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  1. OOC for : https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10854-bang-bang-bang-ic/ This parking lot is not an unusual place to meet a fence and some buyers operate out of the motel rooms. But there are also down on their luck families between homes escaping the fall chill and other bystanders there and in the neighborhood. If Those thieves pull their guns and start shooting there will be a lot of people in harms way.
  2. Crouched atop the van as it sped over the bridge Red Lynx kept his body low and balanced as his target wove in and out of the late night traffic. Technically of course he wasn't supposed to be off campus without leave. As far as he was concerned the notice of his intent to familiarize himself with bayview and the southside perhaps after curfew was as good as permission. Summers likely would not see it that way. Particularly as he crossed the river from the relative stability of south freedom for the infamous fens. But he could hardly allow the thief to escape merely by crossing a bridge. At the Riverview Inn and Suites, which had neither a river view nor suites but did have hourly rates, Robin sat in a rented hyundai camera in hand. Tracking down cheaters was not the most glamorous of work for a PI but it paid the bills and the agency could only take on so many freebie cases and keep the lights on. She heard the revving of the engine as the compensation mobile squealed around the corner and rocked to a stop in the parking lot. The pair that emerged were precisely the type she'd expect from such a fine establishment, tall muscular, wearing the Fens approximation of wealth doubtless ill gotten, armed if that oddly straight legged gait was any indication. Less expected was the thump of muted footfalls on the roof of her car as a delivery van sped past and something almost silently lept from it vaulting off her rental to scale the side of the motel and keeping to the shadows pick their way across the roof overlooking the criminals in the parking lot as they looked around then moved toward the trunk of the lowered Honda they'd arrived in.
  3. Red Lynx Attributes: 8PP Spent +2 Str 2PP +2 Dex 2PP +2 Con 2PP +2 Wis 2PP Combat: 4PP spent +1 Base Attack (to 4 base, 8 melee, 10 unarmed) 2PP +1 Base Defense (to 3 base 7 total 1 Flat footed) 2PP +1 init (dex) +2 Grapple (str + BAB) 0PP Saves: 0PP Spent +1 toughness (con) +1 fort (con) +1 reflex (Dex) +1 will (wis) Skills: 2 PP spent 8 ranks 2PP Acrobatics +2 [to 7 (+13)] Intimidate +2 [to 7 (+12)] Notice +2 [to 7 (+13)] Sense Motive +0 [to 5 (+11)] {wisdom bonus change} Stealth +2 ]to 7 (+13)] 14PP total spent 0 PP unspent remaining
  4. Sam stared at them each in turn as they committed to help. She clearly was desperate enough not to look the gift horse of three, exceptional, good samaritans in the mouth, as oversized or full of confusing idioms as that mouth might be. However at the sugestion they hide her away somewhere safe she put her foot down, "Oh hell no." she exclaimed shaking her head furiously, "I'm not going to be babysat in some safehouse without my brother!" She looked pleadingly to Liam on the verge of tears, "He doesn't even really know what he saw and he's way too trusting." she whimpered uncertainty knowing going back to her home was doubtless riskier than hiding out wherever they might stash her. "We have to go get him!" She clearly had decided the ruggedly handsome PI was the one to make hte emotional appeal to, "I have money." she quickly added knowing they might be considering the costs as well. More desperate than worried about them robbing her she dumped a small stack of tightly rolled bills from her backpack. This wasn't cleaning out an ATM or piggy bank. The girl had clearly raided some addicts rainy day fund.
