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  1. Voltage sat down and began to do exactly that, creating two distinct data partitions. He made sure that neither were accessible from within the system, and vice versa. Nothing uploaded would be able to affect anything else on the system. He was actually a bit rusty working with his own hands. He was used to using his powers to do so. "Won't take more than a few minutes." He said. He could have gotten it done in seconds with his powers, but the old fashioned way was a bit slower.
  2. Voltage popped back in with the equipment, and Eira. He had given just a quick explanation of what was going to happen, and the two arrived with the electronics. He went back, gently explained what was going to happen, and brought Gonzalez back with him.] "Sorry for the abruptness. I figured you'd rather be fast and startled, than slow. I have the equipment." He looked at the patient. "Do we have the facilities to fabricate a new body for him? I can create a data partition to copy his mind into if needed. What's the situation. How can I help?"
  3. Voltage is going to follow Gonzales and make a quick scan of the gear they brought with them. He's going to note anything that might be dangerous or problematic using his Knowledge Technology. Taking 20 (thank you mental quickness!) For a 41
  4. Voltage passes the knowledge Tech checks by taking 10 EDIT: Also the streetwise and civics stuff, but not the notice checks EDIT 2: And Quickness 8 takes care of the Notice check
  5. Voltage followed the instructions to the best of his ability, but he was clearly awaiting assistance. He had fixed, repaired and worked on a great deal of technology, but he had never tried to save a life before. He wondered if pieces of his own suit could be used to help the man. He wondered a lot about what he could do to help.
  6. No point in Voltage trying. He is more focused on saving his life
  7. Voltage was not an expert in cybernetics, but he was an expert in technology. More to the point, in that moment, he was capable of getting to the injured man more quickly than anyone else. "I'm going to teleport to Helipad 3 now." He said. "Please, send me coordinates to guide him to the best place to treat him. I'll teleport him there." With that, he dissolved into silvery bolts of electricity. Moments later, he had the injured Irons in the coordinates sent to him by Eira. He focused on the network in the facility, and said. "I'm sorry to patch into the sy
  8. "Does the facility need much reworking and renovation? Honestly it's been quite a while since I had to stretch my mind on this sort of problem. Hmm, independent electrical system, security system, hmm, R&D. Ah, yes, custom server. Totally secure." It was evident that he was designing the entire facility as he stood there, thinking almost absentmindedly. "Ah, sorry, I realize this is not, actually, my own facility. I've created a document with my thoughts and ideas, I can share it with you if you like." Then, he reconsidered. "Actually, why don't we create a document for everyon
  9. Voltage leaned in, curious. "I concur. We're not just superheroes. I mean, no disrespect to other heroes, but I think when you can do good, you do good. Even if it's not stopping villains. I'm very intrigued." His mind whirled with possibilities, as he assumed everyone else's did. He could imagine a robust security system, a complex system of various labs, safety protocols. If they asked for his input which, they might, he would have a fully formed design document, a list of possible grants and sponsors to seek, and a number of proposals ready in minutes. He was already searching t
  10. "Human interaction is important...yes. I had to remember that one, myself.." Voltage said. He had met her before her current body. As for him, he had put on a bit of weight since coming out of isolation, looking quite a bit healthier. She would probably remember him best from when his hair was near shoulder length and gray, not the close cropped white that it currently was. He was still getting used to being in public, and was visibly a little bit on edge. Though, being around fellow scientists and people he knew was putting him a lot more at ease. They would forgive him his eccentricities. Af
  11. Echoes of Legacy Crimson Tiger Mali clutched her knees. Her breath was ragged, her eyes, wide. She had traveled through dimensions, she had seen strange sights that most would never believe. She had fought alongside powerful people. What she had not ever expected was to travel through time. She had met her great-grandfather. She had met the Black Tiger. She knew how he died. She knew why he died. She knew the answer to a mystery that was nearly a hundred years old. It was a sight she would never forget. She had somehow slipped through time. She had landed in Bangkok, deca
  12. Name: Nicolette Lamontagne Age: 25 Occupation: Heiress, professional fencer. Home: Bordeaux France Weapon of Choice: Longsword Colors: Red, Gold Armor Description: The Lancelot armor is sleek in it's lines, giving Nicolette the maneuverability she needs to truly take advantage of her skills. It has an attached cape, but she can withdraw the cape if she needs to. She has trained in several forms of fencing, including old Medieval fencing manuals, since she was a young girl. She possesses great skill with a sword, but no other abilities except for her WonderTech ar
  13. Valerie was grateful for the assistance. While Colin wasn't useless in the kitchen, Thanksgiving was mostly her thing. They didn't have much of an extended family, and few who lived anywhere near Freedom City. Luckily, the Lanchesters had a toaster oven into which the biscuits could neatly fit to be warmed up. There was turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes and a spinach casserole. Valerie also made a pumpkin pie, but that, at least, wasn't homemade. Adam set the table with Colin. "So, any plans for after high school
  14. Colin nodded. "Just go down the hallway to the right. There's a bathroom, door's open, can't miss it." He said. Valerie showed Adam the turkey in the oven, and he sat down the couch to wait for Lulu to return. He put his feet up and stretched out. Colin sat down in his seat and said. "Lulu's cute, Adam." He smiled. "She seems nice." Adam nodded. "Honestly, yeah. She was one of my first real friends at Claremont, and she's been a big help in terms of just, all sorts of support, you know?' "I'm really glad that Claremont is working out. You've grown a lot."
  15. Adam dutifully grabbed the casserole. His parents were already at the door. Adam's mom, Valerie, took the pie from her and remarked. "Oooh, I'm going to have to get a slice of that later." She stepped aside and invited Lulu into the house. Adam carried the casserole inside behind her. "Oh it's so nice to meet you!" She said. She offered Lulu a hug. Adam's mom was a rather prim woman in her late 40s, with short dark hair and a warm smile. She aged well, only really showing her age around her eyes. "Welcome, Lulu. We've heard a lot about you." Said Colin, Ada
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