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Mater VyrdnaMater Vyrdna
Alien engineer who fused with a spaceship, becoming capable of controlling machines in the process, and joining the order of the Praetorians.



Mater Vyrdna



Vyrdnaya Solnys-Kori Milareth was born into a relatively wealthy family in the Akarnia Planet of the now long gone Delaztri Empire. Despite having had all comforts available to her, Vyrdnaya had nevertheless managed to grow into a responsible young woman, and through her studies, she quickly developed an interest in engineering. While she'd frequently have arguments with her parents, who were far too oldfashioned for her liking, she held them both dearly. After graduating from college, she decided to enlist in the Delaztri Empire's military, wishing to join the exalted ranks of the Praetorians. Unfortunately, she couldn't meet the recruitment standards for the Praetorian guard, and instead was enlisted as a regular military personel instead.

Service in the military wasn't easy. An unfortunate short-lived affair with a fellow officer left her pregnant, and her parents, who weren't very supportive of her being a lowly military officer, forced her a choice; either marry Jihiskh Mavon-Kuros Ainour (an old university colleague of Vyrdnaya who was making rounds in the field of interconnectivity), or refuse to give her any further support, lest she decided to quit the military. Caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, Vyrdnaya aqcuiesced to the marriage, after reaching an understanding with Jihiskh, who was also being forced to the marriage by his own parents. The marriage finalized, the two returned to pursuiting their respective careers, and Vyrdanya eventually gave birth to Solmav.

Despite all setbacks, Vyrdnaya's engineering talent didn't take long to shine through, and she was being steadily promoted in rank, eventually becoming Lieutenant Commander. Things were also looking up for her, vis-a-vis her marriage, as Vyrdnaya and Jihiskh found themselves warming up to each other, and eventually falling in love. Their newfound relationship led to the births of Triinareti and Tormug, and the five enjoyed the next 15 years, not as strangers who happened to be together out of necessity and convenience, but out of love and understanding. During this time, Vyrdnaya was eventually transferred at the ship that she would serve, remaining there for three years, before the Communion attacked.

During the climactic battle, the Warp Engine of the Delaztri ship was severly damaged. Vyrdnaya ordered the other engineering crewmembers to evacuate the engine room, while she stayed behind to ensure that it would remain operational. A sudden explosion caused the warp to go haywire, and Vyrdnaya got caught in the surge of energy that teleported her inside the fusion engine. This was a death sentence... or it should have been one. Instead, Vyrdnaya's body was infused with the ship, deep inside its engines, and her consiousness was left wandering the ship's network, with no way to escape or interract with the outside world. Until one day, the Praetorians, not long after being revived in the present, discovered a strange subroutine that was running in the background of their ship.


After a few Giga Cycles (roughly months, by Terran calendar standards) of trainning in combat and in her powers by the senior Praetorians, Vyrdnaya joined the latest battle against the Communion, in an event that would be known as the Incursion. Having adopted the monicker "Mater Vyrdna", and as an honorary Praetorian, she would help the allied forces to storm the Communion Mothership, and shut down its communications systems, dealing a massive blow to the Communion Hive-mind. With the Communion's destruction, the allied forces would go on to establish the Coalition, and the Delaztri survivors would go on to reinstate the order of the Praetorians, electing Paradigm as their Imperiatrix, and formally inducting many new recruits, Mater Vyrdna among them. Ever since, Vyrdnaya has found herself a new home, and a new purpose; to honour her fellow Praetorians' faith in her, and to ensure the protection of theirs and their ideals.


Costume and Appearance
Mater Vyrdna's body has been fused with random mechanical parts, with various patches of blue colored flesh serving as proof that she once had been a purely organic lifeform. Especially standing out, half side of her kneck, and the upper-left part of her head, are comprised of machinery, while her fin-like ears and her blue tail betray her heritage as an Akarnian, and a Meso-Akarnian at that. Her medium-lenght hair is coloured Hazel Green, same as her eyes, and it is tied in a knot. She dons a pair of glasses, mostly out of habit.

Mater Vyrdna's form, and specifically, the mechanical parts of it, is often subject to change, depending on the situation, such as materialising wings, transforming her limbs into weapons, or even her entire body melding into an external machine. In fact, most clothing she is often seen sporting are fabricated from the same techno-organic substance that her body is made up from, and fashioned into shape by her own will.


Mater Vyrdna can control machines. This includes, but is not limited to, reconfiguring and transforming machines at the merest touch, granting them sentience, and exerting mental control over them. These powers apply even to her own body, allowing her to shapeshift her limbs into rayguns, hammers, laser swords, rocket launchers, drills, etc. She is able to meld with machines, allowing her to transfer her body through them. Finally, she can directly communicate with machines.

