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  1. GHOST What the hell was this guy even made of? It was insane. The other guy was setting him on fire, Casper was throwing everything he had at him, and he just kept going and going. Whatever had given these guys powers did their best job on the hairy guy with the axe. He waited, just a second... ghosting through someone tended to leave a bit of a lasting effect, it should hit any time now... any time, please and... Then he fell over. "Oh god, finally." Moving up out of the ground, Ghost looked around. At least everyone around them see
  2. GM "Wha?" Cueball looked up, raised his arms up in front of himself, and was then knocked back a few feet when the burning motorcycle collided with him. "You..." Cueball's words were slurred by now. "You little..." He really seemed to have trouble even talking by now. "Gonna... gonna ¤%&# you up an'..." And then, finally, something seemed to just glitch inside him and Cueball fell over, face first into the ground... just as the STAR Squad arrived...
  3. Cueball clears his daze. Ghost DC30 TOU save from Cueball: 14 Fail by 15! KO! FINALLY! And we're out of combat. 26 - Cueball - Bruise (x7), Unconscious 21 - Devil's Advocates - 10x Bound and Helpless 19 - Buddy - Unconscious 19 - Ghost - 0HP - Unharmed 12 - Sparkler - 0HP - Bruise (x1) 10 - Angel - Unconscious 7 - The Born Loser - Unconscious, Bound and Helpless
  4. On the way, not there. Give me an IC for smacking him with the bike first!
  5. "Huh." Comrade Frost, then? Yeah, alright. He could give him a call. Casper would probably be turned away, but what the hell. "Thanks, I appreciate it. I'll... try to figure out what to do. At least the kid would probably think it'd be cool if I was in the League." Now he was feeling all weird. Just meeting Fleur here and she was already helping him out like this. Casper didn't even know he wanted to try to join the League until this talk. "Oh, yeah, Frost's that Russian ice guy, right? What's his deal, anyway? Got bit a by a radioactive freezer or something? Too many w
  6. REBELLION Girl in the wheelchair got in the way. Did something weird, something with small little creatures with weapons and claws. Still not smart. The Takazumi-gumi ruled Jadetown. Wouldn't accept anything that made them look weak. Ryu especially. Then what? Intervene? Try to help her? Could blow the whole thing. Should wait, watch, listen. Figure out what was going on.
  7. GM With Dreamer and Dreams in their way, the group stopped. They didn't seem to notice or care about anything else. The woman looked around, worried for a moment, then smiled as she saw some of the dreams. The leader of the group, Ryu, stepped forward, crossing his arms and staring down at the girl in the wheelchair. "No." His voice did not waver in the least. He was completely sure of himself. "If you don't know who you are, then you are an outsider that does not belong here. Go away and take your pets. We don't have time to deal with crazy cripples today."
  8. Nevermore II Charlie leaned back out of reach, using minimal effort to move out of the way for once. Alek had taught him that little trick, and it usually scared the crap out of people like this guy. Guy in cape and cowl, barely even bothering to move to get out of the way? Yeah, that should work. "Man, you really don't know who you're dealing with, do you?" He reached into his belt and pulled out a small silver ball-like device. With a grin, he tossed it the guy, where it would explode into a quickly expanding grey foam that wrapped around the man, potentia
  9. Gonna try to Snare myself a goon: 27. I'm guessing that hits! Rolled a 19, and the Snare got Improved Crit, so that should crit for a total DC23 Reflex Save vs. Snare!
  10. Can't beat that feint. That's a hit, TOU save vs. DC25: 17, another bruise and dazed Give me an IC and we'll see if the secondary effect from Ghost's attack does more than give him just another bruise! 26 - Cueball - Bruise (x7), Dazed, DC30 TOU Save on Init 19 21 - Devil's Advocates - 10x Bound and Helpless 19 - Buddy - Unconscious 19 - Ghost - 0HP - Unharmed 12 - Sparkler - 0HP - Bruise (x1) 10 - Angel - Unconscious 7 - The Born Loser - Unconscious, Bound and Helpless
  11. GM *tick* *tock* As Eira worked her very own brand of magic, she could hear the sound of the automaton's beating clockwork heart. *tick* *tock* It was calm and ever steady, continuing on, no matter how much she pilfered and crackled and removed and rebuilt. *tick* *tock* Inside, the automaton looked much a human, only artificial in every way. Clockwork hearts, lungs, stomach, intestines as cables that carried power through the machine. It was a marvel, in its own way, carefully crafted and put together.
  12. That's a hit! TOU: 25, nope! I'll follow up after IC.
  13. Casper froze. She saw right through him, didn't she? "I guess I'm that easy to read, huh?" He shrugged. "I dunno. I don't really know if I'm team material at all, y'know. Besides, I bet there's all kinds of responsibilities, team meetings and everything." He probably shouldn't do it. It'd be weird. Showing up to something like that, they'd probably turn him away anyway. Or someone would call him a villain around that time and it'd be bad publicity or something.
  14. GHOST Ghost paused for a moment, looking at the burning man in front of him, then back to the big flying super hero with the cape and sixpack and everything. "I think you should keep setting him on fire." Moving in, he touched Cueball's chest, causing him to groan in pain. Good, good. A hit, not really stopping him or anything, but... "Geez, man. What're they feeding you?"
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