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  1. "So sound like you got a place to at least do whatever you all need to do with a suit if you get one." he paused for a long moment and frowned, "Speaking of that. What you need on for you already know he ripped off what you do right?" The big man wasn't the tech head at the table he knew. But he also thought alot of things were going from a thing said to a plan of action without alot of pause to think about why. "So, these things, they expensive, dangerous, and tied to Mars right?" Kimo shook his head, "They gonna have a lojack at least, probably can shut em down like those new chevys right?" he looked from Justice to Salvo questioningly. "Unless you all got a way to shut that down they gonna know when you crack the case on that thing so might not wanna do that in a place you don't want them knowing about." he shook his head laughing slightly at Protectrons suggestion of purchase, "I mean I ain't got that kinda dough but I thinking Mars gotta be watching where these things go and who too." he posited with a shrug, "Too many get in bad guy hands it look bad for Mars right?"
  2. Kam bid farewell to Pan and Eira with a quick wave as he showed Murine about the library and explained the layout and best places for quite or group study. He returned Tremaynes off hand wave and slowed as they passed his table to offer Benny an apologetic shrug, "Most students have history not all wish to discuss it." he acknowledged trying to put Muirne at ease sparing a fleeting glance to the adult shadowing them, likely to his mind to prevent the girl revealing more than was prudent about her own history. If no further distractions presented themselves he'd continue the tour exiting the library at the far side of the building facing the grounds rather than the quad.
  3. Currently all her strength to overcome the atrophy comes from density. We don't play that stringently with appearances so looking fine while her powers are active isn't going to be an issue just something to keep in mind if they are somehow stripped she drops to the atrophied strength. That Said. Approved!
  4. Kimo carefully watched hte interactions between Salvo and Waverider but it seemed like they knew each other and the matter seemed settled if tense so he let it go and reclaimed hi schill vibe with a slow exhale. "Uh I don't think the boo..." He started to point out but Santa Muerte seemed to have shut that down soundly so he trailed off and let it lie. He paused to collect his thoughts as there was a great deal all happening at once. "I mean the whole municipal defender thing means working with the government an I dunno if you all noticed but Mars is kinda a big deal to the powers that be." he pointed out with a wide shrug as he looked at the assembled heroes. "But we are gonna need more than cell phones and this if we do a team thing." he agreed heartily. "I mean there are lotsa public places we can meet up to swap info but if we need a place to stick one of these suits or to hold evidence till we can hand it off to the authorities we need more yea?" He frowned slightly and looked to Emerald spider who seemed to have alot of thoughts on the matter and the Justice who called this whole thing. "Lets start with this." He suggested focussing on those two for the moment, "I'm in." he declared openly and without reservation. "I'm good in a fight an all but this tech stuff, this whole tracking down corporate types doing shady business?" he shook his head, "I can't do that on my own, you all need back up you just call me up." he shrugged, "I figure that's a start right?"
  5. As they were instructed to pair up Kam moved opposite Leroy with a small bow, "As you asked I believe tradition dictates you lead." he suggested with a slight smirk and extended a hand for the taller boy to take as he assessed Leroys comfort on the dance floor. He had heard all about the ballroom class he'd attended with Judy so Kam knew he wasn't entirely unfamiliar. At the mention of bruising he raised a brow, "So dance fight is not then metaphor I see." he murmured and carefully watched where leroy secreted the scarf as he waited. He was focused on his opponent for the exercise and not watching Eira and winced slightly at what he was concerned might have been an attempt at flirting. He spared a glance for Benny and Davyd to make sure he was aware of the space each pair occupied and squared up ready to begin.
  6. For sense motive: DC 15: the guard is talking around something, not telling the whole truth. DC 20: Above and, he's about as scared of the heroes as of hte hole and will probably fold if pressed. DC 25: All above and, He's looking at the hole expecting someone or something to come out, he knows something/one is down there.
