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  1. Artificer's initiative 1d20+1: 19 [1d20=18] HP Total: 2
  2. Davyd smiled and waved to Abby, then turned back to Mia. "I've also befriended some giant space bears," he added with a solemn nod. Then his attention turned to Leroy. "I would advise against bringing food in here," Davyd offered. "You know the librarians hate that. Besides, based on what Benny told me what happened in Tech Club, I'm not entirely sure the stuff you make is... ah... safe." Wait, Mia's our leader? Did I miss something? He rose from his chair, "so you don't want to be here. I get it," he flipped his chair around, "you think you're too cool for school, that you've been done wrong." His voice and form shifted, "but you're here, now, so," and now The Patriot was sitting backwards in the chair, looking right at Eira, and pointing at her with hie right index fingers, "what do you think can be done to make things right?"
  3. Artificer's Reflex save -- 1d20+3: 16 [1d20=13] I haven't made a sheet for Theodora, so for now, I'll base her on the PL 10 Mystic from Instant Superheroes (though she should be PL 8, same as Artificer). Reflex save -- 1d20+6: 13 [1d20=7]
  4. Horrorshow 7 pp free. And he's got enough now that he could be PL 12 (he's PL 11 now). But I'm not going there. Instead, I'm going backwards, lowering him to PL 10! And giving him some much-needed skills. Abilities [-2pp] Reduce Intelligence to 12/+1 [-2pp]. I've got plenty of brainy characters, let's have this one be a bit different. Combat [-6pp] Reduce Base (non-Enhanced) Attack Bonus from +3 to +2. [-2pp] Reduce Base Defense Bonus from +4 to +2. [-4pp] Combat Block would now be as follows COMBAT: 4 + 4 = 8PP Initiative: +3 Attack: +10 Melee, +4 Ranged (+4/+2 Base, Attack Focus [Melee] +6/+3) Grapple: +18, +15 if Morphed Defense: +8 (+2 Base, +6/+4 Dodge Focus), +1 Flat-Footed Knockback: -11 vs. Physical, -6 vs. Energy as “Chitinous Horror”; -6 if Morphed or in "Oozey" form Saving Throws [---] Please note that his Impervious Toughness when in Chitinous Horror form is only effective vs. Physical attacks. Skills [+10pp] +40 ranks in skills: +5r in Bluff, +3r in Concentration, +7r in Gather Information, +5r in Intimidate (and I'm getting rid of his Enhanced Skills), +4r in Knowledge/Life Science, +1r in Knowledge/Pop Culture, +5r in Notice, +1r in Perform/Acting, +7r in Sense Motive, and +2r in Stealth. [+10pp] Skills Block would now be as follows SKILLS: 72R = 18PP Bluff 7 (+10, +20 to imitate sounds when Shapechanged) Concentration 7 (+10) Disguise 7 (+10; +30 more w/ Morph, +15 more w/ Shapeshift) Gather Information 7 (+10) Intimidate 7 (+10) Language 2 (English, Russian, Ukrainian [native]) Knowledge (Life Science) 4 (+5) Knowledge (Popular Culture) 9 (+10) Notice 7 (+10) Perform (Acting) 1 (+4; +10 more to imitate sounds when Shapechanged) Sense Motive 7 (+10) Stealth 7 (+10) Feats [-1pp] Remove 1 rank of Attack Focus (Melee). [-1pp] Under "Fluid Fighter," change Attack Focus (Melee) 3 (To 7 total) to Attack Focus (Melee) 3 (to 6 total) Powers [-1pp] Remove Enhanced Skills 4 (horrific transformation; Intimidate +4). [-1pp] Totals Abilities (26) + Combat (8) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (18) + Feats (11) + Powers (100) - Drawbacks (3) = 170/177 Power Points [7 free] Power Level: 10/12 (170/177 PP) Unspent Power Points: 7 Trade-Offs: -2 Defense/+2 Toughness Miscellaneous Notes Remove the "As he is now" line, and replace it with this: Combat By Form Chitinous Horror Form: Melee +10 (Grapple +18), Strikes +10, Defense +8 (+1 flat-footed), Toughness +12 (Knockback -11 vs. Physical, -6 vs. Energy). [PL 10 offense, PL 10 defense] Oozey Form: Melee +10 (Grapple +18), Strikes +10, Defense +8 (+1 flat-footed), Toughness +12 (Knockback -6). [PL 10 offense, PL 10 defense] When Morphed: Melee +10 (Grapple +15), Unarmed Strike +5, Defense +8 (+1 flat-footed), Toughness +12 (Knockback -6). [PL 8 offense, PL 10 defense] When powerless: Melee +5 (Grapple +6), Unarmed Strike +1, Defense +6 (+1 flat-footed), Toughness +2 (Knockback -1). [PL 3 offense, PL 4 defense] Thanks!
