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  1. Combat Fixed Skills I honestly have no idea where that 17 comes from aside from a mistype. Fixed. Powers I had completely missed that house rule. I've taken out Magic Awareness and saving it for later, when he gets some PP. I'll buy a rank of Luck instead. All tallies should be fixed.
  2. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what the character's power and such are at the moment, but this was an idea that popped up, but I thought I'd ask before committing myself to it. The build does something along the lines of what I was thinking, with a character being able to move up and down on the two axes.
  3. I asked this on discord but without us ever really getting to a decision, so putting it out here. According to the manual, you can have different tradeoffs for different attacks. But what about different tradeoffs for different defenses? My thinking was a character that would have the base +5 Toughness, +5 Defense scores. Then, array that could give up to +10 Toughness or up to +10 Defense, via powers like Force Field, Protection, Enhanced Defense or something like that. It could possibly be a dynamic array, allowing the character to shift along the axis. Is that something that is allowed?
  4. So, running Forever Boy through Herolab showed me a mistake about his Blast power, and then there's the DC Block being wrong for Toughness related effects. Since Homing is a Power Feat and not a Power Extra, please update the Alternate Power: Blast in the Tricks Array to this: Alternate Power: Blast 8 (Tracker Blast; Feats: Accurate 1, Homing) {18/20} That's a different tradeoff than Pan's usual, so if it should be added under tradeoffs, then please add this where appropriate: (+2 Attack, -2 Damage: Tracker Blast) And another section to his attack stats: +12 Tracker Blast (+5 Base, +5 Attack Focus [Ranged], +2 Accurate) I've updated Unarmed and Tracker Blast to be the proper 15+Str / 15+Level instead of forgetting the Str mod for Unarmed and doing 10+Level for Tracker Blast. DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 17 Toughness Damage Stun Burst Ranged DC 16 Fortitude Dazed/Stun/Unconscious Tracker Blast Ranged DC 23 Toughness Damage Fireworks Ranged DC 16 Reflex Auditory/Visual Senses Useless Binding Bands Ranged DC 19 Reflex Entangled/Bound Mind Wave Ranged DC 16 Will Confused
  5. "It is pretty great to fly, yes." Pan almost beamed with pride. He was understating the feeling, really. He loved flying, and he was doing everything he could to stay rooted to the ground right now. He was brought out of the thoughts when he saw Elizabeth's finger bounce off Danica, and then a tortoise shell appeared around her. Pan stared with open mouth a the design that appeared on it, quickly memorizing them. Golden starbust patterns everywhere. It was amazing. For some reason, it just made him feel safe. Then it disappeared. He hadn't even noticed that he had started floating, flying up on the right side of Danica and leaving a shimmering golden trail that quickly faded behind him. "That was awesome!" He kind of wanted to try poking her to bring it up again, but he stopped himself. "That was a tortoise shell, right? I've seen them before, but I've never seen one with a pattern like that!"
  6. RocketLord


    The headmistress stepped up on the stage, and Pan could almost feel the atmosphere change in the assembly room. It wasn't all at once, it was gradual, but still, it was there. He grinned back at Selena. Oh, he would look forward to hearing what she could come up with, even if he had to focus for now. "I'll hold you to that." He gave a quick wink to Judy and Lulu before turning to face the stage. He had noticed the others getting out notebooks and things to write with. He hadn't thought about actually having to write down notes for the assembly. He wondered if he would get behind from that, but otherwise he'd just wing it. That had worked out so far, at least.
  7. Pan looked back at the bullet that was now lying on the ground, with little winged bullets flying around it. This was so weird. He wanted to respond to Lucy, but no sense in giving his position away yet, as he started floating through the golden mists he had created. Get closer, but not too close. He had no idea what they would be able to do if he got up close, after all. Still, it was the perfect time for him to do his little Mind Wave trick. A smile played over his lips as he targeted the two toons. Confuse them, maybe hope they start squabbling a bit amongst themselves. That would work well.
  8. Well, Pan is going to use Confuse from his Tricks array on the toons. Will DC 16 save to avoid being confused. And he's slowly moving closer.