  7. "You all just make it my business." Kanunu retorted derisively as he closed the gap with the trio. The spray of bullets pancaked against his invulnerable flesh and fell harmlessly to the ground like they were throwing pebbles. "See now I gotta hurt ya." The hulking Hawaiian stepped in grabbed the barrel of one rifle snapping the butt up into the wielders face and sending him to the ground clutching his face. Flowing into the next step he dropped the rifle and snapped a quick jab to the next mafiyas gut then brought his knee up under his jaw as he doubled over sending him sprawling unconscious. Flowing like a cresting wave he slammed into the final of the trio and closed one giant hand over his face lifting him up and off his feet only to carry through and slam him to the pavement. "Who's next!" he bellowed as the watery dome behind him pulsed in time with his breathing.
  8. So he is! A+ reading comprehension for Durf. sigh Alright skip the move action in that case.
  9. Kam eyed Janas as they spoke as one might a venomous snake uncertain precisely where she was going with this little explanation but relaxed as they mostly behaved themselves. With a polite smile he turned on Eira and shrugged, "I did say one of." he pointed out with a small smile teasing the edge of his lips, "But if you'd like me to send more students with computer troubles your way I'd be happy too." he offered with feigned innocence. He did however nod agreement with her assessment of America being at time overwhelming to those not raised to its eccentricities. "It is not so universal outside the axis Great Britain and the US." he pointed out about the Pan story with a small shrug, "And besides Pan is far more pleasant than the boy of that particular tale." Kam offered Pan a nod of farewell as he took his leave and offered a wave to BEnny as he bounced into the area. "Morning Benny." Kam greeted with a small wave, "This is Muirne, she'll be starting in the fall." he repeated and turned back to Muirne, "Benny D'Amatto." He introduced, "A recent arrival in this era and a stand up guy." the dakanan explain with a suspicion such information might be of use to Muirne. Entering the Library he gave the rundown on the areas and where to find aid with locating resources as well but did not go as in depth as he might have given less of an audience.
  10. The arrival of the heroes was greeted with applause from the nearby civilians and more faces appeared in windows up and down the street looking on to the heroes in action. The Jovian managed to freeze solid the leaking gas main, the super compressed air from her lungs icing over the pipe and increasing the pressure up to safe levels up the line. It wasn't a permanent fix but it would hold until the professionals could take care of it. Cheers erupted anew as Spaceman flew in and heaved the car free from the precipice just as the edge below it gave way. When the car was back on the ground the guard scrambled out panic painting his features as he backed away from the hole gasping for air as he leaned against a light pole and caught his breath after the harrowing experience. "Wha- what could have cause that..." he stammered, "The- uh," he paused glancing nervously at the heroes, "Out of nowhere I've been here all week and nothing." he swallowed hard peering around Spaceman to look at the hole like it might give way again or perhaps expecting something to come out.
  11. Alright that takes care of the gas and the guard. Can I get a Sense motive from each of you? DC 15 for reading the Guard and his story. The hole isn't expanding rapidly but it's certainly unstable. Something probably will need to be done before you're all done here. It might be good to get the crowds to head back to their homes too. But not vital or that time sensitive. Spaceman's spacial senses will pick up that there is alot more hollow under the streets right here than is usual for this kind of neighborhood.
  12. <I get that.> Kimo replied quickly to Waverider, for the moment ignoring Salvos somewhat caustic delivery of what was otherwise good points on how to proceed, <mainlanders all talk so fast.> he added with a low laugh and focussed on the conversation at hand. "Uh sure I can show you around too." Kimo offred with a shrug to Protectron, "Anything you looking for or ..." he shrugged uncertainly what did a robot really need? He pointed at the robot and Salvo though when he mentioned the monitoring. "That's what I'm talking about, like back home my uncle Maleko got a scanner, listen in an send folk down when there an accident or fire to help out you know? Bring some blankets find em a place to stay." Also to keep an ear out for police raids but he'd leave that part out. Nodding to Justice he agreed about bringing in the League, "This a local problem why not have local folk handle it yea?" Kimo perked at the offer of a communicator, "Seem's like that be better than trading cell numbers, prolly more secure too right?" he asked Salvo who seemed to have the most concern with that aspect. He frowned as Salvo grabbed Waveriders hands and shook his head, "You a rude one you know but that's not cool." he scolded his laid back mood souring. They were saved from further conflict by the timely arrival of Visionary however and he let it drop, "Hey, grab some noodles and pull up a chair we gonna save the city."
