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  1. "Yeah, flying's my favorite thing to do with my powers. It's the one thing that doesn't really scare me. I just...when I'm flying, I can concentrate on that, and I just know what I'm doing. There's no math or whatever, even though that's all got its place. When I'm up there flying on my own...it's like walking, but a thousand times better. It just happens." Micah tried not to laugh at the famous comment. He really did. But after a few moments, he just busted out a big belly laugh. He had to wipe his eyes. "Haha! Oh man I needed that! Yeah buddy, I guess you are kind of famous! Shoot, you're gonna be a hit with a bunch of kids! Just think about it, Peter Pan come to life right in front of them. Isn't that just the thing to kick-start the imagination?" He hops down off his bed and starts working on unpacking more, talking as he does so. "So, anyway, I guess we'll figure out our schedules over the next few days. School is school, but this place seems to really want to lean on 'cut above the rest' even outside of the superpowers thing."
  2. Micah had gone about playing with workmanlike effort and focus. He'd never be a star or Olympian, but for this game, he did a good job. He had missed a couple of the serves, but then again, he and Astrid had scored a few points as well. It was give and take, really; nothing unusual for friendly competition. He had smiled as Pan started up his cheering, just a touch more confidence coming out as he played. Having someone openly cheer him and believe in him really did boost his playing, even if just a bit. Now the ball was headed toward him once again. He narrowed his eyes and concentrated, keeping a lid on his powers. Instead, he took two hopping steps and reached one arm out. His hand smacked dead-center on the bottom of the ball. It didn't rise straight up; momentum kept it arcing. But its path had been changed, and it was, for the moment, gaining altitude. It ought to arc directly over to where Astrid could send it back over the net. Which was good, as Micah plowed shoulder-first into the sand, kicking up twin trails for a moment. He was on his feet a couple of seconds later, but time was precious in a game like this. Hopefully it wouldn't cost them another point.
  3. "Well, the power needed means these will need bigger wheels. So they're going to rest on the outside of your foot. They won't be able to fold up, either, so nothing like heely shoes. I make actual quality products!" There was a half-smile on Micah's face when he said that, so he clearly wasn't really insulted. "You'll need time to adjust, I'm sure. But you'll have four wheels on each foot, two on each side of the foot, so that should help. I'm going to have to play with the system for you to make them go and stop; half the idea here is to keep you from having to lean as much as with a Segway or even a hoverboard. I'm not sure how good the first few iterations will be; this is going to be trial-and-error stuff, to be honest."
  4. "Fire shouldn't be happening, so I guess it's okay." Micah had to lean to one side to say that to Danica, as Zenith/Corinne just...danced in front of him. He glanced at her with a raised brow but said nothing about the matter. He shook his head, then set the duffel bag down next to the table. Then, he smoothly laid down the towels on the table, making sure he had a clean and even surface. He spoke as he pulled out the objects in the duffel and arranged them. "So, uh, I guess this was going to be a surprise later on, but, ah...Surprise, Danica? I'm trying to put together something smaller than your Segway, that you could clip to your shoes. Something that would help if it broke down again, or just to get around bigger spaces where you can't bring your Segway. Right now I'm just seeing what I can put together, I don't have an actual design yet." Indeed, strewn across the cloths he has put down are a number of small electric motors, wheels, and other such parts, now surrounded by tools. Micah smiles at Astrid's offer as he sits down to his work. "I'll probably try to help some. With the puzzle, I mean. Just to not get too frustrated with this." He was already poking and prodding the motors in front of himself as he spoke.
  5. Raven's mind raced through what he remembered as he went very still for several seconds. Then, he brought the wannabe-sniper closer to himself. "Listen you drug-addled tree-sniffer. The next time you decide you want to help the environment, try voting and volunteering, instead of taking contracts from killers." Then the mess down below happened, and he casually tossed the man back toward the middle of the roof. "Your lucky day. Don't let me catch you pulling this sort of thing again. Ever." And then he was over the edge and falling toward the ground like a missile, aiming toward Dom's position on the ground. He wasn't sure he'd make it in time to make a difference, but it was worth trying.
  6. A few minutes after Astrid came into the common room, Micah Roebuck wandered in, with a lumpy duffel bag over his shoulder, a rather beefy plastic tool case in one hand, a slimmer case in the other, and towels over both shoulders. He walked around and past the girls, lost in thought and nodding his head to music from his earbuds until he made it to one of the sturdy tables along one side of the room. He got all the way through to setting both items in his hands down before he froze for several moments. Then, he turned around slowly, one hand reaching into a pocket (likely to pause his music), the other to pull out his earbuds and let them hang from his neck. He glanced at the girls present before clearing his throat. "Um. Hi. Sorry. I can...uh...go somewhere else?" He seemed very unsure of himself right now. "I...I mean, I can stay, too. I just figured...the shop's kind of crowded right now. And this isn't going to be too messy, and it's delicate work."
