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  1. Cobalt Templar CT Interview: 1 IC Post Post to Judex Gabriel Cost of Experience: 2 IC Posts The Hand that Breaks the Fall: 5 IC Posts Posts to Thunderbird Raven III Family Takeover: 1 IC Post The Shadow of the Doomforge: 1 IC Post Posts to Judex Thunderbird Return to Neverworld: Make a Wish: 3 IC Posts Guide Point to Thunderbird.
  2. The cowl of the Raven's suit covered all of his upper face; his eyes were hidden behind one-way lenses except for very rare occasions when dealing with scared civilians, or calmly speaking with heroes or law enforcement. A dangerous situation like this, they were down, obscuring all but his mouth. Despite the armored plating above them, Nevermore knew that his mentor had raised an eyebrow in curiosity at the Raven-drone. Clearly he hadn't realized that at least one such drone had been completed. The vigilante's attention turned to the streets below for several moments; he was clearly assessing
  3. "Pan, do not blame yourself for this. I don't care if this place runs on "story" more than "physics", Hook has agency. If you can make choices that "break" the story, so can he. The only person to blame for him committing crimes against existence, is Hook himself. Don't let him mess with your head before he's even trash-talking to your face." Micah's face fell into sadness as the Pixies declared they were waning. "It may be given to the Elves to pass from Middle Earth, but that does not mean we who remain cannot mourn." His eyes widened at their statement. I
  4. "Stesha, I know you just woke up, but you need to rest. Let's get you home, where you can see your daughter. I'll go talk to the rest of the League. We can keep forming plans. Tomorrow you can write down, or talk about, everything you remember about how that thing fought and acted." Gabriel was giving her an expression that was a mixture of concern and exasperation. "Or do I need to start quoting what you said to me for weeks after the super-zombie incident?"
  5. Cobalt Templar shifted in his seat a bit and sighed. "The security team member from Grant Pharmaceuticals elected to aid me in holding up the roof as the rest of the civilians evacuated. Once the area was evacuated-" He paused here, almost chewing his next words before they came out. Paige could sense he was self-editing his wording. "The other individual elected to leave the premises. The rapidity of his exit meant that the structure collapsed. I was physically fine, but delayed. By the time I met up with the rest of the team, the duplicate had been stoppe
  6. Alek had remained in place for the last couple of minutes. The man who'd been shot was as stable as he could be now, and the others were, if not calm, at least calmed down enough he did not fear a mistake happening. He closed his eyes, breathed deeply, and listened. He waited. And finally, he recognized the time to strike. His hand slowly reached into his pocket, and tapped his phone screen in just the right way. Within moments, the lights in the room shut off completely, as did all computers. With it being an internal meeting room, there was no sunlight. The only source of light
  7. Carson sagged a bit as they continued to talk. It was clearly a sign of further relief. "I realize that was probably a bit harsh toward them. I'm sorry. It's just....I've spent the last few days feeling worried, hearing everyone else being worried, and picking up non-verbal cues because, well, we all know how good I am at that these days. Makes it hard to unclench. Everyone's been a bit on edge." He frowned thoughtfully at Stesha's clarifications on the being. "Hm. Interesting. So definitely telepathic in some manner, and/or some measure of passive temporal
  8. Micah walked closer to one of the ice "statues" he had created. When he saw the mutilation of their bodies, the signs they'd been dead before ever stepping foot here, he blanched and stepped back. For a few moments he muttered a prayer of protection under his breath, before he spoke where Pan could hear him. "That's just completely messed up. And, like, I get that they were 'hooked', which is in theme with the Hooked Man. Aka Captain Hook. But....doesn't this seem a bit beyond a crazy sky-pirate captain? This is, like, freaking voodoo or necromancy or something. I never read about
  9. "I can ask most of them to go home. Just letting them know you're up and about should be sufficient." Gabriel shifted as he spoke, even as he turned to look at Stesha once she'd given the "all clear". Stesha knew Carson found the sheer devotion some of the people on Sanctuary regarded her with...uncomfortable...at times. He and the monks had been extremely gentle in any discussions where it had come up; they'd thoroughly lived up to the bargain of not making their aid conditional. "No further sightings yet. The eggheads think it's some kind of phobophage-like being. A
  10. Gabriel smiled at Stesha's not-quite-desperate question. "Clothes, brush, and a few other things in a couple bags someone packed in here. I'm mostly just a courier." He walked over and set the bag down near his friend. Then he turned his back and walked over to the entrance; he stopped just inside the door and spoke over his shoulder as Stesha started to dress. "Melanie and her family have been watching Ammy. We just had them stay at your place the last couple days. Seemed easier for Ammy, all things considered. Velocity and I talked with her the evening th
  11. Gabriel had been on the outside of the garden for most of the day. Tiamat was clearly the forceful guardian. Gabriel had appointed himself the gentler guardian, there to calmly ask visitors whether they truly needed to be there. Gaian Knight had "spotted" him once or twice, but Gabriel had insisted his duty lay in fulfilling this task. His friends could tell he viewed it as a penance, for allowing his dear friend to die when he was so close. When the flower opened, Gabriel sat up straighter. Then he stood, and reached down to the bag on the bench next to him. He stood and moved in
  12. With some assist from RL due to me not having my login for rollers at the moment... Stealth: 29. Melee Attack vs Left Thug: 19. Rerolling with HP: 24. DC 24 Toughness save vs the melee attack. If Takedown Attack 2 procs, roll vs Right Thug: 28. DC 24 Toughness save vs the melee attack. Will wait to post IC until I know how those go down.
  13. Gabriel nodded slightly at Velocity's words. His reply was quiet, his voice tinged with sadness. "Yes. I think that would be best." In between eye-blinks, his spear is gone, and has folded his hands together. They sit mostly hidden in the sleeve-folds of his robe-like coat, giving him the air of a man of the cloth. "I will go with Gaian Knight and wait for you at their home. Best not to delay things by having someone who's not a registered guardian go to Nicholson." He closed his eyes and sighed. "Give them the code-phrase "Field Fa
  14. Micah shook himself out of his near-trance from putting out the fire on the tree. He turned and looked again at the pirates, and his eyes widened while his face paled a bit. "Okay that is just completely messed-up. This is objectively worse than a zombie movie." He looked at the array of pirates before him, then stepped in front of Pan, his arms raised and pointed at the small army in front of them. "Hang on, they just need to chill out." A wind picked up. At first it was just a breeze, but then it began to roar. The temperature dropped, and flak
  15. When the initial signal had gone out, Carson Keefe had been grading papers in his apartment. He didn't do it very often, so he wasn't quite as efficient as he could have been. He'd listened to the signal from Tiamat. His eyes had widened, and even as he stood, his form was cloaked in a glow and then clad in his armor. He restrained himself long enough to run to the balcony, throw open the door, and fly at sub-sonic speeds into the air. He got far enough away that he knew he wouldn't break any windows. Velocity and Gaian Knight beat him to the park, the former by virtue of her speed
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