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  1. Allowing the crowd to exit, Selena stood by the man she had helped, and born the reprimand from the headmistress of Claremont for. "De nada," she said after a heavy pause. "Take care of yourself man and try and avoid anymore trouble. Something, something concerned citizen," she finished with a weak smile before heading off the platform. Getting lost in the crowd it did not take long for the teen to find a spot she could duck away and zip into the air as the monorail pulled away. After a few moments to tuck her shopping bags and backpack, now holding her street clothes instead of her costume, into a rooftop corner she zipped off to catch back up to the car she had occupied previously.
  2. I'll send Gauss or Hazmat into this, sounds like a fun excursion.
  3. 1d20+7=14, probably a whiff but I'll post her sending some steel washers past Sam's shoulder upon confirmation. Help us Obi-wan Kenob- I mean Lulu, you're our only hope
  4. Selena frowned slightly, looking up to meet the strong man's eyes which were darting around the car. "Everything alright? You seem on edge." Mentally the teen felt her alarm bells firing and inwardly heard Bill Murray's voice yelling 'What did you do Ray?' Selena started weighing her options and was beginning to think maybe she needed to exit at the next stop and that Gauss should arrive shortly thereafter. "I was actually," she lied as best she could.
  5. Standing in the crowded monorail car, a part of Selena wished she had just staid home and done her shopping online. But she was worried about Danica catching a glimpse of the screen and spoiling her gift. So now here she was, running around half the city in the frozen hell of the North-East's early December. At least she had her costume in her backpack to make a quick escape back to Claremont when she was done. Catching sight of a familiar, if no longer lopsided form the teen smiled to herself. Selena adjusted her grip on her shopping bags, not they were terribly heavy but they held the handful of Christmas gifts she had picked up for her teammates and her roommate. She made her way forward, trying to nudge as few people as possible before she was standing side by side with the former circus performer. "So, guess I don't have to worry about you getting dragged into anymore unfair fights huh?" she said warmly, resisting the urge to knock on his biceps with her free hand. "Happy holidays man."
  6. "I knew a girl back home, lost her arm when a shark thought she was food. A bit of depression is normal after trauma like that. Take your time to process. Find a creative outlet," she said trying to be helpful. Selena stepped over to the sapling where the first knife had been buried a solid two inches deep by her magnetokinetic throw. With a grunt of effort she pulled it free. Folding the blade she offered him the knife and a gentle smile, "And maybe keep something to remind you that your life may have changed but it isn't over."
  7. The young magnetokinetic warred with her satisfaction of beating up would-be criminals and her fear of what kind of punishment Summers would hand down when she reported. The idea of hiding what just happened briefly crossed her mind but Summers was scarily good at finding out the truth. "Just a concerned citizen who doesn't like unfair fights," she said, turning away from the retreating toughs and giving her attention back to the giant slab of now lopsided muscle standing before her, "And thanks." Her eyes were drawn to his hand clenching hand, having roughly zero doubt he could at least crack a skull if not fully crush it. "Not to rub salt on the would but I'm pretty sure a month ago those pendejos wouldn't have had the guts to start anything," she added. "Mind if I ask what happened?"
  8. "Sam, you grade A moron," she muttered as her classmate recounted his tale. It had taken her less than a week in this school to understand that anything magical should either be left alone, guarded while a teacher is sent for, or sometimes burned on the spot. As Pan tried to bind the creature Sam unwittingly allowed to wear him like a brand new Edgar Suit and her team's heaviest hitter wheeled herself backwards to get into her gear, Selena watched the book sail away. Thinking quickly, she called on her power and abusing the Lenz Effect, created a magnetic field strong enough to push the silver accents on the cover and spine away from the field and towards the non-possessed teens. Grabbing the book she took to the air taunted, "Sorry, I'm more likely to sign up with Slaanesh..."
  9. Selena sidestepped the first clumsy jab with of a switchblade and easily hopped back from a slash from his buddy. Just a few short years ago this situation would have terrified her but after so many years at Claremont she was almost bored by their amateurish, at best, attacks. In a series of flowing punches, spins, kicks, and a few burst of her power to pull the blades out of the way, the young shopper had laid out the thugs. Crouching down by their apparent leader she whispered, "Guys, you're amazingly lucky. Imagine for a minute if I was one of Freedom's many, many superheroes out for a little shopping on my day off. So, for your own safety, learn some f*#$ing respect. Here there be dragons." 'Crap... I'm going to have to report this to Ms. Summers when I get back,' she thought when she looked down at her handiwork.
  10. Is there any sort of iron/steel/copper ornamentation or corner caps on the tomb Gauss could use her powers to pull the book back to them by? If not, she's going to shove a couch at the thing wearing Sam like a skin suit.
  11. Gauss Adventuring Time A rather pathetic month for me...
  12. As soon as she saw the flash of steel Selena drew upon her power, creating a sudden magnetic field ripping the knife from the thug's hand and sending the blade hurtling past the one armed man. The blade finally came to a stop, quivering in the trunk of a small decorative accent tree along the sidewalk. "Now now boys, the man said he wants to be left alone," Selena said, barely looking up from her phone as she spoke, "You might want to try being friendly by leaving the dude alone." "Then again, I'm recording this. I figure your asswhooping will be worth a couple thousand hits on YouTube," she lied, putting as much scorn into her taunts as possible.
  13. Gauss Fright Night at Claremont Monorail Madness
  14. Selena tucked her most recent purchases, a new hoody and a pair of graphic novels, into the backpack she'd come to the mall with. As she snapped the clasps shut to protect it from the weather she found herself humming the opening theme song of the most recent anime she had binge watched over the weekend. Pushing open the glass doors and setting out into the cool fall air she spied the mountain of a man smoking and the four would-be thugs all but begging for trouble. '...These guys are just too dumb to live,' she thought to herself, pulling her phone from her pocket and pretending to answer a text off to the side, hoping security would swing by on a patrol soon. While she waited she kept an eye on the five, readying herself to break things up should they get violent.