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  1. Way. Too. Fast. What were those people up to anyway? Random smash and grabs or something like that? Robin paused, bending over and breathing heavily. Why was she carrying this belt, anyway? She snapped it on, around her waist. The belt felt kinda of heavy, but not, like, heavy? Like, not a physical weight, a kind of responsibility, maybe? It was hard to describe. Up ahead, they had gone into a bank or something and a bunch of kids had followed? Had to be heroes, right? They should be fine, but... Robin couldn't help it. Taking a deep breath, she started running again.
  2. "A-alright, if you're sure," James replied to Patriot, stepping forward together with Rosalind. He looked at the cargo while Rosalind lifted it. It seemed heavy, but if he could just convince the Bird of Prey to behave right. His suit seemed to shift and change, just slightly. The musculature became more defined, he just looked overall stronger. That was... That was good. The Bird of Prey did as it was supposed to and James stepped forward to lift his part of the cargo. Alright, he could do this without looking like a fool in front of Rosalind and the others. He paused a bit at Rosalind's question, looking at the plane. Despite his mouth and eyes being visible behind his faceplate, his expression was almost unreadable. "N-no. I haven't tried one of those. It's... It's kind of... kind of old? I mean, back home. we wouldn't ride something like that. More... portals and such?" James paused briefly, turning to look up at the sky. "But flying... oh, flying's the best. I-I, it's the best part of this whole... this whole... about being the Freedom Eagle. It is just... it is just complete freedom, as corny as that sounds?"
  3. Doktor'd! Freedom Eagle Realized I never added Heavy Load for how much Eagle can carry! Please update his Future Freedom array with that info, found in the updated array below. Thanks! Future Freedom Array 14 (28PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 5) [33PP] BP: {16 + 12 = 28/28} (Descriptors: Enhanced Musculature) Enhanced Strength 16 [16PP] Super-Strength 5 (Feats: Groundstrike, Thunderclap) (Heavy load: 14.7 tons) [12PP] AP: Blast 8 (Extras: Autofire; Feats: Improved Critical 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Technological]) {28/28} (Descriptors: Adjustable Rapid Fire Weapon Systems, Examle Descriptors: Cosmic Energy Blasts, Gravity Blasts, Heat Rays, Lasers, Missiles, Projectiles) AP: {20 + 8 = 28/28} (Descriptors: Wing Slash, Cosmic, Slashing Damage Type, Wings) Damage 8 (Extras: Linked [Drain Toughness 8], Penetrating 6; Feats: Extended Reach 2 [10 ft.], Improved Critical 2, Takedown Attack 2) [20PP] Drain Toughness 8 (Extras: Linked [Damage 8]) [8PP] AP: Move Object 14 {28/28} (Heavy load: 204.8 tons) (Descriptors: Gravimetric Manipulation, Gravity) AP: Snare 8 (Extras: Regenerating; Feats: Improved Criticial 2, Reversible, Tether) {28/28} (Descriptors: Gravimetric Snare, Gravity) AP: Stun 8 (Extras: Range [Ranged]; Feats: Improved Critical 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Technological]) {28/28} (Descriptors: Adjustable Non-Lethal Weapon Systems, Examle Descriptors: Electric Shocks, Gravity Blasts, Nerve Agent Darts)
  4. He is visible in the middle of the crowd, and you can catch up to him, but that is unfortunately a miss. Give me an IC.
  5. GHOST "But see, that's the thing... I've tried to stop. Not just taking breaks, I've tried. Or I've been lying in bed wondering why I continue putting on this mask, then going out there, getting hurt, and then... I just do it again." His tone of voice was changing, a bit of a hopeful tint to it. "I mean, cost me a marriage and everything, but I can't stop. I got these powers, y'know. And I can use them to help people. So, I might think about stopping, but I know myself. There's no way it's gonna stick, and the moment I see someone in trouble, I'll be flying into action again. Can't help it." Casper smiled under the mask, as he looked down below. They weren't that far up, but still... far enough up. "I've made my peace with it, y'know. But I'm still gonna complain about it." He sounded tired, but at the same time, somehow full of energy. He was a weird contradiction. Ghost held up his hand, wobbling it a bit back and forth at the second question about partners. "Eeh, depends. Worked with people for a while, sometimes they left, sometimes I did. Lots of random team ups along the way." He paused briefly. "Didn't really join the Aux to get partners or anything that. Just realized I could maybe do better. Maybe make my kid proud of me."
