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    A New Era

    Gaian Knight's head suddenly cocked to the side, his goggled gaze staring off at nothing as his senses went down. Down was ever his responsibility in these things, and he always hoped it wouldn't be necessary - a thankfully needless precaution - but life was ever full of small disappointments. He could feel them, digging upward through the rock and soil. How many? Too many. "....ladies and gentlemen," he announced, evenly but interrupting and brooking no argument. "We need everyone to calmly clear the pavilion and surrounding area as fast as you can. Something unknown and uninvited is coming up beneath our feet and we very much need civilians and bystanders to not be here when it arrives." Tiamat, happy to let the wordsmiths smith words, was inclined to be more succinct. "You heard him!" she bellowed, all six+ feet of her throwing her weight into the words. "MOVE!"
  2. Fox

    A New Era

    Initiative Rolls: 1d20+1 9 1d20+2 3 So that's a 9 for GK, and a 3 for Tiamat. I expected nothing else.
  3. Whatever cutting response Mara might have had died with a melting heart; her expression softened at Yolanda's honest confession, and she settled for shooting Ellie a guilty look. "Yes. Well," she frowned, taking another sip from her glass. "Much too easy to always...be busy. Metaphor? Too many plates spinning. Too easy to be comfortable with what we have now." She shook her head, only to have to push a now-loose strand of hair back behind her ear. "Still. Good to remember that we can do more, even if reminder is from the head of an evil company. Going to have to watch her on your time off, Steve. Might be evil already." That gave the woman pause, glass partway to her lips. "....haven't checked with HR." Mara's HR department was one hard-working person, whose initials conveniently matched their title, and she never got tired of it. "You did take time off, yes? For a while? On top of what you already took for the wedding? You'd better have. Know you have it banked up."
  4. Fox


    Elizabeth turned her head to follow Kam's gaze, and when she turned it back her face was the very image of delight, wide grey eyes and raised white brows and wide Cheshire grin. She was also making a noise that, while quiet, lived in a pitch probably more audible to dogs than people. "You have good taste," she said, still all white teeth and smiles. "Does she know? Does she reciprocate? Is she as mysterious as she seems, with the arm and everything? Can we meddle?" That last one gave her pause, for a moment, her expression falling as she looked at the others. One would hope that Elizabeth was hitting the brakes on her enthusiasm, if one had never met Elizabeth. "Can he stop us from meddling?"
  5. Earth is aware of alien life, but haven't officially joined the greater galaxy per se, and exactly what a given alien's reception would be would depend more on the person than the setting. They're certainly not common! I don't know that there are formal embassies or the like, but there would certainly be paths to the equivalent of a visa. I'll let my more lore-oriented ref equivalents speak to that as they do further review - my specialty is the mechanics of the game. If you do wander by our Discord, I recommend reaching out there - you'll be able to get a pretty good discussion on it, I'd hope.
  6. I mean, if we're running down the list: J'onn, across various adaptations and stories, generally adopts, crafts, and maintains the identity of John Jones, a detective. Wonder Woman varies a fair bit, but when she's wanted to blend into the society of Man's World she's crafted the identity of Diana Prince, presumably with the assistance of her contacts in government & the military. Superman was not born on human territory but was adopted as a baby by the Kents, who almost certainly had his Clark Kent identity properly registered and everything. "You know us rural granola-eating types; we just had an at-home birth!" His secret identity is going to be more air-tight than anyone else's on this list, glasses-as-a-disguise notwithstanding. Cyborg is human-born, and whether or not he's presumed dead is going to vary enormously by story. Regardless, he had a perfectly legal and normal human identity growing up, and could maintain or reclaim that with relative ease. Aquaman has a perfectly valid id: he's the king of Atlantis. He's not an American citizen, but he's also not in the position of having to hold down a human job or maintain a pedestrian human identity. It's good to be king. The point was not that a character needs to be Earth-born or such to maintain a secret identity, but rather that not maintaining a secret identity or integrating into human society comes with some limitations. Not having a social security number is going to limit the kinds of work you can do, for instance, and while that's hardly insurmountable it's definitely something that's worth considering in character design and background. You'll have to consider how and why the character is employed (if they're employed!), where the character could live that they wouldn't require a background check or the like (probably nowhere nice!) or whether they're just tricking the people around them, con-man style, circumventing those checks (which informs something about the character), whether they've made connections with humans who give them a hand, etc. These kinds of questions are part of the fun of character design.
  7. Alice will Skill Mastery the Notice check, for a 22. Will Saves vs. House, DC27, DC20, DC20: 3#1d20+7 8 26 24 Will saves are not Alice's forte; that could have gone a lot worse for her! That saves on the Illusion and Emotion Control, I believe, but very much fails the Mind Reading. Alice fears:
  8. Yep! Just needed to make sure it withstood scrutiny - the setting defaults of "everyone has a middle class home", like most rules, assumes a normal human with a human identity. Aliens get weird! APPROVED! The character will need one more ref approval before they're released into the city - good luck!
  9. Alright, just some math left, then (and some formatting, but as a new player you have a lot of other things to worry about and I may clean that up myself): Plastic now has [6pp + 24pp + 16pp =] 46pp of powers, not 45pp. That unfortunately puts him 1pp over-budget; you'll have to free a point up somewhere. Up to you where - maybe one of the Immunity powers, or a little bit of a skill, or one of the feats (Wealthy's odd for a character with no identity (and thus, home); Improved Initiative's really really nice but one can live without it; etc).
  10. Alien plastic! An interesting idea - the background's a little thin (where did he come from? are there potential issues with him staying on Earth for so long?), but I look forward to seeing what comes out in play! How does this character remain employed as a stunt double without a permanent identity? Stunt doubles are serious business - they even have a union! Where does this character live, when they aren't doing heroic work? It may be worth doing another formatting pass on the sheet - compare it to our template and pay special note to some of the ordering (complications toward the top!) and other formatting (bolding around powers, etc). Some of it seems trivial, to be sure, but it really helps your fellow players and GMs read the sheet, which helps everyone during play. Crunch-wise, mostly some math stuff: Combat: +6 Base Attack would cost 12pp, not 16pp. Skills With 8 ranks in Knowledge (Popular Culture) and a +2 Intelligence bonus, Plastic would have a final bonus of +10, not +14. Feats You may want to check our house rule on Interpose, as it'll make Interpose a little better than what you've listed here. Powers Let's clean up that power array: In order to have APs off of Elongation, you'd need to have bought the Alternate Power power feat on Elongation - one rank of the power feat per AP you'd like to buy (and remember that they don't count toward the 'size' of any Alternate Powers - a 20pp power with Alternate Power 4 may cost 24pp, but each Alternate Power can still only be 20pp!). Alternatively, you can just buy an actual array, and put all the powers in that - an array is a power structure that simplifies handling alternate powers, base powers, and all that jazz. You can find many, many good examples across character sheets in the Character Bank. Please note the full cost of each power in the array, here. This is normally formatted like so (assuming we bought 20pp of Morph, as an alternate power of a 20pp power): Morph 10 (any humanoid) [20/20] You cannot 'nest' alternate powers - you can't have an AP of an AP. Morph needs to be in the list alongside all the others. How's the Concealment working with this character's Plastic powers? Concealment is normally for characters that can turn invisible - how's he hiding? If he's acting like a chameleon, blending into his background by changing shape or color, I recommend the Blending Flaw - though it isn't required! The 'Strike' power is very much over-budget; Strike 10 with four power feats would cost 14pp, and Elongation 8 would cost 8pp, for 22pp total. Since the original Elongation power only has 20pp, you can only make Alternate Powers of up to 20pp total. Drawbacks In order for something to be a drawback, it has to have some kind of measurable mechanical impact - what is the actual penalty incurred by Plastic Fantastic if he doesn't get to watch his tv?
  11. "You don't just ask to be a member of an evil house," Alice hissed between clenched teeth, giving Sofí another jab for good measure. She'd followed her more colorful compatriot up to the door, but had been very busy being unseen behind Lou until intervention was necessary. "They invite you in and then you have a nice dinner and then you find out that they don't drink....wine, and then what are you going to do? Hack a ghost? No!" She threw up her hands, for all that she was also trying to get up onto her tip-toes, leaning on Lou for leverage, trying to see through the viewing panel. "Besides, if you ask, you can't negotiate. Hey! If you want blood," she said, "this guy has so much blood. Lou, you can spare blood, right? You lose it all the time for basically free anyway."
  12. Elizabeth shrugged, an over-dramatic stage gesture that moved most of her upper torso as she carefuly picked her way down the stairs behind Kam, studying the walls and casting her light a bit further down ahead of them. "I'd have given pretty good odds that we'd have found it by accident," she admitted. "Crumbling floors or traps full of spikes, or something. Okay odds that opening the secret door would have set off some kind of other trap, too." She turned her head a bit to look behind, a playful grin draw across her mask while no one was looking. "You'll have to keep an eye out," the young trickster noted, not half as serious as she sounded. "Who knows what kind of boulder could fall in behind us! That's part of the whole tomb package, right?"
  13. Fox


