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  1. "Claims time-travel. Fits the scenario a bit better. Comments sound more genuine to someone expecting a different scenario." His eyes narrowed slightly. "Could still be a con. Trying to ascertain information that only Callie Summers would actually be able to provide, not something in a biography from 30 years ago." He gave the teenager in front of them a flat look. "Any suggestions?"
  2. The young man holding a sword stood there for several long moments after Callie's declaration. The only signs he was alive and not a statue were slow, steady breaths, and the occasional blink of his eyes. When he finally spoke, the tone was flat with disbelief. "What." It was more of a statement than a question. "You're....alright. Prove it. What was your birthday present on your seventh birthday." It was something only Duncan, Callie, and Alek knew. Mostly because it embarrassed the Headmistress these days. It wasn't something she would share, and Alek's mind was guarded enough he'd likely pick up on the signs of a telepath pulling the answer from his mind. Especially as he was rolling around the remembered conversation in coded Georgian inside of his own mind. And then Ashley walked in. Alek shifted his head slightly, keeping one eye firmly fixed on "Young Callie", but turned enough that his voice carried clearly over his shoulder. "You're just in time, Ashley. Seems we have a...complicated...situation on our hands." Ashley could instantly tell that Alek was using his "work voice", or at least as close as he could get outside of the suit.
  3. Summers Manor, Entry Hall The older woman looked cautiously at the teenage girl. At first, her face showed confusion. Then, it shifted to guarded disbelief. "Young lady, tell me who you really are. You're not Callie Summers, even if this is truly her family's home." Her eyes shifted to a point behind and to the right of Callie. If the time-tossed teenager turned at the moment, she would behold a young man standing there, half in the shadows, holding a sheathed saber in his hands. He stood dangerously still; his posture was that of a snake coiled to strike. His gaze turned to the first person Callie had met here. "You okay, mom?" "Yes, dear." "Maybe you should go talk to dad and Mister Summers. In the other study." The older woman's eyes widened a bit, before she nodded and began to cautiously move away. He turned back to Callie, his eyes searching, challenging. "Now, 'Callie Summers', just who do you think you...wait." He narrowed his eyes and took a single half-step forward. It was just the two of them now. When he spoke again, his voice had dropped in pitch, and there was something extra in it. "Who are you?"
  4. Summers Manor, Entry Hall "Alek, is that you? I thought you were in the garage?" A woman walked into the hallway, wiping her hands on a towel, looking as if she'd been working in the kitchen. She was glancing at her phone, a frown on her face, when she looked up and saw Callie. In that moment, she froze, her body language showing signs of tightly-controlled panic. Her hand holding the phone slipped behind her back, out of Callie's view. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?" ========================================== Summers Manor, Garage Alek put the tablet down and rubbed his eyes. Updating the software in the G-class that they were going to use when Duncan Summers wanted to move out and about had proved more frustrating than he thought. He felt more comfortable with the insides of cars and other vehicles these days, but the computer was still his "first love". Between the baseline code, the official modifications for the self-raising/lowering suspension (easier for Summers to enter and exit the vehicle), and the unofficial modifications that he'd roped Geckoman into helping him install, it was a bit of a tangle mess. At this point, he just needed to let it sit and integrate the code overnight... Then his phone buzzed, in a particular pattern that had him stand bolt upright. He yanked the phone from its holster and checked the status; his mother, the entry hall, unknown individual. No time for a change, even if he was quick about it. He moved to the door into the house and kicked a spot on one of the support columns on his way. From the ceiling next to the door, a panel opened, and his hand reached out and caught the sheathed sword even as he started to run. He shoved his phone away and placed his now-free hand on the grip of the weapon, even as he neared the entryway...
  5. "Alright, just let me know when you need it, Sir Armsalot." Micah winced in sympathy as Ben took a giant whiff of dirty laundry. He reached over and patted the enthusiastic teen on the shoulder in a minor gesture of comfort. "We thank you for your sacrifice." He looked thoughtful at the discussion of the route of the missing doctors. He glanced at Danica at the mention of her staying behind. He glanced around their surroundings again. "Well, it would be helpful to have one of us here to serve as a 'home base' presence. I can always go back and forth, if something comes up here that you need a hand with." Part of him wished the Segway Shoes were done, but Danica raised some good points about how it wasn't just the uneven terrain that would be an issue. And having someone from the team back at the research camp felt like a good idea. The whole situation didn't sit right with him, not entirely, even if he couldn't say why.
