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  1. Dammit. Why was Robin the only one that ever packed non-lethal weapons here? The bodyguard was down, and he probably needed medical attention. She supposed that Kidd had done as his training told him, but still. If anything, the bodyguard had tried to help them by shooting at the Wall. Everything was happening so fast. The Wall was getting closer, Kidd was shooting now, the bodyguard was down, Blowfish had pulled some kind of weapon that she didn't really have the time to see what was. It didn't matter right now, they had to stop the Wall while they still had the chance. "Kidd, Blowfish. Back away. I'll take care of him." Of course Blowfish didn't care about his bodyguard. She didn't really have anything she could use here, no smart moves. He would probably be wise to having the floor shot out from under him again, so she had to buy some time. Pulling the trigger, Robin fired another kinetic blast at the Wall.
  2. Yet another shot at the Wall. Backing away to try and stay out of his reach. Power Attack Maneuver on Justice Shot: 1d20+9 = 27, DC22 Toughness if it hits.
  3. GM The King seemed to think about it. His expression was unreadable. Would Lament succeed? Or would he fail. Eventually, the King made his decision. "You." He pointed at the guard that had tried to hide Lament's card. "Fetch your children. They will do for this show." The guard looked shocked, but complied. While he was gone, the King smiled sweetly at Lament. "Yes, any child will do, will they not? Now, show me the tunes you can play on these children." And he gestured towards the guard as he returned, a bundle in each arms. Twins, from the looks of it. To a human, they were maybe a few months old. For an Elf? Who knew.
  4. Elf King sense motive: 1d20+20 = 32 And a -5 modifier for a convincing argument makes 27.
  5. Adventure, yes. But an adventure for cheese? Pan did not like that at all, no. The Fae realms were indeed vibrant, they were indeed an adventure, but he did not like the idea of this adventure on Lorenzo's terms. He had already proved to be strange, and quick to take hostile actions, after all. With a loud sigh, he flew away from Lorenzo, instead hovering by Penny. Fine, he was here, but he was not going to act like he liked it. Being pulled between worlds against his will was not something he cared to repeat. He frowned at the mention of the poison mushrooms. Sure, try to eat something you knew nothing about, and from a Fae realm. Absolutely brilliant idea. "Please, would anyone like to tell me a bit more about the Pixies and other Fae, or just about this realm? It is quite different from the Pixies back home." Some knowledge would do, yes. It would help, at least.
  6. Well, nothing I can think of right now, aside from Pan being occupied!
  7. Forever Boy "Amazing..." Pan murmured, looking up at the crystalline castle that they were to infiltrate. It was unlike anything he had ever seen, unlike anything on either Neverworld or the Earth, as far as he knew. And it was the home of a villain? No, that could not stand, could it? "Maybe the structure or the materials make it difficult to find, without the information that the dear Porpoise and Eagle shared?" he responded to Veronica's question, while shrugging. He was not sure, it was a shot in the dark, but it was his best idea, at least. And it was something that was interesting to contemplate. Even Pan fell silent as Veronica guided them in. He had moved to stand behind her, a hand on the top of her seat as he watched everything unfolding. This was amazing, he didn't want to miss anything that might happen. "Wonderful work, my friend." he congratulated her, just before he heard Echohead gasping for air, his head spinning, him feeling lighter... and then he fell over. With a trail of Pixie Dust behind him, Pan was by his side, kneeling and reaching out to try and help him up. "Mr. Echohead? Wake up, this is really not the time for a nap of any kind. We will be there in but a moment." He tried doing what he could to wake him up, but it was really not his forte.
  8. Trying for a medicine check to get Echohead up and going again, using it unranked with Jack of All Trades. I think its Revive, so DC15, unless you want something different? Medicine Roll: 1d20+1 = 17
  9. Yep, Sgt. Shark's too low! But Aquaria's comprehend do indeed work!
  10. "Also, if Dio were to try, his breath would probably give him away first," Pan added to Leroy's mention about Dio not biting, a mischievous grin on his lips, before he returned to the task at hand. "But, I agree. Ordinary is such a boring word, is it not? It implies that everyone is just the same, and really, that is not quite the truth, is it not? I believe it would be more accurate to say it was simply from the perspective of a one that does not posses the abilities or experiences of ourselves, no?" Yes, they were not exactly the common kind of persons from their worlds, were they? Pan had yet to hear of anyone else from Neverworld that had followed his experiences. The Lost Heroes came close, but only at a certain point. And then, there was the other thing, about the number of experiences. But this was neither the time or place for that, and he felt little reason to go and tell everyone at Claremont about his own secrets. "But yes, returning to me, for a quick moment, that is exactly the issue, Leroy. From experiences so far, they have no looked past the difference. I have read the book many times by now, and there are similarities, but, we are not exactly the same. I do not mind when children are excited to see this Peter Pan, but it also puts on certain expectations. Perhaps that could be a good angle?" He turned to Reina, not really taking a pause to breathe, in his attempt to include her as well. "But, then put yourself in the shoes of a schoolgirl from this world, Reina!" he announced, drawing a few stares from those around them. "What would she think, seeing you flying through the sky much like a star? Risking it all, to keep at bay a villain seeking to sow chaos?" And finally, he turned to Leroy yet again. "Then, how do you believe an author of this world would see you?" A valid question, he believed.
  11. GM Even if the king had not been moved to more than a smirk, chuckles and laughter could be heard from his court. Lament was making progress, at the very least! "Aye, I do." Yet more feeling was return to the king, it seemed. His words were not just harsh and cold. There were a hint of mirth, an unspoken question. Maybe even a hint of excitement for what the Master of Melancholy was planning? "But why do you need them? The children were your prize, and not your prop, as far as I recall our bargain." The other guards seemed to stand at ready. The first one seemed to perk up, his spear tightly gripped in his hand.
  12. Diplomacy or Bluff check, depending on how you try to get the king to produce the kids and pearls.
  13. GM The squid stopped. They were discovered. Rising to their full height, instead of swimming towards them, they now appeared to at least a foot taller than Aquaria, with their arms lazily moving under them. They appeared to listen, at least for now. Or maybe just stared at the glow from the red and green light having the full attention of their bulbous eyes. One of them, the one that did not appear to carry a device, swam closer. Its formerly dull, grey body started to glow, quick flashes of red, filled with slower, green glows. The other two squid had the devices raised. It appeared to be boxes, the same length in on every side. There were handles, triggers, buttons all around, aside from at the front. They did not appear to make any attacks, but both of the squid were glowing with a faint red color.
  14. Sense Motive, Languages, or IC knowledge. Whatever checks you think might help you understand the squid!
  15. The Wall went through the wall, and everyone around Robin started reaching for their weapons. Just great. This was escalating again, far faster than Robin would like it to. If the Wall had just stuck to the plan, if Kidd wasn't turning out to be such a gloryhound, if if if... "Everyone put your guns down or I will put them down for you." Right, she wasn't exactly scary, but she should have shown them enough of what she could do. Maybe that would give them some pause. Honestly, the smartest thing to do would be to just take down Blowfish and his goon. Quick and easy, done and out. But, they were not attacking her, not yet at least. At least Kidd seemed to nominally be on her side. So, circling the hole the Wall had made, she raised her gun and got ready. Blowfish, his goon, the Wall. Whoever made the first move, she'd take them down.