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  1. Files pertaning to Mary Masterson, Tacname: Torpedo Lass will be posted here as they are cleared from Classified status.
  2. Doktor'd! Long time since I've posted in this sort of thread, but I have two simple requests for Torpedo Lass. 1: Rename the "Hook, line..." complication to "Hook, line, and Sinker" 2: Remove the "...and Sinker" complication. Just didn't seem right to have considering Torpedo Lass' abilities.
  3. I needed that vacation. Really, really bad. I'm back, if people'll have me.
  4. I've made the decision to pull out of all my online RP in various places. I might come back but instead of keeping some expectations I'll come back soon, I'm going to just consider myself done on the site.
  5. I'm going to be taking an indefinite leave of absence. I'm not sure how or when things are gonna calm down in my life so I need at least a month or more. Maybe permanent.
  6. Torpedo Lass "After all, all space is, is another ocean..." ---------- Somewhere on some beach someone wakes up... seemingly washed ashore. Although this wasn't unusual for this woman, she always has a habit of taking to sleep while in the water. She brushes off her white bodysuit and red vest, pulling back the hood of said suit she looks up. It was night time and things were lit up by the moon, but all that this woman said was "what in the hell?" Her name is Mary Masterson, and she's been on strange journeys before, but this took the cake. "That definately doesn't look like the Moon I know..." Indeed it wasn't. All the craters were in weird spots, the basalt basins that were called Mare were in strange configurations and more wide-spread. The odd moon even looked larger... or closer than the moon she knew of. Then she looked at the sky, the stars were completely in the wrong place. In fact nothing about this place beyond the palm trees, the sand of the beach, and the taste of the salty water were familiar... but even they seemed off. The palms looked more like a Pine doing an impression of a Palm tree, the sand had a reddish tint to it, and the grass seemed to shimmer in the night. She looked about, scratching her head as this strange place only made her even more confused... was she dreaming? Had to be. She slipped the bag off her back, something she kept personal effects and useful equipment for emergencies that could be worn like a backpack with how it was designed, pulling out a small personal distress radio she turned it on and started to speak into it, set to channel 9. "Is there anyone on this frequency?" There was a crackle when she took her hand off the "push to speak" button... silence, and the occasional pop was all she heard until... "This channel is not a civilian public frequency, it is for emergency use only." Wherever this was, they followed international standards... if this was earth. She turned on the distress beacon she kept on her vest. "I would believe waking up in a unfamiliar place after washing up on some beach counts as an emergency?" Silence again, then a sigh. "I read your signal... primative channel, but it's a solid ping. I'll be right there at pioneer beach in a moment..." 'Finally someone is gonna explain to me all this...' There was the sound as if diamonds were clinking against each other or falling snow behind her. "Unusual clothing... skin-tight hycrocarbon based polymer fabric, similar concept to the vest, air bladder flotation kit, I wager?" Torpedo Lass turned around, and saw a woman wearing a armored, but skin-tight suit of her own, but also a helmet with a clear faceplate that was lit. It was a woman, or at least somoene who expressed as such. "Humans haven't used kit like this since the 21st century... "W... wait... 21st century? Oh boy." "Ma'am, this is the 179th century. Planet Llŷr." She walked over to the open bag and started rummaging. "You know, miss armored lifeguard of space Wales..." "You know the origin of the name for this world... You're a human, aren't you?" Torpedo Lass was getting impatient. She held her arms out as if to show it was obvious as the armored woman looked at a stowed news paper. "February 27th, 2021... Gregorian reckoning, not Holocene reckoning." Torpedo Lass was completely bamboozled. "Knowing the protocol dealing with time travelers I've probably at the very least put the time line at risk even answering you." Mary just sat on the sand. "To be fair, I didn't think I'd be waking up in the future... Wait... 179th century... I think I heard about the Holocene calendar once, the year then at least is 17800, correct?" The armored woman took her helmet off revealing pointed ears and purplish hair similar to Mary's, even down to the glowing phosphorescent eyes. "17821, or more 17821.2.27 Earth Standard Date." "The name is Mary Masterson." The armored woman said, holding out her hand. "W... wait, that's my name!" Torpedo Lass said. That is when she quirked her eyebrow. "Do you have a Tacname?" "Torpedo Lass." She said, only seeing the armored woman crack her shoulders before sitting down, poking at a orange package. "It's been almost 15,900 years." Torpedo Lass leaned forward. "There is no way you could be me." "I am... I remember this night. Well now I do, it's been so long that..." "How the hell did I get the ears? And why the armor?" The armored future version of her grinned. "It was a phase, there were loads of crazy things people did with their DNA in the 26th Century." "Wait... I've been around THIS WHOLE SPAN OF TIME?" "Yep, loads of adventures in between, some