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  1. That is a hit, feinted or not, so... I'll just consider him feinted! TOU: 34 Chain TOU: 22, another Injury. Give me an IC! 31 - Forever Boy - 6HP - Unharmed 24 - The Hooked Man - Unharmed - The Crocodile - Unharmed, Hooked - Chain: Injury (x3) 12 - Thunderbird - 2HP - Fatigued next round 10 - Pirate Armada - (40% blinded and deafened, 10% somewhat damaged [bruise x2], 10% badly damaged [bruise x5]), 50% fine, 10% defeated 7 - Angelic - 2HP - Unharmed - Angelic's Automatons: 80% fine, 20% destroyed
  2. Feint resist: 25, he makes it! TOU vs. DC25: 34 NOPE! @Avenger Assembled give me an IC, then @Nerdzul is up! 27 - U.S.Archer - KO 16 - Watchdog - 5HP - Bruise (x1) 10 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed, -2 Def 9 - Matt - Unharmed
  3. Well, you recover, but you're still seeing Holly's brother getting beat up!
  4. GM The blow sent U.S.Archer flying back, hitting a wall hard. But at least the contact with his face put out the fire. A small mercy, maybe? Matt had stopped moving. He was standing when Luke turned towards him, a vacant expression in his eyes. In a flash, he moved forward, punching Luke's in the face with enough force to send even the dragon reeling.
  5. Alright, so, the online cloud thing where I save my notes so I can access them anywhere? Its been acting up lately and its very annoying, and it has, for some reason, decided to delete my notes for this thread. So, if the NPCs' stats turn out to be inconsistent, I apologize. TOU from U.S.Archer: 12 He's down And with that, Matt gets up and punches Nightscale: 22 That's a hit. Give me a DC29 TOU save. Then @Avenger Assembled is up! 27 - U.S.Archer - Bruise (x1), Staggered, Dazed 16 - Watchdog - 5HP - Unharmed 10 - Nightscale -
  6. This? This was huge. Being here, in the Iceberg, in, well, not exactly plain clothes but not his working suit? That wasn't something he had expected to happen any time soon. Charles Arthur Pratten had passed all the security checks, but he had to leave all his gadgets behind, which wasn't really to his preference, but he'd make do anyway. Somehow, at least. Honestly, he didn't know that much about how to dress up for something like this, so he had let Alek help him. A dark grey business suit with a white dress shirt and matching dark grey tie underneath. His red hair was slicked ba
  7. RocketLord

    Heavy Mettle

    Pan's smile was sly. He watched Natalia work, the way her face shifted immediately from one extreme to the other. "Oh, I got a look inside. If they figure out about us I am sure that they will start causing trouble sooner rather than later. They were here to do violence. I do not think they care particularly if they will have to redirect that to someone else." He moved up to Natalia to catch up, his feet gliding across the ground with just a slight tingling golden trail left behind his feet. Once caught up, he motioned discretely with his head towards the man.
  8. GHOST Casper pulled back and waited for a second, and then... some kid jumped up and started shouting at the DJ. With a jump like that, the people had to have powers. But then what? Hero wannabe or bad guy? His eyes glowed, he almost growled... but he did want the DJ to stop. And then, he stopped and fell over, the smoke around them beginning to dissipate. "Yeah, he, uh... he kinda already did." He just stood there. "Hi. I'm Ghost." So what, glowing-eyes-boy? Fight or talk, then?
  9. GM Purple Haze stared at Luke as he landed, struggling to get up and say something and then... he just kind of didn't. His body shook like lightning had run through it, then he felt down over the DJ booth, slumping down as if he had just been hit by something or someone. Holly screamed from the crowds and pointed. "Leon! You gotta help my brother!"
  10. Purple Haze resisting intimidate: 20, resisted! Purple Haze DC25 TOU vs. Ghost's secondary effect: 17 Purple Haze is down for now. And Ghost... turns to talk to Nightscale, which means @Spacefurry is up, and he did just see Ghost having hit Holly's brother! 25 - Purple Haze - KO 20 - Paper - 3HP - Affected by DC21 Fort save Illusion (+1 to roll) 15 - Holly - Unharmed 10 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed 7 - Ghost - 4HP - Unharmed
  11. It was a trap. It had to be. Why else would someone send Connor a freaking invitation? Sure, he had spent some time investigating the thing with the robots that Fast-Forward and Hologram had asked, but it had mostly been dead ends so far. So why a sudden invitation like that? The old man had agreed, but had suggested he go anyway. Why? Why walk into an obvious trap? Because he'd let the Keller play him again. If he knew it was a trap, then of course Connor would be good enough to get out of it. No issues at all, right? Connor headed towards the building, staying on the
  12. "So... looking at the things around here," Casper motioned towards the rifle behind the bar with his head, "it looks way too new for something that old. I didn't see any cars, everything's old models, but looking new." Was this some kind of time travel thing, then? Some sort of alternate reality sub dimension thing? Magic? Ah, joy. Three things that always gave Casper a headache. "So... time travel? Some kind of preserved bubble of your childhood home? Am I getting any closer here?"
  13. GM The pirates that had gotten too close to Thunderbird was blown away by the force of the storm. The green lightning blinded them, the deafening thunder took away another sense. The lightning struck several ships, and several began to fall burning towards the ground far below. And yet, the pirates aboard were eerily silent. Cannonballs began to fill the sky. Let loose, the armada began to fire on everything.
  14. The armada attacks! Rather than try to catch, they're actually attacking this time. The ones near Thunderbird can't see or hear him, so they're auto missing. And there'll be 2 attacks vs. Forever Boy: 16 12 And 2 attacks vs. Angelic: 14 19 One hit on Angelic. @Avenger Assembled give me a DC25 TOU save, then you're up. You can choose to transfer it to your automatons, but it will take down 20% of them. 31 - Forever Boy - 6HP - Unharmed 24 - The Hooked Man - Unharmed - The Crocodile - Unharmed, Hooked - Chain: Injury (x2) 12 -
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