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  1. Utsuwa nodded with surprise at the revelation of Micahs origins, the boy did not match his internal image of the state which briefly registered on his features before the more outlandish claims from Pan quickly overwhelmed the surprise. "Well I suppose it's natural that a school like this would see a lot of that with all that goes on in the city." he acknowledged with a shrug. He looked at Pan for a long moment then deadpanned his reply. "Nothing so spectacular, the usual raised by a murderous cult of assassins to be the vessel of their fallen leader." he glanced to Micah with
  2. The question was nearly lost in a wail of sirens as several FCPD cruisers sped past enroute to some nearby crisis. It had to be close as moments later people were rushing past outside in the opposite direction as the police began to establish a cordon around an art gallery a couple blocks away. The teens could overhear the crowd talking about some kind of terrorists or possibly hostages as they fled the scene but it was so garbled as to leave it very unclear if there was an ongoing threat or just a rescue operation underway.
  3. "I was under the impression we were here so no one gets hurt when we don't" Utsuwa suggested with a shrug. "Perhaps I got a different version of the introductory speech however." It certainly would make sense if the headmistress was more worried about what he might do to students in a normal school than with training him to be some kind of hero. Blinking at his roomate the fit teen shook his head and glanced to Natalia, "It is impressive" He agreed. The level of sheer enthusiasm for life the more animated students seemed to share was quite the sight to behold concentrated in
  4. "There are ample holds and features for climbing without adding more." Utsuwa suggested with a shrug. "Though I imagine those are designed to guide students into surveillance zones so an alternative may be prudent if one wishes to escape without the headmistress knowledge." he paused weighing that option and smirked, "Success in that seems unlikely however." It was a fair appraisal only using a bit of his personal knowledge of the Ms. Summers background. "If secrecy is the goal you may want to cover up identifying features in costume." he lazily recommended in response to Nata
  5. Kanunu 2 posts = 1PP Emerald Consequences: 2 Posts Kensei 9 posts = 1PP Crimson, Lose Some: 6 Posts Second Coming: 3 Posts Ref PP to Ouroboros.
  6. "Oh that was absolutely his goal." utsuwa agreed with Nat and glanced at Ryder with a small smile, "The tattoos are just his 'in' you see." he teased playfully, "that and not being American, though." he paused as he tried to focus on something other than the raging spirit in the corner. "Ah if memory serves you would be on your grandfathers side." he nodded to Tori, that would be before his grandfather had killed hers. He was getting more of her genealogy bellowed at him than anyone really needed but so far weathering it with aplomb and even pushing back a bit, "Rumor had it
  7. Utsuwa looked between Ryder and Natalia and smirked, "I can't image that sort of thing is so uncommon here of all places." he suggested with a shrug and when invited stepped in staring down at the foxes and bots playfully romping a small smile creeping to his features despite himself. When Toris tattoos flared with power his gaze swept to an empty corner of the room and he ever so lightly winced at the bellowed outrage from his grandfathers spirit. He quickly recovered and slunk into a chair, "So he has told me." The fit teen acknowledged teasing his roomate lightly. "Both, I t
  8. "I have been in the country long enough you can get nothing small here." Utsuwa replied with a small laugh, "Alright if not embarrass then I'll endeavor not to upset your friends." he offered instead. He was hanging back from Ryder when the door opened and shut and he raised a brow at his roommate, "Or perhaps I am too late for that." He crossed his arms across his chest, the tattoos of his birthright brazenly displayed as he leaned against the door frame and waited as muffled voices were heard inside. The dark tank and loose athletic wear below were unbranded and generic but s
  9. Utsuwa narrowed his eyes at the explanation from Ryder, "I think you may overestimate my knowledge and interest in magic." he pointed out with a smirk, "If they showed up because magic they are effectively magic." he answered simply and laughed slightly, "Which is probably good because full body ink would be no joke." The dour student rolled his eyes and followed along his roomates enthusiasm was charmingly infectious really. "Yes out of the country is so uniform we'll have so much to talk about like being able to get small servings and not taking leftovers home in a bag." He
  10. "Yes, Roommates." Utsuwa agreed with nod as he withdrew a bit in the face of the crowds of family helping the other students with move in. Having moved in early offered some excuse but he didn't really have good answers for why he was on his own. "I've not met any Tori," he admitted with a shrug, "certainly not anyone so, ah, memorable." He eyed Ryder for a moment and inquired quietly when they were both in the room out of clear earshot of the families, "full body?" curiously testing the waters if his roomate already had found, companionship. The moment was quic
  11. The teen looked up at Erik eyes narrowed for a fraction of a second at the dismissive attitude of his control and then down at the floor not quite equal the task of challenging the older man on his home turf. "That is perhaps for the best then yes." he actually agreed, "Loss of control could be very bad, prudent to have someone looking out." He nodded slowly accepting that this was indeed a fortuitous stop on his wandering. "Utsuwa." He replied evenly and more boldly repeated, "Utsuwa Ranaga." If he was going to clean the bloodstains from his family name he'd have to wear it w
  12. "Utsuwa." the tattoo'd teen replied to the round of students arriving. Sizing them each up in turn his gaze lingering on Ryder for a long moment before he nodded down at the robug, "I assume that is yours then." he noted and stood to clear the doorway. "Looks like we're co-habitating." he offered maybe it was a language barrier thing. "It's pretty spacious." he suggested with a nod at hte room then looked at Ryders burden and the helpers following behind, "Ah, more than I'm used to I think I have some spare space in the wardrobe if you need it." He was a bit baffled by a pe
  13. Glancing at Raina with the first signs of real uncertainty since he'd presented himself int he first place he struggled for words for a few moments. With a deep breath he pushed out a quick explanation. "It is a curse on my family." he paused, "basically." it wasn't a great even as half truths went, "A haunting of sorts." Of course blood magic was not quite the same as a haunting to mystic senses and while there wee spiritual magic around him they were overwhelmed by something more fundamental to his being. Utsuwa shrugged, "It is not dangerous to others though, I have it well
  14. Privately reprimanding himself for letting his guard down Utsuwa shook his head. "Not exactly." he replied and rolled his shoulders, "I mean, it is my first year here but I did some tours over the summer." it was a half truth at best but he had spent most of the summer living with the Headmistress so he was familiar with the layout. It took the new student a few minutes longer to realize this offer was more an excuse to introduce himself than a suggestion Utsuwa needed his aid. Once he put this together the tattooed teen looked down at his arms and nodded, "Ah yes, something of
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