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  1. "There are plenty of motels that take money and don't ask questions. I know one in particular that won't even ask about you. I've used it as a safehouse before. Bedlam is, well, it's rough. She's right about the cops, though. I used to be one. I'm not anymore, and there's a good reason for that." He did not, however, admit that he had been shot in the head. That wasn't something he imagined she'd want to hear. He had no reason to trust her, but had no reason to distrust her, either. This particular safehouse wasn't even the one he normally stayed at.
  2. Adam ordered the same ginger beer, along with some rice and beans and jerk chicken. He knew he wasn't being too daring, but he also wanted to make sure he'd like it. He listened to what Davyd might have to say. He rather enjoyed sitting next to Lulu, for a variety of reasons. He never imagined he would get a girlfriend in high school, let alone one as amazing as Lulu. Other than that, though, he kept quiet. Mouth closed, ears open.
  3. Adam felt as light as Lulu. He had paid little attention to the movie, but that was fine with him. He had popcorn and some M&Ms. Mostly, though, he was happy. He had a girlfriend! A pretty girlfriend! A really nice, pretty girlfriend. That was a good thing, a very good thing. On the bus, he could barely stop himself from plucking her up and sitting her in his lap. He knew that would have been too much for the people on the bus. As they got off the bus and got ready to walk back to the school, he gently tugged on her arm, then tugged her closer to him. This was it. He knew she wanted it, too, he knew she was hoping for it. He pulled her close to him, and his lips met hers. They held each other in that embrace for a long time, and not long enough. He was smiling a foolish smile, and felt a kind of happiness he had never felt before. "Didn't want to do it in sight of the school. Wanted to make sure we had some time to ourselves to do it."
  4. "My parents are pretty sure I won't grow too much taller." Adam admitted. "They don't know for sure." He sniffed the air and nodded. "I'd rather have authentic local cuisine anyway. Seafood, though, hmm. I do like seafood. It smells absolutely delicious. As for climbing me, Lulu, well, it would give you a better view for one thing. I could carry you if I needed to." This was turning out to be a great idea, at least so far.
  5. As soon as they faded back into the real world, Adam reached for her. He took her up in his arms and lifted her into the air, effortlessly. He had long ago learned to master his strength, so he was as gentle as a lamb no matter how strong he was. "Agreed. It's incredibly damn cool." He hugged her to him and kissed her lips, then her forehead. It took him several moments to remember to put her down. He was delighted to realize that there was no awkwardness between them, nothing to stop him from being honest and sincere with her. No reason to pretend he was any less interested or into her as he was. It was refreshing, and far simpler than his parents had convinced him that romance would be.
  6. "I..." Adam stumbled, slightly. "I love you too." He understood, perhaps for the first time, where their gifts diverged. He could withstand bullets, ignore fire, and tear concrete like it was cardboard. Lulu's power was different. Her subtlety, her quietness, her friendliness all belied a strength different from, yet no less profound than his own. He meant what he said, too. Some part of his mind recognized that, perhaps, the two of them were simply two kids in over their heads, but at the moment it felt entirely real. She was a better person than her history had given her a chance to be. He wanted to keep her safe, wanted to protect her, and wanted to understand her. He no longer felt ashamed of what he looked like, not around Lulu.
  7. "I'm not drinking, regardless." Adam said. "Food, though. You know me, I can always eat. Almost literally. I really hope I've stopped growing. I don't wanna have to special order everything." He looked down and smiled at Lulu. He was gobsmacked that she was into him, and he was just fine with that. "As for what to eat, how about something we can't really get at home? Something fun and exotic? That's what my vote is."
  8. "This is concerning." Adam said in a massive understatement. He looked over at Lulu, then the rest. "If Lulu can't sense anyone in it, either they're not there, or they're beyond her reach." He scratched his chin. "It's entirely possible that Judy and Danica simply aren't currently in our universe. I'm not sure what this is about, but if it's a doorway of some sort, it might not be a one way door. Can Danica just enter her shell like this? If she can, I imagine she can get back out, but..."
  9. Adam was almost overwhelmed by the whole thing, but he kept a level head. His parents were excited for him, and promised that they'd keep tabs on him. More or less, at least. They respected his privacy, but there were dangerous people out there. So he spent his time cuddled up with Lulu and enjoying the ride. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. He hated stares. Luckily they were very light, airy cloth, so he wasn't quite as overheated as he looked. It was either the scarring, or unusual clothes. Not that he was focused on any of that with the pretty redhead by his side. Lulu made a lot of things that much easier.
  10. Adam had been reading. A lot. One thing he had to be careful of was not to bury his head in books too much. Especially considering he had Lulu around. There was plenty of time for books, girls were different. Especially Lulu. So when he walked past the room and saw his girlfriend, Micah and Ashley standing around a turtle shell, he stopped short, then blinked. "That's a mighty big turtle shell. What happened?"
  11. From Sunday, May 26th to Sunday June 2nd, I'll be on vacation. I'll try to post, but it will be spotty. Thanks.
  12. "Hm, the Eel." Lars said. "Don't worry about me." He said to Caroline. "I'm like you, what they might call a 'hero'." He said the last part with a sort of resignation, as if the label technically applied to him, but he didn't feel worthy of it. "I'm amnesiac as well. I remember enough of my history, but there are certain parts that are lost to me. Though, unlike you, I have a good idea why." "I know of a few places you could go, but I'd stay low for the time being. Bedlam is not the best place to be on the best of days. I wouldn't suggest trying to make friends. Do yourself a favor and don't tell anyone else about your amnesia. There are people around here that are always looking for a mark."
  13. John gently helped her to her feet and walked with her for a while. At least until they were out of sight, at which point he gently scooped her up, jumped on top of a nearby building and set her down. He was very concerned, and confused, about this new person. She was pretty, and nothing about her made any sense whatsoever. He hoped to get answers. "Do you still want to go to a clinic, or do you wanna talk about what's going on? Who are you?"
  14. "Bedlam City Wisconsin. United States." He added after hearing her accent. "We found you in the water. We should probably get you to a clinic, get you checked out." John suspected that this woman did not, in fact, need to be seen by anyone, nor would she want to. However, he tried his best to communicate that they should get out of there, quickly. He already had a plan for getting her unstuck from these people. It was the same plan he often had. Walk her out of the area, then take to the rooftops until they were well out of sight of anyone before sitting her down to talk.
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