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  1. GM The landscape parted as dreadnought charged, a tremulous furrow cut into the earth. Then, came the blistering CRUNCH! of impact. The giants new how to fight, clearly. They were riddled with battle scars and the stigmata of brutal combat. But at that size, they presented a relatively easy target. The Giant flipped in mid air, and landed on his face a dozen feet away. "OW!" he grumbled as he spat out a tooth. The other two giants were bold and fearless, even facing such titans as were before them. BAM! BAM! Giant man-sized fists slammed into the earth. Giant feet crunched into the soil. Both furious, both determined to stamp the insect-heroes beneath them!
  2. That hits! Tough Save: 1d20+12 23 a better roll, but still fails by 12, so dazed and staggered. It is also knocked back a few feet (10 to be precise. Thats giants for you...-18 Knockback!) In response, the two non-hit giants will smash Voin and Dreadnought each. First off; demoralising as a move action -5: Intimidate / Startle: 2#1d20+8 23 19 so beat that (23 for Voin, 19 for dreadnought) with Will/sense motive/intimidate. Then, the smash attacks: Smashy: 2#1d20+4 11 19 i believe Dreadnought catches a blow, for a DC 27 Tough save. Round 2 23 - Voin - Unharmed - 2 HP 20 - Dreadnought - Unharmed - 1 HP 0 - Giants [1,2] - Unharmed 0 - Giant [3] - Staggered
  3. Apologies, didnt realise it was an area effect! That incinerates half the mushroom men, who are down to six! Unfortunately, it also catches the Fun Guy due to Ozwalds frazzled brain, he, however, has enough defence to dodge the fire. Still, it is antagonistic, and a complication, meaning Ozwald is at : Oz - Unharmed - WIS 4 (Will +7) - 2 HP Edit to IC upcoming
  4. GM Even with the alarms blaring and the people screaming, it was not hard to navigate towards the sound. Whatever else, the mysterious figure was not subtle. He was arguably even clumsy. Driven by determination, absent of guile. Robin past one security out cold, and probably injured given the bruising and swelling on his cheek. She had her taser in his hand, but had clearly been struck before discharging it. She looked like she was breathing and alive, at least. Down one flight of stairs, Robin caught sight to the figure. He was holding up another security guard by the neck, with one arm, dangling him a foot off the ground. It was Jones, the Janitor! And more than that, he was dressed in some cobbled - together exoskeleton. One leg and two arms, half completed, joined to some franken-armour breast plate. Humming with power. The two arms ended in large powerful pincers. Even more shocking - the cobbled together armour had pieces of the Justice Armour prototype in it!
  5. GM Frost's comebacks were irritating the Hornet more and more. He flexed his fists in his jade armour. This was the thing; superficially, the Hornet was as cool and cunning as Dr Sin, and certainly as cruel. He had a cold intellect that rivalled most men. But he lacked patience. Anyone challenging his authority, or intelligence, got under his skin and got under badly. He did not like Frost challenging him. He did not like Frost keeping his cool when he did not. "Enough GAMES!" he screamed, throwing the Go board to one side, the pieces scattering and clinkering on the floor. "I do not know what you are up to, you abomination!" he shouted at Frost. "But you are playing me!" It was beyond his endurance that he could not discern what it was. And more, it was absolutely intolerable that Frost had made him lose his compure (rather than the other way around). "TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE, OR I WILL BLAST YOU INTO THAT NOTHING!" He raised a hand, and the men around them raised their Daka-weapons ready to fire - at the Hornet's command.
  6. Initiative: 1d20+8 22 for the Hornet Initiative: 1d20+6 8 for his minions Round 1 31 - Tsunami - Unharmed - 3HP 22 - The Hornet - Unharmed 13 - Kamala - Unharmed - 2HP 12 - Frost - Unharmed - 1 HP 8 - Daka armed minions [6] - Unharmed 8 - Normal minions [6] - Unharmed Meaning Tsunami is up
  7. GM Tyhe eldritch fire spewed forth, hitting the closest mushroom men, who emitted a horrible high pitched inhuman shriek as the fire consumed them. They flailed around a bit, but soon fell down, burning and charring. The smell of roast mushrooms filled the cavern. The other mushroom men looked angry and scared - although given they were mushrooms and eyeless ones at that, their capacity for facial expression was limited at best. The Fun Guy, the King of the Mushroom men, patted down his sleeves. "What? I'm trying to help!" he gasped at Oswald. Then he grew angry. And mad. Although he was probably mad already. "IM NOT GOING TO ROAST TO DEATH IN THIS HELL HOLE!" he screamed at the top of his fungus infected voice. "Ex-pun-giate! Ex-pun-giate!" they mumured in fungal unison, advancing onwards. "Expungiate? is that even a word?" asked a confused and alarmed Penny Coin, holding her sword ready. "Its something to do with a pun!" proclaimed Captain Boddyflock, who clearly had lost all patience with jokes and puns. "Methinks it is CUTSTAB TIME!"
