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  1. So, Gauss earned a PL-up since this adventure started, should I maintain PL7 caps/stats or can I use her sheet as it currently is? As for the chase, going to attempt to hold the crazy, crazy man. 1d20+14 = 29, if moving forward we use her new sheet, up this to 33.
  2. Selena quirked an eyebrow as Claude switched effortlessly from, she assumed, Persian to Spanish to Boston accented English. "No, Blackmail would be something about asking questions about you to Summers," she replied in Spanish, "So, if I was going for blackmail I'd have gone with 'Would you care to share what you're doing with a pile of non-terrestrial metal in your pocket or do I ask the school's headmistress?'." "Well, I'd have kept that one to myself," Selena muttered in English. Slipping her book into her bag and getting it back over her shoulder she responded to Mona, "I could put down a coke."
  3. Gauss reached out and set a hand on Hwang's slumped shoulder. <Don't worry, we're here now. Between Gi's men and the two of us,> she said, nodding towards Salvo and giving a reassuring smile, <We'll have this taken care of shortly.> "You raise some excellent points...," she started in Spanish before abruptly switching back to Korean and asking the witness, <You don't have any especially valuable and easily portable items not on display locked away do you? Weapons from any of the Terminus incursions, alien alloys, millions of dollars in bearer bonds, etc?> Walking towards a slightly less occupied sector of the police's command center she began muttering, "Ok, how comfortable do you feel being the distraction? Maybe I can zip up the elevator shaft and either disarm the mooks or get the guests out with their mech focused on a certain someone outside the window."
  4. Selena had to fight her urge to jump for joy when Mona agreed to sign the book. "So glad I went dead tree format instead of digital," she said quietly accepting her book back gingerly. "I'll be honest, the borderline harem she had with her warlock girlfriend and their runebinder boyfriend always made for excellent fan service. And if she's really going to do another series, shut up and take my Won!" A smile split the girl's face, "I would be greatly in your debt if that could be arranged." As Mona shifted her attention to the younger teen she looked him up and down real quick. 'Not bad to look at, an easy seven out of ten,' she thought before suddenly it clicked. "Didn't I see you at Claremont last month?"
  5. <Officer Gi, thanks for the rundown,> the teen heroine said, offering a hand and a slight bow, <I go by Gauss and the bipedal tank behind me is Salvo.> Once she relayed the situation back to her friend, speaking in Spanish to do so, she turned back Gi, <I'd like to speak to Hwang. Once you have your snipers in position, can you keep us in the loop on what's going on? Wouldn't want to barge in at the wrong time.> Knocking gently on Salvo's shoulder she nodded towards Hwang before setting off towards their one witness. After introducing herself and her friend she set next to him, removing the helmet she said, <Mr. Hwang, I'm sure you've gone over this with Gi but I need you to tell me everything that you saw.>
  6. "Selena, it's an honor," she answered, shaking the heroine's hand. "I was a fan of the Weird West stuff by Vicky Knight. Zombie outbreaks, steampunk inventors, demons, angels, cowboys, and wizards, it all added up to one heck of a setting. The occasional fan service pages she worked in were a nice touch. I actually just got the first omnibus edition, would you mind signing it?" Digging the book from her bag, she thought she spied a boy about her age slip out from under crime scene tape. A boy who's profile niggled at the back of her mind, 'Where have I seen him before? And what was he doing behind the police tape?'
  7. The magnetokinetic almost jumped at Lulu's outburst, not used to that kind of language from the girl. Even when they dealt with their demonically possessed schoolmate last Halloween she had not reacted that strongly. Glancing around the room, she spotted an unoccupied metal chair and used her powers to drag it across the room and positioned the young telepath onto it. "Okay Lulu, deep breaths. Stay calm. Now, can you try that again, maybe with some details?" she said, trying to remain as calm as she could before turning towards Nicole. "I think we're a bit under dressed for the direction this party is headed."
  8. Selena had pulled herself out of bed and into a pair jeans and a tank top, tossing her costume into the bottom of her backpack and then burying it under her tablet and a couple graphic novels, the teen had slipped out of her room to go enjoy a lazy Saturday in the park. 'Gotta enjoy this weather while it lasts. Winter up here is just miserable,' she thought to herself, enjoying a quick flight towards Riverside Park. After finding a quiet place to set down she emerged from the group of trees not terribly far from the impromptu fan meet and greet around Fulcrum. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity she joined the group, eventually making her way close enough to offer a hand to the giantess. "I just wanted to take a chance to tell you that I loved Achemedia back in the day. Your magazine had probably one of the best selections of up and coming genre fiction, not to mention the graphic novels," she practically gushed.
  9. "No, none of that," Gauss snarled as Ahab burst into the road. The obsessed captain had taken hardly more than a few running steps before suddenly he found his various metallic bits and pieces unwilling to carry him forward. Her eye glowing brighter than it usually did, flaring each time he flexed and attempted to struggle against the pull of her powers. Turning him around to face her, she floated forward, "Listen cabin boy, now would be a good time to lay down your harpoon and surrender. Or, I find out how much like Frankenstein's monster you really are."
  10. Polarized by TT Giving Gauss a PL up to 8. Combat (2pp) +1 Base attack Skills (2pp) +8 ranks Sense Motive Feats (4pp) +1 Dodge Focus +2 Precise Shot +1 Teamwork Powers +1 Force Field (1pp) +3 Magnetic Control (6pp) A) Changed which was the base power and which the alternate, added Indirect, Precise, and Split to Move Object, Penetrating to ranks 1-4 of her Blast. Also cleaned up her powers' source from genetic to mutant, as per the "Descriptors and you" thread. No real change beyond, "Yeah, that looks more like a power source/descriptor typical of the setting".
  11. Give chase, use magnetic control to try and hold Frankenhab's metal bits in place. Perception range so no attack roll, opposed by a DC 35 strength check (if I'm reading the rules right).
  12. Selena's eyes tracked the helicopter as she fell into position next to her friend, chuckling she said, "I'd almost like to see them try that against you. You'd laugh, they'd crap themselves in fear." Listening to the radio chatter she let everything process for a moment before answering. "Something about a Mech. The police are setting up a sniper team on the roof. Also sounds like their radio calls are being ignored by whoever is inside," Gauss relayed. Turning her head to eyeball Salvo's armor's helm she nodded, "Quick question before we go to offer assistance, can you whip up a spell or armor attachment or something that allows for translating languages. I don't mind translating but it might prove useful to have you able to understand as well."
  13. Gauss Belly of the Beast 2 posts Hammer and Scalpel: City Night Heist 1 post Stellar School 2 posts Hazmat Praetorians: Shards of Time 1 post
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