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  1. She was about to bring her fellow heroine up to speed on what she had been following for the past several minutes when White Lioness gave her the basic information on why she was also out here. "Cool, can we compare notes in a few minutes? I've been following a path of beaten guards and busted equipment after finding a shipping container something non-human broke through. If it isn't stopped, it might get into the city. Did you ever see that old Jeff Goldblum movie The Lost World? Think that but slightly smaller." At the sound of ripping sheet metal and terrified shouts the magnekinetic bit back a curse, "Never mind, let's go save some smugglers."
  2. Following the trail of destruction and the occasional injured dock worker, Gauss flew faster with each act of violence she passed. She still couldn't get a good look at her quarry, given roughly half the lights on the decks were off or just straight up broken. She was making a mental note to add a flashlight or the like into her belt, her frustration growing quickly. Her trail however quickly lead her to one warehouse that was actually well lit and a girl in a white costume and gold accents, "Oh crap..."
  3. With her late night snack finished she stuffed the empty bottle and wrapper back into the pocket she'd pulled them from. After a quick stretch she lifted off again, heading back over the boats at a leisurely pace. As she rose into the air and noticed the torn open container she came to a dead stop, the only movement coming from the wind stirring her cloak. "Well, that can't be good," she muttered to herself before descending once more, hopping to find someone on the deck while making her way towards the twisted scrap.
  4. Gauss Like a Wagon Train Out of Hell 1 post ...I'm going to feel shame as a minor action.
  5. 1d20+10=21 for a Notice check, either to spot White Lioness or any sign of the thing that burst from the container.
  6. Gauss floated along the river, enjoying the cool breeze off the ocean blowing her hair back and making her cape billow. Glad to pop out of her dorm room for a bit of fresh air she spent most of the last hour or three just flying and enjoying the summer evening. So far tonight she had foiled two muggings and helped stop a street race, leaving her feeling pretty satisfied that she was at least making her evening productive. As she moved past the ships, over the docks , and above the warehouses she slowed down to land on a flat rooftop. Leaning against an air conditioning unit she pulled a bottle of water and a protein bar from one of the pockets on her thigh. "I really need to pack better snacks," she sighed.
  7. Miss Tiff, should time become available, maybe something with Gauss and White Lioness could happen?
  8. As the spray of grit and assault of asphalt settled, a chunk of the lead car's now ruined bumper started to wiggle slightly before flying off the ground and towards the Omegadrone, missing as it sidestepped, or as close to a sidestep as one can do while flying. Charging downward from the sky a young woman in a white, cowl-necked cape blew past her improvised projectile, two baseball sized chunks of metal erupting from under the cloak, one cracking her previous target directly in the faceplate while the other struck the remaining enemy in the shoulder. "One chance, drop your weapons and fly back home. Ignore this warning and I will leave you as a pile of broken and twisted scrap on the ground," she snarled, her cape whipping in the breeze, showing the tears and blood stains from previous encounters with Terminus forces that day.
  9. Indeed it would Ari, she's still a Claremont Kid .
  10. Claremont is pretty much always accepting new characters, because who doesn't want to relive high school but this time, with super powers?
  11. As per @EternalPhoenix and @Avenger Assembled over in Discord, Gauss is reporting to fill in for a, shall we say, "unavailable" Vorik. Init of 1d20+7=10 Attack rolls 3#1d20+7, 8, 27, 12, against Omegadrone 3.
  12. As per the title, I'm itching to do some threads with Gauss but, well, I'm crap at running things. I'm looking for some rather straight forward things to do with Claremont's resident Polaris knockoff. Anyone able to help?