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  1. "No," Davyd pleaded, "no, Astrid, this isn't that way." Whatever was going on seemed to have a more pronounced effect on Davyd. Was it due to his own overly-malleable form? An aspect of his Grue nature, defaulting to going along with the dominant collective? Or something more personal? Maybe Dr. Harlan's right. What are the chances a quiet, shy, introverted high school theatre tech like me would ever become a superhero? Would ever get powers? Sure, things like that happen in Freedom, but to other people. To athletes and extroverts. Not to the quiet ones. Not those like me. And a trip to the Caribbean? Back in time? To outer space? To another dimension? Maybe these past six months really all have been a dream. No, not a dream - a delusion. Really, someone like me, hanging out with a Prince and his dragon, and a goddess, a gorgeous psychic... absurd! He looked over the group, then back to Dr. Halran, mkaing just fleeting eye contact before casting his gaze downward. His voice was broken, cracked, "I... I'm not feeling well, Doctor... I think... I think maybe I should go lie down for a bit..."
  2. Horrorshow 4 points to spend But first, a minor edit I’d like for his Disguise skill. Please change it from this Disguise 7 (+10, +40 w/ Morph) To this Disguise 7 (+10; +30 more w/ Morph, +15 more w/ Shapeshift) Now, for actual point expenditures. Let’s increase the Action on his Shapeshift to Free (so it matches his “Metamorphic Body” Array), and the Duration to Continuous (so he can hold a form when sleeping). So this Shapeshift 2 (Move action, Sustained duration, physical traits, 10 points) [16PP] Becomes this Shapeshift 2 (Free action, Continuous duration, physical traits, 10 points; Extras: Action [Free], Duration [Continuous]) [20PP] Also, please note that he is PL 11 now. Thanks!
  3. When Davyd saw everyone else's outfits had changed, he quickly checked himself. "Hunh, okay, some sort of interactive story deal? Holograms over the guests, to make them look like part of the-" A look of horror quickly spread across his face, "whoa, this isn't a hologram, this is... aw, man! My outfit! I'd spent hours on that! Oh!" His hands went to his face, felt no fur, no fangs, no pointed ears, and cursed. "My makeup! I'd worked for so long on that, too! How the- wait." He pulled his hands away from his face, and stared at them for a long moment. "I... I can't...," a growing panic swelled in his voice, "I don't have..." He looked to the others, tears in the corners of his eyes, "what is going on here?!"
  4. "Oh, yeah, Project Freedom!" He shifted back to himself, "I've read up on them. I think it's a great idea! It always kinda bummed me out to see people using their superpowers for villainy. If you're lucky enough to get powers, you should use them to help people!" He cocked his head slightly, "I mean, I know there's, like, lots of reasons for people doing crimes, and it's not always their fault. And there are some people who are jerks and monsters even before getting powers, and getting them just made them worse. But if you're the type that didn't do anything seriously bad -- or even if you did but it's only because you were under mind control or something, not in full control of yourself -- then I'm all for rehabilitation and giving them a chance to give back to society!" He paused, scratched the back of his head, "ah, sorry, didn't mean to get all preachy-political there. So, okay," he placed both hands on his lap, "you weren't completely alone out there, others were questioning her, too. But, it sounds like there was already some bad blood between them and her. So, maybe not the most objective..." Another pause, then he leaned forward a bit, "I get the feeling there's more to this than you're telling me, though." He shifted again, now looking like Sigmund Freud, "what does Aquaria's words mean for you, hrm?"
  5. While Strix was was de facto "President" of the Twilight Lodge, it could certainly be argued that Dead Head was more in touch with it, at least in some respects. He could always see and hear the spirits within, even when they were otherwise invisible even to a vampire's enhanced senses. And he was seeing and hearing a lot of them now. A few were excited to see the addition of a new member, another soul who might take pity on them. Others were more irritated, knowing it meant one less person they could (seriously) torment. Some even were terrified, seeing a glimpse of the hell that awaited them when Strix opened that furnace. "An' if ya wanna stay on this side," he murmured, "or even get a shot of goin' upstairs, y'all'll be on yer best behaviors." Once the ritual was done and Wadjet had turned away, he turned to Strix. "So we're goin' to th' shelter now? Or splittin' up, one fer th' shelter an' one fer th' hospital? Or d'ya want me t'see to our guests, see what I can do 'bout drawin' that curse out?"
