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  1. Ouroboros glared at Salvos exclamation and burst of magic missiles, "He's over there." he scolded through clenched teeth as he felt Aquarias sorcery snap the illusion. He nodded to the deep one with respect for the well crafted counter amidst the falling rock that battered the heroes. Turning once more on the avatar of vhoka, "In your true form, here in your own house, we'd have little chance against you. But in your desperation you have become weak." he taunted the beast as coruscating sapphire bolts crawled up his arms arcing between his fingers before he thrust forth one sp
  2. "Your perpetual optimism borders on madness you know." Utsuwa replied with a small shake of his head and faint smile at the gentle ribbing. His eyes followed the angry man to the door with a shake of his head and vague disgust on his features as he turned back to the counter. "I suspect it is not in fact fine." he murmured under his breath with a shrug but said nothing more about the man who clearly needed more refined anger management techniques. The fit teen looked over the menu arms crossed across his chest and the flat line his mouth fell into left the already rattled cashi
  3. Utsuwa simply shrugged, "A for effort I guess?" he suggested with smirk as he took note of the building they were approaching and the neighboring business's and upper floors layouts. As his roommate paused in the door his eyes fell toward the ground, "Have to get used to it sometime." he replied with only slight discomfort with the revelation of how poorly he was hiding his discomfort from the enthusiastic teen. He was glad not to have to meet the other boys eyes in the immediate aftermath certainly. He followed Ryder into the shop and looked over the posted menu with intense
  4. Utsuwa's eyes danced over the crowd scanning and assessing constantly. It was exhausting but a habit he'd been unable to break. He carefully measured his breathing forcing himself to remain calm despite the many distractions as he moved through the crowd. The black coat zipped tightly over his torso was unremarkable devoid of identifying branding likewise the dark jeans and off brand cross trainers below. Only the borrowed beanie emblazoned with the sigil of one of Ryders favorite cartoon characters deviated from the artfully generic appearance Utsuwa put forth for their journey outside sc
  5. Hmmm I seem to have forgotten to buy up his reflex save oh no! Lets see how this goes. Reflex: 1d20+3=11 Not worth rerolling that lets see about the soak, Toughness: 1d20+12=25 so a bruise I'll take it. Free Action: Set Magic array to Blast 12 (Eldritch Blast; Feats: Accurate 2, Affects insubstantial 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Magic]) [30PP] (Magic, Variable) Variable descriptor will be Electricity. Move Action: Make sure to stay out of melee range. Standard Action: Fire the Blast at Vhokas avatar. Attack: 1d20+12=17 HP to Reroll: 1d20+12=18 +10 f
  6. Ouroboros 2 posts = 1PP Tail of Gold (IC): 2 Posts Kensei 1 Ref PP
  7. "That was too easy." Ouroboros said even as the beast reverted to the form of a man impaled on the end of the deep ones trident. "Beware the lies of would be gods Aquaria In-His-Mouth." he warned as he caught the amphibian heroes gaze suppressing her flight or fight instincts with a swell of vampric mesmerism. As the others examined the body he turned his attention and potent mystic gifts to the room around him finally alighting upon the chanting figure. All this deception and misdirection was not what Vhoka was known for, something wasn't adding up but every moment they tarr
  8. Counter Check for hte illusion: 1d20+15=18 welp there's that I'll try and get an IC up tonight
  9. SenseMotive to notice something fishy: 1d20+10=25 Then assuming that is enough to be suspicious. Free Action: set Variable pool to Supersenses 5(counters illusion(all visual), Analytical(mage sight)) [5vp] That should get past any illusion and then gonna set Vampric pool to Alternate Power: Emotion Control 10 (Vampiric Mesmerism; Flaws: Sense Dependent [Visual; eye contact]) [10PP] And try to target Aquaria with a calm effect. DC 20 will save for effect DC 20 reflex to avoid eye contact if she'd be avoiding it.
  10. Ouroboros spun as the creature dropped from the ceiling to attack Justice the glint of his forcefield strengthening in the direction of the threat as he flew clear of the melee. "I'm not a fan of kill it with fire in most case but I'll make an exce-" He cut off his quip as the devourer absorbed the burst of hellfire and seemed all the mightier for it. "Well that's an unexpected trick." "Lets try something a little different." the hovering Dhampir suggested as he began his own dark incantation, "Izvikaiite mnogoto ramena na Kar'Kradas ot mestata mezhdu tyakh!" The final sylla
  11. Free Action: Set Magic Array to Move Object 12 (Mage Hand; Feats: Accurate 2, Affects Insubstantial 2, Precise, Indirect 1) [30PP] Move Action: Move well out of melee range Flight 2(subtle) still active from his cantrip VP. Standard Action: Attack with move object initiating a Grapple 1d20+12=23 Grapple Check 1d20+24=34
  12. Ouroboros 3 posts = 1PP + 1 Ref PP = 2PP Tail of Gold (IC): 3 Posts
  13. Ouroboros glared at the shadowy apparition eyes glinting with predatory light, "Careful now Vhoka, I'm liable to think this is personal you keep that up." he growled. His relationship with his father was, conflicted, to say the least at this point. But if he knew one thing about Jack Faretti with certainty. It was that Jack Faretti never pleaded to anyone for help. He glanced to Justice ignoring the fals whispers and lies completely now. "No, sometimes you meet a cute trickster god, but usually that's after the horribleness." He stalked forward warily but resolute and nodded
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