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  1. We're moving in a few days. Between now and then there's stuff we gotta do, too. So my already-erratic posting will be worse for a week+; between "getting the internet installed" and "work" and such, not sure how much I'll be around. Hopefully will be settled in semi-sufficiently by Easter weekend.
  2. Judex Golgotha Tenemant Blues: 2 IC Posts Thunderbird Giant Krampus: 4 IC Posts Sky-Pirates: 2 IC Posts Guide point to Raven
  3. Micah had blinked a couple of times at the golden bear. On the one hand, that was a lot of gold, but on the other, bears. And one that might come to life one day? Sheesh. Then they came to a...clock? His head tilted as he realized it was ticking and moving with no mechanism. Not a hidden one, but no mechanism at all. He was no matchmaker (yet), but that was impressive! Presumably it was some kind of mag- And then Pan recognized it, it struck the hour, and an alarm sounded. Micah closed his eyes and said something in Cheroke that would have his mother up in arms, before he sighed. "Pan, buddy, any chance these holo-things happen to be tied to someone, someones, or something or things? Seems like...convenient...timing."
  4. Judex stood in the corner closed the to door, almost lounging against the walls there, a slight smile on his face. He kept up a facade of a jovial "hobo dude" for the sake of the children, and showed the Father an appropriate amount of respect. In short, he stayed himself. Inside, he was concerned about Strix. Not just in the sense of "I hope he doesn't trip an alarm and get swarmed", but even more so in the "I hope he doesn't succumb to the monster inside him", with a dash of "I hope he doesn't lose himself to his guilt and despair". Despite the wide array of differences between them, Judex felt a sort of kinship with the bird-themed blood-sucker. Probably their religious upbringing, and that both took it seriously even today. Also, Lord forgive him, but he was a bit jealous of how mobile Strix was. Sure would make patrols easier... Outwardly, he continued to tunelessly hum and watch Rosa and Liam work, idly wondering how crowded things felt for them. He was one person, maybe one and a quarter depending on your perspective, and even then his own head felt crowded sometimes.
  5. Micah didn't reply verbally as the others thanked him, instead simply nodding while keeping an expression of concentration on his face. Once they all reached the inside of the facility, he let out a large sigh of relaxation and released his power, letting the wind resume just as the door closed. He closed his eyes and did a couple of breathing exercises as their elevator descended, only opening them when they stopped. At which point he blinked several times in surprise. "Whoa." He moved with the rest of the group until they passed one room, where he stopped and stared for several moments. "That looks like some kind of high-end flight suit! Is...is that armor panels? And the helmet's so smooth!" Micah saw that the group was moving on without him, and he hurried to catch up. On their way to the security desk, he also saw a room with several jetpacks of slightly different models on stable testing rigs. While he could fly under his own power, jetpacks weren't far from planes on his "cool to try" list. He heard a cough and whipped his head around to face the security person in front of him, eyebrow raised. "Oh, sorry! Micah Roebuck.Here for the tour."
  6. "While the offer of a fortified office is tempting, my own inclination leans toward the full anonymity of the priest's home. Unless your office's protections can withstand a true siege?" Judex was a bit less boisterous. Nowhere near "glum" or the like, he simply seemed to be more...thoughtful. "Broadly speaking, what defenses do you have in place at the office? A bit more detail might sway my mind."
  7. "I'm working on relaxing, I just..." His eyes get a bit far-away (which Facsimile can see thanks to his goggles being pushed up his head) as he thinks for a moment. "I have to be extremely careful. Weather patterns...they're temperamental. And if I'm not careful, I could bring down a super-storm that makes the wildest movies look tame. Control isn't a luxury for me, it's a necessity. And on top of the fight, Zenith's crap has me ramped up. I'm trying to calm myself down inside my head without showing it." He sighed and shook his head, continuing their trek toward the holding cells. "Mango. I love mango and it's expensive back home. And I'll need the sugar-energy."
  8. Broadly speaking, is this place more of a "gizmos and gadgets" sort of place? Or would they have cars and/or planes here?
