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  1. Jolan looked up towards B'ka with a pleasant if practiced smile, "It is more art then science, I know they will come, and may have insight in how to best prepare." he acknowledged evenly with a slight sigh, "But the threads of fate are not so simple to trace as to name a time and place for any but the most significant of events, and even then it can be abstract." Fa'Rua rolled her eyes and shook her head, "He means it's a jumbled mess and rarely has a timer attached." she scoffed and followed her brothers gaze over the khereds shoulder at the growing green streak across the sky, "Looks like your companions inbound." she noted with a grin and took a couple steps back from the likely landing zone letting her eyes wander to the minor scuffle a the exit ramp of the transport. "That is no common laborer." she noted as yet uncertain if the wooly mammoth was likely to be friend or foe. With the arrival of Kath'lana Jolan offered greeting once more and demurred, "No interruption at all good squire." He assured her, "We were merely remarking at the luck that brings you both to a planet in need of aid."
  2. Looking for 2-3 PL 10-12 characters to respond to explosions and/or some kind of attack near the Doomforge overlooking Kingston. Intro thread for the Unbreakable Kronk, so depending on reactions might be a bit of "Let's you and me fight!" but overall probably more character interaction/exposition than combat. Preference for Characters with ties to the terminus/warpwold but generally open recruitment.
  3. Fa'Rua stopped in her tracks as the meteoric re-entry lit the skies overhead eyes narrowing, "That's no meteoroid." she intoned suspiciously and began to reach out ot twist it's path away form the settlement when her brother gave a small shake of his head placing a hand on her shoulder to halt her efforts. As the Star Knight Came to a rest before them the Lor scout stepped forward and shook her head, "No this is a planet with a bunch of miners looking for help with some bad guys." she corrected perhaps a bit harshly before her brother shot her a quelling look and stepped in diplomatically. "Greetings honored Squire, may you bring honor to the Citadel." the Lor intoned solemnly. "I am Jolan of the Lor Star Republic and this worthy is Scout Sergeant Fa'Rua." he introduced with a deep bow. Fa'Rua frowned at her brothers interruption but had to acknowledge the Star Knights were unlikely to strike out at the world as a whole and the aid of even a trainee of the citadel could be of great help if the situation was as dire as reports indicated. She hung back and allowed her brothers way with words to carry them for the time being. "As mentioned this is indeed a world in need of aid." Jolan continued and pause glancing skywards, "You mentioned another? Are more Star Knights expected?" he inquired and glanced to Fa'Rua as if this would be proof enough their own aid would be in surplus.
  4. The light scout frigate appeared from a fold in space itself high above the surface of the small independant mining collective and angled it's thrusters for descent. "I'm getting signs of habitation perhaps a lost colony or ..." Jolan trailed off, "This isn't Eagle-tp97/M is it." the ascetic sighed heavily. "No but it's on the way!" Fa'Rua replied from the pilots harness as she angled the ship for atmospheric entry. "You fold space itself Fa'Rua." Her brother scolded though already resigned to whatever had drawn his sibling to this place. "There is literally nothing on the way." he corrected none the less. "Or everything is on the way." she countered with a cheeky grin as she sent the frigate into a steep descent, "They need help Jolan, and out here we may be the best they can get." the scout explained as the ship began to shudder at atmospheric entry. By the time they had landed at the small spaceport among the independent freighters willing to brave runs in the exclusion zone she'd passed on what limited amount she'd gleaned about the settlements plight. As the gangway lowered Fa'Rua abled down her scored scout armor still a mark of Lor authority if without any actual enforcement powers. Jolan followed in his simple robes, "We should seek out a headman or mine supervisor." he suggested as his sister scanned the closest buildings, "We should check the bar." his sister replied with a grin, "They'll have the real down low."
  5. "This is over lady." Kanunu boomed warning as he stood in the middle of the street the water from the broken hydrant dancing in a column next to him like an old friend. "You got beat jus chill out yea?" He suggested somewhat wearily. He doubted the angry flame controller would listen. He kept the column of water at the ready weaving around him as he swayed to a silent song waiting for her to try anything further ready to send it out to stop her next attack.
