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  1. "More importantly, should we be expecting any more large, violent beasts?" Nocturne had deemed the nearest escalator too far away, and flying too much effort; a dramatic entrance post-combat was hardly fitting, regardless. Instead, she'd simply moved to the nearest column and casually walked straight down its length. It was, at the very least, expedient - and she liked the sound of low heels on its surface. "Not that this one accomplished much, but this is a fairly target-rich environment," she pointed out, gesturing her mostly-empty drink at the greater mall as she reached the floor and re-oriented to vertical. "One was pretty easy to contain; three would be more of a challenge. Five would probably kill us. Thoughts?"
  2. Fixed a quick typo after discussing it with Phoenix off-forum. APPROVED!
  3. The formatting on the array powers has gone a little odd; the powers themselves don't have any bolding. It's an awful nitpicking thing, but I figured I may as well bring it up for consistency - it does make them a bit harder to read. Invisigirl's Reflex lists only a +1 from Enhanced Reflex, rather than a +4. Linked powers function as a single, big power; one of the nice fall-outs of this is that a power feat in one component applies to all of them as appropriate to the descriptors; in this case, the entire force field is especially subtle, in the same way, so you don't need to buy Subtle 2 on each individual piece of Invisigirl's force field - you can list it just once on the main component of the linked powers and have it apply to the whole thing. (As an aside, Enhanced Trait is subtle by default and wouldn't have required it to begin with.)
  4. "Full voice transmission," supplied Tarrant, pleased to see Marcus a bit more up-beat, "transmitted through the air on a frequency we can't see or hear without a paired device to receive it. Not a sound frequency, though - more like light. It's a little complicated to explain." He was already on his feet, grabbing his sword off the back of his chair. "Pure technology, too - I don't know if your scientific progress will track with ours, but if it does you're maybe a decade or two off from the underlying principles, if that. Ours are fairly cutting-edge, very small and secure and all that, but the underlying idea has been going strong for a century and more. And, speaking of..." He held a hand to his ear for a moment, scanning what horizon was visible. "T, if you're near the hives, it couldn't hurt to get some backup. We'll be there shortly."
  5. Fox

    Heavy Mettle

    Natalia had the look of someone who'd just developed an incredible headache, pausing their futile chase at the sound of Eira's announcement. She turned her face to the sky, in search of divine intervention or, at least, a sufficiently quick smiting. "You date her," she said to Pan, tilting her head in his direction. One hand dropped to her side, surreptitiously undoing the clasp on her bag...just in case Ryder needed its contents. "I would hope that you know her better than I do. Honest opinion: would you assume someone on their end has caused actual trouble, or did a member of the crew slight her and this is her idea of a subtle comeback? I'm honestly not sure which might be worse."
  6. Fox

    Heavy Mettle (OOC)

    For when we need it: Nocturne's Initiative Roll: 17
  7. Tarrant turned his head to look at the wall, eyebrows up in appreciation. "Don't worry, Marcus," he said, turning back with a chuckle, "you can trust your eyes there, and I promise it's normal, for a very given definition of 'normal'. I think she's about the only person I know who might have to trim her own house." He reached into one of his pockets, pulling out a small piece of granite. He liked granite; hard, durable, and humble. "It's what I mentioned earlier," he said, bidding the small rock to lift off his open palm; it hung there for a moment, orbiting some unseen point, before gently reforming into a tiny replica of a familiar university - or, at least, the institute that once was. "It turns out that the universe - or, at least, the one we know, the one we came from - can be stranger than fiction." He caught the little stone miniature and set it gently down on the table. "It's probably too late to ask, but I promise it's nothing to worry about. You already had so much to deal with; we didn't want to overwhelm you."
  8. Fox

    Heavy Mettle (OOC)

    Nocturne's Notice Check: 19
  9. Natalia did indeed give Ryder a look, head turned slightly down and sideways so that she could eye him disapprovingly. She did not join in on the laughter - apparently she'd filled her quota for the day - but the ease in conversation gave her at moment to progress through her burger and re-order her thoughts. She wanted to see more of Ryder's embarrassed face. That probably wasn't a family dinner topic. What was a family dinner topic? "Why a smoothie shop?" she asked, once the laughter had died down. "Clearly, why not a smoothie shop, and everyone has to do something, but was it something you started, or inherited, or bought, or...?" She made a little circle in the air with one finger. "There has to be a story there, even if it's a banal one."
  10. 'Enhanced Attribute' is a weird power; it has a cost equal to buying the attribute normally, and a 'rank' equal to the effective bonus or modifier you're buying. So buying your strength from Str 10 (+0) to Str 18 (+4) would be 'Enhanced Strength 4 (+8 Strength) [8pp]'. You don't have to pay double just because you didn't buy it in the Abilities section!
  11. Mostly just some math stuff, here.... Combat With a +5 base Defense, Sable Raven would have a +3 Flat-Footed Defense. It's a common error, since everything else in the game rounds down and not up. With +14 (costumed) toughness, Sable Raven would have a -7 Knockback modifier. Powers You're over-paying for that Strike; on melee attacks, a single rank of Mighty lets you apply your full strength bonus to the attack. Double-check the cost on that array slot, too; you've listed it at 26pp, but even if you did have to buy Mighty 4 it wouldn't cost that much. Please list the full cost of the Blast power, too; you already paid the 1pp up in the Array line. The AP's line should list the cost of the AP, for accounting and easier sheet updates later.
  12. Fox

    Heavy Mettle

    Natalia remained warm and friendly as the roadies headed back stageward, waving at their departing friends as they disappeared into the crowd - at which point her hand dropped back to her side, her face shifting from summer to winter fast enough to starve a peasant village. "If there is trouble," she said, flatly, "having them near the stage is probably useful. Odds are good that anyone who would cause trouble at a concert are either after a performer, or want the attention that would come with the stage anyway." She turned her head toward the trouble others had spotted, glancing sidelong at Pan even as she started walking. "One supposes that leaves us to work this end, so we should head closer to your troublemaker. You got a better look than anyone else; what do you think the odds are of them aborting their mission if they know they've been made?"
  13. "Not everyone would choose to," said Tarrant, resting his forearms on the table, cup between his hands. "We aren't asking you to stay, of course, or even recommending it - no more than we'd ask or recommend that you return to your time. Even putting aside all that you've learned, though, some would have so few ties to their past - or be so enamored with the future - that they would choose to remain. It's not something that happens much, mind," he added, chuckling for a moment. "Even for us, with all the progress we've made, time travel is...rare, and extremely difficult." He leaned back again, taking a sip of increasingly lukewarm coffee. "Except of course that we can't put aside what you've learned. You know how this world ended, more or less - at least as much as we do, and at least this version of it. And you have at least our inexpert understanding of the mechanics of trying to change that, and probably some idea of why we haven't tried ourselves. That knowledge...I don't envy you, Marcus. I really don't." Tarrant smiled, weakly. "Whatever choices you make it with are yours to make. We just thought it was important that you had the knowledge you might need to make them well."
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