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  1. "That is new." Pan stared up at the cloud within the cloud that was not a cloud at all when it was pointed out. His voice was a mix of awe and excitement. A giant ship, flying in the air. "It kind of reminds me of home, in a way." The glowing cone of light that surrounded them were something else, though. Something that was not nearly exciting. He started to move, flying up, towards the ship... and then they were gone, before he managed to get more than a few feet. Pan came to a complete stop, never even leaning the others. He stared at the sky, the big metallic dome,
  2. Pan seemed almost offended. "Me, sneak off campus? Commit a serious offense like that? Do something that I am not allowed to do?" His voice was rising slightly, becoming almost horrified. He held a hand up towards Leon as he spoke. And then the next second both he and Eira were just gone, like they had disappeared, a glimmer of golden dust left behind. And then they were back. "No, never." His grin was wider than ever, perhaps a bit more than it should be possible.
  3. "And how do you know that?" Pan called out, a hint of righteous fury to his voice. He had quickly followed Eira into the hallway, his feet never touching the ground. "Do you even know what we seek?" He disliked having another voice in his head. One was quite enough. He looked at the soldiers with some amusement, looking towards them. "Do you need some help? We are really not here to fight or do anything bad." He gestured towards Eira, and her full wings. "Do you recognize her? Angelik of Sweden, I am told. I believe she is somewhat known in these parts of the world? Something was
  4. Rolling some diplomacy from Pan as he tries to smooth things out with the soldiers: 32
  5. GM "Call me Macedon. None of that boss or sir language." He seemed genuinely annoyed at the nicknames. With everyone out of the van, he inspected them once more, even if he didn't share his thoughts about them with, well, any of them. "Stayin' in the shadow is good an' all, but you won't always have that luxury." He seemed to fade for a moment, like he was lost in a memory. "Some times, it might be a race to survive. You might be hunted. Or the temperatures at night might be freezing. This is how we do things in this class. We move during daylight. There's strange thing
  6. GM The ravens remained motionless at the displays of might and power and rainbows all around them. They seemed like they had seen it all before, and if anything, they were slightly bored by the effect. One of them, perhaps it was Huginn, or maybe Muginn, let out a shrill laugh at Osla's taunt. "Oh, is that how it is? Would you rather meet with your good friend Loki, child?" The other, perhaps it was Muginn, or maybe Huginn, flapped its wings heavily, bringing it off the ground, flying and landing heavily on Astrid's shoulder. "Daughters of lightning, half-breeds and wa
  7. Holger Danske "No, I don't think so. I think I would remember a valkyrie's winged horse." Holger's voice was deep, slightly accented. "Maybe you collected the fallen from a past battlefield?" A little red ball squirmed up and around Holger's body, until it reached his shoulder, where it jumped in excitement. "Ah, Frárvængr, it is so good to see you again! Yes, yes, it has been much too long! How are you doing, how's the family, how's the the rider? Its been ages! Any news, any good gossip?" Ratatoskr was a flurry of motion and excitement. The voice was high pitched, hap
  8. Nevermore II "Thanks." Charlie took the ravenrang in his hand, his eyes meeting Leon's for a second, staring straight at him. His lips were twisted into a crooked smile, before he was distracted by Pol's transformation. "Ha! That's awesome!" He took a step to the side, away from Leon, moving closer to Pol. "We could probably set something up, get him into the wrong situation. Depends on if he can read you or something." He cupped his own cheek, like he was giving it som thought. Finally, he heard Luke's response to the ravenrang. "What accessories?" It had, somehow, dis
  9. Notice by guard directly to the North of the door: 21 So close, but didn't make it.
  10. Pan seemed to think it over some. He raised an eyebrow at Eira's, but didn't comment on it. He knew little of this world's therapists, whatever that was. Maybe it would be the choice to make, maybe it would not. He noted Eira's little lie, but had no reason to talk to her about that here. No, this was about Micah. "She was powerful, yes? Did not seem like someone that would just stop? She affected your mind, your feelings, made you think what she wanted?" He paused briefly, like he was trying to figure out what to say. "So she makes you scared? Or angry? Maybe a bit of both?"
  11. Holger Danske For the others, the journey had been instant. They had magic, they had divine blood. All Holger had to help him with the journey was a squirrel. "You gotta hurry or you'll be late. I'm sure everyone else is already there, right? Right? C'mon, Holger, I got you this far, you gotta do the rest yourself." Holger scowled briefly at the red squirrel with the bushy tail that was sitting on his right shoulder. Why him? He had never had anything to do with the gods and their battles before. He wasn't exactly a mortla man, but he was not a g
  12. Justice Robin paused a bit. She didn't really know what to say at first. It was all so specific, all the things that Gretchen weren't doing aaaaand... oh. Yeah. Alright. She got it. She definitely got it. At least she thought she got it. "Yeah, yeah, alright, I'll come along. Need help carrying anything or something?" Could just as well help out a bit, right?
  13. "But one should not underestimate stories," Pan added as he came down from the impromptu flight. With a shimmer of golden dust rolling over his body his uniform disappeared, being replaced by a dark green hoodie and a pair of jeans. "There is adventure all around us, here." He put his hands out to the side as if to emphasize his point. "Since I ended up at this school I have seen wonders that you would never expect to see in a life time. I have fought Nazi super villains, a giant Krampus and tricked a demon lord into disappearing by my word alone. I have been in books, in the past during one o
  14. GM The oni took a step back, avoiding the blow. Near Venomax, all three remaining gang members started pulling their triggers, sending bullets flying all around him and the demon he was fighting. Either they were afraid to hit their ally, or they were just lousy shots. Inside the restaurant, Ryu was yelling, kicking at tables. The patrons were covering, too scared to act. He had hostages. He had the advantage. What would the heroes do?
  15. Ryu is inside the restaurant, causing trouble. Gang Group B all shoot at Venomax: 21, 9, 16 All miss since you're in melee with a Demon. @Exaccus is up 19 - Venomax - 0HP - Bruise (x3), Fatigued 14 - Gang Group B Demons (x3) - Unharmed 11 - Visionary - 2HP - Bruise (x1) 8 - Takezumi Ryu - Unharmed 5 - Gang Group A (x8) - 3x Unharmed, 5x KO
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