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  1. "I'm not going to be much use in fixing stuff," Masque confessed; she'd been peering around the room, all runes (which made her brain itch, and she didn't know why) and gears (which she'd have a hard time sorting out if they were mundane, much less...all this!), and her normally-impassive mask was, for once, fairly fitting for her actual expression. "It's pretty great but it's really not my area." Instead she knelt down near the pixelated spell, masked eyes glowing as she took it in. She really needed to put more practice into the practical side of magic, but she could at least feel them out... "Something's watching this spell," she said, finally, turning back to the others. Her mask had a furrowed brow seemingly drawn over the eyes in what looked like permanent marker. "Or it's watching itself. It doesn't belong here, and I'm betting if we mess with it, it'll alert its master. Bet we could fix the little gear, but I don't know if it'll notice that, too."
  2. Yeah, alright; not Masque's area but in the interests of contributing to keep things moving, Masque's going to take a good look at the spell-supported gear. Knowledge: Arcane Lore roll: 1d20+11 18 She's probably more interested in the spell itself than the gear, which other folks have a far better handle on. Does it have a purpose beyond fixing the pinion in place? Why bother? Can it be (safely) cancelled out so that the pinion can be fixed or replaced without screwing something up?
  3. Pulling back out of the Heroes bank for further review; missed a bit of math, to my great shame.
  4. Fluff To make sure I understand the character's purpose, this is a space-based character, not intended for Earth play? Saves Toughness gets a bonus from Con, not Strength, though I believe the final math works out. Skills I count 45 ranks of skills, though one of those may be illusory - you've bought Languages 2, but only one extra language. Powers The Multiple Weapons power feat should be on the Device, not on the Strike power. This may require some cost adjustment.
  5. "That's the one where your heart gets weighed against a feather, right?" Elizabeth asked, keeping up as they moved on to view more of the exhibit, hands placed firmly behind her back lest she touch anything she rightfully shouldn't. One mask was enough. "I...think I read about that one somewhere. The myth's in my head, anyway!" She smiled, more secrets than feigned naivete, and turned again to peer at the artifacts and cards. "It's all just so...it's like everything here as a story, and they all pull at you, you know? Like you could reach out and touch it and learn so much. It makes you wonder what they've all seen!"
  6. For the sake of coordination, Masque can throw up a nice illusion to buy time if anything toothy shows up; she could also send a copy of herself off to draw personal attention, but she'd really rather not. No specific character exploration for me, though! Masque is just making friends and having adventures today, and the weird bit with her mask having its own Self was just opportunism on my part.
  7. Fox

    Red Sky at Night

    Masque frowned, tapping the head of her staff against the ground like a batter sizing up a pitch. "I guess...when you're out in the real world you aren't always ready for what happens, right?" Her faith in her own logic was somewhat shaky, but there was a voice in her head telling her that this could be fun. She cocked her head, mask concealing her expression. "If we're supposed to be training we may as well treat it like it's the real thing. Save people on our way, see how we do. It could be pretty fun," she said, turning to look at the others. "If, you know. We don't die or something."
  8. Fox

    Player Away Thread

    Thanksgiving again, which means it's time to head off to visit family for a week - I'll be taking my phone and laptop and will keep up with threads as best I'm able, but I may not be around chat as much.
  9. Elizabeth peered into the window dubiously, reaching out to pull a wide-sleeved open robe of white cotton out of thin air; she slung it over her body and brought her mask up to her face. The translucent mask over her shoulder had disappeared, now shimmering slightly over the surface of her artifact. "Guess we should!" she said, flexing her hands. "Hopefully the big thing's not very smart; maybe we can keep it distracted for long enough, or at least knock it off its game. I don't think I like the look of that...magic...cancer virus thing," the girl added, wiggling a finger at the gaping hole in the sphere. "But at least the problem's easy to spot. That's something!"
  10. Fox

    Let's Fall in Like

    "Wasn't me!" Elizabeth held up her hands in protest, taking a half-step back in case whatever dress-manifesting magic was at play needed more room. "That really looks great, though! I should learn that trick. I can only do my own clothes, or fake other peoples', but that takes more magic than I've got right now." She grinned, pointing back across the room to...another Elizabeth, currently interrogating Ashley. "All my stuff's tied up in being two of me at once. I don't have a lot of mojo to throw around, you know?" The other Elizabeth looked sympathetic but not particularly moved by Ashley's argument, frowning at her and trying to choose her words very carefully. "That is very, very sad," she said, with genuine sincerity. "I think all the stories I've ever seen or read would end in something like 'but would he want you to not have fun', but I bet that's nothing you haven't heard before." She took a deep breath, clearing that out. It wasn't her place. She'd...figure something better out later. "No gymnastics teams for me, no! I can only have two of me, so, you know, that's not much of a team. I'm also, um, working on being in better shape. I was sick for a while and still get tired too fast."
  11. Nodding as if she had any kind of insight into ancient Egyptian culture and burial techniques, Elizabeth bent over slightly to inspect the case. "I guess the scare might be part of the point?" she ventured, tilting her head Veronica's way for...feedback? Correction? "A really fancy guard dog for a really fancy person." She turned back, looking the statue in its eyes as if trying to appraise its character. She bet that if it was wood, it was lighter than it looked; it'd make a great prop for a magic show. "....good dog."
  12. Masque Assemble! (1) Let's Fall in Like (4) Out for a Spin (3) Red Sky at Night (4) Shadow of the Mummy (4) Through the Mirrored glass and Back Again (1) Ref point to Wraith, please.
  13. Fox

    Let's Fall in Like

    "Mmm," said Elizabeth, keeping lockstep with Ashley in an effort to remain in her social space that was getting less subtly-meddling by the moment. "Maybe? I think it was probably the easiest part, myself, but I'm not really keen on finding out again and I did say it was depressing. It's a party!" That last bit was apparently an admonishment, picking her cheer back up and daring to wag a finger at the fearsome Watchdog herself. "You have to do something fun, you can't just lurk around staring at your sister all the time. That's terrible. What do you do that's any fun at all?" Elizabeth laughed, nodding at her teammate's wisdom. "She does, and I'm kind of jealous," she admitted, sticking out one leg and mock-frowning at it. Well, mostly mock-frowning. There was a reason it was a midi dress and not anything more daring. Even this may have been too much. "I don't know if I have what it takes to spend that much time in the gym, though, you know? The entrance was great, though. I'm going to have to get you to teach me how to do that! Just, um. Maybe easier on the hinges. I can always fake the noise."
  14. "Huh! I expected more...voom." Elizabeth was looking around in open curiosity, hands in her pockets and her mask sitting jauntily on her hip, attached to her belt. It was also floating just above and behind her shoulder, translucent, and it mimicked every movement of her head - the tilt, the turn, always a half-second behind like it was caught in her tide. She didn't seem to notice. "I kind of like it this way, though. Hello!" She waved, finally catching up to the man's appearance. She was pretty sure nobody had mentioned living people in here; was he part of that security system? "I'm Elizabeth. We're all here to help."