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    Dakar Rally

    Elizabeth really wanted to hit the gas and peel out as quickly as the truck would go, but she probably wasn't allowed to and it seemed very disrespectful to drown the competition in a cloud of dust, so she only did it a little bit. A little bit of dirt. Not her fault, right? They'd have to catch her to stop her, anyway, and she was pretty sure she hadn't actually gotten anybody, which meant she had a clean conscience and an ear-to-ear grin as she swung the truck around toward their destination and set as fast a pace as she thought she safely could. "I need to drive more big trucks," she said, still grinning. "I could keep all my magic stuff in a truck like this. How fast do they let you go on Freedom City streets? How fast can you safely go?" She paused. "How fast can you not safely go?" she added, still grinning.
  2. "It would make sense." Natalia had kept calm pace with the spirit as it fled through the pictures, with a posture somewhere uncomfortably between 'studying' and 'stalking'; when it fled upward, she simply turned and walked straight up the wall, stepping where she wouldn't disturb anything worth preserving and stopping a healthy distance from the roof. "Ryder did notice it because of the music." "If it is part of the church, I suppose collective song would be...filling? Magic is not my area," she added, waving one hand in a dismissive gesture, "but that sounds appropriately mystical. If it isn't actually a part of the church, but it feeds on song or prayer or whatever, a church isn't a bad place to live. It would be one of my picks." A beat, and then, "Not my top pick, of course," she said, as if admonishing the spirit. "I don't know who would pick a church over a concert hall, but I suppose you go where you need to."
  3. Natalia stopped her 'sweeping' as soon as she saw Ryder's head cock; it really was very retriever-like, and just like a retriever it was important to know if he'd noticed something shiny, or if he was going to try to make friends with something that stung or bit. And so she made a fist, crushing the her pile of trash into another compact ball as she strode over to get a better look. "Cricket, what-" She could immediately feel a headache coming on. "A painting," she said, incredulous. "Cricket. We've been here, what, less than an hour and you've made friends with a painting."
  4. Masque (with Veronica and Invisigirl, Kitchen) "Ooh, thank you!" Masque spun the chocolate in the palm of her hand for a moment, thinking. "Well, I don't know that I can trick it into thinking we're all still here, but maybe something's better than nothing." Masque snapped her fingers and...stepped out from behind herself, a perfect copy taking a short bow as if she'd been hiding there all along. "If you can hide us, I can leave me here to keep the house company." "Which sounds awfully boring," said Masque. The other one. "I think you should hang out, and I should go have fun." "But the person who stays behind gets...a treat!" Masque - the first one, probably? - leaned to the side with all the exaggerated posing of someone acting for the cheap seats, waving the chocolate bar under her other nose. "...fine," said Masque, grabbing the treat away from Masque and settling back against a counter. The complaint seemed more rehearsed than sincere. "Call me if you need me!" Masque - the one not pondering how to eat a chocolate bar through a full face covering - took a bow and gestured toward the open door. "Shall we, then?"
  5. Fox

