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    Block Head

    A good point! From a purely mechanical point of view, I suspect in these cases FOrt immune things would make a reflex save to avoid being blinded for one round, but automatically recover the next round (as they auto make the Fort recovery roll). That said, the description of Mannequin fits entirely with your point and I think we can, as you say, just ignore the attack! Which actually makes Mannequin up!
  2. Curveball 10 PP to Spend Saves: 4 PP Fort increased to +8 (+5 Con, +3) [1 PP] Reflex increased to +10 (+5 Dex, +5) [3 PP] Feats: 3 PP Improved Critical 2 (Thrown Baseball) [2 PP] Quick Draw 1 (Draw) [1 PP] Powers: 3 PP Leaping 1 (x2 Distance; Running 30’, Standing 15’, High Jump 5’) [1 PP] Super Senses increased by 2, adding Low Light Vision and Microscopic Vision 1 [Dust] [2 PP]
  3. Supercape

    Block Head

    GM The huge chunk of masonry, hurled with most impressive strength, whizzed past Mannequin who elegantly moved to the side. It flew perilously close to Imprint, still encased in the magnificent metamorphic masonry herself. "Luddites!" she cursed to Mannequin, the Doctor, and the Universe. It was clearly most irritating to her that scientific progress - at least by her perception of the matter - was being so ignorantly impeded. To combat this impingement, she vibrated at high speed within her masonry caccon, and in response, a cloud of ultra-fine particles of dust flew towards Mannequin, intent on abrasing his flesh and eyes...
  4. Supercape

    Block Head

    Which leaves the House / Imprint floating in mid air. She is not entirely useless though. She will fling a cloud of masonry dust at Mannequin. This is a cloud area Dazzle effect rank 10. Reflex DC 20 to half the Area effect Then Reflex DC 20 (or 15 if area save made) to avoid visual dazzle! Then Mannequin is up.
  5. GM "Green bug?" Sonny's eyes lit up and a crooked smile hit his lips. "Yeah I heard of him. Zui's star alchemist. Dabbles in everything chemical from ancient sorcery to cutting edge carbon fibres. They call him the Sting. Ambitious fellow, from what I gather. He dances a thin line with Zui. Useful, but ambitious. I guess that's a complicated relationship. Zui likes his henchmen competent but not too competent, if you follow me..." "But he is dangerous. And so are you, I guess..." And thusly and hence and so it was... That after some unpleasant trawling through Hong Kong Traffic, and now early evening, the truck pulled up outside the Docks. They never slept, but the activity was on the wane as the furious activity of the main day ebbed away. Sonny had been making phone calls and had identified the most likely ship - Pink Octopus, and the most likely warehouse 33, that Zui - or the Sting - or both, where operating from. There was no garuantee's in ths line of inquiry (despite Sonny's impressive skills in navigating through the gossip of Hong Kong), for Zui was notoriously cunning with webs of deception, and it seemed that the Sting was no fool either.
  6. Snakebite 14 PP to spend Increasing PL to 9 Attributes: Increasing STR to 22 (+6) [2 PP] Increasing CON to 22 (+6) [2 PP] (Also increases Climb and Swim skills by +1, could you update) Saves: +1 Fort to make +10 (+6 Con, +4) [1 PP] +2 to Reflex to make +10 (+6 Dex, +4) [2 PP] +3 to Will to make it +8 (+3 Wis, +5) [3 PP] Combat: +2 Attack to make it +13 [2 PP] +2 to Defence to make it +13 [2 PP] Note: Toughness is now +6
  7. Sgt Shark 12 PP to Spend Skills: 1 PP 2 Ranks to Climb to make 6 (+16) 2 Ranks to Swim to make 8 (+18) Feats: 9 PP Benefit (Wealth 1 / Well off) Chokehold Critical Strike Distract (Intimidate) Improved Pin Move By Action Prone Fighting Takedown Attack increased by 1 to Takedown Attack 2 Powers: 2 PP Increase Speed to Speed 2 (25 Mph) Increase Swimming to Swimming 5 (50 Mph)
  8. Lament 20 PP to Spend, Spending 14 of them. Saves: 5 PP +1 to Fort to make +8 (+2 Con, +6) +1 to Reflex to make +8 (+Dex, +6) +3 to Will to male +15 (+4 Wis, +11) Skills: 2 PP 4 Ranks to Perform Acting to make 8 (+15) SM 4 Ranks to Perform Percussion to make 8 (+15) SM Feats: 7 PP Blind Fight Distract (Intimidate) Fascinate: Perform Quick Change 2 Set Up Trance Can you change Skill Mastery to (Disguise, Handle Animal, Perform [Acting] and Perform [Percussion]) please, and update skills accordingly.
  9. GM "Zui, hmmm? I can see that's a problem. You know he signed the Codus, I presume?" murmured Sonny. He was anxious, but this was an interesting problem, and one that absorbed him. "Not that it protects him. I know Murk thinks most poorly of him. And I would imagine Zui is not fond of Murk. But the Codus is the Codus. No killing, no torment, no violence in the Club" he said, reiterating the three primary rules of the Codus that were second nature to him. "You have to understand this causes a particular problem in Hong Kong. If the Chinese authorities got hold of him, he would most likely be exoctured or tormented. No doubt why he signed the thing. The issue of how far we go to protect him is something of a grey area..." He shook himself. "But I am not entirely sure Zui is in Hong Kong right now. One never knows exactly where he is. But on the other hand, if anything is being smuggled in or our of Hong Kong, I would bet that it is via the Docks. Zui has quite a stranglehold on the docks, and I know at least a couple of smugglers that work directly for him..."
  10. Supercape

