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  1. Raven III Alek did what he could to react with a measure of shock and fear on his face, while still keeping his body from making sudden movements. It was harder than one might think to do exactly that. After the noise of the gunshot faded, he spoke up with only a slight tremor in his voice. "I'm more than happy to not give you all any trouble at all. Could one of us get something to put on that gentleman's leg to help with the bleeding? I'm more than happy to do it. It'll keep my hands occupied, after all." He sat still and kept his hands flat on the table a
  2. Micah sighed as the others started to prepare themselves. "Eira, I'm going to trust that you'll keep us from going viral. Guard your eyes and ears, I'll delay the ship." He pulled out a pair of sturdy goggles and slipped them over his eyes, then pulled off his jacket and shirt in one smooth motion, revealing his sleeveless "extracurricular uniform" from Claremont. The young weather controller crouched down, and wings of emerald light unfurled from his back. The air rippled, and suddenly Micah was gone. The trail of emerald motes behind him traced far into the sky in ey
  3. Thunderbird is going to burn an HP to cover the fact that he's taking an extra Move Action... Move Action: Fly at top speed to a point a little ways past the pirate ship. He's using his Power Reserve fully to Flight, so that gives him Flight 7 aka 1000mph. Free Action: Switch his High Flier Array to this power: AP: Damage 10 (Extras: Area [General, Burst], Linked [Dazzle], Flaws: Action [Full Action], Tiring, Power Feats: Progression 10 [Area, Max 20 mile radius) [15PP] + Dazzle 10 (auditory and visual, Extras: Area [General, Burst], Linked [Damage], Flaws: Action [Full A
  4. As the street racer mercenaries introduced themselves, Judex simply snorted in vague amusement. "Wolves in tin clothing." he muttered to himself. But then one of them started charging directly at Dr. Thorne's ride. Judex was a brave man, but not a stupid one. Thorne would have to swerve; the car simply couldn't take that sort of collision. Truth be told, neither could he. Or rather, he couldn't handle colliding directly with all of those armor plates. Now, getting over those plates, maybe getting to the windshield? That he thought he could handle. He crouched furt
  5. Thunderbird Micah had found the movie entertaining enough. "Most versions make the Crocodile maybe two or three times the size of a person. Hence Hook having just the hook-hand, not being a hook. That last fight was pretty gre-" He stopped as the others noticed the ship in the sky; it took him only seconds to see it as well. He sighed. "Right, of course. Irony. Y'all need me to give us cover to change?"
  6. Thunderbird: 28. Which I think thanks to the nat20 is technically a...33?
  7. Micah tensed up slightly when Judy grabbed his hand, but before she had a chance to change her mind about grabbing his, he squeezed back. Shock, then, rather than fear. "Miss Smith, I would not wish to presume to dictate the nature of our...friendship. Didn't want to jump to assumptions, I ain't that kind of Sooner." He moved closer as Judy pulled him in, his eyes half-closed as he spoke softly...and then Ashley demanded to know what was going on. Micah's eyes shot open, and the barely-there wings at his back flared brighter and clearer as a jolt of fear raced down his
  8. Raven III For just a moment, the man's words once again stopped Raven in his place. And once again, the vigilante simply grit his teeth and moved through. "You don't know fear. You don't know pain. I do. Let me show you." He moved suddenly, with a force and ferocity that seemed inhuman. He angled for the smaller man who spoke with the strange power, but one of the bodyguards put himself in the way at the last moment. Raven just smirked. "You'll do." In the blink of an eye, the bodyguard was suddenly held as surely as if he was bound
  9. Don't have the actual build thread ready yet but here's a rough idea of what I'm thinking for Gawain.
  10. Will Save: 12. NOPE HP Reroll: 25. Move Action: Move to Spooky Guy. Acrobatics to avoid attacks of opportunity: 29. Standard Action: Melee Attack to Grapple: 33. Grapple Check: 31, thanks to that Crit.
  11. Micah ran a hand through his own hair; he seemed to be exhibiting a lot of nervous gestures tonight. "I'm...I'm glad. My mom'd be madder than a wet hen if she knew I'd played hooky to go make a micro-storm, but...I was afraid I'd hurt people here if I didn't go let some of that anger out." He floated closer, and Judy likely noticed that their building had a modest bank of misty fog around it. The weather and the hour of the night meant it likely wasn't a major concern for anyone, but it gave them a degree of privacy. At her confession, his face was momentarily confused
  12. Micah hung there for a moment as his face showed...not quite surprise, but still a bit of shock the response was so quick. He floated closer, and he idly scratched his right shoulder. "Um, hi. Sorry if I woke you up. I..." He seemed at a lost for words for a moment, then sighed. "Earlier, I had a nightmare about her. Alice, That she came for my family. Killed them while I was helpless to stop her. Woke up straining my inhibitors." As he spoke, Judy could feel the hum of electromagnetic energy coming off of him. It was like the ripples in a pond
  13. Micah flew quietly, his face uncertain, for several long moments. Then, he nodded once. "Okay." He nodded again, several times, his arms uncrossing as he did. Faint wings of light grew behind him, unnoticed by the young weather controller. "I'll just say hi, and see if she's doing okay. It seems like she's had a rough year." He looked back at Pan and Eira, his face still a mix of emotions. "I'll just have to hope Ashley's not too quick on the trigger." As they drew near to the campus, the air thickened just a bit.
  14. I wanna jump onto his car. What do you need me to do, Giz?
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