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  1. There will be some talky first, but could you roll initiative?
  2. I suppose: Skill Matery Climb (26) to reach the Bridge. Then Notice roll: Notice Roll: 1d20+13 28 to assess the scene and also see if his amazing nose can pick up anythng? I guess it will boil down to Super STR the cars back onto the bridge, but let me know!
  3. GM The Monkeys were confused. This was not, it seemed, part of their plan. Despite being vastly more intelligent than regular monkeys, they would hardly be called smart. No smarter than the average human, at most. "Lord---he want to speak to you!" they summised. When the situation was quite outside their parameters of operation, they defaulted to the best option. Take the problem to someone smarter than they were. "Lord Uplift want to speak to you! He smarty!" They ushured the foursome through the jungle with blaster carbines at the ready. They did not seem ready to shoot the mysterious strangers, but neither did they seem ready to dop their weapons or their guard...
  4. GM And a fine and speedy plan it was, too. The two vehicles (or man-vehicle in the case of Chromium) skidded on the beach sand, kicking up a rather nice looking plume of sand in their wake. It was a testement to everyones skill and agility that a crash did not happen. Instead, Chromium and Sir Prize ground to a semi-elegant stop on the beach, and the waves lapped inches from their feet. Sir Prize was impassive behind his medieval helm, but had a sort of joy in his voice. "Very well, to Arms it is, then! What a day! A bold day! A day for beating hearts and clashing steel!" And in his case, a whirling spiked morning star, advancing on Chromium whilst Lady Key slowly peeled herself off the bike, rather white faced with the excitement...
  5. Just to keep score Fax - 6 HP - Bruised (And off saving civvies!)
  6. GM Mr. Murk nodded. "I appreciate your point, and your question. Unfortunately, I have no answer" he explained. "I, too, would not have anyone killed. The question is, however, would I spend my energy saving the mortal or the immortal, if I was to expend any energy at all?" "And therein lies the difficulty, does it not? The truth of the matter, so unapalatable, is that I would save more life by saving the latter rather than the former. It is a distasteful truth, but why that should not shied away from. Would you rather save a babe or an old man? Tell me, honestly, that if you could not save both, and could save either, whom would you save, and why?" "There is no right answer, but it is right to give answer..."
  7. Supercape


    Fluff: By design, the "Death" abstract entity is very vague. I think it much better to keep it so, to avoid stepping on toes. Its not going to actually feature anywhere, no running into Father etc. Attractive is complex, as what is attractive to one is not attractive to another. However, the qualities of being vibrant, healthy, and energetic, alongside unblemished and unmarred by pathology are fairly universal. Or, if you wish, Nightlife by default looks very bad, and this form counters that appearance. Base forms skill bonuses are that way by design (And will flesh out with PL heists in the future) V/D "Bone" means essentially slashing, bludgeoning, piercing. All have the bone descriptor of course! YOu are right about the bone telekenisis, PP score corrected.
  8. GM "I can" affirmed Sgt Shark, full of Spartan efficiency with his words. Poetry and war were not strangers, but one did not mull over the best use of iambic metre when was being shot at. He leapt clean out of the water, so fast his swimming that he propelled himself halfway up one of the bridges struts. His iron claws clenched over concrete and steel, and he started rapidly scuttling up. And he ripped out his nose plugs. As dangerous as her scent was, he wanted his full senses. What was burning?
  9. Supercape


    It was a fair question, although I had no answer, and I will mull it over - however, I have slowly come to the conclusion that bonds and ties and even backstory are best refined during actual play, hence I have started become more "bare bones" about these things initially. Its not that they are not important, but I have come to prefer them to be more fluid initially, at least until I get a handle on how the PC plays "In practice". YMMV of course!
  10. GM Jones took his finger of the trigger, although he looked like he dearly wanted to press it. "Yeah, good work" he conceded. Jones was a big man anyway, and in that Frankenstein patchwork armour he was clearly a force to be recognised with. But he wasn't smart. He didn't really know what he was dealing with. And his adrenaline had been surging so hard the past half an hour, it was beginnig to subside. And thus the impetus to act was turned down. Not turned off, but muted. "It ain't going to be long before these guttersnipes get their act together. And then its going to more than these junk bots coming at us" he said, which was indeed astute and true. "So whatever you are going to do, do it fast...."
  11. Captain Cosmos I got a gun? Really, if someone starts declaring they have a gun when they visibly have one, you know they are bluff and swagger. Although possibly losing it too.... Slowly, he started ascending. "What do you think happens if you shoot? You think thats going to help your situation? At the very worst, right now, you are going to be charged for armed robbery. If you shoot that man, I'm going to be forced to move. And move hard. If you survive, its still going to hurt, and you will be going down for murder" he said, firmly. "So if you are going to pull the trigger, pull it now. And see what happens..."
  12. Sgt Shark Sgt Shark was already tearing off his dressing gown as he read the incoming emergency. His muscles writhed under his grey skin, responding to the flush of catecholamines that came with the crisis. To action! Wait! He could use some help! "Come on! We have souls to save!" he barked at Aquaria, his tongue licking his mutated lips. With a mighty leap he was out of the house, and plunging into the tepid waters of the Thames, plowing through river, below the surface, unseen, sleek, and silent!
  13. Diamondlight Now that does sound a bit paranoid, but really there is no good way of disecting out what is perception and what is truth... He had no intention of being bait. But it was a good plan. Perhaps the only viable plan. That, he had to concede, and he said as much. "Your plan is good. Just because I don't like being live bait doesn't mean I won't do it. But, forgive my feelings on the matter...I am very much up for being a superhero, but taking caution over my life is something that is also very important to me..." Honesty, oft the best policy! "So whats your plan? I hope it has some...ah....safety considerations!"
  14. Supercape


