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  1. Spectre looked a bit confused. No screaming or wanting her dead? Thats odd. She shrugged at the question. "Did what I was trained to do: Be a distraction and start punching when that doesn't work. These guys didn't exactly start biting near the end so I'll need to work on that I guess."
  2. "Its the reason Armstrong has these fakes out to beat up." Spectre said before she gave the final digital thug a roundhouse kick to the face, her foot having the same strange mist Ivy had seen several times. The mobster had a shocked expression has his body glitched. Then game the cascade of cubes that faded away. "Bit much with the tongue lashing, but he has a point with some of it. Don't mention that to him." Then she turned to the appearance of the coach. "Speaking of lashing, I was expecting you to show with a whip from what I've been hearing." She crossed her arms and sized him up. "Sooo.... More Criticism or you got somethin' else in mind?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.
  3. Spectre goes after the final thug 25 to hit. Toughness DC like before.
  4. Max tilted her head, noting the absence of Armstrongs ongoing critique about everything they did. She shrugged before noting the grenade going right through her chest. "Wow, really? Gave you the peaceful option and that your answer?" Spectre rolled her eyes as she solidified into reality and punched a spectral fist through the computer generated foe. She backed up from the thug, bouncing from one foot to the other, read to jump out of the way of whatever retribution had been programmed into them. She glanced over at Ivy and nodded to her with a smile. "Hey, not bad. You tried fists yet?"
  5. Spectre is gonna deactivate her Insubstantial and use phase strike on the unharmed mook. Roll: 29. DC24 Toughness Save.
  6. Bits of rocky debris just flew right through the transparent teen. Spectre backed away and slipped next to the sole untouched mook with a smug smirk. Most of your friends are down." She pointed out. "He's on his last legs. You sure you don't wanna just lay the blaster down and surrender?"
  7. Spectre is gonna continue talking smack to the thugs. She'll turn to the only unharmed one. Result: 22
  8. Unlike before, Spectre looked genuinely shocked and terrified at what happened to the thug. If there was gore the effect would not doubt be greater. Got what you wanted Armstrong. Maxine thought moments before movement returned to the world. She looked around and shrugged. "two-oh, our way. What the hell did you guys do before doing this? Accounting? Sit on your asses watching TV and hoped Stratos didn't get kicked to the curb again?" Random insults and taunts continued to be spouted as she circled them, each new piece of slander tinged with a slight echo as though the teen was underwater.
  9. Spectre is gonna give the mooks another tauntin' Result is a 27
  10. Spectre is currently Insubstantial. The attack just goes through her and requires no TOU save.
  11. "Really? Thats the best you guys-Whoah!" A showboating Spectre, leaping and hollering suddenly lost her footing stumbled forward in between the gathering of mooks, arms flailing wildly. She was in front of one of them, gun trailed on her. The Teens head snapped upwards with a look of pure terror on her face as the laser blasted her. ...And went right through her head with no mark. Ghostly blue mist enveloping her and her body took on a semi-transparent appearance. She smiled slightly and looked around to the other gun man directly right behind her. The beam had passed right over his shoulder. The smile was replaced with a frown. Are these guys only programmed to hit Ivy? Or are they just this lame? She thought.
  12. Spectre is gonna take a different tactic to try and make two of these mooks with Redirect. She got a 24. Might also try phasing while doing that because that would be cool.
  13. Max instinctively ducked under the hail of gunfire. She was just quick enough that only a single holo-bullet grazed her shoulder. The amount of adrenaline pumping in her system caused her to fail to register that had hit her at all. Crouched low, Spectre leapt through thug just as he nearly toppled over from the force of Ivys flying chunk of earth. Her phantasmal form phased right through him just as he started to disintegrate into small digital cubes. She was again crouched low with her eyes on the arsenal of guns pointed at her.
  14. Toughness check: 13 Well, Max isn't gonna give Armstrong the Satisfaction of hurting her, so Reroll! 23. Pass She gonna give the daze hologram a hit. 30
  15. Max nodded "You go forward, I'll go around back." She said with a smile before Spectre was nothing more than a fading blue ghost. And there she was, right behind one of them as her hand punched right through the digital human. "Boo." The figure flickered and distorted before the teleporting teen withdrew her arm from him.
  16. Spectre is gonna teleport behind them and attack one of them. Attack Roll with Phase Touch: 22 TOU DC 24
  17. "You literally were, muscle headed moron." Max muttered under her breath. Was going legitimate going to involve more idiots like Armstrong in the future? The teleporting teen dreaded the thought. Thankfully the change in scenery was enough to distract her. Soon as the lasers started raining on their position, Maxine had already back flipped away from the spot. Fake super heated light scorching the crumbling pavement beneath hear. She teleported to the top of the recently created wall. "Laser beams? That the best ya idiots got?" She extended one particular digit from her hand before falling backwards and landing next to Ivy. "So, you go a plan?" She said with the air of someone who was not standing in the middle of an apocalypse.
  18. Sorry, I was not aware I was up. I'll just have Spectre taunt the bad guys. Result: 16
  19. From her position on the floor, Spectre leapt to her feet. She seemed ready to teleport into action when the mass of drones came from some unseen compartments in the ceiling above. The arcs of electricity were faster than her ability to dematerialize and soon the teenager was on her knees screaming in agony as her muscles twitched and spasmed against her will. Her mind could not focus enough to allow her to sidestep this pain. "Fuu...Mothe...Help." She managed to squeak out between jolts of electricity.
  20. Spectre turned and glared at where Armstrong was observing the whole battleground. "Standing by and letting the coach beat up the new kid? That's how it went down in the old school. You'd fit in well there." She said. Venom and disgust dipped from her voice. That all said, she went back to Ivy. "Might wanna check in with the nurse after this. At least get some ice or something on that." Max said with small frown. She cracked her knuckles and glanced around the digital city. "After of course. Dunno what coach is gonna throw after what I did."
  21. Spectres Reflex Save: 17 Lets hope she can survive this. Toughness Save: 18 is not enough Fortitude save: 16 is not enough
  22. "Pfft. Old teachers at least admitted they were psychopaths." She muttered to herself as she took a few steps back from the bot and Ivy. Max rolled her eyes at Armstrong's further complaints. "If it can stand up to rocks and lightning, it can survive being touched by little old me." When the stone mallet did nothing, Spectre teleported above the seemingly invincible bot and phased right through the metallic menace while scoring a perfect three point landing then immediately kicking the bot the chest that phased right through it. A second later Armstrong's minion tumbled backwards and dissolved into cubes and fading away. Max admired her handiwork before glancing back at Ivy. "You OK? Looked like quite a hit"
  23. Spectre will attack then 22 to hit, same toughness as before.
  24. Spectre will hold her action and see if Knight can take him down. If not she'll make an attack.
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