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  1. As mentioned yesterday in chat, my presence around the baords is going to be spotty at best for the next week and a half or so. My maternal grandfather passed away and I've got his funeral this weekend, and I've got my brother-in-law's wedding next weekend. My access to anything with more ability than an iDevice will be on-and-off.
  2. Thoughtspeed managed not to show his inner thoughts when Comrade Frost completely killed the mood. Best to press on. He shook the pretty lady's hand with a big grin on his face. "Scarab, huh? Well, glad to see you're back out and about on the streets." He didn't fully understand how the red-and-gold hero's shtick worked but his folks spoke words that were fairly positive about the hero...at least in the past. His grandmother, too, once you decoded it. Comrade Frost, on the other hand, had been one of the sources of some of the more interesting words he'd learned from his grandmother. "I'm Thoughtspeed. Nice to make your acquaintance. As for the...proceedings...it's certainly interesting, if nothing else." His body language, previously casual and a bit flirty, is now noticeably more alert. He didn't visibly scan the crowd, at least to the average eye, though the two heroes looking right at him might notice a few moments of blurring around his person before he resumed. "Does feel a bit like it could turn bad if something goes wrong, though."
  3. Thoughtspeed was out for a run-patrol, enjoying the night air and the feeling of barely touching the ground as he sped along, when the man in the out-of-place getup appeared and started talking time travel. He was stopped and listening in an instant. His family had drilled the importance of at least being respectful to time travelers into him, even if he hadn't been taught to implicitly trust them. So he stopped and listened, nodding gravely at the appropriate times. He wasn't sure he bought how wonderful this "future viewing" stuff was, but it sounded like someone was going to try keeping a kid from being born, and that was never cool. "Feel free to talk fast, I can keep up. So this lady's not born yet? What do I need to do to help someone not erase her or whatever? Does this involve cyborg assassins? My dad keeps warning me about them, and they don't sound as fun as ninjas."
  4. Thoughtspeed kept his helmet closed and his body near-visibly charged with kinetic energy. This event looked like a big hippiefest his folks would probably love, at least on the surface. But between all the powered folks wandering around, the super-lax security (his mom could slip in in her sleep, literally), and the fact that the whole premise of this event was the sort of thing to set basically everyone else on edge... He saw a few Freedom City based heroes. He'd heard his dad talk about that Frost character a few times, so he just gave him a silent nod from a couple dozen feet away. But then he spotted her. Scarab would hear a slight whoosh of air, and then, bam, there was a young man in a black bodysuit with glowing green lines and a dark helmet that retracted to show a smiling face, handsomely messy hair, a big domino-style mask, all atop a figure striking a rather blatantly flirty pose. "Hey there! I'm Thoughtspeed. Nice to meetcha!"
  5. Sorry, I just saw this. FYI @Sylinator, for future reference, PMing me here or in Discord works better than tagging me in Discord, since I lose the tag in the shuffle sometimes.
  6. Raven III Try Harder: 9 IC posts Guide PP to Cobalt Templar
  7. I'll offer up Thoughtspeed, albeit with a warning that while he hits PL10 caps he's at PL12 PP.
  8. After they arrived at the Rookery, Ashley had quickly changed and left in a discrete car they'd arranged for her to take. Alek had parked The Unkindness, and it was already withdrawn into the garage, nestled safely in the auto-repair bay, robotic waldos moving over it and fixing the minor dents and dings their little outing had accumulated on it. The Raven suit was mostly gone, only his under-layer remaining, the belt and armor pieces laid out to be cleaned and repaired. The only piece missing was the cowl itself. Currently, it sat on the computer console, its empty lenses staring right back at Alek's pensive eyes as he stat there, hands steepled in front of his mouth. He was pondering the events of the night, rolling the scenario around in his head. He had no satisfactory conclusions he could make; just questions and half-answers. After almost half an hour, he stood and went to shed the under-layer and change into civilian clothes. He needed to talk to his adoptive father; perhaps he'd have the best perspective on some of the jumble that Alek was experiencing right now. He walked up the stairs, the lights going down in the bunker-cave. The cowl still sat there, shrouded in darkness. Waiting for when it was needed next.
