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  1. Hey Sim, welcome to the site. A thing I spotted about the new ranged attack, it breaks this house rule from the Abilities page: So for +6 attack, you'd need 2 of that to be from Base Attack bonus. On that note, unless you're doing trade offs, which you don't seem to be, its best to try and hit PL limits, so the total attack bonus and DC for your skill is PLx2, except of course for Perception range skills which can at max be PL. Also, a ref might have to correct me here, but I think the Rank 15 Fearsome Presence feat breaks PL limits, since it would be a Rank 15 Perception effect.
  2. GM The man gave pause as the flying girl appeared from out of the blue, flying down to stand in front of him. She was smaller than him, sure, but she had been flying, and that alone seemed to give him pause. Still, aside from staring at her from behind his sunglasses. "Ms. Bright, huh?" The man asked. His voice was deep, with a very slight Southern accent. "What makes you the protector of these people?" He was clenching his fist. His posture shifted ever so slightly, readying himself for a brawl, following Ms. Bright's threat, but his voice, if somewhat stern, did not sound like he meant to antagonize her. "I'm here to save all these people, of course."
  3. @Thevshi Let's take 10 then, for a total score of 18, and more time passing.
  4. Archer Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 All PP must be spent at character creation but unspent points may accrue during play. Trade-Offs: ±X Attack / ±X Damage, ±X Defense / ±X Toughness (or "None") In Brief: Retired iron age vigilante. Alternate Identity: Ethan Keller (ecret) Birthplace: Residence: (Optional) Where the character normally resides / lives. Base of Operations: (Optional) Where in the city the character primarily operates or their headquarters' location, if anywhere. Occupation: Affiliations: People and/or groups you work with. Family: Close or otherwise significant relatives. Description: Age: ??? (DoB: Year [Optionally, Day & Month]) Apparent Age: If applicable. Gender: Ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian, Atlantean, Etc. Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair: (Describe what they look like! Cover their physical appearance, typical clothing and of course their costume if they have one.) History: (Remember we are a relatively family friendly site. Your story should be PG-13 at most. If your character wouldn't fit in an episode of Justice League Unlimited, The Dresden Files, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you'll need to rethink it. When in doubt, ask a Staff Member.) Personality & Motivation: (Describe why they do what they do here.) Powers & Tactics: (In-character descriptions of how they do what they do.) Power Descriptions: (Describe the appearance of their powers as applicable: the colour of energy blasts, the shape of portals, the design of a battlesuit. Also give an idea of the Descriptors those powers use: fire, technological, cosmic energy, etc.) Complications: Name: Description Example: Everyone Deserves A Second Chance: The character believes in everyone's better nature, even if it would be more prudent to be wary. Abilities: 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 10 (+0) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 0 (2PP / Base Attack) + 0 (2PP / Base Defense) = 0PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +0 Melee, +0 Ranged Example: +10 Swords, +6 Melee, +4 Base Defense: +0 (+0 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +0 Flat-Footed Grapple: +0 Knockback: -0 Saving Throws: 0 (1PP / Fortitude) + 0 (1PP / Reflex) + 0 (1PP / Will) = 0PP Toughness: +0 (+0 Con, +0 [Example: Protection, Defensive Roll]) Fortitude: +0 (+0 Con, +0) Reflex: +0 (+0 Dex, +0) Will: +0 (+0 Wis, +0) Skills: 0R = 0PP (1PP = 4 Skill ranks) Skill # of Ranks (+ Total Bonus) Skill # of Ranks (+ Total Bonus) Skill # of Ranks (+ Total Bonus) Examples: Craft [Structural] 5 (+5) Skill Mastery -- 5 ranks in Craft [Structural], a +0 Intelligence modifier and the Skill Mastery Feat for that Skill. Diplomacy 8 (+10) Second Chance -- 8 ranks Diplomacy, a +2 Charisma modifier and the Second Chance feat for that skill. Languages 2 (English, French [Native], German) -- Speaks those three languages, but learned French first. Notice 5 (+4) -- 5 ranks in Notice and a -1 Wisdom modifier. Feats: 0PP Feat Name Feat Name Feat Name Examples: Accurate Attack Attack Focus [Melee] 1 Attack Specialization [Swords] 2 Dodge Focus 2 Equipment 2 (10EP) Luck 3 Power Attack Equipment: 0PP = 0EP (1 rank of the Equipment Feat = 5 'Equipment Points') Name (Power breakdown, if applicable) [XEP] Examples: Gas Mask [1EP] Sword (Damage 3 [Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty]) [5EP] Undercover Vest (Protection 3 [Feats: Subtle]) [4EP] Note: The Equipment block is only applicable if your character has the Equipment feat! Powers: 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Power Name Rank (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: ???, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Example: Damage 10 (Heat Vision; Extras: Range [Perception, +2], Flaws: Action [Full], Feats: Precise, Subtle) [22PP] (heat, solar radiation, alien physiology) Array Name Rank (2*Rank PP Array; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: Alternate Power, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???)