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  1. Examining the stitching and design of the dress with a critical eye Sagrado Corazon frowned and shook his head, "This is the real deal, or a good enough copy it might as well be." the young latino explained with some confusion, "Which even if she was, not recent." he posited carefully, "Wouldn't mean she was still wearing what she wore when alive right?" The saint tilted his head as if there was a distracting noise with a slightly pained look on his face pinching his brow before shaking off whatever had distracted his thoughts, "Not from around here, overseas." he put forth without explanation, "And only recently out of the ground." he frowned at the dress and placed it with care back in the evidence box eager to not be touching it. "So if she was, a," he paused in disbelief at how weird his life had gotten, "Vampire. How long would she have been buried?" "Oldecorne?" Chris winced slightly started slightly as if from a loud noise, "Yea Yea I'll come, always wanted to be mistaken for a gardener."
  2. "I'm sure it's ..." Fa'Rua trailed off as Ashley made her request and the disguised Davyd took his leave. "Ok I know I'm not from around here but no one not a creep says ladies right?" she sighed and turned fixing a calm smile to her features as she approached Lucy "Oh you work here yes?" she guessed from the woman's reaction as she tried to come up with a reasonable reason to pull her off after Ashley. After what she hoped wasn't too suspicious a pause she glanced towards the door Ashley and Mali were heading towards, "I was just going to ask where the ladies was but it looks like we found it." The Lor flashed a smile to Lucy and shrugged, "Right over there right?" she swayed slightly on her feet playing off being far drunker than she was to offer some reason to be escorted in that direction.
  3. With sunburn blinded and surrounded Kanunu thought she might just give up, she was beaten, but it was not to be so. As soon as he saw the flames forming in her hands the swaying column of water at his side was in motion, he brought his arms down the water following his command in a cresting wave. When sunburn began to seem to lose control the wave crashed over her snuffing out the flames before they could spread. With a hiss of steam the flames were quenched the dome of fire halted by the mighty wave. "You alright lady?" he asked as he took a few steps toward the villain heedless of the possibility of another attack.
  4. angrydurf

    The Hunter

    "That there's a less elite group than you're thinking." The big amphibian scoffed at Triakosia. "Those things aren't any less dangerous intact though, just take longer." he pointed out with a shrug. He let out a laugh of his own and shook with mirth, "Sure sure you all are on the level. If you weren't yer boss would be sending the big guns in by now." he smiled too wide with his oversize mouth and took a few steps toward his bike to pull a device off and toss it at archers feet where it clattered to a stop emitting a faint whine and stench of ozone. "Something like that kid." he answered in turn and pointed at the device, "That there hones in on the big T and punches a hole through the walls so I can bring the fight ot the drones yea?" he offered and frowned, "Well it did, something bout punching in here blew it out." He looked down at Terrifica as she broke out in laughter and shrugged, "That ain't all that elite a group neither." he pointed out with a croaking laugh of his own. "KRONK" he boomed, standing proud at the name, "CALLED THE UNBREAKABLE." he added the title bouncing off the walls and windows lining the street. "An of course I'd prefer to hit an unarmed person that don't want a fight rather than an armed one that does." he scoffed, "Startin to think you might not be the brains of this operation you think you are."
  5. I think I still have a counter check at 31 readied for her next fire based attack? Or maybe that got used and not recorded here. Lemme know. if it's still active she needs to beat a 31 with her own power check (or her malfunctioning device does) or you know setbacks and what not.
  6. "Some kind of mine, about a meter around, metallic, shot out of the water right in front of them." the young latino hero explained to Persephone. Looking up at the crew still on deck Sagrado Corazon nodded agreement with the plant controller, "He'll face justice." he assured Betsy and spoke over the din of the ongoing rescue his voice taking on an even more resonant tone for a moment, "You can trust Persephone, She only wants what's best for you and your crewmates." he shouted up to the balking crew the Voice nudging them to follow the municipal defenders suggestions. "It doesn't work that way." he intoned with some uncertainty in his voice. "I don't know if it even would carry over the radio and if it did and everyone who heard thought it was clear and started out into the aby again?" he shuddered at the thought of all those gathered on the shore meeting the same fate as those aboard the Disco Volante. "If I knew who or where he was maybe but..." Sagrado Corazon shook his head, "Too risky."
  7. Sagrado will aid Persephone with Emotion Control 10 (Inspiring Command; Extras: Area(General, Perception-Auditory), Duration(continuous-lasting), Selective Attack; Flaws: Range(touch) -2; Feats: Reversible, Subtle) {32/32} (oration) Love (more trust) in this case to make the crew more open to her suggestions. So DC 20 Will save or they become friendly/helpful/fanatical depending how much they fail by.
  8. Following Ashley off the dance floor as the song came to an end. One arm draped somewhat possessively on the terrans hip as they approached the table a fond smile on her lips. "I'm here on official business, liaising and what not." she pointed out with a laugh as she pulled the shorter woman in close for the picture and a quick kiss and whispered warning, "Not sure if this rig is going on the fritz but that lady back there looks like she's talking to thin air." Of course it was freedom so even in a nice bar, a patron talking to themselves wasn't impossible. She gave Ashleys hand a quick squeeze letting her go to retrieve her phone. Meanwhile Fa'Rua pulled out here own 'Phone' to run a diagnostic on her holo-presence system as discreetly as she could manage.
