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  1. ....Well I apparently didn't post last month. Guide Point to Thunderbird.
  2. Gabriel Written in the Stars: 1 IC Post. Post to Thunderbird. Guide Point to Thunderbird.
  3. -Do you mean the goddamn lunatics you're chatting up like they're your, what's the word, chums? Yeah, I got you, Dad.- Thoughtspeed was going through a series of stretching exercises that might remind an observer of tai chi movements. -I spent an hour getting Eliza to not freak about this and I'm pretty sure she's not going to sleep until we're back. I gave her Mom's number but who knows if she'll call it.- His costume almost gleamed, the sleek black material sporting a faintly-glowing tracery of green lines. His smooth helmet was retracted, leaving his messy hair flopping around a bit as he moved, the large domino mask with light green lenses covering enough face to do the job. The kinetic hero looked around, assessing the field. His father was talking with Velocity, trading war-stories. He saw Pacer, who he'd heard of once or twice but had never met, over by herself. In a green-black-blur of motion, he was over near her, close enough to speak out loud. He resumed his stretching exercises from before. "Hey there. I'm Thoughtspeed. You doing okay?"
  4. Doktor'd! Going to do a "refreshed" sheet down the road, but wanted to do a quick edit for Thoughtspeed right now. Specifically, I want to spend 2 PP to raise his Speed to 14, and another 2 to raise his Quickness to 14 as well. That'll leave 3PP unspent for now. So that power block would now be: Kinetic Speed 6.2 (31PP Container [Passive, Permanent]) [31PP] (Mutant, Kinetic Energy) Quickness 14 (x50,000) [14PP] Speed 14 (250,000 MPH/2,500,000ft per Move Action) [14PP] Super-Movement 3 (Water-Walking, Wall-Crawling 2, Flaw: Only While Moving) [3PP]
  5. "I think displays of this would be best left for inside, Miss Persephone." Gabriel gestured at the fantastical things she had summoned from the light she commanded. There were walls about them, but drones had been a real problem lately. "We'll be able to make any necessary calls from inside as well. We'll get His Majesty some food and water, as well. I don't know about him, but the last time I got stabbed in a kidney and healed, I felt like I could drink a river and eat a hill. Couldn't have any beer for a day or whiskey for a week, though; doctor's orders". He gave an over-dramatic wink that made it clear the "doctor" had been Fleur. Then he clapped his hands, and that sound carried much like his voice: exactly enough to be heard by all present within Gaian Knight's walls but not by any outside of them. "Right then, feeling like I'm one step away from a fight for my life makes me hungry. Let's go inside, I'll tell the autochefs to get something cooking now. We can eat while we go over the details, and then the Freedom League of this world can talk about what options are on the table to help you and yours."
  6. Gabriel Written in the Stars: 2 IC Posts (Posts to Thunderbird) Patrioteen National Anthem: 1 IC Post Raven III The Shadow of the Doomforge: 1 IC Post Taking the Black: 1 IC Post (Posts to Judex) Guide Point to Thunderbird. EDIT: 2 Gift PP also go to ole T-Bird.
  7. Gabe's using his Communicaton power to talk to everyone else. Since that means his super-duper Charisma's not active, I can only Skill Mastery for a 30 Diplomacy to keep Persephone calm and focused on him.
  8. Gaian Knight, Tiamat, Patriot (the one from their world, not this stranger), Ghost, Miracle Girl, and Ms Grue would hear Gabriel's voice whispering in their ears. They knew this was one of his abilities, one that was a bit of an "ace in the hole"; undetectable ventriloquism that he could send only to the people he wanted to have hear it. He could hear even the slightest whisper from them in return, but hopefully there was no need. --Keep them busy, and keep them away from Stesha. The baby's with her. I'll keep the AI talking and focused on me, I'm already holding their Hellion. Don't say anything about the child. Force authorized if they flip.-- For a whisper, that was the firmest most of them had ever heard his voice. Outwardly, he gave Persephone an encouraging smile. His hands were supporting Hellion still, but as Stesha arrived and began her work, he worked one hand free and gently laid it on her shoulder in a gesture of comfort. "It's alright, Persephone. He's in fantastic hands. You're safe here. We're all heroes here. It'll be okay. These things work out in the end. You made it here for a reason, it's okay." It was as much calming patter-talk as anything, but it would ideally do the double-duty of distracting her and keeping her focus on him, not Stesha or the child.
