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  1. John's powers are explicitly connected to ghosts, and his ability to sense the psychic resonance of a given area could come in handy with any shenanigans.
  2. I'm definitely interested in getting the Tattered Man in on this. Just need a name.
  3. Mali smiled. "Thanks, Kimber. I got it, you guys just enjoy yourselves. I already have bowls stacked up. Oh, um, well if someone wants to gather some drinks, I just realized I forgot. Abigail, nice to meet you! Don't worry about meat. I know plenty of Buddhists who are vegetarians, and vegans. I'm not, but I've learned to cook both ways. No cooked meat here, I promise. You like Tofu?" She started cooking. "I'll have three bowls of pad thai. Hot, medium and mild. Pick whichever you'd prefer. Now if you're not sure, feel free to sample until you pick the heat level you like. I like it hot myself." She loved cooking. Almost as much as she liked training.
  4. Adam put his head down for a moment and took a deep breath. "Are you going to be upset at the idle thoughts of a teenage boy? I'm different, yes, but not entirely so. I think some of the same things other boys do, including about girls. I'm pretty sure you've picked up on some of it around the school, but I don't want you to think that I'm some chaste paragon. I'm still, well, typical in some areas." He was blushing, and trying to be circumspect, but at this point it was impossible. If he could see how he pictured her sometimes, and even some of their classmates, well, she might not want what she was asking. His parents had told him that such idle thoughts were more or less normal, and as long as he didn't try to act on them it was okay. However, he didn't want to scare Lulu away. "Other than that, it sounds fascinating, frankly. I've never experienced anything like that, and I'm curious what I could pick up from you and how it would feel." He didn't want to admit that he was afraid of what she would think of him, and how different their thoughts of each other might be.
  5. "I suppose." Adam coughed, slightly embarrassed, but happy. "Sincerity can be a relief when deception is the norm." He poked at his food. "People do indeed lie, a lot. That doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Isn't that part of the point of superheroes? The world isn't perfect, we try to make it better. I suppose that's why I've decided I'm here." "This is pretty good. I've had better Chinese, but this soothes my craving."
  6. "A few people, at least, not sure exactly who. I love plenty of peanuts in my pad thai, so don't worry about that." Mali smiled at the cupcakes. "Oooh, cupcakes." She mentally ticked Jessie at 'moderate spice' and kept working. "It's nice to get people together for a thing, you know? Get friends together, eat food, the usual." She started to assemble her spices and gather pans. Three pans, she figured. Extra mild, medium, and hot. That would work well.
  7. "My family is more typical, I think that was on purpose. My parents are both doctors, and I think they said I have something called advanced neuroplasticity. It means my brain picks up information like I'm still a baby. That's why you've seen me read advanced text books. It's weird that I had to come to a school for kids with superpowers to feel normal." Adam sighed and looked down at his Chinese. "Thank you. I know, I know, teenage boys are supposed to be insincere, but you've been amazing and I was never taught how to fake things." He smiled shyly and went back to poking at his food with his chopsticks. "I really need to improve my manual dexterity. My hands are not likely to stop growing for a while." He mumbled to himself.
  8. Mali smiled and took the headphones out of her ears. "Oo that sounds interesting, Aquaria. Think I'll try it. Don't worry, Daphne. I got this. I like to cook. Hey Jessie, do you like spicy food? I'm making batches with different levels of spice, so just let me know what you'd like. Say, one to ten where one has no spice at all, and ten is as hot as I can take it." She switched to a different vegetable, and continued to cut. "Cooking is how I unwind." She grinned and shrugged even as her hands worked. "Pad thai scales really well, too. Once you have enough ingredients, it's just a matter of making more." She had been doing more training than usual lately, too. Her young protege was learning quickly, and she was working out a training regiment for him. That, and her work on her clinic was going well. She needed this chance to relax.
