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  1. Tough Save: 1d20+6 9 well its not looking too good. Thats a dazed, bruised, staggered. And the grapple roll will be extremely tough to beat. Before going further, what would this be like, narratively, if Snakebite gets KOd or beaten by the beast? Im always happy for PCs to get knocked out and beaten now and again.
  2. GM Sunday The sky was clearer in the morning, and the city had a certain stillness to it. The glum atmosphere had lifted somewhat, and there was even a little birdsong in the early hours. And, fittingly, Robin's fever had broke. True, she awoke to a sweat ridden pillow and her sheets were a mess after they hab been thrown off and on again whilst she was asleep in an unconscious effort to regulate her swinging temperature. But, damage to her bed aside, and a little (easily solved) dehydration, she felt back to new!
  3. ok thats enough to be free of the disease! Justice - Unharmed - 2 HP
  4. Free action: Talk Move action: Holster Pistol Standard Action: Punch! Shifting +2 to DC, -2 to Attack Punch beast: 1d20+10 27 I imagine that hits, and if so a DC 23 Tough Save.
  5. Snakebite Cassie did not much like being called "it", but if this creature smelled the Lemurian blood in her veins then she could see its point of view. Not a point of view she much liked, either. Her train of thought was brought to an abrupt end by a smashing limb of the beast that caught her full on. She rolled with the blow, but still felt the trickle of blood down her arm and a gasp, a grunt, of pain escaping her lips. By Hermes, he is fast! "<So this is what you have come to? Living in the darkness, imprisoned? Have you no ambition?>" she goaded. Her pistol seemed quite useless. She slid it back into its holster. No, instead it seemed she might actually have to go head to head with this creature. Or run. She was a fairly tall, athletic woman to look at her, but she was stronger than she looked. Considerably stronger, with the Lemurian blood in her bones and muscles. And this was why she moved up to the beast and swung her fist as hard as she could...
  6. GM Saturday It was a cold, overcast and gloomy day, which (as it was the weekend) put everyone in a tepid mood. Not Robin, however. She was working feverishly on her next creation! Feverish being the operative word. She was running a temperature and has generalised myalgia and malaise. There was no doubt about it - she was coming down with something rather nasty. Still, whilst her body might be run down, nothing was stopping her mind from working!
  7. Justice - Drained 1 CON (Disease, 1 save made) - 3 HP I'm going to be a bit mean and say no bonus to fort save if Justice is also designing! If she truly stays in bed all day, watching TV and drinking hot chocolate (or something) then +2!
  8. Tough Save: 1d20+6 12 its a little too early to get pounded that hard, so I will reroll spending an HP (down to 1 now I think) Tough Save 2: 1d10+16 25
  9. Supercape

    Red Net

    GM "I can't see anything being without risk right now" sighed North, as he started setting up the survival tent. "Fortunately, old school maps still exist" he said, more happily. "After our run in with the Jolly Pirate and Mother Board, I took the liberty of preparing hard copies of everything. All our files on Red Dawn...which are terribly thin to the point of non-existance, I confess, and full maps of Russia. That, I believe, include this side of Finland" Indeed they did, stored in a safe container on the plane, it was easy enough to find the maps. They were of Russia only, but they were close to the border already, and it was easy enough to find this remote corner of Finland. The nearest town was, less fortunately, twelve miles away, and small at that. The night was drawing in, and this far north that meant three things. A long night, a cold night, and the northern lights. At least it would be a beautiful sight, for the skies were clear.
  10. Fine by me! You may wish to cut to Saturday and another Fort save but I leave that to your discretion!
  11. GM It was late Friday when Robin finished the goggles. She had been fortunate in that interruptions had been infrequent and brief. Ahead of her, the weekend, when everything was going to be even more quiet. The fruits of her labours were impressive, a lovely pair of goggles that could magnify the most infentisamally small light into a workable picture of good quality. And they looked pretty cool too. Unlike Robin herself. A cold was one thing, but she could feel the sweat on her brow - and it was not merely from exertion. She was running a temperature, and joints were starting to ache...
  12. Supercape

    Head West

    GM The sonic wave hit Yasser before he could move...and created quite the little firework display of light and sound thanks to the collision of his white sparking energy and the crunching sonics of the Scarab. Indeed, many observers would, for a second, think it was the fourth of July. But it was not the time, nor the place for such celebration. For whilst Yasser took a step back, then energy that would have thrown a lesser man across the room had merely caused him a blooded nose (both literally and figuratively). "Destroyer!" he shouted, as loudly as one could imagine - and this time it was rage rather than deafness that inspired such a yell. "YOU SHALL PAY WITH YOUR LIFE!" And with that, he flung streams of lightning at the Scarab...
  13. He wasn't expecting that! That hits him even if he was not flat footed, and I believe that is a DC 27 Tough Save Tough Save: 1d20+10 23 which gives him a bruise. In response, Daka blast! Daka Blast!: 1d20+8 10 And now lets move to some semblance of a round! YOu have initiative as you fired first, so I hope you don't mind a massive init fudge as below... Round 1 20 - The Scarab - Unharmed - 4 HP 10 - YAsser - Bruised Meaning the Scarab is up!
  14. GM "Cops. Huh" sniffed Ms. Doors. "The only thing they catch is a discounted Triple choc creamolicious donut with a free Cherrypop! lollipop on the side" she said, not hopeful that pick pockets were likely to be caught in Freedom City. She shuffled some papers and clicked several times on her computer mouse. Robin could see that the papers were irrelevant, and had been ordered and reordered several times with no net effect, and that all Ms. Doors was doing on the computer was opening and closing windows which again had no real relevance. Unless one included "sparkleflower garden", the latest mini-game. Ms. Doors was very skilled in making herself look very busy and productive when all she really was, was being very busy looking productive. In any case, she was clearly to engrossed in cultivating the sunshine cucumber patcth in her game to keep her eyes on Robin, and nobody was around in the university laboratories and workshop...
  15. Thats all good by me. "Night Goggles" Supersenses 2 (Darkvision) Has been designed. Also, given Justice rather good skill bonuses, she can take 1 and still pass the DC check for any device of 2 PP or less, which I guess is what you are going for! If you want any mileage out of super secret ID, such as not seeking medical treatment or getting interrupted inventing / building stuff at the university, let me know.