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  1. GM "Hmmm....sounds like that satanists girlfriend. Damn perverted, if you ask me, wearin blue hair like that. Ain't proper" sniffed the older man. "She didn't seem as bad as that Skull fella, but she didn't seem much good, not niether" he commented. He took a more suspicious tone now. "And exactly what business would ya be havin with her? Yer a young fella, driving a motorcycle. Looks like ya got more muscles than brains" he said, holding onto his baseball bat just a bit tighter now. "What exactly is she to you?"
  2. GM Both men stood up. There nerve was not gone, but neither was it solid. After all, pride was an antidote to fear. One could hardly discard it so friviously. "Well you got good and bold, son" said the first, older man. He was not aggressive, yet. But he had a certain firmness of conviction. "This here is a sacred place, son. We have been having some problems with kids, you see. Now, maybe you are a regular citizen, all respectful. And maybe you ain't. So, me and Jim here..." he pointed at Jim, who nodded silently in agreement "we got a duty, ya see. We don't want no trouble. Not round here. This was a decent enough place, a month ago, till some satanist used Peaceful Repose in some goddamn publicity stunt. Now, we got to send out a clear message. No more messin' with this here community..."
  3. GM The two Cherrybomb! Lollipops were snatched up by the invisible Pixie. They promptly dissapeared, engulfed by her invisibility. "Yummy!" said the air. "Whatcha doin' here, stranger?" said the older man to Fax, who was moderately intoxicated and moderately fat, and had a baseball bat of moderate size. "We don't wan't no loiterin', see. Best ya just move on. No place to stop, round here...."
  4. GM The attendant dutifully handed over two Cherrybomb! lollipops, almost reluctantly, for the one in his mouth was almost sucked dry, and running out of Cherrybomb! lollipops would most assuredly not do. "Those guys? Huh, they just got their pants in a twist or something. Some metal head came down last month and recorded a song right outside the graveyard. Now, I ain't exactly a religious man, beg your pardon. But I still believe, in my own way. And this dude was singing some real disrespectful stuff, no matter what almighty lord you believe in, or even if you don't beleive in the almighty at all" he said, seriously. "So people got riled up. Didn't help much when is fans started comin' down to see the place and follow in his footsteps, you see? So some of the locals, with nothin' else to do, started up a militia. Next dude acts all disrepectful prob'ly going get his head cracked open with a baseball bat..." he sighed.
  5. GM "A Cherrybomb! Lollipop?" asked Pixie, keenly. Cherrybomb! Lollipops were sugars and chemicals and tasted awful and great at the same time. The man at the Gas station came out and gave Fax a once over, hands in his jeans and chewing, yes, a Cherrybomb! lollipop. He must have been in his early twenties and fairly well blessed with acne. "Evenin'" he drawled. "Nice bike ya got there. Need a hand with the Gas?" he asked pleasantly, giving the two men over the other side of the street (by the Graveyard) a scowl. "Watch you step with those grumpy old men, partner. They got nothin' to do but pretend they doin' something important..."
  6. ok! an IC post of that drama would be great. +1 HP for Lady H pulling Wadjet Out +1 HP for the Gun going off - I think its pretty hard to burn a steel smelting factory down but we can have some sprinklers going off, a Damage 3 effect on Wadjet Lady Horus from the explosion (And blobs of molten metal) and all sorts of tomfoolery The metal does hit the scuttlebots, but they are immune to heat! Round 2 32 Lady H - Unharmed - 3 HP 24 Wadjet - Unharmed (NB: Flat footed / Climbing) 5 Scuttle Bots [6]
  7. GM And so.... Pleasant Repose was, as Pixie said, just north of Wharton forest, and somehow managed to be green and dusty at the same time. It was sparsely populated, not quite a suburb of Freedom CIty, but not quite a town in its own right. It couldn't really decide what it was. A few residences, a few shops, a graveyard, a gas station, and a boarded up beauty Salon that looked like it hadn't seen a ghost let a lone a living person in years, and was ready to fall down at any moment. Pixie was invisible, and riding on the back of Fax's bike. "What a dump!" she summised, and quite accurately too... The graveyard itself was fairly peaceful, however. A couple of middle aged men sat chewing gum and looking mean outside, with tins of cheep beer to keep them company.
  8. Thats cool by me, but two thoughts: 1. I dont think the feature is necessary (that kind of minor stunt I think is just part of the electricity descriptor) 2. The Snare seems odd. It feels more like "Id like a snare" than "this is a regular use of electricity?"
  9. Echohead Echohead dutifuly put up his hands. "Calm down, freind. I'm not going anywhere. Not moving a muscle!" he said, quite calmly. He hoped the Impervium weave suit worked as well in the field as it did in testing and training. Did this man recognise him? "Do I know you? I mean, I dont even know what I'm doing half the time, and know where I am supposed to be even less" he said, whimsical. "And I certainly don't want anyone dying. Or even hurt. Not if I can help it!" he said, trying to keep his calmness in his voice.
  10. GM Pixie contemplated the matter and then reached over and put her wooly hat on, tight over her ears. "I can't say I blame them. Heavy Metal Shock Singer records a live track outside a graveyard called the Pleasant Repose?" she mused. "With his rather twisted fan base, thats asking for trouble..." "But it means I dont want to get caught with my Pixie ears, thats for sure..." She gave him a firm stare, however. "I'm not sitting this one out! NO! Its my puzzle box!" she said, angry and...sad? "So, I'm riding with you. Don't worry, you can be my sidekick!" she said happily again. "I can always turn invisible if it gets nasty!"
  11. GM And so... The Puzzle Pixie did indeed have things to do; namely, scour the internet and the local library. She was away a few hours, but this was her life - solving puzzles. "Got it!" There was a moderately sized graveyard out of town, just north of Wharton Forest and predictably ripe with myth and legend about native American bones and mysticism. To top it all, the Ceremetarym named "Pleasant Repose" had been visited by Marcus Skulll a few weeks ago, in a publicity stunt, with him recording a rather unpleasant shout metal song just outside, which raised plenty of legal and moral objections. Alex, for his part, got the distinct impression that the locals had become very paranoid and sensitive...and had organised a rather agressive and over-reflexive neighbourhood watch...
  12. GM There was of course a cursory - even rather reasonable - firewall around the club, but they parted like butter under Replica's electronic barrage. The security camera's of course showed the music and dancing, and a somewhat angry Gold Note, who was not dancing but consulting with some security guards with a mean look on his face. But what was more interesting... Was the cellar, or basement, of the building, behind a reinforced steel door. There, amidst shards of half-eaten glass, was a woman in motionless repose. A woman she was in form, but not in flesh. Rather, she was made of glass!
  13. Thats fine, we can work with those results!
  14. GM Aaron Treestock gave snort. "No, honey, I don't think so. Lets cut the $£"%" he said, more menacingly now. "You ain't here for the music. You ain't no dancer either. You came here to snoop" he said, bluntly. "Any other day, I would have put you down as an undercover cop or something" he explained. "But you had some real specific questions. ASTRO labs. The Glass. You got me pegged down for something, haven't you?" "Well you are welcome to your drink, and feel free to dance the night away, honey. But you ain't getting anything else" he said. He clinked his glass with hers, waiting for her to drink up.