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  1. Pan grumbled again, thinking it over. "Something being a story does not make it not real," he finally concluded, returning to his usual grin. "Even if it might not be realistic, yes?" He had honestly thought that the non-fantastic movies of this world might at least be based on real events. Of course, the Star Wars and Treks, the stories of Rings and magic swords and all that, now that was probably not real, or at best something along the lines of his own world's connection to this strange world he found himself in, but in this, he had been betrayed. He sat himself in mid-air again, leaning his hands on his knees and leaning forward to smile at Micah. He hadn't given up quite yet. He would help his friend, one way or another. "Yes, something is certainly up with the sisters, would you not say so? The older sister certainly has some peculiar ideas and stances at times." He nodded thoughtfully to himself once more. "They are refugees from another world, here with nothing but the grant from the foundation that helps people such as us, should she not be happy to see her younger sister and boy with wealth like Leroy get together? Ashley has other reasons, I believe, but I am afraid that I know little beyond that." Another thought. He remembered their journey into dreams. "She did have a peculiar reaction to seeing the Raven, of all people, in a dream of our greatest nightmares..." Pan shook his head, shaking the thoughts away. "But that is not important right now!" he concluded, once more focusing on Micah. "So, your world, and romance. If the movies have lied to me," he made sure to dramatically emphasize the word lied, "then, if you were in love with someone in a relationship, how should you act? Make your feelings known? Keep it all bottled inside and hope it fades? Plan a daring scheme to convince your love to choose you?"
  2. GM Octoman's yelling had their intended effect. After a second of staring at the strange man (and a kid or two yelling "It's OCTOMAN!"), the few people in the food court all seemed to get up and start running for whatever exits and away from the balls. By the time Archer and Spectre had changed into their costumes, the last few patrons had left the area through the various emergency exits that Octoman had knocked up. The balls kept rolling around, but no more joined them, while someone shouted "Aw, man! What a drain!" from around the corner, before the hurried sound of someone running down the escalator could be heard. Whoever it was, he was certainly in a hurry. If the heroes followed, they would see a bald man in a light blue 1970'es style suit running through the mall, people splitting away from him as he got too close.
  3. Archer II What was that sound? Ting, ting, ting, like something metallic being dropped on the floor, one by one. Reaching down for his bag with one handed, Connor looked around, spotting the small metallic balls that had begun rolling around the floor. This was it. The things that had been found where everyone had disappeared. Small metallic balls, but never in this number. The other times, only one or two people had been taken, but all of these balls, and in somewhere this public... did the kidnapper mean to take everyone all at once? He didn't have time to think about it anymore when someone started shouting about balls. A yellow, black and blue jumpsuit, with tentacles lashing out everywhere, setting off alarms, opening doors. And shouting about balls. Some kind of hero, probably. At least he was drawing attention away from him. He quickly reached into his bag and pulled out first his red mask and red and white jacket, putting them on one after another and pulling up the zipper for the jacket, then went for his bow and quiver, quickly getting up from the table, securing the quiver over his shoulder as he approached the guy screaming about balls and the girl that had joined him. They obviously knew each other, so hopefully, they were both heroes. "Stop the yelling." It wasn't really a command, but there was some bite to his tone. Everyone but them were running already, no need to keep yelling. "They're coming from around the corner. One of you take point and I'll back you up." Names weren't important right this moment. He motioned with his head to direction of the corner he had heard the TING noises coming from, while reaching for his quiver and pulling out an arrow to put on his bow, to emphasize his point. Just a stun arrow. Nothing too dangerous.
  4. Pan gave an approving nod, floating around in the air behind Davyd and Adam as they looked like they were just about ready to compete on who could give Lulu the best compliments, but Pan decided to leave it at that. Yes, yes, Lulu was very pretty, but there was adventure to be had! He moved past and around Lulu and Davyd, grimacing at the strange man with tentacles for a beard, a claw for a hand and a crab leg, and a decided pale color. "I liked the parrot better." Probably some sort of reference that he did not get. Instead, he moved to Veronica, smiling and making a small bow. He should probably have changed in something more practical too, but he was fine with the set he had been wearing since their arrival. "You look all ready for some danger." He couldn't help himself. He was still in awe of her name. "Where to next?"
  5. Justice "It's way cool." Robin couldn't help herself. The grin was spreading from ear to ear again as she looked at the Meta-Naut, then gestured for her to follow by waving over her shoulder and moving back into the garage that they had first entered through. "From what I've seen so far, you can breathe just fine out there, no instant decompression or anything. But still..." She reached down and flicked her amulet into her belt. It started glowing, she pressed the activation button, and bits and pieces of her armor flew to her from the stands around her, until she was fully covered. "Better safe than sorry. It's weird out there." She stradled her bike and looked over at the Meta-Naut, her wide grin hidden behind her helmet. "You want a ride, or are you good with flying?" After the Meta-Naut had replied, she flicked a switch on a remote built into her armor and the gate started rolling up, revealing a strange sight to the Meta-Naut. Once they were outside, the Meta-Naut and Justice would find themselves on what appeared to be a giant floating rock, with a metallic structure behind them, a sort of watchtower placed firmly in the middle of the space that surrounded them. A swirling pattern of colors filled the around them, debris of various kinds floating all around the space that surrounded. Rocks like the one that they were currently on, metallic structures, other dimensional vessels. They were few and far between, but there were certainly things out there in Z-Space. In their immediate surroundings, they could see a rocky plain that stretched out into the horizon. To the right, a large rock, the size of a mountain. "It's not really rock," Justice mentioned, gesturing to the things below them. "Some kinda metal, actually. I mined some to use for my sword and parts of my armor. It's kinda weird."