  13. Toughness saves for the Dome 38, 22, 35, 25, 32, 33, 31 so Makes all of them. Free action: Maintain the dome. Standard Action: Are these minions? If they are I'll take ten to hit and follow up on as many as I can with takedown attack 2. DC 30 Toughness on his unarmed. That probably takes care of those near him? Move action: Start running towards the guy giving the orders.
  14. Ace Danger 1 GM post = 1PP + 1 Ref PP = 2PP Empyrean 6 posts + 2 posts + 2 GM posts = 10 Posts = 2PP Century for a Dame [Open]: 6 Posts For a fistful of Tepeyoite: 2 Posts Kanunu 5 posts + 5 post + 1 GM post = 10 posts = 2PP Calling All Heroes: 5 Posts Emerald Consequences: 4 Posts Red Lynx 6 posts + 4 posts = 10 posts = 2PP + 2PP(vignette) = 4PP In Bloom (Spring Vignette) 2PP New to Freedom (IC, Open): 6 Posts Strange Like Me (IC): 4 Posts Sagrado Corazon 2 posts = 1PP Transylvanian Mix Tape: 2 Posts The Unbreakable Kronk 2 posts = 1PP The Hunter: 2 Posts GM 2 posts = 4 GM posts (1 to Ace, 2 to Empyrean, 1 to Kanunu) Two Suns in the Sunset: 2 Posts
  15. In Bloom The Fens (2019-2020) Red Lynx and Nighthawk It hadn’t taken long after the Royals lost product for word to start circulating that the Fens had a new defender, or at the least one of it’s old defenders had a new sidekick. Kam spent his nights patrolling the nadir of Freedom with single minded determination. Drug deals broken up and gang violence interrupted. It was weeks later when Robin received a call requesting her surreptitious presence in one of the paved over blocks that passed as a park in this part of the city. When she arrived she found Red Lynx perched in a darkened corner looming over the crumpled form of one of the districts too common would be pimps, and a tearful young latina lobbing occasional epithets his direction in spanish. “Making friends and influencing people again, I see,” Robin strolled up, dressed down and her hands in her pockets. The weak moonlight glinted dully off her prosthetic, where her thin shirt rode up from where her hands were stuffed casually in the threadbare denim of her jeans. Robin didn’t wear her uniform anymore. That had gone in a box, in a shelf in her closet along with the rest of her high school memories. She tipped her head to the side, her grey eyes taking in the woman’s distress and the snatches of Spanish. “No pasa nada,” Robin offered soothingly to the young woman. She took a step closer, her body language easy and relaxed until she could put a gentle hand on her shoulder. The flesh and bone one, with her prosthetic still firmly in her pocket. “Indocumentado? Tengo un amigo… “ With a few soothing words, Robin managed to calm the young woman enough that her panic began to slow enough that Robin could reach into her wallet. With the deftness of someone used to making deals on the Fens rough streets, only Kam’s quick eyes caught the exchange of money and a business card. As the young woman bolted, Robin’s grey eyes flicked to the younger vigilante. “Better the evil you know than the evil you don’t for a lot of folks here,” she offered gently, the words kind. “She doesn’t have anywhere else to go. When you can’t get legit work, it’s pretty easy to find yourself in an abusive situation. Sometimes the easiest part is punching the bad guy...” Now that the girl was gone, Robin pulled her other hand out of her pocket, her posture relaxing fully and she gently clapped the Lynx’s shoulder with empathy rather than anything like pity or condescension. “She’ll have a place to stay for a little bit but you’ll probably see her out here again. That’s not a failure on your part; it’s the system that’s broken.” The Masked Figure relaxed slightly as Robin approached trying to offer some explanation but Robin clearly had it in hand on approach, as he knew she would which was why he’d called. “Thank you.” he finally offered as the women took her leave and he let out a heavy sigh. He looked back to Robin at the explanation and grimaced beneath the mask, “Then someone should fix it.” He declared firmly, “Where did you send her?” he asked filing the information away for his next encounter as he added language study to his already busy schedule. The organization would see an uptick in anonymous donations in the near future as well. *** Time crept forward, Kam spending more nights in the fens than not. Sometimes he’d find Robin on patrol or stakeout, others he’d call in her aid on a sticky situation. Word traveled fast in the Fens, the Nighthawk had a partner, again. Rumors Robin was likely not happy to hear regardless of the good done and aid rendered. The winter chill was thick when Nighthawk got the tip, arms dealers moving a big shipment into the Fens. Unloading product on the cheap. They were well organized and well armed, and looking to get the goods out fast. No time for a police case, the warehouse too well