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  1. "Mara," said Mara, by way of introduction as she accepted the box, following in Ellie's wake and letting the far more social partner break the ice. "Please take cookies. You'll save lives. Yolanda is very proud, which makes it very difficult to not eat...all of the cookies." "I will not judge you for thinking you passed as straight," she...reassured?...their host, turning her head away from her open inspection of the boat. She wanted to see the engine, even if she could guess what it was - was that weird? Did people normally want to see engines? Probably not. Mara spent too much time around engineers. "I don't have the cultural background. My childhood was nonsense. They are nice throw pillows, though; helps make it more house than boat." For lack of additional boat-related things to pry into without tools, Mara carefully opened their gift box and took one of the little statues out to inspect. "These are nice," she said, gently pulling one out of the box to show her wife. Was she supposed to know what space dust felt like? She would not comment on the space dust. She needed to look into having normal friends, this was becoming a problem. "We're reorganizing some of our shelves, these would look nice on the little middle shelves, left of the couch, Ellie? Thank you, Ashley."
  2. No need to be sorry - rule one of games like this is that real life always comes first. I'll go ahead and pull this character out of the Character Bank and into Character Building for you. When or if you return, we'll still be here!
  3. Grabbing someone by the buckle/eyelets/etc. makes a certain amount of sense, but it does put the onus on your GM to decide whether or not it'll (1) be enough to actually grab someone, and (2) when and how it'll apply. You may get inconsistent results! If you're okay with that, I'm okay with it. Bending a stop sign to "grab" someone is probably more of a Ranged attack than a Perception one; imagine the Incorrigible Copyright-Safe Arachnid-Person fighting Doctor Professor Telekinesis. If the Doctor 'grabs' Arachnid-Person directly, there isn't really anything Arachnid can do - they're just instantly grabbed! But if the Doctor picks up some stray pipes and tries to wrap them around the hero, that's something Arachnid-Person can duck away from. Auto-hit vs. attack roll. Make sense? If you want to do both, it may be worth separate powers in an array (and I have something similar on my geokinetic hero, who can both move earth directly and make earth 'hands' to act indirectly). The metals-only power can be flawed down to...well, to metals only, which makes it cheaper (and thus you can use those points to make it stronger!). The use-metals-to-do-other-Moving power will be more expensive, so slightly less powerful, but that makes a fair bit of sense. The range limitation is a little harder since it isn't something the game does super well; it doesn't have a range step between "Ranged" (limited range, roll to hit) and "Perception" (unlimited range if you can perceive it, auto-hit). It may depend on how limited you want it; if his range is generous (e.g., easily big enough to cover most combat or action scenarios) but not actually unlimited, that might be worth a Complication where the GM can say, "Alas, the canister of Evil Zombie Liquid has fallen out of your range!".
  4. Mostly small math stuff here: With +2 Base attack and +1 Strength, Thumper would have a Grapple modifier of +3. You may also want to list the Grapple modifier of the Move Object powers (+20) in case you want to use them to grapple someone or something. With +12 Toughness, up to 5 of which is Impervious, Thumper would have a Knockback modifier of -6, or -8 with the impervious active, usually written as something like "Knockback: -6/-8 (w/ Impervious)". Speaking of those Move Object powers: without being flawed down to ferrous material, as-written you can grab absolutely anything with them at Perception range, without having to make an attack roll; that makes sense for mentally controlling metal (telekinesis-type powers are very often Perception range!), but if you're grabbing something not made of metal that's a slightly tougher sell. I may be misunderstanding the power, though - if a villain was fleeing across the rooftop, would Thumper use Move Object to try to catch that person? What would that look like? Forming a hand or platform of metal to catch them is probably Ranged, rather than Perception, but I don't want to make you overcomplicate your build if we don't need to. (As an aside: we don't see the +Explosion extra much, and this is a really nice use of it. Well done.) The tally at the bottom of the sheet lists 19pp for Saving Throws, rather than 17pp; once corrected I believe it still adds up to 150pp, though, so you should be on-budget.