[XPP] (descriptors) Base Power: Power Name (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???; Flaws: ???, ???; Feats: ???, ???; Drawbacks: ???, ???) {power cost/array cost} (descriptors) Alternate Power: Power Name (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???; Flaws: ???, ???; Feats: ???, ???;Drawbacks: ???, ???) {power cost/array cost} (descriptors) Example: Electrical Control Array 10 (20PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [22PP] (electricity, genetic) Base Power: Blast 10 (Chain Lighting; Extras: Autofire; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Accurate; Drawbacks: Full Power) {20/20} Alternate Power: Blast 10 (Ball Lightning; Extras: Area [50-ft. Burst, General]; Flaws: Distracting) {20/20} Alternate Power: Stun 6 (Taser Blast; Extras: Range [Ranged]) {18/20} Device Rank (Descriptive Name; 5*Rank PP Container; Extras: ???; Flaws: Easy/Hard-To-Lose, ???; Feats: ???; Drawbacks: ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Power Name Rank (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: ???, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Power Name Rank (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: ???, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Example: Device 2 (Mighty Shield; 10PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose; Feats: Indestructible) [9PP] Damage 3 (Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty, Thrown) [6PP] Force Field 2 [2PP] Shield 2 [2PP] Note: If all Powers have the same Descriptor (all genetic, all technological, etc.), you can just write that directly under the Powers header. Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP Drawback (Description; Frequency: [Uncommon, Common, or Very Common]; Intensity: [Minor, Moderate, or Major])[-XPP] Example: Vulnerability (Fire; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Major [x2]) [-4PP] Note: You can only have a number of Drawbacks equal to your PL, not including Power Drawbacks. Also, Power Drawbacks, such as Full Power or Power Loss, should be listed on the Power, not here. DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage Chain Lightning Ranged DC 25 Toughness (Autofire) Damage Taser Blast Ranged DC 16 Fortitude Stun Totals: Abilities (0) + Combat (0) + Saving Throws (0) + Skills (0) + Feats (0) + Powers (0) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 (or 105/105) Power Points
  5. Archer II Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: +4 Attack / -4 Damage, +4 Defense / -4 Toughness  In Brief: Rebellious hero trained by the original Archer, out to prove himself and his mentor as heroes to the world. Theme: Comeback - Redlight King Alternate Identity: Connor King (Secret) Birthplace: Southside, Freedom City Residence: Southside, Freedom City Base of Operations: Southside, Freedom City Occupation: Adventurer, Crime Fighter Affiliations: Ethan Keller (Archer I) Family: Rachel King (Mother, deceased), Fabian King (Father, deceased) Description: Age: 18 (DoB: 2001, May 4th) Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6' Weight: 190 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Connor is a young man with an athletic build and great shape, owing to his regular and intense training schedule. He has short brown hair, shaved in a buzzcut, and blue eyes. He will usually dress in jeans and t-shirts or tank tops, with little preference in color. As Archer II, Connor wears a form fitting dark red and white costume, loosely based on the original Archer's costume. On his upper body he wears a primarily white jacket, with small red bracers on his wrists. It has a red part, pointing down like a red triangle from the top of the jacket, pointing down and ending at Connor's solar plexus. The jacket has a zipper on the front, which can be zipped up to cover his neck, which Connor usually leaves open to just under his neck, letting the collar hang freely. He wars a red mask with white lenses, which leaves only his mouth free. On his lower body, he wears red pants, and a black utility belt with grey pockets. He wears red boots with white soles and front, and a thick white trim at the top, in a sort of T pattern. Connor will usually wear a square dark red quiver on his back, and uses a metallic