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  1. Several outside. There are five people unconscious left on the ground floor, that Fax has triaged (of sorts!) Rounding up/downishywishy a STR of 65 would hold up the building. Or, if using extra effort, a STR of 60 (for 1 round, but whose counting). Chromiums current lifting STR is 40. It would seem a reasonable stunt to get super STR 6 (+30 additional effective str) of his metallic cybernetics array - but that is entirely your decision based on your head-cannon of how chromium functions!
  2. Lets skip that hp in the spirit of honesty and good narrative. Do you want to post that clumsy swing!?
  3. GM The light engulfed the Mushroom Man who let loose a horrible sound that sounded awfully like a virulent form of gastritis after a particularly spicy meal. Despite the unpleasant sound, the job was done. The mushroom man stiffened and fell flat on his...well...almost face. With a squelch. The other five mushroom men strained, as if they wished to emit something noxious from some orifice. In fact, this was the case; but obviously they were not of human or even animal biology. And "pop" of popping spores, and they emitted a fine grey dust into the air. With all five so determined, it was thick and vital - and how this fungal dust entered the nostrils, the skin, the eyes! Penny dashed away, as quick as a bolt of lightning, and Boddyflock was not far behind. But his men, alas, had not his tactical acumen or expertise. They were engrossed with the addictive, livid, excitement of cutstab...and would not retreat. Alas, the fungal dust overcame them in a moment, and they were rolling around on the mushroom floor, vomiting, sneezing, trembling, and other less palatable biological functions were less loose. Perhaps this was the aim. It was excellent fertilisation.
  4. Five Mushroom Men left. They are all going to release spores! Ill treat this as an "aid" attack with abit of wibbly wobbly to stop it getting out of hand. The combined effect will be a Nauseate 10 cloud area attack. i.e. DC 20 Reflex Saves and DC 20 or 15 Fort Saves. Penny Coin: Reflex Save: 1d20+12 26 with evasion 2 avoids the cloud altogether. Reflex Saves: 5#1d20+10 20 11 12 13 14 Boddy Flock makes his reflex save (and has evasion 2), the other sprites do not. Fort Saves: 4#1d20+2 10 4 18 3 awful rolls, and to keep things simple, I will say they are all completely helpless from the Nauseate effect. Meaning Oswald is up next!
  5. GM Fascimile could tell that none of the unconscious victims of the explosion were dead. Or even dying - at least not in the next minute or two. Broken bones, bloodied noses, but nothing a bit of hospital care couldn't put right - or at least almost right. That didn't mean they were out of danger, not by any means. Masonry was falling all around them. Splintered glass fell everywhere. Crunching sounds above indicated the top floors were collapsing in on themselves. They had seconds. And the dust was so bad it was getting hard to breathe.
  6. Thats good for me. And yes, thats a good assumption for Chromium!
  7. Cap Cosmos "No, I don't" replied Buddy. "I got some, but its way off your...ah....request" he said, carefully. "I don't expect you will let me go, but I kind of guess...kind of hope, you won't shoot me either. Not really in your interest to kill me for no good reason" Surely they weren't that stupid? He had reported enough to know nobody killed if it wasn't out of rage or for a purpose. And he couldn't see what the hell purpose shooting him would serve. Maybe to show they were serious? "But you got to get out of here at the end of the day, right?" he asked. "I'm guessing you have some plan for that. But it probably involves a bit of negotiation. You probably want the world to see exactly whats going on here, and you got to play your chips carefully?"
  8. it does indeed. Tough Save: 1d20+7 24. He is down! (KOd or burnt or sliced or cutstabbed depending on your preference!)
  9. Nobody panic! Nobody is dead! However, the building is about to collapse, and its a 250 Ton building to hold up / in place as is (always open to other solutions!) also DC 15 Medicine roll to triage the people lying down, if you wish. Also, an HP each for rushing into a collapsing building! Fax - Bruised - 6 HP Chromium - Bruised - 3 HP
  10. GM The bank had people tumbling out of it, and in worse shape than elsewhere. The other explosions were merely distractions for this event, it seemed. People here had bleeding heads and broken bones. Possibly worse, inside. And inside it was dusty. One could barely see, and barely breathe (if, of course, one needed to breathe). Masonry was falling from the walls and ceiling at alarming speed, and the very building creaked and groaned. It would surely be minutes, maybe seconds, before the entire building collapsed. On the floor, Chromium and Fascimile could see five people on the ground, either moving very little, or not moving at all...
  11. GM Dreadnought smashed the Giant heartily, and sent him flying a few feet, the force sending rumbles through the green valleys. Klara's fist again smashed, knocking the Giant back a step or two, seeing stars. Yes sir, there was an awful lot of smashing going on! "SMASH!" yelled the giants, almost in unison. This was not some form of telepathy or mind synchronicity. No, they just seemed to all have one default tactic. And they stuck to it. In fairness, it probably worked against most puny mortals. This was another matter, of course, but their skulls were thick and it took some time for the reality of the situation to permeate through them into their brains. And Smash they did. One giant stepped on Klara, one giant stepped on Dreadnought!
  12. Klara is shaken 1 round. Her attack, however, still hits! DC 25 Toughness save: Tough Save: 1d20+12 26 Giant makes it. Dreadnought is also shaken 1 round, meaning attack roll is at -2: a total of 11. However, as you say, the Giant is prone, so +4 for a total of 15 which does in fact hit. Tough Save: 1d20+12 29 vs DC 37 is bruised and dazed. Incredibly, not KOd! So two giants can act this round, and, predictably and slowly they will do exactly the same as before! Demoralise fast: 2#1d20+8 13 25 for Dread and Klara respectively. Then, SMASH (Again!) Smash: 2#1d20+4 16 21 I think that hits both (as Dreadnought all out power attacked), so another Toughness save DC 27!
  13. GM The landscape parted as dreadnought charged, a tremulous furrow cut into the earth. Then, came the blistering CRUNCH! of impact. The giants new how to fight, clearly. They were riddled with battle scars and the stigmata of brutal combat. But at that size, they presented a relatively easy target. The Giant flipped in mid air, and landed on his face a dozen feet away. "OW!" he grumbled as he spat out a tooth. The other two giants were bold and fearless, even facing such titans as were before them. BAM! BAM! Giant man-sized fists slammed into the earth. Giant feet crunched into the soil. Both furious, both determined to stamp the insect-heroes beneath them!
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