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  1. Gauss: Park Time Job 1 post. *feels shame as a minor action*
  2. "If there's one thing I did learn about Magic, it's that you treat it like super-science. Tread carefully around it and leave it to people who know what they're doing. Don't even breath around it if you can. Doesn't hurt to learn about it but 'arcane runes for dummies' makes my head hurt. Hell, just trying to dive deeper into magnetism makes me want to rip my hair out but there's a chance understanding Lorentz force might end up saving someone's life," she explained, flipping the coin towards Claude's face before calling it back to her hand with her powers. Taking a sip of her soda she said to Mona, "Salvo was on my squad last year, she built a suit of power armor infused with magic and whatnot. Far and away she was the team's heavy hitter. And widest blaster, sweet girl but she doesn't do 'single-target' well."
  3. Sorry for the delay. Notice: 1d20+10=21 Yoink: 1d20+9=20
  4. I think the best start is trying to rescue the hostages. Can I use her magnetic control to rip the guns out of mercs' hands?
  5. Not sure what the best move is here, where are the hostages on this map? Are they spread out in clusters or bunched together?
  6. If Selena was able to read minds, she would find her own thoughts mirrored Mona's. "Trust me, despite what you're thinking, it'll be good for ya. If nothing else, you'll pick up skills you're going to use the rest of your life," she said, still rolling the coin across her knuckles, "Or at least a couple party tricks." Accepting her soda she took a moment to collect her memories of last Halloween, only starting once the waiter had vanished once again. "Well, that was their plan, yes. Bunch of dumb, horny mage types. So, after screwing with the wards and misleading his friends, he summons a demon lord, tries to offer his friends as sacrifices, and ends up getting three unrelated supers in the mix. Fun fact, if you ever meet Salvo, ask her about the toad demon who's tongue she ripped out of his head."
  7. Continuing to roll the magnetically reactive coin back and forth across her knuckles she nodded to Mona, "The outsider's perspective is pretty accurate. I mean, you've got teenagers from all over the world, sometimes even off world, given the first taste of freedom from living with their parents, and that's before you add super powers, magic, hyper advanced tech, or alien physiology. Short version, the drama is beyond superb. Want to hear about the time a bunch of would-be magic users were convinced by their ringleader to summon a succubus on Halloween last year?"
  8. After giving the buttons another press or two, Selena lets out a blistering string of curses in a whisper before using her ability to shove the doors open and enter the unlit car. Closing her eyes and reaching out with her ability to sense metals she began searching for a way up through the roof rather than having to try and fly up a stairwell. At best her sense of her surroundings was somewhat muddled and indistinct but she was able to, with time, find the emergency escape hatch on the roof of the elevator car and push it free. Floating up, avoiding grease covered cables along the way, she whispered over the line to her friend, <Salvo, I've made my way into the elevator shaft and am currently headed to the top. What's the situation now that the power's out?>
  9. Selena leaned back in her chair, listening to Claude's explanation to of what he was doing in the park and why he was unable, or at least extremely unwilling, to share anything more than the most cursory details. She was also pretty impressed by the origami work, even as he seemed to be barely paying attention to what he was doing. Idly she pulled a Canadian quarter from her pocket and rolled it across her knuckles. "I'm willing to let it drop. Don't get me wrong, the non-terrestrial bits of the device you're carrying are probably going to have me rummaging through the school's library until move-in day at college but if you can't say, you can't say."
  10. Gauss Belly of the Beast 3 posts Hammer and Scalpel: City Night Heist 6 posts Park Time Job 7 posts Stellar School 2 posts
  11. It did not take long before Gauss had caught back up to Ahab, dodging no small number of vehicles along the way as she and Forever Boy chased the captain. Once again her eye flared with violet energy as she raised her hands and reasserted her mastery of magnetism to take hold of his prosthetic limbs. "I said, THAT'S ENOUGH!" With Ahab firmly in her mental grasp she began rising up into the air, "We're going to have a nice, calm, nonviolent talk. Or, I'm going to throw you halfway to San Juan, your choice. Now, the whale, instead of screaming that it's here it how about telling us about it. What makes it so special besides being white?"
  12. "Yeah, the guys behind one of my favorite abridged series said a similar thing, not sure how comfortable I am being compared to their version of Asuna but whatever," Selena said returning the grin. When the waiter arrived she waited as he and Mona made their small talk before passing over her menu, "Can I get a coke and a BLT on wheat?" Once the three were alone once again the magnetokinetic sat back in her chair, her mind circling back to the metal device in Claude's pocket. 'Okay, so he's not going to share many details but damn if I'm not curious where the non-earthly metal came from,' she mentally mused.
  13. "Thanks, it certainly had its ups and downs," she said to Mona. Taking her seat, she hung her backpack across the back of the chair. Taking the menu Selena took the opportunity, while looking over the options, to collect her thoughts and after a minute sighed. "You're right. I've been being, frankly, a bitch," Selena started, "And I owe you an apology, even if you immediately assumed my asking if I saw you at Claremont was supposed to be a blackmail attempt. So, I'd like to try this again, my name is Selena."
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