  6. Kanunu will ready an action to counter her next fire based attack with his Hydrokinesis array. We'll use the create object effect so power check is 1d20+18=31 Rolling now so you're not waiting on me if the readied action triggers. Descriptor will be a wall of water erected between her and anyone she tries to shoot.
  7. I may regret this but Sagrado is in. At the least he'll look good in his swim suit when he drowns.
  8. Doktor'd Empyrean 20PP available Powers: Add 2 Ranks to Flight (To Flight 5 [250MPH]) 4PP Add Insubstantial 3 (Cosmic Energy Body; Extras: +0 Native insubstantial; Feats: Innate) [16PP]
  9. Doktor'd Eternity Extra rank of sidekick in Infinities edit brings his PP total to 160PP for 5 Free PP Skills: 1PP Add Knowledge: Civics 2 (+5) Add Language 1 (English) Add Pilot 1 (+1) Feats: 4PP Equipment 1 (5EP) Universal Translator (Comprehend Language 2 [understand all, speak one at a time]) {4EP} Emergency Vac Suit {1EP} Teamwork 3
  10. Doktor'd Infinity 17 PP Available Complications Add: I made a lot of special modifications myself: Modified jump drive alt power only functions when piloting the Star Hopper with its custom jump drive in any other vehicle Fa'Rua can't take full advantage of her spacial warp abilities. Feats [5PP] 1 Rank Sidekick (to 32 ranks) 4 ranks equipment Add Damage 10 (Laser Cannons; Extras: Ranged) [20EP] to Star Hopper Powers [12PP] Upgrade Teleport 12PP (new Total Cost 17PP) Remove short range only Flaw 4PP Add Accurate Extra 4PP Add Easy, Change Direction, Change Velocity, and Turnabout Feats 4PP Alternate power update: Rename the IC name to Modified Jump Drive + 12 Ranks Enhanced feats 6 Ranks Equipment ( to Equipment 13 ) spend 20 EP to remove Limited: Deep Space Only from teleport power; spend 10 EP to Add Easy and 9 ranks of progression [100 tons] (New cost 50EP) 3 Ranks Equipment (to Equipment 16) Add Flight 7 and Space Travel 1 to Star Hopper 1 rank Second Chance: Piloting checks 2 ranks Improved Simultaneous Task
  11. Certainly up for this with Empyrean.
  12. Kanunu slowly moved to the center of the street watching as the nimbler heroes maneuvered and engaged the remaining enemies. His gaze fell finally on the sole remaining villain as she flew on fiery jets above the street and unleashed another barrage of flames at the battle suited hero who'd come to their aid. "Time for you to get your wings clipped." he murmured as he planted his feat and swayed in time to unheard music gathering the pooling water in a roiling mass beneath Sunburn as she focused on more immediate threats. "Lady. You need to cool off." he bellowed and with a final gesture fired a column of water from beneath her, gallons enveloping her in hopes of snuffing out those flames.
  13. Oh I was attempting a counter, not using the trip action. Assuming her flight is fire based the hope was a water based power would be a valid counter descriptor.
  14. Red Lynx barely whipped out of the line of fire as the sailors took up arms and opened fire with the Daka powered blasters. Spinning away he watched in first horror then awed surprise as Octoman dispatched the captain and managed to still save the crewmen from the sliding container. These were no pirates or smugglers, at least not in ideology. They were idealists, misled by some group into betraying Dakana. "Fools but not mere criminals." he muttered in frustration. They deserved a chance for this to end peacefully. He stepped out from behind the shelter of the crate where he had dived for cover and left his hands loose and relaxed at his side as he called for their surrender. "You were beaten as soon as you betrayed our homeland." he intoned menacingly, "Surrender now while you are still able." the prince demanded.
  15. Full Round Action: Intimidate check to get the crew to lay down arms. 1d20+12 = 29 Per intimidating groups you can roll individually or as a group to resist and Red Lynx is at a -2 if they clearly have him at disadvantage.
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