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  1. "I...I talked to one of the school counselors a couple of times. But...he said that more than two meetings would mean we needed to talk to my mom about it. And I'm just..." He hugged his knees closer and closed his eyes; his head tilted forward and rested his forehead on his knees. "I'm ashamed, Pan. I feel like being fooled for even a couple of minutes by 'Alice' betrayed her, somehow. I...it's fuzzy, foggy, but I remember what I was saying and doing and feeling. I felt ready to just...forget and set aside everything they taught me, all the values and beliefs my parent
  2. I could have sworn I responded....anyways. I'm going to throw my vote in on "smaller-ish company, originally Jasmine's pet project, and now in need of clean-up", with a side order of "they also have independent wealth from investment and do a lot of philanthropy". The latter jives with the skills for Alek's adoptive parents. But the former gives us something to do. And we can have missions to hit various dirty corporate types and nip that problem, and then occasionally have some fluffier stuff about the positive growth etc. of the company.
  3. Raven took a moment to scope out the surroundings as-is. His head stopped as he took in the already-open door. His hands flashed a simple, silent signal of "wait" to Arrow and Nevermore, and he moved with care and precision across the floor. Even the trained ears of the vigilantes would struggle to pick up the sounds of his footsteps; in the noisier area filled with talking thugs, it wasn't even a contest. When he reached the door, Raven carefully caught it with one hand and eased it further open. He signaled the other two with him to move to the sides, out of immediate view. Fina
  4. Hm. I think Raven will take a round to: -Configure his Gadgets to this: Electroshock Gauntlets Stun 10 (Extras: Linked [Martial Arts] Flaws: Daze) [10PP] (Electricity) -Move up to the door on the North of the Office and carefully turn the handle to open it slightly. Aka, no longer latched, but it's still basically closed. -Stealth Check: 22. We'll call that his turn; prepping himself for combat, and clearing the way for the others to more easily move out.
  5. Micah stared at the wall; it seemed to help him stay calm and focused, more than looking either his roommate or said roommate's girlfriend in the eye would. "She latched onto Felix as easily to me; if you'd been single, I wouldn't just assume you weren't vulnerable, Eira. You have enough of a heart to come sneaking in our room after hours." The hint of a ghost of a smile graced his face, and fell away just as quickly. "Her last words to us were 'One day you will love me'. And one of the main things that helped break me out of her control, spell, whatever, w
  6. Micah had scrambled to his feet as Alice's glow increased, and his own powers began to manifest again. But then, she just...stopped. She seemed...not sad, but somehow defeated. And then she was just gone. Micah waited for several long moments before he spoke. "I...I think she's gone, Felix." He collapsed to his knees, the sparks of lightning that had surrounded snuffed out in moments. Where there was anger before, was now simply exhaustion, and fear, and sadness, among other things. Micah hugged himself, and Felix heard the trembling of barely-controlled sobs in his voi
  7. "The toys are part of the package deal." Raven seemed dead-serious but the sentence sure sounded like a joke. "Hn. It's a historic place. Defacing graves...not the worst crime in existence, but not high on my list." At the other hero's suggestion of hiding, he looked up from his wrist-computer and nodded. He clicked a couple of buttons, reached up to his cape and adjusted its fastenings, then fiddled with his boots. Before Rope's eyes, he all but faded from view. "Let's go on overwatch, then." The barely-visible shadow of the Raven
  8. I'll go ahead and take 10 for a total of 25. 09/15 EDIT: Also, activating the Infiltration Gear Gadget.
  9. Micah fell down when Felix relaxed his grip; the young man landed on his backside, and loosely propped himself up with his own arms. His breathing had started to slow down, and silent tears trickled down his face. Then Alice exploded in light. His head snapped up to stare at her, and his mouth fell open in shock. He stood up, aided by a burst of wind, and started to back away from her. "Felix, I think maybe we should back away and get some help." Micah glanced at the powerhouse teenager, hoping that his classmate, who seemed a bit more put-together right no
  10. The young woman smiled and nodded at Jenny. "I'm Janet; Micah's my younger cousin but we're basically brother and sister." She sipped her drink and raised an eyebrow. "I didn't think someone could make strawberries and banana mixed with mint taste good, but kudos to you lot." Micah's mother smiled broadly at the man handing out the smoothies. "Well thank you, Shawn. You can call me Amelia." Micah's back was turned and he was trying to keep everything straight, but Janet saw Amelia blush slightly. She quirked an eyebrow up but didn't react otherwise.
  11. So there's been some discussion on the Discord that basically amounts to "But where does Raven get all those wonderful toys?", and the consensus was "the books aren't really clear on that". A few ideas have been tossed around, but we're not at a point of full consensus yet. Broadly speaking there seem to be a few ideas. -The Summers have a vaguely-defined amount of wealth in accounts, investments, etc, and are basically just "wealthy philanthropists", in the vein of '66 Batman. They are also, of course, known for running Claremont. -They have one or more large, pow
  12. Raven It's My Party: 1 IC Post Meanwhile at the Stately Summers Manor: 1 IC Post Playdate: 3 IC Posts Thunderbird Ancient Enemies: 1 IC Post Cosmic Love: 2 IC Posts Everything is Temporary: 4 IC Posts Rally Me This: 3 IC Posts Second Coming: 1 IC Post Guide Point to Raven.
  13. Micah nodded at Veronica's suggestion to just leave the dinosaurs alone. "Let the cows and dinos graze in peace, sure. Lead on, boss-lady." He did his best to keep full awareness as he want, but there was something about this place that sparked at least a bit of awe. When they came to the clearing with water and lots of animals, he smiled like a goofy kid for about 5 seconds. Then he frowned deeply and crouched down a bit. "Um, I know they're not the best source, but don't the movies and stuff tell us this sort of place is prime carnivore ground?"
  14. Alek smiled slightly as Judy gushed over his heroic persona. He waited for Charlie to break up the rush of words before speaking up. "Mm, I've seen some files on alternate universes. Some aren't too bad. Some are...well, I'm sure we all have some idea about how some roads not taken aren't the best sort of roads." He watched Callie and Charlie get to work on planning the party for the elder/current Miss Summers. Ashley's attention was diverted enough to that conversation to miss the shadow that passed over Alek's eyes as he watched young Callie speak, but Judy was both
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