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  1. "Well lets hope you do better than new coke." She added with a smirk. It fell away when Octoman started creating tunnels in front of Archer, so she focused more on her surroundings. The sudden rumble and the silver ball barrelling towards them made the teen go fully transparent, the haze around her growing more intense. She crossed her arms and tapped her foot while she waited for the mass of metal roll right through her and down the hall. The transparent teen started to solidify once the danger had passed.
  2. Spectre triggers her Insubstantial 4 and just lets the giant ball pass right through her.
  3. Spectre - 6 posts = 1 point The Pinball Wizard Strikes! (4) Your Fault (2)
  4. Spectre frowned as her hands vanished into her hood and started smoothing down her hair. "Electricity? This is gonna be murder on my hair." she muttered in a faux huff. The ghostly girl was already at the top of the opening before Archers arrow had hooked up, she waited for the others to reach the spot. "Archer? So you're like coke to bowmans pepsi then?" She asked, her superhero history was nowhere near as complete as she would like. She sidestepped the Overactive Octopods overt overture and appeared next to Archer. "Spectre. If you had heard of me I would accuse you of stalking." She said with a smirk. A strange blue haze started to cover her and her body became partially transparent. "Gonna take a look." And then she was gone, a smiling ghost being the only evidence she was talking to the older superhero. The Teleporting Teen appeared at the edge the lift, crouched and still trailing the ghostly haze and investigating the strange lights. Anything gonna try and zap me up here? Or hit me?
  5. Stars and spots where in Spectres vision. She tried to cover her eyes, but the flash was faster. straining, she did her best to get get her bearing in this new place. She spotted Octoman and frowned at the Retro-Rogues rambling. The teleporter moved in front of him and covered the side of her mouth from the red clad stranger that followed. "Guys Pinball Wizard. Dumb pinball games to save the peeps he's kidnapped. Really lame puns." She whispered, though her voice was barely audible. Spinning on the spot, she looked upo at the neon lights above. "Well then Que Ball, you gonna let us out?" She shouted with her arms outstreched dramatically. "Or are you just gonna brag about how super awesome your skillz are?"
  6. Spectre gonna punch him. 22 to hit him. EDIT: I have been informed that Spectre cannot in fact reach and punch him. Disregard my roll.
  7. Spectre was still not 100 percent sure as to what was going on, the flailing of tentacles and the words 'balls' were a bit much, but the mysterious red clad man did give her a bit of direction. Some part of her was tempted to roll her eyes and tell him what she though about telling her what she should do, but she decided to hold back. For now anyway. She looked down and noticed a discarded pizza box. Picking it up, she threw it in the direction of the runaway intruder. She vanished only to appear near the flying box to grab it and toss it once more. Again and again this happened until one last teleport threw it underarm and let it skid against the floor. She teleported on top of it and skid against the ground close to the suspect. "Hey man, you left your stuff back there!" she said with a smirk while she jerked her thumb back, sliding and continuing her jumps in space.
  8. For the most part, Max did not seem to notice anything at first. She was wondering why Ben had drifted from the conversation. It was not until he started morphing and screaming about balls did she start to realise that the Observant Octopod had spotted the trademark of their quarry. While Octoman made an brilliant show of curtailing the rain of ball bearings flooding the food court, the blue haired girl slowly sunk down in her seat until she slipped underneath the table. Anyone paying attention might spot the phantom after image of her, but it was gone soon after along with her backpack. Max was now inside one of the closed Pizzamonium vendor that occupied the court and started taking off her coat and jeans. Underneath was the telltale black and teal of her costume. Retrieving her jacket and mask, she quickly donned them before vanishing once more. Spectre appeared right next to Octoman, standing on a table while chewing a stick of gum. The taste of fast food fading from the assault of strawberry bubblegum flavour filling her mouth. "Sooo, Where are they coming from?" She asked, looking around for an obvious source while balancing on her makeshift podium.
  9. Spectres Notice: 7 She likely sees nothing whatso ever.
  10. Even with her ability to travel the world curtailed by her probation, Max still had plenty to find and do in the city limits of Freedom City even if it was beyond the norm for her. For example, hanging out with a human-octopus mutant for what was basically dinner while scoping out a mall for a serial kidnapper. Beats homework at least. At that moment, Max munched on her fries while her boot clad feet were resting on another chair next to their table. She glanced around the food court, noting down the few stragglers remaining. "Can't say I've had a moment like that yet." She said before taking aloud slurp from her shake. "By the way, was he like, half lizard or something?" She asked.
  11. Darksider42

    Your Fault (IC)

    Max squinted through the bright light. The teleporter was not aware she kicked the giant skull that hard, but then again she had been falling long enough there was bout to be force behind that kick.Nearly blinded, she tried her best to make out Leroy. "Aww, is someone hitting on m-" There was a pause when Dio pointed out the state of Sun Dragons clothes. In that they were now non-existent. "Wow, not even first date yet Leroy." She said, though her eyes jerked up towards the ghostly vortex above them in an attempt to give the man something resembling privacy. It was then she noticed the procession of the dead coming down upon them with aged clothes in hand. The smirk dropped from her face. "Gonna take a raincheck on playing Dragonslayer. Got some jerks with no fashion taste to take care of." And like that, Max vanished from Dios back and into the midst of the spectral horde. A phased kick connected with the chest of one of the ghosts before she vanished again and was above some of them. "Could ask these guys for pants."
  12. Darksider42

    Your Fault (OOC)

    Max is gonna try and attack the spooky ghosts coming for the guys. Not sure if a 14 hits though. If not, Hero Point. EDIT: Apparently not. So Hero point for a reroll. 25! DC 24 Toughness
  13. I suppose I could throw Spectre into the thick of things.
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