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  1. IDEA All of Arthurian Myth Is True. All of it. Any inconsistencies are owed to various incarnations having different versions of the events. Also, I think I'm gonna stake my claim on Lancelot. I propose that each of us present a brief overview of our concept, like, so; Knight: Lancelot Secret ID: Ordinary human woman, mid-20s, tall, fit, blond. Character Themes: The Best Knight in terms of pure combat ability. (mostly just really good in a fight) Extra Powers: None Armor Colors: Red and Gold Concept: Lancelot and Guinivere was his fault. She was
  2. I'm not sure what we'd even fight in a giant robot though. I'm not necessarily against it, but would we break it out all that often?
  3. I like the idea of having the original table, and Merlin slowly assembling the castle before calling the knights. There's a power rangers type situation there that I like.
  4. I'm gonna go stream-of-consciousness here, sorry for the relative lack of coherency from idea to idea, but each idea should be understandable by itself. I'm not going to be disappointed if any or all of these ideas are turned down. This is just spit-balling. Arthur is Missing. He might be out there somewhere, or he might not, the characters don't know. Merlin is Zordon in the hawthorn tree Nimue trapped him in. Color Coordinated: every character has a color scheme. The armor is the unifying concept, actual aesthetics vary from person to person, but I think color is a
  5. I think nobody gets to be Merlin or Arthur. They're NPCs. I also propose the idea that Merlin is an AI. Not set in stone, of course, just a thought. Magitech armor with individuals having their own potential magic powers. Customized armor connected to the themes of each knight?
  6. Adam crossed his arms and stood straight up to his full six foot eight height. "Just so everybody knows, Sebastian here just used his powers on his fellow students so he could avoid putting effort into getting his own bags. You're all witnesses. So, Sebastian, how do you think they'd deal with you doing that? I don't think they'll react very well, do you? Do the smart thing, let them go, and get your own crap."
  7. 14 ...yaknow what? Adam has hero points, so; 25 Better
  8. Doktor'd! I have a few minor edit requests for Specimen; Increase his height from 6'6" to 6'8", increase his weight from 330 to 340. Spend a PP and give him the Interpose feat.
  9. "Go get your own, Sebastian." Adam said, strolling in. He was carrying all of his gear at once and didn't seem at all bothered. The young man towered over most people, over six and a half feet of solid muscle packed in a plain black t-shirt, a pair of faded jeans and work boots. His wig and other cosmetics were on, so he looked normal, at least from the neck up. He knew they could see the scarring on his forearms, but he had gone through too much to be bothered by that. "Hey everyone. I'm Adam. I'd shake hands, but uh." He gestured to his hands. "I'm Felix' roommate. If you're tra
  10. Name: Adam Code Name: Specimen Year: Senior Current Team: Blue Current Roommate: Legatus Reflection: He has adapted better to the outside world than he ever hoped he would. He hopes to continue to grow. Community Cause: Mentoring younger students, tutoring other kids, using his strength on building projects outside school.
  11. Adam's eyes bulged slightly and his voice caught in his throat for a moment. "You are absolutely stunning, Lulu." He grinned. "Well, then, no harm done. Beauty takes time, after all. Your hair is beautiful no matter how you style it. Shall we go to the prom?" He hooked his arm in hers and lead her. He knew he was too young to fall in love, but it was hard not to. He was not a good dancer, but he would try his best.
  12. "Of course, not necessarily all of them, but many of them, yes." Adam said. "What is special about this copy? Is it rare and expensive?" He looked around. "I imagine an old copy could probably be very, very valuable. Though I'm not an expert and have no idea how much. I'm glad he didn't get it, though."
  13. Adam winced. It wasn't meant personally, of course, but Adam could put away a lot of food if he wanted. "I'll certainly take that under advisement." With that said, he set to eating. He still ate more than most, but for him, it was a light meal. The food was amazing, of course. Despite his size and appetite, Adam had impeccable table manners. He felt like a freak enough without worrying about his manners, too.
  14. "Hmm, that wouldn't be that difficult. We might have to go get materials, but that's doable. What do you think, Lulu? Also, would you be including Pluto, or not?" He chuckled. He was pro-Pluto. As far as he knew, a planet was supposed to be any sufficiently large, round object in space that didn't orbit a planet. If that meant there were dozens of planets or hundreds, that was fine with him.
  15. Adam walked up to where Lulu was getting dressed. He was dressed to the nines in what was probably the largest suit of it's kind. Charcoal gray and pinstriped, with a dashing hat. Privately, he thought he looked the best he had in his life. He was also nervous, but he and Lulu had been together long enough to truly enjoy this evening. "Just...chill, Adam. Chill. Your girlfriend is gorgeous and she adores you, so chill. It's prom. You've seen movies about it, tv shows, and...uh, well, none of those ended all that well, but..."
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