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  1. Kam nodded with an easy smile, "Ah learn something new each day." he replied genuinely pleased to have his understanding corrected by his fellow students expertise. Following behind Veronica and Elizabeth he looked other later in agreement, "Yes they have outdone themselves in staging the artifacts." the prince seemed at first to take her words at the environs less than the artifacts themselves. As comprehension dawned Kam smiled, "Well I suppose their story is much of the purpose of such excavation and certainly of the original tombs yes?" he opined evenly. "Such grandiose tombs are nothing if not legacy writ large for the future to know their occupant has made their mark." he philosophized quietly and smiled to his friends, "We should all be so lucky to be remembered in so distant a future yes?"
  2. Going for hte fully broken one going to the Electronic defense system is what I was aiming for. Seems like a good thing to get online
  3. Ouroboros flowed into the room behind Veronica gathering his magic around himself in a glimmering shield as he observed the state of the area they found themselves in. "I'm not keep on fighting whatever is in here without doing something to get those back in shape." he motioned to the pinions. He examined them for a moment and his eyes flitted over the runes all over the area with a sigh, "Can you make sense of that chicken scratch?" he asked really either of them though most likely Veronica would be their savior there. Taking a deep breath he peered at the broken pillar and tilted his head slightly, "I wonder ..." He began a low chant in latin his words and hands shaping the dimensional energies he called from somewhere, else. He began to shape the energies to those with the sight to see it into a twisting scaffolding around the broken pinion as he fed the energies of hte void he truly called home into the negative space left behind. The void he was always able to shape why not shape it here. It certainly could have resulted in a rift sucking them and the forces powering the armor into that endless emptiness, but nothing ventured nothing gained.
  4. Ouroboros sets his cantrip VP to Healing 5 (extras: effects objects, range: ranged; Flaws: objects only, others only, temporary) 1pp/rank (ten if we count as touch range now the distances in this extradimensional suit space are not easily quantifiable :D) Maintaining his super senses at the same time: ( (Mage Sight; on Magic Awareness [Visual]: Analytical 1, Counters Concealment 2, Counters Illusion 2, Tracking 3 [All Out Move]) [10PP] ) to help guid it and Arcane Lore check not to screw it up is a 22 before bonuses from ritualist or Veronicas guidance, or whatever benefits the heal effect might grant. Idea being he's summoning void stuff to patch up the damaged pinion. It'll hold for an hour so should be enough to keep it secure while we deal with the bigger problem and then Salvo can do a real fix without Huang leaving his magic in her suit.
  5. The battered frames of the thugs littered the stairwell around strix, they'd hardly had time to notice his presence before he was among them and unleashing hell. The remaining gangsters in the stairwell aboe paused as the figure in white plummeted past then set about preparing to defend against whatever came around the corner next. They may have been trapped in here with you rather than the other way around but they hadn't seemed to realize just how out of their depth they were. Above Mr. Strix he could hear the shuffling as those on the floor above turned to face the new threat coming from below. They too held back keeping the higher ground in preparation for what the white clad monster did next.
  6. Minions a floor below are setting up to attack the next thing to go past, now a bit away from the middle stairwell not being sure what just plummeted down there. Initiative: Round 3 Dr. Thorne 17 (Unharmed, 4HP) Judex 15 (Unharmed, 5HP) Mr. Strix 10 (Unharmed, 3HP) Minions! 8 (one group of ten a floor below thoren and judex one group of ten a floor above Strix.) Thorne is up.
  7. Yup he'll do more damage to the floor than himself
  8. They can not make that save with auto fire so you'll clear the ground floor group of 10 as they try to set up a barricade out of the dilapidated vending machines
  9. And through a series of Knockbacks that'll take down the remainder in the hall you will be free to move on to the stairwell together now.
  10. So there are actually 5 remaining in front of you and three scattered down the hall. So saves for that group. all but the last fail with the take down attack. You have the last member of that group grappled and can use your move action to execute a grapple effect on him (pin, throw, damage) Yes that does mean you can now throw him down the hall at the others.
  11. As the spell took hold and the enchantress' words flowed into the hall the raucous gang of thugs quieted struggled to stay awake in the face of the sorcerous lethargy unleashed upon them. One by one nearly all collapsed leaving their few comrades blinking away sleep and staring in disconcerted silence at the group laid low. Those nearest the door escaped the effect and seemed too driven to overwhelm the hulking preacher to take notice of their sudden lack of backup. Despite their blows being ineffective they continued to push back against the bearded holy man with sheer force of numbers.
  12. Ah yes forgot the HP in the church. Not gonna drop the luck ranks for an edit that hasn't gone through for a thread that should have wrapped before the edit request was made if I was on top of things
  13. Magic saves for like sleep are usually alt saved for will. No cost difference though so up to you. three groups of minions in the hall will be in the area of effect 3 will make the save (5 if it's fort not will like I perhaps erroneously assumed) the group by Judex will still be active though. Once that group and the three that made the save are taken care of you'll be free to start heading down the stairs though there are some more still on the stairs you'll encounter on the way. Can probably run past the ones that made the save as they are just the last single members of their groups so not very effective and spaced out more. Initiative: Round 2 Dr. Thorne 17 (Unharmed, 4HP) Judex 15 (Unharmed, 5HP) Mr. Strix 10 (Unharmed, 3HP) Minions! 8 (1 group of 5, 3 three individuals) Judex is up
  14. That precisely makes it as well
  15. As the horrifying specter in white manifested atop the stairs and let out a banshee wail the advancing thugs stared in horror and recoiled. The few steelier willed tried to turn the tide as their companions fled and cowered to no avail. The stairwell was filled with panicking hoodlums holding back those trying to advance further into the hall perhaps buying time for Thorne and Judex to attend to those already advancing. Staggering back under the blow from Judex's fighting fist the lead thug regained his feet with a snarl and wiped a bit of blood from the corner of his mouth, "You gonna pay for that you freak." he spat as he and his cohorts surged forward as one crude clubs and blades coming from all sides as they pressed toward him with dire intent.