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  1. Angrydurf Red Lynx (IC) Do You Have To Be An Ocean Away? = 1 Posts ref point to red lynx
  2. Phalanx 2 posts = Rollover to Ouroboros HATERS Unite = 2 Posts Red Lynx (IC) Do You Have To Be An Ocean Away? = 3 Posts GM 2 GM posts, One post to Savant, One Post to Kanunu Interceptors: Handclap = 1 Posts Ref Point to Red Lynx
  3. "The White Lion is ever forward thinking and prepared to make at ease our visitors I am certain." Kamau replied with a polite nod to the Emirs query. "If Dakana is to take it's place on the stage of nations should it not be with a hand outstretched in friendship?" he inquired perhaps a subtle weighing of the factional unrest roiling beneath the surface of Dakanan politics. He watched hte Emir with care fully aware the man held more interest in his clans power and prestige than the broader politics but with his alliance and contacts outside the borders of Dakana he was well positioned to take advantage of whatever steps the nation took into the wider world. "There are dangers in a small nation no matter the strength of its ruler and technology stepping out in aggression would you not agree Mrs. al-Darsah?" he asked looking to where the not so subtle Monsoon stood apart.
  4. Alright they return fire as she pops out and they ... Miss
  5. Yea I think the legacy story in alot of ways is here is more about finding a name and place for oneself outside of the shadow of the forebearer. Ties in nicely to Ashleys history with the raven too and perhaps her eventual rise as patriot 2 electric boogaloo. So yea I think an overarching plot less about losing the legacy more about defining your place in it. At least for the legacy type characters. The other opportunity we kinda have is a bit of the fish out of water as a lot of the characters aren't' from around here or otherwise stand out even among claremont students with teh turtle time ageing and the not actually 16 secrect service agent. And like Thev said side trips out to more globetrotting type adventures than usual.
  6. Summer vignette? Summer Vacation! I mentioned my intention to run a possibel road trip thread for Kimos move to Emerald city and it was mentioned the idea might make a good vignette. So yea. Road trips, Camping, travel to exotic locales etc. What is summer vacation for your character or are you more the Staycation type?
  7. I'm going to be moving Kimo (Kanunu) to Emerald city as his base of operations and was thinking it would be a good opportunity to have some snapshots of events and heroics across the country on his travels. So if 1-2 people are interested in road-tripping across the country with a perpetually late surfer in his van let me know and any ideas of highlights along the way that would be of particular interest.
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    HATERS Unite

    Looking down at Alex with concern Mike shook his head softly, And we'll make sure they get to be. He assured her his touch on her thoughts a stalwart vow. He looked out across the gathered throng rapidly sorting through the hundreds of conversations listening for signs of something out of the ordinary for these events something to hint at anything more sinister than the fearful proclamations of the frightened and confused attendees. They are frightened, and easily led astray by that fear. He repeated back to her the mantra she'd told him so many times when they were younger facing adults uncertainties and fears about the burgeoning powers of their charges. We'll show them a better way and in time they will understand. His thoughts carried both the weight of the responsibility he felt for doing just that as well as the unassailable confidence that in the end the good hearted people would win out over fear and doubt.
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  10. <"Family always comes first of course."> Kamau replied to his sister under his breath as he stepped forward to formally thank the Emir for hte ceremony. He wasn't sure what business of the House of Typhoon involved their guest, though he'd be sure to try and find out more. The formalities concluded Kamau moved among the Emirs court with practiced ease affirming the ties tenuous as they may be betwixt their peoples as was the purpose of the ceremony. <"We may as well await her business concluding."> he answered with a small shrug, <"There is good will yet to be fostered here enough to explain our long absence from the capitol."> he assured her and only looked brief askance at the highly non-traditional jacket though in truth the people of the Crocodile may as well see what the new White Lion brought with her to the position sooner rather than later.
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    HATERS Unite

    Mike stood shoulders hunched and head stooped, almost as if against the chill late winter weather though despite the light hunter green cardigan he didn't feel the chill at all. He'd made an effort when he heard about these sorts of events to be near at hand ever since the incident at AEON. Alex and those kids, 'kids' not even ten years his junior to be honest, had handled that episode with minimal collateral damage. But it was clear there were some TEMS affected that took a more violent opposition to this rhetoric, he wanted to be close just in case. Hands stuffed in the pockets of his Khaki dockers he looked every inch the uncertain school teacher not wanting to be associated with such virulent hate but curious about it none the less. He'd heard the speeches enough times to know by now the reasons, and he couldn't argue there wasn't validity in part. The power he and his kind shared were terrifying the hands of evil. But the powers were just powers, the people behind them no more or less evil than any other segment of the population. He apologized as a an exuberant devotee to the cause bumped into him and took a step back, "ahh sorry about that didn't mean to be in the way." only to be quickly dismissed as the man went on to explain to his companion hoe the peaker today really 'Got It.' on a level the government and those nerds at ASTRO labs that claimed t-babies were not a hazard never could.
  12. <"Much too late Honored White Lion."> Kamau replied with a small honest smile as he teased her lightly on her unexpected ascendancy. <"You are the one chosen and the one who Dakana needs."> he assured her honestly with some small amusement at her characteristic dismay at tradition interfering with her schedule. "You are as always a gracious host!" The prince cheered as the ceremony drew to a close, "The largesse and stamina of the crocodile tribe will not be forgotten." he assured both the Emir and his lady wife, a small protocoligorically correct dig using the technically correct term if not their preferred, a clue he had taken note of their gamesmanship in the timing of the event. He whispered a quiet warning to his sister, <"Monsoon is the sister of the Emirs wife."> he pointed out as he tried to read the relations in a glance with mingled success. <"And we are well ahead of our guests planned reception."> he pointed out as it seemed likely the young american had business here unrelated to her meeting with the White Lion and her brother. Tactfully he offered a gracious bow to both the Emirs wife and her sister, "Family should be together yes?" he suggested with a wide grin apeing clueless politeness. "We shall adjourn to answer the questions of your people and await your guests business being concluded." he suggested and nodded to Gian, "If you like we can offer transport to the palace when your business is complete." a note both that he took note she may have connections among the crocodile for the Emirs benefit and a chance for his sister to pester the American without the masks of protocol in the way.
  13. Kamau stood beside his sister draped in the ceremonial garb of his station though just as surely masked by his facade of princely indulgence. <"Even minor offense would become major in the lands of the Crocodile."> he hushed in reply to his sisters query though he too was well aware time ran short. <"He will most likely keep up precisely to his allotted time."> he mused in an almost silent whisper counting upon his sisters keen hearing to pick up the supposition. Enough to cause discomfort and inconvenience though short of anything officially troublesome. Giving a small nod to is entourage to signal the Crocodiles entourage that their time here grew short he waited, outwardly patient, for a breakin the performans that he might thank the Emir and his wife for their hospitality and loyalty.