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  1. Sandman Seems a pretty natural fit if it'd work for your plans.
  2. Following Elizabeths advice Kam sated himself on the other fare as well having worked up an appetite in the afternoons labor. He nodded agreement to the girls suggestion, "Ah yes I suppose that would be the simpler course wouldn't it." He did tend to overthink such things a fact his sister was usually quick to remind him of. He sighed slightly, "I admit most of may activities of this nature require escaping the notice of friend and foe alike." he admitted with a laugh. "Veronica is there anything in particular we should need to bring?" he enquired curiously not entirely certain what this sort of excursion would require. "Light source I suppose." he shrugged with a wide grin, "A length of rope? Ten foot pole?" he suggested jovially.
  3. angrydurf

    Mud Pack

    Kam was briefly taken aback by whatever had happened to his roomates face, less horror than confusion perhaps but surprised none the less. At Veronica's prompting however he did signal he was ready and leaned into the belaying line to slow her descent. Coiling the rope as it came free he approached the group a few steps behind the teen Danger. "Kameron Kingdom." he offered extending a hand to the new student for a firm handshake. He frowned slightly over the young man's shoulder at Leroy with a small sigh, "While I'm confident you have your reasons for the," he gestured vaguely at the body horror on display, "But do you not think it might not upset some of the other students?" he diplomatically pointed out questioningly trying to gently nudge his roomate into being less of a spectacle for the moment at least. "Leroy is from," The Dakanan paused his diction clean but with a hint of accent only placeable as generically foreign, "Ah, Far away and custom is different." he offered weakly with a vague shrug. He nodded greeting to the almost perpetually cranky Corinne as well offering some agreement, "Well the student body does tend toward the exceptional I'm not certain all are so physically gifted." he did counter subtly.
  4. Red Lynx is in the PL range and spends his evenings doing the whole cowl thing and could either stumble upon a deal or dig it up in the course of investigations. Ace Danger is at PL 10 and has more PP over that for versatility but pretty much always has an excuse for knowing what's going down in Freedom with his contacts and what not. Either could work with Red Lynx probably better if you're trying to keep it low powered.
  5. angrydurf

