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  1. Cobalt Templar's attention turned to the enormous monstrosity, his eyes narrowing inside his helmet. His stance shifted, his cape twirling around for a moment before shifting into a large, bulky pack that quickly screamed with increasing exhaust. "Ladies. Please keep the chaff busy. I will engage the beast until you can join me." He launched into the air, training faintly-blue fire, his sword gleaming, his armored fist crackling. The air rushed around him, and then he was perched on the Warbot's chest. His sword flashed out, clashing against the thing's armor, his fist pummeling at the plating keeping the abomination in one piece. "I defy you! I shall strike you down!" Even if he wasn't making much progress, he likely had the thing's attentions.
  2. Should be 3 HP for CT unless you're invoking a Complication somewhere. Anyway. Free Action: Talk! Move Action: Get up in the Giant Robo's business. Standard Action: Melee Attack: 24. If that hits, it's a DC 28 Toughness Save, and the attack has Penetrating 12.
  3. Cobalt Templar took note of the stirrings of the war-droid, but couldn't split his focus at the moment. He raised the hand shrouded in an over-sized glove, bearing an automated firearm as some sort of after-thought. The weapon barked, and craters appeared in the armor of a half-dozen nearby Drones. Moments later, his great flaming sword smote them, the one at his left that somehow escaped that blow being grabbed with the crackling glove on that side. Its head was quickly crushed-burned, naught but ash falling to the ground. Fire and smoke swirled around him as he stomped after Sea Devil and Singularity, his own booming voice now silent. Now was not the time for words, and only his allies would understand his verbal castigation anyway.
  4. Going to be on a short vacation and trying to be mostly unplugged from tomorrow through most of Sunday. Will be around (later) tonight.
  5. July was not kind to me. Cobalt Templar With All Respects to Max Tegmark: 3 IC Posts Guide PP to Cobalt Templar.
  6. Cobalt Templar considered the situation before shrugging and nodding. "The floor? Yeah. Give me a bit of space and a moment to concentrate." He stood, planting his feet hip-width apart, his weapon disappearing in a fiery haze of raw power that swirled back into him. The outfit he wore, his creativity-driven manifestation of the raw inner power of his Ring, grew indistinct before becoming an opaque swirl of blue tinged with red that spun about him. Before suddenly, a burning blade rose up, its tip barely touching the ceiling. The glow faded, and Cobalt Templar stood, seemingly transformed, before Singularity and Sea Devil. Some called the two young women there monsters (though usually far away from them and any friendly to them). But the ring-wielding hero knew the real monsters looked and acted more ordinary, and that sometimes you had to fight them force-to-force. Thus, he was now clad in dark blue armor that swirled with dark red patterns; arcane symbols of the Kabbalah, one shoulder bearing an Omega, his left chest bearing a "101", his right shoulder bearing a dark crimson eagle design. His right hand gripped an enormous sword that blazed with blue fire, while his right hand bore an enormous gauntlet that crackled with barely-restrained power; an advanced-looking firearm strapped to it seemed an almost undersized afterthought. His head was hidden behind a helmet that, while not as nightmarish as that of an Omegadrone, was nonetheless fearsome in its own right. When he spoke, his voice reverberated with power and authority. "Now then. The floor above. Be prepared, ladies." ==================================================== The hall above was dark, and the Omegadrones patrolling it were running a routine patrol pattern, clearly no specific threat in mind. Suddenly, the floor behind them rose up, then split, as an enormous blade pierced through the floor, a flaming mockery of Excalibur rising from the waters of the Lake. Moments later, the floor tore itself apart as a huge hand grabbed and pulled, some of its material simply melting away at the forces exerted on it, as a blue giant clad in gleaming metal rose up from beneath, bearing fire and fury in his hands. "Your time is up, monsters."
  7. Going to Stunt off of his Fires Of Creation Array, and give him Impervious 10, let's say. We're going to keep that running as long as possible. Hero Point to negate Fatigue.
  8. Cobalt Templar had silently followed behind Aquaria as she took the lead; despite all his enhancements he could tell she felt in her element. Besides, his abilities meant he was good at taking up the rear. Of course, being in the rear didn't make some of these discoveries less unsettling. When Aquaria signaled there were drones overhead, he crouched down, his gaze pointed upward but his conjured firearm still lowered. He considered the situation for a moment before he spoke, his voice barely even a whisper, and distorted slightly through the darkened construct-armor about his body. "We knew there would be many. Do we strike up through here or take another route? We can't afford the time to explore all 3."
