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5 Finger Discount [IC]

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Hinocorp Nautical Concepts

Front Showroom

2:23am, Saturday, April 2, 2016



The Freedom City PD are milling around the shattered glass of the front showroom as the detectives and crime scene investigators look over the scene. A captain Peterson has her hands on her hips as the clean-suited crime scene techs look over everything with a fine-toothed comb. A couple KOed security guards in blue jumpsuit-like uniforms with the Nautical division of Hinocorp Heavy Industries' logo on a pocket are being tended to by paramedics for a couple good bruises over their eyes and inhaling some sort of gas that knocked them out that has them nauseous.


"Can't believe there's nothing yet that anyone's found..." The Captain said looking over to the head of the investigation team, a Detective Samuels. His gruff look hid some caring eyes and an attention for detail.


"Yeah, smashed the outer windows, but not anything in here was stolen."


"Except what was up with the office on the second floor?"


"Dunno. The computers were on but no one was up there but those two security guys..."


"Hmm... think we should put a call out to the state crime lab?"


"I think we could keep it in the city for now. I called in a couple of favors to get a couple cowls in on this."


"Which ones?"


"Terrifica, Shrike and some new kid, Bonfire"


"Well two of them I know... not sure on Bonfire..."


"Well we'll see soon enough!"

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Gretchen had been spending most weekends at Lynn's place; they'd finally graduated to snuggling in bed, which was...heaven, but as always the cynical barista was allowing her friend and partner to set the tone and speed of their developing relationship with a surprising tenderness. It was rare for her to lower her shields and let someone in, but she was in no hurry; intimacy would come when the somewhat skittish changeling, who was after all still a widow, was good and ready. So for now it was just spooning in an impossibly-comfortable conjured bed, the Ring of Power allowing them to talk without speaking, their warmth shared with three cats tucked here and there between them.


You see? Heaven.


But then reality had to go and intrude as Gretchen's phone played Devo's "We're Through Being Cool", which meant the FCPD had come to call; an audible groan rose up from under the covers, and the cats got up and stretched.


-Noooo! Cops bad! Take away pretty warm girl!-


-Can we just bask in the awesomeness that they contacted me instead of you? The Shrike has arrived!-


A rustling of covers.


-The Shrike has arrived!-


-.....Fine! Go be heroic and s###! Just promise me you'll come back alive...with coffee.-


-Is that even a question?-


Less than ten minutes later (telekinesis for the win!), an increasingly-familiar figure in black and silver floated in through the shattered window; though hardly a household name, a few of the officers on the scene recognized the Shrike and gave her a friendly nod, which she returned with a salute. Gretchen drifted over to the two cops in charge, incongruously sipping coffee from a Thermos as her bootheels gently crushed broken glass.




(Lynn had taught her how recognize types of cops by their typical crime scene behavior.)


"How can I help?"

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Bonfire had just about returned to his small, two-room apartment down in the Fens, ready to just sleep. At this point it was 5 days since the last time anything happened during a patrol, and it was starting to get disappointing. Sure, he wasn’t short on money for now, but just flying around the city for a few hours with nothing happening wasn’t all that fun, once the thrill of flying wore off. So, he had just arrived home, quickly getting into the room through the closed window, it wasn’t airtight so just slipping through was no problem, and taken a quick snack. And just as he was about to head to bed, the phone rang. Generally, if something was calling him this late, and onto his Bonfire number, that meant something was happening.


“Bonfire here, what’s - …. 


…. okay, thanks for the call, I’ll be there ASAP”


Well then. Usually Bonfire arrived while the heists were still going on, but a change of pace was welcome. Also usually he talked to the police afterwards, not beforehand. This certainly meant something, right?  He quickly checked the location, it was essentially just a quick trip south.


… Across south river. Generally, rivers meant open space, which meant more wind, and when you’re made of smoke, wind isn’t fun. Fortunately, it was a Saturday, buses were driving even this late at night. So Bonfire quickly shoved down a piece of firewood, grabbed his phone and wallet and put them into the pocket of his power-proof shorts, and headed down to the bus stop.


