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  1. "Alright, then," he said, taking one last look at WEST's scanners and his own internal diagnostics, "everyone outside." Leading the team out the hangar door, he selected a spot a good dozen yards or so from the plane, and paced out a circle about 25 feet in diameter. Once that was done, he held out his Electromagnetic Screwdriver with one hand and manipulated the controls with his thumb, with one thumb while the fingers of his other hand danced across the control panel of his Gravimetric Belt. Moments later, everyone in the area felt a slight twinge of vertigo as gravitic forces played hob with their inner ears, and a small pinpoint of light appeared about a dozen feet in the air above the Doktor. The pinpoint created a soft BOOF sound as it expanded rapidly, opening to a 25 foot diameter portal. The edges were a shimmering blue light, and through the portal could be seen a thick patch of jungle. "That will take us 30 kilometres in," he said, turning to face the others and smiling with some satisfaction. "I don't trust those energy signatures, so the other 1.3 kilometres or so, we'll need to go on foot."
  2. "By the Crimson Crown of Cronenberg!," Davyd!Seven intoned, before registering what Corrine had said. "What? Why?" S/he gave her an odd look, as if she had suddenly sprouted a second head. "Why wouldn't we? Do you... not want to be like them?" He morphed smoothly back to his own form as he spoke, "I mean, sure, maybe the museums and statues can be a bit much, but they're heroes. They put their lives on the line for others, often for others who had no idea what they were doing. And they did it because it needed to be done, and because it's the right thing to do." He gestured towards the holograms, "if not for brave folks like the Next Gen, and the Freedom League, and all the others, the world may have ended last summer. Or the summer before that. Or the summer before that. There's always going to be some sort of catastrophe -- global or personal -- that needs dealing with, and if we're able to help in some way, then we should do so!"
  3. Our people, he thought, remembering the little chat they'd had some years ago when he revealed his father's mother -- the mistress of his Nazi super-scientist grandfather -- was Jewish. But... no, no. I am not sure I could feel comfortable in that world, or that anyone there would be comfortable with me in it. Archeville smiled and nodded solemnly, "I can appreciate that, yes. But your foundation sounds like an excellent idea!" He smiled warmly and placed a hand over hers -- it felt a bit cooler than usual, under the holodisguise, likely due to the metals in his skin. "And while I know this is a thing you want to do, need to do, yourself, if there is any way I can help, please let me know." "But for now," he patted her hand and pushed his chair back, "I must be going. Lots of people to meet, apologies to make, closures to... resolve." He stood, stepped to the side of the table, and tried to stand with arms half-open, willing to accept any sort of embrace but not expecting or asking for one. "It was really good to see you again, and I wish you all the best."
  4. Since you can Take 20 on the skill check for the Design phase of these, Quickness/Mental Quickness can apply (though Taking 20 increases the time required by x20). You can also halve the time by taking -5 on the check, or quarter it by taking -10 on the check. You cannot Take 20 on the skills check for the Construction phase (though you can Take 10), so Quickness does not apply there. But you can halve or quarter the time required by taking a -5 or -10 penalty on the check, as in the Design phase. You cannot Take 20 or Take 10 when Jury Rigging, nor reduce the time by taking a penalty to the skill check. If I'm understanding the Challenge system & feats (from Masterminds Manual) correctly, then Challenge (Fast Task [Craft {something}]) means you can halve the time it takes to craft something using that skill without having to take the -5 skill penalty. That would also mean you could quarter the time it takes to craft something using that skill by only taking -5 to the skill, rather than taking -10... yes? And if you took the Challenge (Fast Task) feat twice for the same Craft skill, you can quarter the time without suffering any penalty? And that could apply to the use of Craft skills during the Construction phase of Inventing & Artificing? (Ritualist doesn't require any Craft skills, just Knowledge (Arcane Lore) for both "Design" and "Construction," though Masterminds Manual has some alternative ideas.)
  5. Davyd was not bored with the trip, but he also wasn't really paying attention to the guide. Like most citizen of Freedom, he knew of the Next Gen, and was enjoying the new information and insights this trip was offering. But he was also a teenager, and his attention could be a bit difficult to focus on any one particular thing for very long, a character flaw exacerbated by his recently-acquired metamorphic powers which let him be almost anything he could imagine. So his focus had shifted away from Jhett's words as he was carefully studying the holographic images of the (in)famous teen heroes. And so, as when she first met him, Lulu [and Corinne?] saw Davyd's form smoothly shift as he took on the appearance of first Megastar, then Bolt, Sonic, Nereid, and finally Seven. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this!
