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  1. The woman didn’t even bother to respond, instead slowly piloting the armour in a different direction, turning a corner after a few moments and disappearing behind a few crates, somewhere even Auguste’s vision didn’t quite reach. Meanwhile, he made his way down the stairs. It was simple enough, the doors weren’t locked. He could actually hear how one bomb shelter door opened behind a wall, suggesting he probably wasn’t alone. He stepped through it shortly after, and it led down some stairs, closing behind him. He could note that there were cameras placed in quite a few locations. Hidden away, but he’d managed to stop them either way. After a short descent, he entered a well-lit white room. Immediately he could see what appeared to be quite an advanced workbench by one of the walls, and a sophisticated PC network in one of the corners, with screens spanning most of the wall. However, as soon as he entered the room, the door behind him closed, quite rapidly. Two turrets, quite obviously, appeared from the ceiling, pointing towards Auguste. The woman’s voice could be heard over the intercom. “Gotta say, this has to be the most advanced tactic so far. Need to burn this base anyways, sorry buddy. You’re not getting me this time. So, how about you spill who’s behind all of this and I let you escape without giving you an emmentaler makeover?”
  2. “Alright. My base it is, then. “ With only a moment’s notice, the thrusters keeping the armour midair stopped, making it (and thus Diamondlight) drop down, picking up again to propel them northwards. She seemed to meet Auguste’s request as the altitude dropped ever so slightly throughout the flight, until the two once more reached an urban area. Probably Basel, although Auguste wasn’t entirely sure. First she rose up higher, once more creating a fair bit of distance between her and the ground. Then, shortly afterwards, she once more shut off her thrusters, dropping from the sky quite quickly and only burning to avoid a crash shortly before hitting the ground, not the most comfortable of experiences. They landed in front of what appeared to be one of the many warehouses in the city, probably holding some goods that would be delivered to the cargo harbour. “Go inside and immediately take the first door to your right, then go down into the cellar. From there follow the lights. “ “I need to take a different entrance, I should be there shortly though.”
  3. First of all, Hakim needed to catch his breath. Now he was away from prying eyes so at least he could do that. Running really wasn’t his forte, perhaps it was time to look into that reduced gym membership cost WestRock offered. Assuming he could survive this day. Which still wasn’t all that certain. He turned to face Noose, sounding somewhat determined. “Now? Well, now I get to dispel a curse spoken out by a culture that was really, really good at making them annoying. “ Then, he switched to something more relaxed. “You don’t happen to have the name of the guy-slash-people responsible for this, do you?”
  4. She flew upwards for what Auguste presumed was about 20 seconds, reaching quite a height in the meantime. They’d reached the height where people were only visible in groups, high enough that Auguste really didn’t want to slip at this point. Which was easy enough, the armour seemed to have been designed around somebody holding on. The woman controlling the armour didn’t respond to any of Auguste’s jokes, but she did humour him enough to respond to his question. “If my assumption is right, somewhere off the grid. I’ve got a place but getting there will take a bit of time. If you’ve got a suggestion, go ahead.”
  5. Dex: 1d20+1 8 He's slow, but apparently slightly faster!
  6. Judging by the armor’s slight head tilt, the woman was not amused. “This really isn’t the time. I’ll carry you, then.” Without hesitation she grabbed Auguste with her shield arm, the shield apparently didn’t need to be gripped to stay connected. She was careful about how she did it, but judging by her grip, she could exert quite a force if she wanted. “You’ll want to grab on properly, makes this next part a lot more comfortable.” And with that, she lifted off, flying pretty much straight upwards for a bit.
  7. She sounded quite stressed, eager to get to the point. “This isn’t over yet. There wouldn’t just be one, and any second we spend out here we’re in serious danger. I’ll explain once we’re not. Do you have some way to fly? “ All the while, she was turning her head, probably scanning the nearby rooftops. Below her, the crowd had calmed down somewhat, panic at this point turning into surprise at seeing what quite clearly was two metahumans in one place. Something that Auguste was pretty sure hadn’t happened in public for quite a while. Some were holding up their phones to take pictures. From what Auguste could tell, from this height and while being obscured by the somewhat bulky armour, his face probably wouldn’t make it onto the videos, for better or worse.
