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  1. Eternal Dragon sighed at the painted over windows. "Guess we're going to have to do this the hard way". He looked up towards the roof. "Can you get us up to the roof, Doctor Warp? It might be a good entrance point." ED was a little weirded out by the strange smoky invisibility but any advantage they might need is worth the weirdness.
  2. Would you like us to roll Perception checks now that we're looking through the window?
  3. Eternal Dragon (20 in total) Gangbusters (9) Favored Son (2) The Family Business (9)
  4. geniusostrich

    Favored Son

    Jason was a little surprised at the three new people who had started talking to him. Racking his brain for the group's names as he shook their hands, he remembered the two women from high school. He was completely unfamiliar with Robert though. "Hi. It's a pleasure to meet all of you. And that's about right on the years, Miss Owens". Jason was perfectly aware of the competing contracts that frequently came up between Draco and Owens but he really didn't care about competition. He just viewed it as a chance to become better. "Anyways, how have all of you been? I've been gone for a long time and haven't really been brought up to date about the current state of my fellow graduates".
  5. ED was a little embarrassed that he had to do this with the help of a hero he just met but he grabbed on to Dr. Warp's arm so he could quickly make it to Club Ice. Running along the rooftops was also a possibility but not nearly as quick a mode of transportation as Warp apparently was. That reminded him, he needed to buy something faster to get around the city.
  6. I think heading to Club Ice, now that we know that Bonfire knows about it, would be the better plan. Going after the van might alert any people there that we're coming.
  7. Eternal Dragon stood up and brushed himself off. "Well, we don't really have much option. Can't just let those maniacs attempt to steal or hurt anymore people." Realizing that might have sounded ruder than intended, Dragon continued, "Glad to be working with you two". Dragon thought quite hard for a second on what they might have been stealing. "Money is always the easy answer but I have a bad feeling about what it actually was. We should hurry."
  8. The helping hand getting him on the van was nice but now ED needed to stick the landing or slip off the vehicle like an idiot. And he wasn't going to look like an idiot in front of these two new heroes. He had a little more pride than that. After slipping a little on the top of the vehicle, Eternal Dragon caught himself and looked around the vehicle. "Either I could ride this thing all the way to where it's going or I could stop it now". Eternal Dragon charged up a Claw to attempt to crush the car but stopped himself at the last second, scratching the top of the car. Thinking for a second, Eternal Dragon decided to wait atop the car instead of stopping it. He probably wouldn't be able to destroy the van anyways (trying not to overestimate his strength) but waiting would be the easiest way to find out where these goons came from.
  9. Oh whoops. Forgot about the +10. Anyways, let's just try to stop this van for now. I'm gonna go for a True Dragon Claw on the van. Just a damage check if I'm not mistaken. So going to Power Attack as well for a -2. So DC 29 versus van.
  10. I can probably make it too, so that's probably a good idea. I'll go ahead and make the check, just so it's ready. Acrobatics Check from ED: 1d20+16=17 And... I'm totally re-rolling that. HP for Acrobatics Check. 2nd Acrobatics Check from ED: 1d20+16=22 And these dice are not my friend today.
  11. Alright, one is down. Sparks was looking pretty woozy from the beating the three heroes had given him. Eternal Dragon decided to take advantage of that. "Hey, over here!" Jason yelled at the thug. As he began to charge up a new electricity blast, ED used the charged up Claw he had saved up. The punch landed true and the thug's legs turned to jelly from the punch.
  12. I'm just gonna try to get the Lightning Thug out once and for all. Eternal Dragon Claw on LT: 1d20+8= 25 DC 27 for the Lightning Thug.
  13. Jason sighed at the stack of paperwork. No matter how much he enjoyed working, he really couldn't get into it before starting. Once he started, he was off. But right now he just thought about how insurmountable the amount of papers was. Jason began to quickly look over each paper, signing off wherever he needed to and paying attention to current contracts that he really needed to remember. Some of the contracts were with people he had met when he was a kid, so that was a little more interesting to see where people he knew ended up. Jason hadn't completely finished up before the building was beginning to shut down, so he decided to just take the stack home. He brought a bag up with him for a reason. He wasn't sure if he could fit all of them anyways. Maybe Jason'd grab a burger on the way home. Jason started to leave after sorting the papers out he needed to bring with him.
  14. And now it's time to get a little payback. The fake smoke burst was a nice plan and it did open up the lightning controller for a solid hit. "Hey, Sparks!" Eternal Dragon said as he charged his claw once again. "He never said it was just him you needed to worry about." The claw smashed into the Lightning Thug's face right after he said that. The impact sent the thug flying through the wall behind him. And then he got up again. "Oh, come on!" ED said as he prepared to finish off the Lightning Thug.
  15. Alright, let's try to land a hit on the Lightning Thug. 1d20+8=23 Alright, most likely a hit. So DC 27.
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