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  1. Want a Computers check, or can I just take 20?
  2. "Mostly me," Leviathan agreed; he put a little humor into his voice, even though he remained tense about the situation. "But if you can access the email that Ph0enix used to contact you, and let me see your phones, then I'll get started." He plopped into the huge captain's chair and began to type. Tracking down another hacker--one with a head start and perhaps even better skills than himself--wouldn't be easy or straightforward, but Leviathan hoped that he could get a little information from her messages to Bonfire, and then use those scraps to begin his hunt. Furthermore, he ha
  3. Leviathan: 4 Freedom of Information 2 Frogs Rush In 2 Puigo: 3 Intent 3 Guide point to Leviathan.
  4. Rose-tinted glasses aside, Puigo's being kinda vague here because I myself don't know much about the Delaztri. " Hopefully Thevshi approves.
  5. Puigo looked up at Smith and was silent for a long moment. He was no happier aboard the Arrow of Justice than he'd been at the research station, and thus a poor conversationalist during Frankan's meals, usually only speaking when he had to, like now. This particular question was especially difficult for the Puigo; he disliked hearing the "old empire" referred to as a thing of the past, let alone having to do so himself. He forced the words largely to just play along. In the back of his mind, he still held onto the possibility that maybe this was all a trick, and he was merely biding his ti
  6. POSED BY HGM Well, I meant that I'd do it myself (you generally only submit edits for your own characters), but yes, this is the place! Leviathan: Minor fluff edits, primarily the mentioned fan art, but I also need to update his and his brothers' ages. We're pretty close to Tristan's birthday, so I'll go ahead and round up.
  7. Nah, it's done. Best to let it go, I think.
  8. During the intermission, Puigo's mood didn't improve, but rather continued to deteriorate. He still couldn't entirely believe what the Lor had told him, and the unknown elements of his situation piled on top of the immense distress he felt. He hardly slept or ate; the alien's pale green skin became oily and cold as a result, under his ancient Delaztri suit, and he avoided company when possible. Learning of his ship's condition was yet another blow. At least the Audacity hadn't been entirely destroyed, but Puigo still felt like a dear friend was drifting between life and death in a hospital
  9. Quick question: has there been any word about Puigo's ship, the Audacity? He definitely would've asked about it during the time-skip, probably repeatedly, and any evasions from the Lor would make him suspicious and angry again.
  10. "I don't," Leviathan answered gloomily. He was still brooding about Ph0enix; "I think she betrayed us," he told Bonfire. "Ph0enix could find your private number and tried digging into both our pasts; there's no way she didn't know that mAZ has super-powered connections. This was a setup from the start. She probably wanted to take out two threats at once: we put mAZ away, and then their friends do the same to us. Well, not if I have anything to say about it. I want to find her, and then I want to find whatever secret friends mAZ supposedly has." He scratched his snout with a b
  11. Alright, I'm ready for the meat of the game whenever everybody else is. I think the garden could be a fun place for a fight scene anyway, but that's up to Thev. The lair is at your disposal--particularly since it eventually heals itself.
  12. "With SCIENCE!" Leviathan thundered happily, his deep voice echoing off the trees. He felt a little more comfortable now, and a lot more excited, just like the last time he brought someone to see his favorite handiwork. Various bugs and beasts around them turned to see why their normally-quiet creator was making so much noise, but then quickly went back to their business; neither genetics nor life experience had told them to be afraid of Leviathan, no matter his quirks. "I based my work on Earthly DNA, then changed these creatures and plants to be the way I wanted them," he prou
  13. I'm about to leave on vacation; see you guys in about a week, week and a half.
  14. I'm amused by the idea of Aquaria trying hard to resist eating things in the lair when Leviathan's around, but sneaking meals when she can and occasionally coming by to gorge herself when he's not home. She's one of the few heroes who could reach the lair without help, after all (once he updates his security system to include her).
  15. Something about Aquaria's response made Leviathan chuckle and released a little of his tension. Less anxious than before, he laughed and said, "Almost! I am a scientist. A biologist, and a doctor. My labs are at the bottom of this base; I could show them to you sometime, if you like. But for now, we'll start with the garden. This way." He led the guests back from the trophy room to the central elevator. The next level it dropped to, Leviathan passed by without stopping, but Aquaria and Jessie could still see it through the transparent elevator walls: it was a big, tall room
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