defended to risk a solo raid, Fred was on a flight to Florida of all places. So she made the call on the comms channel he’d passed her that first night. He was waiting on her roof as dusk settled falling seamlessly into following her lead on the approach. Stealthily take out the guards on the perimeter then move in on the main storehouse. Leadership would be there, they did this right they could take out the whole organization. And it went like clockwork. The duo came in loud through the skylight when the time came, shock and awe. Between the two of them the mafia soldiers hadn’t a chance. Half of them were dropped in the initial burst of violence. Red Lynx stuck to the shadows emerging to strike then vanish again before they could get a fix on him. Her tip hadn’t said anything about a decommissioned soviet super soldier being in charge however. He shrugged off the flurry of attacks from Red Lynx and smirked down at the young hero with a scolding tisk. The bear of a man unleashed a punishing gut shot staggering the Dakanan then grasped him by the neck to slam him into an I-beam overhead and tossing the unconscious teen aside like a rag doll to slump in a corner of the warehouse. Kam came to just as gentle fingers tugged his mask off. Behind Robin’s crouched form, the super soldier slumped in a bloody heap. Her grey eyes were lined with concern and then surprise. There was no flash of recognition. She had no idea who Kam was but her gaze took in his youthful features and that concern turned into a frown. “Aw, hell, you’re just a kid,” Robin said with clear worry. He wasn’t so very much younger than Robin, two years or perhaps a little less, but young enough that she marked him as the teenager that he was. Her brow creased with irritation. “!@#ing Claremont. You alright there? Want me to call someone?” Her fingers coiled around his biceps; her strength restrained enough to ensure that her handling was gentle as she helped him up. Kams eyes slit open and to his credit he didn’t start as he came too. He remained still for a long moment taking in his surroundings and cataloguing his injuries before finally spoke, “Eighteen in the spring.” he corrected with good humor. “I take it then that you were victorious?” he inquired with a fond smile as she helped him to his feet, without the mask he was really quite expressive, the stoic act was clearly not a natural fit though it did serve its purpose. He ran a hand down his side and slowly turned his head focusing his eyes on a distant spot. “Cracked rib, minor concussion, greater injury to my pride.” he offered in reply to her question. “This is my choice nothing to do with the school nor it’s dubious reverse psychology in restricting extracurriculars.” He corrected a bit more firmly, “Or I suppose the answer is supposed to be something about this being my bad boy rebellion and avoidance of the watchful gaze of the headmistress.” he shrugged with a half smile at his own ironic jest. He however was clearly not surprised she knew of the school, so he probably knew she had been a student there. He also watched as she digested this information and allowed it to percolate before offering assurance, “I am not here at the headmistress behest to follow you or your friends post graduation activities.” He winced as he flexed the sore side and bit his lip slightly, “We should likely make our egress before the authorities arrive to clean up the mess.” he suggested and glanced at her as he offered an explanation of how he knew her as a former student, “I saw you when you visited, paperwork I assume, the admin building.” he explained rattling off the date still a bit too rung out by the recent visit to dream land to hold back on filling in the details from memory. Robin chuckled, “Relax. I’m in the yearbook and everything. Summers has better things to do than spy on me. Let’s get you home.” *** Robin perched on the crumbling roofline of one of the Fens more run down buildings, her expression contemplative as she surveyed the dimly lit city streets. Her leather jacket was discarded and the tanktop hid none of her prosthetics this far away from prying eyes. Kam had picked up long ago that she hid the smooth metal of her arm from people’s eyes for their comfort, not her own. When Kam settled on the rooftop next to her, she sent the teen a small smile. “It’s the anniversary today,” she explained with a nod towards her arm. “I had to get out. Fred’s sorrow and guilt… It’s easier if I’m not there as a reminder, I think. I hope.” She chafed the chilled metal with her other hand absently before lacing her fingers loosely in her lap. “Have anyone that you’re hunting tonight, Lynx?” Kam slid his helmet and mask off as he came to rest at Robin's side. No longer hiding his identity from here he saw no reason to hide the subtleties of expression the mask concealed. He