  6. Thunderbird hovered in the air for several moments, watching the flow of battle. It took him a second, but he saw Fear-Master. He saw Octoman hit him with a paralyzing attack, but the sound-slinging nightmare-inducing villain was still standing, albeit only just. It seemed like a good time to correct that oversight. "Do you fear the storm, you slasher movie reject?" The weather-wielder reached up, and yet another bolt of lightning appeared in his hand. He reared back, the semi-solid bolt of atmospheric plasma glowing even brighter, and then he let loose just a few moments after he yelled out a warning. "Octoman, down!"
  7. So I burn an HP to avoid Fatigue. Free Action: All Out Attack 5 (Defense Bonus is now +9, Attack is +13), and Power Attack 5 (DC for Lightning is now 32, Attack back to +8) Move Action: Move laterally to get a better shot at Fear Master. Staying 60 feet in the air. Standard Action: Ranged attack with Lightning. 14. Gonna use an HP to reroll (if 14 somehow hits, ignore). 17, which becomes 27 with reroll (9 becomes 19). DC 32 Toughness Save.
  8. Micah grew more serious as the adults came over and gave them an update. He looked out on the horizon again, eyes squinted a bit even behind his goggles. Nothing. "Hm." With that wordy declaration made, he turned and followed the others. He tried to at least dampen the cold around them for Danica's sake, but to avoid disturbing the trails he avoided altering wind patterns yet. "If it gets really bad, Chelone, let me know and I can raise the heat more. Just trying not to disturb things too much yet." As Octoman got to sniffing, Thunderbird turned to his trusty tentacled teenage teammate and spoke up softly. "Once you get going, would it help if I stopped the wind around us as we went?"
  9. Outside, Micah shook as he knelt in the grass. He could feel the energy inside of him lashing, attempting to get out. He knew that if he didn't do something now, he might seriously damage the campus. So he turned to Elizabeth even as she began to fade from view. "I'll be back. If you find her, call for me." Then he turned his gaze skyward, and he was gone. Within moments, the storm-clad teen was high in the sky, and in under a minute he was well above any commercial airliners or even military craft in the area. For just a moment, he slowed down and cast his gaze around himself, ensuring it was clear skies. Then he pushed himself even harder, quickly reaching his maximum speed and becoming a crackling green blur. A Mach cone formed in front of his outstretched hands, and then broke, as an enormous explosion of sound, light, and storm-bred fury lashed out at empty air all around him. To those on the ground of Freedom City, it would sound like a distant roll of thunder, promising potential rain later on. Above the Claremont campus itself, the air was clearing up, only dark wisps of cloud suggesting things had nearly gotten very, very bad...
  10. Micah's eyes were closed as he played. He seemed to just be going with the music still. His guitar playing had definitely smoothed out, and his instrument harmonized with the others much better. When Astrid asked her question, he didn't seem to hear her at first, since he gave no outward reply. When he spoke up, after Eira's suggestion, his eyes remained closed and he continued to play. "Hm. I feel like that's too on-the-nose? Are you wanting us to only play for Claremont and 'super-groups', or would you try to have us go out and about? If we're gonna play in non-hero spaces, I'd rather not make the connection too obvious. Still...maybe something about rain? Or wolves or dogs?"
  11. As Alice disappeared into light, Micah's face morphed into a snarl. In a whirl of wind and light he was outside the greenhouse, and his head whipped back and forth in a frenzy even as the sky continued to churn. A rumble of thunder rolled across the ears of everyone on campus. But then, he fell to his knees, his glowing eyes clenched shut. A single fist slammed the dirt, and a thin bolt of lightning cracked down from the sky. "SHE USED ME!" The other fist hit the ground, and another bolt fell. "SHE USED ME!" His fingers clawed dirt as he wept tears that evaporated before they could fall, such was the energy leaking from his eyes. Tears of St. Elmo's Fire began to fall up toward the clouds. His wings of lightning flapped and scraped at the ground. "She used me...." Then his head snapped up and he looked around, his face almost manic. He almost seemed like a hound, intent on something. A web of lightning snaked across the dark clouds above them. "Where is she? I won't let her use me, use anyone!" He knew that Elizabeth, Judy, and Ashley were there, his question seemed half-directed at them. But he clearly hadn't quite processed or responded to anything they'd said, not quite yet.
