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  1. Raven III Racing Death: 3 IC Posts Thunderbird Green Machine: 2 IC Posts Let's Fall In Like: 2 IC Posts Roommates: 2 IC Posts The Slow and the Sensible: 5 IC Posts Total: 11 posts Judex Golgotha Tenemant Blues: 2 IC Posts Guide Point: to Raven III
  2. "Star Wars is very much a story that transcends any one philosophy or religion, yeah. I mean, there's some pretty obvious Eastern-ish influences, but it goes well beyond that. The themes are what really matter." He pauses, pulling down a book and skimming the cover summary before putting it back. "Well, that and the laser swords and space ships. I'd be lying if I said those didn't matter, and my father didn't raise a liar." Judy could hear the slight smile in his face. This...was probably the first time Micah had mentioned his father. And one of the handful he'd made reference to family in general. "Hm. Not a lot of great new stuff this month. Guess it's a slow month. You know what books we need more of?" He seemed to actually be waiting for an answer even if the question sounded rhetorical.
  3. "Narnia's fun. I like Tolkien's work, too. I...when I'm reading fiction, I like a world where there's at least some justice. If stuff's too muddled, it's just not fun for me. Sci-fi is not usually as good at that, though Star Wars is pretty good. But it makes up for it with...you know, not being super-trope-y." He shrugged vaguely as they walked along. He noted Judy's path, but for the moment he himself drifted toward the Fantasy & Science Fiction section, just kind of walking through the aisles without much aim. He hadn't intended to specifically separate from Judy, but he was in a bookstore and wanted to look at books, so there you go...
  4. Judex felt the assault of the thugs lessening, heard several of them in the hallway collapsing. Slowly but surely, his arms came down from protecting his head, revealing his face. He was smiling. Then he laughed. "Rejoice, brothers! For today, I shall help drag you closer to redemption!" His right hand lashed out, the palm slamming the temple of the man closest to him. It struck with the whole forearm behind the blow, putting all the force into his foe instead of Judex's arm. The man dropped like a sack of potatoes. The next man received a one-two combination of a boot to his nether regions, followed by a knee to his face. "For it is as the Good Book says!" He shoved his hand into another man's throat, kneed him in the gut, and threw him to the ground. "Blows and wounds scrub away evil! I greet you now with a holy kiss as I deliver more good news!" He leapt forward, as his hands grasped one man and wrangled him around, until he had his head under one arm. He actually kissed the man's forehead, before whirling him to the ground in a landing that drove the man insensate. "Beatings purge the inmost soul, my friends! And your souls have much that needs purging!" His hand lashed out, grabbing the fifth man by the neck and lifting him a couple of inches off the ground. Judex brought him closer, that same smile still on his face. "Your sins are many, but I am here to rebuke you! To turn you to the ways of righteousness!" He grasped the man's belt buckle and lifted him higher, laughing now. "I return you to your brethren, that ye may repent of your unrighteousness!" And then he threw the man into the next cluster of thugs out into the hall, as easy as some might toss a duffel bag of clothing.
  5. Imma throw 'im. Ranged Attack: 19. Which hits, per Chat where it was stated the DC was 14.
  6. Right, let's see here. I think Judex is going to try and grapple 1-2 of the dudes, since he's very much built as a grappler/wrestler. With his feat selection, he can grab and grapple and also punch. This is gonna be great. Melee Attack: 19, that hits. DC 19 Toughness. Grapple Check: 23. Not sure how we want to use Takedown Attack here.
  7. Micah ultimately picked the two-color tie, again citing his ownership of a one-color tie and limited dress clothes wardrobe. Once checked out, he tucked the small-ish box with the tie into one of his windbreaker's jackets; they were just large and flexible enough to handle it, and this way his hands were (more) free. At Judy's question, he shrugged a bit. "Well, I like biography now and again, mostly musicians. Books on aircraft history, stuff like that. I like fiction, especially science fiction. Fantasy can be good, but..." He rolled the words around in his head for a few moments. "Some, not all but a lot, of fantasy authors are worse about...using stereotypes. Mainly for non-white folks. Not always negative ones, but...it still gets tiresome. Same reason I'm not big into crime dramas and the like. Most history books are depressing or frustrating."
  8. Judex was genuinely taken by surprise by the sheer suddenness of the group's attack. He didn't have time to avoid their blows; instead, he moved himself such that the blades scraped fabric, not flesh, and the clubs and fists and feet struck the thickest parts of his body. He might have a few bruises later...but then again, maybe not. For now, he weathered the storm, forearms covering the slowly-growing smile on his face...
  9. Micah hummed thoughtfully at Danica's suggestions. "Hm. Well, I've got one that's a dark green. And I barely ever wear ties; my only tie-worthy shirts are white...hm. You know what, the red...and...blue..." Outside, the breeze picked up, and for a few moments, so did the temperature. His sentence trailed off as Judy walked out in her dress. It was a simple look, but Micah was a simple man, really. After a moment, he shook his head, turning to Ashley. The weather calmed down (such as it hadn't been calm) and went back to the natural pattern of a moment ago. "I...um. Honestly? That would feel weird, and I'm not sure how well it could work? Stormchaser mainly does storm-busting, and even then she tries to break up as little as possible, right? Because you can't just flip the switch at that stage; you make a 5-foot raincloud, whatever, no big. You make a 5-mile raincloud, well, it comes from somewhere. To give this guy a great bucket of rain, that guy's field goes dry. I can massage weather patterns, break up the big, destructive stuff. But...I wouldn't feel right taking money for that. Or hero-ing, if I do that after school. No, I want..." He stops, blushes, and shakes his head. "Sorry, it's silly. Don't worry about it."
  10. 20 is exactly enough. I'll roll Toughness. Toughness Save: 16. Reaction will go up after I confirm if that makes it or not.
  11. Micah had been gone for several minutes before he absently wandered back over, a tie in each hand. One had a subtle red-and-blue tie, while the other had a brighter single-shade blue tie. He finally looked up when he got near the girls, oblivious to the deep, thoughtful conversations they were having. "I can't quite make up my mind...which one do y'all think would look better on me?" If he was going on a mall-crawl with 3 girls, he was getting some dang fashion advice.
  12. Hm I know I described Micah's actions IC but did I need to do some rolling here or the like?
  13. Buried deep in his thoughts, Micah found himself incredibly glad that Pan had elected to take up Corinne's offer. He knew it wasn't fair to the other student, but he struggled to get past some of the less-positive impressions she, but more dramatically her alter ego, had wrought. So when his roommate gamely made the offer, he was relieved. Instead he turned to Monica and offered her a smile and his arm. "I can't promise I'm that great, but would you like to dance?"
  14. "Some folks say boring. Others just say it's peaceful. I mean, there's loads of opportunity for adventure for folks who like it. Some people are happy where they're at, though. Some can't, even if they want to. It's a big, complicated, world, and it's not always fair." Micah shrugs. "But it's what we've got. And we make the best of it. Good and bad."
  15. Judex waited until the man at the front was distracted talking to the others. That was when he struck. "Looks can be deceiving, you mangy cur!" His right arm lashed out, the forearm striking the man. However, instead of hitting his throat and eliciting a few moments of nearly choking, it struck the man along his collarbones. Worse (from Judex's point of view), between the angle and the heavy leather the man was wearing, instead of winding him, it seemed to mostly just surprise him. Surprise him enough to shove him backward, but now the element of surprise was lost. Then again, Judex was now just....standing there...having come from nowhere, and now he was visible, in all his burly glory, leering at these men.