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  1. Micah stopped playing as conversation picked up and he had to concentrate more on following everything going on. He replied to Danica's question about his abilities first. "I mean, yeah, sure. Not all day long, but for a little bit. I'd say I can do stuff that size without a lot of worry, and stuff at about the campus's size without a major issue, if it's subtle. Making the whole campus warm might jack with local weather, though. A tunnel is small enough the patterns will just kind of...move around it.I just don't want to do something that, like, makes a super-storm in Africa or something." He scrunched his face up in confusion at Corinne's description. "I've never heard of 'Liege Waffles', is that a special brand or something?" He heard the chatter about a trip. Thinking on it for a moment, he offered up his own thoughts. "I mean, if it's a surprise trip that doesn't need extra paperwork from our families, my guess is that it's someplace safe and 'mild'. Freedom Hall, City Hall, something like that."
  2. Judex Golgotha Tenemant Blues: 2 IC Posts Raven Racing Death: 3 IC Posts The Raven Commission: 4 IC Posts Thunderbird Giant Krampus 2: Krampus Campus: 3 IC Posts The Slow and The Sensible: 2 IC Posts With Black Curtains: 1 IC Post Guide Point: To Raven
  3. Judex leaned over the railing for a moment before looking back at the good Doctor wit ha sigh. "Our fine feathered friend needs help...against himself. See you down there!" He took two steps back, then vaulted over the railing, his trajectory flinging him to the opposite side of the stairwell. He laid hold of the railing there for a moment, before repeating his earlier move. Down he went, hopping between landings before he finally made the last leap. His landing was solid, a classic three-point affair that was muted only due to the rather lackluster surroundings. Slowly, Judex stood, holding his hands palm-forward as he walked toward Strix. "Now now my friend, do try not to get carried away there..."
  4. The young weather controller's playing slowed at Judy's question. "I...I mean, I guess I could try? Can I get a..a trial period? Sorry, I just.." He stopped playing for a moment and gestured around them. There was a lot going on right now! "Doing this here is kind of a big step. But...yeah. I can try. Might as well put this thing to use? It's too cold to fix cars and bikes right now, heated garage be danged. Also, I do at least kind of agree about math classes, Ashley, though geometry's handy for flying, too." Micah huffed indignantly at Danica's insistence on the cold, even as he picked up a new tune. "I could just give you a tunnel of hot air to the library. Or you could take Corinne's car. Or her offer to get the books." He glanced at the flighty girl's mention of waffles, slowing a bit. "Uh. Just classic waffles? Or blueberry?" And then Nicole and Judy were...Micah wasn't sure what was going on but the hair on the back of his neck was standing up, and he was pretty sure it wasn't his own fault this time. He stayed silent, but glanced toward Leroy, and then Ashley, with a raised brow and confused expression on his face.
  5. "You assume the Pact exists solely to protect us. And our world has driven back the Terminus. Multiple times. Including Omega. Multiple times. You're a two-bit juiced-up assassin. You're a dime a dozen in this city alone. Point is, you don't scare me, Dewstar. So with that out of the way." Raven takes a half-step back and slightly relaxes. Dewstar can feel him roll his eyes at the "whatever you want" line. "Yeah, well, that'd be easy, since what I'd want would be 'leave again'. Anyways." He frowns thoughtfully at her description of this individual. "Is there a word in another language that you're translating? I might be familiar with it."
  6. Micah's brain felt stiff, almost gummy. The blast of supernatural cold had left him numb, aching, and trapped in a shell of ice. For just a moment, he considered just drifting off to sleep... Then he heard his roommates voice, roaring with defiance, will, and optimism. Micah blinked and shook his head. He looked down at his body, then closed his eyes and concentrated. The air around him stirred once, twice, then began to pick up, whirling around him even as tiny sparks and ripples of green lightning played up and down his body. In this space, he was focused on heat rather than explosive damage, so all of this electricity focused more on the "hot as the surface of the sun" aspect of things. Micah was clearly focused on just being free, though if his constant glances toward the Krampus were any indication, he was pretty clearly thinking beyond that, on top of wondering if the ice-beast would try to contest literally anything he tried. Thankfully he wasn't the only one drawing attention to themselves, at this point.
  7. Thunderbird will spend an HP to un-daze himself. Then, he will adjust his Weather Control to be 12 ranks of HEAT. He'll keep the area tight around himself, though. I'll go ahead and roll a Power Check: 32. Well then!
