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Active Threads for February 2024

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              In order to make sure the Refs accurately count all your IC posts and award you the due amount of power points, please post with a list of all the threads in which your player character, NPC or sidekick posted IC this month (including the News forum).


Also list any threads which you are GMing.  GM posts count as double and can be assigned to whichever of your characters needs a 'push'.

This topic will automatically close on the seventh day of the following month (i.e., March 7th, 2024 at Midnight EST).


When you make your list, post a link to your first post for the month for each IC thread so we can jump right to it.


  • When you start a thread, make sure IC is the first tag and topic prefix of the In Character thread, and OOC is in the first tag and topic prefix of the Out Of Character thread.  It's not required, but additional tags including the major players and locations are viewed as a courtesy.
  • Please list your threads in alphabetical order.
  • Please clearly note any threads in which you are both player and GM/running an NPC.  In threads where you are both player and GM/an NPC, please be sure to mark each post so we can tell who it should be allocated to.
  • Please list your threads in a timely manner.  Extending the deadline one week into the following month is already a grace period.

If you've done any "extracurriculars" -- artwork, HellQ, 20 Questions, NPC, vignettes, guidebook pages, etc. -- please be sure to list them along with your active threads. For more information on ways to earn power points, see Character Advancement and Awards in the House Rules section of the Guide.


Post counts should be formatted similar to the following:




Character One   X posts + X from <Titanium Character> + X GM posts = Total posts = PP

  • <link to thread> X posts + x GM posts = Total posts = PP
  • ... 

Character Two  X posts + X from <Titanium Character> + X GM posts = Total posts = PP

  • <link to thread> X posts
  • ... 
  • ...  


GM   X posts = 2X GM posts (Y to <character>, Z to<character>)

  • <link to thread> X posts
  • ... 


Titanium characters

Titanium Character One   X posts  to <character>

  • <link to thread> X posts + x GM posts = Total posts = PP
  • ... 

Titanium Character Two  X posts to <character>

  • <link to thread> X posts
  • ... 




To make clear how many posts from rollover and GM posts are assigned to each character.


Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in having your shadow stolen by Punxsutawney Phil our post counts being postponed or skipped completely.  If you missed the deadline, see this thread.


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Archer II: 4 Posts + 6 GM posts = 10 Posts = 2PP

The Sword, the Gold, the Arrow (4)


Ghost: 14 Posts + 11 GM posts = 25 Posts = 3PP

Ghosts and Grimalkins: Dancing Star Night (5)

Written in the Stars (9)


Spaceman: 30 Posts + 20 GM posts = 50 Posts = 4PP

Bolt From The Blue (2)

Deviations (3)

Never Was (5)

Study Group: Aquarium Excursion (4)

Study Group: Dragon's Hoard (2)

Study Group: The Sound of an Eclipse (2)

The Study Group (3)

Tropical Getaway (5)
Tropical Getaway: A Blanket of Stars (3)

Quirkombat (1)


Space Ranger III: 5 Posts + 5 GM posts = 10 Posts = 2PP

Aphelion (5)


Stormcrow: 15 Posts + 10 GM posts = 25 Posts = 3PP + 1PP [Guide Point] = 4PP

Dance Beneath the Stars (4)

Meanwhile, at the Guardians Mansion! (6)

Storm and Star (3)

The Young Guardians Returns! (2)


GM: 26 GM posts = 52 posts

Deviations (2)

Operation Ares (12)

Survival Class: Survival in the Hereafter (4)

The Young Guardians Returns! (6)


GM posts:

6 GM posts to Archer II

11 GM posts to Ghost

20 GM posts to Spaceman

5 GM posts to Space Ranger III

10 GM posts to Stormcrow


Guide point: 1PP to Stormcrow


Take GM posts from Space Ranger III, if I did any miscounts

Edited by RocketLord
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Multi-Girl (56)


Dance Beneath the Stars (4)

The Gig Economy (3)

Tropical Getaway: Bernadette's Version (10)

Assassin's Quirk (3)

Meanwhile at the Guardians Mansion (4)

My Evil Twin (6)

Students Squared (6)

The Young Guardians Returns (4)

Darkest Day (7)

Dream Chasing (1)

Survival Class: Survival in the Hereafter (4)

Star Stone's Light (4)


Timeout (45)


Tropical Getaway (6)

Bolt from the Blue (1)

Deviations (4)

Quirk Kart (5)

The Study Group (1)

Study Group: Biology (4)

Tropical Getaway: A Blanket of Stars (5)

Study Group: The Sound of an Eclipse (8)

Never Was (7)

Red Team: Jeopardy in the Jungle (4)


Sri Kath'lana (6)


Aphelion (6)


Velocity [Titanium] (16)


Tropical Getaway: Walk About (6)

