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  1. "Maybe we're lucky, and it's just been slowly building up?" Elizabeth asked, eyeing the sand. Or the dig uncovered it and they haven't tried to clear it out. Or, I don't know. Sand ghosts? We have to be positive!" She sounded less positive than she wanted to sound. Still, a new room with new things to explore - she made a slow circle, inspecting the walls and the dais and the obelisks, leaning forward and poking at the latter with one careful finger, like she expected it to light up and intone dire warnings. "Someone has a really impressive bed, don't you. Doesn't he? Is he still, uh, in there?" She turned her head to look at Veronica, a pair of concerned eyebrows crudely drawn across the top of her mask. "Maybe he knows what's up. Speak, spirits, and be heard, and so on."
  2. "Mmm, don't sell yourself short!" Elizabeth had been gazing at the hieroglyphics, playing her wisp across them as if it would reveal anything at all from a language she couldn't speak; staring at them was starting to make her eyes swim, like she could almost touch some useful meaning that was just out of her reach. "I don't know how Veronica's stuff works, but I have to actually see something to 'see' it," she said, making air quotes around the second 'see'. "We'll keep an eye out but looking too hard for glowy bits might make the more mundane things harder to find! It's good to have all kinds of eyes around." In the interests of not pursuing a hieroglyph-fueled headache any further, she shrugged and started toward the low door, peering into the darkness there. "Were all these tables full of the stuff you brought back, V? I don't know if I'd make a stone bench if I wasn't going to keep something important there for a really long time."
  3. "Mm-hm." Elizabeth pulled her wisp in close to look at the stones they were passing, her mask's design becoming a single abstract eye as if that was any kind of help. "I guess when all you have is a hammer and chisel, you get pretty good with it? I guess a lot of problems are probably solvable if you throw a lot of money and people and time at it! It seems like they took these places pretty seriously." She pulled back, standing upright again and brushing her fingertips against the wall as they walked. "I'm not sure I like the whole king-at-the-top thing, though," she said, cocking her head and glancing upwards into the void. "I know a lot of old, royal weddings weren't all romance and roses, but it still feels kind of sad that they're buried so far apart with all this empty darkness between them. 'Yes, you've been a wonderful queen and a boon to our people. When you die, you get the basement.'"
  4. Elizabeth was not a practiced climber or rappeller, but she learned fast, and had the healthy respect for her limits that came with the last couple years' rediscovery of someone who got into melee scraps somewhat more often than she should. Her descent down the shaft was not graceful, per se, and showed all the initial hesitation of someone who had not, perhaps, understood how much the harness might bite. But rappel she did, and by the time she landed (and that much, at least, was graceful), she had a grin from ear to ear. "That," she said, quickly stepping out of Kam's way and stripping out of her harness, "was pretty great. The drop from the shaft was kind of spooky, but with the rope there it really wasn't that bad. I would do that again, dark tomb or no dark tomb. Ah, but - I promised I'd help with that." The grin was, worryingly, clearly visible in the relative darkness and growing larger still - though the latter made more sense when she held out a hand and conjured a will-o-wisp, the grapefruit-sized globe of blue fire revealing not a face, but her mask, a cartoonishly toothy smile plastered across its smooth white surface. The rest of her clothing rippled out to a familiar costume as she raised her arm to illuminate as much of the chamber as possible. "It's not much and it's not super bright but I figure it'll complement proper flashlights pretty nicely, and I can keep it going pretty much forever."