  6. Davyd jumped a bit at Lulu's telepathic message. -Oh, wow! This is... wow!- He smiled at her and gave a giddy laugh, -I can't believe all the stuff I'm seeing today! I mean, yeah, I grew up in Freedom, I'm used to seeing people with powers, but to actually interact with them, know I'll be attending classes with them, learning with them... wow!- He looked around for Monica, the one superhero he knew in the group He hadn't expected to be this overwhelmed, and he was looking for her, a known element, as an anchor or touchstone. Which is probably a bit unfair to her, but it's just until I get my bearings. He grew a bit agitated when he lost sight of her, but waved excitedly when he saw her entering with a half-eaten sandwich. "Oh, is that Hitchcock?," Davyd asked when he saw Nicole's monitor. "He was an artful director, but a lousy- wait, what?" He was a bit blindsided by her, or rather by her incomplete comments about him. "My genetic structure? What do you know of that?" He lowered his voice a bit, partly because he was in a library and partly because he wanted to try to keep some cats in the bag. "How did you hear about what happened to me at FCU? My name was kept out of the papers... do you know someone at the Albright Institute, or Freedom Medical?"
  7. To be clear, this is only for living immortal beings, not undead/unliivng ones? No vampires or revenants allowed? What about non-living immortals, like some robots?
  8. Doktor Archeville Power Level: 15 (built/operating as PL 12) Power Points: 250 / 250 Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: -4 Attack/+4 Damage, or +2 Att/-2 Dmg w/ "Combat Mind"; -2 Defense / +2 Toughness Doktor Archeville is, as written, operating as a PL 12 character. However, a combination of his Nanotech-Enhanced Brain APs, Shapeshift, and Inventions could bump him up to PL 15 for Combat, though this will only be done if and when the GM explicitly allows it. ABILITIES: 0 + 0 + -2 + 14 + 6 + -2 = 16PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 24/8 (+7/-1) Intelligence: 34/24 (+12/+7) Wisdom: 32/16 (+11/+3) Charisma: 24/8 (+7/-1) COMBAT: 16 + 12 = 28PP Initiative: +12/+7 Attack: +8 (Base), +14 w/ “Enhanced Coordination & Kinesthetics” Grapple: +8, +14 w/ “Enhanced Coordination & Kinesthetics” Defense: +10/+8 (+6 Base, +2 Dodge Focus, +2 Shield), +3 Flat-Footed Knockback: -13/-7, -12/-6 flat-footed SAVING THROWS: 0 + 5 + 3 = 8PP Toughness: +14 (Impervious 12/0) (+7 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +5 Protection; Imp 12 w/ “deflector shield”), +12 flat-footed (Imp 12/0) Fortitude: +7 (+7 Con, +0), Immune (Half Effect) Reflex: +10/+5 (+0 Dex, +5 & +5 more from Flight), Evasion (when flying) Will: +14/+6 (+11/+3 Wis, +3) SKILLS: 136R = 34PP Bluff 0 (-1, +3 w/ Attractive; +7/+11 w/ Enhanced Cha) Computers 11 (+18, +20 w/ Masterwork tools; +23/+25 w/ Enhanced Int) SM Craft (Chemical) 11 (+18, +20 w/ MW tools; +23/+25 w/ Enhanced Int) SM UE Craft (Electronic) 11 (+18, +20 w/ MW tools; +23/+25 w/ Enhanced Int) SM UE Craft (Mechanical) 11 (+18, +20 w/ MW tools; +23/+25 w/ Enhanced Int) SM UE Craft (Structural) 6 (+13, +15 w/ MW tools; +18/+20 w/ Enhanced Int) Craft (Other) 0 (+7, +9 w/ MW tools; +12/+14 w/ Enhanced Int) Diplomacy 0 (-1, +3 w/ Attractive; +7/+11 w/ Enhanced Cha) Disable Device 11 (+18, +20 w/ MW tools; +23/+25 w/ Enhanced Int) SM Disguise 0 (-1, +19 w/ Morph; +7/+27 w/ Enhanced Cha) Investigate 6 (+13, +15 w/ MW tools; +18/+20 w/ Enhanced Int) SM Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 6 (+13, +15 w/ MW tools; +18/+20 w/ Enhanced Int) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 11 (+17, +20 w/ MW tools; +23/+25 w/ Enhanced Int) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 11 (+18, +20 w/ MW tools; +23/+25 w/ Enhanced Int) Knowledge (Technology) 11 (+18, +20 w/ MW tools; +23/+25 w/ Enhanced Int) SM Knowledge (Any Other) 0 (+7, +9 w/ MW tools; +12/+14 w/ Enhanced Int) Languages 6 (Arabic, English, French, German [Native], Mandarin, Russian, Spanish) Medicine 6 (+9, +11 w/ MW tools; +17/+19 w/ Enhanced Wis) SM Perform (Oratory) 9 (+8; +16 w/ Enhanced Cha) Sense Motive 9 (+12; +20 w/ Enhanced Wis) Stealth 0 (+0; +16 w/ “Electromagnetic Cloak”) FEATS: 24PP Attractive Beginner's Luck Benefit 2 (Wealth [Rich]) Connected Contacts Dodge Focus 2 Eidetic Memory Improvised Tools Inventor Jack-of-All-Trades Luck 4 Master Plan Quick Draw Skill Mastery 2 (Computers, Craft [Chemical, Electronic, Mechanical], Disable Device, Investigate, Knowledge [Technology], Medicine) Speed of Thought Ultimate Effort 3 (Craft [Chemical, Electronic, Mechanical] checks) Enhanced Feats Accurate Attack (from “Enhanced Coordination & Kinesthetics”) All-Out Attack (from “Enhanced Coordination & Kinesthetics”) Challenge 3 (Fast Work for Craft [Chemical, Electronic, Mechanical]) (from "Enhanced Intellect") Defensive Attack (from “Enhanced Coordination & Kinesthetics”) Defensive Roll (from Flight) Evasion (from Flight) Hide in Plain Sight (from “Electromagnetic Cloak”) Instant Up (from Flight) Move-By Action (from Flight/Teleport) Power Attack (from “Enhanced Coordination & Kinesthetics”) Veteran Awards Equipment 41 (205 EP) Utility Belt/Coat Vehicle/Mobile HQ POWERS: 5 + 8 + 15 + 17 + 19 + 2 + 37 + 37 = 140PP His Comprehend & Mental Quickness have the Training descriptor, everything else has the Super-Science and Technology (and specifically Nanotechnology) descriptor. His Gravitic Defense and Gravitic Movement systems obviously also have the Gravity descriptor. Comprehend 3 (languages 3 [read all, speak any one at a time, understand all]; Drawback: Power Loss [requires time -- GM’s discretion -- to process and assimilate entirely new languages]) [5PP] Cyberkinetic Container 1.6 (8 points) [8PP] Comprehend 2 (electronic 2 [speak to, understand]) [4PP] Datalink 2 (100 feet, radio; PF: Machine Control) [3PP] Super-Senses 1 (radio) [1PP] Gravitic Defensive Systems 7 (14 points; PF: Alternate Power) [15PP] BP: Impervious Toughness 12 (“deflector shield”; note: Sustained Active effect) {12pp} + Shield 2 {2pp} {12+2=14/14PP} [Toughness is +14 (Imp 12), Defense +10 (+3 flat-footed), Knockback -11. Defensive PL 12] AP: Concealment 6 (“electromagnetic cloak”; All Radio & Visual; Flaw: Blending; PFs: Close Range, Hide in Plain Sight, Selective) {9pp} + Enhanced Skills 16 (Stealth 16 [+16]) {4pp} {9+4=13/14PP} [Toughness is +14, Defense +8 (+3 flat-footed), Knockback -7. Defensive PL 11] Gravitic Movement Array 7.5 (15 points; PFs: Alternate Power, Move-By Action/Turnabout) [17PP] BP: Enhanced Reflex Save 5 (to +10) {5} plus Flight 3 (“contragravity”; 50 mph / 500ft per Move Action; PFs: Defensive Roll, Evasion, Instant Up, Subtle) {10} {5+10=15/15PP} (Toughness +14 (+12 flat-footed), Reflex +10) AP: Teleport 6 (“wormhole”; 600 ft. per Move Action, 20 miles per Full Action; PFs: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy) {15/15PP} Nanotech Enhanced Brain Array 8 (16PP Array; PFs: Alternate Power 4; Drawback: Action [Move] to change configuration) [19PP] BP: Enhanced Feats 3 (Challenge 3 [Fast Work for Craft {Chemical, Electronic, Mechanical}]) {3} plus Enhanced Intelligence 10 (“enhanced intellect”; to 34 [+12]) {10PP} plus Enhanced Quickness 6 (“thinks very fast”; to Quickness 10 [x2,500]; Flaw: Limited [Mental Tasks]) {3PP} {3+10+3=16/16PP} AP: Enhanced Attack 6 (“enhanced coordination & kinesthetics”; to +14) {12} and Enhanced Feats 4 (Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Defensive Attack, Power Attack) {4} {12+4=16/16} AP: Enhanced Charisma 16 (“enhanced presence”; to 24 [+7]) {14PP} {16/16PP} AP: Enhanced Datalink 0 (“ghost in the machine”; adds to Datalink 2; Extra: Area 2; Flaw: Distracting 2; PFs: Rapid 3 [x1,000], Selective, Subtle) {5pp} + Linked ESP 2 (all senses, 100 feet; Extras: Action [Free], Duration [Sustained]; Flaw: Medium [technological sensors]) {10pp} {5+10=15/16pp} [Linked