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  1. As ever, thank you for another month of stories & storytelling. If your counts aren't seen below, you probably missed putting them up on the Active Threads list for April - in which case, we have a Late Thread Counting thread just for you! And of course, if you believe something's off about your counts please reach out to me and I'll be happy to take a look. Without further ado.... angrydurf Kensei: 1 post = 1pp Cubismo Arrow IV: 2 posts = 1pp Ultra Girl: 1 post = 1pp Ms. Thursday: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (vignette) = 1pp Dr Ar
  2. Well, that wasn't quite the entertainment Natalia had expected at the mall, but she wasn't going to turn down a show. When the monster had appeared she'd leaned over the second-floor balcony, coffee cup dangling from one hand...but when it looked like there would be a proper fight she'd frowned, pulling the hood of her long cardigan up over her head - a terrible substitute for a proper costume, to be sure, but with her sunglasses it was better than nothing. If she was going to draw attention from feral creatures, it wouldn't hurt to be cautious. Speaking of which.... "T
  3. Millennium Mall is a three-story affair; For narrative convenience I'll have Nocturne be on one of the upper walkways. She could just wall-walk her way up to line-of-sight anyway! She'll try a Move Object grapple on the gator man. Ranged Attack Roll: 24 Assuming that hits, time for a grapple check. Grapple Check: 25 Not her best, but we'll see where it gets us.
  4. That seemed to surprise Natalia, eyebrows rising up into her bangs. "Then it pleases me to be the first," she said, and meant it, "and how wonderful to have my reputation precede me. It's nice to meet you, Shawn." She did not attempt to hug him or kiss his cheek. She did try to make her way to the kitchen door without looking like she was entering or avoiding his personal space. "I'm not convinced Ryder feels shame or embarrassment," she said. "More and more I worry he just doesn't know how. To be on the safe side, you and Jenny may have to tell me as many of his most mortifying st
  5. Gaian Knight / Tiamat (maxed) Cost of Experience (2) The Hand That Breaks the Fall (6) Grim Only Doing Good When I'm Having Fun (1) Nocturne Monkeys on Parade (2) Please roll GK/Tiamat's posts over to Nocturne to bring her up to 10 posts / 2pp. Ref point to Nocturne.
  6. "27," pondered Matt, watching Riley leave over the top of his glass. "Nice." He seemed to mean it. But that felt like a topic that would get him evil eyes, or whatever, so he moved on. "Bog's only good if you want to smell like bog. I guess I've only been to the one, though. Two?" He leaned over, glancing at Fang. "Was the other one a bog?" "A marsh," said Fang. "So just the one. But it didn't smell great, and the humidity was awful. My recommendation: be a city witch, do all the brewing and jewelry from the comfort of somewhere with AC and indoor plumbing."
  7. "Now, Cricket. Compliments will get you everywhere." Natalia stood to the side of the hallway, brought each foot up behind her to undo her shoes, and proceed to step out of them like they'd decided to glue themselves to the floor. It was a good trick, only slightly marred by taking a moment to make sure they were neat and well out of the way. "Besides, wouldn't it be much better to be all that and mysterious?" Which only left entering the place proper, and she was going to have to do that eventually so it may as well be now. "Do you take last-minute reservations?" she asked the voi
  8. Teagan had been finishing up with her scratching, one might hope, craning her head around to eye the new scales growing in to fill the gaps. She tapped one with a wing-claw, and seemed satisfied. "You would steer it with bait," she answered, bringing her head back to the conversation. "Which is why we may not do so, and why we will definitely not do so while the local flower deity can barely stand unassisted. Do keep trying, though." That was a lot of teeth. It was probably a grin, and definitely a little smug. "I intend to follow you until you give up and rest a bit, and would del
  9. "It got into my head, at the start of it," mused Teagan, rubbing a wing against her newly-growing scales. "It tried to show me my fears, or shames. To draw out an emotional response. It worked better than I'd have liked." Scratch scratch scratch went the wing, another pair of dead scales falling to the ground. "It did actually strike me, but it did so in the form of an old memory; I think it drew power from our pasts. It could change quite fast. I would also not recommend speed as a defense, nor assume that it must be in your head to act against you." She'd been looking upward as s
  10. Teagan made a hissing noise somewhere between pain and satisfaction, but she let Stesha tend to her with only the strictly-necessary protesting. By the time she was done her side looked far better, at least; the dragon swung her head around to inspect it, approvingly, gently scratching old scarred scales away to reveal newer ones - fresh, not fully grown in, but a better sight than the old. "...thank you," she said, with something approaching a dragon's humility, "though I would not have asked it. You seem drained as it is." She shook herself, flexing the now less-injured wing musc
  11. Wouldn't mind throwing Nocturne in there, if there's room (but only if there's room!).
  12. The built-in computer was noted as costing DP, rather than PP; I'm not going to make you go another round of review for a single typo, though, so I've taken the liberty of fixing it myself. APPROVED!
  13. "I will mend," insisted Teagan, none-too-subtly drawing her wing forward to cover singed and ragged-looking scales. She'd cleaned the soot off of them, at least. "I'm fortunate that it drew forth one of my brothers and not my sister. She would have made a far more honest attempt to kill me." She seemed to find the thought amusing. "The worst is healed; the rest will correct itself with time. The new scales will itch coming in - perhaps I will trouble you for a dragon-sized aloe plant when the time comes." Several tons of dragon rose to its feet, stretching as much as the walls woul
  14. Teagan took a moment to crane her neck around, peering at Gabriel long enough to be satisfied that he did, in fact, have his eyes closed. Then, and only then, did her tail coil back around her body to let him - anyone - approach unthreatened. "The children are fine," she assured Stesha, settling back against the wall to provide room to everyone. She rather liked the size of this garden; she might have to bother Tarrant for one of her own, later, or hide away here for the sun and quiet. She crossed her forelimbs at the wrist, more at ease than she'd been in a while. "They did well,
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