And just a few minutes later he had bought a ticket and was sitting in an otherwise empty bus heading towards the Boardwalk. This was the last one heading down there, so getting home probably would mean flying, but at the moment he didn’t trust his bike to make it even one way, so this was the safer option. Well, the trip would take a few minutes at least, so Bonfire decided to comb through the Depths of the Internet on his phone, trying to figure out more about Hinocorp.


The bus ride took a good 20 minutes since the route was rather indirect, but at least the stop was rather close to the crime scene, so flying there was done quickly. Before the police officers a cloud of smoke approached, landed, and turned into a humanoid figure, the head made of smoke in no particular form, for now.


“Sorry, the bus connection down here isn’t too great, but here I am. “






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“There was no need for the attempt, gentlemen. I was already here.” Startled eyes whirled on Terrifica, already inside the showroom and inspecting the scene. “If you could provide samples of the security guards’ blood, that would be good. I’d like to know which knockout gas was used.” Robberies. Almost always about money. So seldom about revenge. Though I suppose accidental robberies don’t really exist, now do they? “I’ll need to know what was stolen, as well.” She straightened her longcoat’s sleeves. Shoeprints are a waste of time. This lobby is too busy and this job too professional. Upstairs, then. “When you’re ready, detectives, I’ll be upstairs.” She moved to climb the stairs.

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"Wait a moment..." The Detective said, pointing at the welts on the two guards' heads.


"The knock out agent was far more... old-school. Actual fists."


He smiled. Knowing that would probably be the only time Terrifica might miss a detail.


There was a just as sudden appearance in the office, standing outside, peering around the police blocking her... a woman dressed in office clothes, with a basic yellow raincoat as a light rain had started outside, starting to be audible through the busted glass. "Sorry I'm late... Jane Kirkpatrick. IT security for Hinocorp. If you'll..."


The detective nodded to let her through. "Lots of broken glass outside... almost nothing in here though... weird. Anyways, I got an alert that there was a massive file transfer from our corporate network at about 1:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time... we should head upstairs and check the video."


"We got a tech team looking that over now."


"Actually there's several copies, from several angles. Gonna make sure that those files weren't corrupted or taken off the servers, and turn those in to the police, while giving these three powered investigators a look."


She heads over to the semi-open door to the stairs. The door had an alarm handle on it, orange in color. And the door was marked "Keep closed at all times"...

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Well then, the first thing to do on the scene was probably to figure out what went down. Bonfire had gotten some information by the police, but considering how quickly he found multiple things the investigators missed, these people were either really tired, or still in training. Maybe the police were also lacking budget and it wasn’t just the fire department? The other heroes both were preoccupied, so introductions could come later, for now it was time to figure out some stuff by himself. The glass was pretty simple. Cass himself had used his powers to blast out glass before, it usually looked pretty similar. Question would be why they did it from the inside, unless… At this point Bonfire took out his phone from his pocket and started writing some things down.


Glass blasted out from inside:


                -Party, one person is insubstantial and got in, removed glass for others?


                -Remotely triggered powers?


                -Put down a remote controlled airburst or something?


He’d have to consult on this with the others, maybe they had some ideas. Then he continued onwards, for now just writing down quick ideas, not thinking about them too much. The guards. He’d seen security fight before. This weren’t a bunch of small-time criminals for sure, considering all the guards were out cold.


KO’ed Guards:


                -Probably got jumped


                -Party or somebody who can fight an area at once or somebody who can hide themselves.


                -No small time criminals for sure


Well, pretty much all of that could’ve applied to Bonfire, so maybe this was some kind of evil clone? Now that would make for a weird day! The last part was security. This place had cameras everywhere. Considering there was actual thought put into this heist, if the cameras had actually recorded anything that’d be surprising. And the IT-sec was a bit ...suspicious too. She definitely was hiding something. Maybe something small, maybe not. He’d definitely talk to her at some point. Considering she was about to head up to the server and he was about done with this room, that was as good a chance as any.