  8. Actually, that does hit! And its a toughness roll the mushroom man cannot make, so he is engulfed in fire! Its wibbly wobbly initiative time. So the Pan is up!
  9. Cap Cosmos Buddy kept his cool. A point blank shot at this range would sting even him; but it probably wouldnt splatter his brains all over the floor. As far as he could see, the chances of rustling up a million dollars in an hour was slim to zero. If one was being generous. Surely some other game was being played here? Tricia looked remarkably cool. His suspicion that she was in on this ratched up from possible to probable. But why? "OK OK, I get it" he said, placatingly, to the leader. As far as he could see, then, he had an hour. After that, he would have to swing into action; and probably everyone would learn that Buddy Brand was Captain Cosmos. He didn't like that, but he didn't like blood on his hands either. "Maybe I can help, somehow?" he asked the leader. "Nobody wants blood, right?"
  10. Sense motive x2: 2#1d20+10 23 12
  11. Captain Cosmos Buddy caught the same inflection on the word "Mister"... Now, it was entirely possible that Trishia and these goons were in cahoots. No evidence, but it was sure possible. Why, though? What motive did she - or they - have? Money? It felt too obvious. Too clumsy. 1 billion? That was an unreasonably high figure. Did they really expect one billion dollars to be mobilised in an hour? Buddy thought it unlikely. Just how "professional" were these guys? "How are we going to get a billion dollars together sitting here?" he asked the leader, politely. "How is anybody going to get a billion dollars together anywhere...in an hour?" he asked, again trying to be polite. "You gotta be reasonable, or we are all going to lose...."
  12. GM Huff Puff! There was no question that Robin was getting her cardio in today! The fire escape was, at least, robust and firm. Even several stories up. One would not want to be scared of heights, however, for the grilled metal gave a dizzying view of the hard concrete below. At the top story, the window, made of reinforced glass and alarmed. Not that it wouldn't easily crack under the force of the Justice blaster, or a good old fashioned Justice kick. But still, alarmed. Not that that particularly mattered either, for alarms were already going off inside, and people were evacuating. Most people, that is. The security staff were scrambling to the top floor, where the mysterious figure had arrived, although it sounded - from the commotion - that whilst Justice was making her way up the building (on the outside), he had been making his way down the building (on the inside...)
  13. GM The invisibility, or visibility, was a very neat trick indeed. And yet, now that Pan looked closely, he could see the mushroom men had no eyes. Blind as a bat! "Oh Cruel Gods...." grunted the Fun Guy, standing up from his throne. "These mushroom men cannot see. They can pick up on any tremor beneath their feat, and they can hear very well indeed. But they cannot see" he explained to Oz. "And it is sour irony. I have been driven half mad here, and my saviour is a lunatic...." he said, face anguished at Oz's incoherent babbling. "This is not a lecture hall, wizard! This is the mushroom mountain! These idiot mushrooms have made me king, for my ability, apparently, to tell a joke....and they will not let me go!" "Harrr Harrr....Idiot!" laughed the Mushroom Men, evidently thinking this slur was another excellent joke by the Fun Guy. "Oh mercy!" groaned the Fun Guy, sliding back to his throne again. "Harr...Harrr....Oh Mercy!!!" laughed the Mushroom Men once more. "Careful, mad wizard. These creatures will infect you as they have me!" "Infect!" groaned the mushroom men, who did not laugh at this notion. But determined, yes indeed, determined they were... The twelve of them started stumbling and sliding towards Oz, mushroom arms extended, the pustules and spores of their flesh bristling!
  14. Im good with all of that. Evasion is a bit of a stretch to my mind, but if it fits in your head, lets go with it!
  15. GM Casualities seem thin, and minor. People stumbled out of buildings belching smoke, coughing. There were cuts and abrasions, screams of panic. Probably a broken bone or two. Some people were unconscious, or at least semi-conscious. But there the streets were not littered with brains and limbs, and blood, whilst present, was not flooding the streets. The explosives, for the most part, had caused more noise and smoke than damage. But on closer examination, one building had been hit very hard, and was on the point of collapse. People were charging out of it in a mad panic, desperate to escape the collapsing bricks and mortar. And this building was a bank.
