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  1. Temperance arrived in some simple, light clothes for the late spring. The heavier parts of her costume were in the bag, her navy blue Doc Martens were covered under her pant legs, and a bottle of water from which she could craft her mask. She stopped at the counter, picking up a cappuccino and a slice of tuxedo cake before doubling back to the table. "Glad to see you again," she said, looking to Miss Grue. She turned to the others. "As for you, I don't think we've met yet. I went by NiceIceQueen on the Discord group. My name is Temperance. I've been trying to listen to the spirits for insight into this situation. I've got contacts out looking for more intel; hopefully, they'll be able to drop me a line soon."
  2. Kn: Arcane Lore is a 26 Gather Info is a 27. Clearly, I have learned the secret of folding space and know all things, all times.
  3. Temperance would probably be a good fit for Case 3.
  4. Eliza looked over the responses, glad to see the traction the discussion was getting. She was trying to figure out how to respond to being labeled "the magic one," however. I mean... technically speaking... maybe we should have a census form for this whole thing. "Willworker," check box A. "Other," check box B.
  5. The Anointer looked at Hyperslice. It was hard to gaze his expression at first, especially with the blinding heat and light surrounding him. But soon she realized it was a sort of study - as if, even with the wisdom of the gods behind him, he had never seen the likes of her. Still, if he seemed perturbed, he at least had the grace not to make it obvious. "I will do what has been decreed of me," he says. "I shall address them. I shall display my might with mercy. I shall give them the chance to surrender. Those was charge me... shall face the wrath of Olaya."
  6. It seems like that's his intent, yes.
  7. I'd be up for getting involved. Could contribute Nick Cimitiere's necromancy, Temperance's animist talents, or Cannonade's face-punching skills.
  8. Temperance had broken away from her term paper to look over the site. It had been some time since she'd last crossed paths with Terrifica - and, in all honesty, her studies had taken up a lot of her time. She was still hitting the streets, of course, but somehow, superhero socialization had taken a backseat to the dreaded drive to pursue the Honor Roll. But arranging matters from the safety of her apartment would work... #general #HeroStuff
  9. "I think we've pretty much committed to 'terrible,'" said Cavalier, watching Derendis fall away behind him. "We're now at the point of avoiding 'clusterfragg.' Cover's blown, this city's seen enough 'miracles' to last a lifetime... we just need to make sure that the fire's relatively contained." No matter how much we might want it to just run free and burn it all down. As the four took to the sky and approached the pillar of light, they soon realized that it was more of an arc, trailing towards a long plateau. And, in time... slowing. Paradigm, with her distant senses, was first to see the man at the heart of the blinding light - or at least, the silhouette of him. He seemed to be looking down - towards Hyperslice, who was rocketing up to meet him. The voice landed in Hyperslice's ears. It was strange - it did not feel like she was hearing it at a distance, or even inside her head. It was as if the man was whispering in her ear, even though he was clearly some distance from her. "Who are you that travels through the gifts of the gods?"
  10. I'm down for getting Temperance involved. Dual Birds of Prey!
  11. Always glad to keep it from getting worse. And really glad that I didn't make it worse. "We understand," said Cavalier. "If my day's wages - hell, my job - was threatened because of some sort of scourge, I'd be ready to just go wild and start a fight, too." He looked around, trying to figure out if there might be some better way to phrase this. When he couldn't really grasp one, he decided to plunge on ahead. "Has there been anyone among the workers who's really riding the wave of the discontent? Anyone who's keen to have it come to blows real quick?" Doesn't matter if they're a cop or the agent of some sort of eldritch, terrible superintelligence - eight times out of ten, the instigator is a narc.
  12. His nerves tingled. His brain was in overdrive. And he felt like he needed to hug a toilet. It wasn't the first time getting teleported by Moon-Moth, but Cavalier was just dealing with the impact of their sudden leap off of the asteroid. The asteroid that had turned the lake into a steam bath. A part of him wanted to grab his coffee on his way out the door, on the grounds that he would probably really need it. This desire was reinforced by the shape moving in the steam - and the transmission. "Yeah, there's that famous Khanate diplomacy. 'Come back, and we'll only take out one kneecap.'" He started shifting the parameters on his suit. As power rerouted, the blaster slid back out into place in his hand. "So, are we going to give a new meaning to 'shotgun diplomacy,' or...?"
  13. "We understand your concerns," said Cavalier, feeling himself sliding a bit too fast into slick and boilerplate. That wouldn't work; these guys were probably used to company suits the way they were used to silica in their undergarments. He relaxed his demeanor, relying on instincts from his troubleshooter days. "Truth is, you guys aren't the only ones who've been experiencing accidents and malfunctions lately. We're here to see whether this is deliberately targeted or whether there's some sort of phenomena --" Just say "phenomena." It's better than saying "magnetic storm" or "big angry lava monster." "-- that may be responsible for these setbacks. And if some bastard's responsible, we'll find that out, too, so for now... well, things are tense enough as is. Maybe let it bleed off a little."