powers all share Power Feats, so the ESP shares the Rapid and Subtle from the Datalink. The Rapid from this combines with Dok's Mental Quickness 4 to get Quickness 14 (x25,000); can do an extended search of a 100 ft. radius [200 ft. diameter] area in 0.48 seconds (or Take 20 and do it in 0.96 seconds).] AP: Enhanced Wisdom 16 (“enhanced awareness”; to 34 [+12]) {16/16PP} Quickness 4 (“thinks fast”; x25; Flaw: Limited [Mental Tasks]) [2PP] Shapeshift 4 (“Internalized Electromagnetic Screwdriver & Technorganic Form”; 20PP Variable Power, Any Power, Multiple Powers At Once [8pp/rank]; Extra: Action [Move]; PF: Subtle) [37PP] Sample Settings: Default Setting Enhanced Skills 16 (“masterwork tools”; +2 to Computers, Craft [Chemical, Electrical, and Mechanic], Disable Device, Investigate, Knowledge [Technology], and Medicine) {4} Feature 1 (“voice modulator”; Voice Mimicry) {1} Super-Senses 13 (“electromagnetic senses”; Accurate for Radio [2], Analytical for Radio, Analytical for all Vision [2], Extended on Vision, Penetrates Concealment on Vision [4], communication link [w/ Weltraumwohnwagen; radio], infravision, ultravision) {13} {4+1+13=18/20} Technorganic Form 7.4 (37 point Container, Permanent Duration) [37PP] Enhanced Constitution 16 (to 24/+7) [16PP] Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects; Flaw: Limited [1/2 effect]) [15PP] Protection 5 (technorganic flesh) [5PP] Regeneration 1 (disabled 1 [5 hours]) [1PP] DRAWBACKS: -0PP TOTALS Abilities (16) + Combat (28) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (34) + Feats (24) + Powers (140) - Drawbacks (0) = 250/250 Power Points ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With his mind set to Enhanced CHA or WIS (the default when he's out & about), and without using his home labs/tools or "Screwdriver," he's at +18 on Computers, Crafts (Chem/Elec/Mech), Disable Device, and Know (Life Sci/Physical Sci/Tech). This puts him ahead of Daedalus -- FC's Hank Pym/Tony Stark expy -- on Know/Life Sci (+14), equal on Computers (+18), slightly behind on Crafts (+20), and noticeably behind on DisDev, Know/Phy Sci, and Know/Tech (+22). His home lab/tools bump his Computers, Crafts, and DisDev up to +20, which is better, but still lagging behind in some areas. Mental Quickness is at 4 (x25) With his Enhanced INT active & using his home labs/tools, Dok is at +25 on Computers, Crafts (Chem/Elec/Mech), Disable Device, and Know (Life Sci/Physical Sci/Tech). This puts him slightly ahead of Daedalus on Disable Device and Know (Phys Sci & Tech), and at least 5 points ahead on everything else. Mental Quickness is at 10 (x2,500) Quickness/Mental Quickness applies to the Design phase of Inventing, but not the Construction phase. But the Challenge (Fast Task) feats for his Craft skills would (should?) help with the Construction phase.
  9. So, Dok has Teleport 6 (600 ft. per Move Action, 20 miles per Full Action; PFs: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy) , so he could theoretically get to the Lost World portal all on his own. And one of his established "shapeshift" settings is Enhanced Teleport 0 (mass transit more; Extra: Accurate and Portal on the Teleport 6 he already has; PF: Progression 2 [25-ft. diameter portal]) , so he could open a wormhole big enough for everyone to walk through to the Lost World portal. But I don't know if you'd be okay with that. Did you have plans for jungle encounters? Chatting while hacking through the trees? Brief encounters with mutated carnivorous plants? I.e., is the trip through the jungle a part of this story, or merely an obstacle that we can easily circumvent to get to the real challenges?
  10. Horrorshow in the 1980s, before the time of Chernobyl Disaster? Thinking he can get a phone call out to his young parents-to-be, to someone in charge, and avert it, but continually being prevented from doing so, until he's snapped back to the present? That sounds like some tasty drama!
