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  1. @Fox Should all be fixed no. The armor has only spent 76 out of 80PP, but I think I'll leave it at that.
  2. Z-Space If the X-axis symbolizes how far you can move in one universe, or the X-Space, and the Y-axis represents different universes, then the Z-axis is the intersection between the two former axes, the place where one can move between universes, otherwise known as Z-Space: The space that exists between the universes of the multiverse. Z-Space exists as a way to travel between different universes by travelling through the strange realm, and as a separate location itself. Debris that fall between the cracks of universes for any given reason tend to end up here, creating a strange ecosystem of minerals, creatures and technology from vastly different worlds, all scattered across impossible distances and twisting voids. People that can travel between dimensions can freely access Z-Space, both heroes and villains using it as their headquarters or to move between other worlds. Of particular note, the villain Professor Zed and hero Justice are both known to have headquarters in different locations in Z-Space, even though their means of accessing the strange dimension differs greatly. Strangely, Emerald Cities across the multiverse seem to have a connection to Z-Space. Location and Appearance Z-Space is located between universes in the multiverse, being the space that binds everything else together and allows travel between different realities, even if one does not have to pass through Z-Space to actually travel between realities. There's a number of ways to access Z-Space, and anything capable of travelling between different realities or dimensions can, in theory, access Z-Space. If a reality is destroyed or otherwise broken, such as during an incursion from Terminus, parts of the reality can end up in Z-Space, be it living creatures, buildings, technology, parts of worlds, or even entire worlds on their own. Z-Space itself is impossible vast, potentially endless, with the relative position of different bodies constantly changing, making finding anything close to impossible, at least unless you have some way of tracking them. Appearance-wise, Z-Space at first glance appears much like outer space, but where normal space is dark with planets and stars, Z-Space is a swirling rainbow of random patterns and intermixing colors. Each color corresponds to a universe or dimension. Looking into the colors, one might catch glimpses of those other worlds. Stray bits of different realities float through Z-Space, ranging from singular buildings to entire worlds, chunks of rock, whatever one can imagine. They appear to move randomly through the colorful void, drifting through the great unreality that is Z-Space. While Z-Space does not seem to have any oxygen or other breathable gasses, all that arrive in Z-Space appear perfectly capable of breathing.. Several beings have found themselves lost in Z-Space, living on the parts that have broken off from actual realities, surviving on whatever they can find. An unknown number of spaceships or other vessels capable of travelling through the chaotic void make their home in Z-Space, some on purpose, others simply being lost. A number of heroes and villains that live in regular realities have crated homes and headquarters in Z-Space, which they can access through their own unique means, including the notorious Professor Zed and Justice Earth Prime. Significance As the space between universes in the Multiverse, Z-Space might not be reached by any dimensional traveller, but any dimensional traveller can potentially end up here, if they know how to reach it. On Earth Prime, Emerald City seems to have a special connection to Z-Space, with a few individuals reaching the rainbow void between worlds. Most notably, the dimensional raider Professor Zed was originally from Emerald City, but now resides at the floating fortress Zero Point within Z-Space. The 70'es heroine Miss Step could access Z-Space using her magic amulet, which she has since passed on to her granddaughter, Justice, who has furnished a structure in Z-Space as her headquarters, called the AnneX. Whether through the actions of Professor Zed or by cosmic chance, beings and things that end up in Z-Space has been known to reach Emerald City, with both heroes and threats reaching Emerald City by traversing Z-Space. Z-Space hold infinite power, its very nature defying the laws of physics and reality, which could, in theory, be harnessed for great and terrible things. While no such beings have yet to be confirmed to exist on Earth Prime, some believe that people that are naturally empowered by Z-Space exist, tapping into this vast power on their own. In some ways, Z-Space stands in opposition to the Terminus. Where the Terminus is order and entropy, Z-Space is chaos and life. Where the Terminus is beyond the Omniverse, Z-Space stands within the multiverse. Somehow, it has remained undiscoverd by Omega. People Professor Zed: The dimensional raider Professor Zed, originally of Emerald City, Earth Prime, makes his home at the Zero Point fortress in Z-Space. From this flying fortress, he launches attacks across the multiverse, while he plans how to best make his triumphant return to Earth Prime. Miss Step: A super hero from the 1970'es, who could access Z-Space using her magic amulet. She used these portals to store a great amount of equipment that she could retrieve to use to fight crime. Though she is long retired, some of her old equipment might still be found in Z-Space. She currently lives in Emerald City with her daughter and son-in-law, where she keeps an eye on her grandchildren, in particular one Robin Lynne Langley. Justice: Emerald City native hero Justice came into the possession of Miss Step's magic amulet, a gift from her grandmother. Utilizing the amulet to access Z-Space to actually access Z-Space and make a headquarters there. Drifters: A large number of creatures make their home in Z-Space. All manner of beings that have fallen through the cracks of realities to reach this place of unreality. One might all manner of things and beings, living and unliving, if one travels far enough in Z-Space. These drifters from the real world might be making their home in Z-Space, be bold explorers, or simply be lost. You never know what exactly you might encounter in Z-Space. History Z-Space has existed as long as the multiverse. A force of live and growth, it has somehow evaded the notice of Omega and the Terminus during their conquests across the Omniverse, standing as a sanctuary from the forces of the Terminus still. In recent years, Z-Space's connection to Earth Prime has only strengthened, with first the incursions of Professor Zed, and later Justice's use of portals that access the rainbow void. How this will affect Z-Space and Earth Prime in the days to come are anyone's guess.
