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[IC]Warped Drive


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April 25th; 8:00pm; Freedom City Airport


Bonfire, Net Fly, Trikoskia (assuming you want to go through the proper channels and such.)


Having arrived at the terminal you find yourselves universally greeted with the roaring wall of bureaucracy that seems to permeate such places passing through it like a curtain of falling water you are lead towards the departure lounge, politely informed that the flight has been delayed due to a small chartered flight due to depart in roughly 15 minutes and offered a bag of complementary salted pretzels for any inconvenience this might have caused; this goes over about as well as could be expected amongst the assembled representatives of the various media outlets and university faculty, which is to say with all the serenity of a fallen hornets nest as their flight to the Harrow Association Labs Expo is delayed..


Doctor Warp

You have encountered some difficulty in securing a flight, not for lack of means but more so your greatly amplified density posing a flight risk to all but the most experienced of pilots but eventually you found someone with the skill required to handle such a burden and so with your wife in tow as your Plus one you have made your way to the airport ready for departure, baggage pre-checked and boarding passes at the ready, guided and aided by helpful if eerily plastic smiling airport staff towards the awaiting plane, with ruby followng in tow, though she has little professional interest in this exposition she is only to happy to spend more time with her husband outside of his laboratory.

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"This flight is costing a tonne of money" said Doctor Erasmus Bolt, deadpan. 


Ruby Bolt merely groaned. She would have kicked him but that might mean broken bones. She was a woman of rather simple build and plain appearance, quite innocuous and unremarkable. Something about her gave the impression of warm steel. 


The departure lounge was not how he envisaged spending the day. He had to fend off two autograph hunters, and one furious complainant, who told a rather amusing story about his purchased "Invisi-pants" (Patent: Doctor Erasmus Bolt) and how they had made said complainant the laughing stock of his work place. 


Ruby Bolt was not a woman to spend on perfumes or sparkling jewels. Instead, she wandered off to a book store to browse some classics. Erasmus, however, decided to spend his time shooting zombie sharks in a video game called "Dead Sea", and found he rather enjoyed it. 


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Cassidy Bauer was tired. Bonfire had patrolled the streets until the sun rose again, since he would be absent from Freedom City for a few days. And even with a lot of expensive coffee, not having gone to bed in a day was starting to get uncomfortable. This was the second time in the last few days he'd done this. Well, from what he’d heard the best way to spend flights was to sleep. Less jetlag. This was the first time he’d leave the Americas. He’d been in both Mexico and Canada before, his family had even taken a cruiseship down to to Puerto Rico once, but that was as far as he’d ever gotten before this.


This all was a pretty lucky situation. The paper his old classmate Terry worked for had ran out of manpower. They needed somebody to cover this expo. And as it had turned out Terry knew just the person. Cassidy Bauer did just about anything for the right pay. That was his reputation amongst media circles. And it wasn’t wrong. He knew that if he’d get in danger, he was hot enough to get out of it again.


And after all that had happened over the last few days, a vacation was needed. Sure, he would spend more time actually working than he did in the last month combined, but still. Airports! Flights! Europe! Cool Technology even! And no need for Bonfire, hopefully. It was time to relax, take things easy. And obviously earn some money.


And then there was a delay. Not too big of a worry. He didn’t really care too much. He was both really tired, and really excited. A bit of delay, maybe they had some small technical problems, maybe one of the pilots was late. And hey, free pretzels! Instead of just waiting, he decided to strike up conversation with some of the others at the airport. Maybe they knew why this delay had been caused. And even if they didn't, talking to people would pass the time quicker than just eating salty snacks.



"Hey, any idea what's causing the delay? Technical problems? Is a pilot late?"

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Dancia had to remind herself that this was a bonus, a real piece if not a story and international travel to boot. Her editor had been all smiles as her offered her the story and tickets, on the paper, to fly over to the conference. That why she was sat her waiting for the plane to be got ready, she could have flown there already and be enjoying a cappuccino in a nearby cafe. But if she hadn’t used the ticket then questions would have been asked, so here she sat.


She had been quietly reading, one of the many biographies of Centurion she been catching up with, when she heard Cassidy’s question. Without really thinking about it she looked up and over at the plane sat there.


“Look’s like there just prepping the plane for passengers, must have a special passenger or something.”

One advantage she had was that she didn’t have to worry about a window seat to get a great view.

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"Oh, man, talk about lame." Serge had arrived at the waitting room, and he was feeling quite antsy. After pulling an all-nighter, preparing his stuff for the trip, he overslept, which led to him running like frantic through the Freedom City streets, with nary a care about his disguise. He had hoped that no one could tell his facial features as he ran at the speed of sound, but nevertheless, he did wear a single cap and sunglasses to aid the effect. Then, when he arrived at the airport, Serge found his stomach growling in protest, so he impatiently bought a hamburger and a cola, a mistake he soon came to regret, as he recalled that the security does not allow passengers to bring their own food through the terminal. With a heavy heart, he scarfed down as much as he could, then discarded the rest when he arrived at the check in, only to be informed that the flight for the Harrow Association Labs Expo in Europe had been delayed.


So, there he stood, now, looking aimless, as he scanned the area around him. There was the usual hubbub involved in airports. He tried walking around, to pass the time. The arcade store seemed over capacity, so he tried hitting the bookstore, which seemed to be filled with science mags. Well, that's apropos, I guess. He thought, as he scanned the covers in case something interesting might catch his eye. As he continued scouring the books, absorbed in them as he was, he found himself almost tripping to a man in his 40s. "Ah, 'scuse me for that." He apologised, but the man just glared at him and went his way, muttering under his breath as he did. Serge followed him with his gaze for a bit, before spotting someone in the crowd nearby. Someone familiar.