bow. History: Connor King were born and raised in Southside, Freedom City, to Rachel and Fabian King. They were young parents, high school drop outs that tried to make their way on the street, often with little success. All their dreams of leaving Southside behind for a better life were continually thwarted: Not by others. Though they did their best to shield young Connor, and were, by all accounts, as good parents as they could be, it could not last. What started as addiction to prescription pain killers due to an accident spiraled into harder drugs, until, finally, the pair were killed for their stash. Connor, only 6 years old at the time, were sent into the foster care system. What followed was years spent going in and out of orphanages, moving from home to home, never staying long. Connor's own issues caused him to lash out, losing him many seemingly stable homes in the process. Finally, at age 11, he ran away, escaping back to Southside in Freedom City. He wanted revenge. Everyone he knew had failed him, so he would make it on his own. Falling in with a gang, more for survival and everything else, Connor had turned 12 by the time he was sent to steal a car. It was some security consultant that had been hired to protect a place they were trying to hit, and Connor was the distraction. Easy to do, easy to handle. Of course, Ethan Keller was no ordinary security consultant. Until he hang up his costume and bow after the Terminus Invasion of 1992, he had been known as Archer. For Ethan, history repeated itself, as he met Connor the very same way Bowman III had first met Ethan. As Connor struggled to escape, Ethan saw a kindred spirit, and a fire that had long been doused awakened in him. To Connor's initial protests, Ethan took him as a protege. All protests eventually stopped, as Ethan revealed his past and his goals for Connor. For the next six years, Connor King trained under Ethan Keller. Provided and cared for, the angry teenager slowly grew into a confident, if still angry, young man. It was hard work, but Connor grew quickly, as Ethan tutored him in not just the skills, but also the knowledge and ethics needed to become a true hero, learned from his own hard life. Based more on his own research and interpretation than anything Ethan taught him, Connor began to see the Archer as the underdog, as the hero that had stayed even when everyone had left, and yet had been left with a tarnished reputation. Aiming part of his anger at the heroes he felt had abandoned his mentor, Connor resolved to become the best, to prove that the Archer's methods worked, even as Ethan worked to reign back some of the more extreme ideas. In June 2019, the Archer appeared once again, prowling the streets of Freedom City. Personality & Motivation: Connor is a serious, stand offish young man. He is greatly distrustful of most authority, or those that he perceive to be authorities in some way. Supremely confident in his own abilities and methods, Connor will almost always believe that he knows best in any given situation, and even if he doesn't, he will try to act as if he does. His desire not to kill is fueled by the same feeling of superiority: Killing someone would be easier than the lengths he go to simply disabling them. If he's that good, then why would he need to kill? Connor has some anger issues, perhaps owing to the deaths of his parents and his time in the foster system, though he is far from a hothead, and will rarely fly off the handle. Connor displays a particular hate for drug and weapon dealers, which he has confirmed is due to the way his parents died. While simply taking revenge for his parents' murder was his initial reason for taking up the Archer mantle, Connor's mission has since evolved to protecting those in need and proving to the world that the Archer, both the original and himself, is a hero worth respect. Connor absolutely loves cats, owning three American Bobtails: Arthur, Alexander and Ajax. Powers & Tactics: When in a fight, Connor prefers to start off with an ambush, if at all possible, taking the necessary time to set up and stay hidden, before taking down as many targets at once before being discovered, usually focusing on disabling smaller, weaker targets first, before focusing on the more serious threats. Once discovered, he will fight openly, doing his best to stay at a distance from his foes, maintaining his advantage at a range. Power Descriptions: Everything Connor can do is the results of years of training and use of specialized equipment. He posses no super powers or anything of the like, though he is a master marksman with any weapon, even if he specializes in using a bow and assorted trick arrows, created either by Ethan Keller, the original Archer, or himself. He is constantly updating and upgrading his arsenal, giving him a varied number of responses to any given situation. Working