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  1. Adam's eyes bulged slightly and his voice caught in his throat for a moment. "You are absolutely stunning, Lulu." He grinned. "Well, then, no harm done. Beauty takes time, after all. Your hair is beautiful no matter how you style it. Shall we go to the prom?" He hooked his arm in hers and lead her. He knew he was too young to fall in love, but it was hard not to. He was not a good dancer, but he would try his best.
  2. "Of course, not necessarily all of them, but many of them, yes." Adam said. "What is special about this copy? Is it rare and expensive?" He looked around. "I imagine an old copy could probably be very, very valuable. Though I'm not an expert and have no idea how much. I'm glad he didn't get it, though."
  3. Adam winced. It wasn't meant personally, of course, but Adam could put away a lot of food if he wanted. "I'll certainly take that under advisement." With that said, he set to eating. He still ate more than most, but for him, it was a light meal. The food was amazing, of course. Despite his size and appetite, Adam had impeccable table manners. He felt like a freak enough without worrying about his manners, too.
  4. "Hmm, that wouldn't be that difficult. We might have to go get materials, but that's doable. What do you think, Lulu? Also, would you be including Pluto, or not?" He chuckled. He was pro-Pluto. As far as he knew, a planet was supposed to be any sufficiently large, round object in space that didn't orbit a planet. If that meant there were dozens of planets or hundreds, that was fine with him.
  5. Adam walked up to where Lulu was getting dressed. He was dressed to the nines in what was probably the largest suit of it's kind. Charcoal gray and pinstriped, with a dashing hat. Privately, he thought he looked the best he had in his life. He was also nervous, but he and Lulu had been together long enough to truly enjoy this evening. "Just...chill, Adam. Chill. Your girlfriend is gorgeous and she adores you, so chill. It's prom. You've seen movies about it, tv shows, and...uh, well, none of those ended all that well, but..."
  6. 27 For intimidate to figure out if these guys are working for someone else.
  7. "Sometimes, starting over is the best way to do something. I'm glad you guys are going to try to get past this. So, who's hungry? You know me, always hungry." Adam was slightly awkward. He was glad, but still, a bit awkward. He also really was hungry a lot of the time. Sometimes he chalked it up to his unique nature, other times to being a regular teenager. Either way, food.
  8. Doktor'd! Edits for Voltage; Please remove [floatr][/floatr] from near the player name. Change his hair color to white instead of gray. Change his description to; Voltage is nearly six feet tall and slim but fit. His face is sharp and somewhat hardened by isolation. His now-white hair is kept short in a neat if nondescript cut. Change/add complications as follows, please; Delete the 'awkward teen' complication, delete the 'Job' complication, and add; Isolation: Voltage is a few years behind in terms of pop culture and recent events. Katastroffic Influence: Voltage is employed by a massive tech company, and they probably have both rivals and enemies. I hate Crowds: Voltage avoid large groups of people as much as he can Big Brain, Small Head: Voltage's mind works like a supercomputer, incredibly complex and fast. However, even he can't keep up with his own mind sometimes and this can cause headaches, both literal and figurative. Add the following to his History right at the end; In 2013, Voltage formally retired from heroics to focus on his career. He went to work for Katastroff and got some serious education under his belt. Within four years, he was Dr Thomas Morgan, three times over. He continued to work for Katastroff. In mid-2017, he received research funds and opened his own facility in an isolated location in the upper atmosphere. He was the sole researcher, and within a few weeks, he was in total isolation. He powered the facility and received deliveries of food, but after a while he broke contact off completely. He did not see a single, living human in person from June 2018 until March 5th, 2020. On March 5th, 2020, he voluntarily left his facility and closed it down. He had done as much as he could locked in a facility by himself, and he's decided to rejoin the world as a whole. He has, as well, decided to dust off his old costume and resume the identity of Voltage.
  9. "It's very fascinating. I'm really enjoying it a lot. How is school going for you? Learning anything really good?" Adam smiled as he leaned forward. He knew his girlfriend was unnerved by the kid, but he also kind of understood why. So he was the liaison between the two. He smiled over at Lulu in apology. He knew she didn't like having to deal with him.
  10. As soon as Adam was safe, he collapsed. His shoulders sagged and he took a deep breath. He was tough, insanely so. He had never been injured in any real sense ever in his entire life. Übermensch knocked Felix out cold, and Adam knew Felix was about as tough as he was. Übermensch was out for blood. He was a nazi and perfectly willing to do great evil to them. All they were guilty of was trying to help innocent people. Adam took a deep breath, and focused. This was his first real brush with danger, and he performed admirably. He was going to do what he had to do. He wasn't just gonna take being a superhero seriously, he was going to train, to toughen, to grow. The first thing on his list? Learning to throw a proper punch. "Well guys, we did it. We won!" He laughed and stood up. "Hell yeah!! We fought freaking nazis, and we kicked, their, ass!"
  11. Crimson Tiger bolted forward, moving towards one of the men with surprising speed. She grabbed him by the head and slammed her knee into his face before he had time to react. He fell back and she turned to the next man. He was a bit too far away to close in immediately, but she didn't mind. He didn't look like he could handle her easily.
  12. 24 I'm gonna assume that stealth is a waste of effort now and she's just gonna attack.
  13. Adam is going to stunt Move-By-Action so he can snatch Felix up and leave
  14. Adam charged for Felix and snatched him up. Then, he bolted for the cave. They'd done as much as they could in this situation, to save these people. He had broken some nazi tanks, beaten up several of nazi super soldiers, and hit Superior himself in the face. He'd done his part, and now he was out of here.
  15. 27 on initiative.
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