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  1. Alright, Pink-Tips suddenly wasn’t as bad. At least she was quiet about this stuff, not like … whatever her name was. Was she looking to pick a fight? Because from Monica’s point of view, it looked like she was on the best track to antagonize the entirety of the floor. Granted, maybe that was what the older students did here. Monica had certainly heard of things like that happening before, so who knew. Nothing she didn’t already know, nothing she couldn’t handle one way or another. Her little act only added fire to the fuel, and Monica could feel something build inside her, which then manifested in an audible “Ugh.”, of course accompanied by rolling eyes. Her roommate’s suggestion came just at the right time, and was something that reassured Monica that perhaps, this wasn’t that bad of a, well forced, choice after all. It would’ve probably been the easy choice to just stay behind, but Monica didn’t really want to just be the outsider already? She responded, in the same volume. “Much appreciated, but I may as well figure out who I’m gonna be living with for the next few years, I can always bail if I wanna. “
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    As it had turned out, arriving late and sitting in the last row didn’t quite work out as Monica had hoped, she couldn’t get around avoiding people from the looks of it. She adjusted her position to actually sit in her chair instead of lie in it, and looked over at the new arrivals. “Yo. Monica.” Then she looked forward, at the ever increasing unrest that was building on the bleachers, and still no staff in sight. Great, maybe this’d turn into some sort of weird aptitude test already? Place everybody in one room and see how they deal with it? “Looks like Claremont subscribes to the “tell them we start 10 minutes before we do so the ones that wanna be late are still on time” mentality then. Good to know, means we don’t have to hurry next time. “ Seeing as how nothing was gonna happen, she pulled out her phone, idly clicking through her internet browser without any real goal.
  3. Monica turned her attention away from the people in her room for just a moment to click a few buttons in one of her mobile games now that the most recent cooldown had run out, and somehow, chaos ensued. Was this what she’d be dealing with for the next 3 years? And of course, there already was some animosity. It was high school, after all. So long as it’d stay at a few people being irritating Monica didn’t care much, but if this went further she’d have to get involved. Without looking up from her phone (the timed event would be unavailable soon!), she re-joined the conversation. “Sure hope people here can keep secrets. Last thing I need is more threatening letters and packages being sent to me. “ Nonchalantly, after a short pause she added: “Or crazy people shouting at my window.”
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    Monica wandered in through the open door only shortly after it had been slammed open so unceremoniously, having waited outside just long enough for everybody’s attention to hopefully have turned away from the door and towards the girl that had opened it. She pulled her black hoodie’s hood down further so it covered a fair chunk of her face, and then stepped into the auditorium. She’d have to figure out where she’d sit, because this was a school assembly and those never went by without tons of heckling, so sitting near somebody that was either pleasant or wouldn’t bother her was preferable. Her roommate seemed to have gotten surrounded already, and the sisters, who at least wouldn’t bother Monica, seemed busy on their own too, so … the last row it was. There was a good chance everybody back there would fall asleep halfway through anyways. Once she actually raised her head slightly to look at it, she saw what probably was the one person on campus that could out-glow her. And a bunch of people that, much like Monica, didn’t seem to want to be here. She gave Àjà a quick nod as she walked up the stairs, and took a seat next to a guy who may have been native American? “So, we both agree that we’re here because we have to and just want to get over with this, right?”
  5. “Lucky you. “ Monica didn’t need to hide how she felt about the possibility to just “become history”. Because sure, she’d become history too, but not in that sense of the phrase. Hell, she probably already had, looking back on all the reaction she’d apparently gotten, most of which she’d only heard about second-hand. Watching the other sister and Àjà interact was quite funny, Monica could understand the , well, naivete, because hey, this was a real-life princess. That was quite cool, even if Monica wasn’t sure how she personally felt about her the more she thought about it. Well, she’d have enough time to figure it out now. “Is Claremont’s education that good? I’d always assumed somebody that important to the nation wouldn’t go abroad for that long.”
