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  1. Index 20Q The Questionaire! Origin
  2. Alright info from a postcog in the IC. I can answer questions here and you can search right after that or ask questions first. When you (or someone else) makes the Search DC, you'll find the boxes are about evenly split between high grade drugs, a wider variety tham most operations that specialize in one drug of choice. This is pretty split between coke, heroin, meth, and assorted designer drugs. In the office, unlocked, there are cut versions of the above, but with a distinct rusty tinge and a slightly coppery taste/smell. Below the office is the door and keypad Strix saw in his postcog. A DC 25 search reveals the name of the company that owns the warehouse to be Odyssey Imports on some paperwork in the office.
  3. It took only a drop of blood from the shaken mobster to plunge Strix into visions of the man's past. Most of them were gaudy opulence preferred by the newly powerful, strippers steaks and more deviant pleasures, punctuated by scenes of violence and cruelty typical of such endeavors. The working of magics to shield this place and more were blurred and discordant broken by the mind bending powers at work. Snapping to clarity was a heavy door, as if to a commercial refrigerator, and the code entered on a keypad next to it. The name and face of a police officer delivering the name and address of tonight's original target, the money changing hands for the betrayal. There was the rolling deck of a tug in the bay with the moon high overhead as women manacled and clearly drugged were off loaded from a container on a ship in the bay into the small hull of the tug, a familiar ringing of the ships bell and the nearby buoys as the tide shifted. An officious man with no face, or a face lost from memory delivering guns and money and instructions on where to meet the ship. More scenes of violence as he carves a small kingdom in the depths of Bedlams forgotten districts, selling drugs, women and guns to anyone at bargain basement prices. The stench of offal and the squealing of pigs as he stands looking over a pit full of the creatures as an unusually attractive woman tosses feed to the ravenous beasts and meets his eyes, amusement touching her features. She was saying something but her lips didn't match the sound, "We can always get another my little owl but I like this game you may have a hint of what is to come." then she was gone A much younger version of the man in the suit stood before a mirror, sigils around the rim like some cheap TV set as he chanted and the image shifted to show the city in ruins a dark tower dominating the skyline and the streets filled with howling masses of barely human madmen in roving packs given to every baser instinct of man.
  4. Empyrean Knowledge(Cosmology): DC 15 There are many entities from higher dimensional space normally only able to manifest as a shadow of their full selves in lower dimensional space they tend to be potent despite this and often detached from normal morality. DC 20 There is an Empyrean plane occupied by a collective intelligence composed of the pure cosmic energy of creation. It is by most mundane morality "good" though it's intelect is vast and alien. DC 25 The Empyrean is curious about other realms peeking through to observe and even advise on rare occasion. It usually does so by sharding itself into a distinct persona to interact with the lower dimensions. DC 30 The Empyrean is able to manifest it's shards physically in normal space but does so only exceedingly rarely, such distractions leave it vulnerable to similar entities with differing goals. Knowledge(Galactic Lore): DC 20 There are ages old legends of spacefarers across cultures and sectors encountering strange energy beings matching the description of the Empyrean. DC 25 These entities are purportedly capricious. Sometimes freeing ships trapped in strong gravity wells or dense nebulae, other times granting maddening or profane secrets, or holding court over a crew like petty gods. DC 30 Ancient Precursor ruins and data stores reference an 'Empyrean Realm' of pure energy and strange dealings the precursors held with the being(s) of that place. Infinity Gather Information: DC 15 Asking around Lor space will alternately get tales of a hotshot fighter jock from the Communion Incursion or a cocky Lor Scout with improbable tales of daring do, both apparently go by the Call Sign 'Infinity'. DC 20 Accessing Lor Records (legitimately or otherwise) reveals 'Infinity' is the call sign of Fa'Rua Zal Na'ar a Lor Scout Corps pilot and formal Lor Star Navy Pilot. DC 25 Classified Scout Corps file includes that Fa'Rua is a mentat of some potency with enhanced spacial reasoning and limited 'space fold' capability Licensed for a specially modified scout frigate. DC 30 Top Secret Star Navy documentation reveal that she was nearly drummed out of the service for insubordination but the details of the incident resulted in her Commanding officer being put on review and her being placed on permanent loan to the Scout Corps. Eternity Gather Information: DC 20 Official records of the Order of the Celestial Path, a sect of the Lor Sacred Assembly of the Prophets, list Eternity as the spiritual name of a student of the orders teachings, given name Jolan Zal Na'ar. DC 25 Jolan Zal'Na'ar is a mentat trained by the order and currently attached to the office of colonial settlement and exploration. DC 30 Jolan is a potent mentat able to sense multiple timelines and even control the local flow of time itself. He was sent to the order for training as a child and has been an exemplary student.