  7. Micah smiled and shrugged at Danica's thanks. "It's nothin'." He became contemplative for a moment at the explanation of the Room, what it could do, and how to go about using it. Then, he nodded. "I like it. It means we have to practice not just using our powers, but taking into account other people. Though...I'm going to warn you all now, my power is basically weather control. I can...mostly...control it."
  8. For just a moment, the wind stirred beneath Micah, and he floated up to his own bed, his luggage forgotten for a moment. His right hand tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Well. Don't take me as an expert, but. I've done a bit of reading on physics, plus our class, and there's stuff on the news now and again about other dimensions. And...my great-uncle once said something...what was it..." He closed his eyes and rested his hands on his knees as his legs crossed, a somewhat meditative pose, even as his back straightened a bit and he stuck his chest out. When he spoke next, his voice had an exaggerated deep quality, and was clearly imitating, but not mocking, someone else. "Many are the dreams of man. Some good, some bad. Some are just dreams. But some, some are echos. Ripples in the river from other stones. Only the blind say that what we see with our eyes is all that is." He slumped a bit and opened his eyes. "Maybe something about your world...echoed over to ours?"
  9. Judex shook his head at Liam's question. "The sanctuary is one of the spirit, not the body. These wolves could have huffed and puffed and blew the doors down easily enough, and this place holds no secret vaults." He nodded at Strix's words; that he didn't dance was testament to his self-control. Or his detachment in this form. "Perhaps the water will claim the rest of those implements of suffering. The lucre can rest in his office under the desk for a bit, we can secure this place enough to prevent immediate looting." He laughed at Sam's ongoing teasing. "I don't need signs to teach lessons to the wolves, child. But the sentiment is appreciated." His face went dark as further explanation was given. "Darkness loves misery and hates hope. Of course that's the root motivation." He glanced at the others. "I think a lesson in manners is in order."
  10. "Yeah. Yeah! If she can, so can I. And I'll earn my wings, too!" He blinked, then smiled. "Sorry, you may not get that reference. My relative is a pilot, with planes. I've dreamed of flying like that since almost before I could walk. I haven't had much chance to try yet; I can work with engines, but that's all been on cars and bikes." He leaned back against his bed as his roommate spoke of his home. For several moments, he remained quiet, his face bearing the expression of someone who was mulling over their words. Finally, he spoke. "I hope this doesn't come out wrong, but...that sounds an awful lot like a story book I read once. I mean...it sounds like it's an entirely different world. That's something we've established here as being very possible. So it's not that crazy. Just...we need to get you a copy. Or maybe watch one of the movies." He mad a sour face. "Let's put a pin in that idea. The older cartoon is....not great."
  11. So, I don't have ranks in that, BUT. I have Jack of All Trades, Beginner's Luck, and Eidetic Memory (if you'll allow it to apply). Knowledge: Streetwise: 12. 16 if you let the +4 from Eidetic apply. Also, 1 HP spent.
  12. Micah's eyebrows rose at the golden speckles floating down. He reconsidered his roommate's name again, and tilted his head in curiosity. "Pan...where is it you come from again?" He blinked, then winced. "I'm sorry, that came out poorly. I just...your abilities kind reminded me of something, that's all." He smiled again at his roommate's ongoing encouragement. "Yeah, I...look, this is all kind of new to me, but I have a...a relative, who's got really similar powers. Maybe it runs in the family? Anyways. She's got a lot more control already, though some of her egghead friends say we'll probably show more diversity in our powers later on. She's a hero now. I...I do want to go out and help people. I think my powers can do a lot of good. But only if I can really control them. I want to help people, not, create tragedies."
  13. Scarab, Frost, and Nebu were talking, like, ancient history and stuff. Thoughtspeed was bored. He did a couple more circuits of the crowd, and he was still bored. Bored, and still a little wigged-out and on-edge. He knew most of these folks were harmless. Even the statue-guy seemed solid; he was clearly a history nerd, but everyone was a nerd about something (despite what his dad tried to claim). Who was he to diss the guy's interests? And he seemed to be having a friendly enough conversation with the new-fangled Scarab lady. He was comfortable with the idea of some folks thinking that powered folks were the "next step"; not because it made them superior, but because it made sense that humanity had to adapt. How much crazy stuff was floating around here on Earth, let alone in space? Too much! It'd be cool if everyone had at least a little bit of powers. But then again, maybe not? Maybe the world needed all types. But why did they need a religious rally about it?
  14. Micah shrugged at the question about playing elsewhere. "Some folks don't like music as much, and I didn't want to just start playing one night without warning. That seems rude, yeah?" He smiled and laughed a little at the mention of adventure. "Heh, maybe. This city does tend to get a bit crazy! I might go looking for adventure one day. Right now, I just want to, like, master myself, yeah?"
  15. Raven actually snarled. "You still could have killed someone you drug-addled idiot! A paintball from this height might break glass, let alone what it would do if it hit a bystander! And even if it didn't break glass, distracting a driver at these speeds could cause a wreck!" He hauled the man to the edge of the roof, keeping a tight grip as he leaned him out and over. "You said 'she' hired you. Who is she? Who paid you?"