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  1. "Daily meals were usually greens, Foufou and a peanut sauce." he shrugged noncommittally, "For feast days there are usually traditions for the various holidays." he grinned a slightly, "And foreign cuisine when fete-ing diplomatic missions." He watched their progress through the hills toward their destination with interest nodding agreement with Elizabeth's observations. "And that in itself impressive." He rose easily from his seat to step out into the sun once more when they arrived and followed a few steps behind Veronica as introductions were made. He offered the doctor a shallow bow as he took his hand, "wa 'alaykum is salām" he intoned the phrase well practiced if accented. He readily followed as they were led to their quarters his bag slung easily over one shoulder as he observed the bustle of the camp as they passed through. "I am looking forward to learning more of your lands impressive history." he agreed readily.
  2. Red Lynx 13 PP available (Looks like current(old) totals on attributes did not get properly carried down so only 13 PP available. Updated post edit totals at bottom of edit request.) Moving up to PL 9 (8pp + 4PP + 0PP + 0PP + 1PP = 13PP, 0 PP remain available. Power level: 9 Attributes: 8PP totals: 14 + 14 + 14 + 10 + 14 + 10 = 76PP +2 strength (to 24) 2PP +2 dexterity (to 24) 2PP +2 constitution (to 24) 2PP +2 wisdom (to 24) 2PP Combat: 4PP totals: 10 + 8 = 18PP + 1 Base Attack (to +11 Unarmed, +9 melee, +5 base) 2PP +1 Base Defense (to +8 (+4 base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed) 2PP Saves: 0PP (adjustments from stat changes) Toughness to +10 (+7 Con, +3 Armored Costume) Fortitude to +7 (+7 Con, +0)Reflex to +7 (+7 Dex, +0)Will to +7 (+7 Wis, +0) Skills: 0PP (adjustments from sta changes) Acrobatics to 7 (+14) Notice to 7 (+14) Sense Motive to 5 (+12) Stealth to 7 (+14) Feats: 1 PP totals : 16PP add Quick Change 1 1PP DC BLock: unarmed Save goes to 21 Marungue(melee) Save goes to 23 Totals: Abilities (76) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (0) + Skills (9) + Feats (16) + Powers (13) = 132/132 Power Points
  3. Kam grinned at his companions rambling thoughts on his history and nodded slowly along offering a small shrug, "At the least for affairs of state we eat quite well." he agreed readily, "Though for day to day meals balanced nutrition with our schooling and training tended to take precedence." the young prince was not gifted with the superhuman prowess of his sibling relying on the training and lifestyle of a member of the royal family and no small genetic benefit for his own more limited abilities. Making a small choking noise at her further questions he shook his head, "Ahhh no." he recovered slowly glancing between Veronica and Elizabeth uncertain if he was the target of some missed humor or if the question was genuine, "My sister and I are able to make our own romantic choices." he assured them, "Marriage of state has fallen out of favor among most of the tribes though due to traveling in similar social circles it is not uncommon and still offers some bond of kinship." he explained resorting to educating rather than addressing the implicit suggestion directly. "Ah and princes are not exactly my area of interest." he quietly put to rest the more uncomfortable assumption. Clearing his throat he gratefully looked to the monolithic structures Veronica named. "They are stunning to have so stood the tests of time in so conflicted a region." he expressed with genuine interest. The wars across the continent over the years were not unknown in Dakana and it was to some shame that the isolated kingdom had not done more to stabilize the continent earlier in it's history.
  4. It didn't take long to acquaint the priest with the offices defenses and his kind demeanor seemed to put the teens as much at ease as could be expected. He saw to it they had food and began to usher Judex and Thorne from the office, "If I know our mutual friend he likely needs your aid more than he'd admit." he suggested quietly and sighed a hint of sadness in his tone, "I'll see to the children you see to the rest." he intoned and turned back to do exactly that. When They arrived at the flophouse 'Frankie' operated out of little had changed from when Strix had arrived. From the coming and going of customers it seemed the dealer was in residence at least. It was less clear if he was yet aware of the debacle his hired muscle had made of the attack on the tenement though the timer on that was likely running out if it had not already expired.
  5. The Dhampir had barely a moment to strengthen his protections before the stone colossus was upon him and he was plummeting toward the ground with the constructs weight above him. He had barely a moment to brace himself for the impact as they hit the ground. Trying to roll free he let out a quiet curse as the monstrosity stony grip closed on him before he could escape and sent him flying up and then back to the hard packed sand with great fury once more. With a surge of eldritch power he strengthened the mystical barriers protecting his flesh against the onslaught and though they buckled under the impact they did not give way and the Dhampir began to rise unharmed with a grimace clear on his sharp features eyes glowing a dangerous red as he rose to face the golem once more.
  6. toughness save: 1d20+12=23 HP for reroll cuz daze and forcefield do not mix! 1d20+12=20 (+10 reroll) = 30
  7. Kam noted Veronicas polite silence nodding to Elizabeth as she offered her suppositions and theories. "I will admit the secret has been a shallow one." he acknowledged with a small shrug, "It offers comfort to my parents and avoids the worst of diplomatic hazzards." Frowning he shook his head, "Yes would have to be older to join the military or security service." he agreed with slight distaste. "Sending an adult to pose as a student would be uncomfortable all around and I imagine far less full of hilarity than popular film would indicate." Looking out a the distance yet to traverse the young prince shrugged, "Veronica and Janus were aware due to their family connections." he admitted as well which likely too was obvious in hindsight. "I think we have some time before we reach the dig if there is anything pressing." he offered gamely and shot a glance to Veronica, "Unless you feel we need to go over the intricacies of the plan once more." he teased good naturedly and relaxed into his seat open to whatever questions Elizabeth may have. It was in fact a comfort not to have to keep up the facade shallow though it may have been.