    "Oooh, secrets?" Elizabeth said, leaning forward onto the table; she'd been listening with at least decent attention, taking in the tale with one ear while the rest of her simply enjoyed the noontime ambiance, but now her attention was entirely on Kam and her eyes shone with the kind of wide display of color that animals usually used to advertise danger to potential predators. "Secrets and embarrassment. Kam. Kam. You know the secret tax." She leaned even further forward, somehow, grinning. "The tax is that you have to tell us your secrets."
  14. Mara and Gina had never been friends, exactly. Mara and Jessica were friends. Mara and Ellie had been friends, for all of about a day before they jumped headfirst into something else. Mara and Gina were...rivals? Collaborators? Business partners? Business competitors? Frenemies, perhaps. She'd secured a drink for herself and for Ellie (and not for Erik, to whom she'd good-naturedly accused of having legs fully capable of taking him across the floor to a relevant robot); having rendered unto Ellie what was Ellie's, she turned to watch Gina come through the doors in what had to have been an extreme show of bravery - clutching and hiding and all. So she simply raised a glass, voice as serious and honest as it had ever been. "Congratulations," she said. "Really. Kind of mad you beat me."
  15. "Not going to lie. Actually thought I might burst into fire when I entered the building." Mara looked around the room, dark blue eyes taking in everything with almost mechanical precision. She'd come dressed in dark greys and sea blues, a blouse that fit close around the waist but flowed loose along the sleeves over smart no-nonsense trousers that hung long over what might have even been short heels - almost certainly Ellie's or her mother's influence, one was hard-pressed to imagine she'd have bought such things on her own initiative. She'd never been much of a party-goer, and was already occupying herself at this one by mentally pulling the design of the robots apart, reverse-engineering their probable construction. "Demons do it in holy places? Probably okay people do it in evil places. Conservation of spontaneous combustion. Those are the rules." Her expression was unreadably flat, but she popped an eyebrow up as she looked back at the people coming in behind her. "It's....nice, though. Fancy."
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