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  1. "All right, then, so I take it you didn't sense whether the building was warded heavily enough to be visible from space," Temperance said. Either that or he didn't catch it, which means we'll need to be vigilant nonetheless. And then there are binding oaths or... God, I've picked up a lot about raw sorcery by osmosis, but in a case like this, I wish we had a learned spellslinger. Temperance rolled her eyes as obviously as she could, then let the shifting water sluice back into her container. "We're not going to kill you." She looked around. "Well, I'm not. We haven't exactly taken
  2. "So, in all your talents for legerdemain and chicanery," said Temperance, letting the water take on a sharper shape for just a second, "did you ever acquire the talent to sense magic?" There was a good chance that the building had more security than their young mountebank was aware of. Temperance was no sorcerer herself, and would probably be just as blind going in unless she kept her eyes open for where the spirits were trying very hard not to step. But if she knew they were both blind to the possible wards and other traps laid onto the apartments, then they could prepare for the possibility
  3. angrydurf Ace Danger: 1 GM post + 1 Ref Point = 2 PP Empyrean, Infinity, and Eternity: 20 posts = 2 PP Kanunu: 1 post = 1 PP Ouroboros: 1 GM post = 1 PP Red Lynx: 4 posts = 1 PP Sagrado Corazon: 3 posts = 1 PP Sandman: 1 GM post = 1 PP Savant: 1 GM post = 1 PP GM posts: 2 x 2 = 4 posts Ari Sun Dragon: 25 posts = 3 PP Mag-Might: 2 posts = 1 PP Salmon: 10 GM posts = 2 PP GM: 5 x 2 = 10 posts AvengerAssembled Lady Hours/Wadjet: 3 posts = 1 PP Watchdog/Daystar: 87 posts (inc. 4 GM posts) = 4 PP + 1 R
  4. Temperance had to admit there was such a thing as overkill, and this was certainly it. And having an icy vise around the man's throat was not going to make spilling the beans any easier. She waved her hand, and the water splashed up into a less hostile form, but still held that unnatural fractal shape that suggested that there was so much that could be done with it. A part of her felt that this was... she didn't want to say "unfair," but it was definitely a lot. She had been doing this for years, and had deliberately crafted her image to be cold and severe. But at this moment, she knew it was
  5. Eliza strode forward, glad that she got to trade one mask for another, in oh so many senses. In the gap between the club and the doorway, she willed the water out of her container (the flask, in an effort to match the effort) and had it run up her face, forming a thin yet opaque mask to hide her features. The rest of the water swirled in her hand, ready to go. When King had raised his eyes from the ground, she willed it into a sharp series of crystals. "In case you get the idea to do some more conjuring," she said, "note that I can have this around your throat the second you start
  6. Temperance had to suppress a wry smile as she saw Dale desperately try to wipe the 80-proof failure from his face. "I'm probably not the best gambit," she said. "I've met my share of guys who rock the style --" And dated one, even if he came at it from... different angles. And a different world. "--but there's an air to this one. The style, the thirst... he likes exotic, but probably not my exotic. I could try to turn on the 'babe in the woods,' but it'd be a rough fit, and he might see through it." While they discussed strategy, she opened her senses to the
  7. Temperance may not have been familiar with the scene... but she recognized the aesthetic of the gathering. It wasn't in the thudding base, or the beef gates out front, or the warehouse that looked it came from any number of supernatural thrillers from the Nineties. It was all around her. It was being "dangerous" by going where you never would. Where the "good people" never were. It was dancing into the wasteland, the outlands, the... ghetto. To feel like you were transgressing, and to feel like the baddest bitch in town - while having plenty of protection in case anyone tried to step.
  8. Yeah, it might be possible to do magical guns empowered with the psychic weight of the firearm that manage to incapacitate people through fear (though that still might be a bit... um in the era of the mass shooting, so let's say "force blasts" or whatever). But a full-out mundane assault rifle? Nope.
  9. It's an interesting approach... but it does come with its own thorns. Has Gnomon ever experienced dysphoria as a result of their shifts? Or have they come to realize that the shift helped them realize that they are more genderfluid than they thought, but they still like to treat gender identity as a personal binary rather than a spectrum? We're just trying to avoid that thing in early '00s transformation webcomics where gender dysphoria was just something you powered through, while trying to recognize the personal circumstances for the character. Because not everyone who is trans or genderflui
  10. So, one thing I want to clarify is the pronoun situation. Claude is referred to alternatively as "he" and "they" across the course of their life. What is their current gender situation? Is this a Ramna 1/2 situation where Claude has a distinct gender dichotomy that shifts to what they classify as polarities of "he"/"she"? Or is Claude starting to embrace being more fluid and adopting a "they" identity, or some other non-gendered pronoun? As there are elements that suggest the character may be nonbinary or genderfluid at this point, it may be best to clarify the pronoun situation ac
  11. Nick Cimitiere Eric remembered the time Jack Faretti had ended up in his apartment. Eric had tried to talk to him about draugr, and Jack had asked pointed questions about necromancy that sounded very much like declarations. And this was the other side of it. Nick Cimitiere knew who Faretti was fairly well, and while they hadn't exactly talked much over the years, he'd gotten a clearer sense of the person looking over Freedom's vampires - and a much clearer sense of his family. He wasn't necessarily in the loop with Phantom, but being practitioners with a foot in the po
  12. "It works for you," said Temperance. She fetched her own costume, a mixture of Atomweave armor, pea coat, and Doc Martens. "This should work, though I believe several items are not exactly the right color for any sort of Goth club. I don't suppose 'sea Goth' became a thing when I wasn't looking?" She looked over the briefing on their quarry as well, studying the names. "This wasn't exactly my scene," she said - though it was maybe half a lie. Between having a boyfriend who was the phrase "Extremely Online" taken a bit too literally and dealing in the mystic arts as a teenager, she
  13. There. A plan starting to come together. "Okay," said Cavalier. "Keep the militia in reserve. As you said, they may not do much against the craft, but if he's already invited a bunch of buddies to the party, they'll be good against any landing party that may be coming down the line. That will be if the signals get through the jamming frequency." That just left the matter of the swampland. What would make the device want to go there? Obviously, the Praetorians, but the device would likely decide that chasing opposition wouldn't be worth breaking position, and any attem
  14. This is an interesting set of thematics. Though please stay away from the motorcycles for now. That said... it's a bit early in the morning for me, but Summon and VP are two of the power sets that give Refs here a bit of a headache. Summon is a fair bit of investiture for an army of Minions that will go down if they fail one TOU save, and it effectively adds new parties to the Initiative order. Variable, meanwhile, is very malleable - and the fact that you have a "Enemy Gains This Power" qualifier for this and Summon means that it will fall into the same issue that some parties he
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