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Active Threads for April 2016


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In order to make sure the Refs accurately count all your IC posts and award you the due amount of power points, please post with a list of all the threads in which your character, NPC or sidekick posted IC this month (including the News forum). This topic will automatically close on the seventh day of the following month at Midnight EST.  And if you are GMing something, list those threads, too. GM posts count as full posts, and can be assigned to whichever of your characters needs a 'push' to get up in post numbers.


1-14  IC posts = 1pp
15-24 IC posts = 2pp
25-49 IC posts = 3pp
50-99 IC posts = 4pp
100+  IC posts = 5pp


When you make your list, please post a link to the IC threads -- preferably to the top of the page where your first post for that month appears (or the post itself) -- so we can jump right to it.

When you start a thread, make sure IC is the first tag and topic prefix of the In Character thread, and OOC is in the first tag and topic prefix of the Out Of Character thread.  It's not required, but additional tags including the major players and locations are viewed as a courtesy.

  • Please list your threads in alphabetical order.
  • Please clearly note any threads in which you are both player and GM/running an NPC.
  • Please list your threads in a timely manner (1 week after the month is over is pushing it.)


If you've done any "extracurriculars" -- artwork, HellQ, 20 Questions, NPC, Vignette, Wiki work, etc. -- please be sure to list them along with your active threads.


Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in your post counts being postponed or skipped completely. If you missed the deadline, see this thread.

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Velocity (10)
One Month Mission (1)
Brave Enough to Burn (4)
Favored Son (2)
ToV: Short Attention Span Theater (3) 

Tsunami (8)
Selfie Shtick (3)
ToV: Thicker Than Water (5) 

Synapse (5)
The Secret Garden (2)
Trade Show (1) 
ToV: Harden Pharaoh's Heart (2)

Paradigm (19)
Fault of the Stars (5)
Revanche: At the Point of a Sword (8)
Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen (4)
The Red Planet (2) 

GM (109)
Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen (11)
Praetorians: Zealots (2)
Fault of the Stars (6)
Crash on Volturnus (36)
Climate Justice (2)
The Family Business (3)
Gangbusters! (11)
Praetorians: Sovereign Right (8)
Revanche: At the Point of a Sword (2)

The Red Planet (5)
Revanche: Engines of Destruction (5)
Pest Control (2)
An Easy Mark (4)
Revanche: Under the Sword (5)
Favored Son (1)

ToV: Harden Pharaoh’s Heart (4)
ToV: Darkness Three Days Long (2)

(So, this is the last month I will need to keep counting Tsunami's PP gain beyond 250, as she will have "earned" enough to unwind her PL bump back when I made her.  I have enough GM/Velocity rollover posts for both Tsunami and Paradigm to get 100 posts, the rest to Synapse (which should put her just over 50).  Ref point to Tsunami as well, which will give her the 6 PP she needs to unwind her PL bump.)


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Phalanx  1 = 1PP

With One Voice (1)



Ace Danger  1+2=3 = 1PP

Unkindness Conspiracy and Murder (1)

[ToV] The Ice Storm (2)



Sandman  6+2+1=9 = 1PP

Brave Enough to Burn (6)

[ToV] Vanity (2)

Nightmare Before Recess (1)



Ouroboros  1 = 1PP

[ToV] Darkness Three Days Long (1)



GM Posts  2 * 2 = 4 Not enough to bump anyone to next tier

Exes and Ohs (2)



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  • 2 weeks later...



Shore Enough: 10 Posts

Nuclear Depths 25 Posts

Plenty of Fish

Nuclear Option: 29 Posts

The Black Heart of Dagon




Pest Control

Crash on Volturnus




The Black Heart of Dagon


Doctor Warp



Warped Drive


Plus: 20Q, Plus: Reputation Chart


Guest Star (Pitch)


Devil's Journey




Please apply Pitch Guest Star Posts to STarshot

GM: Boost Starshot up to 50 posts, then Flintlock up to 50 Posts

If any left, split between Red Rat and Doctor Warp (priority - Doctor Warp)

Ideally 1 GM post to Lord Steam if any left over! :)

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Grimalkin/Shrike (22) [Maxed]

5 Finger Discount (5)

A Performance to Die For (3)

Black Heart of Dagon (5)

I've Got A Golden Ticket (2)

Late Night Out (2)

Ounce of Prevention (3)

The Box of Delights (2)


Miracle Girl (12)

A Bad Case of the Runs (1)

Brightly Polished 24 Carat Wits (1)

Cold War Relics (2)

Falling Star (2)

The Reunion of a Scout and a Genius (6)



All points to MG.

