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    "It was worth slipping away just to be warm again," Elizabeth declared, sighing happily as the dorm air hit her. Snow-laden slippers and robe got abandoned as soon as she had a place to abandon them; the latter was also slightly wet, which she was trying very hard to imagine was not Krampus spittle. She liked that robe. She'd really hate to have to find a new one. The young trickster stretched, flexing from her feet up on tip-toes to her hands held high overhead, trying to shake off the last of her post-combat jitters. "Do you think they'll be okay? I think they'll be okay," she mused, dropping back down to her heels. She waved a hand, pajama shorts flowing down into comfortable, white linen pants before she sat cross-legged on her bed. "I feel really bad about whoever has to explain all that to the city, though. That's going to have gotten some attention."
  2. Masque ran a hand against her face, for all the good it did her - with her mask in the way it communicated the idea, at least, even if it did nothing to help the trickle of blood. "Oops!" she announced, cheerful but admonishing, wagging a finger at the sorcerer. "Rookie mistake, you took your eyes off the magician!" Another Masque fell from the sky, dropping directly between the two combatants, head-first with her cape spread and a crude smiling face drawn over her mask. "Misdirection!" she announced. The first one was missing once her duplicate had passed, but only for as long as it took to drive her staff into the sorcerer's ribs.
  3. Yeah, I'll have Masque re-roll that. Melee Attack REROLL vs. Sorcerer (Power Attack -5/+5): 1d20+15-5 14 Since that roll was less than 11, reroll mechanics bump it by +10 to 24. Hopefully that hits, or we're in trouble! DC25 Toughness save vs. blunt damage, as before. That's another HP down, which by my count brings her down to 3 (5 at start, -1 for the illusion stunt, +1 for the complication, -1 for the daze, -1 for the reroll).
  4. Teleport's typically a move action; it's full-round only if you want to teleport twice (two Move Actions) or do a much further-distance Full-Round Teleport, which generally propels one a distance measured in miles. For now she may be stuck fighting the sorcerer. So let's have her try what they were going to try last round. Masque Duplicate teleports over to the sorcerer and Feints at him as a standard action. She will Skill Mastery it to take 10, for a final Bluff check of 21, or 25 if Attractive applies. Bluff or Sense Motive to oppose or be flat-footed. She'll set up the real Masque, who will shake off the daze (-1 HP) and power attack the sorcerer. Melee Attack Roll vs. Sorcerer (Power Attack -5/+5): 1d20+15-5 12 ....uninspiring, though if the bluff worked and the Sorcerer's flat-footed defense is truly awful that'd be a DC25 Toughness save. I'll not try to reroll it without first knowing how the bluff went, though; she still has 3HP from her Luck Control, but it'd be her last HP from her non-powered pool, and she may be needing to Luck Control at people the way this has been going.
  5. "Ooh, yes please," Elizabeth agreed, falling in line behind the rest as they made their way toward shelter. She carried her bag at her side, swinging free from one hand while the other held her hat down. She probably didn't need to hold her hat down, but it's just what one did when exploring a new place, surely. "The history, yes, but the quarters part too. I love what I've seen of this country so far, but I am not built for the sun. It's worth it to see your pyramid, but I'm never going to turn down some shade." She had a brilliant smile to go with that, every inch the well-meaning enthusiast. "How has the dig been going? Found anything new and exciting?"
  6. "Not to mention the weather and the sands, Mr. Not-Naming-Any-Foods," Elizabeth mused. If she seemed at all dismayed by Kam's admission of a princeless love life she sure hadn't shown it, having flashed him an impish grin and let the matter drop. "A little bit of shifting ground or the wrong storm at the wrong time and a big old wall would just collapse, but I guess the pyramids are big enough to stay." She leaned back, retrieving a pair of large sunglasses from her pocket in the much belated hope of soaking in the sights without having to squint. "It's one hell of a way to go, being big and important enough to get that kind of grave. Goals, I guess. How many of these have you been in, Veronica?"
  7. Masque Giant Krampus 2: Krampus Campus (3) Lair of the Mummy (6) Through the Mirrored Glass and Back Again (2) Ref point to Wraith, please.