  5. "That makes sense. The explanation, not her blaming herself," Mara amended. She had never gone to school, and had arguably never had a chance to be a teenager, so she genuinely appreciated the context. "And thank you for the clarification." She had already started trying to design some kind of hallway-monitoring surveillance system with school-budget level technology. It was probably too late to stop now, but she could keep that in the back of her head where it wouldn't cause trouble. Mara did not have a gift bag to carry, which left her free to shove both hands in the pockets of her layered winter jacket - even with her riding gloves on, she was happy for a chance to warm them back up after the ride over. That, though, only after she'd used her off-hand to try to fluff the helmet out of her hair. She grew those wavy blond locks long in the winter, and sometimes regretted it. "Seem a little nervous, but I promise to be awkward enough to distract her from it," she deadpanned. "I will be weird enough for the both of us, won't notice tooth-pulling until it's too late and she's already our friend. Will be a very clever trap." Beat. "Unless she's actually fun police. Then no friendship, we keep the cookies."
  6. "Accepting seems like the reasonable gamble," said Natalia, who'd spent the last few minutes of drama inspecting her nails. "If they're trustworthy enough to call off the invasion, it gives everyone else more time to counter-attack; if not, perhaps it buys time to set up a better defense. Either way, it brings me closer to the person who thinks they can force my hand that crudely." Seemingly satisfied with her manicure, she folded her hands in her lap, legs crossed, back straight. "It's a dangerous gamble," she admitted. "Unless they fell for my beauty at first sight - which isn't unreasonable - they likely know I'll be uncooperative and may have other threats or dampeners or the like to try to deal with me. I think I nevertheless like those odds better than trying to fight an entire invasion force, and in the worst case - if they're fully irredeemable - I can try to collapse the leader and their power structure before they can bring me to heel." Something about the way she said 'collapse' implied it wasn't a metaphor. "I'd have no intent to fulfill my end of the bargain, though."
  7. Nocturne [4 posts = 1pp, +1 ref = 2pp] Radio Edit (4) Ref point to Nocturne, please.
  8. A very quite November indeed, but things were already a bit slow and the holidays always put the brakes on posting a bit. Lots of illness going around, to boot - stay healthy, people, as much as you can! ----- Ari Rainshadow: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (guide) = 1pp AvengerAssembled Fast-Forward: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp Dr Archeville Artificer: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp Fox Nocturne: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp Gizmo Chitin: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp KnightDisciple Patrioteen: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp Nerdzul Nightscale: 2 posts = 1pp Nick Arcana: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (admin) = 1pp RocketLord Nevermore II: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (guide) = 1pp Spacefurry Paper: 2 posts = 1pp Blackstaff: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1 post = 1pp Chimera: 0 posts + 1 (GM) = 1 post = 1pp GM: 1 post x2 = 2 posts TheAbsurdist Jotunn: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp Thevshi Multigirl: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp trollthumper Temperance: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp
  9. "There's rich and there's rich, Cricket." Natalia had moved to rest her head on the back of one hand, listening with manufactured disinterest. "I'm sure you could engineer your way to wealth that would blow the knight's iron-plated socks off without exploiting anybody or giving yourself interesting new arm joints." She eyed Naomi and Wilona and hesitated in what could be charitably interpreted as well-intentioned restraint. "...billions with a 'b' may be as much a liability as anything else, but even that could probably be used for a good cause. If you're looking for charity ideas, Owain could use a tour of some sweatshops and slums." To the latter she shot a smile - though it was neither sincere, nor trying to be. Really, it looked more like the last thing a mouse might see after venturing too far from home. "Medicine and average living standards have improved but less has changed than you think. Allow yourself as few illusions as possible."
  10. "Don't feel too bad, Wilona," said Natalia. It might have been comforting if she didn't sound vaguely bored. "Ryder has that effect on people. The only point I think I'd disagree with is that power implies responsibility." She shrugged. "I don't expect it to be a popular opinion, here of all places," she added, "but I don't much expect every person to spend their short lives toiling for the greater good. Even powerful people could satisfy themselves with quiet lives in which they do neither great help nor great harm, surely. I wouldn't judge them for it." She paused, looking up at the ceiling, brows neatly furrowed. "No, that isn't true. I would judge them - they'd aspire to mediocrity, and I'd treat them accordingly. But I don't think I'd count it as a moral failing."
