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  1. Micah had settled down to watch the movie; he'd not seen this one, but he had watched the old Ten Commandments movie a couple of times. There were certainly...imperfections...with said film, but it was still an excellent piece of movie-making. Ben-Hur was looking to be cut from the same cloth. His gaze flipped to Judy at her comment, before his eyes lost focus just a bit. "Alzheimer's is...my grandfather, my father's father, had it. He tried to pass me all the lessons he could before it just...took him from us. Even though he was sitting in front of us. No one should have that." He sighed and tried to lighten the mood. "This movie was during Peak Heston, though!"
  2. Micah shook his head at the rather more verbose antics of his classmates, before double-checking his own backpack and pockets. Once he was sure he had everything, he fell in with the group, trailing toward the back. After a few moments, he noticed Veronica keeping pace with him. He raised an eyebrow and spoke up softly. His voice held no anger or irritation, just curiosity. "What's up, Veronica? Anything I can help you with?"
  3. Micah still felt a bit uncomfortable about the whole thing. The rather blatant setup by Judy was one thing. Being in close proximity to Leroy for so long and having to endure him and Judy being more casually affectionate was another level. But at the moment he stood in front of the door, Micah heavily pondered his decision in wardrobe. His arms and torso felt fine, but his legs and feet were freezing. He glanced at Mia, smiling a bit despite the shiver. "Remind me to never question the emergency warming measures taken by those who regularly wear skirts, dresses, and similar garments. Ever again." He stepped forward and opened the door, smiling as he gestured for her to head in. "After you!"
  4. As Grumble said, a PL8 built with 150pp is totally fine. A "wider but shallower" build isn't out of place. Our general recommendation is often a PL 10/150pp character, but that's more just for easiest slotting into the broadest number of potential threads, easy math, etc. PL8's doable. The main thing is to decide what PL you're setting your caps at (7, 8, 10, etc), and then ensure you hit your caps. An under-capped character will cause more issues than one that's "built broad". Regarding the question of vigilantism, that's a bit harder to answer. We have characters who fit the traditional comic book archetype of a "vigilante", which is to say characters with no or very low-level actual super-powers, and relying primarily on wit, skill, and gadgets to do the crime-fighting. We have several characters who use fear and intimidation as part of their crime-fighting arsenal. However. They still go after people who've actually committed. (or are in the process of committing) crimes. And they adhere to the same level of force usage and so on that the "brighter" heroes do.
  5. This was a bad month. Thunderbird Feelings and Other Sensitive Subjects: 1 IC Post Reptile Brain: 1 IC Post Tech Compliance: 1 IC Post Guide Point to Raven III.
  6. I'm out of town visiting family until Monday/Tuesday. Obviously I have a bit of posting ability, but even more than the anemic holiday rate I'm not posting much right now.
  7. As is probably obvious by my lower-than-usual postings, the holiday season's a bit busy and distracting! On top of the general sense of "off-balance", I'll be traveling to see family this week, so it'll be a few days after the new year before I'm settled back down and can hopefully build up some better rhythms.
  8. Micah laughed at the rainy picnic scenario idea. "It's funny because you're right! I've actually done that, to boot. But as for you playing shoulder devil, no, please don't. That'll only hurt everyone, including you." He looked concerned for his friend at that though. Considering Pan's extremely narrative origins, that might be more literal than for some people, too. "You're right about him messing up, though. And...I mean, I don't mind you putting in a good word for me. Just don't...layer it on? Um." He was clearly thinking through his phrasing. "Don't do too much all at once of that kind of thing. Spread it out, just small bits here and there, yeah?"
  9. Micah stood there quietly for several moments as others around him encouraged him to be calm. The electrical storm across his body ceased, but as Leroy continued to be...Leroy, the young man's eyes narrowed, for just a second. *krakathoom* Thunder rolled overhead, one single large peal that faded. Slowly, the tension left Micah's shoulders as his gaze turned to Ben. "I was never worried about something destroying the planet, Ben. Just this room." He sat down and turned back to the table in front of him. He just stared down at the laptop and papers scattered there, though with the unfocused look in his eyes he might as well have been staring into the sky.
  10. I know this is technically a bit late, my apologies. Thunderbird Feelings and Other Sensitive Subjects: 3 IC Posts Tech Compliance: 2 IC Posts Judex Bedlam Burning: The Quiet Place: 2 IC Posts Guide Point to Raven III.
  11. Micah Roebuck was more of a mechanical guy than an animal guy. He had no real desire to go into biology, zoology, or really any of the -ogy sorts of studies. He had no innate desire to, like, hug a turtle or something. But he was also still at least a bit of a kid at heart, and zoos were pretty cool. He had a solid team group, and so he was looking forward to the trip. The energy and excitement of his fellow students had fed that, at least a bit. Which was why he was on the ball enough that when he leaned into the aisle and looked back toward where the surprise tentacle came from, that he just used super-speed to duck out of the way. He smiled as he lobbed a complaint forward. "Watch it, Sir Armsalot!" Yeah, Micah was definitely a bit more sassy than normal. And if you looked outside, the weather was great. The young weather controller stood and walked toward the front of the bus, hefting his small backpack back on as he did so. He waited by the door to help anyone out who needed it. Danica got a helping hand onto her Segway, but everyone else was looking pretty well on top of things. "I think that's an entirely reasonable thing, Danica. That's pretty cool! Did they lay out all the plans, or just the rough drafts and major ideas?"
