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  1. The drone dutifully fetched a bottle of cold water, and sat it near Ryder, before flying off. "As for parts, well, 3D printing and fabrication technology is far, far beyond what it once was. Once it's designed and fabricated, we can simply retain the schematics. If it needs repaired or serviced, well. Bring it back here, we'll do a thorough scan of it, find whatever is malfunctioning, and simply have the required parts replaced or repaired. You don't need to find parts if you designed all of the parts and retain the schematics." A drone came in, carefully carrying a
  2. "I'm not sure if she can tell you're trying to talk to her, or if she's ignoring you." Voltage said. A tiny drone came flying over with a fresh, cold bottle of water dangling from it. It deposited the water on a small table near Danica, and then flew off. "I use that system myself, sometimes. I need to keep hydrated while I'm working. I, uh, sometimes forget to drink...and eat. I have it programmed to fetch bottles of water on an hourly basis, and snacks at other intervals." He said, sheepishly. The drone fetched a bottle of water for him. "Would you like anything to dr
  3. Gust Power Level: 8/10 (150/150) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Teenage superhero with the power to generate bursts of air from his limbs Catchphrase: Theme: Alternate Identity: Tristan Jacobs (Secret) Birthplace: Saginaw, Michigan Residence: Saginaw, Michigan Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Occupation: Student Affiliations: Family: Larry, Alexander (parents), Sarah (sister) Description: Age: 16 (July 30th, 2005) Gender: Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'6" Weight: 160 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Blond Trista
  4. Voltage nodded. His super enhanced mind scanned the partition, looking for any signs of weakness or vulnerability. "No weaknesses or vulnerabilities found." he said. He stood and walked to where Miss Americana asked them to go. He was in new territory. He had done a lot of contract work, a lot of inventing and lab work, but this was government secrets. This was strange, new territory for him. He was cautious and wary. He hadn't been in a fight in years, he certainly hoped not to do it today.
  5. Skill mastery 35 on Computers check to ensure that the partition is secure. Voltage has quickness 8
  6. Voltage nodded and understood. He realized it would take Danica and Ryder to help Eira understand. It really was a good design, useful for a number of applications, but probably not one for a person like Danica. He didn't touch anything. He didn't need to. He was connected directly to the Lab's computers with his technopathic powers. "While Eira's busy, would either of you like something to drink?" He motioned over to a small fridge in the corner. "We've got soda, water, juice, energy drinks..." "I've known Eira for quite a while, actually. I used to work
  7. Voltage was waiting for them to arrive, sort of floating near the door. While he could stand, he didn't like to. He rather enjoyed floating in mid-air because that was just easier. He was rail thin, with a sharp face and short white hair. He gave them a friendly smile. "Hello, welcome to the lab. I'm Voltage. I started my career at eighteen, a bit too old for Claremont." He waved them in. "I know what it's like to be a young superhero. Honestly, I enjoy working on new projects." "I've already allocated some resources to this project." He said. "Once we have a design we
  8. Voltage sat back. The design was certainly impressive. He could see a bit of her uncle's influence in the aesthetics. He took a breath. He needed to be circumspect, to be respectful. Honestly, the design would work wonders for most people. He was a bit worried that a tortoise girl might be intimidated. "From what I gather, Chelone likes a bit of a slower pace. She may find the sheer speed a bit intimidating. I appreciate what you're trying to do for your friend, but we should get her input, too."
  9. Voltage leaned forward, pressing his hands together beneath his chin and looked thoughtful. "I wonder what parts of his mind, if any, the drones have. I would imagine an agent of his experience would have some valuable information available. The 'how' is indeed a big question here." "Is the question of 'how' a question of how they got their hands on his schematics? Did they end up with technical documents on Irons' cybernetics? I do wonder how, precisely, they got information on his schematics. Perhaps that's part of the question?" He shook his head. "Empty
  10. Voltage said nothing about what he saw, knowing that others in the room were far more circumspect and capable of discussing these things delicately. He respected the greater understanding and wisdom of Miss Americana A factory for building synthetic drones. He knew such things existed, but he wondered if Simmons simply couldn't handle the information. Imagine seeing your own obsolescence incarnate. Or was it an entirely different issue? Whatever the case, it went poorly. Instead, he simply stroked his chin thoughtfully as his computer like mind worked various angles.
  11. Skill Mastery; 35 on Computers
  12. Adam laughed with joy and snatched Lulu up into his arms. He tossed her gently into the air and caught her effortlessly. He kissed her (trusting that she'd be wearing smudge proof lipstick) and hugged her tight. "Yes I missed you. I didn't think you were coming." He only reluctantly put her back down after a few moments. One advantage of his strength was that carrying Lulu around was hardly any effort at all. When he finally set her gently on her feet, he smiled. "You look gorgeous."
  13. Voltage leaned forward. "Our focus was on saving your life. Our other concerns were secondary. We wanted to make sure everything would transfer cleanly and that you'd function without issues before trying to get information from you. I'm glad to see it's working"
  14. "Can we even extract any information from the agents?" Voltage piped in. "Wetworks people, AEGIS agents. They don't seem the type to talk to us about it with us. Doctors don't usually interrogate suspects. Then again...I...I feel like we need to get him up and running and see what he thinks is going to happen. None of this looks good." "How does everything look so far?"
  15. Adam strode into the party with confidence. His issues made him very particular about his appearance, so he never had anything out of place if he could avoid it. He wore a tailored three piece suit, with an emerald green vest and a black tie. This wig was neatly trimmed, and he had his eyebrows on. "Hey everybody. Lulu couldn't make it, had some heavy duty studying to do." He saw Elena, the only other person near his height, but saw that she was clearly struggling with the situation. She was new, for one thing, and looked a bit out of sorts. He decided to leave her alon
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