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  1. "I think," Indira rebutted with a voice full of careful razor blades, "that you have very much underestimated your impact on those of us who were already unlikely to see heirs. Unless you have sent us very close to certain parts of space, some of us went from low chances to zero chances, and it is somehow the least-worst thing you have done to us today." Her metal body doubled over, a quadrupedal body's head and back extending a hundred long, wire-like spines which twitched and adjusted in the foreign air. "We are not quite alone," she mused, clawed feet flexing in the dirt. "Birds, perhaps, but not nearby. Small life underground - we should take care that they do not dig their way into the building. And--hmm." She grew, legs narrowing and extending like silts to suspend her well above the foreign fauna. She was casting her head around for...something. Something she didn't like. "The wind is strange. It does not sound right, but I cannot...."
  2. Neat! Combat You're short-selling yourself on her Grapple bonus - with +13 Melee and +2/+7 Str, Monica's grapple would be +20/+15. Saves Double-check the math on the Reflex save; 4+2 would be a +6 save, not +7. Skills Similar thing here - double-check the math on the Knowledge and Sense Motive. I count 13pp of skills, too, not 12pp. Powers (general) Strength of Freedom has been labelled a 40pp container, but it contains 39pp of powers and is tallied as 39pp in the Powers tally. Powers (Enhanced Extra) You may want to explicitly note that the Enhanced Extra is on Toughness - assuming it is indeed on Toughness. Going from Permanent Duration to Concentration Duration is a -1 flaw, not a -2; Permanent is a -1 flaw for Continuous powers, so it'd be Permanent -> Continuous (+1) -> Sustained (+0) -> Concentration (-1). On the other hand, Range (Perception) is only two steps from Touch (Touch -> Ranged -> Perception), so that'd only be +2pp/rank, not +3. The jump from Personal -> Touch is already covered by Affects Others... ...but, Affects Others is a +1pp/rank Extra. If the power affects only others, I recommend labeling it as such ('Affects Only Others') so that it's more clear what you're buying. Final Costs Don't forget to tweak the final pp tally - right now it adds up to 179/180pp.
  3. From the GM post, I wasn't sure if she'd made it out! If there's nothing immediately noticeable, she'll probably shift ~9pp of accurate, extended hearing - she already has Ultrasonic Hearing at base. She's trying to get a feel for what lives here - what moves, above or below ground.
  4. Wraith Another Castle (1) Alice (Gremlin) The Black Luck Job (1) Ref point to Wraith, please.
  5. Curtain Call Masque ”Ladies and gentlemen, right this way, right this way!” Masque did her best impression of a big top ring master, twirling her crook staff and directing the small crowd down an alley toward safety. Probably safety, anyway - safer than here. Get them to cover, get them off the street. Nearest shelters. No fighting. She could do this. ---- “I don’t think I know you.” It wasn’t a judgement, and she tried to not take it personally. “I’m...new,” Masque admitted, catching herself trying to shrink into her cloak. She tilted her mask-clad face instead, in attempt to be odd instead of scared; it only mostly succeeded. “But I can help.” There was silence, and the silence only made things worse. Outside was not silent, and the quieter it was in here, the louder out there seemed. “I can help. You need all the help you can get.” He ran his hand through his hair, sighing and looking at a map someone had hastily pinned to the wall. ‘Evacuation coordinator.’ She didn’t even think it was a formal title, that it would be recognized by anyone outside the building. This wasn’t her city; she knew enough to know she didn’t know enough to know-- “No fighting,” he said, at last, turning a sharp but tired eye on her. His uniform was torn, but looked like an EMT’s; it was worst around the missing arm. “Don’t pick fights, we don’t need to be rescuing heroes, too. Find people, get them to one of these spots -” - he paused to gesture at his map - “- or get them here, and we’ll do what we can with them. Okay?” ---- The nice thing about streets and sky full of death and terror was that it made people really easy to herd, once you got them moving; even a strange woman in a full-face mask was more welcoming than the screams and destruction that were everywhere else, as long as she stayed bright and colorful and kept them moving. “One shelter, not too far, let’s keep the pace! Squeeze in, side by side, no stragglers, you never know--” It was hard to talk with a spike through her chest. The drone had snuck up behind the group, and she’d barely turned in time to see it when someone in the crowd screamed; lost from its pack and already badly damaged, like someone had grabbed bits of its flesh and twisted it out of shape. Or, more out of shape, she thought. The last thing she thought. She grinned at it, trying to talk but making no noise, blood running out the corners of her mouth as her body went up like flash paper. A ball of white fire dropped down from somewhere above it, catching it off-guard and dropping it to the ground to expire and burn. At the other end of the alley, Masque planted her staff end-first in the ground, leaning against it in what she hoped was a jaunty pose, framed by a jarringly out-of-place arrow, all bright lights and cheap neon-tube animation, directing the crowd south. “Well! That was exciting,” she announced, smile audible even behind the mask. The memory of stabbing pain, unformed words. The taste of blood in her mouth. Don’t think about it, smile for the audience. “Just a little more now, no stalling, no shoving! You’re my third crowd today and I haven’t lost one yet, so don’t you all go disappointing me.” The show must go on.