  6. A princess, then. That was a bit of a relief, actually. It meant that Monica’s roommate was probably as famous, and if not, at the least as well-protected. Of course, having a princess as a roommate could turn a bit awkward, depending on what sort of luxury she was used to. ‘Cause Monica neither could not would live up to any of it. Now, as for the sisters, they only became ever more intriguing. Monica didn’t have much of a reason to care about them, but with how …Ashley, apparently, was acting, there was something there. Maybe it’d come up at some point. Monica wasn’t one for digging around in people’s past, there usually was a reason it’d stay hidden. As she listened to the others she took her phone out of her pocket, clicking a few buttons to log into the local wi-fi absently, checking her student ID and responding at the same time. “Another victim of the Liberty League’s generational turnover, then?” Maybe it wasn’t the right thing to say, but it was the first thing that had come to Monica’s mind and by the time she’d fought about what she was saying, it had already left her lips. Maybe it wouldn’t sound as insulting as it sounded now that she thought about it…
  7. Monica wasn’t sure how to react to that statement. It was technically true, sure, but she really didn’t want anybody else to see her as “ a real celebrity”. That, on top of all the other stuff, was the last thing she needed. She’d probably already attract way more attention than she wanted. Which was to say, any. If she could’ve chosen she’d’ve attended under some sort of secret identity, considering she never had the chance to have one in the first place. Would’ve meant she could take things cool, but her powers made that pretty much impossible. So, this was what she was stuck with. “Heh. “ She then turned to Pink Tips, whose question did raise an interesting point. Monica didn’t know about any of the others, but neither of them seemed like the average member of society, so maybe there was some truth to that. “No idea, you probably have a better handle on who’s here from the sound of it.”
  8. Here we go… Monica couldn’t stop herself from actually speaking it out loud, even if she’d just muttered it under her breath. It had taken a total of maybe 5 seconds for the first red flags to appear. So much for the stuff she’d been told, as it turned out her own expectations had been more on point. Whatever was going on between those sisters was … interesting, at the least. Pink-Tips over here had something going on, with that scanner thing and her general demeanour. One look also told Monica enough about the power dynamic between the two of them. Maybe the brown-haired one would be different when approached on her own. “Yeah, that’s me.” She sounded a lot more disinterested all of the sudden, at least until her new roommate intersected and hugged her, which was unexpected. Monica wasn’t sure how to feel about it, but she didn’t try to do anything about it, it was pleasant enough once the initial surprise had disappeared. Aja seemed nice enough on her own, at least with this first impression. “Nah, I’m fine. Don’t have much to unpack anyways.” She walked over to her bed and sat down, placing her bag beside her. It wasn’t quite as comfortable as the one she’d stayed in in one of the hotels, but still a big improvement over what she’d had before. She leaned back, touching the wall with her back, without saying anything more, the room’s atmosphere especially towards her was a bit too difficult to judge right now
  9. Monica had travelled to and from Freedom City quite a few times these past few months, so getting to actually settle in before having to leave again was something she was looking forward to. She didn’t have many things to bring along, so like the previous times she’d managed to fit all of it into a Claremont branded sports bag, which was slung around her as she walked past the other rooms, trying to figure out which was the one she’d been assigned to. The one with an open door and people talking inside. Monica wasn’t sure how to feel about that, she would kinda have preferred to settle in and get her things in order, but that probably had to wait for now. She approached the doorway and looked inside, doing her best to put on a smile and not slouch. “Hey.” She was a fair bit taller than the others, her Claremont hoodie’s hood drawn up, hiding most of her hair, her hands in its pocket. She continued talking, actually kind of settling into it, saying something without the words feeling forced to herself. “So, are all of you my roommates? Because I only see two beds and when they talked about lots of couples forming here, I didn’t realize they’d push it this hard.”
  10. Bonfire Vignette Lady Liberty Vignette Give Bonfire's rollover to Bird of Arms, please!
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    Player Away Thread

    Because I have horribly self control and judgement, I will be away all of next week visiting the EU and if I'm lucky actually figuring out something!
  12. Name: Monica Gutiérrez Codename: Lady Liberty Year: Sophomore Pronouns: She/Her Roommate: Unassigned at the moment Goal: Get better. Mentally that is. Maybe even figure out something about her life and what her place is, hell, maybe even find a place where she feels like she belongs. Not that she's holding out much hope for that last part. Favourite High School Movie: Fame and Bully (2011).
