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  1. Mostly math and cleanup stuff here, nothing big: Combat Annoyingly for this system (but beneficial for you!), your Flat-Footed defense is actually half your base defense rounded up, because your dodge bonus is the one that rounds down. With +3 base defense, Blackfish would have +2 Flat-Footed. You're short-changing yourself a little on the grapple bonus: +4 base attack, +1 strength would be +5/+10, rather than +4/+10. Feats Use of Knowledge [Tactics] in Master Plan, per the house rules, is a second rank of the Master Plan feat, not a Benefit. Just a notation thing, but good to keep it clean. Powers Blackfish's Nanosuit Housing Unit has lost its pp cost somewhere! Best include that, so that future edits and such are easier. And, speaking of edits and tracking, I get what you're going for but please list the individual power costs, not the summation of progress through the device. You, your GMs, and the ref team will need to be able to track how each power is costed when looking at the sheet - and it'll come up in play when, say, you Fatigue your device and start bleeding pp out of it. I'm afraid the Strike+Stun will need adjusting; linking these powers means that they both go off at once, on the same attack roll, but as-is you have them at two different ranks with two different attack bonuses. The Homing Missiles are missing their cost, though I imagine they'll still fit in the array just fine. Mostly needed for math and future sheet edits. You should note under the Comprehend what those two ranks went to; the Languages bit of Comprehend covers a few different abilities (eg, speak any language, understand any language, read any language, speak all languages simultaneously, understand all languages simultaneously, read any language - these are all separate ranks!). Thematically, you may also want to examine whether or not this would apply to, say, alien languages, since that's normally (but not always) outside the realm of Earth-created translators. Drawbacks Nothing needs fixing here, just...thank you for a correct use of Normal Identity!
  2. Optimistic! Nice. Abilities You're shorting yourself on Charisma: with a base ability score of 12 and +10 Enhanced Charisma, Pinnacle's max Charisma would be 22 (+6). Make sure to roll the bonus down into Skills, too! Feats You may want to indicate that the Endurance, Inspire 2, and Leadership come from powers - or not list them in the Feats section. Whichever is easiest and clearest for both you and your future GMs. Powers You have an 80pp container that only spends 79pp. A free point to spend somewhere else, perhaps!
  3. Grim's dogs wheeled around with the panic and alarm that only dogs could ever really manage; with so many eyes and ears and noses pointed in so many directions, they were not used to be snuck up on. Grim was not used to his dogs being startled, for that matter, which didn't really help things all around. It took him a moment to get everything back under control, but even then his hounds were milling a bit, trying to watch this 'Yves' while simultaneously expecting further skeleton-faced time travelers to pop up from the eaves. "That's, uh. Sure," he said, not sure how one responded to time travelers. Welcome to the century? Try the curable disease? "If you're from the future - and that's, uh, a lot to ask - but if you're from the future and burning time, just let me know what you want, I guess?" He was privately hoping that it wasn't future ghosts. He'd never had to deal with a future ghost, but he wasn't sure he wanted to.
  4. Matt was worryingly unphased by the gore, eyes sliding past it less with the professional self-control of a Leaguer and more with the triaging gaze of a jaded EMT...or a crime scene cleanup crew. Probably the latter, which he always tried to not think too hard about. No ghosts here, at least right now, though. That was good. He wasn't sure they had another fight in them. Fang seemed to agree, joining him partway across the room; she had very reluctantly left Woundmaker intact, bite marks still on his throat, when someone bigger had moved in to replace her. The Bad Man was Going Away, and that was enough; the red bled out of her side and left her with a calmer, neutral black smoke that seemed less real by comparison. She and Howl would hold each other upright as long as they had to; they almost always had. It was what the pack did. Matt's instinct had been to try to help Robin, but that was...well out of his hands, by all appearances, a couple League members forming a solid wall between him and the disarmed teen. So he went where he could be helpful, juggling the baby a bit to pull his ruined shreds of shirt off of each hand and toss half each to Raina and Winifred. "You feel better when you clean up a little," he said. He felt tired and hurt. He sounded tired and hurt. He was pretty sure he was one of the least tired and hurt people in the room. He sort of sat and mostly fell against the edge of a crate. "I always do, I guess. ....today sucked."
