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  1. The flunkie spasmed in terror as Strix captured him in the steely grip of his undead might. As the vampires gifts went to work on the criminal he let out a muffled cry then a low groan of almost pleasure helpless and supported only by the vampires grasp, his heart readily pumping the sanguine lifeforce into the vampires waiting gullet. Strix could taste the thugs terror on his tongue the fear of bothe what the monster would do to him and the price of being part of this debacle. Grabbing the kids and dragging them off should have been simple, he hadn't even known why so many had been sent to intimidate a junkie and her brats. The vigilantes hadn't been expected by these flunkies but clearly those who sent them expected som resistance just not with such power at their command. The man in his grip spasmed hungry for his next fix and thoughts growing hazy as the blood loss began to set in. He barely even knew where to dump the kids, a familiar warehouse, and only knew that his dealer Frankie was cutting a discount if he was one of the ones to bring in the little snitches. The Strix's mystic sight drifted then to the hazier events of potential futures each more depressing than the last. In most the thug in his grip died at the hands of some gangster or another of or overdose after a big score. But a common thread was overhearing someone telling his dealer where to find the kids next and the Drug dealer low rent though he was promising to get the informant their fix and hanging up with a smirk and muted, "stupid whore." before dispatching one gaggle of thugs or another to eliminate everyone in some apartment, house, trailer or motel room. Finally the thugs heart started to flutter. If strix didn't stop soon he'd not survive the experience and nothing more of use was coming from him. The languid strung out relaxation of his limbs gave out to the weakness of blood loss his hands limp at his side now longer even attempting to grasp at the monster feeding from him.
  2. Will Save is a 9 so fail by 11 for the nauseate rendering him helpless and fail by 9 on the mind reading Which I think gets you surface thoughts this round but he's helpless and unlikely to beat your mind reading if you start probing so you can ask questions if you want to start in on that. I'll get the IC up momentarily with what surface thoughts and precog will give you. *edit* If you didn't intend to feed but just get info take an HP for your unnatural hungers getting out of control Grumble *edit*
  3. "I've had worse sparing with my sister." came the dakanan vigilante's mocking reply as he rounded on the remaining shadowy agent. Completing the dodging maneuver and rolling to his feet with feline grace he surveyed the situation, "He's buying time." Lynx noted with some concern, "We have to end this quickly." Kam tested his foes defenses for a moment testing the mans stance and weaknesses of his chosen style preparing to seize the advantage. " I'm just getting started with you." he growled as he shot to one side running halfway up the wall to evade the villains attacks. Daka forged club whirling the red Lynx twisted mid air launching off the wall with the full weight of his sturdy build and behind a brutal strike to the agents midsection. Tumbling over the mans back as he landed prepared to launch another flurry of attacks should the shadow agent still have fight left in him.
  4. Move action: Fast acrobatic feint, 1d20+13-5=16 (I am bad at maths that should be a net +8 not +7 so a 16 not a 15 but can re roll if you want) Standard action: power attack +2/-2 1d20+5=22 DC 25 toughness Save
  5. The Radiation Shields part of all power to shields is overcosted should be 5 not 7pp looks like the cost is correct for the whole array slot so probably missed in an edit pass. I'm not sure datalink gives you much that radio communication doesn't. It is effectively a communication effect flawed to affect only computers with some invisible voodoo extra that lets it get around the 'Must have a means of receiving your transmission' restriction. I think just radio communication would let him do computer actions over the connection with a possible restriction the computer needs a radio receiver of some kind, and with or without data link not being able to interface due to no wifi should be worth an HP. The Kludgy way Kenson et al built the green chapter powers is a continual personal frustration but not forbidden so you can keep it if you like for simplicity's sake. Also on the suggestion range, rather than the extreme range (distant interstellar) on communication area extra with selective and subtle feats might be more useful so he can communicate with more than one receiver at a time and subtle makes it effectively encrypted so it can't be listened in on. But single burst transmission could work too. I don't know if you've already been looped in but we kinda side eye dimensional movement with attack (dimensional pocket) as one shot and out of the fight can be abused. But it's not specifically forbidden. If it ends up being abused it might get another look but that is unlikely to be an issue. Most uses of the power currently are at low rank more as a "Clean up" after the fight is over kind of use Replacing some ranks with progression might get you more capacity for people/things not able to resist depending on the intent for the power.