  5. Ace Danger Add Feats: 2PP spent Benefit(Fame) Benefit(Status: High Society)
  6. 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  7. Turning back to the group Xavier offered a warm fatherly smile, "It is heartening to know you are all made of sterner stuff indeed." he replied tapping one finger on his thigh absently in thought, "Time to plan os of more advantage to the pursuer than pursued." he pointed out to Alice succinctly, "Better to respond before they prepare to offer chase." He glanced to Lou fo confirmation, "Once they gather that we escaped they'll set about trying to track us certainly." he gestured to Lou, "As Mr. Lubrano astutely noted, their strength is in their numbers." He seemed to veer in another tangent entirely next however as he launched into a brief lecturing tone, "Dinocampus coccinellae, a small parasitic wasp, injects along with it's Larvae a virus." the PI explained, "The virus is at first dormant." he excuses easily, "But once active it triggers an immune response that serves to protect the pupating larvae." he looked to the group with a shrug, "fighting off the infection the lady bug host crouches and twitches over the cocoon of the pupae, driving off potential predators while leaving the young unharmed." he shrugged slightly as if the information was self explanatory in how it might apply to their own situation though if they were wasp, virus, larva, or ladybug in this example it was not at all clear. Or even if it was intended to be anything so directly related. "The Mobs strength is in unity break that and we have little to fear." he stated simply, "And perhaps much to gain if we play our cards right." he absently tapped the counter where the paper still lay as he completed his cryptic suggestion, "Though for now I agree laying low and getting some rest is in order."
  8. Ace shrugged slightly at Erics deflection as he watched the back and forth curiously. He'd certainly found the right teacher for the young Danger, though he'd know that of course, but it was clear Eric had a genuine appreciation for not only the skills but their wielder. "We do manage to keep in touch with the common man from our ivory towers you know." he smirked slightly at the self deprecating joke. As Janus drew her weapon and segueyed to him for further explanation he was happy to fill in the blanks as he was able, "A soul blade." he offered the rather grandiose title, "Magic as you likely can sense," he assured the swordsman, "tied to her sense of self and manifesting in kind." he frowned slightly as he sought the words in a tongue other than that it had been explained to him. "It is powered and shaped by her subconscious into the form most fitting her needs." he explained, "Though at this point with only the most basic control as I understand in time she might learn to wield it with more flexibility?" he shrugged the metaphysics of the entire affair rarely interested him over the spectacle after all.
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    Roar & Hiss (IC)

    Kam stared blankly at Leroy for a long moment and shook his head lightly, "I am not." he assured his roommate and smirked slightly, "Interested?" he teased with a friendly grin. The hidden prince glanced to Dio now out of habit for translation and nodded understanding. "Such is not the habit of my homeland or most of prime at this time." he assured Leroy. Peering over the other teen shoulder at the photon Kam smiled, "They seem quite smitten." he agreed readily not as offput as some by the power dynamic. Given the royal guard of Dakana he was not unfamiliar with women taking a more combative role nor men taking a more nurturing one. Looking back to Leroy he raised a brow, "I don't mean to pry but your home seems very uniquely positioned to see to your training." he suggested carefully, "What special quality earned you the position to come here to train instead?"
  10. Kam looked curiously to 'Gauss' as Janus inquired about the days exercises nodded in agreement curious as to what came next. As Nicole fenced with 'Masque' on the nature of her mask he smiled slightly, "I would venture in many cases practice and study are one and the same." he pointed out with a small nod. "There is a place for skill even in absence of knowledge." he glanced to Elizabeth, "Though both has it's benefits as well." he quickly suggested and awaited mroe information as to what they'd be attending.
  11. Largely ignoring Leroys direction in favor of watching the ball as it bounded back and forth over the net Kam focused on the back court dashing swiftly from position to position to knock the ball back up to Corinne allowing the tall dancer to take the lead on the more aggressive plays. His athleticism likely would have allowed a more aggressive slant though he was only passing familiar with the rules and thought the game friendly despite his roomates wager. Was he throwing the match? Not precisely, though it might be up to interpretation for those observing. It could just as easily boil down to avoiding use of his as yet unrevealed powers as well. Diving to the sand to catch a near scor at Astrids furious return he quickly regained his feet, "I thought you had that one for a moment."