  5. Will save is 12 and rereading mindreading two more for more intervals just in case: 22, 28 for efficiency I'll just use your initial roll vs those checks which gets you to the 5 min interval so probably all the questions you want to ask. Surface thoughts are mostly scattered nonsense about the city falling into hell and demons consuming it, Judex or Strix hunting him down, and the lieutenants he mistreated coming to get even now that he's been publicly humiliated. He's probably going to flee the city but isn't sure he'll be allowed to. He's a tiny bit out of touch with reality. Do you want to do the search or the postcog before the mind read?
  6. @Grumblefloof @KnightDisciple @Tiffany Korta Let me know if you want to do some further investigation of the location or try to get more out of the prisoner. His mind is pretty toasted from the supernatural effects that have hit him and the price of coming down of the magic he used. DC 20 Search to find out more about what the operation was dealing in, DC 20 Knowledge Arcane lore to figure out the source of his power. Or you can try to use powers directly on him for pre-postcog, mind reading deep probe etc.
  7. The man behind the nights chaos new he was beaten, his enterprise over. The, Things, that had bested him were doing no favors letting him live, there was blood in the water and the other sharks were circling. He only nodded however looking between Strix and Judex trying to steel himself against the weight of the supernatural terror they invoked. He slowly reached for the button on his radio and thumbed the switch to activate it before speaking, "We're made, drop your weapons and get out." he shakily intoned causing a slew of curses and confused arguments between the soldiers outside. Few if any would obey the fallen leaders command but they would take their leave, perhaps to regroup and find new employment. He reached up to clutch at the burly man holding him down, "Can you feel it? There is a doom on this place." he dropped limp in Judex grip laughing slightly to himself, "It will swallow us all why not cut loose on the way down..."
  8. I'll push this toward a conclusion, hopefully tomorrow.
  9. And I enjoy taking full advantage of that outreach. Came the flirty reply I'm in parts of it ... the Lor answered biting her lip mischievously, You going to report me Agent? she asked, Life support must be miscalibrated, it's just so hot in my bunk, I needed to cool off ... I throw myself on your mercy, how could I convince you not to turn me in?
  10. This sinister saurian was tougher than he looked though it looked like they were starting to get the better of the reckless villains. Or perhaps he spoke too soon as the flaming fiend above dove his direction unleashing a cacophonous explosion heedless of the damage it might cause to their ally. As the fireball expanded toward him he slammed one foot on the ground sending an enhanced wall of water up between himself and fiery doom. By the time the blast hade vaporized the barrier it was sufficiently weak as to wash over his sturdy frame without harm. His counterpart it seemed was not so lucky and Kanunu was quick to capitalize on the opportunity launching his brawny form in a flying overhand smash bringing his clenched fists down with his full weight behind them across Destroyers crest in a crushing blow. He stood over the crumpled form of the huge villain and turned his gaze toward the fiery flyer, "Wrong play lady." he warned as the water at his feet surged and swelled in time to his breathing like a miniature tide.
  11. Hopefully with a dinner invite you've been talking up her cooking for weeks The Lor scout responded quickly, I know it can be hard. She added carefully knowing that terran morals on the subject were varied and sometimes extreme, When you're ready, if you're ready, I'm here whatever the response, or if you're never ready. Though that last seemed unlikely to be sustainable for the Terran who so valued her family. Now? Fa'rua barely missed a beat before replying, 1296.6960471080342487 Parsecs. But Orbital inclinations are actually bringing that in closer. She offered with a degree of precision even Lor star maps probably lacked, though it was unlikely Ashley would pick up on that unless she ran a conversion on it. It's easy to be open when you run into species with five genders or none, but if I brought home a free grue or Khanate refugee it'd not be overlooked so easy. Fa'Rua answered honestly, I think most sentients find reasons to mistrust what they don't share, better to focus on what they do.
  12. You'll have to give me a heads up the next time they let you off the leash for weekend then. It sounded exotic and even better clearly meant alot Ashley. I'm just a moment away Reading the addendum Fa'Rua bit her lip with uncertainty, she's learned much of the social norms on Earth in her recent studies. And knew this likely was not just because of the newness of the relationship. Lucky for you neither does mine, she'd be all up in your business about grandbabies. She paused a moment hoping the elvity would help cut the tension some at least, Uhm? Do you want her to know? Should I write her a letter requesting to court her daughter She'd picked up on enough of the southern culture in her studies to at least find the image funny.
  13. Move action: close with Dinostroyer Standard Action: Power attack +2 1d20+7=20
  14. Reflex: 1d20+10=29 Success which drops the Damage mod below his impervious.
  15. Fa'Rue was worried she'd been too much of a downer when Ashleys reply scrolled across her terminal pad. Just gotta find the light to guide you home. Jolan and his order navel gaze on the infinities of the multiverse, You make it sound WAY cooler She smirked down at the question, I used to think till I was too slow or got kicked out. I'm finding myself distracted by thoughts of retiring to some backwater with cute secret agents more and more often lately though The Lor grinned down at her pad, that was more like it. Not that I'm ready to be put out to pasture but recent events do tempt one.
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