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  1. Gauss: Road Warriors: Gold Rush 2 posts
  2. Gauss struggled to get her own limbs to stop buzzing, flexing her fingers to try and restore feeling and function in the moments after the anachronistic duo had fled the bank. By the time she was sure she would be able to speak again without her words getting garbled by seizing muscles in her jaw, Rev had already reduced the remaining robo-goons to little more than bubbling goo. "That was both impressive and disgusting," she commented to her friend, trying to keep her boots out of the spreading plastic puddle. To the rest of the bank she asked, "Is everyone alright? Did anyone trip the alarm?"
  3. 1d20+7=16, bruised and dazed.
  4. As Carl danced behind one of the support pillars, Gauss lined up one more shot. Another sphere shot through the air, clipping Carl in the shoulder. Unfortunately for her, the steel orb was stopped short by an, until now, invisible barrier. With the impact, blue concentric rings spread from his shoulder. "Of course he has a personal force field generator," she groused to Rev, shifting her focus to fortify her own defenses.
  5. Sorry, should have noted, going to try and ping Calamity again.
  6. Not 100% Gauss is up but if yes, 1d20+7=23
  7. 1d20+7=26 Gauss sez "Nope."
  8. One of the spheres the young magnetokinetic pulled from her belt on her way in circled her wrist in a slow, lazy pattern as she took aim at Calamity Carl, trying to adjust for his dodging of Rev's attack as well as trying not to strike the aforementioned cyborg girl's now very outstretched arms. "Keelhauling? You know, I was expecting more Sundance Kid and less Pirates of the Caribbean," she called. With a flick of her wrist she sent the ball bearing flying forward, aiming for a kneecap and instead only slammed into a pile of goo that used to be one of the cowboys.
  9. Attacking Carl, 1d20+7=16
  10. For Gauss I've been brainstorming a rival to be the Xavier to her Magneto, some level of psionic character (current brew is a martial artist with touch-telepathy and associated mind games). Beyond that, I've been thinking her arc would include some frustration as she's not going to be getting any level ups to her powers and instead spending most of the next school year or two training up to be weak (comparatively) but skilled. I would also be interested in doing a trip to an bad future where she goes all Magneto/Dr. Doom on Puerto Rico given how it can be treated by the government... I feel like this would be something Aspirant might fit into well, either before or after the Coup thread.
  11. "No, I don't think they are. That would be too simple. Man, mom's going to be pissed...," Gauss replied floating behind Rev, her white cape billowing in the breeze she pulled up short as they passed the bollards in front of the bank and an idea struck her. As Rev made her way up the steps Gauss raised one hand palm up towards the short steel cored posts and the chains between them. Exhaling slowly as focused on her power, she clenched her fist and the objects began shaking, the chains rattling and pulling towards her. After a few seconds of struggling the concrete shattered and the bollards came rushing at the flying teen before being redirected towards the vehicle the anachronistic bank robbers rolled up in, blocking the entry into the cab under a pile of steel and cement. Task complete, she fished a couple steel spheres from her belt and flew into doorway of the bank where her friend had the criminals covered. "Now might be a good time to drop the guns, you're not going anywhere."
  12. Any rolls needed to take the bollards mentioned in chat and either fill or block off the entry into the locomotive's cab? If not, I'll get an IC up.
  13. Selena checked the clock on her cellphone for probably the dozenth time in the last ten minutes before looking up at the skyscraper her mother was currently interviewing within. Trying to take her mind off the stress her little jump forward in time has caused for her family she pulled from her backpack a small steel fidget spinner and, with a small burst of her powers, set the toy to spinning. After the third or fourth repetition as she sat on a park bench, the strange red locomotive rushed down the street. I am never going to get used to this, she thought to herself, watching pedestrians stop and stare while motorists swerved out of the way. Within seconds of seeing the cowboys rush into the bank, Selena was moving briskly for a place to change into Gauss.