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  1. 1d20+7=10, yeah..., let's burn a Hero Point on that (should leave me with two left) 1d20+7=21 so another DC 22 toughness save.
  2. "I did shoot down for a couple weeks this summer," Selena said, "I'd have liked to have made the trip under my own power but I can barely outpace most cars on the highway. Even if I took off from Miami it'd still take ten hours. I'm trying to cut that down, doing to flying equivalent of jogging and sprinting for a few hours a day. I made it to Philly in under half an hour a couple times, Nicole told me to bring back cheese steaks to prove it." "My brother Christian is twenty and my little sister Sofia is seventeen, I love them to death but sometimes I think it's best we're a good bit apart. Mostly for Sofia's dates' sake," she sighed, "She has terrible taste in boys. And girls for that matter. Then again, I'm sure she's said the same about my handful of dates." Pulling herself out of her own head she took note of the notebook her roommate held. It kind of reminded her of a notebook Sofia had when she was in grade school though she kept her comment to herself, instead feeling grateful to the younger girl for trying to make seeing her family in non-digital form more viable. "Don't go too out of your way, I wouldn't want to impose on anyone's time."
  3. "Not living up to the standards of British Sci-Fi aside," Selena replied with a grin, "This is still an incredibly useful trick." "Yeah, home's a good fifteen-hundred miles away. My father's still at the consulate in San Juan, he's tried getting Seoul to move him to one of the ones up here, New York being preferred but we'd accept Chicago or Washington. Mom, well, she's applied for a few jobs up here but nothing's panned out yet. Overall result is I haven't seen them or my sibs much in the last couple years. We do try and hit up a video call once or twice a week though," she explained, trying to not sound too depressed about the situation.
  4. "I'll check the weather but I think we've got one or two more good weekends left before the cold, heartless specter of winter shows up," she said, glad the idea of one last beach trip had caught on. At Micah's question about a shop she nodded, "The school has wood, metal, and car shops. I really do enjoy the car shop, sometimes they let me juggle the broken engines or let me lift one of the cars for endurance training."
  5. "Dimensional pocket huh? Next you're going to tell me when we step outside we might be in a different time or place. Or maybe I've watched too much Doctor Who in my formative years," she said with a chuckle. Nodding with her roomie's list of gaming experience she chuckled, "Yeah, I think I can find something you'll enjoy. Portal is a classic and if you focus on the settlement system in Fallout 4 you have post-nuclear apocalypse SimCity. But I'm a bit short on Mario, Nintendo does screw around with people who have ROMs of their games. More so since they've been releasing those 'classic' systems."
  6. Looking around, Selena had to admit this was not exactly what she had expected when she crawled into a magical tortoise shell her roommate had conjured. Then again, she wasn't sure what she had been expecting. "I can indeed, later you can look through my Steam library, see if there's anything that strikes your fancy. Personally I'm partial to post-apocalyptic things but I have some other genres laying about," she said, easing onto the beanbag chair. "So, you pick up the campus' wifi in here?"
  7. "I've seen this movie before, Vansquez always dies," she muttered before floating over. After a minute of trying to look inside her roommate's shell and finding only darkness she shrugged and crawled in herself, the underworld theme from classic Mario games coming to her mind unbidden.
  8. Selena was at a loss for words for a minute as the shell formed around her new roommate. More so as she came back out with school books she had not been holding going in. "I'm going to assume it's bigger on the inside. You have a shell made with Time Lord technology." "I think those are more of a Brazilian thing, though I did see some sea turtles every so often when surfing," she said, hooking a pair of monitors to her tower.
  9. "Oh, 80 should be fine, especially in winter. And I'm from Puerto Rico, not far from San Juan, so I've been through hotter," she chuckled. Watching Danica slowly raise her bed, the magnetokinetic slapped her forehead, "I've been living in these rooms for three years and I had no idea these beds could do that." In short order, thanks to her power to manipulate magnetic fields she had her bed raised as well, her desk tucked under and dresser at the foot. "You aren't super light sensitive are you? I'm a bit of a gaming nerd and I've burned entire weekends on marathoning quality games. I can get a curtain to hang around the desk alcove if you think it'll be a bother," she asked, grabbing her computer from a rather large box.
  10. Selena had said her goodbyes when the gathering of new and returning students began breaking apart to put their bags away. Rather than piling onto an already crowded elevator she slipped back into the room the same way she had left. She was still looking at her stuff, trying to picture placements when Danica walked in. "Indeed it was," she said with a smile, "Welcome back." Grabbing the box with her bedding she tossed it onto her own bed, just to get it out of the way. "You mentioned downstairs this has been your room the last few years, anything I should be aware of?"
  11. How did I miss that I was up again?! Jebus... I guess more shooting of the speedster, mostly trying to take out a leg. 1d20+7, three times.  9, 12, 13 Yeah, that's so awful I'm going to burn all three remaining HP to try again. 1d20+7 three times.  14, 26, 27 So 24, and two critical hits. DC 22 and two DC 27 toughness saves from the speedster.
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    "We laugh about it now but, well, at the time there was so much panicking...," Selena explained. "And yeah, while I didn't go checking for myself, he says it was a full turn over. Now we just call it his 'vacation from himself'." As the school's headmistress took the stage, the young magnetokinetic quietly added to Pan, "I'll see what I can come up with at lunch." With that she tapped her flipped the page on her notebook and tapped her pen on the blank page, waiting for the main event of this assembly to begin.
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    "You have no idea," Selena replied to Judy with a laugh, "First day it dropped into the low sixties outside I ended up buying so many hoodies, jeans, boots and even couple heavy coats. Never mind when the snow hits. I almost got one of the magically inclined boys from last year to enchant the brown coat, like the ones from Firefly, I bought with a 'climate control' spell so it'd be comfortable year round but he messed it up, accidentally turned himself into a girl for almost two weeks the first time he tested it. We abandoned the project after that."
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    "Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean Sea, a US territory that should have been made a state by now but that's besides the point. Lots of sun, some gorgeous architecture leaning heavily towards the Spanish styles, not a surprise given it used to be a Spanish colony, and good surfing if you know the right spots," the young woman answered. "So, cyborg pirates? Sounds like your world would make for one heck of a setting for a sci-fi series. Did you have robot ninjas? Please tell me there were robot ninjas," she added with a smile.
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    Selena took her seat and rummaged around in her bag for a few seconds to pull out a notebook and a pen. "Is it bad that I'm somewhat glad that at this school 'I'm from Puerto Rico' doesn't always automatically mean I'm the furthest from home?" she asked the interdimensional students she was seated by as she flipped through page after page of scribbled notes, none of which, from what anyone looking could tell, had anything to do with school work. "Crap, sorry, I'm bad about introductions," she apologized to her neighbors with an embarrassed look, "My name's Selena Kwon."