  9. Mali loved the castle kitchen. It was big enough to move around in, had all the pans she might need, and a commercial grade dishwasher. True, she had to go perusing various Asian markets to get the supplies she liked, but that was fine. Nobody minded if she added a little spice to the pantries. Her mis en place was already in place. Pans, pots, spices, herbs and knives worthy of a chef. So there she was, rocking to the music in her headphones while her knife slid effortlessly through the vegetables. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a rock band logo on it, swaying to the beat. Tofu pad thai, with varying levels of heat. She herself could handle a lot, others not so much. She had bowls set aside and the best rice noodles she could find. She mused, more than once, that if she hadn't been a superhero, she likely would have been a chef. Not that she was as good as a chef, just that she had the passion and drive to become one. She sure hoped people liked dinner, she was told they'd have guests.
  10. Adam got Chinese. A huge, heaping plate of it. He was a bit self-conscious, but he assumed Lulu understood. He could put away a lot of food, and generally needed to. It wasn't like he was overweight. "Glad we got something to eat, first. My parents hired a dietitian to keep my nutrient intake up. I can burn through more than three thousand calories without even doing anything. Now that I'm doing intensive training, I eat more than two or three grown men." He winced, slightly. "Sorry, sorry. I'm used to very...frank discussions on my physiology and my psychology. Parents are doctors, so naturally I grew up knowing, well everything. That and they wanted me to know as much about me as I could. I think the term is TMI?"
  11. "Sounds like a plan. Most stores don't carry my sizes." He smiled at her as they walked into the mall. "I'd like to get some lunch too. I feel like I'm always hungry lately." He hoped he wasn't growing again. He was already very tall, any taller and it would be impossible to find clothes if he got much bigger. Then again, he could always pick up sewing or something. He took a deep breath and sighed. He was actually pretty happy for once. He wasn't too worried about homework. He was ahead in all his classes, anyway. Best to enjoy the moment.
  12. "We've got all day. We can hit a few more stores after the movie." Adam shrugged. Those stores sounded fine, especially the game store. "More time with you is hardly a bad thing." He felt a lot more comfortable saying things like that than he ever had before. Lulu liked him for him, and that was enough. This wasn't just 'hanging out', it was a date. She was clever, certainly clever enough to keep his interest. Plus, she cared about what he had to say. He worried about talking over her, 'mansplaining' to her and generally being an idiot, but she seemed to like him. He couldn't help it, he was grinning from ear to ear.
  13. April 13th, 11:30 AM It was a crisp New Jersey morning, and Adam was dressed for the part. He didn't enjoy the cold much. He could handle it, but he wasn't fond of it at all. He imagined Lulu would be less so. However, he wanted to get out and stretch his legs a bit, especially since they were close to Spring break. He hadn't been able to get out much, recently. He wore a jacket, jeans and long-sleeved shirt, along with his wig and false eyebrows. Like usual, he covered his entire body. He hated his scars and didn't want to be gawked at. At his height, that was already hard to avoid. "Shall we explore the mall a bit, first? Our show isn't until 12:30." He asked, smiling
  14. John had to admit, that made him flinch a bit. Whatever the 'officer' was, he suspected it wasn't quite unique. Bedlam, it seemed, was full of far more freaks and oddballs than he suspected. That was not a good thing by any measure. He could handle normal thugs with relative ease thanks to his powers, but beings like that strange 'cop' would be a very different thing. "There are a few honest cops in Bedlam." John said, gazing up at the buildings, gauging his jump. "Just not enough." He looked at the other two. He was strangely glad to have met the two of them tonight. Not that he wanted to make any long term plans (he preferred to operate solo) but if he ever ran across them, he imagined they'd be allies and not enemies. "If I ever run into either of you two again, you can count on me to help out." He said. He crouched slightly and leaped up at the nearest building. He was only visible to the naked eye for a moment, before he began running across the rooftops. He'd need to rest up at his safe house for a bit to let his wounds heal, but he'd be back out tomorrow night.
  15. "I used to think Bedlam didn't have these kinds of things." John said, bending over, his breath ragged. "I've never seen anything like that before. Have you?" He looked down at the fallen man in white. "He did get back up before." John said. "I wouldn't be surprised if he did again." He looked over at Arrowhawk. "Back when I was a cop, the criminals were a bit more ordinary." He looked up to the sky. "I have no idea what's been happening to this city lately."
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