  5. "Ooh, cousin, you know I like the Space Treks!," 'Olivia' replied with a laugh. "Okay, next movie night, we'll do Master and Commander. But what to pair it with? Something with the same leads? The same director? Same setting?" Olivia looked down at herself, then back up at Lulu and grinned, "yes, you could say that this one's all me. Er, all mine. And sure, that sounds fine," Olivia turned back to the fitting room, "I heard a few new places have opened in the food court here -- let's see what's new!"
  6. If Davyd had been drinking, he'd be doing a spit-take about now. "Your minder? No, no. No, no, no," he waved his hands as if to brush the thought away. "I'm just a student, here to learn, same as all of you. If you want to be like me, I won't stop you, but I think you should try to be... well... you." He glanced around at his squadmates, "that is what they say high school, being a teenager, is all about, yes? Finding yourself, figuring out what sort of adult you want to be? Stepping out of our parent's shadows, becoming your own person?" It suddenly dawned on him that three of his squadmates would be very keen on getting out of their respective "family business." Hunh. "So I suppose," he sat down, "that's what this meeting is about, yes? Learning about each other -- not just our powers, but our personalities, our hopes and fears. Not just what we can do, but why we do what we do."
  7. Heroditus smiled, "<I am pleased to hear that my home inspired you to study the world's oceans. For so long Surfacers have treated them as dumping areas,>" he briefly covered his nose and shook his head, "<heedless of the damage they were causing, to the environment, to their drinking water, or to us. The last one could be excused, due to ignorance,>" he shrugged, "<but not the first two.>" He made a series of clicks -- the Atlantean equivalent of a chuckle -- at her reply to the Summers/Claremont relationship. "<It is indeed. Such variety here!>" The Atlantean word for 'variety' he used carried a shaded meaning, one of slight distaste, though he kept his smile up. He clapped his hands sharply and nodded, "<ah, so you understand more than most Surfacers! Yes, our technology is comprised of what you would consider both mechanics and mysticism, though part of the problem in studying them here is that we do not consider them fully separate fields. On the other hand,>" his smile faded to a thin straight line, "<knowledge of our skills and processes is rare even among my people, much of it lost during the Sinking, and what little interest there has been in it has been on recovering and restoring what was lost, not in developing new things. Which leads to the crux of my difficulties: at home,"> he held up his right hand, palm down, "<I have access to the finest techno-wizards, though they are few, and constantly look back, trying to reclaim the past. Up here,>" he held up his left hand, palm up, "<I have access to a greater range of knowledge and resources, of minds that look to the future, but they all see two paths where I see one, so I must work out,>" he brought his palms together, "<how to merge them.>"
  8. "Yeah, well, practicin's still good, right?," the fake Lulu replied to the real one with a shrug. She rolled her head, and her form smoothly shifted back into a round-faced Ukrainian-American teenage boy. "There is skill required in the use of our abilities," he addressed the group, "so we should be practicing constantly, yes? And if doing so causes a bit of harmless confusion among our squadmates, well," he shrugged again, "that's better than practicing in an unsafe environment, with unknown actors, yes?" Maybe there was some truth to what he said. Or maybe it was just an excuse to use his powers, which he did love doing. Or, perhaps, a bit of both. He smiled and extended a hand to Eira again, "Davyd Palahniuk, also known as Horrorshow. A pleasure to meet you!"
  9. "Ooh, is this our new squadmate?!" A pale redheaded girl had just entered, accompanied by a plain-looking brown haired boy who walked a few steps behind her. He was a few inches taller than her, but he hunched a bit, making them appear about equal in height. The girl, wearing pink furry boots, denim jeans, and a denim jacket over a pink shirt, strode forward. "Well, hey there, Mia! And Leroy, you ol' so-and-so! Oh," she looked around, "but where's Abby? Oh," she waved a hand, "Ah'm sure she'll show sooner or later, all mysterious-like." She offered -- thrust -- a hand towards Eira, "hey there! Ah'm Lousie Beaumont, but all mah friends call me Lulu!"
