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    A very...cool character! As usual for any new character submissions, mostly some little math and notation burrs: It'll be worth noting the maximum (i.e., +Enhanced) Strength up in the Abilities section, I think; on that note, I think you're short-changing yourself on Grapple bonus (+4 Base Attack, +5/+8 Strength, +0/+1 Super-Strength should be +9/+13 by my counting, but please do double-check). You've short-changed yourself a little on the bonuses for Stealth and Survival. For the 'cold snap' power, I think it's still within budget but the notation's a little off - Drain Toughness 8 with two +1 extras would be 24pp, and Damage is inherently object-affecting so it doesn't need any modifiers there. Looks like you've spent 97pp on Powers, rather than 96. The Saving Throws section has disappeared from the power point tally at the bottom of the sheet. That plus the 1pp extra from Powers puts the build 7pp over-budget.
  2. Gaian Knight / Teagan (MAXED) 3 posts = 1pp + 2 vignette = 3pp The Hades Gala, arrival - 3 posts, 1pp Vignette: Extremely Frilly, Wildly Impractical - 2pp Eclipse 0 posts + 1 (rollover from GK) = 1 post = 1pp Masque 0 posts + 1 (rollover from GK) = 1 post = 1pp Nocturne 0 posts + 1 (rollover from GK) = 1 post = 1pp + 2 (vignette rollover) + 1 (ref) = 4pp
  3. "I admit to some respect for the great archers," said Teagan; it was unlike her to admit to any such thing. She must have been in a good mood indeed. "Knights think very highly of themselves until they have to fight something that soars and swoops; the best of the archers were always a matter of greater concern. You're well-met, Arrowhawk, so long as the bow remains pointed away from the sky." The rest of the conversation brought a grin back to her face. "Tooth and claw, as it should be," she said, making a fist. She'd never deigned to put scars on her human guise - what injuries she had as a dragon remained well-healed or under scales, after all, and no few of them from arrows - but there was enough muscle and sinew there to be impressive none the less. "The mace is useful, and was worth learning - a human's fists are ever more soft than a dragon's claws. But there is something truly satisfying in the purity of a knuckle against bone."
  4. "I would not insult you or my word by making empty promises about brawls," said Teagan; her tone was formal but her grin was just this side of sinister for a beat. "Rest assured that I have been...asked to not cause unreasonable trouble. I expect to only punch those direly in need of punching, and any fires set should be extinguishable before they burn down more than half the venue." With too-warm reassurances offered, she turned her attention back to her companion's conversation and gave a nod to the assorted and ongoing arrivals. "Set will be all the poorer for the loss of their better company," she said, closing the grin to a smirk. "And I richer, as befits a dragon."
  5. Teagan pulled her invite out from between her waist corset and dress, holding it out to the attendant between two fingers - each tipped with a short and pointed nail colored matte and dark to match her horns. She wasn't watching the many-eyed giant check her against his list, however; she was watching down the hill, lips pulled back in an awful sort of sharp-toothed smile as she watched others filtering in. "Do you suppose I should offer to dry the ones arriving by sea?" she asked Sekhmet, tilting her head in the lioness's direction. "It would seem polite, and they'd only get singed a little around the edges if they're lucky. They might even appreciate it. 'My dress was blackened by dragon's fire,' they could say. 'It's so very in fashion.'"
  6. Tiamat It was quite a distance from Freedom City to Greece - but even for those not traveling by boat, there was magic for such things. When Tiamat arrived she arrived on wings of fire, bursting into the sky over Greece in all her crimson-scaled glory, flanked by more harpies than were strictly necessary for the escort. Even from the ground they could be seen swooping around her and chattering about mighty wings and terrible jaws, an admiration between predators of sorts - all the more so because the mighty dragon was only one of two predators being escorted. She held above the ground just long enough for her passenger to depart before dissolving into a red conflagration, flames coalescing into a familiar form as they touched grass. Tiamat, in more manageable human guise, was dressed in a long and flowing dress, red to match her scales, a slit up both legs to show off fine laced boots and well-muscled thighs, framing a center strip of fabric as dark grey as the dragon's own belly. Her hips were framed by cuts of leather or fabric styled like a dragon's wings, above which it all disappeared beneath a laced black waist corset, itself eclipsed when red fabric emerged once more to cover a tastefully low-cut bust. The cut of the dress's front implied that there was very little to its back, but it was difficult to tell behind a long cloak trimmed at the top with tawny fur. A modern take on a medieval dress, perhaps, right up until the sleeves - for there were none, gold ringlets and short red-jeweled bracers accentuating a pair of well-muscled arms. In her hero and civilian work Tiamat feigned humanity, but for the gala she'd dispensed with such concerns - her face was human enough, but her teeth were too pronounced, her eyes were slitted and shone bright red against smoky makeup, and head head was crowned by great horns, dark and curling back against well-tended waves of long scarlet hair. Even these, too, were decorated - delicate golden chains wound themselves around her horns and hung in arcs through her hair, suspending tiny jewels that caught the light now and again to mirror the jeweled necklace that peeked out from beneath the cloak. The mythological Tiamat was a goddess of the sea, but at this gala she was Teagan, Tiamat, the great wyrm of fire, untamed dragon queen. And she'd come with no less impressive a companion.