  9. What sort of Power Level range are you looking for in this adventure, Syl? I'd be willing to lend a character.
  10. "Oh, that rumor's still circulating? Good." Alek actually smirked. "I am an orphan; my biological parents died when I was barely a year old. The Raven rescued me from the circumstances I spent several years in after that. I was adopted by others besides her, though; at the time I didn't know who was behind the mask. And as I said, I approached her fro training and eventually, possibly, inheriting the mask. But the story of 'Raven adopts an orphan she trains to replace her' has good thematics, and obscures the issue in ways we find useful." At her question about Foreshadow, he smiled a bit. "Heh. He's a good guy. Not much older than me, really. Lot mouthier, though. He seems to have taken the role well."
  11. "That was one of the main reasons I started this life, really." Wait what? "I'd met Raven years before, but after a while, I did some digging, put some pieces together, figured out who she was, and went to her." What. "I knew she couldn't do it forever, and that someone had to do it. I figured, I had a bit of a leg up on some candidates. And this way, she didn't have to convince anyone to do it. Better the mantle be willing. As for your comments about being unpowered, not only did you undergo similar training to myself, your powers don't necessarily mean you enter every fight with an advantage. You risk bleeding the same as I do unless you fight a super-tough meta...at which point things are an even playing field again. I don't begrudge similar talk from Foreshadow, after all." He didn't want to confirm Midnight's possession of meta-powers, but Foreshadow's ESP was at least broadly known about.
  12. Alek grunts. "Valid points, and a good perspective. It's a tight rope we walk, a thin line. But I suppose the world needs us just as it needs the ones who walk the clouds." He seems to relax a bit as he mulls the idea over. "I will admit that...admiration...is not something I've heard used much for the original Patriot, but my sources are likely somewhat biased." His mind flashed to Trevor Hunter's mention of the Hunter family's yearly Christmas gift sent in honor of the Patriot. Alek could appreciate the layered symbology. "I always knew fear was one of our primary weapons, I guess I just didn't realize how close we dance to the Line to maintain the edge of that weapon, until today."
  13. Alek is quiet for several long moments, simply staring at the wooded road ahead and around them. He was taking the long way, triple-checking they weren't being followed back to the Rookery. Finally, he spoke, his voice decidedly less certain. "Do you think..." He stopped for a few moments, his jaw working itself. "Will they really be afraid I'll kill them?" It was a hideously vulnerable question in the context presented, and showed that Alek trusted Ashley quite a bit. Probably more than he ought to, some might say.
  14. Alek is silent for several moments. "I'm not hurt. I've had way worse, and the armor took the impacts without issue. Might need to swap a couple of plates, but other than that the suit'll clean up. Wait, hang on." Seeing that they're rapidly leaving heavily-populated areas, Alek flips a couple of switches on his dash, and panels cover the glass of the driver compartment as holographic screens take their place. Safe from even the most powerful prying eyes, one hand presses a few spots on his cowl, causing it to unfold slightly and slip easily off of his head. It's set to one side on a purpose-built stand even as another holo-screen setup lets he and Ashley speak "face to face". Without the cowl, he seems...younger. And while most of his expression is stoic, his eyes shine with concern for his fellow vigilante. "I got in way more shots than you did. Are you okay? No irregular heartbeats, palpitations, anything? I didn't feel bones or teeth break but there were a couple of layers involved. I can tell if it's just-" He stops, his jaw clenching for a moment as his eyes focus on the road. They're somehow almost distant until he starts up again. "I almost lost myself, just for a moment. Because it felt like a contest of equals. Those are...more difficult to not lose myself in. Not most days, but some. Your low blow might have shoved that to the front. I'm sorry if I went too far, Ashley."