  3. There's 2 nazis left outside the school near Rebound. As far as Rebound and Forever Boy (and Watchdog and Daystar if they passed by it on the way to the front) can see, there were no Nazis inside. Watchdog, Daystar, Forever Boy and Specimen are on the road somewhere between the 1 and 7 marks on the map. Legatus is somewhere between the 2 and 3 on the map, with 1 tank near him.
  4. Doktor'd Cheval Please increase Cheval's Luck feat to Luck 4, spending 3PP and leaving him with 3 unspent PP.
  5. Archer II Corona was the one to spill her lunch in the paper bags? Connor hadn't seen that coming, to be honest. He thought it'd be him doing that... maybe Merge. Or Facs, though his powers probably helped there. Not Corona. She was too bad ass for that, wasn't she? The plan was reasonable. Defenders in front, attackers in the back. He reached for an arrow, just to check if it was still there. "I might have something that can help with that mind control," he added, after waiting a moment. "Got some of the old man's old arrows. Some of them can throw psychics for a loop, but it all depends on how she does her thing. Might turn out to be a dud." If not... well, he'd go anyway. Find a way to get through this. "I'll keep the specifics to myself, if you don't mind. Figure there's no reason to give Heather a chance to find out what it is ahead of time."
  6. Doktor'd Archer II Please increase Archer's Luck feat to Luck 3, leaving him with 2 unspent PP.
  7. Forever Boy Turning back around to a proper orientation, Pan descended to stand in front of Mia, where he still stood a few inches above the ground and made an exaggerated bow, leaning forward with his right arm in front of his chest, his left behind him, right leg bowed in front of his left. "I am Pan, the Forever Boy! A pleasure to meet you, Mia." It seemed he did know her name, after all. He stood up straight again, floating a foot back or so, the wide grin still on his lips. "You looked bored, that was all. Thought I might try to help there. Life should be an adventure, and I was looking for something fun to do anyway!" There was a slight accent to his voice, hard to please. He spoke with no contractions, his voice sounding like English was not quite his language of choice, yet only barely so.
  8. The man is obviously getting more violent, so time to choose what to do! Post order doesn't matter yet.
  9. GM "What was that?" the angry voice had paused the sound of violence looked up. "I thought I'd locked that damn door." There was some rustling, and a man came into view, behind Pan's one way wall. He looked to be in his late thirties or early fourties. Short blonde hair with a goatee, he wore a pair of round glasses that obscured his eyes. He wore blue jeans and heavy black boots, with a grey jackets and black gloves. In his right hand, he was holding the missing leg from the chair on the floor. He looked around, obviously suspicious, before turning towards the back room, slapping the chair leg hard into a bookshelf back there, causing several books to fall to the floor. "Last chance, old man! Where is it? Where's that damn book?"
  10. Nice hit. Ref save: 9 Wrapped up, bound and helples, but the monster still got his spikes all over dealing damage to anything around him, like the snare. So give me a DC24 TOU save for the Snare!
  11. REBELLION Of course that flying freak had some kind of energy blasts. Throwing himself to the side, Rebellion moved out of the way before the blasts tore through the ground where he had stood moments before. A quick glance made it seem like Maghkee and Meta-Naut had things well in hand, at least. Grabbing the enemy, good tactic. Divide and conquer, he stood alone with the flying man, but fine, he would deal with that. Twirling his baton around his hand, he threw it at a nearby wall, which it bounced off, then continued to the back of the flying man's head. It made a satisfying sound as it bounced off the man's backhead, off a wall and back into Rebellion's hand as he moved forward.
  12. GM "What the ¤#&%! Let me go you =¤#%&!" The Dealer wasn't exactly thrilled as the Meta-Naut grabbed him with her strange weapon, the beam covering him. "I'm not telling you %&#¤, ya hear!?" He struggled, fought against the tractor beam that he was caught in, fought to get loose, fought to get free before the Meta-Naut brought him higher and higher up. "What are you supposed to be?" The Muscular Man was far less foul mouthed than the dealer, at least. Still, he also seemed much stronger, as he pushed back against Mag-Might, pushing to get her out of the way, to break her grip. He was strong, that much was clear, but the question was if he was stronger than the magma that made up Mag-Might? Finally, the flying man. His eyes and mouth continued to glow as he slowly moved his head, turning in the sky. There was something inhuman about his movements, something that just seemed kind of off. He opened his mouth wide, letting loose a powerful blast of energy from his eyes and mouth both, straight towards Rebellion.
  13. Alright, the dealer tries to break out of the pin: 18 @Shofet: Can I get an opposed check for that? Same with the muscular man: 30 @Ari: Can I get an opposed check for that? The Floating Man goes for Rebellion, since he's the only one not occupied, attack roll for his blast: 20, which misses Rebellion. Rebellion throws a baton: 20, which is a hit and gets +1 to DC because of Autofire 1 and being 1 step above the Floating Man's defense. Floating Man TOU vs. DC22: 17, fail by 5, Dazed and Bruise. @Ari, you're up! 20 - Rebellion - 1HP - Unharmed 18 - Mag-Might - 2HP - Unharmed 15 - Meta-Naut - 3HP - Unharmed 11 - Dealer - Unharmed, Pinned 10 - Muscular Man - Unharmed, Pinned 6 - Floating Man - Bruise (x1), Dazed
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