together with his mentor, Connor has developed a style of movement that makes him difficult to hit, bobbing and weaving around attacks, rarely being in the exact spot that an opponent would suspect. Complications: Secret Identity: So far, only the original Archer knows that Connor has taken up the mantle. Secret identities are, of course, known to be a source of trouble. Out Of Arrows: You can only bring so many arrows at once. Connor might run out of a particular type of arrow, making the related power unusable until he can restock, or maybe a lucky shot hits his quiver, forcing him to abandon it. Perhaps a strong enough knockback can cause the arrows to scatter even from the secured quiver, forcing Connor to pick them up again if he want to continue fighting Legacy of the Iron Age: The first Archer was a hero during the Iron Age, and in some ways, he became a symbol of what it represents. Some might remember him as a hero, others as someone barely better than the villains he fought. In any case, the legacy and memory of the first Archer can easily affect people's opinion of the new one. And who knows? Maybe the original Archer still has enemies out there. Rage Against the Machine: Connor has a problem with authority, whether it be policemen, teachers or established super heroes, like the Freedom League. Though he will work with established heroes if needed, Connor is likely to create a tense situation, be it ignoring orders due to a perceived slight or just by complaining about any problems he might have with the particular hero. Rule Number One: Despite the original Archer's brutal methods, the first rule he taught Connor was simple: Always save the civilians. If any civilians are in danger, Connor will always focus on saving them first, whether by getting them out of danger or disabling those targeting them. Outlaw Hero: Connor has taken his mentor's words to heart, and even if the police and other law enforcement agencies are not as corrupt as they were during the Iron Age. While Connor will not go out of his way to antagonize law enforcement, he also won't let them get in his way. Abilities: 6 + 10 + 6 + 2 + 6 + 4 = 34PP Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 20 + 18 = 38PP Initiative: +9 (+5 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative) Attack: +10 Base, +10 Melee (+10 Base), +14 Ranged (+10 Base, +4 Attack Focus [Ranged]) Defense: +14 (+9 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +5 Flat-Footed Grapple: +13 (+10 Attack, +3 Strength) Knockback: -3 (Toughness/2) Saving Throws: 3 + 5 + 3 = 11PP Toughness: +6 (+3 Con, +3 Protection [Costume]) Fortitude: +6 (+3 Con, +3) Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +5) Will: +6 (+3 Wis, +3) Skills: 68R = 17PP Acrobatics 10 (+15) Bluff 10 (+12) Concentration 2 (+5) Craft [Mechanical] 8 (+9) Knowledge [Streetwise] 6 (+7) Knowledge [Tactics] 4 (+5) Notice 9 (+12) Search 8 (+9) Sense Motive 5 (+8) Stealth 6 (+11) Feats: 34PP Accurate Attack Acrobatic Bluff Attack Focus 4 [Ranged] Benefit 1 [Mentor - Archer I] Defensive Attack Dodge Focus 5 Eagle Eyes Equipment 1 Evasion 2 Improved Aim Improved Critical 2 [Bow] Improved Initiative 1 Improved Ranged Disarm Luck Move-By Action Power Attack Precise Shot 2 Quick Draw 2 Ranged Pin Takedown Attack Taunt Ultimate Effort [Ultimate Aim] Uncanny Dodge [Visual] Equipment: 1PP = 5EP Costume (Protection 3) [3EP] Commlink [1EP] Signal Flare [1EP] Powers: 4 + 12 = 16PP Concealment 4 ("Combat Training"; Options: All Visual Senses; Flaws: Limited [Miss Chance Only]) [4PP] (Training) Device 4 ("Bow and Arrows"; 20PP Container; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) [12PP] (Technology) Arrows 7 (14PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 6) [20PP] (All Technology with additional descriptors) BP: Blast 3 ("Standard Arrow"; Feats: Improved Range 2, Mighty 3, Split Attack, Variable Descriptor 1 [Bludgeoning, Piercing and Slashing damage type]) {14/14PP} (Variable Damage Type) AP: Blast 3 ("Piercing Arrow"; Extras: Penetrating 6, Feats: Improved Range 2, Mighty 3) {14/14PP} (Piercing Damage Type,) AP: Blast 6 ("Hail of Arrows"; Extras: Targeted Area [Cone]; Feats: Improved Range 2; Flaws: Range [Touch]) {14/14PP} (Piercing Damage Type) AP: Damage 7 ("Bowsmack"; Feats: Extended Reach (5 ft.), Mighty) [9PP] + Enhanced Trait 5 (Improved Critical [Bow Smack] 2, Improved Pin, Improved Trip, Stunning Attack) [5PP] {14/14PP} (Bludgeoning Damage Type,) AP: Obscure 5 ("Smoke Arrow"; Options: Visual; Extras: Independent (+0); Feats: Improved Range 2, Slow Fade) (250 ft. range, 100-foot radius, Fades 1PP/minute) {13/14PP} (Smoke) AP: Snare 6 ("Net Arrow"; Feats: Improved Range 2) {14/14PP} AP: Super-Movement 2 ("Grappling Line Arrow"; Options: Slow Fall, Swinging) [4PP] + Speed 2 (Flaws: Limited [Only Swinging]) [1PP] + Leaping 2 (Flaws: Limited [Only when started with a swing]) [1PP] {6/14PP} Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus/Other Unarmed Touch DC18 TOU (staged) Damage +10, Crit 18-20 Standard Arrow 150 ft. DC21 TOU (staged) Damage +14, Crit 18-20 Piercing Arrow 150 ft. DC21 TOU (staged) Damage, Penetrating 6 +14, Penetrating 6, Crit 18-20 Hail of Arrows 60 ft., Targeted Cone Area [60 ft. at end] DC21 TOU (staged) Damage +14, Crit 18-20 Bowsmack 5 ft. DC25 TOU (staged) Damage +10, Crit 18-20 Net Arrow 300 ft. DC16 REF (staged) Entangled -> Bound/Helpless +14, Crit 18-20 Totals: Abilities (34) + Combat (38) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (17) + Feats (34) + Powers (16) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points