  9. Alright quick check to see if Sagrado can ID this as a current trend or costume or what not. Knowledge: Pop Culture 1d20+5=18 And he'll be a bad investigator and touch it to check it out so might trigger Super Senses 8 (Voice of the Divine; Postcognition, Precognition; Flaws: Uncontrolled) [4PP] (Divine, Inspiration) If you want to push us in a direction.
  10. Fa'Rua was comfortable on a dance floor, a part of her enjoyed the spectacle of it all, and the rest was just happy to spend any time with her terminally busy girlfriend. But when Ashely met her eyes and started to move her hips her breath caught in her throat if only for a fraction of a second. She smiled down at the Terran with genuine joy as she explained and demonstrated the motions. The Lor was something of a natural, light on her feet and attentive as a student and carrying the confidence of one who care about only what one person in the building thought. She slid her hips from side to side in rhythm to the drum beat falling into the music and moving to the fanfare of the horns and trill of the piano. "I think you missed your calling with this whole law enforcement thing you're doing." she teased playfully as they moved together on the dance floor, "You clearly should have taken up dance."
  11. "Well I have heard that meeting a cute tour guide in exotic locations is a time honored tradition in your neck of the woods." Fa'Rue teased perhaps unintentionally taking romance novels as more of a cultural touchstone then they were. "To Us." Fa'Rua met the toast and sipped her drink, she smiled at Ashley's admission, "I'd like that too." she replied and perked as the band started to warm up. She was unaware of any of the unfolding drama around the rest of the bar her senses somewhat muzzled by the interface and it unable to detect one patron whatsoever. Though even if she had been able to take notice it was unlikely she'd take note of anyone but the woman who's hand rested in her own. "But for now we'll have to settle for the sounds not the sights." the Lor stood and extended a hand, "If you'd do me the honor beautiful." Taking Ashleys hand she led the Terran to the dance floor hips swaying slightly to the music as she found the beat and turned to her girlfriend with a brow raised, "So you were going to show me how it's done?"
  12. For once Sagrado Corazon was feeling like he had a handle on this whole heroism thing, they worked well together despite the differences, their goals aligned to the common good. With the coastguard inbound they just might pull this off without loss of life despite the grievous damage the Elizabeth Dane had suffered. It wasn't to last. "NO!" the young hero boomed as the Disco Volante was torn asunder. "No..." he stammered more quietly and shook his head to clear the image seared in his memory. "Not a bomb, a mine, or torpedo or something." he corrected and looked to the others, "Did you see it? The silver ball?" Glaring daggers at the radio as it broadcast it's extortion he set his jaw firmly as he answered the Woodsmans question, "Untraceable money, favorite new toy of technocrats, hackers, cartels, and pedophiles."
  13. Fa'Rua nodded at the suggested plan, it was a good one, particularly if they coordinated just right. "Do we know what the guard rotation in the ship is? How many guys they keep on board?" She asked carefully. "I can drop me and, " she glanced at B'Ka and Dirge, "One of the more reasonably sized on board." which meant if they could take out the sentries they could take the ship. "If any of you can slice through Khanate military grade security we might even turn the security system on the sentries." she shrugged, "Wouldn't take too much to have the system update the list of deserters and mutineers to a more recent copy." Jolan frowned at his sisters suggestion, in no small part because it was suicide to drop inside the ship if there were too many sentries on board or if the internal security protocols were intact and not hotwired to prevent noticing the mutiny that doubtless led to it being here. "Are we certain splitting so many ways would be wise?"
  14. The holographic Lor sipped at her drink as she watched her girlfriend light up talking about her hometown. "At the very least I'll enjoy the view if I can't." she flirted shamelessly. Her eyes never left Ashleys face as they spoke, "I love that you advance team our dates." she teased jovially though she genuinely was touched by the care she took to make sure they weren't interrupted by the sort of thing Freedom was famous for. "What was it like there when you were growing up?" Fa'Rua asked curiously, "I've seen the documentaries and travel vids but that's all beads and bourbon street you know?"
  15. So you'll want some points in the exotic saves (Fort, ref, Will) I like to have them average to powerlevel or powerlevel -2 depending and base defense (need at least 1/3 total defense to be base so without tradeoffs that should be 4 for a PL 10) Attractive counts against skill caps (so max skill ranks + attractive bonus is = PL+5 or fifteen in your case. I recommend no more than one rank of attractive. it gets the idea across but lets you still be effective with those skills on people not attracted to you. craft: artistic is usually the artificer skill for making golems and magical talismans and what not. All characters get diehard for free via our house rules Equipment is the wrong way to build an "I make my own weapons and armor" ability. You'll want sustained duration protection for armor and a touch range damage effect for weapons. Ranged damage for ranged attacks like the stone disks. Earth control should probably just be part of the array as a move object power (Either limited to stone/earth if they can only move stone and earth or not limited if they can make like giant hands of stone to graba nd move things ala green lantern ring but with rock) You'll want all the array slots to pretty much use up the points available in that array slot.
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