absently pulled a large coin out from goodness-knows-where and began rolling it across her fingers. It would periodically disappear, hidden or transferred to her other hand by some sleight or trick, but even she wasn't watching it - twice as quiet as the cards, if only half as good at keeping her hands busy. Curfew sounded not great, but she could probably get around that...or get into trouble later. She'd never been to detention, maybe it would be interesting. The competitions, though, that was something else. Maybe she'd be lucky? She'd been awfully lucky, lately - maybe they'd be great people and good friends, and not miserable jerks.
  9. Elizabeth followed along dutifully, nodding enough to briefly disturb her hair. "I'm not sure I'd mind a snack," she said, though whatever else she was going to say died when she realized she wasn't quite sure what passed for a snack in a school cafeteria. When was the last time she'd...? "Is the food good?" she asked, cocking her head at Abigail. The motion mostly fixed her hair, short as it was. "I don't think I've eaten in a cafeteria since I was really small, so I guess I won't have much to compare it to."
  10. Standard disclaimer first: Post counts are machine-assisted to check our work, but they (and the accompanying edits) are still fundamentally done by people, and people are fallible. If you have reason to believe your counts or edits are incorrect, please reach out ASAP so that we can correct it. If you forgot to post your threads in the main thread or late post counting, but you still want credit for the month's work, reach out to me and we'll see what we can do. Any counts marked with a red note haven't been done yet, probably because of whatever's written in that red note. If the note's relevant to you, get on it! And, lastly, our apologies for barely making it before the end of the month; due to some real-life concerns, we had a last-minute change in the ref assigned to August's post counts. With those out of the way, here we go! Cubismo Replica: 15 posts = 2pp Exaccus Tekton: 11 posts (guest star) Dreadnought: 8 posts + 11 (Tekton guest star) = 19 posts = 2pp Facsimile: 54 posts = 4pp Fox Masque: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (vignette) = 1pp Wraith: 1 post = 1pp + 2 (vignette) = 3pp Heritage Gossamer: 1 post = 1pp Miracle Girl: 4 posts = 1pp KnightDisciple Cobalt Templar: 3 posts = 1pp + 1 (guide) = 2pp, and is now MAXED! Raven: 0 posts = 0pp + 2 (vignette) = 2pp Nick Chance: 2 posts = 1pp Nightingale: 3 posts = 1pp Arcana: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (admin) = 1pp olopi Bonfire: 0 posts = 0pp + 2 (vignette) = 2pp Bird of Arms: 0 posts = 0pp + 2 (Bonfire rollover) = 2pp Lady Liberty: 0 posts = 0pp + 2 (vignette) + 1 (ref) = 3pp RocketLord Forever Boy: 2 posts *2 (new player boost!) = 4 posts = 1pp SpicyWaffle Bee-Keeper III: 11 posts + 6 (GM) = 17 posts = 2pp GM: 3 posts *2 = 6 Supercape Rev: 2 posts + 25 (GM) = 27 posts = 3pp Diamondlight: 5 posts + 20 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp Rene: 1 post = 1pp Mr Murk: 4 posts + 21 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp Snakebite: 3 posts + 22 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp Starshot: 5 posts = 1pp Echohead: 3 posts + 22 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp Curveball: 0 posts + 25 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp Ronin: 0 posts + 25 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp Lament: 0 posts + 1 (Rene rollover) + 24 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp Sgt Shark: 0 posts + 5 (Starshot rollover) + 20 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp GM: 102 posts *2 = 204 Tarrakhash Chromium: 6 posts = 1pp Tiffany Korta Merge Trois: 1 post + 6 (GM) = 7 posts = 1pp Miss Grue: 2 posts = 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp Ms Britannia: 1 post = 1pp The Scarab III: 11 posts + 4 (GM) = 15 posts = 2pp The Traveller: 4 posts = 1pp Triakosia: 2 posts = 1pp Zhenschina-voin: 4 posts = 1pp Bee: 0 posts + 1 (Triakosia rollover) = 1 post = 1pp Doctor Thorne: 0 posts + 1 (Triakosia rollover) = 1 post = 1pp Emerald Spider: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1 post = 1pp White Lioness: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1 post = 1pp GM: 6 posts *2 = 12 Thevshi Tsunami: 3 posts = 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp Veronica Danger: 2 posts = 1pp Synapse: 0 posts + 6 (GM) = 6 posts = 1pp Squire Kath'lana: 0 posts + 6 (GM) = 6 posts = 1pp GM: 6 posts *2 = 12
  11. "Running keeps you alive," Alice pointed out. She was openly side-eyeing Chance's phone as she spoke, brow furrowed as she made a couple muted gestures with one hand. Whatever thought she finally landed on, she didn't seem to be sure what to do with it, aside from set her glass down and push it a few inches away from herself. "Getting even's great, and it sends a message, but you can't just run into it, you know? Good revenge takes planning. Planning takes time. Time takes survival." The young thief leaned back on her arms, cocking her head at the group. "Probably not that hard to keep going, even after. Sounds like everyone here has a thing, except you," she corrected, tilting her head a little further toward Lou, "but you're muscle, and really good muscle, and everyone needs muscle. You've just gotta figure out how to land on your feet and not your face."
  12. Fox


    Elizabeth visibly winced at mention of the invasion, one hand rising up toward her abdomen before she caught it. She forced the hand back into her lap, making a fist and then splaying her fingers back out to relax it. That day had been worth it. Still. Safety was a good thing, but in her experience there was safety and then there was "safety", and she wasn't sure which one the school would be going for - and she had a pit in the bottom of her stomach that told her which one she worried about the most. She came here to have fun, not spend more time in a room with all the sharp edges padded - she'd tasted freedom and didn't want to trade one exile for another. Maybe there would be loopholes? Maybe only one of her would have to obey the rules. She might get away with that.
  13. "Hey there!" Elizabeth flashed a smile, turning to size Abby up as an addition to her list of new friends. "Yeah! A bunch of us showed up around the same time, so when we got a chance to have Danica show us around, it seemed like a great idea." She'd stuck her hand out for a shake, too, but paused to glance at her hand, at Abby's full hands, and at Pan's, before pulling her hand back with a small but non-zero amount of awkwardness. "I'm Elizabeth," she added, sticking the offending hand in her pocket where it could cause no trouble. "But I'm betting you figured that out yourself, since I'm too short to be a 'Jack'."