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  1. Reflex vs the Box: 13 16 You catch them both. @Cubismo, you're up. 25 - Ultio Suit Users - KO:1, Trapped: 2 --- Ultio Red: Unharmed --- Ultio Blue: Unharmed 17 - Carnifex - Unharmed 16 - The Dreamer - 0HP - Unharmed 9 - Ultra Girl - 2HP - Unharmd
  2. GM "GAH!" Jonathan stumbled back, grasping at his forehead. He was bleeding from his forehead, grasping at it while he let got of Ms. Bright. "Someone stop her!" "I got her, I got..." Crimson Cross blasted again, part of the wall collapsing next to her. "Ah! Where is she!?" She sounded like she was panicking now, like she didn't need what to do. She wasn't used to being blind, wasn't used to not leading a fight. The Preacher kept chanting. His words made no sense. Under his robes, he was starting to glow with a strange, sickly green light.
  3. Alright, Preacher is still chanting. He is starting to shine with a weird light from under his coat now. Jonathan recovers. Crimson Cross tries to recover: 9 Nope, you're up 23 - Ms. Bright - 1HP - Unharmed 20 - Jonathan - Bruise (x1), Dazed 19 - Crimson Cross - Blinded (1 turn), Staggered 14 - Preacher - Unharmed
  4. "Please, like having a complicated story would bother me." Pan's smile shifted, like he just had an idea that he just couldn't hide anymore. "So, now the three of us, Leroy and Mia know? Interesting. Not exactly a tight knit group of people to tell." He rubbed his chin for a moment, and looked over at Ashley. The look in his eyes, the curl of his lips, there was something there, a bit of a challenge, perhaps? Mischief, certainly. It was there for just the briefest of seconds, then he seemed thoughtful and like he was thinking all of this in again. "So, is there anyone else you might want to tell? What about Micah? He is trustworthy. He probably would not mind joining you in some of those zoos to keep the weather nice."
  5. Pan put his arms around Eira and raised an eyebrow. "Really? That is the surprise?" He felt cool to her touch in the chill evening air, but it did not seem to bother him. He leaned closer, stealing a brief kiss. "Or maybe I will be the one distracting you."
  6. Magical Fairytale Soldier Little Mermaid They were too late. Again. The mirror shard had wormed its way into yet another heart, amplifying a man’s feelings of loneliness, until his heart had broken… and the mirror shard had taken over completely. His name was Lasse, he was a nice guy, but he didn’t really have a lot of friends. He was too busy with his studies. He had just pushed everyone away, they had given up on him, and it was just getting to be too much for him. Mette had tried to stop the transformation. She had walked around, trying to cheer him up, she had sought out his old friends, she had brought them back together, and they had even reconnected. Muirne had helped out too, and Eira? She had been there, snarking about it all the time, wondering why Mette even bothered. “Just let him transform already so we can kick his ass and get him back to normal,” was one of her more memorable quotes of the day. Not that it helped. Once Lasse’s old friends left, he was right back to despair. He really needed some professional help, and then, it happened. The mirror shard started the transformation. Even though she had seen it many times before, Mette was still horrified as the ice broke out of Lasse’s chest. It spread from his heart, covering his body, growing in density and size until it covered the ground all around him, and it still kept growing. This was a big one Mirror Monster. “Finally!” Eira was next Mette, cracking her robotic knuckles. “I knew it was just a matter of time!” “You don’t know that! It could have worked! We can’t stop trying just because you want to get home to your boyfriend.” Muirne stood back and shook her head, then immediately covered her mouth in response to Eira’s death glare. She was ready, but she had hoped that their efforts would have worked. “Yeah, yeah. Alright.” Mette stood her ground and put her feet slightly apart. Eira had a point, of course. Their attempts to stop a transformation before it happened rarely worked. The Snow Queen’s magic was just too strong for regular, positive emotions to change things. Sometimes, it worked, and that made it worth the effort. Not that Eira agreed. She just wanted to get it over with and go back to doing whatever she was doing before the mirror shard got inside Lasse. The ice shattered. Pieces fell all around the shape that had been Lasse moments ago. Now? A wolf man that stood on two legs, with a massive jaw that took up most of his upper body. His fur was black with red and white specks mixed in, his eyes strangely human-like. A Mirror Monster, an emotion gone wrong, stood before them once again. “Is it time yet?” Eira was impatient. “We gotta do it now, right?” Muirne too. Alright, Mette had to agree with Eira here. This was the best part of their gig. “Yeah!” Mette turned her right side towards the wolf-like monster. It snapped its massive jaws at her, releasing some sort of corrosive spit. Mette thrust her right hand forward, clenched fist pointing at the wolf man. “Let’s go!” Eira and Muirne mirrored her movement. Brilliant light shone from the three young heroes, all but destroying the corrosive spit before it reached them. Once upon a time… Muirne closed her eyes, stretching her arms out to the side. She looked serene, calm. Muirne smiled, she danced, made a pirouette. Mid-spin, a dark shadow appeared on the ground beneath her foot, surging up along her legs and across her body in uneven, jagged patterns. Muirne kept dancing, spinning, and she leapt. When she landed, the shadow cracked and fell away. A dark grey dress with jagged black patterns spilled out. Parts of her arms and backs were bare, the shadow whirling around her on the ground in a spiral. Taking a few more steps, Muirne spun one final time and pointed towards the monster with her right hand, the shadow on the ground whirling across her body, a black domino mask finally appearing over her eyes. Cast your shadow! Magical Fairytale Soldier Shadow! Fire erupted from Eira’s fist, spreading out across her body, burning away clothes and fake skin, revealing her robotic form