  9. Micah saw Salvo's salute. His only response was a slight nod. He seemed, if not distracted, then at least withdrawn. It took several moments after Fascimile came over and they started moving before he responded. "Please don't call me Mick. My name is Micah. I know you didn't mean anything by it; it's just...a preference thing?" He scowled at nothing in particular. "Anyway. I think regular restraints are as good or better. If these are Nordic 'dark elves', I'm not certain tinsel means anything to them. I don't know what the most, um, mythologically appropriate? Means of restraint are." He took a moment to adjust his grip as they kept walking. "I was planning to fly home tomorrow. I have a couple of bags that can handle the wind, and it's tons cheaper than driving or going on a plane." Oh he means literally flying himself in the air. "Was going to spend a few days back home with my mom and aunt and uncle and cousin. Probably visit my grandparents too. Eat too much food." His face became thoughtful. "Though considering all the flying I'll be doing, maybe it's just enough?"
  10. Micah still found himself...on guard...when Corinne was around and they weren't literally sitting in a classroom or lounge or the like. The Krampus Incident had left him...well, he didn't like Zenith, and Corinne was only just far enough removed he was cordial with her in the right setting. This trip, though, he was less sure about. Everyone else was pretty chill, though. When they arrived, his eyes slammed shut almost immediately. It might not be the worst sandstorm in existence, but sand in the eyes was no joke. He moved his goggles down his head, then blinked. He took a few moments to look around, then nodded. "Hang on, I think I can make this a bit more comfortable." Thunderbird (a name he was still adjusting to) slammed his hands together, producing a loud clapping sound. More dramatic, though, was how the air around them for a couple of hundred feet stilled, dropping sand to the ground and leaving them unassaulted by the grain substance. Micah's face was pinched in concentration. "Can't do this forever. Walking would be good, yes."
  11. @RocketLord, how do you feel about Thunderbird using his Environment Control to create a zone of calm around the kids? Basically keep them from getting sandblasted, but not big enough to, like, cover the whole base or whatnot.
  12. Strix's fangs and tongue retracted, and his grip released the woman. As the vampire relaxed, so too did the grip on his shoulder. Even for a normal man it would not have been painful, but it was very...present. Now, Judex fully released the white-clad hero and gave him a couple of friendly pats. "There we go, dear sir. Remember, we are the sheepdogs not the shearers. Ours is not to weigh and measure the flock, but to defend them. Sheep go astray but the Shepherd must be the one to return them. Now!" He clapped his hands and rubbed them for several moments, before letting them drop and starting to walk for the door. "We have space to cross and less time to cross it in. Let us away, as unto Elijah outracing the chariots of the king! There's wolves afoot in the woods yet!" He moved with purpose in his steps, but also what some might consider a spring in those same steps...
  13. Micah went very, very still at Zenith's words, his face and body simply ceasing movement for several moments. And at the same moment, every single bit of breeze in the entire courtyard simply stopped. The only air movement came from the breath and movements of the other people present in that scarred space. Above them, the sky darkened, just a bit. And then the moment was gone as Micah turned away from the glowing, spiteful girl and toward the Headmistress. He simply nodded and spoke quietly. "Yes, ma'am." His aura faded as he walked over to the creature she'd asked him to help contain and reached down to help Fascimile pick it up and take it away.
  14. When the Krampus had reared back, Micah had taken to the sky, a green blur streaking through the air. When the monster faded away, the shield disappeared, and the adults returned, he was suddenly there. He landed with a crack of thunder, his body wreathed in a green-tinted aurora borealis, and his back sporting two well-defined wings of lightning. He scowled at Zenith's words. "Oh get off yer high horse, Corinne. She ain't draftin' us, she's deputizin' us. And I don't know if there's anyone in the world coulda planned for that thing. Headmistress is here now." His home accent was far more pronounced just now, showing that he'd clearly been practicing having a non-descript Midwestern American accent for the most part. He looked toward the Headmistress, lifting up his protective goggles. As he spoke, his accent faded, though his grammar took more time to readjust. "I'm doing fine, ma'am. No injuries, just got stuck for a bit by the big one. None of the...whatever those are...made it into the dorms, we kept them out here. Then took care of them. Well. Most of them."
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