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  1. Forever Boy While Micah flew towards the ship, golden dust shimmered across Pan's form, revealing his uniform and mask. He looked to Micah, then to the others. "The cannonballs bring the pirates here. We need to destroy them, or the entire crew will reach the ground." He was gone between the blink of eyes, leaving nothing but a trail of golden dust behind as he moved towards the cannonball the furthest away, dodging the pirates on the ground along the way. Pixie Dust gathered into a golden two-handed hammer in his hand while he moved. Stopping right above th
  2. Reflex for Area for the Ship: 14 Ship TOU save: 21 The ship cannot be blinded or deafened. Reflex Save vs Area for the Crew: 25 TOU Save for Crew: 13 The crew is dazed. Reflex Save vs. Dazzle: 22 --- Pan uses Quick Change to get into his costume. Move Action to Fly to one of the canonballs, Standard Action to attack with Forever Weapon in the shape of a hammer: 19 Cannonball TOU save: 22 vs DC27 The cannonball is destroyed. --- Current status: Micah is in the air by the Sky-Pirate ship and has d
  3. Ghost Casper was not having a good day. He had lost his job at the pizza place. They really didn't like that he had to skip out on a few deliveries to chase some bad guys, and he was behind on child payments again. All he wanted to do was to get a hotdog from Jake's down at Wading Way. Take his time, enjoy it. The best hotdog cart in all of Freedom, as far as Casper was concerned. And now, as he stood with the bounty in his hands... and then Dr. Midas and his Silver Centurions came crashing out of the bank behind him, smashing into the street and taking off with their
  4. OOC for this. @Heritage, @Spacefurry Give me some Initiative rolls, so we got those ready and out of the way.
  5. GM Wading Way, Freedom City November 22nd, 2020 3:00 PM The outside of a bank almost exploded as man in a golden battlesuit smashed through the windows, a large briefcase in his hand. He landed heavily on the pavement, looking up at the people on the street around him, quickly followed by a trio of people in silver colored battlesuits, all holding heavy suitcases of their own. The battlesuits appeared to be inspired by medieval knights armors, aside from the helmet of the golden one, at least, which sported a large red eye in the center of the helmet, which ot
  6. Pirates Initiative: 23 There's a ship above. There's 4 pirates on the ground that's appeared from the cannonballs, and the cannonballs are still glowing. Anyone that went with Pan on the trip to the Danger Research Facility in Spring 2019 (or have been told about that or the cannonballs by Pan or anyone on that trip) might remember that these cannonballs work as portals and will keep bringing in more pirates until they're destroyed. @KnightDisciple is up 28 - Thunderbird - 2HP - Unharmed 25 - Forever Boy - 6HP - Unharmed 23 - Angelik - 3H
  7. GM The flying ship approached fast, heading straight towards the theater. As it came closer, the group could see pirates hanging off the ship, dressed in a weird anachronistic combination of what you would expect a classic pirate overlapped with strange patterns and lines and modern military wear with designs not entirely unlike Pan's uniform. Their yells and cheers could be heard as the ship turned hard, quickly firing their cannons. A pair of cannonballs flew through the air, leaving faint sickly green trails behind before they slammed into the ground near the entranc
  8. That's a hit. TOU: 21 Since he is a minion and failed the Toughness Save, he is knocked out. Give me an IC post. And you don't have to wait for me to respond to OOC posts before writing an IC post, go ahead with everything up until actually hitting with a strike or actually succeeding or failing.
  9. Well, give me an IC! Backup will arrive Initiative 31 next round
  10. GM Quirk looked outright offended. "Never heard of me? What do they teach in that fancy super hero school, if nobody teaches you about Quirk?" His face lit up in a grin again at Spaceman's explanation, and he made a quick bow. "And its good to see you again too, Spaceman!" He shook his head, holding his hands up, then pointed at the kids. "They're the players, and you", his finger appeared right in front of Nightscale, before reappearing on his hand "are the pieces! You'll go where the dice tell you to go! So let's get going, winner takes all!"
  11. Roll 1d6 for how far you go, and give me an IC!
  12. Spaceman "He's probably already told you, but his name is Quirk." Spaceman was crossing his arms in front of his chest now, looking at the amused youngster with an annoyed expression. "He's pretty much omnipotent. Whatever he wants to do, he can do. Like this." He paused to gesture around them, at the large board. "You can't fight him. You have to win the game or outwit him, but at least he plays by his own rules." He looked to Quirk and the kids. "Don't worry kids, we'll get all of us out of here and back where we belong. Its just a big game, Quirk isn't going to hurt
  13. Pan leaned closer as the propaganda video played, a look of awe in his eyes. "Freedom and adventure?" he asked. "Where do we sign up?" He sounded genuine, at least, but then grew silent for a moment when Lon approached and talked to them, his lips splitting into his just slightly too wide grin. "A deal, you say?" If Pan knew what Lon refered to with Judy, then he didn't let it show. "And what do you find interesting, then?"
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