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  1. GM As soon as Ashley and Pan disappeared into the cave, die Übermensch finally freed himself. The portal to the Zero Zone closed behind him, he sneered as the explosive rocked the opening to the cave, which fell to pieces in front of him. "Untermenschen." He didn't waste any time. He pulled his arms back, then threw them forward, cosmic energies surging towards the mountain. Within moments, it was reduced to rubble, something that no one should be able to survive. At least not in this time... Led by Macedon, the refugees from the past moved through the dark caves. Winding, twisting, turning, they went where the Mesa willed it. Paths would open and close as they approached, the darkness was absolute, until, after what felt almost but not quite like forever, the cave opened up into the Painted Desert once more...
  2. Forever Boy "Then think happy thoughts!" Golden dust exploded from Pan as he finally pulled back alongside Ashley. No, he would not run and leave her behind, he had made that much clear, and neither would she, so... "Together, then!" Flying backwards, towards the cave, he kept his eyes on die Übermensch, until, finally, he turned and everything turned dark around them. Everyone else was up ahead, further in the cave, but at the speed the two were flying, it would not take long to catch up, even if the space was getting kind of cramped. As the explosion rocked behind them, Pan finally let out a loud laugh that echoed through the caves.
  3. Pan makes Ashley fly, and they get out of there, and we're out of combat, no need for a strict posting order. @secondling, Felix should recover inside the cave, no need to roll, so feel free to start posting again. Just gonna wind down a bit, then move towards ending the thread.
  4. Pan watched, his lips slowly turning into a smirk as the teachers danced, his eyes following their every movement. He stayed silent for once, just watching, his eyes following the dance, following the movements. His eyes were lit up with a keen interest, a hand on his chin as he leaned lightly back. His eyes followed the remote, he was so focused on the dance before him that he failed to notice Eira's approach. "Yes, and it is brilliant." His reply was short, his eyes barely even leaving Erik and Talya to look her in the eye, not until the dagger was thrown and Erik called them all out. Blinking, he was brought out of his daze. He took a single step forward, his eyes shining at Talya. He seemed more than ready to get started. "What do you have?" He was rather short for words at this moment, it seemed.
  5. There's 2 other containers that's not stacked up yet, but they're further away and will take 2 turns each to move.
  6. Pan shrugged, smiling faintly at Kam's explanation. "Neverworld, we call it. As for how I do what I do and speak what you speak, I am sure that Lady Farrington would know the story. I hear it is quite popular where you are from. Second star to the right and all that." He smiled brightly, turned to Synapse and was about to say something, then paused when first the bear and then Ben appeared. He seemed more amused than anything at Eira and Ben's antics, his eyes lingering on both for a moment. He turned his attention to Synapse, making a quick bow to greet her. "Lady Farrington, it is good to see you again. Here to make sure we all behave while Muirne is shown the sights?"
  7. Yep. There's a bit between them, so you'll be going through 3 5-foot squares to hit them all, meaning a -3 penalty to each shot. I'll do them in order of Thug 1 to 4. The first attack hits, the rest miss. Good tactic, unlucky rolls. TOU from Thug 1: 12 Fail by 13, so he's Staggered and Dazed, which means any further damage will KO him. @Wyverntamer give me an IC. @Darksider42, you're up. 16 - Thug 1 - Bruise (x1), Staggered, Dazed 16 - Thug 2 - Unharmed 16 - Thug 3 - Unharmed 16 - Thug 4 - Unharmed 8 - Knight of Earth - 4HP - Bruise (x1) - Wall TOU+10 - Unharmed 7 - Spectre - 1HP - Unharmed
  8. Fixed the knockback, also added calculation for knockback with Enh Con, in case Defensive Roll is denied
  9. Speaking of combat rounds, let's get some initiative rolls.
  10. GM From his spot in the control booth, Armstrong didn't even bother to suppress a smile. The holograms might be preprogrammed, but then, they did just as he had hoped. The moment Max had appeared and stuck the first of the men, the rest all turned on her and shot, what seemed to be real bullets flying at her. Two of them might miss, but the last struck true. Even if the bullets were just hard light, it would still hurt. Below, on the ground, Knight of Earth was left to her own devices. Of course, Armstrong wasn't gonna let that sit. "Get up there, Winters! Your teammate's in trouble! Go, go, go!"
  11. Alright, now Max is up close, all three thugs turn to her and shoot: 24 16 16 That's one hit, give me a DC22 TOU save. The last thug recovers from bruised. @Wyverntamer is up 16 - Thug 1 - Bruise (x1) 16 - Thug 2 - Unharmed 16 - Thug 3 - Unharmed 16 - Thug 4 - Unharmed 8 - Knight of Earth - 4HP - Bruise (x1) - Wall TOU+10 - Unharmed 7 - Spectre - 1HP - Unharmed
  12. <"No need to be so hard on yourself."> Pan replied, speaking the same old language that Muirne had the moment before, the same grin still on his lips. If he noticed that she held some of the golden dust, he didn't seem to show it. He laughed lightly at the question, bent slightly into his knees and held his arms out to the side, as if he was presenting himself. "Well, because I am a forever boy, I suppose." He sounded amused at the question, as well as his answer. "A title from back home, I suppose. One with meaning, one with promise." He paused briefly, as if he was giving his answer great thought, then resumed his full attention on Muirne. "But, what about you, what can you do? What is your secret name?"
  13. Pan had not objected to Eira staying close, he continuously kept an amused smile at all the things that were going on, especially Davyd's little performance, even if he didn't understand the reference. "Is that so?" he asked Eira, to the statement of the opportunity. "You seem to know more than us about all of this, no?" For once, he kept his feet on the ground as they moved to these trainers. He leaned closer to Eira, after Erik had greeted her, before she slipped away. "Another old friend or uncle, I suppose? You could have told me this was going to involve swords." His tone was teasing, even if only slightly so, before he let her leave and instead turned towards the teachers. He made a quick bow to their hosts, turning his head slightly up mid-bow to smile at them. "Hel-lo, I am Pan." He stood up and let his bag drop, then pulled off the jacket and let it drop as well. Fine, fine. Time to see what had Eira all excited.
  14. The pretty boy flew overhead, golden dust trailing behind. Why walk, when you could fly, after all? He slowed down, looking down, his already smiling face truly breaking into a grin as he noticed the group. He dropped abruptly, falling, until he stopped a short distance away, making a quick little bow, his feet never touching the ground. "Hel-lo everyone, good to see you!" He spoke with a noticeable accent, but not one that really stood out as coming from anywhere in particular. It was like he was talking English, and yet not quite, like something was actually helping him be understood, almost like an instant translation. He waved quickly at Cam, Aja and Janus. "You must be new, a pleasure to meet you! I am Pan the Forever Boy!"
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