knew better than to ask about it, clearly it was not an event she wanted to share and he did not think he was the one to push on that even if perhaps she should. “She most likely takes it as a rejection and blame.” he stated openly. One of many things he enjoyed about Robin's company is that he did not need to disguise his frank assessment of people's motivations. “She feels guilt and will justify it with or without your presence and regardless of any objective truth or your feelings.” He had, somewhat invasively in hindsight, researched the circumstance around her arm. Medical records told but part of the story but enough. The specifics were less important than her reactions and requests. “I know they could have sleeved the arm in sythskin.” he pointed out delicately knowing she’d soundly refused the suggestion at the time. “Whatever your intentions to those outside your mind it is a constant reminder of what happened and how.” He paused for a moment and added carefully. “Something to consider, I do not know Fred, but I know that is not your intention, perhaps they do not.” He dropped from his haunches to a more lazy sprawl along the roofline to let her consider his words. After a moment's respite shook his head slightly. “I do not.” he admitted he was here for her not the unending task of cleaning up the fens. “But I will find one if you desire the distraction.” he glanced to the arm then back to her with a sad frown. The young prince sat up and met her eyes, “I have an alternative offer however.” he stated boldly. “Dinner. And in that a reason for you to be out that doesn’t look like avoidance.” he smiled slightly and tilted his head nervously, “Though I admit my intentions are not entirely selfless.” he was not going to pretend as convenient as it might have been this wasn’t a date he was suggesting. “Synthskin isn’t as strong. I don’t have the resources that Claremont does and I don’t like owing people,” Robin replied, avoiding the more emotionally fraught parts of the conversation. She considered the offer and for a moment, Kam thought she’d refuse. “There’s a Chinese place around the block. One of my favorites. I’ll give you a few minutes to change and meet you there,” Before Kam could comment, or before Robin could change her mind, she dropped from the four story roof without another word. Kam opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by her exit and he smiled softly to himself. If she wasn’t ready yet to share her reasons so be it, they would instead share a meal. To his mind that was a very good start. He dropped in the alley soundlessly and once sure it was clear quickly retrieved his civilian clothes and changed tucking the costume carefully into his backpack before slinging it over a shoulder and following around the corner to the restaurant she’d suggested. If he played his cards right she might even let him pay, despite not liking to owe people. *** It was a slow burn, but Kam was both patient and persistent. Occasional deviations from crime fighting for meals, eventually a movie not under guise of surveillance, progress was made. By the time April rolled around he was comfortable with a slightly bigger ask. Prom. Thus he arrived at the appointed hour, the limo drawing some looks from passersby in the Fens was to be expected. It was however unlikely to be associated with the private investigation firm with offices in the building perhaps a developer, or an extravagance for a local that hit a big score. He strode confidently to thumb the buzzer and announce his arrival and all that was left was the waiting. And wait he did. It took Robin not very much time to dress, but it took her far longer to go downstairs and open the door. Jumping in front of bullets? No problem. Putting herself out there emotionally, though, that was far harder. Finally, Robin opened the door herself, looking just a little uncomfortable. The dress was a simple one, a soft dove grey that made her eyes seem even more brilliant. It fastened high around her throat but left her back and arms bare. The skirt draped down to her ankles but was flowy enough that Robin didn’t feel she’d be at a disadvantage in a fight. It was Claremont after all. She’d even weathered the salon to have her curls woven into box braids threaded with silver. Robin didn’t wear any jewelry - she didn’t even own any - but the silver of her prosthetic glittered under the light. “Uhm, so…” Robin asked, spreading her hands in front of her skirt. “This okay?” Kam grew increasingly nervous and had to work through a few breathing exercises as he waited to keep from fidgeting or pressing the buzzer again. He knew she was here and she’d come down when ready. When the door opened a smile bloomed on his face unbidden. He met her eyes and replied, “It’s perfect.”
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