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    Zip Zap OOC

    That's fine by me! If you are going to repair and cannibalize can you throw me craft electronic and know technology rolls?
  2. Supercape

    Zip Zap

    GM "I want to go home!" said the Astro tech. "I want their to be a home to back to!" said Lulu, more firmly, looking at the Brit Machine. "I want to get out of this jungle. I'm a celebrity!" said Zip, already rummaging around the fizzing, smoking remains of the Brit Machine. "I think if we cannabilise this ridiculous machine to repair my dimension hopper, we could create something. Whether that something works, and how it works, thats more a roll of the dice!" he said, both enthusiastic and frightened. "All I wanted to do was create a multiverse sundering bomb, and look where that's got me?" he moaned. He paused and looked back at Delta. "Ah...for good reasons, of course...Ahem....you will understand in time!" He looked around the Jungle forest. "Do we have time? We could be eaten by a dinosaur or bitten by a radioactive spider or anything out here....whose keeping watch?"
  3. Snakebite What was this? Neil was in collusion with somebody? Who was he meeting??? "<Isa, I am trying to see what happened here...>" she half-explained. "<Sorcery, you might call it. But this I can see. He met with somebody right before he performed the ceremony. I can't say who. But it is suspicious....is there anyone in the village who he mighht know?>" Curse the fogged vision of the past! Where did that ring come from? When did he put it on? She tried to move back and forth through the arrow of time, to see when he put it on. Or perhaps the stranger had given it to him?
  4. Supercape


    Ronin Ronin brushed his hands, feeling satisfied with a job well done. As far as he could tell, they were in the clear. For now. But this was no time to rest on his laurels. It was only a matter of time before the sabotage was noted. It might be next week, it might be next minute. This was good camouflage, but even the best camouflage wasn't invisibility. He pulled out the Street Special. It wasn't silent, and he wondered if he should fix that. He didn't want to use it, but he would rather have it in his hands when he needed it than need it and not have it in his hands. So determined, he started going up the building again to rejoin the rest of the motley crew.
  5. The Red Rat Start with ambigiouty! "We are more interested in helping you!" she said to the mysterious Mr Rojero, who triggered her rat-sense! What was her rat-sense? Was it some super power? Some extra sensory ability that allowed her to sense danger? or cheese? No, it was that gut feeling every spy got about danger and deception. Unfortunately, it was not very discriminative, as her rat-sense was triggered by pretty much everyone, including her own reflection. "We understand you have some difficulties, and we can help. Any difficulties. Any help. Including legal ones. And, hypothetically, things that do not fall under those parameters" she said as opening gambit.
  6. Flux "It's not your regular singularity" replied Quill, studying realms of computer data. "I call it the Quantum Dark Zone. No hawking radiation. The distortion is more than mere time-space collapse, but affects the quantum foam itself..." He conceded defeat. "As you can imagine, its not the easiest thing to study" he explained. "Its called the Dark Zone for a reason. We are in the dark!....but it is fascinating!" He paused. "And unfortunately, not safe. It is affecting the surrounding regions of space time. So I hope this ship has some really good deflector shields and really good hyperdrive systems. Because getting too close might send us to a completely different region of space, or time. Or even outside of this universe alltogether!"
  7. Snakebite The visions of the past seemed more clear. More focussed. Probably, because they were so recent. So full of emotional gravity. Maybe the pain of her broken nose focussed her. But it still hurt. The clock spun and Cassie moved through time with her eyes and ears. She started replaying the events slowly, attending to the details. This was not without some trepidation; she had a fear that this was black and strange sorcery, and looking through time to view it was not without risk to her psyche. So, Neil had come here, intent on... ...well, no point speculating. Not now. Let us see what he did! She started forwarding the events....
  8. Supercape