  11. "I try not to make friends with the weak-minded," said Natalia, straightening one of her sleeves. "I suppose I should feel insulted on the behalf of the hypothetical idiot, whether or not their idiocy was induced sympathetically." She sighed, settling into the question proper. "I am not well-suited for the...touchy-feely diplomacy this kind of issue might take," she said, gesturing at the card with one hand, "but I know people who are. I assume I'd draw from their wells of advice or make the appropriate introductions. If they were ever worth being my friend, there must be something of value there and their support network may grow - ideally, the supremacist rhetoric would starve itself in their brain once they had better influences in their life." She paused, lip curling, and added: "In the absolute worst and most dire case, I might throw Ryder at them. It's a bit like stopping an ant with a tactical bomb, but it does get the job done."
  12. "It's a matter of trust, then," said Natalia. "And consequences." She was not sitting with the group so much as on its periphery, with the easy excuse that she'd already been there and hadn't bothered to move, legs crossed as she delicately mulled the problem over. "I agree that, in good faith, we have to assume the threat is credible, and that lesser violence won't do in the long term. I disagree that we have enough information to decide - even in the moment, we'd know more than we do now." She raised a hand, floating an eraser around her fingers. "If the villain is can be trusted to keep her word and she isn't an immediate threat, then letting her go isn't the worst option - we can always strike at her later from a better position, after safeguarding who we can or dismantling her network; she'll be busy for a time with securing her escape and lying low, which buys time to see to the safety of friends and family. Or, ignore her entirely, if she's likely to extend us the same grace...killing is messy, and I have it on good authority that it rarely improves anything. But if she can't be trusted to keep her word when released, or if the threat she poses is too great when loose? Then the best choice may be to crush her." The eraser flexed outward in a rather painful-looking way before collapsing into rubber shreds. She looked up at the others, raising an eyebrow. "Intimidation is messy," she acknowledged, nodding to Ryder, "but there's something to be said for sending a message, or so I'm told. The consequences of letting the villain free are not limited to that one villain - now each and all would know how to escape your grasp, and the threats against your loved ones only increase...and if this enemy is willing to spill your secrets to their friends in and from prison, who else will they tell? If there are consequences for those threats, others are less likely to attempt them. But it isn't ideal in any case, and the devil's in the details."
  13. A very quiet October - lots of people have lots going on, so it's not too surprising. If you don't see your name below (or if you're listed at 0 posts when you're sure you were active!) then you may not have posted your threads - Late Thread Counting may be a resource for you to leverage there. Without further ado: Ari Rainshadow: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (guide) = 1pp AvengerAssembled Angelic: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp Dr Archeville Horrorshow: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp EternalPhoenix Queenie: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp Fox Nocturne: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp Gizmo Chitin: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp KnightDisciple Patrioteen: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (guide) = 1pp MoonSimply La Puma Negra: 6 posts = 1pp Nerdzul Nightscale: 5 posts = 1pp Spacefurry Paper: 5 posts = 1pp TheAbsurdist Jotunn: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp Tiffany Korta Zhenschina-voin: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp trollthumper Cavalier: 0 posts = 0pp + 1 (ref) = 1pp
  14. My most immediate concern is that the character doesn't meet their combat caps on offense - Mirage's only offensive abilities are unarmed combat (fighting at PL4.5), Nauseate (at PL7), and damaging Illusions (at PL5). New characters need to hit combat caps for their power level, so Mirage is going to need some kind of combat-useful ability that can function at PL. Fortunately, I think you have the budget to make that happen. Every new player starts with two PL10/150PP slots and a PL7/105PP slot, adding additional character slots as they play via Veteran Awards; you can use a PL10/150PP slot to build a PL8/150PP character if you want, and those extra points will help you round Mirage out. Lesser notes are mostly just house rule or helpful things: A character of average wealth (e.g., no Wealth Benefits or Drawbacks) can be assumed to own a cell phone and a normal, every day computer or laptop; no need to buy it with Equipment unless yours is fancy somehow. The +Area Progression on an Illusion power is a Feat, not an Extra; the cost is correct here, just looks like the notation went astray. The 5th D on the Illusion being "Damaging" got a genuine laugh out me. Nicely done.
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