  6. GM It seemed they had plenty of options of how to get in. Justice found a window with darkened glasses above on the roof. She couldn't see through it, but she could probably break through without too much trouble. It might have a mechanism for opening it, but it had to be from the inside, so nothing she could operate from her current position. The Emerald Spider could, of course, spot the door, if she wanted to use the front. Otherwise, there seemed to be windows situated around the building, at the first and third floor in height. Seemed to be normal glass, easy enough to break. One particular window on the third floor was open, letting air in. If Peri looked in, she would be able to spot several large containers scattered around the warehouse, not really utilizing the room in any meaningful way. They seemed like they were randomly placed, like something had dragged it in and let them go.
  7. Justice's Search: 1d20+8 = 28 IC coming with results.
  8. GM "What the hell?" Yeah. Bear-Knuckle was mad, Facsimile had that right. He was also even more pissed off than before, audible breathing hard and grunting as he tried to figure out what to do about the situation. He turned to the others, a look of absolutely fury and confusion on his face. "How the hell do you punch a #%&¤ing cloud?" Heavyweight climbed into the ring, while Fly-Boy buzzed around, both equally bewildered by this turn of events. TKO was the only one that didn't seem completely stunned by the turn of events, instead gesturing towards the kid at the computer, before turning back towards Facsimile. "Bad move, punk!" he shouted over the hero's storm. He spread his arms out to the side. "You wanna huff and puff? Be my guest! See how ya like a whole school blowing up 'cus of you! Is that what you want?" Of course, the Contenders had no reason to play fair. They wanted a win, nothing else. "What's it gonna be, hero? Gonna huff and puff and we take out the school, or turn back into something we can hit?"
  9. I'll be adding in some ideas for Mayombe and some other foes I've considered for Cheval. I'm considering running some things, but I'll need to finish up some other threads first.
  10. See IC. No actual fighting actions from the Contenders in this go around. Bluff from TKO: 28, but how you react is of course up to you. That's just to see if he's really gonna do it or not. Read spoiler below if you can beat that.
  11. There's something in the ultraviolet spectrum further up ahead in the cave, it looks sort of like burning particles flickering in the wind. It looks kind of weird, though, like it is somehow messing with Judy's vision. Its there, but also not quite there.
  12. The original has been completely deleted, so there's not really anything left to tell you what it was before, but it seems to be concentrated on parts where Nicole is in the video, or where she is together with Guy.
  13. Alright, no Hero Point then. I'll keep that in mind for the future.
  14. Justice "Yeah, don't worry about it. Can't have people knowing that Raya Wells got super hero connections, would just get more paparazi her way, right?" She smiled, despite the moment of awkwardness that she had created. She'd gotten praise much of her life, but it felt weird to have a hero like the Meta-Naut praising her. She was used to people praising the work she'd do in class or at the university, not her actual work, like this. So. Moving on. Push the weird feeling away for now, and over to the tools. She moved over and reached for some small blue pellets she had stashed in a small box on a table, next to a copy of the gun she had used earlier. "Well, I'm always working on new stuff, of course!" She was all smiles again, the awkward moment from before quickly forgotten. "That whole armor and weapons you saw before were pretty new, actually. I used to switch out whole armors for a bit, before figuring out I could make them modular, so I've been working on getting my entire armory up to speed! Like these!" She took out one of the blue pellets and held it up. "Saw the Shock Blasts I fired earlier? I'm working on some other kinds of ammo, something that can hopefully just stop people instead of hurting them." She looked a bit sheepish as she loaded the pellet into the gun, then took aim at a nearby mannequin. "I kinda forgot something like that in the excitement when I made the new armor." Pulling the trigger, she fired the pellet. The moment it hit the mannequin, it exploded, creating a thick layer of light blue foam that quickly hardened around it. "Got a few other ideas like that rattling around, but I'll figure it out!" She paused a bit, there was something else she could show the Meta-Naut. "So, how would you feel about going out into Z-Space?"
  15. GM Ben would be the first to notice that something was off. Tiny, metallic balls, like what you would see in a pinball machine, started rolling across the floor. Not in an excessive number. One or two here and there, but still, more than enough to seem out of place, and not just something that some kid randomly dropped. Besides, no children were running to try and pick up their lost toys. Connor heard the sounds of the balls being dropped, hitting the floor with a heavy metallic *TING* sound, barely audible over the noise of the food court. Even with the dwindling number of patrons, it was noisy, but still, he noticed. The sound came from around a corner that led to an escalator to the lower floor, making the balls' random trajectories all the more puzzling. Poor Max neither saw or heard anything, even as balls seemed to be rolling in the direction of the patrons of the food court, including the three young heroes.
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