  9. Being able to fly faster than sound was useful, but when inside a building it was not the most useful ability. Those whose speed was more about their body-movements (whether running or flying) could do so with ease, but Gabriel essentially flew like a plane in the sense of how it worked. He was more than skilled enough to not hit buildings, but trying to do more than a sedate float inside a building was asking for trouble. And a talking to from either Stesha or Gaian Knight about playing pranks on the new members. 'A man plays at being an actual angel one time and they never trust his pranks again. Disgraceful.' Thus it was just as the newcomers were giving their names that he came out onto the lawn. Which meant he was in a prime location to see the oddly hellish man collapse to the ground. In two eye-blinks he was kneeling next to the man, helping make sure his airway was clear. His very presence was calming to all who were there. "Gaian Knight, could you perhaps give us a touch of privacy for the moment? It's a bit messy but this is devolving rapidly. Could someone else try to find Fleur? We really need her help on this, I'm already out of my depth." He looked up at the holographic woman and gave her a gentle smile. "Everything will be fine. My name's Gabriel. Nice to meet you, Persephone."
  10. Sharaf had been about to get up when Patriot called for someone to protect the pilots. Then James beat him to it, and despite the dire circumstances, Sharaf smiled. He was glad to see the other young man stepping up. But there was no more time for it, now. He looked around, and saw that Kensei was the closest person to him, and also the one that (as far as he understood things) had the least ability to innately mitigate damage. Sharaf took precious seconds to unbuckle, dive over to the seat next to Kensei, and re-buckle. The almost inhuman grace he displayed was likely due to his "super soldier" enhancements at work. In the blink of an eye, a large rectangle of smooth metal seemed to simply manifest in front of the young men; it flowed and shivered as nanomachines reconfigured and assembled themselves at incredible speed. Patrioteen slid it directly in front of both young men, then braced his other arm and his legs in the more normal crash position. There was no more time for words, they were moments from the crash. Kensei would catch fragments of Arabic slipping from Patrioteens lips, and in the context it was obvious they were prayers. If ever there was a time...
  11. The Raven nodded sagely at young Callie's response in regards to her memories. Nothing else to say there. He instead focused on listening to her response to The Question. Her response caused him to smile slightly; Callie could tell it was one of pride in her answer and not the slightly-smug smirk he'd offer a criminal who just wasted a bullet on his armored suit. "An excellent answer. At its root, that is the motivation of each of us. We all have our own additional reasons, though. Your father experienced tragedy early on. Charlie had the desire to help and a belief that the Raven needed a Nevermore. I had a determination to prevent other children from experiencing what I did. Do you yourself have any additional reasons you do this? Things that burn in your heart as your driving purpose behind that mask?"
  12. For a few moments, the Raven pondered sowing more chaos. However, the various enemy forces seemed rather thoroughly misdirected at this point, and his apprentice was drawing near to their escape. He could focus for a few moments on catching up. They had to get their contact in the Unkindness, and soon. With that decision made in the blink of an eye, he was moving rapidly and smoothly across the rooftops, taking a running leap in a place where Nevermore, with his much-less-experienced-at-roof-running companion, had exercised slower more cautious approaches. At full speed, the Raven was a dark blur in the night, barely visible even if someone had known where to look, and that was without him even really trying to be stealthy in any capacity. Within a few moments, he was moving near Nevermore, keeping pace with the younger hero as they worked to escort their charge the last leg of the "race".
  13. Shouldn't everything but the Motorcycle be a Device, not Equipment? Both @RocketLord and myself have built Raven III and Nevermore II in that manner, especially with the costumes and Utility Belts granting so many different things.
  14. Welp I made literally no IC posts in December. Guide point to Thunderbird please.
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