The Praetorians are Mater Vyrdna's foremost allies. They are in fact the closest thing to a family to her, especially the ones hailing from the fallen Delaztri Empire of 2000 years ago. Of those, special mention goes to:

  • Paradigm, who is the elected Imperiatrix, the highest ranking Praetorian. Firm yet reasonable, Paradigm has taken quite well in her new situation, and often strives to help Vyrdnaya in her adjusting as well.
  • The Traveler, who played a pivotal part in helping Vyrdnaya by reassembling her consciousness, helping her materialize a body, and helping her in adjusting in her current life, powers, duty, and all that entails.
  • Moon-Moth, Elite, Kharag, and Dragonid, Senior Praetorians who take an active role during missions alongside Mater Vyrdna.
  • Magnetar and Seresk, Senior Praetorians

Since the reestablishment of the Praetorians, many new individuals have joined the group's ranks. Mater Vyrdna's stance towards them is more ambivilent, given that they lack the connection to the Delaztri Empire that she and the Senior Praetorians have. As such, she is often cold, dismissive, or aloof to them, a deliberate attempt on her part to disassociate herself from them, to not form attachments with them, and to ensure the safety and well being of the Delaztri Praetorians. However, when duty calls, she is willing to set aside her differences with the new Praetorians, and work with them in order to accomplish their given objective. As a side effect of that, she seems to have formed a great deal of respect, and a good working rapport, with the following non-Delaztri Praetorian allies of hers:

  • Cavalier, bounty hunter, Star Knight, and eventual Praetorian, his professional demeanor and take-charge attitude quickly won over Mater Vyrdna's respect, and she always relies on his tactical insight. During battle, they frequently end up watching each other's back.
  • Corona, fellow Praetorian and Lor citizen. Corona and Mater Vyrdna initially exhibited an initially antagonistic behavior towards one another, due to their respective partiotic loyalties. Overtime, however, they've both come to trust one another on the battlefield, and even enjoy their confrontational rapport with one another, which has evolved into more of a friendly ribbing contest.
  • Queenie and Huhunu, fellow Praetorians
  • Galvanic, Tempestian intergalactic superhero. Galvanic is a conduit for wild and, at times, barely restrained electrical energy, and as such, poses a constant risk to Mater Vyrdna's health and well being. As such, Vyrdnaya tries to keep her distance as far as possible from Galvanic. Upon Galvanic officially joinning the Praetorians, those efforts grew increasingly unsuccessful.


(Sidekick, HQ, Etc)






  • Ghost in the Machine: The Praetorians Paradigm, Traveller, and Moon-Moth, are enjoying a rare instance of peace and lull amidst the Incursion aboard their ship, the Devotion, when a consciousness that has been trapped inside the ship's network starts making its presence known...




  • Incursion: Only Hope: Mater Vyrdna, Seika, Moon-Moth, Temperance, and Citizen, are planning an assault at the Communion Mothership. Their goal, to shut down its communication systems, and critically cripple the hive-mind the Communion operates under.
  • Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen: The Incursion had ended, the Communion was no more, and the Coalition between the Lor Republic, the Grue Unity, the Star Knights, and the Terrans had been forged, to usher the surviving worlds in a new era, an era of peace and prosperity. In its wake, the Delaztri surviving Praetorians, under the blessings of the Coalition, reinstated their order, with a newfound purpose, and an influx of new members. Paradigm, elected as the Imperiatrix, the highest ranking Praetorian, and fellow Praetorians Traveller, Moon-Moth, Cavalier, Mater Vyrdna, Dragonid, Kharag, Corona, Huhunu, Magnetar, and Seresk, all head off to the Dreeda system, on their first official assignment; capturing 12 of the deadliest criminals known to the galaxy, a group of Lor Republic's convicts who benefited from the Incursion and escaped captivity.



  • Praetorians: Sovereign Right: Praetorians Cavalier, Moon-Moth, Mater Vyrdna, and Seresk, aboard the vessel Kavaca, head to the Galor System, to investigate the increasingly aggressive actions of Pirate Dovox, self-styled "Sovereign", an opportunist who claimed himself a piece of the pie that was the Stellar Khanate, after the weakening of the Star Khan during the Incursion. The planet Galor III soon finds itself under siege from one of the pirate's warships, but to the pirates' surprise, the planet does not stand unprotected; the Praetorians are joined by local superhero Shell, as they tackle on the forces of Dovox in a fight taking place on both the surface of the planet and in space.




  • Praetorians: Zealots: For months, the Praetorians, allong with their Coalition allies the Star Knights, have been hunting down the Spectrum Knights, sworn enemies of the Star Knights. Having lost key parts of their leadership, the disarrayed Spectrum Knights proved a disjointed, if yet persistently hostile group, requiring the Praetorians to expend increasing amounts of resources and manpower to apprehend the rioting villains in the 14 corners of the galaxy. Currently, Praetorians Corona, Mater Vyrdna, Elite, and Magnetar, are joined by the newest Praetorian recruit, Earthling superhero Queenie, to investigate the sighting of Spectrum Knights in the Vanor System. However, things aren't wont to turn out routine, as the Spectrum Knights may be beaten, but they are not defeated!
  • Revanche: At the Point of a Sword: As the Revanche is about to commence, Ambassador Draan Raal, an envoy of the Star Khan, arrives at Kestevan 79, the heart of the Coalition, requesting an audience with the Coalition Council. Weakened though the Star Khan may be, both in physical stature and in hegemonial power, the Lor officials nevertheless suspect foul play from their long-standing enemies, but are nevertheless willing to humor them, at least until they can get a good picture of the situation. To that end, they employ the aid of the Praetorians Paradigm, Corona, Elite, and Mater Vyrdna, currently stationed at the CoVic Station, in order to safely escort the Khanate ambassador, safely, that is to say, for all parties involved. Additionally, the Tempestian intergalactic superhero Galvanic joins the escort mission as well, on Paradigm's request. The sword has been unseathed!

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