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Net Fly (2 Posts Total)

Warped Drive (2 Posts)



Mater Vyrdna (16 Posts Total)

Praetorians: Sovereign Right (5 Posts)

Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen (5 Posts)

Praetorians: Zealots (1 Post)

Revenche: At the Point of a Sword (5 Posts)



Meatheral  (4 Posts Total)

Casus Belli: Fowl Play (2 Posts)

Hollow Teeth (2 Posts)



GM (16 Posts * 2 = 32 Posts)

Devil's Journey (14 Posts)

Casus Belli: Fowl Play (2 Posts)




Player Characters > Net Fly

Player Characters > Mater Vyrdna



GM Posts Allocation(1 + 9 + 22 = 32): 1 Post goes to Hronos, earning him 1PP. 9 Posts go to Mater Vyrdna, bringing her total to 25 IC posts this month, for 3PPs (5PPs, including her Guidebook Page). 22 Posts go to Meatheral, bringing his total to 26 IC Posts this month, for 3PPs.



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Blodeuwedd (2)

Graduation Proclamation: Honor Society (1)

Selfie Shtick (1)


Frostbyte (12 posts)

New Squirrel on Campus (5)

Sticks and Stones (3)

ToV: Thicker Than Water (4)


Merge Trois (7)

Plenty of Fish (7)


Miss Grue (3 posts)

One Month Mission (1)

The Nightmare Before Recess (2)


Ms Britannia (4 post)

ToV: Harden Pharaoh's Heart (3)

Trade Show (1)


The Traveller (12 posts)

A Multitude of Problems (1)

Ghost in the Machine ()

Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen (3)

Revanche: Engines of Destruction (5)

Try Everything (3)


Triakosia (3 posts)

Falling Star (1)

Warped Drive (2)


Voin Zhenschina (3 post)

Mirror Match (1) OoC

Unkindness, Conspiracy and Murder (2)


GMing (5 posts (8))

Beautiful poetry of the Earth (1)

Selfie Shtick (2)

The Box of Delights (1)

[ToV] Short Attention Span Theater (1)


GM points to be split as follows: Frostbyte 3 posts and The Traveller 3 posts. Ref posts to go to Frostbyte.

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Here we go... first full month back, things are a bit wibbly...


GM (17 Posts (34), ALL to Torpedo Lass)

Cold War Relics (2)

Ounce of Prevention (3)

Safe and Secure (2)

5 Finger Discount (10)


Torpedo Lass (16 + 34 = 50 Posts)

Cold War Relics (3)

Ounce of Prevention (2)

Shore Enough (9)

Climate Justice (2)



The Reunion of a Scout and a Genius (6)


As Starhawk's retired I won't bother to count anything posted as her.

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For Alder because of teh busy!


Renegade  1 + 2 = 3  (NPC 3 posts not enough to bump anyone up to next PP Reward Tier)  

[ToV] The Angel Of Death (1)

Prayer of the Frog (2)



Volcanic  10 = 1PP

Brave Enough to Burn (10)



Bombshell  1 = 1PP

Mirror Match (1)



Nighthawk  2 + 3 + 1 = 6 = 1PP

[ToV] Darkness Three Days Long (2)

Bad Romance (3)

Never Lose Yourself (1)



Psyche  2 = 1PP

[ToV] Short Attention Span Theatre (2)



Phantom  2 = 1PP

[ToV] Being Green (2)  



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Argonaut (3)

Ice Storm (3) 
Foreshadow [Maxed] (6)

Harden Pharaoh's Heart (3)

The Secret Garden (3)
Glamazon (10)
Being Green (4)

Casus Belli (2)

Don't Go Into the Water (1)
The Line Between (3)
Roulette (5)

An Easy Mark (1)

Under the Sword (2)

Try Everything (2)
GM (5x2=10)

Graduation Proclamation:  Honor Society (1)

MAXimum Load (1)

Vanity (3)


Letsee.  Refpoint to Glamazon.  Rollover and GM posts too.

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