    Dakar Rally OOC

    Liz's drive check: 17, not astounding.
  6. Nocturne's Notice Check: 19 Her only super-sense is Gravity Awareness.
  7. "Gold," answered Natalia; the corresponding part of her gravity-defying dust pulsed as she clenched a fist, and her collected dirt and trash compacted itself into a rough but cohesive solid. She left it lying on the floor as she began to gather another. "Or silver," she amended, "or any other precious metal, but why settle?" Something that had probably once been respectable furniture, and could be again with some work, was starting to slide toward her little vortex; she poked it with a broom to keep it away while she moved past. "I can't quite self-harmonize and I'm afraid the only riddles and rhymes I know are Russian - and deeply inappropriate - so I think I'll pass on entertaining the group. If the people who built this place knew what they were doing, though, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a sound system built in - or just good acoustics from the pulpit. If it's music we're after, and nobody fully ruined it while making this mess."
  8. Masque (in the Kitchen, with Veronica Danger and Invisigirl) "Hey, Invisigirl! I'm Masque - that's with a q-u-e, to be fancy - and this is Veronica." Her mask was a friendly smile as she tipped her staff toward the resident Danger. "We definitely shouldn't let that think have your art supplies - it might paint something very dire! Or sharpen something down too far, to where you can't really grip it anymore? It's jus the worst." She turned a full circle, inspecting the kitchens with open curiosity. "Kitchens usually attach to dining, which usually attach to main hallways, yeah?" She glanced back at the others, her mask a simple question mark. "But this whole place is magic and probably doesn't make a lot of sense so unless you know how to get around Veronica, we should probably just start walking. If you do know, though, lead the way!"
  9. I still love this concept. Mostly just tiny math things: Double-check the Medicine skill bonus; I put it at +9, rather than +10, unless I've missed a bonus somewhere. I count 13 features in the spaceship, rather than the listed 12, unless one of them is a freebie or coming from elsewhere. For both the vehicle and the base form: Dynamic must be paid for any power in an array that needs to be a Dynamic Power (e.g., any power you want running simultaneously); for the Radio array, you'd need to buy it twice, once for the base power and once for the alternate, if you want to use them both at once. Dynamic's a jerk like that.
  10. Natalia crinkled her nose at the state of the place, an expression that only escalated to a full lip-curl when she poked her mop at some of the trash. "I withdraw my comment," she said, archly, discarding her mop for a broom. "If cleanliness is next to godliness then this is not any god's house anymore. Isn't this kind of thing supposed to be a punishment?" She tucked the broom under one arm long enough to pull out a pair of long black handkerchiefs, one of which she tied securely around her lower face and the other of which she sent floating in Neko's general direction. "Scrap fabric," she said, waving a hand; a low swirl of black and gold dust built up in front of her, nearby trash and dirt sliding toward it like it was sloughing downhill. "Old cloth. For breathing. Don't feel bad if it gets dirty while you're...eating birds, or whatever."
  11. Doktor'd! Simple edits for Nocturne; I want to keep her PL up without delaying too much on what larger changes I might like to make. Her effective Power Level is increasing to 9. Abilities 2pp to increase her Constitution to 12 (+1). [+2pp] Combat +1 to Base Attack, to Attack: +5 Melee, +5 Ranged, +9 Gravitics [+2pp] Saves +1 to Reflex saves [+1pp] +1 to Will saves [+1pp] Skills 3pp to skills: +4 to Diplomacy, to Diplomacy 10 (+14 / +18 Attractive) +4 to Sense Motive, to Sense Motive 4 (+6) +4 to Knowledge (Physical Sciences), to Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +8 (+10). Feats +1 rank of Luck, to Luck 2 [+1pp] Powers Improve Force Field: [+5pp] Force Field 11 (Extras: Impervious 9) [20PP] Improve & modify the Gravitics Array, increasing the ranks of all effects and retouching the Paralyze: [+4pp] Gravitics Array 20 (40pp Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [43PP] BP: Move Object 12 (crush/throw; 50 ton heavy load; Extras: Damaging 9; Feats: Accurate 2, Indirect 2, Precise, Variable Descriptor 1 (any physical)) [39/40] AP: Nullify Flight 9 (drag, nullify all Flight effects; Extras: Alternate Save +0 [Reflex], Area (general, burst), Effortless, Selective Attack) [36/40] AP: Paralyze 9 (collapse; Extras: Area (general, burst), Alternate Save +0 [Reflex], Range [Ranged], Selective Attack; Flaws: Action 1 [Full]; Feats: Indirect 2, Reversible) [39/40] AP: Trip 9 (riptide; Extras: Area (general, burst), Knockback, Selective Attack; Feats: Improved Throw, Indirect 2) [39/40] Misc. math cleanup: The Con increase improves her Fortitude save by 1. The Con & Force Field changes improve her Toughness save to: Toughness: +1/+12 (+1 Con, +11 Force Field; 9 Impervious) The Toughness change improves her Knockback modifier: Knoback: -0 / -10 The Attack & Move Object changes improve her grapple: Grapple: +5 / +21 Move Object DC Block save DCs each go up by 1, except for Unarmed, which does not change. DC Block radii for area attacks do not change; they were already erroneously recorded as 45', which is now correct.
  12. Fox

    Dakar Rally

    Elizabeth didn't know much about cars, but she knew staging - keep the props where they needed to be, keep the trap doors away from your feet until you needed to drop through them. She'd spent the wait helping get set up, making sure all the important equipment would be close at hand...including the batteries, which she immediately starting ferrying to hands qualified to install them. "We're doing well!" she chirped, adjusting her hat. "Y'know, mostly. I don't think Davyd likes my driving much, which is toooooo bad." She flashed him a friendly but unsympathetic grin. "More rocky terrain sounds good to me; the handling on sand's going to be awful for all of us, probably you most of all unless we get stuck."
  13. "Ooh, certainly! But only if I get a copy," sliding up to Set's other side for the picture; her mask was grinning again, though it was being far less manic about it. She pulled her hood back just far enough to keep it from obscuring the shot, white hair spilling out around her mask. It was a good look. "I think the mask remembers you," the young trickster said, low enough to not carry over the crowd. "You must have made an impression! I want to hear that story sometime." She laughed, adding, "If it helps, though, I don't think it carries any grudges. Everyone gets their one, you know?"
  14. Nocturne Heavy Mettle (2) The Third Act (4) Ref point to Nocturne.
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