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Net Fly


Net Fly Net Fly
Young gadgeteer genius Serge Explinker dons a simple yet sophisticated sonic harness/vibro-suit, in order to enhance his mutant powers and fight crime as the masked superhero Net Fly. 



Net Fly




Serge was a gifted young boy, and he showed from an early age an aptitude with complex machinery and computers. While he comes from a divorced family, his parents have managed to keep a good relationship with each other and their son. When he became an adolescent, Serge started exhibiting his latent mutant abilities. It wasn't, however, until much later, when he became unwittingly entangled with a heist, that he decided to use his powers for a purpose. A group of armed robbers ambushed an armory car and stole a bunch of high-tech equipment. During the heist, things quickly escalated, and Serge, allong with a few other bystanders, was captured as a hostage, and held against his will.

At first, he was paralyzed from fear, until he witnessed the robbers shot a man in front of him, in order to force the police to meet their demands. Finding an opportunity, Serge sneaked out of sight and undid his bonds with his strength. He took a few devices that were laying close to him, and tinkered with them as quickly as he could, fashioning them into Sonic Blasters. Before the robbers realized what had happened, Serge, wearing a makeshift outfit to conceal his identity, attacked them, and quickly subdued them.
After rescuing everyone, Serge left the crime-scene. For the next few days, he reflected on what had just transpired. He realized that he could use his powers to fight crime, but in order to do so, he needed to make a costume for himself.

Tinkering and improving upon the devices he aqcuired during the heist, and using a few more that he had created on his own, Serge was able to adapt them into a functioning suit. Now, Serge has emerged as the superhero Net Fly. He has performed adequately, but after a few close calls too many, he decided to enroll in Claremont Academy, and further hone his crime-fighting abilities.


After some adventures with other fellow superheroes and Claremonters, most noteably El Heraldo, Glow, Warp, and Tsunami, Serge eventually graduated from Claremont, and enrolled into Freedom City's Hanover Institute of Technology to study Computer Sciences. During the Incursion, Serge, as Net Fly, spurred by the hero Fast Forward, joined forces with him, Grimalkin, and Triakosia, to protect the physical bodies of the heroes who had went on to do battle on the mental plane, against the Communion drones that had come to target them. During that battle, he revealed his secret identity to them, a first for him, as he had kept it a secret from other heroes who hadn't been to Claremont with him.


Nevertheless, Serge might have withdrawn from heavy duty, in order to focus on his studies, the last year, but he has continued trainning and tinkering with his suit, so that he'll always be ready to step up when needed.


Costume and Appearance
A lean, light-skinned teenager of medium height, Serge has curly short blonde hair and green eyes. He wears prescription reading glasses, although ever since his powers awoken, he stopped needing them. His casual attire consists of lion-colored baggy pants or jeans, a light-grey tank-top and a green camp shirt.
His costume is mostly grey, composed of a spandex-like material, and covers most of his body, except the eyes, and it has extra pockets strapped at his thighs. He wears black boots and black briefs, on top of the suit, with a blue tool belt. He has blue mechanical gauntlets, and a white megaphone strapped on a blue x-shaped harness, in front of his chest. Finally, he has two blue head-pieces that cover his ears, on top of his mask.



Net Fly is a mutant, with the power to influence his body's vibrations. This gives him an assortment of innate abilities, like enhanced agility, strength, and stamina, the ability to "stick" on surfaces, and the ability to fly. Further-more, he has costumised his VibroNet Suit so that he can further harness those powers and re-focus them into sonic energy. He can concentrate his gloves with sonic energy in order to enhance his fists or produce Sonic Blasts and hit his opponents from a distance. He can also opt to redirect his powers to his chest-phone, and unleash a powerful Sonic Beam. The suit also channels Net Fly's vibrational energies to create a protective Vibro-Field, which lessens the impact of attacks. Finally, his suit comes equipped with a Net Dive device, which allows him to interact with machinery and even enter the cyberspace.


Net Fly doesn't take hits well, so he prefers a hit-and-run fighting style over duking it out for prolonged periods. Having said that, however, he is perfectly capable of unleashing devastating attacks in close range, as well as take care threats from a distance. If he wishes to avoid fighting, he can opt to hide in the ceilings.

