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  1. So, I assume we're all in agreement that Baal can shove his offer and we take these souls back the hard way? Because Gauss is ill-equipped for "politely making a deal for the return of dumbass' souls"
  2. Spend Hero Point for Beginner's Luck in Intimidate. 1d20+7=21 + 5 = 26.
  3. Gauss floated through the portal, bits of metal floating around her and her left eye ablaze with purple light as her cloak-like cape settled around her once more. She looked at the demon after both Forever Boy and Salvo's comments, doing her best to look unimpressed and, indeed, almost eager for a fight herself. "Or, you know, don't listen to him. But if you do fight us, know we are the next generation of heroes. The children of Claremont. As long as we draw breath, we stand. As long as we stand, we fight. As long as we fight, we prevail. Nothing can stop us," she called out, her shrapnel pieces spinning about her faster and faster.
  4. 1d20+5 =18, nope. I'm going to burn an HP to reroll. 1d20+5=17 Craaaap. Second HP. 1d20+5=14, adjust to 19 = 24. Yikes that dice roller hates me tonight.
  5. I mean, Selena left the trail of "breadcrumbs" but cutting the time from, let's say twenty minutes of three heroes running/flying fill tilt to about four, half of which is Pan and Selena sitting on their hands, the latter is the best option.
  6. As Mike lead the way, she hung back at the rear of the group, both because she knew Mike was untrustworthy and she wanted the large and imposing figure of Salvo directly behind him but because keeping her armored friend between them would make her leaving a trail of "breadcrumbs", in the form of bits of metal at each turn to help them find their way back less noticeable. Once he revealed himself, she sighed, "So, is it good or bad that he isn't a complete novice with all things magical? On the bright side, I left a trail for us to find our way back. Unless, Salvo, you have a 'drill' setting on your Swiss Army Suit."
  7. 1d20+7=16. And like that, Selena is now as dumb as every other horror movie character.
  8. Gauss flared her power, pulling the book away from Mike before he could lay hands on it. "No offense, but you idiots already unleashed three demons and got your group possessed when you had the book the first time. We're not letting you touch it again. You have info to share, awesome. Spill. But you have proven yourselves to be clearly untrustworthy with tombs like this. I wouldn't trust your band with Fluffy Bunny Has A Magic Hat after tonight," Gauss said, a less charitable person might have even described it as ranting. Taking a breath to compose herself, Gauss added, "Seriously, next time, just use freaking Tinder."
  9. Barely glancing at the fallen scrap piles, only pausing to make sure nobody on the streets below was struck by the pair, Gauss flew off after the pair. While Triborg had a considerable head start, the magnetokinetic flared her power again, pulling firmly on the robotic limb to slow her quarry but not so strongly she risked breaking or amputating it from the former strongman. Cape billowing behind her, she still was unsure of how best to handle the situation when she finally did catch up to the pair but she figured she could cross that bridge when she got to it.t
  10. So, Hero Point to remove fatigue. Going to resume the chase, trying to slow him down/pull him back with magnetic control again.
  11. Giving her friend a sly smile she answered, "There's been a few. Couple of the boys too, I like to keep my options open. But I did get a phone number from one of the girls who transferred in for her senior year, Felicity. She was the one in the purple dress and gold crown tonight I was flirting with by the snack tables. That said, we probably shouldn't be discussing this while trying to track down a demon brought here by a botched succubus summoning. I'd be more than happy to finish this later over coffee though." Gauss gestured slightly at the screw left on the ground from her dispatching of Mr. Cat, saying softly to herself, "And you are going in the trophy case."
  12. I'll be burning a Hero Point on fixing that shortly
  13. As Tri-borg skated away on the monorail line, Gauss gritted her teeth, looking back at the new combatants before growling, "I don't have time for you flying piles of scrap!" before letting her eyes go cross as she focused on the magnetic field in the area the robots occupied. With a flare of her left eye and a gesture of her hand she attempted to scramble the electronics relaying commands to the machine's blasters and their thrusters. If she was lucky, one shot would take them out of the fight and she could get back to dealing with the former carny.
  14. Sorry for letting this slip past me. Let's try something different... Gauss is going to stunt "Nullify: All Electronics Extras: Area" off her blast. DC 17 will saves from the 'bots to keep their blasters blasting and their thrusters from keeping them hurtling to the ground.
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