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  1. Since the Impervious Toughness here will wear down eventually, I recommend throwing the non-Impervious version of Knockback on the sheet as well, so that you don't have to recalculate on the fly during a fight. Please specify how the Immunity is being limited; I'm guessing it's limited to half effect, but that should be explicit since one can get very inventive with limits. The gauntlets & boots are a 15pp Container (and indeed contain 15pp of effects!), but are listed as a 20pp container in the Device line. You cannot buy Alternate Power on a device (as
  2. APPROVED, though you may want to note at the top of the sheet that this is a 142pp sheet, not a 150pp sheet. Also, for future submissions (but more important on PCs than NPCs), the tally line in the Combat section should count power points, not ranks (so in this case, it'd be Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP).
  3. With +5 base defense, Ghost would have a +3 flat-footed defense. The 'Ghost With The Most' array would cost 33pp, but you have it listed as 35 in the power itself, though I believe the final Powers tally is correct, as is the overall cost of the sheet.
  4. "This would be pretty great if it weren't for the guns," said Alice; there was a grin somewhere under that scarf, but her voice held less delight and more nervous energy with no outlet. Cars were too small; Alice had never been one for claustrophobia, but with fixed guns on a moving vehicle she could track trajectories in her head, map out where the bullets would go as the machine moved, and how very little space she had to dodge when stuck in a small metal box. She'd never liked guns much. "We should get a car," she added, apparently to Lou, though her eyes never stopp
  5. "Aesthetic is vital," agreed Natalia, setting the last of her ingredients on the scale. "If you aren't willing to commit, why do you even bother? Why would they even venture outside and inflict themselves on the rest of us if they lack the necessary flair." Finally satisfied with her portions, she leaned back and stretched, tiny black and gold particles whisking the measuring cup off the scales and toward their bowls. "Not everything needs to be a weapon, Cricket, but everything can be. How am I to crush my enemies if I'm not properly armed? Do you think I have such poor enemies? T
  6. "Of course you aren't weak," Natalia agreed, all too easily. "You are literally a robot. Physically, you're very strong - your cr--" She cut off, Davyd's transformation finally enough to draw her attention away from her work. She clearly wasn't sure what to make of the eyeless bat-thing, eyebrows raised, nonplussed, but after a moment she put two and two together. "I'm not sure what that is, Davyd," she mused, glancing down at the onions, "but I hope it likes onion pancakes." She shook her head and turned back to her measuring. "You could probably lift a car," she conti
  7. "Gross!" chimed Alice, brightly, dropping down to ground-level near the rest; she'd wrapped her forearms and shins, pulling the otherwise nondescript civilian clothes into an approximation of her work outfit. A nice red scarf buried her lower face and did distressingly little to suppress or muffle her sass. "Useful, but super gross. I want some." Under no circumstances would anyone who knew Alice allow her anything called 'cadaverine'. "So we need the wolfman back so that he can tell wolf truths in court, seems fun. Seems like-" she paused, leaning comically sideways to
  8. Gremlin "Company incoming," a young voice warned Lou over their earbuds, watching Lady Horus go flying in through the building's new side-door. Alice Ishikawa was sitting up on the corner of a nearby building, watching the police, watching other watchers - she'd have waved at the latter, but it would have betrayed her hiding spot and her pride wouldn't have taken it. She'd also been watching a werewolf tear its way out of the building and go running off to points unknown. That had been interesting, at least. Watching got boring if there was nothing fun to watch. "So, Lo
  9. Nocturne Body Art and Lots of Heart (5) Third Floor's the Charm (2) Weird Flex (2) Ref point to Eclipse, please.
  10. I'll throw Gremlin in for Bedlam; haven't had a chance to play her in a while, and it looks like we're still a little thin there.
  11. Natalia arched an eyebrow, but she didn't look away from the dry scale she was using to measure assorted ingredients by mass. The correct way. She'd claimed the job at the first discussion of measuring powders by volume. "You're going to have to be more specific," she said - not quite quietly, certainly not a whisper, but not loud enough to attract attention over the rest of their work. She held out a hand and one of their bags 'fell' sideways across the table and into her hand. "Our floor contains a great many hers," she pointed out, still not looking up from the careful measureme
  12. Doktor'd! A few quick edits for Nocturne, here: Please raise her Strength ability score to 10 (+0); this will cost 2pp, and will also improve her base Grapple to +4. Please improve her Will save to +10 (+2 Wis, +8); this will cost 1pp. In the Gravitics Array, please update the Move Object power like so (this makes the damage of the power explicitly capped, and uses the freed-up points to buy another rank of the power): Move Object 11 (crush/throw; 24 ton heavy load; Extras: Damaging 8; Feats: Accurate 2, Indirect 2, Precise, Variable Descrip
  13. "No, Davyd," Nocturne confirmed in a tone that threatened to frost over the desk, "I think I speak for the other girls here when I say that we are not going to be plates, whether or not the teacher would allow it. If you boys want to, you can work that out yourselves." She'd pulled out her phone and had started paging through, presumably, recipes - though she wasn't given any sign of finding anything interesting. "Someone more invested in bee cruelty than I am may have to give input on cooking without honey - or eggs, if our veganism is excluding even the cruelty-free sort." She dr
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