I've forgot it's been so long." "Why the armor then? I mean I can block bullets." "Can you stop high-energy particle beams?" Torpedo Lass gulped. "The armored future her pulled the string on the yellow package, popping out a life raft." Seesh... yea you're definately me. Always over-prepared. "Well considering I'd be called in to do a rescue at any time." The armored Mary held up a finger. "Considering I'm spaceworthy now and can fly around in space it's a pretty good tradeoff too." "Why space?" Torpedo Lass asked, almost child like at this point. "Hasn't anyone ever told you that Space is just another ocean?" Then just as the two stared at each other, that comment hanging in the air a bluish whirlpool of energy appeared between them. A blue gloved hand stretched out with a notable british accent. "Oi! That's enough of that, finally figured out where you were positioned in space time trackin' the paradox energy. Time to head home, Miss." The armored woman looked over to the portal. "Typical... that pink haired interloper's back again." "Hey... you mean Time Agent." "Shush you... Anyways past me... time to pack up." "Hey you were the one going through my crap in the first place..." It took some time, but eventually the thoroughly modern Mary was happily floating about on 21st Century Earth's ocean, looking over the feed of daily interest regarding ship traffic around her. An apology note left for her by her mysterious time-chauffeur. If she didn't show up there, Mary would have been trapped in the 179th century, creating a paradox since she would never return to 21st century Earth, her 179th century counterpart wouldn't be on that planet. Seems the glitch was caused by some experiment the time traveler was working on, seeing if she could detect "time eddies" in space. It sort of triggered a time-space rift right where Mary was sleeping. Time Agents should learn to leave well enough alone... she thought, chewing on some MRE for breakfast. Then she turned around and for a moment she thought she saw the pink-haired Time traveler sitting behind her in the raft before everything went black. When Torpedo Lass came to, she was unaware of what had happened. Her memory of her strange encounter... only a dream. And a headache. She grabbed her half-eaten MRE... "Okay that was one hell of a dream." She continued eating her breakfast as the sun came up on the 28th day of a unremarkible February in a so far unremarkible year on a remarkible planet. Unaware that she even had an accidental encounter with herself... or at least she wouldn't know it was real until it happens nearly 16,000 years later...
  7. I've decided to try to scrape up some sort of strategy here...
  8. Levity She burst out through the flames, but it licked at her flightsuit. She patted out the small candle-like fire on one of her arms as she got outside of the fire breath. Obviously she'll have to talk to the engineers to improve her suit's flame retardant design. She looked over to Chromium. "Hey, buddy! You still alive down there? I think we need a strategy here!" She shouted, before turning back to the dragon. "Treachery? Really? That sounds like slander..." She thought.
  9. Reflex Save (+9, Evasion 2): 1d20+9 14 Hero Pointing this roll... Reflex Save (+9, Evasion 2): 1d20+9 14 How the hell... Of course since I rolled under 10 on the second I get +10 to the result. So, I rolled in total a 24 on this one. Reflex save made, no damage. I'll have my actions posted in a little bit.
  10. Levity She knew at this point with no bystanders and his apparent capabilities, he would have to be taken down. No other choice in the matter. Levity starts going down the qualifiers in terms of what sort of action to take in her head, and decides. "To be honest if we're at these loggerheads, who's the real hero... at this point, you're on US government property. A trespasser. You were asked to leave and you didn't comply. So... here we are." "If that makes me one of the bad guys, guilty as charged!" She shouts, tossing another ball of gravity his way.
  11. Well, he was nice enough to clear out the bystanders. Keeping at best range of the big guy, while keeping in visual for Chromium so he knows where I am. Blast 7 (Gravity Blast), Ranged DC 22, Toughness Damage (Gravity): 1d20+7 17 Opening fire. He's a trespasser, on government property, who has refused to leave, then showed himself willing to take hostages. At this point this is a shooting match.
  12. Levity She turns on the speaker to her helmet again. Sighing out of frustration she decided to just let it out. "Whom are these evil men? For that matter... who is this wizard you speak of?" "And additionally, you've taken hostages to "calm us down", when really we're just trying to figure out what you're on about. If anything what this sounds like is you've been lied to, and you yourself aren't that big of a hero." "And note, I gave you opportunity to leave peacefully. The only thing correct was you were attacked first. But if you're claiming you're a hero, the issue is heroes don't take hostages." "I think it can be stated you're... not behaving like you can be trusted." She figured the dragon was stalling at this point. She kept her distance, Hovering right at the edge of where she knew she could get a quality shot in while being outside of it's physical reach.
  13. I'm delaying until after the dragon acts. Wither it be him attacking bystanders, or any of us. If nothing happens I'll act after the dragon in the initiative order.
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