  8. Ace Danger 1 GM post = 1 PP Empyrean 1 GM post = 1PP Kanunu 1 GM post = 1PP Ouroboros 2 posts = 1 PP Through the Mirrored Glass and Back Again (IC) = 2 Posts' Red Lynx 7 posts + 3 GM posts = 10 posts = 2 PP + 1 Ref PP = 3PP Lair of the Mummy (IC) = 7 Posts Sandman 1 GM post = 1PP Savant 1 GM post = 1P GM Posts 4 posts = 8 GM posts (1 to Ace, 1 to Empyrean, 1 to Kanunu, 3 to Red Lynx, 1 to Sandman, 1 to Savant) Golgotha Tenement Blues IC = 4 Posts
  9. With a smile and a nod Kam agreed with Veronicas approach. It was perhaps a less extensive plan than he would have worked out but he was at times, inflexible, and one could not argue with the results of the Danger brand of seat of the pants adventure. "Well it certainly is a concise plan." he joked lightly with a good natured grin. He watched as they continued on their path noting the distance and directions of travel just in case it was needed later and looked back to his companions as the Pyramids loomed larger at their approach. "I admit a certain excitement at such an investigation." he acknowledged evenly and glanced Elizabeths way as explanation was offered, "My parents can be at times over protective." the comment was perhaps understatement but while his more clever classmates had likely put together some of his history with his sisters less than circumspect treatment of their identities he was as yet uncertain if she was unaware or merely politely ignoring his paper thin secret id. "I suspect you have at least an inkling of why." he shrugged ruefully, she was certainly clever enough to see through the thin veneer of his Kameron persona after all. "But I am of the royal family of my homeland." he offered quietly. "I would hope you understand the need for secrecy and apologize for the duplicity." Speaking it aloud it seemed ridiculous after all this time. He was no trained actor and his behavior and his sisters complete disregard for the security protocols likely had revealed him long ago but nonetheless he felt it important to share explicitly if they were intentionally going into danger together. "I visited many digs in Dakana but always under strict security." he offered a small sigh, "It will be something to take a more active role I think."
  10. As the chill of the dark avengers nature left the street when he bounded away the teens looked expectantly to Dr. Thorne and Judex falling into step and easily enough herded to whatever secure location was on offer. In the office Sam seemed grateful if guarded and while not completely trusting of hte Priest when he arrived was at least accepting of the oversight. Adam promptly planted himself at a table and began carefully annotating one of his notebooks filled with neat script in strings of numbers and letters with dates and times lost in his internal world for the moment such that he barely seemed to notice when their caretaker arrived. He at least seemed to trust the safehouse as safe. When Mr. Strix arrived at the flophouse where Frankie did his business it seemed indistinguishable from the rows of crumbling brownstones alongside it. A few ragged prostitutes loitered in up and down the block watching for the slow roll of a potential customer or perhaps signs of a raid. The house seemed largely unguarded, what pull Frankie had likely spent on the small army unleashed on the kids apartment. A frontal assault would be unlikely to meet much resistance but there were enough addicts and other discarded and forgotten Bedlamites that it would raise an alarm and offer him some chance for escape. From the coming and going of customers it seemed likely the dealer was in residence. Getting to him without he or his employers becoming the wiser would take more finesse however.
  11. Stepping us alonge to the next stage. You guys can probably afford to leave Frankie to run if you take out his backer, he's in over his head and will go to ground if his bosses go down, but you might get a better idea what you're up against if you go for him first.
  12. The immediate danger of hte mother succumbing to her vices at the detriment to her children averted the unlikely band of protectors were able to retrieve Sam and Adam and manage to evade any further scrutiny from the locals or constabulary. The young man drew back from Strix unwilling to look directly at the disturbing avenger hiding slightly behind his sister. Sam frowned at all three of them, "What did you do with her?" she asked guardedly, "She's got problems but at least with her we can stay together." she murmured with resignation. Child services in Bedlam was no rosey outlook and she at least knew it. Despite any reservations about her mother's fate she may have retained she'd coax Adam to follow along and the trio could ensconce the pair in whatever safehouse they might be able to establish for whatever favors they might have to call in. The immediate threat to the children was handled but the dealer Frankie was still a threat if they returned home and ultimately whoever operated out of the warehouse still was calling the shots and wanted something the kids had or knew to be silenced.
  13. Kam had joined them in the land rover taking his seat and keeping an eye to their surroundings as they approached the city eyes never resting long any particular sight but taking in all that they passed with a studious attention to details of their path. "Misdirection is a potent tool in the hands of a foe." he agreed with Elizabeth easily and glanced to Prudence then Veronica, "I expect the staff at the dig site is vetted but likely there are laborers as well." his voice tilted up making hte last a question. He knew the Danger family more than capable of providing security against msot threats. Unfortunately as shown in the museum their likely enemies were both ruthless and unorthodox. "We can hope their focus on uncovering the secrets of the tomb will make them sufficiently sloppy we might notice anything amiss." he smiled almost seeming pleased at he prospect of hunting shadow agents in disguise like some cold war era spy from the movies. "Have you formulated a plan for our approach?" he asked of Veronica not entirely certain how such investigations were carried out in the normal case no less one such as this but eager to learn more.
  14. Not while grappled. Needs to speak and gesture which maybe could be allowed in a grapple with a concentration check he also can't change array slots till his turn.
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