  5. As ever, if you believe something went awry with your post counts, please do reply here or reach out to the ref team directly, and we'll look into it. angrydurf Ace Danger: 1 post = 1pp Ouroboros: 1 post = 1pp Red Lynx: 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp Savant: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1 post = 1pp GM: 1 post * 2 = 2 Azuth65 Gauss: 7 posts = 1pp Hazmat: 1 post = 1pp Cubismo Ms Thursday: 2 posts = 1pp Replica: 8 posts + 6 (GM) = 14 posts = 2pp GM: 3 posts * 2 = 6 posts Dr Archeville Dead Head: 5 posts + 5 (Doktor Archeville) = 10 posts = 2pp Doktor Archeville: 16 posts = 2pp Horrorshow: 14 posts + 11 (Doktor Archeville) = 25 posts = 3pp Exaccus Dreadnought: 0 posts Oz: 8 posts = 1pp Omen/Screech: 5 posts = 1pp Fox Masque: 5 posts = 1 PP Wraith: 1 PP (ref point) [Now TITANIUM!] Grumblefloof Dirge: 0 posts + 2 (GM) = 2 posts = 1pp Hex: 1 post = 1pp Mister Strix: 2 posts = 1pp GM: 1 post * 2 = 2 Heritage Crystal-Gazer: 27 posts = 3pp Grimalkin: 9 posts = 1pp Miracle Girl: 7 posts + 3 (Grimalkin) = 10 posts = 2pp Shrike: 6 posts + 4 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp The Eel: 4 posts + 6 (Grimalkin) = 10 posts = 2pp + 1 (20Q) = 3pp GM: 2 posts * 2 = 4 KnightDisciple Thunderbird: 1 post = 1pp Judex: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (guide) = 1pp Nick Arcana: 3 posts = 1pp + 1 (admin) = 2pp NineOfSpades Meridian: 1 post * 2 (new player) = 2 posts = 1pp olopi Barrier: 0 posts + 13 (GM) = 13 posts = 2pp + 1 (ref) = 3pp Bird of Arms: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1 post = 1pp Sha'ir the Spellsmith: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1 post = 1pp Lady Liberty: 14 posts + 11 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp GM: 13 posts * 2 = 26 RocketLord Dust Devil II: 1 post = 1pp Forever Boy: 12 posts + 38 (GM) = 50 posts = 4pp Justice: 13 posts + 37 (GM) = 50 posts = 4pp Rebellion: 5 posts + 20 (GM) = 25 posts = 3pp U.F.O.: 0 posts + 9 (GM) = 9 posts = 1pp GM: 52 posts * 2 = 104 Supercape Lord Steam: 2 posts = 1pp Starshot: 1 post = 1pp Cap Cosmos: 5 posts + 5 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp + 1 (guide) = 3pp Diamondlight: 5 posts = 1pp Mr Murk: 2 posts = 1pp Sgt Shark: 7 posts + 6 (GM) = 13 posts = 2pp Ronin: 1 post = 1pp Lament: 0 posts + 2 (Lord Steam) = 2 posts = 1pp Snakebite: 0 posts + 1 (Starshot) + 9 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp Echohead: 0 posts + 10 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp Curveball: 0 posts + 10 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp Nightlife: 0 posts + 10 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp GM: 25 posts * 2 = 50 Tarrakhash Black Mamba: 0 posts Chromium: 3 posts = 1pp Delta: 5 posts = 1pp Tiffany Korta Emerald Spider: 2 posts = 1pp Miss Grue: 7 posts + 3 (GM) + 1 (Triakosia) = 11 posts = 2pp + 1 (ref) = 3pp Ms Bright: 1 post = 1pp White Lioness: 7 posts + 3 (GM) = 10 posts = 2pp Zhenschina-voin: 1 post = 1pp Triakosia: 1 post = 1pp GM: 3 posts * 2 = 6 Zeitgeist Blue Salvo: 12 posts + 2 (GM) = 14 posts = 2pp GM: 1 post * 2 = 2
  6. Elizabeth stroked her chin, pondering what one would take into a proper tomb. "I can do light," she volunteered, frowning. "Though I guess extra lights to go around wouldn't hurt at all. Rope sounds pretty good, though - I don't think I brought any, but they've got to have some lying around, right?" That was more a question for Veronica, white eyebrows raised in genuine curiosity. "There are other ways out of, you know, pits of snakes and spikes and weirdly-still-operational saw blades or whatever, but we might also just end up having to carry something or tie some jerks up. Anything else, though? I'm with Kam - you're the expert."
