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  1. Viktor almost made a very lewd remark, but left it unsaid. He did smirk and wink, though, before returning both hands to Penny and resuming his massage. "Possibly the Zero Zone, but, given the energies involved in your powers, I'd wager it was the Terminus. Which," he quickly added, "is not necessarily a bad thing!" He knew she could be touchy about that subject, and had more than enough reason to be. He slowly turned so he could get a better view of her while still seeing to Penny's demands. "We know the Terminus surrounds all parallel dimensions, like the waters around a chain of islands. And so any trip to a parallel universe -- such as Anti-Earth, or Earth-Ape, or Erde -- would require going through the Terminus, even if only for a few yoctoseconds. Which also means, yes, theoretically, you could travel to other parallel earths! You said that when you'd reached Polaris, you'd felt a vibration, like you were connected to the universe, yes? That may well have been how you were perceiving the vibrational frequency of this universe. If you could 'tune' yourself to another dimension's frequency, you might be able to travel there!" He suddenly glanced down at Penny, and her claws, and remembered the slight spatial distortion he saw there earlier. "Um, Mona, dearest, has Penny ever... disappeared for a time, even when you know she should not have been able to get out? Or appeared suddenly in a place that you know she should not have been able to access?"
  2. What an peculiar variant of Social Darwinism. Almost like... Reverse Eugenics. If he'd kept it purely theoretical, or on some remote place that was isolated from others, I could see myself having some fascinating conversations with him. Unfortunately, his patron & their work do pose a threat. "Fair or unfair would seem to be a very subjective thing," he began while prodding his food with his fork. He was not going to eat anything until after he saw his host take a bite first. "To an herbivore, the advantages a carnivore has are unfair. To a plant, the advantages an herbivore has are unfair. But to the carnivore, their incisors are a perfectly natural thing, and the herbivore would think the same of their molars and multi-stage stomachs. Every living thing has evolved to fill some niche in its environment. There are missteps, certainly, errors that produce deleterious mutations, though even those can eventually prove beneficial. And devastation when an animal is forced into a new environment that it was not shaped for -- though sometimes the devastation occurs to the environment, not the animal." "Which brings up another point. You say you & your patron wish to 'level the playing field,' but to do that," he gestured around vaguely with his fork, "would require more than just altering some animals. Environment shapes evolution, so unless that changes, you may well end up with similar results to what you'd started with."
  3. The chain in his hands proved as strong as he himself was! "It's more about how the material is made than what it's made of," he sat on one of the crates, "though what they're made of is important. Most such materials are made of interlocking assemblies of composite materials -- plastics, metal alloys, ceramics, and so on -- arranged in repeating patterns. The shape, geometry, size, and orientation of the assemblies -- all determined in the laboratory -- give the materials various properties, such as being able to block, absorb, enhance, or bend electromagnetic or sound waves. It may do you well to study up on these," he wagged his right index finger at him, "such materials have a wide variety of uses, and you mat find yourself working with them in some future construction projects!" He hopped off the crate and held out both hands, one palm up, one held to shake. "Joe's Diner it is!" After taking the chain back, "so, did you want to do any more tests? Or do you need to head out?"
  4. He hung on her every word. He loved seeing any metahuman explore and experiment with their powers, but he was especially fond of when Mona did it. And not just because her powers had such physics-defying potential! "That 'barrier' you felt may well have been some sort of dimensional breach. Not a full breach -- you were still in this universe -- more like a stone skipping on the surface of a lake, in contact with another dimension just long enough to take advantage of its different natural laws." His grin was starting to match hers, "I've done some theorizing on something similar, a 'skip drive,' but the power requirements were too prohibitive for the effects I was getting. That's why I just kept Daedalus' own stardrive design for my craft. Well, mostly, I did manage a few tweaks. But this!," he moved one hand from a protesting Penny, who was swatting at his other hand in an attempt to get it to restart the massaging, and placed it on Mona's, "if we can figure out how you did that, and I can apply that to the Synthia Bower -- I mean, unless you'd want to get out and push -- then the possibilities would be endless!"
  5. Oh, of course, sure. I am fully on-board with "a non-Minion char _might_ be persuaded to change their ways, but _if_ so it'll take more than just one interaction skill check" type of thing.
