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  1. Silently, Gauss turned and like a shot was zooming after the cowgirl of weaponcrafting, her cape snapping behind her. Catching up quickly, the magnetokinetic focused on Dixie's rocketboots and with an effort of will, created a localized magnetic field to hold the duo in place. Calmly, enjoying watching the rockets still expending fuel but getting them nowhere, Gauss gave a little wave, "I'm afraid you guys can't leave yet. The party's just getting started and it is such terrible form for a host to duck out like that."
  2. Gauss is going to try and drag Dixie back, 1d20+18=19 Let's throw a hero point on that, pretty sure the nat 1 ain't gonna cut it. 1d20+18=22 + 10 for the roll being under 11 = 32.
  3. Taking Pan's hand she turned back towards the enraged captain and the shanty town built within the impossible whale. "Let me let you in on a secret Forever Boy. We can't die, my friend. You know why? Because we are so... very... pretty. We are just too pretty for God to let us die. Just look at that chiseled jaw!" she paraphrased from one of her favorite science-fiction shows. Taking another steel slug from her pocket she lined up her shot and slammed as much of her will into her attack she sent the coin screaming down towards Ahab, magnetic fields springing into being and vanishing just as quickly guiding her projectile to strike home.
  4. I'm thinking use the house rules for power attacking for another shot at Ahab. So, effectively only a +3 to the attack roll and a +2 to the toughness save. 1d20+8 + 3 = 33, with improved critical that's a DC 30 toughness save from Ahab.
  5. Lowering her voice to a more normalized level as she got closer to Forever Boy she said, "Assuming their story is to be stuck inside this stupid, TARDIS-like whale, I don't think leaving them at the mercy of Ahab is very heroic. And that's what we're at Claremont for isn't it? To be the best heroes we can be." Turning her eyes back to the enraged whaler she gulped and tried to keep her hands from shaking, "Now, are we cowards who would leave civilians to a royally pissed villain or are we heroes who deserve the stories written about us?"
  6. Gauss, sensing the deadly sharp steel blade heading for her back turned in mid-air, focused her powers and caught it before she could be harmed by Ahab's backstabbing attack. In a rush of indignant rage, barely even thinking she fired the harpoon back at Captain Ahab, the blade sinking home. "Meliodas, wishes he could return spear fire that good..." she muttered to herself before resuming her chasing after Pan. Once within earshot she called out, "Pan! Wait! What about the people still down there? Red and Geppetto? We can't just leave them stuck in here."
  7. Setting the motorcycles on a nearby rooftop, Gauss gave a shrug. "Honestly, I don't really care if you knew they were stolen or not, I was just offering you a chance to lose a receipt of stolen property charge. If you were cooperative, I'd set the bikes back down and send you on your merry way out of my town. Go bother folks in Bedlam or Emerald," the heroine mused. "And with the items surrendered to the proper authorities, the band of mooks," she continued, thumbing at Dixie's buyers, "Would also avoid a bunch of charges." "Doesn't that sound good for everyone? The representative from Dakana gets their crystals back, nobody deals with the cops or ATF, and everybody gets to go home instead of jail," she finished, trying to sound reasonable.
  8. 1d20+8=25 Just made it. I'd like to send the harpoon back via her blast power 1d20+8=11. HP to roll again. 1d20+8=14 + 10 = 24
  9. Gauss Belly of the Beast 1 Dangerous Dockside Dealings 2 Keep Their Heads Ringing 1
  10. Dropping the second wave of confiscated weapons atop the first collection, Gauss watched as one man in the crowd began violently changing. As he bent back and released a blood chilling howl, the magnetokinetic faltered for a brief second before gritting her teeth and taking to the air. As she passed over the wolf-man she unleashed a steel ball bearing into the his shoulder. "Okay Cujo, you've got an impressive set of pipes on ya," she called down at the transformed gang member, "Now that I've got your attention, let's keep it right here."
  11. Gauss and the bikes continued to rise, slower than if she'd just grabbed them one at a time but it was keeping everyone nice and distracted, as well as significantly slower. "Now, now, I have zero intention of wrecking these gorgeous bikes. I don't even really care about the arms deal our aquatic friend here mentioned. Well, not directly at any rate. See, a little kitty told me that you," she said, gesturing at Dixie, "Had come into possession of a shipment of Daka crystals. Daka crystals that had been stolen. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn't know they were stolen but we're going to need them back and the name of you seller."
  12. Gauss withdrew her hands from her hoodie pocket and lined up her shot as Pan bound up Ahab in solid shadows. Flicking a thick steel washer off her thumb, like she flipping a coin, she concentrated and formed a magnetic field to send the coin forward. While she was aiming for a limb shot, Ahab's struggles to break free moved him out of the way of the shot, the slug embedding itself into the wood roof of the building under the mad captain's feet. "You know, the more you talk the more I think tossing you into the whale's digestive juices would be a good idea...," the teen deadpanned.
  13. Must have forgot to put the note in the post when writing it before putting the link in. Fixed, it was also noted on the orokos roll.
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