                -Lots of cameras


                -IT sec’s hiding something


Once he’d written that down he walked over to the IT sec and followed her up the stairs. Maybe there was more to be found up here, or maybe she’d tell him something he didn’t know so far. All the while obviously watching her, to make sure she didn't wipe the files herself or something the like. He really doubted she was directly invovled with this, but as an IT sec she'd certainly have the tools to do it. 


“Hey, name’s Bonfire. I’m pretty competent with computers, mind if I join in? The server room might have something interesting in it. Do you have any suspicions on why this heist happened? This doesn’t seem like a classical target for one.”


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Terrifica stopped at the base of the stairs and pinched the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger. “I see the police remain masters of the obvious. However, being knocked out by physical force doesn’t last for nearly long enough to commit a robbery. Unless one has done serious brain damage to one’s opposition. Considering those two aren’t currently dying of cerebral hematomas, I’d say they have not suffered brain damage and a chemical agent was also used.” She audibly sighed. “Alternatively, you could listen to your EMTs and witnesses when they speak.” She lapsed into silence as the Hinocorp employee showed up on scene. Ah, good. Someone who understands. “Lead the way, Miss Kirkpatrick.”

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"B... Brain damage?!" Said the female guard. "Let's see how well you think when someone manages to toss 1000 punches at you in the span of difference between being conscious, and being laid out for a ten-count! Seriously it was that fast. it's like whoever got us moved so quick that they left after-images." She said, looking at Terrifica.


The IT tech pulled out her glasses from a pocket on her raincoat from a sealed glasses case that looked like it could stop bullets, could survive a crushing depth of the marianas trench... and had a pink outer shell... "Faster than human persistence of vision? That'll reduce the number of cameras... I'm just hoping a certain camera's feed hasn't been deleted... capturing things at 1:10 thousandth of a second frames is... rather pricey on data." Ms. Kirkpatrick said, pulling back the hood of her raincoat.


The detective quirked an eyebrow as the IT expert continued. "It's a security measure the company put in place that a certain pink-haired supergenius suggested to capture superhuman thieves." She said, looking at her watch. "Good. We've got another 30 minutes before the company's encrypted cloud network deletes the data. I can shunt it to one of the emergency storage servers as it's gonna be evidence too."

"Suprised that these details are being caught in the first two minutes you people have been here." She said, starting to enter the stairwell. "Anything else anyone caught? This'll be important to note."

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The Shrike was not a true detective per se, but she was sharp and had a good eye for details; something on the carpet caught her attention, and she floated down until she was parallel with the floor, hovering just an inch above the pile. "This almost looks like it was made by a tire tread.She gently pinched the material between her gloved fingers, then sniffed them, hoping to catch a whiff of rubber or anything else odd. "Too small to be a car. Maybe some sort of small bike? Though I guess in this town, a wheeled robot is actually a possibility..."


She floated up to join the others, and keep an eye on the twitchy Kirkpatrick.

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The smell clicked as the group started up the stairs to the computer room. It was sort of rubber. Or plastic or Vinyl. Like a shoe.


There were more of the mysterious "scuffs" on the office level on the third floor, in fact leading to several of the rooms. It looked like someone was looking for a certain office, which was at the end of the hall. It was sort of an odd layout for a building as the showroom was on the second level on ground level. The first floor led to a marina facing the river. The third floor sat over the first and the computer hit had a wide panoramic view so that the street to one side and the river to the other could be seen from the office. The desk had a computer sitting in the middle, and what looked like a burnt-out computer device attached to it.


"That's... odd." Ms. Kirkpatrick said, turning on the machine, it booted up properly, showing the logo for Hinocorp's nautical division, followed by the OS and eventually after entering a administrator's password, a desktop.


"Okay you can access security videos here..." She clicks a few things. "...and I have ordered the high-speed security camera footage to be sent to the emergency storage server farm in the basement below the dock level. It'll be about 10 minutes, it's a big file."