  12. Sam stared at Judex as they crossed hte street, "I hope you broke your end is nigh sign on one those junkies heads." the girm mused with a shake of her head cus he was like a cartoon crazy person to the young teen before she followed them into the church. Looking up in vague horror and mingled fascination at the tableau inside the church Sam paused in the doorway behind Liam and Judex staring at the unconscious thugs. "are they?" she murmured somewhere between terrified and excited as she nudged one with a foot and jumped back when he twitched. Aiming a sharp but ultimately probably ineffective kick to the mans ribs she growled, "A-hole." Noticing everyone's attention shift to her after the creepy guy in whites revelations she frowned deeply, "I mean I don't know for sure." she huffed as she looked from Liam to Judex, "But the girl they took out was from our building trying to stop some developer from kicking everyone out." she shrugged not entirely clear on the details but had seen the fliers and heard the spiel on her way to school a few times, "Wanted to move us off the rent control list and revitalize the neighborhood or some bull."
  13. Huangs eyes glinted as he looked from the amulet to Veronica and he nodded. "Well artifacts that pick you certainly have a much better track record than those that one simply finds." he deadpanned before cracking a hint of a smile, "Hmm she always speaks of that almost like ancient history but time can be, uh," he paused to shrug, "Fluid in her line of work." he acknowledged easily. The dhampir welcomed each other student with a quick introduction as well as they arrived. Danicas arrival earned a friendly wave, "Good to see you again." he welcomed though he didn't know the younger student well he was familiar with her at least. "They at least gonna put spinners on that thing for you this time?" he inquired good naturedly with a friendly smile pulling his phone for the contact information exchange and dropping it back into the shimmering void that sometimes appeared inside his coat. At micah's question he thumbed the button next to the door and gestured within when the door whooshed open, "Fully holographic hard light generators and, " he waved a dismissive hand, "Alot of science jargon for tactile illusion and simulacrum." he explained as if that made a great deal more sense. "I think we can pick a scenario as the advisor chosen ones last year didn't work out great."
  14. The girls looked at the card then to Liam uncertainly before nodding slowly. Letting out a sigh she relented in the hadbitten act though still peevishly squinted at the waitress as her pancakes were delivered as if suspicious they might tell the people after her something relevant. From the earbuds and avoidance of eye contact it seemed clear hte waitress wanted to know as little as possible about what was happening at her only table at the moment. Sam offered a brief explanation of her predicament around mouthfuls of syrup drenched pancakes. "They're just hired junkie trash." she was quick to point out though she held no illusions about what would have awaited her ad they found her. "They're after my brother an me on account what he saw." she frowned deeply at that, "My brothers smart, but like," she shook her head, "He loves the tug boats and goes down to watch 'em" eyes downcast she barely whispered the next, "He saw a guy we know with this lady from the housing commission, she went missing." she looked up at Liam pointedly, "Now he's hired out so we go missing." She looked nervously as another customer came in and crammed hte last bites in to her mouth before tossing a small wad of bills on the table to pay, "We should talk on the way." she suggested and headed out of the dinner. Across the street she turned to look at Liam and Judex, "I tried to tell the cops, they said something about credibility and then those guys were waiting for my brother at the bus stop." she growled finally, "Some mara thought they were dealing and ran em off or they'd a got him." Clearly she suspected the police had told the perpetrator about the witness.
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    Roar & Hiss (IC)

    Well if there was any doubt to just how not from around here Leroy was this certainly put them to rest. Looking over his roomate shoulder as the energetic youth flipped through the book Kam tried to piece together how that realm differed from prime. Mostly he deduced 'greatly' to be the answer. When the picture was found he smiled at the scene strange as it was, "Well I've always put quality before quantity with such things." he assured his roomate, "It looks like a good time for all." he really did not know what more to say on that. Catching the look at Dio's 'correction' as it was Kam briefly looked to Leroy with a mix of sympathy and concern. But focused his attention on what the boy had to share. It was certainly going to be an interesting year.