  11. "Ohhhhh," he replied to Corrine, "so you can do to others what I do to myself? Wow!" He flashed her a matching smile, "did you get your powers in a lab accident, too?" He gave Leroy a quizzical look, "your powers are not your own? What do you mean? Oh, and please, call me Davyd. Or Dayv." His further comments draw more odd looks, "Earth-2? Oh, you are from another Earth, from another dimension! Wow! Oh, but, uh, to answer your question," his tone shifted from excited to withdrawn, "people here tend not to like -- or trust," he gave Ashley a sideways glance, "shapeshifters, what with all the problems we've had with Grue invaders. And people tend to get... uneasy if they see someone who looks exactly like them." His eyes went wide and his jaw slack -- slightly moreso than a human's should -- when they entered the David Sloan Library. He tried to steer the group towards the audio-visual section, while still listening to everyone. "Forbidden room, eh? Have any of you tried entering?" Once at the A-V center, he was disappointed (though not surprised) to see most of the DVDs were of documentaries, but he did find a few narrative features that were "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" enough to have been included on both the American Film Institute's "100 Best" and on the National Film Registry. "I look forward to meeting your dragon! I wonder if I can mimic him..."
  12. "I am... improving," he managed to say after a few moments of deep breaths and centering exercises. "This is not at all what I'd expected when I came here today. But, as I said earlier, I understand why you all did it. Well, why Comrade Frost did it." He took a mug of coffee-cocoa, held it in his hands a moment, felt the warmth radiate through his hybrid flesh. "I shall have much to discuss with my therapists when I see them later this week." He sighed, took a sip of the drink, stared off into the distance a bit as he collected his thoughts. At last her turned to face Vale, "I am interested in reading about what you've learned from her, about the Deep Ones and Aquaria herself. I need to know just how anomalous she is, and how standard the Other's ones were. Not now, though. If you could email it to me?" Another slow sip, "and about that armor, in case those Spectrum Knights are a potential threat to Earth. Though I suspect I should need to talk with someone else about that." He engaged in some idle chit-chat with Professor Vale as his mind settled. Once he felt steady enough, he thanked her for the beverage and retreat, made his goodbyes, and walked out of Freedom Hall, enjoying the simple stroll for a bit. I collapsed, but I did not break. A minor setback, one I can recover from, learn from. I remain myself. I am... Viktor.
  13. "20 miles as a straight shot," Archeville reminded, "which we cannot make, due to the aforementioned impassably thick -- and possibly mutated -- jungle flora. Going around will take less time than going through," he gestured to one of the monitors, showing an overhead map of the area, and a winding path appeared in red, which added about 5 more miles. He then looked back to the crew, "unless one of you has some as-yet-unrevealed botanokinetic powers? No? Hrm. Well, worth a shot." He took a tranq gun and WEST Scanner from Cortez, flashing her another (weak) smile. They're not bad tech, by any means, and if nothing else I can use them as spare parts to kit-bash something else. At Henry's comment, he checked the plane's sensors again, as well as his own internal systems. "I'm not sure my belt's wormhole systems will function over long distances here, due to the presence of the portal and its exotic particles. I might be able to manage some short-range portals for us, but again, I'll need to get closer to the disturbance to get better readings, so I can properly calibrate my systems. Ah, my belt's systems." I know Doctor North knows the 'Gravimetric Belt' I'm wearing is a fake, but I don't know if the rest do. And I'd prefer to keep it that way, for now.
  14. There is one change 3E made to Inventor/Artificer: it specifically mentions that you do not calculate in the discount from the Removable flaw -- in 2E, it being an Easy- or Hard-to-Lose Device -- when figuring out the power point cost (and thus the DCs for design & construction checks), because it "does not apply to inventions, as they are temporary by nature." Ex.: Doktor Archeville (early in his career, before becoming a cyborg) has been stripped of his gear. Fortunately, he's in a Circuit City, and so has access to lot of electronics. He kit-bashes a laser rifle (Blast 7, AP: Dazzle Visual 7, in an Easy to Lose Device 3). The pp cost -- and thus the DCs for the skills checks -- is 15 (the cost for Blast 7 with one AP), not 9 (the cost for an Easy to Lose Device 3). Whether or not that's adopted here, I do think a similar thing should be used with the Unreliable (5 uses) -- and our House Rule'd Unreliable 2 (1 use) -- flaws, due to the "temporary by nature" aspect. Though Unreliable (50/50 chance of working) might be allowed?
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