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  1. Spaceman Enhanced Physiology Please remove the Protection 5 power, giving me 11PP to spend. Increase Enhanced Constitution to rank 28, costing me 10PP, and leaving 1PP unspent. This should increase the Constitution in his abilities to; 12 (+1) / 40 (+15) w. Enhanced Constitution and should increase his Fortitude Saving throw to: Fortitude: +15 (+1 Con, +14 Enhanced Con) and finally, change his Toughness Saving throw to: Toughness: +15 (+1 Con, +14 Enhanced Con) Space Control Array Please change the Snare power to this Paralyze power instead: AP: Paralyze 10 (Extras: Alternate Save [Reflex] (+0), Ranged; Feats: Subtle 2) {32/32} (Descriptors: "Unending Prison", Distance Manipulation) And updated Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus Unarmed Touch DC15 Tou (staged) Damage +10 Unarmed – Infinite Reach + Spatial Strength Touch at 500 ft. Range incr: 70 ft. DC25 Tou (staged) Damage +10, Elongation 7, Indirect 3, Subtle 2 Change Physical Distance - Thrown Objects 140 ft. DC25 Tou (staged) Damage Perception Range, Insidious, Precise, Subtle 2 Vertigo 100 ft. DC20 Fort (staged) Fail: Sickened 2nd Fail or Fail >5: Nauseated 3rd Fail or Fail >10: Helpless +10, Subtle 2 Unending Prison 100 ft. DC20 Ref (staged) Fail: Slowed 2nd Fail or Fail >5: Paralyzed +10, Subtle 2 Thanks
  2. GM "Yo, Elder!" Of course, Elliot really shouldn't have asked for an excuse to get away from Raya Wells. Even without the heroes' plans, the universe seemed happy to provide as a trio of teens in the same uniform approached them. The one that had called out was thin, and tall. His skin was pale. He wore black leather gloves over his long fingers. His face was a wide grin, he had long white hair that reached past his shoulder. He wore sunglasses. Maybe he was an albino, maybe something else. The second one was broad shouldered, muscular and blonde. Looked like a typical rich white boy quarterback. His expression was slightly vacant, his eyes seeming to focus on Naomi more than Elliot. The lastone was small and shifty. He had a shock of black hair, a few carefully groomed hairs that was the beginning of a moustache. His black eyes shifted back and forth constantly, while he almost hid behind the one with the broad shouldered. "What're you up to, Elder?" The pale boy again. "Skipping class to pick up girls, ha?" He approached quickly, standing up straight in front of Naomi and Elliot. Then, he pushed Elliot, who stumbled a few steps back. "Back down, Omega. The big boys here."
  3. REBELLION She deaf, then. Elliot took a second to compose himself, still holding on to the woman without really thinking, supporting her if her knee had been hurt. Reading the messages, he couldn't help but grin, quickly shaking his head. "So, you just wander around hoping to bump into some teenager that might buy you some coffee?" His tone was joking, even if she couldn't hear that. "Yeah, sure. That's fine." He looked briefly over his shoulder at Wells, checking if she was still there. "Gives me a good excuse to get away from Ms. Wells over there, at least." He motioned with his head in her direction. "She was getting a bit too pushy." Standing up fully, he offered an arm for her to hold on to. "I'm Elliot."
  4. REBELLION So, they knew fear. Good to know. It meant more options if they returned. What's more, it seemed like Mingzhu guessed what he was. Creating another like him... This was bad. Really bad. She thought he was the Terror. They wanted to create another Terror. One was bad enough. One had ruined too many lives, had killed too many. One had maimed and killed. Two? No. Why would they even need two? The only reason he could think of was to strengthen whatever grip they had on the city. He could not allow that to happen. Mingzhu and her guards had feared him. The zombies that now filled the room were dead. They knew no fear. But that was fine. Neither did Rebellion. Jumping from his position, he moved towards the exit, only to find it blocked. No more time to stay subtle, then. He appeared, a black mass inside a blue jacket and baseball cap. The very image of the Terror. He would show Mingzhu and Abracadaver what that meant, as he began to attack, striking any zombies that got in his way.
  5. Alright, Reb's gonna jump towards the zombies blocking the exit on his way out and shift his Terror array to his Enhanced Strength. He'll become visible, then start attacking them. I'm guessing they're minions, so taking 10 on the attacks for hitting Defense 19, with DC26 TOU saves. Taking down as many as I can with Takedown Attack to clear the exit so he can get out of there. He still holds on to the book, of course. Only morph in play atm is looking like Rebellion.
