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  1. While I do like the pitch, I more or less have the same misgivings as the others about adding another city to the roster.
  2. Dice roll comes up to a 14 What does Rosethorn know?
  3. A knot in a nearby tree started to change, warping into a man sized hole that opened into darkness. Inside a black and green clad figure climbed out and hopped down to the ground. Spriggans and sprites came to Lilly, crying about something devouring the forest and their description did not fit and loggers or pyromaniacs she had to deal with in the past. The sight of the dome before her did give her pause. Definitely different. She thought with a frown. Rosethorn had little idea what to do now even with a bit of experience beneath her belt. Giant black balls of entropy was a whole new experience in comparison to dealing with flesh and blood enemies.
  4. Why didn't I design a warmer costume? Rosethorn though as she slowly approached the ice sledge. It did look solid enough to hold two people, that she was willing to admit. She was hit with a brief moment of vertigo when she looked over the side. The world of superpowers and spirits was still strange to her. She turned her head away from the speeding ground beneath her towards the mystery woman. "Uh. Yeah. Dryads are not subtle when they don't have a place to stay apparently." She noted. Lilly was not sure how they would get there themselves, but she would not be surprised they would find a way there quickly. "Oh. I'm Rosethorn by the way. You?" With the grotesque displays of cannibalism out of the way, she was pretty sure introductions could be done.
  5. "I dunno." Lilly said with a shrug. "I've read about this stuff but until recently not a lot of hands on experience." "Kinda assumed you might have an idea who put the curse down in the first place since you already did some digging." She said with a quick tap on the article Jann had shown her. "But if we're this stuck, we might as well check the spot for anything else spooky. Assuming the teachers have not blocked off that part of the school." She leaned back, relaxed and enjoyed whatever sounds were coming out of the sound system. It was her first time at Eclipse and she was gonna enjoy what little time she had left in it before diving back into flame monster territory.
  6. She tilted her head. It was moments like this that reminded Lillian that English was not Janns primary language. Also that things like magic and the spirit courts were even more foreign to him that it already was to her. "Well if there is a curse on the place it would be smart to do a bit more digging. Though if ageing magic wards are a thing then I got the feeling things might get complicated fast." She looked around the room and shrugged. "I will admit this is not exactly the best place to gather occult secrets." Most goths knew as much as the laymen when it came to magical matters. "Still not sure if it was something natural though. I mean, you saw it right?"
  7. Lilly read the article and frowned. "...Well, other than ghosts I'm drawing a blank." She said with a shrug. "I mean, it could always be spirits. But...." From her limited exposure they would attempt to communicate with her, either in the language of spirits (Which she still found difficulty understanding) or at least plain English. She sighed then leaned back in her chair. "Sorry. Got any other ideas what it was then?"
  8. "Pretty sure my plants would beat you to that Bill." Rosethorn said with a glance to the ground. Vines and flytraps that were not already keeping the lumberjacks in place had their mouths open, slowly snapping below them. It was mostly for show though. Lilly doubted she could create plants that could really devour a man whole. Although the situation at hand made her doubt these men were still human... Rosethorn turned to the cold elemental woman and shrugged. "I can travel... Not that familiar with the layout.of this place though." Lilly admitted. She did wonder how this girl was recruited by the spirit courts. She seemed to have a better handle on things than she did.
  9. "Well I'll need to find them first." Lilly said as she drank her sugar loaded coffee. "Don't know what they will be like. I'm guessing they might like you if you are able to do all of this." She added with a wave of her hand. There was a faint pulse of something in the house. Perhaps they did continue existing on this planet. More questions for latter she guessed. The teen grabbed one of the muffins and listened to Stesha, nibbling on it between caffeine sips. "Haven't even thought about what job to get either. Got a bit sidetracked by the whole Nature Spirit Guardian thing." She explained with a glance at the black depths of her mug. "Its a bit overwhelming. Plus not a lot of people with first hand experience with them."
  10. Ruby felt...Robbed. The flashing lights, the panic of threats coming to destroy theses people. Old instincts set by her mentor and her homeworld triggered. She had sent rounds from her rifle flying at the vortex of space and time, a creature that should not exist. And in the end it had vanished with little fanfare. It felt more like a footnote in her history that a true battle. She rested her Kinetic Rifle on her should and sighed as the anomalies final moments passed. Echos of Zorla's words from their parting were in her mind. Promises of Fortune, glory and Immortality in memory. Deeds and actions etched into the stars for eternity. Every moment here in this bubble of time just took that away from her. One world as a footnote. It would be a disgrace in many ways and the people that taught her so much. Ruby glanced at Bliss, Roulette and the people that shared their DNA. Destiny is in your hands child, forged by your will. Remember that. "...We don't." She announced in turn with Bliss as she turned around. The Voidrunner was not far away. No doubt there was a way to escape this world.
  11. OK that different. Thought Rosethorn as she observed behind the spirit magic that kept her veiled beyond sight. The latest edition to the scene had a touch of the strange aura she saw spirits gave off in the ice forming around her. The woman herself did give off a weaker version of that aura bit it was still different. At least she was not on the side of these intruders. Lilly steeled herself before acting. "Considering you're not suppose to be here in the first place, I think it would be smart if you did." Rosethorn shimmered back into sight with a step forward. "Plus I think he's gonna have a problem with blood loss soon." She added with a nod in the mans direction. One of the fly traps was left wide open underneath the wound, blood dripping into its waiting maw. Lillian looked over to Temperance and gave her a small, awkward wave. "Um. Hi."
  12. ...Will you stop hitting Ruby with so many criticals! Anyway, Rolling Toughness. The result is a 24
  13. Taking this turn to Aim at Suul. Can't really do much inside a bubble other than grumble after all.
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