Written in the Stars (10)


Paradigm [Titanium] (6)


Praetorians: A Paradigm Shift (3)

Star-Crossed? (3)


Veronica Danger [Titanium] (1)


Test Your Might (1)


Tsunami [Titanium} (4)


Rider of the Storm (4)


GM (34)


Praetorians: A Paradigm Shift (2)

Shoaling Patterns (11)

Star-Crossed? (6)

Blind Man's Bluff (5)

Dance Beneath the Stars (5)

Never Was (4)

Assassin's Quirk (1)


Okay, should have enough GM/rollover posts to get Multi-Girl to 100 posts, and both Timeout and Kath'lana to 50 each. If I am off, prioritize Mulit-Girl to 100, Timeout to 50 and Kath can take what is left. Ref point to Timeout this time. Thanks

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Rot: (36 IC player posts) + (13 GM posts x 2) = 62 Posts = 4 PP 

Edited by Huckleberry
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Gamma Buzz


Study Group - Biology 4 posts

Deviations 3 posts

Tropical Getaway a blanket of stars 3 posts

Tropical Getaway 2 posts

Study group: Sound of an eclipse 8 posts

Never Was 6 posts


Total = 26 posts / 3 PP


Captain Cosmos


Graveyard of the pacific 1 post




Operation Ares 12 posts




Shoaling Patterns (Roll to Haven) 13 posts




Golden Dead 5 posts

Curse of the Swamp Hag 14 posts

Animal Whip 6 posts

Rider of the storm 5 posts 

Hong Kong Hair 3 posts


Total = 33 posts = 66 Bonus posts. 




9 to Captain Cosmos (total 10 posts / 2 PP)

25 to Snakebite (total 25 posts / 3 PP)

10 to Echohead (total 10 posts / 2PP)

10 to Peak (total 10 posts / 2 PP)

12 Posts lost to the void (or allocate to bump up any miscounts on the above!)

Edited by Supercape
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Crystal-Gazer  0 posts = 0pp

Holiday Cheer (0)

Test Your Might (0)


Shift 0 posts = 0PP

Dance Beneath the Stars (0)

Meanwhile, at the Guardians Mansion! (0)

The Young Guardians Returns! (0)


The Eel  0 posts = 0 PP

Hunted and Haunted (0)


--Titanium Characters--


Grimalkin  0 posts = 0PP

Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow (0)

Ghosts and Grimalkins: Dancing Star Night (0)

Holiday Cheer (0)


Grim's posts split between Eel and Shift

Edited by Heritage
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Artificer   8 posts +2 from Dok = 10 posts = +2pp

Holiday Cheer (0)

The Kids are Alright  (0)

Survival Class: Prussian Blue  (0)

Written in the Stars (8)


Horrorshow  1 post +9 from Dok = 10 posts = +2pp, +1 [Mod] = +3pp

Blue Monday  (0)

Dakar Rally  (0)

Eurotrip: The Rhythm of the Rails  (0)

Holiday Cheer (0)

Is Potato (Pancakes)  (0)

Patriot Games  (0)

Test Your Might (1)

Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright  (0)


--Titanium Characters--


Dead Head  0 posts

Bedlam in Bedlam: Let Him In (0)


Doktor Archeville  2+1+14 = 17 posts -- 2 to Artificer, 9 to Horrorshow, 6 to THE VOID

Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow  (2)

Holiday Cheer (0)

News (1)

Shoaling Patterns (14)


Protectron  0 posts

Holiday Cheer  (0)



Mod point, to Horrorshow


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Golden Star


 48 IC Posts



GM Posts




For Golden Star:


48 IC Posts + [26 * 2 GM Posts] = 100 total posts for 5PP


Assign Guide Point to Golden Star as well.


Golden Star Total PP = 6


It also leaves me with 2 GM posts left over. While I could assign those to Nemesis I think she's getting shelved for a bit so I'm not going to give those to her.

Edited by Poncho
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Shadowborne 3+2+2(+4+ = 11 (2PP)
The Young Guardians Returns! 3
Meanwhile, at the Guardians Mansion! 2
Dance Beneath the Stars 2


Shooting Star 3+3 = 6 (1PP)
Friends in the Fens 3
Battles Under the Big Top 3


The Dreamer 2 (1PP)

A Dream of Christmas 2


Blue Bolt 2+4+3+4+3 = 16 (2PP)

Bolt from the Blue 2
Tropical Getaway 4
Tropical Getaway: A Blanket of Stars 3
Never Was 4
Survival Class: Survival in the Hereafter 3


GM 2(1+1) = 4 to Shadowborne

A Dream of Christmas 1

Foes from the Fens 1


Please apply the GM posts to Shadowborne (Totals noted in post)

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