  16. GM The Crowd screamed and cheered louder than ever as the two lances splintered and sundered. Both Fascimile and Chromium took a nasty hit, but somehow both stayed on their bikes. "ANARCHY!" roared Sir Prize. "ANARCHY!" roared the crowd. "BOOOM!" came the series of explosions across the waterfront. Anarchy indeed. The sound was deafening, and there was dust and rubble and even a little fire. Several explosions had occurred along various buildings up and down the street!
  17. Fax 5 HP - Bruised Chromium 2 HP - Bruised, Dazed (But no knockback) And stuff happens!
  18. GM "Uuuugh......" groaned the Yakuza, throwing up again when he landed. "Haven't you got a better way to travel than that?" he groaned, looking green and yellow. Once had recovered his breath and his spinning head, he talked freely. "OK OK, so I am Yakuza. Or was. The mafia never let us get a hook in Freedom City. We had pretty much stopped operating, given up. Most of us, including me, just went back to normal lives. I pack fish now" he said, without any pride. "About a month ago, this hot shot came over from Japan. Harry Cane. Son of some big Yakuza boss over there. He said he had come to put the Yakuza on the map. Brutal, powerful, smart. Half of us didn't really feel like going back to that life, but Harry Cane didn't care what we thought. He strong armed us into rebvuilding the Yakuza here..." "...thing is, under Harry Cane, we started carving out a big niche in smuggling and extortion. We were winning. Now, the Mob is pulling out all the stops to find Harry Cane and slit his throat!"
  19. OK, I think that is best handled as you both hitting each other with lances! First off, an HP each for being so crazy and fighting eachother! Meaning Fax - 5 HP, Chromium - 2 HP Second off: Toughness Saves: DC 24 for Chromium, DC 30 for Fax! (Damage 9 and Damage 15 each) This is, however, non lethal damage (blunted weapons!) Remember that if you do not have the protection power, you have +3 Toughness from chainmail, so +7 Tough for Fax, and +12 for Chromium (As he already has protection). Knockback if you fail DC by more than five, with that Immovable bonus counting. Even if you don't get knockbacked, ill ask for a driving DC 15 roll to stay on your bike (with +1 bonus per rank of immovable!)
  20. Snakebite 11 PP to spend Attributes 4 PP: Increase DEX to 26 Combat As a consequence of DEX increase, Initiative is now +12 Saves Reflex is now +12 (+8 Dex, +4) Feats: 5 PP: Add 5 Ranks of Equipment This is spent on Headquarters: Headquarters: English Country Manor (Location: Outside Canterbury, Kent) Toughness: +10 [1 EP], Size: Large [2 EP], Features: Communications, Computer, Dock, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Grounds, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Library, Living Space, Pool, Power System, Security System 3, Stables, Staffed [19 EP] Total Cost 22 EP 3 EP: Alternate HQs Skills 1 PP: Increase Acrobatics to 12 Ranks to make it 12 (+20) As a consequence of Dex increase… Drive is now 4 (+12) Stealth is now 4 (+12) Powers: 1 PP: Replace Low Light Vision with Darkvision Thankyou!
  21. GM Whilst Sir Prize's face was concealed by his shiny helmet (bar the glint of his eyes), one could almost feel the big grin of approval. He swung his spiked flail around his head three times to signal approval. The crowd of course, loved the show. The police didn't know what to do. This was a public space, right, the beach? What laws were they breaking? Probably some, but breaking it up would require the riot police - and would be a messy business even then. "WELL THEN! LET US SEE HOW HAS THE MOST METTLE! LET...BATTLE...COMMENCE!" roared Sir Prize, slamming the head of the flail down to the sand. The signal for the final joust! The crowd seemed to have grown, and seemed to be even louder. The cheers and screams were almost deafening. There was the smell of engines, alcohol and sweat, and even a little blood, in the air. Even the sea seemed to register its approval, waves rising and falling just a little more impressively than before.
  22. Ok, some brief civil PvP! Play nice Drive rolls and attack rolls from you both, and please feel free to use dirty tactics or something else (and post your revving engines and pointy lances in the IC thread!)
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