    Block Head

    Which means Dr D is up! he will however need this round to fly back to the action. Although I for one would like that in IC playing up his complication
  11. Diamondlight August had the most intense feeling he was being played. He took a deep breath in and calmly exhaled. If he got angry, then they probably wanted him to get angry and lose his judgement. He focussed his mind on the chess board in front of him. These were the beginning moves. Nothing to get violent or agressive about. Not yet, anyway. "What if I told you I don't know what you are talking about?" he ventured, politely. "Tactics? Base? Burn? You lost me" he explained, quite honestly. The truth was the best deception. "I was flown here by some woman in a Swiss uniform. Told me to go down here. I was hardly in a position to argue, given she could fly and was stronger than a tank" he explained. "And I really don't know what here is..."
  12. GM "Running is sure better than being a hero" grunted Frank, determined to get drunk. "Well, it is in this city. Don't get to make old bones being a Cop if you don't run when you can..." he muttered. But he wasn't satisfied with that. "Still, some dame like that. Pulped like that. What I would give to find the guy who did that. I'd show his some old school justice. Huh. The old days were simpler. Guy murders someone like that and the cops found him, we didn't waste too much time with due process. Maybe he was armed. Maybe we had to shoot. Maybe we had to swing base ball bats at his face because he had a mosquito on his nose. For a couple of hours" he grinned, remembering the good old days. He flexed his hands. "Yeah, the good old days. When things worked. Well, sort of worked..."
  13. Supercape

    Block Head

    GM The masonry rumbled deeply as Mannequin tore Imprint (and half the wall she was embedded in) out of the building. It was no mean feat, trying to manipulate the spartan metal in the building to come together as a web and take the strange masonry with it - but it was done. "Very clever! Or is that foolish!" grunted Imprint, still embedded in the wall. "Bah!" she commented, annoyed at her situation. Block Head, for his part, took up a huge peice of masonry, and hurled it with great speed and ferocity right into Mannequin...
  14. Supercape

    Block Head

    Which means Block Head picks up some rubble as a move action and throws it as a standard action! Punches Manneq: 1d20+8 27 hitting, but avoiding a critical (just!) DC 27 Toughness save! Round 3 35 - Dr D - Sickened Status (DC 18 to Recover) 2 HP [Far away....] 21 - The House/Imprint - Unharmed 5 - Manneq - 2 HP - Fatigued 4 - Block Head - Unharmed