  6. "What did we come here to do, father?" The teen's voice was a bit louder than he'd intended, but he was reasonably certain none of the soldiers (or were they guards?) had overheard him. "It would seem my simply coming here has already place some burden on me -- let me continue to help buoy the load. If I am to carry the Stylianos name, carry it to the future, I should start now. Which means making sure that what we do now is the right thing, for the right reasons." Atlanteans tended to be reserved, conservative (almost to the point of rigidity), and proud. They generally prefer order and predictability, and value stability. They consider loyalty and reliability the highest of virtues, while casting a distrustful eye on anyone or anything not like themselves. The result is a society with fairly extensive social codes of conduct and unwritten rules for social interaction, extending even to their language and social strata. And as with almost all cultures, its adolescent members often run contrary to that. In these regards, Xyles was a Good Atlantean, and Heroditus a Typical Atlantean Teen. "And what good will it do to wait until I'm on the Surface to question things? Who would hear me?"
  7. Name: Heroditus Fabricus Stylianos Codename: Artificer Year: Sophomore in 2019/2020 year (should graduate Spring 2022) Pronouns: He/him/his Prospective Roommate: Unknown. Octoman & he have similar environmental preferences, but he'd think the Tentacle'd Teen is a hideous freak. He likes the sound of this Adam/Specimen fellow, he seems quiet and studious. Goal: Possibly back to Atlantis, or to HIT (to learn more about Surface Worlder technology), or some other schools ("What do you mean there are no magic colleges up here?! What, is it all one-on-one apprenticeships up here?") Favourite YA Fiction Novel: The Harry Potter series. "What do you mean, this is fiction?!"
  8. Name: Davyd “Dayv” Palahniuk (Technically a returning student, as he started Claremont late April 2018.) Codename: Horrorshow Year: Junior in 2019/2020 year (should graduate Spring 2021) Pronouns: He/him/his Current Intramural Team: Unassigned Current/Prospective Roommate: Unassigned. Adam/Specimen could make for some interesting drama (since Dayv has a crush on Lulu, Adam's girlfriend), but he & OctoLad Octoman would get along like two squids in a pod. Reflection: I had a few slip-ups with my powers over the summer, so I'm going to try focusing on getting those under better control. School Club: Drama Club, Yearbook Goals: Learn how to be a hero, make friends, be more assertive, learn control of powers (with training from Grimalkin and Miss Grue). Torn between going to FSU (for drama) or HIT (for biology/zoology). Favourite YA Fiction Novel: The CHERUB Series (by Robert Muchamore), a series about children being trained as counter-terrorist agents (because no on suspects children!). Wait, what are these Animorphs you speak of?
  9. Davyd had been trying not to stare at Lulu. He'd been looking at Pan and Veronica, the boat they were on & the ones they passed, the islands, and the birds and fish in the area. As the Horizon came into view, he did a double take. He'd seen a few catamarans before, serving as passenger ferries, but this was a much more impressive vessel. "Wow! Veronica, you said these-" he'd turned to ask her something, but the sight of a water-drenched Lulu temporarily shorted his adolescent brain. "you... you said... you, uh..." He coughed nervously, "you said these researchers worked on projects funded by your family, yes? Did they pay for that ship, too?"
  10. Davyd was happy to see Lu Chu was pleased with his partial imitation, and a bit stunned at being licked and bear-hugged. But it wasn't completely unexpected, given what had happened before, and it was a very good hug, so he wrapped his arms around the Li as best he could. "Okay, okay," he gently pushed himself away from Lu, "I think I can get this next part. I'm not sure anyone here can help me with my abilities, but I'm very fortunate to have two mentors back on Earth." He shook himself, rolled his neck, "Daphne's been teaching me some exercises that I think should help me with this next part." The Mini-Li stretched out, flexing every bit, from his fingers to his toes. His arms began to elongate and swell. He inhaled deeply, and his chest and torso expanded greatly. His left leg grew, then the right. All of this went smoothly, no sounds of popping bones or stretching flesh. Finally, with another shake, his ursine head expanded. Now he truly was a perfect match for Lu Chu... at least, in outward appearance. "I got it!" His voice was still Davyd's, though deeper, more rumble-y. "I- wait, Lulu, what?!"
  11. Penny's relaxed purr reverberated through Archeville, a pleasant sensation he'd become accustomed to, but now was able to better study thanks to his new form. Interesting, 30 Hz. On the low end for a housecat, but still within standard parameters. Could that be tied to some of the unusual effects we've seen from you lately? Setting your purrs to match dimensional frequencies... it could happen, theoretically. He looked the cat in the eyes, would you let me study you, little one? I promise it would be completely non-invasive, and would come with many treats. So focused was he on Mona's cat that he almost missed when she'd started talking. But his eyes and ears recorded everything now, so a quick playback of the part he hadn't consciously listened to, played in his mind as she continued, let him easily catch up. And then he played the entire pronouncement over again, to make sure he hadn't missed anything. And then a third time, to make sure he was hearing her right. "What?!" His exclamation, plus his abrupt ceasation of massaging, drew an annoyed glare from his lapmate. "You must have been going... and your energy levels..." He turned to face her, his own face practically glowing with joy, "liebchen, that is amazing! What was it like? How did you navigate out there? What did you see?"