  5. Due to the March catch-up, we've been pitching in together on the counts themselves - this is good for speed, but was a little bit chaotic. As with all months and all post counts, please do let us know if something seems odd, or you think a point point got dropped somewhere. Fox will be doing the sheet edits over the course of this week. We do apologize for the delays. It's a lot of editing to catch up on! Once edits are done for a player, they'll have [brackets] around their name, so that you can keep track at home. If edits cannot be made yet - usually because we need to know what to do with things like post rollover! - a note will be made here, and you can expect a terse DM from me. - Fox [Alderwitch] Janus: 1pp (guide) [Angrydurf] Red Lynx: 1 post = 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp [Ari] The Salmon: 14 posts (rollover) = 1pp + 1 (guide) = 2pp GM: 7 posts *2 = 14 [AvengerAssembled] Edge: 1 post = 1pp Comrade Frost: 9 posts = 1pp Sea Devil: 21 posts + 7 (rollover) = 28 posts = 3pp Woodsman: 3 posts = 1pp Lady Horus: 7 posts = 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp Watchdog: 8 posts = 1pp GM: 3 posts *2 = 6 [Azuth65] Gauss: 2 posts = 1pp [Blarghy] Leviathan: 4 posts = 1pp + 1 (guide) = 2pp Puigo: 3 posts = 1pp [Crimson Beguiler] Jessica Witchblood: 2 posts = 1pp [Cubismo] Replica: 1 post = 1pp [Ecalsneerg] Arrowhawk II: 4 posts = 1pp + 1 (guide) = 2pp [Electra] Sparkler: 2 posts + 23 (rollover) = 25 posts = 3pp + 1 (guide) = 4pp Wander: 1 post = 1pp GM: 11 posts *2 = 22 [EternalPhoenix] Terrifica: 2 posts = 1pp + 1 (guide) = 2pp Jette: 4 posts = 1pp [Exaccus] Dreadnought: 5 posts + 2 (rollover) = 7 posts = 1pp Facsimile: 15 posts = 2pp Moon Moth: 1 post = 1pp GM: 1 post *2 = 2 Fox Wraith: 1pp (ref) Grim: 1 post = 1pp [Gizmo] Midnight: 5 posts = 1pp Reagent: 2 posts = 1pp Lou: 7 posts (rollover) = 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp [GranspearZX] Spectra: 1 post = 1pp [Heritage] Miracle Girl: 7 posts + 1 (rollover) = 8 posts = 1pp Grimalkin: 1 post = 1pp [HG Morrison] Glamazon: 1pp (ref) [Jack] Arctos: 2 posts = 1pp [Kai Wren] Incognito: 15 posts + 12 (rollover) = 27 posts = 3pp GM: 6 posts *2 = 12 [KnightDisciple] (who has now reached the Impervium veteran status!) Raven III: 9 posts = 1pp Cobalt Templar: 1pp (guide) Kolohehonu [Where does your guide point go, Kolohehonu? - Fox] Feeding Frenzy: 3 posts = 1pp Hyperactive: 1 post = 1pp [Moira Morley] Scion: 1 post = 1pp [Nick] Nightingale: 1 post = 1pp Ardent: 1pp (admin) [NotAHoneyBadger] Igneous: 2 posts = 1pp [olopi] Bonfire: 24 posts = 2pp Barrier: 1 post = 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp Bird of Arms: 25 (rollover) = 3pp Sha'ir The Spellsmith: 8 posts + 15 (rollover) = 23 posts = 2pp GM: 8 posts *2 = 16 [Supercape] Diamondlight: 7 posts + 18 (18/142 GM) = 25 posts = 3pp + 6pp (misc.) + 1 (guide point) = 10pp Snakebite: 0 posts + 25 (25/142 GM) = 25 posts = 3pp + 6pp (misc.) = 9pp Mr Murk: 2 posts + 23 (23/142 GM) = 25 posts = 3pp Rev: 1 post = 1pp Starshot: 1 post = 1pp Sgt Shark: 3 posts + 22 (22/142 GM) = 25 posts = 3pp + 4pp (misc.) = 7pp Curveball: 0 posts + 4 (4/142 GM) = 4 posts = 1 pp + 4pp (misc.) = 5pp Ronin: 0 posts + 1 (1/142 GM) = 1 post = 1pp Lament: 0 posts + 25 (25/142 GM) = 25 posts = 3pp Echohead: 0 posts + 1 (Starshot rollover) + 24 (24/142 GM) = 25 posts = 3pp GM: 71*2 = 142 posts [TheAbsurdist] Zenith: 1pp (ref) Thevshi [Where do your ref point and GM posts go, Thevshi? - Fox] Tsunami: 1 post = 1pp Squire Kath'lana: 1 post = 1pp GM: 4 *2 = 8 [Tiffany Korta] Blodeuwedd: 1 post = 1pp + 1 (ref) = 2pp Dr. Thorne: 2 posts (rollover) = 1pp Emerald Spider: 1 post = 1pp Frostbyte: 1 post = 1pp Miss Grue: 4 posts = 1pp Ms Britannia: 1 post = 1pp Revenant: 1 post = 1pp The Scarab III: 1 post = 1pp The Traveller: 3 posts = 1pp Triakosia: 1 post = 1pp Voin Zhenschina: 8 posts = 1pp White Lioness: 1 post = 1pp [trollthumper] Temperance: 1 post = 1pp Cannonade: 1pp (ref) GM: 1 post *2 = 2 [Vorik] Mannequin: 5 posts + 4 (rollover) = 9 posts = 1pp GM: 2 posts *2 = 4 [Zeitgeist Blue] Salvo: 1 post = 1pp