  9. Cobalt Templar found himself...not zoning out, but ending up in a place that was, if not zen, then very calm and remarkable relaxed, all things considered. He was falling back on years of hard-won experience at how to handle combat, putting his nerves aside in the moment. He acknowledge the genuine fear he felt on multiple levels, but coolly chose to not act on that fear. Instead, he swept his gaze down each tunnel for several moments, scanning for threats, before shouldering his conjured weapon for a moment and speaking. "I vote we go left. It doesn't have a drop-off, and the claws suggest a mutate of some sort who snuck around. There's probably some kind of sewer-type entrance they missed. Right side...I'm worried about what might have killed the mouse. I'd say it was paranoid, but..." But the city was under siege by the Terminus, and Corbin had learned his lesson well years ago the lengths the Terminus might go to deceive.
  10. Thoughtspeed I'm a Believer, Are You?: 1 IC Post When We Were Gone Astray: 2 IC Posts Cobalt Templar With All Respect to Max Tegmark: 2 IC Posts Guide Point to Cobalt Templar
  11. On their way over to the plant, Cobalt Templar had donned what looked like a dull blue and grey shaded urban camoflague pattern field uniform, like something the military would use. Just without all the extra gear; his head bore the same soft hat the Army might issue, and the blue mask on his face was the only part out of place. Something in him had changed as well, and his aura, normally a flare of not-quite-fire around his body when he flew, was nonexistent. When they landed, he went into a tight crouch that disguised his bulk, keeping him behind cover as they had a last-minute conference on tactics. Sea Devil proved the decisive voice, and CT nodded at her words. He gestured for Singularity and Foreshadow to follow her and let him come last. "I'll be rearguard and overwatch." As he spoke, the uniform on his person became raw energy, its light tamped down, and it moved across his body, until it was a suit of armor bearing a cloak, clearly designed for moving unnoticed. The blue patterns had darkened, and his chest bore a dulled red rendition of an eagle emblem, one with head pointed to the sky and wings outstretched. His left shoulder bore a "101" in the same shade of red, while his right shoulder bore an eagle's head. In his arms, a weapon that would be over-sized for the average person manifested itself. Cobalt Templar scanned the horizon through his weapon's scope until the other three heroes were down into the waterways below. Then, and only then, he slip in, quiet as a ghost.
  12. Hm. Well, I can roll a Knowledge: Tactics, but, broadly speaking, I see 3 strategies: -Everyone blaze in -Two forces, one all-out attack and one stealth -Everyone sneak in Let's assume Teleport won't work no matter who does it (since none of us are Annihilists or Omegadrones). I think (looking at our sheets) we have a non-zero chance of sneaking in. If we go for that, I say we sneak through the parking lot to the nearest building that gives us access to the underground. Then, we have...hm. Someone needs to run point. We should probably keep Foreshadow safe-ish so he can do tech-stuff to the DOOMGIZMO. I could put CT on point, especially once his edits are official and he's got a pretty-decent stealth and perception. He can also adapt on the fly sufficiently to help the others rally to him. Or stealth-kill a Drone with a dramatic neck snap.
  13. Thoughtspeed let the weird time-traveling man talk, nodding at the appropriate moments, trying to build a better picture of what "had" happened, what "might" happen, and what "should" happen. He didn't speak as the man left, simply staring where he'd been and contemplating what might be happening... ====================== Thoughtspeed had, naturally, gotten on-site first, and had nodded a greeting when Grim showed up, having heard (a mixture of things) about a fellow alumnus of Claremont. "Apparently. Bit of an odd situation, really. Especially since it's about someone who will invent...a gizmo that can look at the future?"
  14. Cobalt Templar hadn't met Sea Devil or Singularity. He'd heard quite a bit about them. Erin practically ranted about it sometimes. Well, as much as she ranted about anything, to anyone who wasn't Trevor. Really, these things were relative anyway. Point was, he knew who all these folks were, at least their hero-names. And right now, what else mattered? His body's armor faded for the moment, leaving him wearing his mask, a blue ball-cap to cover more of his head, and a rumpled pair of jeans. And nothing else (visible); when the others inevitably gave him an odd look, he gave a sheepish shrug and rubbed the back of his neck for a second, blushing slightly. "The invasion kind of woke me up, and I haven't had a lot of free time lately." Getting a bit more serious, he came up to the table and threw back his glass of scotch in a single motion, though he took a few moments to roll it around in his mouth before swallowing. He seemed unbothered by the burn. "Good stuff." He nodded at Sea Devil mentioning Midnight's plan. "I haven't gotten word of the full plan, but if Midnight's involved along with you, Foreshadow, I'm in 100%. Just tell me where we need to go and when. I can get in quiet then make some noise. Been a while since I've gotten to wreck Omegadrones. Maybe this time I can show Steelgrave what mortality's like; his boss never did take kindly to that." The fact that he's standing in an underground vigilante lair, shirtless and shoeless while bearing a blue mask (with whited-out eyes) and a conjured ball-cap didn't really seem out of place to him.