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    Player Away Thread

    I'll be visiting family for Thanksgiving, 11/24 to 11/30. I may not be in chat as much.
  2. Nice! Just some minor math things, looks like: You've bought and paid for 3 APs, but noted 2 in the Array line; the feats in the third AP should probably be on Strike, not Super-Movement; that last AP should be 19/20, not 20/20. You should also probably note the Impervious version of your knockback (-4 / -9 solid form).
  3. Masque Rainbow Connection (4) Ref point to Masque, please.
  4. Archiving; this version of the sheet has been replaced by a new revision.
  5. All sheets should be as complete and self-contained as possible. APPROVED!
  6. Good catch; I'd briefly forgotten how Environmental Control's odd pp/rank effects work. Nothing more here. APPROVED!
  7. The Hammer array is missing its pp/dp cost, though I believe the math does work out. Looks like Thursday's bought Environmental Control 6, not 4; the cost on this array slot also needs adjusting, since you haven't bought 20pp worth of powers here. (It's legal to buy less than the slot's budget, of course, but the final cost should be noted for good bookkeeping; the sheet template has examples of how this can be done.) 'Accurate' on Teleport is not a ranked extra; it should be noted simply as 'Accurate', not 'Accurate 5'. The Immunity should note that Ms. Thursday is immune to environmental cold, not the cold descriptor.
  8. I admit to some confusion; the sheet's still labeled 'Watchdog/Daystar', and Watchdog's paying for a sidekick, but there is no sidekick on this character request. Is it intended to be Watchdog only (in which case, she'll have to shed those Sidekick ranks), or are we missing the other sheet (in which case, we'll probably want to find a way to insert it under Watchdog's sheet and before Absurdist's approval comment)?
  9. Archiving; this sheet has been replaced with a new version.
  10. I'm still down for it, but I have the most recent post.
  11. Elizabeth made a distressed choking noise, looking wide-eyed at Judy. "I'm....not president material," she insisted, holding up her hands like she was warding the very idea of it away. Which, really, she was - and she briefly wondered if there was some magic that could wall off dangerous plans. "I'm kind of a mess, you really don't want me to be the actual leader of anything, even on paper." An understatement, but it would work - the pit of her stomach had dropped out from under her as soon as the young magician had thought about the responsibilities of _presidency._ It was too much. She shook her head, white hair falling in front of her face for a moment before she pushed it back. "I like helping, though, and if someone else is calling the shots I'm happy to pitch in? VP would be...a lot," she said, grimacing, "but I'm willing to give it a shot if we don't have any other volunteers. Worst case, I can be two of me, and that'll help. And that thing there? All that empathy? That sounds like president material to me."
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