  12. For a few moments, Micah just stood there. Then, he spoke softly into the still air. His voice echoed, despite how little volume he lent it. "I care what my mother things." He turned and faced her slowly. As he turned, his posture straightened a bit at a time. His eyes cleared, and began to glow softly. When he was facing Alice fully, he stopped moving. "I care what she thinks. Because I love her. You...you don't actually care about me, do you? You don't want actual love. Love isn't just sitting around singing and giving each other goo-goo eyes." He took a single step forward. The air began to move, a breeze blowing from behind Micah. The doors of the greenhouse rattled, just a bit. "Love isn't just touching and feeling and sitting next to each other. Do you know what Love is?" He took another step. The air began to move more rapidly. Micah's eyes were glowing green entirely. "It's a man who works extra hours so his wife doesn't have to. It's a mother who holds her son and explains, through the tears, why his father's never coming home. It's a mother working overtime to keep him fed. It's a husband who writes his wife love letters after 50 years of marriage, when they're grey and wrinkled. It's a man who only talks about his wife as the greatest woman in the world, no matter where he's at or who he's with. It's love letters when he's away for a week because of his job protecting others." Outside, the skies were dark. The windows began to rattle. The doors shook as the wind picked up. "You can't make someone love you like that. Either they choose to love you like that, or they don't love you at all." Wings of lightning shrouded in the fell flames of the aurora borealis manifested from Micah's back. "Get away from me. You don't know what it means to really love me, and I don't love you."
  13. Thunderbird's "field uniform" typically had no sleeves, due to the tendency of his powers to manifest electrical fields along his arms. He got sick of burning fabric smell. But as they arrived in a flash of light, the young weather controller wore a sturdy jacket and a heavy wool cap alongside his goggles and reinforced jumpsuit. His fingers flexed slightly as he inhaled the cold air. He turned toward Octoman as the many-limbed crime-fighter cried out to the desert. "If a giant worm shows up later, I'm blaming you." He turned toward the desert sands again and frowned. "It's a windy, sandy mess. You think you can still track their scent? What would it even stick to out here?" His fingers flexed again, and for a brief moment the wind seemed to lessen around the group. It was clear he wanted to ease the cold air knifing over their bodies, but that he had something holding him back.
  14. Micah's eyes started to clear as he looked to Elizabeth first. He seemed to focus intently on her declaration of Alice rejecting his father's advice. He tilted his head slightly to one side at the "five girls" comment. "Don't want five girls. Just one good one." He turned toward Judy as she moved away from topics of romance to something old and familiar to him. At first he simply listened, but then he started to join in. "Give us this day our daily bread..." As he spoke, his back straightened slightly, and his jaw got less clenched, as if he felt less pain. "...but deliver us from evil..." Then Alice asked a question in a confused voice. Micah blinked and turned to her. "It's the Lord's Prayer. Wait, you've never heard it? That....hm. But you....wait. You never did say anything about....what church you go to. Don't want...." He seemed to almost be fighting something now. The breeze stirred around them, just a bit. "Don't want to break my mother's heart. Mom always wanted me to....to...to marry a Christian girl. Not to be...mean...wanted me to be happy. Be...content. Talked about how good she and dad had things, being 'equally yoked'." He seemed introspective at the statement.
  15. Micah ignored the rather obvious insult directed at him and his powers. He was finding it difficult to get along with Eira, but he was willing to give this a try for a bit longer. Astrid was being nice enough, at least. And while he enjoyed playing in the worship band for youth group, there was a part of him that enjoyed the thought of someone wanting his musical talents. Perhaps that was why the bit about a concert in the sky didn't sit well, either. It came across as wanting his powers more than him. "Hank 3? He's not in my top 5 but I've heard his stuff, yeah. Hang on." They went back into the band room, and Micah settled back in the chair he'd been in. His posture was a bit different, but he started to play as soon as Astrid was done tuning. At first, it was a bit chaotic, but he quickly picked up on what Astrid and Eira seemed to be playing, and soon he was playing along. It was clear that,for the moment, Micah was content to simply follow along and play. His eyes were mostly closed, and his head moved with the rhythm as he rocked back and forth just a bit.
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