  12. "Well -- and, again, I cannot speak for my comrades," he stood by the seat at end of the table furthest from their host, assuming he would seat himself at the head, "but I am still pondering it. There is much to consider here, and many questions left unanswered. My offer to you, Lord Uplift, still stands: relocation to an off-world site, where you and your benefactor may continue your work in peace, without concern for interference. We would help you move, if you so required, and could provide additional specimens before you go." He leaned forward slightly on the chair, "we can even provide some selections for you to choose from -- it can be one early in its development, that has no natural life forms, or just simple plants and fungi, or complex but non-sapients animals, which could be incorporated into your experiments-" Which would mean sacrificing whatever intellects and cultures that they might develop. Oof. Maybe he won't take that option. "- or a world that had been inhabited, but underwent some great calamity -- a plague, a nuclear war, runaway greenhouse processes -- which killed of all the native life forms... or all but the most hardy. You could create a whole world of cultures... or recreate long-dead ones, giving them a second chance! I see you have done much," he gestured at their surroundings, "with the relatively few resources you have here, and restricted by having to work subtly, to avoid detection. Imagine what you could do with an entire planet's worth of resources, and able to work openly! You have much potential, sir," he held out his hand, offering it to Uplift across the table, "and I wish to see that potential flourish... but in an environment removed from here, where you would not face opposition."
  13. Gonna try diplomacizing Lord Uplift, from one mad scientist to another. Dok's still got his Mind set to "Enhanced CHA." He's untrained in Diplomacy, so that's a +7 bonus. I'm going to use one of his 5 Hero Points to activate Beginner's Luck, giving him 5r in Diplomacy. Which puts his total at +12. 1d20+12: 18 [1d20=6] I can do better. And I shall, by using another HP to Improved Roll! 1d20+12: 29 [1d20=17] Muuuuch better. Down to 3 HP now.
  14. Strix can take care of hisself. Strix can take care of hisself. Strix can take care of hisself. This ran through Dead Head's mind as he fireman-carried the unresponsive (but still breathing) homeless man out of the alley, again passing by Ethan and his dying associate. He dropped him once there (he's unconscious, he's limp, that shouldn't cause any more damage), then dashed over to the two dead frat boys. He moved them so they lay side by side, with enough room between them for him to stand, facing them. He knelt down, and placed one hand on each of their chests. "No breathin'... no pulse... yer gone." He looked up, around -- did he see their spirits, lingering still? Or something grimmer? "This ain't right," he looked down at them again. "Folks die, I know that, 'specially in a place like Bedlam, where life's so cheap. But y'all are so young, as young as I was when I-" His rictus grin contorted into a grimace, a sneer. "No. Not this time." The blue-green flames in his eyes flared, "I can fix this. Really fix this. Just this once. Give these two a chance at a better life, a chance to redeem theyselves." He threw his head back and roared, "Papa! Papa Ghede! Hear me! Do not take these boys yet! Give 'em a chance to atone for their misdeeds! Give me the power, I beg of you!" He looked down again, just above the heads of the two frat boys. The flames in his eyes lashed out towards his hands, wreathing them in the same spectral glow. His hands darted out to the space above the youth's heads, as if grabbing something, then slammed it down into their chests. The flames rolled off his hands and over them, flickered for a moment, then went out. The flames in Dead Head's own eyes also flickered, and he staggered back.
  15. Beginning of Round: Become exhausted from having used Extra Effort last round while fatigued. Reaction: Spend HP to nix that. Still fatigued. Move Action: Carry Homeless Guy out to end of alley. Free Action: Drop 'im. Free Action: Extra Effort to surge to gain another Move Action. Will become exhausted at beginning of next round. Reaction: Spend HP for a Heroic Feat, a new AP off his Necromancy Array. Healing 32 (“C’mon Back Now, Y’Hear”; Extra: Resurrection [up to 32 minutes]; Flaws: Distracting, Limited [Resurrection only], Tiring; Power Feat: Split Attack) {17/17} Full Round Action: Use that new power to resurrect the two dead frat boys. Splitting the ranks equally, so they'll both get a +16 bonus. Now they need to make a CON check, DC 20 -- with the aforementioned bonus. Succeed, they become disabled & unconscious. Fail, and the remain dead & Dead Head can't try again. And I believe splitting it like that means he'll get hit by the Tiring Flaw twice, skipping over exhausted and going straight to unconscious. Grumble sez no, so he just goes to exhausted (but due to his use of extra effort, will become unconscious at beginning of next round). 0 HP, Unharmed, Exhausted (will be Unconscious at beginning of next round).
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