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  1. "I'm full up on masks," said Masque - she'd been approaching the case to peer at the target of their villains' avarice, but now she drew back, holding both hands up like she was trying to placate the thing. "One mask is great, but it's plenty for me, thanks! I only have the one face, and all." The other Masque, catching up with Lynx, cocked her head at the unspoken flaw in that statement. "....well, okay, sometimes I have two faces, but that isn't - that's not - you stop that." The other Masque shrugged, gave a deep and flourishing bow at the waist, and dissolved into light like sand before the wind. "I didn't mean...fiiine," the young magician said, drawing a hand down her face in mock exasperation at...herself? She turned back to the others. "Okay, so, it's a key. What's it a key to, though? I'm betting those guys knew, if they wanted it badly to hit this place while so many people were around."
  2. "What- Ab- Arcana! Veronica!" Masque didn't know what to do. Elizabeth didn't know what to do. She'd been out of her depth this whole trip, as interesting as it had been, but she hadn't been prepared for mirror-doppelgangers stealing her friends away and leaving her...alone. Inside the mechanized LSD trip. While her friends drowned, or got replaced, or.... "Nope. No," she said, reaching out - no sleight of hand, no clever pulling of weapons out of her sleeves this time. Light refracted and drew itself into an over-sized mallet, a cartoonish thing of black metal over simple wood, and she wound it up even as she planted her feet next to one of the walls that had stolen her friends. "Give them BACK!" If the shout hadn't been easily audible to anyone left, the blunt impact hopefully would've.
  3. The blast to her chest had caught Masque off-guard, but she'd come out no worse for wear...this time. She was a bit more ready for the second one, stepping aside and making a show of brushing burnt cloth off her robe as it flew by. Twice as brave as she felt but half as brave as she wanted them to believe, she closed the distance to the nearest Shadow and slipped a long, thin scepter out of her sleeve. "You don't get to choose whether your fail!" the young heroine announced. She spun the scepter sideways, driving the head of it across the Shadow's guard and into his temple with more force than a thin piece of blackened wood should probably carry. "The exhibit is now closed. No evil today!" Masque's meteor hammer snapped back up into her robe, weightlessly disappearing as if it had never existed in the first place. "Nice!" she said, pumping a fist. "Started and finished. C'mon - they might need backup."
  4. The Masque with Lynx will (assuming he's also coming with!) head toward the exhibit. No teleporting so that she doesn't leave him behind, but if she can reasonably take two move actions (to cover ~200 feet) or do a Move All Out full-round action (to cover as much of 400' as she can "in a fairly straight line"), she'll do that. The Masque in the exhibit will rush the Shadow that attacked her, and attack him right back. Melee Attack Roll vs. Wheel-in-Shadows (Power Attack -3/+3): 1d20+15-3 28 As ever, that's a DC23 Toughness save.
  5. Toughness Save vs. Thule Sorcerer, DC23: 1d20+7 23 Whew.
  6. Masque It was a lot to keep up with, and Masque was doing her best. The blast of freezing magic had been bad enough - she'd barely dropped behind a rooftop outcropping before it hit, bits of her robe freezing as they fluttered in the unnatural wind - but then came the creatures from the basket (at least Arcana had those well in hand!), and then an assault on the Krampus that looked good, but not for anybody else nearby. She'd reached out as best she could, the eyes of her mask shimmering as she just...tipped the die. She couldn't stop that attack but she could at least nudge the odds in White Lioness' favor, a butterfly beating her wings once against the gale. It'd have to be enough. And then she had a moment to breathe, and realized she had no plan. The Krampus hadn't been too impressed with her idea of firepower, but that wasn't really her area. Arcana's wave had been pretty good, though... She reached up her sleeve and Mary Poppinsed a six-foot shepherd's crook, old wood wrapped in white cloth for a grip, and gathered a soft white flame into the over-sized hook at the end. "You've got a lot more oomph than I do," she confessed, appearing a few feet from Arcana; she held the staff sideways, offering the wisp up like an offering. "Maybe we can work together?"
  7. Yep! Masque only has to be within +/-5 of Arcana's DC25 to give her a bonus, so let's err on the side of accuracy. Ranged Attack Roll vs. Krampus (Accurate Attack +2/-2): 1d20+12+2 20 ....huzzah for attack tradeoffs! That'll add +2 to the DC on Arcana's attack.
  8. Concentration Check: 1d20+8 20 Survival Check (untrained): 1d20+0 8 Will Save: 1d20+7 25 Stealth Check (untrained): 1d20+3 19
  9. "Oh! Well, that's convenient," said Masque, following Veronica's lead and air-climbing her way into freer space. She certainly wouldn't miss dodging drones; they weren't hard to predict, but they'd been making her claustrophobic. Briefly, she wondered if she could learn that trick - who didn't dream of flying? For now she peered around, following the others' lead. "Maybe we'd best catch up with Ouroboros. If, um, we know where he went, exactly. Thirteen hours until we lose our brother to the Goblin King, and all, right? And I bet a lot less before one of those eyes notices that some of the drones are floating around."
  10. "Ooh, hey, thanks, that'll - whoop!" Masque slid to the side, using her weapon as counter-balance to avoid the clone's attack. Her face followed the fist as it shot past where her head had been, and when she turned back he was staring down the demon mask. "No. No. I was going to ambush you." She let herself fall further back, pushing her dodge into a sidestep that brought the chain, and the chain brought the ball, and the ball spun around her body to slam into the clone's stomach. "You need to sleep now, please. The other me is hearing some really bad things and I'd like to go help her and Veronica deal with that. Are you okay, Lynx?" The 'other me' was, indeed, hearing some bad things - and with what was probably a grateful look at Veronica, she steeled her nerves and blinked on toward the exhibit. Screaming was probably bad - leaping before she looked was probably bad, too, but if she'd learned anything in her brief career it was that if she had to die, at least she'd live to remember it.
  11. Huzzah! The other Masque will teleport on to the exhibit - all the way in, if she has the movement.
  12. Bonking the one attacking her! Melee Attack Roll vs. Wheel-in-Shadows (Power Attack -3/+3): 1d20+15-3 26 Bonk! DC23 Toughness, as before.
  13. Masque will delay her turn to do a combined attack with Arcana.