  10. Reputation: Horrorshow Gather Information DC 10: Horrorshow is a new metahuman active in Freedom City. He's really freaky and scary! DC 15: Horrorshow's a shapeshifter, able to assume a variety of monstrous forms. But he's not a villain, he's been spotted opposing criminals. DC 20: Horrorshow's first appearance was April 2019, during Fear Master's attack on FCU. Horroshow can also imitate others. DC 25 (or 20 if can access his medical records at ASTRO Labs or ArcheTech) : Horrorshow is Davyd Palahniuk. He gained his abilities when exposed to experimental formulae in an FCU biology lab. DC 30 (or 25 if can access his medical records at ASTRO Labs or ArcheTech) : The formulae Davyd was exposed to contained Grue biomaterials. How FCU labs acquired them is still a mystery. Reputation: Davyd Palahniuk Gather Information DC 5: Davyd lives in an apartment in Riverside, with his family. He's Ukrainian, and was a student at FDR High School. DC 10: Davyd's parents and grandmother were born in Ukraine, but Davyd was born in the US, in Freedom City. His father's a musician, his mother's an auto mechanic. Davyd recently transferred to Claremont Academy. DC 15: Davyd's uncle, Sasha, does lots of odd jobs for the Ukrainian immigrant communities in and around Freedom City. His grandmother had worked as a cleaning lady, and still does so from time to time, but not nearly as much as she used to. DC 20 (15 is can access FCPD records) : Davyd's uncle Sasha is a low-ranking member of the Mafiya, suspected in a number of illegal activities though nothing proven. His family does not appear to be aware of his criminal ties, though that may be a front.
  11. Artificer Identity: Public, though largely unknown Alternate Identity: Heroditus Fabricus Stylianos Birthplace: Atlantis Legal Status: Atlantean citizen (minor) with no criminal record Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Residence: Claremont Academy Dorms Occupation: High School Student (Sophomore as of 2019/2020) Affiliations: Atlantis, Claremont Academy Family: Xyles (father), Yrdoste (mother), Theodora (twin sister); Baelrath (distant cousin, deceased), Barbara (aunt); Aueivokans, Epatoeuns, Kinoibios, Teptavopos, and Yttapchos (renowned ancestors) Age: 16 (Date of Birth: September 1st, 2003) Gender: Male Species: Human Offshoot (Atlantean) Height: 6 ft 4 in. (1.93m) Weight: 210 lbs. (95kg) Skin: Olive Hair: Black (very dark green) Eyes: Sea Green APPEARANCE Tall, sleek, and reasonably attractive, with a long Aquiline nose, sharp cheekbones, and strong jawline topped by sea green eyes. He keeps his hair -- a shade of green so dark is appears black -- long, and is trying to grow in a beard; he is certain it shall be magnificent. His preferred outfit is dark blue short breeches that end just at the knee & a dark green short-sleeved tunic, cinched together by a brown belt and bandolier which are covered in pockets or various sizes. He’s still getting used to wearing shoes, but currently favors gladiator-style sandals that lace up to his mid-calf. HISTORY Thousands of years ago, the island continent of Atlantis was home to a civilization of Preserver-enhanced humans, advanced far beyond anything else on Earth. Atlantean “technology” was a strange combination of scientific principles, the alien science and technology of the Preservers, and their understanding and use of magic, including ley-line energies, enchanted crystals, and tapping into various elemental forces. Much was destroyed or lost during the Sinking, as was the knowledge to make and maintain it (hindered by the fact it was all hand-crafted, never mass-produced), but several scraps remained. The Stylianos clan has long worked to recover and restore these lost artifacts, which has given them some sway in Atlantean culture; while none are part of the nobility, many serve as favored artisans or in the military. Heroditus and his twin sister Theodora are the latest in this long line of techno-mages, and received both practical education and formal training in mechano-mysticism since they were eight. Theodora had a surpassing talent for manipulating magical energy, and focused on sorcery and spellcasting -- unusual for the family, though not unheard of -- while Heroditus proved quite adept with the artifacts and devices that made Atlantis (and his family) so great. In an effort to expand his knowledge and skills, Heroditus applied to and was accepted at Claremont Academy. He hopes to learn about surface world technology and magic, to see if those techniques can be used in recreating lost Atlantean artifacts. He might also give the superhero thing a try -- he’s not eager to get into combat, but not averse to it either, and what better way to field test his creations?! PERSONALITY & MOTIVATION Heroditus is proud of his people and his family, and is eager to learn all he can and bring further honor to himself and his house. He misses the family workshops, but will learn to make do at Claremont. He’s strong minded, strong willed, and totally dedicated to his craft. He has some trouble understanding others who aren’t as dedicated to their pursuits, especially if those pursuits don’t involved magic or technology (ideally both). Atlantean society as a whole tends towards being conservative, haughty, proud, and reserved, valuing predictability & stability. It is martial but not violent, valuing peace & friendship and preferring diplomacy to battle, but also believes in the precise application of force when & where appropriate. Given their rigid & reserved natures, Atlanteans also tend towards xenophobia -- particularly against Surface Worlders -- though they regard such dislike & distrust as normal & sensible. As in most cultures, their adolescents often run counter to this. However, the typical rebellious Atlantean teen would still seem calm and cool-headed compared to the typical rebellious Surface Worlder teen. Most of this applies to Heroditus, though he is more open-minded and innovative (some would say iconoclastic) than most of his peers. He is the one who volunteered to go to the surface world and study at Claremont Academy, and he looks forward to seeing Surfacer magic and technology (which most of my peers dismiss), and how it might be integrated with Atlantean devices. POWERS & TACTICS Like most Atlanteans, Heroditus can breathe water, not through gills but because the lining of his lungs was adapted (due to arcanogenetic modifications performed on his ancestors) to allow him to extract oxygen from water and to withstand considerable water pressure. He can also breathe air, although he’s most comfortable in an aquatic environment (and can dehydrate over time if not immersed in water). His eyes are sensitive to light and able to see in dim lighting in the ocean depths, although not in complete darkness. His muscle tissue is denser than human; though he’s built like a swimmer (who sidelines as a blacksmith), he can out-perform most (non-metahuman) weightlifters. Another arcanogenetic modification done to him, thought up by him but designed & performed with the help of his mother, added magic-sensitive photoreceptor cells to his retina. This allows him to see magical energies, which appear to him as auras of various colors. Heroditus is able to generate magical energies, though only roughly; he can generate omnidirectional bursts of magical energies and create mystic shields around himself. He can channel his mystic energies into an assortment of mechano-mystical devices -- effectively acting as a battery for them (or, rather, the Devices provide Alternate Powers for his Magic) -- to generate a variety of effects; he’s always tinkering with them, refining and adding new abilities. His current kit includes a multifunction blaster, a gauntlet that can create, shape, and transmute matter, goggles that enhance his vision and hearing, and a headband that can generate light and holograms. ALLIES His family. His roommate, Benjamin “Rebound” d’Amato. His intramural squad/team (Green Squad): Danica “Chelone” Holmes, Veronica Danger, Monica “Lady Liberty” Gutiérrez, Benicio “Octoman” Wang, and Micah “Thunderbird” Roebuck. ENEMIES No personal enemies so far, though he has little fondness for Deep Ones. MISCELLANEOUS Behind the Scenes I’d been toying with the idea for some sort of spellcaster. That idea morphed into a technomancer -- somewhat like Marvel’s Forge, in that they’d specialize not in magic spells but in magic items. (I’d thought of giving them ties to Ogoun, loa of metalworking & rum-making, since vodou loa are supposed to be as big in Freedom City as the Asgardians are in Marvel and the Greek deities are in DC, but I could not get that to gel properly.) Flipping through Atlas of Earth Prime showed that Atlantis’ technology is technomagical, so that became my starting point. (I also drew bits from the Champions superhero RPG, as technomagic is also prevalent in both their Atlantis and Lemuria.) The idea of “fish out of water” soon bubbled up, as did “exchange student,” so my technomancer became my second Claremonter. One visual difference I’m going to try to play up between him & my other gadgeteer: while Doktor Archeville’s tech is more art deco (with Kirby Crackles), Artificer’s -- and most Atlantean stuff -- will be more art nouveau. COMPLICATIONS Accident: While Heroditus is quite skilled with Atlantean technowizardry for his age, there’s still a lot he needs to learn. And there’s even more he needs to learn about Surface World technology and magic. So when he tries to test some new bit of mechano-mysticism he’s come up with, or tries combining Atlantean and Surfacer gear, unexpected side-effects can occur. The GM can give him a Hero Point in exchange for declaring that Heroditus’ experiments have created some sort of hazard, which he must drop his current task to deal with. Dehydration: If kept out of water for prolonged periods, Heroditus will weaken, first becoming fatigued, then exhausted, then unconscious. Exposure to intense heat or other desiccating effects can also cause this. Open Space Anxiety: Heroditus grew up in an environment that constantly pressed in on him, and not experiencing that gives him some anxiety. He sleeps in a pressurized water-filled tank, and when out and about wears a compression vest. The GM can give him a Hero Point in exchange for declaring that Heroditus experiences a major anxiety flare up, rendering him helpless and unable to take any actions. Where Are The Crystals?: The technology of the Surface World -- modern electronics, or even simple combustion engines -- are as weird and alien to Heroditus as Atlantean techno-magic is to Surface Worlder engineers. The GM can give him a Hero Point in exchange for declaring that his unfamiliarity with Surfacer technology causes significant setbacks. OTHER Character Sheet [link] Claremont Team (2019/2020): Green (teammates: Chelone, Veronica Danger, Lady Liberty, Octoman, and Thunderbird.) HellQ [link] Reputation Table TIMELINE 2003 September: Heroditus born. 2019 July/August: Heroditus’ father is summoned by General Dalekos to investigate the remains of an Atlantean military outpost, which had been attacked by Deep Ones. Heroditus is also invited along! At the outpost, the young Artificer learns of experiments done on changing Deep Ones back into Atlanteans, and finds evidence of atrocities. But not all the atrocities had been committed by the Deep One assailants. (And Carrions Bests) August 28th: Heroditus moves in to Claremont. He meets several students: Leroy aka “Sun Dragon” and Dio, Kameron aka “Red Lynx,” Lulu aka “Crystal Gazer,” and his roommate Benny “Rebound” d’Amato. (It’s Mov(in)g Day!) September: Heroditus meets a few latecomers to Claremont: Mia “Soliton” Mustafic-Markov, Danica “Chelone” Holmes, Judy “Daystar” Smith & Ashley “Watchdog” Smith, and Maxine “Spectre” O’Brian. Something about Heroditus deeply unsettles Danica, though he does not catch on to this. (Late Arrival) A few days later, Heroditus joins Claremont’s tech club (hosted by Valeria Velásquez), along with Benny, Judy & Ashley, Leroy, Mia, Claude “Gnomon” Jergens, Benicio “Octoman” Wang, Micah “Thunderbird” Roebuck, and Nick “Vox” Brown. At the first meeting, he sees Leroy create a block of “programmable matter,” OctoBen gets the idea to connect the block to the internet, and Heroditus helps with that by building a psionic-optical communication bridge. (Tech Compliance) A few days after that, Heroditus is summoned to Dr. Marquez’s office, to be made aware of an incoming guest speaker: Sea Devil, a Deep One! He shares some information about the conflict between Atlants and Lemuria, and agrees to behave himself during Aquaria’s speech. (Fish Out Of Water) He does indeed attend the speech, along with Atlantis’ Prince Telemachus and General Dalekos, Crystal Gazer, Octoman, Red Lynx, Soliton, Adam “Specimen” Lanchester, Sun Dragon, and Vox. The presentation goes… awry. (Dagon the King) October: Artificer, Ms. Thursday, Octoman, and Red Lynx get caught between tech smugglers and Red Lion & his New Freedom mercenaries! (Daka Rush: Claremont) November: Heroditus takes his roommate up on his offer of boxing lessons, and is joined by Claude, Judy & Ashley, and Octo-Ben. (Punching Up) Headmistress Summer introduces Giang “Tsunami” Trang to Heroditus, hoping the two might help each other. (Still as Water) Heroditus and his Claremont Squadmates (Chelone, Veronica Danger, Octoman, and Thunderbird) visit the Hanover Zoo. But Fear-Master and Goanna are there, too! (Reptile Brain) December: Deep Ones have attacked Atlantis! They injured Xyles, and Theodora is nowhere to be found! General Dalekos brings in Heroditus (and he brings in Octoman), while at the same time Aquaria (and Miss Grue and Wraith) investigate the attack. But what both groups find may unnerve all of them -- Theodroa was changed into a Deep One! (Hydra the Queen)