  6. Justice It was luck. Pure dumb luck. A quick bathroom break away from her work station, and when Robin returned her coworkers and the students at the university were all going mad. And if that wasn't bad enough, the rest of the world seemed to be heading in the same direction. Twisting, turning, more and more cartoony. She'd dealt with a lot of stuff so far, but this? This was all new. Henshin! Diving back into the bathroom before she was noticed, she'd called her armor, and then, she was out in it. Everywhere she went, people were acting out like this. Looting, trashing things. At least her armor seemed to be cancelling out the noise as she raced through the city on the Law Rider. She saw something, at least. Up there, in the sky. The purple and yellow had to be Waverider. She seemed to be heading towards Yellow Brick Row. Alright, two had to be better than one here, so Robin headed in the same direction.
  7. Pan shrugged, closing his eyes and holding his hands out to the side in a somewhat exaggerated fashion. "No set plans yet. Maybe go to Sweden with Eira, maybe stay here. Probably something that will get me into trouble in some way or another." He opened his eyes and smiled. "I have never been much of a planner." His eyes shifted slightly to Ashley and Judy, the slight smile still on his lips. "What about you two? Where will you go?"
  8. OOC for this. @EternalPhoenix @Dr Archeville @Growth Spurt @Tiffany Korta Your opening post could describe how you avoided being affected by the initial outburst of friendship from the White Rabbit. You might not have heard him, you might have passed a Will save, you might have broken free of his control, I'm good with most choices. The effect from radios, tvs and phones are based on audio. Can't hear it, can't be affected by it. Doesn't mean you'll be immune if you go up against White Rabbit in person, though! You'll find some way of discovering the large concentration of affected people near Yellow Brick Row, and then we'll go from there. You might spot the others there, or you might not. Up to you.
  9. GM Tea Time, Around 4PM, May 15th, 2020 All Across Emerald City Hello, hello, all my new friends! I am the White Rabbit. The man on the screen looked smart, in his long tailed jacket. The jacket was black, with a red and white pattern on the lapel, with the red on each side looking suspiciously like half of a heart. He wore an off-white vest under it, with a white dress shirt and a neatly tied dark red tie. On his head, a black bowler hat, with a pair of white rabbit ears under it, pointing down. His hair was short and blonde, but he sported some impressive sideburns. The man looked so happy, a wide smile on his lips, as he looked down at a golden pocket watch in his hand. To most, he probably looked like a slightly deranged kids' show host. Some saw him on their television, where he had suddenly appeared. Some heard him on the radio. For others still, his image had suddenly appeared on the screen of their smart phones. Anything connected to the public air waves, he was there. Oh my, would you look at the time? It is tea time! The very best time of the day! And oh, what a party we will have! So come, my friends! Come, and let us have tea! Join us, my friends and I, and come for tea! We even have cake! He threw his head back, laughing quickly at himself, before turning back to the screen. My old friends are out there already, y'know. Go and find them, they will tell you what to do. They'll show you how to really get the party started! Now, hurry up! After all, you're late, you're late, for a very important date. All across Emerald City, the effect was instant: Anarchy. As they were drawn into the White Rabbit's power, the citizens of Emerald City took to the streets. Even to those that escaped the madness of the mind, the city seemed to take on a brand new life. Everything was changing, twisting and turning. A cartoony world of wonder, with giant flowers, playing cards and more, spreading all across Emerald. It was almost enough to make one go mad. A fairy tale wonderland, spreading out across the city streets, as the White Rabbit's new friends began to spread into shops, stores, homes, banks, government offices and more. A group of heroes were among the unaffected. Whether by chance or design, they had escaped the White Rabbit's friendship. It wouldn't take long for them to notice that the greatest concentration of White Rabbit's friends seemed to be centered near the Yellow Brick Row shopping district...
  10. For the sake of moving things, I'll spend a HP to get rid of Justice's stun. Can I get an IC from you first? 14 - Justice - 2HP - Unharmed 7 - Mrs. Doors (Inside) - Unharmed 7 - Evil Justice - Unconscious 2 - Salvo - 0HP - Unharmed
  11. Reflex save: 15 Well, luck had to give out with the Initiative roll, of course. Spending a HP to reroll: 33 Evasion 2, so Pan avoids it.
  12. Alright, so, Reb's alone in there with the zombies, and he got the book. Is the computer still in there? The zombies are blocking the entries and are flailing their arms around, but how far do they go? Could Reb crawl alongside the top of the entrance he entered through to get out of there?
  13. The grapple attack is a miss. Stunned and without dodge bonus, Justice is at 13 defense with her armor active. Also, ow. Justice is gonna have words about that team spirit
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