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  1. "I think that may be a different genre," drawled Natalia. "Similar, but distinct." Tired of standing, the teen waited for Jenny to finish a nearby table and slid into one of its seats once she wouldn't be in the way; she sat sideways, one leg up on the seat and one arm propped against the seat's back to avoid touching more than was necessary. "Don't worry too much about someone trying to kill Ryder - I'm sure it's a common enough problem, but I'm not sure May tried all that hard. Plus, he rewarded her by helping her get out of jail for it." She made it sound very reasonable. "So I'
  2. Natalia shook her head, waving a dismissing hand. "Don't suck up, Cricket. Though I suppose he isn't a cricket at all, then," she amended, looking back toward Jenny. She'd been neglecting poor Black, and returned a hand to petting the little creature's back. "He's really more of a duckling. A gosling?" She looked up, rolling that one around in her head. It was only mostly for show. "'Duckling' might be better. If your mother had kept something like betamax tapes or an especially talkative scanner around, do you suppose he'd be themed appropriately? I can almost imagine the design.
  3. Fox

    Cost of Experience

    "I wouldn't have expected to be chosen first," Tiamat quietly admitted. "It was...intriguing. Perhaps we'll be able to put something worthwhile in their heads." Tiamat, even in human guise, was tall - very tall - and cheerfully loomed over Muirne for a moment after the girl has introduced herself. Tiamat's grin had too many teeth, and too many of the teeth were sharp. They did not get less sharp as she leaned over, mace swinging forward on her hip like a pendulum. "Perhaps first we will teach them to relax."
  4. Wraith let her wall of metal drop, collapsing her body back into something more recognizable as a body - standing on the floor, no less, tall and silver and vaguely humanoid. She also did some mental math - she'd never been an excellent study of American history, but her world history was at least a little bit better and a hundred years of magical binding slid some things into their proper place. "....yes," she said, looking at him with surprising gentleness. "This world is never truly at peace, and yours was not the last great war, but for now they are done. Germany is well, and r
  5. Natalia watched the video impassively, and she remained poker-faced after it ended. She should probably be mean. She didn't want to be mean. Why wouldn't she want to be mean? She wouldn't be mean. "Inspiration does come from unusual places," she ventured, setting the almost perfect sphere of cellophane down on the counter's surface. "Actual, honest, big-money fashion shows have done a lot less with a lot more. That's an...odd thing to build an identity off of, Cricket, but you've clearly done well with it. Credit where it's due for making something useful out of corpora
  6. Fox

    Dakar Rally OOC

    Yep, put in the edits a bit ago. Liz's drive check: 11 .....nnnnnnno? It's a bit early for a reroll, but, fine, Orokos! She has luck to spare! Reroll: 20, but she can't do worse than an 11 on a reroll so that's actually 21. Liz goes down to 4HP.
  7. "One has to assume," Natalia agreed. She popped the last bit of brownie into her mouth, buying time with her chewing. The empty wrapping folded in on itself, crumpling into a little sphere in her palm. "I am...tangentially aware of your broader inspirations," she admitted, in the very careful way one might admit something without laying their hand fully on the table. She was eyeing Ryder now, trying to measure his enthusiasm against what she'd seen of his sense of style. "But I've seen more Russian telenovelas than Japanese kids shows, so if you had anything specific in mind it mig
  8. "That's all sounding a lot like a challenge, but I don't think the clubs have enough drinks in them t'make me walk around in public, in assless chaps." He paused, and then he and Fang said, in unison: "All chaps are assless." Matt sounded a less pleased about it than the dog. "Mostly the same amount of trouble, for me - graduating didn't really make less ghosts happen, yeah?" He shrugged, draining the last of his beer. "A lot less of the carrying-babies-while-shot stuff, though, so that's an improvement."
  9. For just a moment, Natalia froze like a cat that had spotted something interesting in the grass, meeting Ryder's eyes as her eyebrows slid a half-inch up her forehead. "I assume," she finally said, though not before finishing a bite of brownie, "that might mean your suit and aesthetics were some kind of collaboration. But that's boring, so instead I'm going to believe you built it out of a toy or movie prop. Did you turn a children's toy into a power suit, Cricket? Because that would be some very respectable engineering and also I would never let you live it down."
  10. Whoever taught Natalia her table manners had done so with rigor; she hadn't even gotten her fingers dirty taking little bites out of her brownie, and she politely chewed and swallowed before answering. "Considering that you made them, Cricket," she said, more amused than genuinely admonishing, "I'm not sure that's the sterling defense you thought it might be." She took another nibble of her brownie before continuing. "A fair point about the aesthetic, it is vital. I myself considered a foot-wide jeweled necklace that announced my every move," she mused, "but it did seem like it wou
  11. "...hmmm." Indira hummed to herself for a half a moment, pondering that one, but she was already moving across the ceiling with a skittering noise that spoke of a dozen unseen little claws; they were already gone by the time she lowered herself, spreading long and flat, like a make-shift metal curtain that separated Jessie from the walking dead. Not quite enough to cut off all access, but enough to block line of sight, she hoped - and deeply uncomfortable. Her eyes were on the zombie's side, and they were not kind. "We would like answers," her surface hummed. "I think you will move
  12. Dragonfly sat back in a chair - as best she could with her armor in the way - and pondered. "Probably," she said, though she first sent a thought out to cut the mic and keep them from being overheard. "Weakens containment somewhat; obviously can't just simulate a door to freedom, but opens avenues of attack. Risk is primarily to Americana's servers, probably her call when she gets back. Likewise, playing any data from one partition to the other." It did at least bring her attention back to the screen and its virtual patient. "You took a bullet to the head; lucky you didn't lose mor
  13. Unerring though it was, Natalia didn't even attempt to catch the brownie. She didn't have to: it slowed and slowed as it arced toward her, decelerating until it hung, turning, where she could simply grab it out of the air on her way toward Black. Black was almost as much a prize as the brownie was and the gravity-controller didn't pretend an apology as she stole him off Ryder's bag, floating him closer to her side of the counter as she deftly freed brownie from plastic. "It's no wonder they're always everywhere," she mused, nibbling at her brownie with one hand and scratching Black
  14. Fox

    Dakar Rally

    "Relax, Davyd! Enjoy the ride!" Elizabeth grinned at him from under a baseball cap (which she'd pulled from literal nowhere) and a pair of mirrored sunglasses that were probably real, in that she'd pulled them out of her bag and not the aether, and which were slightly too large for her face. This was probably a feature rather than a problem. She'd been all smiles since they'd set out, cheerfully putting practice into practice by gunning it as fast as was safe - no faster, but very definitely no slower and she'd casually announced more than once that she was hoping they'
  15. "Well, you have to complete the look," suggested Matt with all the good humor of someone who hadn't expected a joke to survive a turn around the table. "What's the point in doing anything halfway?" He was mid-drink of his beer when an ashy, steak-muffled voice floated up from beside the table. "All chaps are assless," it said. Matt was not going to dignify that with more than a pained look and a subject change. "I'm a little jealous of that sweater, though - looks like you've had a lot of practice. How long does that take to make?"
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