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  1. I've decided to try to scrape up some sort of strategy here...
  2. Levity She burst out through the flames, but it licked at her flightsuit. She patted out the small candle-like fire on one of her arms as she got outside of the fire breath. Obviously she'll have to talk to the engineers to improve her suit's flame retardant design. She looked over to Chromium. "Hey, buddy! You still alive down there? I think we need a strategy here!" She shouted, before turning back to the dragon. "Treachery? Really? That sounds like slander..." She thought.
  3. Reflex Save (+9, Evasion 2): 1d20+9 14 Hero Pointing this roll... Reflex Save (+9, Evasion 2): 1d20+9 14 How the hell... Of course since I rolled under 10 on the second I get +10 to the result. So, I rolled in total a 24 on this one. Reflex save made, no damage. I'll have my actions posted in a little bit.
  4. Levity She knew at this point with no bystanders and his apparent capabilities, he would have to be taken down. No other choice in the matter. Levity starts going down the qualifiers in terms of what sort of action to take in her head, and decides. "To be honest if we're at these loggerheads, who's the real hero... at this point, you're on US government property. A trespasser. You were asked to leave and you didn't comply. So... here we are." "If that makes me one of the bad guys, guilty as charged!" She shouts, tossing another ball of gravity his way.
  5. Well, he was nice enough to clear out the bystanders. Keeping at best range of the big guy, while keeping in visual for Chromium so he knows where I am. Blast 7 (Gravity Blast), Ranged DC 22, Toughness Damage (Gravity): 1d20+7 17 Opening fire. He's a trespasser, on government property, who has refused to leave, then showed himself willing to take hostages. At this point this is a shooting match.
  6. Levity She turns on the speaker to her helmet again. Sighing out of frustration she decided to just let it out. "Whom are these evil men? For that matter... who is this wizard you speak of?" "And additionally, you've taken hostages to "calm us down", when really we're just trying to figure out what you're on about. If anything what this sounds like is you've been lied to, and you yourself aren't that big of a hero." "And note, I gave you opportunity to leave peacefully. The only thing correct was you were attacked first. But if you're claiming you're a hero, the issue is heroes don't
  7. I'm delaying until after the dragon acts. Wither it be him attacking bystanders, or any of us. If nothing happens I'll act after the dragon in the initiative order.
  8. Levity "That's a paddlin'" she thought, calculating out her move. Almost reflexively she keeps behind her target, remembering some old wisdom in simulator training while learning some dogfighting tactics. Gravity warps around her hands, before it surges from them in a concentrated orb of lensed spacetime, created from the warped gravity under her control flying at her target's back. She sees the orbs burst, she hopes because they made contact. "Oh no you don't, you don't help people by tryin' to barbecue 'em!"
  9. Ok, time to be like my favorite D&D class to play and get some tasty flanking. (I know I get no bonuses, but dem backstabs doe.) Keeping a 60M distance so I'm within my first range gradient I keep behind the dragon, and now it's my time to do my best Tracer impression. Blast 7 (Gravity Blast), Ranged, DC 22 Toughness, Damage (Gravity): 1d20+7 22 I'll take it.
  10. Levity Using her enhanced mobility from "ground skating" with her flight, she gets behind a heavy cement barrier. The Draconic thing was something motivated by anger it seems, and now that silvery guy wanted a piece. She needed a moment to assess the battlefield. Going in and shooting wild might pose too much a risk. That and seeing her trying to hold the beast down didn't work out as well as she thought. But she wasn't above taking a pot shot, but she needed an idea and right now there wasn't one coming to her. If the second guy entering this conflict was THAT strong, she'll come in for ba
  11. I'll be moving to cover for now, to observe the dragon. Will do a IC post doing so.
  12. Levity "How rude!" She says, before moving back from the raging dragon, but while in range she holds out her hand and what looks like the air lensing around the dragon starts to happen. "Gravity... is a harness... I have harnessed the harness." And in a moment it seemed the smoke the dragon snorted was slammed to the ground. But will it also hold the beast? "You've underestimated the gravity of your situation. Stand down and surrender. This doesn't have to end in a full on brawl."
  13. Going to move back to about 65 feet from the beast as my move (flight, hovering just above the tarmac like I'm skating), then use Gravity Bind on the dragon. Gravity Bind (DC 17 Reflex, Snare (Gravity)): 1d20+7 10 And I think I'll HP that. Gravity Bind (DC 17 Reflex, Snare (Gravity)): 1d20+7 10 EXACT SAME RESULT, but since this was a re-roll that 3 I rolled becomes a 13 which means a result of 20. (No crit)
  14. Initiative (+5 Dex, Improved Initiative 4(+16 INI)): 1d20+21 31 The initiative is REAL.
  15. Levity Joint Operations: 4 Posts
  16. Levity She quirks her eyebrow before flying back down to the ground, hovering just a couple inches off of it. She turns off the speaker to her helmet. << I don't think this thing is friendly... He's talkin' like a cult leader. I wager weapons free is probably the name of the game? >> She says over her radio before powering herself up, the air around her distorting light like a lens. Her helmet speaker turns back on. "Yes. I defend the lives of this city. And I'm telling you this. Stand down and leave. This is the only warning you get." << Evacuate all non-essen
  17. Levity Levity cocked her head, the dragon hovering in place in front of her was NOT part of the show. <<"Uh, disregard, I have visual.">> What she did was the right call. If she was gonna have to duel this thing, it would have to be without her plane. But she can't engage just yet. Not without a clear threat being posed. <<"Do not engage it. It isn't known if it's a friendly, but it hasn't attacked yet. I'm gonna attempt to communicate.">> She turned on the speaker to her helmet. "Okay... I wager you're not here for the show, aren't you?" She loosens her stance
  18. Levity Anne pushed her throttle, rocketing back into the sky. The cleanest transition she's pulled yet before heading into the blue. Then something on her radio crackled, that she caught from the corner of her hearing. <<...we have someone ...coming ...hot. ...in the air, get the pilot out of there.>> Damn engines... louder than she thought. Levity wasted no time, setting her aircraft into it's auto pilot bringing it level, then opened her windscreen, in one smooth motion she disengaged her restraints and entered some commands to her auto-pilot. <<NA-Emerald, sending Pe
  19. The Sailor

    Coming Out

    Good for you! My personal identity is still a quest I'm chasing, but I'm glad your journey actually has a road.
  20. Notice Check (+10): 1d20+10 15 Got a 15.
  21. Levity Levity sat on the Tarmac, spinning up her engines. Planning out her routine. In Airshows Nolan Aeronautics would let her plan out her routine for airshows compared to the prescribed test routes and maneuvers that the hard-hats at the hanger would want. Her G-suit system tensed up in anticipation of movement, as she slowly rolled out... then moved the thrust to the VTOL system, bringing up her wheels. She hovered there motionless, compensating for cross-air flow from the slight wind, almost like a ghost. <<This is NEAR 1, Hovering to 75, then following the taxi in front of th
  22. I can definitely see Nolan Aeronautics and their Nolan Emergency Aid and Response initiative coming into conflict with MARS at least on a rhetorical level (Nolan trains and has screening to ensure supers under their umbrella are good types to be patrons of), and Levity herself might be in a situation where she may have to clean up after someone else's mistake. Which could turn a shouting match into something less... friendly. At least in Mars' terms. Nolan genuinely wants to help (and has a good history with heroes in general) and this difference in philosophy could be a friction generator.
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