  • Sonic Strength: This power allows Net Fly to tap into his natural vibrational powers to enhance the strength he exerts on objects. In combination with his naturally enhanced Agility, this adds a significant amount of bite in his punches. Noteably, he can use his naturally enhanced strength to lift stuff weighting up to 800lbs, or push stuff weighting up to 2'000lbs. A single punch from Net Fly can be compared to getting hit by a tank's cannon!
  • Sonic Speed: This power allows Net Fly to tap into his natural vibrational powers to create kinetic energy and exert it to gain a significant advantage in speed, allowing him to run at an accelerated pace. He can exert vibration to adhere to vertical surfaces almost as well as on horizontal ones. Additionally, he can use this energy to levitate himself, and fly around. He can run as fast as a bus or a semi, and he can fly at 1/5th the pace of a helicopter.
  • Sonic Strength Amp: The VibroNet-suit is powered uo by Net Fly's natural vibrational powers, and enhances them further. This not only allows him to quadruple his naturally enhanced strength, it quantduples his speed and reaction, allowing him to unleash a mighty barrage of rapid-fire fisticuffs. This enhances his lifting power, allowing him to lift up to 1,5 tons, like a luxury car or a van, and he can push up to 4 tons, like a heavy truck. If Net Fly can punch like a tank without the VibroNet-Suit, with it, he can exceed even that by a couple of orders of magnitude.
  • Sonic Maelstorm: Combining his significant strength and speed enhancements thanks to the VirboNet-Suit, allows Net Fly to rapidly scour the battlefield, running, flying, and jumping left and right, and employ his sonic-fast punches and/or sonic blasts to put the hurt on multiple hostiles, with pinpoint accuracy. This torrent of blows can deal enough damage to a single target, that would make it comparable to a space fighter's arsenal. That is, if only a few of his punches land!
  • Sonic Blasts: Net Fly focuses stored vibrational energy from the VibroNet-Suit into the small harnesses in his gauntlets, and unleashes it into pure sonic energy waves. He can fire sonic blasts from each hand at seperate targets, with an effective range of 150 feet, and a maximum range of 600 feet, and packing power similar to that of a shotgun slug. Alternatively, he can focus energy on both hands and use them simultaneously to fire a concentrated blast that has an effective range of 600 feet, and a maximum range of 1'200 feet, with force compareable to that of a space cruiser's larger beam weapons.  
  • Sonic Beam: Net Fly builds up large amounts of stored vibrational energy from the VibroNet-Suit into the big harness in his chest, and unleashes it into a large destructive beam of sonic energy that knocks the wind out of and blasts away anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross its path. The beam is 10 feet wide, and travels 500 feet, before harmlessly dissipating. The beam packs a punch comparable to a rocket launcher, or a space cruiser's energy torpedoes.
  • Sonic Torpedo: Net Fly covers himself in a vibrational field of energy channeled through the VibroNet-Suit that protects him from harm, and allows him to penetrate and harm hard materials. This also allows him to dig through the earth, at the same speed a fast athlete can run, and he can dig through everything up to concrete or even iron! The vibro-field generated protects netfly from all common manmade handheld ranged weaponry, including heavy machinegun fire, shotgun blasts, shuriken/throwing stars, etc. As long as whatever's attempting to hit him is a physical object, Net Fly's vibro-field is sure to fling it back at its owner. It can't, however, affect non-material attacks, like fire from a flamethrower, beams, or large and heavy thrown objects, like cars. Nevertheless, as long as the vibro-field is up, anyone touching Net Fly is in for quite a shock!
  • Net Dive Harness & Installed Database: The VibroNet-Suit comes equipped with its own Bluetooth reciever/transmitter, which allows his suit to tap into and interact with nearby computers and machines. It also comes pre-installed with an extensive database that Net Fly can refer to at the drop of a hat, in case his own technological knowledges aren't sufficient to get the job done.
  • Super Sonic Speed: The VibroNet-Suit enhances Net Fly's exceptional speed, allowing him to run twice as fast as a sports car or a motorcycle, breaking the sound barrier in the process, and Fly almost half as fast as a helicopter.



First up, Net Fly's most immediate associates are his family. His parents are divorced, and he lives with his mother and her second husband, but he still keeps a good relationship with his father as well.

  • Gregory Lineberg: Serge's stepfather, from his mother's second marriage, is also perhaps Serge's closest confidant. Aside from employing his stepson's help in the jewlery store he owns, Greg is also aware of Serge's superheroics, something that they've both kept his mother in the dark. Greg is usually the one to cover for Serge's superheroic escapades, and he holds deep respect for the young boy, a respect that's equally returned from Serge.
  • Catherine Coldear: Serge's mother. She is unaware that her son has developed superpowers, much less that he moonlights as a superhero.
  • Andrew Explinker: Serge's father. The two are on good terms, but they don't see each other more than twice a month.