  6. Grim Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire (1) Woof. Ref point to Wraith, please.
  7. Not bad! The husband/wife thing is neat. The list of feedback looks worse than it is - mostly it's the same edge-case math stuff that almost all sheets crop up with, including the ref's own sheets! Black Mamba Abilities With 14 base Strength and a +16 from Enhanced Strength, Black Mamba's overall Strength would be 30/14 (+10/+2). This also harms his combat caps somewhat, but with the rank-10 Snare and Dazzle he may be able to get by if he can draw the fight out long enough (or rely on someone with higher-PL damaging abilities to do the actual punching). Combat Double-check the pp costs and bonuses on Combat; in particular, you're paying 8pp for +1 base defense, which seems pretty steep! When flat-footed, Black Mamba will lose his dodge focus bonus (that's why it's cheap!) - this means that his flat-footed defense would be +1, not +2 (half base, rounded up). More to the point, though, per our house rules on the matter, 1/3rd of a character's total attack and defense must be base attack and defense. In this case, with +5 Defense, +2 of it must be Base Defense at minimum. Grapple's always rough to calculate, with all the modifiers - by my counting, it'd come out to [8 attack + 2 str bonus] = +10 at his lowest, and [8 attack + 10 str bonus + 5 Super-Strength]= +23 at his best, though I may have missed a bonus somewhere. With a +4 Toughness normally, and +15 (10 Impervious) at his best, Mamba's Knockback would be -2/-12. Skills You have listed 83R of skills, but only paid for 80 - you'll have to feed another pp in there or balance the languages out somehow. Acrobatics is Dex-linked; with a +0 Dex modifier, Mamba would have a +8 Acrobatics bonus. Powers It's a minor notation thing, but I think you've bought Device 15, not Device 14. The actual dp budget and pp cost works out right. Each of the powers in Mamba's Might Array would range from 0-12pp, not 0-10. This is within the budget of their array, though, so that works out! Drawbacks I'm afraid that Normal Identities cannot generally have powers of their own (as noted in the core book); it's provided as an option for a drawback if it leaves you more or less completely helpless (ie, Bruce Banner) and NPC-ish under simple conditions not already covered elsewhere. The Immunity might get a pass, but the Healing is a harder sell, even as flawed as it is. I'm willing to get pushed back on that by my fellow refs, though, if you want to make the case. Akhona Ross Minor Typo A terribly minor thing, but she'd be a minion, not a minon. Abilities Double-check the pp tally - I believe you're shorting yourself the pp earned via the Strength drop (-1 + 4 + 4 + 10 + 6 + 6 = 29). Combat With a +2 Dex modifier, Akhona would have a +2 Initiative bonus. I'm afraid you can't buy "ranged only" this way; you could buy the Attack Focus (Ranged) feat, for +1 bonus per 1pp spent, but you'd still need to buy 1/3rd of the total bonus, rounded up, as base attack. With +0 melee attack (though, see above) and -1 Str, Akhona would have a -1 Grapple bonus. With +2/+9 Toughness, Akhona would have a -1/-4 Knockback modifier. Saves Double-check the tally line math for this section. With +2 Dex and +2 bought, Akhona would have +4 Reflex saves. Feats Don't forget to include the cost of the 4pp of Equipment in the Feats cost. Powers That last Device should probably be Device 2, not Device 1.
  8. I think anything called the "murder league" is naturally opposed to Grim's whole thing; Grim and his dogs probably made a good impression, too, which could be fun for next time. If Woundmaker does scamper, I don't know that Grim or Fang would pursue. Grim's priority is the baby and Fang's priority is Grim.
  9. The Comprehend remains a little strong for my tastes - Unreliable or just 6pp of the Language skill might have been a little more flavorful - but it should function alright in play. APPROVED.
  10. Just a couple of minor things here: Combat With +1/+9 Toughness, Hypno-Hippie would have a Knockback modifier of -0/-4. Powers What's the descriptor of the Protection? If she's just tougher than she looks via normal human biology, you're probably better-off buying up her Constitution a bit - same cost, too, since you'd save the points on both Protection and Fortitude. For that matter, though, this character currently violates PL caps - that Protection counts against her Toughness, so she'd actually have +4/+12 Toughness, putting her at PL11.5 on defenses.
  11. Fang flinched but she didn't falter, and what seeped from her side had more in common with ink than blood, hissing as it hit concrete as if the ground was rejecting its touch. All told, it didn't really make the dog less angry. She issued an awful, chilling snarling noise, eyes wild as she rose up to drive her fangs into Woundmaker's arm, letting her weight drag her teeth into whatever he'd foolishly thought would protect his weak, mortal flesh. "HURT YOU," she said. "Y'know if you piss her off enough, you get to fight her again when you die, right?" Grim helpfully supplied from wherever he'd hidden behind cover. The baby was doing okay, at least. He hoped. "You think she's bad now, man. Maybe just lie down without your guns and she'll stop biting you eventually."