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  1. GM Screwtop looked much like before. Beaten, battered and bruised. What Chromium probably hadn't expected was the he was now sitting in the middle of a nice looking office, dressed in the same pants and shirt as the soldiers he had seen so far, leaning back in a comfortable chair, a bottle of beer to his lips, only being lowered when he noticed his son entering. "Jason!" There was a certain slur to his voice. The large number of beer bottles on the table in front of him made the reason for that slur quite claer. "Son! I think we've misjudged these fine folks!" He sounded almost happy. "Go on, go work for them. Do your mama proud, son!" Commander Irons' face showed his distaste of the man, but his words were as measured as before. "Well? Do we have an agreement? Come work for us and learn what you can really do, and we'll bring your dad home."
  2. CHEVAL He did it. He stopped the ship from sinking. So far, so good. Miss Brooks was there, helping people escape, leaving Marcus to continue up ahead on the ship. Figure out what else was going on, how many people were still trapped elsewhere. He made it to the deck just in time to see the silver objects colliding with the coast guard's vessel. "God!" The devastation! The ship was destroyed instantly. This wasn't an accident, this was an attack. Someone was under the water, someone was doing this. But why? His unspoken question was soon answered, with a radio aboard the Elizabeth Dane picking up the broadcast. A ransom? These people were killing people for money? No, he could not let that stand. He would not let that stand, but he couldn't just leave any survivors on the ship on their own... but perhaps he had another choice. The silver ball came from under the water. Was whatever it was coming from down there? From this Dreadnaut? He could see the others gathering. Good, but they still needed to clear the ship. And protect everyone that had gotten off it from another attack.
  3. "More than happy to offer you "next", if I can get the puppy to slow down!" Pan was obviously struggling with the inadisably large dog, his feet planted in mid-air as if he was trying to stop it with air resistance the same way one might try to hold back a rampaging bull by putting ones feet in the ground. "Come now! Nice dog! Good boy! Heel!" The dog didn't want to stop, of course. It continued its path of mayhem through the school, happily barking and panting the entire way. It was really quite something that some could ignore it, even if they played loud music. The dog seemed to be having the time of its life as it pulled Pan along for the merry ride. With Ben and Leroy close behind, the mighty mutt seemed to set its sight on Max, howling as it ran towards her, changing course slightly before a collision with Leroy's crystal, continuing on its path.
  4. @TheAbsurdist: Can I those saves? Else I'll roll them for you. @Thunder King: Can I get a post?
  5. TOU save vs. Coup de grace: 30 Welp, he's still in the fight.
  6. GM "Light..." the old preacher muttered, reaching up with a hand. "Curious." He stood back up to his full height. Up close, he somehow seemed taller. "We can do with some light, in these trying times. Come. I will show you the work." The old preacher led the way, towards the cross. Jonathan behind Agnes, Crimson Cross standing by the preacher. The preacher motioned towards the giant cross, and the winged woman pushed at it, revealing a hole behind it, with a lever. The old man pulled at it, and the floor they stood on started to descend, like an elevator, slowly falling into the darkness. "Our work is might seem terrible at first, I know, but it is just. This city... Southside... it taints the people of the street. They grow selfish, cruel. Become nothing more than base animals." Everything turned dark, as the descent continud. "We bring them justice."
  7. GM Elizabeth could feel the complete lack of any warmth in Alice's glare, but slowly, it warmed up. "Yes. Maybe it would be good to meet more of Micah's friends." Her intonation was quite clear and deliberate, even if her eyes had grown warm again. "That sound wonderful, Micah," Alice responded, moving in close close enough to brush up against his free hand, grabbing on to his free hand with her own. "I just love flowers, and anything out of the ordinary." She sent Elizabeth another quick look, maybe just to keep an eye on her. "Come, show me where it is, then maybe we can go meet some of your friends after." With Elizabeth taking half a step back, she would stumble somewhat. There was a small hole in the roof, a bit of it chipped away. It couldn't be more than 1 by 1 foot, not something big. Heat was coming off it, though it was rapidly cooling.
  8. Bluff: 33 Really? Spending a HP to reroll, it is a most important bluff, after all. Bluff Reroll: 42
  9. GM The man and monster roared again. He moved, scratched and pulled at the webbing, clawing at it and trying to break free. The spikes all over his body seemed to grow, and the quantum webbing finally gave away. The monster made a sound from its throat that almost sounded like a laugh as it stood up, the long bone tail swinging behind it. Its eyes seemed to glow, as it roared, then dashed on all four towards Justice.
  10. Justice "I think you guys might have some different opinions about what makes for something snackable!" Robin joined in, as she started to circle around the monster. Just what was this guy made of? Everything they did just bounced right off him. Only thing that seemed to work was Emerald Spider's webbing, and that one lucky shot Robin had made before, but he was already struggling to get free of that. At least everyone was getting out of there, right? Taking another shot... and it just bounced off the guy. Just what was his bones made up? She had something, but it was still experimental... still, better to try it out, at least.
  11. Justice shoots again, going for a +2DC/-2ATK Power Attack this time: 16 That's a hit. Monster rolls TOU vs. DC23: 32 Completely blocked. Monster is undazed and attacks the snare, giving the Snare a DC26 TOU save: 18 Fail by 8: Injury to the Snare And a Save vs DC24 from his spikes: 9 And Snare's disabled, the monster is free! 16 - Emerald Spider - 2HP - Unharmed 13 - Justice - 1HP - Unharmed 9 - Enemy - Bound & Helpless, Bruise (x1)
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    Right. Big and ugly was as loud and boisterous calm as he was when he was attacking them. That was just a bit annoying. Terrifica was threatening the guy, Triakosia was trying to make peace. Good cop, bad cop. Where did that leave Connor, then? Silent backup? "Why are you here?" he finally asked. Big and ugly had to be here for a reason. It couldn't just be random, could it? "If you're coming from some other world, why come here? The Earth's beaten back the Terminus again, so, what, you just came sightseeing? Came to find that big hunk of junk?"
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