  8. If Noose was trying to get back through the portal, that meant something. Probably that he couldn’t really do his job on the other side. Which was exactly what Hakim had hoped. Of course, leaving a murderous ghost unattended in the middle of nowhere wasn’t the best idea either. So, really, he had to get through the portal and close it behind him before Noose did. And that meant running, because Sha’ir had to concentrate at least somewhat on keeping the portal open, no capacity to also augment his movement. So, he broke out into a sprint, directly towards the portal, all other caution thrown into the wind. He hated this. He wasn’t a sprinter. Or a runner at all, really. Especially not when tangled up in layer upon layer of magic. But perhaps he’d be quick enough….
  9. Bonfire (24) Hot Shot (24) Barrier (1) Praetorians: The Eden Program (1) Bird of Arms (None) None Sha'ir the Spellsmith (9) Hung From the Neck (9) GM (9) The Cretan Connection (6) Freedom of Information (3) Allocation: 24 posts from Bonfire who is maxed to BoA GM posts: 1 to BoA the remaining ones to Sha'ir Ref point to Barrier.
  10. Auguste summoning his weapons got an immediate response, as the suit (was it a robot or was it being piloted by a person?), raised its weapons too, holding up its shield towards him. It too was a defensive posture, but one that could strike forward at any point. “A sniper?” The woman was clearly surprised to hear, it was quite an outrageous to claim there was a sniper operating in the middle of a city in broad daylight, after all. But a quick glance to the side, towards the unconscious body, showed that Auguste was not lying. “This is bad. This is really, really bad.” At this point, her panic was quite obvious. “We need to get out of here immediately. Can’t waste any time, I’ll explain on the way. “ “Let’s go.”
  11. Concentration: 1d20+14 19
  12. Toughness: 1d20+10 20 And that's a Daze!
  13. Well, that had worked. Somewhat. Not really. Who knew what was out there. But lower population density probably meant less people to shoot, right? It still only delayed the problem, but for now that was probably the best Hakim could hope for. There had to be some way of dealing with this Noose guy. These curses were annoying, but there had to be some sort of condition on them, right? He’d just have to find it. Of course, these were all concerns that assumed he survived his current encounter. Which became a bit more doubtful as Noose’s bullet pulled some magic tricks of its own, breaking Sha’ir’s Forcefield and actually hitting him. It had been slowed down a fair bit, but it still hurt. This didn’t look good.
  14. GM Bonfire seemed somewhat surprised at leviathan’s acucsations, if latter was reading his body’s signals correctly. Which wasn’t quite that easy without any facial expression to go on. “Hm, hadn’t considered that before. But now that you mention it, you’ve got a point. One sec….” He took out both of his phones, immediately taking out their batteries. “Probably a bit late for that now, but it might buy us some additional time. If she was tracking the phone, we gotta hurry, so let’s get moving and I’ll get you what you need to work on this.” Roughly 20 minutes later, Leviathan’s Lair Travelling back to the underwater HQ was simple enough, getting to water form the airport was slightly more difficult than from most of FC, but fortunately it was late enough that running along the streets didn’t cause much of an uproar. “Alright, now let’s see what we … uh, you I guess … can do about this entire thing.”
  15. Standard Action: opening Teleport 7 (Extras: Accurate, Portal; Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity; Progression 3 (Size); Flaws: Action (Standard to Open(-2))) [26/26PP] to some uninhabited area (forest, a farm, something along those lines)n outside town, behind Noose Then readjusting the VP to a Trip 8 (Feats: Improved Trip, Accurate 3; Flaws: Range (Touch)) [Wind] to attempt to knock him into the Portal. Using a HP to Surge for this, of course! Attack: 1d20+12 28 I'll assume that hits, so if he's not immune here's the opposed power roll: Power Check: 1d20+8 16 he goes against that with the lower of his str/dex