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    Heavy Mettle

    No sooner had the text been sent than Ryder approached again with the shark tattooed man in tow, along with a half dozen other people. "Hey, so I'm Soup," the bald roadie introduced himself, walking right up to Eira with a nod. "My man here says you know your way around custom work sound equipment?" "The Blood Tribute's second bassist's amp got dropped on the way onto the stage," Ryder explained, gesturing emphatically with his hands to indicate that they should all be taken aback by the news. One of the other roadies, a lantern jawed man about the same height as Pan but nearly as
  2. "Oh wow, he just fully melted," Ryder observed from atop Super-Bee, watching Davyd's liquid descent. "Good for him!" He didn't know Corrine well enough even after spending time working together on Sanctuary to really know what was going on with her but he did make a couple mental notes about how her molecular structure seemed to be rearranging on the fly. "Man, that's neat stuff. Uprooting the conservation of mass and the second law of thermodynamics is like painting, y'know? Everybody's working with the same colours but it's always like, woah, what are they going to do with them? You know wha
  3. Chitin Search check: 1d20+6 23 Ryder will also attempt to talk to the worker bee, himbo to himbo, to try to get some actually useful information about where they should be looking. Diplomacy check: 1d20+15 20
  4. Shawn had taken a few bites of his first burger, seemed to consider for a moment then removed the top bun and smeared some dark mustard across it with the back of a spoon. He guffawed at Natalia's question while reassembling it. "I think you're thinking of cops, kiddo. Do we seem like cops to you?" The notion seemed to amuse him greatly as he set back into his food. "It's not a superpower. Mostly we're all just very cute," Jenny offered with a wink so precisely calibrated it called her first assertion into immediate question. "Really, though, I guess the thing you're actually talki
  5. Notice check: 1d20+5 6 Ryder is distracted!
  6. "You might still be right!" Ryder called to Melissa, the Robug's gathered about him atop Super-Bee. "None of our textbooks at school seem to really agree on the difference between an alternate dimension and an alternate timeline, y'know? I guess it's kinda academic!" Encouraged by the giant bee's leisurely pace he clamoured to his feet and braced himself like he was riding a skateboard, arms outstretched on either side. "This is the best! We're going to get to see the hive and an analogue time machine! It sounded like he was talking about daka crystals for the power source, right? I've never g
  7. Ryder froze at the sound of Natalia's laugh, one thumb on the edge of his lower lip in the middle of wiping away a bit of berry sauce, eyes wide with a sort of surprise. There was a beat of silence broken by rattling cutlery as Jenny not-so-subtly kicked her brother's shin under the table. "'Horrifying glimpse' is a new one but I kinda like it." She proved to be a tidier eater than Ryder even with a burger in one hand and her can of iced coffee in the other but it was clear their family didn't stand on ceremony around the dinner table. "Yeah, no, you're right," Ryder hu
  8. Gizmo