  6. Fox

    Player Away Thread

    Oh, dear. So sorry to hear it, Supercape - I can't imagine what you're going through. We'll keep the lights on for you.
  7. GK will Skill Mastery to take 10 - which gets him 20 exactly. Tiamat does not have Skill Mastery, so she'll have to roll for it: Notice Check, DC15: 1d20+10 30 Yeesssss. Natural 20. Nothing escapes a dragon's eyes.
  8. I confess that I lost track of where this was at - were we waiting on something else here from the assembled characters, or are the characters waiting on response/initiative?
  9. "I will join you," Indira said, nodding politely. "I cannot fly, but I have some experience with dangerous wildlife, and if there is trouble I am one of the most durable of us, and likely the easiest to heal if hurt." Her humming tone didn't carry even a drop of pride or bragging, but an open assessment of her strengths and weaknesses - forming a hunting party was serious business. "Unless there is need for stealth, I will try to keep my top reflective so that I am easily spotted if there is need." Her face pulled into a mouthless frown, eyes narrowing a bit at the corners. "We may wish to circle the building before we get too far away. It is possible that we are being investigated, even as we move to investigate this new world. Most animals might leave us alone until the - metaphorical - dust settles, but I suspect some apex predators, or some intelligent native peoples, might not."
  10. Alice gave an exaggerated shrug, the bottle tipping dangerously toward horizontal. It had somewhat less liquid than it had when she'd stolen it, but nobody else seemed interested in sharing her fermented burden, so she'd just have to soldier on alone. "I need this," she said, wiggling the bottle, "and a new place to live. But if you help with that you know where my hidey-hole is, and that's not okay. Nobody gets to know where I live, that's kind of the point." She sighed, slumping back with the non-booze arm holding her mostly upright. "And I need to know what I've got to replace now, since they probably cleared me out. I can probably steal some of it back, but some of it's just gone. Sucks. Stupid cops." Eyes narrowing, Alice frowned into a half-full glass she'd dexterously swapped for the bottle. "I do need to know how the cops found me. They shouldn't've been able to."
  11. "Yes please," said Alice, stealing both the invitation and bottle from Xavier as she passed behind the bar. She'd ditched the custodial outfit as early as she could, though she hadn't left it with the van; she'd stuffed it in her duffel bag muttering something about 'no physical traces', and a wry comment on burning it later that probably wasn't hyperbole. "So much dust in my throat, you don't even know." All five feet of her effortlessly hopped up onto the bar counter, sitting cross-legged and pouring a generous glass for herself. "Nice place," she said, looking around in open and unabashed study. "Yours, or do you just run it? I don't like to judge, but your kitchen looked pretty clean for a gang or mob joint. No suspicious freezers converted into drug storage or bookie den or whatever."
  12. Scurred up by Absurdist Wraith...really needs some pretty severe edits, but for the sake of immediate threads I'd like to do the following minimal changes: Age and Apparent Age should indicate that she's 23. Skills: +44 ranks (11pp) +5 ranks to Acrobatics, +2 ranks each to Bluff and Diplomacy, +10 ranks to Gather Information, +10 ranks to Investigate, +5 ranks to Knowledge (Civics), +10 ranks to Search; these should add up to the following: Acrobatics 12 (+15) Bluff 6 (+8, +12 Attractive) Diplomacy 6 (+8, +12 Attractive) Gather Information 13 (+15) Investigate 12 (+15) Knowledge (Civics) 7 (+10) Search 15 (+18) Feats: +6 feats (6pp) Please add the following feats: Environmental Adaptation (Zero Gravity) Improved Grapple Improved Pin Set-Up Skill Mastery (Investigate, Notice, Search, Stealth) Takedown Attack 2
  13. "You did not offer us choice," Indira noted, pointing down with one finger; it was perhaps sharper than she might have intended. So was the normally-warm hum of her voice, for that matter. "It is not a choice we can make now, and we are unable to help those in need, because you decided that we should all run in fear from a predator we have fought and beaten before. We respect and acknowledge your trauma, but you cannot let it drive you to--" She sighed, in as much as a being without lungs could, forcing her sharper edges to smooth out. "I do not trust this place that you have sent us," she said, more evenly. Her calm was a precious thing, and well-trained. She would not have it taken from her, too. "Earth is a...peaceful place. What is the better word? 'Placid'? Its plants inert, its animals mostly harmless. Other places, other planets and worlds, are sometimes...not. We should check on those who were kidnapped with the building, and we should scout our surroundings unless we can return home immediately. I trust that if something were wrong with the building structure, Bluebird would know."
  14. GK will be building a nice big wall between the armed forces and the bulk of the fight, either at the top of things or right now, if he has a chance in (functionally) a surprise round. It's unlikely to be subtle, though, so I don't want to jump over anyone else's plans.