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  1. Injury to the ice dome. Nocture hits! Grapple resist: 26. So close, but not quite! Give me an IC @Fox and I'll follow up. 28 - Shadowborne - 3HP - Unharmed 21 - Artificer - 2HP - Unharmed 14 - Aliengator - Unharmed 13 - Nocturne - 2HP - Unharmed 9 - Freedom Eagle - 3HP - Unharmed Aliengator and Freedom Eagle trapped inside rank 9 Create Object dome - Unharmed dome
  2. GHOST After he had dropped Chimera off at the roof, Casper moved towards the cameras, taking them out one by one as he moved through them, before returning to Chimera at the security panel. "I mostly just move through them and short them out." He shrugged. "Kind of a thing I can do, reach in and pull things out." He looked at it. He could do some of that, but... "Give it a shot, just, y'know... don't step right on those pressure pads."
  3. GM Once they reached the top of the building and got up close, it became clear that the roof was not as empty as it first appeared. While not everywhere, the roof seemed to have several pressure pads spread along it, particularly near the door. There were a few cameras as well. Luckily, both heroes could spot them and manage to move around them, escaping notice for the most part.
  4. Give me a Disable Device check if you want to try to break the lock, otherwise a Computers to hack it, or anything else you can think of. Ghost tries to disable the cameras: 15, they're shorted out.
  5. Alright, the other guard isn't going to spot you, but he's noticed that his friend's gone, so... now they know that someone's there. We'll move into some more active combat now, so give me an Initiative roll.
  6. GM The man was pulled up and quickly secured on the ceiling. A short while later, the other guard returned and looked around. "What the hell?" No one in sight, he looked around, before reaching for his radio. "Jimmy, you there?" With no response, he flicked a switch on the radio. "Boss, we're not alone. Jimmy and Ben's gone."
  7. GM "What the hell?" The loud noise drew their attention. The entire group turned and looked. Why wouldn't they, after all? And there was nothing there. Nothing to make the noise. Of course, there was something else out there, hiding in the shadows... Waiting to strike.
  8. Nevermore II The plan was simple enough, but then again, they didn't really need to get too complicated for these guys, did they? They looked like small fry, but then again, that was exactly the right kind of people to get the dirt on the Ushers and figure out what they were up to. Knew just enough to be useful. Nevermore nodded once. Yeah, alright, he could do that. He wasn't a mechnical genius or anything, but he knew enough, and he had tinkered with the drones for a while. He stayed in hiding while he moved the drone. He'd be backup, just in case.
  9. OOC for this. @Avenger Assembled @KnightDisciple Combat won't start right away, but let's get some Initiative rolls along with your intro posts! Eira is in command of her army of automatons. I won't be rolling individually for them attacking pirates, ships, crocodiles and what not, but see them as a rank 10 effect that you can apply to various actions as a Free Action once per turn. It can be stuff that won't require rolls like using them to block off a group of pirates that's attacking or actual effects like Damage, Stuns and so on, as long as they make sen
  10. GM In Victori, where the Horror and Heroes collide and the last battle will be fought. At the end of a story that has happened before, and will happen again. How much time had passed since Eira had parted with Pan and Micah? Since she had gone her own way in this world of stories? It was difficult to say. Weeks, at least. Months? Maybe, but probably not. Pan's world was strange. Especially now here, at the end, when the tales were starting to break down around her. The sky was dark, in the middle of the day. Not a cloud in sight, but an armada of
  11. GM As Pan and Micah flew out, to be the heroes they should be, the Pixies were left below. They began to shine as they danced about, golden dust flying everywhere around them. As they began to dissolve into nothing, the dust whirled about, a bright shining light, ever expanding from the Wish Isle, on the horizon behind the Forever Boy and the Thunderbird. A wish for everything to be alright, a wish for everyone to be safe and better. And a wish for the sake of friendship. The last wish of Neverworld.
  12. Forever Boy "Let us go help Eira," Pan agreed with Micah's sentiment. Whatever words had been exchanged between them before they parted, he was sure it would be fine. Even if it was not, it did not matter to Pan. He had to save this world. He had to save his friend. Most importantly, he had to save the girl, even if he knew she could save herself. With a final nod to the Pixies, he set off, like Micah. Hovering by him, he could not stop himself from smiling, despite everything else. "Ready to be a hero, my friend?"
  13. GM U.S.Archer looked between Ashley and Luke. Bow still in hand, he barely afforded Luke a glare. No, he was fully focused on Ashley. "The adults are talking." It was clearly directed at Luke, even if he didn't look in his direction. Right now, his eyes were entirely focused on Ashley and her weapon. "Matt Wagner", U.S.Archer put emphasis on the name, "is not a civillian. He is dangerous. Odds are that he was sent here to assasinate Miss Cahill." While he spoke, he lowered himself to the ground and placed his bow in front of himself, then stood up straight. "I've been
  14. GM The Aliengator shook its head, blinking wildly. It seemed disoriented, though whether from the fall or the sudden appearance through the portal, who knew? It grunted, exhaling loudly as it looked around the people that were starting to panic and run around it. It didn't even seem to care about its former prey standing ready, not with so many others running around. It growled and started to move towards a nearby woman... and ran face first into a wall of ice. With another grunt of annoyance, the Aliengator swung its tail at the ice dome.
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