She hooks her laptop to it. It's display was far different saying in text "HITD - Jane Kirkpatrick, Division Investigator, Freedom City Division. Priveleges recognized." It said over a modified version of the Hinocorp logo that sat on a Titanium colored shield with a couple swords behind that.


A desktop appears with her and some members of her IT team at a halloween party dressed up like fighter pilots right from Top Gun. She smiled and the tremor Shrike noted faded. Then the frown and twitch returned.


a new text pop-up came up in a red box: "Warning, unauthorized data transfer occurred at 0158 EDT, folder copied: root/Nautical Division/Personal Products Concepts/Prototypes"


"I'm... gonna need you guys to not look at this laptop screen for a few minutes. I'll fill you in once I know what I can and can't say... sensitive patents are involved here..."




Whoever wants, can start working at the desktop. I'd recommend whoever is best at computers.


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“Are you sure those servers are still running? I’d hate to lose all these files because the servers got destroyed and we didn’t check beforehand.”


The smoky head of Bonfire quickly responded, before looking around the room some more. He turned his attention towards the computer, before looking back at the others again.


“Well, most of my PC prowess focuses on the internet, I’m probably not too much use with this one. I’ll leave it up to one of you two.”


He then took a few steps around the room, obviously avoiding Kirkpatrick and her laptop, as he was told. Suddenly, he stopped walking.


“There’s probably still something we’re missing somewhere in this building… I’ll look around some more, there’s got to be something else. We just have to find it…”


He turned to leave, before stopping himself before the door and turning back around and walking towards his fellow super-investigators and pulling out his phone, quickly typing something in.


“Oh, before I forget it, I found this while on my way here, the two of you might be interested in it.”


Bonfire then showed the two his phone screen, a simple message saying:


I don’t fully trust her yet. I’ll figure out whether or not she’s really just looking through the files.


After letting both of them read it, Bonfire turned back towards the door and walked out, keeping it open. Then he walked into the hallway, before quickly turning on his concealing smoke and turning into his less humanoid smoke-form once outside anyone’s vision. And as quickly as he had left, he returned to the room. This time, fully hidden from ordinary vision. He placed himself at a spot he could see Kirkpatrick’s laptop without getting her attention. Considering he could fly that probably wouldn’t be too difficult, and if need be he could still slip through the windows really quick and observe from outside. Then he waited and observed, trying to figure out whether or not Kirkpatrick really was just looking through the patents. Sure, it was questionably heroic, but sometimes a little suspicion could make everything easier.   


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What Bonfire saw was exactly what Ms. Kirkpatrick was talking about. First it was showing that the file of the security film was being secured on corporate servers. Next it was reporting which files had been copied. All blueprints for some projects that the company was working on. Thing is this would be odd to have certain files here... I mean there was no manufacturing going on here. It was a sales division. A showroom even. Then again this upper floor seemed like an office. Hinocorp's factories were scattered over the world, and with how Hinocorp is so inter-connected with it's internal worldwide network it wouldn't be a surprise that they used space super-efficiently in terms of offices for a division as well as supervisor offices for the workers below selling boats and dinghies to the boating enthusiasts of Freedom City.


Then the high-speed security file beeped complete. "There we go, 100 percent. It's a slow video so I'm jumping through it to get to anything interesting. It catches video if something breaks or if there is a aberration in normal floor activity."


The desk they were at lit up, it seemed the office table doubled as a computer monitor as the video jumped forward at normal speed... suddenly there was a black blur and the sound of glass breaking. Noting the time-point she re-wound and put the video at slow-mo resolution.


"Okay... let's see what this is..."

Suddenly there was a woman in a black suit coming down the stairs... but not before a couple security guards... the two who were out of commission in the show room being tended to by paramedics... were tossed asunder by what looked like a series of punches before the reflexes of the guards could even kick in. Then she slid into position. Everything was in better detail now. Her black suit looked like a motorcycle suit with a dramatic rounded butterfly collar, what was noted was the gas-mask like mask on her face covering her face, and the black scarf around her neck. She flicked her scarf and the camera caught the glass of the storefront shattering from a sonic boom.