  6. Davyd's picks were a mix of pop and rock, with a bit of folk, mostly in either Ukrainian or Russian, which he gladly translated for her. His tastes ran the gamut, from cheery pop to orchestral folk to hip hop to heavy metal. He stuck mostly with lighter fare for this trip, though, out of deference to the driver. Besides, there'd be plenty of spookier tunes at the mall. He spoke some about his family -- his eclectic and multitalented musician father, his no-nonsense auto mechanic mother, mischievous uncle Sasha, and beloved babusya, the maternal grandmother that held everything together. He started to describe how his parents met & fell in love on their trip over to America in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, but quickly grew embarrassed and changed the subject, to various Ukrainian and Ukrainian-American holidays, and the foods that often went with it. "And since babusya is a devout Jew, uncle Sasha is Eastern Orthodox Catholic, and dad's folks are slavic pagans, my family has a lot of celebrations!" Davyd knew of roleplaying games -- what theatre kid didn't? -- but he'd never played before. "I was much more shy back before I got my powers, so I never asked anyone if I could join, and no one ever offered a spot to me. But a part of me always wanted to..." His tone dropped a bit, then shot back up, "so, yeah, I'm totally up for that! Maybe a Bard or Sorcerer..."
  7. Davyd howled appreciatively at Dio's entrance, and smiled (as best he could) when he saw Abby. To the Joisey Witch, his reply as "don't worry, I'm house-trained!" "Well, unsettling's kinda the point," he whispered back to Dio. (I'm in a haunted house, chatting with a dragon. Just an ordinary Halloween night for a Freedom City teen.) "I mean, it is a bit more camp than I'd expected, more kitsch," he sniffed at some of the decorations, muttered something about cheap latex, "but that sort of thing's as much a part of the holiday as the more serious scares. Though I'd like to think that if there really is some sort of witch or goblin or other nasty at the center of this, they'd spend a bit more on the decor..." He looked to Leroy, then back to Dio, "they have Halloween where you two come from, don't they? Or something like it?"
  8. When Dayd woke, he was grateful that he'd been in a sleeping back that zipped up all the way, because while he'd slept his body had shifted into a featureless red mass! Okay, Davyd, get it together, don't want Benny or Mr. Jorgensen to see you like this. They'd understand, sure... well, they'd probably understand... best not to risk it. He started with the broad strokes first. Two legs, two arms, one head. Two eyes, two ears, a mouth. Fingers. Toes. Hair. Skin color. Teeth. I'm getting better at this, changing back faster. Still wish I could stop from changing while I'm asleep. Is that something all Grue deal with? Or is it just because I'm part Grue? I'll have to be sure to ask Daphne at our next training session. When he emerged from his sleeping bag, Benny & Mr. Jorgensen had just finished getting dressed and were about to start breakfast, and he joined in. "So I'm guessing eggs aren't on the menu, hrm?" That ill-conceived joke got him cleaning duty. But that did not take too long, and soon he was off, marveling at the variety of wildlife and doing his best to mimic them. He focused on the river and sea, focusing on gastropods and cephalopods, which he found easiest to shift to (no skeletal structure to worry about!), though he also spotted and mimicked some otters, and wondered if Lulu would like that. Late in the day, he got a very close look at some birds, when a seagull dove in for dinner and grabbed him while he was squid-ing about, but he managed to shift away without causing the bird much physical harm. (Psychological harm, on the other hand...) But when he looked up from his impromptu landing spot on the beach, he saw something completely unexpected, half-sunk in the sand: an old, worn-down, crushed beer can. "Uh oh. That... that can't be right." A cold dread crept over him, "I... I need to call..." He thumbed on his communicator, "hey, um, this is Davyd, and I found something really weird. I'm, uh, I'm a bit turned around, though, and don't... I don't know exactly where I am. But you can track me on this, right? Or should I stretch up and out and wave my arms around?"