    Mud Pack

    The gym was by luck not particularly busy at the time so Leroys face was unlikely to cause an incident, for the moment at least. Assorted standard weight machines and other equipment was arrayed neatly about the large space along with some more esoteric devices for the special needs students with strength or speed beyond the abilities of run of the mill equipment. One tall wall was dominated by colorful studs for climbing, a good full body workout and of great use for students participating in 'extracurriculars'. At the base of the wall a tall student of african descent stood holding the belaying line tucked tight to his side broad shoulders just slightly flexed in preparation of taking hte load should the climber high above miss a grip in her breakneck pace up the wall. As the trio entered he glanced across the floor squinting slightly and offered a wave with his free hand to his roommate not seeming to notice any lingering marks of his earlier antics, at the least not calling attention to them. Which anyone living with the odd extra dimensional student would have learned as as survival technique early on.
  6. Approaching the task at hand with a single minded focus Kam was meditatively quiet through the afternoon filling buckets and steadfastly sifting with mechanical precision as he picked out the rare potsherd. He seemed quite satisfied by what they had uncovered by the time the shadows grew long and they headed back to camp. "I expect a great deal more sand really." he replied with a grin as they walked back to the camp. He quickly wiped down his face and hands before making his way to where Dr. Nassry explained the small feast they were offered. Stomach growling at the site and description he was close on Veronicas heels before pausing to offer to let Elizabeth go first as his manners caught up to him. "You are too kind I expected far more plain fair in camp." he praised as he moved in to fill a bowl with the hearty Ful when his turn came. A few pieces of the flatbread tucked against the bowl were soon turned to his primary utensil as the young man dug into the rich meal gratefully. "Your cooks have outdone themselves." he complimented freely between bites. When able to speak more freely he leaned in to enquire of Veronica, "What is our plan for the other portion of our excursion here?" He had little concern with slipping unnoticed form his own pod but meeting up with the girls without drawing undue speculation might be more difficult.
  7. That'll do it. Someone is scrying on your location.
  8. Ace Danger 1 GM Post = 1PP Ouroboros 1 Post = 1PP Through the Mirrored Glass and Back Again (IC) = 1 Posts Red Lynx 3 posts = 1 PP + 1 Ref PP = 2PP Lair of the Mummy (IC) = 3 Posts Savant 1 GM Post = 1PP GM 1 post = 2GM posts (1 Post to Ace Danger, 1 post to Savant) Golgotha Tenement Blues IC = 1 Posts Ref PP To Red Lynx
  9. Tiff give me a notice check for Thornes Magic senses.
  10. Inside the dilapidated tenement it was clear the maintenance had long ago been abandoned, perhaps the entire building, Most of the apartments were missing doors and piled high with assortments of worn and disturbingly stained furnishings where adicts could collapse to escape reality until their high ran out. Strix passed unnoticed through the halls but for one strangely insightful junkie who seemed to think him a hallucination or spectre. It didn't take long to find the spider at the heart of this web of vice. Frankie was a skeletally thin man of his late twenties with the sores and track marks to show he did not heed the advice not to sample the product but was at least at the moment sober. He sat in one of hte few actually furnished apartments awaiting the next influx of desperation to feed the cofferes of his masters. Paraphernalia of myriad intoxicants spread out before him on a large metal desk with neat stacks of product nearby. At the door two heavies with less evidence of being users themselves stood ostensible guard but seemed bored and distracted not noticing Strix whatsoever. Just after Strix entered the room a scraggly teen slid in breathing heavy as if having run a distance eyeing the money and drugs with envy. Frankie stood startled and slapped his partner of the moment on the ass as he sent her out and ordered the doors closed apparently expecting the teen. As soon as the door shut the younger criminal blurted out his message, "Your guys got taken out by some kinda freaks." he panted, "Boss says he's gonna deal with it personally since you fuck'd it up again." Clearly the kid hoped to this failure would see a loyalist like himself rise to be king of Frankies tiny pond. Outside minutes after Strix left Judex and Dr. Thorne would see the same teen nearly bowl over a derelict staggering out of the door in his hurry to deliver warning or news.
  11. "I imagine it will primarily be the brush and the sieve for us." Kam replied to Elizabeth shrugging. "It seems not all of archeology is dodging falling boulders and savage tribesmen or ancient curses." the prince smirked with a feigned rueful shake of his head. "This was a gift from an excited hobbyist." he gestured somewhat embarrassed at the vest, "It would be rude not to accept and put to use though no?" it certainly would have been by Dakanan standards. He followed the others through the explanation of how they were to be aiding dig committing the asics to memory though knowing he lacked the expertise to offer more than sharp eyes and a strong back to the effort and would be calling upon the professionals should he actually locate anything of significance. He also examined the process of where and how the artifacts were catalogued and stored keeping an eye or possible vectors for infiltration by outside agents ever suspicious. At the site itself he readily pitched in slowly peeling back layers of the desert earth to be sieved and seek artifacts of antiquity. "It is from this foundation that the flashier finds are wrought and given context after all." he agreed with Veronica but Side eyed Elizabeth, "Or through singular rule breaking for adventures sake by certain blessed lineages."
  12. Grinning at Elizabeth's seemingly endless enthusiasm for the more mundane portions of the trip Kam took Dr. Nassry's reply storing away that information for later. The Dakanan hefted his bag and looked toward the pod he was to be bunking in, "Agreed Veronica." he turned to start walking that direction, "I'll return momentarily I should change into something more dig site appropriate." As while comfortable for a lengthy flight the lightweight athletic wear was not likely to hold up to the rigors of even pretending to work an active excavation. It would also give him the opportunity to secure the more esoteric gear he'd brought for their true purpose here. A few minutes later he returned clad in sturdy boots, durable but breathable dun linen trousers and a pocketed vest with assorted small brushes and tools all without a hint of use, a gift from an enthusiastic member of hte household when they'd discovered where he was spending his break. Under the vest a tight cotton tank top gave the slightest nod to modesty but in the desert heat he was opting for comfort over other concerns. He patiently awaited whatever the ladies or Dr. Nassry needed to attend to after his return.
  13. Taking in the layout of the camp with a care Kam quickly turned his gaze to the dig estimating the distance and likelihood of noise carrying to the tents and pods. Peering at the structure where he was to bunk he nodded gratefully, "Your hospitality is appreciated, I admit not expecting such luxurious accommodations." He tilted his head curiously at the revelation of how few workers would be in residence overnight and while it certainly suited their own purposes to be less observed the same benefits would extend to any agents of the enemy that might approach. "Is there further security at the dig itself?" he asked curiously as he dug a bit deeper for information, "I imagine even casual vandals are a risk no less active thieves." he looked between Veronica and Nassry uncertain if he misread the situation.
  14. We'll continue then with Grumbles next post. Let me know if theres more you want to work with.
  15. We seem to have stalled out again. Do you all want me to do a wrap up post of our heroes busting Freddie here and interested parties can try to track down the bigger bads behind this in later threads? Or we can kick back into motion if people have the interest to keep this going.
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