  6. Angrydurf Ace Danger: 1 GM post = 1PP Ouroboros: 2 posts = 1PP Through the Mirrored Glass and Back Again = 2 Posts Savant: 1 GM post = 1PP Red Lynx: 8 posts + 2 gm posts = 10 posts = 2PP + 1 Ref PP = 3PP Shadow of the Mummy IC = 8 Posts GM posts: 2 posts = 4 gm posts (2 to red Lynx, 1 to Savant 1 to Ace Danger) Golgotha Tenement Blues IC = 2 Posts
  7. Supersenses is a base roll of 1d20=16 so 26 if notice, 27 if supersenses power check(3 ranks out of array). Reflex is 1d20+3=10 I am not fast...
  8. Facing off against the Shadow trooper as he regained his balance after the strike he didn't even spare a glance for VIctoria before he spoke, "Go. I have thi..." he smirked beneath his mask as she was already on her way, "Great minds." he murmured mostly to himself as he squared off against the Agent of Shadow weapon whirling in the darkness as he advanced steadily. Unlike the sorcerer's these were more schooled in combat it seemed and he dodged and weaved feinting as he sought an opening to strike and took what opportunities were given as eh probed the agents stance while keeping a wary eye on the remaining infiltrator lest it too move to attack.
  9. Red Lynx will take a swing at one of the shadow in shadows 1d20+7=10 Ooooor not.
  10. Great, also, @angrydurf can you roll me Concentrate? Annddd Survival And lastly Will Concentrate will use skill mastery for a 20 Survival 1d20+3=23 Will 1d20+8=9 This is why we have HP! 1d20+8=18 (+10 for HP) = 28
  11. Ouroboros pushed against the weight of the security 'robots' with a slight frown. "This way would take forever." he noted ignoring that those without his vampiric might would have far more difficulty moving the heavy automatons than he even. Peering out through the cracks eyes glinting with magic enhancing his mystic senses he nodded thoughtfully and with a wave and low chant began a minor conjuration, "Spectres of the Idolon reveal my will." with the final invocation a translucent three dimensional map sprung into existence a dull blue light throbbing where the students stood and the areas within his sight revealed on the map as it drew a line of potential travel toward the heart of the dimension. "I'll scout ahead." he offered with a quiet nod, "See if I can find any easier ways through for you all while you see if there is a better route?" he suggested with a shrug leaving the dancing illusory map to track his progress as he vanished into a cloud of mist to flow seamlessly through the cracks and spaces between the mechanical guardians of the realm.
  12. Alright Sundown in NJ is 4:52 on the day of the thread so we started after sundown. This means Ouroboros can use his mist form for scouting. So we'll start with setting the VP to Illusion 1(spectral image; visual only(2pp/rank) extras: duration(continuous)(+2)) 4PP He'll use that to display a holo map of the the dimension as he knows it and update as he's able while scouting so the others can work on how to get through. Then he'll use the vampire array mist form slot to be able to move freely between the stacked bots to scout and skill mastery stealth for a check of 30 to avoid notice while doing so. Maintaining Super Senses 8 (Mage Sight; on Magic Awareness [Visual]: Analytical 1, Counters Concealment 2, Counters Illusion 2, Tracking 3 [All Out Move]) [10PP] on his  Super Senses 3 (Mage Sight; Dimensional Awareness [Visual] Magic Awareness [Visual] Feat: Dimensional) [5PP] with the magic array.
  13. Strix is left with the surviving minin and it's failed attempt at baddassery and is up.
  14. and both will fail the toughness saves vs takedown