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  1. Micah looked at the shell, then Ashley, then the shell, then Lulu, then the shell. "Uh. What if...Lulu, what if you just can't sense through the shell? Like....shells protect stuff, right?" He seemed hesitant, but was clearly trying to think through this. "What if you just can't read her mind through the shell? Could...could one of us just stick our head in or something and see if they're in there? It's pretty big. And she just...just summons them. Have any of us actually asked her how her shells work?"
  2. Micah had been on his way back to his room from the cafeteria when things got interesting. It wasn't a designated meal time, but his powers sometimes left him craving extra food. Generating the kinds of energies he did, even with the esoteric nature of his abilities, meant a large appetite. So it was no surprise by this point that he made these random trips for more food. At this moment, he was heading back to his room. Then he heard Ashley curse. Now, this wasn't exactly a one-time thing; she didn't do it often (mostly because the Headmistress looked at her when she did), but it wasn't something he hadn't heard before. But the way she did it, and the choice of words...they reminded him of his cousin, his "big sister". Specifically, they reminded him of her when she was about to have to go wrangle with a monster tornado. So he did the only thing he could: he walked up and, taking a moment to screw his courage to the sticking place, he spoke. "Um, Ashley, what's wrong? Can I help?"
  3. Late again...not that May had much to count. Thunderbird Sky-Pirates: 1 IC Post Guide point to Judex.
  4. @RocketLord that was a Targeted Area Burst. As I understand it, I roll 1 time to hit all chosen targets (in this case, the 3 Pirates). So they'd each need to make a Toughness save...
  5. Thunderbird looked at the chaos occurring all around him, including his fellow students seemingly all having taken to the fight. For a moment, he closed his eyes and breathed deeply; the winds and clouds he had summoned shifted with that breath. And then the sun began to shine, as the clouds thinned unnaturally fast. Thunderbird, meanwhile, opened his eyes, which now shone solid green with his power, even as his whole body was coated in a film of the aurora borealis, wings forming of thickened light-clouds behind him as he crouched. "I don't like thieves or bullies." Those honestly mediocre words were his only battle cry before he tore through the air, his feet barely touching the ground but leaving bits of glass in the sand as his crackling form streaked forward like a missile. His right hand drew back at impossible speeds before striking toward the closest pirate's solar plexus with enormous force. The next pirate would be the target of a bullet-fast barrage of lighter blows aimed all over his torso and face, while the final ne'er-do-well would have a pair of kicks aimed at his groin and then his face. All of this happened in the span of just a couple of seconds.
  6. Sorry, was on vacay. Right, so. Free Action: Switch Array to Borealist Blitz power. Move Action: Speed up next to the pirates inside the big dome but outside the small dome. Standard Action: Attack them. 20. DC 23 Toughness Save. Rocket, it's up to you how quickly the weather fades. I think RAW it would go away pretty quickly, and I don't have any feats that would change that. But if you want to flavor it fading slowly enough to provide dramatic mood lighting or whatnot, that's cool by me.
  7. Micah's eyes widened as the floating pirate ships shot magical cannons at them. Zenith's strange barrier seemed to only slow them down; the glowing projectiles whistled overhead before slamming into the building, showering Micah in dust and small debris. For several long moments, there were swirling holes in the fog bank, before they filled up again at Micah's will. As White Lioness asked for a ride, Thunderbird grunted. "I can try after everyone gets topside and doesn't need as much cover. No offense meant to a lady but I can't lift you on my own, not that far, and I'm having to put too much in keeping our cover up while it matters. If it matters." Poor guy seemed to have a confidence problem, even now.
  8. Thunderbird can't switch his Array to another power and still maintain the fog cover, and if Zenith's barrier's getting holes in it, he's not going to drop the fog cover until everyone's topside and in position. @Tiffany Korta I think he unfortunately doesn't have the oomph to get her airborne without using a stunt off that same Array...
  9. Either one works for me, though I know I've been a slowing factor in what few threads I'm in.
  10. Judex Golgotha Tenemant Blues: 2 IC Posts Thunderbird Sky-Pirates: 2 IC Posts Guide PP to Raven.
  11. Judex had been more than gracious with the semi-retired priest, thanking him more than once for his assistance even as they ensured the children were as safe as possible. On the way to the flophouse, he'd been...not quite withdrawn, but definitely quieter and more reflective. When they arrived at the flophouse and came upon Strix's perch, Judex just moved up and observed things for a couple of minutes. Then, Doctor Thorne spoke and asked a question. For a moment longer, Judex was silent, before he spoke, his voice not much above a whisper. "We need to move soon. The mangy wolf below thinks himself a lion, a lord of this jungle. He has sent his flea-bitten pack to do his dark deeds, and thinks them victorious or nearly so. We sheepdogs are here to disabuse him of that notion. But we cannot linger, or he will call more mongrels to his defense, or perhaps flee through some dank hole we cannot see. We need to be swift yet cautious, my friends. I think we have the strength, Lord willing, but it must be spent soon."
  12. Micah had tensed up as the situation escalated. There was a lot starting to happen, and the danger was real. Real in a way that actually hit him even more than the incident at Christmas. And of course, since Corinne was here, and now it was a fight, Zenith was here. But he couldn't focus on that. When Astrid spoke, he turned to her. "Yeah. You know what, yeah. I'll give you cover, then maybe try to make things uncomfortable for them. You do what you do best." With confidence he didn't quite feel, but that his friends and comrades seemed to put in him anyway, Micah followed closely behind the two ladies. As he walked, his body became slightly charged with energy, and wispy, fog-like clouds began to form behind him, shaping themselves into wings. By the time they were on the surface, oddly bird-like wings sat on his back, formed of clouds of shimmering water vapor with tiny sparks of energy rolling around in them. When they reached the door, he stopped, even as Zenith worked to protect the building. "I'll be right behind you." He raised his arms to the sky and closed his eyes. In moments, the air began to thicken and cool, tiny rainclouds forming; it didn't take long before rain fell int spatters, hit the ground, and rose as eerie fog. In relatively short order the Danger International facility was at least partially cloaked in a rolling bank of fog, one that stopped just short of Astrid and Zenith as they prepared to face the pirate ships.
  13. Micah's going to raise fog/rainclouds around the building and its entrance, such that the edge leaves Zenith and Astrid in the open, but with an option to retreat to cover.
  14. We're moving in a few days. Between now and then there's stuff we gotta do, too. So my already-erratic posting will be worse for a week+; between "getting the internet installed" and "work" and such, not sure how much I'll be around. Hopefully will be settled in semi-sufficiently by Easter weekend.
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