  12. Ashley, the Headmistress, and perhaps Claude would be the first to notice Micah's reaction, because the first thing he did was go very still. His eyes narrowed slightly, and his knuckles went white. For those with an eye for body language and human behavior, his sudden stillness was a warning sign. Nick suddenly felt...it wasn't quite a shock, but it was a sensation similar to holding a set of hair trimmers that shook a bit too much, yet with more energy. It was likely a new sensation for the young energy manipulator, and thankfully it was in no way harmful. "No." Benico Wang would suddenly pick up a whiff of ozone. If he turned to look at Micah, his eyes would pick up the same thing that Nick would just barely be seeing, as well. Tiny, almost microscopic lightning bolts sparking over Micah's skin. Nick and Judy would hear the sudden song that Micah was singing in the electromagnetic spectrum. Electricity, ionization, picosecond-long bursts of trace x-ray radiation (barely upticking from the normal background on Earth). All of it singing a soft, frantic song of agitation. "No, Mister Ransom-Conte. I will not be so casually dismissed. Not when you are playing with one of the most fundamental, destructive forces in existence. This is not the environment to create a small black hole in. That you speak of it so casually shows your disregard for the safety of others. To what end, Mister Ransom-Conte? To show off for your lady love?" Micah's voice was calm, almost still. He spoke smoothly, without the choppy enunciation angry people sometimes produce. But those with an ear for such things knew this was the still air before a storm struck. "You even admit to failing at this sort of thing in the past, but you still wish to put us at risk? You don't get to blow me off about this, Leroy. I'm not some servant you can order around. Maybe go back to playing with your first toy before you make a new one?" Micah Roebuck smiled, and it did not reach his eyes.
  13. Micah smiled at Pan's declaration about real vs realistic. "My grandfather said more than once, that something can contain truth, even if it isn't true." Micah gave Pan a thoughtful look at mention of something being up with the sisters, but he shrugged. "Well, I'd wager she shares similar concerns about Leroy's character that I do. Ashley strikes me as someone who cares more about character and action than stacks of dollars." He ran a hand over his face at the question. "The easiest thing is the bottling and hoping it goes away. I'm not certain a one-stop-shop scheme to make me and Judy end up together is a good idea, either, though. I mean, really there's a couple different things at play, right? The fact that Leroy's not a good match for Judy, and separately the fact that I like her. I'd love a chance to go on a date with her, but even aside from that, I'm concerned about Leroy. But Judy's loyal; she's not just going to dump him. Honestly, Leroy would have to pull an even more blatant stunt than apparently not talking to her for several months. I'm not sure how we could...what, incite him to shenanigans?" He looked very unsure and a bit uncomfortable. "I'd love to do something but I can't think of anything that doesn't leave me feeling...well, honestly, a bit sleezy. Do you have any ideas, Pan?"
  14. Trying to give other folks a chance to react to Leroy's casual attempt to create a mini-black-hole before Micah speaks up again. In the meantime, who would be able to pick up the following, and in what way would it manifest for them? This is pure fluff. 1.) Trace amounts of ozone in the air/an increase in trace amounts of ozone in the air. 2.) Ionization in the air upticking a small amount. No one's hair is standing on end (yet) but if you have a sense that could pick this up it's there. 3.) Extremely weak x-ray production (lightning actually produces x-rays!). 4.) Visual acuity strong enough to notice lightning bolts a third as wide as a human hair and a quarter as long sparking up along Micah, spread out at a density of 1-2 every few square inches of his body.
  15. "Yeah, that's fair enough, Pan. I get that our worlds operate on different...rules? Laws of physics?" Micah shrugged and sat down. "But you're also right that things get muddled too much. I'm...I like things to be clear. My dad, my mom, that's generally how they raised me. My dad did law enforcement. That's supposed to be pretty clear right and wrong." He looked at least a bit thoughtful at the mention of Ashley. "Yeah Ashley looked mad. And I don't think it's just 'you're too young'. If that's all it was, with where they're from, that kind of world, I don't think it would be as big of a deal. But no, that was the face of a very unhappy sister. I think she was mad at Judy and mad at Leroy. She can't make Judy say 'no' but I'd almost bet money she has the same concerns I do." Micah couldn't help himself and barked a short laugh at Pan's aghast question regarding movies. "Sorry man, just...um. So, you know a lot of movies aren't real events that happened, at least not on this world, yeah? Part of that is that a lot of movies compress stuff that would take weeks, months, or years, and have a lot of...I guess stops and starts? Cram all of that in 2-3 hours and a few major emotional scenes. So to answer your question, yes and no. Things are rarely as simple as in the movies. Sometimes that sort of thing doesn't happen at all. Sometimes it does."
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