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  1. Specimen is willing to give it a shot. He doesn't have a problem with keeping himself steady, though.
  2. Adam chuckled. "Lulu is amazing, but I'm not ready for marriage. At least not yet." He had to admit, spending his life with Lulu definitely had an appeal, but he knew that he had to be smart about things. He didn't know what Leroy was thinking, but he knew what Ashley was thinking. He couldn't blame her, either. Engagement at seventeen was insane. He had a new roommate, and he felt like he should introduce himself. ""I'm gonna go find my new roommate and introduce myself." He said, excusing himself politely.
  3. "You're probably right." Speed-Demon said, taking a moment to catch his breath. "I don't know anything about magic, but we gotta make sure someone doesn't make another one of those things. We cannot afford another one of those." He looked around. "Anybody got a plan?" He was not the guy with the plan. He was the guy who hit things quickly and maybe helped people. He didn't know anything about magic at all, just that his powers were magical in nature. The spirit inside him wasn't helping, either. He wasn't sure if it could.
  4. Speed-Demon is going to burn his HP to recover from fatigue before we head off and do anything else.
  5. Steam rose from Speed-Demon's body as he called on reserves of power he had not yet touched. The spirit within him was calling for carnage, to tear this creature apart. So, he answered. He sped forward, a burning orange trail in the rain, the steam followed behind him as he approached the creature. Before it could even twitch, he dug two burning fists into it's undead skull. The heat was intense enough to char away flesh and bone instantaneously. He began to slam his fists into the monster as fast as he could. He sacrificed accuracy and precision and threw the hardest strikes he could. He didn't bother counting them. Before it could have a chance to take a swipe at him, he hurried out of it's reach and back towards where he had stood before. He stopped his stride and slid back where he was, his glowing palm drawing a trail of steam as he slid back. "Alright, you son of a bitch, let's see how you like that!" He said, breathlessly.
  6. Move action to close distance 25 Critical threat First, I'm gonna hit it with a full power attacked corrosion effect at DC26 Fort and 31 TOU IF it is still functioning after that, I'll use extra effort to get a second standard action 25 Full power attack, that's DC35 TOU save with autofire Move-by action to get back out of it's reach after that.
  7. Adam stepped up behind Leroy. "I don't doubt your sincerity, and neither does Ashley. The wisdom, perhaps, but not the sincerity. I don't doubt Ashley's sincerity, either. Judy is a delightful person, but clearly less cynical than her sister." Adam placed his hand on his friend's back. "There is a whole school year ahead of us, Leroy. I'm glad you've found someone that delights you, but we've got a lot of life ahead of us. I cannot imagine the pressures you're under, but life has a way of changing in unexpected ways." He turned his attention to Claude and gave a sincere smile. "Claude, was it? My name is Adam. Welcome to Claremont. Please be careful." His tone was so thoroughly sincere and guileless, it was clear he meant it. He was almost positive she couldn't actually harm him, but something about Ashley frightened him, and he doubted that Claude had his durability.
  8. Speed-Demon vanished in a blur of glowing orange. He followed the beast as it stalked through the city, raising his bared forearm in preparation to dig his burning hand into the creature's rotting flesh. He was glad that the stench of burning flesh would be left behind him. He bolted past the monster, extending his glowing hand to dig into the beast's leg. Unfortunately, he instantly realized that he failed to harm the zombie. He cursed, loudly, and dashed back towards the other heroes. "Do I need to go get her?" He asked. "That looked like it hurt."
  9. Speed-Demon is going to use his corrosive heat touch; 17 Assuming that hits, that's a DC21 Fort save and then a DC21 toughness save (which I assume it'll pass no problem) He's going to use move-by action to keep well out of the monster's reach.
  10. Adam was a far cry from the skittish, self-conscious young man he had been this time last year. He walked taller, took longer strides, and generally exuded more confidence. He hadn't joined the welcoming committee, but he was going to volunteer to help take bags to rooms. He had already loaded his stuff into his room and was swinging back. His face lit up when he saw Lulu, and he walked up. He stood, patiently, and winked subtly at his girlfriend. When there was a moment of silence, he motioned to the bags. "Hey Lulu." He nodded to her, breaking out into a grin. "Hi, I'm Adam. Do you guys need help with anything? I'm just lending my services a...bit." He spotted the tentacled boy in the hall, blinked, and continued. "If not, no worries, I'm just gonna mingle."
  11. Specimen would love literally any of those, though in order of priority; Guest Lecturer; because other cultures are neat Bird Watching; extradimensional travel is awesome Fight Club: He knows how to throw a punch, but he -could- be better
  12. Speed-Demon was inside the church, trying not to freak out. He knew he must look intimidating, with glowing eyes and hair that looked like smoldering ash. He took a moment to focus and work out his plan. It didn't look like that to anyone else. He went for the kids first, gently leading them out of the building using his speed. He took the mother last, getting them all clear of the horde of undead. He hoped they would be too bewildered by the speed to notice the monsters outside. Then he went back into the church and touched the debris surrounding the door. His hands heated up and made short work of it, letting him reach the pastor. He guided the pastor away from the monsters as well, and returned to the battlefield, ready to take on the zombies. "I'm Speed-Demon!" He shouted. "I'm here to help." He took a ready stance.
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