    Zip Zap

    GM Lulu seemed impressed with the restorative properties of Delta, and gave a little applause. Zip was less impressed, but considerably more grateful! He even looked a bit more solid. "See!" he said, enthusiastically. "Nihilius energy can be helpful, if it is just harnessed and controlled!" he proclaimed, patting himself down. "Look! Back to new! A few seconds ago I was ready to collapse. And not collapse unconscious. I mean collapse into my constutient atoms...!" He frowned. "Hmmm. Don't remind me of Collapse. If Collapse gets his way, we will have a considerably worse problem than utter disintergration" he added. He looked around the jungle. "Not that we have an easy time of it now. Unknown dimension. Cave men. One fried Brit Machine. One fried Dimensional Hopper..."
  9. Supercape

    Zip Zap OOC

    Fine by me. As we are out of combat you can use that freely to restore Zip. Delta - 4 HP - Unharmed
  10. GM Submerged in an oily blackness, floating, alone, Luther was dimly aware of his surroundings, but he could barely influence them. At best, it was the lightest of nudges, like the touch of a feather on a river. If the Void could not feed on joy, it would feed on vitality itself. It did not move away from the exploding miasma, but simply waded throught it. Luther could feel, distantly, the skin prickle, the costume tear, but the Void cared not, it just ploughed through, clumsily reaching out with blackened hands to suck more from the Mother. Luther could only hope the Void did, for until it was sated, he would continue sinking....
  11. If its ok with you, the Void is simply to stupid / mindless to avoid an area effect like that, so simply sucking it up. Toughness Save: 1d20+11 26 So another bruise. Having failed to knock the emotional will out of the mother, the Void will respond by an all out power attack Fatigue (-2 Defence, +2 Attack) Fatigue attack: 1d20+10 17 I'm guessing that is a clumsy attack and misses!
  12. GM "It's true" said Kidd, gaining enthusiasm. "Jackson can hardly resist that kind of story" He even allowed himself a small grin. And, whilst he preferred smashing things as must as Kidd preferred shooting things, so did the Wall. "Well, lets see if the odious little runt can help then. Lights, camera, action. We just gotta make sure we put on a good show. Gotta rattle Blowfish. Get him puffing his cheeks. That's when he will slip up" If he slips up he added to himself. "I can get Jackson, no worries. We had a tussle a few years back when I busted a cult. Bullets flew, and bodies stacked up. Jacksons being trying to get the scoop on me ever since. He has almost given up. Almost. But I can tell you if I offer him a scoop, he will bite..."
  13. Rev 20 PP to Spend Saves 2PP: +2 To Fort Saves to make it Fort: +9 (+2 Con, +6) Skills 1PP: Add to 2 ranks of craft (structural) to make it 4 (+6) and 2 ranks of Knowledge (Physical Sciences) to make it 2 (+4) Feats 7PP: Add Equipment 7 Vehicle: Dune Buggy STR 40 [4 EP], Toughness 12 [5 EP], Size Large [1 EP], Features: Alarm 1, Navigation System 1, Oil Slick, Smoke Screen [4 EP], Impervious Toughness 5 [5 EP], Communication 6 (20 miles, Radio, Omni Directional, One Way) [6 EP], Speed 5 [5 EP], Supermovement 2 (Surefooted, -50% penality reduction) [4 EP], Super Senses 1 (Radio) [1 EP] Total cost 35 EP Powers 5 PP: Modify Boost to now affect all mechanical powers at once, and have selective feat. It should now read as Boost 4 (All Mechanical Effects, Feats: Selective, Slow Fade 4 [1 Hour], Flaws: Others Only) [13 PP] (Please keep the spoiler in! ) 3 PP: Add Continuous Extra to Elongation to make it Elongation 3 (25' Elongation, +3 Escape / Grapple, Extras: Continuous) [6 PP] 1 PP: Add Speed 2 (25 mph, Flaws: Limited to detatched limbs) [1 PP] 1 PP: Add Supermovement 1 (Slithering, Flaws: Limited to detatched limbs) [1 PP]