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  1. Elizabeth made a distressed choking noise, looking wide-eyed at Judy. "I'm....not president material," she insisted, holding up her hands like she was warding the very idea of it away. Which, really, she was - and she briefly wondered if there was some magic that could wall off dangerous plans. "I'm kind of a mess, you really don't want me to be the actual leader of anything, even on paper." An understatement, but it would work - the pit of her stomach had dropped out from under her as soon as the young magician had thought about the responsibilities of _presidency._ It was too much. She shook her head, white hair falling in front of her face for a moment before she pushed it back. "I like helping, though, and if someone else is calling the shots I'm happy to pitch in? VP would be...a lot," she said, grimacing, "but I'm willing to give it a shot if we don't have any other volunteers. Worst case, I can be two of me, and that'll help. And that thing there? All that empathy? That sounds like president material to me."
  2. Fox

    Player Away Thread

    This week's work stuff is hitting me hard, and I'll have a guest around all next week, so I may be around less than normal. I'll try to check in still, though.
  3. "I feel like I probably have it better than a lot of people," Liz admitted, looking sheepish; she was now out of cupcakes, but wasn't making an effort to steal more. "I have one brother who's gay, and my parents pretty pointedly ask everyone but him how their relationships are doing when we're all at dinner. But he is still invited to dinner, you know? I kind of think they're just waiting for him to get over it and give them grandchildren or something." She shrugged, a full-body motion that might have been cartoonish if it was any less sincere. "I like...pretty much everybody, everybody's pretty great, even if it's a lot more, um, theory than practice." She was working on that. It was also something she probably wouldn't bring up at the dinner table. "If I got into a relationship they didn't like, though, they might still be kind of grateful I'm out there living and I really don't know how that would all work. For now they don't know or probably do know but don't ask questions."
  4. "The cupcakes are really good," Elizabeth probably said around a mouth full of cupcake. She had, at least, the good sense to swallow before moving on. "As for, um, ☠☠☠☠," she added, glancing at Mia with a raised finger, "I think a lot of people don't know? I don't spend a lot of time online but online's full of people figuring things out really late or changing who they are or wondering or...whatever. I figure, not being sure is just a head start? Unless, you know," she said, pausing for a bite of cupcake, "you like pretty much everyone because pretty much everyone is really great. Hey, Abby!" Abigail got a wave, cheerful and unassuming. Liz had figured Abby would be here. Maybe she'd find someone she liked! "There are more people here than I expected. That's...kind of encouraging, actually?"
  5. "Did you tell them there would be cupcakes?" Elizabeth had not entered through the door, which probably meant she was trying to be clever and subtle...with all the usual success of an Elizabeth attempting casual, social subtlety. She was dressed simply, a pale blue blouse hanging loose over trim white pants, and the mask at her hip had three stripes down the length of it - pink, yellow, and blue. She also had about one-and-a-half cupcakes, plus a bit of frosting on one side of her mouth that she swiped up with one finger. "There isn't a lot of hate at school, so maybe people didn't think it was that big a thing?" she said, flashing an open smile and a friendly wave toward new arrivals. The wave reminded her of the frosting, and she paused long enough to pop the finger into her mouth. "But I bet you'd have half the school here if they'd known about the cupcakes, these are great."
  6. Gaian Knight & Tiamat A New Era (3) Alice (Gremlin) Members Only (1) Masque Helpless (1) Please rollover 1 GK post to Grim, and the rest to Eclipse. Ref point to Masque, please.
  7. A straight-forward sheet! Refreshing. Mostly just some math/notation stuff: With +4 base defense, Spectre would have a +2 Flat-Footed defense. With +8 Toughness (+4 Con, +4 Defense Roll), Spectre would have a -4 Knockback modifier (-2 Flat-Footed). When listing alternate powers (such as the Insubstantial AP), please list their full costs (rather than the 1pp it technically cost); it makes auditing/editing sheets much easier. I think the sheet template has some solid formatting examples.
  8. The DC Block should go at the bottom of your sheet, but I'm not going to make you fix that now when you've been waiting more than long enough already. It's otherwise a nice, clean sheet - I like it! APPROVED!
  9. Fox

    A New Era

    Gaian Knight shook his head, clearing his vision as the cement fragments and dust fell to the ground - just in time to see Tom knocked off-balance and half-frozen. That was an opening, and he wasn't going to let it pass by. The geokinetic hero planted his feet, four great earthen hands winding their way out of the cracked pavement; he made a motion like a closed fist and they followed suit, each clasping around a different limb and anchoring their foe to the immovable stone beneath the city. It wasn't fast, but between Tiamat and Frost it didn't have to be, and it'd hold even against the strength of Tom Cyprus. He hoped. "If anyone wants to hit him, now's our chance," he called out, bringing up his other hand; earth flowed up each of the anchoring limbs, reinforcing it against an inevitable shock. "You're not going to get a better shot!"
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    Needed a magnifying glass to read it, but APPROVED!
  11. Fox

    A New Era

    Works for me. Probably grab, fry, freeze, smash?
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