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  1. Adam loved his girlfriend, and loved that she was masking his sounds. Otherwise he would give himself away for sure. Adam could leap, run, smash and even run on walls, but his footfalls were like bowling balls slammed against a wooden floor. He was not a subtle person. He did nothing special to ready himself for a fight. His friends had various powers, he had his fists.
  2. I'm going to assume that the tanks near Watchdog and Daystar are within charging distance, so Adam is going to maneuver using a move action as he needs, and then charge at whichever tank is closer to Watchdog and Daystar. 18 DC30 TOU save
  3. Adam, satisfied that the tank was disabled, bolted off towards a second one. He slammed his right fist directly into the front of the tank. He felt metal crumple against his fists and steel twist and groan on impact. He wasn't sure what the damage was, but the tank was disabled. He looked around for more targets. He worried if his awkward, imprecise movements could do much good against the softer targets, but they could certainly hurt the tanks.
  4. 6 Well, Adam was gonna punch a tank, but apparently he isn't. I'm gonna go ahead and reroll that 12 But that's under an 11, so 16 is the attack roll vs the next tank.
  5. Adam always enjoyed Christmas, but Pan's enthusiasm was warmly infectious. That, and he had an excuse to hang out with Lulu, so that was a bonus. It was cold, but he enjoyed the briskness of the weather. Plus, it gave him an excuse to bundle up, and that was always a bonus. He could wear a hood, a hat, gloves, a coat, a scarf...he could just keep the self conscious parts of himself hidden and just enjoy being outside. "I love old books." Adam said. "Consider me interested."
  6. Adam stared out at the scene before him. German soldiers, nazis. He was worried about Pan and knew the situation would rapidly spiral out of control. He sighed. "Ah, well, crap. Well, cry havoc and all that." Adam spotted his target and crouched for just a moment. He bolted forward, breaking out in a dead sprint. He hurled himself into the air, screaming as loud as he could. He hit the ground and slammed both fists down on the tank in front of him. He felt steel buckle under the force of his blow, twisting the armor, bending the frame and bending the barrel of the main gun.
  7. Specimen is going to run and then do a leaping charge at the nearest enemy tank. 16 hit? If so, DC30 TOU save.
  8. Speed-Demon had kept quiet. He was out of his element and more than a little worried about what was going on. When he heard about the bodies, he dare not look. So he kept with the other heroes, falling a little behind, trying to keep his nerve. He wasn't easily spooked, but becoming a hero had involved a great deal more horror and magic than he had expected. He'd originally figured he would deal with petty thugs, gang bangers, drug pushers and the like. This felt out of his element. Still, he was a hero, and he was with them whenever they saw...whatever that thing was.
  9. It would have taken Speed-Demon longer to respond than arrive. It took him mere seconds to find Woodsman in the area. He didn't know what was needed, but he was there to be of service. "Speed-Demon here." He said as he popped up.
  10. Adam had no problem taking point. He was well aware that he was a whole lot less vulnerable than most. He wondered if the sandstorm would even truly bother him, or if he could shrug it's effects off without issue. Either way, he was quite willing to take the lead. "No problem." He said, stepping forward. "I have to warn you, my sense of sight only picks up things in the visible spectrum."
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