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  1. Utsuwa rolled his eyes, "Makin it weird Ryder." he countered and snatched his bag to pop open his own container as they happened upon a picnic table and he dropped into a seat, "You spill that I'm not sharing." "Yea I wasn't about to just let people get hurt I'm just saying ..." he shrugged, "If she does go ballistic I can handle it no reason for both of us to end up in super detention." he let out a small sign and took a bite smiling slightly at the actually quite flavorful if slightly luke warm lentils. "Anyway you're probably right she'll just make some pointed PA announce
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  3. Utsuwa took his container with a shrug, "I was thinking number ten extra spicy." he teased back as he followed behind before anyone started to ask what they'd seen. "Maybe it's a test and you passed." he dead paned as they shuffled past the crowd and hopefully evaded any uncomfortable questions from passerby. Dropping his voice he leaned in closer to mention in a hushed whisper, "So. Word might get around." he pointed out carefully, "I don't know about you but I know the headmaster will put two and two together when a description of that armor showing up in town starts circu
  4. Kanunu is operating out of Emerald Cities these days so unless that Distress signal comes with a League teleport I'm not sure he's there in less than hours timescale.
  5. "The mysteries of the infinite." Jolan Zal Na'ar intoned formally from his seat, the simple robes of the ascetic followers of the Order of the Celestial Path draped over his form as he sat in meditive repose. "Yes a thing of beauty and no small danger if these reports are accurate." The Star Ranger he'd arrived with took another long drink of the caffeinated beverage she'd brought from her ship and scowled down at the display, "I know the damn thing gives me a headache what's that count for?" she grumbled grumpily. "Are we talking rescue or research here? Thing seemed stable e
  6. Fa'Rua watched the exchange between Pan and Danica violet gaze bouncing from one to the the other and raised a brow to Ashley silently asking if this was for real. Yes the animate elephant statue coming back to rest she took in stride but this distress over the absent Segway and the earnest if delusional fear of it's sentient return was the step too far. Jolan guided the children to the ship and ensured they were safely ensconced with only a small backwards glance at the upset young avatar and a small nod of self assurance that her distress would be short lived. He made his way
  7. "The exceptions that prove the rule." Utsuwa replied with a grin. The athletic teen shook his head, "My knowledge of demons and ghosts i more personal than practical." He admitted with a sigh, "But of what I do know," his head shook from side to side as he shrugged, "That looked more like someone trying to make a thing look like a demon or ghost than an actual specter." "The music was weird," Utsawa agreed running a hand through his hair to straighten it, "Related you think?" but then the food was brought up and his stomach rumbled at the reminder, "UH you think t
  8. angrydurf Empyrian 3 posts = 1PP A Fiery Gospel (IC): 3 Posts Kensei 6 posts = 1PP + 1 ref PP = 2PP Aren't You Tired of Being Nice?: 6 Posts Brown Dynamite Argonaut 2PP Vignette = 2PP Vignette Foreshadow 2PP Titanium Vignette to Glamazon Vignette Glamazon 2PP Vignette + 2PP Titanium Vignette = 4PP Vignette Shock and Awe 1 post = 1PP How a Young Heart Really Feels: 1 Posts Cubismo Arrow IV 6 posts = 1PP Capers and Casanovas: 5 Posts Playdate: 1 Posts Ms. Thursday 7 posts = 1PP How a Young Heart R
  9. I'd like to volunteer Empyrean for Raiders
  10. "No one was harmed." Kensei assured the man and glanced to Chitin as he leapt away, "Well not much." he added wryly before vaulting to an awning then ledge to acrobatically parkour his way up the side of the building and across the roof. Joining Ryder in the alley he let his spectral raiment fade into the either once more as if consumed by the ghostly flames that limned it. "I think I begin to see why you never get anywhere on time Ryder." he teased playfully and shook his head, "You ever see anything like that?"
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  12. Kensei shot Chitin a warning glance, "Nooo, don't you start." he warned like a total buzzkill. He examined the man for a few minutes longer, "Perhaps that would be for the best." he agreed and glanced from Chitin to hte man uncertainly as the sirens grew closer, "This hasn't happened before?" he questioned not entirely certain how to proceed. "The police will likely have questions and ..." he was not exactly dressed like a friendly if FCPD showed up.
  13. Whirling the flashlight in one hand before returning it to her belt Fa'Rua flashed a smile to Pan, "Well I guess you're alright then but I got my eye on you." she replied to Pan with a laugh and nodded reassuringly to Ashley, "With the diaspora there are ships of all kinds we've gotten pretty good at tracking down this sort of thing." she said with a hint of sadness. "We'll get them home." She reiterated, "Might need to get your full report later though." she warned flirtatiously. "If you don't feel you'd be safe with your parents we can find a suitable family member." Jolan
  14. Kensei sheathed his ghostly blades and took a step back as Chitin arrived. Arms crossed and leaning on a stuck car he watch the man rise somewhat incredulously. "You often pass out and shed a neon electric rage monster to terrorize the block?" he asked flatly and glanced to Chitin, "Or maybe someone would send something like that after you?" he added with a shrug, "So victim or perpetrator? I think I must've skipped that day." he asked with a small shrug he genuinely didn't trust the sudden shift in mood but nothing in his demeanor suggested a lie. "Regardless." h
  15. Kensei slowly turned after the dismount and explosion to regard the scorch mark quizzically, "I am almost certain it was far cooler without out us looking back." He explained with a rare smile, "Nice moves by the way, showy, but effective." he critiqued deadpan. Peering back down the street he tapped Ryders shoulder, "We should check on that guy now that the monster isn't trying to smash everything." he suggested and crouched preparing to leap, "And no I am not calling it that." he added before Ryder could insist on the name he'd given the creature. Bounding down the street to
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