  13. July 10, 2018 The Plaza Hotel, Midtown, Freedom City 12:21 PM This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be. It was too unrealistic, something like this wouldn’t have happened. She was simply dreaming, all of this was one of her bad nightmares and any minute she’d wake up and everything would be back to normal. Monica Gutiérrez was sitting under her blanket, rocking back and forth. She’d been invited to come to the Parade and hadn’t wanted to go in the first place, it was her mother that had essentially forced her to take this vacation. The city was nice, the hotel had all the things she could’ve asked for, especially since all expenses were covered, and the first two days of her vacation had been pretty cool. And then this. She’d seen the rift open up over Liberty Park from her window. She’d seen the news reports, and the first videos on the internet. Her phone had received the panicked messages and calls from her mom and her few friends. Not that she felt like opening any of them. All of this was simply a bad dream, really. She just had to wait and all of it would blow over. The hotel had was not being evacuated yet, probably because of how many heroes were currently residing here. They’d come in from all over the planet, they’d be able to deal with something like this without having to drag along her as a crutch, especially one that would probably get targeted just for who she was. Right after seeing the rift and the first Omegadrones passing through it, she’d closed the room’s blinds most of the way. The TV was running on mute, with Monica occasionally peeking out from under her blanket, she couldn’t avoid her curiosity completely. Her phone was constantly buzzing with alerts, interrupted by the occasional explosion off in the distance. She could hear people hurrying around outside her door, probably trying to evacuate or find a safer place to hide. Not that there was one. The hotel was way too close to Liberty Park, sooner or later the horde of drones would arrive here. Yet it was safer than trying to travel around alone. Unless something big was distracting the Drones, any sort of organized evacuation would’ve made a massive target. The heroes would figure out when … if it was safe to do so. Monica just had to wait until this all was over, until everything would resume as normal, until …. It wouldn’t. She couldn’t even convince herself. She knew what this meant. This was a historic event, whatever would happen, it wouldn’t be the same as before. That was, assuming anybody survived it. And here she was, at the epicentre of it all, worrying the only people that cared about her, dying just to destroy their lives even more. Not that she could change anything about it. At this point, tears forming in her eyes, she was just waiting to die. Punching the mattress wouldn’t do much but it felt like the right thing. Everything was screwing her over. Nothing in her life ever went right. She was only here because she’d gotten those damned powers and all they had done for her so far was paint a national-size target on her back. Everybody was out to just make her life miserable. Her “acquaintances”. The Internet. A bunch of pundits. The entire world and if there was such a thing as a fate, fate itself. Just dying when that truck hit her would’ve been much nicer. Maybe she would’ve been remembered her for something positive, for having done something good. And not for having the audacity of being chosen by some force she couldn’t control in any way. All this energy meant she couldn’t just lie down, she sat up, slamming her fist sideways into the wall next to her at full force, maybe she’d get back some kind of sensation of her body, all she felt ruight now was dread and anger. Of course, right now the spirit had to flare up, as the fist left a sizeable dent in the wall but her fist was just fine. Not even that she could do. Filled with frustration she grabbed her blanket and threw it across the room on a gut reaction. It hit a desk lamp and knocked it onto the floor where the glass lamp shattered into pieces. Great. Usually she would’ve hated this, but right now she couldn’t care. She got up and stomped over to where she’d thrown the blanket. Apparently she couldn’t get hurt, so why care about a few glass shards on the floor? Maybe she also couldn’t get hurt by the Terminus and would live long enough to see everybody she ever cared about die horribly. At this point she could see it happening, apparently life liked to torture her like that. She grabbed the blanket and threw it back towards the bed. The TV screen was showing a bunch of videos of the rift opening, the ones that had spread across the internet like wildfire. Not that Monica needed any reminder of that, the bit of light that still entered through the windows had a notable red tint to it anyways. A red tint, which at that very moment got a lot brighter and more red, as once more something exploded. This time, it was a lot louder than the previous dozen or so times though, something that pulled Monica out of her fit for just a moment, as she walked towards the window to peek out between the gaps in the blinds. A swarm of Omegadrones was down on the street and in the air above it. They looked even more nauseating up close, Monica felt like throwing up just seeing them. They appeared to be fighting a handful of heroes in full costume, one of whom had just blown one of the drones out of the sky. Not that the fight seemed to be going particularly well for the heroes, the drones were outnumbering them massively and beginning to sweep in for strikes. The heroes dodged and fought back, but eventually one of the drones’ pikes found its target, and things spiralled out of control as more and more hits landed. It was a gruesome sight, yet Monica could not take her eyes off of it. Something inside her compelled her to watch. And she could feel something building up. One got struck with a heavy blow right into the chest, dropping onto his knees, as a drone stabbed its spear straight through a woman in armor’s thigh, adding yet more blood onto the street. It was at this point that Monica’s room was lit up in a bright, yellow light. As she looked down at her body, she felt her fear wash away. She wasn’t some civilian that needed protection. She was Monica Gutiérrez, the new Lady Liberty. She was the Light of Hope, and if there was ever a time that hope would be needed, it was right now. Without so much as a second thought, she stepped back, ran forward and leaped straight through the window, her fist sending an Omegadrone directly into the building across the road before she dropped from the 8th floor like a shooting star and making the wish of hope come true. Assisted by the Light of Liberty the heroes could once more fight at full strength, and soon what drones hadn’t been destroyed thoroughly had been driven off. Perhaps it would take a few more hours for some sort of evacuation. Perhaps there wouldn’t even be one. But so long as Lady Liberty had anything to say about it The Plaza Hotel would be a safe haven.