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  1. Failure by 15 means the wall is disabled and breaks from the first blow. I'll leave the second on to clear the remains with their blow instead of taking a second action. @Poncho: You can sense that the girl is halfway there, being pulled back and forth between Z-Space and wherever rest of her is. She just seem to stop existing in this realm once she disappears into the other. You still got a Standard Action you can use. 25 - Rex Atom (Miniscule Size) - 4HP - Unharmed 20 - Hole In Reality A - Unharmed 17 - Hole In Reality B - Unharmed 17 - Madame Raven - 4HP - Unharmed 16 - The Dreamer - 1HP - Unharmed 16 - Hole In Reality C - Unharmed 13 - Hole In Reality D - Unharmed 9 - Devon 51 - 3HP - Unharmed Save the Woman: 4/8 Every round, the "Save the Woman" clock will decrease by 1, and she will be pulled back into the other reality if it reaches 0. On the other hand, you can take actions to try to save her, which will increase the number, such as pulling at her, using science or powers, but the enemies can likewise spend their actions to lower the count. We will need to get to her to do that, anyway. Harming her will lower the clock as well. Current setup: There are platforms to move between, pieces of the Goodman Building from the other reality, and we are currently around 100 feet away from the large chunk that half of the woman is above. She is surrounded by the 4 holes in reality. They are close around her, so any area attacks will likely hit her too!
  2. GM The two holes in reality cut off by the wall does not appear to be surprised as it appears, even as the rainbow crystals stretches out around the platform. Still, they take a short moment to study the crystal structure, before moving towards it, pressing what seems to be their hands into the structure, slowly starting to push into it, weakening the entire structure.
  3. Hole in Reality C and D power attack the wall. @Kaede Kimura give me two DC27 TOU saves for the Wall. Then @Poncho is up next! 25 - Rex Atom (Miniscule Size) - 4HP - Unharmed 20 - Hole In Reality A - Unharmed 17 - Hole In Reality B - Unharmed 17 - Madame Raven - 4HP - Unharmed 16 - The Dreamer - 1HP - Unharmed ---- Rank 7 Wall cutting Hole in Reality C and D off from everyone else - Unharmed? 16 - Hole In Reality C - Unharmed 13 - Hole In Reality D - Unharmed 9 - Devon 51 - 3HP - Unharmed Save the Woman: 4/8
  4. The STORMCROW Charlie is well aware that he can't stand up to Bernie if she gets her hands on him, duplicate or not. She's too strong for him to break a grapple, a punch might be enough to take him out... So yeah, staying back is better. His staff and experience are his advantages here... and he can see that Bernie has realized that too. "To your left," he jokes, feinting towards the right with a strike, waiting for Bernie to try to grab it, before pushing the hidden button to collapse the staff, pulling it away from Bernie's grab just before she can reach it, before dropping to his knees, sweeping the staff towards the duplicate's legs as he extends it again.
  5. The STORMCROW Right, confidence issues. They'll have to work on that, but piling on right now probably won't help anything. Besides, it shouldn't be in the middle of the street. "Hey, everyone! Gather up!" he shouts, hoping to get their attention. Once they're at least looking at him, he continues. "The cops are probably gonna be here soon, so we all got a choice to make: Stick around, or get out of here? I want people to know and trust us. If they see us coming, they'll know help is on the way, and that includes taking the time to talk to the cops, but I'm not gonna force anyone to stick around if you don't want to. If you'd rather not, now's the time to get out of here."
  6. ARCHER II Connor stares at himself for a moment, and then looks at the thug. The albino is gone. He'd say it was dead, killed by the explosion, but he's seen weirder. He can't be sure if its safe or not, but the man is choking on the albino's remains. For maybe half a second, he considers it. One less drug dealer on the street wouldn't be bad, but, the man might have more information... and he has a family. The thug might be a piece of shit, but he has kids. "Dammit," Connor curses, as he runs towards the man. Get the gunk away, get him breathing again. Make sure he survives.
  7. You have a chance to cheat the Scarecrow here, using either Computers, Bluff or any other appropriate skill or power to display fake credentials. The DC will differ depending on the skill you use, and how you describe what you do.
  8. GM The Scarecrow freezes in place, as it stares It's elongated, twisted body is completely unmoving. "Unregistered entry detected. Unsanctioned intrustion." It seems to be scanning him. "Present credentials or face deletion."
  9. @Kaede Kimura give me an IC of how that looks, then I'll move on with their reaction.
  10. GM The woman accepts the help, climbing to her feet, supporting herself on Carmen. She slowly raises her hand, bruised as it may be. She looks like she doesn't quite believe what the catwoman in front of her is saying. "You don't know me?" she asks, the worry in her voice replaced by pure confusion. Then, her eyes glow light blue, and she stands up, reaching for Carmen's wrist, holding her in place. "I am the Centurion. When did you come from?"
  11. Superior and the Superior Soldiers will skip their turn, to give the heroes a chance to respond before giving orders, which means @Thevshi is up.
  12. Spaceman "C'mon, Michael," Parker says, joining Iris' question about whether he was going to play with them or not. It is a bit too obvious that he is going to go and try to help out with some of the issues that some of the others here are having. He needs to relax, too. "You can't solve everyone's problems, y'know." Parker is, of course, aware of the irony of him giving that advice. Whether Michael comes around or not, he turns to Iris with a shrug. "How about House of the Dead, then?"
  13. GHOST "Daaad..." Carrie grumbles for a moment when Casper breaks her facade, but stops the moment Lynn pulls the card from behind her ear. She holds the card in her hand, looking at it for a moment, then back to her dad, then back to Lynn. With one final look at her dad, she follows Lynn, with Casper following closely behind. "That's really not such a special magic trick," she tries, holding the card as she looks around, clearly trying to seem less impressed than she actually is, both with the magic trick and the area. Taking the gift card, she looks at it for a moment. "I'm pretty sure that mom would call this a bribe..." she mutters, looking down at the gift card, before breaking into a smile. "Buuut I think I'll let it slide and see what you got here!" Watching Carrie going exploring, Casper comes up to Lynn, his hands in his pockets. "Are you bribing my kid now?" he asks, obviously teasing Lynn. "I'm pretty sure there's laws against that."
  14. The STORMCROW A bit of tension in the air between Neko and Vik already, though Charlie can't really claim to be entirely surprised. You're either a dog person or a cat person, and Vik clearly seems to be the former. He waves quickly at the three as they enter. Looking at Pol's snacks, he frowns lightly. "We're gonna have to make a trip to the scrapyard to stock up soon, right?" Has to remind himself that he's not in charge of things here, it's just something nice and fun for them all to do together, but he likes to be prepared. Moving up to Vik, he leans in close and whispers. He knows that she wants to keep her dietary needs a secret. "How about you, Vik? Got everything you need? I made sure to do a snack run for you everyone got here. I dunno how you do with dried meat, but tried to get some kinds of that you could snack on."
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