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    GM The Soldier was helmeted and armoured, but he went flying from the force of the blow - crashing into a patisserie the other side of the road, to the sound of shattered glass. He was a big guy. He grunted, and tried to get up, but staggered, falling into a three tier cream cake to somewhat comedic effect. "<Hostile at five. Hold position. Terminate>" yelled one of the soldiers, who was standing by the solider trying to cut through to the armoured truck (and making good headway, Replica noted..." The game was on!
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    Init: 1d20+6 8 well they lose that. So surprise round as above: That more than hits, and I make it a DC 23 Tough Save Tough Save: 1d20+7 11 fail by 10, so staggered, bruised, dazed. And also knockbacked: 25 feet. As he slams into a building, thats another Tough DC 19 Save Tough Save 2: 1d20+6 19 which he just makes Round 1 19 Replica 8 RPG Guy - Bruised, Staggered, Dazed [1 r] 8 - Torch Cutting Guy - Unharmed 8 - Rifle Guy - Unharmed 8 - Comms Guy - Unharmed Replica is up again! She can be considered next to the Rifle Guy, but the others are out of melee range (but can be reached with a move action)
  3. Echohead Echohead struggled to understand half of what he had felt during his dip into the alien mind. But one name was clear. Blackstar. He was behind this. But how? What machinations are turning? He hadn't really much of a clue. He was a gardener, and then he had some AEGIS briefing (about super villians on this world). And...aliens and the realms beyond earth were a blank. In any case, everyone else seemed to know what they were doing. So he should pretend he did. "Pardon us for not trusting you" he shouted at the Platinum. "We will get the truth soon enough!" On this I am confident! Lets see what he knows about the machine in more detail! But first! He reached into the motor cortex, and gave a hard tug. See if he could move anything after that...
  4. Ok so nothing fancy, another psychic attack on PP: Paralyse 10 (DC 20 Will Attack). That will mean shifting the array so no more mind reading / feedback.
  5. Tough vs Blaster: 1d20+10 28 Lucky hit, lucky save!
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    Any chance of giving me a roll, @Cubismo?
  7. Mr Murk Mr Murk sipped at his tea. "Unique. Perhaps. I am the last of my race, as far as I know. It is lonely, for the most part, and has made me value love above all, perhaps because I have had a paucity of it, by and large. There is no finer quality in man - or, in times past, my own race..." he said, with a sad smile. HIs eyes were wet in memory. "This is unchanging, despite every brutality from ignorance, despite ever diminishment from progress" he said, optimistically. "In this view, I do not think I am unique. But several old immortals are drowning in their tears of despair, whereas I only swim in sorrow, tempered with hope" he explained. "My years have formed philosophy. The Immortal is not superior to the mortal. But he is the subject of envy for some, at risk of the most abject horrors. To promethean, never ending tortures or torment. With his plight hidden or unrecognised so oft. I do not blame the mortal for envy, or for desire of more life, for life is precious. But I do worry about the consequences of such passions....we are at risk of particular disaster, and with sympathy and sanctuary in lesser supply..."
  8. DC 20 Life Sciences (Trained only) knowledge to recognise
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    Texan BBQ

    GM "Sure thing, boss!" replied Smokey, giving a cheery salute and jumping in his truck. He gave the engine a powerful rev, and set off. He did not drive fast, and was making no attempt to sneak off or evade. He was not exactly driving slowly, either, but he was giving the two superheroes ample time and ability to follow him. And it did not take long. A couple of miles, at most, through dusty southern dirt tracks, till they came to a ramshackle, almost ruinous old farmhouse of wood and rot. Vines and moss seemed to cover every wall and most of the roof. The ground around it was alive with undergrowth, with mushrooms and flowers, with fruit and vegetables. It had a slightly pleasant sweeting rotting smell to them. "Here we are! Now, be careful...she's a bit...cooky...." muttered Smokey, tapping the side of his head...
  10. GM "It might be the two are intertwined" replied North, sitting down and pressing his finger tips together in a stressed repose. "But...to the matter. Or rather, matters. I have to oversee the construction of EAST, which is a difficult matter. We are sure to make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes, and refine our practice. But if you can offer any advice, it would surely be appreciated" he began. "The next issue is one of your relationship with us, if you wish to have one. There is no compulsion in this matter. I would suggest it would be mutually beneficial for us to examine your base once a year. It would alleviate needless anxiety from some, and provide your with ammunition against undeserved critique" he offered. "If you are in agreement, I can note your down as a potential consultant for WEST. This would mean working with another agent when helping us, and accepting some...what I hope are reasonable...limitations to your authority, and equal limitations to our resources" he explained. "A bit of a one-sided deal, I confess, although it may appeal to your altruism..." "And finally, if you are so inclined, I can ask for security clearance. This will mean you can operate - with some oversight - independently on our behalf, and have full access to our resources. The flip side is that I do need to get you security clearance, which is not easy...or pleasant. You will understand that we are dealing with dangerous technology, and nobody wants one state or spy appropriating such danger. It does require security clearance from several organisations - and that, in turn, requires you answer candid questions about your past, background, and so on. Information that will be confidential, but even so, may be something that you are reluctant to give. More of a two way street, this option..."
  11. GM "That may very well come in handy" replied North and I thank you for the offer. WEST cannot hope to stop every disaster. Perhaps we can do a little contingency planning should the worst come to pass. It is only a matter of time before room villain, or fool, let's loose Darwin X in a populated area. Or something worse..." He added gloomily. He straightened up. Much as he loved the infirmary he could not loiter there indefinitely. "Well I can find nothing here that would concern us. Or, more accurately, there are sufficient safeguards around the risks" he clarified. "Is there any other part, or parts, of the base you would show me?"
  12. I gave v limited internet access so feel free to roll that for me 😁
  13. GM "Your physiology?" Asked North, gently. "Forgive me, I don't wish to pry. I understand that many individuals with super powers have unusual phsiologies or bio medical problems. I have seen some of the rare survivors of Darwin X and if they didn't luck out, it can leave terrible muations" he actually shuddered at the recollection. "It seems you are well equipped to treat both yourself any guest, though. Very well equipped.." He added more brightly, studying the equipment with expert eye.
  14. GM "I would not profess to understand the engineering involved in your generator" replied North. "I'll take your word it is not powered by a black hole!" He added as a little joke, before wondering if it was, in fact, powered that way... "The library and infirmary are unlikely to be threats, of course. But I am a doctor by background and if you would indulge my personal curiosity, I would like to see them...?" he asked politely.
  15. GM "A sensible philosophy...for the most part" replied North carefully looking, but not touching. He could not but help a sour sting at the thought. WEST was indeed being well funded. But he still had to make tough calls. They had decided on depth rather than breadth...doing a little very well rather than a lot superficially. He often wondered if that was the right call... Never mind...making allies like Doctor Deoxy would certainly help! "We are well funded, or rather, reasonably funded. But it would certainly help if we can call on your assistance now and again..."