    Heavy Mettle

    Ryder gave Natalia his most infuriatingly genuine grin. "That thing you're feeling right now? That sort of fluttery unsureness? That's optimism and a little bit of trust in your friends." He gave the group a thumbs up as he jogged backwards in the direction the roadie he'd bumped into had gone. "The vote of confidence seriously means a lot, won't let you down!" By contrast, Pan effectively vanished, blending into the crowd and flitting from one brief interaction to another so that at any given moment he seemed engaged and in his element. In truth he kept one eye on the individual E
  9. I'll assume that Eira in particular would have researched the festival ahead of time with Gather Information so she'd know that there are six bands playing tonight, each doing about a twenty minute set with ten minutes in-between, starting at 6:00 PM: Blood Tribute Mind Shatter Necropotence Bog Wraith Drown in the Loch Pyroclasm Knowledge [Pop Culture] tells Eira and Nat that all six of these bands are local to Freedom City. Drown in the Loch (DitL) is like the one Eira is most interested in since it's an all-female band, fronted by twin sisters with At
  10. "I mean technically there's gyroscopes and magnets involved--" Ryder began, always happy to discuss engineering with anyone showing interest. He stopped short as Davyd launched into a bit of character acting. He'd gotten relatively accustomed to that sort of thing from the shapeshifter from working on school projects together but typically everyone at the table knew that he was doing a bit. Always one for theatrics Magenta hopped down from her perch and skittered over to the feet of the 'minotaur' and began mimicking his gestured with her curved forelimbs. "Hah, okay Dav that's pretty good but
  11. There were few Claremont students as well suited to the rough and tumble engineering of building computer infrastructure with whatever was conveniently on hand as Ryder Fujioka. The teenager’s seemingly bottomless well of energy and good cheer carried him through farm work and story time with children equally well and his experience with cooking and baking turned out to be an added bonus. The real reason he’d wanted to see Sanctuary for himself however brought him running out of the barn at the sound of massive wings, followed by his little swarm of Robugs. “Yes!” he cheered, pumpi
  12. Let me get whatever rolls you each think are relevant to look for anything out of place, investigate for clues, etc.
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    Heavy Mettle

    "But it's a public park...?" Ryder questioned Natalia's advice hesitantly. He turned at the sound of Pan's approaching voice while still stepping forward and immediately collided with another festival-goer. "Oof! Sorry, I--" He turned back around to apologize and had to crane his neck upward to find a face. The man had nearly two heads of height on Ryder with the difference occupied with a massive tawny beard. His shaved head had been almost completely covered in tattoos of stylized sharks and waves, giving the impression that the viewer was looking through a submarine porthole. A thematic fis
  14. Gizmo