  6. GM The professor smiled at Leon and Wilona and shook her head. "Sorry, but there's no way the school was gonna send you halfway across the world. Besides, survival class, y'know." She looked a bit worried, turning to Heroditus' warning, then turning to watch the girls leaving and finally, she shrugged. "I'm sure it'll be fine, Heroditus. Don't worry, if anything, we're all together, and I'm sure you kids can handle whatever might be hiding inside a cave in the desert. Just don't step on any scorpions, alright?" Processor Macedon reached for her own flashlight and turned it on, then motioned for the rest to follow Wilona and Naomi into the cave, before going in last, to make sure she had everyone in sight. "Stick together, everyone! Make sure you keep your footing and don't step in anything slippery!"
  7. GHOST "Nah, you did fine." Ghost stood leaned against the small rooftop access house, his arms crossed as he looked back at her. "Bit rough around the edges, sure, but you did fine." He had pulled his goggles down so they rested around his neck, leaving his unnaturally blue eyes visible. "But hey, nobody's forcing you to do anything, y'know. Powers or not, nobody's gonna make you go out and fight crime or anything."
  8. GHOST Casper was still holding his focus. Keeping the mist and the girl separate. It wasn't easy, but he was doing it, for as long as he could. For as long as he had to. Dragon kid was trying to talk mist girl down, while she tried to appeal to paper kid, and... No. Casper didn't like this at all. The moment he let go, she'd go crazy again. He'd seen too many hurt little bunny tricks like that before. "Don't listen to her, kids. The moment I let go, she's gonna try to shred us all again. Would one of you please just knock her out before she goes murder smoke again?"
  9. GM The mists were already dispersing, disappearing as Holly desperately tried to bring it back, to turn back into the swirling red that she had been moments before. "N-no! I can't! Why? Why can't I?" She was clearly confused, sounding afraid, she turned to Leon with pleading eyes. "Please! Don't do this! I'm, I can't... I can't feel my powers! It all feels wrong! I can't do anything, please... Please let me go!" People around them were starting to recover, helping each other, trying to get out of there.
  10. We're out of combat now. If anyone wants to KO here, you can do it without needing to roll, but it's your call what you do.
  11. GHOST Casper moved closer behind Grimalkin as she crouched down. He shrugged in response to her not patrolling. It wasn't really his deal what she did and didn't do, anyway. He paused and suppressed a little grin behind his mask at the question. "Oh, yeah. Every damn morning when I wake up, every time I put on the mask and somebody beats me face first into the ground. I've even stopped a few times before." Ghost's sounded completely serious, It was no joke or quip at all. "I mean, c'mon. I've been doing this for more than 18 years now, since I was a kid, and here we go, everything' still bad around us and everything. So, yeah, I do think about giving up, all the damn time." His voice was rather deadpan, not really uplifting in any way, he was absolutely serious. He stretched his back, making an audible cracking noise, before he sat down on the edge of the roof next to Grimalkin, his feet hanging over the ledge.
  12. <"I am not afraid!"> Pan protested, while he slowly lowered the small coin. With his hands placed on the table, the small coin started dancing between his fingers, before he held it out, presenting it to Eira with a smile. <"Alright. Let us do it, then. I am ready.">
  13. "No, I don't suppose they do," Casper mused. Ninjas were much more likely to show up, weren't they? "Sure, I guess I am." She did sound like she could use some help, being all withdrawn and everything and... Casper had to, once again, question why he'd been asked to come here. He was not a fan of teens. He'd much prefer if Carrie just stayed a kid forever, but for some reason, he ended up teaming up with kid heroes all the time anyway, and now... now here he was. Could just as well try to do some good. "So, what can I do for you, kid?"
  14. She's distraught enough that the Intimidate roll should work, but give me an IC for it, too.
  15. GHOST "I, err, sorry about that. Life gets busy, y'know." Not really a lie. Joining up with Freedom League Aux had not made Casper's life any less complicated than it already was. That Horrorshow kid mentioning how Grimalkin would be a good mentor had kind of freaked Casper out, at least a little bit, and had probably made him hesitate more than he should have. It was... it was just a lot to take in, that even the kids thought he needed help now. "Yeah? Funny we've never really run into each other, then. I mean, I got 'round most of the city, but keep finding myself back here eventually. Somebody's gotta keep an eye out for the people here too, right?"
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