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  1. Cobalt Templar OMTB Interview (CT): 3 IC Posts Titanium Character, posts go to: Judex Raven III Family Takeover: 1 IC Post Playdate: 1 IC Post Titanium Character, posts go to: Thunderbird Thoughtspeed (Guest Star) The Old Girl Is Dying On Her Feet: 2 IC Posts Guest Star, posts go to: Judex Thunderbird Dakar Rally: 1 IC Post How a Young Heart Really Feels: 4 IC Posts Pirates Over Midtown: 1 IC Post Return to Neverworld: 6 IC Posts Return to Neverworld: Make a Wish: 1 IC Post
  2. For just a moment, as Pan seemed excited, Micah allowed himself to feel a few shreds of relief. Not happiness, not yet, but the thought of reaching a destination inhabited by beings with some measure of power brought the hope of just a bit of rest. That hope, that relief, was then thoroughly dashed when he saw the smoke. Micah frowned, then turned to Pan. "I'll back you up. Let's try to keep our eyes open, though. We don't want to get ambushed."
  3. The large man in blue just nodded and smiled at the clarification about how to stop the interview. He sat patiently and moved as requested while they got the mics and lights set up. Paige couldn't gather much telepathically from him, in a way that suggested he knew one or more psychics very well. What she did pick was an instinctual sense of his body's space; the sort of self-awareness and self-caution that many larger people (who cared about those not sharing their size) had. Her first question caused Cobalt Templar to look thoughtful for a moment. "Yes, though it's be
  4. Raven III "Hn. More abandoned than before, certainly. Still. Something's off. We need more intel..." He trailed off as they finished securing Bowman, before he moved toward the primary passenger compartment. Raven was in the driver's seat of the Unkindness while Arrow and Nevermore finished the cleanup. The senior (conscious) hero of the team was rapidly inputting data into the holo-screen his vehicle was projecting. He had an array of disjointed thoughts and data points he needed to enter before they faded into the background hum of his thoughts. Later he could sift thro
  5. Right, sorry, let's see. Here's my Edit Request. Going to go with a Craft: Electric for the Mini, and a Mech for the Truck. Mini check/Craft: Electronic: 30. Truck check/Craft: Mechanical: 19. I'll keep it for now, since I'm sitting inside the truck and can hopefully notice stuff a bit easier...
  6. Doktor'd! Fairly minor edit for Thunderbird. Spending 4PP: -2 more skill points to Craft: Mechanical, for 10 ranks (+11 total) -6 more skill points to Craft: Electronic, for 10 ranks (+11 total) -8 skill points into Knowledge: Technology, for 8 ranks (+9 total)
  7. Micah held his tongue while Pan spoke, as much as he disliked the implications. Pan was being honest with him. Micah's father had taught him that deserved respect. "Well. If it's new and different, I guess it's a good thing you have a friend by your side." He lapsed into silence for a couple of minutes. "You know. If you did 'break' the story, maybe the good news is, when we put things right again, we can rewrite the story? Give everyone, who deserves it, a better ending?" The air around them thrummed for a moment. "I really don't wan
  8. They'd been flying for hours before Micah spoke up. He raised his voice to a half-shout as they pushed through. "Pan...what's going to happen? On Wish Island, I mean? The way that Sherlock Holmes said, and by the way if we hadn't been stuck in the wilderness for two weeks I'd probably have geeked out about that...but the way Holmes talked, this sounds...dire." He pondered his next words before he spoke. "Pan. You are my best friend. You have been probably the truest friend in my entire life. You are basically a brother to me; if my father had lived, and I h
  9. Cobalt Templar's grip almost shockingly gentle for a man of his size as Paige shook his hand. He gave the chair he was supposed to sit in a look with a tilt of his head, with the look of a man lost in thought. Then he shrugged his shoulders and a thin wave of ethereal blue fire washed over his body, starting at his right hand, shining from a ring on the middle finger. Paige's eyes, sharpened by years of life on one side or the other of the super-community, would very briefly catch the sight of a simple gold band on his left hand, the color mostly washed out in the wave of fire as it swept over
  10. I am pulling technobabble from the ether, if you can't tell.
  11. Micah squinted behind his sunglasses as he scrolled through the stats on his laptop. The truck had one of those mounting arms that meant he wasn't constantly struggling to keep the laptop from falling to the floorboard. It let him concentrate on his part of the job. "The telemetry I'm getting is in the green but it's edging slightly to the yellow. I'm going to have to recalibrate the system when you make the stop. I think the load-balancing's a bit off, and every time to push it up to over 180 kph and then drop back down, it takes it slightly more out of whack. We're at about 1.005
  12. Micah frowned deeply at Eira's near-rant-like words. Something about what she was saying just did not sit right with him. "Wait, Eira, are you sure that's a good-" And then she was gone before he could finish. Micah watched her leave, then turned to Pan. "If you think you're just gonna run off to this Wish Isle without me, you have another thing coming. You're my best friend. I'm with you, Pan. Until the end of the line." Thunderbird clapped the Forever Boy on the shoulder, even as his own wings extended from his back. "Now, it soun
  13. Micah blinked at the rapid change in music, and at Pan's directions, but he was adaptable. Music was one of his great passions, and one of the ways he felt he expressed himself. So he was not perturbed having to keep up with a new song. Still, the change was rapid enough he strummed a slightly sour note from sheer shock. With a shake of his head, he adjusted his grip on the guitar. "Bit more warning next time..." The rest of the guitar's transition was smooth. Micah soon lost himself in the notes once again, bobbing his head as he played with vigor.
  14. Micah calmed down a bit at Pan's attempts to intervene. Pan and Eira both knew Micah hadn't slept well these last several days; the young man had basically willed himself to sleep lightly enough that his dreams wouldn't call down terrible weather on them. The one good thing from that trial was that his passive control had increased. Just not enough that he trusted himself yet. He sighed and rubbed his face as the arguing continued. Then Eira gave his attempt at calm a one-two punch. He looked at Pan, Watson, and Holmes for a moment. "Everyone stand back. This isn't the most precise
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