  9. Search check for Horrorshow 1d20+2: 14 [1d20=12] Not too bad.
  10. "Though I am unfamiliar with most of your references," Heroditus replied to Benicio's spiel, "I believe I understand what you intend." He began retrieving components from the pouches of his bandoliers, small bits of wire, slivers of crystal, thin strips of rune-engraved metal. "Connecting my pad to Prince Leroy's cube should be a very simple matter, but connecting my pad to your laptop will be considerably more difficult. In part because I have no idea how your laptop functions -- which is why I came here -- and in part because your laptop does not think as a person does." As he talked he assembled some of the pieces into a short cable with clips on either end, hooked one to one corner of his pad and the other to one face of Leroy's cube. "Your laptop uses electricity, yes? To power it, and to store and transmit information? So in a way it would be like connecting two memory crystals and transferring contents from one to the other. But we would need to work out some way to translate that electricity into something closer to mental energies which my pad could receive. I know several techniques for transmuting elements, manipulating matter," he rummaged through his pockets some more, "but changing energies? That is... well, my sister does that, with her spells, so it is possible. I just need to figure out how I can do it."
  11. "The basics are where I need to start," he replied to Mia with a self-effacing chuckle. "There is so much I want to know, that I need to know. And if there is anything I can do to help you -- any of you," he gestured towards Ashley, Judy, and Danica -- "I would be quite pleased to do so. I am staying in room 214, just one level down and at the other end of the building." And then Maxine ran into -- or, rather, through -- him. "Oh, no, no, no need to apologize," he said with a slight bow to Maxine, "I should have been more aware of my surroundings. That was an impressive feat, though -- how do you manage that?" He saw no obvious devices on her, he'd not heard any incantations, her aura looked entirely non-magical. He then remembered a bit of etiquette that had been drilled into him, and he bowed again to her, "oh, I am sorry, that was rather forward of me. Ah, Max, was it? I am Heroditus Stylianos," he offered his hand, "from Atlantis."
  12. Horrorshow -- Dorm Roof "Jumpscare's a good handle," the ArachDavyd replied to Clause, "though I usually go by 'Horrorshow'." "Thanks, Pan! Yeah, been practicing over the summer." He turned daintily on his four spindly limbs, and spread his mandible-pincer wide. "Though I'd focus on speed, next I might focus on duration." He was as delighted as ever with his powers, and proud of his increased skill. He took a step back when OctoBen's question caught him a bit off-guard. "Weeellllll..." he shifted back to his human form, though the left half was hairless and had crimson skin, "the lab accident I was in, that gave me these abilities, kinda... made me part Grue. I'm still coming to terms with that, and Miss Grue's been helping me figure out just what that means. Yes, I can drop names, too," he gently nudged Benicio as heshifted fully back to human form, "also, to find out why that lab had Grue biomaterials in the first place."
  13. Artificer -- Dorm Interior, 2nd Floor, Room 214 Heroditus closed and opened the tube a few times, satisfied with the apparent integrity of the seals. He glanced over at Benny, noted his physique (ah, a thick shark-like neck, likely a predator... though he seems amiable enough), then he noted both desks. "Ah, it appears we have some of the same texts," he pointed to the identical books on history and technology on their desks, "perhaps that is why they placed us together, because we have similar... areas in which we need to focus on," he offered diplomatically. "I admit there is much about the Surface world I am unaware of, which is one reason I have come here. Perhaps we can assist each other in our education?"
  14. Davyd made a 'gimme' motion at Mia, and took a drink of the potent potable. His physiology made is near-impossible to get even buzzed from it, but he still wanted to go along with the group. "Whoof!" His head tilted, "reminds me of something I had at one of my uncle's parties." He passed the bottle back, then took a small compact from his pants pocket and checked his appearance in the tiny mirror. "He wasn't allowed to bring any more drinks. Knew a lot of good take out places, though. Ah, good, good, no smears." He glanced up at the group, "oh, yeah -- this is all makeup! And I made the outfit, too! Wanted to keep my skills up. Besides, 'no powers while off campus,' right?" He snapped the compact shut and stuffed it back in his pocket, then tuned to the house and puffed up his chest. "Let's do this!"
  15. Davyd's eyes widened a bit when Lulu spun the keys in front of him, then he morphed into a full woad-covered William Wallace. "Freeeeeedooommmm!" He morphed back to himself on the way to the student parking lot, and whistled appreciatively. "Cool! I can't imagine when my folks will let me drive." He slid into the front passenger's seat, "not that I'd really need to, what with the powers." He scrolled through the device, "hrm, maybe something spooky. Some horror soundtracks? The music in those movies can really make or break a scene. Wait, no," he shook his head, "they'll probably be playing that in the Halloween store, so I don't want to play something we'll probably hear again soon. Okay, something different- oh! I know!" After a few moments, some rousing pop vocals filled the vehicle, though in a language Lulu did not know. "This is Ruslana -- I think you'll like her!"
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