He raised his hand a bit, and was about to head over to Dancia, before seeing her talk to someone. Deciding that he'd best be discreet, lest he compromise Dancia's secret identity, he decided to just wave and smile at her, for a bit, and then get back to looking around the bookstore.

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Doctor Warp

Having drawn a small cloud of admiring gamers Erasmus bolt soon finds himself centre of attention in the arcade as boys and girls gather around in stunned awe as you make short work of the rampaging revenant fish with your trusty light harpoon gun whispering amongst themselves about your rather unique appearance as much as your aptitude at  "Hella hard games." Though time quickly passes whilst your having fun and before long you find yourself having to hand your game over to one of the children so you do not miss your flight.


Waiting at the door for you is Ruby, having picked out a paperback copy of to kill a mockingbird" she carries it tucked under her arm; "Enjoyed yourself, Erasmus?" She asks with a wry smile.


Triakosia, bonfire, net fly.


The din of displeased reporters mumbling and grumbling slowly begins to die down as time carries on, various pretzel packets are emptied and coffees drank untill after a short time a middle aged woman with dark hair and olive complexionpp, face as smooth and immutable as stone informs the room that the plane will begin boarding in 5 or so minutes, that you please have your hand baggage with you and thank you for flying with them today with a smile held in place by years of working customer relations.

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"There would be worse ways to spend the time" conceded Erasmus. He didn't mind kids, as long as they weren't his own. Both he and his wife never seemed to have any parental drive, which was fortunate in so far as that it had never led to any conflict between them. He could never quite decide if it was more selfish to have children, or to not have them, and concluded it did not matter either way. Everything anyone did was selfish, after a fashion. 


"Nice book. I heard the butler did it" he said equally wryly in relation to his wife's choice of book. 


"I think we best get on board soon. I don't want to annoy the flight company any more than I have already. Actually, I probably do want to annoy them, its just I want to get on the plane more.  Remind me to buy our own modified plane one day. And to learn how to fly. It would make things a lot easier...."

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Fifteen minutes only. Not a whole lot of delay. Cass was used to more. Last time he wanted to deposit spare cash he had to wait a total of four hours for the bank to open up again after a small attack. Five minutes were nothing compared to that. And there were no masked villains anywhere, so there hopefully would not be much more delay. It was time to head to Europe. Well, onto the plane heading for Europe. Personally, Cass would first head off into the sweet embrace of sleep. He needed it. A quick yawn, then he continued talking with Dancia.


“Well, special passengers usually mean something’s going to happen. Then again, Europe isn’t as … Freedom City, to put it that way. Hopefully we’re safe. “


It was true. Bonfire would not act during this trip. No need to cause an international incident, he still was considered a terrorist by many. The less chance for Bonfire to act, the better too. More time to relax, less having to worry about combat.


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Dancia gave Serge a little wave when she caught his eye hopefully they’d be able to catch up on the other end, if they happened to be going the same flight. It would be nice to catch up with someone without some crisis or other happening around them. She picked up her flight bag that was the bare minimum she needed, unlike most she could easily pop home to pick up anything she missed.

“I wouldn’t worry too much even Europe has it’s own superheroes, there’ll probably be one closer than you can even think.” she managed to avoiding a much too obvious smile. “And they do say that flying is the safest way to travel.”

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Oh no, identity compromised? Maybe? Hopefully not. But that sounded like she had some idea about heroes. Maybe the person she’d quickly waved to? Maybe whoever was the VIP? Maybe she straight up saw through his disguise, noticed the warmth? Hopefully not. Last thing Cass needed is somebody wanting Bonfire. He just wanted to relax, enjoy this and do some less-dangerous work. Nobody to try and hunt him down. Especially while power-less. He could always quicly turn into smoke, but the relative safety of a properly secret identity was really nice. Then again, this was a high-tech convention. There was bound to be one Mad Scientist somewhere. Hopefully they’d not act while the convention was going on. And not before the flight had left Europe, either. Cass would feel bad about it otherwise.


Cass shifted around in his seat a bit, doing his best to avoid showing the fact he did get caught off-guard by Dancia’s statement.  He quickly spoke again, slightly changing the conversation topic. Maybe this’d work.


“Well, it’s a high-tech convention, there’s bound to be some heroes somewhere. Hopefully just heroes….”


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As Serge caught Dancia's wave, he caught wind of his flight's status update. Smiling at that, he headed towards the line, having with him only his backpack, which carried inside it his laptop, and more importantly, in a hidden compartment, his VibroNet Suit. As he arrived at the line, his phone rang. "Hey mom... yeah, no problem, the flight had a sudden delay... Nah, I think it's okay, now. Whatever problem seemed to be there, they've probably dealt with it... Will you and Greg be alright?... No, seriously, I mean, I get it, yeah... Uh huh... Uh huh... Right... Ok... Ummm, what?... No... No, I won't! I'm only going there for the Expo, I told you!... No... I don't... Yeah, ok... Ok, mom, gotta go... Bye!" And with that, he closed his phone and turned it off. He'd hoped that there wouldn't be any more delays. He then wondered where Dancia was headed, and if he'd meet another familiar face.

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Dancia clutched her boarding pass, the physical tickets were the reason she wasn’t flying herself, and began to make her way up to board the aircraft. Her paper had only sprung for coach though she wasn’t sure she’d want to travel first class, she often preferred the simple pleasure to being pampered. Except for when she treated herself to a spa day, but that was an extra special treat.


She considered her word before answering her fellows passengers questions, she didn’t want to lie but she didn’t want to unnerve her fellow passenger.


“I’m sure not every tech con get’s attacked by villains, chance are it’ll be a quiet show.”


Part of her would be happy if it was, she had many other places to be helping around the world.

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