  6. Yep, a complete dodge then. Justice: Reflex 1d20+8 = 20 TOU vs DC17: 1d20+8 = 10 Ouch, Bruise and Dazed, and you're up. 26 - Emerald Spider - 2HP - Unharmed 19 - Justice - 1HP - Bruise (x1), Dazed 14 - Enemy - Unharmed
  7. GM The man almost roared as the webbing flew towards him. It seemed almost as if the Emerald Spider got him, but at just the last moment, he managed to twist to the side. The twist tore some of his clothes further, revealing what appeared to be rather pale flesh underneath, and even more bones. Justice's blast collided with his chest, but he barely even flinched, though the force blew his hat off, fully revealing his head. It was a chaotic mix of flesh and bones, horns and spikes and strange bone growths jutting out from his head in seemingly random directions. With a sound that was something between a groan and a roar, he swung his right arm in an arc, releasing a barrage of razor sharp bone spikes towards the heroes.
  8. Justice The Emerald Spider was so fast! She just twisted and shot out her web and it was just so quick. Not that Robin was any slouch either, as she spun around to face the attacker. "Henshin!" While the undersuit quickly expanded from her belt, Robin slotted her amulet into the Justice Driver, providing the necessary power to the suit. A swirling purple-pink portal opened behind her, bits and pieces of her armor quickly flying out and attaching to her. It happened in an instant, then the pink power lines on the suit and the visor lit up. Reaching for the Justice Buster at her side, Robin quickly raised it and grabbed the weapon with both hands, pulling the trigger to send a burst of kinetic energy towards the attacker.
  9. Enemy action: Standard action: Fire a blast in an area cone that hits both Emerald Spider and Justice. TOU DC19 with Penetrating 4, reflex DC14 to make that a TOU DC17.
  10. That's a hit, Enemy Reflex: 12, fail by 7, bound and helpless. That's a bit too early for him to go down, I think, so you'll get a HP and the bad guy evades the snare. Justice: Free action: Activate Justice Driver Move action: Draw Justice Buster Standard action: Fire Justice Buster at bad guy: 1d20+11 = 28 That's a hit, so DC20 TOU save for the bad guy: 23, made it.
  11. U.F.O. 777 had stood beside Sitara in its slightly humanoid form, arms extended by its sides. The display that showed its red eyes had been flickering and moving around, trying to take in everything around it, but otherwise, it had remained motionless. It was strange to be here. It had only recently returned to duty with the Praetorians, and now it was representing them alongside Sitara, one of its designers! There were so many beings around it that it had never seen, and the Terrasi students were all so different, even from each other. It was all a bit overwhelming, so many things to try and understand at once. When Sitara had moved towards the Terrasi students, 777 had followed, though it stood back. It was unsure how they would react to it, after all. Still, they were rather interesting, these Terrasi heroes, as they bickered among themselves. For now, 777 just watched, standing close by Sitara. It was really rather unsure of whether it was even permitted to speak up in this situation.
  12. Pan drifted along as they went through the streets, flitting back and forth between various sights and shops that caught his attention as they went along, pointing out anything he found particularly interesting to the others. So much to see, and they hadn't even started the actual adventure yet. "What a wonderful place," Pan mused, looking up towards the top of the restaurant. There was just something cozy about it, despite the size, and if it promised great food, different from back in Freedom? Even better. It seemed that Veronica had studied up before their trip, if she already knew about a place like this. Honestly, preparation was not quite Pan's way of doing things, but he could still appreciate his friend's work. "Yes, the food just seem to have so much more soul in places like these, do they not?" he agreed with Davyd. And wasn't Davyd a bit taller before? Curious, but oh well!