  8. Aha! Hmm. She'll conserve resources for now, then; may as well eat the daze + bruise. If she has to she can always shake off that Daze with one of her shiny new hero points...huzzah, reaction-speed resources. For now, though, I'll save 'em.
  9. Masque Will Save vs. Confuse, DC16: 1d20+7 22 Fortitude Save vs. ???, DC16: 1d20+5 8 Duplicate Will Save vs. Confuse, DC16: 1d20+7 25 Fortitude Save vs. ???, DC16: 1d20+5 21 Statistically unlikely! I'm not sure what that Fortitude save represents, so I'm honestly not sure if it's worth re-rolling!
  10. Loathe as I am to inflict damage on my own characters, a reroll can't be lower than a natural 11; if it's 10 or below, you add 10 the die before applying modifiers. A rerolled 6 would be a 16, then, +12 is 28, which definitely hits.
  11. Elizabeth drummed her fingers together, carefully pondering the infinite array of questions and mischief that had been dropped into her lap before at least striking out the latter. For now. "....what is the best thing you have ever eaten?" she asked, leaning forward with conspiratorial tone. "Royalty seems like they'd get the really good food, or the really strange food, or the really good, strange food. Knowing what it would be like to grow up royal would be great, and I want those stories some day, but I can't do anything with those stories unless they're really juicy. I'm betting that it just wasn't as fun as it sounds and you aren't going to be married off to a neighboring prince to consolidate your kingdom's power." She paused, letting that one run back through her own ears. "....are you going to be married off to a neighboring prince? Because if so, never mind on the food, we can talk about food later."
  12. Elizabeth threw her hands up - or at least, as much as she could within the confines of their vehicle - mischief and delight written all over her face. "I knew it! Well, not it, not that exactly, but!" She dropped her hands, still grinning. "It was on the list. The list only exists on my head, but I had you down for either 'royals' or 'secret soldiers on a mission'. I guess 'royals' makes more sense, though - who'd send a soldier incognito to a school? Would you have to be older? That'd be weird." "I have so many questions now that the cat's out of the bag, but I guess we can save them for later?" The expression on her face did not look like she could save them for later. "Once we don't have to worry about evil sorcerers and mummy masks. I do get the secrecy thing, though, and I won't spread the word if you don't want me to."
  13. "Aye-aye, Captain!" Masque - the original? - gave a salute and vanished, her cloak twisting in on herself as she stepped from here to there, the sandstorm spitting her out just behind the Sorcerer. She'd never been so thankful for her mask as an actual, physical object over her face - it wasn't perfect protection, but she'd bet it was tougher than her skin in the face of particulate weather. "Sorry, but this location's been declared a no-evil-magic area," she said, dropping her crook-staff out of one sleeve and swatting her foe upside the head with it. It wasn't enough to hurt, but she'd been expecting her own backup, and had to improvise.... "It's being rezoned a park! Very touristy, you understand."
  14. Yeah, the Masques are going to go ahead and say hello to the Sorcerer, then. First things first, though: Tactics! Masque Duplicate will teleport over and attempt a feint: Bluff Check vs. Sorcerer (Feint): 1d20+11 12 ....super! Well, it's a good thing skills don't auto-fail. I don't imagine it'll be very hard for him to beat that, but it's a Bluff or Sense Motive check against being flat-footed, anyway - 16 instead of 12 if Attractive applies. If it succeeds, she'll Set-Up to pass the benefit to the other Masque. EDIT: The Masque duplicate isn't acting on the surprise round! Shame on me. Since I already rolled it, I'll proceed with the melee attack: Masque Prime will go ahead and teleport in too, and attack: Melee Attack Roll vs. Sorcerer (Power Attack -3/+3): 1d20+15-3 25 Assuming that hits, it's a DC23 Toughness Save vs. blunt damage. Initiative for the duplicate, for when we're out of surprise: Initiative Roll: 1d20+3 16
  15. Yep - normally she'd be flat-footed because it's the first round of combat and she hadn't acted yet, but she has Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) and only total concealment would take that from her. Huzzah, feats! Is the sorcerer within 300' teleport range?
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