Going to the Claremont Academy netted Serge with a plethora of superhero allies, and Net Fly counts the most of his allies here. Most prominent ones amongst them are El Heraldo, Tsunami, Glow, Warp, and Crimson Tiger.

  • El Heraldo: Perhaps the first friend he made in Claremont Academy, but most definitely THE best friend Net Fly has, El Heraldo is Net Fly's closest ally. The two have been through thick and thin, they've helped each other, berrated each other, and spurred each other to grow and mature into the conscious and responsible heroes they became. Ever since graduation, however, El Heraldo moved to Puerto Rico. Net Fly and El Heraldo have kept contact through phone and internet, but for a long time now, Net Fly can't help but shake the feeling that something is... not quite right with his friend's life. As if something is not what it seems... Or maybe it's just the distance talking?
  • Tsunami: Martial artist and hydrokineticist, Tsunami has sparred on ocassion with Net Fly, teaching him a valuable lesson or two on not overrelying on his superpowers and neglect his conditioning and experience. They were both captured by Lady Shen and brought to her secret hideout/school in the Pacific, where they were forced to participated in a sparring match against some of Lady Shen's most brilliant students. After they were rescued, they both graduated, and have since kept contact with each other, occasionaly teamming up.
  • Glow: Another fellow Claremonter, this one hailing from the land down under. Glow's cheerfulness occasionally clashed with Net Fly's more somber and tempered moments, but the two nevertheless kept a good rapport, and remain on friendly terms. 
  • Warp: Fellow Claremonter who specializes in teleportation. Warp and Net Fly have teamed up on quite a few occasions, and she was among the ones captured by Lady Shen, allong with Net Fly.
  • Crimson Tiger: Another Claremonter who excels at martial arts, Crimson Tiger has also had the chance to spar with Net Fly, and naturally, hand him his butt. She was among the heroes who helped rescue Net Fly and the other captives from Lady Shen's clutches, something for which Net Fly feels forever indebted to her.


Other fellow Claremonters with whom Net Fly has teammed up include Wisp, Saiph, Medic, Crow, Kit, Blue Jay, Errant, and Arcturus. He also interracted with the faculty, most noteably with Principal Duncan Summers and mister Landis.


However, Net Fly had the chance to team up with quite a few heroes outside Claremont, and has managed a good friendship with a few of those, most notably Foreshadow, Triakosia, and Grimalkin. He idolizes Fast-Forward,

  • Foreshadow: Ever since the two teamed up to take down a super-drug cartel operating in the underbelly of Freedom City, Net Fly has been sure to lend Foreshadow his help in dealing with street crime, and keeping the gangs in Southside under control, whenever he can.
  • Triakosia: One of the heroes he fought alongside with during the Incursion. Net Fly entrusted his identity to her, along with the other heroes present, and was rewarded with the same amount of trust by Triakosia. Since then, the two, allong with Grimalkin, have worked together more than once.
  • Grimalkin: Another hero Net Fly teamed up with during the incursion. Like with Triakosia, Net Fly entrusted his identity to her. The two, along with Triakosia, have worked together on a few occasions since then. Serge also makes a point to stop by Lynn's bookstore and hang out, once in a week or two.
  • Fast Forward: The supervillain-turned-Superhero-turned-RealityTVHost spurred Net Fly to action during the Incursion. During that time, Net Fly came to idolize the older hero, who managed to overcome his personal flaws and turn a new page, something that Net Fly feels a strong empathy about.


Finally, a lot of Net Fly has teamed up with the following heroes, among others: G-Stunt, Queenie, Silver Magus, Kingsnake, Overclock, Stormbreaker, Silver Spider, and Vector.



Net Fly has been around in the superhero gig for a few years, and making enemies is inevitable. However, very few adversaries have managed to have a long-lasting impact on his career. The most noteable ones are Looking Glass, Agent DuskWyrm and the Upgrade Echelon, Lady Shen, and Volt Scorpion.