  8. "You know, Danica, if the cold's the problem, you could just, uh, ask nicely for some help?" Micah, shockingly, not only speaks of his own volition, he almost sounds sarcastic! Ever since the Incident At Christmas, he's had a little bit more fire in his belly, at least from time to time. He'd wandered in a few minutes ago, going to a far corner with a large, lumpy black case of some kind. Now he plopped down on one side of an empty couch near Ashley, Judy, Danica, and the others near them. The people he knew best and was most comfortable around. Oh, and he was holding an acoustic guitar. "I haven't started writing it. Still wrestling with whether to write what I want to, though. Something about..." He strums once. "About the Trail of Tears. Just...I dunno, something about it's been cropping up in my head, but it's a bit big." He starts softly strumming the chords to a faster-paced song. "And Ashley, I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. History's important. If we don't remember what happened, what mistakes were made, we're doomed to repeat them. And if we forget the wisdom and lessons of our elders and our ancestors, we dishonor everything they worked to give us, whether they're here or with the Lord." He plays for a moment more, gaze looking nowhere, before shaking his head. "No, that's too big for this paper. Need something smaller. Hm. Judy's idea is good, it's more local, more focused...Anyone remember who the first Native American superhero was?"
  9. Judex's gaze shifted smoothly to the two new arrivals, his form sweaty and a bit winded, but still whole and uninjured. "Y'all picked the wrong direction, little wolves. You're messing with the big sheepdogs now." His head lashed forward and caught the first thug's nose, which left him reeling and open to be grabbed around the neck and body-slammed back-first into the floor behind Judex. Before he stood back up, the hairy hero's feet lashed out and tripped the other thug. This left him open for being grabbed up by belt and neck, then slammed down on top of his compatriot. With those two out of the way, Judex turned to Dr. Thorne and spoke, smiling still despite all the human wreckage around them. "Shall we join our fine feathered friend now?"
  10. Going with our typical routine! Standard Action: Melee Attack: 13. Yeahno, HP reroll: 11, which becomes 21. DC 19 Toughness. Grapple: 33. EDIT Swap the melee rolls for Taking 10.
  11. Raven pursed his lips, but nodded at Copycat's words. "Fair. Though you know what I mean." At Geckoman's first comments, he looks thoughtful. At the "intertubes" comment, he retracts the lenses of his mask long enough to visibly roll his eyes at Geckoman, before they snap in place again. He speaks, and as he does so, he pulls a couple of modules from his belt, plugging them in to his gauntlets, where holographic mid-air screens spring up and he begins typing and clicking. "First of all, saying 'Intertubes' makes you sound so old. I want that noted for the record. Secondly, it won't take that long for the first round of that investigation. But the important parts, if they've got two brain cells, will be on an air-gapped network that we have to get to physically anyway. And if they could connect these dots, I'm going to operate on the assumption they can airgap."
  12. Activating the "Tools of the Trade" Gadget, primarily for the Rookery uplink. This flows into some of my checks. Computers (substituting for Gather Information via Online Research): 22. Hm. I'll let that stand for now. This is to try and get additional info on this Agent, and anyone he might be connected with or reporting to. Investigate: 22. Okay that's weird. This is basically to try and sniff out possible rumors or whatnot online/"out there". Computers: 25. This is to try and find any Dark Web sites or file shares that may be linked to Government Acronyms trying to gather information on super-types. Like names and strengths/weaknesses.
  13. "I am not 'annoyed', Dewstar. You are a self-admitted murderer. One who has no remorse for the lives she's taken. One who'd have committed some of these murders with no remorse or guilt, even had she not been chained. Your geas does not absolve you of the guilt of your previous crimes. And your refusal to acknowledge good and evil do not change the fact of their existence." He stops for a moment, taking a calming breath. "I get 'annoyed' at traffic. I get 'annoyed' at too many trailers in front of a movie. I get 'annoyed' at someplace over-charging for simple food items. The things you have done? They go far beyond 'annoying' me. But." He took a single step forward, his body otherwise motionless. "I am feeling generous. You like freedom of movement? Well here's a deal. You refrain from seriously injuring or killing anyone in this entire dimension, and when we free you of this geas, you leave. You leave this city, this state, this country, this continent, and this world, and you never darken its door with your blood-spattered murdering self, and I won't lift a finger to stop you leaving. You stay gone, and I won't call down the entire Freedom League to ensure you end up staked to the sunny side of Mercury with blessed silver and cold iron. I don't care that you don't want your freedom taken away. You lost that privilege when you became a murderer." He crossed his arms over his chest. "That's my deal."
  14. Reflex Save: 26. Toughness Save: 17. Reflex Save: 15.