  7. Nocturne - 1 post = 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp Past & Future Tense (1) Ref point to Nocturne, please.
  8. Largely checks out; some feedback provided via chat.
  9. Fox

    Past & Future Tense

    Viktor made a grumbling sound, scratching his chin, great brow furrowed in thought. "One of my old...I was very careless, long ago, but I have been more careful since. It must have been very old. Natasha, did you...ah, which -" "три", said Natalia, holding up three fingers - presumably for Ryder's benefit. "Aaaaahh," said her grandfather. "I did wonder what became of those. I am surprised anything remained in them. The old glass, I think; that batch of glass was very good. Something in the mix." He had, apparently, stopped paying attention, gaze wandering off toward a wall as his voice trailed off. Old memories and older designs were almost visible in his eyes. Natalia coughed. "Tests?" "Oh! Oh, yes. I was part of a research team then, we had a lab in Siberia. Miserable, but the mines there - Urzarsaiskoye, Lednikovy-Sarmaka. If I wanted tungsten, I could practically pluck it from the ground, hm?" He shrugged, shoulders rolling. "It is always easier to replicate than create, but I am impressed you did so from such an old sample. A small sample, even! There are government labs that have tried for years to do what we can do with a chemistry set, or Natasha can do with her bones." He paused on that, chuckling, before his face fell serious again. "Do not join the government labs. They are where minds great and small go to die."
  10. A fairly quiet month, but we've had a lot of people with a lot going on; it really is shaping up to just be one of those years. Keep on keeping on, folks! ----------- Dr Archeville Artificer: 1 post = 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp Horrorshow: 3 posts = 1pp Fox Nocturne: 1 post + 9 (rollover) = 10 posts = 2pp + 1 (ref) = 3pp Dragonfly: 9 posts = 1pp Heritage Crystal-Gazer: 4 posts = 1pp Grimalkin: 1 post = 1pp Miracle Girl: 3 posts = 1pp The Eel: 0 posts + 1 (rollover) = 1 post = 1pp The Shrike: 0 posts + 1 (rollover) = 1 post = 1pp Shift: 0 posts + 2 (rollover) = 3 posts = 1pp KnightDisciple Thunderbird: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (guide) = 1pp MoonSimply La Puma Negra: 2 posts = 1pp RocketLord Ghost: 1 post = 1pp + 1 (guide) = 2pp Spacefurry Paper: 1 post = 1pp Blackstaff: 2 posts = 1pp Chimera: 1 post = 1pp Predator: 0 posts + 2 (GM) = 2 posts = 1pp GM: 1 post * 2 = 2 Tiffany Korta Emerald Spider: 0 posts + 1 (rollover) = 1 post = 1pp Merge Trois: 0 posts + 1 (rollover) = 1 post = 1pp The Immutable Betsy Brooks: 2 posts = 1pp The Scarab III: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp Zhenschina-voin: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1 post = 1pp Triakosia: 2 posts = 1pp GM: 1 post * 2 = 2
  11. Archiving; this character's sheet has been replaced with a new version.
  12. Nocturne - 1 post + 9 (Dragonfly rollover) = 10 posts = 2pp + 1 (ref) = 3pp Past & Future Tense (1) Titanium Characters Dragonfly - 9 posts = 1pp A God Needs Compassion (9)
  13. Archiving at player request.
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