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  1. A few quick edits for Nocturne, here: Please raise her Strength ability score to 10 (+0); this will cost 2pp, and will also improve her base Grapple to +4. Please improve her Will save to +10 (+2 Wis, +8); this will cost 1pp. In the Gravitics Array, please update the Move Object power like so (this makes the damage of the power explicitly capped, and uses the freed-up points to buy another rank of the power): Move Object 11 (crush/throw; 24 ton heavy load; Extras: Damaging 8; Feats: Accurate 2, Indirect 2, Precise, Variable Descriptor 1 (any physical))
  2. "No, Davyd," Nocturne confirmed in a tone that threatened to frost over the desk, "I think I speak for the other girls here when I say that we are not going to be plates, whether or not the teacher would allow it. If you boys want to, you can work that out yourselves." She'd pulled out her phone and had started paging through, presumably, recipes - though she wasn't given any sign of finding anything interesting. "Someone more invested in bee cruelty than I am may have to give input on cooking without honey - or eggs, if our veganism is excluding even the cruelty-free sort." She dr
  3. Natalia was looking bored - and in fact was bored, if not as bored as she looked - with half-lidded golden eyes watching their teacher move through the classroom. She didn't mind home economics, not really, but she'd never done much cooking for anyone but herself and had found that she wasn't much for performative gastronomy. She was looking forward to the section on sewing. She would destroy that section and glory in it. Bury her enemies in perfect stitching and entomb them in flawless repair. "I'd actually thought she was asking us to dig into our family backgrounds,
  4. You're short-changing yourself a little on the Knockback: On the low end, a +3 minimum Toughness means a -1 minimum Knockback. Only slightly better than -0, but it's still better! On the high end, half the non-Impervious Toughness will contribute to the maximum Knockback modifier - in this case, that's an extra -1 (12 - 10 = 2; 1/2 * 2 = 1) for a -11 total. The Blast and Snare both break their combat caps; they're rank 10 powers (+10 damage), and between base attack, Attack Specialization, and Accurate, they'd have an attack bonus of +12. I'd recommend dropping Accurate and pic
  5. Holger Danske Looks like you're overpaying for the sword; a rank-6 hard-to-lose device with one feat would be 25pp, not 26. While still within the array's budget, I read that Trip attack at 25pp, not 21. A couple of the shield powers have escaped the Device's indentation. Incidentally, I really like what you did with that shield's array. Very clean, but very effective. The final powers tally looks to be correct (with the note on the sword's cost, above), but the math annotation on it is missing the Immunity power. Ratatoskr The c
  6. Foxes in a dorm sounded like a disaster waiting to happen; they were adorable enough, but she'd bet they were more trouble than they were worth. She watched Tori handle the animal with, admittedly, impressive deftness, wondering what poor soul would have to dorm with Doctor Dolittle. She slid her eyes off the crowd and scene and did some quick math on the door numbering. Oh. Oh no. "....hello," she said, terse and resigned and showing too many teeth. "Your fox is very cute but I hope you can keep it on your side of the room. Or at least keep it f
  7. "I do not require 'help' with my look," said Natalia, with carefully-raised eyebrows and a tone that threatened to ice over her side of the room. "Besides, a costume should make a statement. Hiding special eyes in costume and not out of costume would be very backwards. But of course I wear sunglasses normally, they're useful accessories and my eyes are lum-" But Ryder rand Tori were already distracted, turning their rooms into some kind of tree house compound that was sure to not cause any trouble whatsoever. She trailed off, gesturing helplessly toward the window pair with the han
  8. "You should feel bad," Natalia agreed, though her tone was strictly conversational; at Black's bumping she scratched the little robot's back. How did one pet a beetle? "I suppose it was inevitable if we're going to the same school. Still, it made for a very undignified introduction. We'll just say that's two you owe me, now - I am keeping track." "I don't think the school would find a vine ladder between two windows to be especially subtle," she added, arching an eyebrow. She was still trying to figure out how to pet a beetle. It would be so much easier if it had fur. She turned th
  9. Masque Rally Me This (3) Nocturne Field Test (21) Third Floor's the Charm (3) GM Field Test (6*2 = 12) 1 GM post to Nocturne to bring her up to 25. 7 GM posts to Masque to bring her up to 10. 1 GM post each to Eclipse, Grim, and Gremlin to bring them up to 1 each. That leaves 1 GM post floating in case I fouled up the math anywhere. Ref point to Nocturne, please.
  10. Natalia was reasonably sure Ryder was trying to get a rise out of her. She deigned instead to tap a nail against Black's shell, idly inspecting him more closely than she'd been able to last time. Did Ryder have some special ability to recall his bugs, or could she actually hold the little robot hostage? "A nickname isn't a right, Cricket, it's a privilege, and it's one I will bestow - or not - as I choose." She had been considering 'Red'. She might have to consider something else now; if Ryder got much more smug she'd have to put on sunglasses. "Unless Ryder is here to introduce hi
  11. Without the room to stand by the door, Natalia had - with expert dignity - made her way back to her bed and sat down, legs crossed, hands back and behind her to prop her upright. Or, hand, at first - she first waved a finger at Black, black and gold particles like wispy dust gathering around him and lifting him through the air to join her. Her beetle now. "Yes, Cricket. Very good." She needed to be wearing something different. She couldn't change with other people in the room, much less without admitting that she needed to be wearing something different. Life was suffering. "Ryder
  12. "Natalia," said Natalia, introducing herself to Lulu and Danica both. She didn't offer a last name, apparently assuming she had the best or only claim to the name she'd given already. She paused, then, some ill-defined emotion flickering across her face. "I'm hardly going to tell you what you can and cannot do downstairs, but possibly don't announce to the world that you've been riding sophomores. Even if...especially if...it gets a bit weird." She popped an eyebrow, and one corner of her mouth looked suspiciously like it was trying to smile. She didn't have the face of someone who
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