    Heavy Mettle

    Friday, June 4, 2021 5:56 PM Ryder would have been the first to admit that Shredded Beat, which billed itself as hopefully the first annual festival for local independent and amateur metal bands looking to break out, was a little outside his comfort zone. But Eira had insisted that this was the perfect place to stakeout the mysterious guitarist he and Danica had run into in later February and after a goat-like Ragin had wreaked havoc in the West End the month prior until a few of the Interceptors made short work of it she wanted to be there the next time one of the strange, mu
  15. "'Audience' implies I'd be performing for family! Now that sounds exhausting!" Shawn replied with a belly laugh, topping his own burgers with a mix of mushroom, zucchini and bell pepper he'd had simmering in a pan on the stove then sprinkling them with crushed nuts. "Different families have different dynamics, though," Ryder interjected quickly. He let slices of swiss cheese sit atop the patties on his plate long enough to begin to soften before covering them with slices of pineapple and some sort of stone fruit, followed by a deep violet drizzle that smelled of berries. "Do we hav
  16. Kimber had been floating a few centimetres above the surface of the pool in a reclined position and keeping half an eye on Avro as he tried to slowly, stealthily creep up on Baxter. As soon as Jessie burst out of the water she hurried over to her, keeping a little less than an arm length's alway and pointedly waiting for a sign that it would be acceptable to touch the startled woman. "Most folks dive into the pool, eh? That was a heckuva jump! Everything alright, hun?" She'd always gone out of her way not to pry too much into Jessie's past but like most of the castle's residents she had plenty
  17. "Eira," Ryder interrupted, his tone serious as he looked up from playing with Magenta. "I promise you - and I mean really, genuinely guarantee - that if you decide you seriously want to be a giant mechanical spider I will one hundred percent have your back both because I have strong beliefs about bodily autonomy and also because that sounds unspeakably friggin' rad." Standing back up he arched his back in a stretch. "I've got a couple bike designs on my phone, I'll send them to you! I want to run a simulation on how fast it could go before literally falling apart!"
  18. Ryder returned the smile with a broader one the crinkled the corners of his eyes. "I said what I said. But maybe that's just problems with the language again, huh?" He crouched down and raised his open palms like a boxing coach. Magenta raced over and began hopping up and striking out with her forelimbs to tag his hands, bobbing about and skittering back and forth to evade imaginary counterattacks. "Honestly? I'm kinda saving spiders. Arachnids in general! Never know when you might need to design a whole separate set of armours or whatever, can't use up all my thematic material in one go! Like
  19. "Hah, I'm not really a knight or a superhero or any of that, though. I'm just one guy, like everybody else." Ryder raised both hands in front of himself and waved them quickly back and forth to brush away the assertion. "I never want to get into the habit of thinking I'm not allowed to make mistakes 'cause then I'd start thinking I can't make mistakes, probably? Like, you gotta be able to learn from an experiment, clean up the mess and apologize if you need to and listen to other people." He laced his fingers, pressed the heels of his palms together and placed his hands under his chin. "Making
  20. Jenny barked a laugh at Natalia's quip while Ryder gave her a flat look and slid two burgers onto open faced crusty buns before handing her the plate. The patties had an unusual spiral pattern to them. "They're a little crumbly," Shawn warned as he sat down at the head of the table. "I'm experimenting with a spiral of beef and black bean! The seasoning's where I want it but the binding agent needs some iterating." "Drinks? Also who would that be for, Dad?" Jenny asked from the refrigerator, pulling out a can of iced coffee for herself. "Art dictates its audi
  21. "Ha, I think that's the first time anybody's been upset that I present as too masc, but I hear you," Ryder laughed lightly, lacing his fingers behind his head and looking up at the ceiling. "For the record I'd have still gotten my shorts in a knot if you were talking about Utsuwa's..." He paused for a moment and frowned. "Sword metaphor? I'm not great with euphemisms. When my sister came out the guys in gym class had a bunch of opinions about her body they thought they needed to share and y'know, I disagreed. But hey, no three day suspension this time, so I'm willing to call that personal grow
  22. "Not really, no," Ryder admitted without hesitation. He didn't seem particularly proud or defensive but nodded amicably to concede the point, leaving the bit about programmed feelings alone for the moment. "This'll probably sound like a line or whatever but I kinda forget how much that matters to most people? Well, no. That's not really right. It's more like I forget that it's the first thing most people think about, y'know? Not how I'm wired. Uh, so to speak." He let Magenta hop from his shoulder to his outstretched hand and then to the floor so she could scuttle about while they talked. "So
  23. "You don't have to be self-deprecating, anyway," Ryder chimed in earnestly. He gestured with both hands as he spoke and perched atop his shoulder Magenta mimicked the motion. "Like, you know all kinds of tight tortoise facts so if there was something they were working on you were really interested in I think for sure you'd pick it up before you knew it!" He pumped a fist for emphasis and Magenta bobbed one of her curved forelimbs. "Haha, anyway! That reminds me, I wanted to ask Eira to explain part of the design to me before I get distracted by anything else. I'll catch up!" Once V
  24. Shawn laughed again and followed her into the kitchen. "Well, if it's for science, how can I argue?" Ryder gave Natalia a small shrug while placing plates on the table. "Well y'know. Family stuff is sort of a lot for Utsuwa, Eira convinced herself that I'm trying to set her up with Jenny..." "Is this girl cute, too?" his sister asked innocently, making an exaggerated expression of consideration and setting a large bowl of mashed potatoes down. "Sure but so is her boyfriend." Ryder retrieved a sort of oversized charcuterie board piled with toppings that range
  25. "Oh captain, my captain!" Kimber snapped upright from her horizontal lounge and gave Eve a sharp salute. Her outline lost focus for a split second as though seen at the very edge of peripheral vision and her outfit was replaced by what might be described as a sailor's uniform in the same way a fashionable clutch might be described as luggage. Ruffles giving the faintest suggestion of a skirt sat on either hip of the bottoms while the striped top came together in a navy blue bow in front. A jaunty little hat sat atop her suddenly much tidier bun while she floated back down to hover just barely
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