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  1. William Cline was mostly out on the West Coast these days, having graduated fully and entered the workforce. He had a steady girlfriend, one who he'd introduced to his family, and the full breadth of his life, not too long ago. He was often genuinely busy now, instead of the "busy" of a teenager or college student who was too "cool" to be with his parents much. But when his father sent him the text, Will knew things were serious enough he suited up to make the run back. When he was a few dozen miles outside of the city, he felt the sudden distress of his mother over the background psychic link he'd opened himself to. He immediately pushed every ounce of power he could into running fast. He might not be the fastest person on Earth but he was beginning to enter the same league as those individuals. So it should not have been a surprise to his parents and the other two heroes when Thoughtspeed skidded to a halt in a half-spin, ending up perfectly in front of his mother with twin humming blades of crackling green-black light casting eerie reflections off of his black helmet. "A melodramatic robot for me to beat up? How'd you know I needed some stress relief? You shouldn't have!"
  2. Guest Star! A Wild Thoughtspeed appears! Initiative: 24. Sense Motive: 26.
  3. Micah knew Eira well enough now that he hid his sadness at her angry rejection of being something besides metal and plastic. He could appreciate she wanted to choose her own future, but he remembered the screaming and anger when they'd visited her home. It seems she still needed to find peace with parts of herself. Instead, he just smiled at his friends as his powers faded away. "We didn't defeat this place, Eira. We defeated Hook, but as for Never...well, I guess Foreverworld? Seems like we saved it." He smiled and crossed his arms over his chest. "Seems like a good start to a new book, yeah?"
  4. Micah looked up at the Crocodile, then looked out at the approaching wave of white light. He felt sadness at the thought of what was going to be wiped away, but a tiny bit of relief. Perhaps these people would find the next...season...of life here less traumatic. It was hard to tell. "Really hope the crocodile doesn't need to eat us for this to go down. Not an experience I want." He turned to his friends, his face softening as he looked at Eira. He laid a hand gently on her twitching shoulders. "You're more than a shadow, Eira." His gaze turned to Pan. "I'm glad to stand beside you, my friend." He bowed his head, and wings of gently glowing emerald motes circled all three of the teenagers as the walls of white closed in.
  5. Raven stepped into the room at the front of a triangle formation, with Nevermore and Madame Raven flanking him. He smelled the strange gas that Red Death had deployed, grit his teeth, and gave a slight snort as he shook off the brief feeling of brain fog. He took in the chaotic scene in moments, then spoke, his voice tenser than normal thanks to actively ignoring the psychotropic drug in the air. "Nevermore. Madame Raven. Aid Watchdog. Patriot has the big one handled for now. I'll take Red Death." His right hand reached to his belt and withdrew what seemed to be the hilt of a traditional shashka, made in black and dark silver. A flick of his wrist and press of a button had a blade extending out with a whirring, clicking blur of motion, before a shining silvery blade curved through the air. Even as it was deploying, he strode forward, his entire posture that of a man who owned the space he was in. He moved with ease, as if simply walking in an open field. Pieces of debris were sidestepped or stepped over. His cape billowed behind him in the pseudo-winds kicked up by the combination of the base's air systems and the wakes left by the speedster moving about the room. His footfalls echoed with more weight than his frame might suggest, lending a gravity to his presence. His gait seemed like a casual walk, yet in moments he was standing between the Vice-President and the ghastly visage of Red Death. "I thought I already taught you what happens when you come into my city, Red Death. You're not even going to touch her." The sword in his hand suddenly blurred through the air, and struck at the gas dispenser in her hand. The steel of the sword held true and all but swatted the gun from Red Death's hand, much like a parent disciplining an unruly child holding something they shouldn't. "Stand down." The "or else" was implied.
  6. Right, let's see. Free Action: Give the sidekicks apprentices orders. Chop chop kids! Free Action: Extra Effort! I'll pay the HP next round (as I believe that's when it happens). Standard Action: Set my Gadgets to: Extending SwordDamage 4 (Feats: Mighty, Variable Descriptor 1 [Piercing, Slashing, or Bludgeoning]) [6PP] Move Action: Get up next to Red Death. Standard Action: Disarm Attempt! Melee Attack: 27. Disarm Strength Check: 31. (Strength of +5, Mighty 4 for sword, and +4 from Improved Disarm, for total +13). That's on Red Death's gas gun.
  7. "Sounds like you're just scared, Hook. Scared of losing. Scared of being...irrelevant? Scared of change?" Micah stood there, his energy-wings folded on his back. A scowl was on his face, enhanced by his goggles. His hands flexed open and closed several times. "So because of that fear, you just...what, violated everything? Performed atrocities? The war you started, the things you did to your own crew! But the thing you're most wrong about, is the thought that someone like you will ever win." He stepped closer and leaned over Hook. "People like us will always stand in your way."
  8. Raven went slightly stiff at the dual warning. He nodded, even as a few odd presses against his suit changed its outline. The cape extended, the strange sheen went away, and hard plates extended out. "Help her get to the Unkindness, we'll move to a Roost until we can get her to a League psychic. I will cover your path." He turned and moved to the edge of the roof, his cowl's eyes glowing as he scanned the streets below.
  9. Raven nodded at his counterpart's acceptance of the suspicion. "Let's have you show up in your full gear, at least to start with. We will have some medical resources on hand to assist you when you're out of it, if need be." At the mention of taking on the criminals on the streets below, he smirked. "Well, if you insist. I think I will do just that. I'm rather not a fan of people shaking down shops, after all."
  10. Gabriel (Titanium) A New Member of the Family: 5 IC Posts Posts to Thunderbird Raven III (Titanium) The Shadow of the Doomforge: 1 IC Post Unkindness in the Shadow of Doom: 2 IC Posts We Ain't Going Down Like This: 1 IC Post Posts to Thunderbird Thunderbird Return to Neverworld, Never/Forever: 2 IC Posts Guide Point to Thunderbird.
  11. Initiative: 21. Fortitude: 11. Going to spend an HP to reroll: 13, which becomes 23 due to reroll.
  12. There was a sudden rumble in the sky, and a cloud formed above Hook's ship. Then, the deck was bathed in emerald light as the Thunderbird rose on wings of crackling green lightning, shaped like a terrible bird of prey. He paused for a moment a few dozen feet above the ship's deck. His right hand reached skyward, and a bolt of energy was simply in his hand. Then in a flash and a crack of thunder, he was on the ship, standing such that he, Pan, and Angelic formed something of a triangle around Hook. Micah reared his hand back with a snarl on his face and cracked goggles over his eyes. "I think you're a-" several Cherokee words his mother would blush to hear "-and that all you represent is tyranny. Just another white man with delusions of grandeur. Me? I'm the storm, Hook." HIs arm snapped forward, and the bolt flew true.
  13. I'll write an IC tomorrow, but. Thunderbird's gonna fly up to the deck alongside Angelic and Pan and shoot lightning at Hook. Standard Action: All Out Attack for +5 Attack, -5 Defense (Defense is now +9 until next turn). Attack Roll: 16. If that somehow hits, DC 27 Toughness Save.
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