  9. A story called Peter Pan? There were stories that could be about him in this world? All of Danica's comments just hit spot on. Never-Never Land was too close to Neverworld. Captain Hook and the Hooked Man. And he did indeed lead a band of pirates that pillaged the entire world, if they had the chance. And Tinkerbell? Pan knew a pixie named Tinker. It had been one of the pixies that had helped him out as he grew up. It had had followed him to the Lost Heroes and was there when they managed to summon the Crocodile. He wondered where it had gone. Pan was knocked from his shock when he finally managed to notice Jack's presence. He was, quite frankly, way too tall. Looking up, Pan blinked for a second before regaining his composure, the smile returning to his face. He would have to look into this Peter Pan, but not now. Now he had to return to reality for a moment. "Ah, hello Jack. I am not quite sure what I will be doing once I finish here at the Academy, to be honest. I'm kind of here to learn about this world and figure all that out. Nice to meet you, my friend." He turned back to Danica. "Sorry for my brief... moment. The gym sounds interesting. I think I would like to try that aerial course at some point."
  10. RocketLord


    Ashley did not like talking about their home. Noted. Pan's eyes turned serious for a moment as he looked at her, giving her a slight nod, before he turned back to Judy, Lulu and Selena with a wide grin on his lips. "I'm afraid I don't know what ninjas are. We had pixies, sea monsters, giant birds. I fought a giant squid at one point. That was fun." He liked what he heard about Alabama and Puerto Rico, though, even if he couldn't place how the historical details fit. "That I would have liked to see!" he responded to the story about the magician that turned himself into a girl. He had joined Claremont both to have a place to be and get some direction in this world, but so far, all the stories he had heard here made it out to be a wonderful place. "Do you have any other stories like that? I would love to hear some more."
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    Alabama and Puerto Rico? Pan had never heard of these places, but it sounded like they were far away from here. The names were so different from a name like Freedom City, and with far less telling names. He wondered if the names meant anything, in the same way as Freedom City obviously did. Pan waved off Selena's apology. It really wasn't needed, as far as he was concerned. He was much more interested in hearing more about Alabama, Puerto Rica and the world that Judy and Ashley were from. "So, what about your world, Judy? And Alabama and Puerto Rico? I haven't heard anything about these places. What are they like?" His curiosity was getting the better of him, but he didn't really think much about it. He had all but forgotten the reason that he was even at this assembly.
  12. Forever Boy Pan blinked a bit at Elizabeth's comment about the Crocodile and the Hooked Man. Did she konw about them? How could she possibly know about them? And then she pulled that hat from out of nowhere. The color was wrong, it should be a darker shade of red, and it seemed too new, but otherwise, it looked just like the Hooked Man's prized hat. Oh, he had gotten so mad whenever Pan had managed to steal it from him or had otherwise thrown it away. Pan's surprise were visible on his face. His eyes were wide open, and his mouth felt dry when Elizabeth said that line. Oh, that horrible line that he had heard so many times. He remained frozen for a moment, before blinking and shaking his head. He did not mean to ignore Danica, but Elizabeth's knowledge was simply baffling. "How do you know that?"
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    Forever Boy "No, no, its not rude at all. I've gotten quite a bit of different reactions to it. And apparently there's several stories in this world that seems to be based on Neverworld." Pan shrugged at the last bit. He honestly didn't know how he felt about that quite yet. He had only learned about it the day before, after all. "I don't know if I would call Neverworld "nice" exactly, but every day was an adventure, at least. We had flying ships, pixies and mermaids. Cyborgs and pirates, or even pirate cyborgs. I'd love to tell you more and hear about your world, but perhaps after the assembly?" Pan motioned to Lulu and the other girl that joined them, settling in the seats next to Judy. Pan smiled at them, doing a quick wave. So many new faces, so many new friends-to-be. "Hello, I'm Pan. Nice to meet you both. Are you new as well?"
  14. Forever Boy He got him! For a brief moment, a triumphant grin played over Pan's lips, and then the Electrum Eagle broke the golden bonds, sending rapidly disintegrating bits and pieces of them flying all around him. That was far from ideal. It seemed like whatever trick Pan had tried, these two had just been able to shrug it off. Fine, a more direct approach then, at least for the moment. And then Electrum Eagle had started chanting again, not even caring that Pan was there. That was just annoying. Pan pulled his hand back, a glowing ball of golden energy forming in it. "Hey! I'm not done with you, feathers-for-brains!" He threw the golden ball straight for Electrum Eagle, before starting to move to the side. The Porpoise guy was coming closer and he needed to get into a position where he could see them both.