    I am not sure how to answer that. Lives in Freedom City? Wants to be a Superhero? How else does one start off? We have a ton of undead PCs and I am not sure they have any better connection. I am totally open to ideas on that front, but I'm not convinced its necessary to be honest. Bar the cape, its a fairly straightfoward "Got powers, go hero" story, and thats not any more or less than most PCs.
  15. Sounds good! Do you want a cyber-space scene?
  16. GM The language was English. Or close enough. A mangled pidgin-English spoken through still-simian vocal cords and littered with alien and obscure words. Their meaning was still comprehensible, if a little unclear. "Who are you?" Well that was clear, and arguably reasonable! "We hunting Sqvrgh DInosaur for Lord-Urghrghu. Make big science with new meat-flesh! Big tasty suppering too!" Slobbering lips added the point that food was food. "What you doing? We not getting pink two leg flesh today. But if it being on Gruuur menu?....."
  17. Diamondlight After me? Yes --- if there is indeed a "Swiss Conspiracy" --- they would be after me indeed. But...I wonder if there is more swirling around this than first meets the eye....this Lady may be jumping to conclusions, although I don't think she is completely off the mark either... "I can't say I like the thought of being bait..." he said, softly and earnestly. "I am known as Diamondlight" he said, by way of introduction. "I don't hide my identity, though. I am also August Zoss" he added. "I suppose you could say you have me hooked. I am invested, if you pardon the financial implications of the word" He didn't know if she knew of Zoss. Probably, if she was swiss. But it was best to find out her nature by honesty rather than deception right now. Often, in his experience, honesty was the best deception. "And you? What dragged you into his web?"
  18. Scot free it is! If you want to give up the chase to help civilians (and earn an HP) please do so!
  19. Lord Steam "The multiverse is indeed a magnificent place!" said Lord Steam, giving Delta a raised and pleasant eyebrow. Clearly it was not just he who had travelled different dimensions. Although, in fairness, he had only traversed two. Even that was quite outstanding in his mind. "And full of magnificent threats! Not least, the Terminus!" He was a detective and engineer first. But that didn't mean his magnificent (and humble, of course) mind had not soaked up a lot of other facts and figures. He said no more though, wondering if their host might spill some beans to Delta's astute question. And of course, he took out the Champagne bottle from Blakely's hamper, presenting the label to Hazmat for approval!
  20. GM The speeds where equal, but where Sir Prize had to concentrate on driving a vehicle (despite his evident skill in the matter), the two heroes had little or any such difficulty. It was like running for them - it came naturally. They were not controlling the vehicle. They where the vehicle. It was only a matter of time before they caught up down the beach, and Lady Key turned around, acute of eye and ear, as they did so. She gave a grin of excitement and wild enthusiasm... ...and dropped a grenade behind her. It was a makeshift bottle full of makeshift fluids. But Lady Key knew her chemistry, and knew her explosives, and knew how to make an impact. The cunning lady timed it almost perfectly, so that both heroes felt the blast of smoke, and heard the deafening boom...
  21. Ok that works for me As you both approach - nay, catch up, Lady Key will throw a grenade behind her. This is a flash bang whallop grenade, Dazzle 6 and Damage 6, Both Area (Burst), so a Reflex Save vs DC 16 first, then a DC 16 or 13 Reflex save vs aud+visual dazzle, and DC 21 or 18 Toughness Save. If you do fail the dazzle, and wish to get a complication (and it fits you head-logic!) you can narrate crashing into something on the beach for some effect (like a bruise+daze from the impact, or something else amusing you can think of you can crash into which will impede you)
  22. Sense Motive: 1d20+5 8
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