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  1. When Lulu listened to Micah's mental voice, his accent was about as lightly-accented as when he was in most classes; it was present, but not overbearing. She also got what amounted to echoes of far-off thunder, and the sensation of misty wind on her forehead; the psychic echo of his still-growing powers. -Already saw her. On a Mean Girl scale of 1-10, she was about a 5. I'm pretty sure she's planning to show Pan more than just whatever passes for garden plants up here in the frozen north, though. Not sure she's going full Thunder Rolls on us but there's a vibe there.- His wanderings had led him to the room with the billiards table. -You seen Mia yet? I think she's mad at me because I was talking to Pan about how exactly the relationship with Eira is going.- Lulu can sense...not exactly embarrassment, but a sense of perhaps having put his foot in his mouth, just a bit.
  2. Micah was about to respond when Eira waltzed up and practically shoved her tongue down Pan's throat. He settled for mute surprise as they wandered off, and then a deep, bone-weary sigh. "Right. Pool." He moved into the house, and started looking for the other two Claremont students. A few moments into his search, he started doing his best to "broadcast" his thoughts. -Lulu? Can you hear me?-
  3. Micah blinked at Mia's outburst, and started to respond. "I mean she's spent the whole trip-" And then she disappeared and he was left blinking for several moments. When his vision cleared and it was obvious she was gone, he sighed and shook his head. "Well so much for trying to explain myself to her. Anyways." He stopped speaking and looked at Pan for several long moments, searching his friend's gaze. Finally he seemed satisfied with what he saw, and nodded. "Alright. You spend enough time with her, I trust your judgement. I can tell you like her. Even if she seems pricklier than a porcupine that ate a cactus. Just try to think with the head on your shoulders once in a while, too. Especially if she's wantin' to give you a private tour of the garden."
  4. Oh snap sorry I missed the post here HGM. I'm still in.
  5. "Honestly, you did fine, man. My advice before we came in was to be polite, which you did." His eyes had focused and shifted to Pan as his friend came over. "Which is different from just shrinking back because her folks aren't sure about you. Honestly, it's hard to tell how they feel about you, Eira's too busy keeping them riled up." He frowned, and looked at Pan almost sternly. "Pan....I'm not trying to be a jerk when I ask this, but...are you sure Eira is in a relationship with you because she likes you? Or is it because you're the sort of boy who tweaks all of her parents' buttons? Because with the way this has gone down, and the fact that I just don't know her as well, I am really fighting the little voice asking that question in my head. And you're too good of a friend for me to not ask that."
  6. Raven III Meanwhile at Stately Summers Manor: 3 IC Posts Thunderbird Ancient Enemies: 2 IC Posts Cosmic Love: 2 IC Posts Everything is Temporary: 5 IC Posts Hero Prom: 1 IC Post Guide Point: to Raven III
  7. Micah had actually seemed more comfortable when the hosts and guests were working on washing and putting away the dishes. He seemed utterly familiar with the task, and had quickly slipped into a comfortable rhythm with it. Afterwards, he'd thanked Eira's parents and gone to the room assigned to the two boys for a few moments. He'd emerged wearing his windbreaker and holding a book, and moved out to the garden area in the back of the house. He'd chosen a spot and just sat down, book in hand, and looked at the sky. His eyes seemed far away, and the air stirred around him slightly counter to the rest of the wind blowing across the grass. He was clearly lost in thought, and utterly oblivious to the rather dramatic discussion occurring between Lulu and Eira at the moment. It would be rather easy to sneak up on him right now...
  8. Alek rubbed his temples and all but clenched his eyes shut. Ashley could feel the headache he had coming on from where she stood. "So at this point, the idea is we keep her here until we determine who was muddling with time. Primary concern being they'll do it again except worse, and drop her over the ocean or in the middle of Siberia or something. Okay. We need to establish a break-point, though. Otherwise we risk her either having to disappear for years from her own timeline, or us having to de-age her, or something, because if she leaves as a sixteen-year-old and comes back twenty-six, that's bad." He sighed. "And to be frank, both of you seem to want to follow that plan, and I'm reluctant to force the issue. I don't think this is a great idea but I don't have a better one, not with a rogue time-traveler out there. But at this point, we should probably discuss some ground rules. I would argue this should include her going to Claremont, if precautions are taken."
