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  1. Must have forgot to put the note in the post when writing it before putting the link in. Fixed, it was also noted on the orokos roll.
  2. Other than lift the bikes higher, putting them on a warehouse roof if one's close enough, Gauss is going to start talking. Maybe sow some seeds of distrust between Dixie and "The Sack of Hammers Gang". Do you want an untrained bluff check for that? Edit: Roll 1d20+2=19
  3. Will save: 1d20+5=18 Spend the hero point to negate the fatigue, take off from the roof and as she flies over the wolfman, send a volley of steel nuts at Superbeast. 1d20+8=25 if that hits, DC 23 toughness save.
  4. 1d20+8=10, I'll get a post where Gauss ends up embedding hardware into the shanty Ahab is standing on up in a bit.
  5. "Yeah jackass and if you had calmed the hell down and stop throwing popcorn machines at people in a crowded theater, I wouldn't be tempted to shove that harpoon you're holding through your stomach. Now, do you want to keep rehashing the past or do you want to get the hell out of this goddamn whale?" Gauss called back, leaning forward and sinking her hands into the pockets of her hoodie, fingers finding a steel washer in case Ahab took a shot at her.
  6. 1d20+7=22 for Gauss' initiative roll.
  7. Gauss looked over at her friend and nodded, giving a slight smirk, "It is something I'm pretty good at. And people really tend to take notice when their motorcycles rip out from under them." Giving White Lioness a minute or so to slip into the shadows, the magnetokinetic stepped forward and off the ledge of the roof, allowing herself a few seconds of free fall before taking off and flying towards the assembled criminals. As the young man made of water come up from the ocean and caught the eye of every person in attendance, Gauss took the opportunity to grab the pair of bikes and begin mentally hefting them into the air. "Ladies, gentlemen, and anyone part of the technicolor rainbow in between, I'm going to have to insist everyone stay put. We have questions, you have answers," she called out to the assembled criminals. "Also, next person who takes a shot at anyone gets a motorcycle enema."
  8. Do you want a power check to grab their bikes before they get on and peel out or will Magnetic Control 9 and split attack be enough to keep Dixie and Reiko from being able to abandon their clients?
  9. Selena had been surprised at the call from Ajasoro earlier in the afternoon, inviting the magnetokinetic and former squad mate out to grab a meal and catch up as their school years draw to a close. That and a trusted hand in dealing with some arms dealers who had managed to acquire a shipment of Daka crystals and, in all likelihood, had by now incorporate them into especially deadly weapons. Which of course lead to Gauss and White Lioness crouched on a rooftop several warehouses down from the deal in progress. "So, how do you want to play this? Bust in now and try to recover the weapons or trail the blonde and her partner in hopes they lead us back to the rest of the trove?"
  10. Blinking the spots in front of her eyes, Gauss barely had time to see Shooting Star and Ms. Bright take out the 88 who had fire upon her. Mere seconds after, as the assembled Royals drew and began firing into the crowd, aiming, if not every efficiently, for the 88s that had yet to be knocked out by the assembled heroines. Gritting her teeth in annoyance at the second gang's instance on continuing to make trouble her eye flared with purple light as she raised her hand, yet more purple light rippling outwards towards the guns and switchblades in the Royals' hands. "Okay, assclowns one and all!" she called out, pulling the second pile of weapon up to the roof, "You had the chance to walk away. We've now moved to the part where I offer you the chance to be taken to the police voluntarily. Next person who draws a weapon or hits a civilian, I'm breaking both your thumbs."
  11. Many, apologies guys. Move Object 9 (Magnokinesis; Extras: Area [Cone], Selective; Flaws: Metal Only, Limited Direction [Attraction/Repulsion]) should cover "yoinking" the Royals' guns towards Gauss yes?
  12. I don't have anything currently planned but I'd be lying if I said Gauss working with Chimera doesn't sound like fun.
  13. Notice: 1d20+10=22 Gauss, despite almost having an RPG blowup in her face, is taking none of the Royals crap either. Going to do another disarm, 1d20+9=18, I'd like to spend an HP to reroll that... 1d20+9=14 + 10 since the roll was under 10 so 24.
  14. "See you guys down there," Gauss called over her shoulder as she took off after Forever Boy, trying to avoid the trail of pixie dust he was leaving in his wake. 'Between the whale drool and the pixie dust, this hoodie's pretty much toast,' she mentally groaned, 'Small potatoes if Ahab doesn't calm his rusty ass down but still...' Racing into the unnaturally cavernous stomach of the beast, she flew low over the shanties that comprised the 'city', looking for the source of that last crash before finally landing on a sturdy looking building. "Hey, captain Asshole! Forever Boy and I hope you're happy, you found your stupid whale," she yelled towards the chaos below.
  15. Even as the toughs formed into position around their ruined hulk of a van, Gauss was focusing her senses on the metal in their hands. Guns mostly, though she was unable to tell exact make and models from this distance, and one or two blades. She reached out with her right hand, as well as her power, and clenching her fist ripped the weapons right from their owners' hands. "Man, you pendajos really picked a bad night to pull this kind of stunt. Now, I'm going to have to insist we keep these under the supervision of cooler heads," she called out, purple light emanating from her left eye as she moved the floating pile of guns up onto the rooftop by her feet. "I don't care why you're here or who did what, the second you saw a crowd you should have rescheduled. Waaaaaay too many collaterals for you to damage right now."
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