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  1. Background and concept look good solid concept and straightforward build. Sheet should be formatted per https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/start/playguide_35/character-sheet-template-r3/ Primarily this is in the powers section where power names should be bolded, AP slots underlined, extras/flaws/feats/drawbacks should be italic etc. Native language should be included in skills. Immoveable provides +4 per ranks so that would be an additional +16 when applicable. Adding a + in front of the 16 should make that clear. Comprehend doesn't cover literacy standard so currently ARTHUR is only literate in their native language (english?) 1 more rank will make it literate in all languages. (Related a good complication for universal translators like this only earth/known languages, can speak spanish to tagalog to even Dakanan but not gal standard or Lor or Atlantean maybe up to you if it can heuristically translate language it's never been exposed to.) Danger Sense should have a sense type and a descriptor.
  2. The Lor scout glanced to Ashley at the hesitation and sending away of the other agents. For a moment concerned she'd missed some subtle Terran cue that the other agents shouldn't know the reason of her visit and was relieved when it was Judy's concerns about her power instead. She offered a confident smile of assurance, "And as you may have noticed space if full of lights." she joked casually and hefted the device as Judy began to glow and dialed in the bands on the detector to focus in on the most likely stellarian spectra. "Yes just a few moments longer Ju'Deth." She replied as she pulled in the algorithm to filter for local and global background radiation. Holding up the scanner results for Ashley she glanced to judy, "You are doing great just a few moments longer." she encouraged and pointed to the initial results where results where the radio frequency signature of the stellarian home system adjusted for atmospheric interactions was displayed as a pale yellow underlay to the reading output from judy as the system filtered the readings down paring away the most likely interference and absorbance from terran sources to show what match might be unveiled. "I am piping the readings to the 'hoppers databanks for a more complete processing but these are the initial results." she whispered to Ashley and looked to the pretty Terran questioningly not sure how best to break the news of what they had uncovered to Judy.
  3. Kam let out a soft sigh, "Of course she did." It wasn't surprising in the least and really on many levels wasn't even unreasonable. "Well I for one am not foolish enough to step amidst a disagreement betwixt the sisters smith." he shook his head bemused and shrugged, "While I don't doubt her desires lie in such a direction but with Leroy?" he laughed at the very thought, "He's hardly one for white picket fences and two point five kids." The Dakanan pointed out with a small laugh, "that's more what I'd expect from..." he paused as he considered what student might be so boring as that would fit, "Micah?" he shrugged, "He's a quiet one but seems the type, perhaps it's the reserved midwesternisms." He smiled to Lulu, "Well thank you much for the details shall be far easier to parse Leroys ramblings on the subject with such insight." Not for the first time Kam wondered at the Headmistress boarding the reserved Dakanan and gregarious New Atlantean together. It was on the surface quite the odd couple pairing, though they had more in common than was common knowledge perhaps.
  4. I mean technically yea? 1d20+10=14 Orokos is not treating me well this thread
  5. will save: 1d20+8=23 success intimidate: 1d20+8=15 failure by 9 He's sufficiently intimidated to spill about any questions asked but unlikely to be changing his wicked ways over this set back
  6. Fa' Rua smiled at the quiet flirtation biting her lip appreciatively but being careful not to expose more of their relationship to the other agents in the moment. The city had seemed sprawling on her approach and the low buildings dotting the relatively open terrain seemed quite luxurious to one raised in the confines of a mining station. She doffed her gloves and clipped them to the sling now holding her helmet as she entered the rear of the mansion with a purposeful stride. She took Judys hand in a firm confident grip, "It is an Honor Ju'Deth." She intoned respectfully her voice lilting on the syllables of the name in odd cadence. Her eyes played across the other guardians and could tell this was a ward of some import to the Terran authorities. "I hope we are able to answer some questions for you Ma'am." she indicated as she released the hardcase on her back and typed in the code to release the seal. She pulled a hand held scanning device from the container and gestured to it with her free hand, "My vessel above is gathering background readings on your homeworld." she explained perhaps more for the others than Judy herself. "If you are able to generate an energy locus we should be able to filter out the background noise to find out more about the origins of your condition." She glanced to Ashley to confirm she wasn't at risk of revealing too much. Then back to Judy as she activated the device and began taking readings and transmitting them to the shipboard systems for analysis. "When you are comfortable Ma'am."