  • Looking Glass: A well known criminal and illusions master, with a big history of petty crime. She was the first supervillain Net Fly fought, since joinning the Claremont Academy. While she managed to escape prison a few months later (as she is wont to do), it wouldn't be
  • Agent DuskWyrm and the Upgrade Echelon: The Upgrade Echelon is a secret organization that aims to usher humanity in a new era of progress, by mass-implanting humans with cybernetic enhancements of all kinds. Agent DuskWyrm is their top enforcer, undergone special cybernetic treatment to become the first step in the Next Human Project. Net Fly first encountered the Upgrade Echelon when they kidnapped superhero speedster Overclock, in order to harness his speed potential into perpetual unlimited energy. Unknown to Net Fly, the Upgrade Echelon is linked with the high tech gear that Net Fly fashioned into his first Sonic Blasters
  • Lady Shen: One of Dr Sin's most trusted and highly ranked lieuteunants, Lady Shen kidnapped Net Fly along with Tsunami, El Heraldo, and Warp, in order to extract information from Tsunami, and test her martial arts students. She was the first person to hand Net Fly a trully humiliating defeat.
  • Volt Scorpion: The second person being Volt Scorpion. Real name Kang Jin-Ho, Volt Scorpion was one of Lady Shen's students, before the other Claremont heroes stormed her foretress island in order to rescue Tsunami and co. During their sparring match, Kang Jin-Ho made it increasingly obvious that he was holding back and going easy on Net Fly, as he didn't recognize Serge as a true martial artist, instead being more interested in proving his mettle against Tsunami. That his superpowers explicitly negate Net Fly's VibroNet Suit didn't help matters. Nevertheless, when the other Claremonters came knocking, a free-for-all battle royal errupted, during which Net Fly proved to Kang Jin-Ho that there are more ways to win a fight than a straight up martial arts contest, thus earning the grudging respect of Jin-Ho. Soon after the escape, Jin-Ho broke ties with Lady Shen, and decided to follow Net Fly to America, adopting the villain monicker of Volt Scorpion. He soon developed an annoying knack of tracking Net Fly down during his patrols and commiting robberies or otherwise endangering innocents, in order to goad the young hero into meeting his challenge. To date, Net Fly has never managed to claim a clean victory over his rival, but Volt Scorpion hasn't come out clean from their scuffles, either. Indeed, so big is his obsession of using Net Fly as a punching bag, that he has, on occasion, joined forces with the young hero, on the rare occasion that he measured Net Fly's foes to be dangerously out of the hero's league. It wouldn't do, after all, to lose the best sparring partner you ever had, now, would it?








  • It Looks Better on Me: The Millenium Mall, in which superhero G-Stunt works as an athletics shop salesman, becomes a heist target for Thieves Guild member Looking Glass and her gang. He springs to action, and with the help of Claremonters El Heraldo and Net Fly, who were out enjoying some free time, puts a stop to the illusionist's sleight of hand.
  • Two's Company, Four's Party: Four Claremonters, El Heraldo, Glow, Arcturus, and Net Fly, gather to the Claremont Academy's Doom Room, in order to run a series of simulation tests, under the guidance of Academy Headmaster Summers, that are meant to challenge them both physically and mentally, testing their teamwork, but also their independent actions and adaptability.




  • Venture into the Forest: A simple roadtrip for a hike to the Wharton State Forest during the wintry season takes a turn for the bizzare, as Net Fly and El Heraldo stumble across a cave that hides an abandoned secret lab. A lab that holds a dangerous secret that could prove catastrophic to many innocent people. But perhaps, the biggest danger for the two heroes are their inner demons and insecurities that threaten to take hold of their reason...
  • Bound in Dust: Claremonters El Heraldo, Medic, Net Fly, Glow, and Saiph, head to the Samaritan Theatre in the Theatre District, in order to enjoy some R&R by watching some good ol' schlocky B-movies. Their day out is interrupted, however, when Heqanefer the Twelfth, self-proclaimed magician and devotee of Ancient Egyptian go Osiris, reanimates the mummified corpse of Pharaoh Hed-Ra, and unleashes him to wreck havoc. On the cinemas. Where he'd sneaked in the corpse of the Pharaoh. To show everyone.



  • Swiss Format: While Overclock, and Stormbreaker teamup to dismantle a hostage situation in a bank in Midtown, the former gets caught by a sinister organization that plans to tap into the speedster superhero's source of power. Glow, Net Fly, El Heraldo, and Butterfly join Stormbreaker in order to tackle the sinister empire and its team of supervillain enforcers, in order to retrieve Overclock, and put a stop to their plans. This won't be a simple elimination round!