  13. Forever Boy Updating Forever Boy's complications and spending his current PP. Please replace what Forever Boy's current complications with these: Never is an awfully long time: While usually fearless, Pan has just one fear: That he will never be able to return to Neverworld. If Pan is affected by a Fear effect targeting his fear of never returning to Neverworld, his Fearless feat will not apply. Alternatively, if faced with a situation where he might be able to return home, it might cause him to hesitate or otherwise make the current situation worse.  Oh, the cleverness of me: Pan is a trickster, and he has trouble not taunting and otherwise aggravating his enemies. This can lead to escalation of conflict if Pan manages to aggravate the enemy enough, or Pan being attacked where he was previously ignored, making the situation worse for him. To live will be an awfully big adventure: To Pan, a life without adventure would be worse than death. He searches for adventure in any form, always having trouble sitting still, be it during classes, stakeouts or strategy meetings. This can apply in many ways, such as picking up a strange idol, pressing the tempting button with "Do not press" or flying after something the glowing light in the sky, having trouble staying focused during planning on learning, which can cause problems later on, if Pan forgets crucial information or just didn't pay attention in the first place. I'll hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in my arms: Pan is quick to find friends, and quick to trust them. He is willing to do just about anything for his friends, even if he shouldn't. Hurt his friends, and his revenge will be swift, even if it shouldn't be. If Pan's friends are hurt or in situations where they will be seriously hurt or worse if Pan or someone else doesn't help them, Pan will be spurred into action, even if the situation places Pan himself in great danger. All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust: Pan has to actually believe in himself and his abilities for his powers to work effectively. If his faith in himself is shaken, for instance by being met with an overwhelming foe or otherwise being worn down, any of his powers with the Pixie Dust descriptor might fail when he try to use them. All children, except one, grow up: Pan has a soft spot for children, and they tend to like him in turn. While he might not outright believe everything a child will say or do, knowing all too well how mischievous a child can be, he will always believe in children, prioritizing their protection and well being. It may have been quixotic, but it was magnificent: Pan's uncanny luck tends to have strange consequences. If probability is pushed far enough in one direction, it might just decide to push back, causing improbable things to happen, like the password to a computer suddenly changing, or a piano suddenly falling from the sky. --- Pan has 13PP to spend, and I'll be using those to boost his Illusion array a bit, and changing its name, so to summarize changes: - Rename the power Illusion Array to Trickster Array - Increase Alternate Power 1 to Alternate Power 3 [2PP], adding Enhanced Charisma as the new BP and another Illusion power - Increase rank from 3.5 to 9 [11PP] New array below: Trickster Array 9 (18 PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [21PP] (Pixie Dust, Training) BP: Enhanced Charisma 18 ("Allure of Forever") {18/18} AP: Illusion 8 ("Endless Forms"; Affects: Visual; Feats: Progression [Area] 2) (Area: 25 ft.) {18/18} AP: Illusion 4 ("Endless Forms Most Beautiful"; Affects: All Senses; Extras: Duration 1 [Sustained]; Flaws: Action [Full Round]; Feats: Progression [Area] 2) (Duration: Sustained, Area: 25 ft.) {18/18} AP: Obscure 5 ("Hide & Seek"; Affects: Auditory, Visual Senses; Extras: Independent [+0]; Feats: Progression [Area] 2, Selective) (Duration: Independent [18 rounds], Radius: 500 ft.) {18/18} Updated Ability score and Skills blocks to go with the above: Abilities: 4 + 10 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 10 = 36PP Strength: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 20 (+5) / 38 (+14) w. Allure of Forever Skills: 40R = 10PP Acrobatics 2 (+7) Bluff 17Skill Mastery (+22) / (+31 w. Allure of Forever) Notice 13Skill Mastery (+14) Sense Motive 3Skill Mastery (+4) Sleight of Hand 2 (+7) Stealth 3Skill Mastery (+8)
  14. Yep, both are about 200 feet above ground, Ship A being 50 feet away and Ship B being 500 feet away.
  15. Search: 1d20+8 = 9 Ha, let's see where this gets me.
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