  9. Lulu may not have been able to read Eira, but Micah practically radiated awkward discomfort. The young man from Oklahoma clearly had been raised similarly in regards to how one treated their parents, and Lulu could pick up not only discomfort, but confusion in his mind. She could pick up that he'd had an image of a much worse home-life than what they were observing, from how Eira had talked. When he spoke, it was more subdued than his friends but certainly still audible, even in the slightly echo-y dining room. He sat on Pan's other side, clearly finding some comfort in being his roommate's "wingman", in at least some senses. "Please tell the cook the soup is good. I've never actually had this kind before." He let the others speak of their career thoughts before he weighed in himself. "I think you'd work well with kids, Lulu. In psychology, I mean." He leaned back, just slightly, when Mia talked about how the block of metal she summoned was "not dangerous", but still raised an eyebrow in thought. "I might need your help if I get a cranky project one of these days..." he half-muttered in thoughtfulness. At Pan's mention of studying literature, he smiled. "I think you'd actually be a fantastic literature teacher, Pan. Better than most of the literature teachers I've had, anyways." He then turned his attention back to Bernhard in particular. His gaze turned a bit thoughtful. "Well, I can't say I'm really looking to be a scientist, sir. I'm doing some extra work learning mechanical repairs and the like, hands-on stuff. My fallback plan would be going into aircraft mechanics and repair, but...honestly, I want to learn to be a pilot. My cousin, who's basically like my big sister, she was in the Air Force for several years, and she got to fly the newer, faster planes. I want to do that, if I can make the cut."
  10. Alek muttered in his birth-tongue as he rubbed his temples. This was not how he'd pictured his day going when he woke up. "Charlie, every moment we have the younger version of the Headmistress here is not only a greater amount of up-time knowledge pollution for her younger self, it's a risk of her getting injured in a way that completely shifts the timeline. Even if this is all one giant closed time loop, and we weren't told before because Dr. Tomorrow told the Headmistress it would turn Earth Prime into a bleeding wound in space-time, I'm going to need a really, really, really good reason to not work to correct the massive risk in front of me." He shifted his gaze from the elder Miss Summers to the younger. "Look, Callie, I'm not really upset with you. You are, after all, a teenager, and it sounds like you're just doing the best you can with the situation. I'm trying to get you home because I'm worried about you individually and the timeline as a whole. This is not a normal situation here-" yet "-and I'm trying to correct it as best as I can."
  11. Micah lingered in front of the painting of the guy who was Napolean's buddy, or whatever, for several moments beyond the others. He tilted his head to the side, then realized everyone else was moving along, and quick-stepped to catch up. He followed Bernhard to the room they'd be staying in. It didn't have a lot of fancy bits but the beds looked fine. After the comment about "shenanigans" he frankly thought they were lucky. At the "footmen" comment, he blinked. "Pardon the question, Mr. Natt och Dag, but, um...what are footmen? Like, I know, sorta, what butlers and maids do, but...I can't remember if I've heard of that job before."
  12. As the group started to walk in the door, Micah leaned over to Pan and spoke in a whisper that would hopefully only reach his ears. "Try to start off polite and mannerly with her dad, buddy. Even if things are frosty between her and her folks, better to start off on the right foot in the air." When Bernhard came down to meet them (rather than just observing from the stairs), Micah waited until Eira mentioned his name, and gave the older man a warm smile, even as he stepped forward and offered his hand. "Mr. Natt och Dag, It's a pleasure to meet you sir. Thank you for being willing to host us for a time. My mother sends her thanks for your hospitality as well." He had been practicing saying Eira's family name several times, specifically so he didn't embarrass his best friend in front of his girlfriend's father. His accent, lighter than Lulu's but still present for the moment, barely impacted his pronunciation. Impressive for a boy from Oklahoma.
  13. Micah hid a sign at Eira's attitude. He didn't know her as well as Pan or Mia did; her personality and his didn't mesh the best for "hanging out", but he didn't really mind her having her own style. But Pan had wanted him to come, and his mother said it'd be "good to get some cold, fresh air". He was of the opinion she wanted him to stop being hung up on the Valentine's Day fiasco (which had caused him to fly home that weekend and spend a couple days with his family), and probably shake off his crush on Judy. 'If she was smarter than a stalled tractor she'd notice how good you are, so just forget her' had been her exact words and while he appreciated the sentiment, things were never quite so simple in the super-life. So instead he focused on the trip ahead. The actual journey took a moment, and then they were standing on a...driveway? He blinked, making sure he wasn't hallucinating or anything like that. Nope, this was real. He glanced at the others, then back to the manor. "I reckon y'all don't have to settle for the Dollar General brands around here much, do you?"
  14. "She's not a student." She looked different, but that part of Micah's heart that had been filled with hope and then torn asunder knew this as her. "She's...I don't even know who or what she is. But she's not from here. She's not a student. She becomes what you want. Who you want. But it's all on the surface. She doesn't care about you as a person, doesn't care about anyone who's not-you." He flexed his hands, lightning sparking between them. He wasn't moving toward them...yet. "You want mature adults? Then call one. Get a teacher here. One who can...can scan her. Scan us."
  15. I'll need to theorycraft this out some with fellow big-brains in Discord or whatnot, but Micah's as-is power has a radius of 250 feet. So it's possible to extend that if Veronica wants but he's probably gonna be reduced to a backpack while he does it.
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