  • Being Yourself: Growing up is never easy. El Heraldo, Net Fly, and Wisp, are all more than a little familiar with the troubles that can come from getting suddenly hit by the responsibilities of the incoming adulthood. But as a visit to the Sondo household in Lincoln is progressing smoothly (which is to say, hilariously embarrasingly for El Heraldo), Rodrigo - the cousin of the young hero - exhibits increasingly frustrating signs that he has his fair amount of chips on his shoulder. And just maybe, has the power to take his frustrations out, in a spectacularly dangerous manner!
  • Undercity Manhunt: A vicious string of crimes perpetuated by a criminal with a mean bite to him, will bring together the efforts of Silver Spider, Crow, Net Fly, and Vector, who decide to track the responsible villain. Even if they have to dredge through the sewers.



  • Flying Flag: After some awkwardness between the two fellow heroes on an issue of sexuality, Net Fly and El Heraldo decide to spend a night out at the Bayview Mall, playing pool, discuss their thoughts and worries about what tomorrow brings, and just generally have a good time. It is a time that will test the two heroes' friendship, as well as their standing with the future. A time that will help the two heroes come out of their respective shells, and allow them to just be themselves.




  • Zap!: Warp and Net Fly take telorting Claremonter Morsa Venn - a Lor exchange student, who has become the recipient of some students' bullying - under their wing. Nevertheless, the two seniors get roped in on the younger student's antics, when a teleportation misfire lands them to the mad Professor Parsec's lair, who has evil mad evolutionary plans for the alien students and their powers. Adding to that, Net Fly neglected to dress for the occassion...
  • A Better Mousetrap: Soon to be graduating Claremonters Net Fly, Tsunami, El Heraldo, and Warp, are making their joined patrol rounds in Southside, when a fire breaks out in a building. The heroes rush in, unaware that their attempt at providing help is a calculated part of a Sin-ister masterplan that aims to open a whole world of trouble for them.
  • In the Shadow of Sin (Jade): Net Fly, Tsunami, El Heraldo, and Warp, wake up to find themselves held hostages in an island over the South Pacific. Lady Shen, Dr Sin's most loyal retainer, has decided to make her move and extract vital information from Tsunami, as well as induct the young heroine to her own deadly martial arts trainning school. A school that holds Akamu, Rudra, Shoki, and Kang Jin-Ho, four deadly martial artists, as its students.



  • Field Trip: Chicago: With graduation almost upon them, mr Landis takes Errant, Blue Jay, Kit, Net Fly, and Crimson Tiger for a field trip to the city of Chicago. Their first stop, the Museum Campus on the Lake, where their peaceful expedition is interrupted by the Chicago Police, who arrive to arrest Kit on theft charges, charges that the young Claremonter claims had been dropped. The heroes now have to deal with an enemy that's very much unlike their usual fare; an enemy on the side of the law and the angels.


  • Cutting off the supply: Osprey, Net Fly, and Foreshadow, join forces to deal with a gas station robbery in Southside, but when one of the super powered robbers starts involuntarily convulsing and going through a cardiac arrest, the heroes soon realise that a new dangerous super-drug is on the loose, and it could light the streets of Freedom City aflame, if not dealt with pronto!




  • Incursion: Matter Over Mind: In the midst of the Incursion, when the Communion forces began their invasion on Earth, Former Supervillain-turned-Superhero Fast-Forward assembles a team comprised of Grimalkin, Triakosia, Net Fly, Queenie, and Silver Magus, in order to protect the physical bodies of the heroes who are waging a battle at the mental plane against the psychic forces of the invaders. For many of the assembled bodyguard heroes, this is their first forray at dealing with a planet-wide threat. Can they put up a good defense and protect the bodies of the heroic empaths? Or will they be crushed and assimilated by the Communion Forces, and allow the Earth to fall under the Communion's mental control?!




  • Namazu The Savior: An Earthquake breaks out in Sapporo, Japan, during the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters versus the Freedom City Comets baseball exhibition match. Freedonian heroes Net Fly, Triakosia, and Grimalkin are joined by Kingsnake in the relief efforts, when Japan's newest superhero, Kashima, arrives to save the day. But is Kashima what he seems? Who was the one responsible for the Earthquake, and what are their ties with the Japanese superhero and his company? And what will happen when Kashima engages a lightning being in a battle to the death; a battle that's proving potentially dangerous for the bystanders?



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