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  1. Despite his lack of experience, Adam was able to correlate his real life location with their position on the map. After a few seconds of glancing around, he motioned with confidence in the correct direction. "This way, I believe." He said. He looked at the man, hoping for some sort of affirmative. He was confident, but he knew better than to assume he was an expert. Always defer to experts, unless you have information they lack, of course. He wanted to enjoy this excursion, but he felt like he was the only one that would.
  2. "We need to make sure the mayor understands that privacy is important for some of us. I'm...fine with being on the team publicly. As long as the mayor can promise that my personal information stays off the public record and that it's protected from hackers and such. I don't have much of a life, but I'd rather not risk it, you know?" He kicked back a bit. "I mean, I'm good with people, but I don't know if they'd want some smart-ass punk kid being the face of their new hero team. I'm all smiles, but I ain't respectable by most standards."
  3. Adam popped up behind Ashley when he heard her say that. He waved. "I can go." He said. "I heard what the nurse said, you'll be fine, Lulu. I guarantee they've dealt with powers changing and evolving before." "Do you need me to go, Ashley?" He asked. He was pretty sure she'd be okay, but he was relieved to hear it. He was worried about his own powers, sometimes. He never quite knew if they would evolve, either.
  4. "Mia, thank you so much. You helped a lot. I owe you a hug. If you ever need a favor, just ask. As long as it's nothing bad of course." He gave her a grateful smile, and she could see that he was without hair or eyebrows, and that his eyes were yellow.
  5. Adam held Lulu gently before setting her down. He took a deep breath. He would thank Ashley. He didn't know how, nor when, but he owed her for this. He wanted to hold Lulu until she was okay. He realized that he was never scared of Lulu He was scared for her. What scared him the most was how much he loved her. He wasn't supposed to be falling in love, not at this age. Yet she made him feel worthy of her love and attraction, and those made him love her more. Still, he could do a hell of a lot worse than her.
  6. Adam nodded. "She can't hurt me. I'm here for her as long as she wants me here. I think she'll be okay." He hugged her gently and ignored the glass. "This is a school for kids with powers in the city with the largest concentration of empowered people in the world. Whatever happened, you'll be okay, Lulu."
  7. Speed-Demon consumed his food with an almost comical quickness. It vanished in mere seconds. "I'm in. I got no problem with helping out, but I got limitations. I'm not revealing my real name or anything. Maybe someday, but not yet and never on the public record. As for what I can do, well. I'm fast and I'm fiery. That's all there is to it. I've created a spare email address and I'm gonna make myself available to contact in other ways if I can."
  8. Adam wasn't bothered by the weight of his gear. Nor was he bothered by the heat, or the man. He looked like he had a very interesting story. Adam's inquisitiveness was overridden by his politeness. He wanted to know who this man was and how he got to this point, but he kept his mouth shut. He was looking forward to an opportunity to see this beautiful locale up close, to study it. "I would like to be first, if no one else volunteers, sir." Adam said, a tad too eagerly. He winced at his own enthusiasm.
  9. Adam had peeked in at the room, nodded with an approving smile, and peeked back out just before Davyd landed. He blinked, thought about turning around, and just headed back to where the others were. He hadn't bothered to change. He wondered, briefly, how long he could hold his breath for, but he wasn't sure he wanted to test it. When he heard Lulu say she felt pretty, he bit his tongue. He didn't want to annoy the others with how much of a lovesick teenager he was. However, he agreed with her assessment. One benefit to dating a telepath? He could communicate his compliments without bothering the others. "The accommodations are amazing. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I'm going to write down everything that happened on this trip and send it to my parents. They'll be delighted." "
  10. He was dog tired. Beyond tired. Exhausted. The most tired he had ever been. Too tired to play his guitar. That was extremely tired for him. He wanted to get home and fall asleep with his cat. Yet, here he was, meeting the mayor. He figured if he was going to do this hero thing, there was no shame in getting noticed by the authorities. He wanted cooperation, not antagonism. Speed-Demon was noticeably tired, but still bright eyed. He smiled through his red eyes in the biggest, brightest smile he could. "I saw so many people helping last night, Ma'am. All those first-responders, all the emergency personnel. Vibora Bay woke up and helped herself in that storm. It was inspiring. I'm not saying I didn't help, but I'm only one man. I'm just happy to have made a difference."
  11. "If you could go downstairs and get some help, that would be amazing. I'm not sure what's going on, but I don't think stressing Lulu out more would be a good idea. Thank you for your help." Adam wasn't sure how Lulu would respond to teleportation, and did not want to find out. Hell, he wasn't sure how he would respond. He was grateful for her offer of help, though.
  12. "I'm her boyfriend." Adam said. "She suddenly manifested telekinetic powers and called for me through her telepathy. I appreciate your concern, but I promise, I'm not attacking her. Look at the room. Do you think I scattered all this stuff?" He did not know this girl well, and had no interest in fighting her. She wasn't physically threatening, but he could only guess at her powers. He also hoped Lulu would wake up to calm things down.
  13. Adam knelt to the floor and sat, letting her rest against him. He sat on her floor, holding her. Her life signs were okay as far as he could tell. He leaned against her bed and just let her rest against him. He was sure that this was what she needed right now. She needed to rest after all this. She felt so light, so fragile in his arms. He reflected on how much he admired and appreciated her there, and how he was going to make sure she was okay.
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