underneath. She pulled back, crossing her arms across her chest and grinned, cold robotic eyes staring straight ahead, only her hair left behind. As she threw her arms out to the sides, Eira’s back erupted in burning wings, while a dark red knee-length dress appeared, burning across her form. The dress had silver accents at all edges, a somewhat militaristic style, broken by spikes and studs. She threw her right hand up into the sky as the final flames burned dark red opera gloves onto her arms. Her heavy red boots left burning imprints behind as she took a few steps forward, a dark red domino mask finally appearing over her eyes. Burn bright! Magical Fairytale Soldier Little Matchstick Girl! Mette stood perfectly still as rain started to fall all around her. She was drenched, water pooling around her feet, a veritable flood, until it whirled up, water all around her. The water hit her, again and again. With each splash, her posture changed and more of her bright green dress appeared. It was slick, with a scale like pattern and white accent. Like the others, the dress reached her knees. Her boots were knee high and white with red accents and soles, her short fingerless gloves were the same green as her dress. Her arms were bare from the shoulders to her gloves. The shoulders of her dress were big, puffy and white. A single white line ran down the middle of her dress, stopping at her belt. Water whirled in the air around her, covering her face for a brief moment, a white domino mask finally appearing over her eyes. Make a splash! Magical Fairytale Soldier Little Mermaid! “Magical Fairytale Soldiers!” Muirne took a step forward, standing to the left of Mette. Mette smiled at her. Shadows swirled around Muirne’s outstretched and open left hand, her eyes glowing faintly. “Standing ready to fight!” Mette looked to Eira on her right, flames blazing brightly around her right hand, raised in a fist into the sky. Her eyes were burning. Mette raised lowered both her hands to her side, bent at the elbow and her hands tightened into fists. Water erupted in a half circle behind her, as she stared directly at the Mirror Monster. They could do this. Her eyes glowed a faint greenish-blue. “Until happily ever after!” Behind them, a massive grey, red and green explosion rocked the scene.
  7. "We could always fly above," Pan mused to Eira's statement, his voice turning Swedish before he even opened his mouth. "But where would the fun be in that?" His face cast in shadow by a light, he remained standing for a moment while Eira posed and asked him about the sights. "Well, I tend to be distracted by one specific sight." He stepped forward, and slowly embracing her, his hands on her hips. "Anything in particular you wanted to find in the hedge?"
  8. "Thinking and planning is overrated, my friend. Some time you just have to take a chance, no? And I have no idea what other head I would think with," Pan just managed to respond to Micah with a wide grin before Eira walked up to him and pulled him into a kiss. When the kiss broke, he let out a breath. "And hello to you, Eira. I am happy to see you too." His smile was genuine, returning Eira's own. "Lead on, then. I look forward to all the sights!" He took Eira's hand in his own, and waved back at Micah with the other, looking back at his friend with a raised eyebrow while he let Eira lead him away.
  9. Pan did not seem to give Micah's question much thought before he opened his mouth to reply, only to be cut off completely by Mia's sudden appearance, explanation and disappearance. He blinked twice, then laughed lightly. "Micah, you are a good friend. I know you are just trying to look out for me in this strange world of yours, but Mia is right." He placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "There is much more to Eira than what she shows. I have only seen glimpses, but she is more than just the hard exterior she shows the world. She is much softer and more vulnerable than you would think." He stepped back and grinned, the genuine emotion and care in his voice replaced with his usual devil-may-care tone. "Besides, we are having fun. Is that not important, too?"
  10. I'm still in, posting is a bit delayed till the end of the week though.
  11. "Yeah, alright." The adults were talking, then. Older Callie thought it was some time travel attack and wanted to keep Young Callie around, at least for now. Cool, cool. Made sense. "Wait, you're just casually suggesting mind wiping or de-aging your past self? Really?" Charlie shook his head, then put the tablet down. This was a bit extreme, but it wasn't exactly a normal situation, was it? Moving closer to Young Callie, he crossed his arms. The grown ups were talking, anyway. "You're handling it all pretty well, how much do you already know about what happens to you between when you left and now?"
  12. Pan had happily chatted away with everyone and anyone willing to speak and listen, but with most of the chores already handled by others, he had instead disappeared to who knew where. "That could have gone worse," he finally said from just behind Micah just as his friend had settled in. He moved up next to Micah and flashed him a wide grin. "Have you seen Eira? She wanted to show me something in the garden."
  13. What, Muirne? Somebody grab Muirne, she's panicking and I'm kinds stu- Mette didn't get to finish the rest of the mental message before the missiles exploded near her, with enough force rock her. Catching herself, she looked up at the Main Event. Doc Otaku? She had heard the name, at least. Anybody wanna fill me in on this guy? I know he builds robots, what else? And here she had almost started asking what he had done since everyone here sermed to hate him, but then he had to go to the name calling? "How about we wash your mouth, Doc?" Mette thrust her right hand out towards Otaku, palm facing him. Drawing in the ambient water in the air around them, Mette focused and multiplied it continuously, resulting in a high på pressure water burst aimed straight at Otaku. Another push, more water. She didn't have time to waste, Muirne needed her help.
  14. Gonna Surge and hit Doc Otaku with another water blast, same as above.
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