Ms. Kirkpatrick moved her blonde hair as she zoomed into the video taking a screenshot.




"Bingo... this is our culprit." She said, noting the glowing lines on the suit. "Hmm... interesting. Upkeep on that suit must be an expensive habit."


She leaned back in her seat, pulling up some security info. "She must have made a break for it once she busted the windows, the only options is the sewers, but heading into the city would be a bad move... and the sewers in this section head out into the river, and eventually the ocean..."


She pulls up the CCTV cameras around the offices and calls up the ones looking out on the river, at the time of the thief's escape there was a sudden white line headed towards the harbor. But then it turned back towards shore and veered towards Bayview.


"It might be worth it while I get the FCPD involved with this that you guys check the beaches along Bayview. I wager she's arranged a meeting with some buyers. I got a hunch." She said, handing over three ear-piece devices, while looping a fourth into her ear. "I think at this point I should say I expect these comm-links to be returned once this case is concluded. I'm wagering a situation like this such a dispensation of Hinocorp property is allowed."

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This Kirkpatrick lady was hard to read; Gretchen guessed she had an inkling as to what was stollen, and the thought scared her. Clearly Hinocorp did more than build snazzy yachts for gorgeous rich people; maybe they can government contracts, too? It wasn't uncommon.


When they got a look at the perp, she leaned in to get a better look at the monitor. "Definitely a speedster, or maybe a time manipulator, though that 'sonic scarf' routine suggests the former." She considered Kirkpatrick for a few seconds. "I get that your nervous about the company patents, but you need to trust us a little bit. Do you have even a rough idea of what she took? It could really help us narrow down what kind of criminal were trying to find."

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Well then, looks like for once being suspicious of somebody did not yield any results. Arguably the preferable result. So it was about … diving equipment. What massive crime could this be the set-up for? Nothing that sprang to mind. Well, that was useful knowledge Bonfire would have to share with the fellow investigators afterwards. And now Kirkpatrick was talking to the others. It’d be suspicious if he knew of this without being in the room at the time. So the cloud of smoke quickly slipped through the non-sealed windows, back inside on the floor below, flew back up to the second floor, and reappeared as a more humanoid figure, wearing the same clothes as before. He acted as if he just saw Kirkpatrick talk to the others and walked back into the room.

Well great, it was in fact a speedster. Not fun. Good luck somehow catching one of them. Then again, first of all they’d have to find her. Well, at least their adversary had a pretty good sense of style. Scarves always were a positive!

Kirkpatrick suggesting all this stuff definetly didn’t make her more trustworthy, but for now Cass would trust her. Then again, she had just suggested walking around beaches. Cassidy Bauer had never been a fan of beaches, and ever since Bonfire happened, beaches were to be avoided whenever possible. Wind and water at one place? Not that much fun if you’re vulnerable to both.

“Buyers? Who are you thinking of? I agree with the Shrike here, we need you to cooperate further if we want to figure out what’s happening.”


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Ms. Kirkpatrick smiled. "Corporate Espionage. That is usually the primary reason stuff like this happens. Hinocorp networks aren't connected to the internet. You want to use the internet at a Hinocorp building you'd need your own computer with a wireless connection. It's a security measure that has slowed hackers getting on to our digital property to copy data. But this... this is pretty much the only way to get in our "vaults" as it were."


She sighed, turning around her laptop. "Most of the stuff taken was prototypes on safety equipment, the one thing that stands out was the mini-sub. It's designed for SCUBA enthusiasts, but there is a variant for Naval use... luckily we got that locked away physically at our factory. Although someone could retro-fit the civilian version for other uses."


She stretched out, putting the comlink in her ear. "I'm just thinking this wasn't anything but corporate espionage, as all the equipment is unrelated. Particularly the anti-exposure suits. You can't dive with them, you'd have too much positive buoyancy to safely stay underwater. Might even catch the bends... This was a grab of anything on the table and running practically. I mean who would have use of the designs on a life vest and some dinghies interspersed with everything else?"