  7. Elizabeth probably had something complementary to say about all the food, but had a difficult time saying it with a mouth full to overflowing, cheeks puffed and a corner of bread sticking out. She made an embarrassed noise, held a hand in front of her face to shield her shame while swallowing, and tried again. "S-sorry. It's really good, though," she said. She'd loaded up with a bit of everything, determined as ever to experience everything she possibly could. When she did resume eating, at least, it was with a little more grace and a little less faux pas. "You've got to try the kushari, Kam." The teen gestured toward the dish with restrained enthusiasm, but only after getting a second helping. "It's so good. I'm looking that recipe up when we get back." "I should be able to meet up with you guys pretty much wherever, if we think we can't head out as a group. I'm very subtle," she said, quietly, adding a third piece of kebab to her collection. The comment didn't seem to be entirely un-self-aware, accompanied as it was by a wry grin. "Can't be that hard to say we're taking a walk to look at the stars over the desert, or something, though. We are pretty much tourists."
  8. Masque Cocoa and Company (2) Lair of the Mummy (2) Through the Mirrored Glass and Back Again (1) Ref point to Wraith, please, which I believe will max her.
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    Cocoa and Company

    The second Elizabeth cocked her head, returning the shake as best as she was able with so much smaller a hand. "That is a very polite way of saying I get into trouble," she said, grinning. "I promise to at least try to be responsible with my trouble, though." She faded away, dissolving into nothing from the head down - her crossed fingers were just visible behind her back before they, too, vanished. The first Elizabeth made a snorting noise from where she was trying to help with the presents, paying a fair bit more attention to the magic circle than the boxes of apparently-tasty mysteries. "Wish I'd thought of that. Guts enough to stay on a roof and throw magic, at least! I'm leaning to fight up close, but I don't think a Krampus would have been very impressed if I'd poked its toes with a stick."
  10. "I should have known the books and shows had lied to me," Elizabeth lamented - but it was a good-natured lament, accompanied by a wry grin and a dutiful acceptance of her borrowed tools. "If either of you find a bolder trap or secret dinosaur shaman or something, you have to tell me." She knelt down in her assigned grid and did her best, an uncharacteristic focus driven largely by the novelty of the task. "It's really not too bad," she said, shifting a whole lot of nothing from a collection of sand. "I can see how it'd get old after a while, but it's still kind of...I don't know. Meditative?" She paused, squinting up at the larger grid space, and then the ruins beyond. "I'm not going to switch career plans or anything, but even if this is all that comes from this trip, I'm glad I came out. It's been interesting to learn and try something new."
  11. Elizabeth snapped a salute and broke off for the girls' pod before anyone could renege on the bunk deal - almost as soon as she was inside she threw her bag up on it, to mark her territory. She was pretty sure that's how it worked. It was, at the very least, a setup worth admiring before she opened her back up for clothing that was more work-worthy and less travel-worthy. When she came back she'd traded her breezy dress and wide-brimmed hat for a loose white blouse tucked into practical, simple tan cargo pants which in turn rested over a pair of rough-looking work boots. For all her newfound power of many pockets, her mask didn't seem to be anywhere to be found - but anyone who knew her properly also knew better than to believe such a thing. She did at least have a neckerchief in her signature blue tied around her neck, for fashion or dust or both. "Reporting for duty," she said, still grinning. "I, um, did not bring tools, because I don't own any. I may have to borrow, or improvise."
  12. "Bunkmates!" Elizabeth cheered - less a childlike exclamation and more genuine glee at the novelty of it all. "Are there bunks? Can I call top bunk? I feel like that's the correct and traditional thing to do." She shrugged, turning her attention back to the actual conversation at hand without waiting for, or expecting, an answer. "Vandalism here seems like it'd be pretty risky. If you get away with it because everyone's deaf in their cans, that's one thing, but if you screw up you've pretty much smacked a beehive. I mean, people make bad choices all the time," she said, "but some choices are worse than most? Do you at least have cameras and stuff around?"
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