  7. Fa'Rua somewhat shamelessly looked Ashley up and down as she approached distracted enough by the attractive woman in a suit that she paused briefly at the offered name. "Ah-Agent Geeooorge, of course." She replied catching on to the false name as she regained her composure. Her voice was still a bit husky from the thrill of the descent and chill fall air but held tones of unplaceable foreignness in the the accented english she spoke. "I believe the phrase is any landing you walk away from yes?" she was unclear on some pop culture reference but had put in some study on cultural touchstones ahead of the visit. The ceramics of her suit were rapidly venting their heat into the air around her leaving a faint heat shimmer that was rapidly fading as the suits systems cooled the high tech materials. She approached Ashley with a genuine smile and tapped the hard case on her back, "I have the requested equipment right here Agent." she suggested and looked over her shoulder toward the house questioningly. "The Lor Republic is of course more than happy to offer it's aid in this matter." She played it off as the professional meeting Ashley certainly was trying to make it appear to be. None the less as she drew close she dropped to a whisper, "Ok this outfit is definitely going in the memory banks."
  8. "I'm certain this is not protocol Fa'Rua." Jolan scolded beleagerdly. He also was fully aware that was hardly going to stop his sisters hair brained scheme to sneak out of diplomatic duties for some kind of tawdry 'hook up'. "I'm a scout. I'm scouting." She replied clapping him on the shoulder, "You just dock with the station catch a ride to their liberty hall or whatever it's called and do your make nice give them the gift basket and I'll meet up with you there before anyone notices." The scheme earned not but a frown from the more by the book sibling. "Though wisdom may fall upon deaf ears ..." he quoted the liturgies only to be cut off as she palmed the airlock seal shutting the door and starting the pressure cycle. Fa'Rua pointed at her helmet as she locked it in place shaking her head to indicate she couldn't hear and as the door behind her opened she backflipped out into low orbit and with a nudge of thrusters began her descent into the atmosphere too small a target for most any ground based radars to even note her presence no less trajectory. Some amatuer astronomers perhaps caught the flare of her re-entry burn and noted it in a log somewhere, but little else to mark her passage as she hurtled toward the glowing lights of Freedom City. Firing her jump jets as she came in close she arrested her descent a scant few hundred feet from the surface and with a moments concentration folded the space between and landed lightly on the balls of her feet in the spacious backyard. For the time being she ignored her twins droning scold. He'd grow distracted once he docked regardless. Checking her suits HUD she confirmed this was the agreed upon location and released the fastenings on her helmet tucking it under one arm as she shook her hair free with a self satisfied smile and approached the house.
  9. Kanunu staggered a step back under the force of the blow but held his feet shaking it off as he raised his guard once more. "Bruh I don't need help to deal with you." The big Hawaiian planted his feet in a broad stance and swept his arms in a wide wave like motion as the water from the broken hydrant pooled around dinostroyers feet. "Going up!" he shouted as he raised his arms and at his command formed a powerful jet to launch the overgrown villain skyward. Though the villains mass left him moved but little he was swept from his feet, "Never skip leg day."
  10. Red Lynx also has Uncanny dodge so isn't flat footed though not danger sense so no actions during surprise.
  11. It also has the knockback extra on it so he'll have a KB 18 effect as well (KB distance 18-KB resistance on the progression chart) I'll get my IC up when I'm home tonight.
  12. Fa'Rua knew it was an ask, but was pleasantly surprised when it paid off. Thank you. She replied earnestly. And I'll hold you to that, play your cards right I'll hold you to more
  13. toughness Save: 1d20+14=26 Another bruise. Set Hydrokinesis array to: Trip 15 (Water Jets; Extras: Knockback; Flaws: Source [Water]; Feats: Indirect 3, Accurate 2) {20/20} +3 power attack with Trip, 1d20+4=9 uhg dam yous orokos, HP for reroll 1d20+4=12 +10 for reroll under 10 is 22, Using indirect 3 to have it originate from under Dinostroyer Trip check is 1d20+18=26 uhg. So he defends the better of a raw Dex or Strength check.
  14. Sagrado Corazon eye'd Cheval as he spoke and murmured something in Spanish under his breath blushing ever so slightly as he realized it had been out loud and hurriedly spoke up to cover hoping none of them had picked up on his words. "I've heard the name, the stories don't do you justice." he replied tone more relaxed than he was. Woodsman listed off their basic abilities stumbling only slightly on his own, "Lapsed." he answered and glanced to the others, "I," he paused the more astute among the heroes likely noticing a slight tic as if a faint noise had distracted him before he refocused, "I can tell people what to do and they do it." he didn't want to go much further in depth than that. It was loaded enough a talent without the surrounding circumstance. Settling back into his seat he listened as Speed Demon, Betsy and Persephone made their pitches nodding agreement. "I suppose it will depend on the mayors willingness to have her favorites slum it with us loose cannons." he joked lightly. He lapsed into a more serious tone, "Though, there are places where being government sanctioned means people won't talk to you, this might be better anyway." Chris noticeably brightened at the suggestion of financial aid and glanced to torque as she spoke up before settling back in his seat, "We probably should work out a way to contact each other if we're going to work together." he agreed and looked to woodsman uncertainty, "Are we?"
  15. and with that we're out of combat and with a trophy for someone to steal in a later thread!
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