Ms. Kirkpatrick looks at the device connected to the mainframe that was still smoking. It had USB wires still connected to ports... it looked like it had it's own port that a flash drive of some kind could be attached to it.


"At least I know how she got past the hardware blocks... this thing probably skirted around the firewalls. Then self-destructed on command possibly."


She turned to the heroes in the room. "Well, hopefully we can catch her before she makes her move. I wager everyone here has some way to quickly head down the beach of the river to check for any possible signs of meetings? I can keep tabs, and perhaps start arranging things on this end. I know how to work with the cops. There... is a speedboat down below at the boathouse at the underground level that leads to the river too. You can borrow that if needed."

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  • 2 weeks later...

Terrifica had her own thoughts on the matter. Corporate espionage was too easy. And of course there was a speedster involved. It just had to be a speedster. Dealing with the last three had been enough of a pain in the neck. Kirkpatrick was suspicious. Definitely hiding something. And the list of stolen items suggested an aquatic goal. Or, as the woman had said, corporate espionage. However…it didn’t add up. The point of corporate espionage (hell, of all espionage) was to steal enemy secrets without them knowing. At the very least, not on the night of the theft. It could be simply incompetence, true, but…why did she break the glass? Making a flashy statement? Without signing her name to it? No. Something else was going on here. “The two of you…Shrike and Bonfire.” She had not a lick of hesitation in her voice. “Go to the riverside if you so choose. I, on the other hand, would like to know where that factory of yours is located. I don’t believe our thief, or those behind her, are finished with this evening’s work.” She plugged the commlink into a port on her wrist computer. “Tell me another thing. Do you have any sites offshore? Lab ships, or simply storage barges?”

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Terrifica had an air of authority around her. Cass wasn’t sure how to put it, he didn’t feel like this often, but something about her felt like she was a natural. She had an idea what was going on. And her suggestion felt right. Maybe it was something mind-related, maybe she just had an experience with being in a position of authority. Well, she’d suggested he and the Shrike go look around the river. And he felt like she had some idea of something going on.  He raised his hand and saluted, the smoke forming his head turning to form a gigantic grin. This was more of a joke than anything, but,  Cass liked having some fun every once in a while. And something suggested it wouldn’t be happening later this evening.


“Yes, Ma’am!”


But he wasn’t leaving yet. There was still information to be found in here, maybe Kirkpatrick would tell them more. He waited around some more, the more information the better. In the meantime, he took a closer look at the communicator. Not all that useful, no way of plugging it into his ear, considering he didn’t have one most of the time.


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Miss Kirkpatrick sighed. "I have my doubts she'll get all the way to California any time soon, as our west coast has the US factories for our products." she said. "We do got storage crates out in the atlantic at our testing facility. Pretty much we converted an abandoned oil rig, refitted it, to test all our gear in the worst environmental conditions possible."


She drummed her fingers. "That's it... she might have been shopping..."


"Okay, I got a plan..." She pulled up a map. "...The old oil rig is out in the Atlantic, the water's are pretty still, haven't had any major storms, but there is a storm due later today. It's not stationed at the moment with any workers as we got no testing scheduled. It might be a good spot for a clandestine rendezvous, or to get what was taken on the drive. You could easily do maintenance on that gear with the blueprints copied..."


"We got a speedboat down below... it has enough fuel to get you out there, it'll take one hour, but not enough fuel for a return, but once things are settled I can arrange the Coast Guard to pick up the criminal or criminals responsible, and a Hinocorp helicopter to drop off fuel and a driver for the boat while we bring you back and treat you to breakfast and coffee."


She leaned back. "Hinocorp policy when dealing with Metahumans... it is headed up by retired superhero couple after all."


"I'd come along, but I don't have any super powers... So I'll keep station here. If you run into a crisis I can call the authorities. I plan on ringing them up anyways once it's safe for them to come in anyways. Agreed? Any more questions? I think we figured her out..."

