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  1. Staying seated, hands in her lap, the Selena exercised one of the most sound teachings, used by both her parents in their professions, legal and diplomatic alike, remaining silent. She frankly had a hard time believing that every people within the Coalition had become so utopian that they never had anyone stumble into powers greater than those around them and found a desire to settle some scores, real or imagined. "I'd love to take a look at some of your geological information. I'm a magnetokinetic and I'm curious what kind of magnetically reactive metals are available to experiment on with my powers," Selena said, turning to eye her friend and squad mate, "Yes, before you say anything, I'm going to more than hurl chunks down a firing range."
  2. Selena sat in her chair next to Nicole, quietly fidgeting with her dress. She would much rather be attending in her grey and purple costume but today's calendar had called for diplomacy, not manipulating electromagnetic fields. The fact her friend and team-mate had chosen to also arrive in formal wear instead of her armor at least made her more comfortable with her decision. 'Besides,' she mused to herself, 'walking around in a magical WMD is bound to make our hosts regret inviting us aboard.' The longer the speeches went on however, the harder it became for the teen to sit still. She was in freaking space, she wanted to see what a lack of gravity allowed her to do with her magnetokinesis. Leroy's... exuberance on the ship being brought up brought the heroine back to the moment, "Dr. Chawla, it wasn't that bad. I was able to seal the breach before anyone went the way of a Xenomorph Queen," she said, hoping to defuse that situation before it got any worse.
  3. Almost as soon as the Pixie Dust finished leaving Forever Boy's hands, the popcorn machine, since it was already deeply dented and likely beyond saving at this point anyway, came back around to strike Ahab once more. The heavy THUD of the popper smacking into the cyborg whaler only caused the man's struggling to cease for a moment. "Oh for crying out loud. Normally people lose consciousness when they're hit in the head like that," Gauss muttered, "Any harder and I'm worried he might wake up seeing literally everyone as the stupid white whale."
  4. Gauss doesn't have any summer plans, she'd be down for an adventure in space.
  5. He's bound and helpless, Gauss is going to deliver a coup de grace to knock him out. Another DC 27 Toughness save and, if Ahab doesn't fail hard enough to get knocked out, DC 17 Fort save to remain conscious.
  6. D'oh! May 2019 Gauss: Arcade Action 2 posts Belly of the Beast 7 posts Hazmat: SOPHie's Choice: Between A Rock and the Deep Blue Sea 1 post
  7. "Okay, that answers that...," she muttered, hurling the popcorn machine at the world's most famous literary embodiment of single-mindedness. With a heavy clang, the machine popped him right in the face, seeming to do more damage to the popper than the captain. Turning to look at Forever Boy she yelled, in only half-feigned annoyance, "When we finish here, you, me and the classics section are going to have a loooong chat. I want a full and complete list of all the possible uninvited guests from 1800s novels that might show up holding a grudge against you."
  8. Gonna make good on the threat. 1d20+7=27 DC 27 toughness save from the steampunk cyborg...
  9. 1d20+2=21 to scare/shock Captain Harpoon into paying attention to his surroundings.
  10. "No, probably not," she admitted, pulling a domino mask from her pocket. It wasn't much for concealing her identity but it was better than nothing. Selena floated out behind Pan, calling over his shoulder, "Yo, Captain Ahab, I'm going to need you to calm down and start from the beginning. Otherwise, this popcorn machine is going to join the rest of the metal crap sticking out of your face." She raised and lowered her hand, as if tossing and catching an invisible baseball while the popper bobbed in the air behind her to punctuate her threat.
  11. Hazmat ducked under cover, hopefully before the Communion ships overhead spotted her. Looking around, her first memories of free though and will threatened to overwhelm the shapeshifter. Taking several deep breaths she relaxed her body and stood upright. When she lived through this the first time, she had been scared and confused but if she was going to have to re-live the experience, she at least had more power than before. Clenching her fists, now crackling with nuclear power, she took to the skies as she muttered, "Let's try something new you festering sacks of garbage."
  12. Acting on pure instinct, Selena reached out with her powers and caught the popcorn machine before it could strike anyone in the audience. Standing slowly she turned towards the now broken doorway the oversized concession appliance had erupted through. “Oh boy did you pick the wrong showing to screw with,” she called out. Over her shoulder at her fellow movie goers she continued loudly, "Anyone without superpowers or a hell of a lot of training would be well advised to make their way to the emergency exits. NOW!" Looking over at her friend and schoolmate, left eye alight with purple energy, she sighed, "See what I mean? Sometimes, you need to get away for a bit. And then sometimes, trouble finds you."
  13. "Not saying I want to leave, I love the place and I've made some good friends there," she said patting Pan on the shoulder. "And it certainly beats the schools back home. But I never asked for my life to end up like this, never for a moment imagined I'd be one of the Capes. That said, when you can do the things that we can, but you don't, and then bad things happen, they happen because of you. So, I guess to answer both of your questions I'm saying, 'because I have the ability to make the world a better place, I have the responsibility to try'." "I know you're a couple years out from graduation but have you given any thought towards life after Claremont?" she asked reaching to steal a couple more bits of popcorn.
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