  12. "<Crantorium?>" He was obviously impressed at her visiting the noble's resort town, though he quickly subdued his expression as he sat next to her. "<Well, of course our Princess would take you there. Was it as decadent as the stories say?>" Now that he was closer and could get a good look at her, he noticed a strange aura about her. Thought I'd caught a glimpse of something on her while I'd walked around her, but wasn't sure if it was a trick of the sunlight. Now I can definitely see it is within her. But what is it? Something to do with directing and redirecting... something... something elemental, primal... water, yes, but something else... "<Apologies,>" he said after a moment of silence, shaking his head, "<I was distracted by... so you said Headmistress Summers is the daughter of the former headmaster? Is that typical here? I know academic institutions tend towards some degree of insularity,>" he clasped his hands together, fingers laced together, "<but an institution such as this being lead by a single family?>" At the mention of roommates and classmates, he cocked his head slightly, lets his hands fall to his side, and made a few pop-click sounds, the Atlantean equivalent of non-lexical fillers. "<Even back home, I was... never adept at dealing with people. And my interests are very rare, even among my people; up here they are nearly unique. Tell me,"> he leaned forward a bit, "<what do you know of Atlantean technology?>"
  13. Heroditus remained quiet at first, letting Dalekos take the lead (and because he wasn't sure he could restrain himself from making rude comments about the Deep Ones around them). But as soon as he and the Harbinger began talking, an even slimier sensation came over him. Dalekos said we would be playing the part of a barbarian warlord and his vassals, come to parlay with Deep One chiefs. But Harbinger says he 'has been in their camp for some time'? Dalekos sees the Deep Ones as monsters, he wouldn't be in league with them... would he? He did a double take at the chest Dalekos' men offered, such a gift would fit with the proposed ruse, but are those worthless baubles, or true Atlantean treasures? Has he been covertly aiding them? If so, is it for their benefit, or his? His family were true barbarians, assimilated into Atlantis only a few generations ago -- could he be trying to rally aid to conquer Atlantis for himself? And then he saw his sister. He darted back reflexively, then moved back in to get a better look at her. "<Theodora!? What... how... sister, what have they done to you?!>"
  14. Heroditus nodded, "<I had heard you were Princess Thaelia's roommate, but was not told of the extent with which she had shared our culture with you. Which parts of Atlantis did you visit? Was it just the primary city, or did she take you to some of the other colonies?>" He scratched his chin, thinking for a moment of the full beard he would one day have, and being able to stroke it while in thought. "<I myself have only been to a few of them, though do hope to visit more someday.>" This one projects a calm and thoughtfulness I have not seen in most other students here. More... Atlantean than most. A welcome difference! Is that her own persona, and why she was paired with Thaelia? Or was that something she picked up from her trips to our homeland? He smiled warmly at her personal revelation, "<so, we are both fingerlings far from our spawning grounds, and isolated from our peers. Summers is quite the matchmaker, I will grant her that. So, shall we get to know one another better?>" He pointed to the bench he'd been sitting in with one hand, and gestured towards the paths with the other, "<and would you prefer to do so while seated here, or while walking among the flora?>"
  15. Davyd had considered joining Victoria and Pan up in the air, but the recent troubles he'd had with turning into a bird (and back) discouraged him. Why do I have so much trouble with avians? Is it the hollow bones? The feathers? The aerodynamics? No, probably not that last one. I really should practice more. His eyes wandered from the two airborne comrades to Lulu, and Adam, lingered there a moment, then looked towards the approaching shoreline. He politely declined a ride in a tender, instead diving off the Horizon and swimming ashore, starting as a moon jellyfish, then a sting ray, and finally coming ashore as a large crab. He scuttled up to Lulu and Adam and resumed his human form, "so, how much time do you think we've got until we head down to the wreck? Think we'll have time to entertain some of the locals?"
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