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Shrike frowned slightly at the phrase 'figured her out'; she never liked to assume anything as matter of course. And the paranoid part of her brain (which was a pretty large portion of it, really) couldn't help but get the sense that Kirkpatrick was trying to scoot them out the door for sinister purposes, but she could always have legitimate reasons. Slipping the comm into her ear, she did a quick test.


"Check, check. Sibilance, sibilance."


Satisfied the comms were good, she returned to problem at hand. "I can fly quietly at a decent clip, and I've towed boats before. I'd be happy to investigate the rig, along with anyone else who cares to join me."

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Ms. Kirkpatrick starts to think of starting to pack her laptop when she smacks her forehead. "Tracking bug!"


She starts typing furiously on her laptop, bringing up what looked like a map of the Lonely Point area, with a blinking beacon near a old, abandoned boathouse near Lonely Point.


"I should have remembered that... our files have a tracer bug that allows them to report the GPS coordinates of whatever device is accessing them. When loaded the file operates like a trojan, infecting the device with a tattle-tale bug. That is if the machine doesn't have an authorization program running."


She looked over to the group. "The thing just came on... if you hurry, you might catch them all."

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Okay, that was good. The location wasn’t on an oil rig. Last place Cass wanted to be right now was away from the mainland. Water and all that. Lonely Point … well, not much better, but at least it was only surrounded by water on some sides.


Tracking bugs, a good invention. He’d have to get some at some point, deal with escaping vehicles. But then again, he was completely insubstantial during fights, so no way to really attach them. He was tracking off a bit, so he returned his thoughts to the case at hand.


“Sounds good. Anybody got a way to quickly get there? Because well, I’m stuck to public transport, and good luck reaching Lonely Point at 2AM like that.”


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Miss K had took the initiative while the heroes were at an impasse. A Helicopter landed on the water near a pier on the river.


"Looks like your ride is here."


== 3 Minutes later ==


The group arrives 300 yards from the site, enough to keep their noise among the air-traffic of the area. Luckily there was a bluff between them and the boathouse tall enough to serve as a visual block as well. Miss K decided to come along, sitting in the co-pilot seat. The Helicopter winds down sitting on the beach.


"Okay, the boathouse should be on the other side of this cliff. Keep to the beach and you'll still have the element of surprise, I hope."

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Gretchen smirked as she pulled up her hood. "Lucky for you, 'surprise' is my middle name..." She faded completely from view as the Cloak of Mystery lived up to its name. Then her voice came incongruously out of thin air. "Actually, it's Samantha, but don't tell anyone." 


Now safely hidden from sight, the mystical heroine floated up, looking to rise above the bluff and get a good view of the surrounding area and radio what she saw to her teammates who had comms.

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Terrifica raised an eyebrow behind her mask. “Samantha? There’s a…interesting coincidence.” Any futher thoughts on the subject, however, were kept to herself. She couldn’t turn invisible, however, she wasn’t entirely untalented at stealth. She wasn’t the type to simply do as she was told, however. Fortunately, she had long since memorized topographical maps of most of the planet. The woman wasn’t wrong. So off she set. With catlike tread.

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Bonfire should really had done this earlier on, but using his powers while onboard of a moving vehile, especially one that relied on pushing away air, was something he’d never tested before and he didn’t really want it to backfire in a time like this. So after landing, he quickly covered the helicopter, as well as all his allies, behind a smoke-screen, folding the light to make them invisible to the naked eye.


“Well, I don’t have a middle name. Head’s up, everyone’s invisible now.”


Now it was time to head out. Bonfire was not the stealthy kind, but he could fly and leave little trace. And that was what he did, floating along the ground behind Terrifica, covering both her and his backs. And when invisible, it would take some kind of IR to even notice him, or maybe touching all the smoke would already be enough. Either way, he’d see it coming, unless it was invisible too. Or a speedster … oh, right. Maybe he would not see it coming in that case.


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