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  1. GM "My plan is not perfect" conceded Lord Uplift. "Riddled with imperfections, it is true. And yet, when one considers action, if were to await perfection of course, we would all be pertperually paralysed" he countered, looking at both Delta and Archeville. "The only purpose to such critique is to refine ones actions, to make them more sure. Not to stay ones hand" he explained firmly. "Where does one, indeed, draw the line? What, indeed, are the ramifications to the whole biodome? Who can say?" "But I ask you this - is making the world, nay, the universe, m
  2. GM Lord uplift tapped his chin, contemplating. "Your offer is generous and not without merit" he said, contemplating the sky. "I would be rash to reject it or accept it out of hand...." he said, more softly. "And rashness has no place in my work!" He turned back to them and gestured for them to sit, seating himself smoothly into a wooden chair. "My work is, however, not purely for the purposes of research, but of implementation" he said, still chewing the idea aorund. "It is unjust that some life is more intelligent, healthier, possessed of mor
  3. Thats fine by me. However, I always struggle a bit with diplomacy vs primary characters in these situations. It is, to my mind, not a power that will change his motivation or agenda, or protect you from conflict. It merely suggests that he is more inclined towards you, but that wont (usually) stop him from his course of action. I hope your understanding is of a similar nature. For reference: Doktor Archeville, 3 HP
  4. GM And so... Aproximately 78.26 minutes later. At the top of the mysterious dome was the dining room. The metal sheen had parted, and there was only glass (or at least, some translucent material) that curved gently to make both ceiling and walls. The sky was now dark, and the stars glittered. A fabulous antique star-gazing telescope adorned the centre of the room. But that was not the focus of the evening. Slightly to one side, a dining table had been set out, with pristine clean white table cloth and napkins. Only water was set out.
  5. Echohead Perhaps a more astute man, or even a more astute Umberto, would have smelled something fishy. And proceeded to read a mind. But Umberto was a bag of nerves and not well disposed towards reading minds. In felt invasive, and he did not use his power lightly. Besides, he didnt really know his this space faring crew. "Uh...uh....l - l - lead on then! I'm glad someone knows what they are doing!" he said, screwinh up his lips and face in what might be construed as a smile. He wiped his brow. His palms felt clamy. He tried not to think about
  6. GM "I can appreciate investigation" replied Uplift, almost solemn, almost with revere. "I was, and am, an investigator. But investigation is redundant if one does not act thereafter" he explained, firmly. He caught himself getting just so slightly arrogant and angry, and oozed back into a placid coolness laced with warm politeness. "But enough. I have not forgotten courtesy and custom. Quaint it may be, but still, something to hold dear. Perhaps you would stay for dinner. I doubt you will get the chance to eat dinosaur meat again, and I have a
  7. Ronin Ink Echohead An Uncivilised Age GM Better Thinking In The Lost World Again, I have been far to absent to warrant any kind of Guide post (It is looking marginally better in September and much more optimistic in October). GM posts to give 1 post to Snakebite, Cap Cosmos, Curveball, Sgt Shark, Diamondlight, Lament, Nightlife.
  8. Ronin Gods and men and magic. Bedlam sure was a strange place. Curtis was a man of men, not Gods. All that really mattered was your will to act, and what you did with it. Whether Gods did, or did not, grant this will was, to his mind, both unfathomable and redundant. "Just be careful" he muttered to Doctor Throne, stepping back and keeping his eyes open. He couldn't deal with Ghosts and spirits. But this was Bedlam, and there were plenty of bullets and knives in every corner, and even mad cultists wouldn't say no to a Glock or a Machete if it
  9. GM Uplift took a slow breath in, and a slow breath out. He was not above emotion, but he certainly recognised when he was being tilted, and knew how to deal with it. "Protection" he answered. "I am a pragmatic man. And I take pragmatic precautions. For instance, some people might object to my work, and try to stop it" he said, giving a knowing look at Doktor Archeville and Delta. "Do you object to my...precautions?" he asked. "Besides, I need help. I cannot do my work without help, and I prefer the organic to the mechanical. More....well, flai
  10. Mr Murk Mr Murk leaned back. "Of course. I welcome the challenge of such scrutiny" he said, voice mellow, eyes milky. "It is only be such debate that we can avoid falling into corruption. So please, do not hesitate to speak out, to voice concern, to tear down false assumption. Nothing is written in stone..." He paused and added. "And yet it is written in ink. You are free to leave the Codus Immortus pact whenever you desire, although by doing so your chances of rejoining wane considerably. If an individual joins when it suits and leaves likewis
  11. GM It was hard to stop someone when their blood was up. But stop, Jones did. That was an act of instinctive self preservation however. Being threatened and controlled, and (in his mind) stabbed in the back, well, that didn't quell his mood any. Quite the reverse, in fact. Being told what to do never goes down well. So, conflict ruled his face, and arteries wobbled in his temple, struggling to keep up with the pressure. "..." came the initial grunt of fury. "Thats NOT YOUR CALL!" he yelled at her face. "TH
  12. GM Uplift stiffened. "Genetic illness?" he asked, face calm and almost motionless. "No. A conclusion you jumped to. I wonder why?" he asked, peering at Doctor Archeville, a look of dissapointment in his face. "Trying to goad me?" he asked. "A fruitless task. Perhaps I can be goaded, but not when I realise that is someones intent" he stated bluntly. He stroked his chin, studying the crew like they were in a petri-dish. "What would you suggest then? That the pleasures and powers of life are afforded the few, like yourselves. Do you
  13. Starshot (Titanium / Posts go to Snakebite) Crash on Volturnus Cap Cosmos Glitter and Gold Mr Murk (Titanium / Posts go to Echohead) Codus Immortus: Grimalkin GM Better Thinking In The Lost World Armor Leg Misc Not around enough to warrant a Guidepoint so skip that please. Otherwise, if you could just make sure the GM posts (meagre as they are) are distrubbuted so that all my PCs get 1 Post / 1PP that would be great! (Curveball, Echohead, Snakebite, Cap Cosmos, Diamondlight, L
  14. Starshot Boots on ground. Sky overhead. For all his star-faring ways, this was where Starshot was most comfortable. Exploring new life. And new civilisations. Boldly going...well, just exploring new life, really. And hunting it. Didn't sound so noble, but it was the truth. This planet has been a banquet of pleasures, despite the hardships. But now, he was going to war; and he had avoided that for fifty and more years. Signalling the others to stay put and hidden, he started a crawl up the hill to peak over its rim. The synth-leather jacket was
  15. GM "'Twas not I who improved this body, or this mind" replied Uplift. "But the gifts are well recieved" He moved quietly, like a panther, around the group, studying them with fierce intelligence. "Before, I was merely a scientist. A good one. Perhaps even a brilliant one. My intelligence was matched by my passion. Genetics, the code to life, seemed to be a cruel mistress. Blessing some, cursing others. Do you not feel the horrible inequity of it?" he asked. "Fortunately, this philosophy was matched by someone far greater than I, even in this fo
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