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  1. "I find not being gunned down in the streets by mobsters to be quite enjoyable actually." Xavier replied evenly, from Lous comments it was clear it was not simply a deadpan joke, at least not entirely. He sipped at his coffee as the impromptu crew made their requests and rather valid complaints over their situation. "You're running then?" he asked seemingly surprised at the response. "I was under the impression that when one in your circles was double-crossed one got even not scared." he shrugged noncommittally as he sipped his coffee, "Have any of you considered what could be of such value in a library archive that not one but two teams would be dispatched to acquire it?" He began thumbing through a recent copy of the local paper of record as he awaited their inevitable responses, "My curiosity has gotten me in worse situations I'll admit and I'd not drag any of you in something you were not prepared for." he shrugged and left the paper open to the real estate section and an article on the boom in prices in the formerly worthless properties around what was now the growing airport and supporting community. He nodded to Chance, "I appreciate your hospitality, please get my friends what they require and I'll see to it you're compensated when I'm able." He drained the last of his cup and looked to be ready to head up to the apartments overhead.
  2. Prince Kamau smiled but demurred from the offer. He was going to need to be at his best if he was going to keep up in this company. He sat calmly in the transport however. Their preparations were complete with nothing more to focus on he payed rapt attention to yet another rendition of the limited intel they had on the sight. "If luck is with us their sensors will be as hampered as our own." he suggested with a nod. "We should be able to approach undetected if we take care." As the transport settled into it's sheltered landing zone he strapped his helmet on and stepped silently out of the doors alert for any sign their arrival had been marked by the enemy.
  3. Xavier shook his head slightly at the offered drink, "I've had better nights." he admitted with a small shrug. "Events did not go as planned." the private eye offered with a rueful shrug. At Lou's subtle prompt Xavier made the introductions such as they were. "Chance." he gestured to the group as a whole, "These are friends of mine." he paused weighing names for a moment and glancing back to his compatriots, "Alice, Lou, Sophia." he left off any last names but there was a degree of trust that had to be built here. Names were the start of that. "Everyone," he swept a hand to their impromptu host, "Chance, the owner and proprietor of this fine establishment and another friend of mine." he put a certain weight on the last telegraphing this was not entirely a social call. "Pier Six holds the unique position of being neutral ground, the gangs, and families leave it alone and hte Cops don't bother." he nodded to Chance for confirmation and to allow the gentleman to offer further explanation of the clubs position in Bedlam. Introductions managed he stepped to the still warm coffee the staff kept on tap and poured a cup of hte thick black liquid. "We need a place to stay off the radar for a bit." he finally called in a favor owed sipping lightly at his drink.
  4. Xavier had switched cars abandoning the cleaning vehicle and exchanging it for a mid size sedan. Nondescript, even better, unlikely to raise much interest when it was eventually found abandoned in the industrial district renowned for the hidden drug dens and occasional illicit rave. He had remained largely silent for the drive other than a brief assurance that he had a place neither the Scarpia's nor the cops would disturb. At least not for the few days it would take for things to cool enough for them to move more freely in the city. He seemed a little too sure of the timeline given the length of grudges held by families like the Scarpias. Pulling up to the back of Pier 6 eschewing the front entrance for the back door propped where the bar and kitchen staff had stepped out for post close smokes. He paused as he ushered his companions into the kitchen to pat one of the cooks on the shoulder and inquire about a sister, apparently off at college in Green Bay now. Leading them through the back area he emerged behind hte bar with Lou, Alice, and Sophia in tow. "You're doing well for yourself." he remarked to Chance with a vague smile teasing his lips.
  5. Phalanx shot ahead making himself the point of the spear and ensuring he was in place in intercept the brunt of any countering fire letting Gaian Knight and Tiamat focus on unleashing the storm of stone and fire to clear a path. Shouting over the roiling turmoil of the following rock storm he gestured at the streak of another hero entering the fray. "Looks like we have some backup." the paragon called out between swatting aside the stray shots of the forces on the perimeter. Sparing a glance at the base where the routed forces of Lonely Point huddled under what cover they could find, "We need to give them cover to retreat." he bellowed over the sounds of the rapidly nearing battle. Though to do so they'd have to redirect and give the more dangerous foes more time to regroup or split their forces.
  6. With a slight smirk the young prince shook his head, "Yes and I only had to practice thrice as long to manage it." he replied as he stood to join his sister in greeting their, guests? Perhaps allies would be a better term, it would not be in the interest of good hospitality to take a guest on the mission they were about to embark. He stood an axacting three steps behind his twin as she greeted the new arrivals, "We will begin the final briefing in transit." he added as explanation and turned to lead the way toward the plane hopefully before the older and more experienced heroes could see the nervousness in his eyes. He took a final steadying breath and quickly stepped into the transport to begin to call up what intel they had on the target location on the holodisplays.
  7. I'll take the bruise as well. Not like Phalanx's been sitting it out till now.
  8. Hovering just off the ground, costume pitted and stained by soot and worse from a hundred skirmishes and rescues throughout the last four days, Phalanx scanned the surrounding streets for danger as the Furion arrived. Phalanx focused on the messenger's words and frowned deeply. "Worse they may be fighting over something of greater value." his words a dire rumble as he peered off toward Lonely Point his vision cutting across distance and obstruction with equal ease. Why Taarvon would challenge Steelgrave here and now suggested stakes they were not fully aware of to this invasion. The battle itself was obscured to even his sight but the approach alone was beyond treacherous. "Swarms of drones, heavy drones, ground is crawling with those poor souls bound to service." the paragon offered with a heavy sigh at the sight of the Omegadrones and proles surrounding the base where Taarvons shadows and minions hid the fight from him. "We can ill afford to let them prepare or gather their defenders in force." he suggested and looked to his fellow heroes. "We'll need to punch a hole through the guardians." Phalanx suggested looking to Gaian Knight who had perhaps inadvertently volunteered to be that battering ram. "Then strike Steelgrave and Taarvon quickly, before the drones can close in." It was perhaps not a complex plan, and perhaps suicide in the end. Even if they did defeat the villains they'd be surrounded and desperately outnumbered. "But we buy time." hopefully enough for those around the world and beyond to close the portals and seal prime from the predations of the Terminus once more.
  9. Hmm. I could bring sandman there but I'm in two threads already so if there's any interest from someone not already in on the action I'll step aside obvs.
  10. Kamau sat just inside the hanger legs crossed as he once more went over his armor and gear carefully removing any elements that might be disabled by or worse interfere with the energies of the Singing Hills. "It will be like those hunts when we were young." he remarked to his sister as he worked free the daka power pack for his helmets com system. "Just us and our skills and the finest in analog tools." he grinned hefting one of the exquisitely crafted marungu before sliding the club into the clasp at the small of his back. Pulling the weighted gauntlets of his suit on he stood and tucked his helmet under one arm. "It will be soon now?" he was not precisely impatient but he was rapidly running out of things to triple check in his personal kit, if they waited much longer he'd have to start on HER kit and that never went well.
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  12. I'm up for throwing Red Lynx into a dakana thread. Or if it melds better with bringing in outsiders I could use Ace. WHatever works for your idea.
  13. I'd like to get Phalanx into one of the dustups with the heavies. I have some thoughts for a Claremont thread if there is interest, I'll see what sign ups look like.
  14. Angrydurf Red Lynx (IC) Do You Have To Be An Ocean Away? = 1 Posts ref point to red lynx